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House Husband

Question: Is future of husbands will be House Husbands?
Created by: afsahn at 04:11:56 PM, Monday, July 16, 2007 PDT


yes they have become the weaker sex

AnonymousJul 17 2007 6:16pm

Yes Ofcourse. As wives are taking leading role in jobs and business so soon husbands will househusband and will perform house chores duties. Might be they will wear ladies clothes and apron. soon children will found new mummy in the house

HusbandJul 17 2007 9:55pm
As my Children already found it

HusbandJul 17 2007 9:55pm
I guess your Children are going to have to use there neighborhood friends Fathers as role models, Other wise there going to be all messed up. P.S. I can understand why you didn't use your frist name when signing your comment, I would be ashamed also.

TomJul 17 2007 11:15pm
#0005 - (Wed.) 7/18/07

UpdateJul 17 2007 11:16pm
No Tom! I am not ashamed. I am happy with my family and happy with my role in my family

House HusbandJul 17 2007 11:37pm
If you have any sons, they will probably end up as homosexuals, or worse, mentally screwed up like Jeffrey Dahmer or John Wayne Gacy. You are providing an un-natural envirnment with an inadequete male role model.You are selfishly living out your fantasies at the expense of those you are duty-bound to nurture and protect. You are a freak, setting an abnprmal example for those who desperately need you at a time when they are most impressional. As a man and as a human being, you are morally bankrupt. You are a monster who is unwittingly abusing your role as a parent. Hopefully, yoiur wife will come to her senses and find a real man, if not for her own benefit, for the kids.

SamJul 18 2007 5:50am
He probably sexually abuses his children. That is why he wants to stay home all day. What a sick pervert.

AnonymousJul 18 2007 5:54am
Sam ! I am a complete and a true man. and yes i have 2 sons and 2 daughters. They are also obeying their sisters

House HusbandJul 18 2007 7:52am
Sam ! I am a complete and a true man. and yes i have 2 sons and 2 daughters. They are also obeying their sisters

House HusbandJul 18 2007 7:55am
My wife is running a show, she is incharge of the house and in her absence my daughters take this charge of home. Further more like me my boys are also asking permission for anything with thier sisters

House HusbandJul 18 2007 8:01am
I agree with anonymous. This house husband guy is some kind of twisted pedophile. It is a sick world.

DirkJul 18 2007 9:25am
#0013 - (Wed.) 7/18/07 4:39pm EST.

UpdateJul 18 2007 1:40pm
Let me guess, your daughters are a lot older than your sons, Right???

TomJul 18 2007 1:52pm
househusband,I hope you are well trained.You will need to be when your better half takes the house,kids,money ,car,why,she will soon get sick of you,000's of working women are kicking their househusbands out to live on the streets,be warned

mike.sJul 18 2007 2:27pm
House Husband, are you required to obey your daughters? It would seem that would be the best example to set for your sons.

JessicaJul 18 2007 3:52pm
House Husband, how old are you and your Wife. I dreamed of being a house husband but in my younger days, that just did not happen. Currently, my Female owner prefers to send me out to work. She loans me to a firm run by a Woman, and my Female boss deposits monies for my services into my Wife's account. Does your Wife use corporal discipline to keep you in line?

obedient husbandJul 18 2007 5:18pm
Do you have to obey your daughters?

JessicaJul 19 2007 5:48am
Tom ! both of my daughters are younger than my sons. Ms Jessica Yes ofcourse I ahve to obey my daughters. Otherwise..... Even in dreams I cannt imagine to disobey my wife or my daughters.

House HusbandJul 19 2007 6:47am
And you don't see anything abnormal about children being raised in this envirnment? Both you and your wife are unsuitable to be parents. DCFS should get in there and get those children away from both of you for their own good.

JessicaJul 19 2007 10:20am
#0021 - (Thu.) 7/19/07 3:51pm. EST.

UpdateJul 19 2007 12:52pm
Don't worry Jess he won't give an age so these have got to be so pretty old kids, young boys aren't going to listen to...even younger sisters. It in the genes. Beside They also learn that from other boys in school, and if they told anybody at School what was going on at home, the teachers would find out and report it.

TomJul 19 2007 1:19pm
I wish people wouldn't come on here and discuss their personal issues and fetishes. I am more interested in seeing intelligent discussions and opinions. Because of economic reasons there are a growing number of stay at home dads. Does anyone want to discuss that?

