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Should women be allowed to punish men in public?

Question: If a man acts immature or disobeys a woman in public, should she be legally allowed to physically punish him (i.e. face slap or spanking)?
Created by: gza78 at 01:27:59 PM, Thursday, May 24, 2007 PDT


And KICK!!! Can't you DUMB A*S MALES get anything right??????? Our legs or our strength, FOOL.

JodiMay 25 2007 11:49am

jodi is a man

AnonymousMay 25 2007 8:25pm
And gza78 or Anonymous is upset because I pointed out his stupidity. And he Knows I'm right.

JodiMay 25 2007 8:49pm
What would give a woman the right to punish a man? He is entitled to live his life as he pleases, and all of you women on this site should just get used to that.

Plus-One7May 26 2007 12:08pm
#0005 - (Sat.) 5/26/07

UpdateMay 26 2007 9:08pm
Jodi why do you feel guys can't do anything right? Sure we goof around alot and get in trouble, but we can still do things right as well. The question is whether or not George Bush should be spanked by his wife for getting us into war? Makes sense there lol. I know women do pull the strings in a marriage; however, to punish men in public? I think us guys would feel somewhat ashamed by that. I guess you have to figure it based on whether or not men need to behave in public anyway. Nothing wrong with getting into trouble sometimes.

SethMay 28 2007 10:24pm
I am really a man.

JodiMay 29 2007 9:41am
OK, You lieing SON OF A B.I.T.C.H You may be Jodi (the fairy kind)and I have no doubt that your MALE. But to imply that you had anything to do with the comments on this pole written by me Jodi is pure crap, so now we can add lier to our list. I did write all comments but #6 I suspect the one who had something to do with this poll? is involved somehow? Now to Seth, Leave Bush out of this, You don't have to go that far up the latter to find stupid. For instance someone who make the comment "NOTHING WRONG WITH GETTING INTO TROUBLE" sometimes? how do you measure somtime? Like maybe most of the time? Maybe you should say SOMETIMES someone else pay for your F.U.C.K. UP. Any way that comment is from someone stuck on stupid. Since some of you guys or liars, this will be the last time I will comment on this poll, I not going to waist my time with forgers. So the next time you see Jodi here, it will be the male a.s.s.h.o.l.e jodi making comments, NOT ME PERIED.

JodiMay 29 2007 12:23pm
I am an illiterate man who can barely communicate.

JudiMay 30 2007 12:11pm
Jodi is African-American.

AnonymousMay 30 2007 12:12pm
I am an illiterate man who can barely communicate.

JudiMay 30 2007 12:20pm
I am a famous outer-space type dude who has starred in many motion pictures. In my universe, actions speak louder than words.

JediMay 30 2007 5:55pm
#0013 - (Fri.) 6/1/07

UpdateJun 01 2007 12:48pm
ANOTHER wicked man-hating poll. Sigh :-(

AnonymousJun 02 2007 7:35pm
ANOTHER S P I N E L E S S C O W A R D who uses the name Anonymous. Well I guess you can't have everything your way?

CathyJun 15 2007 12:27pm
People seem to be bashing each other rather than discussing the original topic. If by in public one means the general outdoors such as a street or park, a Woman is certainly entitled to slap or spank a male that She owns. In a true Matriarchy, the baring of a male's behind as a prelude to a spanking, if it was not already bare, would be permissable. In a more repressive society the beating would have to be given over pants or shorts. If by "in public" one means a restaurant or other business establishment, the Woman who owns the establishment would set the ground rules. Perhaps She would provide a spanking room for Her Female customers to use or maybe She would employ security who would punish a recalcatrant male for the Female customer.

obedient husbandJun 23 2007 7:37pm
obedient husband, what is wrong with you? And what is wrong with the majority who voted on this poll? The views that are brought up on this site, and this poll in particular, clearly express an extreme level of bias. The women here are refusing to accept any faults they may have (and believe me they have plenty), and they just expect the rest of the world to give in to their bullpoo. Well, ladies your dream will never be fulfilled, so can you continue to fantasize about them on this crackhead site.

BrianJun 27 2007 5:33pm
Brian, nothing is "wrong with me". It is not our place to judge our Superiors. Yes, certain Women may be very strict and severe Mistresses but that is their right as Women.

obedient husbandJun 29 2007 7:07pm
"their right as women"? When did they earn that right? And since when are women Superior? You need to get back into reality. You're just another stupid girl acting like a man.

BrianJun 30 2007 7:53am
agreed, obedient husband is a dumb fcuk

AnonymousJun 30 2007 5:45pm
Brian, I think the orginal poll question was premised on acceptance of some form of Female Supremacy. If you are not into that, fine. Obviously you would not submit to a Woman's punishment in public. It's your life. You can do what you want.

obedient husbandJul 01 2007 6:44pm
#0022 - (Sun.) 7/15/07

UpdateJul 15 2007 1:18am
It will be perfectly normal in the future for Womyn to spank or slap their spouses in public.If a male has transgressed he might be taken home and disciplined.However a Womyn should have the right to slap or spank him at the time of the infraction.Sometimes it is better to clear the air as it were by an immediate punishment.

