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Lift carry

Question: Have u ever been carried by any female if yes then in which way?
Created by: liftcrazy at 11:53:47 AM, Saturday, September 29, 2007 PDT


I have always been attracted to physically strong women and have dated many women that were stronger than me. One gal I knew was a college athlete and was in top shape when we dated. She was 5'6" and 145 lbs. and did a lot of weight training. I was 5'9" and 165 lbs. and I considered myself in decent shape. We were walking in a park one night and she jokingly said that she was getting tired. I laughed and replied that I would carry her if she wanted. She then hopped on me piggy-back style and I proceeded to carry her until I got tired. This was after about 100 yards on a flat surface. I let her down and she said that it was my turn. I got on her back and she actually started to sprint with me holding on the best I could. She slowed down a bit as we started to climb a hill but she still kept up a steady pace for at least another 200 yards. We reached my car at the top of the hill and she set me down. We looked at each other and reflected on what had just occurred. I was 20 lbs. heavier, yet she had carried me three times further and she still had a lot in reserve. As in our other play competitions at the time, she said, "Looks like I beat you." I had to admit she was right and I told her that I loved how strong she was compared to me. We got in the car to leave and I was still very excited by her show of strength over me. I leaned over to kiss her and she held me back and pushed me into my seat. I tried to kiss her again but she held me firm. She looked me in the eyes and told me, "Once again I showed you who is stronger between us. From now on you will ask me permision before you kiss me. Do you understand?" I realized that she was being playful, but I was very turned on by her show of power over me. I told her that I would do as she said. She smiled at me, loosened her grip, and let me kiss her.

somethingaboutastrongwoman@yahoo.comOct 01 2007 10:07am

My wife goes to the gym regularly. She was able to push our car up our drive way when I couldn't. After that I don't know how this started but she showed me that she could put me on her shoulders and do ten squats all the way down. I weigh 200 lbs and she's 170 lbs. She told me she can leg press 850 lbs and bench 225. So she's stronger than me now! I tried a one day pass at a gym and found I could do 400 lbs leg press and 165 bench! Embarrising!

DonOct 07 2007 9:29am
Don, Has your relationship with your wife changed now that you both know that she is much stronger than you? If so, how has it changed, and do you like these changes?

somethingaboutastrongwoman@yahoo.comOct 08 2007 10:43am
I used to wrestle a very strong young woman who loved to show off her strength. In addition to winning every time we wrestled, Jeanne also would give me shoulder rides. The first time it happened I was stunned when she came up behind me, ducked between my legs and easily stood while tucking my legs under her arms. She then walked all around the house for several minutes before putting me back down. It became one of her favorite ways to show off at parties and sometimes was a little embarrassing for me when she'd come up behind me and I'd suddenly find myself on her shoulders with friends and strangers pointing and laughing. Even though it was somewhat embarrassing, I frequently had to try and conceal an erection since I also found her strength to be incredibly sexy.

PinnedB4Jun 24 2008 1:09pm
I know what you mean PinnedB4. 3 years ago me and my wife armwrestled for the first time, and to my surprise (she was rather sure to win) she won without any trouble. She also beat me when we wrestled and pinned me within a few minutes. I felt very embarrassed about the whole thing but I also had to admit I was turned on about her strength. She also wanted to lift me in different ways. Some time after this evening we went to a family dinner where my wife told our relatives about her being stronger than me. She showed everybody that she could lift me in her arms cradle style, over her shoulder, on her hip etc. I protested but she just laughed and kept on showing off. People laughed but also looked in awe at my wife. I was very angry at her when we went home but she just hugged me and told me to get used to it and be proud of my strong wife. She has become even more playful since, wants me to sit in her lap, she bearhugs me when she meets me at the aiport after I have been away for business trips etc. I tell her that she embarrass me but she just laughs at this and tell me to take it like a man. I say to her that she can do this in private as much as she wants but stop lifting me in public. She says that lifting me is a part of her new life as a strong woman and she wants other people to see our role reversal. Since she knows I am turned on about her being stronger she has difficulties to understand that I like this to be between her and me.

B F GSep 01 2008 12:33am
It doesn't seem to be so much action here so I will tell about the first time I was carried by a girl. It was in high school. I was a very skinny 5'10 tall guy. There was this big girl in my class that seemed to have a crush on me. She wasn't very attractive but she was into sports (shot putter, javelin etc) and had a big, strong body that wasn't too bad to look at. Her name was Anne. Now I happened to hurt my foot on my way to class, this happened as far as you can get from where I was supposed to be and I realized I could never make it in time with my bad foot. Liza suddenly showed up and asked me if I needed help. I was about to say no when I realized I really needed help since my foot couldn't support my weight at all and there were just thousands of stairs to pass. She took my arm and put it over her wide shoulder and then tried to help me walk that way. When we entered the stairs we understood that this was hopeless. Then Anne just surprised me when she scooped me up in her arms in a cradle and carried me all the way to class, through the whole school so everybody could see us. I was so embarrassed. I know how stupid this sounds but a popular guy like me shouldn't have anything to do with Anne that was considered butch and probably a lesbian because of her strength and build. Now there I was in her arms like a child. She smiled all the way and I didn't say a word. The weirdest thing was that I kind of liked being carried by this girl. I could feel her muscular arms support my weight and at the same time feel her soft big breasts against my body. She carried me all the way into class and sat me down at my desk. Everybody was laughing. Our teacher asked what was wrong and looked at my foot. She told me to go and see the nurse straight away. Anne just smiled and said she could carry me there. I tried to protest but our teacher, a woman, smiled and said that she seemed to be able to carry me so why not. There I was again in this big girls arms. The nurse smiled when we got there. I had sprained my foot and the teacher told me to rest my foot for a few days. Anne said she could carry me back to class and then help me home. Again I tried to protest but this time the nurse smiled and said that I was lucky to have a girl friend like Anne. So once again I was carried up a lot of stairs in her arms, then she carried met to her car and drove me home, carried me into our house and then to bed. When we were alone I thanked her for helping me and complemented her on her strength. She said that I was very light and that she could carry me a whole day without breaking sweat. Nothing happened between us then but after this incident we talked and became friends. A few years passed and then I met Anne again in a bar in our home town when we were both visiting our parents. We had a good time and Anne asked me if I remembered the day that she carried me. I told her that I had enjoyed every minute of it (I was now a bit drunk). When we left the bar and were heading home she asked me to hold her hand bag, then she just scooped me up in her arms again and told me she should carry me home to her house and there was just nothing I could do about it. I pretened to be a bit upset and asked her to put me down straight away. She just told me to try to stop her. She carried me about 2 km, she had to stop a few times but I was still amazed how strong she was. Since her parents were away she carried me straight to her bed and just said that this was what she intended to do that day when she carried me the fist time. We became a couple after this and was together for a few years. I still remember Anne, how great it was to be in her arms. I haven't found anybody after her that could carry me as easy as she could. Sweet memory.

Miss being carriedOct 15 2008 11:29pm
I have been carried since though, but the first time was for sure the best.

Miss being carriedOct 15 2008 11:32pm
Every day my wife will lapsit me.Where i am 80kgs and my wife is 56kgs but she can easily lapsit me and craddle me in her arms

hardyJan 14 2009 11:29am
Once i have been lifted by our house maid, though she was one inch shorter but weighs more than me, i got so erected that i immediately ejaculate on her,, that was my first experience to be lifted by a female

anonymousMar 25 2009 9:11am
three girls have lifted me in various ways but my fav in shoulder ride, Damn its erotic !!!

lolaJun 11 2009 10:33am
I had been lifted by my friend's wife. She lifted me from behind and carried me for a distance.

SanjayJun 11 2009 12:18pm
my wife can uplift back of our car so clearance of the rear wheels off the ground is 10inch.nobody of our family can do that.its not a big car its fiat,but i cant lift it at all,nor both our sons.but nobody of us have advantage of so wide hips and so massive muscular thighs as she have.she have advantage of her biceps muscles too,she have them extremly big buff and sturdy,so we can not compete with her in this,but still-she is the winner anyway.

karlJun 19 2009 8:55pm
Sanjay please say in detail about the incident of carrying by frds wife in detail, about the wt & ht of u both,wether it is repeated or not,etc.

AnonymousJun 24 2009 10:02pm
Anonymous, actually my friend's wife came to my house during holi to put colours on me, i resisted a bit, then suddenly she came from behind and wrapped her hands around my waist and lifted me up and carried to the next room. i instantly ejaculated.

