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Younger Brother Is Better Endowed Than You

Question: Guys - This happened to me. You are the older brother, always in charge and used to getting your way with your little brother. Your younger brother has been going through puberty and is now getting taller and stronger than you. Not only that, but he is now much better endowed than you and still growing. You both realize that your younger brother is now physically superior in almost every way. He is now taking the role of the brother in charge, even making comparisons and comments about your smaller endowment. How would you feel if this happened to you?
Created by: bsized4point5 at 08:20:12 AM, Monday, August 13, 2007 EDT


I am the older of the two brothers in my family; older by about 14 years. I am only modestly endowed and stand at 5'8 1/2" and 165 lbs. I first noticed changes in my younger brother when he and our parents visited me at my beach home some years ago. I was 28 and he was 14 at the time. We were on the beach barefoot in our swimwear when I saw that he was almost as tall as I was. I looked down at the sand to see if we were on level ground and was shocked to see how much bigger his feet were than mine. We were standing with our feet next to each other and mine looked like a girl's foot in comparison to his. His big toe was almost twice as big as mine! I was so embarrassed that I immediately buried my feet in the sand. I asked him what his shoe size was and he asked me mine. I told him I wore a size 9 and he laughed at me, telling me he was now up to a size 11, and still growing. Through the week I was very aware that my 14 year old brother was indeed growing taller and stronger than me. I also wondered about his c*ck size, and if it was proportional to his feet. I kept glancing at his crotch, but I was detered by the baggy pants he was wearing. Additional guests arrived on Thursday, so my younger brother doubled up with me in my room. I stayed in my bed and he got the floor. He didn't like this, but what could he do? Quite a bit, I soon found out. Apparently, he was also noticing that he was becoming more and more of a man in comparison to his older brother. He would make comments that he was getting bigger and stronger than me, pointing to his bigger feet and hands (and muscles) as proof. I could feel the balance of power start to tip in his direction. We would look each other in the eye and both realize that he was becoming the more assertive one in our relationship, with me usually doing what he wanted. I felt kind of strange with this role reversal, but I was drawn to his adolescent awakening. My younger brother had slept on the floor Thursday night and wasn't happy with the sleeping arrangements, and he told me things were going to change on Friday. Well, Friday night comes and we are both in my bedroom getting ready for bed. The door is closed as we are undressing; everybody else already fast asleep in their other rooms. As we takes off our clothes, my brother is flexing his arms and trying to get my attention. He continues to flex his teen muscles and I'm getting a little intimidated by the show of strength. Stripping down to his baggy boxer shorts, I can see the outline of what appears to be a big soft c*ck. He tells me that he gets the bed for the rest of the weekend and that I will be on the floor. I can't believe that he's bold enough to put me out of my own bed, so I start objecting. My younger brother interrupts me by telling me to be quiet and do as he says. As I try to say something in my defense, he throws me back onto the bed and pins me down. I am surprised by his aggressiveness and start to weakly struggle against him. I can't believe how strong he's gotten with his high school sports and he pins me on my back in seconds. He tells me that the bed is his and there is nothing I can do about it. I realize that he is right and I agree to do as he says. Looking up at him I start to get an er*ction under my white jockey shorts. My little p*nis is straining against the white cotton fabric, fully hard at a slender 4.5 inches in length. My younger brother takes a moment to realize this is happening to me and looks down at my small effort and laughs out loud. He throws me off the bed and onto the floor. He says he can't believe how weak and small I am. He's only half my age and more of a man than I'll ever be. He grabs his boxer shorts and pulls out a thick semi erect c*ck that is already bigger than my best effort. I'm on the floor, looking up at him, almost eye level with his growing c*ck. It looks huge from that vantage point, and it continues to grow and get even more powerful looking. He takes off his boxers and reveals a pair of b*lls that are full and pulsating, probably twice my size. His manhood is now fully stretching up to his belly, thick with a circumcised head. I can't believe how much bigger my "little" brother is than me. His teen c*ck is probably almost 7 inches long, half again as long as my little four and a half incher. It is at least 5.5 inches around. I feel weak looking up at powerful teen c*ck. He tells me that at 14 his body is still growing and his c*ck should get even longer and thicker. I agree and nod my head in awe thinking how he might look in a few years. There is no way I can ever be the bigger brother again. My younger brother did grow to 5'11" and about 170 lbs. over the next few years. We continued our relationship with me acknowledging he was bigger and stronger in many ways. We compared c*ck size and he did continue to grow even longer and thicker, topping out at 7.75" by 5.75". He still lets me know that he is in charge and calls me his "boy" on occasion. In fact, that's how I got the nickname "boysized". Because, next to him I am a boy.

bsized4point5@yahoo.comAug 13 2007 12:31pm

My brother is huge compared to me. Ever since I can remember it has been like this. Even as a liitle boy at like 2 or 3 in pics of him goofing off in the bathtub it was twice as big as mine. I am in better shape though. I wrestle and work out and have fairly large muscles for me being only 12, and abs! Yeah! \ But, even this may be fleeting.My brother is turning 6 tommorrow and has started excercizing for p.e./gym and then to join the wrestling team at 9. If he works out like this he will be ripped! he already has a slight 6pack, and he fills out my old kid size suit.he has this big bulge. his pens is now 4in soft and 4.5hard

chuckAug 17 2007 6:40am
haha your small lol

AnonymousAug 17 2007 6:41am
i knew three brothers age 12 14 17 and the youngest had th e biggest penis. it was 8 inches. he had a hormone disorder or something, he stared shaaving heavily at 12 but his body size was still childish, except for the massive prick and bodyhair he was like a kid.freaky

ronCkole@msn.comAug 17 2007 12:33pm

AnonymousAug 17 2007 12:34pm
If you don't have a appropriate comment to make just shut up ok.

ronCkole@msn.comAug 17 2007 12:37pm
I am the younger better endowed brother. We are nudists and rarely wear clothes at our home. Ever since I can remember I have been bigger than my older brother. I am 13 and he is 15. I am about 6 inches soft and 8 inches hard. My brother is barely 2 inches soft and 3.5 inches hard. I was bigger than that as a little 5 or 6 year old.

SunmOOnAug 19 2007 9:59am
I am bigger than my younger brother he is only 7 and i am 17.

AnonymousAug 19 2007 10:02am
My best friends little brother is hung! He is only 8 but he is about 5 inches soft and 6 inches hard it is twice as thick as his older brother and mine own erection too. He has precocious puberty and is getting treatment though, it stilll is freaky to see him at the public pool in his tiny little speedo with this big bulge and when he takes his suit off it hangs half way down his knee! Yikes he will make some girl very happy someday

Dean411Aug 19 2007 10:05am
Can kids really be this big at an early age?

AnonymousAug 19 2007 10:06am

Dean411Aug 19 2007 10:06am
MY little brother does not have a bigger penis than I do but he is a hell of alot stronger. Well I am overweight but fairly well endowed 7 inches at 14. But he has been taking gymnastics and wrestling,playing soccer, and swimming in the summer and he is so strong for his age. He is 11 and has basically no bodyfat. He has always been strong and muscular. We have pictures of him in the bathtub and even at 2,3,4 he has abs. He has a 6-pack that is so deeply defined the crevices between then are very pronounced. His biceps are hugem big bulging balls of power that even have ripped through some of his old t-shirts. He has this game where he squeezes into his old child small sized clothes and he flexes and rips them up.

NotticalAug 19 2007 10:13am
I saw a boy in a bathroom in Mcdonalds that was donkey scary big. He was to short to pee into the adult urinal, the stall was out of order, so his brother tries to pick him up so he can pee into the urinal but his brother is only a year older at best and is clearly not strong enough. The younger boy pulls his pants down to his ankles and this penis is hanging there that IS RESTING AT HIS KNEECAP! OMG!! Unbelievable he picks it up with both of his hands and hoses away. I can;t help but say something. I say something to the effect of "wow kid with that thing you can put in in the urinal from the floor" The kid says"yeah I am so big, jealous?"

AnonymousAug 19 2007 10:19am
SOme of these I can believe other not so much

AnonymousAug 19 2007 10:20am
Some of these kids may be older than they appear. Puberty is happening at an earlier age these days.

AnonymousAug 19 2007 10:21am
A teen i saw in a camp shower facility had a really long thin dick it was 10in soft and not that thick it slapped around near his knees and when he lifted it up soft it was mid chest against his stomach.

AnonymousAug 19 2007 12:15pm
A guy i saw was maybe samoan and he had a short penis maybe 4 in hard, but it was as thick as a beer can!

AnonymousAug 19 2007 12:16pm
a neighboor of mines son is 11 and has a 5 inch soft c*ck, we have gone swimming in the pond nearby and skinnydipped. He knows he is biggerthan me and thinks its cool since he is big he is a nerd and is a stick in body type but he has this massive 7 in. erection ha lol

AnonymousAug 27 2007 10:42am
My sons are taking after me. The oldest at 13 is 6"/8.5". The next is 9 and is 2"/4" And the youngest will have them all beat and me too eventually he is 6 and is 3.5"/5" already! It makes a big bulge in his little speedos, my wife thinks it cute, she calls him her little lady-killer..

proudDadAug 27 2007 10:46am
proudDad, How did you get your measurements?

bsized4point5@yahoo.comAug 27 2007 3:09pm
I have seen them nude for when we go camping or swimming at the beach and come home and shower in our outdoor open-air shower

proudDadAug 28 2007 2:10pm
Well ata ball game thry put in these trough urinals for the big crowds and there was a boy about 12 or so that was a little chubby but his dick must have been 6 in hard he was gawkimng at all the others dicks all wide eyed.

AnonymousAug 31 2007 9:48am
I am the youngerbrother that is bigger. For my whole life i jhave been biggre. There are photos of me andd my older by 2 years brother as we are takinhg a bath and even when i am 1 and he is 3 am 1inch bigger. at 6 i was 3.5 soft and he was maybe 1in. I started puberty at 11 and at 13 he hadnt started (it took till he was 14 and a half) by then i was 12 and iit had grown to be 7 soft and 10 hard and over twice as thick,

AnonymousAug 31 2007 9:52am
My roommates little brother vistited himin our dorm he is like 12 and he went to yake a shower he is big just like his older brother but even bigger then he was at his sae age . the younger bro is 7in soft and 7 1/2 in hard and it is thin he loves it when it swings like a pendulum and flops out ogf his shorts

AnonymousSep 02 2007 12:22pm
i saw a boy that was 13-15 with 7 / 8 at the pool

AnonymousSep 04 2007 10:48am
I a,m humongus next to my older bro he is thicker but only 3 long iam 5 soft 9 hard hge is 15 i am 13

AnonymousSep 04 2007 10:49am
my little brother is bigger than me he is like 4-6 iam 1-3

AnonymousSep 04 2007 10:51am
i am 4 soft at 14 and 5 hard my cousin is 5 soft and 6 hard at 10! What is up with that? he has pubes too!and hisballs are twice as big as mine

AnonymousSep 06 2007 5:17pm
Sounds like your cousin got all of the good genetics. His larger testicles probably means that he produces much more testosterone than you. That means that he'll likely outgrow you in a few years, and become much bigger, stronger and more dominant and ultimately be more successful in life and with women. This basically means that even though he's younger than you, he'll be superior to you.

AnonymousSep 08 2007 2:23pm
a boy that was at the pool was in the bathroom. his suit was knotedup and he couldnt get it off so i helped him takeit off. hemust have been 5 or 6 and it turnes out that he is sporting a fairly hig prick foor one such as young. it was 4 inches long flacid and was thin. he had barely visable testicles. his attitude seemed pretty casual towards the qhole situation.

hunterAzSep 16 2007 8:35am
I friend of mines younger brother is huge! He has a big penis for being 11, he went through puberty at like 9 and started working out then too he went from being a shrimpy little kkid to this buff ripped boyman of muscle.He is a lover of being nude and rarely wears clothes, his parents are nudists so they dont care, his dad is very proud of his sons development, a very funny thing is that the son is bigger penis wise than his dad at only 11 it is 6.5inches hard!

CertKertSep 17 2007 10:26am
I am 13 and am larger than my 15yo brother and 16yo cousin they are near the same at 2 in soft and 5 hard But i am 4 soft and 6 hard and alot bigger aroound

AnonymousSep 18 2007 10:47am
As a camp counselor at an all boys summer camp, I see many boys when I supervise them as they shower in shifts, due to the relative warm atmosphere and climate it is a large open-air(no walls,only columns) facility. The ages of the boys range from 8-16. 14-16 year olds are able to be counselors. In my turn as shower monitor I help them with anything they may need (soap,wash cloth towels etc.) They wait in line until they can use one of the 3 shower units(they allow for eight people at once to use them). It takes about an hour or so for all of them to get through. We use it when they are at breakfast. I have seen all shapes and sizes. There have been some rather big ones but none overly large biggest would have been a 16 year old that was about 8 inches long when unerect. Horseplay occured and erections were a daily occurance. The running joke is that seeing one hard will cause them all to catch the same condition. It is very evident that puberty can occur at many ages I have seen pubic hair on some 8 yrs.

ClearViewOct 07 2007 3:34pm
My little bro is bigger.I am sad about it i have ben a pest and a bully toward him, now after i tried to humiliate him infront of his friends at our pool by pullimg down his suit out popped this huge 6 inch soft penis flopping around. we ere all shocked it nearly touched his knees and as it grew hard it turned up and must have been close to 8 or 9 inches.he is 13 and i am 19 and i am only 6 hard and 3 soft.

RickROllDOct 14 2007 9:19am
Dean - is your best friend big too? Or is his brother bigger already? How advanced is his prec puberty?

AonOct 14 2007 12:26pm
I went through considerable humiliation as a 21 year old in college, when my brother made a bet that I couldn't take his friend's youngest brother in a wresting match. At 123 pounds and 5'11", I have to admit that I was pretty puny; but when I met this kid in his swimming pool -- I discovered that his chest was about twice mine in width and his biceps were nearly triple mine in size. He was nearly 40 pound heavier than me in weight and only about 5 inches shorter! The most amaizing thing was that he could easily curl my entire bodyweight, and he even with the help of the water in the pool, could lift my entire body weight over his head. His dad had him stand back to back with me to show off how much larger his muscles were than mine. Of course I was no match for him in wrestling or strength contests...he beat me several times... even taunting me in front of his friends. The thing that was interesting was I saw him about 15 years later at a wedding and to my surprise he was no taller than me and not especially muscular looking then.

GreenTomatosOct 15 2007 12:35am
I neglected to mention in the above comment that the younger brother was only 7 years old; but was physically in every way more of a man than I ever was.

GreenTomatosOct 15 2007 12:57am
i find that hard to believe GreenYomatos

AnonymousOct 15 2007 9:28am
I agree...7 yr old and 5-6 165 lbs sounds hard to believe.

AnonymousOct 15 2007 10:27am
my brother is only half an inch longer than me at 12 years and 4.5in but i at 13 am 4in but maybe a quarter inch thicker, mine is also slightly darker in skin tone.

WillNOct 24 2007 11:17am
I am about twice as big as my big bro he is 14 and i am 12. His penis is about 2 inches soft 3 inches hard. I am about 3.5soft and 6 hard. I try not to bring it up as it embarrases him but it shows when we swim i have this big bulge in my speedos and he wears board shorts. His friends know about it but I am bigger than they are too so they shut up.

RyanGOct 24 2007 11:21am
RyanG - How tall are you and your brother? What do you and your brother weigh? Are you also stronger than your older brother?

bsized4point5@yahoo.comOct 26 2007 11:23am
He is about 5'6" I am 5'1/2" . He is heavier than I am and stronger too.

RyanGOct 27 2007 9:30am
He is close to my size maybe a little bigger. His brothers precocious puberty was fairly advanced. He is getting treatment but his growth plates have partially fused and he will be short when he is older probably no more than 5'3" if, but man will he be well endowed! The doctor apparently said that it will grow even more when he reaches the proper age for puberty! wowza...almost gonna be TOO BIG.

Dean411Nov 06 2007 12:32pm
My brother is better endowed than I am, he is 13 and I am 15, and when he was 10 it first was noticed by me. We moved into a smaller house and had to share a room and bathroom. Since we both went to school together we were getting ready at the same time. Well first day of school and this new morning routine, low and behold there is my brother's naked body exiting the shower as I go to take mine. We both realize that this is the first time we have seen each other nude in a long time, over 5 years or more. We both kind of stood there and "took stock" of each other. My brother is a pest, and will latch on anything to use to annoy me. The fact that his penis is twice as big as mine is huge to him. Now at 15 I am farther along in puberty than he is but still his at 13 is still bigger. I am 4.5inches hard he is 7

GarretKNov 09 2007 10:35am
Dean - that is too bad for the younger (still 8 yr old ??)one. Does he show it off to his older bro and you? And he is still the same size or even bigger now? Hopefully won't get TOO big...I imagine Speedo and briefs are tough for him to fit in...

AnonNov 14 2007 1:46pm
he just turned 9 actually about a week ago, as far as I know it will not grow anymore until he reaches the age for puberty.I think that for cases like his they can somehow induce puberty on him when he reaches like age 12 or 13, though I am not positive on this.

Dean411Nov 15 2007 7:09am
I agree - I think they treat it with drugs and induce puberty at an acceptable age. Does he ever talk about issues he has in fitting in a Speedo or briefs etc? 5 soft is huge for that age

A FriendNov 16 2007 6:50am
Well it is embarrassing for him, but he will talk about, he has shown friends of his to make them believe him, and he is grateful for the meds.

Dean411Nov 18 2007 9:00am
How does he talk about it? Does he talk with u? How tight his briefs are? Are Speedos impossible to fit? Good that he is OK with the meds - I am sure his friends have not been too nice about his huge size - kids can be cruel.

Kevin GNov 18 2007 4:55pm
HOw does the younger dude torment and mock his older bro?

JeffNov 19 2007 6:21am
I was bigger than 2 older brothers when I was 12 and they were late teens. At that time I was close to 7 inches long when hard and they were both under 5. I was probably 2 times as thick as them, and would frequently mock them about it and show off. Of course mine looked even bigger on me, with my smaller body. My dad thought it was funny that I was biggest in the house and let me brag about it as much as I wanted, and call me names like Slammer and Whopper. I loved the attention I got for it, and it would be upsetting for brothers, but of course they could get even with my be pushing me in other ways.

dean22rose@yahoo.comDec 02 2007 9:00am
I have a younger brother that has a larger penis than me. He is close to 4 inches soft and 8 inches hard and it is also thicker than mine. I am about 2 and a half inches soft and a little over 4 inches when hard. Growing up with him it was sometimes very embarrassing, he showed alot more in his swimsuit, whereas I had no bulge at all. We were both involved in Boy Scouts and so our troop mates knew he was bigger than me, but he was also bigger than almost all of them so I was never really made fun of for having a bigger little brother. It did leave me with somewhat of a complex though, and for a while I struggled with my inadiquacy. My brother stole away my first real girlfriend, after we had had sex, when he showed her himself at a party, she wanted a "bigger man" than what I could offer.

HerronTDec 04 2007 7:14am
am 14 and way biger than brother who is 18. I am 4 when soft and goes up to about 7 when up. Brother is tiny when soft, like 1 inch or so he's jealous of size and always hides dick when changing

GavinDec 04 2007 12:43pm
Herron T, what are the ages of you and your younger brother?

bsized4point5@yahoo.comDec 11 2007 11:43am
Gavin, how tall are you and your older brother? What do you and your older brother weigh? Are you stronger than him? Do you like having a bigger dick than your older brother?

bsized4point5@yahoo.comDec 11 2007 11:46am
I am now 23 and my brother is 20. I first knew he was bigger when I was 12, and we both started puberty at the same time,he was early I was average, i guess.

HerronTDec 14 2007 1:39pm
Neighbors of mine who ;ive on a 15acre heavily wooded lot are fairly constantly active nudists, I am open minded enough that at least once a week I join them for dinner and games and sports and such(I am 36 and bi) they have 3 boys and two girls.The boys are 8,11,12.The girls are 4,5. Their sons seem to be taking after their father who is pretty big when soft about 7 inches(i have neveer seen it fully erect,but his wife says it thickens more and grows at least an inch or two more).So his sons are respectfully around 4(apparantly slightly under 4 and thinner they boys measured together at some point... idk),4,and 4.5 inches going up from their ages of 8,11,12. Their youngest son is not very tall for his age but physically his body looks older, he dosen;t have much babyfat on him and is active for an 8 years old. His older brothers are also active and have very lithely-toned well muscled bodies for kids their age.(i want to point out that I would NEVER think of making any type of sexual advances toward them, it is just that with my painting and sculptiing background I can appreciate the human form in all of its expressions)

VarnEEJan 02 2008 8:13am
Kid at my school streaked through the halls(he was in 2nd grade at the time, this was years ago btw) abd even at that age he was bigger than me, i was only half an inch long soft and about 1 inch hard.This kid was defiantly over 3 soft and it went to about 4 hard as he bounced around.

