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sex wrestling

Question: Do you use sexual intercourse to wear down your opponent while nude wrestling ie. wife/husband or girlfriend/ boyfriend. I was pussywhipped by a female gymnast, completely worn out.
Created by: karl e. at 11:42:54 AM, Wednesday, November 28, 2007 PST


Must be a full moon

KateNov 30 2007 1:37pm

No, just a board of people with varying degrees of development in the frontal lobe.

FNOLDec 03 2007 8:20pm
My boyfriend is only a little bigger than I am, and when we wrestle, I can win by getting him in a sex hold. One that works great is when I get behind him, wrap my legs around his to hold him still, and get him in a half nelson. I use my free hand to give him an erotic massage until he's helpless, then roll him onto his shoulders until I've got him pinned. It's fun to have him gasping for air and struggling while I finish him off.

LizApr 21 2008 5:04pm
Most respectfully Ms. Liz, what is your height and weight compared to that of your boyfriend?

obedient husbandJun 08 2008 2:56pm
Liz, you treat your boyfriend exactly the same way as my wife treats me. I am totally helpless when she gets me down with her body behind mine, her legs wrapped around me and one arm around my neck. I struggle all I can but slowly I lose my strenght and at the end is totally helpless in her embrace.

WomanhandledAug 18 2008 12:06am
Liz, you treat your boyfriend exactly the same way as my wife treats me. I am totally helpless when she gets me down with her body behind mine, her legs wrapped around me and one arm around my neck. I struggle all I can but slowly I lose my strenght and at the end is totally helpless in her embrace.

WomanhandledAug 18 2008 12:06am
BF is 5'8" 155 lbs. I'm 5'7" 147 lbs. I've got a pretty muscular build, I swim bike and play tennis. In college i played around a litle with judo, but never systematically studied it.

LizSep 08 2008 4:17pm
My younger sister Lena pinned my shoulders to the living room rug one afternoon. She sat straddled on my chest with her short mini skirt up around her waist and her blouse was unbuttoned. She then made a bicep pose with her big tits heaving. She told me she was the boss. I nearly came in my pants. True Story ...

Lena's whipped brotherDec 05 2008 9:52am
When I was 13 I was wrestling around with two girls that lived near me, they were 15 at the time. Somehow they got me pinned down and pulled my shorts down. I had a big dick even at that age, but didn't know it- and I started to get hard. The one girl actually jerked me off really hard for quite a while and kept saying how she couldn't believe how big my dick was--"way bigger than both my brothers"--who were both older.I did't come, but did get really hard and didn't mind at all. It ended up helping my popularity alot with the older girls.

bbdMar 11 2009 3:32am
If a girl is way bigger, heavier and stronger than a guy and he wants to pin her in a wrestling match, he will need to manage somehow to pull her panties off and then proceed to either caress, stroke or suck her clitoris. Once he has complete control of her fully-erect glans clitoris, she will be screaming in total ecstasy while he then proceeds to slide his huge, long, rock-hard penis deep into her moist, warm, juicy vagina. He will need to act quickly because if he fails to perform the above before she realizes what is happening, SHE WILL FINISH HIM OFF IMMEDIATELY!!!

AnonymousApr 18 2009 12:32am
I f*cked a really c*cky, smart ass black girl so hard that she past out after about 10 orgasms. So much for stereotypes.

8 inch asianApr 21 2009 10:29am
Liz, my wife is stronger than me and can get me hard against my will. Of course I like to be hard but we once had a bet that she could get me hard and "rape" me against my will. If she won I should do the dishes, cook, cleaning and drive her to work every day during a month. Something I really didn't wanted to do. She quickly had me in a head lock, threw me to our bed where she pinned my right arm under her body, she then took hold of my left arm with her left and held it above my head. Her muscular legs scissored mine so I couldn't move. She now had me helpless and started to use her free hand to get me hard. I thought about everything that I hated, she presser my head against her breasts and kept on with her right hand and the match was over. As soon as she had me hard it was over. For the first time I hated to have sex with her. If I had been stronger than her I still think she could beat me in a wrestling match. I always feel weaker and weaker when we have a sex wrestling match, she is getting stronger and stronger. Apart from the slave month I love our tussles though.

Pussy whippedJul 07 2009 1:03am
Pussy Whipped - Have you ever won an erotic match with your wife? sometimes my boyfriend is able to beat me if he immobilizes me right at the beginning, then teases me to orgasm. The knowledge that no matter what I do, he'll "make" me cum is a turn-on, and I can see why he gets so aroused when I've got him pinned in a sex hold. usually, though, I win, and the longer the match goes on, the better my chances. He wears boxers when we wrestle, and lots of times he has a boner poking out even before we begin. sometimes we go to the little gym in his office after business hours and barricade the door so we can wrestle on a 12'x12' mat they have there. If he's winning, I cheat a little by sneaking in caresses and kisses while we wrestle to distract and seduce him. As we roll around on the mat, I'll wait for a chance to cup his boys - then I'll massage him until his eyes roll back in his head. By this time, I've got him out of those boxers and I can grapevine his legs, roll him onto his back, and ride him till he cums

lizApr 26 2010 4:23pm
It wouldn't take a nude short fat girl long at all to wear down a nude tall skinny guy. Once she has him pinned, she will order him to slide his penis deep into her vagina. Then, after the baby is born, he will be faced with EIGHTEEN YEARS OF CHILD SUPPORT!!!

AnonymousJul 23 2010 1:47am
liz my girl friend make me poor in wrestling she grab my hairs after making me to my knees and then she make me to kiss her hot muslces

weak wrestlerAug 18 2010 7:38am
liz if u will wrestle me then what will u do when i will be nearer to ur armpits baby

weak wrestlerAug 18 2010 7:40am
Liz, been away for a while. I have had many erotic matches, since she is stronger and a better wrestler I haven't won one single time. She also recovers a lot faster than me after orgasms. I can't fight at all after she has drained me, I am just too weak. Sometimes we wrestle for a really long time, that is because my wife loved to make me totally helpless. She uses perhaps 75% of her power and I have to use 100%, after wrestling 15-20 minutes and after being threw a lot of scissor holds (her legs are very strong) I am weak as a child. She can pin me without using her arms and she can ride me and there is just no way I can threw her off.

Pussy whippedNov 01 2010 7:13am
I like liz's attitude. Last night during our twice weekly wrestling match, my much smaller but hard bodied muscular wife had me in one of her favorite holds a side figure four head scissors in a 69 position with one of my arms trapped under her body. She has the perfect viewing vantage point to see how hard I am. Sometimes in that position she masturbated me. Last nIght she made sme masturbate myself as she watched. When she wants me to speed up she simply tenses her legs more. After I came she told me to roll over and orally pleasure her. I am one lucky guy.

MikeDec 09 2010 4:18pm
My boyfriend Is an amazing brazilian wrestler he has won so many matches only in his junior year in highschool and he swears he can beat me in a match so one night at his house we had a naked wrestling match let's just say one hand on his penis and my boobs on his face and he was hard it was done were both in wrestling so there's a lot of tension coach is starting to get suspicious ;)

x) wrestling chickFeb 18 2011 4:15pm
so he wins all his matches against men but when he wrestles you he cannot handle the sexual aspect and you win?

DaveApr 05 2011 12:38pm
It really sickens me to listen to a woman called Liz. I think she wants to be a MAN. She talks like a man, exerts her strength and power as a man would and is obsessed with how she can overpower men in a variety of situations. The exact opposite of how male and female should interact with one another. Quite bizarre. She needs help.

daveNov 03 2011 1:44pm
I was with my boyfriend and we were wrestling. He pinned me down and laughed saying that I couldn't ever win. So i kissed him and he got distracted. Then i flipped him over and strattled him while pinning his arms down. He didn't know what happened (i used to always fight my brothers and cousins, im 1 out of 6 girls in my mom's side of the family). He tried to move but i wouldn't let him. When i had successfully pinned him, i felt him starting to get hard, so i started rubbing his dick with my free hand. He got REALLY, REALLY horny and hard. I then took off my skirt and rode him. We just were switching back & forth from missionary to cowgirl. He picked me up and we just did it everywhere in our apartment. This lasted about 3 hours, us just having sex and orgasms. We had to stop because the cops came to our door saying a neighbor was complaining about hearing thumps, bangs, etc. ;D For the rest of the weekend, we basically just stayed in the apartment and did sexual things. The cops came three times that weekend. ;D

BangThangDec 30 2011 8:10am
I had you guys going,... l am poser, fools... liz

anonJan 07 2012 2:10pm

1Feb 21 2012 5:30pm

1Feb 21 2012 5:30pm

-1'Feb 21 2012 5:30pm
LiZ, This is really embarrassing. A couple of years ago I was 16,6?? 140 and my girlfriend was 16 5?f5?? 120 ?c I was always telling her boys were so much stronger than Girls .. so one day I had some friends over (2 male and 2 female)over my house after school, the boys started wrestling each other . then my girlfriend challenged me to a wrestling match. I was wearing Baggy 501??s, tennis shoes and a tee shirt, but under my 501??s I was wearing white briefs , my long tee shirt was covering up my briefs. She tackled me to the ground and seat across my chest pinning my arms under her legs than I tried to take her kick her off with my legs ?c really bad idear !!! she grapped my legs or should I say my jeans ..and pulled my legs close to my ankle?fs ?c and my pants went down just above my knee?fs ?c there I was pinned with my ass in the air showing everyone my White briefs .. and I could not move ?c my friends were laughing so hard and my girlfriend kept asking me ?h who is the bitch now with his ass in the air ?h and to make it worst I had a huge boner !! and she new it ?c she kept brushing up against it has if she was trying to make me orgasm , all I could do was squim, twist and make like a whimpering sound .. at least that is what my friends tell me. after awhile I had a real big orgasm .. they said I was screaming and moving like a girl .. after awhile she let me up .. and I ran directly to the bathroom .. my girlfriend still teases me ?c calls me her ?glittle screamer or LS !!!?h

PaulMar 26 2012 6:07pm
What do you mean when you said that she jerked you off quickly- bbd

starApr 03 2012 5:36pm
My wife and I wrestle and she wins because she works out. I have an office job and she is very active. She is muscular and strong. We seem like a normal couple and we are. Behind closed doors its different. She has some floor mats in the basement and she wrestles me down there. She loves it and can either wear me down or end the match quickly. Depending on her mood. She is about an inch taller and weighs about 25 more lbs than me. Sometimes when she is feeling frisky I will end up on the mat unable to move from her holds and pins. She will simply haul me to my feet and drape me across one shoulder and easily carry me upstairs. This is always a turn on for me and we have great sex.

frankieJul 02 2012 9:59am
Me and my bf wrestle i always win by seducing him with my awesome sex moves, wearing on my bra and tongs and spreading my legs out so wide on top of him grinding causing him to have a boner

Sexy wrestlerOct 07 2012 10:13am
Star, I really do not understand the question, but I will try to answer. It was not a real handjob into the end because our friends were watching. my girlfriend rolled me on my chest and then grabbed both of my arms, rolling be over on my back so my two arms were under my body and then she set on my chest/stomach with her legs pinning my arms under my body ... then when I tried to kick her off .. she just grabbed each side of my baggy 501's and pulled them down to my ankles. now, to answer your question .. every time I would try to twist, squim and kick out she would rub my Boner with her thumb and finger ... just enough to make me stop moving ... and by her doing that this caused me to cum twice .. or sould I say cum once and have two orgasm's The First orgasm was small But the second orgasm is where I went crazy, Our friends said I was screaming and moving like a girl ... The first orgasm no one new I had it ... but the second orgasm everyone in the room new and that is when she said, "who is the Bitch now with his ass in the air " that is when all of our friend start laughing and teasing me. My girfriend and I are still dating and yes to this day our friends and my girfriend still remindes me about that embarrasing day .. !