SanjayJun 30 2009 10:23am
Sanjay well done....any other similar experiance

AnonymousJul 01 2009 6:12am
sanjay hope ur friends wife is a stong well built girl, isn't it

AnonymousJul 01 2009 6:14am
Yes, she is of solid built and of my height and almost 5 yrs younger to me, she is indeed strong as she had lifted and carried me with ease.

SanjayJul 01 2009 9:22am
Sanjay, I also had similar exp like u, i had been lifted by a punjabi woman during holi who stays in the same flat.

VikasJul 01 2009 10:46am
sanjoy & vikas u both r so lucky being lifted by strong women,if possible pl post some photos of lift carry to of indian liftcarry or yourself, i will be grateful & will be kept as secrt for ever

AnonymousJul 01 2009 7:17pm
Vikas, i think u also ejaculate on her lap by the way how she lift & carry u and for how long,i am so eager to know

AnonymousJul 01 2009 7:22pm
Anonymous, that punjabi woman has lifted me from front when we are playing holi, she carried me for some distance and throws me in the mud, her hold was so strong that i couldn't resist that and wetted my underwear.

VikasJul 02 2009 11:35am
Vikas, wether it is the only lifting exp in ur life or there are other also, by the way i am only lifted by my wife uptill now, so u ar lucky enough i think

AnonymousJul 03 2009 6:12am
Anonymous, don't u feel embarassed when your wife lifts u? whats the height and weight of u both? Other than that incident i was lifted several times by my cousin sister who is of my age.

VikasJul 03 2009 10:24am
Vikas, friend i think u r not marraide yet, my wife lift me on her soulder after making me naked most of the time while she was dressed which give impression of mother & child which we both enjoy, i cummed most of time lying on her shoulder, if u married ask ur wife the same, find pleasure. my wife is 5.2 & 56kg and me 5.6 & 66kg still she have no problem at all. luky guys say something about our lifting by causin what lift she does and she get pleasure while lifting u

AnonymousJul 03 2009 10:48am
Anonymous, how does your wife feel after lifting u? did u ever wrestled with her? My cousin sister mostly lifts me from front and in bearhug, just 2 or 3 times she had lifted me on her shoulder.

VikasJul 03 2009 11:24am
vikas, she says that she like to lift me very much, previosly when we were newly married she lift me mostly on front lift & sholder from ground so many time in a day, she feel like mother and while i started kissing she arouses. now lets in detail about your lifting by causin, how & why she strted to lift u, ur both age,height and wt and tell her to carry u on shoulder for long time and frequently.

AnonymousJul 03 2009 9:54pm
Anonymous,Me and my cousin sister are both 23 yrs of age, she is 5'5" and weighs 62 kg and me 5'4" and weighs 59 kg. Acually it all started about 5 to 6 months back, she used to come to our house regularly as we stay in the same city. one day we had an arguement over something and i just jokingly hit her, she reciprocated and a friendly fight started between us. i began to push her when suddenly she ducked and grabbed me firmly from waist and lifted me up for more than 10 seconds. i got erected and cummed

VikasJul 06 2009 2:33am
vikas, so well done & so lucky to be surrounded with strong heavier women

AnonymousJul 06 2009 8:29am
Anonymous, in which way did your wife mostly carries u? what type of lifts u and your wife like most

VikasJul 06 2009 10:36am
Vika did youe cousin sister knew that you got erected and cumed when lifted, wht hapened then, does she still lifts you?

HIJul 07 2009 3:28am
Vikas, i mostly like front lift wraping my legs across her waist our lips together and this lift she is also comfortable and can keep me for 2-3 minits before i cummed, also give hip and shoulder lc, but she can't craddle me which i like only can for a moment, your view pl. on our lift.

AnonymousJul 07 2009 5:21am
Anonymous, thats very erotic to be lifted in that way , did she lifts u naked? had any other woman lifted u other than your wife?

VikasJul 07 2009 10:57am
To HI, Yes my cousin sis knew that i cummed by seeing my wet shorts as i was wearing light coloured shorts at that time. she lifts me whenever we get chance.

VikasJul 07 2009 11:02am
I was lifted by my landlord's wife, she is 36 yrs and i m 33 yrs, now it become regular affairs whenever her husband is not at home

SurajJul 08 2009 2:22am
Vikas, most of the time i remain naked which farther makes thing most erotic while seeing in full size mirror, prev. i cummed very quickly but now being practiced for long time take time, no frd not have the luck like u to be carried by other women expt my wife, but she may carries much over thousands time till now

AnonymousJul 08 2009 7:31pm
Anonymous,Did u ever taken snaps or video of her lifting u?

VikasJul 10 2009 2:30am
no,not at all as i dont have digicam, what about ur causin, any snap or video of ur lift

AnonymousJul 11 2009 10:00am
i have not taken any snaps/video as this happens suddenly, also she might be reluctant to take photos/video

VikasJul 13 2009 2:03am
Can anyone give me name of sites from which i can download male female lift carry for free

anonymousJul 13 2009 2:08am
All u guys who got lifted by girls are very lucky

AbhiJul 21 2009 7:19am
hi suraj how ur landlord's wife reacts when she lifts u. is she awair that u got erected while lifted. wht pleasure she gtes?

AnonymousJul 30 2009 8:57pm
Yes, she is well aware that i always got erected when she lifts me as i mostly wear shorts and my erection is visible through my shorts, she said that she feels strong by lifting me and seeing me helpless in her arms

SurajJul 31 2009 11:36am
Suraj if ur landlady continues to lift u on regular basis, any new advances & give ur lattest experiance

AnonymousAug 02 2009 1:38am
My landlady lift carry me when her husband goes out of town for a short tour of 3/4 days, Last week, she lifted me first from front ,then in a cradle style and again in a tight bearhug. During this i ejaculated twice

SurajAug 03 2009 2:06am
suraj i just whant to know how she approach her wish to you, please say in direct language

AnonymousAug 03 2009 8:35am
Actually it all started few months back, i went to their house to pay my rent, her husband was out on a tour at that time, when i entered she was trying to put a calender which was at a good height, there is no space for a chair to place, she told me to lift her but to my embarasment i struggled to lift her as she was heavy for me, then she wants to lift me but i was reluctant at first, then she lifted me with ease, seeing my erection through my shorts she laughed at me, that was the first instance of her lifting me

SurajAug 03 2009 12:08pm
Suraj, o lady apko kya bolke god me uthatiye, i meen how she now approach to you during lifting u,or u just jump on her lap whenever she is alone ---pl say

AnonymousAug 14 2009 10:24am
Anonymous, now whenever her husband goes out of town on a tour, she lifts and carries me, we both enjoy this, at first i felt embarassed but now i started to feel erotic when she lift me, she just completely owned me when i am in her arms

SurajAug 18 2009 9:04am
Suraj, so lucky u are, if she attractive? how does she address u while carrying u on her lap, baby, child,sonamona etc.

AnonymousAug 18 2009 9:24am
Yes she is attractive, when she lifts me i was just blacked out, now i ejaculate after some time as compared to earlier when i ejaculate instantly. Last time she had lifted me from behind.

SurajAug 18 2009 10:34am
Suraj how long u will remain as her tenenent, i think u will lost charm of life after changing her house, so keep there and tell her to lift u as much as possibe------pl. reply nd if possible sent a photo of herr so i can see her at my id

AnonymousAug 18 2009 8:05pm
Anonymous, i will stay here as long as possible if i not change my company i work, Last week i had showed this forum to her and she read my comments, but i don't think she will allow me to take any photos

SurajAug 19 2009 2:20am
Suraj where are u currently posted and what about her response regarding your comments----if she ask sometime to u to carry or just straightly lift u whenever get opportunity

AnonymousAug 19 2009 8:28am
I had lifted her few times but couldn't carry her much as she weighs more than me, i couldn't kept her lifted for more than 5 seconds or so. After reading my comments she laughed a bit. Day after tomorrow her husband will go to tour for 3/4 days.

SurajAug 19 2009 11:51am
Suraj-----waiting to share your latst exp----pl share when it happens

AnonymousAug 20 2009 9:46am
Hi anonymous, yesterday evening she had lifted and carried me in different manner until i felt tired and dizzy, this continued for full 15/20 minutes and i ejaculate thrice, her husband gone out of town for 3/4 days.

