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Is it a kind of abuse to kick, squeeze or knee the balls of the men

Question: Some ladies kick or knee the balls of men for self defence. Some other just enjoy doing it. Do you think kicking etc. balls is the abusing men?
Created by: kimono at 05:24:39 AM, Thursday, December 07, 2006 PST


Not if they are paying her for it.

AnonymousDec 08 2006 2:16pm

I kicked the balls of my husband once because he made me angry. I do not think that is an abuse. men consider themselves as the strong sex that cant be beaten up by the women. What I did was not abusing him but teaching him a lesson on the vulnerability of men. Therefore he now knows to discuss things without shouting and trusting to himself too much.

JessicaDec 11 2006 1:02am
jessica, i would have slapped the crap out of you;

lanceDec 12 2006 7:43pm
Why? It is ok when men scare us by threating us with stronger muscles and it is ok that some men get whatever they want by using power advantage. And it is not ok when women do the same thing? Man know that they can hurt woman, they should be taught that they are vulnerable as well. This is the only way to counterbalance the advantage of men.

JessicaDec 14 2006 1:32am
jessica, maybe you would be happier if you just listen to your husband.

robertDec 14 2006 5:34am
Shut up Robert. Eveyone knows that woman controls man in almost every case. There are two types of men. First type is the stupid one that argues or sometimes hit the woman but in the end he sees that the woman was right and he does what she tells him. The other one is the wise man who agrees on what woman says without arguing because he knows woman always wins. I believe if you are in the first group I mean the stupid type, it is legitimate for the woman to do anything (including hurting the man) to teach you how to be wise.

jessicaDec 15 2006 1:01am
I agree Jessica. Sometimes men need to be hurt badly to understand something. There was a PhD student in our campus who was taller and stronger than me. He was interested in dating out with me so he asked me out. I kindly rejected. He was pissed off and he said I would be sorry. One evening when I was walking from school to home he approached and forcfully squeezed my chests saying insulting words. That shocked me. When I went to home I told this to my housemate. She said he would continue as he knows he was stronger than me and she suggested I sould never be alone in the street. Actually she was right he did something similar later. Then my friend and I decided to teach him a lesson and caught him in the street in the friday night when he was turning back to home from the pub at 2 am. my friend hold his hands and I squeezed his balls as hard as possible. He was hurt terrible. I told him next time I would make him unable to reproduce if he continued harrasing me. After that night he never approached to me. Ballbusting is absolutely not a kind of abuse of men.

british girlDec 17 2006 2:21pm
That sounds like fun. Im gonna try that on a guy someday

Black Metal MessiahDec 18 2006 8:19am
Another man-bashing poll, literally this time.

AnonymousDec 18 2006 6:47pm

JIMDec 19 2006 5:16am
If he attacks he knows we will return it. I do not think he can dare. Actually my friend is a strong girl but he coul not fight back because he was little bit drunk. Even if he was not drunk, he would be beaten in any way. I think vulnerability of men is a clear indication of their weakness against women.

british girlDec 19 2006 2:46pm

JIMDec 20 2006 11:57am
bullpoo. Men have more muscles than women. However no men can beat two women at the same time. Try and see. Two girls will kick your ass Jim. Actually in order to beat a man, there is no need for two women. Sometimes faster woman can beat man. If you can come to Europe we can prove it to you.

British GirlDec 21 2006 12:55pm
Men ususally look tough but not when you hurt their nuts. So Jim is that why you are not responding. Are you scared.

British GirlJan 13 2007 4:58pm
British Girl, you are just an idiot if you think that man will wait until you kick their balls. The guy who attacked you was kind of drunk so his reflexes were slow. Otherwise he would beat both of you.

TTJan 25 2007 2:17pm
Just the type of girls that we breed over here now,anybody gives them a slap they'll be straight down the cop shop with the usual false accusations. I have to apologise for my country,I am certainly not proud of it anymore.

mickey sFeb 14 2007 9:41am
british are so wrong. the average male could handle 2 women at once..these are facts.

lanceMar 21 2007 8:08am
#0018 - (Sat.) 3/31/07

UpdateMar 31 2007 9:35am
shut up lance. you may be right for one to one. but one man to two women, the result is the hospital for the man.

british girlApr 02 2007 4:52am
Or worse, right british girl?

KateApr 04 2007 10:42pm
Men should never under estimate how strong and quick women are.

RobApr 12 2007 1:11am
#0022 - (Wed.) 4/11/07

UpdateApr 12 2007 1:58pm
If any man is stupid enough to let some castrating bitch near his balls he deserves to sing soprano!

FateApr 27 2007 9:07am
One time, my wife, who is stronger than me, was drinking and getting a bit rowdy. I began trying to calm her down and she grabbed and squeezed my balls. She pulled me around the house, and every time I tried to fight back, she squeezed harder. I don't know whether you would condsider this abuse, as it happened only that one time.

AnonymousMay 02 2007 3:27pm
Yikes!!!! I know personally that a kick can be very viscious, Just about every guy does. But it's tough to fight back if a girl gets a hold of your balls because youre trapped. If you fight back she squeezes harder risking crushing. And if you try to pull away- well you'll only pull your own balls off!!

AnonymousJun 13 2007 10:32pm
If a Woman owns the male, She is entitled to kick him in the balls, whip his behind or do whatever She wants with him. It is only abuse if She kicks another Woman's male without first getting permission from the other Woman.

obedient husbandJul 08 2007 10:48am
#0027 - (Sun.) 8/12/07

UpdateAug 12 2007 9:41pm
An ex-boyfriend tried to force himself on me once and I had to grab his balls to get him off me. It worked really well and was justified up to that point. However, he had really made me angry with him and I carried on squeezing as hard as I could, one ball in each hand,for quite some time. I admit that I was fascinated by the absolute control I had over him, even though he was nearly twice my size.And I found myself enjoying his pleading for me to let him go, and the stupid, pathetic expression on his face. This, I admit, was abuse and I am ashamed of myself for what I did to him that night.But I like to think it taught him a valuable lesson about treating women respectfully(and I secretly hope that I made him incapable of raping any more women!)

another british girlAug 14 2007 5:58pm
Check out "vicious girl" on youtube, abuse or not she REALLY rocks!!!!!

OuchAug 18 2007 1:26am
#0030 - (Sun.) * 8/19/07

UpdateAug 18 2007 10:57pm
I applaud to British Girl -- she did everything absolutely right. On the whole, I suppose that girls should use kicking and squeezing our balls mostly for self-defence. But if a girl has a boyfriend, then she has the right to teach him tough lessons sometimes when his behaviour is too irritating. As for a wife and her hubby, here I agree with obedient husband: she is entitled to punish him (with all possible methods which exclude only significant physical damages) as much as she finds necessary to make him a valuable member of the family.

Nick NNov 17 2007 12:26pm
I agree, you cannot expect a girl or a woman to accept the bad behaveour of a man because he is stronger. If it is the only way to protect herself, she must hurt him from the most vulnerable may the the only vulnerable point. But you cant do this just because you are angry at him. That would be abuse.

coreNov 28 2007 1:30am
British Girl, victory in a fight has nothing to do with being a man or a woman. Just with skill. Men are inherently stronger, but neither is inherently more skillful. And the average woman is superior to about 80% of men, and the last 20% more than make up for it. Kind of like every other mammal on earth.

Someone who does not exist.Jan 24 2008 5:41pm
Glad I do not have them sensitive balls. Do not have any pain, not extensive sexual desires. I guess that I am Woman.

AnonymousFeb 15 2008 5:00pm
Someone who does not exist please continue not to exist. Because what you say is so stupid. An avarage woman superior to 80% of men??? Come on. look at the world. how many women do you know that invented something or did someting to be remebered. Fewwww.

realistFeb 19 2008 2:19pm
the men that invent stuff and do stuff to be remembered are of the last twenty percent. Anonymous, If women don't have extensive sexual desires, I'm a nine winged, four armed horse radish.