JimJul 19 2007 1:39pm
Economic reasons? They are stupid and lazy, or they would get their fat asses out and find jobs. People who are not willing to work to feed themselves deserve to starve to death. Case closed.

DirkJul 19 2007 3:57pm
un-natural environment? Please tell us all what is a *natural* environment is Sam and others... Who stays home and does that job is nothing more than economics & culture and nothing more to make of it than that... period dippoos. You morans have way to many hangups and bagage to even figure it that out. Nothing more than mental crap.

AnonymousJul 19 2007 6:25pm
*0026 - (Fri.) 7/20/07 12:22pm. EST.

UpdateJul 19 2007 9:22pm
Moron is spelled moron. You should learn to read and write before attempting to communicate, you uneducated fool. You are out of your league, so do yourself a favor and give it up.

AnonymousJul 20 2007 5:41am
Each and everyone knows that Women will rule the world. So it is not an abnormal enviorment in my house. We all are obeying Ladies in the house and get prior approval before anything.

House HusbandJul 20 2007 5:49am
Anonymous, who can't spell MORON, and was told you were out of your league don't feel bad. Go look at Comment #19 the spelling of some small word misspelled the grammar is not bad if it was written by a brick wall? Other wise it sucks.

AnonymousJul 20 2007 10:49am
#0030 - (Fri.) 7/20/07

UpdateJul 20 2007 10:52am

AnonymousJul 21 2007 11:41am
I agree....women are born to rule. Times have changed. People are just going to have to get used to this.

21st centuryJul 21 2007 12:15pm
Then why are men stronger? Why do men have bigger arms?

AnonymousJul 22 2007 9:55am
Men are stronger, so as to carry out menial hard labour, as instructed by women.

AnonymousJul 24 2007 9:15am
#0035 - (Tue.) 7/24/07

UpdateJul 24 2007 11:56am
Women will not show their faces in public when we win.

7th centuryJul 26 2007 7:24am
When the Matriarchy comes, husbands will be required to follow their Wives on leashes in public and their behinds will be bare except maybe for a thong.

obedient husbandJul 28 2007 9:27am
obed. husband, Your so full of s h i t, You'll fine us women have different taste. Some woman are in to short, fat, pot belly, husbands with large rolls of fat to play with and roll around in, which does not fit my taste at all, I wonder that you look like? good chance your ugly as HELL...Anyway if you think I'm going to let a bare ass like that run around and make me and other women sick as a dog, for the rest of the day or more you are so full of it. so STOP telling us lady how it going to be in the future, according to your FU*K up perverted fantasies.

PeggyJul 29 2007 3:16pm
Ms. Peggy, I would say I am an average looking middle aged male. Wife thinks I have a nice behind.

obedient husbandJul 30 2007 2:22pm
#0040 - (Tue.) 7/31/07

UpdateJul 31 2007 7:59pm
You've just got to be AC/DC, because your so into male asses. We can almost hear you drooling, when your talking about guys bare butts.

CathyJul 31 2007 8:13pm
Actually Ma'am I have no gay interests at all. I drool because I envision a Strong Woman using a naked male behind for Her pleasure.

obedient husbandAug 01 2007 7:35pm
PS Because I have been ill Wife has not administered corporal punishment to my behind for several weeks. I guess I am going through withdrawl.

obedient husbandAug 01 2007 8:51pm
The Ladys make a good point, this poll is about the future & whether house husbands will become reality, and you want to talk males bare butts

TomAug 12 2007 9:07pm
#0045 - (Sun.) 8/12/07

UAug 12 2007 9:08pm
Tom, I think they are related. The Ladies are my Superiors and may criticize me if they wish. However, househusbands need to be motivated to serve their Alpha Female Wives and regular corporal discipline on their bare behinds would be a good motivator. Wife gave me a firm beating the other day which of course is Her right as Wife.

obedient husbandAug 18 2007 7:00pm
JIM,any man who becomes a househusband because it figures economically should be certified,do you not realise that you do not have the same stay at home rights as women,that you can be kicked out of your home at any time with nothing.The only job you will be likely to get is toilet cleaning and the money from that you will probably have to pay her.For goodness sake be a person in your own right,you are accepting a premise that went out with the ark.Either both work and get someone in or tell her to sod off.No real man would give in and become a househusband,I bet she still finds fault with everything you do and always will,furthermore she will have no respect for you sexually so do not expect her to be faithful and whats more,tell me-who else would blame her. A man is nothing if he gets no respect.