SurajAug 23 2009 1:29am
Suraj-what a exp yaar, pl give detail the whole thing, o tumpe puri pagal ho gaye he,20minits tak carry korna keya baat hai, tume keya bolke kaise yeh start kiya, puri kahani ek story ki terah batao, i want to get hot hearing from u, or aajki keya programme hai?

AnonymousAug 24 2009 9:25am
That day she called me in the evening after her husband left, i went upstairs, she was wearing tight fit salwar kamej, she asked me for a tea and the latest coments in this forum, then i asked her whether she will lift me in my underwear but she did not agree, she then told me to lift her, i front lifted her and with some efort carried her for about 15 seconds or so, then she turned to me grabbing my butt firmly and lifted me up, she bounces me 4 to 5 times and i ejaculate, then she carried me in bearhug and across her shoulder , that whole thing last for 15/20 min

SurajAug 25 2009 3:20am
Suraj-----what a experiance & what a lady u got, next time when she kept u across her shoulder ----u touch her butt to feel if she wear panty, as i love women wearing panty which is rare for indian women-----thanks fo sharing always reply---take care

AnonymousAug 25 2009 6:01am
She has got good strength as she can keep me lifted for few minutes with ease, yesterday she lifted me in bearhug for almost 1 minute, i screamed as my waist were in pain, her hold was very firm during bearhug, don't u have any exp of woman lifting u?

SurajAug 27 2009 2:29am
suraj--still now i havnt-----but i will like it if it happens

AnonymousAug 27 2009 11:10am
The other day I was sitting at the kitchen sink waiting for the pasta water to boil. My wife came into the kitchen and stood in front of me. I wrapped my legs around her waist and hugged her and said jokingly that she was my prisoner. Then she really surprised me by just lifting me off the sink and then carried me around for a while before pressing me to the wall, she asked me who was the prisoner and laughed. This was the first time she had ever lifted me and we both liked it. She kept on lifing me and carried me to the bedroom. After that day she has carried me several times in different ways, it has become our foreplay. Well the pasta water almost boiled away. My wife is 176 cm and about 77 kgs, I am 183 cm and 71 kgs.

Carried GrantSep 14 2009 12:10am
Did your wife ever lifted u naked? did u lifted her?

anonymousSep 14 2009 2:23am
yes, after the kitchen lift she has carried me naked, yes, I have carried her but we both enjoy her lifting me more. She is also a good lifter with her compact AND female body. She can carry me longer than I can carry her.

Carried GrantSep 16 2009 4:36am
to anonymous will u please share ur experience in detail with ur wife lifting u . i m very excited to here from u

ashuSep 28 2009 1:11am
anybody online here

ashuSep 28 2009 1:15am
has anybody been lifted by a female in donkeytyle. i.e. bending forward holding bed or chair and man sitting on her back?

fairyriderOct 27 2009 6:37am
Vika did your cousin sister knew that you got erected and cumed when lifted, wht hapened then, does she still lifts you?

HIOct 28 2009 3:01am
Any other latest experience with your landlady suraj?Tell her to rad this forum and comment. Have you got the chance to touch her boobs or see her topless/sit on her lap?

AnonymousOct 29 2009 10:50am cousin sister knew from the day when she lifted me for the first time, Last month she had lifted and carried me in my frenchie, i ejaculate and also wetted her dress

VikasNov 21 2009 9:41am
lucky boy------which way she carried u, give details so i can imagine u better

AnonymousNov 22 2009 3:02am
Last month, she visited our place and stayed for 4 days, during this she had lifted and carried me several times, but on 2nd day when my both parents were out for marketing, we plan to wrestle with each other, after few minutes of casual wrestling, i began to felt tired when she lifted me in bearhug and bounced me so hard that i ejaculate and also wetted her as i was wearing only frenchie.

VikasNov 22 2009 9:54am
hai guys....i m only 5'3 and 38 kgs...den also i have never experienced n y type of lift

vickyDec 16 2009 5:36am
have your ever try this before person put both feet on chest and try to lift you with her feet and legs ?

AnonymousJan 10 2010 9:07pm
while wrestling i removed my sister's underwear.she became angry and lifted me in her shoulders and emoved my underwear.i begged her to give it back

AnonymousMar 22 2010 11:21pm
can any of you guys pls send me the pics of yours being lifted by girl at or can make an acount in orkut n let me know. girls aslo welcome to send such pics

jsMar 26 2010 8:20am
How a woman lifts a man and carries his body about would be important. The three most usual would be the cradle, over the shoulder and sitting on her shoulders each in its own way carries its own form of humilation for the male and satisfaction for the female. But what I think at any rate is important here is the style of attire or even non-attire. For the male to wear as much status enhansing attire as possible would be for him the essence of his authority. Just as it is important for for the female to wear as little clothing as possible to emphasize her femininity and her rebeliousness against male convention.

hymatMar 27 2010 7:53am
i am a married woman and i often carry my hubby. However most of the tym he carries me but sumtyms specially night in he loves me to carry him to bed. However being a woman i would have loved had he carried me to bed. But its ok, sumtyms i shud also him a lift and carry pleasure. Acyually he has told that wen ever we hav sex in nyt, i will carry him to bed and rest of the tym he will carry me.Let me tell u i nm not a good lifter coz he is a bit heavier for me. But he helps me in doing this. i cant lift in cradle style so he stands on a higher place like table and put his body on my shoulder and i carry him like a potato sack. Isnt stupid for him gettin carried by his wife. Lol

DivyaMar 29 2010 8:04pm
My wife carries me every night before we have sex

temperJun 14 2010 3:57am
tell in detail temper

AnonymousJun 17 2010 4:06pm
Hello!!! everybody out their, I have thought small men always have that fantasy of being lifted by tall strong women, but I never thought their would be so many crazy boys, but you all have very wrong opinion about lift and carry, actually it has nothing to do with sex, it's a motherly, protective, loving, caring act by big women towards smaller men, I know this because I am very tall strong and curvaceous women as compared to Indian girls, my vital stats height 6.3inches weight 98kgs and figure of 42-36-44, I normally wear a heels of 3-4 inches, I always get a glance from all the men, my age is 24, I have been living for the past 1 year with my cousin brother of age 32, we both work in a MNC in Ahemdabad, actually he is a very small men of height 4.10 and weight 36kgs, he used to be very depressed about his small size, it started on one day when he came back from office, I heard his voice of crying in bathroom, I asked him the reason, initially he didn't say anything but I could feel that he was very depressed, I asked him repeat ably, asked in a motherly tone and suddenly he broke down and started crying like a small baby lying on ground, I couldn't resist to pick him up, he was so light weight, I cradled carry him to our bed and took him into my lap and placed his head onto my breasts, I calmed him down, make him sleep in my lap, with his head resting onto my breasts, he slept for 2 hours in my lap, n when he woke up, he toed me everything about his depression of being small like a baby to me, I know he was feeling like a child, so I make him feel like one, I listened patiently to him, tapped him in between on his back, kissed on his forehead, make him feel like a small child n me being a mother, he was so small he was completely in my one arm, I have a bicep of 16, size difference was so big between us, I had a thigh size of 28 n he has a waist of 26, I told him don't worry baby now nobody will make fun of you, I am their to protect you, take care of you, I just did all my household work with he clinging onto my hips, he remained their for around 2 hrs, I made dinner, and feed him with my hands with he in my lap, that night I slept also with my arms covering him all, make him feel protected, next day he woke up now he was not depressed about his small size?that?s the magic of women love?.if you liked this I?ll tell more?.comment all you baby boys out their but don?t take it in sexual way kids?

Punjabi womenJul 13 2010 10:42am
oye gappe na mar.........

AnonymousJul 14 2010 3:21am
@ Anonymous you are telling me...who are you

PUnjabi WomenJul 14 2010 9:20am
@ Anonymous you don't know me I am national level heavy weight wrestler....

Punjabi womenJul 14 2010 9:27am
so what............ tell me one thing earliet u work in mnc and now ur weightlifter

AnonymousJul 14 2010 9:43am
Punjabi women, could it be possible for you to have sex with a much smaller man? If I was your small cousin, lifted in you lap, resting my head against your breasts and feeling your big strong body against mine I would become very aroused. In my dreams I am often that small cousin of yours. I am 182 cm but only 63 kgs so there are many women heavier than me but it is still difficult for me to be lifted in a strong woman's arms. My biceps are 12' flexed, thighs 14', half the size of yours. I would say fantasies about being lifted, mothered the way you describce has a lot do to with sex, for an adult man like me.

