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Created by: sskHk4WTY R3kD at 05:01:32 AM, Sunday, April 13, 2008 EDT


Let's talk about superior black men and boys here.

AnonymousJun 16 2021 4:02am

I swear, black guys are like giant gods compared to white guys. Even black baby boys are manlier, stronger and better endowed than white men.

WhiteLapBabyJun 16 2021 4:08am
I'm not white, but when I was in 8th grade I was in the bathroom and this black kid walked in. He was in 3rd grade. His dick must have been at least 4 inches soft. I can't even reach 4 inches fully hard! This little black boy was 4 inches soft in 3rd grade. He must have been like 8 years old! Even now that I am 16, I can only get 3.7 inches hard. Little black kids are huge!

Tiny AsianJun 16 2021 8:32am
I teach 4th grade ELA at a majority black school. Some of those boys and girls are just out of this world. The majority of my 4th grade girls have bigger titties than I do, and most of the boys could easily manhandle me if they wanted. I once confiscated one of the girls phones because she was on it during class texting her boyfriend in another class. He had sent a picture of his dick. It was HUGE! My last boyfriend was white and only 5 inches, but even that was too big for me personally. This little 11 year old must be at least 7! Is it weird to sometimes fantasize about some of them stripping me down and sticking their big penises in me?

ELA TeacherJun 16 2021 1:01pm
ELA Teacher - that's not weird at all, I do the same thing, especially since 7 inches is actually on the small side for a black 11 year old. I'm 17 and right now I'm working/volunteering at a summer camp in a middle class majority black area. The kids really aren't shy at all, so even if I didn't want to see them it would be impossible not to, many of them take off their bathing suits when they go swimming or walk around naked in the dorm, and I can tell a lot of them intend for me to see them. The black boys are incredible! Even the youngest and smallest one I've seen is bigger than any boyfriend I've ever had. And they definitely take advantage of that, it's common for a boy to sneak into the girls' dorm for some fun at night, or vice-versa. I'm very jealous of the girls at the camp for that, and I've been fantasizing constantly about being in their place. One of the boys who I think is 9 or 10 has been flashing me, and I'm sure he's much bigger flaccid than my boyfriend is erect. I don't think I'll be able to resist for much longer. Have you seen the dicks of any of the other boys in your class?

SusieJun 16 2021 1:38pm
No I haven't, but I did sub in for PE one day and saw a lot of them in their underwear and the girls in their bras and panties. The girls are huge! Like girl you're rocking D cups while I can barely fill out my A cups! And the boys bulges omg. They're packing canon balls in there. I'm so turned on imagining being manhandled by 11 year old black boys. I think the one with the biggest must be Eric. He's 10 at the moment but he's 5'3, so an inch taller than me. In the locker room while he was in his tight boxers, the outline of his penis reached halfway down his thigh. I would be terrified if I had the chance to his thing in me.

ELA TeacherJun 16 2021 6:41pm
Yeah, the girls at my summer camp are very well endowed for their age as well, almost as much as the boys. The boys and the girls all seem to be extremely well developed compared to the white kids their own age. When they're swimming (and wearing their bathing suits) it's common to see a completely flat white girl next to a black girl with boobs the size of mine, or a white boy who looks like he has nothing at all in his pants next to a black boy the same age or older who looks like he has a rolled up snake in there, obviously bigger than any white guy of any age that I've ever seen. It turns me on a lot as well. They are also sexually active at a very young age, judging by how common it is in my summer camp. I guess it's common at your school as well, given what you saw on the phone you confiscated. How old are the black boys in your school when they start having sex, and is it only with girls around their age or do they go for older women as well? Have any of them ever gotten with another teacher?

SusieJun 16 2021 7:03pm
some of the black boys who came through my summer camp last year were just scary big down there. i was the counselor of a cabin of 8 and 9 year olds, and the difference between the black and white boys was incredible. One time i caught some of hte white boys comparing their penises to one of hte black boys... he was easily 3 or 4 times bigger soft than their erections. These white boys were simply amazed at his size.

camp counselorJun 17 2021 11:09am
That sounds exactly like the camp I work at. There's a big range of ages at mine, and a couple days ago I stumbled on a bunch of boys swimming in the lake. Instead of getting them to stop I just watched them. At first they were all naked, but the white boys got very nervous and most of them ended up putting on their bathing suits. The smallest black boy was about 7, and he was clearly bigger than the oldest white boy, who was 14 or 15 and looked about the size of my boyfriend. The black boys kept on just walking around with their dicks swinging around or floating on their backs in the water, I couldn't stop myself from fingering myself right there as I watched. Was the black boy you saw bigger than you (if you're a guy) or your boyfriend (if you're a girl)? ELA Teacher, did you see the questions I asked?

SusieJun 17 2021 11:21am
Yeah the black boy i saw was way bigger than me and I'm 17. One of the white boys who was 9 was actually pretty well hung for his age... about 5 inches erect. It looked pretty big until the black boy took off his underwear. soft, his giant black preteen boydick reach all the way down to his knee. The white kids were in a state of shock seeing it.

camperJun 17 2021 11:26am
I've seen black boys with dicks that reach down to their knees as well, especially the shorter boys. I don't know how the girls at the camp handle them when they sneak into the girls' dorm at night, I've only been with white guys so I think I'd pass out if I got a go on one of these black boys at the camp. I've been fantasizing about it constantly.

SusieJun 17 2021 11:46am
i actually saw the boys jerking off together that night... fully erect the 8 year old black boy was truly monstrous. it was so easy for him to bend over and lick his own c*ckhead... the white boys were in awe

camperJun 17 2021 11:48am
A few years back I was on a trip in Africa, and I saw a 4yo black boy who was simply massive. He had muscles so huge they looked like an overinflated blimp ready to explode on his short body. His arms were so thick he couldn't even put them against his torso, his pecs were so massive they almost blocked his view, his 8 pack abs were so thick that they stuck out inches from his body, making his belly look crazy bloated. Even his traps were extremely big, burring his small head into his muscular body. His legs would've made adult bodybuilders cower in fear, and even his feet were thick and very muscular. The boy was only wearing a pair of boxers, but they were so stretched by his massive muscular butt that they looked skin tight on him. It didn't helped than the boy had a real anaconda between his legs, a monstrously large soft penis that looked ready to burst out at any moment. He made many white people cum by mere sight of him!

Black Boy Muscle GodJun 17 2021 7:45pm
that was what it was like in the cabin... when one of the black boys started flexing his muscles he was easily able to make the little white kids have mutlitple dry boygasms

camperJun 18 2021 6:05am
@camper Yeah, there's a lot of black boys that are very muscular, and very strong too! I know a black kid who lives in my neighborhood, and even though he's very chubby, there's also a lot of muscles underneath the fat. Clearly he's not someone to mess with...

Black Boy Muscle GodJun 18 2021 10:17am
@ELA Teacher Can you tell us more about Eric and the other boys in your school? And @Susie can you tell more about the boys at your summer camp?

AnonymousJun 18 2021 2:46pm
Sure. Most of the black boys at the camp are also very muscular, like with penis size I'm pretty sure the youngest black boy is stronger than the oldest white boy. That actually applies to the girls too, as well as being well endowed and early developers they're all in pretty great shape and are amazingly strong, I once saw a 9 year old black girl beating a 14 year old white boy in arm-wrestling. It's the dick size of the black boys that I'm really obsessed with though. Me and another volunteer had to go into their dorm to talk to them about cigarette butts we found, and the other volunteer made sure they were wearing their pajamas before I went in, which was annoying. Still, I got to see a lot. The pajamas provided by the camp are shorts, and all the black boys had huge bulges which were clearly visible. They all had dicks too big to fit them, so their dicks had to go down one of the legs of the shorts, and I could see the outline through the fabric. Best of all, most of them were so big that their dicks actually protruded out of the leg of the shorts, at least the head and a portion of the shaft peeping out and lying there against the boy's leg! On a couple of the shorter boys it went all the way to their knee. The other volunteer was obviously intimidated and he tried very hard to ignore it, but I spent the whole time staring at them and imagining what they would look like erect. The boys definitely noticed, and some of them pulled their shorts up a bit to give me a better look. I keep comparing them to my boyfriend, and every single one of them is clearly far bigger in length and girth while flaccid than he is while erect. I'd also like to hear more from ELA Teacher, I'm jealous that she gets to be around boys like this all day.

SusieJun 18 2021 5:21pm
anyone want to talk about these young gods on discord:

AnonymousJun 19 2021 1:42pm
It's true that even black toddlers are bigger than white men. Me and my wife had to look after one of my wife's friend's kids, a black 3 year old boy. When we had to give him a bath we undressed him then both of us stared open mouthed at his c*ck, it was gigantic! I'm 4 inches which I'm pretty sure is average or even above average for a white guy, but this kid was clearly bigger than that soft! As we were washing him my wife took off her shirt, saying it was to keep it dry, and the kid started pawing at her breasts. He got a boner, and it looked ridiculous on him, it had to be more than 8 inches and it poked up above his nipples almost to his neck when it was pointing straight up. That night the boy asked if he could sleep in our bed because he was scared, and my wife instantly said yes. We went to sleep, and in the middle of the night I was woken up by the bed rocking and the sounds of screams. The boy was pounding my wife incredibly hard and incredibly fast, and she was screaming and asking him for more. I didn't blame her at all, he is clearly superior to me and it's natural my wife would want him to f*ck her. I just took the covers off them so I could see better and started jacking off to it.

cuckedhubbyJun 22 2021 9:15am
@cuckedhubby I'm very envious of your wife, I wish I had an 8+ c*ck inside me. I'm going crazy around these boys at the summer camp. Even for a black boy that kid's c*ck is big for his age, I've babysat for a few black boys around his age and I think they're usually in the 5-6 inch range. Did he ever f*ck your wife again after that, do you still see him now?

SusieJun 22 2021 5:40pm
Being a tiny white guy, and living in Africa (Congo) isn't very easy.. Even the average 5 year old boy here is taller, stronger, and better endowed than the me. I'm just a little pink girly-boy to them all..

InAfricaJun 23 2021 1:25pm
@InAfrica, I bet even an average black baby boy is at least stronger and better endowed than you..

