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How Often Should Males Be Spanked

Question: It is obvious males need to be corrected if they are to be usefull members of society.How frequently should they be punished.
Created by: Big Brenda at 02:03:53 AM, Sunday, July 09, 2006 PDT


i am spanked once a day as a matter of course.This is a ritual but i may receive another or so depending on my behaviour.Although not really qualifying as a spanking per se i do receive a warm up & warm down spanking as part of my weekly "parliament" when i am punished for accumulated faults during the week.This mainly consists of a tawsing.

Lou RollsJul 09 2006 1:09pm

I'm mixed on this. I understand that women are behaved, and men are mostly not; however, must we correct this? I'm sure being spanked could do it, but why not just let boys be boys? And if that means a world always at war, that's a part of nature. Which is not truly evil. Think about it.

ManowarJul 09 2006 10:14pm
About as often as women should be bitch slapped, which is never. If you're in a relationship where you want to hit him/her, move on. What the hell is wrong with some of you people?

AnonymousJul 11 2006 9:54am
To Anonymous: Your missing the point and being judgemental. In some relationships, a dominant partner may choose to train, punish, even humiliate the submissive partner. The KEY point is it done with the consent of both partners and one or both usually enjoy such activities. This isn't a "vanilla" relationship here, though it's nothing new and your grand-parents or great grand-parents may have enjoyed similar activities. We're hearing more about female-led and controlled relationships now that women are gaining more power in other aspects of life and as their natural superiority is being realized.

To answer the question: I would say in a female-controlled relationship, the male should be spanked as often as the women deemed necessary. (If the male didn't want this, he has the option to "move on" but most men when presented with a sexually-powerful women will submit or yield to the woman's desires). Conversely, if a man gets off on being spanked, some women will do it just to please their man.
In my case, neither my woman nor I have a desire to spank, so it's not part of our routine. But women have many ways to control/punish a male so spanking isn't the only viable method. I would go a step further and say that a well-trained male would rarely need to be punished. If you're spanking him every day, is he not learning from his mistakes?

STTGJul 11 2006 3:13pm
You have a woman!?! When the hell do you find time to be with her? Evidently, you're always here! She must be an inflatable doll.

AnonymousJul 11 2006 7:31pm
Only 3 people viewed this thread at the time of this post? I know I'm Manowar. Anonymous seems to be both of the Anonymous posts. So we still have 2 more names left though....

ManowarJul 11 2006 11:20pm
To Anonymous: It's called time management and being able to type rapidly... I spend roughly 20 minutes a week on this site.

STTGJul 12 2006 2:56pm
real suprised this PLACE is what looks like a femdom/female supremecy poll site,probaly did not begin like that,but sure seems like that now.I think though there was some valid questions earlier,and women are indeed doing far better now in western society,but come on people spanking? yeah maybe a few households,but dream on about it becoming common.Oh well you can all dream i guess,but its never going to be a normal thing,and thank god i say,i dont agree with hitting children or women,so why the hell can men be seen as ok to hit and hurt.Not my problem if women have been opressed before,i did not do it,and have no problem with a female earning more money then me,or being my boss,as long as they are fair about it,and not real nasty dried up old hags.

chrisJJJul 12 2006 3:26pm
There is a certain logic to this question but it requires the acceptance of certain assumptions: 1) The female gender should, as a rule have authority over the male gender. 2)The maintainance of authority depends upon the ability to change another's behavior. (The librarian says "sshhhh" and the patrons get quiet.) 3) The male gender is easiest to influence through physical rather than verbal means. For men especially, actions speak louder than words. 4) Women are increasingly willing to use physical mean to enforce their growing social authority. 5) Men are increasingly willing to accept this from women. Now for the question: How often should males be spanked? The answer depends on the following factors. Is the male living under female authority? Does the behavior of the male conform to the wishes of the female. If it does, then a weekly disciplinary spanking is called for to simple maintain respect for the feminine. Misbehavior should be dealt with promptly and forcefully. The frequency of these spanking depends on the frequency of the misbehavior. That said, I have to wonder why spanking is offered as the only corrective. I would say that spanking should be just one in a range of techniques for dealing with bad behaviour. Are there any thoughts on the value of other methods in addition to spanking?

husbandJul 13 2006 8:43am
A man should be spanked as often as his Lady wants. Whenever She thinks it is necessary.

slavetoHERJul 15 2006 12:28am
Big Brenda is NOT a woman. Big Brenda is Lou Rolls, a man.