ErikJul 21 2010 12:28am
@ Anonymous.. No dear I was & I am a heavyweight wrestler, not weightlifter,OK........& on sports ground I got a job in MNC...I have won many gold medals for my state..& have even represented India...I'll be playing in delhi commonwelth games also..Even now if you don't believe send me your email address i'll mail you my pics...& about my baby boy with whom I am now living, actually he suffered from disease called Kwaiskor when he was small so his body couldn't grow up properly...that's why he though being 8 years older to me I still mothered him, take care of him, protect him, write now when I am typing this message he is sleeping in my lap...

Punjabi womenJul 22 2010 10:02am
@ Erik....Ya boy I could easily lift you, you are no comparison for me...I could take you into my lap...I love to mother baby boys like you, who wants to feel like kid...with your size you are a kid in front of me....but don't take it sexually boy, i could just satisfy your lift and carry fantasy...N tell how I lift my baby boy...

Punjabi womenJul 22 2010 10:12am
does anyone lifted elder women

jamesJul 22 2010 12:13pm
my email is

ErikJul 22 2010 10:02pm
now ur wrestler punjabi woman u changed ur profession 3rd time

AnonymousJul 22 2010 10:05pm
does anyone lifted elder women???

jamesJul 27 2010 10:57am
Can anyone tell me the blogs/ forum about male female lift carry?

anonymousJul 29 2010 2:11am
well suraj any updates??

amitJul 29 2010 11:00am
my wife treats me like a kid...before marriage we were approx. of the same size but after her delivery she gained lot of weight and I have become too skinny over the ages, so she started teasing me over my small size by calling me baby or kido or may be my son, initally I used to object over her this kind of behavior and she used to slap me down beat me and I couln't do anything about it cause she was so strong than me, compared to her shoulder, her biceps, her thighs I look like a small boy but now I enjoy her domination, I love being she the head of the family, we have one son of age 4 and we both call her mommy in the house and she address us as my two sons, she even cradle carries me, takes me into her lap, she wears pants and T shirts in the house and made me wears shorts, I love her motherly behavior, she is the head in our house and I am his child... I love my mommy wife

markAug 09 2010 10:17am
Few days ago i had been lifted by my friend's sister , i was embarased but also felt erotic

RajeshAug 13 2010 11:20am
Any boy who wants to get lifted and carried by me...I can easily lift a average size guy...can take you into my I does daily with my cousin brother

Punjabi WomenAug 20 2010 10:23am
Hi punjabi Kudi , will u lift me I am 172cm and 75 kg

ser DilAug 22 2010 7:06am
Ya baby I can easily lift you...I can take you into my lap, cradle carry you very easily you are so small in front of me...

Punjabi womenAug 24 2010 6:14am
To Panjabi Kudi,Realllyyyy,I loveThis but i have not met any girl who Can do this.I love to cradle carried by you and feel like a little boy.I have lifted many person in my life.I used to a wrestler in my school days.please tell in which way u want to lift me? whats ur height?

Ser dilAug 26 2010 10:59am
Punjabi Kudi ,I am waiting for ur reply

ser DilAug 27 2010 7:21am
Hey Panjab di kudi

Ser DilSep 07 2010 11:21am
punjabi kudi can u plese pick me up i am 65 kgs and 5"6 by height ?

Akash sharmaOct 10 2010 12:08pm
punjabi kudi when can i have the pleasure of being lifted and carried by you

rajaOct 12 2010 12:26pm
punjabi kudi i am 64 kgs

rajaOct 12 2010 12:27pm
punjabi kudi when can i have the pleasure of being lifted and carried by you

rajaOct 12 2010 12:28pm
Hey Punjabi kudi, I am 173 cm tall and weigh 90kgs. I guess it'll be difficult for u to lift me.

MaxOct 19 2010 2:33am
My wife can give me a piggyback ride. Its difficult for her to give me any other lift carry pleasures. She normally gives me piggyback rides as part of our foreplay.

MaxOct 19 2010 2:37am
Any girl/woman wanna lift me ? send me mesage ,I am 170 cmm 70 kg only

Ser DilOct 31 2010 10:48am
Any girl/woman wanna lift me ? send me mesage ,I am 170 cmm 70 kg only

Ser DilOct 31 2010 10:48am
I cant forget the last holi when one of my neighbour who is a punjabi woman of my age front lifted me and carried me for some distance in front of others

DeepakNov 09 2010 9:57am
I have two experiences of being lifted by girls. From when I was 8 to 12,our maid servant,5 years older,would regularly carry me on her back. She could do it for two-three hors at stretch. And I loved it! Next,my best friend,a really beautiful and sexy girl,invited me to her house last week. We're both 17. We began to click photos and I suddenly suggested she lift her brother(12) which she did with utmost ease. Then I tried to lift her. But though I succeeded,it wasn't easy. Then she claimed her turn,and we clicked nearly ten pictures with her carrying me,on her shoulder,on her back,cradle style,even baby style! Our friendship has got a lot stronger!:D

ritzieNov 10 2010 9:45pm
I just had another experience today. Me and my best friend were out for a stroll on the park. We were discussin the last time she carried me. Though she's lighter than me,she could lift me with much lesser difficulty. She smiled and offered to carry me,which I readily accepted! So I climbed on her back,hugging her neck with my hands,and her soft,slim belly with my legs. She walked around the park with me quite easily,and we chatted normally about her uncanny strength as we did so. She's really beautiful,dead fair,with long auburn,excuisite hair,full round breasts and a slim,curved body. I've no idea how she got so very strong. After 15minutes in the park,she just took a little break,and carried me all the way to her house,up the stairs,to her mom's room. Aunty was shocked,but at the same time delighted,and highly amused. We clicked three more pictures,one where I'm sitting on her right shoulder and her brother on her left one(she got a bit tired after that one). Next one,I was sitting on her mom's shoulder! And finally,me and puneet(the bro) took off all our clothes. I was being bathed by auntie,and he by his sister. When it was time to return home,I insisted I carry her to my house. She agreed to it,but I had to put her down after about five minutes. She smiled and I climbed on her back,so she carried me back home in ten minutes,up the stairs,across the corridor to my room. She put me on my bed,and said I really looked cute without clothes. We're meeting again tomorrow,in her house. I'll upload my experience!

ritzieNov 10 2010 11:29pm
Hey,I'm Alan. My 25 year old sister is really strong and can lift me in any way she wants. We've been doin' it for the last 14 years,until she left for the US last month. Is there any girl out there who can lift me? I'm only fifty eight kilos. We can be really good friends,but you'll have to lift me whenever we meet!

alanNov 10 2010 11:35pm
Lisa here! I'm 21 years old,5 7'' tall and weigh 62 kg. However,I'm a black belt in kung fu and can lift anyone with utmost ease! Last day I lifted my 20year old cousin and kept him in the air,cradle style,for a full half hour!

LisaNov 12 2010 2:15am
lisa i am akash sharma 65 kgs and 5"6 can u plese lift and carry me i will be really thankful to u plese contact me my email id is i am despereately waiting for your reply

Akash sharmaNov 12 2010 7:17am
yo Akash! Where do you live? Ever been lifted by any woman before?

LisaNov 12 2010 11:24pm
I'm waiting Akash! We'll discuss how we can meet,or at least get in touch. My mails are checked by my parents(still!) so I think it's better to contact via sms.

LisaNov 12 2010 11:46pm
i am living in india lisa you are from which place

Akash sharmaNov 13 2010 7:54am
I'm from Kolkata. Which city?

lisaNov 13 2010 9:12am
i am in delhi lisa can u plese lift me up ?

Akash sharmaNov 13 2010 12:37pm
Sure thing! We can meet once my exams are over. Can you lift me?

lisaNov 13 2010 11:02pm
oh thanks a lot when your exams will be over yes i will try my best to lift u up

Akash sharmaNov 14 2010 12:40am
I have a long time fantasy. To spend an entire day without walking,but being carried around everywhere! Want me to lift you on my shoulders and walk in public?

lisaNov 14 2010 2:02am
o yes sure lisa i will love to be carried by u in public lisa will u plese cardle carry me like a baby?

