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sons vs moms

Created by: sharifkhan at 02:53:19 PM, Friday, October 20, 2006 PDT


How old would a son have to be before he could beat a fit mom at armwrestling? Boxing?

curiousOct 26 2006 10:31am


adnanOct 26 2006 8:19pm
I agree - he'd have to be 15 unless he worked out a lot.

AnonymousOct 27 2006 10:50am
i challenge all mothers to armwrestle there sons.they cannot beat them at 14 and above.if you can post photos

son 14Oct 28 2006 3:40am
Have you beat your mom son 14? How old were you? How fit is your mom?

AnonymousOct 28 2006 5:51am
My is a big, strong German woman. 5 foot 8 inches, 180 pounds and fairly solid. One of the strongest women I have known. However, my father was a good deal stronger. Strong enough to pick up the back of a small car, even though he never lifted weights. I benefited from their combined genetics. At 11 years old, I was stonger than my Mom. I started lifting that same year. At age 14, I was as strong as my Dad. About the boxing, you people are sick. Who would actually hit their own monther?

Fit manOct 28 2006 2:29pm
yes i was 12

son 14Oct 29 2006 3:21am
Hey son 14 and fit man, did you ever go up against athletic older girls? A girl I knew never lost an armwrestling match against a boy her age until she was 15, and she never lost to a younger boy until he was about 15. She beat a lot of guys at wrestling too.

AnonymousOct 29 2006 7:35am
Athletic older girls aren't anything special. A tough girl in my neighborhood tried to beat up a younger smaller boy. She was winning until he started attacking her breasts. It wasn't long before she was sobbing and pleading with him to stop. She learned then and there that males rule, even if they are "only" smaller boys.

males ruleOct 31 2006 2:39pm
What is the earliest age at which athletically active girls can have beautiful muscular legs that men like: (1) Age 18 (2) Age 21 (3) Age 25 (4) Age 30.

MiniPollOct 31 2006 8:33pm
When we were about 14 a bunch of us guys were sitting around at school and talking about how we were getting to be pretty big and strong. One guy challenged us, asking if we were even as strong as our mothers. Most of us had been secretly trying to figure that out for some time. We mostly figured we were pretty close but only a few knew for sure that they had stronger arms than their moms, and a few figured their moms were still stronger. The guy who asked was a slim, wiry kid who was tougher than most of us. He said he was shocked to find that his mom was still stronger than him. He found out because they were doing some work at his house and a bunch of supplies got delivered. Just him and his mom were home and she asked him to help move stuff into the garage. She seemed to have no trouble lifting a stack of 3 heavy boxes of tiles at a time and carrying them into the garage. He tried to do the same thing, but he really had to strain to lift the weight of three boxes and then he could hardly make it to the garage before his arms gave out. After that he only carried two at a time but his mom kept carrying stacks of three. She saw that he was disappointed with himself. She tried to console him by saying that she'd always been pretty strong for a girl and that he was still growing and soon she would be a weakling next to him.

delNov 06 2006 7:21am
As far as the question goes of sons being able to challenge their mothers. Mothers have still got the edge over their sons up to the age of seventeen. Whilst it is usual for the mother to relinquish that hold as he emerges from childhood. But if she didn't she wanted him to stay her child, she could ensure that his physical developement was somewhat thwarted so he grew up enfeebled and weak. Actually she could quash any challenge whatsoever by carrying him about as much as possible thus destroying any self confidence he might otherwise aquire. This might seem harsh treatment for a teenage male but it does have some good aspects for society as a whole. As for example a lone mother without a husband/father figure to provide discipline to an errant son. She could thus control him herself if his body weight only averaged about 110.lbs in his late teens and even in his twenties never got above 126.lbs, whilst she maintained herself at a fit 130 to 145 pounds. There would be no need to go to such extremes as going to 160.lbs plus, which is way beyond the size of the average woman, and it's both her and the average woman she would want to instil in her son a respect for.