FinweJan 13 2008 1:53pm
Oh, at the time I was in his grad but not in his class, he actually ran right past me as our class was returning from lunch.

FinweJan 13 2008 1:54pm
I'm 18 and my brother is 13, so we're a little more than 4 and a half years apart. Since I was 15 or so and he was 10, he has been stronger and taller than me, although I have slowly grown since then. And now he weighs far more that me -- I'm about 125 and 5'4 and he's 5'11 and somewhere between 160 and 175. If he tried, he could seriously beat my ass. And he has known that since the time he grew taller than me. It was not too long after his 11th birthday when we both realized he had passed me a little bit in height. He was so excited. He began to compare everything about us, literally every single part of our bodies. We had the same size feet, my hands were a little bigger than his, my legs were thicker than his, but his arms were noticeably bigger than mine. When he discovered this, he challenged me to an armwrestle. I didn't oppose, since I knew that I was really weak and I thought that I'd actually be turned on if my little brother that I loved so much was stronger than me when he was 11 and I was over 4 years older. At that time I think he weighed about 10 pounds more than me. After everything else, that night we compared our dicks in our room (we shared a bedroom), and I was surprised that his hard-on wasn't actually that much larger than mine. His soft penis had been bigger than mine almost since I could remember, and at the time I was about 1 inch soft and 4 inches hard, and he was 2.5 inches soft and only a little bit over 4 hard. His was waaay thicker than mine, though. We armwrestled and, of course, he won, and after that, like you said happened to you, the roles switched. But my brother wasn't as agressive as your brother -- at first he didn't make me get out of my own bed or anything. He just made me do things like mow the lawn or wash the dishes when our parents weren't around and it was his turn. We would act like he did it. He definitely wasn't mean to me, but he knew that I was definitely turned on by my more powerful younger brother. A few months later, maybe about half a year, he had grown a few inches and I had only grown one or two, and he had definitely gained a bit of muscle because he was on the intramural soccer team. We compared at least twice a month, and we would armwrestle almost every week. Around this time was when his feet had their growth spurt, so he went from size 7 to size 9 that year, and I was still a 7.5. There wasn't one time that I beat him in an armwrestle, and everything we compared became a bigger gap between us. His hands were now my size, his legs were more muscular than mine, although about the same size, and his arms were a lot bigger than my weak little ones. We would wrestle around on the floor and all that and I saw his body all the time because we both slept naked. His dick had definitely grown, but it had been a while since we had done our ritual measurement. It was 4 months away from his 12th birthday that we compared our dicks next, and at that time I was 1.5 inches soft and still about 4 inches hard. I had definitely gained some thickness, but not as much as my brother. He was 3 inches soft and 5.5 hard. I could not believe that he had grown 1.5 inches in less than a year! But he hadn't grown in thickness, so I thought at least I was getting a little bit closer to him on that. He was defeinitely about 20 pounds heavier than me now because I had tried to work out but all that happened was that I lost more weight. After this comparison, we didn't get a chance for a while. He went off to summer camp and then when he got back I was pretty busy with my start of school. I think it was probably 3.5 or 4 months after that last comparison that we did our next one, and by now my brother towered over me by about 5 inches. I told him that his dominance turned me on, and he admitted that it kind of turned him on too, that he was so much younger than me but so much more manly. His arms were huge compared to mine, and every part of him was more muscular than me. We rushed to our dick comparison and he was 4.5 inches soft, 6.5 inches hard, and about 6 inches around with an erection. I was pretty much the same size as before, although my hard-on had grown in length by about a quarter of an inch. But this time I noticed how huge his balls were, and he said 'yeah, I've noticed that they've gotten much bigger recently.' They were HUGE! My entire ballsack was probably about the size of one of his nuts. We were both really turned on by the situation, and we jacked each other off. My brother did order me around a little bit. Between this and our next comparison, there was a situation when he asserted his dominance harshly over me. For a present for my birthday I had gotten a gift card to Best Buy for $100 from my grandmother. My brother really wanted a couple games and he didn't have any money, so he ordered me to give it to him. He walked over to me, stuck his chest in my face, and shoved a hand down my pants and grabbed my balls and asked "Who's the man here? Do you really want to fight about this?" So I just gave him the gift card and he bought his two Xbox games. It's not like he didn't allow me to play them, but I didn't want either game and I had been saving up for something else. That was really the only time he was truly mean to me, and he appologized for grabbing my nuts (but not for taking the giftcard). Our most recent comparison (there have been some between the one I just described and this one) was about a month and a half ago, and then he was 160 lbs, 5'10.5, his biceps were about 15 or 16 inches around (which is huge for a 13 year old) and his dick was 5.5 inches soft, 7.75 inches hard, and so thick that I couldn't wrap my hand around it. I was so turned on by that that I gave him a blowjob, something I had never done before. He, of course, didn't suck mine just because he didn't want to, but he said that it made him horny too. As of that comparison, I was 125lbs, 5'4, my arms are tiny, and my dick is about 1.75 inches soft and 4.5 hard, but really really skinny compared to his. I love my brother so much, and we both like that I look up to him instead of the other way around.

Mark NolanJan 17 2008 8:57pm
I'm 14 and 6 hard 3 soft, but i'm not big around at all. i know some younger guys with bigger ones, but i'm not embarassed because i can't do anything about it.

MattJan 22 2008 6:48pm
Mark Nolan it would be nice to break up these long posts into multiple parts. thanks

A ViewerJan 25 2008 11:49pm
my cousinss are bigger than i am. we were out on their farm when i was about 13 they were 10 and 11. It started to pour down rain and we were about 2 hours back in the woods away from their house. So we were soaked when we came back up to their house. Their mom told us to go into their barn and change and dry off. she brouhgt new clothes and towels for us. we loitered naked and horsed around generally being curious about each other. I am not circumcised and they were so mine was "cool" because of that. The younger one's penis had to be twice as thick as mine(don't remember the size i was just visual cues) and half as lomg. The older cousin was not as thick as his younger brother was but his penis was really long close he said to the size and shape of a hotdog hard.i have more stories i guess you would call them that may come later.great topic btw

DobbzAKFeb 02 2008 8:55am
Odd how the majority of these comments don't actually match up to any of the statistical evidence on penis size ranges. I think anyone reading this should take most of it as a gross exaggeration.

AnonymousFeb 04 2008 9:17am
Unless rulers were used many examples are guesstimations based upon visual cues and "eyeballing it"

AnonymousFeb 04 2008 10:00am
I'm 16 and my bro is 15. His c*ck is about 3 times the size of mine. (Mine is 4", his is about 11"). He's also much manlier than I am and we refer to him as the bigger brother when we're by ourselves or with friends. He makes fun of my penis all the time but I don't care. Each one of his balls are roughly about twice the size of my entire ballsack.

Smaller Older BroFeb 05 2008 5:55pm
Smaller Older Bro, I am also a "smaller older bro"; my story is the first one in the comments here. What are your respective heights and weights with you and your younger bigger bro? Is he also physically stronger than you?

bsized4point5@yahoo.comFeb 06 2008 8:47am
He's like a mutant or something. I'm 5'5 and 110 pounds while he's 6'3 (a full 10 inches taller than me!) and right around 175 pounds. He often picks me up trying to "bench" me occasionally.

Smaller Older BroFeb 07 2008 5:04am
sob what if he has a developmental disorder? is your dad big?

AnonymousFeb 07 2008 1:42pm
I don't know how big my dad is... I don't look there. He told me that he had a disorder where he had started puberty at 7. I didn't start until I was 13.

Smaller Older BroFeb 07 2008 2:41pm
Who had the disorder? Your Dad or your bro? Has brother mentioned if he is bigger than Dad too?

A FriendFeb 09 2008 10:35am
My bro had the disorder. I don't have a clue about my bro's size in comparison to my dad's

Smaller Older BroFeb 10 2008 2:29pm
CAH maybe?

AnonymousFeb 15 2008 11:07am
What is CAH? Maybe RBP (really big penis)?

Not a Dr...but I play one on TVFeb 15 2008 9:42pm
Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia

AnonymousFeb 16 2008 10:35am
Dean411 - are u still talking to your friend about his brother?

Storm TrooperFeb 17 2008 3:28pm
i am still friends with both of them

Dean411Feb 18 2008 9:27am
Has the brother grown any more? Does he ever joke or tease his older bro about size differences?

StormFeb 18 2008 2:12pm
He has not, he has the medication to inhibit the "symptoms" and should be normal, except he is larger than normal. It did shrink up some due to the lowered levels of hormones but not all the way.

Dean411Feb 21 2008 2:24pm
Dean - Wow thats amazing. So he is about 7" hard?

KatoFeb 22 2008 4:36am
Dean-Is he still bigger than his older brother? if so, does he ever make fun of him about it?

MattFeb 24 2008 5:42pm
YEs he is bigger . He is probably a little under 6 inches when erect. but i havent seen it in a while, but the meds stopped it from growing.

Dean411Feb 24 2008 11:10pm
Dean, does he ever make fun of his older bro?

personFeb 25 2008 4:55pm
Dean, does he ever make fun of his older bro?

personFeb 25 2008 4:55pm
Some but no not really, his brother can't help his size. If anything as the years go by the younger brother will be teased more for being short.

Dean411Feb 27 2008 8:52am
All of the kids in my swim class are bigger than i am. but i have the condition micro-penis so...

small but okFeb 27 2008 8:54am
Dean, how old are you and ur friend?

ABCFeb 27 2008 9:04am
I and my friend, the older brother are 13. Almost 14,

Dean411Feb 28 2008 2:17pm
so ur both 13?

ABCFeb 28 2008 5:23pm
Small but OK - how old are u and your swim class? Also, how small is micro-penis?

Jacques CosteauFeb 28 2008 5:50pm
Small but OK - how old are u and your swim class? Also, how small is micro-penis?

Jacques CosteauFeb 28 2008 5:50pm
Seems as tho everyone who goes to swim class or wears a Speedo ends up with a big one...maybe I should try it LOL

NBCFeb 28 2008 5:52pm
Seems as tho everyone who goes to swim class or wears a Speedo ends up with a big one...maybe I should try it LOL

NBCFeb 28 2008 5:53pm
bsized4point5, can you delete the spam posts please.

AnonymousMar 01 2008 2:18pm
my younger brother is bigger than me. i'm 15, hes 13. i'm about 2 soft and 5 hard, when this 13 year old is about 4 soft and 7 hard. we go to the same school, i'm in 8th him 7th, and in our school you get gym with 7th and 8th graders. well the first day we had to shower, about 2 weeks into the school year, i find out that my younger brother is my bigger brother. i'm first to notice it, and when everyone in the class sees, they all start laughing. not cause i'm small, but cause my younger brother is much bigger. of course, my younger brother loves that fact and always rubs it in.

JimmyMar 08 2008 3:14pm
Jimmy, How tall are you and your younger brother? What do you and he weigh? Is his c*ck also thicker than your c*ck? How thick are your c*cks? Please tell us more about how you feel about his bigger c*ck. Thanks.

bsized4pont5@yahoo.comMar 09 2008 2:40pm
Two kids I babysit are both bigger than I am. I am 13, in pretty good shape(not buff/ripped or anything) with a 1 inch soft, 3 inch hard penis. They are ages 12 and 10. They are athletes and in really good shape(better than me) they both have well developed abs(6packs!). It is hard to play with them since they are stronger than I am. Also I know they are bigger than i am.The older brother is 2 inches soft and 4 inches hard and thicker than me. The younger one is 1 and a half inches soft and 3 and a half inches hard and is not thicker than i am.They are nice, but being the "boss" of these kids as their babysitter it is hard to get them to take me seriously some times. They will just laugh me off, flex and put me in wrestling hold or hit me. I want to start working out, but my Mom thinks it will stunt my growth.

DavidNMar 10 2008 10:09am
i'm a few inches taller than he is, but much stronger. However, I'd rather have the larger c*ck than to be stronger. i'm upset about it and embarrsed. i was real embarrsed because after this happened, word got around the school and everyone made fun of me. he is also thicker.

JimmyMar 11 2008 4:21pm
But the most embarrsing part would be my family finding out. i dont fell right with my parents and this kind of stuff. i have an older sister too, this is how they all found out. one day, not to long ago, we were in florda, and a wave knocked off my bathing suit, and i couldnt find it. well my older sister (17) thought that since she'd just seen my penis, she wanted to see my younger brothers, to do a "size comparison" as she later called it. well i had to come out, of course with everyone watching, and she pulled down his shorts. so the whole beach saw that i had a bigger younger brother.

JimmyMar 11 2008 4:31pm
bsized4pont5, or anyone else for that matter, does anyone else in your family know that your younger broter is bigger than you? how do you fell about it? and sorry if there has been spelling eras in my post.

JimmyMar 11 2008 4:34pm
Being raised in a family of nudists, having parents that see me and my brothers and sisters naked occurs every day growing up. I am now 27, but as I grew up I knew that I was the smallest of my brothers. I am the oldest male, I have a sister that is 2 years older. And three younger brothers. Their ages are 25,23,21. The youngest is the biggest,he is 5in flaccid and 8in erect. The next older brother is 4in flaccid and 6in erect. Then the last one is 3in flaccid and 6in erect. I am 2in flaccid and 4in erect.

GlenFMar 12 2008 6:51am
Jimmy, only my younger brother and I know the total story of his much bigger c*ck over my smaller one. No one else has seen us naked together or realizes how much bigger he is. My younger brother has dropped hints in front of family and friends about his bigger hands and bigger feet and stronger body and how that would relate to bigger c*ck size. He has physically wrestled me into submission in front of some of these same family members and put his hand next to mine or his foot next to mine and shown the difference and boasted that a bigger hand or foot means a bigger c*ck too. I have smaller, almost feminine, hands and feet and the difference is huge there also. It does embarrass me when he shows others the difference. There is nothing I can say to give the impression that I am not small endowed.

bsized4point5@yahoo.comMar 12 2008 8:36am
I'm 14, my brother is 13. he is bigger than i am. i am 2 soft and 5 hard, and he is 3 soft and 6.5 hard. i found out about a week ago in a game of truth or dare. since we are so close in age, we have the same friends. well it was me, him, and 5 or 6 other friends. me and him were dared to compare sizes. thinking i was bigger, i said "No, i cant embarrse my little brother like that." to which he said, "you may be the older brother, but we'll see who the bigger brother is." i laughed and said find. we were both erected, and when i saw it i was instintly embarrsed, as everyone there laughed because i was wrong about what i said. since than, they always bring it up and i get so embarrsed.

KidMar 21 2008 1:00pm
i wish more people would respond to this, i really enjoy reading this stuff

MattMar 24 2008 3:11pm
I am blessed with a larger penis than my older brother. In a way I feel tha it is God getting back at him for being so mean to me growing up. I am 14, ever since i can remember he has always hit and rough-housed me. I am thin and short for my age too. But around my 12 birthday I noticed when we were changing to go swimming for the first time that year. that i had a larger penis than my then 14 year old brother. i know that due to puberty and masterbation i am 4 soft and 6 hard at 12 and he is abou t 2 inches at 14 i am 5 soft and 7 hard and he is the same size.

TeenFRKMar 25 2008 7:29am
TeenFRK, how tall are you and your older brother? What do you and he weigh? How does he feel about your much bigger c*ck? What does he say? You said you are 7" erect, how thick are you?

bsized4point5@yahoo.comMar 25 2008 8:00am
I am 5'6", he is 5'9" . I am about 160(kind of overweight) he is maybe 20lbs. heavier. He is jealous, but is very aggresive(jock) and dosen't like me making fun of him. I am 4.5" around.

TeenFRKMar 27 2008 12:41pm
yes this happened to me my younger brother is much bigger. he is known to have biggest in his school and shows of all the time. I am 16 and he is only 14, but larger by far

Toby H.Apr 01 2008 3:39am
i'm 14, my brothers 12. i found out he was bigger in front of all my friends. me and my friends were at our house one night, and my brother kept coming in "Can i hang out with you guys" that stuff. well we got annoyed and started making fun of him, including his penis size, saying it was small, which at the time i didnt know it was bigger than my own. well he got mad and challanged me to a size contest in front of everybody. feeling confent in myself, i agreed. so we do it and i was shocked to find out that the kid i've been betting up for the past 12 years is bigger than I. of course, all my friends tease me about it. i'm 2 soft and 5 hard, hes 3 soft and 6 hard

JakeApr 01 2008 5:40pm
he told me about a week after that happen that he knew he was bigger than me. he saw me changing one day when i forgot to shut my door. so he knew he was bigger when he challaged me to a size contest

JakeApr 01 2008 5:46pm
I have a younger cousin that when we shared a hotel room when I was 15 and he was 13, it was for a family reunion. he wanted to watch a porno that he found in my backpack. so since we haf our own room, and I was ok with it. we did.the topics we talked about prior to the viewing were what youd expect, puberty,girls,boobs,dicks, etc. When we started watching the tape we both agreed to masterbate together as we were super horny. We stripped down to our boxers, got a box of tissues, and whipped them out.I am 3 soft and 5.5 hard and 4.5 around. He is 5 soft 7 hard and 5.5 around! He saod his dad is big too, and his older brother. His younger brother that was staying with his parents still he said will be bigger than he is eventually. He is only 9, but already he is 3 soft and 4 hard. Man, good genes.

DeMarckusApr 04 2008 4:14am
I have two younger brothers that are bigge rhtan I am. I am 17. They are 13 and 15. My erect size is 3 1/2 in long and 3 in around. We are all swimmers and see each other changing all the time. My 13 year old brother is 4 in long when erect and 3 in around. My 15 year old brother is 4 1/2 in long when erect and 4 in around. I do not enjoy being smaller ,but it is not tat big of adeal, they kind of hold it over me, but since they want me to drive them around they don't make to much fuss over it.

Niel17Apr 12 2008 6:15pm
A young teen I saw in a bathroom at a rundown truck stop who must have been 13 or 14 so pulled out an amazingly big 4 inch soft penis that must have been over 6 inches around when it got hard with me looking at it, He said it was always bigger around then it was long ever since he could remember. I just couldn't get over how thick it was.

TimWApr 13 2008 1:13pm
For a group of boys I knew as neighboors when I was inhigh school and would babysit them occasionally. I saw them over the years as the changed for various activities, and played around the house. They at the time I was a soph. aged 15. They were 11,10,9 years old. Their sizes all seemed to be near equal in size the youngest would have been the biggest for his age I guess. He was sort of tall for his age, not that much shorter than his older brothers. If i had to guess their size it would be about 2 or 3 inches long when erect.

emienApr 17 2008 2:16pm
I am huge compared to my brother!:) He is 14 years old and I am 12. His dick is about 3 in. limp(thin to) with small little balls and it only gets maybe a little bigger/less than a inch i guess. I on the other hand am about 5 soft and over twice as thick soft and my balls are easily three times as big of his. When I get hard it gets to be about 6 inches hard and almost increases in its side around by half. I love showing it off and telling his friensd that he is smaller than me. He can prove it by whipping it out, or suffer the comments by admitting it. He tries to be all big and strong, ut I know he is trying to make up for his tiny penis. I laugh and tell him steriods will make him even smaller lol

C.R. iz the #1 J.R. sucksApr 17 2008 2:23pm
Nephew at 14 is bigger than I am(35). I was helping him get familiar with the counrty club he just joined with his dad. And we decided to use the treadmills and do some light reps on some of the equipement in the gym. He is starting out the weightlifting team at his school in addition to being on the wrestling team. He is making great progress in terms of strength gains and size and lost all of his "baby-fat". We hit up the sauna and just go in with towels on. He and I are alone after the two older men leave shortly after we entered. He says why not open up the towels? I was pleased that he was comfortably with me especially at his age.(i was so shy at his age.) HE then reveals a penis that is twice as big as mine soft, I am small, about 1.5in unerect, 3.5in erect. He ws showing 2in soft. He noticed this and said "Hey Uncle Paul! Not so small anymore now am I?" I said that he is a good kid and will make a girl very happy when he is older. His father(my older brother) is also bigger than I am.

