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Have you ever smelled the feet of a very beautiful woman?

Question: I'm talking about a drod dead gorgeous supermodel kind of woman. Please describe how they smell.
Created by: Mr questions at 05:56:32 AM, Thursday, January 04, 2007 PST


I was fortunate to be the foot man for my aunt. She has the sexiest feet ever and years ago, she allowed me the privilege of worshipping them and sniffing them. Especially after wearing them in stockings the whole day. It smelt wonderful. It was even better when I asked her if I could suck on her toes. She was surprised at first but removed her stockings and let me lick each toe. So if I could lick her toes and it tasted great, her feet smelled just as great.

Aunt's Foot SlaveJan 25 2014 7:40pm

My Aunt Sue used to babysit me.  She would usually spend an hour or so running on her treadmill. One day when I was 8 she was sitting watching tv in her gym clothes, I was bugging her to let me stay up past my bed time.  She eventually said that if I could smell her feet without passing out, I could stay up later. I agreed thinking it was no big deal. She peeled off her sweaty socks, balled them up and forced them into my mouth to stop me breathing through it. She took off her lycra pants and used them to tie my hands behind my back then helped me to my knees.  She sat back down on the couch and pushed my head down towards her feet.  Before I could smell anything, she clamped the big toe of her left foot and the toe beside on either side of my nose and pinched it closed. I couldnt breathe  Something about this was turning me on I got a major stiffy in my pants. My Aunt Sue laughed at me as I struggled. She suddenly let go of my nose with her toes. Suddenly the smell hit me. It was sweat worse than I had ever smelled.  The room seemed to be spinning I was that dizzy. Everything went black as I passed out.  I woke up in my bed, still gagged with my hands tied behind my back. I managed to struggle free and ungag myself. Taking Aunt Sue's socks out of my mouth, I had an idea. I Regagged myself and held her socks up to my nose. I got hard instantly and reached down into my underwear which were wet and sticky. I must have cum as I was passing out. That wasnt the last adventure I had with my aunt Sue's feet. 

BrendanJul 03 2014 5:26pm
I'm a young student (19) from Vienna (Austria) and my GF (28) comes from Phoenix (Arizona). She's a very big muscular bride, much taller and stronger than myself and for that she dominates me at all. I've to obey her willingly and do all the lower chores she orders to me. One of this is to lie down to her in front to her foot stool - when we watch TV in the evening - and pamper her big wide stocking feet in all variations! First after removing her boots I have been forced to sniff her stinky nylon toes intensively (20 min. minimum and she wants always to hear my breath). After that I have to carress and kiss them for minimum half an hour. Last but not least I have to remove her stockings for doing a very submissive chore: "Tibsal my toes!" For the first time I didn't knew what "Tibsal" means and so she lashes me twice with her bare feet on my cheeks! She pointed angrily with her fingers at her wide spread toes and ordered me harsh: "Tongue In Between, Suck And Lick!" Now I know very well what "Tibsal" means and for me it's the most humiliating form of foot worship I've ever done! Her smelling feet were beyond endurance but my GF forced me to do this servile service without hesitation. I'm an inferior man - she says - and all inferior men have the duty to do such a proper foot worship to her superior wives! I cannot believe that - is this true? I'm not a foot fetishist - and often I hate my GF's strong foot smell - but I also cannot resist on her. What do you think about "Tibsal"? Is this usual in a FemaleLedRelationship probably in USA?

GF's foot slaveJan 02 2016 1:49pm
@GF foot slave, I don't about US, but I'm a married woman from Turkey. I force my husband to kiss massage suck lick and Tibsal my feet every day for minmum two hours. I always force other men to do it as well neighbors, friends relatives. My husband hates and beg me to stop, but honestly I don't care and I think all weak men should act as slaves for very big feet.

Woman Feb 20 2016 5:49pm
@Woman: Oh, I'm very surprised that in Turkey FemaleLedRelationship (FLR) really excists! Or does it only excists for very tall and strong muscular women when they are married with small weak men? When I would visit Turkey, must I fear big girls with big feet?

GF's foot slaveMar 04 2016 1:39pm
@ GF foot slave females don't led the relationship always, but not now more and more women are leading the relationships. I think u should fear them, especially women like me

Woman Mar 13 2016 11:07am
My husband hates my big strong feet also, but he can do nothing about it. If u come to Turkey I want u to try the taste of my feet. I think it's gonna be easier for u than ur girlfriend feet, because I don't wear boots I only wear slippers and flip flops

Woman Mar 13 2016 11:21am
@Woman: I think I would fear your big feet and their smell but I also know that I'm a sub and so I've to accept your smelly feet in my face! My GF also think so and she gives me permission to worship your feet in the same way I'm forced to do it at her's. She says that would be rather good for my behavior, and I should do it when a dominant woman orders this to me. But I also fear the penetrant toe jam when I'm forced to "tibsal" your feet. Is it necessary to clean up your toes in this way?

GF's foot slaveMar 22 2016 3:18pm
@GF Foot slave: I like that I love weak submissive men like u. I think your girlfriend is doing great job with u, similarly to what I'm with my cucklod husband. But why u fear my toes penetrant, because they're so big?? Anyway u will be forced to clean my toes & feet tibsal them and licking them and washing them. Also I love to slap men on their faces by my barefoot and slippers so good luck in spending time with me slave.

Woman Mar 23 2016 5:25pm
@woman it is Sugan. Are you here?

SuganJul 25 2016 12:54pm
Hi Sugan yes It's me. Please come to the post below the one we were in

Woman Jul 26 2016 1:17pm The link

Woman Jul 26 2016 1:18pm
Today I had an appointment with a doctor. It was mandatory visit to comply with the firm health policy, just a general check. I went there, and entered the clinic, I found a doctor in his 40s, asian small man. When he looked at me, he was amazed and surprised. His eyes were staring at me and following me. I didn't say anything and lie down on patient bed. After like 3 minutes I told him in a shouty voice "doctor do you want to start, or you like what you see". He said yes of course. He started taking my pressure, blood tests etc.. Then he wanted to hear my heart beats, he said "can you remove your shirt", and of course I took it off, and as you know I don't wear bras, so I was topless, he was shocked another time. He was so restless, and trying to avoid looking at my breasts. He had a call, when he turned his face back to me, his face hit with my breasts😂😂😂. You can't believe it, it was so fast and strong. I didn't feel much, but his face was so red, and my tit stamp was on his face. He was dizzy, and couldn't stand up. So I lifted him, put him on the bed instead of me, and brought ice for him, until he was okay again. He said sorry, but you're so strong and big, I've never seen in a person like you. I said thank I know. Then he asked me if he can touch my body, I said yes sure you're my doctor. He checked that everything in me is genuine "muscles, breasts". Then he said that's unbelievable, I can't believe it. He asked me if he can do one extra blood test. I said sure, when the results came back he was even more surprised, than before. I got a little worried, and asked what's the matter. He said no nothing bad to your health, but your size, and muscles mass, is insane for a woman. Also he did a test for my testosterone rate, and apparently I have more testosterone than 99% of the men. He said many of my tests indicate that I'm a man 😱😱, even he checked my pussy to make sure that it's genuine. I told him doctor I'm woman, and married he replied "that's impossible Any man who'll marry you, must be gay." I was so angry and decided to behave him, but he apologised and beg me to forgive him. He said he didn't mean it. The funny thing guys that according to since you might be gays😂😂. However at the end he told me his specialty is on difference between genders and he wants to study my body more, and I approved it.

Woman Jul 26 2016 1:18pm
This story is about my aunt Mary This was one of my first true bondage experiences. This was a few years ago when i was about 17. I liked bondage at the time but i never had really experienced it first hand. It was a warm summer and the best thing to do was to stay inside where it was nice and cool. I had been hanging out with my Aunt Mary name has been changed of course, for about a year when this happened. We were sitting in my basement on another hot day watching tv when i saw a bondage scene on the show we were veiwing. I immediatley thought how great it would be if i tied up Mary. i couldn't ask her now because it was not planned out, and my parents were leaving in a day so it would be perfect. As soon as she sent home my mind went to work gathering ideas of what i would do if she said yes, and even if she said no. i gathered the supplies that i would need and put them away so i could get them fast. I had the usual stuff such as duct tape and rope, scarfs and other bondage impliments. My parents left and then Mary came over. i decided that i would now ask her. When i asked her she quickly said no. I was determined to tie her up though. the next day when she came over i didnt eve n ask her a grabbed her from behind with a chloroformed cloth, that i had borrowed from a friend, in one hand and she was knocked out. this gave me plenty of time and cooperation to do what i had too. she just happened to be wearing a short black miniskirt which she looked oh so fine in. as i grabbed my bag i gathered my thoughts of how i was to tie her up. i first took a long peice of rope and and tied her elbows together knotting it on occasion. that made her breasts stick out very far which pleased me a lot. then i continued that rope all the way down to her hands encasing her forearms.she was praticly helpless. i next took 2 peices of rope and tied one to each ankle then i took those ropes one at a time and tied them to her elbows. the ropes were very tight but i didnt care i was caught up in the moment. i then decide that i should better incase her in the hogtie. so i took a rope and tied her big, sweaty toes together. i couldnt resist leaning down to take a whiff of her stinky feet. They smelled that bad that the smell knocked me out faster than the chloroform did to her. She was starting to come around at the same time I was. I got out my phone and started to take some pictures. when she woke up she was awstruck that i had actually done it. she started to swear at me and i warned her that if she did i would gag her. she didnt listen and i took one of her sweaty socks and stuffed it into her mouth then sealing it in with another hankercheif wrapped around her head. she was really mad now and she started squirming all ove rthe place. in doing this her black skirt slid down 6 inches or so revealing her bright red thong which gave her captivite more of an appeal.i tipped her on her side on told her to quit screaming and i would take the gag out. she did and i removed the gag from her mouth. she started to say something but before she sould i kissed her. we kept kissing for a while. The joke was on me because there was some anti-rape drug in her lipstick that knocked me out. When I came to her yelling at me, theni then placed a red rubber ball gag in her mouth much to her dismay. she squirmied about and i took a few more pictures. i left her like that for about 3 or 4 hours. i video taped her struggling. after she stopped struggling and mmmmmpppphhhing i let her go. we made love shortly after. i will never forget that experience. that wasn't the last of the bondage we shared but if there are requests i might post them.  

AntonioOct 28 2016 3:49pm
Oh dear - my boyfriend has to remove my boots every evening and kiss my smelly stocking feet for respect! First he tried to refuse this little obeisance but I insisted on doing so! Therefore I daily placed my stocking feet on his face and forced him to sniff under my smelly toes - oh yes, it was cruel - I know - but it was very very good for his behaviour! This treatment has taught him proper manners for his whole life! Today there's no problem for him to kiss Ladies feet for respect: When I invite for a hen party my boyfriend is very docile now and so he kiss the feet of my girl friends for respect willingly - I think it's a kind of respect every woman deserves!

YvonneJan 19 2017 12:43pm
Yvonne, you're on the right way. I force my sissy husband and boyfriend to do the same every night, also even other men from relatives and friends do it. Good for you. Women rule 💪🏻