hymatAug 26 2009 8:13am
I became a scmoo at about 13 years old when my school teacher had me alone in the room. Out of nowhere she asked me to armwrstle her. She beat me easily, and then flexed her arms. She said to feel them, and I remember they were hard, and soon I was too. She let me feel all I wanted, and man I was unsure what to do. Years later I figured out that she was one of the type of teachers you read about today, making advances on young male students. To this day, I look at every woman's arms. I am now hooked on women's veins, muscles and strength. Beaten at armwrestling by an older, muscular woman! Yeehaw!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike C.Jun 07 2010 5:40pm
i wouldnt stand a chance against my mom she is extremely strong and has 16.5" biceps from carring a very big golf bag around everyday she can do it easily and no one else at the golf club including the men can lift it she is the most muscular person i have ever seen

AnonymousJul 25 2010 2:43pm
When I was 15 years old I called my mother a bitch. She wrestled me to the ground and pinned me there putting me in some serious pain! I didn't realize she was so strong and with her hlding my wrists, her upper body was to strong for me. I had to take her punishment as she twisted and squeezed me unil I was sobbing. Within minutes I found out I wasn't so tough after all.

WillSep 18 2010 5:37pm
I don't know about most moms but hell my mom is a terminator. she wrestles me to the floor in 3 minutes and I'm 21 I workout occasionally

DreamerApr 02 2011 4:31pm
Growing up without a father I wrestled my mom until I was 15-16, never had a chance to win and she never let me. I grew a bit more but stayed rather slim when I reached 17-18. My mother didn't think it was OK to wrestle me anymore since she once felt I got a booner when we wrestled. At that age you get a booner if somebody says legs or pantyhose but anyway... When I was 18 my mother's sister, my aunt visited us for a few months (she normally lives far away in Australia and was visiting Europe). She is two years younger than my mother and was then 38 years old. The sisters one evening armwrestled for fun and it was avery tight match that my aunt won at the end. I was surprised to see the big muscles they had in their arms and shoulders. My mother has always been a gym rat and so is her sister. My mother then asked me if I wanted to loose to any of them. I wasn't sure, since I had never been able to beat my mother in armwrestling or wrestling I wasn't sure but then again I was now older and a bit bigger. I first armwrestled my aunt that could easily beat my skinny arms. I of course lost to my mother as well. I felt ashamed but they didn't find it strange since they said I wasn't a grown man yet. A few days later the three of us were in our garden laying in the sun. I threw some water at my aunt and she started to chase me around the garden. She soon caught me and to my surprise lifted me up in bear hug. She squeezed me really hard and I had difficulties to breath. She let me fall down to the ground where she pinned me. I said I wanted a match where we could start equal. And now we started to wrestle best out of three falls. She played with me and had me in different holds and let me feel her power and one two falls. And of course I got hard and she noticed and so did my mother. They laughed at my embarrassement, both from loosing to an older woman and from being excited. I armwrestled and wrestled my aunt a few times more before she went back down under and I lost each time. And this has made me looking for strong woman in my life. I am now 45, all the women I have been dating has been heavier and stronger than me.I never really got much bigger than when I was 18. The firts time I won over my mother in armwrestling was when she turned 60 some years ago. I am not sure she did her best since she was still very strong from all her work outs. My aunt is still in Australia, I armwrestled her when she was 50 but she was far too strong then. I married late in life, a few years ago. My wife is taller, heavier and stronger than me. I am totally into equal relationships but as you understand by now, I like being dominated physically and my wife is so far the strongest woman I have come across. So mothers, think about what you do when winning over your sons in an armwrestling or wrestling match. I am pretty sure that she and her sister set the standard for my ideal woman.

Gary SFeb 13 2012 2:21am
I've been able to beat my mom since I was 12 or 13, but she had me really late in her life. I can beat my dad now, too. Feels good.

West Coast BroJul 10 2012 5:03pm
That's relaly shrewd! Good to see the logic set out so well.