PaulMApr 17 2008 2:34pm
C.R. iz the #1 J.R. sucks, how tall are you and your brother? How thick around in inches does your c*ck get when you are hard? I am only 4.5 long and 4.3 inches around when I get hard:( I love to hear about young guys with big ones!

bsized4point5@yahoo.comApr 20 2008 3:03pm
I remember when i was 12, i went to this summer day camp. the camp was for ages 5-14. When tuesdays (swiming days) came, all the groups would go together. i was in the 11-12 age group, and there was this kid in the 9-10 age group that was about 3.5 to 4 inches soft! i was 12 and only about 1.5 soft at the time, and i was amazed that this kid that was 2 or 3 years younger than me had that much bigger.

Kyle LApr 22 2008 8:30am
Sorry about the above post, i hit add comment before i was done. Anyway, the first day changing to go swiming, everyone was looking at it, including the 13-14 age group, because he was bigger than all of them too. they were really in shock. he noticed everyone looking and got hard fast. once hard, we all saw that this 9 year old had a 5.5 to 6 inch penis! he was the biggest kid there out of all the age groups. i'm 14 now and dont go there anymore.

Kyle LApr 22 2008 8:34am
I am 5'1" my older brotther is 5'6". Mine is about 4.5in. around when hard. his is about 2.5in. around when hard.

C.R. iz the #1 J.R. sucksApr 22 2008 8:55am
Kyle L. Yes, as a camp counselor I saw some young kids too that were very big(and bigger than the older boys).They seemed to get very popular very quickly. I am sure some "games" occured during lights out. I know when I was younger and attended camps we did similar things. All part of growing up. Genetics can be a crazy thing. A boy can be only 10 or 11 but have the development of a much older persons penis. But, there also are those in their late teens that look like little boys. Usually though things work out in the end

ClearViewApr 22 2008 9:00am
ClearView - how were the young and overly endowed ones? Were they shy about being adult sized at 10-11? Or did they show off to the older boys in camp? Age 10 and size of 7+ would be grounsd for teasing when I was a kid

Jake in AZApr 23 2008 7:03am
The youngest certainly weren't "man sized" but theey did have flaccid penises that were between 3 and 4 inches long. The few occasions one would become erect, it rarly got any bigger than an inch or so. The ones that had signifigant sizes(6in+) were all older(12-13+) who were more advanced in puberty. But there could be instances of puberty related disorders, and simply growing a lot really early on and then never getting any larger.

ClearViewApr 23 2008 11:57am
I am 16. New kids on my block are both freaks! They came over to swim in my familys pool with me one day after school last week. They haven't unpacked their swimming gear(they have a crap load of stuff, they needed 2 full sized moving vans plus a u-haul) They are both in middle school and are in 7th and 8th grade(13, and 14) They are both in their schools wrestling program(13 year old wrestles in the 110 weight class, he is 4'11) and (14 year old wrestles in the 118 weight class, he is 5'2.5) Because the younger brother is shorter than his older brother, he looks a lot(is) more muscular than his older,taller brother. The older brother has a lot more bone showing throough his body(due to a recent growth spurt I am told) They both are in phenominal shape for their age.They compete in excercise competions amongst themselves. I am a soccer player and due a lot of running and bicycling and swimmnig to stay in shape. I injured my back 2 years ago when I tried to squat too much weight, and since then have not done much weight training. They seem to live and breath in their schools weight room. They met a couple of the high school wrestlers and may train at the HS soon too.

KatterOApr 25 2008 3:36pm
They cam over to go swimming and since they did not have suits they just went in with their boxers on. They had fun pinning me in various moves that I could not escape. The younger brother is almost stronger than me and is is able to control me since he can do all these holds and stuff. The older brother is deffinantly stronger than I am. It is scary seeing them try and 'out-muscle' each other. The both have well developed muscles for their age(both much more ripped than I am due to their frequent weight training and very low bodyfat). But I wasn't prepared for their penises to be bigger too. They are almost identical in size at both 4 inches soft, with the older brother being 6.5 erect and the younger brother being 6 inches erect. The younger brother is 5.5 inches in girth and the older brother is 5 inches in girth. I am between 2 and 3 inches soft and 5 inches erect and 5 inches in girth.

KatterOApr 25 2008 3:47pm
Oh, I found out their size after when went inside to change in my room. They were not expecting me to be smaller than them since I am alot more advanced(probably almost done:() in puberty. They were trying to show off their toughness to impress me by taking turns doing gut-punches and flexing their abs to absorb the interchanging blows. They both have perfect 6 pack abs. I can't seem to get past a 4 pack. They said they do over 500 sit-ups and various other excercises a day. They showed me a photo album of pictures of them when they were little kids. Even back then they were very strong and well built kids with visable if not cut and shredded abs at 6 and 7 years of age+. They older brother says that the younger brother is so close to his size and strength because he trains more and started training at a younger age and recieved the help of the knowledge his older brother already knew.

KatterOApr 25 2008 3:56pm
KatterO, OMG simply wow. That was an interesting account, thanks. Updates please?

BenTWApr 26 2008 11:21am
Kyle - 6" at age 9 is amazing. Did he talk about his size? Show it off to you all? I wonder if he had an older bro or if his Dad was big?

Smaller older broMay 04 2008 6:20am
after that day he became a god to all the younger kids. they asked questions like how did you get that big, stuff like that. but the older group, 13-14, were really embarrsed. when they got changed with him they always tryed to hid their stuff. he did have an older brother who was 13, and he was one of the smallest there. i remember one kid asking him, "if your older, how come your so small and hes so big?" the older brother did stay that long.

Kyle LMay 04 2008 5:23pm
He always showed it off too. He'd walk up to me and the other kids and be like "how do you like being older and smaller?"

Kyle LMay 04 2008 5:24pm
So, my little brother (or rather my younger brother) isn't just bigger than me, we went through an entire role reversal a few years ago. I'm 2 years older, and we both have September birthdays so I started kindergarten when I was 5, turning 6, and he started the next year (my parents couldn't afford day care) when he was 4 turning 5. It was never a big deal that I was two years older but just a year ahead in school, and growing up I never really cared. Then, when I was in fifth grade and he in fourth, he was in all the GT classes so my parents and his teachers decided to skip him a grade, so now we were both in 5th together. Obviously I was really embarassed and upset, but then it got worse. In 7th grade I was 13 (he 11) and I was pretty late with puberty, but he was pretty early so at this age he was already the same size as me, and he was already growing body hair and his voice changing and I wasn't. That only got worse over the next year, and by 8th grade (age 14 and 12) he was already much stronger and further along than me. I was depressed alot and started doing bad in school, so that year I was held back and he went on to high school! I was still stuck in 8th grade and in junior high at age 15, and he left my school and went to high school. I was so depressed and angry all the time, and on top of all of that he kept growing taller and stronger. By the next year, he was 6 ft. and around 170 lbs of muscle at age 14 and I was 5 ft. 5 and only around 125 at age 16. I had never seen him naked till that year when we were changing in the locker room, and he is DEFINITELY bigger than I am down there too! I was maybe 4.5 inches hard then, but he was around 6- 6.5! I got my license around then, but I got in an accident which was my fault so I lost my licence till I turn 21. 2 years later, when he turned 16 my parents made him start driving me places because I couldn't. It's like he's the bigger, older brother! I really hated it all at first, but after a while I got used to it. He'll graduate in a couple weeks at only 16. I'm 18 and a Junior now, but I don't really care anymore. I've accepted it and even kinda like the idea to be perfectly honest. I think it's sort of cool that my younger brother is so much bigger than me. I guess I like being the little brother better than being the big. So, anyway, today I am 18, 5 ft. 7, about 130 lbs. and just over 5 inches. My brother is 16, 6 ft. 3, 180ish lbs, and around 7.5 inches. (I know this because we were in the same gym class last semester). But yah, like I said, weirdly enough, I'm cool with everything. Not a big deal to me anymore.

Ben18May 07 2008 11:09am
i found out i was bigger than my older brother in a different way than the rest of you. i'm 14, hes 16. a couple of weeks ago, we were looking through old pictures, and we came across one of use in the bathtub, goofin around. i noticed that i had a bigger penis. i pointed this out, and him, being embarrsed, just said "uh-hu". than i said "i bet not much has changed..." and than we got into a debate about who would be bigger. than i said "prove it". we both pulled them out and founded out the truth. i was 7 inchs hard, he was 5.5. he hates this fact and is really embarrsed by it.

Randy KMay 08 2008 6:11pm
My nephews are bigger than me. I am 20. They are ages 7,11,12. I have seen them naked their whole lives. I would change their diapers and bathe them etc. Also would swim with them and at my house they would skinny dip(heated pool) with me. Their sizes are 7yr.= 3 soft, 4 in erect 11yr. = 2 soft, 5 in erect 12yr. = 4 soft, 6 in erect I am only 1 in soft and 3 in erect. They know that they are bigger than me and like it. It makes them feel good about themselves and helped them get over being seen naked in public(I have taken them to a few nude beaches)Actually they are bigger than some of the other men and boys/teens there too. And I have seen other boys and yong teens that are bigger than they are too at some of the resorts and beaches I have visited. One kid in particular was 13 and said that he started growing pubic hair at 11, then it was 4in soft and 4 and a half hard. Now he said it was 4 in soft and 7 in erect and twice as thick as mine:( He flaunted it everywhere, he was bigger than almost all of the people older than him their too. He had a lot of girls hanging out with him.:)

XummiTMay 13 2008 4:21pm
I have a 4 inch long dick when it is hard. It is almost 1 inch when it is flaccid. I am 15. My brother is only 12 but his is 4 inches flaccid and 6 inches long when erect. His is bigger than mine all the way back to when we were both born.Pictures of both of us being bathed and changed and just being naked show his at 2 inches or more flaccid since he was 3. I on the other hand am only showing this little nub under half an inch long.

wince15May 14 2008 6:10am
Being the younger better endowed brother that I am I thought that I would post my perspective regarding this topic. First of all, I am 19. My older brother are 20, and 21. I started puberty when I was about 11, almost 12. I took showers close to my brothers and us all getting ready for school. Up until my older brother was 10, we took showers together. But when he was 10, he thought he was "too old' so he took his own separate shower. I still took one with my next older brother. Being that he was the middle child he has always been bossy towards me as I am the "baby". I am actually the shortest of all of us at about 5'7", Ben the middle brother is 5'8". And Mark is 5'9" When we were still showering around each other through the ages of when I was 10-14(after I was 14 we stopped, as we got our own bathrooms in a new house) I got to watch my brothers develop. -continued-

AdamBMay 14 2008 9:02pm
-continued- My brother all started puberty a little before me, but when I was 11 I started too, much to their jealousy. I never liked being picked on as a kid and took steps to 'get tough' so as to make it harder for them to pick on me. Since I was 7 I was involved in my schools wrestling program, as well as karate for a while, gymnastics, and swimming, and soccer. The excercizes I learned in these activities really helped me gain strength and definition in my body. I was a strong ripped kid:)lol I remember being the only kid in my gym class when I was 11 in 6th grade with abs and well-defined biceps(if not huge size) I was stronger than Ben, but not Mark(he has a larger frame than both of us, more weight to throw around) Mark was naturally strong and never really did anything to build muscle, he had strength, but no definition(think strongman, but not..) Ben was sort of chubby, but is the classic *sshole/class clown jerk that jocks and popular guys seemed to always like. He was a prep in high school. I would definantly be a geek if it were not for my desire to be strong and muscular. So, at 12 I started rocketing through puberty. I had within 8 months grown 4 inches in height(to 5'1" ), gained 25 lbs. of muscle(95 to 120). And my penis grew 2 inches in length(from 2in soft to 3in soft, and from 4in erect to 6in) -continued-

AdamBMay 14 2008 9:20pm
-continued- Over the years I grew steadily with my brothers at a similar pace with them as far as development goes(chest hair, shaving etc.) I ended up with a penis that is 5 inches soft that grows to 8 inches erect and is 6.5 inches in circumference. I stayed pretty ripped, but trimmed my mass down to keep my sixpack and not get too bulky. My brother are Ben is about 2 soft and 4 erect. And Mark is 3 soft and 5 erect. Ben went through a fat stage at 15-16 or so, but got skinny through a crazy crash diet that was really bad for him. Mark stayed them same, just got a little bigger, he still is in body stype strong but "thick" with a lot of mass and little to no definition. We are very close, and "friends" still. We still live within 3 hours drive of each other. I am the only one going to school though, Ben and Mark are jsut working at jobs making a little better than minimum wage. I got a scholorship from academic merit and partial from wrestling and swimming and track.

AdamBMay 14 2008 9:29pm
I saw a boy in a restroom at a gas station that was pooping with the door open, the stall faced the sink. I could see him in the mirror. He knew too. He was 12 he said. He stood up to wipe and showed an impresive 4 or 5 inch soft penis. Walked out with his pants around his ankles and asked for toilet paper on the shelf above the sink. He was grinning up at me and I looked dowwn at his growing erection. It must have been 6 inches long and 5 inches in girth. He wiped and walked over to the sink. washed his hands and left. I needless to say had to relieve myself in the stall.

franKeeMay 17 2008 8:13am
Dean - just checking in...I have not been here in a long he still growing? Still talking about it? He ever tease his older bro about being smaller?

Anon2May 17 2008 8:47am
I am curious to hear from Dads who have (or had) sons who were big and another was small -how did you handle it - many talks on size etc?...and was the Dad big or small?

Jeff Gordon fanMay 18 2008 7:58am
As the proud father of 4 wonderful boys, I would be happy to comment. I am 6'1" used to be very fit,, but over the years have a beer gut now. I wrestled in school since I was 6-18. I developed early, maturing at 11 or so. With a curious streak, I urged my friends to compare, we measured, I was the biggest at 4 inches hard, and the only one witha few wisps of sex curls. Over time I grew up to a hefty 5.5 inch long penis when hard and almost 7 inches in girth. I have 4 great boys: B, is 16 and is average for his age in development, 5'6". He wears a medium jockstrap for wrestling, and with local public beaches and mens only facilities(open showers,gyms,training sessions) D, is 14 and is almost the same weight as his older brother though he is 5'1". This kid is a monster at training, it seems that muscles come easily to him. He had a six-pack since first grade. He went as Tarzan, and wore a loincloth to school. He did not realize he needed to wear underwear and changed into it after he got to school. Noone noticed until he walked out of the bathroom and his penis was hanging down below the side of the front flap(square cut, equal length all the way around) He is wearing a large jock and we have had several talks about him, when he wishes to become sexually active, to be careful about hurting them. He is already 5 in soft, 5 in in girth soft and 6.5in hard and 6.8 in girth when hard. K, and V, are twins and are 10. They are athletic kids, with bodies that show a consistant development. in terms of build, they are between their older brothers. At their age they are bigger than either of their older brothers were in terms of sheer body size(denser frames,) they started training and eating healthy "power food" as my kids call it since birth. They are ahead of their weight curve and about even for height, again due to their extremlly well trained bodies. They havee really low bodyfat, and are ripped. They have clearly visable abs even when alseep. And bothm will, in time develop 8-packs. They have child like genitals still. I am very proud of all of their hard work.

Vern44May 23 2008 12:33am
Vern44, is the 16 year old upset that his younger brother is bigger than him?

MAttMay 23 2008 3:04pm
are there any twins that have storys like this?

JeffMay 24 2008 12:52pm
Out of 6 brothers, I'm the smallest. I'm also the oldest. There's a story behind each brother, actually, and it's all very embarrassing. I'm 18, and my brothers are 16, 15, 13, 11, and 8. We come from the same mother & father. So, I had known for quite some time that my 16 year old brother was more powerful than I. 8 months ago, he was 6'3 and I was 5'6. Just about eight months ago (we were the same ages), he walked into our room while masturbating his 8 1/4" penis. He said, "I bet my c*ck is over twice the size of yours." It was true. Mine was only 2", making it less than 1/4 the size of his. However, he didn't know that yet. He pinned me down onto the floor and told me to get out my c*ck. When I resisted, he unzipped my pants to a fully erect 2" penis. He laughed and then began to talk about how he was so much more of a man than I would ever be. He began to stroke his penis, laughing the entire time. Two months later, (six months ago), my 15 year old brother walked into our room (not his, mine and my 16 brother). It was just me and him. We started talking, and then he began to comment on how much more muscular he was than me and how much hairier his legs were. He was 6'4 and still growing, and I had stopped growing two months ago. He made the remark, "I bet my dick is bigger than yours." He whipped out a four inch soft c*ck and told me to get out mine. I would be stupid to resist again, so I took mine out. He laughed and told me to make mine hard. I told him mine was already hard, and he burst out laughing. His dick grew to a mighty 6", and his balls were also MUCH bigger than mine. [Continued Next]

MarkMay 24 2008 6:49pm
[Continued] My 13 year old brother found out about our size difference about 5 months ago. He was four inches taller than me at 5'10. We were in the backyard when I said I had to pee. I couldn't make it to the inside restroom in time, so I just peed in the yard. He saw my penis and laughed hysterically and then pulled out his extremely hairy 6 3/4" c*ck. He started jacking off and orgasming all over me. My 11 year old brother (5' at the time) was talking with my 13 year old brother the next day and said, "Is it really true?" I asked him what he was talking about, and my 13 year old brother dashed towards me and pulled down my pants, and the 11 year old began to laugh. He, obeying the 13 year old, pulled out his penis, which was a soft 3 1/2". It grew to full erectness at 4 1/2". [Continued Next]

MarkMay 24 2008 6:58pm
[Continued] About 3 weeks ago, my 15 and 16 year old brothers decided that all 6 of the brothers should have a penis comparison day every Wednesday. That's how I found out about my 8 year old brother. The sizes, according to this week's comparison, are: Me: 2" 16: 8 1/2" 15: 6 1/2" 13: 7" 11: 4 1/2" 8: 3"

MarkMay 24 2008 7:01pm
your 8 yr old bro is 3", wow he has a whopper, what size were they born with?

AnonEmooseMay 25 2008 7:20am
I dunno, but I assume that he won't grow much more until puberty.

MarkMay 25 2008 4:46pm
There are kids that went to my school in elementary and middle school. They were really well endowed ever since I first saw them when they were 8(tim) and 10(josh). In 3rd gradde and 5th grade I was in 5t grade too. They moved into my neighboorhood and I was there only friend at school that lived nearby. I would go over to their house after school until my mom would then come and pick me up after she got off work. They had a pool, and when it got warm enough we wantedd to go swimming one day. Neither of us all had our bathing suits, and we were home alone. We decided to skinny dip. We all stripped down and stood around looking at each other's naked bodies. Tim and Josh were both larger unerect than I was. I had a little nub of a head barely poking out. Tim and Josh's penises had to be 2 inches long, I was less than half an inch. Well I was shocked to see their size difference. Tim especiallly was not expecting to be bigger than me, he couldn't stop talking about it. We all soon forgot about the pool and got boners. They grew about an inch or so. I got to be maybe 1.5 inches, and they were twice that easy. We got over it eventually, and did finally go swimming.

VegasMay 27 2008 2:30pm
It became a private topic of conversation between the three of us. After we had a sex-ed class in the end of 5th grade, the topic resumed. We agreed to regularily compare to see how puberty was going for all of us. Tim and Josh were excited to see hair grow around my penis first. They thought I would finally grow. After 6 months, I was maybe 1 inch soft and 3 hard. After summer vacation we got back together, after being apart for the whole summer due to vacations. We were getting ready for middle school(Josh and I) and were preparing for gym and school showers with our classmates. After we got our class schedules we realized that we would be in the same gym class. -(skipping ahead)- We were very aware that Josh was the biggest kid in our gym class. He had grown to be 3in soft and 5 inches hard with a full bush of pubic hair. I was stuck at the same point I was earlier. Meanwhile Tim had started puberty! And was at the same progression stage I was at. Two years later in 8th grade Josh(13) is looking like a teen in the far stages of puberty. He has a adult look of body hair, is shaving regurlarily and looks and is strong and muscularily well developed. Needless to say his penis now an awe-inspiring and envious 6 inches soft and over 8 inches erect with massive balls. I am at about 2 inches soft and 4.5 inches erect. Tim at 12 years of age is in regards to his penis bigger than I am he is 4 inches soft has more pubic hair, stronger body. Erect his penis is 6 inches long and his balls are bigger than mine, though not as big as his older brothers. They moved away during the summer after 8th grade. I didn't keep in touch. This was about 8 years ago.