Wife Woman Feb 05 2017 5:43pm
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Adaptation: The Delights of Aunt Karen - Part I At the Restaurant It was mid-afternoon, which gave Billy a few hours to get ready for the evening and the two weeks to come. In thanks for everything, Carl and Karen Stone had been invited to dinner with his parents, and of course, he was invited, too. He knew they were going to a very fancy restaurant, which also meant dressing up appropriately. He thought about what to wear, and then imagined what his Aunt Karen would be wearing. She had such an attractive body, shapely legs, pointed breasts and a narrow waist. For the longest time, he had a fantasy of seeing her wearing only her stockings and lingerie, but he never had. He laid there, imaging what it would be like to run his eyes, much less his hands, up her leg, over the dark tops of her nylons, and up the garter straps to the lower curve of her crotch... She was so pretty and had such a nice shapely figure that would feel so good to run his hand up and down. Slowly, he made his way back to the present. He and his parents were meeting the Stones at the restaurant at 7 pm and he still had to pack his things. As they pulled up to front doors, the valet took the car around back. Billy tightened his tie as he made his way through the doors. The hostess lead them to the table, where they greeted his aunt and uncle. Aunt Karen was sitting across from him. She was wearing a blue dress that she reserved for 'going out'. Her hair was done-up, and she was wearing a silver necklace. She looked very sexy; he had always been especially turned on when he saw she had her hair done up. Soon, the adults were drinking and eating appetizers as they waited for dinner to arrive. When Karen had finished her finger food, she excused herself and got up to go the ladies room. As she walked around the table, he looked out the corner of his eye and noticed that her legs were covered in dark nylon. He ran his eyes up her legs, to the back of her c*cktail dress as she walked away. Her dress fit her perfectly, straps around the shoulders, snug around the waist and flowed loosely over her hips and down to her knees. With a sudden excitement he couldn't help wondering... wondering if she was wearing what he always dreamed about - dark nylon stockings, garter belt, brassiere and matching panties that made a complete set. He could feel his heart beating faster and deeper as he imagined this. But the thought was broken when his uncle asked him a question. As he began a conversation with him, dinner arrived, and Karen made her way back to the table. She sat down quickly and he couldn't catch another look at her legs. The black lace moving over her body as she raised her dress. He ran his eyes over her legs, up over the dark tops of her nylons, and over her thighs... "Would you like freshly ground pepper, young man?", asked the waiter. He could not get the image out of his mind. He could feel himself getting excited. She was just sitting across the table from him - no more than three feet, if only he could find out. The desire to know if she was wearing lacy lingerie with her stockings was intense. He didn't hear the waiter until asked again for fresh pepper. "Oh, yes", he replied, "Thank you." The look on his face was blank for a minute as he day dreamed his fantasy. If only his parents were not sitting on either side of him, he could reach down with his hand, under the table, and feel the straps running up her thigh. But no, he had to sit there, and squirm in his seat, with only his thoughts. Dinner felt like it was lasting forever. The thought of seeing dark-topped thigh high nylons held up by a garter belt overwhelmed him. That was his most favorite part - the dark top bands around the thighs - just thinking about it made him want to grab on and squeeze tightly. As dinner came to end his aunt and uncle said their goodbyes to his parents and arranged to drive him back to their house. As they left the building, the cold night air surprised him. He didn't expect it to be so cold that time of year. He looked over at his Aunt Karen as she was throwing her cardigan over her shoulders. He thought he could see the slight shadow of her nipples through her dress. His uncle put his arm around her and made their way to the waiting car. Billy was quick to open the door for her. He tried to get a good glimpse of nylon over her thigh, just to get a peek of what was underneath, but she sat down too quickly for him. They tossed his luggage in the trunk and he got in the back seat, and the car pulled out of the parking lot. He looked over the seat at her hair and her breasts as they continued to drive along, talking about how good the dinner was. They parked outside of the Stone house, and she showed him in his uncle offered to carry his things. Later, upstairs, her bedroom room lights were on low. He had heard Aunt Karen when she came up the steps. He pretended to be going into the bathroom soon after she went into her bedroom. She closed the door, but it failed to shut tightly and there was a crack of several inches between the door and the frame. From the hallway shadows, he watched her as she entered, re-emerged from the closet and walked out in front of him unaware of his presence. He stepped back but kept looking. She gave him a little start as she moved towards him, but then sat on her dressing table bench, facing mostly away from him. Her dress barely covered her thighs now. She started to rub her neck, causing her breasts to thrust out. He was getting really excited, and watched her back. His heart was beating heavily. She took her hands, and placed them on her knees, feeling the nylon on her legs, so silky, so smooth. He loved the feeling as he watched her run her hands down to her ankles and high heels. So smooth, so erotic, so sexy. She adjusted one of her pumps but did not remove it. He was so aroused now. She moved her hands back to her knees. She was examining herself in the mirror. She took off the belt to her dress and ran her hands over her chest and bare shoulders. Then she moved her hands upwards, behind her back and unzipped her dress. He could see the black strap of her brassiere against her body as the garment fell open. She lowered the thin straps off her shoulders and the dress top fell to her waist revealing the full expanse of her strapless black bra. His breathing became very deep; the view of the lacy bra cups in the mirror in front of the lovely woman was hypnotizing. He felt this warm, tingly feeling. As he imagined it was he who was controlling her actions, his hands moved down around his own thighs. Aunt Karen stood up and in one quick motion dropped the dress to her ankles and stepped out of it. He let out a noise of amazement. She ran her hand up the garter, to where it attached to the belt. The silky look of the lingerie made him so crazy. He had never felt this way before. As she carried her dress to the closet he had to take a look. He saw something he had only dreamed of seeing. His Aunt Karen was standing in high-heeled pumps and nylon stockings ...taut nylon with nearly black top bands tightly hugging her thighs. He moved his eyes up, to the garter belt and the lacy little brassiere covering her breasts. She was wearing skimpy black panties over the garter belt which flowed down to the stockings. His ran his eyes over her again and again. She began to move more, and the stockings squeezed her tightly forcing the texture of the dark nylon tops into her skin. He could now see the contrast against her naked thighs. His mind and body were in another world. His visions of the lovely lingerie clad woman fanned the heat of passion in his young body as she quietly moved out of view. He walked to the guest room, and laid his head down softly on the pillows of the bed. Tonight, this first night of his stay, his dreams of fantasy, had come to he faded off to sleep his mind raced with ideas concerning this attractive aunt. The Ties that Bind His Aunt Karen was attractive, somewhat independent and ran a household with the efficiency of a military officer. Billy had just turned thirteen, although he still looked more like nine or ten at the time he spent two weeks with Aunt Karen while his mom went with his dad on a business trip. His two older cousins were busy teenagers - more away than home, and she could use the company, or so his uncle had reasoned. His aunt had a very pretty face, a very good figure with pointy breasts and nice legs. And, Billy had a huge crush on her which he did his best to keep hidden. One of the things about the times was that people dressed up. Karen Stone was no exception. She often worked around the house in a dress and even heels. That's just the way it was. Casual was something people wore to work in the yard. And Karen didn't go out, even shopping, without dressing up. When women came home they also didn't change immediately into more casual clothes. They often kept on what they were wearing. Also, women wore traditional nylon stockings with garter belts or a girdle. So, when Aunt Karen would come home from shopping or running her errands, she might kick off her heels but wouldn't necessarily change clothes. Her nylon stockings with the darker reinforced toe just made her legs look sexier. On one of those first days when Billy was staying with his Aunt, she had gotten home around 4:30pm from her last errand. Her husband, Uncle Carl, was a dentist and was out for the evening at some medical dinner so they were alone for the evening. As usual Karen had just kicked her shoes off and remained dressed as she had been for her shopping. She was wearing a one piece solid blue dress that showed off her figure very well, had a belt around the waist, and a tailored skirt that was just knee length and taupe colored nylon stockings. They ate an early dinner and then Billy went to his room to read comic books. Mostly he liked adventure stories. What he really liked was when he could sneak a peak at one of the steamy covered pulp fiction magazines at the barber shop or drug store. Although Billy had some fantasies about what Aunt Karen would look like in various provocative situations, he never in his wildest imagination thought it would happen in his presence. Billy didn't know if Aunt Karen was bored or thought that since she was alone with him for the evening that she needed to entertain him but she stuck her head in his door and asked, "Billy, want to play a game or something?" Wondering what game she had in mind Billy said, "Sure". Billy asked her what she wanted to play, figuring that she wanted to play cards or something. She said she didn't know and asked what kind of games he usually played. Billy said he usually just fooled around with his friends or played marbles or catch...and sometimes 'adventure story'. She said, "My, those all sound like outdoor games... but what about 'adventure story'? It sounds like something we could play inside." She then asked how to play. It had been some time since she had really seen him and maybe she still related to him as being nine or ten years old. Anyway, Billy told her there wasn't any one way to play. They would usually just make up some story that had something to do with cops and robbers, or something and then act it out. Sometimes they acted out some comic book they had read. Aunt Karen then said "Well, let's see what kind of story we can make up". Now, Billy had never thought of devising a way to get Aunt Karen in some provocative situation. But, he was also not totally unprepared when it came to thinking up ideas for cops and robbers resulted in the neighbor girls getting 'taken hostage'. So, Billy calmed his nerves, feigned his best boyish charm and said that he could be a robber who had been watching the neighborhood trying to decide which house to rob. Aunt Karen, smiling at his inventivenss and now a little curious, said "Okay, and what do I do?" Billy replied, "Well, we could pretend that your husband had to go out of town on business. The robber knows your husband is gone and when he sees you leave for the store one afternoon he decides to go ahead and break in since he knows no one is home." Aunt Karen, replied, just a little uncertainly, with, "Okay, so I pretend to leave and you break in, then what?" Billy said, "Well you get half-way to the store and realize that you forgot your purse and turn around and come back home to get it". She then said, "And, I catch you here robbing the house...?". Billy said, "Yes, then, just play it out from there". Aunt Karen, said, "You mean, we make the rest of the story up as we go"? Billy mumbled a non-committal, "Sort of." Of course his inventive young mine had already begun to imagine how his version of the story might play out. Aunt Karen said, "So, I'm going to go outside and wait a few minutes then pretend to come back home?". Billy said, "Yes, but remember you don't suspect anything is wrong." Much to his delight Aunt Karen slipped her navy colored high heels back on to walk out side. She waited a few minutes then came back into the house just like nothing was wrong. She was even mumbling to herself about being silly and not remembering her purses. She was headed toward her bedroom when she rounded the corner and there was Billy looking up at her. He had put the standard bandana mask over his face and had one of his very real looking toy pistols that was made like a very real .38 automatic. The gun looked very real and Aunt Karen came to a sudden stop, gasped, and said, "Who are you? What are you doing here?" She held back a smile as she looked down at her cute little nephew, Billy. He held the gun up manacingly and said in his best gruff voice, "I'm a robber and what I'm doing here is robbing your house. And, I want you to stay still, stay quiet, and I won't have to hurt you". It sounded like something Billy remembered from a movie. Aunt Karen acted her part and said, "I can't believe this is happening. Why don't you just leave while you can?" With that she actually took a step towards him. Billy raised the gun up level with her face and repeated, "I said, stand still and be quiet. You aren't even supposed to be here. Why are you back so soon?" Aunt Karen said, "I forgot my purse". Billy said, "I think I found that already". Again Aunt Karen made a move towards him saying, "You give that back." Keeping the gun raised Billy took a step back and said, "Don't make me hurt you lady. You do as you're told and you husband will still have a wife to come home to." Billy was actually pretty proud of that line. Aunt Karen said "Okay, I'll do what you say. Just get what you want and get out of here". Billy said, "You are finally getting smart. Now, put your hands up, turn around and walk to the kitchen." Aunt Karen did as instructed. Billy was now getting to the part where he was having to swallow hard and control how nervous he was becoming. Billy pulled out a kitchen chair and said, "Sit down!" Aunt Karen did as instructed. While she had been outside Billy had quickly stashed some clothes line rope in a kitchen cabinet just in case he got this far. Aunt Karen was facing the opposite way and couldn't see the cabinet as Billy opened it and pulled out a length of rope. She was sitting in the chair with her nylon covered legs together, her high heels on the floor, and her arms still raised. Standing behind her Billy said, "Put your hands behind the chair." With that his lovely aunt lowered her hands and did a half turn in the chair, looked at him uncertainly and said "You're not going to tie me up are you?" She had been doing such a good job of role playing up to this point that Billy didn't know if this was a real question or not. But, he calmed himself and said "I can't keep an eye on you and search through the house at the same time so I need to make sure you stay put". Aunt Karen, still looking back at him said, "I'll behave, honest. You don't need to tie me up". Billy said, "I believe you lady, but not enough to bet 10 to 20 years of my life in prison on. Now turn around and put your hands behind the chair". At this point Billy thought his heart would pound out of his chest. His stomach queasy with excitement. He was sure he had gone too far and the game would end. Then it happened. His beautiful, mature, well-dressed Aunt, Mrs. Karen Stone, on whom he had such a major crush, turned around in the chair and put her hands behind it saying in that 'auntly' tone of voice, "Okay, just this once." Then she returned to her role play, "Oh, but please don't hurt me or anything". Even though Billy was on the verge of shaking with excitement, he managed to say "I told you lady, I don't want to hurt you. I just want to finish up and get out of here. I don't want to have to worry about you. You do as your told and the worse thing that happens is you're a little uncomfortable for a while." The kitchen chairs had narrow backs so her wrists could actually meet behind the chair. Trying to control his nerves and keep from visibly shaking, Billy crossed her wrists and began tying them together. He made alternating diagonal loops around her crossed wrists and then put a couple of cinching loops between her wrists to snug up the ropes crisscrossing her wrists. He still had a few feet of rope left so he circled this around the chair, her waist, and her bound wrists several times before tying it off. Billy guessed technically he could have quit right then but he picked up another length of rope and looped it around her upper arms and the chair back top. Billy tied the rope with about three turns going below her breasts and a couple above her breasts before tying it off. Aunt Karen was now pretty well tied to the chair. She twisted a little bit and said, "Well, er, Mr. Robber, I guess you don't have to worry about me causing any trouble". As Billy was picking up two shorter lengths of rope he just said, "I told you to keep quiet". He then walked around in front of her, knelt down, placed her nylon covered ankles together, and began tying them. Billy knew he must have been flushed totally red at this point. It felt like his temperature had shot up somewhere near the boiling point. Here he was looking dead on at his aunt's high heels and actually touching her nylon encased legs as he rapped the rope around her ankles. Billy pulled a couple of turns between her ankles to cinch the ropes around her ankles snug. Then came the big moment. The hem line of her dress was just barely above her knees. Billy took the last length of rope and began rapping it around her nylon covered legs just barely above her knees and right at her hem line which he inched upwards as he worked. Billy was jell-o inside and had to look every bit as nervous and excited as he was. After wrapping the rope several turns around her knees he was now faced with the question of cinching it snug or just tying it off. Billy cinched it. Poking the rope between her legs above her knees was heaven. The smooth feel of the nylon between her legs held close together by the ropes was almost more then Billy could stand. He somehow managed to tie it off without hyperventilating. At this point Billy didn't know what to do. He couldn't stand up because even at the age of thirteen, Billy still had the biggest hard-on of his young life and it was impossible to hide. He somehow managed to quickly scoot and stand at the same time so he was behind the chair when he finally straightened up. Billy adjusted himself as best he could so the bulge in his pants wasn't quite so obvious. He picked up his toy pistol and said, "Now just sit there, be quiet, and I'll be out of here real quick." Billy quickly walked past Aunt Karen and headed back toward the bedroom. After he calmed down a little and his heart stopped pounding, Billy walked back to where he could see the kitchen. Aunt Karen was testing her bonds to see if she could get loose. Billy moved a little closer where he could get more and better glimpses of Aunt Karen tied to the chair. She was sitting still now. It was like she realized she wasn't going to get loose and gave up trying. After about ten minutes Billy returned to the kitchen. He had taken a pillow case and put some things in it to look like loot from the house. Billy said, "See that wasn't so bad now was it. I'll be leaving and you're okay." With that Aunt Karen said, "You're not going to leave me here tied-up like this are you?" As Billy opened up his pillow case he said, "No, not exactly like this..." Billy pulled out some handkerchiefs and one of her own scarves. When she saw this Aunt Karen's eyes widened and she said in a fairly loud voice, "You're not going to gag me?" Billy proceeded on with, "Look lady, I can't have you screaming your head off as soon as I'm out the door. Every house in the neighborhood would be able to hear you. I might as well untie you and let you call the police before I leave." Aunt Karen was clearly wishing this silly game was over and said, "No please, I won't make a sound, honest". Billy said, "Well I need to make sure that you don't because like I said earlier, I told you I'm not going to bet going to jail on you keeping your word. Besides, it shouldn't be that long before someone finds you". Aunt Karen, thinking quickly, said, "No please, my husband is out for the night. There won't be anyone to find me." One-upping his aunt's clever ad-lib, Billy said, "Okay, give me one of your neighbor's phone numbers and I will call them as soon as I am well away from here." Aunt Karen still looked at him pleadingly and said, "No, please let me go". Billy said, "Look, lady, that's the best offer I'm making". He picked up the gun, pointed it at her face and said, "The other choice is something more drastic." Wondering where her nephew got such ideas, Karen quietly resigned herself to his insistence and recited the next door neighbor's number. Billy pretended to write it down and put a piece of paper in his pocket. He then wadded the two handkerchiefs up together and said, "I promise I'll call. You've been good and I have no reason to wish you harm." Billy moved the handkerchiefs toward her mouth and she actually opened up to let him stuff them into her mouth. Billy didn't know which was the greater turn on, tying her nylon encased legs or stuffing a gag into her mouth. He took the scarf, walked behind her, lowered it down in front of her face and pulled it between her lips forcing the handkerchiefs into her mouth. Billy tied over her light brown hair in an overhand knot and cinched it snug and then secured it with another knot. When he walked around to pick up his bag, which Billy quickly placed over the front of his jeans to hide the bulge that had once again formed there, he noticed that the scarf was deep into her mouth and her cheeks were bulging around the scarf where it came out of the corners of her mouth. Game or not, his Aunt Karen was really tied and gagged. Billy was surprised that she hadn't questioned why he was really gagging her when a pretend gag would have worked. He pretended to leave but just went outside and positioned himself where he could watch her through the window. She struggled some more but again finally gave up and just sat there. What if she has to pee Billy fantasized, a streak of cruelness in his mind. Billy was so engrossed by looking at the vision of his bound and gagged aunt, that he almost forgot the time. It had been fifteen minutes since Billy had gone outside. He quickly went around to the front of the house and came in pretending to be the neighbor. Billy called out "Hello, anyone home? I got a call saying I should come over because someone needed help." Billy knew where Aunt Karen was and was listening but could barely hear a low 'hhheeeeemmmmmpph'. He was really surprised at how thoroughly he had gagged her. Billy quickly walked into the kitchen with an, "Oh my goodness! What has happened here?" He ran over to Aunt Karen. However, unlike in the movies where the first thing the good guy does when rescuing the girl is pull the loosely tied scarf down off her mouth, Billy instead began untying the ropes around her arms. He then untied the ropes around her waist and wrists. He then began untying the rope around her knees. He relished another chance to feel the nylon covered surface of her legs. Aunt Karen didn't immediately untie her gag but instead rubbed her wrists a little then finally reached up to untie her gag. By now Billy was working on untying her ankles. As he did, he spread them apart and sneaked a glance right up her skirt. He could see her darker stocking tops, bare thighs and white panties. He was sure he would get caught 'peeking', but he saw Aunt Karen was distracted as she pulled the cloth from between her lips and then worked the two handkerchiefs out of her mouth. She wadded everything up together and laid them on the table as Billy removed the final rope from her ankles. Billy waited for a reaction, fearing a spout of anger. Instead Aunt Karen said, "Thank heavens, you found me. I was afraid I wouldn't be found for days". Billy thought "Okay, she's still role playing". Explaining his long absence, he said, "I got a rather strange call saying someone next door needed help and I needed to get over there. I went to the house on the other side of me first and they didn't know what I was talking about. I got over here and the door was unlocked so I came in." Karen raised her eyebrow a bit, but said, "Well it's a good thing you did. I've been robbed." Billy gathered up the ropes, handkerchiefs, and the scarf to go put them away. He couldn't believe how wet the handkerchiefs were. While Billy was putting the ropes away in the garage Aunt Karen called out to him and asked if he wanted a soda. Billy said, "Sure, I'd love one". He came back in and Aunt Karen was standing at the kitchen table, sipping a glass of water and tapping the toe of her high-heeled pump on the floor. There was a soda for him on the table by the chair next to her and a plate of cookies on the table. Billy sat down and took a drink. He couldn't help notice the marks left by the ropes and the gag. Billy was thinking "Wow, I did that. Now I'm in for it for sure." Aunt Karen looked at him, suddenly turning stern and asked if Billy had enjoyed the 'little game'. He again feigned boyishness as a defense, and said, "Thanks for playing. That was fun and you did a really good job of playing your part." Aunt Karen looked at him as if trying to examine his real intentions. Billy smiled at her and conned her by replying that it had been 'so much fun'. She let out a sigh, and said, "Well, you did quite a job at making up what to do and what to say. This has been about as real as I'd ever want it." She made it clear that she hadn't expected to be tied up as tight as she was, but that it had made everything seem more real because she really couldn't get loose. She then added she had really been surprised by how little noise she could make through her gag. She said that making things more real had actually added to the game and it had been more 'real' than she had expected. She said that his toy gun had looked so real that is was almost scary when Billy threatened to shoot her. Encouraged by this conversation Billy said that they would have to play again sometime. Billy was relieved (and secretly excited) when Aunt Karen said "Okay, I guess maybe...we'll see". She then went on, "But let's keep this game out little secret, okay?" She blushed just a little as she spoke. That night Billy lay in bed and thought excitedly about his adventure with Aunt Karen. He began to plan what to do the next time such an opportunity presented itself - if it ever did. Slowly he realized that what he wanted was to see more of his lovely aunt's lingerie underpinnings. He wanted to see her squirm...even embarrassed if that was possible. The key, it seemed, was to get her gagged early so she could not protest and he could just feign innocence if she got angry at him when it was all over. Any reaction she showed during the 'game' he could say he thought was just her doing a great acting job. As he nodded off the sleep Billy thought to himself, "you are a clever little boy..." -- Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated. +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | ------ send stories to: <>| | FAQ: <> Moderators: <> | +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ |ASSM Archive at <> Hosted by <> | |Discuss this story and others in; look for subject {ASSD}| +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+