Akash sharmaNov 14 2010 2:06am
Once we meet,I'll try to keep you airborne as long as I can. Are you online now? If yes,please reply.

lisaNov 14 2010 6:35am
lisa can u plese give me your yahoo email id?

Akash sharmaNov 14 2010 8:05am
it's best that we don't get in touch before my exams...

lisaNov 15 2010 12:38am
Hi lisa, i m 30 yr old man, 5'4" ht and weighs 60 kg, can u lift me in bearhug and over your shoulder? have u ever lifted a man before?

GautamNov 15 2010 9:18am
i want to more about lift and carry

AnonymousNov 15 2010 10:16am
i want to more about lift and carry

AnonymousNov 15 2010 10:16am
As I've already mentioned,I've lifted my cousin brother. I can surely lift you once we meet,Gautam. You'll have to lift me too!

lisaNov 17 2010 3:16am
Hi,this is Samantha. I'm 6 4",weighing 78 kilos. I'm a 26 year old model,and have lifted many men. I can keep men airborne for as long as I want. I remember walking in a beach for a whole hour with my then boyfriend on my shoulders!

SamanthaNov 17 2010 3:21am
Ive had one blonde that I trained in muscle development and on the second week I had her bend over the bed naked,turned on a fan and hopped on her back naked .using two pair of handcuffs I fastened her wrists so she couldnt let my legs go and had a strap for tension.i rode her for about an hour around the room blindfolded using a flashlight to guide us having her eat treats I hid in the room already on my third time cumming the cum and baby oil on her ass made for fun humpin,when I gave her a break she callapsed and had to crawl to the bathroom,she looked at me with nothin but determination in her eyes as I kissed her on her lips she licked everything up including the m,ms,good girl rest up for tonight,she said master I dont dought it a bit.

AnonymousNov 18 2010 5:30am
For the above comment its mine and any woman who wants to do some bizarre liftin for me and thinks she can handle me im in hyattsville md message me and we will have some fun thank you 210 is my weight I can carry a lady for 4 hours using mind control,ill marry a woman that will let me train her to give me a two hour piggyback ride uuummmm.

Cjoswph947@gmail.comNov 18 2010 5:37am
samantha i am 5"6 tall and 68 kgs weight guy can u plese cradle carry me ? plese reply

scott robertNov 18 2010 8:47am
Sure Scotty! Which country are y'from?

SamanthaNov 19 2010 5:54am
lisa pls mention your account on email or orkut.

hiNov 19 2010 12:07pm
Hi lisa, will u lift me totally naked on your shoulder? i have a fantasy of being lifted and carried by a woman nude

GautamNov 21 2010 10:40am
If you don't mind taking your clothes off in my presence,I'd love to! I'll take my clothes off as well. Won't that be great?:p

lisaNov 23 2010 4:28pm
Hi lisa, if u lift me naked on your shoulder i will ejaculate on your body, actually sometimes back a call girl has lifted and carried me naked, that was the most erotic exp of my life, Lisa, which country u belong? wats your ht and wt?

GautamNov 24 2010 10:02am
I'm 5 7" and I weigh 62 kilos. I'm from kolkata.

lisaNov 27 2010 4:37am
Lisa u r taller and heavier than me, where u live in kolkata? we can meeet i also live in kolkata

GautamNov 29 2010 9:49am
Really? Where? I'd love to meet you! I live in New Alipore!

lisaNov 30 2010 10:38pm
Lisa, I live in golpark,i m dying to meet u, will u mind if i ejaculate while being lifted? had your cousin brother cummed when u lifted him? which type of lift u like most?

GautamDec 01 2010 9:35am

121Dec 02 2010 2:15am
Lisa I am favourite named aunties lifter. U can get most enjoyment of lifting me without any sexual fantacy. You can read me in amazed asian poll. I am lifter as well as liftee.

Aunties LifterDec 02 2010 2:22am
To My All Fans!! I have added another interesting poll which you might have never seen before. Just follow. auntylifter -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have you felt in paradise with lady 2 wheeler driver? Question: Hye! I am ur favourite aunty lifter. I use to backsit on 2 wheelers when ladies are driving. What do you fill? What do you do when you are sitting in behind & lady dominationg sitted on driver sit? Created by: auntylifter at 03:01:36 AM, Tuesday, November 02, 2010 PST auntylifter

Aunties LifterDec 02 2010 2:43am
ritzie.. were you carried piggyback by your maid servant? how old is your maid servant? how would you climb on her back? does she still carry u?

AnonymousDec 02 2010 5:34am
Let's meet tomorrow. Do you know Behala?

lisaDec 03 2010 3:37am
My maid servant is 22 now. No,she doesn't lift me anymore

AnonymousDec 03 2010 3:40am
Lisa, i don't know behala that well, actually i m staying as a paying guest in golpark, can u share your mail id? did our cousin brother cummed when u lifted him?

GautamDec 03 2010 10:32am
Lisa you can enjoy better with me! I am from Pune

Aunties LifterDec 04 2010 2:50am
Lisa you can enjoy better with me! I am from Pune

Aunties LifterDec 04 2010 2:50am
Hi panjabi woman my email id is Send me ur pics wid ur cousin bro

AnonymousDec 07 2010 5:13pm
Hi lisa will u share your mail id with me? i m waiting for u to lift and carry me

GautamDec 08 2010 9:28am
we all want your mail id Lisa

hiDec 08 2010 10:07am
Hi max.. How old are you?? Does your wife still give piggyback rides to you? Describe yourself, your wife and your piggyback rides on her pls... I love piggyback rides and would like to know the details on how you climb on to her back and for how long can she carry you..

piggyback riderDec 08 2010 10:58am
Are there french lift and carry fans ?

loveliftJan 09 2011 1:38pm
whats french lift carry??

anonymousJan 14 2011 7:07am
I am luckiest among all as I am lifted by my maid. I am Indian, leaving in South Africa where my black maid of 6.5 lift me 5.7

Indo AfricanJan 17 2011 1:04am
Further up the page is a contribution from a guy called Mark whose wife treats him like a little boy. In fact he seems to be on the same level as his four year old son. It would be great to hear from him again about his life now. It sounds great to me!

stevenJan 29 2011 3:44am
samantha i am 5'7' 140lb guy, can u lift me and wrestle me?

servo900c@gmail.comFeb 02 2011 5:14am
hi i also want to share something

rohanMar 06 2011 10:40pm
hi i also want to share something

rohanMar 06 2011 10:40pm
I request all to pls open facebook a/c and load pics of girls lifting guys so everyone can see.

AnonymousMar 09 2011 3:21pm
Hi, I am Raj of 23 yrs of age, 169 cms of ht & 53 kgs of wt. I love to be lifted by small girls of age in between 12 to 20 who will love me, kiss me, lift me & carry me forever. I want a reply from a strong girl and you are always welcome. My E_Mail ID is

Raj SekharMar 10 2011 8:04pm
I've had lots of experiences being carried by women, but I'll tell of most recent one. We went to a beach resort for holiday and we took our filipina maid with us to help watch the kids. So I was walking on the beach and cut my foot on a piece of glass. Our maid immediately came over and helped me wipe off the blood and wrapped it in a hankerchief. Now I'll describe our maid, she's 44 yrs old and though you can tell she's endured years of hard work, she has a rather pretty face. She's 5'2" and 45kg, and for a 44 yr old has a nice, slender body. She's usually pretty covered up, but one of the things I always noticed was how slender her waist was. Her arms are also quite slender. Her calves are actually nicely muscled for someone her size. I'd never seen her upper legs but when she wears pants you can tell her butt is pretty round and firm. Anyways, I tried to get up and walk on my foot, but it was too painful, so our maid said she would carry me up to our cottage. I laughed and said I was pretty sure she couldn't carry me - I'm 5'10" and 93kg. But she insisted so I got on her back and to my surprise she started carrying me piggyback up the beach the 200m to our cottage. Towards the end she was breathing hard and I could feel her slender body straining under my weight - more than twice her bodyweight - but she never stopped. And then we got to the cottage which had about 5 steps to go up. She grunted with each step but made it up and I was so aroused I sure she could feel it. She set me down and I sat on the veranda and thanked her and told her how amazed I was at her strength. She seemed embarrassed and pleased at the same time so I took the opportunity to comment that she must have strong legs and touched her quads and they were very firm and felt larger than I would have expected. I still get aroused every time I see her now. I have lots of other experiences from the past as well that I might share.

nateApr 08 2011 6:49am
To Nate, you said that you have lots of experiences, please tell us other story.