OMHSOLirZMar 07 2013 11:57am
A 165 cm tall woman who is training hard for 3 months can DESTROY a 195 cm tall man who is not. Let me tell you my story. 6 years ago, when I was like 14 I was going to swimming. My father's sister and I went to beach together, and she said ''Let's swim with our hands on each other's shoulders and try to put oponnent's head in water. It could help you out with swimming, and is fun''. I agreed, and I thought that without much effort I could beat her. We played to 20. Now my aunt was pretty fit back in the day, she had just started training and had a 6 pack, but which could barely be seen. She won the first one, second and every other until 20. I tried to fight her even more, but she even managed to do it with one arm. I admitted to her that she was a lot stronger, but when I am 20 (now I am 20) she won't stand a chance. Now, a couple of years ago she divorced and started going to the gym nearly every single day. Also, she went to the pool at like 7 o clock A.M every day. I haven't really seen her body since my 14, so I didn't know if she was strong. I thought she was just doing some cardio practices, not really pumping her body. So a few days ago, I went to her house do bring her a shirt my father has sent to her, and we talked about 6 years ago when she destroyed me. I said ''Haha, you couldn't stand a chance now''. She challenged me to go tommorow at 7 A.M to the pool, and since mostly people aren't coming that early not many people could see her embarrasing me. I accepted the challenge. I was going to the gym and was quite strong - I could do 70 push-ups if I wanted to. So when I came out of the dressing room, she was waiting in the water, told me to warm up and get in. I still wasn't able to see her muscles, but it didn't bother me - she was like 45 years old and on my opinion - with no chance of winning. We drowned each other to 50 now - and the result was quite shocking for me - 50-0 to her. I was really surprised and embarrased, so I said that in a wrestling match she wouldn't win. She said ''OK, lets armwrestle''. When she got out of the water, I could finally see her - her biceps were stronger than mine, quads, triceps, her 6 pack is rock hard. She said that her myostatine level is not too high, so her muscles are at the max. We armwrestled - she beated me with 3 fingers and right hand - and she is left-handed! I realised that my only chance to reclaim my honor is to beat her at wrestling, and I was training judo for some time. So we came to her home, she put a matress and we wrestled. Again, with ease, 50-0 to her. She than slammed me to the ground, I couldn't move (I got a boner to be honest..) and asked ''Who is stronger?'' So shocked, I had to admit it to her. She told me that she will be going to the gym sometimes and give me tips, and that I will be able to beat her in around 10 years if I train hard. Was quite shocking for me, but here is the conclusion; if a women is training, men have no chance. If a women is training more than men, they still have no chance. Same works if opposite. By the way, my aunt is 173 cm tall and I am 191cm.

RandomGuyJun 20 2014 7:22am

456575Sep 06 2014 2:42pm
I beat my mom when I was 11 years old. Now I am 12 years old. Most recently, I had arm wrestling with a random woman. I sat on a bench at the playground. Since the playground there was no one except us, I watched them. The woman began to show his son monkey bars. She overcome half way and jumped off. She noticed me looking and smiled. Then I went up to her and said: - "You're strong lady." She smiled, thanked me for the compliment and even a little embarrassed. Then I asked her to compete in Monkey Bars. She replied: - "ok., Why not." We hung on parallel tracks, and after counting 3 to 1, we begun to creep. I immediately took the lead, and came to the end, turned and crawled back. Overcoming the way back, I jumped off. Ыhe was able to slowly creep a little more than half way. Then she said to me - "you beat me. You a very strong boy". I told her that she, too, not the weakest. I asked her if she could do pull-up. She said no. Then I asked her to compare strength in arm wrestling. she was a friendly woman and agreed with a smile. She was clearly stronger than my mom. I had to strain to beat her. but eventually her hand is tired and I drop it. The left hand has been easier. I beat her faster, but I had a hard at this time. After I beat her, she said: - "wow! you really strong!" I admitted that it was difficult to defeat her. After I beat her, we talked a lot about the comparison of the strength. She said that she was engaged in fitness 10 years ago . I told her that I beat my mom when I was 11 years old. We made ​​friends with her. She lives near me and we often communicate.

BlakeOct 21 2014 2:22pm

1Jan 20 2015 9:28pm
I could beat my mom since I was 11(13 now). She is 5'2" I am 5'9" now. This year I figured I can probably beat my dad.

AnonymousMay 06 2015 4:56pm
Anonymous, you beat mom in wrestling or armwrestling?

KellyMay 11 2015 5:37am
My mom is much stronger than I am. She is 6"1 tall an f*cking sexy and huge.