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Her summer job had been tiring, and she felt especially tired as she had slept badly the night before. She kicked off her shoes, and then sitting up against her pillows, she drew her long legs underneath her, and then smoothed her knee length, gray skirt over her hips. At the end of her bed was a pile of washing her mother had folded and placed there to be put away, and so with a sigh, she slid to the end of the bed, and began to sort the underwear and skirts that lay there. She could hear her mother and father downstairs talking as her mother prepared dinner, and in the next room, her brother was probably watching television. She placed her skirts in a drawer in her dresser, and then sorted her panties and colored half-slips into piles and then placed them in their own drawer. That done, she returned to her bed, and lying there, began to think about the date she had been on with her new boyfriend, Steve, the night before. "Hi babe!", Steve had said, opening the car door for her. She kissed him on the cheek, and slid into the front seat of his coupe. She settled her red skirt about her beautiful legs, making sure her slip was not showing, and smoothed her blouse over her luscious breasts as he walked around the car to the other side. Opening the door, Steve dropped himself into the driver's seat, and starting the engine, pulled out into the traffic. As the captain of the local college football team, Steve had no problem pulling beautiful dates, and had dated all of the girls in the cheer-squad at one time or another. Taking in the sexy nineteen year old sitting beside him, however, he silently considered her to be the absolute cream of the talent he had been with. He observed the fine lines of her stunning face, and the luscious body that was contained with the blouse and skirt she wore. Still slightly shy around him, she shifted in her seat under his gaze, and crossed her legs. Her skirt settled about her legs, and then slid some small way up her thighs. A tiny scrap of white lace emerged from under the hem of the dress, and as she shifted further, the side slit in her skirt fell open, exposing a large amount of her white slip. The soft silky fabric shimmered slightly in the light from the overhead street lamps, and Steve had trouble concentrating on his driving with such a large amount of her lingerie visible. She had noticed his gaze, and embarrassed, she quickly righted her skirt, tucking her white slip far up under the hem. Steve coughed, and then shifted in his seat. She looked down into his lap as he drove, and saw a large bulge standing out in his pants. She found herself suddenly sticky at the thought of that erection so plainly visible in his crotch, and felt a thin trickle of juice moisten the silky crotch of her panties. Steve had removed a hand from the wheel, and placed it on her thigh. She smiled shyly, and then asked, "What movie are we going to see?" "Oh. I thought we might take in the new Elvis film. You haven't seen it have you?" She shook her head, as he lightly stroked her skirt, feeling the silky fabric of her slip sliding against her stockings and thighs underneath the red fabric. She squirmed against his touch, and then settled herself closer to him, resting her head on his shoulder. He smiled, and then began to gather the fabric of her skirt in his hand, gradually revealing the lacy hem of her slip, and the luscious thighs encased in stockings beneath it. "That's nice", she said dreamily, and Steve was unaware whether she meant his hand or the movie selection. One of her hands drifted to his lap, and feeling emboldened as the sudden lust gripped her, she fondled the bulge in his pants. His own hand had bunched the skirt she wore at her hips, and her white silk half-slip was tangled with the lacy straps that held her stockings in place. Later that evening, steamed from an evening of intermittent petting, Mary returned home. It had been all she could do to refrain from giving in to Steve's attempts at going all the way. She went directly to her room to avoid her mother seeing her in her obviously state of dishevelment. She had unzipped her skirt, and freeing the clasp, the red skirt had settled at her feet. She removed her blouse, and then stood before her mirror in her white bra, half slip, panties and skin tone stockings. The white silky half slip had a three inch wavy band of lace at the hem just below her knees, and was thin enough for her to see the outline of her matching silken panties underneath, fitting snugly to her delectable behind, and the white frilly suspender straps holding up her stockings. It was not long before her roaming hands had spread her half-slip about her hips, and pulled the crotch of her silky panties to one side, and guiding the tip of her finger to her quivering pussy, she gracefully settled herself down on her hand. She was wet, and the fingers slid easily into her in one motion. The lace of her slip flapped about, caressing her legs with the silky fabric, and adding a heavy lust to self-indulgence. She had flicked a hand down underneath the waistband of her half slip and silken panties to her pussy, and begun to heighten her own lust. The feeling of her hands rubbing the silky fabric of her slip against her skin, and the motion of her fingers against herself, had sent her over the top, and she came. Mary had collapsed with spent lust, and she could feel her own love juice spilling out of her to drench her panties and stocking tops. The next day after her summer job, she was sitting in her room sorting laundry. Bored with the whole thing, she tumbled her pen about her fingers, idling flicking her diary with her other hand. She was dressed in a grey skirt, falling just to her knees, and a white blouse. The fabric of the blouse was sheer enough to see the lacy white bra underneath, and the generous swell of her beautiful breasts. Stockings encased her long legs, and she shuffled her feet back and forth as the boredom wore on. Her thoughts drifted again to her evening with Steve, and she felt her silk panties begin to moisten with the memory. She lazily dropped a hand to her waist and lightly stroked her skirt across her thighs, relaxing in the caress of the fabric against her stockings and skin. Billy had returned to his room and was standing at the doorway to her room having finished his homework. Mary continued with her stroking, unaware of the audience outside her doorway, as she relived the experience of her night with Steve. Her pussy was really wet, now, and she could feel the moisture soaking into her panties, and running down her thighs to her stocking tops. She rubbed the fabric of her skirt back and forth on her legs. From his position at the doorway, her young cousin noticed Mary stroking her nylon covered thigh. Her thighs were slightly parted, to allow the steam building up between her legs to dissipate. Her sexuality was fully aroused by the stroking, and her pussy lips gripped and contracted against the silky fabric of her tight white panties. As he watched, the thighs parted further, and could see part of the way up her skirt. He noticed the fine lines of her legs, tightly held by her sheer stockings, and the sexy lace of her slip gathered in between her legs. The lacy hem of the white slip became visible, and then disappeared once more under the hem of her skirt, as she stroked it back and forth along her thighs. His young c*ck gave a lurch at the sight before him. He shifted in his stance to allow the shaft to grow without hindrance, and continued to observe the show his attractive cousin was supplying. Mary's face became flushed as she imagined Steve' hands working along her thighs, touching the silky fabric of her half-slip, and then sliding under the soft fabric to glide upwards to her stocking tops and silk panties. She could feel the wet panties sticking to her pussy lips; the thin fabric see-through with the moisture. She squirmed in her seat, as the centre of her lust demanded attention. She strongly wanted to slide a hand under the waistband of her skirt and half-slip to caress her pussy through her panties, but thought better of it, sitting there in the middle of her bedroom. She stopped the stroking of her thigh, leaving her skirt dishevelled on her legs with the lacy hem and silky fabric of her half slip showing from underneath. Returning her attention to her studies with a sigh, she noticed that her young cousin was standing in her doorway and had his eyes fixed on her legs, under her desk. Her pussy sent another stream of juice into her already sodden panties, and she nearly came on the spot knowing that Billy had watched her stroke herself. He did not notice her gaze, and feeling sexy as well as cover-up her embarrassment at being seen, she spread her legs slightly, allowing him a clear sight up to her stocking tops, and her tight white panties. She knew her half-slip gathered and disheveled under her skirt would add to his excitement, and she watched his eyes light up. The call to dinner came at that moment, and with a toss of her thighs, she gathered her things, slid her skirt down to her knees to cover her half slip, and stood to leave the room. Billy had beads of sweat on his brow, and he looked shaky as he followed her down the hallway. Seated at the dinner table, Mary Stone gathered her knees underneath her, as she recited her tales of the day. Her skirt opened underneath her knees, falling to the chair, and sitting opposite her, Billy could see her silk panties, and matching garters. The stockings gripped her thighs just below the pale silk of her panties, and her half slip flopped in a silky bundle at the base of her thighs, with the lacy hem sitting in all directions. Billy looked at her an smiled coyly, flush with a new power based on what he had just observed of his attractive cousin. Mary glowered at her young cousin in return, but secretly hoped he would remain quiet. Her cheeks turned red as she reflected on having been seen playing with herself. Aunt Karen Stone, meanwhile, had her knees crossed, with her skirt drawn tightly across her thighs, and Billy noticed the soft apricot lace of her half-slip poking out from under the hem. Her slip was visible, in that her skirt had ridden slightly on her nylon covered thighs to show the silk fabric and sexy lace splayed across her legs. For some reason his aunt gave him a bigger 'twitch' than did her daughter. He reminded himself that he needed to get her to some next level of compromising position as well, before he returned home. Later that evening in her room Mary smiled at Billy, recalling the expression on her young cousin's face as he had peeked under her skirt at her half-slip and silken panties. Deciding the slip was sexy, and wanting to tease him she left it showing. "Let's play a game!" Mary listened to Billy's idea, frowned, but agreed. She needed to humor the little devil until she had something to hold over him. She did not want him blabbing to her mother about her 'self-indulgance'. Closing the door, they began their little game... Billy tried his best to emulate the deep toned voice of the headmaster. "Good morning, Mary", he said. "Good morning, Billy, er...Sir," Mary echoed. "I am doing an inspection of the uniforms in this school. I want you to report to my office in ten minutes. Understood?" "Yes, sir," she said. Mary found herself in his pretend 'office', the guest room, complete with old wooden desk and chair emulated the atmosphere of a man's position. The young 'headmaster' was seated behind his desk. Mary entered the room and walked up to his desk. "Thank you for coming, Mary. You may be aware that many of the girls in this school occasionally ignore the dress code rules, and come to school minus a few items of the required uniform. I will not tolerate this. While you are in this school, you will abide by the rules. "Now, let me check your uniform." He beckoned her towards him, and she stepped around his desk. "Right. You are wearing stockings, but your shoes are all wrong. Here we require high, you'll have to go to your room and change." Mary looked at him and started to say something, but she turned and walked done the hall to her bedroom. Opening the closet door she kicked off her loafers and slipped her nylon covered feet into a a pair of pumps that matched her skirt. She walked carefully on her high heels as she returned to the guest room and once again stood in front of Billy, the headmaster. Billy smiled as he looked at his attractive cousin standing in her high heels. She had actually done as he had asked. He caught his breathe. "Thank you, Mary. Your shoes are fine. Your blouse and skirt are correct, and I can see that you are wearing a bra. Very Good, young lady." The fine lace of the Mary's bra could be seen as her breasts pushed against the sheer fabric of her blouse. Billy, the 'headmaster' was leering at her as he looked over the delectable mounds before him. His heart pounded as he pushed his luck. "OK. Skirt up, please. Lingerie check." Mary frowned briefly, then blushed as she reached down and grasped the hem of her skirt. The lacy hem of her half-slip came into view, and the soft silk shimmered in the half light coming through the window. He looked her over, as red-faced Mary Stone displayed the white half-slip she wore. His mouth curled in a thin smile as he observed the pretty lingerie, and Mary could see a faint stirring in his pants. His hands trembled as he looked, and the she felt he almost wished he could stroke the soft fabric. Feeling suddenly very sexy, Mary raised her skirt hem higher, showing more of her lacy slip, and the stocking tops visible underneath the thin white fabric. Billy's eyes nearly popped out of his head as he saw her pretty nylon covered legs and the lacy detail of her half-slip. "Would you like to see my panties, sir?," she asked coyly. She turned her behind towards his face, and he could see the outline of her white silken panties underneath the soft nylon of her half-slip. He nodded weakly, his hands shuddering with the prospect of the pleasure to come. His pants were sticking in the air like a tent, his arousal evident beneath the fabric. Mary stepped closer to him, and holding her skirt at her waist, she said, "Would you like to lift my half-slip up, sir?" Nodding, he reached out to grasp the lacy hem of her pretty white petticoat, and as he slowly raised the silken fabric, Mary scooted herself right up to his desk. She leaned on his desk, facing the wide-eyed youth, her legs spread, and silken panties and lacy nylon half-slip visible. She raised her skirt higher, the silk of her half-slip soft and inviting. Mary's slip reached her stocking tops as Billy slowly continued to raise the sexy garment. His eyes feasted on the lingerie before him, as he alternated his gaze between the white half-slip he held, the panties and nylon covered thighs on the desk before him, which the young woman began to slide along his arm. His c*ck gave a lurch at the touch of the nylon stockings on his skin. Mary's panties came into view at that moment, the tight white nylon bunched against her pussy mound, and the wet spot on her silky crotch easily definable. The fabric was see-through at that point, and he could see the curly hairs covering her pussy underneath the soft white fabric. His hand held the bunched half-slip at her waist, while his other reached out and gently stroked the soft fabric of her panties. Mary gave a moan at his touch, and pushed her pussy towards him. Feeling Billy to be slightly left out, she reached down, and touched his pants, feeling the boyish pole that was hidden within them. She stroked it lightly and then catching his head in her hands, she rubbed the soft silk of her undergarments against the boys face. He moaned as he touched Mary's white panties, and felt his cheek encased in the lacy silk which he was beginning to enjoy so much. He leaned his mouth forward, and moving his head under Mary's skirt, he gently brushed her sleek nylons and panties with his moist lips. Mary squirmed under the attention, her delightful pale panties becoming drenched with her lust. She drew her skirt back, and rubbed the silky half-slip across his shoulders and neck, giving him a shiver of lustful excitement, as his lips darted across the silky surface of her nylon covered thighs. "I think now we are even," she said as she jumped down off the desk. You forget what you saw earlier and I will forget this little episode!" Billy watched his pretty cousin's backside and legs as she left the room, her chin held high in a sign of victory. Just wait, he thought quietly, little Billy isn't done with you yet... Fashion Conscious Karen It was obvious that Aunt Karen loved fine lingerie, she obviously adored the way that it felt against her body, and he wondered if if she knew how much it could turn on men as well. Karen was an extrovert and she occasionally forgot her natural modesty to discretely, if unintentionally, reveal some of her lingerie finery in the company of others. Being a willing voyeur of Karen was one of Billy's favorite extra-curricular activities at family gatherings. Often she wore a skimpy lingerie-style lace bra under a sheer blouse. The sheerness of the blouse was not total, but sheer enough to get a good idea of her lovely lace covered breasts. On several occasions Karen had seen that someone was getting a good look at her breasts and had flashed a quick grin his way as she took a deep breath and thrust her breasts forward so that all the men could get a much better look at her finery. She would sometimes hold this pose for a short while and smile again as her nipples became aroused and thrust out against the constraints of the lace bra. Her body was quickly aroused during these lovely little exhibitions. Over a period of time it became quite obvious that she had an extensive collection of fine lingerie as he rarely saw the same bra very often. Karen was, to her young nephew, assuredly, a voyeuristic delight and he was thankful to be included in her exhibitionism, even if it was unintentional. The next day Karen and Billy sat in her living room as they discussed some new changes in the way the local youth activities operated. She was beautifully dressed as always and somewhat more friendly than usual. They relaxed and chatted for a short while and then she asked him a question, "I'm going to a ball with Carl soon and I have to get some new things to wear. I was wondering if you might like to help me choose some of them. Mary's working, of course, and I just know that for a young man you seem to have a fine eye for fashion." Billy's instantaneous thought was, 'I'd love to do anything that would get me closer to seeing you undressed, Aunt Karen'. He held his enthusiasm in check, however and replied, "Uh, oh sure. Just tell me what you want me to do, Aunt Karen." Karen smiled and replied, "Great, I had hoped that you would. How about coming with me after lunch and we'll start today." Billy could barely contain his excitement all morning as he dealt with all of the mundane things that regularly pass through the life of a young boy. His excitement level was so high that he was unable to concentrate on anything else all morning. After lunch they went to the local shopping district and straight away headed for a hosiery department of a local department store. This sort of place was heavenly for a budding lingerie lover like Billy. Karen walked straight over to a rack that displayed a large selection of top quality stockings. She told him that only two manufacturers made the ones she preferred to wear. She showed him the two brands and asked which he thought would look good with her new black dress and an older blue dress. He selected some very sheer taupe shade stockings and some medium tan ones as well. He suggested to Karen that she get the ones with lace tops, even if they were more expensive. Karen picked out two of each; she then went to a rack of garter belts and picked out a sheer black one and a very pale blue satin-trimmed one as well. She blushed just a bit as smiled at him and said, "Let's go home. I'll have to try these on." Karen on the Recliner As they walked back out of the store, they passed through the furniture department. An enterprising salesman offered, "Try our recliner, ma'am. The most comfortable thing around...and they are on sale this week. Karen paused, and the smiled and started to walk on. "Oh, go on, Aunt Karen. Try one out...just for fun." Deciding to humor her nephew, she smiled and nodded her head 'okay'. He quickly re-inventoried what Karen wore -- a nice navy blue suit, three plus inch high-heeled pumps, and sheer light brown hose. He was new at voyeurism, but he quickly moved to be in the position of observing from the end of the chair. Over the next few minutes she listened to the man describe the chair. "Why don't you try it out now, ma'am," he asked. Karen sat down and tried to get comfortable. "I'll show you how it works, but may I remove your shoes. I, er, don't want the fabic to get soiled during our demo..." He waited with anticipation. Karen obliged him, "Oh, yes,... if you must." The man slipped off her left shoe first and discovered that she was wearing reinforced heel and toe stockings! He deliberately brushed his hand against her nylon covered heel. Oh, heaven! Billy watched with jealous envy. Then he took off her right shoe and again, slid his fingers against her sole and heel. Billy was feeling a little turned-on already. There she was, bare nyloned feet in reinforced toe stockings -- a turn-on sight any day. He could see that she was wearing high-quality sheer nylons -- not the cheap nylons with coarse texture sometimes worn for housework. After she had leaned herself back on the recliner chair, the salesman talked for a while and demonstrated various positions. Finally the back was moved back to a nearly horizontal position, her knees were slightly raised. The edge of her short skirt had edged up a few inches. Billy couldn't believe his eyes! Was he seeing the dark band of her stocking tops? No, it couldn't be! As she squirmed throughout her demonstration, her dress rode up a little higher and he could occasionally see the glitter of her metal garter clasps, as well as the tops of her stockings. But that was about it. Before he knew it, the episode was over -- much too soon. He didn't know it, but the salesman had been watching her off and on as well. When he smiled mischievously at Billy as she put her shoes back on and got up off the chair, he wondered if maybe she actually enjoyed showing off her legs and nylons. As she left, the man said, "See you next time, Mrs. Stone." Billy had at first been jealous of the salesman's actions, but the more he thought about it, the more he realized that he had been really excited by seeing his aunt 'being manipulated and watched' by another man. She had actually allowed the salesman to remove her shoes while he had watched. He was beside himself with excitement as they drove back to her house. When they arrived home, Karen went up to her bedroom and changed into another outfit, and then came down into the living room where Billy was anxiously waiting for her. She had changed into a very soft pale blue evening dress that clung to her beautiful body. It was so tight across the hips that he thought it was almost like a second skin. He could see the shape of her panties, garter belt and stocking tops outlined by the tight fabric of the dress. Karen slowly lifted up the hem of the dress so that he could see the new tan stockings that she had just purchased at Billy's recommendation. Karen smoothed the tight fitting dress down over her hips and thighs. Even her repeated attempts could not hide the fact that her matronly thighs were pressed tightly against the straining fabric. As she pirouetted on her high heels in front of her raptly attentive nephew, her lingerie underpinnings were clearly outlined to his inquisitive eyes. "I like this shade of stockings with the dress...but it''s maybe just a little too tight..." Billy continued to stare at the plump ass cheeks of his aunt which wiggled enticingly in front of him. He tore his gaze away lest he get caught staring. "You look great, Aunt Karen," he complimented, "but...." He let his unfinished sentence hang in the air. He wasn't sure if he was nervous or just trying to tease her. Karen turned to face him. A tinge of color came to her cheeks. "But what?" she asked. "Well, like you said, the skirt is maybe just a little tight. But the outfit looks great! Maybe you just need to wear know...a girdle underneath. You know, like in the magazines." Karen's mouth dropped open. Out of the mouths of babes, or at least a young boy. Here she was being told by her own nephew that she needed to wear a...a girdle. Billy smiled innocently at her. By now his face was flushed, too. His candor had embarrassed him. No cause to get angry. In fact, he was probably right. Maybe she had let herself 'go' just a bit. "Maybe you're right, Billy. Ah, er, I'll run upstairs and, er, put on, that is, change...." Karen let the sentence hang. She couldn't bring herself to verbalize the fact that she was going to go upstairs and, at her young critics suggestion, put on a girdle. Karen ascended the stair steps to the second floor. As she walked carefully on her high heels, she had to slide the skirt up just slightly to allow her nylon covered legs to reach each higher step. Billy stood quietly at the bottom of the staircase and watched his lovely aunt ascend the steps. As he watched the wiggle of her bottom cheeks beneath the tight fitting skirt, the shapely nylon covered legs so accented in the high-heeled pumps and the expanse of nylon covered thigh as Karen hiked up her skirt as she stepped up, Billy's mind reeled in erotic delight. He was nearly dizzy with desire...desire to take his relationship with his attractive aunt to the next level. Karen walked into her bedroom and walked to the full length mirror on her closet door. There was no denying it. The dress was tight on her hips and thighs. She removed the silky garment and laid it on her bed. She then removed her lace trimmed white slip over her head. Once again the lovely blonde homemaker looked at herself in the full length mirror. She was dressed only in her lingerie ensemble of bra, panties and garter belt which held her nylon stockings tautly on her legs. She carefully examined herself. She stepped out if her high heels and looked some more. She could not admit to being 'pudgy', a little 'puffy' perhaps, but never pudgy. Karen unclasped the garter tabs at the top of her nylons and then removed her garter belt. Nylons drooping, she crossed over to her dresser. Opening the middle drawer she reached in and grasped a white, front panel, open bottom girdle. She had only worn it once or twice as she though it was too snug. She sat on the bed and placed her legs into the girdle and pulled it up over her knees, careful not to snag her nylons which now drooped at her knees. The lovely blonde stood and began tugging the girdle into place up and over her hips. As she struggled with the constricting garment, a thought struck her. Here she was, half-naked and struggling to get into her girdle. Downstairs, her young nephew, Billy, knew exactly what she was doing. She had been sent to her room like some offending school girl to change her lingerie. A flush renewed itself on her cheeks and she felt a strange twinge of anger, embarrassment...or was it excitement? She touched her panty crotch checking for any telltale moisture. Finishing her struggle, Karen secured the tight fitting girdle in place and straightened it so the front panel was properly in position. She once again sat on her bed and pulled each of her nylons up her leg and secured the darker top band in the garter clasps of the girdle. Her nylons were taut on her shapely legs. She waked to the mirror and once again stepped into her high heels. Examining herself in the mirror, she could tell that the girdle, however uncomfortable, had the desired effect on her figure. Ignoring the white slip, she once again slipped on the dressy dress. This time the skirt slid effortlessly over her hips and hung perfectly. She exited her bedroom and descended the stairs to once again be inspected by her new fashion critic. Billy would know full well that she was wearing a girdle. She exhaled a deep breath to rid herself of some nervous feeling deep in the pit of her stomach. The constricting garment forced her to move carefully as she descended the stairs maintaining her balance on her high heels. "I guess I better get used to this," she thought. "I think that I am going to have to start wearing a girdle until I loose a few pounds." Billy, meanwhile, had been possessed by the sight of his lovely aunt so attractively dressed. The sight of her nylon covered legs in the high-heeled pumps and the wiggle of Karen's rump had sent the young boy over the erotic edge. His mind raced. When he could see the tops of the stockings she moved over closer and asked if he could adjust her garter clips for her, as they were not quite straight. How beautiful her firm thighs felt as he carefully and lovingly adjusted the clips. How smooth and shiny the stockings were as they clung tightly to her legs. As he was adjusting the garter clips, Karen lifted the dress higher so that he could better see the pale blue silky garter straps. Her nylons were so shiny and smooth and he reveled at how wonderful they felt as he let my hands caress her thighs. One of his hands moved closer to her pale blue panties. They too felt so incredibly soft and smooth as he casually let his hand run across them. Karen smiled and told him that he could maybe touch, but that would be all. Billy had some other aims, but satisfied himself with his current good fortune! Then Karen tried on her new taupe stockings and he had the opportunity of adjusting them as well. So that he could make a better judgment of which stockings were the best, he asked Karen to model them again for him. But this time he told her that the dress was getting in the way of really being able to determine which were the best stockings. She smiled and left the room. When she came back she had changed into a very, very short black slip so that he could better see the stockings. The lacy hem of the short slip ended at mid-thigh. She came close to him and asked him to take a good look at the dark toned stockings. He ran his hand down her silky hip and she shuddered slightly as he did so. Soon he was running his hands all over her slip as she stood in front of him. In what seemed just a minute or two they ended up in her bedroom with her lying on the bed with him beside her running his hands all over her.....just as he was jolted out of his daydream. His mind was blurry as to just where the fashion show had ended and his fantasy had started. Billy had work to do. He went into the kitchen and took two glasses from the cupboard. One he filled with lemonade. The other he left empty. "A little act of courtesy," he thought. "Of course, my lovely Karen, with that fat ass of yours, you're going to have to watch your diet. I've got just the diet supplement for you!" With that, the young boy released his throbbing c*ck from his pants. Closing his eyes he stroked it firmly. Imagining the empty glass to be Karen's mouth, he jerked and splattered a sticky residue of his cum into the glass. Cleaning himself up, Billy ran a thin layer of his juice around the top rim of the glass and then filled it with lemonade. When Karen reached the bottom of the steps, Billy nodded approvingly at the new fit of her outfit. "I brought you something to drink." "Oh, thank you, Billy. That was very thoughtful of you." Billy watched as the lovely blonde, dressed in her dressy dress with newly donned girdle beneath it, gulped the sperm laden lemonade down. "Welcome to you new diet," thought the evil-minded youth. In any event, Aunt Karen's fashions were an absolute delight! At the Dentist Karen had promised his mother that she would see to Billy's dentist appointment in her absence. Since Mary also was due for a check-up, she made both of them an appointment for the same day. Mary could then provide any support he needed. Karen dropped him off at the dentist's office and then when off to attend to the matters of the day. Billy was sure he didn't need any support, but a chance to be with his attractive nineteen year old cousin was worth the trouble. Well, she was due at any minute. Billy was in the dentist's chair and the hygienist was just finishing up cleaning his teeth. The front door swung open. In stepped Mary. Wow! She had her silken light brown hair freshly styled and it hung down to her shoulders. She had just come from her summer job. She wore a light beige linen dress that ended stylishly above her knees. It looked pretty thin and cool. She had on high-heeled pumps, and (his favorite) tan-colored nylons. One quick look at her shapely calves and he could see she was wearing sheer nylon stockings. Under her light-colored dress, he could readily see that she was probably wearing Hanes stockings, the classic ones with the light-colored band at the top! He had picked up this bit of knowledge on his previous shopping trip with his aunt. There was a characteristic light line crossing her thighs, way up, and slight garter bumps. He barely managed to say, "Hi Mary, long time no see." She replied somewhat icily, "Oh, hi Billy. Let me know when you are out of the chair." The receptionist greeted her and told her she could wait in a chair right in the examination room if she preferred. So she sat. In a few minutes Billy was finished and he got up out of the dentist chair. Cleverly, he stayed and took the chair in which Mary had been seated. The chair was strategically located against the wall opposite the bottom end of the dentist chair. Billy remembered his recent good fortune at the department store. As Mary got on the chair and swung her legs over, Billy couldn't help but notice that her hem was already halfway up her thighs. The dark stocking band was already starting to show. With the bright light above, the glint of shiny garter clasps showed through the thin linen material. No slip! The dental technician set out her tools and prepared to check Mary's teeth against the dental charts. Ann, the technician, was absorbed in her work and didn't pay any attention to the young boy at the foot of the chair. Mary faced up towards the ceiling and was slightly occupied with a drain tube in her wide open mouth. Done with the cursory check of Mary's teeth, Ann worked for the next 15 minutes cleaning and scraping. Meanwhile, Mary's legs were splayed open, providing a nice view up her legs, past the stocking tops and garter clasps, up her white garter straps, and to her sheer panties. There was just enough ambient light so he could see a dark, moist patch. The scraping of her teeth made her squirm and adjust her position on the chair, sometimes causing her to raise her knees a bit. As Ann began polishing her teeth, Mary unconsciously played with her legs by opening them up, almost a foot apart at her knees. Ann had no idea what was happening since she was facing Mary's head as she worked. Billy took the bait and slowly moved his eyes up her legs starting from her nylon covered ankles. She didn't notice, so he started from her ankles and worked his way up to her knees, up her thighs, and... He leaned forward in his chair and ventured higher, right behind Ann's back as she totally focused on Mary's teeth. He had just reached the zone above the stocking tops along the garter straps when Mary let out a slight moan, "Mmmmmm." Ann interrupted her cleaning and asked, "Are you OK?" Mary replied, "Yes, I'm fine. You just hit a sensitive spot." If Ann had turned around that moment, she would have caught him with his hands in the cookie jar! Ann returned to her work and, in a slight sweat, Billy returned to his. Ann said, "I'm almost done. Should be another few minutes." Mary looked over to him for a moment with a slight frown as she realized her position was practically inviting him to take in the leg show. He smiled victoriously. Then his hand immediately reached the ultimate prize and stroked the incredibly smooth sheer nylon covering her ankles and calves, feeling the smooth skin ust below. Mary was clearly aware of being 'felt up', but tried to maintain her composure. She squeezed her legs together and let out a long breath as quietly as she could through her gaping mouth crowded with a tube and Ann's instruments. He had reached above her knees and his hand was trapped for a moment, but she slowly released the pressure. He slipped his hand out, just as Ann announced that she was done. He had enough presence of mind to pull down Mary's skirt hem and hand over a paper cup with water to her so she could rinse out her mouth. Ann looked over her job and seemed satisfied. She raised the chair so Mary could get up, asked him to help her up and left the room. Mary spit out her rinse water and looked over his way. "You got a nice feel, you little pervert." With that, she slowly got off the chair, pulled the hem of her skirt back down over her stocking tops, and retorted in a huff. "You wait until our next little encounter...I can't wait to get even!" Billy could hardly wait. 