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Are here the women who can make a man kneel before themselves to ask their pardon?

Question: I believe that a first weak matriarchy begins when a woman can make her man kneel before herself to beg for pardon. How many women here have done it? And how many males here have had to do it?
Created by: nixxx at 03:47:17 AM, Thursday, November 15, 2007 PST


Kneeling is a voluntary show of respect between two people. There is no victory in forcing someone to kneel by force. Are you saying that a woman could feel truly superior and powerful when she has had to resort to such petty form of control as a show of respect ?. That sounds a little like a step towards misandry, which inevitably by proxy, demeans women.

FNOLNov 18 2007 2:20am

To FNOL: You see, I assume that in most cases the man is still physically stronger than the woman, plus tostesterone is the know hormone of aggression. Women are strong as well, but mostly on a more spiritual level. So, if a wilder and physically stronger creature can acknowledge the strength of a weaker but more spiritual creature, that I applaud to that man. Even more I applaud to that woman who is able to show to her partner that in a devoped society her spiritual strength is more valuable than his physical one.

Nick NNov 18 2007 5:48am
"but mostly on a more spiritual level" But being spiritually strong , is not forcing a man to kneel for forgiveness, to satisfy you're reliance on a power structure. I am no wilder than a women, and testosterone, is not purely the hormone of 'aggression' . We have frontal lobes in our brain for a reason, and it is the same reason that a human being can suffer in the extreme, or willingly walk to his or her death, for the greater good. If men want to kneel, that's fine. But I have a problem with it if it becomes an enforced rule, because I would not obey it.

FNOLNov 18 2007 5:12pm
To FNOL: I assume that if a man is strongly against something, then he can be forced to do it only by rough force or by threat. Anyhow this construction won't be quite stable and, believe me, the majority of women do understand this better than we do. Woman's mastery is to make the man to do what she wants (and what he is not inclined to do but still is able to do) with charming him -- and it is his testosterone who makes him do much more than he has ever imagined himself to be capable of. Plus it's public opinion that prohibits the man to do what he imagines as "degrading". Change the public opinion -- and you'll see much more men kneeling before women. But how masculine are those men who do it right nowadays without paying attention to what other -- weaker! -- men around them would say or think.

Nick NNov 19 2007 9:53am
Plus changing public opinion is an easy thing and can be done in a year or two -- a second in comparison with future matriarchy and male slavery awaited by many reader of these polls. Simply make a dozen of popular movies where male heros kneel privately and publicly before women -- and you notice the results the next month.

Nick NNov 19 2007 10:39am
Nick N , you evidently hold views, that consider you're self for good or bad : submissive or possibly lesser to women. And that's fine as a personal lifestyle choice and one you should fight for if it is what you want. But when you speak for all males, then I have a point of contention with it. I do not fear a matriarchy, only the general concept where one group is favored over another as a forgone conclusion. Nobody has the right to deny me or define me, as long as I do not impose either of those on them. And that is the failing with the so called 'matriarchy' on these boards. They are not about favoring women for the good of all humankind, they are about absolute power. And absolute power corrupts absolutely.

FNOLNov 21 2007 11:38pm
To FNOL: Of course, what I suggest is a reflection of what I believe in, and I do realize that other males have diffrent views. But as you can see now almost everywhere, matriarchy invades our lives step by step and it seems as inescapable as globalization. Thet's why I suggest men preparing themselves for it. And kneeling before a woman (be it his wife or gf) is the first but very important step in this direction. First it can be done privately, then -- after several popular movies where male heroes publicly kneel before female heroes -- a kind of positive atmosphere will be done which will make it possible to be done publicly. By that time the male must be ready for private ears-pulling. Then public ear-pulling may be combined with private face-sitting. Well, I'm not sure about public face-sitting, but the next step must be surely spanking -- from mild to severe one etc. Or the whole sequence may be a bit different...

Nick NNov 23 2007 9:35am
Indeed NIck N. But think of it from the reverse point. I consider myself a fairy reasonable person. Not perfect, but reasonable enough.If women were truly fit and superior and hence a matriarchy would be the best for humanity, I wouldn't have a problem with it. And neither would most reasonable men. So there must be at least some overt reason why the matriarchy is not the solution to the worlds problems. After all, look what the patriarchy did to women. Are women likely to defy this trend ?, history suggests evil of those in power does not discriminate between genders.