Big BrendaOct 14 2007 10:29pm
In the abstract I agree Ma'am but what if the public space is a business owned by a Womyn who feels that the public punishment of males by Wives might detract from Her business? Does She not have a right to request that Her sister Female superiors refrain from public discipline? I agree that it might be a nice gesture if She provided a spanking room on the premises for such punishments.

obedient husbandOct 21 2007 5:08pm
A simple slap round the face would be no great imposition to the example of the restauranteur.Why would other Womyn take offence.Only if the the other Womyn thought that the Womyn slapping was being to harsh or unreasonable to Her boy would there be a problem.Nudity will be more common than now and male nudity in particular. As long as the male did not make to much noise the others should not be disturbed.

Big BrendaDec 09 2007 8:03pm
There have been situations where Wife has lectured me in public and other Women in the area seemed to get upset. Admittedly there have been other times I have been verbally or physically disciplined in public and Women in the area seemed to get into it. Presumably the Matriarchy will weigh competing concerns and promulgate ordinances on the subject.

obedient husbandDec 11 2007 4:37pm
Public nudity and punishment in the future will be common for men. A slap to the face or a twist of their balls will be a everyday sight. Women have suffered so much in the past, its their time to shine. So get use to the fact of seeing dicks and balls exposed, remember you are just simple men.

TonniaMar 18 2008 8:07am
Dear Ms. Tonnia, You are right! We males are inferior and stupid creatures, and to make us behave properly You, our strict Wives and owners, will publicly slap culprit's face, or spit on it, or pull his ear, or or twist his balls, or kick his groin or behind. But sometimes a simple order to him to kneel down and kiss his Lady's hand will have a good effect.

Nick NApr 13 2008 5:41am
Tonnia you are right.It will be increasingly a common sight to see a male have his balls pulled and twisted and slapped and kicked.But also petted and stroked and fondled. Why should we be offended by public male nudity.We don't make a fuss over naked dogs do we.Males are valuable and lovable pets at least when trained properly.

Big BrendaMay 07 2008 12:21am
Big Brenda Ma'am, You are back! This male bares his behind and grovels naked before you.

obedient husbandMay 08 2008 6:30pm
It is commendable that you acknowledge Womyns supremacy in such a way obedient husband.I find it pleasing.

Big BrendaJun 04 2008 10:17pm
Goddess created males so that they could please Womyn by serving as slaves. Wife requires me to present myself to Her entirely before going to bed.

obedient husbandJun 05 2008 6:08pm
that should have read "entirely naked" I should be whipped for my poor typing.

obedient husbandJun 05 2008 6:09pm
Whenever my girlfriend misbehaves public or not, I just lift her over my left shoulder and spank her with my right hand untill she cries and beg for pardon, this of course only applies to the weaker and dumber sex, we male superiors always do it right and need no punishment.

HAHALOLJun 06 2008 7:55am
Whenever my girlfriend misbehaves public or not, I just lift her over my left shoulder and spank her with my right hand untill she cries and beg for pardon, this of course only applies to the weaker and dumber sex, we male superiors always do it right and need no punishment.

HAHALOLJun 06 2008 7:56am
Girls do it to boys all the time and noone thinks anything of it. Women do it to boys, too. In the Nederlands, one 6th grade class, for a joke, a few boys went around slapping girls on the butt to see which on had the hardest hips. The teacher (a female) was not amused by this 'affront to feminine dignity'. She had ALL the boys go up in front of the class three at a time, turn away and lower their jeans and briefs. Whereby she then slapped each one of them on the butt and asked the girls which one was hardest? The four ringleaders had to lower their pants and shorts to their ankles and shuffle through a gamut of girls slapping their behinds. Some girls grabbed the boys and gave them several slaps. The school considered this an appropriate punishment as it taught boys to respect girls more.

Whipped too much by girls in publicNov 27 2008 5:04pm
Big Brenda, They castrate animals without a second thought, why not men.

DarlenneDec 13 2008 4:50pm
Most respectfully Ms. Darlenne, a Woman should have the same control over Her males as She would over any other type of property and it would be up to each individual Woman if She wanted to geld a male or keep him as breeding stock or a sexual toy.

obedient husbandDec 15 2008 6:40pm
obedient husband is right. What is the pricipal difference between an inferior male and a pet dog? Yes, we usually eat much more - it's a munus. But we can do some more sophisticated works like washing floor or moving heavy things or cooking - it's a plus. We need chastity belts and milkings - it's a minus. But OTOH we are able to work with our toungues for hours - it's a plus. We need to be clad to go outside - it's a minus. But we can be ordered to find a job and then give all salary to our Mistress - it's a plus. Nobody of us inferior males can win a medal on an dog exhibition - it's a minus. But we are allowed to be whipped as harshly and as often as or Mistress finds appropriate - it's a plus. So as you see the balance between plusses and minusses shows that there's no big difference between a male and a pet dog. So if the dog can be gelt, why a male can not?

Nick NDec 22 2008 10:41pm
Yes Darlene women should have the right to castrate men in any way they want.