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Adaptation: The Delights of Aunt Karen - Part III The next opportunity to play came almost a week later. Uncle Carl would not be home from his club until late so Aunt Karen would fix dinner just for the two of them to eat. When Aunt Karen called, Billy came in the kitchen as she was preparing supper. The sight of her standing at the stove as Billy walked in set his mind reeling. Karen had her back to him and was still wearing the same outfit she had worn to the store earlier that day. She had on a white long sleeve blouse, a belted beige tailored skirt that came to just above her knees, sheer dark brown nylon stockings, and brown leather high heel pumps with at least three and one-half inch heels. The sight of his aunt dressed like that gave him a hard-on and Billy had to adjust his pants. She turned her head back over her shoulder, looked at him and said "Supper is almost ready. Go wash up and sit down." With Uncle Carl out for the evening, Billy didn't want to appear too eager to play cops and robbers again and he didn't know exactly how, or if, he should bring the subject up. But as they ate Aunt Karen's breasts pointed across the table at him, and, full of boyish charm, Billy said, "Well, are we going to play again?" His comment caught her off guard and she said, "Play again?" Billy said, "You know, cops and robbers. You said you wanted to play again sometime." This was perhaps a little exaggeration of the truth. She said, "Er, oh yes, I guess I did say that. Sure, we can play." This was way too good to be true! Smiling, Aunt Karen asked if Billy had a another idea for a 'different' story they could act out, with the emphasis on 'different'. The answer was "Oh, yes, you bet I do." Instead Billy told her to let him think about it while they ate. After supper Aunt Karen began clearing away the table and putting dishes in the sink. While she did this Billy explained his idea for the game. He showed her a comic book he was reading. Aunt Karen would be the wife of the richest man in town. A man would kidnap her, take her to his hide-out and hold her for ransom. The kidnapper would have to leave her there while he went to deliver his ransom demands and collect the ransom. As Aunt Karen cleared the last dish from the table she said, "It sounds like I might spend the whole game tied up again". Billy said, "Well you said you like the game to have a real feeling. But, we can change the game or make up a different story..." Aunt Karen said, "No, if it's what you think best, I guess the kidnaping story will be okay. How do we start?" Billy said that he would capture her and put her in his car and pretend to drive to his hide-out. He would then take her out of the car and into his hide-out, hold her there while he made the ransom demands, and picked the ransom up. Aunt Karen said "Okay". She added that it would take her about fifteen minutes to finish up the dishes. Billy said that while she finished the dishes he would go arrange some 'props' and hide in the living room which would serve as the garage for the evening. Billy told her when she finished to come into the 'garage' and the man would surprise her and kidnap her. Billy arranged two dining room chairs in front of the sofa to be a pretend car and waited for Aunt Karen to come in. As she opened the door leading from the kitchen to the 'garage', Billy hid behind the door. Once she had stepped through the door Billy stepped up behind her and stuck the barrel of his toy pistol into her back and said, "Don't move and don't make a sound". Aunt Karen, sounding startled, started to turn around saying, "What the heck is this and who are you". Billy pushed her shoulder and told her not to turn around. He got a tight grip on her right arm and stepped up close behind her and held his pistol where she could see it. Aunt Karen then totally surprised him by stomping the top of his right foot with the spike heel of her left shoe. Fortunately she didn't stomp very hard or Billy might have had her shoe sticking out of the top of his foot. She then tried to pull away from him, however, his angry reaction to having his foot almost impaled was to tighten his grip on her arm. Holding on to her as she tried to pull away he stuck his gun hard against her back and said in his best gangster voice "Okay, lady, one more stunt like that and I'll use the butt of this pistol against the back of you head. Now stand still and you won't get hurt. And don't try and look around at me." Aunt Karen said, "Okay, I won't try anything. Who are you? Just take what you want and leave." Billy answered, "It's best for you that you don't know who I am or what I look like. And, what I came here to take is you". With that Aunt Karen gave a half hearted tug against the grip Billy had on her arm and said, "Take me. What for?" Billy said, "Well, your husband's rich and I'm not. If he wants you back when I leave town I'll be rich too." Aunt Karen said, "You're kidnapping me?" Billy said "You catch on quick. If you do what your told you wont get hurt. I have nothing to gain by hurting you. If your husband does what he is told you'll be home safe and sound before you know it. Now we're going to have to take a little ride. And, since I can't take a chance on you getting any funny ideas while I'm driving I'm going to have to tie you up." Aunt Karen said, "Okay, I understand" She then placed her hands behind her back. Billy said "That's good, but first take this." Billy handed her a black scarf. He watched her finger it nervously, then said "Take this and tie it over your eyes good and tight." Aunt Karen hesitated, but then took the scarf, folded in into a roll and blindfolded herself with it. Next Billy placed two handkerchiefs in her hand telling her, "Put those in you mouth". Aunt Karen said "Please don't gag me. I promise I'll be quiet." Billy said "Well, putting these handkerchiefs in you mouth will help you keep that promise. Now put them in you mouth." With that Aunt Karen stuffed one of the handkerchiefs into her mouth. Billy then prodded her with the barrel of his pistol and told her to put the other one in. Aunt Karen then stuffed the second handkerchief into her mouth. Billy handed her another black scarf and said "Take this and tie it in your mouth to hold the handkerchiefs in place. And, make it good and tight. If I have to redo it you won't like it." Aunt Karen took the scarf and really gagged herself with it. She actually did cinch it tight when she tied it off, it actually looked tighter then the one Billy had tied the last time they played. Now that she had blindfolded and gagged herself, Billy quickly instructed her to put her hands behind her back. This time he tied her wrists together palm to palm. It just seemed to make it easier to wrap the rope than cinch it up between her wrists. His aunt stood helpless, teetering slightly on her high heels, bound, blindfolded and gagged. He then took a long length of rope and wrapped it around her upper body and arms. Wrapping the rope above and below her breasts stretched the material of her blouse tightly over her breasts and framed them nicely between the rope. It was then Billy realized one bonus to tying a girls wrists palm to palm was to cause her chest to lift slightly up and trust slightly out. Feeling secure due to his aunt's bound and blindfolded position, he managed to deftly unbutton the button over her bra without her knowing it. The sight of her ample breasts bulging against the tightly stretched fabric of her blouse was, for this twelve year old, a major turn on. At least with her blindfolded, he wouldn't have to spend the rest of the night trying to hide the bulge in his pants. Billy led Aunt Karen over to the 'car' and helped her sit down in the sofa which served as the back seat. Blindfolded and bound while wearing her high heels, she had to rely on Billy's lead. He enjoyed touching her body as well as the sense of power he got as the helpless woman followed his lead. He then tied her nylon covered ankles together, letting his hands get as much feel of her legs as he dared by taking his time. Wow, what a sight. His attractive Aunt wearing a white blouse, beige skirt, sheer dark brown nylon stockings and brown leather high heels sitting on the couch bound, gagged and blindfolded. Billy had her lean over and lay down across the 'back seat' and said, "This should keep you out of sight until we get to where we're going". Billy then got in the front seat of the 'car' and pretended to drive off. He turned the chair so he could see his captive lying in the back seat. She had moved around enough trying to get comfortable that her skirt had slipped up some. Her bound ankles and brown leather high heels were fully visably and the front of her bra was on display through the unbuttoned portion of her blouse. Showing out from under the end of her skirt there was also a nice expanse of nylon covered thigh. Billy waited about fifteen minutes before he pretended to stop the car. Saying, "Well, we're finally here", he reached back and helped his aunt sit up in the seat. He untied her ankles, again taking his time and treating himself to a nice view up her skirt, and helped her out of the 'car' saying, "Come on, let's go inside". Billy led his bound captive up the stairs. He could feel the tension as the blindfolded woman ascended precariously on her high heels. Once or twice he actually grabbed her nylon covered ankle to show her where to place it. Once in her bedroom, Billy had her sit on the edge of the bed and then knelt down and began to retie her ankles. Just the sight of those legs, in those nylon stockings, and those high heels was enough to send him up the wall. Touching her legs as Billy tied them was his idea of heaven. Her tailored skirt had risen up some when she sat down on the bed. Billy could just see the beginning of the reinforced top of her nylons peeking out from under the hem of her skirt. He tied her legs together above her knees. The feel of her nylon clad legs as he pulled the cinching between her thighs was once again almost more then Billy could stand. When he finished he was actually trembling. He just stood back and looked at her for about three minutes before he began to regain some composure. Getting back in to character Billy said "We're going to be here a while. If you promise to keep quiet I'll take that gag out of your mouth". Aunt Karen nodded her head "yes". Billy untied the scarf gagging her and was again impressed by how tightly she had tied it. After the removing the scarf from between her lips, Aunt Karen tilted her head slightly back with her mouth opened wide. Billy reached in and pulled the first handkerchief out. He then had to reach way in to her mouth to get the second handkerchief. This was almost as big a turn-on as putting the gag in her mouth. Aunt Karen worked her jaws around a little and licked her lips. Billy asked her if she would like a drink. She again nodded her head "yes" rather then speaking. He guessed she was taking her promise to keep quiet seriously. Billy held a glass of water up to her lips and let her drink. He tilted the glass just a little too much so water drooled down her chin, spotting her blouse and skirt. Satisfied with his little act of 'punishment', he waited a few minutes before pretending to come back in to the room. "It's time for me to go let your husband know I have you and what it's going to take for him to get you back. Since I'm going to have to leave you on your own for a little while, I'm going to have to put the gag back in your mouth. Do you want another drink of water first?" Aunt Karen nodded "yes" again. Billy mumbled something about refilling it. Instead he quietly lowered the zipper of his pants, took out his c*ck and dangled it in the water. He then held the glass to her lips and let her get a couple of swallows. Aunt Karen's drinking my dick wash he thought to himself greedily. Meanwhile, the helpless Karen sat unknowingly on the edge of the bed blindfolded, arms tied behind her, and those legs in their nylon stockings and those high heels barely touching the floor. Her tailored skirt had now risen up some more and Billy could just see almost all of the darker top bands of her nylons beneath the hem of her skirt. Billy picked up the handkerchiefs and placed the first one against her lips. Before he could tell her to open up Aunt Karen opened her mouth to accept the gag. He shoved the first handkerchief in followed by the second one. He then took the scarf and placed it between her lips. As he was tying the first overhand knot in the scarf behind her head he said "You've been good so far so I kind of hate to do this but I can't chance you getting any funny ideas while I'm gone so I'm going to have to tie this gag really tight". With that he pulled the two ends of the scarf as hard as he dared, cinching it deep into her packed mouth. Aunt Karen let a muffled grunt out through the gag. The corners of her mouth looked like they were pulled almost back to her ears. Billy secured the scarf with a second overhand knot. Giving her a gentle push on the shoulder Billy told her to lay back on the bed. He then took her bound ankles and pulled them around so that she was now stretched out length wise on the bed. He told her to roll over onto her stomach, helping her do so. He then took a length of rope and looped it around her bound ankles, cinched it tight, and ran the other end between her bound wrists. He drew her ankles up until the back of her high heel pumps were touching her finger tips and tied it off. He pretended to leave by shutting the bedroom door real loud. Of course Billy didn't leave. His eyes were riveted to the hogtied vision that lay before him. Aunt Karen appeared to try and struggle a little. There were some strained muffled grunts that barely escaped through her gag as she strained against her ropes. After a couple of minutes she realized that she wasn't able to move at all and just lay there. Her breathing seemed to be more labored because of the tightness of the gag in her mouth. Billy debated how long he should wait before pretending to return. Aunt Karen had already been tied up for almost an hour already. One thing her futile attempts at struggling did accomplish was to cause her skirt to hike further up her legs. Fully half of the reinforced tops of her stockings were now visible. Billy could not resist, he took the handkerchief from his pocket and placed in over the end of his still exposed, and now hard c*ck. Looking at his bound aunt, he jerked off as quietly as he could right into the handkerchief. Finished, he wadded up the cum filled cloth. After fifteen minutes Billy opened and shut the door pretending to return. "Well, now if your husband can just follow instructions then I will be out of here, you'll be safely home, your husband will be poorer, and I'll be richer." Billy touched her backside as he said "Well, I see you stayed right where I left you. Just a minute and I will let you stretch out". He then let her out of the hog-tie. Billy rolled her back over on to her back, swung her legs back around so her feet were on the floor, and helped her sit up. After about a minute Aunt Karen forced a long low muffled grunt out through her gag. Billy said "You want the gag out of your mouth again?" Aunt Karen nodded feverously, "yes". Billy said 'OK, but remember not a sound. And, when I leave to go pick up the ransom I have to put it back in just as tight. Understood?" Aunt Karen again nodded "yes", this time with less certainty. Billy moved her hair out of the way so he could get to the knot holding the scarf in place. He really had tied it tight and he was having to work at getting it loose. Aunt Karen bent her head slightly forward to help him get a better angle on the knot. Being that close to her was intoxicating. As he worked on getting the knot loose Billy was brushing up against her bound arms. He could smell her perfume. He looked down at the sight of her blindfolded eyes and gagged mouth, her breasts framed by ropes above and below straining against the fabric of her blouse. The reinforced tops of her stockings, the white rope binding her legs contrasting against the sheer brown nylon of her stockings culminating in the sheen of her brown leather pumps. Billy actually felt himself getting dizzy when the first knot came loose and brought him back out of his dazed thoughts. The final knot came loose and as it did Aunt Karen let out a groan of relief. She lifted her head and as Billy pulled the scarf from between her lips he noticed that her chin was wet. He then noticed a long strand of spit suspended from her chin. When Billy pulled the first handkerchief out of her mouth he understood why she had been drooling. The handkerchief was soaking wet. The second handkerchief was packed deep in her mouth and it also was soaking wet. Aunt Karen retched slightly as Billy pulled the second handkerchief out. He let her drool fall on her skirt, soiling it. Billy thought "Oh boy, this is it. Little Billy got carried away. Game over." Aunt Karen coughed a couple of times, moving her jaws around some like she was testing to see if they still worked, and licked her lips. Strangely, she didn't say anything. Billy quickly held the glass of water to her lips and said "Here, drink". She took a couple of big swallows. He pulled the glass away and asked her if she wanted more and she nodded "yes". As she drank Billy said "Sorry about having to leave you like that but I have a lot ridding on this little caper and I am not about to take any chances". Billy waited another ten minutes before announcing that it was time for him to go pick up the ransom. "If everything goes okay then two hours after I have the money, I'll make a quick call and tell your husband where he can find you". For the first time Aunt Karen spoke, "What if everything doesn't go okay?" Billy said "If I get caught then I'll tell them where to find you. Only you won't be there. I set up another hide out to make it look like I was holding you there. When they get there they will find food that has been eaten, a glass of water with your lipstick on it, ropes and cloth to look like someone had been tied up. They will even find one of your earrings. I will claim that I left you tied up there and don't know what could have happened to you. Of course you will still be here tightly bound and gagged. And, here you will stay until, well, you know. So, you better be thinking good thoughts, praying that your husband doesn't do something stupid, and that I don't get caught". Billy asked her if she wanted another drink before he left. Aunt Karen had her head tilted slightly downward and whispered "Please let me go". Billy had gotten two dry handkerchiefs. He pressed one to her lips and said "Open up". She didn't. Billy pressed the handkerchief more firmly against her lips and she turned her head away keeping her mouth tightly clamped shut. Billy said "Look, we can do this the hard way or the easy way but one way or another this gag is going in your mouth". Billy pressed the handkerchief against her lips again and this time her mouth parted just enough for him to push the handkerchief in. Billy picked up the second one, but then paused. "I'll fix you," he thought. Putting the clean handkerchief in his pocket, he grabbed the cum soaked one and packed that one in her mouth, placed the scarf between her lips, and pulled it around behind her head. He took his left hand and pushed slightly forward on her head. Taking the hint Aunt Karen tilted her head forward. Billy moved her hair away from the nape of her neck and knotted the scarf, again pulling it as tight as he could before tying it off with a second overhand knot. "Now you can slowly drink my cum," he thought to himself. Billy again had her lay back on the bed and as before moved her legs around so she was once again laying lengthwise on the bed. Rolling her over Billy again hog-tied her so her heels were touching her hands. Aunt Karen had been tied up for more then an hour and thirty minutes at this point. Billy knew she had to be very uncomfortable, but he was torn between ending the game or enjoying the sight of her hogtied on the bed. He wondered if she could taste his cum yet. The last time Billy rolled her over her skirt had finally ridden up enough that Billy could see just a hint of her creamy white skin above her stocking tops and the black tab from what had to be a black garter belt attached to the back of her stockings. Billy just bet she was wearing black panties as well. He decided, what the heck, she can take this for another few minutes. Finally Billy went out to the hallway and pretended to be her husband coming to look for her after paying the ransom and getting a call from the kidnaper. He loudly called her name and burst through the door and said "Karen!" He heard but the faintest of "uhhgaa's" coming from her. He thought to himself "Gee, I did tie that gag tight". He immediately untied her wrists from her ankles and helped her to sit up on the side of the bed again. Billy took mercy on her and began untying her gag. It took about five minutes to work the knots loose. Finally he pulled the scarf from her mouth. Again the handkerchiefs had been compressed well back into her mouth. He had to reach his fingers deep into her mouth to pull the handkerchief out. The second handkerchief was about as far back in to her mouth as it could be without it actually going down her throat. Reaching in to pull the second handkerchief out he could feel Aunt Karen's throat produce a couple of involuntary gagging sensations. As the handkerchief came free she again produced a retching sound along with another involuntary gagging sensation. This was followed by some coughing and sucking in a couple of deep gulps of air. Much to his surprise Aunt Karen didn't immediately tear in to him about how tightly he had tied, and especially how tight he had gagged, her. Instead Aunt Karen stayed in character said, "Dear, thank God you found me". Playing husband, and breathing a huge sigh of relief, Billy said "Don't worry, honey everything's going to be okay. I'll have you out of this in no time." Billy left the blind fold on and began untying her legs. With her skirt still hiked up past her stocking tops he didn't want to take a chance on missing this opportunity to indulge himself. Once he finally freed her arms and wrists Billy removed the blindfold. Aunt Karen surprised him by not immediately jumping up to pull her skirt down. Instead she remained seated on the bed and said, "Wow, that was something. I really felt like I had been kidnapped. It started to seem so real to me that when you were talking about going for the ransom I forgot for a minute that we were only playing a game. But, dear, you were a little rough with me..." Then she said "Billy, I am really thirsty. And I've got a funny taste in my mouth. Let's go down to the kitchen and get a snack and something to drink." As she stood up she finally focused on her skirt and quickly pulled her skirt down as she walked down the hall. What a sight that was from the back. This forty-something year old goddess, with this fantastic ass walking down the hall in high heel pumps, dark brown nylon stockings, tugging a skirt down that was up past her stocking tops just like it was a private show for him. Once Billy was able to stand up and walk he joined her in the kitchen. They ate a piece of pie and talked more about the game they had just played. It was amazing. There was no "Why did you have to tie me so tight? Why did you gag me like that? Why did you keep me tied up so long?" There was nothing about did Billy enjoy looking at her with her skirt hiked up or anything like that. She was accepting of the game and the role playing. Getting tied up and gagged to her was apparently nothing more than her part of the game, a way to make it seem more realistic. Billy told her if they played again that it was her turn to make up a story to act out. Aunt Karen paused for a moment and then cautiously said, "Okay". Billy wondered if the story she would make up would somehow involve her getting tied up. By the time Uncle Carl got home Aunt Karen and Billy had already gone to bed. Which was good, because as Billy had watched Aunt Karen get up from the kitchen table and head for her room the red rope marks around her legs were still quite visible through her stockings and there were still very visible lines around her cheeks from the gag. Lingerie Show Two days later, Karen Stone and nephew, Billy had sat at the kitchen table for some time. She was working on the household accounts. They had become quite good friends during his stay. Billy thought she was very attractive, but he knew that at his young age she wasn't attracted to him, however Billy was happy just being around his attractive aunt. He had, however noticed that since the second 'tying-up game, his aunt had at first been a bit standoffish. When he had made a veiled reference to her behavior change, she had immediately begun catering to his seeming ever whim. She had a tendency to dress for style rather than for comfort; which was a little unusual in a role where she only talked to the grocer or delivery man, but it was really nice to see her on the occasions when she did really dress up. Like the day they both got caught. Karen had come in room wearing a powder blue two piece business suit and with a several inches added to her height by her tall high-heeled pumps. Billy guessed she was going somewhere later in the day, maybe a tea or dinner party or something. The young boy noticed that her white blouse, which peeked out of the front of her jacket was silky and trimmed with a lot of lace, in fact, it looked like a slip. Even at his young age, Billy had had a thing about slips for as long as he could remember, at least from the time that he had been introduced to the sensual nature of the female undergarment by his cousin, Mary. Karen's legs were wrapped in dark gray brown nylon with a sheen running down the sides of her legs. Thankfully Aunt Karen almost always wore nylon stockings! Billy told her that she looked great in the blue dress. He was learning well how to manipulate women, and his attractive aunt, in particular, by using a combination of innocence and flattery. Women were suckers for a compliment. "I like your blouse, too..." "Oh, thank you, Billy. But,, it's not a blouse, it's my slip." Karen Stone blushed just a bit as she spoke, but after all, he was her nephew. And what a polite young man he was becoming. Wow!! Before he could catch himself, Billy started to tell her about this thing he had about slips; the time he had spent looking in the catalogues. He was afraid she would find it amusing, or worse yet embarrassing or take it the wrong way. But she didn't make fun of him for it. She just smiled. As they were talking she dropped her pen, down on the side away from him. As she leaned over in her chair to reach the pen she turned half away from him and stretched down. As her thighs rose off her chair, her skirt rode up her behind, Yes!! There really were the upper reaches of her stockings, exposed full up to the darker top band. The problem was, Billy didn't just think, Yes!! There really were Aunt Karen's stocking tops, he actually blurted out, "Yes!! There really are tops of your stockings!" Aunt Karen looked at him with surprise and sudden contempt. She sat square in her chair and pulled her skirt up so that Billy could see the lacy hem of her slip just covering the top of her stockings. The dark nylon and the bump of the garter clasp were clearly visible through the smooth white silk that was drawn tight across her thigh. "Is this what you like to look at? Does this actually excite you?" she asked. "To be truthful, Aunt Karen, it drives me wild! I guess, I, er, get, ah, curious." "Well, Billy, maybe I should pull my skirt back down; for my own safety," she teased as she slid her bottom forward in her chair, exposing even more of the smooth silk. Billy was about to say that she could pull her skirt all the way down, down to the floor, but she saved him from saying too much too soon by suddenly sitting up straight and pulling the skirt back to where it should be, and no further, and saying primly, "Billy, I think that's enough of that!" She turned back to her work and Billy to reading his comic book, but his heart wasn't in it and Billy found it difficult to