Someone who does not exist.Mar 14 2008 8:13pm
Women should just learn to handle suck and play with a man's balls. Gentle handling will get you something real soon. There is nothing better then controling a man with his balls, and letting him know that you are in charge when he does not behave. Sorry women did not believe in this before Hitler and all the stupid men tried to conquer the world. And abuse women, now we know better.

KellieMar 28 2008 12:23pm
If a male is stupid and disrespectful and the woman sees that She cannot beat him physically, She ought to use Her knees and feet to kick his balls to teach him to be respectful and docile.

Nick NApr 10 2008 3:47am
Unless a Woman is acting in self defense She should not molest the balls of a male owned by another Woman. If for some reason She wishes to to do this to a male She does not own, She should ask permission from either the male's Mother or Sister, or if he is married or the concubine of a Woman, She should ask the male's Wife or Mistress.

obedient husbandSep 21 2008 6:06pm
As a woman I can honestly say that the answer to this question is quite simply that if busting some guys nuts floats your boat then who gives a f*ck if it ruins him.

She-RaOct 09 2008 3:41pm
I am a big, strong woman. I love to bust ball and make men squirm. If this is abuse, well, so what. I once held a man down, his left arm above his head, his wrist in the grip of my left hand and his right wrist in my right hand. He was under my complete control and I forced him to slap and hit his own balls. He begged for mercy, which he got when I was done with him. His balls were so sore that he couldn't stand up straight for two days.

ChelseaNov 07 2008 10:23pm
Ms Chelsea, i sincerely applaud to what You did! I bet, this poor inferior male was humiliated especially with the fact that You did it with his own hand, not with Yours. Thank You very much for this good example of how we inferior males must be treated! Ms She-Ra, You are right, too. Kicking and busting by Superior Women -- this is what this vulnerable organ is created for.

Nick NNov 23 2008 10:18am
Ms. Chelsea it would be an honor to be naked in your presents, and have you kick my nuts till they were ready to harvest. You can actually do the cutting. What good would they be for after you damage them to no return. Thats why we were born with them between our legs. Power to WOMEN!!!!

sub. daveJan 08 2009 6:16am
A pair of sore and hurting balls for a couple of days is a small price to pay for peace and contentment and men behaving themselves.

Big BrendaJul 30 2009 8:35pm
Your are right, dear Big Brenda. When during the last belting my Gf accidentally hit my balls, i felt all my inferiority. As for Her, She simply laughed looking at my squirmings. I love Her very much!

Nick NSep 16 2009 3:58am
Its nice Nick N that you understand that sometimes if a man is to be beaten properly it is going to be unavoidable to miss his balls.My males have to get used to it and not make too much fuss when a strap or tawse lands there. You would indeed feel your vulnerabiltiy and inferiority.

Big BrendaDec 14 2009 9:07pm
Any girls that would like to kick my tuff leathery balls can have at it! You'll be really tired trying then I'll give ya the boner you really need!

Balls approaching 40Feb 19 2010 3:44pm
If it wre abuse, why did mother nature put the balls on the outside of males were women can easily kick, knee or grab the males by the nuts? Maybe it should be a rigbt for women to bust balls and males to provide them.

KathyMay 30 2010 7:15am
I dated a girl for a while that thought hitting a guy in the testicles was "funny". She used it as a threat all the time. One day I told her "Try it and I'll punch you in the boob". She never brought it up again.

AnonymousMay 30 2010 9:58am
Kathy is right, those balls are where they are to control men especially when they think with their c*cks.

colleenJun 05 2010 5:49am
When a woman's health or life is seriously threatened by a man, I think it's totally okay to kick his balls. In a case of rape I even encourage a woman to kick a man's balls with all her might. It is abuse when she slaps, kicks or grabs his balls because she is mad about a stupid argument. HEY LADIES - if you enjoy the power and/or control you can have over us males, than please squeeze and press our pity heads with your legs in any desirable position. Most of us even like it. That would serve both of us. And British Girl - you are pretty pumped now, eh?

Oh Danny boyJul 22 2010 7:03pm
When a woman's health or life is seriously threatened by a man, I think it's totally okay to kick his balls. In a case of rape I even encourage a woman to kick a man's balls with all her might. It is abuse when she slaps, kicks or grabs his balls because she is mad about a stupid argument. HEY LADIES - if you enjoy the power and/or control you can have over us males, than please squeeze and press our pity heads with your legs in any desirable position. Most of us even like it. That would serve both of us. And British Girl - you are pretty pumped now, eh?

Oh Danny boyJul 22 2010 7:08pm
my wife enjoys the fact that she can cause such pain with little effort. She will have my balls in her hand and apply pressure and gets off on her power over me. But she also has a softer power over me by keeping me on the edge of orgasm with her hand but not finishing it, either way she is in control. I guess its like any game or sport, ball control is key to winning and my wife is the winner in our house.

DaveSep 26 2010 4:52am
if a chic ever kicks me in the balls..i will beat the living poo out of her. knock her ass out

jacob..single mommy killahOct 24 2010 12:52pm
lol some of these chics need to really get off the crackpipe seriously. british chic..stfu and get on your and chelsea are living in a fantasy land...dumb c*nts

jacob..single mommy killahOct 24 2010 12:58pm
Women that hit men in the testicles for any reason other than self defenseare useless bitches. I hope you bitches run in to some guy who has a high pain tolerance and put the bowling ball hold on you and wheel barrows you around the room a couple of times untill you learn some respect.

roadrunnerDec 25 2010 2:40pm
I'm a guy but.. I feel like females are or should be the superior sex. I sometimes picture this = a world with a majority of men would bring violence and idiots high on testosterone raping girls and thinking they're the best of gods creation. Or! A world with a majority of females which would bring peace and intelligence. Am i wrong in thinking this?

PaganBorn19Apr 28 2011 1:16pm
I believe that girls kick boys in the groin because they can! Perhaps males were born to be inferior as we are the only sex to have a terrible weak point, and girls take advantage of that, be it defence or simply to show that she is superior. Guys may act tough but once you strike where it hurts they are at a disatvantage. Can anyone counter this?

PaganBorn19Apr 28 2011 1:24pm
where can I find women like Chelsea and Big Brenda?

cfnmguyMay 17 2011 8:35am
Hi girls, NEVER NEVER hit a male there too painful

tomMay 30 2011 2:48am
u can try to crush my balls you can kick them wont hurt my my balls a big a i still can cume alot all my bitchs try to crush my ball it just end with them in jail bitch

helper53Aug 08 2011 1:40pm
mmm squeeze my balls

ballsqueezeSep 21 2011 11:12am
JESSICA says "a woman always win" this is not TRUE AT ALL . I also agree that it is a kind of ABUSE to kick , squeeze or knee the balls of man . A rough woman like you always take the advantage of the vulnerability of men by the BALLS lying unguarded between their legs

INDRAOct 31 2011 1:33am
JESSICA says "a woman always win" this is not TRUE AT ALL . I also agree that it is a kind of ABUSE to kick , squeeze or knee the balls of man . A rough woman like you always take the advantage of the vulnerability of men by the BALLS lying unguarded between their legs

INDRAOct 31 2011 1:33am
JESSICA says "a woman always win" this is not TRUE AT ALL . I also agree that it is a kind of ABUSE to kick , squeeze or knee the balls of man . A rough woman like you always take the advantage of the vulnerability of men by the BALLS lying unguarded between their legs

