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reinstate conscription

Question: Since Americans have failed our couragious political leaders by failing to voluntarily enlist into the armed forces, is it time for the United States to reinstate conscription? See my post for more
Created by: papa at 06:34:38 AM, Friday, October 20, 2006 PDT


Rumsfled assured the world in 2003 that we could and would fight in as many fronts as required to combat terrorism. He didn't even rule out using one or more of our formidable nuclear arsenal if needed (so why haven't we showed those bastards and dropped a few war heads on them?). Bush announced that any country found harbouring terrorists would be treated as terrorists. We would make no distinction. Now, we are depending on the UN, a mere debating society to rein in N. Korea instead of liberating them like we said we would if they tried to develop nuclear weapons. Likewise, we threatened Iran as part of the axis of evil with immediate and overwhelming military action if they tried to develop a nuclear program. Now we depend on Europe to control the Iranians and their insane aspirations. Pakistan is described as our closest mid east ally in the war against terror but they have declared internationally that they provide amnesty to Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Pakistan should be a rogue state but they are not. George W. Bush the Great was brave enough to declare our tough intentions but he has become hand cuffed because his own citizens have failed to enlist and help back up his courageous words with equally courageous deeds. We can't even contain a civil uprising in Iraq let alone open up several other fronts needed to protect ourselves. And now we are even seeking cooperation with France. FRANCE! What happened to our voluntary boycot of French products when they declined to join us in the liberation of Iraq? Does nobody else remember how weak and feeble we considered the damned French for warning us that Iraq would be difficult and unstable and not worth the price of invasion? Bush bravely defied the pacifist logic of the international community and especially the hated French and we marched on into Iraq to liberate them as we should have but we haven't succeeded because our own people are not joining the military in droves. If this was WWII we wouldn't be depending on our reserves and making a mockery of ourselves infront of the rest of the world. We are failing the Great Man Himself and we are failing to capitalize on His great vision for the world. bin Laden promised the Arab world that we wouldn't have the resolve to finish the job we stared in the Mid East and we are making him a prophet! For shame America! For Shame!! George W must be the prophet. George W must be supported at all costs!

my postOct 20 2006 2:12pm

#002, 2/6/07

Date UpdateFeb 06 2007 2:43pm
The question of who is for conscription reinstatement and who is against conscription reinstatement is almost entirely a matter of age and gender. It would be very easy for females of any age and men who are too old to be conscripted to favor conscription because with the exception of veterans who have already served (THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!), they know full well that they will not have to fight and possibly die.

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