PaulOct 08 2012 11:15am
Star, I couldn't believe the first time my girlfriend wrestled me.She was wearing pink shorts, me in briefs and nylon shorts and I got a glimpse of white panties as we fought. She would not give up. She finally got on top, straddled me, and pinned my arms beside my head. "Do you give up?" she asked. "No" I said. "Good, neither do I." She continued to sit astride me while i struggled beneath her until I was exhausted. Then she began a slow grind against me. "What now," she said, leaning down in my face. With my arms pinned, her weight on me, I had a shattering orgasm. Afterward, we had a very good time in bed. I asked her to hold my arms down, as if we were wrestling again. She was gleeful in her dominance, though she liked to held and cuddled after.

RobbsbobOct 19 2012 11:55pm
my second oilwrestling match when my girlfriend slided up my oilsoaked body then smotherd me in her oil soaked thong i was so turned on .

thong wrestlerDec 29 2012 6:28am
my wife handles me with no problem. once she gets hold of my nuts she has total control.her finishing move is dropping me to the mat with a heavy knee to the nuts,rolling me onto my back and doing a reverse face sit. she grabs my legs and pulls them up over my head causing my c*ck to point down towards my pussy covered face.with the pungent odour of here sweaty crotch on my face and a dozen strokes on my rock hard c*ck and i explode all over my chest and face.

johnFeb 04 2013 6:42am
john, you appear to be a wimp. i bet you suck c*ck too.

susanFeb 04 2013 6:45am
susan, dear, you shouldn't discuss your fantasies about John here in publlic? If you can think of nothing else to do but speculate about someone elses sexual habits, then you are one sick little cookie. Get some help, bitch - god, do you need it.

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QjjjKKBpqQflusSep 24 2013 4:55pm
I'm a freshman this year and have wrestled two of the girls in my dorm. the first match was just wrestling, but the second one involved erotic holds. I had no idea how turned on I'd be, but when we ended up wearing only panties and locked in a long struggle breast to breast and belly to belly, I was lightheaded and had a hard time fighting back. She slipped her thigh between mine, then tightened up putting pressure on my vag. The friction of her thigh on my clit was driving me crazy, and suddenly she rolled me flat on my back with my legs in the air- totally ready to cum. After she pinned me we cuddled and kissed. Yay for girl wrestlers.

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wqeIixWQxQyAeCoOct 23 2013 11:38pm
after giving birth to three Children my wife's body had changed dramaticlly. We are the same height at 178 cm, average height for a man from my country. We were the same weight as well at 64 kgs. But my wife's body grew with each kid of course a lot of it was fat but she also got wider shoulders and hips and bigger arms and legs. After the third Child, at 32 my wife decided to get back in shape and started to work out with her sister three times a week. She lost a lot of weight, Went from 82 kgs to 70. Our lovemaking had changed when she was pregnant, we made love Always with her in top. Being under her 82 kgs when I was still 64 was very different since I knew I couldn't get her off me if I wanted. Her weight alone kept me there under her. This made me confused. So when she was down to 70 it felt better but at the same time her body had become a lot harder and muscular. She kept on working out with Heavy weights and one night she was standing on the scales in our bathroom in front of the mirror. ´76 kgs of muscle she said flexing her muscles. And I was shocked seeing how big her biceps had become and how much bigger she was then me all over. She told me to stand on the scales and I did, 63 kgs, actually one kg less then when we met, all that jogging of course. She told me to flex and I did and she started to laugh telling me how cute I was with my small muscles. She then surprised me taking me in her arms and lifting me up in a cradle. She said that I was her baby. It felt so strange being held like this in her strong arms. She threw me on our bed and then pinned me saying that she was the master in the house. I felt embarrassed and said that she had taken me by surprise. So we took off the little clothes we had and started to wrestle on our bed. It was clear from the start that she was much stronger than me and she was actually playing with me and let me use all my power to prevent her to pin me. I was soon laying under her again all my muscles too tired to resist her. She pinned one arm over my head with her left arm while pinnine my right arm under her body. She started to touch my member and soon got it hard she then threw herself over me pinning my arms above my head, moutning me and at the same time grapevining my legs heaving me totally helpless under her while she took me. She had an enormous climax and soon after I had one to. She the took me in her arms and started to caress my neck as you do with a child, calling me her baby. I fell asleep in her arms. I woke up in the middle of the night stll her her arms and now also between her muscular legs. I tried to go to the bathroom but in her sleep she stopped me from leaving her. I was soon fighting hard to get out from her embrace but couldn't. She woke up and asked me what I was doing and I told her that I couldn't get out of her grip to go to the toilet. She laughed and let me out. I came back and she wanted me to lay down with my head on her shoulder. I did as I was told and she then had her massive thigh over my slim body keeping me in Place. She whispered in my ear that I was her baby and that she would protect me being the stronger one. I was very embarrassed but at the same time I felt safe and loved. This was the start for our role reversal. My wife often carries me when we are alone, she can sometimes put me over her lap and spank me playfully just to show me that she can. She has also embarrassed me when friend and relatives are over showing how much stronger she is than me. One night she told me that I should arm wrestle her sister to see who was stronger. Her sister is also bigger than me and I lost big time. When my sister-in-lad had gone home my wife was on my like a tigress, she said that seeing me helpless against Another woman had made her hot. As you can understand since I am posting here I have learnt to like being woman handled, wrestled down, carried and sometimes being treated like a Child. My strong wife is today 15 kgs heavier than me, stronger than most of our male friends, something that helps when I feel inferiour. Long posting is over.

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My girlfriend is smaller than me, but when we wrestle nude she often gets a devastating grip on my nuts and slowly increases the pressure until I surrender. She then quickly masturbates me until I climax, which usually happens within 20 seconds. It's a truly mind-blowing experience to be controlled like that.

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I met this woman some time ago, at a bar, we were both drunk and she was out for company and so was I. We were sitting beside each other when she suddenly asked me if I liked strong women, I didn't really understand the question did she mean like strong headed woman, no she meant physically strong woman. I said that I never thought about that. She placed my right hand on her big thigh, clad in black panthose and said feel these babies. Her thigh was rock hard, to touch the shiny leg was erotic, she then flexed her left arm and wanted me to feel her bicep, kind of odd but I was now interested in this special lady and felt a baseball sized rock hard bicep through her sleeve. Wow I had to say, you certainly seem to be strong. She told me she wanted to wrestle me, pin me and f*ck me at her apartment if i dared to get home with her. I couldn't say no. I had the most special night in my life when I was totally dominated physically by this strong woman, she made me give up more times than I can remember but also gave me the sex of my life. Unfortunately she said that she only wanted me as a one night stand. Muscle women rocks

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I wondered if I was weird, as I found myself turned on watchng my boyfriend wrestle another man. I know that boys get turned on at girls, but was not aware if other girls get turned on. The incident that happend to me involved my big boyfriend, who I always felt so safe and secure when I was with him. He seemed so strong and invincible to me. We went to the beach to a quite place we normally went to. There was some towels and things there but nobody around. Only really room for one couple here. Then after taking over the spot we heard a couple coming laughing and playing around. They saw us and said, that this was their spot. We said, they left and usually this was our spot. They guy said, already in a playfull mood, want to wrestle for it. My boyfriend laughed at the thought, as this guy, although was cut and solid looking was considerable smaller than my Eddy. They were both in trunks and Ed said sure lets go. I did not think it would take my Ed long to pin this feisty but smaller guy. The match started, and wow was this other guy ever tough and fast. He got behind Ed, tripped him and just stayed on top of him the whole time as they tussled on the sand. Just when Ed was powering his way free, this guy would quickly get him again. I could not believe it. The other girl was so excited at what was happening. It was then that I started getting turned on for some reason. The straining muscles, the veins in the neck sticking out, the manly growning, and evey the domination of my big boyfriend. I even noticed the other girls was turned on as well. Then I noticed the other guy must have had some gay feelings, as his trunks were swelling at donminating this big guy so completly. My boyfriend also, was not in near the shape as this little guy as he was puffing and sweating and the other guys looked so fresh. The little guy had his was with Ed totally know, and when Ed was on his stomach, the other guy pulled Eds trunks off. Then his girl friend excitenly said, take your off dear so its even. He did. Then Ed got on his knees and the other guy put in arm from the side toward back on Ed and pulled him back with Eds front arced and showing everything. They other guy smaller but not down there. Know this really turned us girls on, to say the least. I could not believe what was just happening to Ed and yet I totally turned on. I did not know why Ed did not Give up to avoid further humiliation in front of me. They guy slapped his testicals a few times, but Ed was just so tired, that he would not be turned on. He would look my way whenever he could. The little guy just kept playing with Ed in different humiliating holds for the longest time. Finally the little guy stopped as Ed was not even fighting any more. Ed got up and we left. I asked Ed, why he did not give up earlier and he said, I was already beaten anyway, and had notice that I was enjoying this, so kept going. While I did not feel so secure with him any longer, I was further drawn to him because he put my desires ahead of his total discomfort at losing so bad in front of me like that. Was my feelings weird for a girl or I wonder if other girls get turned on at boys wrestling in different situations

AleciaFeb 07 2015 1:22pm
Me and my husband have taken part in couple vs couple wrestling.we both work out,and practice together at home.there are loads of opportunities to find willing opponents on various websites.always check each other out on webcam,nothing worse than fat ugly opponents! I get really turned on watching my man take on the other womans,very primal rush.we like to get down on the mats with our partners,and encourage them and stroke them and feel their straining muscles.nothing beats watching your man defeat another womans.then us girls wrestle,and the guys do the same,believe me,their hands are everywhere! Nothing sexier.i often get turnedon so much that us females end up pleasuring each other

charlie girlFeb 28 2015 6:36am
Thanks charlie girl. Nice to hear a kindred spirit, wow,that is how I feel, bulging straining muscle vs bulging muscle and then dominance. Much appreciated. Never thought of wrestling another girl though, but I could see that turning on my Ed and the other guy and likely me. Yes I would like to see my guy win next time. Your lucky to have a good wrestler husband. I wonder how i would feel if I get humiliated badly though in front of my man ? Has that happended to you? I will have to practice first and will ask him about us finding another couple. That sounds very interesting. We live in Indio Cal.