FNOLNov 23 2007 4:25pm
To FNOL: Several months ago I watched a documental movie about Leni Riefenstahl. Her best years she spent in a Nubian tribe in northern Africa. These Nubian people lived in matriarchy. For example, every year there was a wrestling championship among unmarried Nubian guys. Then every unmarried Nubian girl/woman could choose the guy she liked most of all. After this he had to go to her house. BTW, every Nubian girl who was going to get married built herself her family?s house ? using clay and reed. When she visited that place several years ago, she saw that everything changed to negative. There was a civil war in Sudan and some of her old friends had been killed. Moslem missionaries had reached that area and they taught children that it is men who are superior, while women are inferior :(. Young Nubian guys still have those annual wrestling championships but now they have no purport (except for attracting tourists). Something close to this -- but only here it is Christian missionaries who distort the traditional matriarchal society -? happens now in the Madagascar (if I don?t mess anything...) What for do they distort the initial well-balanced matriarchal societies??? :(

Nick NNov 25 2007 8:44am
I am not entirely sure what you mean Nick N. My reading skills are not that great. From what I can gather you are demonstrating the operation of an matriarchal society that is stable despite dissent. However I doubt the mechanics of a tribe based country/region, would hold up to the mechanics of today. Predominantly because on observation , tribe life has a hit of newtons law about it. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So nobody loses out.

FNOLNov 25 2007 5:00pm
To FMOL: What I tied to tell you is: if matriarchal society is quite stable in a tribe where physical strength is much more necessary than today, then why it cannot be similarily stable and harmonious in the modern world? Moreover, it is a known fact that in reality in many modern families it is wife (for children -- mother) who is inofficial or half-official boss. Then almost nothing must change if we once acknowledge it offiacialy. Anyhow, step by step we move in that direction. And if personally you are severely against it, then your children (if you have ones) will be surely more soft in this qwuestion, while your grandchildren shall strongly support it :).

Nick NNov 27 2007 10:18am
Perhaps Nick N. I have only one concern in my and the rest of the world male or female do not have their natural rights to opportunity curtailed by a crude rule. I do not care if there is the titled 'matriarchal rule' imposed as long as my opportunity's are not restricted as a result. And to be fair, look at the scientific advances in recent years. Do you think that the problems we face today in the gender wars will be the same in say 100 years ?. I think the arguments here have only an interest in relieving the pains of old for personal advancement.

FNOLNov 29 2007 5:13am
#0013 - (Tue.) * 12/4/07

UpdateDec 03 2007 9:41pm
To FNOL: I believe that in 100 years our society will be much more matriarchial than it is today -- probably it will differ from nowadays as much as nowadays differs from what was a century ago. I doubt that men will be deprived of the right to vote, personal service to women with deprivation of some right will surely be permitted. On the whole, I suppose that there will be no physical violence to make males serve their Ladies and refuse of some rights. It will be rather a kind of moral pressing and every male who does not have a hostess will feel as oddly and comfortless as today a man without trousers in in the daytime a central street of New York or London.

Nick NDec 08 2007 12:40am
The first time my wife made me kneel in front of her I agreed with little resistance and I actually thought I was getting off easy (she had me in pretty bad chicken wing at the time), but when she let me go and I actually had to go through with it, it was unbelievably humiliating. When we stood face to face and she gave me that arrogant smirk and as I dropped down to my knees I never felt so weak. I never should have agreed to it!

wimpyMar 30 2008 1:38am
to wimpy: Hope She makes you to do it quite often now! A good kick to your behind would help you to understand who is boss now (at least, to me it helps a lot).

Nick NApr 13 2008 12:18pm
My wife wanted me to propose to her, she said it was about time that we got married. No I didn't want to marry since we had only been a couple for about a year. She than wanted to play a game of mercy. I understood that she planned to get my on my knees this way and force me to propose to her so I really tried my best to beat her. The thing is that she is a bit taller than me, have bigger hands and as I was about to experience is quite a bit stronger than me. She laughed when she forced me slowly to my knees. When she had me there she told me to say "Darling, I love you so much, will you marry me". I resisted for a while but she bent my hands backwards and it hurt like hell and I said what she wanted me to say. She helped me up and said of course my darling, I really want to marry you. She hugged me real hard and lifted me in her arms. We are now married and now and then she makes me to kneel in fron of her. Can't say I like that. I love her though.