AnonymousJul 15 2006 8:28pm
Furthermore, in every poll where Lou Rolls (also known as "Big Brenda") is found, STTG is there also, to agreed with his mentally ill opinions that are so cike that they don't even deserve to be considered opinions.

AnonymousJul 15 2006 8:31pm
Furthermore, in every poll where Lou Rolls (also known as "Big Brenda") is found, STTG is there also, to agreed with his mentally ill opinions that are so cike that they don't even deserve to be considered opinions.

AnonymousJul 15 2006 8:31pm
I think Lou Rolls and Big Brenda are a married couple.They seem to have similar views and be making messages at similar times.She is definitely the boos and most probably live in a Female Led lifestyle.

Right On ManJul 16 2006 12:24am
STTG a male needs to be spanked daily not because he fails to learn from his mistakes but simply because he is male.A male can only strive for perfection i.e to be a Womyn and must be controlled and directed in how to come close to that exalted state. Spanking daily is a ritual that enforces a males submission and a Womyns superiority.The male accepts he must suffer discomfort in order to show his devotion to the superior sex.The Female bestows her dicipline in the knowledge that her inferior accepts it gratefully and is comforted in that knowledge. Husband is right a male should be brought up forcefully on any bad behaviour.But spanking is not the only discipline.A longer term without sexual relief or other privelages can be just as or even more effective. My male can be consigned to a period of time as a baby or child if he chooses to behave as one by being naughty. I am totally against the beating of children at any time but I think once a male gets past 16 he should be beaten dailly if only mildly by a Womyn. Husband you are right males need to be corrected physically as they sometimes respond to little else being often incapable of thinking and understanding at the same levels as Females. As to criss JJ to pick and choose who you as a male is disciplined by and to use such derogatory terms surely shows you to be not worthy of coming under a Womyns disciplinary wing.Your attitude is all wrong and you should not bother with entertaining any serious thoughts about being submissive as you show no respect for Womyn.

Big BrendaJul 16 2006 12:46am
Every day in perpetuity as punishment for being male and inflicting pain on women for many centuries.

KathJul 16 2006 4:37am
Yes very good Kathy.Males should be spanked just for being males.They should then receive a further spanking for having a penis and a third for having those silly dangly things between their legs.

Lou RollsJul 16 2006 4:42pm
For discussion of female led relationships:

AnonymousJul 16 2006 6:24pm
STTG can i clarify something.Although your reasoning is sound on the fact that an obedient well behaved male should not need constant spanking if he is performing as expected by his owner. However I have increasingly stringent parameters for adequate performance.Where once it was enough for him to clean our hoem to a certain standard I have rasied those standards. So if I found dust on window sills he would have got spanked.Lateley I have started looking under furniture and into every crevice (not just his bottom which also has to pass a cleanliness test with a glove).If I find fault he is punished the same as he always was. The result my house is cleaner than it ever was and his bottom is just as red as it ever was. On the subject of the cleanliness of his bottom the current swealtering weather tends to lead to leaving stains on my glove as his crack gets all sweaty.Such disgusting disobedience is punished harshly beleieve me.

Big BrendaJul 31 2006 11:32pm
#021 - (Fri.) 3/9/07

UpdateMar 09 2007 2:03pm
This Big Brenda (Fat I'm sure) is either male or, I'm going to have to question whether females or really smarter than males. Because she really can't spell for poo.

AnonymousMar 09 2007 2:28pm
Wife beats my behind whenever She wishes and the timing and severity of the strokes is controlled entirely by Her. This usually happens two or three times a month but there have been weeks where She has whipped me four or five days in a row. By the fourth or fifth day it can be extraordinary painful but that is exactly when it is most important for me to bare my behind on command and submit to Her discipline.

obedient husbandMar 27 2007 5:33pm
#0024 - (Mon.) 4/2/07

UpdateApr 01 2007 11:12pm
Wife applied a wooden spoon to my naked behind yesterday. I would love to hear what implements Big Brenda and Kath apply to the behinds of their male slaves.

obedient husbandApr 16 2007 7:28pm
I very much favour a Loughelly tawse.It makes such a good impression on my boys behind and his behavoiur.I have 6 two of each A medium weight and thickness twin tale,a heavy twin tail and a heavy triple tail. What you say obedient husband is very profound.It is indeed the very time you must take your beating as it shows a willingness to accept your Wifes will no matter how painful.