VegasMay 27 2008 2:45pm
My younger brother is exactly two years and two months younger than me. The day he turned 11, I was 13 yrs and 2 months. At his birthday, there were a lot of comments about 'how he had grown up' and that he 'was catching up to your bigger brother." Such comments were not very helpful to me as I had been fearing his increase in height. He was only about an inch shorter despite the two year difference. We shared the same room. This room was larger than the normal room on the top floor of our home. That night, after the party, when all the guests had left, we all ventured off to bed. Our parent's bedroom was downstairs and they were well and truly tucked in. My brother was still amusing himself with some of his presents when suddenly he said: "You know how everyone says that I am catching up to you?...well, if I am, how much hair do you have down there?" and he pointed to my crotch. At 13 yrs and 2 mths, I was pubeless ! Innocently I gave my game away by replying almost immediately: "I don't have any." "What?' said he...You are two years older than me." e got up from his bed and came over to mine and said: "Show me yours." Without waiting, he dived into my PJ slit and stared at my babydick which grew to its 3 inch max. I was pubeless. He exclaimed: " are going to get a shock when you see mine." I suddenly became interested. As he had dived into my pj slit, he motioned that I should do the same to him. I saw a penis that grew to 4.5inches and with a bush that I found out later to be over 6 months old. He was oviously also thicker; a side by side comparison highlighted the difference. Many questions followed from him and from me. This was the beginning of constant comparisons.

kyleMay 28 2008 2:09am
I just realized that there is another Kyle to distinguish us, I am Kyle J. (so that is me above) - - - - - - - - - One of our first comparisons was in the standing position where the side-by-side was done. He was far more imaginative than I was and he suggested that we sit face to face on the bed. He spread his legs and I spread mine and moved closer to him. This brought our ball sacs together as well as our dicks. "Woa!" he exclaimed. (I have also just realized that I have a typo in my first post. His penis was 5.5 at 11 yrs, not 4.5.) So it was a 5.5 vs 3.0 comparison, with him having 6 months of pubes to add to the embarrassment. If I could fast forward a little, when he was 12, he was already 6.4 inches and I had crept up to 3.4 inches. A whole 3 inches difference. He was double my size and by this stage I was 14 yrs 2 mths...and still no pubes. In the meantime, his bush had increased significantly. To add to the humiliation, he had started growing armpit hair which became quite noticeable if he was walking around barechested. Fortunately it was winter and so the rest of the family were unaware of this development. We compared in this department too. He would raise my arm and his in front of a mirror. I had mixed feelings about this: it was humiliating to a point, but also extremely erotic. I would be lying if I said that I didn't enjoy it.

Kyle JMay 28 2008 9:59pm
I am the younger with the larger penis. When I was 12, my brother was 14. We had separate rooms so we never saw each other naked. One night, we had to share his room as an aunt was staying over for two weeks, and being the youngest, I had to surrender my room. As he and I were changing for bed, he asked me if I wanted see his pubes. He pulled down his shorts and said 'check this out.' He was very proud of his pubes. His penis was about 2 inches soft. He pulled on his pubes and told me that one day, I will have this too. When he finished his mini-brag, I dropped my shorts and he jaw dropped and his eyes popped. I had twice the amount of pubes as he did, and my soft was at least 3 -1/2. 'I've got more than you' said I. His penis immediately came to life and peaked at 4 inches (we measured later)...while mine grew to 5.5. He was mortified.

peterhMay 29 2008 5:47am
M not sur how true most of these are but I came accros this sight bc its my brother is 4yrs older than me and always the smart kid in the house, he used to go to a special school for kids with high iq's what ever that was not my thing but he thought he was cool. - moved back home when I was 14 and I really can't remember but some how we got naked and from that point on everything changed. His penis was no more than 1 inch soft and 3inches hard, but I and some people have said its not normal have a 3-4 inch soft penis and it's over 10 hard and 8 thick.4 yrs we would watch porn and jerk off together while he was always embarest and amazed at my size. I'm 27 not married and he is 31 and married however I'm the boss and its well known. The size didnt come up for a while but next week we are going on a family vaca and my bro just asked me not to wear tight swim trunks infront of his wife. Apaently she's noticed and made coments to him that it looks like I'm the bigger bro. Now I feel bad for bossing him around all the time and kinda makin him my bitch at times and not sure what to do????

whatupwithu@hotmail.comMay 30 2008 7:37am
Me my dad my brother and his brother all went to LV for my moms brothers batchler party. We were at the pool all day them we went to the spa to relax well my brother is 3 yrs older than me and was kinda pissed off more of the girls gave me attention at the pool, but when the five of us went to the steam room things got bad. - never knew that my dad, his brother and my older brother had really small dicks and that I had a really large one. When we went into the steam room my dads brothers goes to my dad after seeing my moms brother naked "now we knoe where he gets his huge shlong" well I'm 8" snf I don't think my brother is lager than 4" things have not been the same ever since

broJun 02 2008 3:58pm
I'm a dad and I'm 39 yrs my c*ck is 6" 16 year ols some has a 8 " penis already and yes I'm pissed off he makes fun of me and the situation all the time. He grabs my dick all the time and says. Sup boy? He's done that infront of his girlfriend also which was when I gounded him for a week. So yes I'm one pissed father....

AnonymousJun 03 2008 9:15pm
I find that hard to believe.

MarkJun 04 2008 9:13am
I have a few encounters over my short life so far(19) with younger boys that are larger and more endowed than I am. For starters I am on a goof fay about 2" soft. On a really good day I am almost 5" hard. I am also 4.5" around. The earliest time I can remember seeing a younger boy being blessed with a bigger penis was when I was in the 5th grade at my elementary school. I was in our schools mentoring program to younger students (Buddy program) I was assigned to a younger student to hang out with in school and out of school. He was in 3rd grade,his name was Tim(Timmy), he was small for his age and almost a year younger than his classmates. He was a bit of a nerd, and got picked on alot. We were close, I was an only child and loved the adopted little brother relatiionship that developed between us the school year. We would go everywhere together. Even into the bathroom. He was always too shy to use the urinals and would rather wait on one of the stalls to open up. Well one day during lunch, we left the cafeteria and went to a secluded restroom in an older wing of the school near the library. Inside we soon saw that the the stall was closed for repairs, and he really had to go pee. I had to as well, so I told him to share mine. He was refusing to use it with me. But was struggling to not pee his pants, and eventually he could not contain it any more. I was very curious to see him, and had been holding in my pee, to aim around him i looked down and shifted my body over to accomidate him more. There was this huge tube of flesh erupting out his tiny hands, gushing a loud jet of hot piss all over the urinal. It splashed all over us both, the pressure from it was so hard. He looked mortified that his pee had drednched us. He didn;t even seem to notice that his penis was so much bigger than mine was. He started apoligizing about the mess, I on the other hand couldn't get over how big he was. I told him that it was ok, that we could get cleaned up. We locked the door. I told him to strip off his clothes to wash them in the sink and dry them with the hand driers. SO here we were nude in our school bathroom waitnig on our clothes to dry. He was trying to cover himself up, but the funny thing was his and were too small to cover up all of his huge penis. His small hands could only shift up and down about 3/4 of its length. I was amazed at him, and just could not stop staring at him. He got it eventually, and said to me: "Why is your penis so small?" "Well, really it is about normal in size dude" I said "Yours is the one that is abnormal" He seemed proud of that. And removed his hands from his penis and hefted it up. I went inside my backpack and got out a ruler. I measured mine soft at 1.5 inches and hard it was almost 4 inches long. His was 4 inches soft and 5 inches hard. But it was so thick and heavy that it just hung down. His muscles that support his penis were too weak to flex and hold it up. "So this is why you use the stalls?" I said to him He sheepishly nodded his head. Well, I saw him more over the years as he grew and other boys too but those stories will have to wait for another time. Keep those stories coming! Ben.

ben19Jun 07 2008 7:20am
Ben, that was a great story, tell more!!

AnonymousJun 08 2008 5:53pm
Ben, that was a great story, tell more!!

AnonymousJun 08 2008 6:24pm
You guys think these are bad??? Well let me tell you what is worse that havin a younger bigger brother! Haveing a younger brother that have a huge penis and is also your boss! I'm 43 and have a 4inch dick hard on a good day, soft maybe in inch. My brother is 29 and was always very close to my dad as I was not. When my brother got out of school he went to work for dad as I had no intrest. Last year my dad past away and my business also went down the drain, obviously my brother took over the business so he asked me to work for him, I didn't have a job so I said yes. Well he told me I need to earn a posision and he can't play favs just cuz I'm his brother. He has me working under a 33 BITCH... My life is not cool, I just saw him in the company gym looker room last month naked and let me tell you his penis must be 6 inches soft.he took at look at mine and just cracked up. How do u think I feel

johnJun 09 2008 8:24pm
Does size matter? this is the day I found out the answer to this question. And the answer is a definite YES. When I was 16, i was about 5ft 7. I wore glasses and was the classical skinny nerd. My girlfriend (yes, I actually had one!) also wore glasses and she was about a 5 in the looks department (sorry Amy!) I guess we were meant for each other. My relationship with her helped me to realize that one could and did, transcend looks. We shared pretty deeply and respected each other physically. As our relationship developed, we ventured our first kiss. These kisses were short and sweet! exotic french kissing for us. We didn't touch each other either. No heavy petting, just arms around shoulders and I certainly never caressed her breasts. (These were on the smallish side). Amy would come over to my flat on some afternoons and we would just talk and share. Nothing physical. Then I had a new next door neighbour. Brett was only 13,and he had long reddish brown hair. He had a physique to die for, hairy arms (vs my near hairless arms); a broad smile with perfect teeth (vs my smallish mouth); and a V-shaped chest (vs. my narrow, thin 'chest.') On the first occasion that Amy met him when Brett visited unexpectedly, she jumped to her feet, her eyes opened and she took six steps towards him. She had never greeted me in such a manner, hence it was most noticeable. I watched as her eyes feasted on every part of him. Brett was only about 5 ft 4" so he was about her height. Befoe long, she was actually commenting on his chest, his arms, his hairy arms, his jawbone (which was squarish). She was touching him all over. I just stood there in amaze-ment, taking in the differences between him and I. She sat him down and gave him total focus, asking him all sorts of questions about himself, starting off with age, of course. " are only 13?! are so big for 13, so strong, so..." "Let me see you chest...take off your shirt...please." Brett complied without hesitation. Ironically, she had never asked me to take off my shirt in all the months we were together. Her hands roamed all over hsi chest, much to his delight, He flexed his abs and she made all the appropriate noises. "Take your shirt off too," she demands, and proceeded to help me do so. My skinniness in comparison to his V-chest was bleedingly obvious as she put us together, then in front of a mirror. As I was about 4 inches taller, if I stood behind him, my thin chest was hidden behnd his V-chest. An arm comparison followed, revealing his manly hairy arm vs. my hairless arm. From hair arms, her gaze went down to leg hairs and there too, Brett outshone me. He had a forest in comparison to me lightly covered legs. Then came the moment of truth. She leaned forward and whispered in his ear; she smiled and undid his pant, and stood in his u-pants. The bulge was huge and growing. Her hand went to her mouth to hide her gasp. She motioned that I should also drop my pants. What amazed me is that in all the months we were together, she had never touched me 'there.' My bulge was more like a pointed tent vs. his rounded package. Amy asked Brett to go further, but he said he would only if I went first. So Amy told me to drop my u-pants. After much coaxing, I had no choice as she was doing it for me. My four inch penis was fully erect (girth was also 4inches as we were to find out later.) Amy hardly gave it a second look, but motioned Brett to reveal his He was smiling as he dropped his briefs to reveal a soft 6 inches and a ball sac that was three to four times the volume of mine. Amy's hand was up to her mouth again. His pubic bush was more extensive than mine (at 13). His soft was bigger than my best effort. It seemed that Amy was not aware that this was his soft. She wanted a side by side comparison, to which Brett hastily obliged. His soft was still drooping, so he had to hold it level to my erection. It was then that he began to swell, and it peaked at 7.8 inches. I stood there totally blank, with cum dripping and with Amy shreeking. "Looks like I am the man here,' said Brett. "Now you have to show me your boobs" as he pointed to Amy's breast. She couldn't get undress fast enough. For the first time, I saw my girlfriend's breasts! It wasn't for me that she revealed them, but for a 13 year old boy. (I will stop here)

TimothyJun 12 2008 8:23pm
Anyone here have a much larger penis than his father? If so has he said anything to you before or does he act strage about it? I'm a lot bigger than my dad and I fell bad, he has a really small penis -ve only seen it soft and I'm not sure if its even 1inch but soft I'm over 4 and almost 9 hard. He has seen me hard many times when he use to wake me up in the am and I'd have a woody. It was almost always a strange pissed off mood. I know he loves me but this bothers him.

mikeJun 13 2008 7:24am
My father was bigger than me. He is dead now, but I remember peeping through the bathroom keyhole. My recollection is that he was probably about 5 soft. Never saw him hard.

timothyJun 13 2008 9:25pm
I am a Dad with a son who has a MUCH bigger penis than I do. He gets it from my wife's side of the family - its a running joke among them how endowed they are...and I have seen her brother changing in a locker room to go swimming while on vacation - and now I know why his wife is always smiling LOL He looked to be about 6-7 soft..I was stunned. I am about 2.5 - 3 inches soft and 4.5 hard. My son is 12 almost 13 and he is about 5 soft and from the few morning wood that I ahve seen he is about 7 hard...massive on a skinny body...any other Dads out there in my situation?

JacksonJun 14 2008 7:45am
Of course Jackson, hey I'm 39 my son is 18 the kis has a freekin huge dick, I see the morning wood all the time and it just makes me crazy. I'm happy for him but its kind of anoying. Last week he walked in on me comeing out of the shower and he goes to me "dad do u take cold showers" the kid thought I was shrunkin.... I told him no that he just had a very big penis. He said he was sorry. Since then he's become strange, the other day I went in his room while he was getting ready and just took off his pants and underwear to change but was not hidding or shy about it at all.he kinda just walked around talking to me with a semi hard on, It was almost as if he was showing off to me...

mattJun 15 2008 8:08pm
Matt how big are u? how big is your son? when did he get so big?

anonJun 16 2008 7:34am
I am more endowed than my dad. He is about 1 inch soft of a good day and 3 inches hard on an even better day:). Growing up with my moms prolific filming of me their only son(younger sister). I have many films of us naked as a family(my parents were hippies/nudists) growing up without clothes inside our house was normal. I have and maintain a full body tan now at 27. In school kids noticed at the urinal and changing for pe/ swimming at friends house, getting pantsed. That is was hung and nude a lot. Judging by video evidence and parantal accounts, i was 1 inch at birth soft and 2 inches hard. BY the time i was 6 i was 1.5 inches soft and 2.5 inches hard. When i was 8 i was 2 soft and 3 hard. At 10 i was 3 soft and 4 hard. At 11 i started puberty and by 12 i was 5 soft and 6 hard. At 13 i was 6 soft and 7 hard. At 15 i was 7 soft and 8 hard. At 17 I finished puberty at 7 soft and 8.5 hard. With a 6.5 in around penis when erect. Needless to say i was having a ton of sex! I have done some porn work but i dont like it much. My father is proud of me but seems embarrased about his size more around me and others when i am around.

JohnQPJun 18 2008 9:20am
I dont have any brothers but growing up I was the oldest amongst the friends in my neiborhood. And when I was 12 I descovered porn and had to show my friends there were 4 me being 12, 2 were 11 and the other was 9 at the time. We all got horny and wanted to see each others, so we each pulled down our pants and most of ours were the same size except for the one 11 year old who had hair there and was much bigger, more thendouble my size, which I was a bit ashamed of. I was about 6cm hard and the others were between 6 and 7cm hardbut that one 11 year old must of been about 12-13cm.

NickJun 18 2008 2:46pm
We do this once a week, I remember when I was 13 I still had no pubes and the 2 11 yo, who were about 12 now, were really alot bigger then me and the 9 yo was still about the same size. I finally got pubes just after my 14th birthday and my dick finally started to grow and it was 8cm but still quite thin, the now 13 yos were about 12cm and 14cm but I was bigger then the now 11 yo. I'm 17 now and my dick is 10cm (4 inches) and one of the now 16yos is 16cm (6.2 inches) and the other is 19cm (7.4 inches)the now 14yo's is 15cm (6 Inches) I feels so small around them

NickJun 18 2008 3:04pm
I knew a boy my age growing up from kindergarten through high school. We were very good friends. I first realized he was bigger htan me in kindergarten, we were both in the bathroom and they just had a trough type of slit drain to pee into. He pulls out this penis that is 3 inches soft compared to my half inch/1 incher. As i gawk at his size difference he tells me his older brothers are big too. They all share a room and bathroom use and shower time can get crowded. They double up the younger ones to save hot water and time. So over the years i saw him at various times through swimming changing clothes etc. And yes eventually mutual masterbation. He hit what would basically be his full adult size at 14. He wound up a little thicker by high school graduation, but for the most part was done at 14. He was 6 inches unerect, with 3 inches in circumference. And erect he reached 9 inches in length and 6.5 inches in circumference. It was a very impressive size on him being a rather skinny 5'10". He has had the same girl friend since he was 12. They will probably get married soon.

NolanR.Jun 25 2008 10:38am
me and my brother are twins, and identical almost everywhere apart from our c*cks. we're 17, and about 5'10. we've never really compared our sizes before last week, well as long as i could remember anyway. during p.e at college we all went swimming. yeah, ok we were all wearing speedos and could clearly see everyones c*cks, and dont get me wrong my brother wasn't the biggest bulge, but it looked so much bugger than mine. so, afterwards in the showers, and for the first time they were communial we all got naked and started to shower. then my brother turned around, a thick 5" semi, compared to my thin 3". i was like woah, wtf hes huge. then after the usual antics in the shower i began to grow, to wahat i thought was alright 6". my bro had peaked at near 8" and was way thicker than mine, with loads of viens. he just laughed at me. why is he so much bigger, when we're identical twins?

benJun 27 2008 3:41am
Anyone have a youger boss that has I bigger penis? I do, I'm 45 and I have a really small penis. My new boss is 29 and he's a really nasty seed. I just saw him at the company gym and he saw me naked as did I and he was huge, and he saw how small I was. I'm so emaresed to go to work now I can't even look him in th eye.

AnonymousJun 27 2008 10:50pm
Normally I wouldn't believe all these stories about all these young guys with huge c*cks, but... I'm around 30 now, but back when I was 11 and my bro was 10, I found out we were the same size, 4 inches. A year later we both entered puberty around the same time. We were horsing around one day and he flashed me his hard c*ck. Now I had grown a bit, but he looked close to 6 inches! 2 inches more than I was at his age. I was very jealous! But over next few years as we grew up I never saw it again properly so can't really comment on it. However when I was 16, I was 6.5 inches and classed as a big guy in our year at school. Meanwhile my bro, being 15, told me he had the biggest c*ck in his year, being 8 inches. Well not only did that impress me, but I knew that the two guys in my year who were thought to have the biggest c*cks were around the 8 inch mark... was it possible my little bro had the biggest in the school? I didn't tell him that though, otherwise he would have got so big headed lol. Anyway fast forward the years and I now have a nice big 7.5 inch c*ck. My little brother is still big but has hardly grown since he was around 15. At most his c*ck is 8.5 inch, but I think that is pushing it! On the plus side he never grew much taller than he was either, so he's a couple on inches shorter than me. In my opinion I matured fairly normally while he matured early but stopped early. So I never believed in all these huge c*cks on young guys, just the occasional early bloomer or the odd big guy, but.... I'm now a teacher and recently changed some of what I teach, meaning I'm now involved in PE lessons. Most of the time the boys do take showers afterwards and I'm always in the area so do see them naked. All I can say is, things aren't like they used to be! Back in my day (lol) a 6 or 7 inch c*ck on a 16yo was considered big and not that common, a 7 to 8 incher was huge! Never in my school life did I know of any boy sporting bigger than an 8. But here I am seeing groups of 20 odd 16yo boys where at least 3 of them in each group are hanging at least 6 inch soft. I've even seen a few hanging at 7! Hard ons happened in the changing rooms when I was a lad, and they still do... I've spotted loads of 7's, a few 8's and even a 9! I even saw a semi which looked way bigger on a guy who was horsing around and slappin it about! And I've even seen 8 inches on the 13yo's, god knows what they'll end up with in a few years. So I'm quite happy to understand that there are some damn big c*cks out there nowadays! There must be something in the water cos they make my little brothers huge c*ck (IMO) seem fairly regular.

BenJun 29 2008 7:29am
i find it hard to believe that they are increasing in size that quickly. Otherwise 100 years ago men would only be 2 inches or something,lol. It is simply your perception of those few that are willing to show themselvves because the are bigger.