INDRAOct 31 2011 1:34am
JESSICA says "a woman always win" this is not TRUE AT ALL . I also agree that it is a kind of ABUSE to kick , squeeze or knee the balls of man . A rough woman like you always take the advantage of the vulnerability of men by the BALLS lying unguarded between their legs

INDRAOct 31 2011 1:35am
JESSICA says "a woman always win" this is not TRUE AT ALL . I also agree that it is a kind of ABUSE to kick , squeeze or knee the balls of man . A rough woman like you always take the advantage of the vulnerability of men by the BALLS lying unguarded between their legs

INDRAOct 31 2011 1:36am
JESSICA says "a woman always win" this is not TRUE AT ALL . I also agree that it is a kind of ABUSE to kick , squeeze or knee the balls of man . A rough woman like you always take the advantage of the vulnerability of men by the BALLS lying unguarded between their legs

INDRAOct 31 2011 1:38am
JESSICA says "a woman always win" this is not TRUE AT ALL . I also agree that it is a kind of ABUSE to kick , squeeze or knee the balls of man . A rough woman like you always take the advantage of the vulnerability of men by the BALLS lying unguarded between their legs

INDRAOct 31 2011 1:41am
JESSICA says "a woman always win" this is not TRUE AT ALL . I also agree that it is a kind of ABUSE to kick , squeeze or knee the balls of man . A rough woman like you always take the advantage of the vulnerability of men by the BALLS lying unguarded between their legs

INDRAOct 31 2011 1:51am
Jessca says "a woman always win" this is not true at all. I also agree that it is a kind of abuse to kick, squeeze or knee the balls the men. A rough woman li k e you always take the advantage of the vulnerability of men by the BALLS lying unguarded between their legs

INDRAOct 31 2011 2:18am
I'm sorry, but abuse or not, I love holding my boyfriend by the balls. It gives me a fantastic feeling of empowerment to hear him beg me not to hurt him. And if he's been bad it's fantastic to know that a little squeeze will double him up in agony.Sorry guys - some say that God made a mistake in placing a man's testicles on the outside of his body: I say that SHE knew exactly what SHE was doing!!!

california galNov 08 2011 5:36pm
I think its good to give girls a good kick in their clit,vulva to teach them a lesson it soon stops them abusing men!

a guyJan 11 2012 9:43am
If the woman is stronger than the male then yes, otherwise its horseplay

JessApr 02 2012 2:34pm
I think all of you are demented. The testicles are exposed organs... would you like to be stabbed in the liver, or someone squeezing your pancrease? NO! You would never squeeze a guys balls or kick him there unless he was an absolute threat! You could seriously injure him and in some rare cases, could be fatal. You are all brainwashed by all the violence in the world and now, don't think nothing of it... go back to watching your Saw movies... what women would think it was alright IF someone could grab ahold of her inner sexual organs and squeeze the hell out them till she croaked... think about it...

posenergyMay 11 2012 7:35am
Last time i hat my testicles hurt I made my friend mad and he hit me in them with a pole really hard. The pain made my adrenaline pump so hard i didn't feel like i just saw red and punched him so hard i knocked him unconcious and dislocated his jaw. Though to be honest it wasn't fair because he was smaller and i have had extensive martial arts and mma training

AnonymousJun 03 2012 2:49am
In jui juitsu they train in joint manipulation in the advanced courses they teach you how to manipulate the bones in the hand to where you can open ad close another persons hand just for an attack to the testicles. say your someone grabs them they teach you a technique that makes it so painful to keep the hand close they open it almost instantly

AnonymousJun 03 2012 2:53am
Kicking a guy in the balls is textbook sexual assault -- an unwanted, malicious attack on another person's genitals. That's the legality of it. If you want to talk about how women are the best sex ever and men are only fit to lick their feet, feel free, but don't justify it by saying complete crap like "it's not abuse because nature put them there as an equalizer." No, nature put them there because sperm develop better at slightly lower than body temperature. Natural selection put selective pressure on our ancestors to have sensitive testicles so the males would be more inclined to protect them and therefore his ability to pass on his genes. That's why they hurt so much, not because women are the ultimate gender. Christ, we're all people here. Start acting like it.

Angel07Jun 14 2012 4:35pm
Kicking a guy in the balls is textbook sexual assault -- an unwanted, malicious attack on another person's genitals. That's the legality of it. If you want to talk about how women are the best sex ever and men are only fit to lick their feet, feel free, but don't justify it by saying complete crap like "it's not abuse because nature put them there as an equalizer." No, nature put them there because sperm develop better at slightly lower than body temperature. Natural selection put selective pressure on our ancestors to have sensitive testicles so the males would be more inclined to protect them and therefore his ability to pass on his genes. That's why they hurt so much, not because women are the ultimate gender. Christ, we're all people here. Start acting like it.

Angel07Jun 14 2012 5:41pm
Kicking a guy in the balls is textbook sexual assault -- an unwanted, malicious attack on another person's genitals. That's the legality of it. If you want to talk about how women are the best sex ever and men are only fit to lick their feet, feel free, but don't justify it by saying complete crap like "it's not abuse because nature put them there as an equalizer." No, nature put them there because sperm develop better at slightly lower than body temperature. Natural selection put selective pressure on our ancestors to have sensitive testicles so the males would be more inclined to protect them and therefore his ability to pass on his genes. That's why they hurt so much, not because women are the ultimate gender. Christ, we're all people here. Start acting like it.

Angel07Jun 14 2012 9:13pm
when i was in jr. high school this boy passed rumors about me so i walked up to him and slapped his face. He was shocked by this and it left his balls wide open so i kicked him fast with the toe of my shoe. He shot to the floor and started coughing he could hardly breathe. Anyway he was there for over 30 minutes and had to go to the nurse. She later told me that i caused his testicles to swell up a lot. I thought it was so cool that she just pulled his pants down and felt his balls. later that year i told him i was sorry and he said that his balls swelled up now and then, I told him that i would rub them. He met me in a barn and i rubbed his balls through his pants first, then he let me put my hand down his pants and i felt them, it was so cool. I saw my brothers balls but wondered what they felt like. Squishy and slippery and very tender. I asked him if i could squeeze them some and he said go ahead, so i did and he curled up and said it hurt his stomach a lot when i got to a certain pressure. I kicked my brother a few times and he was really in trouble after i learned about balls because i used to grab his and put him on the floor by squeezing real hard.

rachealJun 23 2012 7:42am
when i was in jr. high school this boy passed rumors about me so i walked up to him and slapped his face. He was shocked by this and it left his balls wide open so i kicked him fast with the toe of my shoe. He shot to the floor and started coughing he could hardly breathe. Anyway he was there for over 30 minutes and had to go to the nurse. She later told me that i caused his testicles to swell up a lot. I thought it was so cool that she just pulled his pants down and felt his balls. later that year i told him i was sorry and he said that his balls swelled up now and then, I told him that i would rub them. He met me in a barn and i rubbed his balls through his pants first, then he let me put my hand down his pants and i felt them, it was so cool. I saw my brothers balls but wondered what they felt like. Squishy and slippery and very tender. I asked him if i could squeeze them some and he said go ahead, so i did and he curled up and said it hurt his stomach a lot when i got to a certain pressure. I kicked my brother a few times and he was really in trouble after i learned about balls because i used to grab his and put him on the floor by squeezing real hard.

rachealJun 23 2012 7:42am
my fathers friend let me feel his in a truck. We were in swimming suits and i could not resist the big lumps in his trunks. I just reached over and put my hand on him and asked what these lumps were. He froze then put his hand on mine and moved my hand in circles. After he moved his hand i kept doing it and got so excited. I felt his dick grow huge and kept rubbing it then he put my hand into his trucks and i got to feel around. I moved from his dick to those big balls and they were so nice. He showed me how to jack him off and i got to see stuff come out (shoot out !!). It made me feel so grown up and he felt so good from it. I met him for years and was amazed at how he kept producing this stuff, "every day". I did squeeze his all the time when he made jokes about me and i could make him curl up and unable to move or breathe real easy and i was very young and had very small hands.