LindaMar 16 2009 7:10am
Yes wemen should be aloud to wemen should rule the world i am a man and i know its going to happen if you want to her my full opion call me 417 770 4097

I bow down to wemenApr 18 2009 7:12pm
My wife Amanda 6'2" 190 lbs. 53 years old has taken me (5'10" 165 lbs. 50 years old) bare bottomed across her knee in our yard one day as our 65 year old female FedEx driver came around back to leave a package and witnessed me getting my spanking. She too is a large strong woman who couldn't hold back the laughter as she said to my wife that this was a side of me she hadn't seen before but hoped to see a lot more of in the future.

markiee 4/2009Apr 29 2009 8:01pm
Markiee, your wife could have been my mother.She also was 6 ft. big and strong.When i was a young boy, if i did something that deserved a spanking, she would strip me off and strap my behind with a leather belt to the point where i couldn`t sit comfortably for a couple of days.I was 20 years old when i received my last one. It was so severe, she had me blubbering like a little baby and begging for her to stop.I am now 41 years old, not married and find myself attracted to women that remind me of my mother, even to the point where i sometimes get an erection.I hope my spankings as a kid from a big intimidating women isn`t the reason i`am attracted to them.

Richard CMay 03 2009 10:58am
The males on here should just stop complaining, and accept their inferior status. Women rule the world, and that is the way things are.

micromanJun 15 2009 2:26pm
My Asian wife Stephanie sometimes loses her cool and slaps my face out in public.People look our way and I feel very embarrassed but I know it's my own fault. One thing that really pisses her off is me "gauking" at other women.Like "obediant husband" I too believe in female supremacy so if Stephanie punishes me in front of others it's her right. Stephanie is strict but fair so at least the spankings happen only at home! We love each other very much so its not like she's smackin' me all the time.

JoeJul 20 2009 5:36pm
When I was in collage I dated a girl from the volleyball team who was 6'3" and quite strong. We had gone camping one weekend in the summer and decided to go skinny dipping. We had been drinking and thus must have had less inhibitions. Susan sat down on a log and asked if I was a little cold from the breeze and being wet. I told her yes and she beaconed me over to her side. Before I knew it she turned me over her knee and started to dry me off and warm me up. Just then we noticed two older women (they looked to be in there 40's) in a canoe pointing to where we were. My girlfriend was quite an exhibitionist and said lets give then something to remember and with that reached into her bag and took out some suntan lotion sat me right side up and liberally applied it to her hands. With her left hand she grabbed my shaft and started stroking it for a few minutes then the shocker. She slipped the middle finger of her right hand deep inside of me to massage my prostate and two minutes later I lost control as she bit my nipple. When I finished she pulled my head to her breast as I sucked for all I was worth. The two ladies in the boat were left speech less as there eyes stayed riveted on us.

markiee 7/29/2009Jul 29 2009 7:59pm
Joe that sounds like you have come to a good accomodation with each other and your respective behavoiur towards each other.

AnonymousJul 30 2009 8:32pm
My wife who is ten yrs older than i was my teacher in grade 12 , i was 18, she 28. to make a long story short, she caught me cheating on a test and had me stay after school to receive a good bare bottom blistering with a school strap. After the last bare ass blisterings i received we ended up having sex which resulted in her getting pregent. in my day the tradition was if you knocked up a woman you married her, which i did. But even in marriage i was still her 18 year student, only now she straps my behind at home, harder and longer. She never does it in public, but one thing i find embarrasing is when she informs me in public where adults and kids can hear her telling me that i going to get a good spanking when we get home.

Mel R.Aug 02 2009 10:26am
You deserve a strapping for being careless and getting Her pregnant. I hope She made you change all the diapers and get up for the 2 am feedings. Perhaps some day She will bend you over in public and invite other Women to apply a hand or implement to your behind.

obedient husbandAug 22 2009 7:45pm
markiee what a lovely story.She demonstrated both to you herself and the other Womyn that She had full control of your body and mind and you saw the benefits of it. All males should be made aware of the pleasure a Womyn can give their prostate

Big BrendaSep 10 2009 12:29am
A Womyn should have a full repetoire of punishments in her arsenal.If She needs to haul off and slap your hard across the face as a quick and decisive punishment or She wants to draw it out and threaten you with a future beating which will be at a time of Her choosing and severity then so be it.

Big BrendaSep 10 2009 12:32am
I think men should be disaplined with a leather strap or a whip on a regular baises to keep them in check.Women should always be in charge and treated like royalty.

andySep 24 2009 9:36pm
Sounds like Big Brenda could have been my mother.My mother was a school teacher, long retired, but was and still a big believer in the use of the strap for disapline. I was almost 20 years old the last time i went bare bottom over her lap for a sound strapping. The official school strap in those days was a strip of industrial belting about 16 inches long,2inches wide and a 1/4 inch thick. In the right hands it could inflict serious pain on a tender behind, in my case welts and blisters that lasted for several days. I am pretty sure my father has been on the receiving end of a few of these strappings.My mother always said that you are never too old to be taken down a peg or two.

