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should it be legal for women to go toppless in public

Created by: katie2.0 at 05:11:27 AM, Thursday, April 05, 2007 PDT


Another example of man discriminating againt woman and abusing his power by shoving this law down woman throat, because he can't behave himself in public. So again woman pays for man weaknesses. (Well am I wrong or not?)

ColleenApr 05 2007 1:10pm

Actually a male should be required to go bottomless in public so that a Woman can evaluate his behind in deciding whether he would be an appropriate piece for Her and could smack him on bare skin if he annoyed Her.

obedient husbandApr 07 2007 7:34pm
Women are allowed to go topless in Ontario which is where I am from. I don't think they prevent it in many African countries or throughout much of Europe either.

AnonymousApr 08 2007 5:59pm
It should be mandatory.

AnonymousApr 11 2007 2:00pm
#0005 - (Wed.) 4/11/07

UpdateApr 11 2007 9:47pm
why not man do it. If they can why not us

LAApr 16 2007 3:33pm
Womyn have every right to go topless if males can.Quite right obedient husband but why stop at bottomless why not entirely naked whilst Womyn remain clothed.Certain area should be marked "Males only allowed if naked".

Big BrendaMay 12 2007 9:15pm
There used to be club in the Northeastern United States where it was the custom for Women to remain clothed and to seat themselves upon luxurious couches placed at the four walls of the club. Males would strip entirely naked and walk around the club inside the couches. Generally it was considered bad form to speak to a Woman but a male could stop in front of Her, bow his head and turn exposing his naked behind to Her whims. If he felt a hard smack on his butt cheek that was a sign that She was granting him the privilege of making very respectful conversation with Her.

obedient husbandMay 14 2007 7:35pm
What was the name of the club?

Big BrendaJul 04 2007 12:39am
#0010 - (Thu.) 7/5/07

UpdateJul 05 2007 2:36pm
It was called Hellfire and it was located in the Greenwich Village section of New York City. There was a similar club called Paddles where males could bare their cheeks but they had to keep their butt cracks and genitals covered. The physical plant was laid out differently so it was not possible to cruise Paddles looking for that firm smack the way it was at Hellfire. It is of course an honor to be asked to supply information to Big Brenda. Most respectfully Ma'am, may I be given the privilege of asking you a question? I cannot help wondering how "Big" you are. Could you indulge me and give me your height and weight(in US measurements)and that of Your husband. Thank you Ma'am.

obedient husbandJul 06 2007 8:09pm
All you need to know obedient male is that I am taller than my husband and considerably heavier.Thanks for the info on the clubs

AnonymousJul 08 2007 12:35am
Big Brenda, if that last "anonymous" post is yours, thank you Ma'am.

obedient husbandJul 08 2007 10:37am
It was.Are you aware of Club Fem an organisation from which the UK would benefit.

Big BrendaAug 18 2007 6:43pm
I am aware that it exists as an internet site. I have no personal experience with it.

obedient husbandAug 18 2007 7:04pm
#0016 - (Thu.) * 8/30/07

UpdateAug 29 2007 10:46pm
There is also the Femdom Society which is based in the UK.

Big BrendaOct 14 2007 10:15pm
Definately. Women are absolutely equal and should be allowed such things without fear of sexualisation. I hardly think that the human body is such a taboo thing that there would be extreme contention over this smaller issue.

FNOLDec 15 2007 1:33am
Females maybe go topless if that is their choice. Males on the other hand by law must be kept totally naked. (weather permitting). Any male who is not totally exposed is castrated.

DonnaOct 28 2008 5:46am
Very interesting thought Donna but why so drastic a punishment for so little an infringement.Surely a strong talking to and a hard spanking would suffice.

Big BrendaNov 09 2008 7:34pm
Big Brenda I disagree on a strong talking to, but yes on a hard spanking. To have him show his cherry red bottom to all would be most humiliating.