AnonymousApr 13 2016 3:22am
Meine Mutter war schon immer athletisch. Jetzt übertrifft sie alles und jeden. Sie ist 2,2m groß und kann 450 Kilo heben beim Bankdrücken

AnonymousMay 05 2016 5:55am
Ein Mädchen aus der Nachbarschaft war damals auch sehr, sehr stark. Ich war 15, fast 16, und sie war 14, als wir uns kennengelernt haben. Sie ist mit Ihren Eltern und ihrer kleinen Schwester in unsere Siedlung gezogen. Wir haben uns, mit den anderen Kindern aus der Siedlung, immer am Spielplatz getroffen. Mir ist als erstes ihre Größe aufgefallen. Ich war etwa 1,75m und sie war bestimmt 1,80m groß. Zu ihrer Figur konnte ich da noch nichts sagen, weil es Winter war als sie eingezogen sind, und wie wir alle sehr dick angezogen war. Wir haben aber immer viel rumgealbert und etwas rumgerangelt. Da viel mir schon auf, dass sie für ein Mädchen, dass auch noch jünger war als ich, sehr viel Kraft hatte. Als es dann wärmer wurde und wir endlich wieder Sommerkleidung tragen konnten, habe ich erst ihre Figur gesehen. Wir waren diesmal alleine am Spielplatz, weil die anderen da unterwegs waren oder andere Sachen zu tun hatten. Sie hatte ein ärmelloses Oberteil an und eine kurze Hose. Sie hatte extrem breite Schultern und dicke Arme, an denen ich die Adern am Bizeps und Unterarm sehen konnte. Ihre Beine waren auch sehr durchtrainiert. Sie hatte auf jeden Fall viel mehr Muskeln als ich. Zu der Zeit wog ich gerade mal 62kg, war also eher schmächtig, aber ich hatte auch einen recht guten Bizeps. Ihr ist aber auch mein Blick auf ihren Körper aufgefallen, sie hat dazu aber nichts gesagt. Wir haben dann wir immer etwas gequatscht und waren wie immer. Dann fragte sie mich, wie viele Klimmzüge ich schaffe. Da hatte sie mich, ich konnte gerade mal einen. Ich sagte ihr, ich kann 5, und versuchte dann das Thema zu wechseln. Darauf ließ sie sich aber nicht ein und wollte dass wir das hier ausprobieren. Also musste ich ja doch ran. Ich stellte mich an die Stange am Spielplatz und habe versucht alles zu geben. Mit Mühe habe ich gerade mal einen Klimmzug geschafft. Sie lachte mich aus und sagte, ich zeige dir mal wie das geht. Sie ist an die Stange gegangen und hat 10 Klimmzüge gemacht. Ihr Bizeps war so aufgepumpt, das habe ich noch nicht mal bei den sportlichen Jungs aus meiner Klasse gesehen. So wie das aussah, hätte sie locker noch weitere 10 geschafft. Dann kam sie zu mir und sagte, wusste ich doch, dass ich viel stärke bin als du kleiner. Ich konnte darauf gar nichts sagen, so schockiert war ich. Dann wollte sie mit mir wrestlen und zeigen wie viel stärker sie ist. Ich habe versucht von ihr weg zu gehen und gesagt ich muss nach Hause, aber sie hat mich aufgehalten. Ich hatte nun doch etwas Angst vor ihr. Als ich gehen wollte, kam sie von hinten bei mir an und griff um meinen Bauch. Dann hob sie mich hoch und trug mich zum Sandkasten. Auf dem Weg sagte sie noch, du bist ja noch leichter als ich dachte und wollte wissen wie viel ich wiege. Als ich ihr dann mein Gewicht sagte, lachte sie nur und sagt, das sind ja über 10kg weniger als ich wiege und schmiss mich in den Sand. Dann stand Sie mit den Händen in den Hüften über mir und sagte, dass ich aufstehen soll. Nun standen wir uns gegenüber, sie größer, schwerer und bedeutend muskulöser. Sie meinte, darauf habe ich schon seit unserer ersten Begegnung drauf gewartet. Ich hatte zwar schon im Fernsehen Wrestling gesehen, aber ich wusste nicht was ich machen soll und vor allem bei dem Gegner. Sie kam auf mich zu und wir packten uns an den Händen. Ich war sofort auf meinen Knien und hatte den Kräftevergleich verloren. Sie ließ mich wieder hoch und nahm mich in einen bearhug. Ich konnte meine Arme nicht befreien und meine Beine baumelten in der Luft. Ich habe kaum noch Luft bekommen und mir tat alles weh. Wie konnte sie nur so stark sein? Sie