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SIpAyZPINMar 06 2015 9:08pm
Won one, lost one. Well I talked my younger neice to come over and practice wrestling with me and also my biking friend came to watch. I'm pumped, even though I lost one, as I was winning until about 1/2 hour when my very athletic neice wore me down and she one at the end, but then my friend agreed to try me, and I won easily to my surprise, even though I was tired. She is same size as me. So, now I'm comfident. Also, my Ed agreed to have a match with another couple providing. he said, they are nice to visit with. So, I;m going shopping for a couple to wrestle with me and my Ed. I can't wait.

AleciaMar 07 2015 7:11pm
Started for me when i used to wrestle the boys,weve got two.they fought hard and dirty! My guy really loved watching.thought it was a bit weird at first,but he told me it got him hot watching me in close physical competition,espetially if i was wearing short shorts and a skimpy top! He certainly thanked me a lot afterwards! From there it naturally got to him asking me whether i could take this woman or that in a fight.did wonders for our sex life!! Eventually for his birthday i got my friend to agree to a bit of a roll around with me.he just loved it.since then we started working out and learning the moves,all great fun,and found opponents on the net.thing is to be up front about it being sexy,so none of you are embarassed having your hands everywhere on each other,and its natural to get turned on by it.i love to watch my man defeat theirs,and the guys just go ape when us girls wrestle.i wrestle in booty shorts and halter kneck t shirt,or ive got a sweet little pink tennis dress he loves.the guys wear boxers generally.dont do topless or nude! Hope you enjoy the experience like we do alicia

charliegirlMar 28 2015 7:28am
Thanks again Charliegirl and hey we just hooked up with another couple. They are very attractive and they have done it once before. The girl is stunning looking and a bit smaller than me. I may try winning a bit, before I get turned on (hopefully), but who knows. Date is April 26th so will let you know how we do.

AliciaApr 07 2015 3:29pm
Well we had our match. I thought I was in trouble when I saw her strip down to bikini. Wow, was she toned. Did not look like that on the picture. They wanted us girls to wrestle first and we did. I did okay but she was better than me and I had to submit with my boyfriend cheering frantically for me. O well I bit off more than I could chew with that little girl but Ed absolutly enjoyed it totally, so I'm happy. She sure I had nice body. Even though I was losing, I enjoyed her firm arms and legs that often had me under her or with them around me. We never did the lesbian thing, but it could have happen to me, if she started. Anyway, the postive thing, is my Ed won easily this time. That match was awsome to watch. While the girl beat me, I had fun teasing her, how my boyfriend was tougher than hers. She took it well. They want to do it again with us, as we kind of hit it off, but I think I want more matches and some additional exercises before I take her on. I would like to show my Ed, that I'm strong. Nice evening, and we finished with a few beer and laughs. Say, I tried finding video's of couples wrestling like we did and could not find any. I'm thinking of doing some and perhaps selling them, as I'm sure there are others that would enjoy watching this sort of thing. Hope others, including you Charlie girl, any matches coming up. Good skin to skin rasslin, Alicai

AnonymousApr 28 2015 7:17pm
I am extremely married strong woman, i can beat my husband and other man easily. literally i can rape him, but this is because my height is 188 and my weight is 105 Kg while he is 172 and 69 and my muscles are way bigger tha him.

Woman May 02 2015 11:38am
RWCUNZ Hi! I've been reading your web site for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Atascocita Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the good work!

SGRlyvSVUqqMay 05 2015 11:54pm
Hi alicia,youre getting into it girl! The guys get so horny when their women go at it dont they! I love that buzz,gets me so excited time when i was really tied up with this woman,and the two of us were in kind of a knot on the carpet,my fella was stroking me and urging me on,and her guy was doing the same with his wife! Those guys were so turned on! We all tend to drink a fair bit before hand so we lose a lot of our inhibitions.theres often a lot of good natured banter and trash talking.the boys love it when us girls wind each other up a bit,dont know if you do that?,and theyre so proud if their wife wins,as i am when my man to hear how things go

charliegirlMay 18 2015 8:32am
Uk any lady for wrestling frank 44 years old 166 pounds 5feet 8 tall ps mistress or policewoman welcome E.MAIL.FOR ANY TAKER

FrankMay 19 2015 11:59pm
Thanks Charliegirl, Yes, while I did get turned on at the boys, Ed not only was turned on beyond what I thought, but then in bed he likes to talk about my match and then gets turned on again. I would have done it sooner if I knew how much he likes it. He never stroked me, but one of the few times I was on top, he padded me on the back. Will try trash talk, no but you have been so right so far, I will try it. My boyfriend did not mind that I lost, but I do want to win next time, so maybe giving them drinks is a good idea, ahead of time, and I will drink less, ha ha. The same couple wanted to do it again, and I said in about 4 months. I wanted time to improve. We found another couple and will meet them in a couple of weeks. I been wrestling with Ed and his two sisters. Ed wanted that. Not the same though, as with couples, but he really enjoyed it. I pretty much tied the bigger older sister, but was able to handle his smaller younger sister okay. Yes, I really want to win next time. Will keep you posted and it would be nice to here of any you have coming up.

AliciaMay 31 2015 9:29pm
Sorry you lost alicia,youll take her next time!! My guy wants me to take on this butch lesbian woman hes been talking to on fcf.i often get him going by telling him that i get pretty horny when i wrestle with another woman,which sometimes i do!! Hes been showing me some vids of ultimate surrender bouts.boy theyre hot!!and of course now thats the big thing! Would you do that? She looks a hefty and strong opponent though.the idea does get me quite excited!! She says her girlfriend loves to watch her dominate her opponents.he sent her a photo of me,and she said shed take me apart!! So now theyre squabbling over who beats who!

charliegirlJun 04 2015 5:18am
Me and the woman met up last night on webcam! My man kept out of view as much as poss,although her lady friend was with her! Shes about my height,5'6,but shes pretty hefty and obviously works out.shes got that kinda elvis hairstyle thing that they go for!! Definitely full of herself and showing off to her partner a fella was getting really turned on by the confrontation between first i found it really difficult to think of what to say!!but eventually i got into it.she was telling me what she was going to do to me,and some of it was def x rated,and i started to get wet ,despite myself.ive wrestled before where it gets steamy,and i like a bit of girl on girl,but this is real competitive sex wrestling,not even particularly friendly!! This woman is telling me how she will get me in this hold and that,and make me come totally against my will in front of our partners,dominating me in every way possible,and there was i getting seriously horny!!! Once i got aroused,we really got into it,and now im really looking forward to our going to make that bitch howl

charliegirlJun 06 2015 3:16am
XKT7oz I really enjoy the blog.Much thanks again. Really Cool.

tixbZSNraDJun 09 2015 8:00pm
All the best with your bout, charliegirl. I hope you beat her bad in front of her girlfriend and after you that rassil her girlfriend, into submission as well. Try not to get turned on go quick or you will lose strenght. As if I should give you advise, ha ha. Hope you can somehow post some pictures. I really curious of what she looks like and you to. What is fcf.i. I found ultimate surrender on the web alright. Wow, Not ready for that yet. Right know, just doing it for Ed anyway and now myself. Not sure how I would feel about some girl totally humiliating me like that in front of Ed. One loss already is bad enough. Especially to a smaller girl. Ed still likes talking about my loss and teases me, the brat. I remind him though of his loss on the beach and that usually starts a fun match of our own.

AliciaJun 10 2015 6:23pm
Thanks A! We ll see how it turns out!! Got to travel for that one so wont be right now.know what you mean about losing to her.i find it exciting though!! Spent another evening with the couple weve wrestled with before.we are much more relaxed together guy bought me a little black dress to wear ,and she wore skimpy jean shorts and not much on top.her husband couldnt take his eyes off me.i reckon she was jealous,because when we got to wrestling she was determined to beat me.neither of us is very skilled,but it was a hell of a spirited ever.we started on the matresses,but we ended up covered in carpet burns.went on for about twenty minutes during which time we ranged pretty much from one end of the room to the other and back,rolling and trying to get the better of each other.the boys kept having to move furniture out of our way!! But they were loving it! We were exhausted,but i wasnt ready to give in and neither would the end the boys each grabbed their partners and hauled us apart! Then the boys fought and sadly mine lost.god knows what will happen next time!!! Fcf ...freecatfights

charliegirlJun 11 2015 5:33am
The guys have been chatting on the phone a lot since that meetup.because her man beat mine hes been winding mine up,telling him were both losers! All in fun,but underneath theres quite a bit of rivalry,especially when its about us girls.they want us to have a showdown!! Thing is im stronger than her,but she gets real rough so as not to lose,and i think it might well degenerate into a bit of a catfight! I told my guy,but he seemed to like the idea a whole lot!! Trouble is that would put paid to our little meets

charliegirlJun 20 2015 2:02am
Hi Charlie girl, Well, I was not feeling like posting this, ss I'm very disappointed in myself and the outcome of my last match, but then thought I might as well. Yes, we had our matches last night. I was so emotional all that day for some reason, and a little nervous. My strategy was to have them drink while I held back from dinking myself, but they wanted to wait until the matches where over. So that did not work. They were a lot younger that I though, in fact in their teens. The girl, I did not like at all. Kind of snippy and smart. Typical teenager. The guys went first and Ed asked me if his brother and wife could come and watch. I was a little mad that he revealed what we were doing, but then after a while I settled down and said okay. Ed and this other guy were very even, however the other guy looked like he has a slight better control overall. They agreed to a tie though. They seemed not to go on that long and wanted us girl to go ASAP. They were both very excited for that. The other girl was about my size and did not look near as solid and fit as my first match lady. With 3 excited persons cheering me on, I started by controlling the match. I was so happy, as I was winning. They guys were so turned on, as I at times saw there shorts. I asked the girl if she wanted to give up a few times, as I held in head locks, pins and once had my legs around her waist that made me sure I had her. She said, no way, and kept getting out of my holds.Then I started getting tired, as I was giving it all, as I did want to win this so bad. She kept getting out from my holds and then started to get the best of me. I was getting frantic because I felt my strenght continually leaving me. I was so sure I was going to win and then, here I was being controlled by this young smart alec, thing. I was breathing hard and she was not at all. I even felt mad, when once she sat on my face and another time, when she had me on my knees, with my head between her legs, she reached and pulled my shorts down a bit and give me a couple of smacks on the back side. I thought, that distrespectfull young brat is not going to do that to me, but the more I got anoyed, the more I got tired and ended up in her total control. It was awfull. I found out after the match, that really made me mad, that when she had me down, she would smile at Ed and wink at him. Anyway, I ended up giving up and then said I had to go to the wash room. My emotions were starting to get the best of me and I had to find a quite place to cry and to settle down my anger and humiliating feelings. It was awfull. then what made thing worse, is that my brother in law said, hey you let that young thing beat you like that. Nice guy. Then after we had several drinks, I Challenges her to a rematch and we ended up catfighting, as I was really mad when I starting loosing again. We were calling each other names. Especially when she said, what is wrong old lady, you can't beet a young girl. I was losing badly when the guys broke it off. They then left, and I told Ed I did not want to talk about the fight. I'm not sure I want to go through that again, so not sure I will do it again, unless it is someone I know and would not humilate me like that. Anyway, I do not wish, what I felt onto anyone else, so hope you do better.