concentrate. Aunt Karen, too, wasn't concentrating, although to look at her Billy would have thought that she was so engrossed in her work that she hadn't realized that her skirt had ridden up again and her stocking tops were on view once more. As she reached for things on the table she would wriggle her bottom around and work her skirt up higher. Obviously she had found the earlier "slip show" more of a housewife's flattery than she would admit and now she was in full tease mode. Billy pretended not to notice. She "accidentally" showed some more upper thigh and silky slip. Still Billy outwardly showed no interest. He could tell that this was really bugging her. He had discovered a new variable - disinterest, to add to innocence and flattery! Eventually Billy's lack of interest got to be too much for her and Karen swung her chair around to face the young boy while rocking back and raising her knees to the height of her face and, at the same time, opening her legs!! "Do you like these stockings?", she asked. "Oh boy!!" Billy replied, swinging his own chair to face her. Her panties were white and silky with a lace trim and a perfect match for the slip, which was providing a soft feminine frame to this wonderful view of panties, stockings and garter straps. His aunt ran her fingers over the front of the upraised slip and said, "Look, my slip match my lingerie." Billy was looking, mouth agape!! Her fingers slipped over the smooth material and hooked under at the side. As she stroked herself Billy nearly exploded. She had got herself so worked up that she had forgotten that they were at home and that her family, or anyone else could walk in at any moment. She had her adoring nephew under her spell and that she was giving him a little 'thrill' was all that mattered to her now. The lovely homemaker stood up and reaching down to its hem, she slowly, oh so slowly, eased her powder blue skirt up, all the way to her waist. Then she did the same with her slip, pulling it slowly up to uncover the tops of her stockings. Billy just sat silent and transfixed. The youth was trying to store every detail in his memory. Her panties were fully exposed now and she turned her back to him before bending forwards from the waist. The silky material of her panties stretched tight across her exquisite bottom. His jaw was so slack that his tongue was reaching the floor. She wriggled her hips, Billy was moaning with delight as her buttocks swayed under the screen of shiny silk. Her next move was to stand up straight again and turn back towards him. She smoothed her skirt back into place and started to unbutton her suit jacket top. Billy had no idea if she had ever visited any "places of erotic entertainment" or whether she was just a natural, but she sure knew how to strip in the most seductive and tantalizing manner. As the jacket opened Billy gasped as he realized that she wore a skimpy, low cut bra under that clinging, unruffled, lustrous slip. Her own excitement was obvious as her nipples stood out beneath the material like chapel hat-pegs. Once the jacket hit the table, she started to unfasten her skirt and slid it down her thighs to reveal the whole of the slip and the lace of the hem that just covered her stocking tops. Kicking the discarded skirt clear with her high-heeled foot, she began to dance around the room, bending and stretching, and spinning around so that the slip flew up to expose her thighs and the naked flesh between stocking tops and panties. Billy was now paralyzed, totally incapable of movement. Then she stopped, right in front of him, and, gathering the slip at her waist, she inched the hem upwards with an exquisite and infinite slowness until her panties were fully revealed, only a few short inches from his face. By now Billy was in grave danger of forgetting to breathe. She held the slip up for about a minute to let him drink in all the detail of her lingerie, before letting it drop back into place. Now she turned her back on him and reaching up under the slip she began to remove her panties. Again it was all done slowly and carefully, but she was unable to avoid giving him the quick glimpse of her beautiful bottom. As she stepped out of the panties she turned back towards her nephew. What would happen next? What happened was her delivery man walked in at that moment. Now, Billy knew what they were doing was not really permissible in the family and that they should have been paying more attention to their work, but he thought instant rage was going a little far, even if they were, aunt and nephew. Somehow, things smoothed over and Billy got through the next day. That night he lay in his room and thought about the little slip. It was devastating. The stocking top and little piece of garter strap was the ultimate indicator of availability, sin, excitement and adventure. That apparently innocent and mistaken display of a just a little bit of stocking top enabled the normally modest woman, his aunt, to play the "teaser" while maintaining the "proper lady image" and it was a recipe that no man, young or old, could resist. Just as lethal was the clingy and rather short slip with the lacy hem that struggled valiantly and quite unsuccessfully to cover those same stocking tops and which, more deliciously still, also failed to conceal the garter straps properly, while clinging indecently to her breasts, hips, thighs and bottom. The nylon slip covered everything but nothing at all. A nice lady like Aunt Karen wore slips which made her into a naughty lady and that was very nice. Finally, it was time. She came to the door in an ivory dressing gown that swept just at her knees, her light colored hair styled and curling around her neck. As she moved, Billy could see that she also had on gray-brown stockings and high-heeled pumps. Her garter clips made tiny bumps through the filmy fabric as a passing breeze pressed its fabric against her thighs. Billy didn't remember much else about that night because he was in sensory overload, awash in sensations and passions Billy never knew he could harbor. The room was softly lit by several table lamps, a gentle breeze blowing through the open windows cooling things and soft music was playing on the radio. Billy remembered they talked and laughed, but he could not recall what was said and suddenly they were embracing and the dressing gown fell open and slipped to the floor and the lovely woman was wearing a matching ivory slip that outlined every curve in gleaming nylon and highlighted her body's secret mysteries in cobwebs of lace. Up until that moment, Billy had not considered a slip as instruments of seduction, but rather as an obstacle that must be either removed or bypassed to reach the prime objective. But as with everything about Karen, that seductive slip added a new level of erotic sensation. Billy could savor the feel of her stiffening nipples through the soft lace, the warmth of her skin through the smooth ivory nylon and the slight pulls and hitches as the delicate material snagged on her garters. Coupled with that was the feeling of her scented fullness against his body and the unbelievable sensations of her kisses - delicate and soft and demanding. 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He was supposed to go home later that day. However, fortune must sometimes smile on horny kids. His mom called and said she and his dad were far enough away that they planned on having a late dinner, spending the night in a motel, and coming to the Stone's the next morning. Now Billy was beginning to wish he hadn't told Aunt Karen to come up with a story the next time they played cops and robbers. She might come up with a story that didn't even involve her getting tied up. Billy, on the other hand, would invent a story that would keep her tied up all night. The next day Billy deliberately woke up late. Aunt Karen greeted him as he came down for breakfast. He looked for an opening in the conversation, and wanted to say, "Well, are we on for a game of cops and robbers tonight"? He was curious to see how Aunt Karen would respond. Much to his disappointment he did not get the chance. He was just a little nervous about Aunt Karen's attitude after their last game. Billy spent a lot time daydreaming that day because he kept thinking about Aunt Karen and what might happen that night, if anything. Alone again for the evening, Aunt Karen fixed the two of them some dinner. She was still in her dressy 'going out' clothes. She was wearing a long sleeve, tailored shirtwaist dress with blouse top and skirt that came to just above her knees, sheer taupe colored nylon stockings, and black leather high heel pumps. As they were sitting at the table eating Billy casually asked her what she had planned for the evening. Aunt Karen said there was a charity clothes drive coming up and she needed to go through some of her clothes to decide what she might get rid of for a worth cause. Billy was somewhat disappointed in this as he had in mind the idea of Aunt Karen being tied-up again. But not totally disappointed, especially the idea of his aunt dressed the way she was and then getting undressed and re-dressed. Billy was already thinking about what was going to happen when he realized she was still talking about the evening. Billy heard her say "maybe you can find a good comic book to read." That snapped him back to reality in a hurry. Was Aunt Karen leaving him an opening? Billy was quickly at work, mentally at least. Needless to say, he did have a major hard-on after listening to Aunt Karen describe how she was going to try on dresses. All Billy could manage to say was "Sure, I'll work on that." The idea that she had actually been thinking about undressing herself made it seem as a real possibility that he might find some way to watch was something that turned him on every time he thought about it. It was difficult to contain his excitement during dinner. Once they had finished dinner Aunt Karen said, "While I'm putting the dishes away why don't you get the stuff you will need and get settled. And, I'm going up to my bedroom when I finish the dishes. My bed is handy to use to hold what I choose to set out." Billy didn't know if her mention of her bedroom was a veiled invitation, but he didn't bother to ask. Instead he got out all the comic books and magazines he had and placed everything on his aunt and uncle's bed. As Billy turned to leave the room and came face to face with Aunt Karen who said, "You'd better leave me alone now." The sight of her dressed the way she was, coupled with his erotic thoughts and the touch of her hand on his cheek was causing a major lump to form in his jeans. Billy could feel heat move from his neck up as his face flushed slightly red. He did as he was told and left the room. However, by now he was so turned on by all this that he didn't care. He went to the bathroom, urinated with some difficulty, flushed the toilet, washed his hands and casually wandered back into his aunt's bedroom. In his best little boy voice he said, "Aunt Karen, can I read in by you...please?" Karen Stone was not very enthused about having her little nephew with her in the bedroom while she was dressing and undressing. But, he was her sister's son and, after all, over the years he had been in and out of the room when the two of them were trying on a dress or something. She rationalized, and he's just lonely and a little she said, "Well, I guess that would be okay...just keep your nose in your comics and don't peek at I need to get things ready". And then she turned and walked to the closet. Jumping up on her bed there in her bedroom Billy turned his head toward his aunt and watched her as she walked. The motion of her bottom as she walked, molded by that tailored skirt, was enticing. Her perfectly shaped calves encased in sheer taupe colored nylon with those wonderful legs running from her hemlint down to the narrowness of her stockinging heel which disappeared into black leather high heel pumps was icing on the cake. The closet was constructed with hardwood floors. The sound that his aunt's high heels made on the hard surface caused him to turn his head to look towards her again. Quietly he scrunching down on the bed and was able to find a position that afforded him a full view of the closet just over the top of his comic book. After about two minutes Aunt Karen exited the closet. He was lying on the bed pretending not to be watching her get undressed for her "try-ons" and he was also getting a little excited. Karen, like all fashion conscious women was a bit of a show off...within limits. His aunt pranced boldly out into the bedroom, apparently comforted by her nephew's nose being buried in his comic book, in her best taupe colored nylon stockings...his favorites with the darker double tops, black high-heeled pumps and a garter belt and looking absolutely gorgeous with her bare-topped breasts bobbing up and down in a lacy black bra as she did things. And her panties were gorgeous too... little black clingy silk ones with which clung sexily to her bottom. That really excited him. Wearing sexy black lingerie with gartered nylon stockings to show off? That wasn't her style. With Aunt Karen everything had to fit and be "appropriate". Gorgeous as she looked in this mixture of black and taupe, she also looked like a very a lady on the cover of a pulp magazine and that was both very exciting and very worrying because his repressed desires were rearing up again. "I like the dress", Billy said cautiously as she slid a gray, short, silky and revealing number down over her body and smoothed it out. He was enthralled. It was beautiful but it left her stocking tops almost totally revealed and showed just about everything else if only by suggestion. "It isn't a dress, it's slip, you silly," she laughed, "any anyway you're not supposed to be looking." Should he have known? Well, maybe so, but he had not often seen any womona, much less his Aunt Karen Stone wear anything like that ever, certainly nothing as short and revealing. Nonetheless, he was very excited and settled back to ogle her at his leisure over his comic book as she sat at her dressing table doing her makeup, hair, and all the other womanly things that a well-groomed woman did to pretty herself. Billy watched her from the back and in the mirror in front of her. Then a strange thing happened. His lovely, lingerie clad aunt reached into a drawer and pulled out a black scarf and several nylon stockings. Billy noticed that somehow during this effort her slip hem had worked its way further up her legs. A large expanse of the darker reinforced top bands of her stockings was now showing. Aunt Karen didn't look down and notice the same thing Billy was. With her arms free she could have easily pulled her skirt back down. For some reason she didn't seem to notice even as she layed the stockings across her lap. The scarf she folded until it was several inches wide and then held it over her eyes and tied it behind her head, blindfolding herself. She then submissively folded her arms behind herself. Billy sat in stunned silence as he watched the unbelievable sight in front of him. He was hard as a rock. "I know you're peeking at me..." she said matter-fo-factly, the she softened, "but I suppose I did say I'd play a game with you." Suddenly Billy's heart was racing! Lowering her head as in a sign of submission to someone behind her, Aunt Karen said, "Please, you don't have to hurt me. I'll do whatever you say, just don't gag me...please." Then, pretending to turn toward the invisible intruder Aunt Karen said, "You want me to tie me up? Okay, Okay, I'll be good. Just, no gags." With that Aunt Karen sat on the bench and waited. Billy nearly leapt off the bed. He took one of the nylon stockings off her lap and quickly tied her wrists behind her. She was now effectively in his control being both blindfolded and wrist bound. He put his hands on her lower legs and carefully spun her around on the bench so she faced away from the dressing table. He then took the other nylon stocking and tied her nylon covered ankles together. Billy was standing there watching his stunningly beautiful lingerie clad aunt let herself be tied-up. Her hiked-up slip hem made it easier for him to tie her knees together. It was a good thing Billy was out of sight from her view. He had never been so hard in his life. A blind person could have seen the bulge in his pants. Sitting there on the edge of the bench with her stockinged legs securely bound and her eyes darkened beneath her blindfold, Aunt Karen endured Billy's fondling as slipped his hands through the twists of nylon stocking to see if they needed to be adjusted looser or tighter. It looked like a pretty snug fit to him. He then slid Aunt Karen off of the bench and proceeded to work her down onto the carpet until she was kneeling with her legs drawn up underneath her and was sitting back so that her rear end was resting on her heels. He took another stocking, doubled it in half and then raising her up off her heels into a kneeling position, ran one end of the nylon between her ankles and around the stocking binding them together. Once he had the end of the stocking back up between her ankles he passed the other end around the stocking binding her wrists together. He then pulled the stocking taught and tied it in a knot, effectively binding her wrists and ankles together. Meanwhile, Aunt Karen had twisted her upper body around just a little in an attempt ease the pressure. This had the effect of pulling her brassiere taut across her chest. Very taut. Her breasts were pushed outward, because she had her arms pulled behind her back to touch her ankles. This caused the lacy fabric of her bra to both mash and mold her breasts at the same time. It was a wonderful sight. At the same time the strain was causing her to take deeper breaths. With Billy's task finally completed Aunt Karen knelt balancing on her knees and the toes of her high-heeled pumps. Billy was enthralled watching her tied up. Also, much to his delight, when she sat back onto her heels again Billy noticed that somehow during this latest effort her slip hem had worked its way further up her legs. More than half of the darker reinforced top of her stockings were now showing. Aunt Karen couldn't look down and notice the same thing Billy was...the darker top bands of her nylon stockings! With her arms tied she could not have pulled her slip back down anyway even if she had noticed. Billy picked up the bench and set it directly in front of where Aunt Karen knelt. Blindfolded and bound at wrists and ankles, she was wearing a lacy gray slip, black lingerie, gartered nylon stockings and high heels. She could not have looked more helpless...or desirable. "Please don't gag me," she had said. Billy sat on the bench, quietly lowered his zipper and pulled out his hard, throbbing c*ck. He took one of the remaining nylons and pulled it on over his rigid member. "Hold this stocking in your mouth and I won't gag you, lady," Billy said as gruffly as he could manage in his agitated condition. After a brief pause, Karen opened her mouth and allowed a large length of nylon to be wadded into her mouth. Reaching forward he grabbed the beautiful Mrs. Karen Stone's head and guided it forward until her lips nearly met the tip of his c*ck inside the nylon. As she knelt open mouthed unable to protest due to the wad of stocking in her mouth, he stroked his c*ck inside the nylon stocking, keeping his enlarged organ as close to her face as he dared. "Suck it," he commanded silently. Submissively she knelt before him, letting his hand silently play with his youthful c*ck just outside of her mouth. Drool seeped out the corners of her mouth as the nylon dampened. She seemed to react only slightly when she tasted the ooze of his pre-cum, but in her tied position she had little freedom of movement. His youthful load of dark yellow gism came in her stocking, oozed just into her mouth, gushed again in the stocking and finished with a splatter on her slip as he grabbed himself and aimed his final release at her. Not fully aware of the degradation to which she had been submitted, Aunt Karen gagged, the yellow liquid drooling down her chin and onto her lingerie and nylon stockings. She then fell over on to her side and with some effort rolled back over on to her stomach. She was now laying on the floor in what looked to be a very effective hog-tie. When she had flopped over onto her side one of her high-heels had fallen off so she now had one shoe on and one shoe off. Her slip had completed more of its journey up her thighs. It was now up past the top of her stockings and Billy could see the tabs of her garter belt where they attached to her stockings and an expanse of creamy white flesh between the hem of her skirt and the tops of her stockings. Billy was in heaven. It was the realization that Billy felt something wet that finally brought him back to some form of reality. His pants had become soaked to the point where he was still leaking profusely and a sizable wet spot had formed in his crotch. It was then that Billy looked at the clock and realized just how long Aunt Karen had been tied-up. Movement drew his focus back to Aunt Karen. She was working her hands in an effort to try and free them from the wraps of nylon he had slipped on them. She was making a futile effort to bend her legs down closer to her wrists in an effort to provide some slack in the stocking used to cinch the coils of nylon tight around her wrist. It seemed to be a hopeless effort. Her ankles were so close to her hands already it was difficult to move her ankles closer to get any slack at all. She could only keep them bent for a few seconds and every time her ankles snapped back up the stocking cinched tighter. That's when Billy got a clammy felling all realized he better let Aunt Karen free. He pulled the wadded up nylon from her mouth and used it and his handkerchief to dab as best he could the evidence of his 'deed'. Fortunately for him the nylon stocking had caused Karen to drool nearly constantly so she was wet from her own spittle which covered up his own gism. As close as her ankles were to her wrists she had almost no play at all and the stocking cinching the nylons around her wrists had been pulled too tight. When she rolled over and her legs released from under her the cinch stocking was snapped taught and she was in as strict a hog-tie as Billy could imagine. There was very little play to allow her to bend her legs further up to release the tension on the nylons. She was really tied. His brief vision at that moment was one of Uncle Carl walking in to the bedroom and finding a hog-tied Aunt Karen with her slip up around her hips and a face full of his own cum. The effort that Aunt Karen had been putting into trying to get loose had caused her slip hem to continue rising. When she rolled over onto her side in her struggles to free herself, her hem was now hiked high enough that Billy actually had an unobstructed view of the black panties she was wearing. Her chin glistened from the mixture of saliva and cum that had seeped out of her mouth. A huge wet spot was clearly visible on the floor where her chin and mouth had been. In fact her mouth was so soaked with saliva that as she clinched her jaws, in an effort to pull her hands free and suck enough air into her lungs, small saliva air bubbles would form on the surface of her mouth. Drool would ran off her chin and down onto the floor. Once a strand of drool just hung between the corner of her mouth and the floor . She finally rolled back onto her stomach and lay there exhausted from her efforts and trying to catch her breath as best she could with a foul tasting liquid in her mouth. "Enough, Billy...untie me now," his still blindfolded aunt pleaded. She managed to roll onto her side facing away from him. Billy caught on that she wanted him to untie the stocking holding her ankles to her wrists. The same stocking which held its tight cinch on the nylon stocking around her wrists. As Billy moved to assist her, he had an added thrill. His fingers were playing around the slick leather of the one stiletto high heel she still wore and the silky nylon covering the foot that her other shoe had fallen off of. This was great. Billy could actually feel the ridges of her skin under the nylon running along the bottom of her foot and up the back of her heel. The exhilaration of this moment was not providing just a whole lot of incentive for him to untie the knot. Billy let his fingers wander around her feet while he tried to untie the knot. All the while Aunt Karen was encouraging his efforts to undo the knot. The tension on the nylon had tightened the knot considerably. The problem was Billy needed some slack in the stocking to work the knot loose and the tension of the strict hog-tie was keeping the nylon very taught. Billy hit upon the idea or bracing her feet against his chest. By bending down just a little it would push her legs into her just enough to take some of the tension out of the nylon. Getting her feet braced against his chest was the easy part. Scooting Karen while in a strict hog-tie, especially after that much time, was the hard part. Aunt Karen caught on to what Billy was trying and rolled onto her stomach to help out. Billy took his time because her efforts to roll over dragged her slip up all the way to her hips. They did get some slack in the nylon and Billy began working away at the knot. It took him five enticing minutes to finally work it loose. The sudden release of the tension on her legs as she rolled over must have been somewhat painful because even though she had a very large load of saliva her mouth she let out a very loud and very long groan as her legs straightened for the first time in almost an hour. What a sight. Here Billy was not more then three feet from a pair of gorgeous legs, encased in sheer taupe colored nylons, broken by bands of another nylon stocking around the ankles and above the knees, stocking tops fully exposed, garter belt straps leading up six inches of creamy white thighs and disappearing under a gray slip that was bunched up around her ass. After a while Aunt Karen rolled over onto her back and with some effort raised herself up into a sitting position. She inched her way toward him and began talking and motioning with her fingers. If was hard for him to pull his gaze away from the bound legs that were now right next to him. Realizing she wanted him to help her work the nylon cinching her wrists loose, Billy tore himself away from wanting to rub his face against her thighs. With her working her wrists furiously and him tugging at the nylon stocking it finally loosened and her hands pulled free. Aunt Karen worked her arms around in front of her and sat there for a couple of minutes rubbing her wrists trying to get circulation back into them. Next she removed her blindfold and looked up at him. Her chin was still glistening wet from the almost constant drool that had seeped from her. Satisfied that she could now take care of getting the stocking off her arms Aunt Karen went about the business of fining untying herself. Billy just stood there and watched. She still had made no effort what so ever to pull her slip down. When she bent over and reached down to start untying her ankles a large amount of drool spilled from her mouth and trailed down to her slip and stockings. She took one hand and wiped it away. By the time Aunt Karen finished untying her ankles Billy was sitting above her on the bed. Billy kept an eye on Aunt Karen as she untied the stocking above her knees. Red marks were circling her wrist. As she fumbled with the knot his eyes were still drawn to her legs. Her slip was still up so her stockings and garters were still fully exposed. Finally the knot came loose. Billy was being too obvious and Aunt Karen finally realized that he was staring at her legs. Rather then getting upset she instead gave him a raised eyebrow, smiled, stood up, kicked off her other shoe, pulled her slip down and headed for the bathroom on legs that were still somewhat wobbly. Billy headed to the kitchen for a drink of water. Billy was sitting in the kitchen when Aunt Karen walked in about thirty minutes later. She got a glass of water and sat down. After taking a long drink she looked at him and said, "I trust you enjoyed out little game?" Billy said, "Yes, what about you?" Aunt Karen again raised an eyebrow. He then said, "I'm, er... sorry. I never imagined that I get so carried away or that you wouldn't be able to get loose. I only intended for you to stay tied up for about a half-hour. If I ever do that again I'll certainly know what not to do". Before she could reply Billy said, "I realized you were wanting to be untied. All I could think of was what would Uncle Carl think when he got home and found you." Aunt Karen said, "I know. I was thinking the same thing and how was I going to explain it. I mean, how embarrassing, not just being found tied-up but in my slip with the hem all pulled up like that. And, having to confess that I had practically asked you to tie me up like that". Billy said, "I don't think Uncle Carl would be very understanding". Aunt Karen added, "Well, I don't know about your Uncle, but I'm sure your mother would". Billy questioned, "My mother?" Aunt Karen said, "Oh, sure. Your mom and I being the daughters, and having to watch after the kids, were always getting tied up as part of our brother's games." Billy told her he had no idea she and his mom had played these kind of games as a child. Aunt Karen said, "I think it must be a phase all young boys go through". Billy questioned, "phase?" She said, "You know, wanting to tie girls up." Billy didn't reply to that. It was no wonder Aunt Karen hadn't had a problem with being tied up as part of their games. She just figured Billy was in that phase where he liked to tie girls up and she was the girl of the moment. She then asked, "You mean you have never tied your mom up"? Billy said. "No, I never thought about asking mom to play any of our games." Then Billy said, "Well, if you like to act out stories that feel real, you have to admit this certainly turned out to be very real". Aunt Karen laughed and said, "Yes, it did, a little too real. Maybe I should have practiced tying myself up before I actually did it." Billy said, "A real burglar couldn't have done better." Billy said, "If we ever play this game again...". Aunt Karen laughed and said, "I think probably you and I have had enough tying...but in any event, I'll leave the tying to you." Billy thought his heart stopped momentarily when she said that. Then Aunt Karen said, "Come on I need to take care of those wet spots on the floor. That stocking you stuffing in my mouth certainly made me tasted kind of funny, too. They took a damp cloth and wiped the spots where Karen had drooled all over it. If Billy had been older then twelve there would have been another more embarrassing wet spot. By the time his parents came back the next day the floor was dry and vacuumed back to normal. Aunt Karen had changed into a pair of slacks because there were still red marks visible on her legs. She wore long sleeves and was careful not to let the cuff of her shirt ride up to reveal the hint of red nylon tie marks around her wrists. Aunt Karen - Epilogue Unfortunately Billy never had another opportunity to tie Aunt Karen up. Even though there was a wide difference in their ages they always remained close. Billy always thought that was because of the games they had played and especially the night Karen almost didn't get untied. Although they never talked about the games they had played. Billy often wondered how Aunt Karen had felt about being tied up. She must have not minded it too much or she would not have agreed to play "Cops and Robbers" the second time much less the third time. Billy remembered that she had told him knew about tie-up games and she must have grown up thinking it wasn't unusual for boys to play games where the girl gets tied up. She had seemed to get in to the role playing more than he might of thought. Billy often wondered if she had any idea just how much he really did like seeing girls tied up and liked tying them up even more. He treasured the memories of when he tied her up playing cops and robbers. He was sure Aunt Karen would be more than shocked if she knew how many times Billy had masturbated while he recalled a vision of her, his beautiful aunt, bound and gagged in her lingerie, stockings and high heels. -- Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated. +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | ------ send stories to: <>| | FAQ: <> Moderators: <> | +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+ |ASSM Archive at <> Hosted by <> | |Discuss this story and others in; look for subject {ASSD}| +---------------------------------------------------------------------------+