WhiteLapBabyJun 23 2021 3:21pm
I didn't realize so many adult women were turned on by little boys until it happened to my mom. I was 9 years old at the time with just my white ass and my mom. We moved to a dainty little town and our neighbors were this loving and caring black family. They had a son who was 7. Obviously we got along and we used to play all the time at our backyard pool. We used to go pee in the bushes at the edge of the yard. At the time I didn't realize but now I know he was huge at 7 years old. We actually have a nude picture of us in the pool from back then. I can guess he was around 5 inches soft. Anyway, one day we were playing around peeing and my mom walks out with drinks and immediately eyes him down. That's when she took the picture of us. Later that night I was walking out of my room for water. It must have been around 3 am and I see my mom on the couch asleep. However, her skirt and panties are down, her hand around her pussy and in her other hand was the picture of Damien, the 7 year old neighbor. About a month later, she took Damien in after out pool time. I hear noises from her room and when I walk in I see my mom fully naked squatting above Damien who was laying down on the bed. His dick was in her with a large part of it sticking out still. He was for sure too big for her. But there was my mom, an adult 27 year old woman, with the dick of a 7 year old black boy inside her. She didn't even try to hide it, just told me to grab the camera and take picture while she was moaning. Then the next summer Damien and his family moved away. Even now though I can still catch my mom some nights masturbating to those pictures.

AlexJun 24 2021 6:36pm
@Alex Now I'm jealous of your mom too lol. It's true that a lot of women are turned on by little boys if they have really big dicks, I know I am. How big do you think Damien was hard? Did it only happen once or did your mom keep getting with Damien regularly until he moved away? How did it make you feel to see that?

SusieJun 25 2021 7:49am
As far as I am aware it only happened once. If I had to guess Damien was probably around 7-8 inches hard. At first when I saw her I felt very uncomfortable and out of place. Even now thinking about it makes me feel awkward. I am now a 16 year old boy and my hard dick only gets to 3.5 inches, which is smaller than when Damien was soft at 7 years old. But after he moved away and I caught my mom fingering herself, she would completely be oblivious that her son was watching. She must have been so focused on her naughty thoughts. Once when I was 11 she called me after she saw me. Her pants and panties were off, she was touching her boobs with one hand and wanted to stroke my dick. I'm still small, but at the time I was even smaller, only somewhere around 2.5 to under 3 inches hard. Her whole hand was too big so she used twi fingers and stroked me until I came after about a minute of her doing it, all the while she moaned Damiens name. From then on I have seen my mom naked regularly, enough so that she doesn't even close her room or bathroom door. The whole situation has brought us weirdly closer together to where I can ask my mom for a handjob every once in a while and if she's feeling it she accepts. Thanks Damien lmao if you ever see this

AlexJun 26 2021 11:38am
Your dick is probably a poor substitute for Damien's 7 year old one, but I guess for her it's better than nothing. I'm surprised it only happened once given how arousing it obviously was for your mom, did she ever have flings with any other boys after that? What about Damien, what was it like hanging out with him after you saw that? Did he used to have sex with other women/girls when you knew him?

SusieJun 26 2021 12:11pm
I had a similar experience Alex... My mother left my dad for a 4 year old black boy when I was 12. His muscles were just incredible... He was easily three times stronger than my father. My mother made both of us compare naked to this young black hulk and I couldn't believe how much bigger his penis was. He was bigger soft than both my father and my erections held end to end. It's been over a year and I live with my mother and my 5 year old step dad now.

StepsonJun 26 2021 1:31pm
@Stepson Can you say more about you and your step dad, what's it like living with him? Has he given you any half siblings yet?

SusieJun 26 2021 1:49pm
Hes definitely in charge of me... If I ever try and disobey him he picks me up and spanks me. Even though he barely uses any of his strength it's terrifying and painful. One to warn me he showed me just how strong he's gotten by crushing my bike. With just his bare hands he easily crushed the metal into a ball the size of a basketball. I saw him working out downstairs and he is already benching more than any white bodybuilder I've seen. My mom lets him stay naked all the time and makes me stay naked too. At least three times a day I'll walk in on them having sex,my mother screaming in pleasure as she struggles to take even half of his monstrous boyhood. Sometimes she'll even jerk him off when I'm around so that she can direct his cum on me. He just stands there flexing as I get covered.

StepsonJun 26 2021 1:57pm
And yes - my half brother was born 3 weeks ago. He looks like he's going to be even more of a god than his daddy. He was born with a soft penis that was easily over 7 inches long, more than double my erection. The other day I had to change his diaper because he filled it to breaking point with his cum!

StepsonJun 26 2021 2:00pm
@Stepson: Is he dominant over your mom as well? Do you know how they first met? And I guess it's mostly your job to take care of your new half brother, does that ever involve jerking him off?

GalenJun 26 2021 4:30pm
He's very dominant over my mother... He basically gets sex from her whenever he wants it. She was his kindergarten teacher and he was the only black boy in the class. During nap time she would suck on his monstrous black boy dick until he came everywhere. I spend most of my time servicing my 3 week old brother. I'm ashamed to say he's already far stronger than me. Yesterday when I was changing him he picked my entire body up like I weighed nothing to him. I help him cum with my hands and mouth but I'm worried he's starting to want more...

AnonymousJun 27 2021 1:24pm
Is your mom still your step dad's kindergarten teacher? Is your mom enough for him or does he have other women too? What about his own parents, what do they think of him living with you and your mom?

GalenJun 28 2021 11:48am
His father is only 10... Still younger than me. He came over once and he's way bigger than his son. I watched him f*ck my mother and his penis reached so deep inside her I could see his c*ckhead behind her boobs. He just smiled at her as he flexed it inside her. He wasn't even fully sheathed in her pussy... There was at least 8 inches of his c*ck still outside her. He called me over and told me to grip his shaft as hard as I could... I tried but couldn't even fit both my hands around his girth. He just called me a pathetic little white boy then grunted and began to cum inside my mother. I could feel each massive spurt pass my hands as he unloaded. After only a few shots she looked pregnant. By the time he was done cum was pouring out of her mouth!

StepsonJun 28 2021 12:36pm
fUmwNc xnxx

ekHlaYrWCTyzCCALJun 29 2021 2:24am
@Stepson: wow he must cum gallons. is he doing it often with your mother?

AnonymousJun 30 2021 5:10am
@stepson I wish I knew how tall is your 10-year-old daddy, because i assume he stands even much taller than an average grownup

TinyJoshJun 30 2021 8:12pm
@TinyJosh Before the last discord server went down I saw you talking about the very large 8 year old boy who beat you up and later became your lover, can you tell us about that? If you want you could write it in another thread and then link to it here.

GalenJul 01 2021 3:06am
Well he is the only child of my younger cousin. His family visited us (I live with my parents yet) and since then it became a ritual that they drop him off early morning at every weekend in front of our place so that he can "play with Joshie" as he calls it. Being more than 30 years older than him I still look like a younger sibling to him, but only because I'm about one foot and a half shorter than him, but also because I look extremely babyface. I'm skinny, have long hair and smooth body: no body hair nor facial. He in contrary is becoming a man, his voice is also getting deeper than mine. He demanded (commanded) me to wear "my colorful cute" (!) clothes when he's visiting us. He hugs me tight when he arrives and kind of grabs me by my buttocks and squeezes them till I beg them to stop or my old parents would get suspicious. Then he drags me to my room, sits on my bed and taps on his thighs, asking me to sit in his laps and tell "daddy", if I have been a good little boy. Last time he added: "or should I rather say a good little GIRL?". E guides my tiny hands on his bulge and with his other hand leans my head on his chest or his shoulder and he says it gives him the pleasure, every daddy needs to have. I guess he enjoys much, being the only and dominant "man" of my room because then he marches barechested in my room and asks me to worship his body, from his toes up to where my lips reach, means his nipples. I don't see him as a young schoolboy, I'm starting to see him as my master/lover. He gets boner and that's at least twice my length and girth, but I haven't had the privilege to see or touch his dick yet. Who knows, maybe soon. He is a good kisser too and when he gets on top of me while I'm laying on my back, he looks like a monstrous wild bear who likes to admire his prey who is helplessly between his chest, arms and the mattress!

TinyJoshJul 03 2021 8:55pm
@TinyJosh What's the boy's name, and what does he look like? What are the height and weight of you both? How big is your dick, and how big do you think his might be? Does he enjoy overpowering you and lifting you up?

GalenJul 04 2021 9:53am
my 5 year old stepdad's father is coming round a lot more now. He's only 10 years old but he's an absolutely giant. One time he was here when my actual father was making a visit. my dad pee'd himself when he saw this 10 year old black behemoth. The kid's bicep is easily twice as thick as my father's whole chest. He enjoyed the fact that both my father and I were getting hard looking at him, so he took of his shirt and started flexing for us. His 5 year old son was laughing his ass off as he watched his overly muscled boygod of a father flex for us. We just couldn't help ourselves and started having spontaneous orgasms every time he flexed. He called me over to feel his rock hard 10 pack abs, and I was able to fit my entire arm in the gaps between the bricks of his abdominals. He showed me later that he could easily crush a baseball bat between his abs... if he'd wanted to he could have destroyed my whole arm!

stepsonJul 05 2021 12:48pm
come talk with me on discord if you want to hear more:

AnonymousJul 05 2021 12:57pm

stepsonJul 05 2021 12:57pm
@Glen His name's Kareem and because I'm quit sure he stands between 5ft11 and 6ft tall barefoot. I'm about 4ft5 and weight 72 lbs. Im 39 years old but have been always a little boy since my childhood. I wear european shoe size 34 and his huge feet are 43! You asked about the penile sizes, well because I have to hold his boner for him and "play" with it everytime we are alone, I assume I know the exact size of it: it's 7.5 inches long and I can say it's as thick as my wrist, if not thicker! I have a 3 incher thin when I'm erected but the difference is, he is not done with his puberty yet, so he doesn't cum yet. He only knows about it and he said once, he cannot wait to make me his wife and pregnant!! I insisted that male individuals cannot get pregnant but he only keeped laughing and says that I'm not as male as he is. Maybe he is right because even his voice is manlier than me.