AnonymousJun 30 2008 10:37am
a boy on my block growing up always had the biggest penis for his age. I knew him when i was 6 and he was this odd little 3 year old with a passion for horror movies and getting scared out of his mind. He was bigger than the group of kids i all hung out with easily by at lest 1 inch or more. He must have been 3 inches soft and 4 inches hard. Once he was about 8 or 9 he was known around town and school as the boy with the horse dick. His nickname was Hoss/Hose. When he was 11 he was into the full swing of puberty and started showing off his pubes, etc. At 14 he was done growing and ended up with a 5.5 inch long flaccid penis that grew to an astounding 8 inches long when hard and was close to 6.5 inches in girth. He had some big balls too. He knocked up a couple of chicks over the years and became an alcoholic, dead-beat loser. But we all remember his giant prick. And still joke around about it. Going on 11 years now.

GrantJul 03 2008 11:06pm
i have had a bigger penis than my brothers since as long as i can remember. friends of mine and theirs know it too. it was about 3 inches long soft at 6 aand grew to be 4 and a half inches wwhen it got hard. Over the years with puberty it eventually grew to be its current size of 5 soft and 7 hard. More detailed stories of particular incidents growing up to follow...

JimmyJul 04 2008 6:21pm
At a birthday party once when I was 8 i was about 3.5 inches soft and a little under 5 inches hard then. We were not expecting to go swimming that day, but the birthday boy's parents surprised us all by telling us that their pool had a heating system installed on it earlier in the day. For the party we were all given new bathing suits. They were children sizes and there was about 20 boys at the party ranging from 6-10, most being in my class and the birthday boys at 8. They were designed as one size fits all style of strechy speedos in a variety of colors. Mine was a light grey color. We all were running around excited about swimming, then we were herded up and told to all go change in the den. We all head inside start pulling off clothes. MOst of us don't take the packaging off the speedos first, and are in typical kid fashion, hyper-ventilating over the delay in pool time. I realize that my penis is the biggest one there very soon, as i am jumping around trying to get the attention of one of the parents with scissors opening the packages of bathing suits for the boys. A couple of kids see it too, and say "Look!, Jimmy's penis is huge!" "Hey! Look! It is flopping and slapping around like a fish" One dad walks over and bends down and whispers in my ear "Hey, Jimmy its ok. They just notice your difference than them. Don't be nervous, be proud, God has given you a gift." As he gets my speedo out I put it on. It makes a big bulge in the front, that is humongous compared with all the other boys. Once we are all in the pool, with so many kids swimming around, over the day I get felt-up and squeezed by probably every boy there, some even tell me how cool it is that I am so big. I get "attacked" and "wrestled" with a lot too. I end up going to a lot of parties and sleepovers and pool parties over the years. More on those some other time.

JimmyJul 05 2008 8:17am
My wife's brother has a huge penis, he is 2 years younger than she is at 29. He is married and has 3 sons that all take after him too. The father James is according to my wife and what got around their high school 7 inches unerect and about 10 inches erect. She has seen it many times with him waking up over the years with morning wood, being drunk, friends pantsing him etc. I am a more average 3 inches unerect and 6 inches erect. MY wife is a rather petite woman so I fit real nice. James' sons are all taking after him. They are all larger than my two boys. My sons are 4 and 6 years old. Their penises are each about the same size. They are carrying little nubs that are not even a half inch long. When they get piss hard they can be a tad over 1 inch long or so, and very thin. Now James' boys are 2,4,6 years old. They are 1.5,2,2.5, inches soft. And 2,3.5,4 hard. My wife is awed by their size difference. We have had all of our kids change and swim together and the kids are aware too.

MartinJul 05 2008 8:31am
mY best friend growing up was average like I am. We are average height,weight,penis size etc. We are about 5 inches long erect and 5 inches in circumference. We are 5'6", so kinda short and both about 170 lbs. Kinda chubby but not really overweight. His younger brother though "broke the mold" He is an unplanned pregnancy kid. HE is 12 now. We are 24. The only thing average about him is his height. His parents thought it would be a good idea as training for us future husbands to help take care of him as he grew up. So from the day they brought him home we were bathing him feeding him etc. We babysat him(still do) etc. He was born with a big penis 1 inch soft and 2 inches erect.Every time we changed his diaper he would pee and get hard and laugh and giggle and squirm his body around. As he grew his penis did too. He would always take off his clothes he said he was always hot. His parents were gone at work most of the day.They had 10 foot privvacy fences installed in the yard so it was ok for him to be nude. He is very athletic and has had a sixpack since kindergarten. He is ripped now at 12. He has beeen going through puberty now for 2 years. He has a impressive penis. It is 4 inches soft and 7 inches hard. And it is hard all the time. Whenever his parents are out of the house, he takes off his clothes and starts masterbating and sunbathing and working out like an animal. He jokes that he will be a porn star someday and needs to be tanned and muscular for the part. He has already had sex with numerous girls and even messed around with some boys. I have caught him with several classmates of his in a circle jerk/ blow job suck off several times when they have "sleep overs". He is quite the handful to deal with.

JacksonJul 08 2008 11:34am
The story above reminds me of an experience I had with my brother's friend (check out Kyle J above). When my brother was 12, I was 14yrs 2 mths...and still publess. My brother was 6.4inches and I was 3.4 inches. Well, one weekend, he invited a friend to stay over. His friend, Kevin, was also 12 but was about 2 inches taller than my brother, which also made him taller than me. Kevin was also heavier and had the beginning of a V-shaped chest. He had good looks and would have turned many a head. Initially Kevin thought I was my brother's younger brother, so a smile crept across his face when my brother informed him otherwise. Kevin was respectful yet you could see him wondering...! Kevin slept on a mattress on the floor between my bed and my brother's bed. Our room was extra large so there was still lots of room on the floor for another four mattresses. Friday night came and went. But Kevin took great delight in walking around the bedroom with his shirt off, and spent an extraordinarily amount of time with his arms raised above his head, in a stretching pose. This of course revealed the large amount of armpit hair...he had more than my brother and because his hair was black rather than brown, it really showed up. He would lie on his mattress with his arms back and noticed that I kept looking at his display. The Saturday was filled with all sorts of activities between my brother and Kevin, with me joining in periodically. Saturday night came. My brother was tired and wasn't in the mood for staying up. I claimed I had a bit of a headache and wanted to turn in early. Kevin kept talking to me. We turned the lights out and soon heard my brother's deep breathing. Kevin got up from his mattress and sat on the edge of my bed. "Do you want to touch my pit hairs? he asked, "I notice you don't have any." I sat up and this movement probably indicated to him that my answer was 'yes.' He raised his arm and I touched his hairs. Meanwhile he was looking me up and down...and soon he had his hand on my crotch. I jumped. Obviously, his huge hand completely enveloped my 3.4incher. "You haven't got any hair there either..." "Please don't tell anyone" begged I. "No I won't...I promised your brother that I won't...I asked him about you and he only told me about you if I promised...and I promise." I wasn't particularly angry at my brother, as I knew from Kevin's looks that he was wondering about all this. "You can see mine, if you want, seeing I have seen yours" he said. Like to story above by Jackson, this 12 year old had 7 inches...upon measuring, it was 7.2 exact, with more pubes than what my brother had. I dont think I can tell you what happened next and on other Kevin visits !!

Kyle JJul 09 2008 2:19pm
Please, tell more, Kyle J. That is very interesting, and I would like to know more.

AnonJul 11 2008 8:52pm
I have quite a similar story, When i was 13 we had two brothers who lived next door one was in my class but he was nearly a year older then me his brther was 11 his name was jason he used to sleep over at my house with his brother nick, nick was nearly 14 and was quite developed and not much fun and one night nick went to stay at a friends house out of town and jason and I had nothing to do so Jason decided to stay over that night. It got late and we were talking about all sorts of things and he asked me "have you ever looked at naked ladies", This got my attention right away, I told him "no, but I really want to" he then told me he had found books that his brother had and he wanted to show me. So we got up and used the night light to look at the magazine this made my little penis go hard at 2" so I showed him what was happening and saw the same was happening to him his was a bit bigger tho maybe 2.5" to 3".

GaryJul 13 2008 2:25am
This is common - even on the female side. My wife wears a 34B bra and is 5-3 tall...our almost 11 yr old is a 34C and 5-4...people think she is 16. I am glad it is not me that is being outsized in our house...must be depressing.

FrankJul 13 2008 6:51am
I went on holiday with a few of my cousins about a year ago I was 17 at the time and went with my uncle and two cousins kevin and charls. Kevin was 12 and charls was 15. We got our own room and us being quite a close family we didn't mind it. Kevin and charls were finished showering and still wearing there towels when I got out so I asked "arn't you guys gonna get ready for bed?" and they said they were. I was a bit confused and said "you wearing towles" and they simply replied "I konw" and Kevin said "we gonna take them off now" and when the tv programe was finnished the both removed their towles, I was shocked not only by them being so open but also their size. Charls was about 4" soft and Kevin was about 3" soft. This is big because my penis is actually qiute small, 1" soft on a good day. They them asked me if I was gonna take my towel off. I was very shy but in that situtation I had to., so I did and quickly hid my little penis away, Which wasnt that difficult, they then told me not to be shy and to show them it. I then tried to explain that some peple have bigger ones then others as I moved my hand. They seemed amazed by how small it was and all this somehow turned me on and my little penis stood tall at its max 3". they then started jerking on theirs and they both grew a heck of alot charls was about 7" and Kevin was about 6.5". Their balls were also much bigger

dwyneJul 14 2008 6:32am
I am really aware of having a very tiny penis since the age of 22, when I saw my 10 year younger brother naked at the beach on holidays, as his towel felt. He had a longer and above all much thicker dark soft sausage than my 3,5 inch hard pinky boyish dick.

dg12246@yahoo.comJul 16 2008 12:06pm
i saw a large group of boys naked a once due to my younger brothers antics.. He is quite the prankster. He is 10 and had about 20 of his classmates over for a swim in our pool. I was alone with all of them to watch and make sure things didnt get out of hand. I am 19. We have a big back yard with dense foliage and a rather high security fence surrounding it. So all of these kids are swimming around and he gets out to "go to the bathroom" he comes back awhile later and said he had to take a big poop. Kids are like that all of them started talking about peeing and pooping etc. So more time goes by and i tell them to get out and go change as i get lunch ready. They all go to the living room and i gather up their wet suits and go put them in the washer/dryer. A short amount of time passes. All of them start screaming and yelling, it burns it burns ahhh etc. They are all scrathing and tearing at their clothes down to their underwear. My brother put itching powder in all of their clothes. I tell them to strip and jump in the pool. All of our towels are wet from them having just come out of the pool. I tell them to stay outside and let the sun dry them. All of them are about the same size Between .5 and 1-1.5 inches soft. NAturally all of them get hard laying out on the grass and haver boners acting like little sundials. Two kids though obviously are quite a bit bigger with 4 inch long erections. They stand out almost instantly all kids eyes are on them. They start clammering around their sizes and what not. It was pretty funny.

TrentJul 18 2008 10:55pm
I really think boys these days are bigger. I am 44, and was recently put in charge of overseeing kids at a summer camp as the swimming coordinator. I will oversee them in the changing area and for showers before and after entering the pool. It seems that kids these days are bigger. The ages of the boys range from 6-16. They swim in different groups. But from how things looked when I was younger none of the boys I ever saw were showing anything longer than maybe and inch or so. With the 6-9 year olds barely making that target. Some kids under 12 are bigger than the 16 year olds soft! Puberty has a definite factor in this regard, but still it seems the relative growth curve is higher. I have 5 boys that are all grown now who were never huge but more resembled the youth I remembered. My eldest seems to be the biggest. Although I am not large at just over five inches when erect and one inch flaccid, and with a circumference of five inches erect and two inches flaccid.

HankJul 18 2008 11:30pm
The one kid that seemed to upset the curve the most was a kid that is 12 that is sporting a impressive appendage of four inches flaccid. He gets erect at the drop of a hat and achieves a remarkable size of seven inches upon erection. He commands attention when around the other boys.

HankJul 18 2008 11:33pm
Here's a story (most of it true) about a 14 year old boy named Aaron that I knew through a mutual friend. He was actually already very strong and developed for his age when I met him. I was 29 at the time and in good physical shape at 5'8" and 168 lbs. I met him when a small group of us got together to play 3 on 3 basketball at an outside court. He was 5'6" and about 145 lbs of solid muscle. You could tell that he worked out with weights; his arms and legs were very muscular and striated. We were on opposite teams and Aaron and I guarded each other. Even though I was taller and weighed more, Aaron was able to push me around in the key and rough me up on defense. He wasn't that good at basketball, but he showed me that he was much stronger than me. He soon realized that it was he, the 14 year old boy, not me, the 29 year old adult, that was in charge. He became more aggressive with his style of play and physically held me in check for most of the 5 games we played. He actually taunted me a little as he moved me away from the basket when I tried to gain position. He had a beautifully sculpted body for a 14 year old boy, and we both knew he was stronger than me. I would look in his eyes and he would grin at me and laugh a little at me. As the games progressed, I got more and more tired. My hands would rest on my knees as I caught my breath. In this position, my eyes were not looking at the basketball or the basket, but down to the court. With this new vantage point, I started to focus on what Aaron was wearing. I had noticed his white tank top that showed off his thick biceps and broad shoulders and flat, hard stomach. He looked like a teen bodybuilder. What I had failed to notice was his choice in shorts. He was wearing powder blue running shorts made of a lightweight nylon fabric. Under the running shorts he wore what looked to be cotton boxer shorts. The perspiration from the first couple of games had soaked his cotton boxers and now his boxers and running shorts were fused together in his own sweat. What I saw under the sheer fabrics made my knees go even weaker than before. This 14 year old boy had a man sized c*ck that was at least the equal of his muscular body. I could see the outline of his big soft c*ck as it hung down over his full testicles. As Aaron moved about the court, his c*ck swayed back and forth with an almost menacing swagger. His soft c*ck was well over 4 inches long, maybe even 5 inches. Soft, it was probably as long as my best hard effort. It moved back and forth on low hanging balls that were easily twice as big as mine. But, what really got me was how thick his c*ck was. His soft shaft looked to be at least 4.5 inches around. I could guesstimate his thickness because my hard penis is only 4.3 inches around. His soft shaft was definitely as big as my hard one! Not only that, but his c*ck head was a beautiful mushroom shape even thicker than his shaft. I had never seen such a powerful c*ck on a teen boy! No wonder he was so strong and confident. The sight of his huge soft c*ck and his chiseled 14 year old body almost made me tremble; he was that good! I was even less effective against Aaron in basketball after I saw what he was packing in his shorts. He tossed me around the court, and I kept thinking about his huge c*ck. This 14 year old boy had me good; I couldn't concentrate on the game and called it quits soon after. We went back to my friend's house and had some beers (and sodas for the boys) with some chips and dip. Aaron was flexing his arms and looked very strong at that point. I know his arms were bigger than mine. I only had 13 inch biceps and they were soft like a girl's muscles. He continued to flex and looked my way and smiled at me. He challenged me to arm wrestling, but I declined. He challenged me again and I accepted, thinking I would like to see how strong he was. We sat at the table, across from each other. We put our elbows on the table and locked hands. I could feel that his hand was actually bigger and thicker than mine; his hand rough and calloused. Aaron looked in my eyes as he squeezed my smaller, softer hand. It hurt a little as he continued to grip me and he saw that I was wincing. I could feel him toying a bit with my arm as we got ready to arm wrestle. His right bicep was flexed to almost 15 inches; the veins showed in his forearm. I really liked the way he made me feel as he looked at me. We both knew that he was so much stronger. At "Go!" we started to arm wrestle. Well, he did anyway, as I was no match for him. Aaron threw my arm to the table and I sat there looking at his hard body, thinking about how strong he was and what a great c*ck he had compared to me. As I stood up, I saw that my penis was hard and was poking up a bit in my gym shorts. Aaron saw my little hard on and started to laugh, after all, I'm only a slender 4.5 inches when I'm erect. I ran to the basement to the bathroom and Aaron followed me as we left the others upstairs. He swiftly caught up with me, grabbed me by the arm, and spun me around to face him. I was still hard as he took my left hand and put it to my hard on. He told me to grab my little hard on. I did as he told me, never thinking to question him. He took my right hand and put it up against his shorts. He told me to feel his c*ck and balls. Once again, I did as he told me, never thinking to question him. I opened my clenched fist and wrapped my right hand around his c*ck shaft. I felt his young, yet massive c*ck start to grow in my hand. He told me to stroke it through the fabric and to feel it's size and power. I obeyed the 14 year old boy as though he was the adult between us, and I the boy. His c*ck became so thick that I could not maintain my grip around his shaft. His c*ck head started to poke from under his gym shorts as he grew longer. I continued to stroke his powerful c*ck with my right hand while I held my own little erection in my left. The contrast in size was amazing! This 14 year old teen boy had a c*ck that was more than twice my size and he wasn't even fully hard yet! I trembled and fell to my knees, wanting to worship his strong body and massive teen c*ck. I wanted to do whatever he wanted, this boy was in complete charge. Aaron saw my intent and pulled me to my feet. He told me that he only wanted to show me the difference between his man sized c*ck and my boy sized penis. I answered that I was now fully aware of his superiority over me and I would do whatever he told me to do. Aaron smiled at me and said "I know you will, you have no choice, do you?"

bsized4point5@yahoo.comJul 21 2008 1:49pm
good story 'bsized'....I hope you are going to continue it

anon-2Jul 21 2008 3:17pm
bsized, would you say that aaron was bigger than ur brother?

MattJul 21 2008 9:30pm
Yes. At 14, Aaron was a bit longer and much thicker than my younger brother at the same age. Aaron's c*ckhead was also way bigger. Really put me to shame.

bsized4point5@yahoo.comJul 22 2008 12:34pm always ask us for details such as the ones Matt asks above, yet you don't supply them yourself. Someone is another site has already suggested that your stories regarding your brother are fictituos. I am wondering myself

anon-3Jul 22 2008 12:35pm
anon-3, Matt asked if Aaron was bigger than my brother. I answered that he was. Here are the details: my younger brother at 14 was 6.75 inches long and 5.6 inches around when he was fully erect. I know this because I put the measuring tape to it. Aaron, in my best estimate, (no measuring tape, just my hands) was just over 7 inches long and probably 6 inches around. He was not completely erect. He looked longer and thicker than my younger brother, with a much bigger c*ckhead. I can only estimate Aaron's size as I never actually measured it with a tape or ruler. I wish I had. My stories are not ficticious. They happened. I do embellish a bit to add to the story. Please IM me at Yahoo. I am on line right now. 7-22-08. 1:25 pm Pacific Time

bsized4point5@yahoo.comJul 22 2008 1:26pm
It is impossible to tell if any story you read on the internet is true or not...IT'S THE INTERNET! You have to take everything with a grain of salt. People that have large penises as adults tend to have larger penises when they are younger, though this is not always the case of course. Human genetics is a varied thing, very complicated indeed. As to why less is seen of some when they are older who happen to have huge penises, modesty abounds, as to is religious reasons, and not wanting the stigma of someone in the porn indusrty. When you get down to it, it is just a penis. However large and impressive it may be. Boys of all shapes and sizes abound on this blue marble of a world hurtling through space.

AnonymousJul 23 2008 10:06am
Well said.

HankJul 23 2008 10:07am
Anonymous has certainly put a stop on this thread. It's so true though. We walk past thousands of guys per day, and (probably) don't give them a second thought. Everyone is of a different height, weight, facial features,etc. Yet when a younger guy who qualifies as 'eye candy' crossed our path, 'something happens' to some guys...and the gaze moves downward and the mind ticks over. It's human nature I guess.

Anon 11Jul 30 2008 6:34pm
My son, while not bigger than me yet, probably will be when he gets older. Right now he is 6 yo and approx. 2-3 inches soft and around 4 hard. I am around 3 soft an 5.7 hard. I would be interested to hear from dads who are smaller or sons who are larger regarding their experiences with this.

jeffAug 01 2008 11:10am
Wih regard to the above post, I recall when I was about 10 years of age, peeping through the bathroom keyhole when my parents were bathing togther (when I was supposed to be asleep.) I was shocked to see hair around my father's penis and from memory, it hung flaccid at about 5-1/2 to 6inches. Well, here I am at 30+ and my erect length is only 4-1/2 inches.