BillyMar 30 2017 1:18pm
My Aunt Karen (Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2000) This story was submitted anonymously. My intense foot fetish started at the age of 14. Be aware that I am only 18, so my fetish came about recently. Throughout these years, I've found myself smelling neighbors' shoes and looking at women's feet in the mall, work and even in school. Only recently have I found out what is the fuel to my fire; my aunt Karen's amazing feet. It all started last year just after I had turned 18. My parents had to go out of town and I had to stay with her for the weekend. Aunt Karen is married, but my uncle was on one of his yearly fishing trips, so he went without her. On the day that my parents left, I had to go downtown to where she worked and wait for her to finish. Now I had never thought that my aunt was sexy. Don't get me wrong. She is very pretty with a great body, but I just didn't think that I was into her until that weekend. I went to meet her at work and sat there for an hour. Then we went home. Upon arriving home, she asked if I was hungry and I told her that I wasn't. She told me that I could watch tv, so I did. She came into the room about 5 minutes later to check up on me and to see if I needed anything. When she came into the room, I noticed that she had her shoes off and was wearing blue hose. The foot fetishist in me took a gander, but what I saw wasn't what I had expected. I saw my aunts nylon clad feet and her red  toenails to be the most attractive feet that I had ever seen. I began to stare and she asked me what was wrong. I replied, "nothing" and that was that. The weekend flew bye and I had to go home. I masturbated to my aunt's feet numerous times in my fantasies while I was there. But I thought to myself that I had wasted an opportunity to kiss them. Finally the time came to go to my cousin's wedding. I thought about seeing my aunt's feet in hose and it got me hard. The whole week was jam-packed and I noticed that my aunt was wearing sandals with hose all the time, not that I was one to complain. The nite before the wedding, we all went out to dinner. my aunt of course wore a black dress and black hose with matching heels. At dinner, she sat next to me. The dinner was going great until my aunt leaned over and whispered in my ear, "You're bad." Confused, I replied, "Why?" She responded by saying, "Looking at your aunt's feet the way you do." Fightened and confused, I said, "no I don't" and continued eating. After dinner was over, we went to our hotel rooms. My mom and dad and I were in one room, and my aunt and grandma were in another room. When we got home, my grandma stayed in our room while my aunt went to hers. My gram asked me to run her purse to her room and I had no problem doing it. I knocked on the door and my aunt answered in her hose with no heels. I entered her room, staring at her feet, and told her why I was there. As I was leaving, I noticed her shoes in the bathroom, so I went in and closed the door. I took my hard c*ck out and smelled and licked her shoes, fantasizing that they were my aunt's feet. I put one on my c*ck, while licking the other. As I continued masturbating, my aunt opened the door and said, "You pervert. I knew it." Stunned, I sat there with my hard c*ck in full view, and then to my great surprise, she sat on the toilet and told me that she knew I loved her feet and had a foot fetish. She sat on the toilet and demanded that I kiss her feet. I took them into my mouth and sucked them. They tasted and smelled so good. After that, she gave me a footjob as I watched her finger her pussy. I felt my load rushing. Finally she stroked her last strokes and I came all over her feet, covering her toes and ankles. After we had finished, she gave me a kiss and said, "Good night." I still see my aunt almost every week now, and when we have the time, I worship her feet. This story was submitted anonymously. Back to the Story Gallery Great Feet Foot Fetish Menu