Forced to proposeSep 01 2008 1:00am
Forced to propose, you are really a lucky man! You should recommend Her to belt you when She is not satisfied with you - with your behaviour or with just how quekly you kneel before Her. I cannot imagine what is better than kneeling before a Woman... maybe only licking Her behind... or groping your bruised ass after being belted by your Female owner...

Nick NDec 11 2008 3:56am
One day Female owner summoned me to Her home. When I arrived She handed me a ring and said "Take this ring, get down on your knees and ask Me to marry you". I did. Eventually we were married. I took a vow to love honor and obey and we were pronounced Woman and husband. On our wedding night She caned my bare behind.

obedient husbandDec 15 2008 6:49pm
some wedding night, since you seem to like it I guess it is ok though.

AnonymousDec 18 2008 11:10pm

AnonymousJan 24 2009 5:26pm
When we have had a disagreement and I have begged forgiveness it has been on my knees. Today she will just tell me to get on my knees and beg.

NikcamOct 30 2009 7:48pm
My wife can make me kneel in seconds since she has this extremely strong hands and wrists. She just twist one of my wrists and I have to go down on my knees in a flash. It really annoyed me at first but now it is the start of a playwrestling match that I know I will loose but that I also know will lead to great sex.

Kneeling manApr 15 2010 12:03am
it's a mans duty to kneel for her to show his obedience,respect and humility for woman. We are here to seve them,they are the godesses and the imperial majesty. I worship them,so may they order me to kneel for them, for preference on public

archibaldSep 22 2010 11:27am
it's a mans duty to kneel for her to show his obedience,respect and humility for woman. We are here to serve them,they are godesses and imperial majesty. I worship them,so may they order me to kneel for them, for preference on public archibald

archibaldSep 22 2010 11:31am
The male sex should be well aware that if it is required to kneel either to 1) to show respect to the Superior Female Sex or 2) to show contriteness for disobedience to the Female, he should do so whther in private or public. Perhaps the ONLY reason a Female should release a male from this obligation is if in doing so --- HE MIGHT RUN HIS NYLONS on a rough surface <LOL!>

OmphaleMar 08 2011 1:11pm
Why don't you just pull their pants down and give them a spanking.

AnonymousNov 30 2011 7:28pm
I had to kneel to my girlfriend I did not listen to her she forced me to my knees and I looked up on her she looked down on me. It was clear if I do something wrong she just gives me a spanking.

AnonymousNov 30 2011 7:31pm
Been reading these polls for awhile about strong muscular bigger women etc. Think most are very bogus myself. Am a professional white male, 50 years old 5'10" 190, athletic not a bodybuilder tho. Am here by challenging any big strong muscular woman, bodybuilder, powerlifter, whatever, bigger the better, stronger the better. Challenge is to any female who will come meet me here in oklahoma, and literally use her full size, strength, muscle and power to lift me, crush me with full strength, lift, carry, throw me around the room like a rag doll, bodyslam etc, without regard to injury to me. Seriously using ALL her full size, power and muscle on me for 2 hours. No mercy asked, will sign injury waiver as well or release of liabilities to you etc. Any women takers, all you have to do is contact me at and put likelike challenge in your subject line. Cash prize if you come to do this and claim it is 2500 dollars. Will make a nice Christmas if any really tough or muscular women exist in real life besides these stupid polls. I am extemely serious. Lets see if any really huge big strong or muscular powerful women exist, or if they just talk talk talk.

sjsh99Dec 01 2011 11:51am
Nikcam and Archibal;d are right. Most men would kneel befor their wives if they did not demand but simply epected it.

KneelingJun 30 2013 9:41am
I kneel at my wife's feet each morning and before bed. It is part of our marriage dynamic. I am comforted by her authority over me.

JOHNJan 21 2014 10:56am
Men and women are both EQUAL.

AnonymousMar 15 2014 12:49pm
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AnonymousMar 20 2016 2:02pm
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