Big BrendaMay 12 2007 8:52pm
Thank you again Ma'am. Wife can be quite firm handed when She puts Her mind to it.

obedient husbandMay 14 2007 7:27pm
You as any male will go astray from time to time as you cannot be perfect like a Womyn.So it is important that you are beaten and beaten hard when you transgress significantly.Your Wife is eminently sensuible in Her treatment of you.

AnonymousJul 08 2007 12:25am
Yes Ma'am, in fact it is important that well behaved husbands be beaten hard on a fairly regular basis so that they understand their obligation to give continued unconditional obedience to their Female owners.

obedient husbandJul 08 2007 10:41am
#0030 - (Sun.) 8/5/07

UpdateAug 04 2007 11:58pm
Every male will transgress at sometime against their Mistresses wishes.Males must stive to achieve perfection i.e to be like a Female.However they will never do so but they should try anyway.Beatings are a good attitude adjuster.

Big BrendaOct 14 2007 10:35pm
I spank my husband everytime he does something wrong. Which is almost everyday. On Saturday he strips and stands in front of me. Usually with a hardon which doesn't last long. After I read the charges, He is instructed to spread his legs, bend over, grab his ankles and count out the strokes. On occasion I strike his ball sack, by accident of course. If this does happen, we state over. After his swats are delivered, he must attend corner time. I decide how long he remains there. He will continue to remain naked that evening. Our children experienced this lifestyle and it is a common site to them. After all he is only a man.

A wife that knowsMar 18 2008 7:57am
to A wife that knows: hope Your Daughters (if You have any) have much more rights in Your Family than Your sons (if You have any). You may avoid beating Your young sons, but anyhow they ought to serve their Sisters (regardless of whether the Girls are elder or younger than the boys).

Nick NApr 10 2008 6:10am
I too have a set time on Sundays when my boy gets his assessment as to how he has behaved over the week.Once a month is "Parliament" where after his weekly and monthly beating he can express a request and some of his concerns to me.I can chose to disregard or ignore these requests and often do but they are an essential safety valve for him and a corner of time in which I can consign this diminution of my absolute power.

Big BrendaMay 06 2008 11:56pm
Ma'am, if You choose to indulge Your male how is that a diminution of Your power? You are simply choosing how to exercise it.

obedient husbandMay 08 2008 6:37pm
Whenever my girlfriend misbehaves public or not, I just lift her over my left shoulder and spank her with my right hand untill she cries and beg for pardon, this of course only applies to the weaker and dumber sex, we male superiors always do it right and need no punishment

HAHALOLJun 06 2008 7:56am
To get this site back on track, Wife gave me a firm beating on my bare behind this weekend using two different wooden spatulas. The answer to the poll question is simple. I should be beaten whenever Wife wishes to beat me with whatever frequency or severity She wishes.

obedient husbandJul 30 2008 6:30pm
As for me, I like very much Big Brenda's explanation: "a male needs to be spanked daily not because he fails to learn from his mistakes but simply because he is male. ... Spanking daily is a ritual that enforces a males submission and a Womyns superiority." Wonderful words which i support with all my heart. Thank You very much, Mrs Big Brenda!

Nick NDec 26 2008 12:44pm
Thank you for your kind words Nick N.More and more males are learning to channel their desire for submission in the right way rather than in a me me me way as in past times. You are at the forefront of what the new male is becoming and it is very exciting.You are learning that a new Female Led family and society brings great rewards for all males included.Keep up the good work and keep growing and learning. You ecshew the male ego and are the better for it.

Big BrendaDec 31 2008 9:03pm
Thank You very much, Mrs Big Brenda, for Your kind reply on my msg and for Your support. It is very important for me, and now i, a stupid inferior male, feel something like wings on my back. I promise You to tell every Woman i'll ever serve that it was dear Big Breanga who supported my intentions. You are my Godness forever, believe me!

Nick NJan 09 2009 1:18pm
Men should be naked as their status. A spanking should be applied as often as a women believes in. Any female at any age has the right to blister his bottom. Lets face it what good is man if he isn't under a female control.

SueJan 10 2009 4:20pm
Ms Sue, You are absolutely right! We inferior males must be completely controlled by our Female Owners and periodically whipped - at least once a week. When my Mistress belts me, i feel my inferior position very well.