Jeff with a GAug 01 2008 7:20pm
I recently saw all of my brothers naked. I am 14, i have brothers that are 11 , 12 , 13 , and me. We were all playing in the woods at a cousins house and found a huge mud pit. We started throwing mud around and pushing and fighting and wrestling each other into the mud. After an hour of this we were filthy. I knew that our parents would freak if they saw the state of us. We knew of a secluded pond that we all went swimming in. So we all jump in the freezing lake to start washing off our clothes. With most of the mud off we headed to shore to dry off. Since everything was wet I had us all strip and lay our clothes all over the ground and in the tree limbs to dry. So here we are, four brothers, naked in the woods, waiting on the sun to dry our clothes.(What else could we do?) You guessed it, stare at our penises! We all stood in a circle looking around at all of our junk. Something that hasn't happened in 2 years or more. The last time was when I showed them my newly grown pubic hair at 12 or so. Well we had all clearly grown. I am on average 2 to 3 inches soft and about 5 inches hard. When hard i am about 4.5 inches around.I have a pretty full bush of pubic hair close to my penis. My 13 year old brother soft appears to be about my size but a little smaller. When he got hard it has half an inch or so shorter and thinner around. He had a small crown of pubic hair around the base of his penis. My 12 year old brother has a small amount of pubic hair, basically a crest of dark hair at base of his penis. He soft is shorter than I and his next older brother is soft but he is clearly thicker. When he got hard he is about 3 inches long but at least 5 inches around, he is thicker than I am. He was shocked to see that he was in one regard bigger than his eldest brother. My youngest brother at 11 was at first off my radar, he just stood there with his hands cupped tightly over his genitals looking at our penises and blushing like crazy. We all tried to reassure him about it being ok to show us, and that he was young and that it would grow more given time. He started to cry and said "I hope it dosen't grow, it is too big now" as he revealed a soft penis that was 4 inches long and 4 inches around, on his slender frame and small stature it looked enourmously out of place. He hefted it up not being able to encircle it with only one hand used both to angle it up off his balls that were easily twice the size even mine, they were the size of chicken eggs it seemed. He had a clear bush of pubic hair that was faint to see at first thanks to his blond hair. But once he got hard it easily attained a length of 6 inches and 5 inches around. We all preceded to masterbate ourselves and eachother multiple times and just layed next to each other sharing a touching brotherly moment that we are surely never to do again.

MarteenAug 02 2008 1:27am
I was just on a vacation ans went to the hotel spay, there were a lot of intersting things I saw which is how I was drawn to this website. The spa was divided into mens/wom, I was kinda taken a back when I walked in a saw all these men talking around, laying down reading, some alseep all of them naked!!!! I'm 35 and have a great penis 7.8 hard and on the think side, but what I realised was that most of the younger biys had much much larger penis's than the older ones. Also, it was interesting to see how many fathers and sons just hung out together naked. In the steem room, showers, or just laying down. I did not find 1 father with a larger penis, all the sons were either just a bit bigger, the same size or A LOT bigger. What's is that about and how do these dads deels with knowing the sons are much bigger, and when did it become cool to hang out naked with yiur dad?

John CopobAug 03 2008 8:12am
John, I'm am 54 my son is 23yrs I'm 5 10" he is 6 1", my penis is just under 5" and not that I have mesured but he is ok with being naked, also years of morning wood.I belive its over 8.5". He is my son, and I love him more than anything in the world. The fact that's he is more of a man than I am, well I'm pround and humiliated at the same time, but it is what it is.any other dads???

TedAug 03 2008 8:23am
Ted - when did his size pass yours? Did he make a comment when he passed you in size? Did your wife?

AllyAug 04 2008 11:41am
I have a little brother that was misdiagnosed witha hormonal disorder for years. He has underweight and length at birth in the lower 40% for years. He was given all kinds of growth hormones and various injections to "stimulate" growth. Well needless to say he grew big , fast. I am 10 years older than he is. When he was 6 he was huge, his penis was 4 inches soft and 5 inches hard. He was strong and by 8 had a sixpack, a 2nd grader with abs and big balls of biceps is freaky. By the time puberty hit him at 11 he had grown to 7 inches soft 9 inches hard and 7 inches in girth. He was ripped, with pecs,an absolutly phenominal set of sixpack abs, massive biceps, heckk his whole bodyy was covered in muscle. The only part of him that never grew was his height. At 16 he is only 5'4".

Richard EAug 05 2008 7:33am
Well my situation with my brother in some ways is my fault. I am 4 years older than he is. I used to be in great shape as a younger kid. I took gymnastics and excelled in in until I hit a growth spurt in 5th grade, my body lost all of its fexability. I took up track in middle school and played it all throughout high school. I am a tall guy at 6'3" but rail thin with super long legs, great for running, but not for strength. I was always an obnoxious jerk towards my kid brother. For years when we would fight I could use my height and weight/size difference to overpower him.I got my brother interested in gymnastics from when I still took them, he started taking classes at age 3. I was 6 when I started. He also got into wrestling at his school at 8, he excelled at it, and eventually at 10 he only wrestled. Things took a big change when he went off to a summer camp for wrestling at age 11. He was away for the entire summer. When he returned he had changed completly.(continued)

DanAug 08 2008 11:47pm
He came back a new person. For one thing before he was always a modest person. He never bragged about his sport victories or how well he did in a match or at practice. He dressed very modest wearing jeans/shorts, t-shirts/sleeved shirts etc. He comes walking out of the gate at the airport in a tanktop! He is wearing short cut athletic shorts and sneakers. He has a deep tan and freshly buzzed hair. He c*ckily leers at me saying "'sup bro." "How was your summer?" His mood shift is creepy, he has become a total jock. My parents are excited and commenting on how good he looks. He asks me to wait until we get home to show me what he got over the break. So at home I am in his room. He strips off his shirt and starts talking about these guys he met there that taught him all about muscle groups and weightlifting. He starts flexing his newly achieved sixpack abs, and tells me to take off my shirt. I am curious and comply. He stands there next to me in the mirror. Apart from my obvious height advantage he is bigger than me in every way. I have slight abs mainly from a low bodyfat. His are deeply defined and stand out in bold relief even when he is not flexing them. His biceps and pecs etc. are equally bigger, he is flexing muscles that I didn't even know exsisted. He takes off his shorts, leaving only his old and very obviously small underwear on(his old cartoon themed kid ones) He tells me to strip too. At this point I am in total shock over his transformation and hastily do as he says. His legs are very muscular, though since I run track mine are even more muscular but his definition is astonishing. He flexes as he slowly bends around and I even notice that his butt is striated with muscle. His package is huge. I am experiencing a raging erection at this point. He tells me to wait while he gets a tape measure. He returns and orders me to get nude. My growing bush of pubic hair is exposed along with my hastily measured 4 inch long 4 inch around penis by my brothers shaking and trembling hands. He is breathing very hard and his voice is shaky as he slowly turns away to pull his underwear off to hide his penis from my imediate view. He tells me that they found out he was hung after the first day, and the only two boys that were bigger than he was were two 16 year old conselors that were the ones that trained him all summer. He turns around revealing a completly soft penis that is 4 inches soft and 3 inches around. He has a pubic hair bush that is about half the coverage of mine with balls that are slightly bigger than mine. He tells me that he masterbated 4 times on the plane to remain soft when he exposed himself to reveal mimself when he was ready. And with that he starts masterbating to reach his final size of 6.4 inches long and 5.3 inches around. His 5th cum volume for the day is twice the size of my first cum volume. We never touched each other after that day. And now 8 years later we are as close as any two brothers could be. He ended up at about 7 inches long and 6 inches around. I ended up at 6.5 inches long and 6 inches around.

DanAug 09 2008 12:28am
I'm the tallest of my brothers (I'm 6'4) and the smallest I'm not small at 7.5-8...but my brothers are bigger (we are well over the average mark...) my oldest brother is 5'10 and 9+ next older brother is 6'2 8-8.5 and my younger brother who is 5'9 is same as me but a shows more when soft... anyone else?

mzsAug 16 2008 9:30am
I have a nephew that is just under 3 years old. I was over helping babysit. Helping him get changed and cleaned up after peeing and pooping in his clothes due to not making it to the bathroom in time. As I was cleaning him up I noticed that his unerect penis was about 2 inches long. The physical stimulus of the washcloth upon him caused him to achieve an erection, to which his penis became unexpectadly large for one so young, at close to 3.5 inches long. I have a younger brother that I know is also carrying the "family jewels" he is currently 11 and sports the early trapping of puberty and 4 inch soft, 6 inch hard penis that he is prone to flaunt and masterbate with, we share a room and bathroom and he has grown up knowing that I masterbate daily with my 5 inch soft 7 inch hard penis. It is very likely that my younger brother will be bigger than me once he is finished growing and that our nephew will out pace the both of us someday.

GreereAug 16 2008 11:15am
My younger brother has followed a similar growth pattern to your nephew Greere, he was about 2 soft 3 hard at around 3 years old or so. He grew some between then and puberty, he started puuberty with a 3 inch soft 4 inch hard penis. After puberty he reached 4 inches soft and 6 inches hard. He started puberty at around 12. stopped growing at around 17.

RIkAug 19 2008 2:15pm
I'm 46 and my son is 17, he came with me on a biz trip kind of last minute, the hotel have rsv for a sigle qn bed.Scott and I are very close, although have never seen him masterbate its a given. In the oast he has asked to use the Pay Per Veiw channel etc.... Anyway I took him to dinner then we anded up in a gentalmen's club where being the cool dad I am I bought him a lap was a great night lost of bonding. Well the next morning I had an early meeting, when I got out of bed Scots had major morning wood. His penis was stricking out from the pee whole in his boxers. What shocked me was how dam huge it was? Its at least 9", where that came from I have NO IDEA I always thought I was on the bigger side at 6" but this kid blew me away. I'm so proud. Mike

mikeAug 20 2008 4:36pm
Are there lost of fathers that are smaller than there sons?? Mike

mikeAug 20 2008 4:42pm
It is joke with my wife that she married me for for my money, but I married her for their family c*ck. See I am a very successful VC, got started with early .com biz etc. I am in no way ashamed of my 1 inch flaccid 3 inch hard penis. I am a stable person financially and have a wonderful family. My wife has three brothers that are not shy about being nude. When I was dating her, going to her parents house to swim at their pool, they have two large outdoor cabanas. one for men and one for women. They all have what seem to be 4 inch plus soft penises. Well my sons have inherited that trait, I have 4 sons ages 13,11,9,7. All of them are bigger soft at 3,2,1.5,1.5 inches long. When they get erections they get to 5,4.5,4,3.5. My family frequent many clothing optional beaches and resorts. My boys are in many cases the largest in their age group, but there have been and always will be exceptions. In the end as I have told them, the measure of a man is not based upon the measure of your penis, but in what you accomplish and your character and how you conduct yourself.

SinclaireAug 20 2008 11:25pm
I love these stories. Anyone else who likes younger with larger and would like to chat I'm on yahoo IM:

JeffAug 21 2008 10:57am
I love these stories too! I've got a few to share, here's one of them:...... I was friends with two brothers when I was younger. One was a year older than me and the other was 2 years younger. When I was about 12 I was "messing about" with the younger one and we got our boy c*cks out to compare. I knew I was pretty big compared to my school friends with a nice 5 inches. So when he took his out and I saw he was smaller, I teased him a bit and then we put them away. In actual fact I was surprised he was only a fraction on an inch shorter than me, but I doubt he knew just how big he was for his age. Anyway, a few years later I was 15 and got chance to compare to his older brother who was 16 at the time. My nice 6 1/2 inches overpowered his at just over 5 inch in length. Now that made me wonder if this older 16yo brother with a 5 incher knew that his younger brother was sporting an almost equally impressive size back when he was only 10! And is the younger bro now bigger, and if so, how big? Well I would never get a proper answer... but, a year later I was to get a glimpse of the younger one while changing in the school swimming baths. His class was running late and they were drying off and getting changed as our class was entering. I noticed him there and was looking his way, and I was not to be disappointed in what I saw. Although he kept a towel wrapped around his waist, he did briefly open it long enough for me to see his 14yo swinging c*ck... all 6 inches of it! That's 6 inches on the soft! So most likely he had both his brother beat and me! Hell he had most of the boys my own age beat too. I don't even want to think about how huge it could get when hard.

WillUKAug 24 2008 1:10pm
that was great will, lets here some more!

kyleAug 24 2008 9:16pm
that was great will, lets here some more!

kyleAug 24 2008 10:13pm
that was great will, lets here some more!

kyleAug 24 2008 10:47pm
that was great will, lets here some more!

kyleAug 24 2008 10:48pm
sorry about the four posts above.

kyleAug 24 2008 10:52pm
its ok :) just post four stories to make up for it.

AnonymousAug 24 2008 11:30pm
I had a cousin thats 2 years younger than me. I only see him for 2 weeks every summer for a family reunion. Growing up we compared every aspect of our lives. We would basicaly spend the whole time running through was to test out who was better/strongeer/smarter/tougher etc. Well all through this time from when I was 6 and he was 4 we would always share his room when i visited. We would sleep in the same bed, take baths and showers and change together too. We were comforable around each other, and didn't tryy to hide since we only saw each other for 2 weeks out of the year. We are both jocks. And even had similar interests growing up regardring sports. We started having pushup/sit-up/whatever excercise we could think of, at age 8 and 6. He was always determined to beat me and would train extensivlly to win. I being older won most of the time. He always had a similar penis size to me though. I was a little longer both flaccid and hard, while he was a little thicker flaccid and hard. I also had bigger balls, but his hung lower.

MathiasAug 24 2008 11:41pm
At age 12 for me and 10 for my cousin things changed. I told him I was starting weight lifting in gym at school to "get muscular" for sports(i wrestled,played soccer,football,swam,ran etc.) he also played the same sports. Mostly though we both would just play these games with our friends and play for our schools on a semi-regular basis.

MathiasAug 24 2008 11:44pm
Unknown to me for an entire month after the summer he begged and pleaded wwith his dad to buy him a weight set to train at home. He eventaully got one for his birthday in September. SO a year goes by. I am bigger buffer stronger than the year previously. I was13, 5'5" 120 lbs. of muscle. I had a four-pack of abs and a newly grown bush of pubic hair around a hefty 4 inch soft 5 inch hard penis. My cousin had grown too! He was ripped for an 11 year old! he had a barely visable six-pack! of abs! He was smaller in terms of height weight and overall mass. BUt bigger proportionally.

MathiasAug 24 2008 11:50pm
When I returned at 14 a couple inches taller 20 lbs heavier 1 inch hard longer and half an inch thicker. I was greated to a monster of a 12 year old. He was only 1 inch taller than last year at 5'1, I was now 5'7". He had put on 25 lbs. of muscle that is packed on the frame of a veritable kid. His six pack abs had deep crevices and he had pecs and massive biceps that filled the sleaves of his shirts and could flex and rip out of on cue. His penis was now 5 inches soft it had grown 2 inches of flaccid length in 1 year and 3 inches of hard length at 6 inches. His balls were twice the size of mine.

MathiasAug 24 2008 11:58pm
This concludes with how things stood upon the day he graduated high school at 18. He is 6'3" compared to my height of 5'11". He is an ameatur bodybuilder. He is hugely muscular. His penis is 6 inches flaccid and 9 and ahalf inches hard. and it is 7 inches in girth. I am 4 inches flaccid and 6 inches gard and 5 inches in girth.

MathiasAug 25 2008 12:02am
I was almost 15 and finsihing up my freshman yr of HS...I went over a friends house for a day of swimming and horseplay - hoping some of the "hot chicks" would stop me, my friend ans younger brother (nicknamed Pain in The A**) by my friend were playing basketball... We finished up - my friend was the best then me and his brother who was 12 was just not into we all decided to change and hit the pool. As we went into the poolhouse to change we all were joking and having fun making we got into our suits there was silence as my friends brother took off his briefs - he was huge..easily 6-7" soft and thick as hell. My friend saw me looking and said something...but it did not register. Iwalked over to his brother and we both were nude...and I walked over...he was easily twice my soft size...and as we talked and sort of compared - as is soemwhat common with boys that age...we both got excited...I quickly hit my avg 5" and watched as he pulled and stroked his to a full 8.5"....yes we measured. He mocked his older brothers size a bit and older brother agreed that younger had him beat by 3+ inches...then we all jerked and saw that thing erupt...was the biggest I have ever seen in my life and I am 39.

AlAug 25 2008 10:52am
There was this guy I hung around with sometimes until recently. He's late 20's very tall, like 6'3". I've seen him change and there's nothing of any great proportions down there... I'd say he'd have a 7 incher at most. Anyway I've occasionally bumped into his younger brother. There's quite a big age difference, the kid looked about 16, is very skinny but has defined muscles, solid 6 pack and stands quite tall at 6'. I've seen him with friends and it struck me that they are all a lot smaller than him and seem a bit younger, but maybe they were friends from down the street and were a bit younger, I don't know. One day I overheard him and his friends when they were talking in a room and I was passing by the doorway... the word "dick" caught my attention and I paused briefly to unintentionally listen in. They were indeed talking about dicks and c*cks, and more specifically, the younger bros' c*ck, which from what I gather was pretty big. Anyway, things were said and someone said "well, I'm not the one with a footlong" to which he denied and said it was only 9 inches! Another of them confirmed this as apparently he had seen it recently and they'd measured it at just a bit over 9. Well I couldn't believe this 16yo had such a big one and was so much bigger than his brother already! But I didn't say anything to anyone about what I'd discovered, and I never heard anymore references to it... But shortly afterwards during a conversation with his older brother, he mentioned buying a present for his little bros' upcoming birthday... his 14th birthday! I think my jaw hit the floor! Only 14! wow that boy is gonna end up huge!

WillUKAug 25 2008 12:57pm
Wife walked in on our nephew a few weekends ago as he was getting out of shower, and got QUITE the surprise ! He had been playing in the shower was hard - well she walked in..and there he was in all his glory. 11 yr old and about 7-8" according to her - he got a little mad but she was the one who was embarrassed. Then I got red when she said to me later on "Oh my, he is about 2 times as big as you!" We were not sure if we should tell her sister and husband what we we didn't

CarlAug 25 2008 3:51pm
11 and has a 7 inch erection! wow, kids seem to be growing bigger younger, and faster too.

AnonymousAug 25 2008 10:48pm
there is no question....look at how developed girls big kids are versus grandparents...

anonymousAug 26 2008 8:42am
There were a group of brothers that I knew growing. 6 brothers that lived across the street from me. They were 'wild kids' and would spend their free time running around in the woods behind our neighboorhood. There is a small pond deep in the woods that local kids would skinny-dip in. Growing up all of them had big low hanging soft penises. Even when the younger brothers were 3-6 years old they were 2 inches+ soft. The biggest of all of the brothers was Mark the 3rd youngest. He had 2 inches soft at 6, 4 inches soft at 10. When he started growing public hair at 11 He quickly grew to his final size of 6 and a half inches long soft and he would reach an awe-insirering 8 inches when hard. Grown the smallest of them hard was 5 inches long, the other 4 were all around 6 and a half inches long hard.

NewguyAug 28 2008 4:25pm
When I was 15 I needed to get a job to save up money to buy my first car. I got hired to babysit some kids on my street. These 6 boys were from 3 families that all went to the house of the family of 3 of the six. The other three were 2 brothers and an only child. Their ages were: 3 brothers(11,9,7) ; The two brother (8,6) and the only child was 10. Bath time as you would imagine was going to be a challenge. Fortunatly they had a jacuzzi in the master bathroom where all the kids could fit in easily and all take a bath at the same time. I would sometimes get in too, these kids got me sweaty chasing them around the house and outside. Nothing sexual ever happened.(I had a girlfriend). But these kids were a curious lot. The first time they all took their clothes off, they stood around waiting on me to get the bath filled up in a semi-circle just staring and talking and touching all of their penises. I would have thought that the older kids would be bigger, but they were about the same size as all of the boys. All but 1 of them were all about 1.5 inches soft, with the older boys being a little thicker and closer to 2 inches long. But the youngest of the three brothers was huge. He was almost as tall as his 9 year old brother, was in great shape for being 7(he had tiny abs and a hard athletic build, not an ounce of fat jiggled on him) but his unerect penis was easily 4 inches soft, heck it was longer soft than mine is even today.. Eventually the attention caused him to get hard and it hit 5 inches and doulbled in thickness. He was close to 3 inches around, absolutly huge for a 7 year old.In the bath he would always arch his back and cause it to stick out of the water and he would bob and swish it around and giggle. He was packing a big bulge in his underoos which was what amounted for his pjs. I knew all of these kids as they grew up into fine upstanding adults. I never found out exacctly how big he ended up, but gossip is that its close to 10 inches long, his brother says its almost a foot long in jest.