TinyJoshJul 05 2021 7:49pm
@Tinyjosh: 7.5 inches before puberty is huge, he'll be unbelievable at full size. He must have already started puberty if he gets boners and is interested in sexual stuff. Does he have any hair yet? So you just reach down his pants to hold his boner, but you've never seen it?

KarambitJul 06 2021 3:40am
My wife and I adopted a boy. Now I'm a tiny weak guy, but it's still crazy how our 2 year old black son is already way bigger and stronger than me, and his c*ck too is way bigger than mine.. He likes to sit on a chair/sofa, naked, with me in his lap (naked as well), holding my head to his bare muscular chest... It's like he's the dad and I'm the little son...

LittleWhiteBoyJul 06 2021 2:20pm
Black men, and even young black boys, make white men feel like little girls. There's no better feeling than being in a black male's arms.

AnthonyJul 09 2021 6:34am The old server got nuked, here is the new one.

dereksJul 11 2021 10:36am
I'm a 21yo white man with an average sized 3 inches soft, 7 inches hard c*ck. Last week, I was hanging out on an empty beach, when a bunch of black boys showed up. There was 5 of them, the oldest probably 10yo, and the youngest about 6. Since they were shirtless, I quickly noticed how surprisingly muscular for their age they all were, the 10yo boy looking like a junior bodybuilder, his dark muscles rippling with every movement. Even the youngest had a pretty defined body, showing very nice abs. But NOTHING could've prepared me for what I saw next! They decided to have a pissing contest, and threw their swim shorts on their towels, exposing their naked bodies to the world. The five boys all had a very long, monstrously thick appendage loudly slapping between their muscular legs! The youngest of them easily was a good 10 inches long, and it only went bigger from there. Just looking at them I was rock hard in my swimsuit. Then the boys walked to the sea, and started peeing, their flaccid organs unleashing fire hose-like flows of pee dozens of feet away. I felt like I was in the presence of young Gods...

Black BeachJul 13 2021 3:33pm
@Black Beach: please tell us what happened next. Did they make you cum. Did they show their how big they could get when hard?

Submissive boyJul 15 2021 3:25am
@Submissive boy Just witnessing them peeing was enough to make me cum like crazy in my swimsuit. After they were done with their pissing contest (which lasted a few minutes at full blast!), they started to play in the water, swimming around like nothing happened. At one point one of the boys got out of the water, and I noticed that his penis was expanding, getting longer, thicker, and pointing higher. His now apple-sized (and growing) c*ckhead was almost reaching to his pecs, and showed no sign of stopping!

Black BeachJul 16 2021 9:49am
Your swimsuit must have been soaked. And what a massive c*ck. How big would you say his dick got? Did the boys see you eventually?

Submissive boyJul 16 2021 1:51pm
@Submissive boy I came more that day that I ever remember cumming. His c*ck reached easily 2 whole feet long, monstrously thick, with huge veins pulsing all over it. I think one of them saw me, but didn't cared at all, since I was nothing compared to him.

Black BeachJul 18 2021 7:40pm
@ Black Beach Holy hell, that’s huge! Did anything else happened on that beach. Or did the boys leave after that? Judging by you reaction to those boys, you probably stayed horny for the rest of the day right? Those black boys sound so superior.

AnonymousJul 18 2021 10:10pm
@Anonymous Unfortunately nothing else happened on that beach, and the boys left not long afterwards. I had to jack off a couple of times to make my dick go down. I saw those boys a couple more times in the following days, usually hanging out shirtless on the streets and displaying far greater physical power than what's considered normal for boys their age.

Black BeachJul 19 2021 1:33am
@ Black Beach must be humiliating to see those young boys with much hotter bodies and bigger dicks then your own. Have you seen their c*cks again after their visit on the beach?

Submissive boyJul 19 2021 1:56am
@Submissive boy It really was quite humbling to see their superior bodies. I actually saw 2 of them a few days after that at a local swimming pool, accompanied this time with who I suppose was their younger brother. They were walking around the locker room without a care in the world, their huge penises swinging between their muscular legs. They put on speedos, but the fabric was so stretched by their giant c*cks that you could see veins bulging through it. Even their toddler brother looked ready to explode out of his swimming diaper, which was obviously not made to contain such an endowed muscular boy!

Black BeachJul 19 2021 2:14am
@Black Beach my god, even their toddler brother is huge between his legs. Must have been quit the side to see these massive bulging speedos. Did they arouse anyone who saw them?

Submissive boyJul 19 2021 2:19am
@Submissive boy Oh yes, it was quite a sight to witness, the massive bulge in the front as well as their big muscular butt in the back. All 3 of them gave instant boners to most people in the locker room, including me! Of course, no one in there was a match for their flaccid monsters. The toddler was especially impressive, since he looked huge even compared to his older brothers, both his muscles and what was between his legs...

Black BeachJul 19 2021 2:25am
@Black Beach did the boys try to make anyone cum? Did they flex their muscles for instance? There must have been boys and men who could not control themselves being near these superior boys.

Submissive boyJul 19 2021 2:28am
@Submissive boy The older two seemed to be enjoying the people that stared at them, flexing and showing off in a c*cky way. Meanwhile, the younger one was a bit oblivious about it, but his big black muscles seemed to always be involuntarily flexing and rippling with every movement he made, no matter how small. Half of the locker room came at the sight of those huge boys.

Black BeachJul 19 2021 2:35am
@Black Beach damn, can you describe what the older boys did. Were they able to bounce their pecs? Do they have veins running over their entire body? Hard to imagine a 10 year old boy being that c*cky. I guess the swimming pool was turning white quit quickly with all those people cumming at these boys

Submissive boyJul 19 2021 2:42am
@Submissive boy The older boys flexed their muscles for everyone to see, and bounced their big pecs to the rhythm of the music that was playing nearby. The 3 boys had thick pulsing veins all over their muscular bodies, especially on their abs, pecs, arms and legs. At one point the toddler's muscular butt exploded out of his swimming diaper, and it made at least 10 people cum instantly at the sight of his massive rock hard buns.

Black BeachJul 19 2021 11:26am
@ Black Beach holy poo, that must have been a pretty sexy butt, to make so many people cum. I guess the toddler will be an even bigger stud than his older brothers by tue time he is the same age as them. These boys must leave a trail of girls crying because their boyfriends suddenly turned gay. Have you seen the othe 2 boys at too?

Submissive boyJul 19 2021 2:07pm
Lol its funny for me to come here and see how white guys talk about us black boys when were not around, its like you worship us. Thats normal i guess, im 8 and im already stronger than any white guy ive ever met, even adults, and my c*cks bigger than any white guy as well. I live somewhere where there are almost no other black people and thats great for me, im like the king. There are 3 other black families and 2 only have daughters and all the dads dont f*ck anyone but their wives, theres 1 black boy around my age but lucky for me hes gay so hes no competition, he f*cks the white guys while i f*ck the white girls!

RomJul 19 2021 5:02pm
@Rom you are right. I do worship the black muscle boys. I can’t help it. Just like the boys Black Beach has seen, you also sound superior to me in every way. My body WANTS to be dominated by boys like you. I’m sure if you describe your body and say how big your dick is, I will cum immediately. I don’t even have to see you. That’s how hot you are.

Submissive boyJul 19 2021 10:34pm
Yea i know a lot of white guys like you. Lots of them invite me to f*ck their wives to they can watch, and there are a couple of guys who pay me to just flex in front of them while they jack off. One of those guys has been begging me to let him suck my dick but ive been saying no cause its fun to see him get all desperate. Im like half a foot taller than white boys my age, i got a 10-pack and big pecs that i can make dance around, and my biceps are so big that when i hold my arm straight out to the side and flex my muscle goes up higher than my ear.

RomJul 20 2021 1:40pm
@Rom oh god, you sound super hot. I can’t believe you have a 10-pack. That must look incredibly sexy. No wonder guys are paying and begging you to show off. I’m jerking off right now thinking about you. How big is your dick?

Submissive boy Jul 20 2021 10:58pm
My dicks 9 inches soft and 14 hard. Back when i lived around other black people i was normal for a boy my age but when i moved to where i live now it was totally different, first time i saw a white guys dick i thought there was something wrong with him but then i found out thats just what white guys are like lol. Apparently the average for them is like 4 or 4.5 inches hard and black boys are bigger than that when theyre babies.

RomJul 21 2021 7:08pm
@Rom It's true that us black boys are much bigger than white boys and even men! I was adopted from a small African country to the USA when I was a baby, and now compared to everyone in my town I'm a muscular giant, even though I'm only 6! I'm bigger, stronger, smarter, and way more hung that every white guys I've seen so far!

Africa BoyJul 21 2021 8:06pm
@ Black Beach…those boys are superior to you in every way possible. I myself am a musclular black boy. When you see me, I don’t think you can control yourself. My bicep alone is so hot, your dick will stay super hard when you see it.

BigBoyTimJul 22 2021 4:23am
@BigBoyTim Oh wow! How old and big are you? You must be so huge I'm sure!

Black BeachJul 22 2021 4:41am
@Black Beach I’m only 7 years old. But my body is very grown up. I’ve been working out since I was 3! My pecs are so strong I can squash your arm in between them like it’s nothing.

BigBoyTimJul 22 2021 4:53am
@BigBoyTim f*ck you sound so superior! I wish I could touch your huge pecs!

Black BeachJul 22 2021 4:59am
@Black Beach you think your body can handle my huge sexy pecs? Your little dick will be twitching uncontrollably in your pants when I reveal my hot 10 pack abs.

BigBoyTim Jul 22 2021 5:04am
@Rom Damn 14 inches hard? And you’re only 8? My own dick is just 4 inch hard. Your soft dick is even more than twice as big as my hard one. I so want to worship you.

Submissive boyJul 22 2021 5:15am
write my essays

uQykUnVFmfKJul 22 2021 4:19pm
Hi I’m 13 and I have a brother who’s way better then me. He’s only 5 years old, but his muscles surpass even the biggest white bodybuilder there is. And he’s sexually active too. His c*ck is super huge. He made me measure it once and his c*ck is 13 inches soft! And 24 inches hard!!! He is unbelievable.