Nick NJan 11 2009 6:13am
Nick does your mistress keep you naked?

SueJan 11 2009 4:09pm
I accept your worship Nick N and know that you are sincere in your affections.I also know that you have the greatest respect for Womyn and thus demonstrate what can be achieved if males are brought up right and given every opportunity to serve. It is a heavy responsibility to live up to your praise and I found it touching that I have had so profound an influence on you.But I think it is deeper than that.Males are naturally submissive to Feminine authority but I think you have been exposed to its beneficial rays in the past no? Think back on your early life wasn't there a number of Womyn who showed you what strong Females can achieve and create.

Big BrendaJan 28 2009 6:37pm
Big Brenda, Ma'am, You did not ask me the question You asked Nick but if I may be permitted to respond, in my life it was the exact inverse. I grew up in a very traditional patriarchal family and in looking to serve a Mistress I think I was searching for that Female Power that was lacking in my early life. When Wife acquired me She made it clear not only to me but also to my birth family that I was Her property and any contact they were to have with me once we were married would be on Her terms. I think Mother admires Wife for asserting Herself over me since Mother was always unable to do the same in Her marriage. My Sisters, who are aggressive Women in their own right sometimes jockey with Wife over things but Mother has told them they must accept Wife's dominion and control over me.

obedient husbandFeb 10 2009 5:04pm
You should not cut yourself of from giving your Sisters and Mother and Aunts if you have them enough of your labour of course agrred with your owner your Wife.

Big BrendaJun 07 2009 8:47pm
Ma'am, I leave those decisions up to Wife/Mistress but thank You for Your input. This weekend a Female cousin had some need of me and Wife ordered me to comply with Female Cousin's wishes. As always it is an honor to be directly addressed by Big Brenda.

obedient husbandJun 08 2009 7:55pm
You must have been very pleased to help your Female cousin.Keep up the good work obedient husband

Big BrendaJul 30 2009 8:21pm
Thank You Ma'am. It is always an honor to be complimented by Big Brenda.

obedient husbandAug 02 2009 5:05pm
I can remember when i was a teenager, my mother who was a teacher would strap my hands for minor infractions fairly often. The one i remenber the most was when myself and a friend were playing with matches and set some grass on fire.Since i was forbiddon to play with or even have matches, my punishment was quite severe. When she strapped the first hand she said that was for having matches, when she strapped the second hand she said that was for lighting the match. For starting the fire she ordered me to remove my trousers and underpants. She made the comment that when she was finished blistering my arse, that i will think that two was on fire and to her credit it did. This all hapened in the afternoon, i was told to stay in my room for the rest of the day and to think about what i had done and the second bare ass strapping i was going to receive at bedtime for taking matches to begin with. I though the first bare ass strapping was painful, but nothing like the pain caused by a good blistering on an already tanned behind.I don`t know if Big Brenda could have done it any better.B

Brent TaylorAug 08 2009 12:32pm
I always liek to see males being useful obedient husband so its very easy to compliment you.

Big BrendaNov 19 2009 11:14pm
Thank You Ma'am.

obedient husbandNov 20 2009 7:11pm
I would like to be in a relationship where the woman was in control and spank me on a daily basis as that is what i as a male deserves

naughty boyOct 16 2010 6:37pm
Do unto others as thou wouldst have done to thyself ---so wives too should be spanked for diva-like bratty tantrums until their taut golden-pink derriere turns black'n blue --a glorious bouquet of colours splashed on aswollen sweet girlish booty ---ajoy to behold & neighbour's envy ,husband's pride !!!!!

