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Do women want to have male servants?

Question: I believe that in the future matriarchial society every woman will have at least one male servant. But then this question struck me: do they really want to have male servants?
Created by: nixx at 04:31:04 AM, Sunday, November 04, 2007 PST


Another poll! Heck on wheels. Is there anything left to say here ?. To show my respect for you're right to hold individual beliefs/fetishes, I'll address the question. No wait I wont, because there is no question to answer. I'm not a fan of Hobsons choice.

FNOLNov 04 2007 2:26pm

I know a wealthy firm handed Woman lawyer who is looking for a houseboy.

obedient husbandNov 04 2007 2:53pm
As a woman, I personally don't want anything to do with males. Us FEMALE will have a better world when we figure out a way to get rid of them PERMANENTLY. Most on this site are DISGUSTING, you know the ones, all they can talk about is bare behinds, and how they want some dumb bitch (yes there are a few out there)to beat them down there, personally...I like for there women to CLUB the other upper end. Now I could really get into that. P.S. The one who come up with this poll and the limited one sided choices would be the first to go.

KellyNov 04 2007 7:21pm
To Ms Kelly: Hmm... I sppose that if you are real hostess, then it's you who determines whether your servants must be beaten on their bare behinds or be disciplined in any other way. And who has to do all dirty and heavy work if you'll get rid of us?

Nick NNov 04 2007 7:58pm
#0005 - (Sun.)* 11/4/07

UpdateNov 04 2007 9:24pm
" The one who come up with this poll and the limited one sided choices would be the first to go. You have the ultimate arguement Kelly. One so stupid that it is un-arguable, because there is no possible substance on which it can be argued against. Why not try actually saying something hmmm.... ?.

FNOLNov 05 2007 6:43am
I am not into any kind of domination at all. Kelly is just further proof that women are just as bad as men are and that no sex is superior to the other.

AnonymousNov 07 2007 6:37am
To Anonymous: I believe we ought to respect Ms. Kelly's views. Maybe she has been treated by males not as it must be -- not as a superior creature, that's why she feels a bit wounded with our male arrogance. Personally I would agree to verbally humiliated by her -- just to improve her attitude to these inferior males. Or maybe she'd prefer female servants?

Nick NNov 07 2007 11:14am
"I believe we ought to respect Ms. Kelly's views" Respect her rights to hold her views and to express them. Not her views them self. I would protect her right to think and express them to my dying breath, but curse her views to hell.

FNOLNov 08 2007 12:04am
Fox is starting a new reality show in January. 12 Alpha Female business executives will be taken to a remote location and given manservants. The male must be totally obedient or he is voted off by the Women. The male who lasts the longest wins 250,000 US dollars.

obedient husbandNov 08 2007 7:28pm
To FNOL: May I express a weak doubt that you will her right to express her views to your dying breath? I believe, a short but tough violance will be enough for you to agree with everything. As for Kelly's views, I believe she has the full right to dispise any kind of kinky males. At last, whatever we guys do, we do to keep life (felons-de-se are another story), i.e. for Women.

Nick NNov 09 2007 5:31am
To obedient husband: Unfortunately I have no possibility to watch Fox. Please keep us informed about what happends there.

Nick NNov 09 2007 5:34am
"To FNOL: May I express a weak doubt that you will her right to express her views to your dying breath? I believe, a short but tough violance will be enough for you to agree with everything." Unsure of what you mean Nick N. Are you suggesting that violence directed towards me or her would be enough to reshape my views in agreement ?. Coercive violence of any form is the opposite ideal of free speech in a free society. I am arguing against anyones right to use violence to coerce anyone. So I have no idea what point you are trying to make?.

FNOLNov 09 2007 4:32pm
To FNOL: What I tried to tell you is: the phrase you cited (unfortunalely I don't remember its author) includes the words "to my dying breath". I understand it so that you declare that other person's freedom to express his/her views is for you as valuable as your own life. But if you try to sincerely test your own feelings when an act of violance is done against you, you'll discover that your own life will mean for you much more than somebody's ability to say or to keep silence about anything. Yeah, I do know for sure that for me it's also true. But I don't fear to acknowledge it.

Nick NNov 10 2007 11:16am
Indeed Nick N. When I was fairly young 10-11, after abusing my father quite significantly , my stepmother broke my arm in two places with the metal pipe from a hoover. She also gave me internal injuries and I spent a while in hospital afterwards. For many years after .I did want to be violent to her (obviously she has long gone by now), and to see her paid back. But some years back from now, I decided that it must be let go, particularly as some of her behavior was attributable to her drug habit. Have I forgiven her ?, Not really ?, but on principle I would fight for her rights to have anything I have, because I wish to be better than she was to me. Issues of violence and freedom here are close to my heart. I understand what you are saying, but we are all human, and in the end we can only try to do the best. You are correct to say that nobody is perfect in the face of violence , and I find that the sentiment on this board that there is such a thing as appropriate cruelty is disturbing.