KarlJul 24 2021 12:03am
@Karl Oh wow! Is he tall too?

AnonymousJul 27 2021 4:42am
@anonymous yeah, he’s pretty tall for his age. My “little” brother is 6 feet tall already.

KarlJul 27 2021 1:55pm
@Karl Wow! He's gonna be a giant!

AnonymousJul 28 2021 9:59pm
@anonymous absolutely! People always stare at him. Most people can’t stop looking at the giant bulge in his pants.

Karl Jul 28 2021 10:54pm

pSPnWkqgAug 03 2021 8:37am

zJfzRhlleDuOAWyXfAug 03 2021 8:46am
I went to the beach today, and it was so funny how everyone stared at my muscles all day, almost drooling when they looked at my bulge haha!

Africa BoyAug 03 2021 3:03pm
@Africa Boy you be very sexy if people start drooling when they see you. Did you show off to make all the other boys and men jealous of you?

Submissive boyAug 03 2021 10:39pm

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kWHfcBZQLAug 11 2021 12:32pm
@Submissive boy Yes I did

Africa BoyOct 04 2021 12:01am
Not sure if this sub is still active, but I just had to tell someone about my experiences teaching kindergarten this year... My class has 4 black boys in it and they are simply unbelievable!

Kindergarten teacher Oct 11 2021 7:37pm
@Kindergarten teacher oh tell us more

AnonymousOct 13 2021 8:09am
today one of the black boys in my class took off his shirt during nap time... I couldn't believe how huge his muscles were! I've seen white bodybuilders who look like little children next to this toddler. He had fun bouncing his pecs in front of the terrified white boys and girls. All of them couldn't help but have little dry orgasms watching this inhuman mass of 3 year old boy muscle flex.

Kindergarten teacherOct 15 2021 7:18am
Oh wow! Can you describe more how was his massive body?

Black BeachOct 15 2021 10:22am
it was amazing - his pecs were easily the size of basketballs and hung down over his top two rows of abs. His 8 pack was so deep i swear i could have lost a finger between them. he really scared one of hte skinny white boys by doing a lat spread. three of the little white boys stood in front of him and he was still wider than all of them!

Kindergarten teacherOct 15 2021 4:09pm
Wow! I bet the lower part of his body was quite impressive too! Black boys tend to be massive all over from a very young age.

Black BeachOct 15 2021 4:39pm
yes he was definitely massive all over! he stripped down to his underwear and i nearly feinted when I saw his bulge. I had no idea that a grown man could have that much meat between their legs, let alone a 3 year old boy!

Kindergarten TeacherOct 15 2021 8:23pm
Jesus! His undies must have had a lot of trouble just to contain his boy meat! Did he do anything else after stripping down?

Black BeachOct 18 2021 1:49pm
it looked like he had a turkey stuffed inside his black panther underwear... they must have been specially made to contain him, but he was still almost ripping the seams with his toddler meat.

kindergarten teacherOct 19 2021 6:35am
Everything he wears must be custom made, since he'd explode out of anything else like if it was made with wet tissues!

Black BeachOct 19 2021 4:57pm
Definitely... his parents spend a lot of money getting custom clothes for him. He loved the effect he was having on the little white girls especially... they were all feeling his muscles and he was even making some of them have their first orgasms.

kindergarten teacherOct 28 2021 5:08am
Oh wow, does he already know how to do it? And how did he do it?

AnonymousOct 28 2021 1:18pm
Wow, that 3 year old boy sounds incredible. How big is meat? Have you measured it? What effect does he have on adults?

Big boy Oct 29 2021 8:39am
My wife is currently pregnant with the child of the black 10 year old who lives next door. The same thing has happened to at least 4 of the other families on our street, plus some teen daughters. I don't even really blame my wife for doing it, it was only a matter of time. No women can seem to resist him, it would be unrealistic to expect my wife to be any different. Pretty much exactly 9 months after he moved in everyone started seeing a huge increase in attractive young women with mixed race babies. According to my son (who's in his class) the boy has also knocked up his teacher, the principal, and half of the cheerleaders. I just hope he doesn't go for my daughter next, she's only 12 and I don't know if she could handle someone his size.

husbandNov 06 2021 9:03pm
He sounds like a true stud. What does he look like? Is he muscular? He must be very endowed as well I guess. How does he seduce all those women?

GayboyNov 07 2021 7:41am
@husband have you seen your wife and this boy together?

AnonymousNov 07 2021 8:09pm
I just met a black muscle boy. He’s only 6 years old, but he is simply amazing. My father saw him first and immediately dropped to his knees and started cumming. The boy smiled and flexed his huge bicep. My father could only respond by falling down unconscious.

YoungTeenNov 08 2021 10:19am
The boy's name is Marcus. He's good looking, short but very muscular, especially in his arms and torso. He certainly has no trouble beating up the husbands, sons, and brothers of the women and girls he decides he wants, most men don't bother even trying to stop him anymore. He's extremely well endowed, when I saw my wife measuring him it was actually too long for the ruler, so over 12 inches hard and probably 8-9 soft. That's a big part of how he manages to seduce all the women, I've seen women get mesmerized by the sight of it. I knew one woman who hated him for constantly beating up her son, and one day I saw her storm out to berate him for his behavior, but when he dropped his pants and his semi-boner popped up she stopped talking and dropped to her knees to take it in her mouth, right in front of her son. Women are also drawn to his muscular physique, confidence, intelligence, and general dominant nature. He also obviously really knows what he's doing with seduction, I don't think he's ever failed, even women who were determined to never give in to him always end up having sex if they're alone with him for more than half an hour.

husbandNov 08 2021 4:29pm
I've seen Marcus having sex with my wife a bunch of times, though I try to avoid seeing it. I was powerless to stop it the first time, and when he came back for more I just had to stand aside and let him do it. Sometimes he makes me stay in the room, but usually I can leave and wait for them to finish. He randomly shows up while we're at home and takes my wife up to our bed, I turn the TV up to drown out as much of the sound as I can and then when Marcus comes downstairs and leaves I go up to clean up and change the sheets. When I'm driving home and I see Marcus's bike in front of my house I drive around in circles for a bit or just wait in my car until he's done. The other men in the neighborhood do the same thing, I see them waiting in their cars too when they see his bike parked at their house. My wife is always extremely excited and eager when he comes over, and that hurts to see.

husbandNov 08 2021 4:38pm
@husband He is massive. No wonder women are seduced by him. Has he ever seduced boys or men? Or humiliated them with his big c*ck and muscles? And has he met your daughter already?

AnonymousNov 09 2021 1:24am
@YoungTeen how did it make you feel seeing your father being completly helpless because of a 6 year old?

AnonymousNov 09 2021 4:31am
@Anonymous I was surprised of his reaction. He has always been a ladies man, but he was somehow extremely affected by the presence of this boy. I’ve never seen my father react like that. It actually made my own dick become erect.

YoungTeenNov 09 2021 5:48am
I guess there's something about a c*ck his size that makes him irresistible, especially in contrast with his short stature and in combination with his muscular build. My wife always said that size doesn't matter to her, and I think she was telling the truth, but when she saw Marcus that changed. I'm straight and even I can see the appeal, there is something magnificent about it. He has plenty of boys and men lusting after him, most of them are normally straight as well. One time he came over to see my wife, but when he came over already horny and found that only I was in the house he settled for making me give him a blowjob instead. I'm just glad he didn't f*ck me, I heard he did that to another man in the neighborhood and sent him to the hospital. Apparently he really wanted to have sex, but the man's wife was too heavily pregnant with his child, so he turned to her husband instead. Often when a man challenges him, after Marcus beats him up he makes him suck his c*ck in full view of witnesses as a show of submission. He humiliates men and boys all the time, he beats them up and shows them his c*ck and makes them admit that he is superior. Also by f*cking their wives/girlfriends, sisters, mothers, and daughters. He's met my daughter and she's obsessed with him, I always hear her masturbating to pictures of him and screaming his name, and she wears revealing clothes around him and tries to turn him on. He remarked to me the other day that she's growing fast and will soon be pretty hot, and I'm worried that he might make a move on her soon.

husbandNov 09 2021 9:28am
OMG, I met the 6yo hugely endowed muscle boy again. After he met my father last time, he simply left again. But today he came back. This time, I was the only one at home. So I opened the door and my dick became erect faster then ever before. The muscle kid was only wearing a boxershort. His muscles are so huge, it’s unreal. And the massive bulge in his pants is too obscene. My balls just started producing more sperm in response to this stud. He smiled and caused my knees to buckle. I quickly unzipped my pants and started jerking off. Within seconds I emptied my balls. I expected the boy to leave again, but he stepped inside. With his super deep voice he said “I’m going to show you how superior I am”

YoungTeenNov 13 2021 3:11am
@YoungTeen what happened after?

AnonymousNov 13 2021 9:06am
@Anonymous…the boy pointed to his massive bulge. My eyes were drawn to it. I could easily see big veins pushing through the fabric of his boxershorts. Each vein thicker then my own dick. The muscle kid then flexed only a single dickvein and made it twice as thick. It was enough to tear his boxershorts off completely.

YoungTeenNov 14 2021 5:19am
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fJZLyZOAuHbyNov 16 2021 9:26am
@YoungTeen That kid is unreal. I really want to know what happened next. Can you also tell more about other people he seduces?

TwinkNov 17 2021 2:58am
Starting another discord server in case anyone is still checking these threads and wants to talk

hung kidNov 20 2021 9:00am
I always knew black guys were bigger than white guys, but until I got my current job I didn't know how big the difference was, that even black toddlers are bigger than white men! I work at a hotel that has a sauna, and I often have to go in there while the customers are naked. I see white men with little nubs mostly obscured by their pubic hair, then a hairless black 5 year old walks in with a huge and heavy soft dick that descends all the way down to his knees and swings around as he walks. The difference is astounding, the youngest and smallest black boy I've seen puts the largest white man to shame! The white men always look so emasculated, and often they cover themselves up. The other day a black boy of about 10 went in with his brother, who must have been only 3 or 4. The younger one looked at all the white men, then looked down at his own dick, then asked his brother very loudly "why are their pee-pees so small?" His brother replied that it's because they're white, and that's just what white guys are like.