George HNov 10 2009 4:48am
So George, did She marry you off to a Wife who continued Her program of discipline?

obedient husbandNov 13 2009 5:25pm
Because my mother was an old school, school teacher and strict disaplinarin , i think i probably received enought bare bottom strappings to last a lifetime. As a young boy, if i had a bad mark on a test, i found it mentally punishing, walking home from school thinking about the bare bottom strapping i was in for at home. Mother would look at my test and then look at me and say i`m disapointed with this result and you know what this means.I would go to my room and wait for mother to arrive with strap in hand. She would sit on the bed, instruct me to remove my pants and underwear and lie over her lap, and then the sound bare bottom strapping would begin. I had more than my share of these spankings as a kid and teenager, enought to last a lifetime. I would not take a wife who would want to carry on with this type of punishment for wrongdoings.

George HNov 15 2009 12:00pm
The whole thing is sexual and the subject was created by a male masochistic exhibitionist. It is a prelude to savagery actually. If you want to play games do it in the privacy of your home and don't inflict it on the rest of us please.

RaymondNov 23 2009 5:46am
Paddle bare behind with paddle & or strap and all will be fine for both! ,;) Joe

Joe A.Nov 28 2009 12:42pm
Heartening to hear George H that you think your Father submitted to a good strapping.I must say I favour the Tawse over all other implements.

Big BrendaDec 14 2009 9:01pm
Of corse woman is the superior sex and the wordl will be completely ruled by woman in the next future, So rapish and violent or disobidient males will be punished and castrated in public.

obidient maleDec 20 2009 5:05am
dont take me for an idiot but are all you women really serious about this cause if you are then I feel really sorry for you

PeterDec 21 2009 6:20am
Yes I tried slapping my wife at a party and she actually knocked me out and stripped me in front of all our friends and put panties and bra on me a pranced me around the room ,I definitely learned my lesson and now do as Iam told

ex bully brucieMar 12 2010 11:23am
I agree woman do have the right to punish us men woman have the right to cut our balls off or squeeze them if they like they should make schools teach girls to kick boys balls and punish men and schools must teach boys to be slaves to girls all boys must bow down to girls feet and kiss their feet and hand their balls to the girls every time class starts and all boys must be naked in class and boys must be used as girls human toilet whenever they need to go for a poo or a wee and eat it woman are supirior to men we aren't worthy of them

TomApr 01 2010 9:45am
Woman do have a right to punish men I am a slave to my wife she give daily punishment of squeezing my balls and I thank her for that every weekend she invites her 3 sisters and her mum to punish me and use my balls as stress balls I must do all the chores like licking the toilet clean with my tounge she feeds me scraps from the bin I thank her for what she's done for me

I deserve to be punished by womanApr 01 2010 11:04am
Woman are great men don't deserve woman only thing we deserve from woman is them to cut our balls off I will hand over my balls to woman anyday their only their for woman plesure she can do whatever she wants with them I once had a woman step on my balls before with her body wait it so sore but I deserve it can't wait for the next crushing by a beutiful woman

JohnApr 01 2010 1:46pm
women should be slapped in public too who said they are superior race

jake laureApr 30 2010 12:05am
i need regular beatings with the cane,it hurts very much but makes me very respectfull of my woman

garyMay 21 2010 8:22am
Gary, has She ever caned you in public?

obedient husbandJun 11 2010 7:23pm
Of course public punishment should be allowed. My wife punishes my balls daily for empowerment and entertainment. It doesn't matter where we are. If she feels like punishing me she does it and I willingly obey.

MarkJun 24 2010 10:45am
I think that it should be the man that does the punishing! Women are ruled by emotion and sometime the only thing that will straighten them out is a good bare assed whipping. It works for my wife!!!

leeJul 08 2010 1:23pm
I think that it should be the man that does the punishing! Women are ruled by emotion and sometime the only thing that will straighten them out is a good bare assed whipping. It works for my wife!!!

leeJul 08 2010 1:24pm
i don`t agree lee. my husband and i have used the spencer spanking plan since we were married 12 years ago. with this plan we have made a lenghty list of punishable offences, which we both put our input into. we both agreed on a good old school strap as the instrument of punishment. ( very effective on a bared ass )when needed i get 25 licks ( because the spencer plan suggest the hand only for females) and my husband gets fifty licks when needed. now we do not keep a record of how many we have gotton over the years, but a estimate would probably see his ass blistered 20 to my 1, and in my opinion this would hold true with most couples using this plan. lee if you are a real man put this plan into effect with your wife because deserved punishment is good for both when needed. i know my first spanking before the plan was very severe and i might add well deserved, but after that is when i informed my husband that we should both receive punishment when deserved. he stated it with the first spanking he gave me, but as time went by over the years i have had many opportunies to really blister his ass, blisterd, welted and sometimes bleeding. everytime i spank him i get payback for that first one he gave me. now don`t get me wrong, i have a hard time sitting for a couple of days after i receive one from him, but thank goodness that is only 5 or 6 times a year. well i have to end this now because my husband has stripped off and laying on the bed to receive his well earned bare ass whipping.

alice d.Jul 17 2010 11:21am
Stephen King wrote A Long Walk which is about 100 boys doing a walk for a huge prize but only one male can win. ALL the other males are shot if they stop the walk Would you all want to have these males do the walk naked? I can think of several reasons for this. No male would have an advantage over another and when they were killed, the millions of women watching would know they were all males If someone watching helps them, that person would be killed also but I contend that if a woman helps one of the walkers, the male she is helping should be killed alone with any male standing beside her. Of course, if another male is helping the walker, both the males would be killed. In this way, we can punish anyone trying to help but we would only kill males