AliciaJun 20 2015 11:17pm
Sorry to hear that.dont give up though! Id be very wary of taking on a much younger woman myself,im nearly fourty,and although im sporty,and i work out, a late teens to mid twenty yr old would probably outlast me and id hate to be beat by a much younger woman! Fights between young women and much older women could so easily get proud of you though for going back and challenging her were just too tired to manage it unfortunately.the guys must have been so so excited when it turned into a catfight!!! In your place id challenge her both know it wont be friendly.youre stronger than her,but youve got to get her into a painful hold and make her submit right at the start when youve got the energy! Either a backhammer where you have her arm twisted up her back,or a choke hold on her throat,get behind her,throw your legs round her to control her,and swing your forearm across her throat,and just dont let go till she gives in.use all the energy youve got right from the start because after that she will have you!! Just think how good youll feel when she submits to you,if it was me id make her say please!!!too. Also ed will be pretty damn grateful for a long time,i know my guy will do anything for me afterwards.hes promised me a cruise if i beat the woman i told you about last time!! Mind you i want her anyway,just not sure i can take her.told him i dont want to take on that les woman though.she is just too tough and experienced.

charliegirlJun 22 2015 3:49am
thanks for the encouragement. You are becoming like a good friend. Funny you said to try her again, as Ed said the much the same thing. He said not to worry about the loss, that he was still proud of me and the fight I put up. That made me feel better, along with your comments, that he did not make fun of my humiliating loss. Yes, I would like nothing better than to make her submit and punish the little brat for what she did to me. Txs for understanding what it is like to loose to a young thing more than 1/2 my age. I wished my brother in law had not seen this, because he is not so kind as you and Ed. Anyway, I will think about your and Eds suggestion to have another match with her. She was so hard to keep in a hold that I will have to use something like what you describe. More practice and exercise is required on my part, I can see. Likely in a week or so, I will get over this anger and humiliation anyway. Sorry, but who is the les women that is too tough and experienced, that you do not want to take on. Was that her girlfriend?

AliciaJun 23 2015 10:32pm
Hi,no,the butch one who he got me to chat with on videocam,real toughnut!!hold onto that anger alicia,itll make you stronger when you fight her.thinking on what id do in your position,i reckon id arrange something with my guy ,in advance,like if i cant take her ill just start punching her,which is when he jumps in and pulls us apart,which is a bit unfair,but leaves me with my dignity intact.i think youve got to go for a chokehold as quick as poss.

charliegirlJun 24 2015 4:56am
Well, when I told Ed that I would wrestle the young girl again, he got exciting and contacted the couple right away. Anyway, the girl answered back and said that she is starting to take Ju Jiszu (spelling) and for sure would beat me up again, but does not want to beat a women much older than her again. I'm kind of releaved, because, I think she would win again. Sorry, but I'm kind of scared of her anyway. Also, I found out now that I have strained ribs and should that happened during the catfight. She easily threw me down and landed on me hard. Did not show right away, but wow am I sore. What you think you can do with a little drink that bought out my anger and confidence I could wip that little brat. No so. So anyway, I'm out of commision for a while. Hope you do well, and not get hurt like I did. Serves me right I quess.

AnonymousJun 24 2015 10:57pm
Forgot to indicate my name on the 10:57 posting, It was from Alicia

AliciaJun 25 2015 3:23pm
Sorry to hear that.its one thing to be beat by a woman your own age,but when a younger woman puts you down its different isnt it.younger girls are always kinda snapping at our heels arent they!

charliegirlJun 29 2015 2:38am
Well, surprise, the young girls boyfriend, apparently was so turned on like no other fight he ever saw. Apparently he liked the age difference thing. O well, what ever turns the boys on. Anyway, he talked his girl in going with me again. Even made some promises to her if she did. Also, they tried finding an another older women and could not. Meanwhile, I still feel totally humiliated and have decided, that I will not let that young thing beat me again. My arms and hands are bigger than hers and she is just a young thing. So they caught me, in a mood where I'm determined. My ribs are way better and we agreed to meet in 3 weeks. I'm going to enter this match like no other thing I ever done. I have visualized and practised in my mind how I will beat her already. Sounds awefull, but I want to leave her begging for mercy and crying after what she did. I found out she is actually only 17 year old. Yes, your right, it is different and really my loss like that should not have happened. She does not even look very tough at all. I'm looking up on the internet different holds that she will not be able to get out off and starting exersing, after all I'm fighting for my age group and dignity. I know you understand friend. Open for any further tips and strategy.

AliciaJun 29 2015 11:11pm
Go for it girl!! Of course the boys all want it,i bet they think of little else right now.a bit of real needle between the women is just what they like.i bet since you agreed ed hasnt been able to leave you alone has he! Is she heavy built alicia?Nothing wrong with wanting to make her beg you to let her go,id do the same.sounds like its going to be some scrap! If you get her arm up between her shoulder blades and each time she tries anything you put more pressure on,youll have the bitch eating out of your hand! Looks like weve both got a challenge ahead!my opponent at least is similar age to me,although shes real rough and she pinches and stuff when were all tied up!!.my guy really really wants me and her to get into a good ole hair tugging catfight.he reckons the boys will make sure no one gets hurt,but i know what us girls are like when we lose our tempers,dont you!! Still,a cruise sounds good,and i know im going to do it anyway! She'll be going to work with a black eye or two!! Especially if she scratches my face

charliegirlJun 30 2015 4:10am
Ha ha, yes your sure right, we talked about the match last night in bed, and wow, did he really got turned on and then we had kind of sex wrestle, which he loved. I won. My hands in the right place did the trick and he was in my power. Funny you should mention that. And on that subject, I was looking at wrestling sites for ideas and revised this Ultimate wrestling thing. It gave me an idea, that if for some reason I start loosing, and I doubt I will this time, I may try the approach they do. Better than punching and I'm sure the boys will like that as well. It would weaken her, as I see happened on that wrestling site and also how I was able to control my big man. My young opponent, I wish I could say was heavier than me but she is not. She is pretty and well proportioned, but not bigger than me. Her chest is a better than average and firm as I rememeber. She has a very nice shape, but does not feel that muscular, just firm. We are the same height and size, but my arms and hands are bigger than hers. I did notice she had some calve muscles though. She kind of reminds me of Lindsey Lohan, the actress, if you know her. Much the same build to. I hope she does not know this site and find out my strategy, but I doubt it. She is a brunette and I'm a dyed blond. Good, you and and I are not quiters and like to turn on our guys, even if humilatiating discomforate of ourself are involved. Judging by what you said over time you are better at this wrestling catfight thing than me, so I have confidence that you will do great. Ed said, that just because they look and talk tough, does not mean they are tough in a fight. And, conversily, Like my situation, they may not look tough, but are, as he pointed out to me. So you may do better than you thought there my boy pleasing rasslin friend.

AliciaJun 30 2015 4:58pm
Well well alicia! Didnt think you were into the girl on girl i said earlier,i do quite enjoy it if thats where it goes! When you wrestle another woman,particularly half naked ,sweaty, and close,it is pretty horny! Especially if you get to dominate guy gets really hard when he wrestles the guys too,and hes definitely not gay!!its best if you and the other girl discuss it beforehand though.if you just start playing with your opponent without any sort of agreement,some women would take exception,and you could end up in a really nasty fight! Different with the guys.they never object! And they dont stand a chance against a half naked woman!have you wrestled a guy apart from ed? My fella is just so excited about me having a showdown against the other woman,i just cant see me and her carrying on with our wrestling meets after it though,which would be a shame as its not that easy to find guy says her husband is even more up for it than he is!! And thats a lot!! He wants me to phone her and challenge her,although obviously she already knows all about it.she told her husband shed do it as long as there are rules agreed beforehand like no biting, or going for the face.kind of wrestling/rules catfight. Are you excited about your fight?

charliegirlJul 01 2015 3:09am
Well, No, I'm not really into the Lesbian thing, but was a thought for me to control her. You made a good point, though, that she may get mad. If we agreed ahead of time, then she would know my strategey may get the upper hand on me perhaps. That I do not want. I have wrestled with a couple of other guys, one of which was turned on, but never went beyond that. Those were not naked wrestling matches though. I think they were letting me win, which I did. I'm not so excited about the match as I'm more determined and focused. Perhaps as the match gets nearer. Ed sure is excited though, wow, he cannot stop talking it with me about it. I like the idea of rules ahead of time, and think it is a good idea with your opponent. I may ask for the same. I do not want to take any chance of getting hurt again. Have I ever won a lot of matches with this young thing in my mind followed by Ed being so proud of me. I'm biking every day. I can breath good already.

aliciaJul 01 2015 1:37pm
Believe me she'd get mad! Your girl sounds like she wrestles just to please her guy,so its all about winning.lets face it,neither of us would have ever have got into it if it hadnt been for our guys fantasies,although after a few times ive got more and more to enjoy the challenge of pitting myself against another woman,and once i relaxed a bit i got into the physical and sexual side of it.wrestling a guy,as long as hes attractive and slim,i rather like now,although it was embarassing at first.didnt know where to put my hands!! But once my guy and i talked it out,and i got ok with it being basically wrestling,but with me using all my female wiles to get the guy so randy he cant concentrate,so i can beat him,i got to like it a lot.has to be the right guy though! With this showdown coming up,im really working out!!! Gym five times this week.what with that and my man wanting to bang me all the time,im exhausted!!! Does ed like you to talk about what youll do to her when youre making it? Before i took it up,it was maybe twice a week, especially now, when im due to fight ,its two or three times a day sometimes.certainly not complaining!!!!

charliegirlJul 02 2015 4:13am
yes, he loves me to talk about what I'm going to do to her this next time. When I learned before, this type of talk turned him on I embellished the story a bit to get him really excited as he just loves it. Eg, I told him I would end totally controlling her and riding her like a horse, slapping her back side and have her go over & kiss his (Eds) feet and admit that I'm the better women. He liked the picture of that so I hope it is a little realistic in the end. He is not a triple day man though. Wow, you are busy aren't you?