ließ mich wieder in den Sand fallen und ich konnte mich kurz erholen. Ich versuchte wieder aufzustehen, aber da griff sie mir schon am Bauch und hob mich kopfüber hoch und trug mich durch die Gegend. Sie ließ sogar einen Arm los und trug mich dann so weiter. Sie hob mich mit einem Arm noch höher und fasste mit dem anderen Arm an meine Schulter und schmiss mich so in den Sandhaufen. Ich war jetzt schon k.o., aber sie hatte gerade erst angefangen. Ich sag zu ihr hoch und sie spannte ihren Bizeps an. Oh mein Gott, ist der groß, dachte ich nur. Ich hatte ja auch einen Bizeps, aber im Vergleich zu ihr war der mickrig. Ich hatte 31cm Oberarmumfang, aber sie musste mindestens 36 oder 37cm haben. Sie hat mir wieder hochgeholfen und dann mit einem Arm zwischen meine Beine gegriffen und mit dem anderen an meine Schulter und mich hochgehoben und ist mit wieder eine runde gelaufen, als wenn wir Zuschauer haben, und hat mich wieder zu Boden geworfen. Das macht solchen Spaß, sagte sie dann zu mir. Ich wollte eigentlich nur noch weg und hatte Angst, was sie mit mir anstellen will. Ich hatte gegen ihre Kraft null Chance. So was habe ich noch nie erlebt, noch nicht mal die starken Jungs aus meiner Schule haben so viel Kraft wie dieses Mädchen. Sie hat mich wieder hochgezogen und mich dann mit dem Rücken nach unten auf ihre Schultern gelegt. Das tat so weh, aber ich konnte mich nicht wehren. Zum Glück hat sie mich dann wieder in den Sand geschmissen. Ich habe die ganze Zeit gebettelt, dass sie aufhört und ihr gesagt, dass sie gewonnen hat und viel stärker ist als ich. Sie lachte nur und zog mich wieder hoch. Sie packte mich mit beiden Armen unter den Achseln und hob mich mit ausgestreckten Armen hoch und hielt mich da. Dann sagte sie zu mir, das machen wir jetzt öfter mein kleiner und ließ mich wieder ein Stück runter, um mich dann wieder hoch zu heben. Sie machte das ein paar Mal, um ihre Kraft zu beweisen. Dann setzte sie mich wieder ab und hob mich wieder auf ihre Schultern. Sie sagte, jetzt will ich mal was ausprobieren und fasste zwischen meine Beine und an meinen Brustkorb. Dann hob sie mich noch höher, bis sie ihre Arme durchgestreckt hatte und ich nun über ihrem Kopf hing. Panisch griff ich nach ihrem Arm, der sich unglaublich muskulös anfühlte. Sie lachte und ließ mich wieder zu Boden. Dann sagte sie, spann deinen Bizeps an und ich tat was sie wollte. Sie lachte über meine Muskeln und sagte, so sehen Muskeln aus und spannte ihren Arm an. Ein dicker Bizeps füllte ihren Armen und dicke Adern kamen zum Vorschein. Wir verglichen unsere Arme und ich kam mir wie ein kleiner Junge vor. Ihr Arm war so viel muskulöser und größer als meiner. Ich konnte es nicht glauben, ich wurde so gedemütigt von einem Mädchen, einem so starken Mädchen. Zum Schluss zog sie mich noch einmal hoch und fasste mit einer Hand an meine Kehle und mit der anderen unter meine Achsel. Und dann hing ich schon wieder in der Luft, sie hielt mich nur mit einem Arm am Hals fest und lachte. Dann schmiss sie mich in den Sand und sagte, ich freue mich schon auf das nächste Mal. Dann spannte sie zuletzt ihren Bizeps an und ging dann los.

GeorgMay 08 2016 12:46am
my son beat me in armwrestle when he was 13 and when he was 14 he was able to lift me in cardle

AnonymousAug 21 2017 4:50am
At 10 my son thought he was stronger then me he was 4'11 96 and i was 5'7 136 and i beat him in 2 seconds then 2 yrs of training i was 5'7 137 he was 5'6 135 i could barley beat him then 1 yr later 5'7 and same weight he beat me.

weakmomMar 11 2019 4:56pm
My son's classmate has fully beat me once in armwrestling. I'm 39 and he is 12. It was really unexpected and shamed for me and I hoped my son would know about it

MarinaAug 15 11:52am
i can lift my mom with one arm

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