CindyJul 18 2010 9:21am
alice d. i am glad your plan works for you, likewise, our plan works for us. it has made our marriage more open because my wife will confess to doing something wrong and ask for a spanking rather than waiting for me to find out. she knows that the spanking will be harder and longer if i learn of something on my own. a good bare ass whipping reminds her that i wear the pants in our family(even though i depend on her for advise and her opinion) and makes her feel closer to me. HER WORDS.

leeJul 20 2010 12:36pm
my husband is a momma`s boy and can act very badly and immaturely at times, espeacialy when were out shoping and he dosent get his way on wanting something which we can`t afford.i found out from my mother in law after we were married, that she used to spank him for that kind of behavior and she found it helped to keep him under control.she also informed me that she had to give him a good barebottom blistering a week before our marriage and that i would be wise to do the same when now when he acts up in public in my presence, i quietly inform him that he is in for a good hiding when we get home. he becomes very polite and subdoed for the rest of the outing and even more so after the bare bottom blistering i give him with a good old school strap which my mother in law gave me. my mother in law was right, he is a very well behaved and polite persom for a few weeks . the punishment is done at home in private, and the warnings or promise of a spanking is done without anybody knowing if done in a public area.

Glenda C.Sep 09 2010 8:52am
Glenda , sounds like your mother in law was or still is a teacher, since she had a school strap to pass on to you.If she were ever to read your comment on this poll she would probably use that strap on your behind or may i say she should give you a good hiding for all the words you mispelled, or even better she should make your husband give you the bare bottom strapping since you punish him when needed. What`s good for the gander in good for the goose. Experiencing a good hiding may make you more tolerent and not spank your husband as much.

George H.Sep 12 2010 6:54am
I bet Ms. Glenda's husband adores Her and believes the beatings help him stay in line.

obedient husbandSep 13 2010 8:16pm
For george H`s information, i have experienced a good hiding, my mother spanked my bare bottom many times when i was younger.Also when i was dating my now husband, we were at his mothers place one evening when his mother was out for the evening.She came home much earlier than expected and caught us half drunk and striped off to our underwear. needless to say she was furious and informed the two of us that we were both in for a good strapping and to remain in our underwear. i was 16 at the time and was instructed to lay over the end of the couch, she slid my panties down and proceded to blister my ass with the same strap i now use on my husband. she also called my mother and informed her as to what happened. when i got home, mother met me at the door with her long handled hairbrush in hand , took me to the kitchen where she sat in a chair, ordered me to drop my slacks and panties and lay over her lap. she then adminstered the hardest spanking she ever gave me on a already blistered behind.As an adult i now believe that the punishment was well deserved because it did serve to teach me a hard lesson.I don`t think a spanking is in order for bad spelling,but the next time my husband mis behaves the strap will be used.

Glenda C.Sep 21 2010 4:36am
only thing a woman should be allowed to do in public is getting down on their knees and suckin c*ck

jacobOct 05 2010 12:42am
actually jodi is a 4 ft. midget with a hairy ass

jacob..single mommy killahOct 24 2010 11:08pm
I am a man who accepts his inferiority. I answer yes.

WomenaresuperiorOct 27 2010 7:25pm
i believe women should punish men whenever, whereever. I have been wearing a collar and lead ny a leash for years. I have been spanked and forcibly masturbated in malls, department stores, and on the street. Let me tell you there is nothing more humiliating than being stripped, spanked and forced to swallow your own cum in front of other womnen and their husbands

well manner husbandDec 07 2010 6:54am
Just read this thread and realized that something important is missing. In the future, we will have ever more invasive monitoring equipment at the same time that we move toward greater female supremacy. These two trends will interact to create new kinds of discipline that women will be able to use on men. I am not saying that spaning and caning will go away but how they are used will change. On line penis monitoring will become routine. along with online c*ck shock technology.

AnonymousJan 03 2011 8:54am
An elephant in Musth in India kills the Mahout / keeper first before vnting his rage on others because he loves the mahout ---wives , girlfriends , sisters,mothers, teachers seem to gloat over the public humiliation of husbands , boyfriends , brothers ,sons, students because they have a long list of real/imaginary grouses against the men they love . After centuries of Male instutionalized domination is it justified ? i will NOT comment . is it understandable ? yes i can understand where all the collective angst is coming from . when role reversal is a novelty it sparks erection when it is de rigeur it becomes institutionalized boredom & dreary deja vu !!! in a future matriarchy it will be powerful lady Presidents n' Lady Popes who will be seeking erotic ,humiliating , shameful sexual punishment ----but turnabout is only Fair play & Karmaic Justice & Symmetry

Ashesh GhoseJan 17 2011 6:27am
everyone on this poll have lost their freaking minds !! if you want a fantasy, go to some porno site and get into your world, even the stupid question of punishing a male in public is totally ludicrous..please something more productive in life to do instead of fulfilling some sado/macho fantasy

decline of the roman empireApr 02 2011 2:52pm
That is exactly what they are doing when they come here, going to a sight that lets them discuss erotic fantasy.

obedient husbandApr 08 2011 6:34pm
Oh for Goddess sake, This isn't a scientific poll. It's a collection of personal opinion. All "civilization" from simple manners to elaborate ceremony is an attempt to restrain the rampant sexual energy of the male and make it subserviant to the receptive energy of the Female. Males crave control. They crave dominance of their infantile/testosterone-fueled natures. We WANT to be feminized so as to be better persons.