tina A.Jun 23 2012 7:48am
when we were about 13 (I was 9) my brother was changing clothes after we went swimming, i saw his balls hanging down and asked him what it was like to carry that around. i asked him if it hurt when he sat down or ran? He said no they move around in the sac?? So anyway i asked him if I could touch and feel them, he said ok. I was sitting on a bed and he walked up to me and stood right in front of me. I pushed with my finger first and made them move around some and i noticed that his dick started getting much bigger. Anyway i noticed that he liked it a lot and i grabbed one and felt the shape of it, his eyes rolled back in his head. He said no girl had ever touched him. I felt strange doing it but started moving them around a lot and his dick stuck straight out and was BIG. Eventually i saw his dick start pulsing and his balls pulled up tight against his body and i could feel them pulling back against my grip, they were pulsing too then this stuff shot out all over me and it was so gross, so much came out it scared me to death. He was so embarrassed, but you could tell he went nuts from it. I mean it felt really good to him. So anyway i continued to do this to him and learned to jack him off, i loved doing it and we had to sneak around to do it, sometimes several times a day. I heard about sucking on guys and tried it and got it out even faster, I just swallowed it each time and he lost his mind. Its been about 5 years now and we blush when we see each other. He has a girlfriend and i asked him if she was taking care of him and he said yes. I still get him now and then he has a beautiful body and its still exciting.

janieJun 23 2012 7:59am
I was in the back seat of a school bus and this kid was bullying my little brother. I asked himif i could sit by him and he said sure. I sat down then hit him real hard and fast with the side of my fist. He curled up so fast that he hit his head on the back of the seat and i had to get out of the seat because he curled up into me and took up the whole seat. He could not move at all and was gasping for breath. He never bothered my brother again and my mom was right about that working good on guys. Mom told me that they had round balls between their legs in a bag of skin and if i hit them, the boys would be powerless to move. My little brother was amazed and asked me about it. I asked him if he ever got hit there and he said no, i told him to protect his. So he asked me if i would show him and i hit him in his kinda fast but not to hard and he bent over, he said it hurt his bad and his stomach was hurting bad. I rubbed his belly and went down to his balls (they were real little), I made the pain go away. Its the first time i felt balls, they were so tender. I was amazed when they occasionally slipped up into his belly when i played with them and i learned how to push them back down. A girl at school told me that when you kick them that they get jammed up into their bellys and get stuck up there so you have to knock or push them back down or they will stay curled up forever !!

sammyJun 23 2012 8:08am
I felt my brothers too. When i was about 10 we went swimming in a lake a pond really and we had no suits so we went nude. I saw his dick and balls (he was 15) and they were much bigger than i thought they might be. Anyway i swam up to him and accidently hit him (ha ha, on purpose) in the junk an he curled up some and went to the side of the pond and got out and bent over holding his knees. I could see his balls hanging down from behind. I got out and reached under him from behind and held them and rubbed them, it was so interesting they were slippery. When he turned around to face me i learned about how big guys get. i was frozen in fear and stared at him. He moved closer and i was kneeling down. I just naturally held his balls and rubbed them more and he pulled my head towards him and i could tell he wanted me to put it in my mouth so i did. It was only a few seconds as i sucked on him that he jerked out of my mouth and fell to his knees and held it and stuff shot about 10 feet and kept pumping out over and over. He was frightened by it and did not expect that !!!! I found out later that it was his first time. I was thinking, wow that was cool and easy to do. The first time the stuff was so gross, it was chunky and white and sort of yellow and even some brownish chunky stuff shot out (it was a LOT). The next time it pulsed out about 5 times and much less came out but still enough to spill out of my mouth and gag me. He was so excited and it made him fall to his knees each time. i did not hit his balls much because i knew what they were like but i did experiment by squeezing them a lot, he would laugh and collapse from it. He eventually liked it when i squeeze each one as he shot it out into my mouth and it was so cool. I could tell when it was ready to come out by feeling his balls move in my hand.

andiJun 23 2012 8:20am
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britneyJun 23 2012 8:35am
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GaryJun 23 2012 8:44am
I find the male genitals very ironic. They are the source of a male's greatest pleasure but also his worst pain. His testicles are the source of his strength and, at the same time, his biggest weakness. It's a safe bet that man's worst nightmare is having his penis cut off. All the guys I know would rather die than lose his penis. I'm glad I don't have to live with that fear! This is not surprising as most men masturbate daily (or more). It's well-known that men think about sex several times a day, while women can go days or even weeks without that thought crossing their minds. The variety of masturbation frequency in women seems to be much wider: some do it multiple times a day, some weekly, some don't don't masturbate at all. I think this difference from men is the fact that women may enjoy masturbation, but they don't have the strong need to do it like men. There are times when I've masturbated every day, and times when I hardly do it at all (like when I'm busy). All the guys I know (including my past boyfriends) say that the urge continues building until they finally ejaculate. And of course, if males completely refrain from masturbating, they will eventually have a nocturnal ejaculation anyway. It's another well-known fact that all men are obsessed with sex. This is apparent by the overwhelming amount of porn geared toward men. It seems like they can't live without it. There's a lot of truth to the phrase “Thinking with his dick”. Women can get men to do almost anything with the promise of sex. Guys get into SO much trouble with their sex-obsession: cheating, molesting, rape, losing all their money trying to get laid. It's funny how much POWER females have over males in this respect! It's funny how men are so much more DESPERATE for sex than women, but women can get it ANY TIME! All a woman has to do is ask for sex and the men line up. A guy usually gets slapped for doing the same! BUT, despite the male's insatiable desire for sex, his capacity for it is extremely LIMITED compared with a female's. The average male's orgasm lasts around 5 seconds, while a females can last anywhere between 10 and 20 seconds! PLUS, a female can have multiple orgasms while a male goes completely limp after his ONE! I know I can keep going on after my boyfriend cums. He often says he's jealous that I can enjoy so many orgasms and that they last so long. Ironically, if a male is struck in his genitals, the pain is so excruciating that is affects his WHOLE body! I've seen guys curl up into a ball and stay like that for 15 minutes or more, puke or completely PASS OUT from a hit to the testicles. Guys have said that being hit in their genitals often results in a nauseating feeling (I guess that's why males will vomit) and difficulty breathing. I've been hit between the legs before (pretty hard), but I've never come close to feeling what they've described. It must be weird to have one small part of your anatomy affect your WHOLE BODY! I've witnessed females double over from being kicked in the groin, but never with such severe consequences. They recover after a minute or two. A man's genital pleasure lasts but a moment, is limited to one orgasm at a time, and is limited to his penis. His genital pain, though, lasts a long time, and affects his whole body. Conversely, a woman's orgasms last 3 to 4 times as long, she can have almost unlimited orgasms. And if a female is kicked or hit in the groin, the pain is only minor, temporary, and limited to her groin. She won't retch, throw up, or pass out like a man! If this isn't life's ultimate irony, I don't know what is! At any rate, I'm GLAD I'm female!