NadirJun 04 2011 3:06pm
The first time i was lifted by a Woman, it was by our Maid. I tell her that i want to see if i can lift more than 50kg, i ask her if she agree that i try to lift her (she weight 55Kg like me), she don't object, i lift her in front lift about 20 seconds. Then i ask her, can you lift me? She front lift me for 30 seconds and said i am not too heavy. I lift her in craddle (about 10 seconds), i found it difficult, after i put her, she lift me in a cradle so easily, she put me down until i ask her.

NadirJun 04 2011 3:15pm
My strong ex gf used to lift me like a rag doll in many different ways and it was a great feeling, very erotic and it made both of us horny as hell. She was 12 cm smaller than me but she outweights me with 10 kg.

gerardJun 05 2011 12:18pm
my sister(25) is 7 years older than me and 4 inches taller than me.she lifts me easily as she is heavier infront of relatives and i get embarassed.

sataJun 08 2011 6:17am
When i was about 14 yrs of age, one little girl who was 6 yrs younger to me had lifted me on her shoulder and also had given me cradle carry. Since then i was unfortunate to feel the same again. It was erotic and embarrassing but I love it. (

Raj SekharJun 17 2011 2:11am
There was this one girl who was incredibly tall. She was a head taller than me. Despite being quite skinny she still outweighed me by two and a half stone. She hugged me once and accidently lifted me off my feet. I have absolutely no doubt she was stronger than me.

AnonymousJun 24 2011 3:49pm

dateJul 09 2011 8:39am
Everyone here narrates fake stuff.

Fuck you allJul 13 2011 9:26pm
i also want to be liftted

aviJul 21 2011 6:18am
can any girl lift me

aviJul 21 2011 6:20am
i also want to be liftted

aviJul 21 2011 6:21am
Hi Safa why don't yo share the pics

AnonymousJul 21 2011 2:12pm
@Nadir . Tell me any of your other lift and carry event with your maid. I am really aroused to hear from you. Whats your weight n height? By the way I am 5.3 and just 48 kg. I think every girl can easily lift me.

RaheelJul 24 2011 1:17am
@NADIR. Was it first and last time that you were carried by her. narrate other incidents as well did she told everyone abt this experience?

aviAug 07 2011 12:41pm
hi nadir.........wat is d age and ht of u both,,,,,,,,,,do u hv some other xperience to share

AnonymousAug 16 2011 12:14pm
@Raheel. When she lift me first time i was 23 years old and she probably 20 years, our weight both 55Kg, height i 1.73 cm, she 1,65cm; i was lifted by her at different times but she don't really like it

NadirAug 18 2011 8:19pm
@nadir.........pls share ur different xperiences

salmanAug 20 2011 12:38am
I've never been lifted nor met a woman who would want to do it to me but it has been a fantasy of mine for a while now to be lifted like a baby by a big strong woman, despite the fact that I used to feel bad about it. Hi Punjabi woman if you're still around, you must have recieved many requests now but I never thought things like existed. I would like to know more about you and lifting. I'm only 1.74 metres and 69kg and my email is

PKAug 31 2011 8:46am
Years ago,I dated this younger girl and over the holidays she invited me up to stay with her family. She was 22 and her mom was around 40, divorced and living with a new boyfriend. We spent a lot of time hanging out drinking and partying, and at one point I realized her mom (who wasn't too bad looking) had some big bulging biceps, which she seemed proud of. (When nobody was around but us, she did a lot of flexing and slowly rubbing her upper arms.) I finally commented on them and her face immediately lit up. Apparently, she worked out for years but her current boyfriend didn't care for her muscles, so she worked out at home whenever he was at work or out with buddies. The house they lived in was old, with big, thick wood door-frames, and she showed me how she liked to jump up, grab the top of one, and do pull-ups on them. She said once in a while, she'd pick up her daughter (my g/f) in her arms and kind of toss her in the air and catch her again, too -- but she HATED when mom did that to her. (My g/f was a thick curvy gal who weighed just under 200lbs. so that was pretty impressive.) I told her, "If you can do that with her, then you can pick me up too. I actually weigh a little bit less than she does." She grinned and immediately scooped me up out of my chair, saying "Oh yeah... you're pretty easy to lift!" To try to make it more of a challenge, I came up with the idea that she should try standing behind me, facing my back, and cup her hands together under my butt, and try lifting me that way. At first, she didn't quite get my feet off the ground that way but she was strong enough to come REAL close. So then she suggested she'd just try to hold her hands out in that position while I slowly sat down on them, until I was sitting, full-weight, in them. That actually worked! Next thing I know, she started slowly walking around the room with me sitting in her hands, biceps bulging way out under the load. She was so happy with herself, and I was amazed too! After that, she secretly promised to keep working out with a goal of being able to lift me off the ground like that the next time I visited. The next time I came back, the next year, too many people were gathered around most of the time for her to have the opportunity to try it. But finally, there was some point where they were all in other rooms getting ready to go out. Next thing I know, she ran up behind me and I felt her hands under my butt, and she quietly says in my ear, "Going up!" and boosts me right up off the floor!

JWSep 06 2011 4:54pm
My wife is 4 year younger than me, she is 42 kg and I m 75. I like to getting lifted by her, one day I forced her to lift me, I made her standing near the bed, I stood on bed and from there I put my leg on her shoulder and set my self on her shoulder, she immediately take support of wall by holding her hand on wall, when I completely found myself over her shoulder and also found her compfortable, I ask her to hold my legs in her arms rather than wall, she took her hend from wall and hold my leg, I put my hand on her face, It was a great feeling when she holded my leg in her arms and I was keeping my arms on face and her nosering. I asked her to walk a bit but she was not able to do so. but she was confortable when I was sitting on her shoulder, I was about to injected in her hair, so I asked her to seat so that I can get down. It was really a great experiance.

DD WanOct 28 2011 11:44am
Last week i have been front lifted by my friend's wife during a party

manishDec 18 2011 12:24pm
My sister in law often lifts me when my wife is not around, she is 8 yrs younger to me but lifts me easily, i always ends up cummed in my shorts

K SushilDec 18 2011 12:33pm
Actually it started about 4 to 5 months back when my sis in law visited our place in her vacation, she is 24 yrs old, one evening my wife had gone to a nearby market and we were watching a south indian film and in one scene a lady inspector lifted and carried a man on her shoulder. My sis in law laughed at this scene, i told that the scene was fake and a woman cannot lifts a man like this, she disagreed and an arguement started, then she challenged me that she can lifts me easily and i agreed, then she just wrapped her hands around my butt and lifted me in front lift easily, i just struggled in her arms and tried to free myself but she was holding me so firmly that after few seconds unable to resist i cummed in my underwear, she kept me lifted for about a minute before grounding me. after that incident she had lifted me for almost 8 to 10 times when my wife is not around

K SushilDec 24 2011 12:16pm
I was lifted and carried by a call girl for few times, at 3 to 4 occasions she had lifted me totally nude

S RajDec 24 2011 12:32pm
I am sity 10 daysago my sister lift me.(she is only 10 but i 19 years old)

SityDec 30 2011 9:14am
Sity she is my own sister i hurt her yesterday then i go to sleep with few minuts she lift me from bed..,and,..

AnonymousDec 30 2011 9:29am which way did she lifts u and wats the wt of u both

R kaushikDec 30 2011 11:02am
Hi S raj.. pl tell in details how it all started, both of ur age , ht and wt and also which way did she lifts u

R kaushikDec 30 2011 11:05am
Sity she so hurt so she placed me on her hip threw me out she is strong

AnonymousDec 30 2011 4:06pm
Me and my sister(1 yr young to me)live in a small room oneday i to much drink and met accident my hip broken so she is carry me on her shoulder ?hip every

SatDec 30 2011 4:35pm
Hallo kaushik i used to visit a call girl, she is of my ht and heavier than me and 2 to 3 yrs younger, the first time she lifted me i was quite embarassed but felt erotic in her arms,she undressed me and i was standing in front of her just in frenchie..she fondled all over my body and i tried to front lift and carry her to bed but i struggled a bit to lift her and grounded her.. i was ashamed not to be able to lift her properly..suddenly to my surprise she grabbed by butt with both arms and front lifted me without any effort..i tried hard to free myself..she was holding me firmly and laughing at me..after few seconds i cummed in my frenchie, after that incident she had lifted me few times .. at few occasions she had lifted me nude

S RajJan 01 2012 8:39am
Hi is there any girl in oxford who can lift and carry me.. I can pay for this if any one can do so please contact me at

AnonymousJan 02 2012 4:05pm
if any female reader read out this message it's male of 25 frm oxfrod wanted to b lifted and carried by women my ht is 5ft5 wt is 65. contact me at

AnonymousJan 03 2012 7:55am

anonymousJan 04 2012 11:16pm
s raj can you give me the contact details of the call girl

AnonymousFeb 18 2012 2:48pm
Last week in holi, i was front lifted by my sister in law for few seconds who came to our place in holi vacation

samirMar 18 2012 8:30am
Once I was lifted by my ex lover Nance, she legpressed me on her feet for minutes, I was flying, going up and down, wonderful experience.

