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A granny(women over 50) can be muscular?

Question: A women over 50,can really built muscles? IF she can,how big they can? She can be stronger than a men? Known anyone like this?
Created by: lordegras at 12:47:29 PM, Monday, March 12, 2007 EDT


Betty Pariso is over 50 and she is both massively muscled and very sexy. She is easily stronger than most men and sexier than most women.

bettyluvrMar 13 2007 9:04am

Just what we need -- NOT!! ANOTHER poll about muscular women!! Considering that we already have about 100+ polls about this topic, do we REALLY need another? Obviously not, but some people who create polls on this web site are addicted to female muscularity (and female domination) like drug addicts are addicted to their drugs. They need lots of professional help.

Light Of ReasonMar 13 2007 8:39pm
You're just intimidated by strong, muscular women.

AnonymousMar 15 2007 7:59am
This is a poll site for the people isn't it? Apparently the people are interested in athletic / muscular women. Who are you to judge what the poll topic should be about? Write your own poll about something that interests you and see how many votes it gets. Good luck.

AnonymousMar 16 2007 9:25am
some broadsare stroing..but most are weak

jerryuMar 21 2007 8:15am
<< And despite what the magazines portray, most male bodybuilders are NOT attracted to muscular women. Very few of those grinning, hypertrophied studs we see every month really like their women any more physically formidable than Marla Duncan. Of course, neither do most of the magazine publishers. Must be part of being a "real man." Me Tarzan, you Jane. >> SOURCE: Musclemag International, December 1994, article: To Hell With Physical Correctness, found online:

Fan of Female Ballet DancersMar 21 2007 7:17pm
WOW! She's so sexy and she's got more muscle than most guys 30 years her junior. If some young guy got in a fight with this "muscle" granny he wouldn't have a chance!

believerMar 23 2007 6:38am
They lady next dorr is over fifty and has big hard muscles. Her biceps are striated and bigger than baseballs. When she works in her yard it drives me nuts. While her husband is scrawny and usually watches her do the work. She is hard as a rock with no fat. I saw her move wheelbarel loads of dirt and her husband watch. after the second load her muscles pumped up and even had viens in her shoulders. She's amazing. I admitt I would like to see her wrestle her scrawny husband.

AnonymousJun 02 2007 12:08pm
Hey! Post some pictures!

AnonymousJun 03 2007 10:34am
I am a scrawny husband with a wife like the one you describe. She has always been bigger and stronger than me. Nothing I really appreciate that much to be honest, but she was once a big and strong AND beatiful woman that for some strange reason wanted me, a skinny, weak man (with money though). My wife do all the hard work in the garden, she is probably twice my strength. After working hard she wants sex and I just have to be there for her at these times. DOn't want to go into details. Everybody knows she can beat me up with one arm behind her back. So, anonymous, I can understand that it could be interesting to watch a big strong woman wrestling her scrawny husband down, but I been ther, done that and I would rather sit and cuddle or make out.

Billy 5'4Jun 05 2007 8:08am
Yes they can, my wife is over fifty and her biceps are bigger than mine and harder. Her's 14 1/2" mine 13 1/2" She has bigger muscles. Years ago she was smaller. She has some mid section fat but her arms are like a rock. I have mid section weight but my arms & legs are not as near as muscular.

DaveJun 16 2007 9:25pm
any comment from a muscle granny?

AnonymousJul 29 2007 2:15am
My wife has shown that she has more and more physical endurance compared to me through the years. We've tried to stay in shape and are both 53. I've lost muscle mass and strength over the past ten years while by contrast she has gained muscle and strength. Overall she is more muscular. Her calves are 17" mine 15" Her mid thighs 24" mine 19" Her biceps are 15 1/4" mine are 13 1/2" she is just bigger everywhere. She is not fat but just a little in the mid section like me.= but her muscles are so much bigger than mine and hard. I can squash my flexed muscles with my hand but hers are so solid I can't squeeze the muscle or dent it. She out works me at exercise and hits the gym when I'm at work. I wraped a tape around her right deltiod as she flexed her back and both biceps. It's 18" and mine is about 15" she's amazing.

BillSep 16 2007 9:58am

AnonymousJun 09 2008 6:34pm
My aunt is 71 and she is stronger than my uncle that is 62.