mike sAug 29 2007 9:11am
Actually Mike, most US jurisdictions permit a househusband to seek alimony under the same rules as a housewife. If you are one of the many UK posters on these sites I concede I have no idea what UK laws are on this issue.

obedient husbandAug 31 2007 6:54pm
obedient husband, are you suggesting that house husbands need to be motivaed to serve their wives with regular corporal discipline on their BARE BEHINDS? and that you believe it would be a good motivatior? I'm sure you believe in turn about is fair play, so indirectly it your way of telling husbands that it's OK, even right to beat your housewives "A S S" or anything else they want, as a form of motivation.? Why are you so wrapped up in VIOLENCE didn't your MOMMY LOVE YOU as a child????

SusanSep 17 2007 1:04pm
#0050 - (Mon.) * 9/17/07

UpdateSep 17 2007 1:06pm
Most respectfully Susan,I think it helps remind husbands of their place. I have known some Male dominant couples where the male does use corporal discipline on his wife and they seemed happy. Obviously domestic discipline should only be used where both partners willingly enter into the relationship with the understanding that the dominant partner will use marital discipline. The discipline should be reasonable. If you choose not to be in such a relationship than obviously you do not have to be in one. I find Wife's discipline to be both motivating and stimulating and I will continue to bare my behind for Her on command.

obedient husbandSep 20 2007 6:23pm
I would love to be in a relationship where I stayed home to take care of the house. I am a white male of average height, weight, and physical strength. My ideal situation would be with a woman at least as tall as myself, at least as heavy as myself, and certainly physically stronger than myself. I have a soft muscled body and I would be the female in our relationship.

somethingaboutastrongwoman@yahoo.comDec 18 2007 11:03am
I saw something on the news today about an organization that tries to match up prospective househusbands with Women making over 500K a year. Maybe you should try and find out what and where it is.

obedient husbandFeb 10 2008 6:39pm
I'm not the kind of man who could easily adapt to the househusband role, so I don't think that it would be as easy or automatic as househusband and obedient husband make it out to be, and their stories seem to be on the side of science fiction. I don't condemn men who are househusbands, some do it as a necessity, others do it because they want to be. This is America and both women and men should be able to live their lives as they see fit. I doubt that all future husbands will be househusbands, and I wish that people like househusband and obedient husband would at least try and make their conversations real.

SPLAug 13 2008 4:22am
Real in what sense? The Wife Led Relationship is still in the minority in this country if that is what you mean. I happen to be in one and I like to post to likeminded people. I do think it is growing and Women are asserting greater authority with each passing generation.

obedient husbandAug 17 2008 7:41pm
#0056 - (Sat.) * 10/11/08

UpdateOct 11 2008 8:18am
By real OH, I mean when you make up your fantasies, try not to take something that has already been written from a fetish magazine.

SPLMar 02 2010 5:05am
I don't know call me crazy or "DEGENERATE", but I just LOVE when I dress as a lady and wife puts on her Strap-on and f*cks my tight and pink ass, oh and by the way we even invite the kids to watch and you know what they LOVE IT.

Submisive ManbitchOct 19 2010 10:24pm
Sub. Manbitch You actually have sex in front of minor children ???? is it legal ????

Ashesh GhoseApr 15 2011 10:38am
I want to be a house husband!

cfnmguyMay 17 2011 1:53pm
all men will become househusbands in the future!

anik9810May 30 2011 1:13pm
yes of course,all men will be slave of female in coming females earn more and male earn less now a is quite possible