Ashesh ghoseMar 02 2011 12:07pm
I've read a lot about FLR. The funny thing is, I've have lived in one for Eight years now. My wife does not treat me like I am an inferior because, she knows that I am not. Every FLR is unique unto itself, and reading a bunch of nonsense about how to do this or, how she should handle this is all a bunch of daydreaming. If you being the Mistress have no natural idea about how to disciplne your husband then, maybe this isn't your thing. All women are superior? I don't think so. The streets of our world indicate otherwise, look around you! Trying to prove the point that males are inferior is a gross generalization. Maybe you have been mistreated by a man? Maybe, your insecurities are building this false sense of security you've found in believing that you are superior, I don't know but, you do! My wife is exceptionally gorgeous. She is what every red-blooded male wishes he had sleeping next to him at night. She is everything most females wish they could become. She is not a mean bitch with issues. My lady is the exception, never the rule. I am not submissive to anyone other than my wife, think I am, come find out. I am submissive to my lady because, gorgeous females have always been able to naturally make me want to please them, that's the way I have always been. Yes, my wife punishes me whenever she thinks I need it. It's never a "Want" of mine to be spanked. It hurts. Yes, from time to time I do need to be disciplined however, I AM that guy who has NEVER cheated on a woman or even a teenaaged girlfriend when I was in school, and I have had more than plenty opportunity to do so. Inferior? Step into my kitchen, I can safely challange any woman to cook better than I can cook, and be quite confident that even if she can cook, she cannot cook better than I can. Superior? I've got tales to tell, I know better. Ever been to Hunt's Point, Bronx NY? How about Sunset Strip in LA? Seen 14th St in Washington DC? How about Balitmore St. n Baltimore Maryland? Seems to me the females that frequent such place are quite inferior as regards my standards, not one of these whores could ever hope to make me feel submissive to her. There are ordinary perople, and there are extra-ordinary people of both sexes. There are more ordinary people than extra ordinary people for a very good reason! Figure it out everybody! Yes, my wife is superior, she is extra-ordinary inside, and out, in every possible way. The difference betwen my lady, and a virtual sea of would-be, wannabe Mistresses is, my lady doesn't need a whip or a hairbrush to dominate me, she can do that without ever speaking one word, it's a natural thing. You cannot build what you do not understand, you will only be chasing something you can never have. Most supposed "male subs" are merely spanko's who top from the bottom, and have no distinct idea what FemDom entails for them. It's not about you getting spanked, or about her spanking you! This means YOU DON'T GET IT! If my wife punishes me, it is because, I didn't get the program, nothing more, nothing less. I get the fact that I am her subordinate but, not because, I am some inferior piece of trash. When she has to whip me, I didn't get it, simple. To bring in another focus is absurd. Yes, my wife is far superior to any other woman I have ever known, and she is definately my Mistress, I live to please her, not to be punished. People who play with guns sometimes end up shooting themselves because, they have no knowledge of how to handle a weapon. People who play with FemDom and do not understand the crux of it's biscuit are basically doing the very same thing, playing with a fire they will never be able to control. Would you like to actually feel superior? How about you get into a gym and start looking superior? Talk is indeed cheap, in fact it's free. You think any woman could dominate me? Then you have serious issues because, you are very incorrect. By the way, my Mistress re-named me beautiful, not worm. Wake up, most of you are dreaming. Hey, Naughty boy, you are not sounding very submissive here to me nat all; "I would like to be in a relationship where the woman was in control and spank me on a daily basis as that is what i as a male deserves" Sounds more like you wish to dictate the terms of the relationship to me bud. Would you like to find a dominant lady? Place HER wants & needs above your own. Until you find this place you will never be happy. Unless of course, all you are is a spanko. In that case call a pro dominatrix if you are too insecure to ask for what you want. You will never get what you are too afraid to ask for. There is a world full of beautiful women who would love nothing more than to simply spank you every day. Wake up, a lot of people spank each other, it's nothing new. Are you a submissive male, or are you simply trying to get your rocks off because, trust me, fantasy, and reality are two very distict things. If you'd like to find a dominant partner, be submissive. Don't start babbling about what you want, or you'll chase all of the real dominant ladies away from you! Listen or don't, I don't care, I live in heaven already. How do you think I got here? Listen to me if you truthfully want to find what you seem to be chasing. It's not about you getting spanked, IT'S ABOUT YOU WANTING TO PLEASE HER. You must get this straight or you will never have what you daydream of. You think I am full of it? Go ahead, think all you want to. I've been past the daydreaming stage for quite some tme now, I live what a lot of guys only dream about in this lifetime. Fortune always favors the bold. If you really want it, don't be afraid to ask or, you'll die dreaming.

herbeautifulslaveApr 28 2011 10:43am
depends on the type of spanking..she should give serious punishment spankings when she feels he deserves one. she should give sensual spankings whenever she wants to.

cfnmguyMay 17 2011 9:01am
A male needs to be spanked when he misbehaves. It doesn't mean that he is submissive. It means that a male will misbehave more often then a female so it stands to reason that a male will be spanked more often. When you misbehave you need instruction. God created an area of the body where discipline could be admistered without doing damage. I think that a male should at least on a weekly basis be told what he has done wrong during the week and to help him improve he should be spanked.

jeansman1Jul 14 2011 9:25am
Never, stupid Question

AnonymousFeb 27 2012 5:59am
A man needs to be spanked as often as a woman needs to be Sodomized !! If women did the pap smear test annually &the breast examination regularly that would be better for their well-being more than worrying over how many times to spank the little man in a week or some such sadomasochistic rubbish !!