Asian GirlMay 10 2013 1:47pm
actually squeezing a mans testicles has turned out to be fatal manslaughter killing - two female prisoners applied force to their respective husbands’ testicles thereby causing severe pain and neurogenic shock resulting in death Chinese woman kills man by squeezing his testicles 20 year old dies after woman squeezed his balls Indian Testicle attack is murder "she reduced the man's testicles to pulp and killed him by the shock thus given to the nervous system." even if the man had been in sound health, the injury would have caused his death. The Hospital Assistant says that the testicles were "almost absolute pulp. No solid parts remained," Mother and daughter kill man with testicle squash Woman kills man with groin assault "sustained injuries in his genital areas which led to his death in hospital later," local police official " Woman kills 15 year old who tried to rape her "Deepak had tried to outrage her modesty on August 12, she forcefully squeezed his testicles, following which he died." Another testicle grab "Kundiawa police confirmed the incident saying that the body of the teacher, a staff member of Kerewagi High School, is now at the morgue in Kundiawa hospital. The wife has surrendered to police. " Wife Kills Spouse with Axe Blows to Groin "It is totally unacceptable in Cambodia that a wife should kill her husband by smashing his genitals," the judge said. " Man dies after wife squeezed his testicles Saut Chin and her husband Ouch Yan, 52, were arguing when the husband then kicked his wife's sexual organ, the reports said. Hurt badly and fed up, she grabbed her husband's testicles and squeezed them with full strength until he fell unconscious on the spot," Wife Grabs His Genitals - Argument Ends Deadly For Husband A 22-YEAR-OLD Chiweshe man died instantly after a 50-year-old woman he attempted to rape overpowered him when she tugged at his genitals. (less)

deannaJun 11 2013 9:46am
The hell is wrong with you all, violence and punishment is wrong. If a couple wants to get kinky in bed, that's cool. If you are under attack, same story. But to talk about punishing or putting some one in their place, that's twisted manipulation and abuse regardless of the gender. Women who attack men in such a way to establish dominance are no better than men who hit their wives. You're all trash

MattJun 26 2013 2:17pm
Btw, any body who feels empowered by hurting others is mentally unstable. And guess what, it hurts to get punched in the in throat and I've heard the boobs too. How would all you sick women feel if someone walked up to you and socked you in the tit or neck and laughed as you fell over in pain. People like you disgust me.

MattJun 26 2013 2:25pm
Do any of your guys ever sit on the girls as they suck you off or any of the girls sit on the guys as they like you to orgasm?

riding cultJul 28 2013 11:11am
lick you to orgasm, sorry for the typo above.

riding cultJul 28 2013 11:12am
@Matt. I'm not sure that Asian girl and deanna were advocating attacking men without provocation to establish dominance. I think both were just making observations. I think that to be a woman in a world of men is to be aware of being weak and vulnerable and subject to rape and physical abuse. I think I can understand a woman feeling empowered by knowing about the male's special weakness. And I have to agree with Asian Girl that it is ironic that that special weakness is the source of our being males in the first place.

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O.O Jesus H Christ this weird ._. Ok all wrong I'll just say. Woman aren't right all the time. That's literally impossible and dumb. The truly wise know that people are stupid and individuals are capable of intelligent thinking. The wise do not believe that all females are correct in every way regardless of what they say. Pain can be a teacher, but that's also implying that since you believe that squeezing a mans balls to make him more subdued is ok that it's also perfectly fine to put a child's hand into a fire to teach them it's hot, about pain and not to do it again. Pain is test that YOU, the individual, overcome yourself NOT something that another forces. Class over

That guy with Metal GearJan 01 2014 7:20am
Women can be irritating and their behaviour abhorrent. So if I act like a dick my girl can beat me and by this logic I can beat her to? Or is it just one sided and I eventually go insane and kill her? Not everyone is a complete tool waiting to be owned. Some are actually sentient beings who will fight for their right to choose and do the stupid poo they do to the death.

That guy with Metal GearJan 01 2014 7:24am
Also fun fact for morons. Humans are mammals and hot blooded. As such our bodies aren't good for the sperm as it kills them. You need room temperature for it and they need to be external for this. The scrotum can retract if it's too cold and loosen when warm. Reptiles have their testicles internally as they're cold blooded and are always at room temperature. I hope you yokels got that

That guy with Metal GearJan 01 2014 7:28am
California Girl is clearly under the delusion that her almighty god is of a definable gender. What use does a creature that is apparently the only of its kind need with genitals? She's obvious not too bright

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unknownFeb 15 2014 8:29pm
Anyone attempts to do me grievous bodily harm, I will (1) Stand my Ground (Defend myself) then I will (2) press charges against the assailant ("Snitch" on him/her)... AND I CAN'T HELP IT IF SOME MISANDRIST, VIOLENT B**** GOES TO PRISON WITH HER FRONT TEETH GONE AND HER RIGHT FOOT SHATTERED! I don't sexually harass women, let alone rape them. But a woman who puts herself in a man's place deserves what she gets, including "Do a Man's Crime, Do a Man's Time"... C'EST EGALITE!

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tonyMar 16 2014 6:26am
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If women are to think they have "control" by aiming for a weak spot in a man, this can easily be reversed by a kick to the vulva which will set that bitch strait.

Obeident womenMay 25 2014 11:50pm
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Ok, u guys r simply craaaaaaazy! Cant u girls realise how much it hurts us boys? Why cant everyone live and treat each other like equals? Would not the world be a better place if everyone treated everyone like equals?

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lrwIVOzOgvIAXAug 06 2014 12:34am
Boys need to have the balls hurt as regularly as their asses, penises, and faces need it. from the youngest age they need to learn respect and need to be tamed. Else they grow into assault and rape animals like the African kidnappers and Middle East terrorists. Boys balls are as available as all parts of their bodies, as anyone. Especially the best looking boys and the large penis ones, either and both just figure looks rule and give free play permissions to them. Slaps and smacks, etc., well done to their faces, asses, and balls are to teach them, and need to start, at the latest, at puberty. Girls need to monitor boys at night so the girls can teach boys to behave at night, to stop masturbations, erections, and free-feelings like that. Boys need to be worked on throughout the day to train them to respect and behave and keep the erections and free-feelings under control. Males And Females Are Not Equal Nor The Same. Sorry. Ball busting is a male method of male control, so who do males think they are talking to when they call it abuse. That kind of talk is just to get away with anything. It is not female superiority. It is civilizing control of wanton animalism which the males are subject to especially, even toward each other. Ball busting and face smashing the cute ones is to tame them for all, and the looks won't stay away but the actions will be altered for the better.

CivileneAug 22 2014 7:46am
Some of the answers ive heared off the women here are absolutely hateful ,unrealistic ,misandric bullpoo they havent got a brain between the lot of them and as for the most f*ckwitted answer of all was that *2 women can kick a guys ass* yeah if hes 5 and their 2 adult women , it couldnt be further from the truth if you said a chocolate fire guard was useful ive seen average built guys beat a gang of men and women single handedly and some of the guys were twice his size .and its easy for people to act big behind their computer but would never say or do these things to a person in the street because they know they will get beat down

AnonymousSep 03 2014 5:18pm
Guys (and by that I mean the girls) you can shut up because if you're saying you can kick us in the balls when we're mean you can't complain if we hit you when you're acting the same way

AnonymousSep 25 2014 5:52pm

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TbmjNKYAJcXotlfqXOct 01 2014 8:07am
It is abusive to kick or squeeze a man's balls. Why would a woman fight a man? Except for cases of attempted murder it is not proper. Cases of rape should not be prolonged. Nevertheless, women are more vulnerable and has various(3) weak areas; boobs, lower abdomen, and their pussy. A man would hardly attack a woman in her weakness(since he can overpower her without hurting her weak areas) if this trend increases, women are in for it. Men will now kick/knee pussies and lower abdomen, punch boobs on grounds of an #ordinary arguement. Pussies are as vulnerable as balls when traumatised. It is a risk to attempt hurting a man there(balls) mostly those who knows women's weak areas. A woman tried it(squeeze balls) and got her eyes riped off. Guys no panicing, when they attack your balls, at first contact (before the pain gets much), DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE HER HANDS, just pull you hips backwards, close your leggs as tight as possible, then spank her throat. I am a martial artist, i can't fight a woman to start with, but they should be very scared, i mean scared of me. So bitches be warned.