FNOLNov 10 2007 3:53pm
In a true matriarchy, we will snuff out all the male population permanently. And only spare those for reproduction or simple pleasure!!

KellyNov 10 2007 5:28pm
To FNOL: Nice that we are able to understand each other. As for me, in my early school years I experienced much violence from my classmates. For some years after it I craved for revenge, but then it struck me: if some events had happened in a different way (I was very weak after a disease), then I could have found myself among the torturers doing violence to another weak boy. Then am I a bit better than they? And my malice to them evaporated.

Nick NNov 11 2007 6:59am
To Ms. Kelly: May I surmize that some Women will still be inclined to have their personal males? For example, to do some dirty and heavy work. Of course, all of them will have to be absolutely obedient and able to do what they hostess wants them to do.

Nick NNov 11 2007 7:07am
First of all Kelly, were you drunk when you made your first post. You blathered on without saying anything intelligent and continued into your second post, which leads me to my second question. Is your last name Hitler?

MickeyNov 11 2007 2:45pm
TO NICK N: Thanks for the more detailed and measured response. Regradless of other peoples views, I prefer their arguements towards me address the theatrics. I other words respect you !, whether or not you agree with me. TO MICKEY : Have you posted before here mickey ?. Rational arguemets that use evidence to shae conclusions do not exist. What you have here is a situation where the thesis of 'males are inferior and we are sueperior and godlike' is used to filter the world into conformance.

FNOLNov 11 2007 3:49pm
To Mickey: As you might notice, blaming a person with a different opinion is not the easiest way to make him/her to change his/her point of view. That's why I'd recommend to deal with Ms. Kelly with love and caress. I'd agree even to serve her for a while to show her that obedient males still can be useful -- both in house and as a source of some extra money. (Of course, previously I'd like to be sure that I'll at least remain alive after her strict treatment :). )

Nick NNov 12 2007 11:11pm
I'm not very convinced that these dominant female submissive male relationships are going to be the widespread norm that some of you are thinking they will be. I doubt all women wants slaves. Maybe some women actually love their husbands. Besides, some women themselves are submissive and may even want a dominant husband. These superior inferior gender arguments, I feel, are misguided. Some women are dominant and some are submissive, same with men. I feel these things work on more of an individual basis, rather than a gender basis. But that's just my opinion. In the end, when if comes to D/s, I'd call myself and "I", "I" for Independent. I feel I'm an Independent with maybe a few submissive-like traits. That's just my thinking though. I could be wrong. In the end, I'm a guy, I don't feel comfy doing all those degrading "servant" activities just because my gender is somehow "inferior" and to top it off I want my women to love me. Yeah, I probably would make a good "servant" but that's okay because I don't want to be one, I want to have a loving wife and in return to be a loving husband. But I'm a human being and if I'm not loved enough, there's a limit to what I can take. I wouldn't even call my self an Independent off the bat, rather I'd say I'm a human being who wants to be loved. If she doesn't love me, kinky games won't keep me (they'd probably do more to drive me away).

A very sad, very lost & very lonely guyNov 16 2007 10:35pm
#0023 - (Sat.) * 11/17/07

UpdateNov 17 2007 8:48pm
To A very sad, very lost & very lonely guy: You are right in the aspect that nobody today can forecast exactly what situation will look like, say, in 100 years. Maybe after a global war or a huge catastrophe the majority of human beings will return to the wild society where rough masculine muscular strength is necessary and the males will again be the tops in public (as tribal chiefs, hunters and defenders from similar males from neighbouring tribes) and family. But this looks for me hardly real. Today's trend when women get more and more power and leadership (becoming from time to time presidents and prime ministers even in such pro-masculine countries as India, Pakistan, Turkey and Chile) seems to be more realistic. And I'd like to be a part of this trend and serve women around me. For me this does not mean to be whipped every day and to ejaculate by odrer (though if the woman I serve wants it, I'll surely do it!) but rather to make their lives easier as far as possible and disappear immediately when they don't need me.

Nick NNov 17 2007 11:17pm
"Today's trend when women get more and more power and leadership ". Feminism has been a short process. In fact it has only been a prevalent movement at maximum of 60-65 years (A few years leading up to and immediately post WWII). The rate of change of any movement inevitably slows down. Today's feminism is a far cry from the public barracking of the 60's. You all assume a matriarchy is soon to arrive on on our doorstep castration tools in hand. But a matriarchy is just women held by a belief. And we all know how fast the weather of belief can change.....