AliciaJul 03 2015 2:08pm
Wow,youve set yourself some target!! I do the same though.if we are watching tv sometimes he will say so and so looks like shes tough,and he loves it if i say id take her.then he wants to know how i think itd go,and i make up stuff! Now hes got a real feud in the offing he loves acting like my trainer,and talking tactics,and discussing what ill do to her. I phoned the woman yesterday,and she was most unfriendly.her guy was probably listening,and mine certainly was,so praps she was acting up a bit for him,but she was real aggresive,saying shed heard id been threatening to beat her up.she said right out that she would kick my butt.with my man listening, i gave her a mouthfull and we both got pretty heated.ended with us arranging to meet and sort it.could be itll get out of hand i think!!

charliegirlJul 05 2015 2:33pm
I hope not to heated there friend. I know your good at wrestling, but in a fight anyone can get hurt as I learnt. Hopefully the guys will step in though, before that happens. Hey quess what, I took a round out of Ed last night again in bed. Got his head between my thighs, and made him squarm all over the place. He seemed to love the domination though, plus I did some other things to him that I will not describe. ha ha We had fun though. He said, she will not beat me if I wrestle like that. Of course, the matches are different for reasons you describe. What is your match date, mine is July 25th

AliciaJul 05 2015 5:22pm
Bet ed enjoyed that alicia!! We are meeting here next weekend!! The boys are supposed to stop us if it gets too rough,but i bet theyll take their time! On the phone she said she didnt want any interference,mind its her that has to go to work with a black eye the next day!! Shame ,we were quite friendly before we both lost it a bit last time,not that i care as long as my guy enjoys the show and theres no lasting damage!!!

charliegirlJul 06 2015 6:03am
O yes, he sure did. Would have started this a long time ago, if I knew about this wrestling sex thing sooner. But, what I really want to know, is, how did your match go? Hope you are okay and everything. Been worred a bit about you. My match has been delayed, at their request, as something came up. Now it is Aug 8th. More time to practice and train.

AliciaJul 14 2015 3:58pm
Well,what to say!! They came round and as soon as they were through the door,she starts f ing and blinding at me! The boys just melted out of the was just like jerry springer,mouthing off at me and slipping her shoes off!! Anyway,i said i will fight you,but not in the hallway,we'll sort this out in the i lead the way,and soon as i get there,she jumps on my back,with her forearm round my kneck,and takes me to the carpet.shes got me on my face legs astride my back,choking me! Calling me all the bitches under the sun. I get one arm round her leg behind the knee,and roll her sideways,then use my other elbow to whack her a couple of times in the tummy.she loosens her chokehold just enough to allow me to get my hands under,and i force her to break the hold.we're side by side,and i knee her in the side and grab her hair.then weve both got handfulls of hair,and boy does that hurt,id forgotten! We start yanking each other about,trying to knee each now the boys are standing over us,but we have both lost it and we'r screamin and cursing each other,kicking and kneeing.she hauls off with one hand and punches me in the face,and then we go for each other big time! Couldnt tell you exactly what happened then,but we were rolling and fighting,and then my guy grabbed me round the waist,and tried to pull me away,and hers had her arms,and eventually,with difficulty,they got us apart! Even the boys were now arguing,and us girls were squirming trying to get at each other again,screaming threats.anyway he got the bitch out the door,and i went to look at the damage! Nose bleed,one crown broken and a real shiner.hope shes worse! Lot of hair on the carpet too!! Omg,i really want to fight her again!

charliegirlJul 15 2015 5:00am
That does not sound like fun Charliegirl, I would recommend forgetting about her and catfighting this way. I showed Ed and he said he does not want me to fight like that again. Find another opponant and have some good old fashion girl on girl rasslin. I already got hurt doing that and so now have you. Lets retire and move back to the wrestling ring so to speak. I hope my fight with this young thing does not end like the other, but who knows. I'm planning on staying focused this time..Hope you heal okay.

AliciaJul 16 2015 7:31pm
I was surprised what a thrill it was actually,to just let loose.ive never done that! I was on such a high afterwards for ages.never felt so liberated!

AnonymousJul 18 2015 3:17am
KEdcMm I regard something genuinely special in this web site.

wIINETAYjxddBuAug 04 2015 8:08am
Well, the girl could not make it and asked if her younger sister could take her place and that her husband would still come with her sister in law. She is 16 years old. I thought, okay, at least I do not have the bad history with her. We wore bikini's at request of Ed and this other guy and went first. I cannot believe what happended as this young thing was so fast and tough, she controlled me from the get go. I keep feeling more desporate as she pinned, head locked, rapped her firm legs around my waste and head. She made me submitt three times and the third i was not going to give up, although she had her breast in my face and arms rapped around my neck, so I had trouble breathing. She was same size as her sister, but turned out she is a gymnist. I never got mad, but felt humiliated again in front of Ed. It was awfull as I trained so hard. I asked if she was stronger than her older sister, and she said yes, way stronger, so no wonder she had her take her place. I should have said no. I do not mind losing, but twice to two young teenagers is a little much. Ed won his match this time 2 out of 3. I hope Ed does not want me to do any more. I realize, that i'm just not that good.

AliciaAug 09 2015 7:34pm
A lot of mixed wrestling pictures at - updating weekly!

StephanieAug 22 2015 7:43am
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I only found out recently that my husband was turned on by Me wrestling another women or girl. Then I did some research about this and found this site and your match. He was turned on when his younger sister aged 17 did much the same to me, except at the start I did okay for a while, out weighting her by about 25 pounds and bigger boned. I'm 32. I guess the words are, she ended up wipping my ass in front of my cheering husband, who kept saying, dear you cannot let my little sister wip you like that. In bed he was so turned on by revisiting my demise at the hands of his little sister. Well,for you, I say, better to wrestle a girl than to just make love, but that is me, but I'm since I found out my husbands fantacy, I'm doing some research. At least you did not loose in front of your husband at the hands of a young smaller girl, so be happy for that. You did nothing wrong, except maybe get out of shape. How did you do with the other matches in front of your husband. If you lost, how did you feel? Humiliatated like I did?

SusanMay 15 2016 9:51pm
Hi susan,nice to hear from you.alicia had a bad experience and stopped posting.basically she needed to practice and build up her strength and stamina thats all! For the guys,its just the experience,and watching us girls go! Although my guy hates to see me lose,especially if my opponent or her husband have been boasting that shed take me,like in my last post.that ended up with me and her losing our tempers and fighting cos she started pinching and really trying to rough me up.pretty certain her man wanted her to do i said earlier,i was surprised to find i really enjoyed just letting rip!although i dont fancy having to go to work with a black eye and such again.unsurprisingly that was the bout that my guy still fantasise s about! We find opponents online,and ive had several since then,some better than for me was a lesbian couple,that was great sex wrestling.very competitive,but also each trying to turn the other on at the same time.omg at one point she had me face down,bending one of my legs over the other,and her fingers working on my c..t ,and i was just howling!! To answer your question,i hate losing,specially when my opponent or her partner make fun of me,but i understand that that is all part of the turn on,so i go with it

charliegirlMay 18 2016 6:42am
Txs for post Charliegirl. I looked and found the post of Alicia. Thanks because our experience is much to same. I hope she posts again or we could meet for a match for our men. ha ha Well, my darn man did not seem to mind me losing, mind you it was to his sister, so I quess that made the difference, I hope. Have not had any matches,but he still talks about it especially in bed. Still turns him on. His sister and I where talking and joking the other day, and she said be carefull or I will take a round of you again. I said, "you were just lucky, and she said, okay, do you want to g again, and I backed down. Anyway, Fred, was not there to see it. I plan on training and will likely take her on again, not just for Fred, but for my self esteem and pride. Although I had an L experience when younger once, but i will not do it with Fred's sister for sure. Other than Alicia, I would rather wrestle with women I know for now

SusanJun 08 2016 11:10am
Difficult taking on a much younger woman,they so love to humiliate older women its in their nature! My guy is so easy pleased,i just have to say' i could take that bitch' about anybody,and hes randy as a goat! Showed him your post,and he was like,think she could take you? I said i thought we would wrestle pretty hard,you being near ten ys younger.its getting him good and randy thinking bout us two,so just for him im challenging you to a wrestling your man,i bet he will love it too!! Chances are small of us ever meeting up,but its the thought of it that gets them going,isnt it.

charliegirlJun 10 2016 4:40am
Okay, tell you man, that maybe some stronger young girls can take me, but could he handle it if his wife lost badly to me in front of him. I read your post and I think I can take you easily for sure but if he does not like you to lose, he may not like the results. I think I woul d really like you, but when it comes to battle in front of our ment your mine girl

susanJun 13 2016 5:40pm
When i showed him your reply,he loved it! It REALLY excites him that theres another woman challenging me,especially one that reckons shed take you say,outside of that,we would likely get on well! But neither of us wants to be defeated by another woman in front of our man.its a faceoff between us now then sue!! may the best woman,and thats me,win!!! My guy loves all the bitching stuff that goes on when us women go after each other,and im after you now! Describe yourself.maybe we could cyber fight in front of our guys,that would be hot and fun......

charliegirlJun 14 2016 3:40am 41,5'10,slim build,longish straight ginger hair,very pale skinned with blue eyes.your man will want me the moment he sees me,and even more when ive defeated you in front of him!

charliegirlJun 14 2016 4:31am
Your not the better women for sure. To old to control me. I'm 5 ft 7, 32 years old, 145 lbs of muscle and big boned. I have big hands and strong arms that will get your head in a head lock that you will not be able to get out of. You will feel helpless under my womenly power. I'm a blond furry with blue eyes as well. If your man wants to see his girl dominated and humiliated, I'm the person. How do you cyber fight? There is not way, I will let you tease my man by defeating me Charliegirl When I rap my legs around you and give you a spanking, you will see. Bring it on, with your my want will want you, I doubt it

SusanJun 16 2016 5:59pm
Well sue,youve bitten off more than you can chew now sound pretty solid and strong,and pretty full of yourself too girl! I cant wait to hook up and put you on your fat ass in front of our men.we'll soon see whether im too old to control you girl.its going to be a rough match for certain,but im itching to take you down a peg or two blondie.ill make you lick my mans feet and say out loud that im the better woman in front of your guy

charliegirlJun 17 2016 3:43am
Ps your man WILL want me cos im tall,long limbed and toned and not a pudding like you! Come get some bitch..

charliegirlJun 17 2016 3:51am
Hiya sue!! Charlie just showed me her reply to your post.Im loving this thing between you two.You sound like one powerful chick i must say.Im surprised you got beat by a youngster.The thought of you two wildcats beefing it out in front of me and your guy makes my stomach turn summersaults .go girl! Love the image of my charlie making you lick my feet xx

philJun 17 2016 4:53am
Hi Phil, I lost to a young girl, because she is athletic and does weights and wrestles lots. Also, I was not as motivated as I should have been. Your wife is old and that is why I will dominate her totally. She will know she is in trouble once we lock warm bodies slap together and tussle strenuously on the floor in front of you two . She will get a sick feeling as she realizes she will be humiliated in front of you. I hope you do not mind if charlie is the one that licks your and my guys feet at the end. Sorry, if that is not the image you want, but hey this is a women to women serious wrestling match. I know, i'm the better women by far in this match up.