CincinhoMay 05 2012 3:36pm
i am 20 yrs old 5'5" 48kgs n my gf is 5'8" n 70kgs n 2 yrs younger dan me. she always treats me as her little baby.. she carries me lyk a child n i feel protected in her strong arms..she always tells "my little baby luks so cute in my strong arms"

liftee loverMay 31 2012 2:57am
i am 20 yrs old 5'5" 48kgs n my gf is 5'8" n 70kgs n 2 yrs younger dan me. she always treats me as her little baby.. she carries me lyk a child n i feel protected in her strong arms..she always tells "my little baby luks so cute in my strong arms"

liftee loverMay 31 2012 2:59am
i am 20 yrs old 5'5" 48kgs n my gf is 5'8" n 70kgs n 2 yrs younger dan me. she always treats me as her little baby.. she carries me lyk a child n i feel protected in her strong arms..she always tells "my little baby luks so cute in my strong arms"

liftee loverMay 31 2012 3:00am

UpdateMay 31 2012 9:28am
It is not unusual for a girl to be able to lift and carry a man. My girlfriend, and then my wife, have lifted and carried me many ways, and easily.0

lftgrlJun 10 2012 5:34pm
Pl share details how it all started with ur gf and wife, also ur age , ht & wt and that of ur gf/wife

anonymousJun 14 2012 9:34am
my gf vicky is strong as a horse, she loved to lift me in many different positions, i am alucky guy.

AnonymousAug 19 2012 1:09pm
@punjabi girl & @lisa... this side Vikas from Delhi.. smart/fair/little muscular/5'5/ 53kg stronger than you both :-) challenge you for mixed wrestling (friendly) if accept challenge.. mail me @

vikas kapoorAug 29 2012 1:54am

1Aug 30 2012 5:41am

-1'Aug 30 2012 5:41am
I frequently used to visit a massage parlour in which 4 to 5 women work, last week after massage i jokingly asked her whether i can lift u in my arm and she agreed, but to my embarrasment i could front lift her just for few seconds, she was bit heavy for me, she laughed a bit and then to my surprise she front lifted me easily and kept me lifted for almost half minute, i wetted my underwear

R kaushikAug 31 2012 12:19pm
Check out this:

JohnSep 04 2012 4:52am
Please dont judge me by age. Im a girl 16 and like piggyback people. i want to see how heavy i can carry. how do i ask a bigger or older person. my brothers friends are not a challange.

saraNov 24 2012 8:17pm
I love tall girls and strong! unfortunately in my small town there are these girls! I am very small and weak .... I'm 166 cm (5.5) and weight only 55 kg (121 pounds)! I would love to be carried and lifted by a big strong girl! my mail is

mick73Feb 10 2013 2:21pm
punjabi woman i m ankit age 24 i m small man like our cousin 5'3 and 45kg i want to meet u and want in relation ship sine i m so weak i ibm employee in noida pls comtact me

ankitFeb 10 2013 9:05pm
HI..iLIFT AND CARRY MAN for money.i m a girl of 20.piz contact me 8001915823.low prise.

lc prosFeb 20 2013 11:58pm
Hi Lisa, I am Sachin from Mumbai. My height is 5'9inches and I weigh 61Kgs. Can you lift me?

Sachin ManeFeb 21 2013 7:14am
Hi Punjabi gal, can u mail me ur pics?

Sachin ManeFeb 21 2013 7:15am
If a girl would lift me high over her head I would be in heaven.

gethewil82Mar 13 2013 3:27am
Hi is there any girl in who can lift and carry me.. I can pay for this if any one can do so please contact me at

bashaMar 20 2013 5:10am
I want to be lifted by strong school girls. I am 26, 56 kgs & of height 168 cms. Its a request, please reply on

AkshayApr 21 2013 11:41pm
I love being carried piggyback by my girlfriend especially after our team soccer games from the soccer field to the university gym, the distance of which is just over 500 yards. We very regularly take turns carrying each other piggyback alot. She carries me effortlessly as though I were as light as a feather.We often take turns weighing each other in the gym locker room and she is 5'5" tall and a surprisingly rock solid muscular 169 lbs while I tower over her at 6'2" tall and yet weigh only 138 lbs. Whenever I carry her piggyback she feels solidly heavy and muscular especially around her thickly built thighs. We both carry each other about almost the same distance but it takes a noticeably much longer time for me to carry her than it does for her to carry me.

JoshMay 04 2013 12:42am

lkkMay 18 2013 9:52am
Its not a big deal of woman lifting man.. I respect woman who really care as a tenderly mother to a man.... Woman are true protectors...

AnonymousMay 20 2013 1:45pm
Ic pros can u really lift out.... ??? How much do u weigh and height??

AnonymousMay 20 2013 1:46pm
Punjabi woman--- definitely strong...

AnonymousMay 20 2013 1:47pm
آستغفـر الله وأتــــــــــوب ، إليه

الإســــــــــلامJul 03 2013 7:07am
Last week i was front lifted by a sex worker for few sec in kolkata, i wetted my frenchie

R kumarJul 22 2013 12:29pm
am raavi frm faridabad and lc lover am smll in height.

ravi lambaAug 06 2013 2:13am
any girl is oln

AnonymousAug 06 2013 4:14am
Hi! Lisa. I am Badsha, t 5'4 and 68kg. I want to be lifted by you. I am from kolkata too.

BadshaAug 13 2013 11:05am
Hi! lc pros! where r u from? I am nterested to get lifted by you. I will pay instead. Its my dream to be lifted by a girl.

AnonymousAug 13 2013 11:08am
i had an experirnce 10 yrs back with my maid who lc me throughout the day when my parents were not home. I really enjoyed it.

BadshaAug 13 2013 11:10am
Hi badsha, wats the ht and wt of u both

rakeshAug 29 2013 9:50am
i love to be lifted by a beautiful girl. i am5.8 and 65 kg.and i can pay for it. if any girl intrasted mail me at

indian manSep 21 2013 8:36pm
I carry my girlfriend all the time, we both love it. I'm 6'2 and 190 lbs and my gf is 5'9 and 170. She's got a great mocha skintone, and is really curvy. I carry her in every way possible for really long periods of time

Dan The ManSep 29 2013 2:25am
dan ask ur g. f. can she able to lift an indian gay.approx140

lndlan manOct 02 2013 7:36pm
hi, i love to be lifted and carried by a girl. i am 5.7 and 58kg, any girl like to lift and carry me...........

karanOct 03 2013 12:06pm
yahan pe koi girl hai kya, jo mujhe apni godhi mein utha sake

karanOct 09 2013 7:54am
Any grl is dr who can carry me .i m 18yrs old and 5"11 inches tall and 62kgs

NawabOct 13 2013 2:02pm
One year before I had carried by elder sister

NawabOct 16 2013 6:39pm
I met a maid going for her work once while going to office. She was crossing a wooden brigde which i too had to cross to reach my office. It was pretty slippery for early morning rain and I was walking with fear on it. She was abit behind me. She noticed my condition and held my hand and helped me. I thanked her. While returning in the eve from office, we met again and now she and another maid helped me by putting their hands aroung me and with another pulled me up in the air helped me cross the bridge. As it was dark and less light there no one seems to notice us in this way. I thanked them and gave them a panipuri treat. I really enjoyed their lifitng me.

BadshaOct 17 2013 10:22am
g90Ecq Thanks-a-mundo for the blog post.Much thanks again. Fantastic.