ObserverNov 21 2021 10:30am
@Observer You must be so lucky to be able to encounter so many young black hung kids. I’m now really curious at the size of the 3/4 year old boy making fun of the white men’s dicks. Have these boys tried to make those white boys and men aroused as well?

BulgeBoyNov 21 2021 2:58pm
The boy's dick was easily 3 or 4 times the size of the white guy sitting next to him, I'm sure it would have been bigger even if the white guy was erect. I'd guess a minimum of 6 inches (soft), probably closer to 7. The older boy was even bigger. I see white men get hard pretty often, I think a big part of it is the humiliation of being less of a man than some kindergarten kid. One time I went in to see a guy who looked about 20 on his knees sucking off a black kid who looked about 8, I'm not sure if he told him to do it but the white guy was erect too.

ObserverNov 21 2021 4:57pm
I found out more about those two boys, the ones I assumed were brothers. Well today I saw those two boys again today, and I heard the younger one call the older one "dad"! I asked around and it turns out the older one is 11 and the younger one is 3, and his son! They're in the hotel with his mother, and it's being paid for by her husband. The older boy apparently comes here pretty often with different women.

ObserverNov 21 2021 4:59pm
@Observer Only 3 yo and already 7 inches soft. He must grow waaaaayyy bigger when erect. It’s really hot that the 11 yo is his father. That means he got someone pregnant when he was just 7 years old. I can imagine the 3yo can already cum massive amounts, right? Do they seduce boys their own age too?

BulgeBoyNov 21 2021 8:03pm
Holy poo, I just met my nephew. He is huge. I mean I thought I was big, at least where it counts. But my little nephew is a true stud. Man, my dick is still pulsing just thinking about his crazy strong looking abs and is dazzling smile.

SuperTwinkDec 29 2021 7:14am
@SuperTwink How old is your nephew, and what is he like? What happened when you met him?

JQPDec 29 2021 9:12am
@JQP He is 6 years old, 8 years younger than me. Apparently it’s super easy for him to grow muscles. He showed me his perfect 8 pack. It’s so incredibly perfect, it caused my dick to pop a handful of extra thick veins as it grew erect bigger then ever before.

SuperTwinkDec 29 2021 10:00am
@SuperTwink Wow, an 8-pack at the age of 6... Does he have muscular arms and strong biceps as well? Did you get a chance to see how strong he is? What about his dick, is it overdeveloped too like his muscles?

JQPDec 29 2021 10:46am
@JQP It surprised me too. But he told me he is able to visibly add muscle while training. He showed me by lifting the couch with one hand and press the couch above his head a 100 times. I could see his bicep swell up to a volleyball sized muscle. It must have really aroused my nephew to show off like that. His bulge, which was already massive to begin with, swelled up as well. Judging by the size of it I guess his dick mist be at least 10 inches long. I later learned it was actually bigger than that and it was still soft.

SuperTwinkDec 29 2021 2:13pm
@SuperTwink There's a boy with a similar condition living next door to me. He's 4, and already massive! He's apparently able to make his muscles grow bigger at will. His whole body is bulging through his clothes like crazy, including his crotch!

DwarfedNeighborDec 29 2021 9:40pm
@DwarfedNeighbor That’s hot, to have a boy like that as your neighbor. I’m can easily seduce other boys by showing off my huge bulge. I can imagine the 4 yo can do the same? Has he tried seducing you for instance?

SuperTwinkDec 29 2021 10:39pm
@SuperTwink He loves to show off by making his muscles so big that they rip through his clothes, leaving him naked for everyone to see.

DwarfedNeighborDec 30 2021 12:48am
@DwarfedNeighbor Wow that must be incredible to see. What happens after he rips through his clothes?

SuperTwinkDec 30 2021 12:54am
@SuperTwink Usually he'll keep making his body bloat up bigger until he's quite freaky looking, like an expanding mass of veiny dark muscles that almost makes the ground rumble under his feet.

DwarfedNeighborDec 30 2021 2:47pm
@DwarfedNeighbor I would love to have an ability like that. How did his parents react when they first saw his muscles grow?

SuperTwinkDec 30 2021 2:57pm
@SuperTwink Apparently it happened during bath time, he started to inflate like a balloon until he outgrow the bathtub, flooding the bathroom in the process. They probably freaked out.

DwarfedNeighborDec 30 2021 3:34pm
@DwarfedNeighbor Amazing how he can grow so easily. Can he grow his c*ck like that too? And is he sexually active already?

SuperTwinkDec 31 2021 12:20am
@SuperTwink He easily can, I often saw him make it grow so that it would burst out of his training pants. He's been sexually active for a while now.

DwarfedNeighborDec 31 2021 12:30am
@DwarfedNeighbor has he tried seducing you with his muscles and dick?

SuperTwinkDec 31 2021 2:14am
@SuperTwink He did, breaking into my house and wanting me to play with his bloated mass

DwarfedNeighborDec 31 2021 9:15am
@DwarfedNeighbor how did you react? What happened next?

SuperTwinkDec 31 2021 9:41am
@SuperTwink I’d like to know more about you. You said you can easily seduce other boys too? How so? Are you hot?

JustcuriousDec 31 2021 9:48am
@SuperTwink At first I almost had a heart attack because I didn't expected him to be there, since he destroyed the door lock with his powerful hand. He was only wearing training pants, which looked on the verge of exploding. The rest of his body looked like an oversized blimp, with muscles so huge and thick that he couldn't put his arms against his torso, and his pecs almost blocked his view. His tiny face was buried into his traps, which extended a whole foot past his head. He made me rub and worship his whole body for hours, almost treating me like a slave in the process.

DwarfedNeighborDec 31 2021 9:58am
@DwarfedNeighbor He sounds incredible. So much muscle on such a young boy. He really wants to be worshipped I guess. Did you get horny touching his body? @Justcurious Yeah I can seduce other boys very easily. My face is what most be people would describe as angelic. Simply beautiful. My skin is very smooth, no body hair. I’m pretty thin, but I still have an incredibly sexy 6-pack. But my bulge is the one thing most boys go crazy for. Lots of guys, even the straight ones, really wanna touch it when they see my bulge.

SuperTwinkDec 31 2021 10:04am
@SuperTwink I really did, and came on his oversized muscles multiple times. He also came multiple times, each orgasm causing his body to explode even more in size. By the end he was simply monstrous looking, and had flood half of my living room.

DwarfedNeighborDec 31 2021 10:09am
@DwarfedNeighbor What a crazy experience that must have been. His cum is probably super potent. Did it do anything to you?

SuperTwinkJan 02 2022 5:55am
@SuperTwink Except almost crushing me under all the weight and giving me a few bruises, it didn't really do anything to me. But it is super potent, since he apparently put a lot of women pregnant all over our village.

DwarfedNeighborJan 02 2022 4:31pm
@DwarfedNeighbor OMG he impregnated a lot of women already? I’m really curious if they are having muscle babies too? Only boys or girls as well?

SuperTwinkJan 03 2022 9:14am
@SuperTwink As far as I know he impregnated dozens of women, and they all had very big sons.

DwarfedNeighborJan 06 2022 6:11pm
I was shopping for clothes today and I saw a boy that was a real freak of nature! Arab, looked maybe 5 or 6 yo. I guess he was trying clothes with his parents, but he escaped them and crawled under the door of my changing room, only wearing briefs. The pair he was wearing were strained beyond belief, like he had shoved several socks in them. That's what I believed until I noticed the veins bulging through the fabric. It was his penis, which was simply massive for anyone, let alone a boy his age! Since his briefs were way too small, I could see the base of his monster, which was very wide with a fat vein on top of it. The boy just laughed a little, then crawled away, leaving me shocked in the stall...

Superior Arab BoyJan 10 2022 3:37pm
@Superior Arab Boy What happened after that first encounter. Have you seen the boy again?

TeacherJan 11 2022 12:49am
@Teacher: I'm also a teacher and I've noticed that this new generation of boys is way bigger than previous generations, based on what I've seen it seems like the average 4th grader these days could put most men my age to shame! Kids these days, I don't know what they're feeding them. Have you (or anyone else) noticed the same thing?

prezboJan 17 2022 10:30am
@prezbo: Absolutely, there’s a 11 year old kid in my class. He is way too big. And he knows it too. Super c*cky boy. Always showing his enormous bulge. He just knows he can arouse others by pushing his bulge forward and flex his soft dick. He also works out a lot and a short while back he learned how to bounce his pecs.

TeacherJan 17 2022 3:29pm
@Teacher: There are a couple boys like that in my class as well, but even the normal boys are amazingly well endowed compared to guys of my generation. I mean, I'm 4.75 inches erect, and when I was in high school in the 90s I was totally average, and I'm pretty sure I'm still average size by the standards of men my age. But now I would be way way below average by the standards of 4th graders, I'm smaller than all the boys in my 4th grade class! I've had to see them showering a few times before gym and they all have these thick rods hanging halfway down their thighs, and it's just normal for them. Even the smallest has at least an inch on me. I've heard them making fun of one boy because he's "only" 6 inches, they think that's tiny for a 9 year old. I guess it's fitting that their generation is called "generation alpha", I don't know how the rest of us can compete with them.

prezboJan 17 2022 6:05pm
Yes I've noticed that too! There's a football pitch at my gym and recently the under 11 football (soccer) team of a nearby school has been using it for training. The boys all use the gym shower after, and I've been in the same shower as them a couple times. The first time I was so shocked, they were naked walking into the showers and they all had big balls and these huge swinging dicks that swayed from side to side as they walked. I think even the smallest was about twice my flaccid size. The rest of their bodies are pretty amazing too, they're all so muscular. I guess since it's a football team it might not be representative of all boys that age, but all the ones on this team have six or eight packs and a generally buff physique, with very muscular arms too. I'm sure any of them could easily take me in a fight. It's pretty intimidating showering with them, I'm at least three times older than any of them but I'm the weakest and worst endowed person in a room full of 8-10-year-olds. Looking at them and listening to them talk to each other makes me feel like they're the real men and I'm the boy, even though it should be the other way around.