Strong women in da familyNov 04 2008 12:12pm
My mother-in-law is 63, 188 cm tall and 94 kgs. She has been a competitive shot putter until the age of 45 and then she has been working out with weights ever since she left track and fields. She is not lifting as heavy as she used to but I can still see her at their home benchpressign 70-80 kgs for reps. I have never been close to beat her at armwrestling, the grandma of my children. My wife is not as strong as her mother but at 190 cm and 90 kgs to my 184 cm and 78 kgs she is also too tough for me to beat at anything that requires strength. I can run longer and faster though and beat my wife at tennis. I am 38 years old and a woman 25 years my senior is still stronger than me. I am proud of these strong women.

AnonymousDec 01 2008 10:58pm
my granny is 68 and she has bigger biceps and is stronger than me (19) and my dad (44)

AnonymousJun 08 2010 6:34am
yes they can be more muscular and stronger

AnonymousJun 19 2010 1:43pm
200 lbs was the highest I could ever bench and I'm 55 years old now. My bench press has continued to drop and is now 135 lbs. I fight loosing muscle and try to maintain 13 inch biceps.

NickJun 19 2010 2:04pm
The 51 year old nurse killed the man with a chokehold!

Sheesh!Jun 21 2010 4:47pm
I'm in my late forties and try to maintain 13" biceps with workouts. I see these 50 and 60 year old women with hard 14" to 15" guns and I just cringe! My muscles won't develope at 48 years old. I've slowly lost muscle mass and I'm at 13 inches.

BillJun 21 2010 4:52pm
My wife and I are in our fifties. I'm fighting muscle atrophy even though we both exercise. In the last five years my biceps have lost size, strength, and tone but not my wife. Her muscles are hard as can be and much larger than mine. My biceps flexed are 12" yet her's are 14 1/2" and much harder. So it's frustrating because not only will my muscles no longer develop but are shrinking! My wife is clearly building muscles and has added 1" to her cavles and about the same to her biceps this year.

DougJul 17 2010 3:13pm
Doug, you're not alone. It's the same with me, I'm 55 and the wife has the muscles now. My strength has dropped way below that of my wife. She has bigger muscles.

BrianJul 17 2010 3:17pm
I had not realized that my wife had become stronger than me but I should have! I hadn't really stayed active or at least exercising but I play golf. Anyway she has been going to the gym regularly for some time and last year took classes in strength training and bodybuilding. Last week she wanted to move our concrete bench in our garden so I went to lift it and couldn't! I don't know what it weighs but I could not lift the bench off the legs. My wife could lift it! She lifted the thick cement bench up with both hands and eld it in front of her with her biceps looking like huge balls of muscle. She has never flexed before and her muscles were so big that I was just speachless and couldn't think, I just looked at all her muscles. She is fifty-two and honestly has larger muscles than I ever had when I was young! We found out from her doctor that her menopause produces high testosterone! What nature does sometimes. She has no trouble building her muscles, it' me that has a tuff time. I don't gain but I'm seeing my wife add respectable muscle so much so that she has a little size advantage over me with legs being more so.

AnonymousJul 17 2010 3:40pm
As I have gotten older 51 years old, I have met numerous women in the gym that are stronger than I. I had a women who was 56 years old put me in line. I was working out with 25 lbs dumbells. She came over and commented that she worked out with 25's, 20 years ago. Then she proceded to grab the 45lb dumbells. She did the same exercises that I was doing, but for 5 more reps. I was amazed, her biceps popped out like a hard softball. My wife laughed and told me that she was way stronger than I. She told me that Janet could hurt you. I agreed and kept working out with my 25's. I didn't go near the leg extention. I was afraid of what she could do more that me. Her legs were very muscular. As I have gotten older I have noticed that women are getting stronger than me in their 50's.

tonyAug 01 2010 8:40pm
me and my husband started to work out at the same time when we got 50 4 years ago. We worked out twice a week, the first year with a muscular woman as our personal trainer. When we started my husband could lift more than me with his arms and upper body, but the difference was a lot smaller than both of us thought. When it came to lower body I was clearly stronger than him. After 6 months the strength difference between us were the same, but I was the stronger! My husband had difficulties building muscle and become stronger. His body got more toned though and he looked better. After one year I was more muscular than my husband and a lot stronger. He was really embarrassed about it at first but our trainer said that it wasn't that uncommon that 50+ women could develop muscles faster than men in the same age group. But my husband didn't stop working out because of this. We have kept on going to the gym week after week, he looks fantastic if you like slim men with no body fat, all my muscles are today bigger and stronger than his. His endurance is similar to mine. It is kind of strange nowadays when we get intimate, I used to snuggle up in his arms, now I am taking him in my arms, I can easily lift him. Role reversal in a way. But we both love it.