SusanJun 21 2016 5:43pm
Sue,how dare you call me old!! I bet your not in anything like the condition that i am.i like to keep myself looking good for my man,unlike you,pudding think you can dominate me do you,you may be able to for a while,blondie,but you tire easy,cos youre strong but not fit enough for a gym bunny like me.i know youll show off to the guys,using your strength to control me at the beginning,but as long as i dont make any bad mistakes and let you trap me in a finishing hold,ill just let you wear yourself out,and then ill come after you.then the tide will turn,and when that time comes we will both know it,and i'll enjoy lookin you in the eyes,and seeing your confidence ebb away,to be replaced by fear of humiliation in front of your man! Im so so looking forward to locking horns sue

charliegirlJun 22 2016 2:02am
Hey sue! You two are driving me crazy!! You girls are so sexy when you get into a woman on woman war!!!! Whatever happens between you when you sort out your differences is fine with me,best woman wins,obviously i want charlie to come out on top,but if you can take her,good on you! Im sure me and your fella are going to have one hell of an exciting and memorable time either way.a strong powerful younger woman against a very fit older woman,with lots of needle between them is going to be V competitive indeed!!!!!

philJun 22 2016 5:15am
My dear Phil, You wife thinks I'm full of myself, not fit and a pudding girl. Well, let her think that. She does not recognize confidence and has never seen me. If you do not like her being dominanted and she does not like being dominated in front of you, I'm not the person. She thinks I will wear out but she will be so tired at end that I will her at my mercy, because even her thinking process will be gone. Picture, perhaps giving away to tears, wimping like a little girl. After all she will have asked for it. I can pistures myself straddling her, in leg locks and headlocks. Her getting mad because she is being dominated and cannot get the upper hand as I ride her back, spank her backside hard. You sure you want to see that done to you good looking wife, that is reduced to a wimpering, spent crying women being controlled by a far better women

SusanJun 22 2016 10:30am
Hi sue, my youre a firecracker!! Charlies not seen your reply yet,but i just had to take a peek at it,and wow! I'll be needing a cold shower bad in a minute! Your confrontation really has me going,i just cant keep my hands off charlie,or my mind off the two of you taking each other on,i hope your guy is the same with you! You deserve it.I love your i said before its between you girls,best woman wins,no interference,and the loser is looking at a very humiliating time from her rival for charlie wants to teach you a lesson,and if she defeats you,she will love making you beg in front of us.equally if you take her,i know you wont stop till you make her blub.In a personal fight females are far more spiteful than the battle real edge

philJun 23 2016 5:37am
Well pudding girl,its a good job our men will be there when we fight,otherwise one of us might get hurt bad,and it wouldnt be me.Phil loves to tease me about you,saying that you sound like you might be too much of a handfull.he likes the muscle girls,but im slim but wiry and hard bodied.I know you lardass girls havent got the stamina that i have once it gets sweaty and real.every time you write you dig yourself a bigger hole,well,you say youre going to humiliate me and make me cry,ok,so be it,WHEN i defeat you you get the same.Im going to really enjoy playing with you,like a cat with its helpless prey,when the fight is going to have such fun,goading you and humiliating you whilst i have you at my mercy,im getting wet thinking about it! Little miss muscles cowed,blubbing,snot running from your nose,dripping with sweat.(hey,i hope you dont smell!) and this hot chick,makin you humiliate yourself i front of our men

charliegirlJun 23 2016 7:14am
hi my dear Phil, I cannot wait to sit on your knee and to get to know you better before the fight. My reply was slow, as I had to visit a sick aunt. But anyway, \I will be happy to please you and my man, even though your poor wife will be humiliated in front of you. I love you to, as you are a real fan of a good women to women scrap. Believe me, we will remain friends after the match. Yes I will control your wife in more ways than one, and she will feel helpless and desperate near the end, but which is bad enough, so I will not also steal you as well, and besides I have a good man, but I do want to remains friends and fulfill your fantasy. \I only ask one thing, do not ask me to lose, but anything alse is fine. know picture your poor sweaty wife, groaning, crying, her muscles straing as I play will her, get my legs around her from back and my arms around her neck, as you and I lock eyes and I smile at you and wink as she wigles, her legs flailing, her hands and arms showing viens that never showed before, as she tries to escape my control. Then, her cries and more moans as she further feels the fight slipping away from her. I do not sweat much and am a full women in all ways, so she does not have to worry about that, but her helplessness. Yes, you will like me

SusanJul 04 2016 10:54pm
Sue,we'd given up on you! Glad to hear from you!! Charlie thought you got scared,i reckoned you were a lot tougher than that!! I was so missing the turnon of you two hissing and spitting at each other the way you do!!! I bet your man was the same wasnt he? Nothing quite as exciting or arousing as watching your woman and another fine woman wind each other up and verbally bite chunks out of each other.I think youd like,or at least respect each other irl,but youd be so competitive youd still be constantly bickering and bitching!! When two scrappy women like you two lock horns,its best to get well out of the way!!!!! Charlie is going to go mental when she reads your post!!!!! Itll be like two cats in an alley! How does your husband feel about it all? Itd be cool to chat maybe? Phil

philJul 05 2016 2:44am
And to answer your other question,like ive said,id hate to see my charlie shown up and humiliated by another woman,but shes tough and very determined,and youll have your work cut out trying! Whoever gets the better of it,so be it.this is woman against woman,and you sort it between you,no interference,no comebacks.after the dust has settled you can shake hands,deal?

philJul 05 2016 3:18am
YOU BITCH !!! Guess i shouldnt be surprised youre such a slapper,should i.if i caught you on my mans knee,and flirting,id pull you off by the hair and give you a kicking,you can be sure! Mind when it comes to flirting,be sure i can outclass you ANYDAY.Ive no doubt im way better looking than you girl,and i know what to do with it too!! Your man will be drooling over me,if you want to start that little competition,bring it on girl! Unfortunately phil loves the muscle girls,and no matter how much exercise i take,i stay slim,but solid.he loves to wind me up about you,but he wouldnt swap,especially when ive defeated you one on one,and i force your face into the carpet,arm trapped behind your back,the two of us all tied up together,your hair lank with sweat.then ill have fun with you.i know you wont cry,but the boys will know im the better woman

charliegirlJul 05 2016 5:59am
xcxYkh You could definitely see your enthusiasm in the work you write. The sector hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren at afraid to say how they believe. At all times go after your heart.

ZeDYoswPSAEciVLxtnxJul 05 2016 10:42am
My Deal Phil, I will do whatever you say. and also, please do not step in, even if your wife cries for help. I also, promise, I will know when she has had enough and will not hurt her bodily on purpose, although I do not know who she will take the humiliation emotionally, as I do not know that about her. You will be pleased with my muscles as well and I was a runner up in a buety Pagent. You both will be surprised. I was not trying to flirt, just make it more interesting for you. Your wife lacks confidence or she would not have reacted like that. She is already feeling treatened by my womenhood, but I cannot do anything about that. I just thought you would want to know something about the women that is taking on our wife. So anyway, I'm already winning as I'm stronger than her in more ways than one. Just let me know what I can do to please you, other than losing.

SusanJul 05 2016 12:31pm
Hey Charliegirl, Whats wrong sister, am I already getting to you. Feeling threaten hey?. I found a little insecurity in you. See I'm already controlling and playing with you. Maybe it is your age, that is making you a little insecure. Just know, that you are a good women overall and do not feel bad that I'm getting the better of you already. Are you feeling my warm and hard body already pressing on you. Dont cry yet.

SusanJul 05 2016 12:35pm
Hi again, Phil. Sorry I missed you blog 15 hrs ago until now. Yes, I would love to chat with you. I got into this because I found that my man liked girls wrestling. I'm a man pleaser, and while my man is first, I want to put a show for you as well. I like you already for some reason, as you remind me of my man with same desires etc.

SusanJul 05 2016 5:47pm
Well!!youve really been pushing charlies buttons! My charlie expects to be the centre of attention where guys are concerned,which i find very alluring! I know she really wasnt expecting you to be any threat in that department! apart of course from the muscles!! She hates it if another woman steals the show when we are out,and the claws come out,and she gets very bitchy!! Obviously i can see just how youre playing her,and aiming to sap her confidence,and im betting your man is enjoying it too,like backing charlie obviously,as he is backing you,but you and charlie are set at each other in a woman war!!,and both us guys are loving watching you two girls as you circle warily,slashing at each other verbally jabbing and feinting.we are enjoying every moment of this confrontation!!

philJul 06 2016 4:51am
Ps,it would be hot to swap notes with your guy,if hed be into it?we obviously have a lot in common!! A bit of light hearted windup,and steamy chat about our gorgeous warrior women!!

philJul 06 2016 5:01am
Btw sorry charlie,but sues got you against the ropes right now,go get her,sexy,put sue on the canvas!!!

AnonymousJul 06 2016 5:10am
Hi Phil Yes I know, she is spoiled and needs a good spanking. She is losing and she asked for it and started it and I warned her about me. She may put me on the canvas, but she will be coming with me, with her head buried in my breast and my arms holding her there, as her wiry body squarmes. She has met a better women, but who doesn't. My man does not do computors, but will pass on anything he says. He knows me, and just says, I can take her easy.

SusanJul 06 2016 2:04pm
Hi bitch!!!! If im spoilt,its only cos im a real hot babe susan! Believe me when we face off against each other youll realise pretty darn quick that youre totally outclassed in every way.oh! and please dont get angry with your man cos his eyes are all over me! He cant help it,i just have that effect on the way,id think twice about burying my head in your flabby tits sue,ive got very sharp teeth.against the rules??!! Ooh sorry!! Im not too pleased with phil for saying youve got me against the ropes! I know hes only winding me up,but i can see why you dont want your man on here,id wind him round my little finger! When we fight why dont we start off by linking hands for a game of mercy.ill love staring into your eyes as our arms struggle for control,and watching the confidence ebb away as you realise the muscular arms youre so proud of and relying on to defeat me,are not a match for my extra height and long wiry arms.ill force you down then,and take you to the floor,and we will sort things between not overconfident like you ,sue,i know itll be rough and hard,but i long to get up close and personal and defeat you utterly woman on woman,and make my man proud.once you run out of steam,im going to reel you in,slowly,enjoying every little moan,and cry! and have some fun with you,sending the guys wild.hey,maybe ill let you be my donkey,and carry me round the room on your back,controlling you by the hair,how humiliating muscle girl xx

charliegirlJul 07 2016 3:03am
Ps,sue,dont worry about phil stepping one interferes till the fight between us is settled,and the winner is satisfied that her rival has learnt her lesson.we both know the consequences of defeat dont we sue,unless you are losing your nerve?? I can almost smell your musky sweat as we roll and wrestle hand to hand,legs tied,stomachs and breasts hard against each other,panting and grunting with exertion,our mens shouted encouragement the only other sound

charliegirlJul 07 2016 3:34am
Hi sue, think my charlies nudged ahead in the trash talking!! Claws out sue,go get her.i dont know about either of us guys interfering,i doubt either of us would dare get between you two tigresses once you start scrapping!!

philJul 07 2016 4:57am
Hi Phil, Agree with your comments because the difference between me and your girl, is that I'm a Lady and do not use teeth, or hair pulling Or scratching. That is sissy catty girl stuff, not lady stuff and certainly not a tough strong lady stuff. When losing, that is what some girls do that do not know how to fight like a real women. Yes, female flesh to flesh, muscle to muscle, Struggles to show off to our men and not wanting to be shown by another women, is fine, but if she turns dirty, that will be a big mistake. I punch very hard to say the least. I dropped a big guy in school with one punch and it took him a while to get up. And Phil, if your wife wasn't so insecure, I would you feel my muscles when on your knee. I do not look like those body builders with veins sticking out all over etc., excepting my fore arms when I use them hard, and my hands and feet. My biceps show good for a girl and are hard. My breasts are not flabby or my stomach. You will see. My man and I played wrestled as he wanted me to show what I would do to your girl. He always likes me to get my legs around him and really likes feeling my calves and legs and struggles to get out. I think he does not really want to get out though. So maybe, as I sit on your girls head, you can sneak and feel of my muscles if you like. Both Gerry and I are not insecure in our relationship and I do not mind if you sit on his lap or let him feel your girls muscles, if she has any. Just no hands in private parts though. So yes, Charlie girl nudged ahead in the trash talking because trash is garbage and I'm a real lady. But I'm by far the better women and wrestler. She will be so easy, because she is not a real women fighter and lets her self get worked up when in matches. By the way, Gerry asked that I not only shake her hands at end but hug her and be nice in victory, so I will try. It will be easy as she will be spent.