FNOLNov 18 2007 2:15am
Ms Kelly is totally within Her rights to express Her opinions.I beleive though that well behaved males in the future have a valuable and important part to play in Female Led society.

Big BrendaNov 21 2007 11:34pm
Perhaps the question should be worded in a less politically correct fashion. It should be re-worded, "Should Women own male slaves.

obedient husbandNov 26 2007 7:03pm
To obedient husband: Let us first feel comfortable as servants. The problem is that nowadays there are much more submissive males who crave to find a Woman to serve her, than dominannt Women to use these men (you can see this in te results of this poll). So, our dear Ladies should overtake us! :)

Nick NNov 27 2007 12:20pm
Nick I feel quite "comfortable" as Wife's "slave" but if you prefer to see yourself as a "servant" that is your choice.

obedient husbandDec 11 2007 4:32pm
#0030 - (Wed.) 12/26/07

UpdateDec 26 2007 12:29pm
I think our respective governments are doing rather a good job of ensuring that lower class males will always be in slavedom to women and men.Notice under IMBRA it is very unlikely that the american male will be able to travel abroad without a special permit or perhaps a wife to vouch for him,this is the logical next step,so you are slowly getting your wish fellas.I don't see any sign of the women coming out to be dominant and play to our fantasies,all I see them do is whine, doesn't matter if they are holding a gun to your head they would still moan it was too heavy.

mike sJan 03 2008 3:51pm
For all of those you who believe that Kelly has the right to express her opinion, I despise you the most. To Nick, you may be an obedient male, desiring to push off your responsibility as an adult to someone else, but I am not. As far as Kelly advocating snuffing out males, I was perfectly within my rights to condemn her comments, ones that she is not entitlted to. When men speak these words, we are called misgogynists. I grew up in a time when women claimed that they wanted to eliminated this kind of behavior altogether. She and you, along with Big Brenda have proven that you're attitudes are as bad, if not worse than the male chauvenists that you condemn. There is no difference, and if you tried to be a man for once Mr. Nicky N, you might see that.

MickeyAug 08 2008 5:01pm
Most of the women I know want a male who will do Her bidding.

billNov 21 2008 2:40pm
You see, Mickey, the FemDom time is approaching and you surely feels it yourself pretty well. So since it's inevitable, you'd better agree and try to find pleasure in it. Believe me, servning a Woman with pleasure is much more pleasant than without one! :)

Nick NDec 11 2008 3:39am
#0035 - (Wed.) * 2/11/09

UpdateFeb 10 2009 11:13pm
How much do they pay ?

jus' wundrinJul 23 2009 1:27pm
Females will gain power in society until people realize that females are just as incompetent as male leaders and we will go back and forth between male and female led society

michelleNov 07 2009 1:45pm
Mistress Kelly, you're such an evil teasing bitch. Please spank me.

OrlandoNov 30 2009 5:10pm
Are any of you celebrities?

MikeNov 30 2009 5:12pm
#0040 - (Tue.) * 12/8/09

UpdateDec 08 2009 2:52pm
Most normal women, which seem to be in very short supply on this site, would certianly like a male servent provided he covered his own expenses and was available when needed and disappeared when not needed (which is most of the time). Handy but not intrusive or too needy that's the type of slave I want.

JenXerJul 25 2010 11:40am
Ms. Jen, some Women keep a male servant locked in a cage when he is not needed.

obedient husbandJul 28 2010 3:24pm
Femdom world is beautifull. It will come in future. I think females must wish to achieve a male servant. As a male servant my life is very very happy. It is the great opportunity of our life to get a lady to serve her without any condition is great. Iam waiting for that

sarithJun 30 2011 12:17am
I hope to find a woman to love and serve the rest of our life..

cfnmguyAug 30 2011 10:56am
When will it comes? Some ladies not known to utilize the males. Oh I wish that if it is very helpful to me that a lady can get a chance to look in to my mind

sarithMar 20 2012 1:00am
A female submissive , slutty slavegirl to own & spank would be Utopia for men

Ash -x9Aug 25 2012 8:47am
When women were treated as a man's property, A man could use her in any way he pleased. I'm guessing that given half a chance most women (at least secretly) would love to have their turn at showing males the same treatment.

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byFQtlpWvjipiniMar 22 2014 10:04am
In Saudi Arabia its the woman who are servants.

anonymousMar 29 2014 4:23am
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AnonymousAug 24 9:24pm
Well I am a single (by choice) professional female with a 5 year old child . I am looking for a male servant. I travel a lot and do want a man around for security . I have been independent since a teenager. I can change my own tire, put up my own sheet rock and cast my own line. I do think women need men around and is willing to pay for that. I am also Gay and do not need a man for anything else.

Woman need menOct 04 6:32pm

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