YSCmrxfiSOct 23 2013 10:09pm
I like to be lifted by women wt 52 ht 6 Chennai

surajNov 24 2013 10:52am
i want to lifted

rajeshNov 25 2013 6:52pm
my sister is too stronger she lifts me and carry. she can lift a 90 kg man easily she lifted me overead for 10 minutes

AnonymousNov 25 2013 6:59pm
my sister is too stronger she lifts me and carry. she can lift a 90 kg man easily she lifted me overead for 10 minutes

surajNov 25 2013 6:59pm
i prakash i want lift by a girl my height is 5.8 and weight upto 65 kg anyone can lift me

prakashNov 26 2013 3:14am
is there any girl who can lift me

vishalNov 26 2013 9:33am
Vishal. What is your weight and height?

sreetoma mukherjeeDec 09 2013 11:18am
I want to share a story of mine... First of all my ht is 6ft and wt.76kg.. and well toned.. One girl come to my house to do physiotherapy to my grandma.. I m 22 yrs of age whereas she is 19.. She was black and got a ht. of 5ft 4in. But her body structure is well toned since she is an athlete in her schooldays. I always like stubborn girls like her. She came to my house regularly to do physiotherapy. Daily i think i will propose her to lift me up bcos i m very eager to get lifted by a girl. It never occurrd in my life prvsly. Btw one day my grandma was in bathroom and she came at dat tym. I got the chance to propose since no one is there in the room.. I asked her can you lift me.. She become shy and told no.. I m sure that with a strong body structure like her she could have carry me but feel dissappointed at her no.. After a week, one day she came nd my grandma was not there. I make a new idea.. I started pinning her by saying u look strong but have no power in you.. Full of air and no strenght.. After pinning for a minute. She just said "really" and i m just standing in front of her.. Giving me no time she grabs my right hand with her left hand and my right leg with her right hand and lifted me effortlessly over her shoulders..nd i liked it very much bcos dats my plan to get lifted by a girl. She carried across the room over her shoulders for more than 10 mins.. I was in shorts and immediatly my penis got erected and i ejaculate on her.. But she kept me over her shoulder until my grandma returns after 10 to 15 mins. But i am really ashamed bcos i hv ejaculate on her for two times.. After i get cummed she put me down and told me that girls can lift boys easily than boys can.. Bcos girls strength to carry others is always more than a boy.. And also told me that girls often avoid to carry any unknown boy.. Bcos boys always ejaculate when he is carried by a girl..

titoDec 09 2013 11:49am
Meri hight 5.10 ft ky koi girl muje frunt lift kr skti h

snsonu58@gmail.comDec 10 2013 7:05pm
What is ur weight???

piu dasDec 11 2013 1:58am
hi, meri height 5ft9inch hai or weight60kg, koi girl mujhe front lift ya side lift or bache ki tra goddi mein utha skti hai.....

rahulDec 11 2013 2:12pm
72 kg nd u piu das

snsonu58@gmail.comDec 11 2013 9:41pm
83kgs with 5 ft 9 in ht... I can lift any one upto 95 kilos.. Easily.. Bcos i m a strong bengali girl.. Mera biceps 16 in.. Hai biswas nahi ho raha hai... toh mail id bhejo mera pics bhej dunga..

piu dasDec 12 2013 2:02am muje fight m jit skti ho

snsonu58@gmail.comDec 12 2013 2:53am
Tm kh rhti ho

snsonu58@gmail.comDec 12 2013 2:58am
hi piu rahul can u send me ur pics...on my mail id..

rahulDec 12 2013 6:11am
Hiiiii piu hwz u gd mrg tum marride ho Muje tmare facebook id sand kro m tme frnd rqst snd kruga apn wha pr bt krege

snsonu58@gmail.comDec 13 2013 6:42pm
hey sreetoma mukherjee can u lift me my height is 5.8 and weigh upto 60 kg plz reply me fast

vishalDec 15 2013 9:06am
my wife often wears mini skirt one day i saw her soft legs i sit on her lega then she grabbed me and lifted me up to his head and started kissing me it was an amazing experience of lift and carry

kaushikDec 15 2013 9:13am
i want to say about my strong sister we leave in mumbai one day my family was ready to go for fathers friend marriage we came out towards our car maruti 800 my father saw that car front tire was puntured my father call mechanic he told he will come after an hour my father knows how to change tire then suddenly my sister age 21 wearing punjabi dress came towards car and grabbed car tightly and tried to lift the car she lifted car to his knees then my father changed car tire sister lifted car for about 15 minutes me my mom and father was shocked by my sisters strength she is really strong girl

prashantDec 15 2013 9:27am
Prashant tmari sis ki ky hight h nd tumari hight

snsonu58@gmail.comDec 16 2013 6:13pm
me 5.8 and sis 5.4 kyu kya hua

prashantDec 18 2013 9:40am
i m nisha one day my bf challenged me to lift him i accepted her challenge i gave him a front lift on my waist he was sleepimg on my breasts i always lift him sometimes ii lifts him while i kisses him

nishaDec 18 2013 9:48am
Nisha tmari ky hight h or tmare bf ki

snsonu58@gmail.comDec 18 2013 10:04am
Koi ladki mujhe godi me le sakti h mera weight 64 h

niharDec 21 2013 8:23am
Nihar nisha aram se leskti h tume godi m

snsonu58@gmail.comDec 21 2013 6:58pm
I am not sure any girl lift 65 weight boys.

niharDec 22 2013 3:09am
me koi bhi ladke ko lift nhi kar sakti i lift only my bf understand

nishaDec 23 2013 10:18am
Ladki ladke ko lift nehi kar sakti khas karke indian ladki

rahulDec 24 2013 12:12am
Nisha muje bhi nh krogi

snsonu58@gmail.comDec 24 2013 9:25am
My 16yrs old cousin easily lifted me!!!

surpridDec 25 2013 5:21am
Ky hight or wight h uska

snsonu58@gmail.comDec 26 2013 10:38pm
Kya hua sbvso gye ky

snsonu58@gmail.comDec 29 2013 7:30pm
dont understand hindi.....she is 5'8" and am 5'6"

surprisedDec 30 2013 10:27pm
Few days ago i was front lifted by a massage parlour girl for few sec, i wetted my underwear

abhisekJan 03 2014 11:29am
I live in weight is 60 kgs ...i would like to sit on lap and also get shoulder ride...can any girl hold me on her lap and give me Mr

AnonymousJan 04 2014 11:43am
I live in weight is 60 kgs ...i would like to sit on lap and also get shoulder ride...can any girl hold me on her lap and give me shoulder ride

AnonymousJan 04 2014 11:49am
i rahul 6.0 weigh 75 kg i was front lifted by my sister 5.7 age 22 she lifted me for about 20 min she is stronger then me

rahulJan 05 2014 6:31am
Aap sb ki girl frnd ki hight or wight kitna h

snsonu58@gmail.comJan 08 2014 10:16am
Hi I love to be lifted by girls. My age is 27 yrs, wt is 58 kg and ht is 5'6". Can any girl fulfill my dream ?

akshay_mohanty@yahoo.inJan 09 2014 3:06am
Muje kon girl lift kr skti h meri hight 5.8ft h nd wight 73kg h

snsonu58@gmail.comJan 09 2014 7:23pm
Last week i was front lifted by a call girl for few seconds, it was an erotic exp for me as she lifted me with ease

deepakJan 19 2014 1:44am
Deepak ky hight thi uski or tmari

snsonu58@gmail.comJan 20 2014 6:54pm
Mere gf ne mujhe kai baar lift ki h she is 52 n i am 66.

prakashJan 20 2014 10:12pm
hey any girl from bangalore can lift me ?? i am a guy of age 21 and weight 61 kgs..

pavJan 21 2014 9:28am
I am lifting any boy easily.

chhayaJan 24 2014 3:34am
Chhaya you r from which place ? Can you lift me ?

pavJan 24 2014 10:17am
ya pav i lift you easily

AnonymousJan 25 2014 7:58am
ya pav i am lifting you easily

chhayaJan 25 2014 7:59am
Which place r u from chhaya ?

pavJan 25 2014 10:25am
Hi is there any girl who can lift me like baby my weight is 50 kgs I m eagerly waiting 4 such experience

chota bheemJan 26 2014 11:20am
i am in mumbai

chhayaJan 27 2014 8:12am
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