QuincyJAug 29 2008 4:51pm
At a local public pool I was with my younger brother and saw a group of brothers and the oldest brother was about my age at 13 at the time, with an 9 year old that was a classmate of my brothers and his twin brothers at 7. Those twins were flaunting dicks that from a conversation with his classmate the following schoolday were already 4 inches soft and 5 inches long. They were an inch and a half bigger than the eldest, and twice the size of the friend of my brother.I were only both about 2 inches long soft, and my brother was maybe 1 inch long. It was freaky considereing their dispaportinate size in relation to their height and size of their penises, they went halfway down their thighs for crying out loud.

EverintAug 29 2008 4:58pm
At 18 I have delayed puberty and low testosterone, I am on medication, I have stunted growth, I am only 5'2, 110 lbs. I have low bodyfat and low muscle fibers, I look like a little scrawny kid. I have very little hair on body and a tiny penis. It is .5 inches soft, and hard it is only 2 inches long. I have small balls too. My brother is 13, has been in puberty since he was 9, he is 5'4" and is 135 lbs. He is very muscular, he has the sixpack, hairy body, his penis is 5 inches soft and 7 inches hard he is 6 inches in girth. His balls are three times my size. He is more than twice as strong as I am.

ModiAug 29 2008 5:04pm
When I was 17 ,I went to camp with my brothers. They are 13 ,14. In 3rd day we wanted swimming in river but it wasn't our plan.We didn't have swimsuit.Then my youngest brother said "we must take off our pant and go swimming" ,then he taked off his clothes and into river and followed by my 14 younger brother I didn't because I saw the huge penis of my brothers. When they saw that they went to me and take off my clothes after that they saw my little penis and laughed. My penis is 1 inches soft,2 inches hard and didn't have any hair and my 14younger had 4inches soft 7.5inches hard and the youngest had 3/5.5 inches. Now 2years later mine is only 1 inch longer than the past in hard but the yuongest who 15years old now has 5/7 inches and my 16years old brother has 6/9 inches

MaxAug 31 2008 9:09am
I'm not sure how true these posts are buti can tell you my trure lige experience. I have 2 adopted sons, 24yr old and a 19yr old. I'm 46. My wife was not able to have kids so we adopted 2 amazing sons whom I love more tham life. The only weired thing is both boys are huge compared to me. We have always been open about there adoption and sex etc... I've take them with me to the gym for years but the funny thing is when we go to shower or use the steem room I look like the son. I'm not more than 4 inches fully erect, and a bit less than an inch soft, both biys are over 4 inches just soft. Yeah its kinda humiliating at times, abd they make comments like "good thing we were adopted dad" wheb were naked but its all in good fun. Nothing I can do about it.

dadSep 01 2008 7:00pm
I'm a lot smaller that my 15 yrs old son, sucks but its life. Any others fathers fall short of their sons?

MarcSep 05 2008 4:01pm
many on here fall short of every male they come across. someone else's penis size is not a normal point of discussion. Many go through life ignorant of what they have. I saw a young teen embarassed to shower at a public shower for the men of a church retreat over his penis size. It turns out that he at 14 had a 5 inch limp penis that was close to 4 inches around, with a younger brother at 10 who had a 3 inch soft 4 inch hard penis too.

AnonymousSep 05 2008 11:22pm
Its that time of the year again when frat hazzing starts! Its my 3rd year and I always hate it. New younger guys come in, durring hazzing they are all naked and its fusrtating BC not only am I one of the older brothers but I'm 6 3 and ripped. The only problem is my dick is under 3 inches hard, good thing is its around 2.5 soft so its not that bad when soft. It sucks cuz for the past three years I've seen so many naked guys and almost all have been much bigger than me. The first year when it was my turn, they brought us in a room blind folded and had us strip, then told to masterbate and cum on the floor. When we were done and the blindfold were taken off, most of us still. Hardish realized the brothers had invited 50 girls to watch.

daveSep 07 2008 3:14pm
A friend of mine that I knew in HS recently came back to our home town. I work at a small accounting firm. He was away and out of touch with me for 13 years. He comes up to my apartment with two kids ages 11, and 8. He leaves them with me to go to the store, and I take them to my room, I have them get their things to go swimming at our pool. They use the bathroom to change. After swimming they come back with their dad and me and we all head back. He tells them at the entrance to strip off their wet clothes and bundle them in their towels so as not to soak my carpet. They comply and I see that they are rather large, well not to set a bad example we both strip off too. His eldest son is a fraction of an inch longers soft than his father is, and half an inch or so bigger than me. Their father is 2 inches soft, I am about 1.5 inches. The youngest is a little smaller than me but slightly thicker with a huge head. Hard my friend is 5 inches, I am 4.5 inches, his eldest is 5.5 and yougest is 4 inches.

RentSep 11 2008 11:28pm
My brother who is 11 is better endowed than I am at 14. He has a penis that is 4 inches unerect and 5 inches erect he has a circumference of 3 inches soft and 5 inches hard. I on the other hand am 2 inches unerect, 3 and a half inches erect, with a soft circumference of 2 inches, and hard circumference of 3 and a half inches. He has known he was bigger since he was 6 and I was 9. We were getting fitted for school clothes and were changing in a dressing room at the mall together. Our mom kept bringing us various seasons of clothes and styles, we tried on underwear and bathing suits. He pulls his pants down and I seee that his penis is slightly bigger than mine. We both acknowledge it and he thinks it is cool, I try to brush it off but he knew it bugged me. Since then he was always open to change in front of me and friends and would be the first to speak up aat friends houses on hot nights at sleep overs to first strip down to our underwear, which most of the time due to antics, lead to us all being naked. HE invariably was bigger than our friends. And he, over the years continued to grow. He has recently started puberty, I am late and have only a few wisps of hair around my penis, he already has tightly knit crown of hair adouring his manhood.

ErikSep 12 2008 11:14pm
Hang in there Erik. It sucks to be smaller but you can't let it get you down. If you just started puberty I'm sure you have some growing yet to go.

jeff6_30@yahoo.comSep 15 2008 12:47pm
My younger brother is 14 and I am 22. He is already much bigger than i am in all departments and is now totally dominant over me. I tried, for a time, to come the "I am older than you routine but he wasn't having any of that. We share a bedroom and, for a time, he was content that we went to bed at the same time (as our mother dictated) but soon he decided that i was the little boy and should go before him. I tried to protest but that simply led to him beating me up and then deciding that i needed to go even earlier so it was etter just to accept my fate and do what he dictated. He has forced me to remove all body hair (not that i had much anyway) and he and our mother (i have too call he mummy) treat me as a little boy all the time now. I know that Might is Right but i wish that i could at least have a bedtime a bit later than 7.30. But they both refuse to allow me any leeway.

billySep 15 2008 4:29pm
Sorry fot the typos. i hope it still makes sense

billySep 15 2008 4:30pm
My younger brother is 14 and I am 22. He is already much bigger than i am in all departments and is now totally dominant over me. I tried, for a time, to come the "I am older than you routine but he wasn't having any of that. We share a bedroom and, for a time, he was content that we went to bed at the same time (as our mother dictated) but soon he decided that i was the little boy and should go before him. I tried to protest but that simply led to him beating me up and then deciding that i needed to go even earlier so it was etter just to accept my fate and do what he dictated. He has forced me to remove all body hair (not that i had much anyway) and he and our mother (i have too call he mummy) treat me as a little boy all the time now. I know that Might is Right but i wish that i could at least have a bedtime a bit later than 7.30. But they both refuse to allow me any leeway.

billySep 15 2008 4:31pm
billy - i sure hope that is a made up story or you've got some serious problems. You are 22 - move out of the house. Also, you never told us your size vs his.

jeff6_30@yahoo.comSep 17 2008 1:43pm
I know two teen boys aged 13 and 14. They visited our house with their family and I invited them to swim in our pool. I told my wife to go and get some snacks from the store, and I would show the boys where to change into their trunks, along with myself. As we undressed, I was amazed at what I saw.Both these teens had much larger penises than myself. The 14 yearold was about 5 inches limp, uncircumcised, with a long foreskin, and big hanging testicles. But even better was his 13 year old brother. his penis was longer, uncircumcisd, nice foreskin, but he had hardly any pubic hair. I was alittle ashamed of my 3 inch soft penis exposed in front of these teens. They noticed me staring, and asked me what was wrong. I told them I was amazed at the size of their penises at their young age. One did say to me he thought my penis was small, but he liked that I has be circumcised. I felt a twinge in my penis, and was getting aroused looking at hese big penises. Then he said that they get bigger you know? I said that I did, but they need not show me. No problem he said, and he pulled back his foreskin, exposeing a nice head, and workied himself to fully erect. His brother did the same. The had no shame, and even enjoyed doing it in front om me. By then, I was fully hard and just short of my 6 inch self. Both were at least 2 inchers or more bigger than me, and were hard as rock. I stroked myself for about 30 seconds, and I shot my load in no time. They continued and both finished a short time later, both of them shooting large thick loads of their nice white hot sperm. I helped the clean up. we got our suits on, and went for our swim. I told them to come back anytime, as they laft. But it has been over a month and thye have not been back.

JaySep 17 2008 9:11pm
So I'm gay and earlier this year I was visiting my then boyfriends place. I'm 24 he was 23. Some of his family we're visiting and were just leaving, one of which was his 15yo brother. To say there were brothers they looked nothing alike, he being 6' and stocky build and his brother already towering at least 2" more but very thin. Anyway I commented after they left about his brother being nothing like him and that he was so tall already... to which he replied that his brother already had the biggest c*ck in the family too. I was like "no way, you mean he's even bigger than you!". Turns out he caught him with his pants down, so to speak, and he said the kid had about 3 inches more c*ck than him. He also told me ever to mention anything to the kid cos he doesn't know he's the "bigger" brother yet, and is hating the day he ever finds out. He joked he though they must have had different fathers lol. And for those who want to know... my boyfriends c*ck was a good 6.5". You can figure out the rest! But I've never yet seen one as big as that so I'm astonished such a young kid can be that size. I wasn't with the guy for that long anyway, so never got to see his brother again.

RickySep 18 2008 9:40am
When I was 13, my mother remarried and I soon had a younger step brother who was 11. I didn't think much about it, and we got along ok, but I never saw him naked. I really didn't even care or think about it. Then when I come home after school one day, as I walk by his room, I notice he in in their with two of his friends, also 11 years old. I begin to walk into my room when I hear one of them say "mine is bigger", and "oh yeah, prove it". Well I turn aroud and go back and enter the room, and ask them what's up? One then says that they were talking about their things, and who had the biggest. OK, let's see. I never thought they would show their penises to each other, let alone me. But in about 2 seconds flat, all three jumped up and pulled their pants down showing me their penises. I was shocked that they did it, but also by what I saw. All three while limp, where bigger than me. NOne had pubic hair, but wher from 3.5 to 4 inches long. One was uncircumcised, with a nice foreskin. they then asked me who was biggest> I would not say, but they then urged me to show my penis to them. I was shy since my penis was smaller, but I did show them and I had an erection of about 5 inches so I was longer, for now. But soon all of them got hard too. We masterbated in a so called circle jerk, with my shooting my load, and them having a dry orgasm. I never saw or wanted to see step brother naked again, but I knew his penis must have gotten bigger.

JoeSep 18 2008 8:21pm
I first saw my younger nephew's penis when I was 12 and he was only 3. I was visiting at his families house when he told the adults he had to pee. My aunt asked me to take him to the bathroom, which I didn't want to do, but my mother insisted, and said to help the little guy out. Little did she know. We entered the bathroom and as I raised the toilet seat I told him to pull down his pants. I was amazed at what I saw. His pecker was at 3.5 inches long, uncircumcised, and two nice sized balls. He knew enough to pull the foreskin back, exposing the head, and proceded to let loose his stream. I could not believe that this kid's penis was bigger tham mine, and at such a young age. He asked me if I had to pee too? I did, but wasn't sure about showing my smaller penis to him. I relunctantly did, and he looked closely at my penis and said, look your pee pee is smaller than mine. I have a bigger pee pee than you. Look at my big pee pee. Well I had enough of that so I quickly pulled his pants up and mine too, and headed back to the adults. You can only guess my shame when he said mommy, my pee pee is bigger than Jimmy's. I saw his in the bathroom and mine is bigger. Alot bigger. The women laughed, and I just wanted crawl under a rock and die.

JamesSep 19 2008 8:00pm
james, i'm sorry, but that story is great!!!

MattSep 19 2008 8:34pm
james/jimmy, did your cousin grow?

AnonymousSep 20 2008 2:38am
I bet James isn't small and has nothing to worry about though... just unfortunate this kid was as hung as those 10 or more years older than him. Rare, but it happens.

WillUKSep 20 2008 2:43am
I did have an experience with my nephew a few years later. I was 20 and he was 11 years old. I remembered our inceident, and hoped he had forgot. Anyway, my penis was now 3.5 inches limp and my balls hung nicely below.I was at their house visiting,they had a nice house and pool, when my aunt asked if I would like to go for a swim. I couldn't say yes fast enough, and bolted in the house to change into my trunks. When I say I hadn't seen mynephew naked in a while, what I meant was that I avoide any chance of us seeing each other naked wheneve I was over and went for a swim. Anyhow, today was going to be different. As I walked in the door, my nephew and his friend were sitting on he couch, and when they found out I was going for a swim, they jumped up and said they'll join me. We went intoa bedroomto change and as our pants came down,and we were all naked, again i had the smallest penis in the room. My nephew was now about 5 inches limp, and had 2 big balls hanging in is sack, one lower than the other.His friend was almostas big,but he was circucised, with a rather large head on the end. Neither had one pubic hair,and yet they were much bigger than me. They noticed me staring, and Idon't know why but my penis began to

AnonymousSep 20 2008 6:57am
I did have an experience with my nephew a few years later. I was 20 and he was 11 years old. I remembered our inceident, and hoped he had forgot. Anyway, my penis was now 3.5 inches limp and my balls hung nicely below.I was at their house visiting,they had a nice house and pool, when my aunt asked if I would like to go for a swim. I couldn't say yes fast enough, and bolted in the house to change into my trunks. When I say I hadn't seen mynephew naked in a while, what I meant was that I avoide any chance of us seeing each other naked wheneve I was over and went for a swim. Anyhow, today was going to be different. As I walked in the door, my nephew and his friend were sitting on he couch, and when they found out I was going for a swim, they jumped up and said they'll join me. We went intoa bedroomto change and as our pants came down,and we were all naked, again i had the smallest penis in the room. My nephew was now about 5 inches limp, and had 2 big balls hanging in is sack, one lower than the other.His friend was almostas big,but he was circucised, with a rather large head on the end. N

AnonymousSep 20 2008 6:57am
I did have an experience with my nephew a few years later. I was 20 and he was 11 years old. I remembered our inceident, and hoped he had forgot. Anyway, my penis was now 3.5 inches limp and my balls hung nicely below.I was at their house visiting,they had a nice house and pool, when my aunt asked if I would like to go for a swim. I couldn't say yes fast enough, and bolted in the house to change into my trunks. When I say I hadn't seen mynephew naked in a while, what I meant was that I avoide any chance of us seeing each other naked wheneve I was over and went for a swim. Anyhow, today was going to be different. As I walked in the door, my nephew and his friend were sitting on he couch, and when they found out I was going for a swim, they jumped up and said they'll join me. We went intoa bedroomto change and as our pants came down,and we were all naked, again i had the smallest penis in the room. My nephew was now about 5 inches limp, and had 2 big balls hanging in is sack, one lower than the other.His friend was almostas big,but he was circucised, with a rather large head on the end. N

AnonymousSep 20 2008 6:57am
I did have an experience with my nephew a few years later. I was 20 and he was 11 years old. I remembered our inceident, and hoped he had forgot. Anyway, my penis was now 3.5 inches limp and my balls hung nicely below.I was at their house visiting,they had a nice house and pool, when my aunt asked if I would like to go for a swim. I couldn't say yes fast enough, and bolted in the house to change into my trunks. When I say I hadn't seen mynephew naked in a while, what I meant was that I avoide any chance of us seeing each other naked wheneve I was over and went for a swim. Anyhow, today was going to be different. As I walked in the door, my nephew and his friend were sitting on he couch, and when they found out I was going for a swim, they jumped up and said they'll join me. We went intoa bedroomto change and as our pants came down,and we were all naked, again i had the smallest penis in the room. My nephew was now about 5 inches limp, and had 2 big balls hanging in is sack, one lower than the other.His friend was almostas big,but he was circucised, with a rather large head on the end. N

AnonymousSep 20 2008 6:57am
I did have an experience with my nephew a few years later. I was 20 and he was 11 years old. I remembered our inceident, and hoped he had forgot. Anyway, my penis was now 3.5 inches limp and my balls hung nicely below.I was at their house visiting,they had a nice house and pool, when my aunt asked if I would like to go for a swim. I couldn't say yes fast enough, and bolted in the house to change into my trunks. When I say I hadn't seen mynephew naked in a while, what I meant was that I avoide any chance of us seeing each other naked wheneve I was over and went for a swim. Anyhow, today was going to be different. As I walked in the door, my nephew and his friend were sitting on he couch, and when they found out I was going for a swim, they jumped up and said they'll join me. We went intoa bedroomto change and as our pants came down,and we were all naked, again i had the smallest penis in the room. My nephew was now about 5 inches limp, and had 2 big balls hanging in is sack, one lower than the other.His friend was almostas big,but he was circucised, with a rather large head on the end. N

AnonymousSep 20 2008 6:57am
I did have an experience with my nephew a few years later. I was 20 and he was 11 years old. I remembered our inceident, and hoped he had forgot. Anyway, my penis was now 3.5 inches limp and my balls hung nicely below.I was at their house visiting,they had a nice house and pool, when my aunt asked if I would like to go for a swim. I couldn't say yes fast enough, and bolted in the house to change into my trunks. When I say I hadn't seen mynephew naked in a while, what I meant was that I avoide any chance of us seeing each other naked wheneve I was over and went for a swim. Anyhow, today was going to be different. As I walked in the door, my nephew and his friend were sitting on he couch, and when they found out I was going for a swim, they jumped up and said they'll join me. We went intoa bedroomto change and as our pants came down,and we were all naked, again i had the smallest penis in the room. My nephew was now about 5 inches limp, and had 2 big balls hanging in is sack, one lower than the other.His friend was almostas big,but he was circucised, with a rather large head on the end. N

AnonymousSep 20 2008 6:57am
I did have an experience with my nephew a few years later. I was 20 and he was 11 years old. I remembered our inceident, and hoped he had forgot. Anyway, my penis was now 3.5 inches limp and my balls hung nicely below.I was at their house visiting,they had a nice house and pool, when my aunt asked if I would like to go for a swim. I couldn't say yes fast enough, and bolted in the house to change into my trunks. When I say I hadn't seen mynephew naked in a while, what I meant was that I avoide any chance of us seeing each other naked wheneve I was over and went for a swim. Anyhow, today was going to be different. As I walked in the door, my nephew and his friend were sitting on he couch, and when they found out I was going for a swim, they jumped up and said they'll join me. We went intoa bedroomto change and as our pants came down,and we were all naked, again i had the smallest penis in the room. My nephew was now about 5 inches limp, and had 2 big balls hanging in is sack, one lower than the other.His friend was almostas big,but he was circucised, with a rather large head on the end. Neither had one pubic hair,and yet they were much bigger than me. They noticed me staring, and Idon't know why but my penis began to stiffen. My nephew said Jimmy your penis is still smaller than mine. His friend said mine too. I stood naked, infront of two 11 year old boys, with a 5 inch erection, and they were pretty much bigger than me and they were still soft. They my nephew's friend said that his gets bigger too. He picked it up in one hand and tickled the tip and it slowly grw to full erection.. Soon my nephew followed and the three of us standing with erect penises. My nephew said lets measure.I toldhimitwasn't needed but he new where a ruler was and pulled it out to start. Seems he and some of his friends had done this before. Anyway I was almost 6 inches, friend 7 inches, my nephew almost a full 8. During this time, I also had a chance to touch both of their penises and balls. I don't consider my seld gay, but i admit I was relly turned on by touching their stiff and hairless penises. The boys enjoyed touching me, as they were amazed by my pubic hair, and said they hoped they would grow some soon. They asked if I ever played with myself, and I said of course, all boys and men play with their penises. We talked a little more about it and we all masterbated together, which I really did,t mind doing in front of them, or they in front of me. They watched the sperm shoot from my penis when I came, and were amazed there was so much. They both orgasmed, but onlya few spurts of liquid came out. Funnything was when my nephew came, his friend seeing him come, got off almost a seconf later. It was like watching us shoot excited him into coming.Anyway, we all got cleaned up, got our suits on, and went for the swim. My aunt asked what took so long, and we just said we were talking about some stuff. We then looked at each other and laughed. I went away to school shortly there after, and I have not seen my nephewor any of his friends since.