StevenJan 19 2022 6:03pm
@Steven: Most of the boys in my class are in great shape as well, they started lifting weights regularly years ago and by now they are very muscular. This week a 3rd grade boy got the gym teacher to arm-wrestle him, and the boy won easily. I know I wouldn't stand a chance against any of them either. I'm intimidated by my students as well, I'm supposed to be in charge of them but how am I supposed to exert any authority over these boys? I can't even bring myself to give one detention, I see the bulge in his pants and chicken out. What was the reaction of the boys in your gym when they saw your penis?

PrezboJan 22 2022 5:22am
The 11 yo I was talking about earlier is the only muscle kid in my class, but he is so extremely manly. His c*cky attitude is even affecting other boys in class. Usually when the super stud arrives, lots of the other boys are getting boners just looking at this boy’s face.

TeacherJan 25 2022 6:23am
@Teacher what about the girls?

AnonymousJan 25 2022 12:50pm
@anonymous: The girls are affected too. Most of them get horny when they see the 11 yo. I can see their faces becoming very lusty. It almost seems like some of the girls have started developing faster since the boy was added to our class. Their boobs have grown, there’s even one girl with a d-cup. Their asses have become more firm and round as well. It’s as if their bodies are desparately trying to get the boy’s attention.

TeacherJan 25 2022 10:53pm
I'm a member of a local ice hockey team. We are all adult men, and we're all white. Recently there was some kind of a mix-up, and my team had to take showers with this local junior basketball team. I think they were all 10 years old and younger. And they were all black. The difference between these young preteen black basketball players, and us white adult ice hockey players, was unbelievable... Like the tallest hockey player came up to the chest of the shortest basketball player.. They were all super tall, very muscular, they had massive penises (even when soft), and they looked like MEN... Everyone in my hockey team had a very pale, short, skinny, smooth, girly body... The young basketball players were all so huge... With some of them, my head only came up to the their crotch/butt...

FinnFeb 06 2022 10:16am
@Finn Incredible, they are so tall. And only 10? Can you tell more about those black boys? How did the adult basketball players react when they saw those muscular kids?

AnonymousFeb 06 2022 11:02pm
@ Finn I mean the adult hockey players ofcourse.

AnonymousFeb 06 2022 11:03pm
@Anonymous, The young basketball players were unbelievable. We (the white guys) were all so scared, and some were even crying. But there black boys also had a different effect on us. We felt so small and weak and helpless, and the black boys were all so big, powerful and intimidating, we all dropped to our knees and started cuming... Some of us white guys ended up sucking the black basketball players' massive penises, some ended up with their faces in their big black asses, and some actually ended up being held in the black boys' arms, like little children held by their fathers...

FinnFeb 08 2022 7:05am
@Finn Those black boys sound very intimidating and superior. It’s so hot they can make adult men cum just by showing off their bodies. How big are their dicks?

AnonymousFeb 08 2022 7:37am
@Finn are you on discord too? Or some other platform. Would love to continue talking about those basketball players>

AnonymousFeb 08 2022 9:37am
You can send me an e-mail, and ask for my Discord info, I don't want to write it here... My e-mail is mieskuintytto(at)

FinnFeb 08 2022 10:03am
@Finn I sent you a mail

AnonymousFeb 08 2022 1:59pm
there used to be a discord server for these conversations. starting a new one in case anyone else wants to chat there:

AnonymousFeb 10 2022 8:05am
@Finn I would love to hear more about those basketball players. Have you seen them again after seeing them in the showers? Could you tell more about their dicksize?

WeakBoyFeb 10 2022 11:46pm
My younger brother has been working out for the past 12 months. His muscles almost literally exploded during that time. He really turned into a hot hunky muscle stud. His face is beyond perfect. His c*cky smile making the super straight jocks in high school blush. His zipper can hardly hold his enormous package. With every step I can here the zipper straining. And when I look I can only see a massive piece of meat rolled up in his tight jeans, desperately trying to escape. And to thinks my young brother is only 9 years old.

BrotherFeb 15 2022 9:09am
Where are all these super hung little kids coming from? I noticed it first last month when I spent a week in Australia. I went to the beach and there were a bunch of boys running around on the sand naked. I don't think any were old enough to even be in elementary school, but they all had huge heavy soft dicks that flopped around as they ran. They hung down to the boys' knees and were constantly swinging around and making loud noises when they flopped against the boys' bellies. Every one was bigger than and c*ck I'd ever seen in real life, and all the other men there were staring at them the whole time. WTF!?? Are all kids like this now? Is it something in the water or something, how did this happen??

???Feb 21 2022 6:04pm
I noticed that too. It looks like this current generation of boys is very well developed. A few days ago I saw a group of 5 boys all aged around 7 I believe. All of them were shirtless, but their torso looked so muscular. They 3 of them had a 6 pack while the other 2 even had an 8-pack. Their biceps also looked super sexy with big veins everywhere. I noticed another guy, around 18 yo, and he was staring open mouthed at these kids. His hand was covering his erection as he looked at their massive bulges. The obviously have enormous dicks in their pants.

!!!Feb 22 2022 7:58am
Has anyone seen the black kid that seems to terrorize the neighborhood? He is still young but very developed already. He visits schools to show off his naked body. Lots of kids have somehow entered puberty when they saw this black stud.

Afraid Feb 28 2022 1:47am
I saw another one yesterday! I was at the mall, in the bathroom, using the urinal. A man walked in with his son, who looked about 4 ir 5, and they walked up the the urinal next to mine. The man picked up his son by the armpits and raised him up high so he could reach the urinal, and the boy dropped his pants. He wasn't wearing any underwear (I guess it would have been too tight), and a huge penis dropped down, it was much thicker than his arm and it hung down further than his knees! He used both hands to hold it and aim it at the urinal. I was staring dumbfounded, and the boy looked over at my dick too. He giggled and said "look dad, that man's pee-pee is just as small as your's!". I exchanged a look with the dad, and he shook his head in acknowledgement.

???Mar 05 2022 9:02am
A bit later at the same mall I saw a boy who looked no older than 8, I noticed him because of his bulge. It was massive, and I could see the shape of his dick through his pants, it was going down through his left pant leg and resting against his leg. The indentation it made against his leg was clearly visible, it was like there was a snake hanging down from his crotch. He was talking on the phone as he walked with a woman who I assumed was his mom, but when I got a better look at her I thought she looked too young, she looked like she was in her early 20s. But then I heard the boy mention to whoever he was on the phone with that he was with his girlfriend at the moment, then I saw him put a hand on her ass and squeeze. The woman just giggled and put an arm around the boy! After that I was on the lookout for similar things, and I started noticing dozens of boys, all under 10, walking around with attractive girls in their teens or 20s, and most of them were clearly behaving like a couple. I suppose if all boys that age are like the ones I've seen then I can't blame the girls...

???Mar 05 2022 9:09am
@???: oh man, those boys are so lucky. How big do think their dicks are? And have you seen more well endowed kids? Has any of them show superioir-like behavior towards you?

AfraidMar 05 2022 2:26pm
It seems to be a whole generation of boys that are lucky, every one I see has the same big bulge. Yesterday my dad told me to drive over to his house and take all the old clothes from when I was a kid that were still there and donate them to one of those charity shops. The woman working there took a look at the shorts I brought and gave them back to me, she said they were way too tight around the crotch for boys these days. I saw some more today, I was walking by a park when I saw a bunch of kids playing soccer. It was sunny today and they all had their shirts off, and their muscles were incredible, all had 6 or 8 packs. They were just wearing those loose white shorts, and I could see their dicks swinging around beneath the fabric very clearly, it was sort of mesmerizing. I stopped and watched for a while, and I heard one of them telling another he was the worst player in 3rd grade, so they were 7-8. Then one of the boys said he was going to get some drinks, and he started walking toward the store. I didn't realize at the time but I was standing right next to the store, so he was also walking toward me. He was still shirtless, and I was shocked to see that his dick actually reached down his pant leg all the way down, and a bit beyond where his shorts ended! I could see the head of his dick right there, against his leg, and he didn't seem to care. Just as he was about to go into the shop he checked his pockets, and realized he didn't have any money. Immediately he turned to me and just said "give me your wallet", in an assertive tone. I didn't know what to do, I was looking down on this kid almost 2 feet shorter than me and I was terrified. Seeing his huge dick was intimidating and it would probably have been enough to make me do what he wanted, but his muscles sealed the deal. He brought both his arms up and flexed his biceps, and I could see that he could snap me ilke a twig. I trembled and gave him my wallet, and he walked into the store. Then he came out with a few bottles of coke, and tossed my wallet over his shoulder without looking, he had taken all the money out. There was just nothing I could do, his body was so intimidating and scary I couldn't say no. All his friends were just as muscular and well endowed as he was, if they're typical for boys their age then us grown men don't stand a chance. My girlfriend is babysitting her mom's friend's son tonight, all I know about his age is that he's in elementary school. I'm genuinely worried about her being alone with a boy that age right now, this generation is crazy!

???Mar 06 2022 5:12pm
@???: all these kids sound so hot and sexy. Just hearing about them is making me super horny somehow. I would be so intimidated when one of them stands in front of me flexing his muscles like that. And at the same time my hands would probably want to feel their amazing ripped bodies. The boy who took your wallet, how big in inches do you think his dick is? And is thick too? I also think you need to be careful with the boy your girlfriend is babysitting. He might be even more incredibly muscled and his dick might be way too impressive to resist, even when still soft. And if he’s anywhere near as c*cky as the boy who took your wallet then this kid will most likely test if he can make you cum by showing his well developed body.