SusanJul 07 2016 10:30am
Hey Charliesissy Well, yes that would be something, if you beat me in a mercy fight. My fore arms, hand and legs are my strongest part. I have never lost in that or arm wrestling except with some strong guys. Keep that confidence, you will need it. It would be something if you could really defeat me. Quite a site, but will not happen, sorry.I know your type, and you are not doubt strong, fast and good at wrestling, but women to women wrestling and not this silly catfight girly stuff, you do not have a chance. Just do not make me mad with dirty stuff which is your only defence, weak lady

AnonymousJul 07 2016 10:39am
Hi phil, Suzy I call her that asked me to give a messege. I do not like compotors. all i want to say, is really love your wife and rea sure her of that, especally after match. Suzy is kind person just do not want to get her mad. when she wrestles with my sis for me, i know she could easy beat her, but she laughed and was gentle with her. she likes my sis. like you i want them to finish fight freinds if possibal. give ahug to your wife for me. by the way, i did not say suzy had your wife on roaps, that must of been some one else.

GerryJul 07 2016 10:45am
Hi sue!! Nice comeback! Looking forward to charlie coming home and reading your post!!!! I think you and her need to thrash out some rules for your confrontation,dont you? Cant say that charlies a girly fighter,though if she was in a real street brawl with another female,i know she would use whatever was necessary to beat her rival.the only time it went that way was as in a much earlier post,where she had a wrestling match with a woman,and the other girl started with the rough stuff! Charlie lost her temper,and they started brawling.we broke it up,but they arranged to fight again ,and that wasa real girl on girl punchout,which quickly had to be stopped again before someone got hurt. If you two arrange to wrestle,she will stick to the rules.she does have a redheads temper,but if you dont cheat,she looking forward to a long, rough and hardfought woman on woman battle,a real trial of strength,agility,fitness and heart,with one woman defeating the other utterly

philJul 08 2016 5:04am
Hi gerry,when you have a wife like ours,who not only understands the things that turn us on,but enjoys doing them,we are so lucky! I can assure you she is more than loved,and if she loses to your wife i am just as proud.however,its your wife that will need the support afterwards,as charlie will take her fair and sexy redhead will defeat your wife,care to have a little wager??

philJul 08 2016 5:19am
Oh and sue,it would be really hot for the guys to kinda size up the two contestants,so to sound like your proud of your fine body,and charlie is certainly proud of hers.i would love to run my hands over your firm muscles and compare you two fighters,and im certain gerry would thoroughly like to admire charlies taut physique.perhaps we could massage oil into the opposing female,that way we really get to feel the strengths and weaknesses of the two of you.obviously nothing too intimate!! Dont know if either of you will agree though!!

philJul 08 2016 5:38am
Hi Phil, I had an awful dream last night, perhaps because becausee Gerry said I can never tell with a person until you fight them. Size is not everything. I thought about that last night and then when sleeping I had the most vivid dream Yes you felt my muscles and they were a lot bigger than your wife's. I felt good at comparing us. Then we when started mercy fighting I started to win but not easy, then your wife pushed me and tripped me. We fought like wild cats and your wife was so fast and agile and tenacious I kept losing. My muscles were bulging and when I did get her into holds, she would squirm out. I was getting anoyed and desreate and frustrated that I was losing and she would not tire out and just kept on me. Just awfull She did everything she said she would do to me and more.It was more than awfull. She ended up sitting on my face and then my chest as she asked you to feel my muscles again and demanded I flex which I did. Finally she let me up and said, did I have enough, and I said no, but was really near tears. She put her hands behind my head and yanked me to my knees, and I felt tears and grabbed her around the waist with my hands holding tight to her upp bum and turning my head side ways, so Gerry and you would not see my tears. It felt awfull, as I'm a proud women and proud of my muscles and here is this slim older women dominating me and I felt so helpless. She then reached back and grabbed my fingers and pulled my big hands away from her backside and pushed me over causing me to lose it and break down crying. She just kept on me until I asked Gerry to stop it and he said her could not because of the rules. When I woke up I was totally wet in sweat and the blankets were gone and Gerry was not there. He told me that i statted to move and make noises so he went into other bedroom. I think that may be a sign of what your wife may do to me. I felt so awful in humiliation for me. My muscles did not help and just made me feel worse for losing. I also thought about it all day and realized, if I felt that way in a dream, what it would feel like in an actual match. i lost my confidence and have to submit utter defeat to your wife. I also realize, that I was not kind to her, even though we were building things up, but I apologize to her from what I said. Yes, I'm now scared of her and really think she is the better women, as hard as it is to admist. This once proud muscle girl reduced to this by an older smaller women. I wish her all the best in any matches she has. thankfully Gerry does not look at this site and I do not know how I can tell him. We are going on a hike for 7 days with another couple, and I will try to arrange a wrestle with the other girl for him and also his sister. That will make him happy. I will just tell him, I do not want to wrestle with anyone I do not know well. Thanks for our bout anyway and the posts.

SusanJul 08 2016 7:42pm
Well,ive never heard of a woman so plain yellow that shes scared to story fight!! Pathetic

charliegirlJul 11 2016 10:44am
Well,ive never heard of a woman so plain yellow that shes scared to story fight!! Pathetic

charliegirlJul 11 2016 10:44am
Well,ive never heard of a woman so plain yellow that shes scared to story fight!! Pathetic

charliegirlJul 11 2016 10:44am
Well,ive never heard of a woman so plain yellow that shes scared to story fight!! Pathetic

charliegirlJul 11 2016 10:44am
Well,ive never heard of a woman so plain yellow that shes scared to story fight!! Pathetic

charliegirlJul 11 2016 10:44am
Well,ive never heard of a woman so plain yellow that shes scared to story fight!! Pathetic

charliegirlJul 11 2016 10:44am
Well,ive never heard of a woman so plain yellow that shes scared to story fight!! Pathetic

charliegirlJul 11 2016 10:44am
Well,ive never heard of a woman so plain yellow that shes scared to story fight!! Pathetic

charliegirlJul 11 2016 10:44am
Well,ive never heard of a woman so plain yellow that shes scared to story fight!! Pathetic

charliegirlJul 11 2016 10:44am
Well,ive never heard of a woman so plain yellow that shes scared to story fight!! Pathetic

charliegirlJul 11 2016 10:44am
Well,ive never heard of a woman so plain yellow that shes scared to story fight!! Pathetic

charliegirlJul 11 2016 10:44am
Well,ive never heard of a woman so plain yellow that shes scared to story fight!! Pathetic

charliegirlJul 11 2016 10:44am
Hi charliegirl would you ever wrestle a guy whats your stats?

SteveJul 16 2016 1:26am
Steve,im 41,5'10,140lb,slim but gym fit,not a muscle girl like that spineless susan! If you read some earlier posts youll see i have wrestled against several guys in arranged private some,lose some! Fun wrestling with plenty of needle is what i prefer,m vs f with plenty to prove!!! Not taking on any old guys or muscle giants,got to be fair fight

charliegirlJul 17 2016 2:56am
I think girls like you are better more natural and sexier

steveJul 17 2016 3:45am
Iv always wonder what a cyber fight is like and how it works can you help Charliegirl you seem to know your stuff?

SteveJul 17 2016 3:55am
Id love to go a few rounds with you ccharliegirl im 34 about 11 stone 5'11

steveJul 17 2016 6:17am
Thanks steve! I like to think im sexier! You sound a fair match,height and weightwise,hope youre not a hairy beardy sort of guy cos i like a nice smooth body to roll around with!! if youre up for a very competitive but sexy one on one battle of the sexes,ill explain the way to do it,and we can decide on any rules.being a cyber story match,it doesnt really matter,as no one actually gets hurt! Thing is to make it realistic as poss.looking forward to teaching you a lesson steve

charliegirlJul 18 2016 3:54am
Im up for that and no not hairy im new to it how about a scissor match maybe in oil make it fun up to you

steveJul 18 2016 4:23am
Oh and this page looking a bit full u on fb or any other way we could chat ?

SteveJul 18 2016 4:30am
Safest on here,we can always move if it fills up! I reckon we meet up at my place,thick carpet,pull the sofas against the wall.first we get to know each other over a few drinks.bit of flirting,then i like it if we spend some time oiling each other all over and checking each other out!!,believe me,ill have you randy as a goat!! Just understand rule number one,we dont have sex,anything else goes.we get on the ground,link hands,and wrestle,no restrictions,we use every trick to win! You in boy?itll be just you and me.ill film it for my old man!!

charliegirlJul 18 2016 5:59am
Im in im wearing my small boxers . i manage to wrap my thighs around you're waste it feels nice as you slide about in and out the only sound is the oil and our moans and grons

steveJul 18 2016 6:16am
Sorry jumped in then it would be nice to get to know you first like i said im new to this

SteveJul 18 2016 6:33am
Whoa boy,slow down,easy does it! You knock at the door,and i let you wearing a black c*cktail dress,just skimming the very top of my long pale legs,and cut low to show off my sweet tight firm look me over appreciatively.we embrace,and your hand strokes the top of my thinking this guys going to be a handful!! I lead you to the bedroom so you can change into your boxers,and fix us a drink,settling onto the sofa,and posing my body artfully,legs crossed,making sure all my assets are shown off to perfection!! Waiting like a spider for a fly.anxiously looking forward to looking my opponent over from head to toe!

charliegirlJul 18 2016 6:36am
Well you look amazing im thinking why would she want to wrestle me . feeling like the most luckiest guy the world right now as i undress you with my eyes wondering what outfit your going to wear. So tell me about your self? Im from England and always wanted to wrestle a woman like you i just know this is going to be a grate day