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaSep 11 2011 11:36pm
Things changed when I go unemployed. I used to have a well paid job and so did my wife, we made a lot of money, worked very long hours and were drifting apart (no kids). Suddenly the company I was managing lost the biggest account and the owners lost interest in us and just closed the company down. A shock. Suddenly I was looking for a new job. In the meantime my wife said that I could take care of the house and cook while I was looking for a new job. I didn't like it one bit but of course she was right. After a yead I had only had temporary work for a few weeks and was still unemployed. I had started to jog to get over the frustration of being unemployed and lost a lot of weight. My wife was working 60 hours a week and when she came home she wanted a hot meal and then she wanted me to rub her feet. She became more and more bossy and dominant and I felt inferiour. One day I just had it and drank a few beers instead of cooking and was a bit drunk when my wife came home. She was very angry and we had a fight, verbally at first until she slapped me. I took hold of her hands and soon found out that she was stronger than me. She laughed at my attempt to stop her from slapping me and said that she had been working out at her company gym for many years, almost 4 times a week. We wrestled until she had me pinned and suddenly I started to cry. I felt so embarrassed and emasculated. She suddenly started to comfort me and took me to bed where she made love to me. I didn't say a word. Since that night she is the boss in our marriage, I do what I am told to do. I cook, clean the house I am taking care of my wife. And we are actually happy that way.

House husbandJan 22 2012 3:43am
My wife wears the pants and i wear the apron. I dont only cook and clean the house Today my wife puts me to work in a maids uniform and forced me to clean homes of her girl friends. I cry a lot. Even my first name got changed to MIlly and have to address her as Mistress. I have a hard time of being happy and feel more like a slave

Maid MillyFeb 27 2012 12:40pm
The future of men will be househusbands. Women go to work and men stay at home und do all chores and cook meals. As a part of it, they sould submit to womens rules. Men must be nice and wear the frilly garments. Bra, panties and gaterbelts with stockings. Women will always be on top, or penetrate men with strap ons. This will make them more submissive. The gender roles would completely reversed.

AnonymousMar 20 2012 4:36am
What about tired fatigued female executivesvwho want to return home to a strong Dominant Daddy who will spank them , put them in the little girl's corner , take their worries , tensions , decision-making headaches away &mae them feel loved in the strong muscular arms ...... Soft ...... Feminine ...... Beloved !!!

Ashesh GhoseMar 21 2012 11:55am
OH actually your Dominant Wife should force you to bend over &accept a male penis up your behind that might cure you of your obsessive Bare Behind Bending Over Syndrome !!

Ash-99Apr 09 2012 2:27pm
As women becoming better educated than men, they become the breadwinner. Women need now one to stay at home and take care of the house. Men are not so much educated and this will be his role in the relationship. Men must cook, clean and all chords around the house. To make the role reversal a step further, the men must be nice and beautiful for the women. They must wear now all the frilly garments that women wear for so many years. And they should act more submissive, especially in the bedroom. Because now came women needs first and men must fulfil them, what ever she wishes. Men will be always on the bottom and women turn the tables on them. Now men will take it up the ass. The mighty men is now nothing more then a little sissy.

AnonymousApr 23 2012 4:56am
I find it not too surprising and rather ignorant (and homophobic, sexist and ignorant - generally and psychologically) that so many males on here seem to have the need to say that men (and by implication, their wives) who choose this lifestyle, will have children, their sons that is, who will become serial killers and homosexuals. You simply show yourselves and misogynists and queer haters, perhaps having insecurities and neuroses about yourselves. But, whatever the case, you do show your absolute, unequivocal fear. The Future is Female. Few relationships of these will have sissified husbands, but there will be some. So what. Some may take a Queen/Knight approach. So what. Neither of these choices are my favourites, but they will occur. Where your male chauvinistic attitude will be the slowest to change will be in Arab and Muslim communities, people, like queer people, you probably want to kill, but the more radical of those communities will be the ones that will continue to have the same feelings as you. I think that's funny. Just like when gay hating men smoke big cigars - and look like they're sucking c*ck. Another funny irony.

Ashley WildeJul 21 2012 12:04am
I think that there will be a variety of wife-husband economic arrangements. I think that the most common arrangement will be two-earner with the wife and the husband sharing house work. In the case of one-earner families, it would depend on which is the earner. The non-earner (supported spouse) would be the house husband or house wife, as the case may be. Which will be the most common in a one earner family--the wife as the earner or the husband as the earner? I don't know.

JackOct 15 2012 8:39am
A woman should be the unquestioned head of her home.