Afraid Mar 06 2022 8:15pm
starting a new discord server for chat:

AnonymousMar 23 2022 2:28pm
I’m unable to go to the server, it says the link is not valid

AnonymousMar 24 2022 7:10am
Update - I think that boy has stolen my girlfriend. Part of me suspected this would happen the moment I saw him. He's only 6, but his body was ripped and the bulge in his pants was enormous, it was protruding so far out. He's pretty short and his muscles aren't as big as some other boys I've seen, but they're so packed and well sculpted and hard, I can tell he's incredibly strong. He had this smug smile on his face, and when my girlfriend walked through the door he looked at her ass, looked up at me, and said "we're gonna have some fun tonight". A few hours later when I went to pick her up she was red in the face and sweaty, walking bowlegged, and acting all spaced out. She also wasn't wearing a bra, even though she was wearing one at the start. I had sex with her the next day and she totally different, way looser. She has babysat for him three times since then, and every time she's been about the same when I picked her up. The most recent time was last weekend, when I came to pick her up I saw the boy effortlessly carrying her unconscious body out to the car. He dumped her in the back seat and told me "we played so hard today she couldn't take it, she got too tired". On the way home I'm pretty sure I heard her saying his name in her sleep. I'm pretty sure it's obvious and I'm in denial, but it's still so hard to believe. I know his body is incredible (like most boys his age these days it seems), but he's still only 6, is it really possible he could have seduced an adult woman? Does that sort of thing really happen?

???Mar 28 2022 10:58am
New discord link - come chat

Baby BroMar 29 2022 7:12am
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We were at school together decadron dosage for dogs Keya and Kashvi Sarkar, 9-year-old twin sisters, came away with very different reactions to the attack, and what they saw may explain why. The sisters, amateur cooks, couldn't wait to get to the mall and compete in the second round of the SunGold SunRice Super Chef Junior Competition.

BjqApWmbhQztmWRqLSApr 12 2022 1:44pm
How much is a First Class stamp? prednisone and alcohol interaction "They know that the law is turning out to be a train wreck," he said in a release following the president's remarks. "Nearly every major promise the president has made has been shattered. The law is costing American jobs; it's forcing people to give up health plans they like; and it's driving up the cost of care for families across America."

BjqApWmbhQztmWRqLSApr 12 2022 1:44pm
Could I have , please? lidocaine patch price in pakistan Patrice Machuret, a France 3 journalist who has written a book on the domain, said it was a curious choice for Mr Hollande. "When Nicolas Sarkozy decided to nab this residence for himself, it was a symbol of his hyper-presidency – the epitome of a super-head of state crushing the head of his government," he said.

nIrLJrCUZdhuAdOApr 12 2022 4:58pm
I came here to study fluticasone furoate cost "(US) President (Barack) Obama and President Karzai reaffirmed both back in January that the goal here was to complete the BSA (Bilateral Security Agreement) in October," a US state department official travelling with Mr Kerry was quoted as saying by the AFP news agency.

nIrLJrCUZdhuAdOApr 12 2022 4:58pm
Yes, I love it! augmentin 625 mg tabletta ra “Genetics does play a part,” Campbell said.  â€œEven though you can be the healthiest person in the world, you still may have high cholesterol or you may have a family history of heart disease.  He’s doing everything right in overcoming any genetic predisposition, but a lot of heredity goes into it.”

nIrLJrCUZdhuAdOApr 12 2022 4:58pm
I'd like some euros ivermectin dry eye The law is part of a broader attempt by Putin to win over Russians in the mostly conservative country following protests against his rule among urban and often middle class voters over his return to the Kremlin last May.

nIrLJrCUZdhuAdOApr 12 2022 4:58pm
I'd like to open an account risperdal hinta The team issued a statement with a screenshot of Horner's email to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) in which he updated his whereabouts for Monday, the day after his triumph in the Spanish grand tour.

nIrLJrCUZdhuAdOApr 12 2022 4:58pm
I've lost my bank card escitalopram vergeten “I think Thursday was the day that I left everything on the field,” Rivera said. “I won’t say I’m hurt, but sore. I was pitching with tremendous soreness in my arm, but at the same time, I was giving everything. Now I just want to enjoy what is left of the season.

YSANlCIEIKRYcApr 13 2022 9:16am
Is it convenient to talk at the moment? oxcarbazepine 150 mg for anxiety Anti-American slogans are common in both the protest camps, with Morsi's allies believing the US helped to orchestrate the coup, while the pro-army demonstrators dislike the US for accepting and working with the government of Mohammed Morsi.

YSANlCIEIKRYcApr 13 2022 9:16am
I've got a part-time job isotretinoin ratiopharm 20mg weichkapseln The change came less than six months after federal regulators shut down the Chief Saunooke Bear Park in Cherokee, N.C., and fined the business $20,000 for failing to provide adequate shelter, food and veterinary care for the six black bears, three grizzlies and two Asian black bears. The bears had been housed in concrete pits at the park.

YSANlCIEIKRYcApr 13 2022 9:16am
No, I'm not particularly sporty pret plendil 10 mg Cheekiness is the checking of power - and power needs checking. It is the individual or group giving the machine a bit of backchat. It's a reclaiming of dignity, a playful subversion of the status quo, however briefly, a challenge to authority.

YSANlCIEIKRYcApr 13 2022 9:16am
A pension scheme daivonex cream Although digging is not currently possible, the artifacts already excavated were recently analyzed further and more publications of the team's work will be appearing in the future. The archaeologists also plan to survey the surrounding area to get a sense of the size of the kingdom of Idu.

YSANlCIEIKRYcApr 13 2022 9:16am
I'm on work experience how long do it take for zantac to kick in Hanes V.P. Annmarie D'Souza, who created her company's clinic, says that since it opened in 2010 Hanes has seen a 30 percent drop in workers' emergency room visits and a 39 percent drop in inpatient hospital admissions.

OGERAeAcDGKvcApr 13 2022 1:41pm
Free medical insurance is ciprofloxacin good for std Cars of the future face change as well -- we may not have vehicles that pack up into a suitcase as George Jetson did, but we will have robot chauffeurs. And shortly. Google has been spearheading a program to develop autonomous driving technology that relies upon laser range finders, radar sensors, and video cameras to navigate the road ahead. And clearly, the company has cornered the market in mapping technology.

OGERAeAcDGKvcApr 13 2022 1:41pm
Who's calling? allegra 70 count walmart Though the number of visits and admittances for sports-related brain injuries increased, the average level of severity of the injuries decreased, a fact that Hanson attributes to increased awareness. Hanson says physicians may be more inclined to admit patients for further observation or treatment because studies have encouraged them to avoid head imaging, such as CT scans, which can use high amounts of radiation.

OGERAeAcDGKvcApr 13 2022 1:42pm
I'd like to change some money ondansetron 4 mg inyectable precio “I’ve considered it because people have requested me considering it, but I’m still waiting to see what the lineup will be and hoping that … there will be some new blood, some new energy,” the former Alaska governor said Tuesday night during a radio interview on “The Sean Hannity Show.”

OGERAeAcDGKvcApr 13 2022 1:42pm
I sing in a choir tesco voltarol 12 hour gel "Compared to other companies, nobody has come right out andsaid mobile is our sole focus now," said Angela Steele, CEO ofAnsible, part of advertising holding company IPG. "Facebook putall their eggs in one basket."

OGERAeAcDGKvcApr 13 2022 1:42pm

FbRmCeKXCJnezAgcApr 17 2022 12:12pm
I'm originally from Dublin but now live in Edinburgh metoprolol succ er 100 mg picture Eighteen media professionals were killed in Somalia in 2012 -- the country's deadliest year on record, according to Reporters Without Borders -- and about 50 have been killed in the last six years.

CupMgVBPYApr 22 2022 8:47pm
I'm sorry, he's ile kosztuje zyrtec w kroplach The Toyota Prius C hybrid is introduced during a press preview at the North American International Auto Show at the COBO Center January 10, 2012 in Detroit, Michigan. The NAIAS opens to the public January 14th and continues through January 22nd. (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

CupMgVBPYApr 22 2022 8:47pm
I'm doing an internship nizoral shampoo mims The four-episode series will launch in October, airing on Delta's in-flight entertainment, and The new chef will join Delta's culinary team, which includes Michelle Bernstein, Michael Chiarello, and master sommelier Andrea Robinson.

CupMgVBPYApr 22 2022 8:47pm
Whereabouts in are you from? apo-clopidogrel used for GOLDMAN SACHS Principal Investment Area, the privateequity unit of the U.S. securities firm, plans to exit itsinvestment in Chinese firm Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd., selling its entire stake in an offering worth up to$315 million, IFR reported, citing a term sheet.

CupMgVBPYApr 22 2022 8:47pm
What university do you go to? carvedilol 6 25 mg prospect "We uncovered some surprising and disturbing data about how often our kids are being injured playing sports," said Kate Carr, president and CEO of Safe Kids Worldwide. "But we also found some inspiring stories from people and programs that are making a marked difference.

CupMgVBPYApr 22 2022 8:47pm
I work with computers apple cider vinegar and amlodipine "Weighing these considerations, the bank judges that thesubstantial monetary policy stimulus currently in place remainsappropriate and therefore has decided to maintain the target forthe overnight rate at 1 percent."

UFGSPACLUJMqTiTeWopApr 22 2022 11:00pm
Pleased to meet you ashwagandha ervaringen "The authorities' over-reaction is ruining Justin's life," said Jennifer Carter of Maitland, Fla. "And it's setting a dangerous example trying to punish kids who often say strange things that I believe are protected under freedom of speech."

UFGSPACLUJMqTiTeWopApr 22 2022 11:00pm
The National Gallery myhr exeloncorp Investors were also looking ahead to the Institute forSupply Management's July reading on the services sector, set forrelease later on Monday. The non-manufacturing index is seen at53, slightly over the previous month's read of 52.2.

UFGSPACLUJMqTiTeWopApr 22 2022 11:00pm
I'm originally from Dublin but now live in Edinburgh buy strattera baikal pharmacy "It's easy to be cynical about this stuff," said Keith Proctor, fellow at Tufts University's Feinstein International Center. "If they can't address the issues of cost, power and illiteracy, there's a danger they'll just end up entrenching those inequalities."

UFGSPACLUJMqTiTeWopApr 22 2022 11:00pm
I'm doing a phd in chemistry bisoprololfumaraat 5 mg aurobindo Jayne realised he was opening up to Jessi in a way he didn’t with anyone else. Like many Asperger’s sufferers, Lorcan doesn’t like to be touched and struggles to express his feelings. Yet he cuddles Jessi, Jayne says with evident wonder. He chats to her constantly and, when she was still small, Jayne overheard him telling her, “I love you, Jessi.” It was the first time Jayne had ever heard him say those words.