AnonymousMay 09 2011 9:27pm
As males know that size & brute strength is a through-back to primitive times. We know that sophistication & culture, the feminine perspective is our path to a brighter future. More men are gay than women are lesbians. More men get male-to female sexual reassignment surgery than female-to-male. If there are any "forced masculinization" web-sites, I haven't found then. There are an abundance of "forced feminization" ones. In short, men need, want to have their little "clitties" controlled, and if needs be, publicly punished for public wrongs. Not "Anonymous" Beth

AnonymousMay 09 2011 9:46pm
Aggresion, destuctivness, violence, and all forms of testosterone-fueled insanity must be stopped. If that means public spankings of men then so be it. If it means summary, common-place, and routine castrations of men; their denial of all rights and their subjugation as slaves and beast-of-burden, then I think civilization will have taken a giant stop forward.

BethMay 13 2011 3:57pm
thats up to her! she's the boss!

cfnmguyMay 17 2011 1:50pm
I am a dominant male who agrees that women should be allowed to punish men-especially sex offenders! The fiction story boadicea by dr.doom is a good example. Women should be allowed to spank,tickle humiliate, put men in straightjackets, rubber suits, corsets dresses, enforced feminization, castration or any other punishment they deem necessary!! FEMALE GUARDS should be allowed to choose the type or combination of punishment devices, and the duration of their application. This means if a woman wants to sentence a prisoner to a month in a staaightjacket, he has to stay in for a month! IF she sentences a man to six months in a corset,dress, lipstick, earrings, hes in it for six maonths!! The length of time is entirely arbitrary-she can decide on any length of time she wants.

joseph.sp.tickMay 21 2011 12:58pm
I agree with Beth-men who behave stupidly towards women should be castrated,and denied all rights by women who enjoy punishing men!

AnonymousMay 21 2011 1:04pm
I agree with Beth-men who behave stupidly towards women should be castrated,and denied all rights by women who enjoy punishing men!

AnonymousMay 21 2011 1:04pm
oh my god

timmyMay 30 2011 10:12pm
As a dominant male,I agree that there are some men who should be punished by women. I would love to see Beth in a prison for sex offenders-women like her would solve the "sex offender problem!"

AnonymousMay 31 2011 9:34am
My wife's favorite fantasy involves me stripped naked, bent over and tightly tied. While a crowd watch's the man she is sleeping with uses the paddle. She claims some day it will be true!

Jeff StammJun 23 2011 12:32am
Since my last reply to George H`s comments, I have had to use the strap on my husband a couple of times for bad behavier, each time it had the desired effect.George you were right in assuming my mother in law is a teacher ( retired) who still belives in the use of the strap for discipline purposes ( not bad spelling )You were also right in your belief that what is good for the gander is good for the goose.We were at a family gathering a few days ago where i had a little to much to drink and made a nasty comment to my mother inlaw when she pointed that out.That night back home, my husband informed me that he and his mother decided i should be punished for my lack of respect and it would happen the next evening. I did not give it much though ( probably still feeling good from the wine). The next evening my mother in law showed up at the door and thats when the reality of what was going to happen set in.After removing her coat she pulled a strap from her purse that looked relatively new and stiff ( school straps are made from industrial belting )and she made the comment about it being the last new strap she got before retiring and my ass was going to be the first one on the receiving end (ouch )Anyways to make a long story short, my skirt and panties came off, over my husbands lap and as he held me in place, my mother in law stood in front and blistered my ass with that new strap. Its four days since i received that hiding and it is still painful to sit.This spanking will probably make me more tolerent and i won`t spank as often, but based on what i received they will be much more severe, i received a 100 strokes compared to the fifty i normaly gave him.

Glenda C.Aug 12 2011 12:58am
If it is a very small thing like talking back she puts me against the wall I arch my back and she spanks

AnonymousDec 01 2011 1:55pm
If it is bigger I am put in tighty whites over the knee and then undies down spanking then I stand in the courner then She puts my clothes back on.

AnonymousDec 01 2011 1:59pm
Spanking is unnecessary. Men are easier to control by their balls. For a small infraction, just grab & twist through his pants. For a larger one, tell him loudly to present his balls, whereupon he will drag them out of his pants, and put them in your hand for punishment. You can sqeeze or spank the balls as he sqeals, begs for forgiveness, and makes promises to be a good boy in the future. Since the root of the problem is his maleness, that maleness is the most effective place to punish him.

anonymousDec 10 2011 11:18am
I like to be dress as a woman and be tie up and gag and blindfold and take me to some guy or woman to be their sissy male maid and be tie up and have fun with me to

LoneyJan 15 2012 11:50am
Women should spank men publicly only if men are also legally empowered to butt-f*ck women in Malls , Multiplexes , bars , parking lots , colleges , offices , parks , cafes , restaurants , airports , railway stations PUBLICLY !!