DonnaNov 20 2008 7:27am
Donna don't you think a very red males bottom looks so good as compared to a one without marks

Big BrendaNov 24 2008 1:39am
Donna don't you think a very red males bottom looks so good as compared to a one without marks

Big BrendaNov 24 2008 1:39am
I stand corrected, yes I enjoy the sight of a red naked males behind. A women should never be allowed to go topples. Thats all we need a bunch of hard dicks pointing at we females.

DonnaDec 13 2008 4:53pm
Tis a tribute to how easily we can control the male mind.If the male is compliant and respectful why shoul dhe not get excited and erect acknowledging the poewr we have over him.

Big BrendaDec 31 2008 9:13pm
Big Brenda, My opinion I do not see an erection as anything more than a dangerous weapon.(like a loaded gun) Now if there are no bullets hanging fron his penis, (I firmly believe in castration) its OK. Besides a limp dick looks so pitful. I also believe in circumcision, as tight as it can be.

DonnaJan 10 2009 4:13pm
Once you have control over your man and his penis Donna then you both might think about what you said you want to do to him.Meanwhile think just what a Goddess given tool for controling your man lust is.No balls no lust.

Big BrendaApr 23 2009 2:03pm
As long as it is legal for a man to show his nipples in pubic (OOPS! That is a REAL typo that I decided not to correct. I meant PUBLIC!!!), it should be every bit as legal for a woman to show her nipples in public as well, even with all of that extra padding around her nipples. As for being TALLER and considerably heavier than a man (comment #0012), my girlfriend happens to be SHORTER and considerably heavier than I am and she rules me in the same way that a TALLER heavier woman rules her man. I only wish it were legal for me to SUCK a woman's nipples in public because she and I just love to suck each other's nipples, especially while we are both standing in front of each other. The big difference is that, while we are both standing in front of each other, I actually have to bend all the way down in order to suck her nipples (which would look quite funny in public!!!) whereas all she has to do in order to suck my nipples is to look straight ahead. In fact, she actually has to raise her head slightly in order to suck my nipples. That is how much taller I am than she is. Still, that would not look as funny in public as me bending all the way down in order to suck her nipples!!!

ONE BIG NIPPLE SUCKER!!!Aug 30 2009 5:17pm
If you dont want that to be legal. Dont vote for Sarah Palin for president in 2012. That what it would be like if we have a president with a slut as a daughter. Bristol & Sarah Palin are religious fakes.

anomynousJan 12 2010 7:54pm
As a man, I find it disgusting that we STILL have laws in this country prohibiting a woman to be topless wherever it is acceptable for a man to be, i.e. the beach, mowing the lawn, washing a car, etc. We allow women to join the military, get elected into office, hold managerial jobs in the work force, but arrest them for being topless! Are you kidding me? Many nations throughout the world have women topless whenever they chose to do so, without being arrested. Their children grow up fine, and it is not even an issue. My wife removes her top any place she choses, which is usually wherever I am without my shirt. Government officials say being topless is indecent exposure! WHAT? Indecent exposure, in every state of the Union, defines indecent exposure as the exposure of the genitals. The breasts is a GLAND! So exposure of a gland is illegal too? My wife, and many other women, suffer from the heat of the summer as we men do, and my wife, like every other women, should not have to endure discomfort and be overheated because some fat cat politician who is insecure about his wife being seen topless, says so. B.S! Does the Constitution not say,"...and the pursuit of happiness"? That all are created equal? Some are more equal than others...sounds like George Orwell's book, "1984" to me. But let them keep opposing women being topless, and we will keepon voting these self-appointed morality people out of office. And my wife, will keep on removing her shirt and be barechested and happy.

jojoJul 26 2010 8:04am
I seem to recall that "some are more equal than others" comes from Animal Farm, not 1984, but you got the author right.

obedient husbandNov 23 2010 4:08pm
Females should be able to topless if that is their choice. It should be law that all males should be totally naked at any age. A penis and balls are a sign of weakness.

AnonymousDec 15 2010 5:10am

JLafferMay 21 2014 6:47pm
Stupid men enjoying your wives being toples in public places

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