KevinMar 30 2017 1:23pm
Board indexArchivesMore intimate TUGs ArchiveMore... intimate TUGs 9/21/11 - 7/1/14Fictional intimate TUGs Search Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) Moderator: AlexUSA Post Reply Unsubscribe topic Bookmark topic Print view  SearchAdvanced search First unread post • 29 posts • Page 1 of 1 WishPaladin TUGs Member Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) PostSun Dec 16, 2012 8:37 am Here's another fictional intimate story. My plan is to alternate between the point of view of the brother and the sister. ********************************************************************************************** <Brother's POV> Eight o'clock in the evening. Karen, my 16-year-old stepsister, was lying on her bed. She was wearing some dark blue pajama-shirt and shorts. I had entered her room to ask if I could borrow her scissors for an assignment I had to do for school. She looked at me with panic in her eyes. “Chris, this isn't what you think it is!” Oh yes it totally was what I thought it was. It couldn't be anything else. How else was she going to explain this situation where I found her on her bed with her hands taped together behind her back and her ankles and thighs bound with a rope? The roll of duct tape was still stuck to the bonds around her wrists. For a second, I wondered how she managed to tie herself. Oh well, that didn't really matter, did it? Ever since my father's new girlfriend moved in with her daughter a year ago, I had developed a crush for Karen. There had always been some distance between us, though. This looked like an amazing occasion to break the ice. I grinned evilly. “Well, I'm only here to borrow the scissors.” “Wait! Cut these loose first!” She tried to show me her hands. Her face was beet red. Well, I would've been embarrassed too if someone found me like that. Of course, she had no idea what I thought about this. She didn't know that I had been browsing sites about bondage for some time now, although I hadn't tried it out myself. Maybe she was afraid that I would tell our parents or everyone at school. That was far from my intention. “Oh, okay.” I took the scissors from her bed and cut the tape off the roll. Her hands were left tied together, of course. She gave me a look of dismay. “I meant my hands, you know.” “I know.” “So...” She looked at me with puppy-eyes. “Didn't you do this because you wanted to be tied up?” “Like I said, this isn't what you think it is.” Karen's face turned an even darker shade of red. “Come on, don't you want to free your cute little sis- mmph!” I had found a sock of hers and stuffed it into her mouth. Then I sealed it in place with duct tape. “As a big brother, I think you did a shoddy job. Let me show you how it's done.” Ignoring my stepsister's protests, I wrapped some more tape around her wrists. I wouldn't want to make this too easy for her, so I made sure to tape together her fingers as well. The ropes around her ankles and thighs were well done. She had probably done this several times before when our parents weren't home like tonight. I took a step back to admire the sight. Like always, she looked really pretty. Being captured like that only made her look even better. Seeing her squirm around helplessly in her bonds was starting to make me feel funny. It would have been a shame to return to my room and just leave her there like that, right? Poke. She yelped. I knew she didn't like to be poked and tickled, but she couldn't fight back now. She thrashed around, laughing in her gag, unable to put up any resistance against the tickle torture I was subjecting her to. First her sides, where she was very ticklish. Then I sat down on her legs to prevent her from kicking me. Her exposed feet were my next target. Her screams and laughter were somewhat muffled by the sock in her mouth. Not that it mattered much as long as no one else was home. She tried to roll away in vain. Nope, she wouldn't escape. When I'd had enough, I got off her legs and left her there. She was panting in her gag, tired from the struggle. Just was I about to leave, I noticed a strand of rope coming out of her closet. It piqued my curiosity. Bingo! She had a lot more stuff hidden in there. With those extra resources, I couldn't resist the urge to put some finishing touches on my work. Ignoring her muffled protests, I covered her eyes with one of her scarves. Using one of the extra ropes, I tied together her arms above her elbows. I made sure to tie them tight, but not tight enough to hurt her. It helped that she was quite athletic. It was time for the final step. With another rope, I connected the bonds around her ankles to the ones around her shoulders. Since I was planning to leave her there for quite some time, I didn't make it too tight, though. She could still flap around a bit with her legs. “You comfortable enough?” “Mmph.” I assumed she meant that as a yes. I had truly done a magnificent job. Karen, my stepsister, one of the top of her class in both studies and sports, a usually polite and charming – albeit sometimes a bit bossy – girl, was lying there all tied up and helpless in front of me. She tried wriggling her fingers to reach the knots around her feet, but it was no use because her fingers were taped to each other. Her movements were limited to rolling on her side and then back on her belly. For a second, I considered taking a picture and hiding it on my computer. Then I had an even better idea. I quickly went to my room and came back with my phone. “Karen, smile!” She yelled a muffled “No!” through her gag. I hoped she wouldn't hate me too much for this. The picture would have some use later on. But first I would go and finish my homework. I brushed over Karen's vulnerable feet one last time with my fingers. She yelped again. Cute. “Have fun.” I left the room and closed the door, leaving the muffled shouts behind. Of course, I took the scissors with me. Maybe I'd have some more fun after finishing my homework. ********************************************************************************************** Oh by the way, feel free to give constructive criticism. I know my writing is still far from perfect, so it would be good for me to know where I could improve. On another note, I love hearing people speculate on what might happen next.  My drawings on deviantArt: Top SelenaGfan Bondage Master Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) PostSun Dec 16, 2012 10:43 am Excellent story love the step sister being tied,gagged and blindfolded then tickled.Hope she gets more treatment from her step brother soon,maybe wearing a skirt,top,and pantyhose with no shoes would be nice. Will this get more intimate since they are not blood related? Top LauraHogtieTickled Kidnapped Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) PostSun Dec 16, 2012 11:39 am Hope There's Revenge  Top Zaphod Kidnapped Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) PostSun Dec 16, 2012 5:39 pm This is a great start. Speculation on what might happen next, eh? I'll say that Chris comes back and takes off her gag, and they have a little conversation. Since they now know that she likes being tied up and he likes to see her tied up, Karen proposes that they role-play a game as if he's kidnapping her for ransom, and they both agree that making the game a little more...intimate...would be okay with both of them since they're not related. Top sarumansauron Master Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) PostSun Dec 16, 2012 6:34 pm Cool story! Thanks! I love TUGS and TICKLING Torture!!!!! Top WishPaladin TUGs Member Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) PostMon Dec 17, 2012 5:58 am @Vivianfan: this story is posted in the more intimate section for a reason. They're also not blood related for a reason.  @LauraHogtieTickled: well, Karen is itching for revenge, but whether she'll actually get it is another question.   @Zaphod: your guess is about 50% correct.  @boundfan46: of course there will be more fun. ^_^ @sarumansauron: thanks.  Anyway, on to the next part of the story. This time it's from Karen's point of view. It covers the same things as the first part and a little more. ********************************************************************************************** <Sister's POV> Friday, half past seven in the evening. My parents were gone until Sunday afternoon and Chris was busy with his homework. We weren't really close, so at that time I didn't expect him to come to my room. You see, my mom got together with his father last year. I didn't really mind. After all, my real father had been a good-for-nothing drunk who had run away with another woman. My mom had been an emotional wreck until she met her new boyfriend. So I was happy for her. My new brother wasn't too bad looking either. Actually, I thought it was a pity that there seemed to be some kind of invisible wall between us. We just didn't really have anything in common to talk about. Ah, I'm getting off track here. Back to that Friday evening now. I had a secret. A big secret. Not even my mom or my friends knew about it. What was it? Well, I dreamed about being tied up really good and being at the mercy of my captor. Yes, you read that right. The super-responsible Karen was actually into bondage. I bet no one would ever expect that from me. I found it out last year, when I found it strangely arousing to see other girls getting tied up in movies. I googled whether there were other people who felt the same and then one thing led to another. In just a year, I had amassed a collection of rope, duct tape, a pair of handcuffs, and even a ball gag and nipple clamps, although I had chickened out on trying out the clamps. Tonight, I was going to begin with something simple. Just tying up my legs and hands would be enough. I had already changed into my pajamas since it was more comfortable this way. Time to get started. I grabbed two pieces of white cotton rope. First my ankles. One, two, three, four. I wound the rope four times around them, pulling the coils tight. Then I crossed the ropes and secured the horizontal coils with a couple of vertical ones. After tying the knot, I tested the bonds. My feet wouldn't get free no matter how much I struggled. My circulation wasn't cut off either. I had done a good job. Next up were my thighs. I tied them snugly together in a similar way as my ankles. The rest of my materials had been left in the closet on purpose. Clumsily, I hopped around in my room, first fetching the duct tape from my closet and then taking the scissors lying on my desk. I would need those to free myself later. To apply the tape, I held my arms crossed in front of me and somehow managed to wind the tape around them. This was a tricky part. In fact, it was the first time I tried tying my hands with duct tape. Usually, it was reserved for my legs. To play it safe, I normally only used handcuffs for my wrists. Anyway, I succeeded eventually. I failed to cut off the rest of the roll with the scissors, though. I didn't even really know whether I would be able to cut loose the tape with my hands tied, but I had seen it happen in movies and read about it on the internet, so it had to be possible. Now for the next step... I wanted to get my hands behind my back, so I laid down on the bed. Fortunately, I was athletic enough to get my tied legs between my arms. Then I pulled my hands under my butt. Voilà, I had ended up with my hands tied behind my back. Satisfied, I rolled over on my belly and started squirming around in my bonds, enjoying my helplessness and pretending I had been captured by burglars. The thought made me feel all tingly. Maybe I should have used the vibrator I had hidden in the back of my closet. Nah, not yet. I would use that later tonight, when I'd tie myself in a different position. While these thoughts went through my head, the door suddenly opened. My stepbrother, Chris, entered my room. “Chris, this isn't what you think it is!” Oh crap. I was done for. How would I explain this situation? I saw his gaze drift over my body. The word 'embarrassed' doesn't even begin to describe how I felt right then. He looked at my hands and the duct tape around them. Then my thighs. My ankles. Then my wrists again. A painful silence. It might have been only a minute, but to me it seemed like an hour. He grinned. “Well, I'm only here to borrow the scissors.” That look on his face. He was definitely planning something evil! Was he going to tell our parents? Or was he just going to take the scissors and leave me tied up like this? Or maybe both? I felt my cheeks turning a dark shade of red. “Wait! Cut these loose first!” “Oh, okay.” He took the scissors from my bed and cut the tape off the roll. “I meant my hands, you know.” “I know.” Damn, so he was really going to leave me all tied up. Our parents were gone for a whole weekend, but I didn't think he would leave me here for two days. He'd have to free me eventually. After all, I had to eat and stuff. And then I would get some payback. I only had to convince him to release me. “So...” I looked at him with the sweetest look I could manage. At school, any boy's heart completely melted whenever I looked at them like that. “Didn't you do this because you wanted to be tied up?” Aw crap, it didn't work. “Like I said, this isn't what you think it is. Come on, don't you want to free your cute little sis- mmph!” Oh my god, he had stuffed a sock in my mouth and stuck it in place with duct tape! I was angry. Oh yes I was angry. I'd pay him back for that. But on the other hand, I felt excited. I was really captured now, like in my fantasies. In a way, I actually liked how the situation was turning out. “As a big brother, I think you did a shoddy job. Let me show you how it's done.” What else was he going to do? Hey, no! I yelled at him in protest. The sounds were muffled by the gag. He was wrapping more tape around my wrists and even taping my fingers together. That would make it a real pain in the ass to bite it all off when he was gone. He stepped back to admire his work. I squirmed around in my bonds to show him that I couldn't escape. I wanted him to go away so I could pull my arms back under my legs and in front of me to chew off the tape. Then I would go to his room and surprise him. Revenge would be sweet. Poke. I yelped. He had poked me! Even though he knew I hated that! Well, maybe he did it exactly because he knew I hated it. Tied up like I was, I couldn't fight back. And then he started tickling me all over. I laughed hysterically. I couldn't help it. My sides were way too sensitive. He sat down on my legs. Oh no, not the feet as well! This time, I was fighting against my bonds in earnest. Damn, why had I tied my legs so tight! My hands were no good either. I tried to roll over and throw him off my back. It failed. He was too strong and I was bound too well. I could do nothing else but flail around helplessly and scream in my gag. I'd get him for that. Yeah, this was something I had secretly desired for a long time, but to satisfy my pride, I'd have to get back at him. Just you wait, Chris... He finally got off my legs. I was exhausted. Before trying to get free, I would have to recover a bit. It looked like Chris was finally going to leave. Or not. He had discovered my equipment in the closet. “No!” I tried to yell when he covered my eyes with a scarf. My chances of chewing off the tape were decreasing. And then he tied together my elbows. The possibility of getting my arms in front of me vanished into thin air. Okay, I was totally screwed now. But Chris wasn't done yet. He bended my legs until they almost touched my back. I didn't fight back. Although I hated to admit it, he had won. I was completely at his mercy. “You comfortable enough?” “Mmph,” I answered. I tried to stretch my legs. They were held back by something. I also felt a pull around my elbows. He had put me in a hogtie. I tried to wriggle around with my fingers to reach the knots around my feet. That didn't work. I could indeed reach the knots with some effort, but with my fingers taped together, prying them loose was impossible. I struggled a bit more. The only thing I managed to do was to fall down on my side and then roll back on my belly. I wondered what Chris was thinking. “Karen, smile!” What? “No!” I yelled through the gag. What was he going to do with that? Fearful thoughts raced through my mind. Was he going to show it to everyone at school and to our parents? He brushed over my feet with his fingers. “Have fun.” No! Don't go away! Let me go and delete that picture! Ah, not like he'd understand what I was yelling at him. I heard the door close. He had left me tied up here all alone and helpless. I had to get out somehow. I had to get loose, delete that picture and pay him back! Come on Karen, think. There had to be a way to get out. In the movies, the captives sometimes managed to get out of the most impossible situations. Those were just movies, though. And what about escape artists? It had to be possible, right? If I didn't get out soon, he might send that picture to other people. Panicking, I struggled wildly against my bonds, flailing my legs around as much as I could. To my surprise, the rope between my elbows and ankles came loose. He must've done a shoddy job with that. One step closer to freedom. If only I could do something about that rope around my arms. I suddenly had a crazy idea. Maybe I could reach my feet with my hands and pry the tape off my fingers with my toes. Yeah right, as if that would work. I could barely reach the rope around my ankles for more than a second. There was no way I would be able to reach my toes long enough to pry off the tape. What other options did I have? I was pretty sure Chris had taken the scissors with him. Another sharp object. Did I have something like that? What about the ruler on my desk? Would that work? After all, the edge was a bit sharp. Argh, but I was blindfolded. That, combined with my tied legs, would make it hard to find. So the blindfold would have to be removed first. I rubbed the front of my head against my bedsheets until the scarf loosened a bit. Okay, I could see again. As expected, the scissors were gone. I hopped towards my desk. The ruler was there. I grabbed it and returned to my bed. Oh come on. Because of my taped fingers, I lost my grip on the ruler while jumping around. It fell on the floor. Leaning against a wall, I bend my knees and carefully got on the floor as well. I wormed my way towards the ruler. On my way there, I threw a quick glance at the clock. It was already nine o'clock. It had already been a full hour since my brother busted me. He might be back any minute now. Speak of the devil. As if I had called him, Chris returned. He looked surprised. Well, I had broken out of the hogtie and was lying on the floor with my blindfold hanging around my neck. No wonder he was surprised. He picked me up and put me back on my bed. “All right Karen, I have a deal for you...” ********************************************************************************************** A question out of curiosity to the readers. Which point of view do you like the most, the captor's (Chris) or the captive's (Karen)? Personally, I like to write both because I like to know what goes through everyone's head, but writing from the captive's POV seems to be easier for me somehow. Maybe it's because the captor just has to think a lot more about how he's going to tie up the captive or something. My drawings on deviantArt: Top Gunnychicken TUGs Member Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) PostMon Dec 17, 2012 9:04 am Do both. I like it this way. adds more depth to the story c: Top Rob66 TUGs Member Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) PostTue Dec 18, 2012 2:23 am Great story. Very descriptive. Really enjoying it and looking forward to reading more! Thanks! Top NemesisPrime Master Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) PostTue Dec 18, 2012 4:43 am Very nice! I hope the brother gets tied up! Everyone speaks in multiple languages...But gag talk is universal and a sock in your mouth is the perfect translator! Top cloud Tied up Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) PostTue Dec 18, 2012 9:45 am Good story, hope you have a lot more of it planed coming soon.  cloud Tied up Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) PostTue Dec 18, 2012 9:45 am Good story, hope you have a lot more of it planed coming soon.  As for what POV I liked more, had to be the captives POV, but I did enjoy both sides a lot. keep with both if you want, will help to make it a better story as every little detail can be included easily. Oh, a TUG! Do I have to play alone? First Fictional Story (chapters 0-18): Moved Closer by Bondage Top Zaphod Kidnapped Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) PostThu Dec 20, 2012 8:08 am If I had to choose only one perspective, I'd probably go with hers, but I like the way you've done it so far where we see it from the outside point of view (his) first, and then see the inside point of view (hers) next. His view lets you see more of what's really happening, and her view lets you see what it feels like to be the captive as it's happening. Top WishPaladin TUGs Member Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) PostFri Dec 21, 2012 6:06 am @Gunnychicken, boundfan46: Yeah, I'll continue both, since I enjoy writing both sides. ^_^ @Rob66: Thanks. @NemesisPrime: Well, who knows. It might happen if Karen finds a chance to escape. Funny thing is, when I write, I actually see the characters in my mind. Even though I plan most of the story, unexpected things can always happen when a character finds a chance to do something that wasn't planned beforehand.  @cloud: Yup, I still have some more parts planned. They're alone for the whole weekend after all. I don't know how soon each part will come though, since it depends on the amount of free time I have. @Zaphod: Personally, I also like to show the brother's POV first so the reader wonders what the sister is really thinking. At the same time, it's also an exercise for me to write from different points of view.  ********************************************************************************************** <Brother's POV> I couldn't concentrate on my homework. Instead, my thoughts were more focused on Karen lying helplessly tied up in the other room. She was probably struggling like crazy, afraid of what I would do with the picture. Or maybe she had given up and she was just lying exhausted on the bed. I finished my homework in a hurry. Nine o'clock. It was about time to go and check on my cute captive. I already knew how I was going to handle things. However, when I entered the room, I was in for a surprise. Karen was still tied up, but not as well as before. She had somehow broken out of her hogtie. She was lying on the floor with her blindfold hanging around her neck. I could only imagine how much she had struggled. It would definitely have been very hot to see. Okay, it was time to carry out my plan. I picked up my stepsister and put her back on the bed. “All right Karen, I have a deal for you...” I fished my phone out of my pocket and showed her the picture from earlier. Her eyes widened at seeing herself blindfolded and gagged with arms and legs tied in a hogtie. She shouted something and tried to kick me. I pushed her on the bed and sat on top of her. She couldn't budge an inch. “Look, I'm not cruel enough to show that to everyone. As long as you behave, that is. If you're a good girl, I promise I will delete the picture when our parents get back the day after tomorrow. Are you okay with that?” I took the gag out of her mouth so she could answer properly. She nodded. “All right, it's a deal. Hey Chris, answer me honestly, are you into bondage as well?” “Kinda,” I admitted. “I like seeing girls tied up, but I only know it from movies, comics and the internet. I was really surprised to find you here like that.” She grinned. “So, what are you gonna do with me? I'm all yours now. Oh, but first of all, I'd like to take a pee.” “Okay. Just don't try to run away, or I'll have to show this picture to your friends.” I slowly started untying her. The ropes on her legs had left some light marks on her skin. I thought it looked sexy. She had some on her upper arms as well. “I promise I'll be a good girl,” she said with a sweet voice when she left the room. I believed her, thinking she wouldn't try anything as long as I had that picture. While I was waiting for Karen to come back, I wondered if she had more stuff hidden in her closet. She wouldn't appreciate it if I rummaged through her stuff, but curiosity got the better of me. And oh boy was I surprised. I found at least five rolls of duct tape, several pieces of rope of varying lengths, a pair of handcuffs, a red ball gag, and even a pair of nipple clamps. My stepsister's face flushed red when she saw all her things spread out over the floor. Then, in an instant, she suddenly jumped on top of me. We wrestled, rolling over the floor. At one point, she had my arms caught behind my back, but I managed to throw her off. It was a wild struggle. Fortunately, in the end I was just a little bit faster and stronger. I ended up pinning her on the floor with her hands stuck above her head in handcuffs. “Okay, you won. I give up.” Karen ceased her resistance. “I thought you told me you'd be a good girl?” “That was obviously a lie to catch you off guard. I can't believe you fell for that.” Well, normally I wouldn't have believed her, but I had that picture... “Aren't you afraid that I'd send the picture to everyone?” “That was just a bluff of yours.” So she had seen through it... “Besides, you'd rather just keep that picture for yourself, right?” Crap, she had even seen through that as well. “Don't worry, I'll let you keep it. Let's pretend you're a burglar and I'm your hostage. But I'm quite strong, so if you don't tie me up really well, the burglar will end up being the captive. Oh, and as a bonus, I'll pretend you knocked me unconscious, so you don't have to worry about me fighting back, at first...” I nodded. That sounded like an awesome deal. I'd have Karen completely at my mercy. Well, at least as long as I could keep her captured. She pretended to faint. All right, I had to be creative now. I didn't really trust whether Karen would really stay pretend-unconscious. To minimize her chances of fighting back, I kept her hands in the cuffs for now. Instead, I would focus on her bare legs first. I had lots of rope and duct tape, and I planned to use as much as I could. First her ankles. I didn't have as much experience with ropes up as her, but I knew enough about it from the internet. I could finally put all that information I had gathered to some good use. A few horizontal coils, and then fasten it with a few vertical ones. Yup, it felt just as tight as when she had done it herself. I resisted the urge of tickling her feet already. I wanted her to stay still for a little while longer. Next up were her thighs. They were practically bare as well. I tied them in the same way as her ankles. With an extra piece of rope, I connected the bonds around her thighs to the ones around her ankles, bending her legs so her feet were almost touching her butt. Then I wound a whole lot of tape around her legs to make sure that it would be completely impossible for her to stretch her legs. Now, if I released her handcuffs and she woke up, she would be unable to kick me or run away. My fears had been ungrounded. She remained motionless even though I freed her hands. I had to admit she was a good actor. If she hadn't announced that she was going to pretend being unconscious, I would have thought she had fainted for real. I made Karen sit upright and tied her wrists crossed in front of her with her arms folded around her legs. Then I pulled her hands forward until her fingers were touching her feet. Finally, I secured the bonds around her wrists to the ones around her ankles with a short rope. She was now tied in a fetal position. Even though I was pretty sure that it would already be impossible to escape for her, I tied her arms to her legs just above and below her kneecaps. Was it overkill? Probably. Was it worth it? Definitely. I couldn't wait to see her struggle against all those ropes. Just one more thing. I picked up the red ball gag and opened her mouth. “You can wake up now, my dear prisoner.” Karen groaned, as if waking up with a headache. “I'm going downstairs now. You'd better not try to escape while I'm away.” She looked back at me with a defiant look, as if she was trying to say that she would long be gone by the time I would be back and that it had been a mistake to tie her hands in front of her without taping together her fingers or blindfolding her. That was exactly my point, though. I wanted her to think that she had a chance to get free. Anyway, I had planned to torture her a bit after she had tried to escape, but when she looked at me like that, I just couldn't resist it. She was so begging for it, wasn't she? “Okay, looks like I need to remind you who's in charge here. Prepare yourself.” She struggled a bit, falling over on her side. She knew what was coming. That's right. Tickle torture! Karen screamed in her gag while I fervently moved my fingers over the sole of her feet. Despite her resistance, the ropes held her firmly in place. There was no way to avoid my hands. She didn't have any other choice but to endure my merciless assault. I then proceeded to stroke her delicious legs and even squeezed her thighs. She 'mmph'ed in the gag. Maybe I had overstepped my boundaries there for a moment. But she looked so cute and sexy all tied up. I swallowed up my manly desires and proceeded to just tickle her sides. She was almost dying in laughter. Eventually, I stopped. She was panting heavily in her gag again, completely exhausted. “I hope you'll be a good girl now.” This time, she was too tired to give me her defiant look. “I'll leave this here to keep an eye on you.” I put my mobile phone on her desk with a good view and made sure it was recording. Then I left the room, secretly hoping that she would struggle a lot. After all, the more she misbehaved, the more reason I would have to punish her... ********************************************************************************************** Looks like Chris is having some dirty thoughts~ I wonder what his sister would think if she knew.  Karen's POV will be up next when I finish writing it. My drawings on deviantArt: Top sarumansauron Master Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) PostSun Dec 23, 2012 6:50 pm Great continuations! Thanks! I love TUGS and TICKLING Torture!!!!! Top danusri TUGs Member Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) PostWed Dec 26, 2012 4:29 am great story. And changing the PoV is a stroke of genius. It adds an whole new dimension to the story. Again great effort. Top randomentity Bondage Expert Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) PostThu Dec 27, 2012 7:43 pm Really enjoying this! Keep up the great work! Like others, I really love your idea of writing both points of view! As danusri said, it adds a whole new dimension!  As I know you like ideas and thoughts of what might happen next, hmm,.. my personal preferences lead me to thoughts of Chris having a LOT of fun with Karen for the whole time the folks are gone  With Karen being taught the benefits of submission and the repercussions of disobedience  While enjoying the whole process herself, of course!!  Top boundboy Kidnapper Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) PostSun Dec 30, 2012 3:56 pm great story can't wait to read more This boy is ready to be bound with rope and gags -boundboy Top Kuro.Lolita TUGs Member Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) PostTue Jan 22, 2013 7:32 pm I loved your idea of both pov, it's really interesting. I'm hoping to see more... intimate things hohoho <3 There are no facts, only interpretations. -Nietzsche Top Sacrificiallove Bondage Expert Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) PostSat Jan 26, 2013 3:46 pm I liked this, but I am hoping to see Karent get her revenge. Top WishPaladin TUGs Member Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) PostFri May 16, 2014 11:58 pm @ all the comments I got since my last post: thanks for the feedback. Seeing these comments is probably part of the reason why I've decided that it would be a waste not to continue this story.   It's been a very long time since my last post, so I don't know if anyone was still waiting for this, or expecting this. Anyway, after an extremely long wait, here's the next part of the story. ********************************************************************************************** <Sister's POV> “All right Karen, I have a deal for you...” Chris put his hand in his pocket and took out his phone. Oh crap. It was the picture he had taken before. I saw myself lying on my bed in my pajama-shirt and shorts. My ankles and thighs were neatly tied, just like my wrists and shoulders. Besides that, I was gagged and blindfolded. I knew my cheeks were turning a bit red. He wouldn't dare to show that picture of me in a hogtie to everyone, would he? “Delete it!” I commanded, trying to make myself clear through the gag. He had a devilish expression on his face. I wanted to kick the phone out of his hand, but he was too fast. Before I knew it, he pushed me on the bed and sat on top of me. My hands and feet were still tied. I couldn't get him off me. My heart was beating fast. But was it from fear or... excitement? “Look, I'm not cruel enough to show that to everyone. As long as you behave, that is. If you're a good girl, I promise I will delete the picture when our parents get back the day after tomorrow. Are you okay with that?” Chris took the gag out of my mouth so I could answer. I looked him in the face. He was usually shy. This was a side of him I had never seen. To my surprise, I kinda liked this. Although I only knew him for a year, I was pretty sure he wouldn't try anything too daring without my consent. Guess I could trust him. Maybe this weekend would become super awesome. I just had to confirm something first. “All right, it's a deal. Hey Chris, answer me honestly, are you into bondage as well?” “Kinda,” he admitted. “I like seeing girls tied up, but I only know it from movies, comics and the internet. I was really surprised to find you here like that.” I bet you were, I thought. I wondered if he was having some perverted thoughts while sitting on top of me. He might be more than willing to tie me up again, but I wouldn't make it so easy for him. If he was expecting me to be an easy captive, he was wrong. If he wasn't careful, he would get tied up instead. That picture wouldn't be enough to blackmail me. Now that I knew that he was into bondage as well, I could use it against him. If he showed it to my friends or to our parents, I'd say that it was him who had tied me up – which was partly true. He would have trouble denying it since he was way too honest for his own good. He knew that as well, so I was pretty sure he wasn't really planning to show that picture to everyone. I grinned. “So, what are you gonna do with me? I'm all yours now.” Yeah, I was all his right now. If I wanted to stand a chance for some payback, I'd have to get out of these bonds. I'd teach him, trying to blackmail me... “Oh, but first of all, I'd like to take a pee.” “Okay. Just don't try to run away, or I'll have to show this picture to your friends.” Yeah right. “I promise I'll be a good girl.” Okay, so far so good. While I went to the toilet, I thought of a plan. Both of us were about equally strong. If I wanted to capture him, I'd need the element of surprise. The easiest way to catch him would be with the handcuffs in my closet. But it would be too suspicious if I said I had to take something out of my closet first before I let him tie me up again. Oh yes, he was definitely planning to tie me up again the second I entered my room. Well, actually I didn't really mind not getting back at him... But I didn't want him to get the idea that I was an easy captive, so I had to put up some resistance. Although I really wanted him to tie me up and treat me a bit rough, as if I was kidnapped or something. Ah Karen, what are you thinking. My mind was a mess at the moment. I had to put everything in order. So, did I want him to tie me up or the other way around? Deep down, I knew I wanted to be the one who was tied up. I definitely was more into being a captive instead of the captor. On the other hand, I was also a bit curious how it would be if the tables were turned. Hmm. I had an idea. I would rush into the room, and try to jump him. If I managed to capture him, I would take my revenge for him taking a picture without my consent and trying to blackmail me. If he won, I would pretend being his hostage. Of course, if he let his guard down, I would break free and catch him instead. That sounded like a plan. Now I had to go back before he'd start wondering what was taking me so long. He was in for a surprise. Or so I'd thought. Instead, it was me who was surprised. Oh. My. God. He had found almost everything. The duct tape, the ropes, the handcuffs, the ball gag, and even the nipple clamps! I had to take action immediately. I pinned him against the floor with a wild jump, but not for long. He pushed me back and we started wrestling. I was winning at first. If only I'd had the handcuffs. Instead, I could only grab the rope. He broke free before I could tighten it. We wrestled some more. Click. I had lost. He had caught hold of the handcuffs and put them around my wrists. I ceased my struggles. By immobilizing my hands, he had won the match. I was now his. “Okay, you won. I give up.” “I thought you told me you'd be a good girl?” “That was obviously a lie to catch you off guard. I can't believe you fell for that.” Well, actually I could believe it. He had probably thought that he had already won just by taking that picture. “Aren't you afraid that I'd send the picture to everyone?” See, I was right. “That was just a bluff of yours.” Judging from the look on his face, my guess had been right. I decided to tease him a bit. “Besides, you'd rather just keep that picture for yourself, right?” Again I guessed spot on. Really? Did he think I looked that good? Or was it just because I was tied up in it. Or maybe both? Well, I didn't really mind him having that picture, as long as he didn't show it to anyone else. “Don't worry, I'll let you keep it. Let's pretend you're a burglar and I'm your hostage. But I'm quite strong, so if you don't tie me up really well, the burglar will end up being the captive. Oh, and as a bonus, I'll pretend you knocked me unconscious, so you don't have to worry about me fighting back, at first...” Yeah, at first. If he messed up, I was going to escape. You'd better be careful, Chris. I closed my eyes and pretended to faint. My heart was beating fast. Even though he was my stepbrother, we weren't related by blood. And now I had told him that he could do whatever he wanted. Well, I didn't think I'd mind as long as he wouldn't go too far. He wasn't exactly the man of my dreams, but he was quite okay. Actually, if he weren't as shy as he usually was, I might have fallen for him. Well, he wasn't being really shy right now, was he? Maybe that was why my heart was racing. Chris was being really careful. He clearly didn't trust me being pretend-unconscious. He started by tying my legs around the ankles and around the thighs. He did a pretty good job. They felt snug and tight, without cutting off my blood flow. It was hard to believe that he didn't have any experience with this. He bent my legs and tied the bonds around my ankles and thighs together. I wondered what he was up to. A frogtie with my legs tied together, huh? Now, even if he'd release the handcuffs, my ways of fighting back were limited. I decided to remain unconscious since he was doing a good job. He made me sit upright with my wrists crossed in front of me and with my arms folded around my knees. My fingers were almost touching my toes. He tied my hands together in that position and then tied them again to my ankles. With some more rope, he secured my arms to my legs as well, tying them together just above and below my kneecaps. Oh damn, I was getting slightly aroused by the prospect of trying to get out of this. It was completely different than tying myself. I felt like I was really at his mercy. Now there was only one thing left for him to do. As if he'd read my mind, I felt Chris open my mouth. Yeah, that. The ball gag. “You can wake up now, my dear prisoner.” I groaned, feeling more excited than ever before, and opened my eyes. I was tied in a fetal position. The rope work looked really well done. I would have a tough time escaping that. Except there was one flaw. I might be able to reach the knots around my ankles and wrists. “I'm going downstairs now. You'd better not try to escape while I'm away.” Was Chris challenging me? I looked back at him with a defiant look. Challenge accepted. If he gave me enough time, I would break out and capture him instead. He'd better be ready for the consequences of his carelessness... “Okay, looks like I need to remind you who's in charge here. Prepare yourself.” Eek, he hadn't taken it well how I'd glared at him. He was going to tickle me again. He was definitely going to tickle me! I struggled against the ropes, but I only succeeded in rolling over on my side. Now, I actually had a love-hate relationship with tickling. On one hand I hated it because I was really ticklish, but on the other hand I loved how I was completely helpless, having no other choice but to endure it. Oh crap, he started. I screamed. I laughed. I struggled. I squirmed. The ropes bit in my wrist as I was fiercely trying to escape. They didn't even budge an inch. I couldn't avoid his fingers in any way. The more I tried to fight, to more I realized it. Completely at the mercy of my captor. The more I realized it, the more I got excited. A moan escaped my mouth, but fortunately it was muffled by my gags. It was as if somebody had increased the temperature in the room by a few degrees. My whole face was probably glowing red. The assault cooled down a bit. He had switched to stroking my legs. I didn't mind. It tickled too, but in a good-feeling way. I moaned again. I was enjoying it. And then he renewed his assault. He tickled my sides. I felt like I was going crazy. The tickling made my body tingle all over. I still fought against the ropes. Completely immobile. The sensation of being kept completely in place, combined with all this tickling... My body felt like it was going to explode. And then he finally stopped, I was breathing heavily in my gag. I was tired, but I was very turned on by now. My reason for wanting to break free was different from before. I didn't want to capture Chris. I just wanted to get that damn vibrator out of the closet and satisfy myself. That struggle just now combined with my earlier ordeal had been way too intense. Heck, I wouldn't even mind right now if Chris found the vibrator and used it on me. “I hope you'll be a good girl now. I'll leave this here to keep an eye on you.” I saw him put his mobile phone on my desk. Oh, so he wanted to film me? Well, he wouldn't be disappointed. I had no intention of holding back. I didn't care about the camera. I just wanted... you know. He closed the door. All right, time to break out! I had thought it would be easy to break out of these bonds now that I could focus my thoughts a bit more. During the earlier frantic struggle, that had been impossible, but now when I could use my wits, it would be a piece of cake. Oh, I had been so wrong. I could barely move my legs. My arms were no good either since they were tied to my knees. Using my mouth to lean forward and try to use my teeth to loosen some knots was impossible as well because of the ball gag. I could only move my fingers a bit. Chris had made sure to keep the knots out of their reach though. However, I wasn't going to give up so easily. I imagined myself kidnapped by a kidnapper. I had to get away or who knew what he might do to me next. The ropes around my wrists weren't too tight. Maybe, if I struggled enough, I might be able to pull them loose. I kept fighting against my bonds. The minutes crept past. My captor didn't return yet. No sound on the stairs either. It was already half past ten. Whoa, I had tied myself up at half past seven, so basically I had been tied up for three hours already. That was like double the time of my usual relatively short self-bondage sessions. Three hours, huh? I didn't want it to end yet after this. I wouldn't mind having Chris tie me up like this until our parents got back. No, no, no. I shook my head. Karen, you should at least put up some minimal resistance. You're not just going to let your captor have his way with you, right? With that thought in mind, I focused again on escaping. Was it my imagination, or was I really getting a bit of slack on the rope? Just a little more. Just a little more and I would be out. A little more. I grinned. Okay, I mean I grinned mentally. With a ball gag still in my mouth, no one would be able to see that grin. Anyway, the rope was definitely getting looser. Chris had been sloppy, not checking the tightness of the bonds after my desperate fight before. And then I finally succeeded. I pulled one hand out of the coils around my wrists. And then the other one. Victory! I was already one step closer to freedom. It wouldn't take me much longer to untie the rest. It only took me a few minutes to realize the hollowness of my victory. Oh, I had gotten my wrists free all right. But there was still the rope tying together my ankles. The knots on that rope were sitting behind my heels, completely out of reach of my fingers. And I was still tied with my legs folded together. What about my arms that I thought I had gotten free? That had been a complete mistake on my part. They were still firmly attached to my legs above and below the kneecaps. So basically, I was still stuck the same way as I was before, except with a little bit more freedom around my wrists. After half an hour of struggling, I had only gotten this far. At this rate, I was never going to get to that vibrator. I stopped fighting against my bonds, except for the occasional pull to test if they had magically gotten a bit looser. Like this, I had no choice but to wait for my captor to come back. I hated to admit it, but Chris had done an excellent job. And he had captured my whole useless struggle on camera. My face flushed red at the thought that shot through my head. I wanted him to send me a copy of that film to relieve these moments again and again. No, better, I simply wanted him to tie me up like this a lot more in the future. The whole thing had exhausted me so much that I was slowly drifting to sleep despite my uncomfortable position. I wondered what Chris would do if he found me completely defenseless when he returned. Not that I wasn't already defenseless right now with all these ropes of course... ********************************************************************************************** The story isn't over yet until I write 'The end'. Let's just hope that it doesn't take me a year until I post the next part. My drawings on deviantArt: Top DoYouWantATaco TUGs Member Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) PostSat May 31, 2014 9:42 am Pleas keep going Top Zaphod Kidnapped Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) PostSat Jun 07, 2014 9:42 am I'm so glad you came back to this story. I want to see what happens next when Chris comes back. Somehow I don't think it'll be to let Karen go, and it sounds like she wouldn't want to be released yet anyway. Top homeslice Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) PostMon Aug 11, 2014 7:30 pm please please please continue this story, even though it got put in the archive. its great so far and i love how the viewpoints switch. Top leonbelmont TUGs Member Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) Unread postTue Dec 22, 2015 8:33 am This story is amazing  Would love to see more of it Top Kuro.Lolita TUGs Member Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) Unread postFri Feb 12, 2016 1:35 am Omg please continue this!! The story is awesome! Top Shanyalovestape Bondage Expert Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) Unread postWed Jul 27, 2016 5:25 am More more!  Top MisterBones Tied up Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) Unread postWed Jul 27, 2016 5:13 pm OP will surely deliver! Right...? Top WishPaladin TUGs Member Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) Unread postThu Jul 28, 2016 11:08 am @all previous comments: Wow, people are still waiting for me to continue this? Really, thank you very much for your patience!  Actually, I still had one more almost-finished part on my computer, apparently. Since people are waiting so patiently, I decided to finish that part and post it. Not much happens though, since it's mostly closure of the first day. So here it is: ********************************************************************************************** [i]<Brother's POV>[/i] It was already a quarter past eleven when I went to check on Karen. I wondered if she had gotten free. Or maybe she had given up and she was just lying helpless on her bed. My second thought was more or less right. When I entered my stepsister's room, I found her almost in the same way as I had left her. There were two differences. First, she had freed her wrists. And second, she was fast asleep, probably because she had been exhausted after her fierce struggles. My smartphone was still recording. Curious, I picked it up to fast-forward through the recording of the last hour. I grinned. After a fierce struggle, Karen had only freed her wrists. Afterward, she had clearly realized how futile her attempts were to break free. I had done quite a good job. And things were only going to get better. After all, I had spent the last hour looking for inspiration on the internet. I found a lot, and also something else. Tomorrow, we would be going for a little trip... However, the question was if Karen would let me see through with my plans. She definitely enjoyed being tied up, but I wondered if she would still play along tomorrow. Moreover, if I would untie her right now, she might decide to ambush me while I'm asleep. Preferably, I'd like to keep her captured, but a balltie like she was in right now couldn't be very comfortable to sleep in. After some contemplation, I made up my mind. First, I removed Karen's ball gag. “Ungh, is it already morning?” She gave me a confused look. “You can stay asleep if you want. This won't take long.” “What won't take- Oh right.” She finally seemed to realize that she was still my captive. I had to be quick while she was still sleepy. I untied her arms before immediately wrapping her fingers and wrists in duct tape. Next, I untied all ropes around her legs, except for her ankles. Instead, I loosened the bindings a bit so she had some leeway to move her feet. To prevent her feet to slip through the coils, I wound the ends of the rope a few extra times around the bonds. Basically, each coil was just as tight as before, but there was more space between the two coils. It wasn't enough to just let her walk around if she stood up, but it was just enough to be a little more comfortable. “No mercy for your captive at all, huh?” “Well, it wouldn't do me any good to let you catch me off guard, right?” “That's right. So... are you planning to keep me captive until our parents come back?” Really, did she just ask that out of the blue? I nodded. “If you don't mind, that is.” “Heh, is the merciless captor asking for an opinion of his captive?” Her expression changed from a grin to a more serious look. “To be honest, I really don't mind, so you don't need to hold back.” “Really?” I tried not to sound too eager. Maybe she would even agree with my plans for tomorrow. “Yes, I'm being serious here. Well...” Her face turned slightly red. “...if you do something I really don't like, I'll just scream really loud three times in a row in my gag. So something like 'Mmph! Mmph! Mmph!' will be like our safeword or something. And when I'm not gagged, that can also be the safeword, although it might sound a bit strange.” “Okay.” I nodded again. “You should sleep now, since tomorrow is going to be a busy day.” "I'm already looking forward to it." Grinning, she closed her eyes. "Me too," I whispered, closing the door behind me. ********************************************************************************************** Since this story got put into the archives, I might just create a new topic when I eventually continue this story (which I still plan to do, hopefully with less than a 2-year wait this time). Top MisterBones Tied up Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) Unread postThu Jul 28, 2016 11:48 am OP delivered, there's hope for this world. Top scaevus TUGs Member Re: Stepsister and stepbrother home alone (f/self, m/f) Unread postFri Aug 05, 2016 3:05 am Great story can't wait for more