EleniSep 14 2010 12:01am
My wife at 56 years old is more muscular now than any time in the past. She actually has bigger, more defined, and better developed muscles compared to me at any time in my life. She enjoys gym time and spends at least one hour in the gym five days a week. Biceps 15 1/2", calves 17", and thighs mid way are 26" and 30" at the upper thigh. I have never had muscles that large. She started filling out at age fourty and getting stocky. For the last 16 years she's gotten bigger. So now she's solid 5'8" at 178 lbs. I'm 6' tall at 180 lbs. 13" biceps, 19" mid thigh 14" calves. So my wife is much bigger and stronger. I have lost muscle in the last ten years while she has gained. I believe it is hormone changes in both of us that gives her an advantage but I'm only guessing. I know women can have high testosterone at her age and men of course lose testosterone at our age. I think she has high testosterone for sure but I would never say anything because she may take it wrong. She's hard as a rock and very strong much more so than when she was in her 20s-30s. Like I said her muscle development is superior to mine when I was younger.

BillSep 18 2010 5:54pm
I have wrestled many female body builders and although I a 6'4" and 220 lbs I have lost to everyone. Don't get me wrong once she displays she is going to be in control I just enjoy the holds a d the submissions. I would love the opportunity to enjoy a scissors session with Betty Pariso. Amazing she has that build at over 50.

WrestleDadNov 16 2010 3:14pm
im 12, and my sister is 10, she lifts weights every day, her muscle is 3 times bigger than mine, we armwrestle and i cant even move her arm, when she flexes her muscles she looks like incredible her bicep muscle is same size as golfball.. she does dumbells with one arm 20 pounds 10 times.. i can only do 3 times.. i am doomed...

littlebrotherJan 13 2011 8:04pm
We are now both 62 and go to the gym several times a week but as the years go by I am just maintaining but my wires arms keep getting bigger and stronger all the time.whenwe now wrestle I am the one giving up. Her upperbody strenght is vastly more than mine:

jersey boyJan 16 2011 5:01pm
We are now both 62 and go to the gym several times a week but as the years go by I am just maintaining but my wires arms keep getting bigger and stronger all the time.whenwe now wrestle I am the one giving up. Her upperbody strenght is vastly more than mine:

jersey boyJan 16 2011 5:02pm
We are now both 62 and go to the gym several times a week but as the years go by I am just maintaining but my wires arms keep getting bigger and stronger all the time.whenwe now wrestle I am the one giving up. Her upperbody strenght is vastly more than mine:

jersey boyJan 17 2011 12:26pm
Wow the lady of the video above is incredible. Her muscles are stunning. She can destroy almost every young man or woman in armwrestling. She really deserves respect!

Respect women, they are stronger than youJun 16 2011 1:50am
Been reading these polls for awhile about strong muscular bigger women etc. Think most are very bogus myself. Am a professional white male, 50 years old 5'10" 190, athletic not a bodybuilder tho. Am here by challenging any big strong muscular woman, bodybuilder, powerlifter, whatever, bigger the better, stronger the better. Challenge is to any female who will come meet me here in oklahoma, and literally use her full size, strength, muscle and power to lift me, crush me with full strength, lift, carry, throw me around the room like a rag doll, bodyslam etc, without regard to injury to me. Seriously using ALL her full size, power and muscle on me for 2 hours. No mercy asked, will sign injury waiver as well or release of liabilities to you etc. Any women takers, all you have to do is contact me at and put likelike challenge in your subject line. Cash prize if you come to do this and claim it is 2500 dollars. Will make a nice Christmas if any really tough or muscular women exist in real life besides these stupid polls. I am extemely serious. Lets see if any really huge big strong or muscular powerful women exist, or if they just talk talk talk.

sjsh99Dec 01 2011 8:02am
Hey sjsh99, did you find any challengers?

curiousApr 07 2012 7:24am
Yes I wrestle a big busty muscular women 52 years old i had not a chance and got really scared when she began to smother me as she was ontop of me and pinned my arms down

MattDec 12 2012 2:15pm
in general women over their 50s are weaker than women in their 20s or 30s. im 36 years old woman and i dont do that much sport. the ex wife of my husband is 53, she does sport very often. 3 days ago we did armwrestling on family celebration, i wrestled her very very easy and fast, she had no chances.. so i was wondering, she is so sportive, i thought she is stronger.. so ithink its only because im much younger than her

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