Ash -X9Mar 24 2012 1:02pm
I made a nice paddle for my wife and explained to her that she should use it on my backside whenever she felt i needed correction. She did use it about three times. She did not use it on me very hard and it certainly did not have an effect that indicated i had been punished. Quite the opposite in a very visual way. After the third paddeling, she told me it was not her style and the paddle disappeared. i have searched and eventually discovered where she has it hidden. atleast she did not toss it in the garbage or burn it. I am hoping that eventually, it will reappear to do the burning it was meant for.

ObservingOct 06 2012 2:57am
First thing in the morning when you get out of bed you should be given ten swats by your wife to get your day started. Of course if and when you misbehave during the day you should be spanked.

jeansman1Jan 04 2013 10:46am
I think I should be spanked often to keep obedient

Big baby767Feb 17 2013 6:09am
Men should be spanked every time they violate one of their wives rules. If they have behaved themselves all week then they should receive at least a maintenance spanking on Sunday.

MS BeckyFeb 19 2013 12:49pm
I as a male agree that all males need to be spanked when ever their wife feels like punishing them. No matter how hard the male tries they can not behave the way they should. The wife sets the rules and the male must obay or be spanked.

jeansman1Mar 19 2013 9:37am
How should a male be raised so that he grows up knowing his place and respecting female authority?

HerBoySep 14 2013 11:56pm
Whenever the female in authority wants them to be!

HeidiOct 06 2013 12:01am
All these comments are turning me on! Now im ready for my spanking please!!!?

benvrynawtyOct 24 2013 6:45am
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OCuxyXRHtbQOct 24 2013 8:39am
Still waiting for my hard bare butt spanking pleeese!!?? Any takers!!??

benvrynawtyOct 25 2013 4:47am
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iCefJqUaWsmmOct 25 2013 10:58am
Mmm ive been very nawty what can i do for my mistresses!?

AnonymousOct 28 2013 10:27am
Mmm ive been very nawty what can i do for my mistresses!?

benvrynawtOct 28 2013 10:27am
I married my husbad when he was 18 and I was 26. He was not mature and was out too much with his friends, even after we had our first kid (when husband was 21). I got tired of his behaviour but stilled loved him and told him that he needed to be more responsible and help me with the home and kid or I would put him over my lap and spank him like a kid. He laughed at me but I am bigger than him and I knew I was stronger so one night I just dragged him to our bedroom and despite his struggles took his trousers andunderwear off and spaned him until he cried and promised to behave. He was so embarrassed but also became a much better husband. Now and then when he gets out of line I take him over my lap but he is more and more responsible. He never got turned on from my spankings so it was actually a punishment. In a way it is rather tragic that a man can't be more mature but my husband was actually more a boy than a man when I married him, so I had to teach him how to behave.

MavisNov 03 2013 10:26pm
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LblZlMzjGNov 17 2013 5:51pm
What a load of poo most of this is. Fem-nazism at its finest and most stupid. I myself am a submissive man. Gender superiority is a joke a best, and bloody stupid at the worst. If one of you fine ladies tried that logic on me i would laugh in you face. Being a submissive is not about being a damn doormat. THis is "one true wayiism" at its worst.

BobDec 08 2013 10:03pm
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phSdTjumubuKzOFeb 28 2014 10:10am
Either mate may find their behavior improves with an appropriate spanking. I have struggled with eating for years. When I finally asked my wife to apply the Spencer Spanking Plan the result was almost immediate! For play is fine, but when I'm struggling with a weakness loving discipline makes the difference.

Helped HusbandMar 03 2014 12:08pm
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gEKQfxdTMay 11 12:46pm
My Mom spanked Me bare bottomed until I was at least 8. My first serious girl friend just kind of knew by the third date that I needed it; and spanked Me whenever She thought fit.All the Women in My life seemed to know that I needed that.

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