Good BoyDec 16 2012 10:24pm
Loni and Darrelyn play married couple for a Domestic Relations Class. This is a story of Vix, a faraway, technologically-advanced planet in the far future, where a new race of humans descended from earth cryocolonists live. On Vix, the female sex is dominant. All babies are grown in gestational laboratories and there are no families. Children are raised in child dormitories (childorms) by male nannies. Females are taller and stronger than males (full-grown females average about 6'1" while full-grown males average about 5'6".) Females have non-functioning breasts. Males don't have breasts, but do have have curvy, hourglass-shaped bodies with small shoulders, slender waists, broad hips, generous thighs and big asses. In other words, males are voluptuous! On Vix, males wear sexy, revealing clothing that emphasizes their curves. Men wear the stiletto heels! A man's place is truly in the home and women run the government, control the technology, fight the wars, and play the sports. Men are softer, more delicate, more emotional and more intuitive. Females are hard-wired in their brains to be more logical, better at mathematics and spatial skills, analytical reasoning, etc. But, similar to earth, Vixan men are the sexual aggressors. The only problem for the males of Vix is that since they're smaller and weaker than their females, they have to take an entirely different approach because a Vixan male can't coerce a woman into sex. A Vixan male can't rape a woman. Therefore Vixan men are usually aggressively flirty when they see a girl they like. Vixan men also have a very strong nurturing instinct and naturally want to take care of their woman. Vixan men enjoy treating their girlfriends and wives almost like "little girls", and find this role very sexually arousing. Appolonia ("Loni") Taormina and Darrelyn Gartland are two high school students taking a Domestic Relations class, where they have to live as a "mock married couple" for 6 months. Loni is two years older than Darrelyn. They are given an apartment on Level 398 of Metroplex Delta in Severeeton City. Darrelyn flies her skycar five days a week to her job as an intern at a law firm, and the couples live off the money she earns. Loni stays home every day, cleans the apartment, does the laundry, cooks their meals, and -- when he gets a chance -- takes a luxurious bubble bath and eats bonbons in the tub, while watching daytime romances on the Hive. Sometimes, he even calls Darrelyn on the Hive while she's at the office... Last week, he called her while he was in one of his late morning bubble baths and all the other interns saw Loni up to his shoulders in foamy white bubbles, with his big silver hoop earrings still on, putting cherry bon-bons into his mouth as he flirted with Darrelyn and asked her what she wanted for dinner! Like most Vixan househusbands do these days, Loni does most of his grocery shopping on the Hive. He just sits down at the kitchen table, tells the Hive what he's looking for, and the order is flown by courier drone from the market to the droneport at the kitchen window, usually within minutes. So many conveniences for the modern househusband! Today is Satuday and Darrelyn has been at volleyball practice for her school team. At about 5pm, she returns home, lands her skycar in the common parking area, and walks to the apartment, still clad in her brief, tight-fitting volleyball uniform - blue shorts, white shirt with the number "16" in blue, and white athletic shoes. Darrelyn is 190 cm tall (6'3"), with long, attractive legs, broad shoulders, slightly longer than chin-length blonde hair cut in a "bob" hairstyle, and bright blue eyes. Her features - nose, jawline and chin especially -- are strong and attractive, and her skin is very fair, flawless and angelic in complexion. Her lips are broad, full, and, in contrast with her fair skin, naturally pink. Her legs are bare from the bottoms of her brief shorts, to the tops of her brief, ankle-length socks. Darrelyn's volleyball team no longer wore the kneesocks and kneepads that used to be normal for most volleyball teams. A new development in sports medicine produced a new medicine that when injected into to the knees, could prevent most injuries, so that girls could fall on their knees or twist their legs with little chance of sustaining a torn ligament or fracture. This meant that girls didn't have to wear kneepads anymore during volleyball, and, when kneepads mainly disappeared, so did kneesocks - at least, in volleyball. This was very popular with young men, who love watching tall, long-legged volleyball players jumping around the court. Now, their whole legs were bare while playing! Like her whole body, Darrelyn's long legs are pale white and flawless. The autoslide door opened and Loni stepped out to greet Darrelyn. He looks up at her and reaches up to plant a kiss on her cheek. 