AnonymousSep 20 2008 6:57am
Sorry but I hit the enter button too early on my story

jamesSep 20 2008 6:58am
I had a time once when I was younger when I found out a younger cousin was better equipped than myself. My grandmoher was staying with us and my cousins, a girl of 9, and boy of 7 wherewith us for a week visit in the summer.I was 11 at the time. The first nightmy parents went out and grandma was babysitting.Around 9she said timeto get ready for bed, and bath time. She filled the tub, and said all of you get in the tub, and wash. I protested as I was 11 and could wash myself, but it was no good, I strpped quiclly hiding my penis from her and climbed into the tub. Grandma said to me don't worry Mike,I've seen naked boys before, . Soon my cousins walked in, both naked, and joined me in the tub. But I was't prepared for the sight of a naked girl, and her little brother with his large penis. Iwas almost twice as long as mine, but hiss balls were small and tight against his penis. Even grandma said to him what a big man we have here. Grandma then had me and my boy cousin stand as she soaped and washed our bodies, not missing our peniese, It felt good and both of us were soon sporting boners. Mineabout 2.5 inches long, and his about 4 inches long and standing straight up in the air. Look grandma, my girl cousin said, the boys penises are sticking out, and Sam' penis is bigger than Mike's. I know said Grandma, Sam has a big penis. I like to look at their penises she told grandma, but Mike's small penis looks funny nest to Sam's. Embarrassed, I sat down in the wter to cover my still stiff, but smaller penis. Sam kept standing proud to show his bigger penis to his sister and grandma. Carol, my girl cousin then stood up as was her turn to be washed. I had never seen a naked girl, and like what I saw. It made my penis even feel better. She had no pubic hair, and her boobs were only slightly swollen nipples. My penis is bigger than yours, I told her. That cuz I don'thave a penis stupid she said. I have a vagina see. I looked closer to see she was right. Enough play said grandma, get out of the tub, dry off, get into your pj's and go to bed. Once in bed we played and soon all of us took down our pants. Carol plyed with my penis and I with her vagina, and both uf us enjoyed Sam's bigger penis. It was alot of fun, but something we never did again.

MikeSep 20 2008 9:04am
James, is he your cousin or nephew??? if hes your nephew, how? your sisters kid or something?

kyleSep 20 2008 9:02pm
This summer I visited France, and had a chance to go to one of there many nude beaches.While there I swaw many boys with large penises walking around.Many with no pubic hair, and around 12 years old or so. Most seemedvery confident about their large members, and were not afraid to let the girls, and older women look and enjoy.

RoySep 20 2008 11:10pm
I visited my sister at her new house - she just got divorced. The house has a swimming pool and I hung out there hoping to meet some of her hot new friends. She has 2 kids a son 9 and a daughter 12...well one day my nephew was dying to go swimming - he asked me about 100 I said and when we got home he took off his clothes and ran to the laundry room , returning with his suit and mine...he stood there and was HUGE! I had no idea he was so big - easily 5+ soft and thick. I am about 5 I was quite smaller incomparison - I decided to change in the bathroom rather than have him ask why I was so small... Later that night I mentioned his size to my sister and she laughed and said that was only good thing her ex had - a big dick! And she agreed her son is quite large - she sort of guessed he was about 7" - she thinks he will be bigger than her ex...and he was 9"

GSep 21 2008 6:16am
Recently after swimming at the in-laws, my stepson who 12 and I went into the house to change from our wet swimsuits into dry clothes. I only recently married his mother, and untill now, had never seen him naked, nor him me. I never even thought about to tell you the truth, but since we were here both guys, we just did it. We into a room git our dry clothes and he pulled down his wet shorts, and there it was. I was shocked and this boys large penis and balls. No pubic hair, but at least 5 inches limp, and 3 inches around. I just stared for a while and he saidto me, aren't you goin to get changed. I was shy then and slowly pulled my suit off to expose my 3 inch penis. He saw me looked at mine and this his bigger penis and said I see your not very big. Does my mother like small penises? I told him it got bigger. He said he knows about those things, his gets bigger too. I toldhim I wouldn't doubt that, being as big as he is soft.He said he has the biggest in his class. He knows from showers in Gym class. That's good Itold him. I felt unesy, quiclygot dressed, and left the room. I said something to his mother, and while she hadn't seen him naked in about a year, she was awarehis penis was rather large. One of her girlfriends mentioned as well about 6 month ago, when she saw him in a speedo suit at her house, But she just laughed it off. ShesaidIjust hope he learns to use that big thing, otherwise it's just wasted meat. I fully agreed.

MarkSep 21 2008 11:44am
When i was at a friends house for a birthday party, we were all around 11 or 12, he had a younger brother that was 9. QWe were eating outside and after running around and getting tired fell asleep on the blanket that we had ate off of. Fire ants were all over us and we woke up screaming and thrashing about. We were brushing them off and freaking out. His mom came out witha hose and told us all to strip. We were too scared to object and all shucked off our clothes. We stood there as she sprayed us off. Then she handed us towels with ointment on them and had us apply them all over the bites that covered all of us head to toe. His younger brother had a big penis. He was 3 inches soft and after the stimulus from me grew to be 5 inches long hard. I was about 1.5 soft/3 hard and 3 inches around. He was thicker than me so he must have been close to 4 inches around. we all were awed by his size. He grew young within 6 months of this he was easily half an inch bigger and at 11 he sstarted puberty. He was shaving his face at 12 daily, had a full patch of chest hair by 13. And he ended up being 6 inches soft 4 inches around/8 inches hard/5.5 inches around. He will bald early if he is anything like his dad. Hair all over except for his head :)/.

JerimiahSep 21 2008 11:54am
Iam the oldest of four boys.On more than one occasion we were naked together. I have always had the smallest penis since Iwas 13 and the younger brother 11 and twins 9. Even when I hit puberty, My 4.5 inch stiff penis was smallest. My 11 year old brother grew to over 5 inches stiff, and the twins aboutthe same. When soft, my penis was about 2 inches long, and theirs about 3.5. inches.Yes we did measure our penises, as I was trying toseeif mine reallywas the smallest. I found outit was, and still is today.

RaySep 22 2008 3:22pm
Reading all these stories makes me wonder if there's something in the water lol. All these young guys with massive c*cks amaze me! When I was 11 I remember the biggest boy in our year had a huge 4 inches! and most of the others were mostly 2-3 inch. When I turned 16, if you had a 6 incher you were pretty big. One boy, who as far as I know was the biggest, did have 8 inches, but no one else came close. I know it's expected in these stories as the younger brother is most likely to be fairly endowed, but I've also noticed this "change" with my own eyes. Forgetting all the webcam videos etc I've come across showing young men with exceptional lengths, I've seen many a boy put me to shame in public recently. Most common is in the swimming changing rooms where my soft 4.5 inches is often overshadowed. I've seen young boys not yet into puberty hanging almost as big as me... thank god they're not! And many a teen boy around 15/16 hanging soft at about 6 inches. These are sizes we would have been happy to have when hard when I was a lad, but now I see them regularly as soft sizes. Maybe I was just unlucky my school days had no hung guys in it... or maybe there really is something in the water! The boys definitely look bigger then the men when they change. I don't know what's going on but thought I'd share what I've seen.

AaronSep 25 2008 9:49am
Excercise and a concern for ones appearance deffinantly has something to d o with it too. Boys I have known as young as 6-8 are trying to get sixpacks and get buff/ripped bodies. The freaky thing is I have seen many 8-12 year olds achieve these phenominal bodies! 0.0 I believe a recent study gave a label to some of the "Adonis Complex". Boys and young teens shouldn't imo be overly concerned about their abs :)

AnonymousSep 26 2008 1:34am
Mark - was your wife's ex also hung? I wonder if the stepson is bigger than his Dad too? Your wife just laughed off one of her friends commenting on her son's huge Speedo bulge?

John TSep 28 2008 3:50pm
Aaron - I have noticed the same thing. In the locker room even some of the kids who have not entered puberty or just started are bigger than most of the men - sometimes by quite a bit. I don't know if it's the hormones in the milk or what but I wish I could get some. My son will probably pass me before he hits puberty as well.

jeff6_30@yahoo.comSep 29 2008 6:21am
Aaron - I have noticed the same thing. In the locker room even some of the kids who have not entered puberty or just started are bigger than most of the men - sometimes by quite a bit. I don't know if it's the hormones in the milk or what but I wish I could get some. My son will probably pass me before he hits puberty as well.

jeff6_30@yahoo.comSep 29 2008 6:21am
Dean411 - are u still here? Just curious how the brother of your bud is doing.

TinaSep 30 2008 7:09am
Still here, he is still the same size ;/ A funny thing happened in July when we were at a publicc pool. The younger brother Kurt and his older bro Kevin and I were going to shower after swimming. We took offour suits and were in a corner of the open shower room ttogether.When we went back to get dried off and changed our lockers were shut. The problem is that they need a key to open them which was in my pants inside the locker! We had to go over to the help desk naked to get a master key. The young man there couldnot stop laughing at us, he joked around about kurt trying to show-off(most of the guys there know his is big). But we got our stuff evebtually. We(kevin and i) are within puberty now and should be growing more. Kurt though is still some years away.

Dean411Sep 30 2008 10:50am
On a related topic see my poll for "Sons better endowed than fathers". Would love to hear everyone's opinions and stories.

jeff6_30@yahoo.comOct 02 2008 12:59pm
Dean - thanks for the update. Sounds like a funny story - how does Kurt take the teasinbg about so well endowed? He is about5-6 soft and 7 or so hard - is that right?

TOct 04 2008 12:36pm
A friend of mine introduced me to this site and suggested that I tell my story. I had shared with Jake an experience I had with my younger brother several months ago. My 13 year old brother has an adjoining room to myself and we shared a common shower/bathroom. I am two years older than he is. As I used the toilet one day two months ago, his door was ajar while he was sleeping. He was sleeping on his side but facing away from the door. I noticed that he was sleeping nude. A sudden urge came upon me to check out how far he had developed. He is not a big boy physically, being about three inches shorter than myself. I too am on the skinny side. As I tippy-toed to the other side of his room and his crotch came into view, I was shocked to see a pubic bush as dense as mine, and a softie that was at least 5 inches. It was certainly bigger than my hard one which is 4-1/2 inches. I stood and gauked and stood there for some 15 minutes. He stirred, rolled over on his back, rubbed his eyes and woke up. Naturally he spotted me, then looked down at his package. "You've been looking at me' he exclaimed. "how long have you been looking at me?...well, if you have been looking at me, it is only fair that I now look at you." And with that, he jumped up and pulled my shorts down. I had been erect for the last 15 minutes and when he saw my erect penis, he immediately said: "I am way bigger than that !" and placed his softie next to my hard one. It was indeed bigger. The side by side comparison just made his swell, and it peaked at 6-1/2 inches. Exact measurements were taken when he reached for a ruler. "Hi there, little brother" said he.

BradOct 06 2008 6:06am
hey i been reading these comments and think they are very interesting. i am 18 with just over 8" dick. you talk about the boys having big dicks but i dont agree they are that big really. some of you think we are bigger now than the older guys.. we might be cos i didnt no the average was only 5" and to me that is small. at school we thought 7" was average cos most guys looked about that size. most of us wanted to get to 8" though lol cos that was the best size. there are smaller ones aswell but not to many. maybe they did put sumat in the water lol cos i have friends who are way bigger than me.

ryOct 06 2008 7:29am

bsized4point5@yahoo.comOct 08 2008 4:55pm
Life is crazy, so crazy that there is even a forum on this, thank god. Well, I'm 19 and my father got remarried last year, and so did my mom, I really don't like my moms new husband so I moved in with my dad and his wife and her 16 year old son 7 months ago. I love it here, my dads cool so is his wife and my step brother, I have my own space and my dad is not on my ass the whole time. 3 months ago we went to the US vergin Islands for 10 days, my dad and his wife had a room and Jake my step brother and I shared one. For the first three days we were really cool, me being the older one got the bed I wanted and kinda always made him work around me. I even made him wait outside for a few hours on the beach while I was with a girl the second night. Anyway it was the 4th day and we went kyacking, we went dam far bc we saw another beach, we went to check it out and as we got closer we realised it was a nude beach, we both looked at each other and we decided to go for it. As we pulled up everyone was naked, without thinking about it I stripped off my bathing suit and so did Jake but then we turnd to each other I almost fell over. Jakes penis is at least 5 inchs soft AT LEAST. If I'm lucky mine is 2 soft and about 5 hard. Well he saw me look and then I could feel I was bright red, he looked at my dick and I saw a smerk on his face. About 15 mlater after almost no talking bt the two of us he tried to brake the ice, and was like you know is ok that your a lot smaller tham me no one knows and I won't ever say anything. That was nice of him, but from that day and the rest of the trip while we were in the room he never covered up again, one night he took a shower and fell asleep naked, 17 year old boys are hard almost all night, as our beds were next to each other I could see how powerfull his c*ck was, it must have been for sure 9.5... Our relationship at home has never the same again, I guess I feel like he's more of a man than me.

jaysonOct 12 2008 1:43pm
i dont have a little brother but my younger cousins have always had bigger dicks than me. Before i started growing at around 14yrs i was 1.8" hard, they were 9yrs at 3.5" hard and 8yrs at 4" hard. Then they started puberty around 11 or 12 before my dick could reach their size. Now im 25 with 4" hard, and they are 20 at 7.8" hard and 19 at 8.5" hard. The youngest use to make me suck him off all the time just so he wouldnt tell everyone how small i was until like 3yrs ago. And no im not gay and neither is he...

justinOct 14 2008 1:08am
When did all of this start Justin?

anonOct 14 2008 1:26pm
Jayson, how has your relationship with your 15 year old step brother changed?

bsized4point5@yahoo.comOct 15 2008 8:54am
Mt brother is big, really big. I am 17 and short at 5'3". I look like i am 13 and have no body hair except for a small amount of pubes. My 13 year old brother looks 13 albeit he is muscular and hung. He is 5 inches soft 7 inches long hard and 6 inches around. I am only 2 inches soft and 4 inches hard and 4 inches around. He was bigger than at 6 when I was 10, I was only bigger for a few years until he started puberty too. He shows it off all the time to me and friends and physically overpowers me too.

VinnyOct 17 2008 12:35pm
He's 16 and things are I guess fine but strange. I have to say that for sure things are not the same as they were. He has become the dominant one of us. For ex: he won't ask me to drive him to a freind, he say somthing like hey bro, u need to take me. He also will walk into my room in his underwear were I could see him semi hard, I think he likes to bother me. We are very close even though were step, Ido love him like a brother, he's a good kid but this is just the way it is I guess maybe I would be the same if I had such a big c*ck.he's come in to borrow pants from me for a school thing, he took off his jeans in my room to try stuff on and had no underwear on, and did not cover up. Just stuff like that, I don't know if in fact brothers are like that and its fine or its the fact that I have a small penis and his is so big that bothers me about this. Well he has told me he's going to star going to the gym with me. I'm not looking forward to being in the shower with him and my freinds. I thinks that's going to be my biggest issue. Jayson

AnonymousOct 18 2008 8:36am
Bsized How has your relationship been? Any thing???

AnonymousOct 18 2008 8:38am
Dude with the step-brother relax! I have a 15yr step-son that has the biggest cick I've ever seen. Try livin with him in a house with one shower and a wife who leaves early in the am and its just him and I from 6:30am on. His dads not so much in the picture so this kid talks to me about EVERYTHING and has no problem being naked around me and talking to me about everything from jerking off to sex to oral sex! Me who has about a nice penis thats less than 5 hard while this kid is easily over 9. He's even left me porn on my desk.. Yes were close but its humiliating to be so small. I have a 5yr old son who is his half brother, so far he has an ok size penis but all boys develope differently, so let's hope he takes after his moms side of the family.

mikeOct 19 2008 4:09pm
Hey Mike, be happy that he feels like he can be so open with you. At least he doesn't make fun of you about his larger size. My son will end up bigger than me in the next few years but I figure good for him. It's all how you approach it. Shoot me an email if you want to chat.

jeff6_30@yahoo.comOct 20 2008 6:20am
Oh my god Mike! I've seen the odd big adult c*ck that could be 8" but never as big as a 9"er. And here you are telling us a 15yo boy has one even bigger! Is that possible at such an age? I remember being 15... out of 60 other boys the same age, the biggest one was about 7" with very few others were over 6". Your step-son must be one in a million!

chrisOct 21 2008 9:02am
Having lived in a boarding school for three years, I had the daily opportunity to notice othr guys in the showers. There were no shower curtains then. Our shower room was for boys aged 14 to 16 years. One 14 yr old had a 8 inch flaccid; one 15 yr old has a pubeless 3 inch hardon and hadn't started puberty; one eary 14 yr old had an 8 inch hardon with armpit hair and would jerk off in the shower to everyone's amusement; a pair of twins had 7 inch flaccids,..and on it goes. There is a wide variation out there. Some people are surprised or unbelieving owing, I think, to their narrow exposure to large groups of boys. If you were a boarder at school, you would know from experience that there are many surprises awaiting the eager eye!

anony.Oct 24 2008 2:20pm
Saw a lot of boys and men of all ages being an avid fan of nudiest beaches and resorts. Have seen 6 month olds with 2 inch penises. A 11 year old with a very flexible body due to being a gymnast(very strong and well muscled too) sucking off his own 5 inch c*ck. The biggest size coupled with the youngest age proportionally was a 12.5 year old with a 5 inch soft 8 inch hard 6 inches in girth penis. Biggest in pure length was a 14 year old that was 8 inches soft 8.5 inches hard and only 4 inches in girth. Saw a kid with a 5 inch circumference that was only 3 inches long. It looked really strange. ONe japanese boy had a tiny 1 inch soft 1.5 inch hard penis but his balls were huge the size of eggs!

CarlOct 25 2008 10:59am
I saw a big one the other day on some kid. I was with the guys getting showered and changed after one of our football games. Most of us are in our 30's but pretty much in shape. Our largest member belongs to "big" John who swings a hefty 6"+ when soft but I don't know how big it gets when hard. The rest of us are what I would call average, 3-5" soft. In the changing rooms were a group of 4 kids I'd say were no older than 15. Two of them were average, one was a bit bigger at 5" which kinda beat all but a couple of the guys, and the last kid's dick was thin but over 7" limp! some of the guys had seen him and were making comments saying he was bigger than "big john". John tried to fluff his up as much as he could but the kid, who was aware of what was going on, had gotten bigger as well. I think we'd embarassed the poor lad a bit and all the boys quickly changed and left. But that big dick had plumped up and must have been getting on for 9" before he'd put it away. Even john said he'd not seen anything so big before. He's now known as "little" John lol.

AnonymousOct 27 2008 1:09pm
My step father has a much smaller dick then me lol and he hates it! I'm 16 he's 48 and we saw each other naked at the gym. He's a cool guy but he has a really small dick now things r strange when he looks at me. Since then he's seen me naked twice, and every time he get weired for a while

GabeNov 01 2008 3:54pm
Neighboor kids were helping me and my father paint our garage. My dad left thinking we would be ok to paint the sides. We started messing around and "accidentaly" getting paint on each other. Soon we were covered head to toe in paint. We were already just in our bathing suits as it waas summer and it was hot. We didnt have a pool, just had squirtguns. So at 11 we were afraid to tell my Dad about spilling the paint on us. We kept painting and over an hour or two the paint dries on us. He comes out and freaks out starts yelling at us about oxygen not being able to get in our skin. He herds us into the basement into our mud room. there is an old shower down there we used mainly to clean dirty shoes and give our dog a bath. He runs off to get soap and towels etc. He comes back with hard bristle brushes and starts supervising us to motivate us to clean each other. We are embarrased to be naked with him there. He agrees to leave if he can examine us when we are clean "according to us" and to evaluate the job we do.

MarvinNov 03 2008 12:35am
So the four of us are all close together in this stall and are naked with paint all over us. Some is even on our penises and butt and genital areas. It takes a while but we help scrub it all off. We discover that the brothers next door to me are big for their age at 4 inches long. I and my other friend are both about 2 inches long. My dad returned after about an hour our bodies were rubbed red raw and we had some friction burns in some places from scrubbing too hard. He gave us towels and the next day we helped clean up and finish the garage.

MarvinNov 03 2008 12:40am
Has anyone seen brothers and cousins and kids of different generations of a family all sharing big c*cks?

AnonymousNov 08 2008 12:48am
dean411 - does your buds younger bro still wear Speedo? Still has a big bulge? does he wear briefs also?

bulgerNov 08 2008 5:39am
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