AnnonymousOct 20 2014 2:30am
I watched a fight between a guy and a lady, the guy was beating the lady so we(i and others) tried to seperate them by pulling back the guy, but the lady went for his balls and was squeezing hard, the we left the guy who gave the bitch a resounding punch on her boobs inspite of the squeezing. It took the lady close to 15-20 minutes to get herself normal again.

AnnonymousOct 21 2014 5:39am
Asian girl you lied. I have seen ladies go into coma as a result of viscious kick on their pussies. You failed to mention boobs, uterus(lower abdomen), menstrual pain as weak points for women. Maybe i will punch your sorry boobs or kick your lower abdomen to teach you that women are more vulnerable.

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I'd like to pay this in, please non prescription bimatoprost Hardly a plea to management to keep Sanchez around. Not that it would be expected — or warranted. The promise that Geno Smith has shown in the Jets’ first five games, coupled with the regression that Sanchez displayed toward the latter part of his time as the starter, seem to signal that there is no need for the veteran in New York anymore.

TpbRMZNKNov 03 2014 6:41am
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How do you spell that? where i can get a prescription for bimatoprost Joseph Robert Patterson, the 27-year-old boyfriend of the child’s mother, was arrested and charged with felony counts of aggravated battery of an infant and aggravated assault, and Lincoln County, S.D., State’s Attorney Thomas Wollman told the Daily News Friday that in the wake of the child’s death, his office would be “looking at additional charges.”

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Recorded Delivery bimatoprost no doctor SNP defence spokesman Angus Robertson said he welcomed the report’s acknowledgment that Scotland would inherit some defence assets from the UK, but challenged its findings on personnel and recruitment.

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Where do you live? buying bimatoprost overnight The Horwitz bobblehead will be part of Social Media Night on Friday, August 23 when the Mets host the Detroit Tigers at Citi Field. A portion of the tickets will go towards the charity, “Hope Shines for Shannon.” Shannon Forde has worked under Horwitz for the last 20 years and was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer last year. To purchase your ticket for this event go to Seaver’s bobblehead will be handed out to the first 25,000 fans on Sunday, August 25 when the Mets wrap up their series with the Tigers. 

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Is it convenient to talk at the moment? bimatoprost online buy Chambers, best known for the hit song "Time Has Come Today," said the shoving left him so battered and bruised he was unable to walk off the outdoor stage. Paramedics put him on a stretcher and transported him to a hospital.

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I'd like to speak to someone about a mortgage consequently bimatoprost buy usa orchard waver The league landscape is littered with overreaction after the first weekend of football. The Jets made a defensive splash by shutting down the Buccaneers in an 18-17 season-opening win on Sunday, but Ryan’s unit will have to elevate its play to slow down the high-octane Patriots on Thursday night in Foxborough.

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Thanks funny site grandparents order bimatoprost cod cats countless ‘Knight’, by director Thanasis Radoglou, is a story about a chess piece making a break for freedom. Radoglou explained his love of the medium: “For me, animation is the adult version of what we were doing when we were children and used to play with toys, giving them life. Now, with animated films, I give life, with the time that I spend in a different world, with characters that don’t exist, and are lifeless without my help.”

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I live in London else bimatoprost lowest price gaunt Mischief is another common thread with the Mannings. Eli is always lurking. He likes to leave anything but football on Cutcliffe’s phone, changing the language to French or Chinese and setting “unthinkable” images on Cutcliffe’s computer screen.

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Punk not dead gay bimatoprost purchases reverence authority "I got a lot of angry letters from mothers, letters from turned on fathers and - this is true - I even got one from the guy who invented the giant foam finger", the star cracked, referring to the toy she used to stroke her crotch on the controversial show. "I promised him tickets to my show."

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I was born in Australia but grew up in England bun receive bimat bimatoprost ophthalmic generic latisse tumble Every throw he makes against the Lions will be charted and dissected. It wasn’t supposed to be this way for Sanchez. Not in his fifth year. It feels like he just got here and now it feels like he won’t be here much longer.

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I'm doing a masters in law cost of clomid in uk Orwellian? you may be right. For now though, I am enjoying the crow being fed to our “friends” in France & Germany that first expressed outrage, and then had to admit that they used/benefited from the intelligence gathered.

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I do some voluntary work eriacta 100mg tablets It's extremely odd that AMD effectively asked members of the press to chase this story on their own, rather than issuing their own official response. Or better yet, picking up the phone and asking Valve - clearly a partner in this endeavor - to issue a statement to the media. I've no idea how many queries Valve fielded today, and I'm not entirely certain there was ever a mainstream perception that Valve had locked out AMD from the Steam Machines program.

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Who's calling? 200 mg celebrex Generation Opportunity, a conservative group that appeals to the young, has two "Creepy Uncle Sam" videos that picture young Obamacare enrollees being confronted in a medical examination room by a sinister-looking Uncle Sam. In one, a smiling Uncle Sam startles a young woman during a gynecological exam.

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Could you tell me the number for ? celebrex and ibuprofen together Voters simultaneously believe in the right of citizens to marry whom they want regardless of sex or race, to own guns if they desire, and to make the heartfelt decision on abortion. But they also want limits on each of these so that traditions are respected and all life is honored.  They believe in background checks for purchasing guns at all levels, in a unified tracking system, and in limits on high capacity clips and assault rifles.  They believe, as science has informed us, that abortion should be limited to early in pregnancy and conducted in a safe and ethical way with safeguards in place.

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Please wait pfizer diflucan costo Blumont, one of three Singapore-listed stocks subject totrading restrictions after a sudden plunge in their share pricesrecently, said late on Thursday that Platinum will subscribe toconvertible bonds issued by the group.

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What university do you go to? 600 mg of ibuprofen Don’t forget to change your default browser here. If you use Chrome or Firefox, the desktop version of your preferred browser becomes the default. If you use Internet Explorer, be sure to visit the Internet Options dialog box using the desktop interface. On the Programs tab, under Opening Internet Explorer, choose Always In Internet Explorer On The Desktop, and also check the box beneath that setting.

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Recorded Delivery buy diflucan no prescription fast delivery The standoff, prompted by Republicans' determination to haltPresident Barack Obama's healthcare reforms, could affect U.S.companies that rely on federal employees and funding, but a fewhave scaled back the number of its workers facing furloughsafter Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel recalled most civiliandefense employees.

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Where's the nearest cash machine? diflucan use From a high of 65,000 active weapons in 1985, there are now some 4,400 active nuclear warheads and some 17,500 total nuclear warheads in the world in 2012.[2] Many of the decommissioned weapons were simply stored or partially dismantled, not destroyed

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I'd like to pay this in, please finpecia online pharmacy You could ignore Tesco's apps and services in favour of those available through the Google Play store. But if you are a Tesco shopper (isn't everyone at some point?) the retail giant's integrated applications and services on the Hudl provide quick access to your online grocery orders, Tesco Direct shopping, and even Tesco Clubcard and Tesco bank account.

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How long have you lived here? flagyl 500 mg tablet President Bashar Assad's regime and the rebels fighting to overthrow him have traded accusations over the purported chemical attacks, each blaming the other side. Negotiations over allowing international experts into the country to investigate the allegations dragged on for months before the U.N. and the Syrian government finally reached a deal last week.

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I've just started at how to take flagyl 250mg At the theatre, Liu and the others put on army fatigues and face masks to protect their skin before being painted. Dong Zhaoyan, a 32-year-old saleswoman, said enduring hours of absolute stillness was worth it to take part in Liu's creation.