Ste broMar 30 2017 2:42pm
Rachel by Ross- edit MT Mary Taylor Fri 02/03/2018 23:13 My Edits; Sent Items To: Mary Taylor (; Rachel My aunt is Rachel is 39 , she has dirty blonde hair and is really sexy , i am 17 and have brown hair. I have a huge crush on Rachel , she lives near me. I was at her house and we were sitting on her couch, she asked if I wanted to be kidnapped , "Sure" I said as she got a bottle of chloroform out and peeled off one of her purple socks. Pouring the chloroform onto the sock that smelled ripe enough already, she pounced on me, forcing the smelly cloth over my mouth and forcing me back onto the sofa. That's the last I remembered. When the room came back into focus, she had tied my arms behind my back with scarves and cleave gagged me with what smelled like her other thick sweaty sock , "You're mine now sweetie" she crooned as she kissed me on the cheek , "You're sooo cute tied up , especially with that gag" "You are my helpless captive , and your staying with me". I was looking at her nice tanned legs , her skirt was very short. "You're trying to look at my knickers, aren't you Paul?" she said , she then took off my pants . "Don't worry I won't go to far" she said in a laughing way. "You look better in a tape gag" she then stuffed the sock into my mouth and covered it with duct tape . I mffpphhed "Shut up dear" she told me. She had tied my ropes loose , when she went to the kitchen , I broke loose then took off my gag and spat out her sock, "Pay back time!" I said to myself as I poured some more chloroform onto the first sock. When she came back in and I grabbed her from behind with the chloroform rag that. "You are my captive now" I taunted as she vainly struggled then went limp so I could cradle carry her upstairs , threw her on the bed , and tied her hands and legs apart , her red panties came into view. Her undies shifted to the side and I saw that she had the same shade of blue lipstick on her labia that she had on her face. I left her struggling groggily for a while after she came to. About 10 mins later , I had her tied up beside me on the couch , gagged with the stinky sock she had used to gag me with. I sat her on the couch and cuddled beside her for a bit, then I leaned over and looked up her skirt again to gaze at her panties , she smiled at me , as if she wanted me to look . She muffled through her gag "han gag me" she told me to hand gag her so i did , i took her sock out and placed my hand over her mouth , smearing her blue lipstick. I thought she was going to bite me but she was enjoying it ,she was sitting next to me ,and my hand was really tightly held on her mouth. "Perhaps i should take off that skirt of yours " I whispered , "MMMPPPPFFFFFHHHHH!!!" she pleaded as I roughly pushed her onto her side so I could keep one hand over her mouth and the other lifting up her skirt. As I put my head up her skirt and moved her thong aside with my free hand, I puckered up my lips and a pungent purple smoke sprayed out from her blue lipped vagina. The room started spinning and I passed out.

Red RossApr 29 2018 3:12pm

SUE FROM KANSASMay 17 2018 1:56pm
I think feet are gross but my boyfriend loves mine. I don't let him touch them but he always finds a way. I've woken up to him smelling them, he ties me to the bed with a promise of kinky fun then tickles me until I see myself. He's even chloroformed me with and without my consent and I'd wake up ours later, getting a foot massage.

KarenDec 28 2018 2:21pm
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