SteveJul 18 2016 6:45am
I can feel you checking me out greedily,top to toe,youre certainly not embarassed!your boxers are pretty tight and i can already see your swelling as your eyes bore into me.i can feel myself getting wet,knowing im turning you on!! Youre very forward,and i sense you could be trouble,that is dangerous,but very arousing!! I beckon you over,and you sit beside me,your hand going straight for my thigh,softly caressing and running over my hands feel your arms,checking each muscle,and up over your shoulders.fairly powerful,but not too worrying! Emboldened ,your hands are everywhere,pressing into my hard,wiry,frame,and tight smileYOURE FIT,BUT IM STRONGER,ILL DEFEAT YOU EASILY GIRL!! A challenge in your voice. Looking me straight in the eyes, your fingers find the front of my thin dress and lower it slightly,allowing one small firm teat to poke out over the top,andyou rub gently but firmly at my taut nipple.i sigh,but sensing you are trying to dominate me,my hand finds your rock hard,and my long nails dig in just enough to even the score!! Youre gohpng to be hard to control when we set to i can

charliegirlJul 18 2016 7:27am
Take your time,plenty of detail,ill probcly be back on tonight

AnonymousJul 18 2016 7:30am
Trust me when we get down to it you wont stand a chance i tell you this as i rub you're thigh and look deep into your eyes i can see you melt trying not to give in. You take a sip of you're drink now who's shaking but i think it's with lust and pleasure .i cant wait to oil that body im imagine it now and i know you are two

steveJul 18 2016 8:23am
Your fingers are exploring my thighs,and i know youve felt wetness between them,as you give me a disdainful so think youre the cats whiskers dont you,so aching to fight you and show you whos really in charge!!you love being the alpha male,but i will show you boy!! I push you off,and stand,easing the dress up over my shoulders,and throwing it into a its me in bikini briefs,facing you in your boxers,a tree trunk trying to force its way out through the front! I laugh at it,and you dont like it one bit! We are both madly randy,but real needle has crept in.i know you want to totally dominate me,and play with me,belittling me and showing your better than me,and i want to make you beg!! I pass you the warm oil,and lie flat on the couch,legs stretched massage it into my legs,enjoying every movement and contour,and then your finger finds the beads of wetness at the top of my thighs,you lick your finger,laughing,little lady on heat i see! You say.then you move up to my midsection,massaging deep,finding the hard muscles under the soft skin.mmm.,they wont save you, you whisper in my ear!!

charliegirlJul 18 2016 10:05am
Im loving every minute of it oiling your sort sexy body .you chuck me off and sit on my waste cover me in oil you love it and so the hell do i putting you're hand down my boxer's the look in your eyes is a sexy kind of evil

steveJul 18 2016 10:30am
My fingers close round your huge throbbing,and i slowly get up off your waist,controlling you ,any slight movement on my part forcing you to do just what i make you.youre angry,but i force you up onto your toes,twisting the rockhard member in my say....ill teach you a lesson in manners bitch.try me i spit back

charliegirlJul 18 2016 11:21am
I land on top of you pinn your arm my chest squeezing down on you're tits how do u like that i whisper in you're ear

SteveJul 18 2016 11:26am
Ipush my hard bony forearm across your throat,and my legs fan out to give me purchase,i force you slowly to the side,and we go hand to hand.slowly i get the upper hand,both our arms out to our sides,my teats hard against your chest.i leer into your face,taunting you as i force your hands to the floor.

AnonymousJul 18 2016 12:04pm
I manage to get my arms free grab you're oiled ass and slid u up off me but you sit on my neck slapping your thighs against my face

SteveJul 18 2016 12:44pm
Im trying to arch my back but charliegirl your stronger than i thought looking up at your oil soaked body and your smooth thighs repeat to open and close slamming against my face . part of me wants to stay hear but i wont i cant loose my first match .i manage to slip out quickly getting to my knees i put my arms around you're neck forcing you to the ground sit on you're chest grabbing you're tits you like this i love watching you struggle as we slip and slide im looking forward to seeing you in some scissor holds i tell you

SteveJul 18 2016 10:22pm
The little bastard has me down on my back,his bare legs either side of my midsection,knees up under my arms.sweat mixing with oil making it difficult to maintain a hold.his massive erection is pushing hard against my belly,making it difficult for him to think straight.yeah go on,i think,play with my teats!! Youll blow in a minute,you cant fight it,then youll lose control,and ill take you!!!i decide to unseat you,raising my bottom, and using my legs,my hands grasping your throat,i roll you off,slinging my legs round your chest.ive got you now boy,all you can see is soft oiled leg,and your hands cant resist hand reaches for your throbbing,and youre mine!! I whisper...youre mine boy! My fingers play up and down the hard sweat and oil covered member,the slightest struggle from you bringing instand pain from my sharp fingernails,i slowly tease and massage the beast,driving you crazy,teeth bared,howling and moaning,till i can feel my victory bursting through as you arch your back!! Next time we fight,ill get you off beforehand,and we will wrestle seriously,a proper battle of the sexes,anything goes,till one of us is cowed and beaten.i love to really mix it with a guy,and see which one of us comes out on top!!

charliegirlJul 19 2016 4:25am
I Would love to wrestle you again. Maybe for real one day . so u up for a rematch if so can we choose each others outfits spice it up a bit i will let you choose the location and the type of match this time. If you think you can handle me so feel free to offer me out il be ready this time . or might you need to bring a girl friend along bit of 2 on 1 ha

SteveJul 19 2016 4:43am
Steve,you couldnt handle one woman.i challenge you to take me on in a gladiator fight,one on one,on the sand in the arena,before a crowd baying for blood!! We wear gladiator uniforms,short hide skirt.bare chested.this is hand to hand fighting to the of us will end up being dragged out!! This is top female gladiator,against a trained male of similar size,weight and age.

charliegirlJul 19 2016 5:20am
Are you man enough for a dirty,nasty fight to the finish,no rules,male on female,anything goes??this time its no holding back.wrestling,kicking,punching,butting,biting,we fight for our lives!

charliegirlJul 19 2016 5:28am
Bring it you start as you won last time come on im ready

steveJul 19 2016 5:35am
One rule no one is to die x

SteveJul 19 2016 5:47am
The trumpets sound,and at either end of the arena,the gates are opened.first out onto the sand is the male gladiator,raising his arms in salute to the crowd,and bowing low to the senators stand.then out of the opposite gate strides his opponent,tall, bronzed,long red hair tied ,the muscles in her hard arms and stomach shining with sweat in the midday sun,her bare torso and small hard breasts crossed with old scars,legs long and powerful looking.the crowd erupt with excitement and wolfwhistles.she is a fine fighting woman,and a sight to rouse the loins of all but a very few of the watching males! She bows low,and the two gladiators approach each other warily,circling,eyes locked.he raises his fists and beckons cruelly for the woman to come and punch it out with him.the crowd leave her little choice,and as soon as shes within range,he swings at her with his right fist,catching her in the side of the head,as she tries to duck.shes dazed by the blow and before she can defend herself he slams three hard jabs up into her stomach and breasts,then her forehead cannons into his face as she recovers,bursting his nose and showering her breasts in his blood

charliegirlJul 19 2016 6:17am
He falls backwards landing on his back she slowly walks towards him almost tauting him big mistake he kicks her heals out she falls the crowd goes wiled he climes on top his blood gushing from his nose dripping all over her sweaty breasts and body then punch after punch he destroys her leaving her limp and battered and bruised he laughs you picked the wrong day to fight lady your mine

steveJul 19 2016 7:10am
You given up already charliegirl though better of you . I was so much looking forward to a few more cyber wrestles with you .

SteveJul 20 2016 6:20am
Her face a mask of blood,she struggles to see clearly.his heavy body holds her down as he beats her face and head with his fists,the knuckles raw and torn on her teeth.hes excited,loving his mastery over the upstart female,that reckons shes as good as a man!!with each blow,he taunts the injured female.suddenly her knee slams up between his legs,mashing his maleness.he howls with rage and pain,momentarily unable to think straight,and she seizes her chance,levering herself to one side,she throws him off.rising to all fours she is straight after him.hes still in great pain,but snarling in hatred,hes ready for her.they meet onhands and knees in the bloodsoaked sand,kneeing,punching and wrestling like maddened bull mastiffs in a pit.oblivious to the screaming cheering crowd,they roll,slipping in each others sweat and blood,over and over...

charliegirlJul 20 2016 12:32pm
Both of them tired worn out but nether want to give up he gets her in a head lock from behind chocking her she thrusts her head Back hitting him smack in the nose but he manages to keep hold. She starts to go limp her legs kicking at the sand in a last effort to escape bit by bit she blacks out. He gets to his feet faces the crowd arms in the air victory . but she's not done she creeps to her feet kicking him in the back of the knees pulls his shoulders down landing on his back she slowly places him in a reverse head scissors his nose touching the crack of her arse the crowd scream many thinking who is this woman some wishing they were him. His hands slipp up and down her thighs trying desperately to escape

steveJul 20 2016 2:29pm
Are you still about charlirgirl ?

SteveJul 22 2016 12:10am

charliegirlJul 29 2016 1:33pm
U ok charliegirl

SteveJul 30 2016 5:47am
Or have i done something to offend you i hope not

SteveJul 30 2016 6:09am
I fancy a caveman vs cavewoman .the man wants the woman,but she rejects wearing raquel welchs costume from one million years bc!!!hot enough for you!!! Im the chiefs woman,but the men are away hunting!! Youve sneaked in whilst theyre not there,desperate to mount me!!!

charliegirlAug 01 2016 5:44am
I see you lying there looking smoking i sneek up to you go to clime on top but you see me kick me in the stomach frocing me to the ground now its you on top sat on my neck

SteveAug 01 2016 6:45am
You are not much bigger than me,obviously one of the young men,not yet ready to go on the hunt,or take a mate,but its very obvious you are very much ready and desperate to mount a woman!! I can feel your lust throbbing through your wiry body as i hold you to the dry ground,legs astride you,you grab my hands,and we measure each others strength,me trying to force your arms to the earth,you battling to wrestle me off! You bring your knees up to give you leverage,and our hands twist and wrestle in a fight of their own,as we grunt with exertion.the sweat is running down my face,and dripping onto you.i arch my back and manage to use my weight to force your hands close to the ground,but you smile cruelly as you raise them again!! I an no stranger to fighting,having fought several women to become ,and remain the chiefs wife,and i know that this youngster is stronger than me,and that his needs will make him dangerous,but no help will arrive for some hours,and if any of the females get back earlier,they are more likely to laugh and enjoy the battle!! Competition between the women is fierce and theres nothing theyd like better than for me to be hurt!!! So its just me against this lust maddened male.

charliegirlAug 02 2016 4:50am
im gettg quite turned on lookig up at you your soft sweaty thighs rubbing on my cheeks squeezing my face but i wont give in to your sexy hold i look at you smiling and say when the other woman do come back il take a few of you on roll you over pin you faceing your feet my hand on youre crotch you moan in pure pleshure looking at them thighs hoping for another chance between them turned on in a big way

steveAug 02 2016 5:12am
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