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Despite the fact that she's one of the younger girls on the team, she's a star middle blocker for the Dalmouth High Hornets. Loni eyed Darrelyn's toned, athletic body, long legs, and well-muscled upper arms which were revealed by the uniform's sleeveless tank top. He lingered on each body part, and didn't hide it - he did so in a way that indicated he wanted her to know he was looking. Now, upon greeting Darrelyn, Loni has just remembered something about their Domestic Relations class ... LONI: Sweetie, when we moved in together you didn't carry me over the threshold. When a couple is married the girl is supposed to carry the man over the threshold! Don't you know that? DARRELYN: Right. But shouldn't that tradition be saved for a real marriage? LONI: No, actually it says in the outline of the class, if you'd bother to read it, it's a requirement. And it has to be hivelinked to the Domestic Relations office at school. So they can see. And record it to make sure it's done properly. Loni puts his hands on his hips LONI: Otherwise we don't pass the class, sweetie! DARRELYN: Why are they making us do this? LONI: Because. It's just a silly little tradition. It's always existed. Something to please men, I guess. Silly men. We just want to feel a little masculine. Little and dainty, and like our girls are big and strong. DARRELYN: Little and dainty? I don't know if I would call you little. LONI: Oh, really? Why not? I'm offended. Honey, I'm 165 centimeters tall. No taller than the average guy. You're 190 centimeters tall, right? Plus you're an athlete. You volleyball players work out! I know that much! DARRELYN: How much do you weigh? LONI: Weigh? Well, that's a private subject. Let's not go there! (smiling) Loni looks up at Darrelyn, saucily. He puts his hands on his hips and gyrates his hips a bit. LONI: Okay, so I've got some junk in my trunk. I've got some nice male curves. What's the matter, big girl? Don't think you can handle this? DARRELYN: I can lift you, but ... LONI: And you've got to carry me across the threshold. DARRELYN: Hmmm ... LONI: Well, what are you waiting for, babydoll? A fire to break out? Here I am, all yours. Now lift! Hivelink, on. Record this. Darrelyn lifts Loni. LONI: Excellent! Now, according to the rules, the wife is not supposed to put the husband down until he asks her to ... . DARRELYN: Oh, really? I've never heard about that rule before! LONI: It's in the class outline. Come on, honey. Didn't you read the rules? You're the one who's going to be a lawyer! Loni is happily kicking his legs a little bit. His feet, in their strappy stiletto sandals, protrude from the wide, billowing legs of his dresspants. LONI: Weee! Being a househusband is so much fun! Darrelyn carries Loni the threshold into the apartment's living room. DARRELYN: Okay? Can I put you down now? LONI: Ooohh, not yet! I want more! (He kicks his feet with excitement). Babydoll, take me into my kitchen. It's where I belong, right? (Smiles) DARRELYN: I guess! LONI: See, sweetie? I've already started cooking dinner. (With the bare toes of one foot, he points to some chopped vegetables on a kitchen countertop.) LONI: Do you like bell peppers in your salad, sweetie? See, I've got the red ones (he points with his toes) ... And some yellow ones (he points to those with his toes) ... DARRELYN: Well, to be honest I'm not a huge fan of peppers ... LONI: No? Oh, I'm so sorry, honey! Please forgive me. I didn't know! I really have to learn what you like and what you don't. What's your perfect salad? Tell me everything you like in a salad so I can be sure to get it right next time! DARRELYN: Well, I like lettuce. And tomatoes. LONI: Lettuce and tomatoes? What else? DARRELYN: I don't know, maybe some cucumbers. LONI: Well, I have those right there ... (he points with his toe). What kind of dressing? DARRELYN: Maybe Ranch. LONI: Ranch? Sounds kind of plain to me. Don't you like to experiment sometimes, with something really tasty? How about some turmeric and cracked black pepper in oil, vinegar and lemon juice? DARRELYN: Tumor-rick? What's that? LONI: Oh, you're so cute ... Girls! It's a spice, honey. I can tell, I'm gonna have to expand your palate. Introduce you to some new tastes, new flavors ... DARRELYN: Well, please - no big surprises! Or at least, not too many at a time! LONI: You look so cute in that ponytail. I love blondes. With ice blue eyes like yours. Gonna let me kiss you now? DARRELYN: Kiss me? (She starts to put Loni down.) LONI: Ah-ah-ah! I didn't say you can put me down! LONI: Let me dim the lights a little. Here we go. (With his toe, Loni clicked a switch on the wall a few times, dimming the lights in the kitchen.) Loni kisses Darrelyn softly, then harder. Loni lifts one leg into the air. Darrelyn breaks free of the kiss. LONI: Not so quick, big girl! I was just getting' started! He locks lips with her and kisses her some more. LONI: Mmmmm ... I could do that forever! But I've got to finish your dinner. Put me down. Darrelyn puts him