Ashesh 9Mar 24 2012 1:19pm
Should men be allowed to punish women in public?

AnonymousMay 22 2012 2:14am
My wife and i have used the spencer spanking plan for many years. we both had input in making the list for spankable offences, ten each four what we each thought the other should receive punishment for. Before signing this contract we both agreed to each having two avaible spaces to add any new punishable acts that were not on the original list which was a mistake for me. i have always had a bedwetting problem my whole life, every night until i was a 14 or 15 year old and three or four times a month as an adult. my wife was aware of this before we got married and said she would not have a problem coping with my problem. She said she could put a mattress protector on the bed and only bedding would get wet now and then. She whent on a three day trip to a spa with my mother, and i guess they had a discussion about my childhood bedwetting, My mother informed my wife that when i reached the age of 11 or 12 she would spank me if i was wet in the morning and found the punishment greatly reduced the frenquency of wet nights because if i wet it was because i drank pop, water, etc after supper, or did not set my alarm to wake in the middle of the night, so i could use the toilet before i peed my diaper. So i was not actually punished for wetting but for not taking the right precautions to avoid it. My wife has now added bedwetting to her list of offences. One change she made is if i am wearing a diaper and rubber panties, there would be no punishment. The choise for me now ,which punishment do i prefere, diapered every night, or a extra three or four bare ass strapping for not wearing a diaper. Choise made, it looks like more bedding laundry for my wife, and a few more workouts with the strap.My wife thinks the punishment is justified for not taking precautions and pissing the bed. I guess i better end this because i woke up pissed to the eyes this morning, i hear the wife starting the washer, so i will soon lay bottom up on the now dry bedding and receive my just desserts. Do any readers out there think spanking an adult for on controlled bedwetting is justified?

jason R.Aug 18 2012 7:03am
I'm 34 my husband is 49 and about 3 years into our marrige I started spanking him. First time was joke, he was trying to hide something from me, and I gabbed him to get it from him, bc of the way I pulled him he was over my knee. As a joke I pulled his underwear down and gave him a couple spanks. Next thing I knew he was hard, I was shocked and said since you like it now take it. I spanked him that day until he begged and cried. When I was done he had already cum. Since then, he's become my bitch.

JulieOct 16 2012 10:04am
Is by far the manliest man you could ever have met. He has abs of steal, actually he's perfect in every way. The best part of it is he has given his life to serve me. When we are out of the house he is the man, I would never humiliate him in front of anyone, but at home he is over my knee a lot. I think for him since he has always been the one in charge its a release. Of course for me to see this handsom tall man over my knee with his balls btw his legs getting spanked like a kid until he cries is most exciting and powerful.

DakotaOct 16 2012 2:10pm
Jason, it seems to me by strictly following your after supper rules, no pop , water ,juice consumed before bedtime, your wife could or should remind you to empty your bladder before you apply your nightime diapers,combined with a wake up alarm for a middle of the night trip to the toilet, you should never have a wet night.I think because a wet night pretty well means you didn`t take the right precautions, your wife should take your mothers advice and srrap your ass for bedwetting even if you are wearing a diaper.

Glenda C.Nov 05 2012 4:46am
I as a man think women should be able to punish men ,with a good whipping when a man is making advances to a woman ,she usually rejects him but this is not enough , a whipping must be administered to remind the irritating fool he has not impressed her

BogeyNov 23 2012 12:37am
I being man fully accept that women are better than men My dream society is one where women have the right to place men in a small cell or even a cage to keep us out of the way and in line, they would lock the man in and place the key on an ankle bracelet ,the superior sex can then have the enjoyment of a peaceful day without the totally useless irritant that is man causing trouble

BogeyDec 07 2012 11:59pm
miracle baby was born with a vigina and a brain

rc masterMay 29 2013 8:52pm
women belong in the kitchen

rcMay 29 2013 8:56pm
Love males, Respect them as you want to be respected, and if u don't like how to behave with women, there is one you can definitely do about it, Be a very good mother and teach your sons to be the perfect model of an Right Man. I understand this website is full of people who loves female dominance. But trust me, this a disease in your hearts. You should get some help. Be real for once. Men are logical and women are emotional. Women does dominate men in love, feelings, care, parenting etc. Y r u dying to kick, rupture, twist, pull, punch, bite or squeeze a man's balls in general. Don't you feel anything. Just imagine, guys making a website like this who shapes people's minds to do c*nt busting whenever a woman should b punished!! Aarghh Sick. Grow up. Love your man, Respect him and If he is not able to lead, you make him able enough to lead. They were given this job by nature. Men who doesn't respect ladies is because their mothers never taught them to. Face it! Think for once

RealistJul 21 2013 2:17am
Women should be allowed to apply any punishment device-or multiple devices to any male they choose, for whatever length of time they choose. thus a woman might require a man to be in a corset hood and gag for whatever length of time she chooses.Or perhaps she prefers a corset and straightjacket on him! Read Boadicea on to see what I mean

stephanies42@ymail.comAug 13 2013 11:54am
You can't seriously believe that Stephanies42? Really sounds unfair

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Yes. Men need punishment. That's what our balls are for. I am punished regularly and my gf even has her 7year old son already trained to accept daily ball squeezing as punishment.