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Can you put it on the scales, please? buying synthroid online Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who said the decision "puts us on the starting line," called for a commission -- with the governor and mayor leading the way -- to tackle the proposed Penn Station renovation and the possible relocation of Madison Square Garden. Quinn, a Democrat, is running for mayor.

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I was born in Australia but grew up in England imovane 7.5 mg overdose Adapted and produced by Julian Fellowes (the Oscar-winning writer of Gosford Park and Downton Abbey), it also stars the 20-year-old British actor Douglas Booth as Romeo. Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis c0-star. “Every girl wishes she was Juliet in some version

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I'm from England order finasteride Some 30,000 children who attend public and private schools and their parents were left scrambling to come up with alternate ways of getting to school when some 700 drivers represented by the United Steelworkers of America Local 8751 walked off the job.

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Hello good day where can i buy lasix Sarver has previously made some "angel," or early-stage, investments of his own, including in private-jet company BlackJet and home-automation company Smartthings, but has not adopted an active angel investor strategy.

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One moment, please misoprostol price Quarter after a second straight comeback victory and is having a ball under new head coach Marc Trestman, in no small part because he has been sacked only once in 72 dropbacks. From 2009-12, Cutler was sacked 148 times in 1,735 dropbacks or once every 11.7.

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Lost credit card buy estrace cream Other techniques used by Obama have been news conferences, interviews with local media, interviews with network TV anchors and talk-show hosts, formal speeches in Washington, traveling around the country to give other addresses, and use of social media such as Twitter.

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In a meeting bimatoprost price india In June, AstraZeneca entered into an agreement with Hanmi and Amneal to “streamline litigation issues” regarding Esomezol, whereby the latter two conceded the validity and enforceability of a couple of patents that protect Nexium. The Anglo-Swedish drugmaker then filed an appeal in July concerning an earlier judgement in December 2012.

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Free medical insurance diflucan online Those are just starting, too, says Pearson. “At a general level there are a lot of demonstration programs in Medicare and also Medicaid that try to incentivize quality over quantity of care and really pay providers for keeping people healthy,” says Pearson.

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Some First Class stamps 300 mg generic version of wellbutrin xl In a move to help the housing market, since October 2011 theU.S. central bank has been using funds from principal paymentson the agency debt and agency mortgage-backed securities, orMBS, it holds to reinvest in agency MBS.

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In a meeting misoprostol 400 mg Asked by an investor whether or not the BOJ would boost itsalready sizeable stimulus plan if basic wage levels don'tincrease during the annual spring labor negotiations, Kurodareiterated the bank's commitment to reaching its inflationtarget by April 2015.

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Your cash is being counted lasix 30 mg The filing of an open murder count against Sean Phillips "moves us one step closer to securing justice for Baby Kate," state Attorney General Bill Schuette said when announcing the charge with Mason County Prosecutor Paul Spaniola.

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I can't get a dialling tone imovane 7.5mg pret After Carson finally was selected for the HOF in his 13th year on the ballot, he received a gift from Parcells. It was an action picture of Carson and inscribed by Parcells: “To Harry. You made my Hall of Fame a long time ago. Bill Parcells.”

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Do you know each other? potassium lasix The country has been marred in conflict since independence from Belgium in 1960. It was at the centre of what could be termed Africa's world war - a five-year-long conflict in which millions died between 1998 and 2003. The conflict drew in at least five countries - Angola, Namibia and Zimbabwe, which sent troops to back President Joseph Kabila, and Rwanda and Uganda, which sent troops to support rival rebel groups. Elite Angolan forces are among the bodyguards who protect President Joseph Kabila, showing the extent to which he is dependent on outside help for his survival.

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I'm happy very good site purchase synthroid Good morning and welcome. We'll be bringing you the day's business headlines, as well as company results, economic data and the best of the BBC's business stories as they happen. You can get in touch by emailing or tweeting @BBCBusiness.

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I'm a trainee tamsulosin 0.4mg cap The Rangers’ entire top six from last season’s blue line are back on what could be the league’s best defense. Ryan McDonagh inked a big contract extension in the offseason and will play alongside Dan Girardi again on the top pair. A healthy Marc Staal , who was the Rangers’ best player in the preseason, will start next to Michael Del Zotto , who could have a breakout year under a new coaching staff that encourages loads of offense from its defensemen. John Moore and Anton Stralman complete the group on a third pairing that can skate and contribute offensively. The only question mark is the Rangers’ depth after that: Vigneault chose his words carefully when he said seventh defenseman Justin Falk played “all right” in the preseason. Look for Conor Allen , 23, signed last spring as an undrafted free agent, to make a run at Falk’s spot later this season.

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I need to charge up my phone imovane 7.5 prospect The hundreds of thousands of "guest workers" recruited fromItaly, Greece, Turkey and other southern states in the 1960s tohelp it rebuild from the rubble of World War Two were notencouraged to integrate and learn the language, though many did.

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real beauty page buy cheap finasteride Now in its second season, the show sticks with a formula that works, dipping into small-time dramas while slowly building the stakes up to the final competition. It's hardly earth-shattering drama, but it nicely merges the fun of watching competitive performance with real-ish characters.

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I read a lot synthroid 0.137 mg Arlo White continued talking to Rafa Marquez, then looked at a desk where a few muted cell phones rested. This was over two years ago in Philadelphia when NBC Sports' MLS crew was interviewing the Mexican star, then with the Red Bulls.

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I'm sorry, I'm not interested limovan online He was the intended receiver on two of Manning’s interceptions. He also caught three passes for 75 yards, including a 37-yard touchdown pass. He also nearly fumbled when he slipped on his way to what should’ve been another touchdown, and then slammed the ball angrily to the turf.

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I can't get a dialling tone generic flagyl metronidazole antifungal drug The money belongs to Tara Mishra, 33, of Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., who began putting aside her earnings when she started dancing at age 18, according to an opinion U.S. District Judge Joseph Bataillon wrote last week. The money was meant to start her business and get out of the stripping business, the judge wrote.

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How do you do? combivent coupons According to the reports, the other iPhone Lite, codenamed as Zagato/Bertone will have a faster H6P processor. Though both the smartphones will have 4G connectivity, they will work on different kinds of LTE connections. The design of the iPhone Lites is said to be similar to the current iPhone, though he budgetary phones might come with colourful plastic rear shell.

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Do you have any exams coming up? where to buy ventolin inhaler U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters at the endof a visit to Kabul this month that there was just one issueoutstanding - Washington's demand that its troops be immune fromAfghan law and tried in the United States instead.

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I do some voluntary work cost clomipramine To investigate further, Huo and his team analyzed data from the National Cancer Institute's Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium, which includes 1,642,824 screening mammograms and 9,300 breast cancer cases.

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I'm not interested in football clomipramine 25 mg capsule And that is about it. Nearly all the good stunts, the most exciting of which is the giant python that rises out of the lake to catch Tamino, are used up early on – while almost everyone makes a waterborne entrance on craft that go anticlockwise with predictable regularity. The trials of fire and water, which ought to be a gift at Bregenz, are feebly represented. Marie-Jeanne Lecca’s costumes spring few surprises.

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I love this site 1600 mg acyclovir "We need to look at the analysis of what has gone wrong. People have talked of a truth and reconciliation commission — I'm not entirely comfortable with those words but we certainly need to have a thorough review," he said this month in a conference call with a select group of reporters.

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How do you do? ventolin mdi puffer The outcome left the centre-right chancellor tantalisinglyclose to an absolute majority in the Bundestag lower house ofparliament, a feat achieved only once in 1957 by KonradAdenauer, the father of the West German federal republic.

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Have you got a telephone directory? acyclovir 800 mg - 90 tabs During that hearing, his current lawyers, Patricia Palm and Ozzie Fumo, presented evidence and questioned witnesses, including trial lawyer Yale Galanter, about whether he knew in advance about the September 2007 plan for Simpson and several other men to confront the memorabilia dealers.

