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daughter vs moms

Question: who is strongest.mothers you like to wrestle with your daughter or not
Created by: khota at 07:20:27 PM, Friday, October 27, 2006 PDT


This is about the 100th "who is stronger" poll on this web site.

AnonymousOct 28 2006 7:49pm

this is wierd and silly

AnonymousNov 01 2006 9:01am
My daughter is in track. We don't wrestle but if we did I'm sure she is stronger.

AnonymousMay 10 2007 2:34pm
I've never wrestled my daughter, but I taught my son how to box.

BarbSep 12 2009 1:30pm
My 14 year old daughter is stronger than her 16 year old brother, she is a gymnast and swimmer and he is a computer geek. I can still win over my daughter in a wrestling match but have never wrestled my son.

Ex gymnastAug 09 2011 4:20am
its normal that a teeanage daughter gets stronger than her mom. my daughter is 17 now and is much stronger than me

AnonymousFeb 20 2013 4:06am
My 13 yr old daughter is an amazing athlete. She's done gymnastics since age 4, swim team since age 10, and now she's also on the track team. She's always been strong and muscular, but in the past year I've been surprised at how large her muscles have grown. Her track coach has them do powerlifting as part of their training and she is now much stronger than me. She even weighs more than me even though she is shorter. I'm 5'6", 120 lbs and she's 5'3", 135 lbs. It actually kind of scares me how much stronger she is because she likes to show off her strength. She grabs my waist from behind, lifts me up and shakes me like a rag doll. I can't even beat her armwrestling when I use both hands and my legs look like toothpicks compared to hers. She even carried me in her arms like I was a baby from the car into the house - I had been complaining that I was tired. I love her and am very proud of her, but it is a little scary to reprimand this muscular girl that you know is so much stronger than you.

proud momFeb 20 2013 8:13pm
she could kill you with her bare hands

AnonymousMar 02 2013 9:03am
Sad but true teenage girl will near always whup a woman over thirty even if shes in good shape its the way of things

mickyOct 13 2013 10:19am
My cousin and her mum used to playfight A lot when she was a teenager.her mum was about fourty i suppose. Omg did i get Horny.watching a sexy young girl try and take down a good looking older womanespecially when they hadnt got much on. I think my uncle liked watching too as he was always encouraging them. Once we were in the garden and myaunt was wearing a bikini with a longish t shirt over, and my cousin was in a sundress my aunt flicked her with a towel and she chased her round the garden .when she caught her she got the towel from her and flicked her back and they started to wrestle for the towel.i was really excited and started chanting fight fight,and my uncle joined in.they each tried to get the other down until aunty tripped her and they wrestled really hard first one on top then the other until to my surprise0my cousin bested her and held her down for a count of three so sexy one of my aunts tits was showing and there were fine legs everywhere.

gmDec 11 2013 5:12am
Bet unc didnt like seeing his woman bested like that once the girl takes the mother the balance of power shifts and the younger woman is then top he went indoors with auntie soon after to give her a good seeing to.real sexy show.

mickyDec 12 2013 7:31am
My gf is an unmarried mother with a seventeen yr old daughter.she is quite a heavy drinker but not bad looking,and loves screwing.her daughter is well out of control and hangs round with her mates drinking and taking stuff half the night.shes been excluded from school twice for fighting and both her and her mum have right old tempers.when the daughters home they bicker constantly and it used to get on my nerves until one night me and mum were in bed and she came home.a bit later my gf went down to get a couple of cans from the fridge and the rowing started, both of them had had a few and soon they were well into it,screaming abuse at each other,and there was crashing and banging and all hell let loose.the girl is now a bit bigger than her mum and knows it,and likes nothing better than putting her mum in her gf came back up soon enough, her nose bleeding and a cut on her forehead,cursing and swearing,and i was just about to ask what was up,when in came the girl after her.she looked like shed taken some good hits too,and they faced off again,right in each others faces.well i was beginning to get a woody now ,my gf had just a waist length nightshirt on and some skimpy pants and her daughter a denim skirt tshirt and looked like they might continue their feud right in front of me.i didnt want to say anything in case i put them off.they were really ripping into each other,they are both the same height,but the daughter has filled out a lot,whereas her mum i know rarely eats properly and is getting a bit scraggy, however i know shes not the type to back down in a confrontation.her daughter is really baiting her,calling her every name under the sun with her nose right in her face,fists bunched and ready.i can tell by her body language that my gf is wary of it kicking off,but im getting a massive b..ner so i really hope it does.she looks towards me and the girl grabs her by the hair and says dont you look away from me when im gf grabs at the fingers twined in her hair and thats all it takes.she drags her by her ponytail,punching heranywhere she can and my gf is forced to retaliate or get a thrashing.the daughters heavy shoes and greater weight are giving her a big advantage,but she goes at her hard and they fall to the ground with the daughter on top where they set to,both holding nothing back. Its not a long fight,but brutal and unforgiving.if my gf had drunk less beforehand she might have evened the score,but it ended with her holding her mum by the hair on the ground and asking her if she wanted some more. I said shed had enough,which didnt get me much,but she let her loose in the end and went to bed.when my gf came to bed she was well banged up,bruised and bloody but after a couple of cans she was ok and ready to rock and i went at her like a bull all night.

tonyFeb 12 2014 9:26am
Good fight.i hope youre going to feed your gf up and teach her some moves,then send her into battle again! Lucky you.

anonFeb 24 2014 4:09am
HOW about .. daughters, and mom's tag team wrestling men ?????

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