MarkAug 01 2014 9:15am
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RXshBomfsqNAug 05 2014 8:48am
Women should be allowed to punish men in public may be in completely naked state.Naked punishment by a woman will make a man well behaved and he will learn to respect women.I was born in a village of west bengal where naked punishment of boys and men was very common.We boys get regular naked punishment both in school and home.If any girl lodged complaint against a boy in our school, then the boy will get naked punishment by the mistress.The punishment was naked sit up holding ears,naked run in the sun,rubbing nose on the girls's shoes naked etc. We boys often work in the school as prisoners like carrying bricks,digging land, pulling rollers on the grass ground wearing a gamcha.At the time of carrying bricks we have to put our gamcha on our shoulder and we become naked. Girls and lady teachers enjoyed our punishment very much.

aaSep 30 2014 11:17am
Mark, How does your GF punish your balls the most and how many times a day and how hard does she squeeze her 7 year old son's balls? Does he cry while she's squeezing his nuts? Sometimes a 7 year old boy's balls haven't begun to dangle yet so they would be easy to hit but difficult to squeeze. Is his sac still tight? Does he willingly get naked and spread his legs to accept getting his balls squeezed? Does your GF moderate the pressure she uses on his balls to avoid permanent damage while his little nuts are still developing? Is she going to squeeze his balls real hard when he's older, like 13 or 14? He should have a nice loose nut sac by then and his balls will be hanging lower and much easier to squeeze. By then your GF will probably also be punching and kicking her son in his larger lower hanging balls in addition to the squeezing when he needs punishment. It's good that she's working on his testicles because he'll grow up knowing just how much excruciating pain another person can put in each of the balls that's hanging in the sac between his legs.

AnonymousOct 01 2014 6:23pm

ggAGclvTOXaoOct 18 2014 3:41am
If she gradually increases his punishment by squeezing his balls a bit harder each time when he's a teenager he will have a real tough pair of strong balls dangling in his nutsack.

anonymousOct 20 2014 3:34pm
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Would you like a receipt? tetracycline 500mg capsules for acne But SolarCity is also under pressure from investors to cutcosts, which have escalated due to its dramatic growth. UnlikeSolarCity, which sells its systems through a vast network ofsales agents, Paramount relies on sales direct to consumersthrough a call center.

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Go travelling generic proscar no prescription "Presidents need to be a little bit more up to date than Governor Romney showed in that election," Troy acknowledged. "But we do not want to think about a president who is watching reality TV," Troy also pointed out.

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I'd like , please buying retin a online safe The shortfall in funds could curb Sharp's efforts to turnaround its operations which, along with fellow Japanese consumerelectronics companies such as Panasonic Corp andToshiba Corp, have suffered from a slump in TV sales asforeign rivals encroached on their market.

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Will I get travelling expenses? propranolol prices usa Barred owls are native to eastern North America, but they've arrived in the West only relatively recently, first having been seen in western Washington in 1973. The Fish & Wildlife Service says there's a direct correlation between the growth of the barred owl and the disappearance of the northern spotted owl.

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I'd like to order some foreign currency proscar ingredients Now the hunter may become the hunted, with news that hedgefund manager William Ackman has taken a nearly 10 percent stakein Air Products. His former nemesis, Air Products CEO JohnMcGlade, is signaling he is prepared to use the kinds of tacticsMcCausland used to defend his company against Ackman.

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I'm not sure ventolin prescription uk In announcing Tokyo’s official entry to the discussions, economy minister Akira Amari, who also doubles as minister in charge of the TPP negotiations, vowed Tuesday to stand by the nation’s interests and “protect what needs to be protected, and press for what needs to be pressed.”

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Whereabouts in are you from? zoloft 75 mg tabs The U.S. banking regulators' proposal to double the minimum Basel III leverage ratio,referred to as the supplementary leverage ratio, is likely to be manageable for affected banks,Fitch Ratings says. But the 6% standard is onerous for bank subsidiaries covered by the proposaland may encourage banking groups to conduct certain activities, such as derivatives, from their broker-dealer subsidiaries.

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A pension scheme zoloft vs paxil anxiety The decision to stop saving peregrine chicks is strictly local, says U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service migratory bird specialist Alicia King at their Arlington, Virginia headquarters. She said she didn't know of any other place where this was happening, and there's no national position. She noted that in many communities the peregrines are beloved and their chicks are treasured.

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I want to make a withdrawal how to get money quick A 24-year-old Missouri college student from Saudia Arabia walked out of jail a free man for the first time in nearly a year Friday after prosecutors dropped charges that accused him of being involved in the shooting death of a local bar owner.

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One moment, please consolidate debt enrollment online “All my life, I have had a dream of playing cricket for India,” Tendulkar said in a statement. “I have been living this dream every day for the last 24 years. It’s hard for me to imagine a life without playing cricket because it’s all I have ever done since I was 11 years old.”

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We'd like to offer you the job deposit interest calculator Randall Roberts' conclusion hits the nail on the head, but he omitted from his review, possibly the top song of the album, the title track.   The single "New" revisits the sound of Penny Lane  and may be the most memorable song from this album 10 years from now.

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