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I'm retired buy clomipramine nasal spray President of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) since 1995, Mr Ilyumzhinov was enthusiastic about attracting international tournaments to Kalmykia. His flamboyant plans to build an extravagant Chess City in the republic led to protests by its impoverished citizens.

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Get a job ventolin need prescription australia As I have acknowledged in the past, I am not perfect. ...This situation has taken a toll on me and my entire family, and it is has been a distraction to my teammates and the Brewers organization. I am very grateful for the support I have received from players, ownership and the fans in Milwaukee and around the country.

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Have you got a current driving licence? ventolin hfa costs It was only by destroying part of the 5-month-old boardwalk that Seaside Heights had just spent $8 million to rebuild that the rest of the walkway was saved. Public works crews ripped out a 25-foot swath of boardwalk to serve as a makeshift fire break, depriving the blaze of fuel. They then filled the void with giant sand piles - makeshift dunes to hold back fire, not water.

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Whereabouts are you from? what is amoxicillin 500mg The decision coincides with a sensitive time in the SouthAmerican country's battle in U.S. courts with hedge funds thatrefused to take part in two debt restructurings followingArgentina's 2002 default.

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What do you like doing in your spare time? amitriptyline pregnancy Owen Gutfreund, an associate professor at New York's HunterCollege who specializes in transportation policy, said theprojected length of the outage illustrates the weakness of theUnited States' electrical grid, rather than problems in theMetropolitan Transportation Authority, the largesttransportation network in North America.

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Lost credit card amoxicillin 500 mg Giedroyc was left to hold the tower in place as the judges made their rounds. When Hollywood and Berry did cast their verdicts on Frances' bake, they concluded that although the biscuits were "beautifully baked", the lack of height was a disadvantage.

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I'd like a phonecard, please where can i buy clomipramine How and why fish swim in schools has long fascinated biologists looking for clues to understand the complexities of social behavior. A new study by a team of researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research ...

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I'm a trainee amoxil 500 Adding to the embarrassment, it then took police, dogs, private security guards and soldiers three hours to get the intruder off the plane, including attempts to persuade him to give up shouted over a megaphone.

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What's your number? best prescription retinol acne In September 2007, the federal government began updating therestrictions. But then came a pause that spanned the financialcrisis, the meltdown of auction-rate securities and bondinsurance, and turbulence in the variable-rate market, as wellas creation of new regulations on providing greater informationon municipal bonds.

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Hello good day where can you buy acyclovir However, during all of this, there has been no sign of the badger. Nonetheless, his efforts are appreciated. “This doesn’t make him an archaeologist but he’s the one who discovered it,” Ring said. Kersting added that he was an “honorary member” of the team.

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I've been made redundant retin a micro pump JINAN, China, Sept 22 (Reuters) - A Chinese court sentencedousted senior politician Bo Xilai to life in jail on Sundayafter finding him guilty of corruption and abuse of power, atough term that gives him little chance of staging a politicalcomeback.

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Have you got any experience? propecia online pharmacy uk Currently in the UK, embryo screening adds another $3,000-$4,500 (£2,000 to £3,000) to the cost of IVF treatments. The new method should reduce this cost, says Dagan Wells of Oxford University, who led the international research team.

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Which year are you in? much does amitriptyline cost “Working on a prototype foam finger for #AZCardinals safety Rashad Johnson,” the team wrote on Twitter along with a photo of a red foam finger, with two fingers extended, peace sign-style, and the tip of middle finger torn off.

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Would you like a receipt? loans without any check The domestic FMCG sector is facing a challenging economic environment with increased substitution by imported goods and off-shore packaged home branded goods. AAPD's EBITDA margin of 10% and return on adjusted funds employed of 9.3% lag those of AMC's flexibles (13.5, 23.9% respectively) and rigid plastics (17%, 15.5% respectively) businesses.

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What company are you calling from? Order Vpxl Online Taking off from California's Mojave desert on Thursday morning, carrier aircraft WhiteKnightTwo took SpaceShipTwo to an altitude of 46,000 feet, before releasing it. After a short drop, the rocket engine of SpaceShipTwo propelled the craft to an altitude of 69,000 feet and accelerated it to Mach 1.43.

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A book of First Class stamps cheap hoodia Now there are a whopping 159 charter schools in the city — and two dozen more will open in the fall. More than 100,000 students — about 10% of all city students — are expected to be enrolled when all of the schools reach capacity.

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I'm interested in this position generic femara In a news conference Friday, Obama also suggested that his recent defense of Summers, a former Treasury secretary and his onetime chief economic advisor, should not be construed as Summers somehow having an inside track on the job. Yellen is the Fed's current vice chair.

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Directory enquiries Buy Clomipramine Yes, why in thee he!! would anyone (with a brain) borrow and risk-take a expand or start a REAL business in the current US business climate. Yea, I’m going to start a business in California, Mass, or Ohio. GIVE ME A BREAK. By real business I mean one that adds value to goods or services (not financial speculation). Solve these problems and maybe we can get back to prosperity. Don’t solve it and say good bye USA.

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I'm self-employed Griseofulvin Buy But as for the impact of the proposed supplementary leverage ratio, it means the banks will have an incentive to reduce their holdings of Treasuries and seek higher yields in other markets even if their risk profiles rise, the executives said.

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I'm in a band Order Griseofulvin Online Prior to that he was an executive with ABC in its sports, entertainment and television divisions. He most recently was a managing partner at Madrona Venture Group, a firm that specializes in early stage technology companies. He serves as a director on the board of the New York Times Co.

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I'm not sure Purchase Vpxl Online The MG3 in mid-range 3FORM trim is priced at £9,299 and features Bluetooth, air-con, leather steering wheel, audio streaming and steering wheel mounted controls. Customers can also spec the 3FORM SPORT priced at £9,549, which includes all of the equipment in the 3FORM but with the additional sports body kit and alloy wheels from the top of the range MG3 3STYLE.

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A Second Class stamp Vigora Price The retirement test drive is your opportunity to position both you and your budget to thrive during retirement. In addition to being a great way to test your expectations and your preparedness, it's also a means of easing into retirement and reducing the shock that could come from making so many changes at once.

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Pleased to meet you Order Serevent "This survey exposes the impact of sustained cutbacks in cardiac rehabilitation and how these now threaten its long-term viability. Cardiac rehab is vital to thousands of patients coping with the physical and psychological impacts of heart attacks and heart surgery. But it is being treated almost like an optional service and that needs to change," insisted IACR president, Dr Charles McCreery.

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Looking for a job Grifulvin V Lawmakers have seemed at an impasse over raising the debt limit. Democrats want to re-open federal agencies, which have been partially closed since funding ran out on October 1, and Republicans insist any debt ceiling deal includes plans to cut government spending.

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The National Gallery Order Serevent Online Vontobel analyst Jean-Philippe Bertschy said results wereexcellent, noting double-digit growth in fine fragrances in thesecond quarter, the improvement in profitability and the "veryhealthy" free cash flow.

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I work for myself Clomipramine 25mg The letters appealed for help from recipients of Qamar's donations, such as Pennsylvania Senator Robert Casey, whose office said it referred the doctor to his own representative, and Indiana Representative Andre Carson, whose office said it initially inquired into the case before being told that Democratic Florida Senator Bill Nelson was involved.

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Sorry, I ran out of credit hoodia p 57 A 41 megapixel count far exceeds those of the iPhone 5 andSamsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, at 8 and 16 megapixels respectively. Itis also higher than some compact cameras, though the number ofmegapixels does not necessarily mean better photos becausefactors such as lens quality also affect the end result.

faSFdEAeNov 17 2014 8:18am
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