down. LONI: It's getting so hot in here. He pulls off his sheer, shortsleeved jacket of transparent nylex. The clingy brown lace, one-shouldered top he wore underneath the blouse now fully exposed one shoulder and most of the other. He looks up at her, his hair touseled in a wild brown mane. LONI: Thanks, big girl. Now that you've carried me into our apartment, I feel like a real househusband. Do you feel like a wife? DARRELYN: I don't know yet ... LONI: You will once you go out to work and give me your paycheck so I can go out shopping for lingerie and shoes! DARRELYN: Ha ha! LONI: And oh, yeah. I meant to ask. You didn't have a hard time managing the ... junk in my trunk, did you? DARRELYN: You mean - Loni reaches behind and unties his apron strings. He throws the apron across the room, onto a kitchen chair. This reveals his curves a lot better - the broadness of his hips, the generousness of his thighs filling out the clingy upper area of his dresspants. Loni spun around, showing off his big, voluptuous ass, sheathed in the tan nylex that was like a second skin. His hourglass figure was in full view - actually, he had a classic Vixan "pear shape" male body - the narrow, delicate shoulders, torso tapering inward to a small, tight waist, and then curving outward to very full hips and ass. LONI: I mean these hips and thigh thingies I have right here! He slaps the side of one hip, twice and quickly, with his palm. DARRELYN: Oh, no big problem about that. (Smiling) LONI: My hips and curves! Loni places both hands on his hips now, and gives his hips a good swivel - like a "bump" from a bump-and-grind dance. Darrelyn finds herself a bit transfixed by Loni's gyration, and averts her eyes to Loni's swatch of bare midriff and his glinting navel ring. Somehow, Darrelyn felt safer looking at those parts of Loni than at his wide, grinding hips! LONI: And my ass! He slaps his rear end, making a loud "smack!" LONI: Hope you managed ... DARRELYN: I didn't drop you, did I? LONI: Oh, good. Just checking. 'Cause it seemed like you were complaining earlier and I just wanted to let you know that I am very proud of every last centimeter of my body. DARRELYN: Oh no, I wasn't complaining. (She was still staring at Loni's navel ring) LONI: Well, just to let you know, I enjoy being a man and I love having manly curves. Loni puts his hands on his hips again and swivels his hips from side to side. Darrelyn noticed how Loni could move his hips so fluidly, independent of the rest of his body. Again, Darrelyn averted her eyes from his hips and stared at Loni's bare midsection, between the bottom of his brown lace blouse and the top of his dresspants. Loni's midriff was firm, flat and taut. The little navel ring glinted as Loni was swaying his hips. LONI: You know, Darrelyn... Men are called The Weaker Sex, but we're not weak. The female is bigger and stronger, but we were built to enjoy ourselves! He walked over to the chair where he had thrown his white, frilly apron, his stiletto heels clacking on the tiled floor. He put the apron back on, tying its strings in back. LONI: Now march those long, sexy legs and that little girly butt into the living room and watch your basketball game or whatever you want in there ... Watch your sports and have fun and I'll call you when dinner is served.

Loni from VixMar 15 2013 4:54pm
Since my wife declared her status as a liberated woman, the roles have really changed. She has her career, as do I. But the difference now is, when we are at home, she will relax on the sofa while I clean the bathrooms, the kitchen dishes, mop the floors, do the laundry, and give the kid a shower. She refuses to do this, and has taken it to new levels. Her explanation is that men need to know their place, and that while women will bear the child, it's the man who needs to care for the child and take care of the home. She has an active social life as well, traveling to different places, with her boss, (who I recently found out is her lover), and leaves me for days at a time. She has made it clear to me and everyone else we know, my job is the house and cleaning first, my career second. She says she has sacrificed enough over the years, and now it's her turn to be free like men have been in the past. I can't argue, as I agree with her. And believe it or not, I find her much more appealing and sexy with this new attitude of hers. We have discussed her recent found "freedom" which includes extramarital affairs, and we are both ok with it. I have a house to take care of, so I don't have the time or energy. Having a reverse role marriage is a liberating and wonderful thing. I have no problem letting all our friends and family know are roles. She clearly dominates the home, and from time to time, she will tell me to rub her feet as they hurt. Get her coffee, make her a drink, or give her a massage. Then she will share and compare, my efforts to please her with her lover.

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