UFGSPACLUJMqTiTeWopApr 22 2022 11:00pm
Do you have any exams coming up? children's chewable ibuprofen walmart Mike Weston, TfL’s Director of Buses, said: “At around 07:20 this morning (Friday 4 October) a passenger was injured after alighting from the rear platform of a New Bus for London on route 24. The incident occurred at Prince of Wales Road, at the junction with Malden Crescent, NW5.

TzOANXuwedKniqClApr 22 2022 11:24pm
We work together thorazine tablets price The nuptials — the pregnant Berry’s third — were held under extraordinary secrecy. But photographers snapped pictures of Berry, clad in a white gown, heading into the Chateau des Conde inside a white station wagon.

TzOANXuwedKniqClApr 22 2022 11:24pm
Have you seen any good films recently? kegunaan salep mata chloramphenicol “We look forward to working with AENA and AXA to deliverenhancements to London Luton Airport which will result insustainable growth, long term development and an improvedcustomer experience,” EasyJet U.K. Commercial Manager HughAitken said in a statement.

TzOANXuwedKniqClApr 22 2022 11:24pm
Canada>Canada bisacodyl gastro resistant tablets ip 5mg Leonard, who wrote Westerns for years before hitting it big in the crime genre, also was a favorite of Hollywood, which adapted his work into dozens of movies and TV shows, including the films "Out of Sight" and "Get Shorty" and the FX drama "Justified," for which Leonard was an executive producer.

TzOANXuwedKniqClApr 22 2022 11:24pm
I'm not sure tadalafil apotex 20 mg While the advancement of health IT holds the promise of increasing efficiency, the key legislation funding and guiding the adoption of health IT, the Health Information Technology and Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act has left many stakeholders, including providers, patients, and electronic health record vendors, pointing to ongoing problems with the law.

TzOANXuwedKniqClApr 22 2022 11:24pm
It's serious dosis maxima ivermectin In fact, Pope Francis’ vicar in Rome, Cardinal Agostino Vallini, has prohibited any Rome church from giving Priebke’s his funeral rites. Vallini cited canon law and claimed that a funeral could be denied to "manifest sinners who cannot be granted ecclesiastical funerals without public scandal of the faithful."

tUEfmmUrUApr 23 2022 12:38am
Where do you study? diltiazem cream australia It's by US brand Express and is the perfect casual cover up for autumn. The great news is that Express, while not available over here, do ship internationally so we can even steal Selena's style from all the way over here. Click the link (right) to get yours now.

tUEfmmUrUApr 23 2022 12:38am
Your cash is being counted austell paracetamol safe during pregnancy The speech highlighted one of President Obama's two signature policy responses to the housing crisis, the Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAMP, and the Home Affordable Refinance Program, or HARP. The two programs that address refinancing and modification of loans that are guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have had lukewarm success at best, with 3.4 million homeowners accessing the programs, far below the nine million borrowers estimated by the administration. HARP, arguably the more successful of the two, has achieved some momentum, but the sharp recent rise in interest rates could put the kibosh on refinancing.

tUEfmmUrUApr 23 2022 12:38am
Yes, I play the guitar gabapentin 100mg capsules actavis pil The will divides the actor's estate among his two sisters, widow and daughter. Gandolfini's son, Michael, 14, does not get any part of that because his father provided for him with a separate trust that is funded by a life insurance policy.

tUEfmmUrUApr 23 2022 12:39am
How long have you lived here? nolvadex odblok cena For the past month, mass demonstrations, one million people strong, have spread across major cities in Brazil and shaken the center-left government of Dilma Rousseff, the chosen successor of former president Lula da Silva, one of the most popular figures in Brazilian history. The demonstrations started out against an increase in public transport fares, but then came to include anger over corruption in the Brazilian government, sweetheart deals in public contracting, poor public services and the arrogance of some of the country's leaders, public and private, who have ignored public demands for more accountability. The demonstrations were led by the rising middle and professional classes – 77 percent of protesters have a higher education – and student groups demanding good governance, rather than the poor demanding revolution or class warfare.

tUEfmmUrUApr 23 2022 12:39am
I'd like to apply for this job ciprofloxacina 500 mg dosis diaria As lenders adjust, applicants will continue to be left in the dark over their chances of success, consumer groups warn. Research by Which? found that nearly eight in 10 people turned down for a card since 2011 were given a non-specific reasons for the rejection. Half were just told to check their credit file. Nearly three in 10 were given no reason at all.

ekGdLkpCvJQCCApr 23 2022 3:38am
When do you want me to start? tylenol extra strength dosage adults Everyone was raving about Ledecky, only 16 but already well on her way to becoming one of the country's great distance swimmers. She obliterated the world record in the 1,500-meter freestyle, which may be a non-Olympic event for the women but did nothing to diminish the magnitude of her accomplishment.

ekGdLkpCvJQCCApr 23 2022 3:38am
Have you read any good books lately? carbidopa levodopa precio colombia The country is among the world's biggest producers of computer disk drives, palm oil, rubber and timber. It has a state-controlled car maker, Proton, and tourism has considerable room for expansion.

ekGdLkpCvJQCCApr 23 2022 3:38am
I can't stand football harga obat ciprofloxacin That’s why he’s turned the Giants’ practice fields into his laboratory and he showed off a little more of his creation on Sunday night. He has his defensive ends swapping sides, safeties blitzing and cornerbacks dropping into the deep safety spot. Defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins again took some snaps at defensive end, and a few times Kiwanuka stood up like a linebacker, turning the 4-3 into a 3-4.

ekGdLkpCvJQCCApr 23 2022 3:38am
It's funny goodluck medicamento singulair precio Carpenter, who lost radio contact with NASA controllersduring his pioneering space flight and was found in the ocean250 miles from the targeted splashdown site, went on to explorethe ocean floor in later years. His wife said he died in aDenver hospice.

ekGdLkpCvJQCCApr 23 2022 3:38am
I'd like to open an account medicine pantoprazole Andrew Murrison, the UK’s Minister for International Security and Strategy, welcomed the report, saying: “The Scottish Government has failed to say how it would manage Armed Forces on a shoestring budget.

FklPQPsxQApr 23 2022 4:07am
Have you seen any good films recently? benzoyl peroxide 2.5 soap in pakistan There were some small differences between AJAM's coverage and that of its U.S. competitors. For example, while they represented a small amount of its overall reporting, the upstart channel framed more of its stories around the humanitarian crisis stemming from the the Syrian civil war. And it aired more stories from Middle Eastern countries, not including Syria itself, than the others.

FklPQPsxQApr 23 2022 4:07am
I'm not interested in football paxil braktktan sonra yan etkileri ne kadar srer But the problem for BlackBerry is that users are not upgrading from the older BB7 handsets to the newer BB10 ones. Consumers seem to be jumping ship to iPhones or Android phones, while a number of businesses have held back from upgrading because the BB10 phones cannot be used with the older BB7 server software used to encrypt and send email to corporate customers – but the newer BB10 servers which are compatible with the BB10 handsets do not work with the older BB7 handsets.

FklPQPsxQApr 23 2022 4:07am
Who do you work for? voltaren pills walgreens Mulgrew and the candidates confuse a glaring signpost of black and Hispanic underachievement with the phenomenon itself. In the short term, they should focus on improving preparation for the entrance exam among minority students. In the long term, they should accept responsibility for raising performance from kindergarten on — not look for every opportunity to reinforce what was once astutely called the soft bigotry of low expectations.

FklPQPsxQApr 23 2022 4:07am
I like it a lot furadantine mc 100mg As Haitian deaths mounted, so did the accusations. The UN hid behind a characteristic wall of diplomatic mumbo jumbo, insisting that its people were faultless — and that, in any case, they had legal immunity from prosecution.

FklPQPsxQApr 23 2022 4:07am
Could I have an application form? voltaren generico bula The bottom line for small businesses is this: Hackers are getting more sophisticated every day, sometimes forming syndicates of like-minded criminals to share information and new techniques. Small businesses are increasingly in their crosshairs and they need to use every protection available to fight the growing cyber threat.

ybkXrSwFXqfXOYIaoDApr 23 2022 4:20am
We work together punjabi brahmin surnames "I know this hasn't been an easy time. The competition hasbeen aggressive during this period of uncertainty, but we are,as we have always been, determined to prove to you why Dell isthe best solutions provider to meet your needs," the CEO said.

ybkXrSwFXqfXOYIaoDApr 23 2022 4:20am
We were at school together sleepwell spinetech air luxury The nearly two acre plot where the goats will graze for six days is infested with invasive plant species, Williams said, with "a six-foot-tall tangle of weeds and vines going up the trees." He wanted to control the weeds without using chemicals so close to the Anacostia River.

ybkXrSwFXqfXOYIaoDApr 23 2022 4:20am
Who's calling? ginseng mercadona forocoches Earlier this month, Schuette defended Republican Governor Rick Snyder in three state court cases challenging the governor's power to approve a bankruptcy filing for Michigan's largest city by Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr.

ybkXrSwFXqfXOYIaoDApr 23 2022 4:20am
Whereabouts in are you from? amoxicillin over the counter in canada SIR – Your report about Oxford “risking its reputation” by taking in short-term foreign students (August 26) makes reference to the Washington International Studies Council (WISC).

ybkXrSwFXqfXOYIaoDApr 23 2022 4:20am
Very Good Site propranolol adhd reddit "Through the interim government's management of a peaceful, inclusive, and credible electoral process, and with the extraordinary turnout of the Malian people, this election has helped restore Mali's democratic tradition," Obama said in a statement.

ViriiQODYJuqBbNSLApr 23 2022 4:40am
I enjoy travelling kroger children's ibuprofen chewable But the victim’s brothers, Jerome and John, who have flown to Turkey to support their family, insisted that their sister was not the gardener’s girlfriend, adding: “That is not the case. It's simply untrue.”

ViriiQODYJuqBbNSLApr 23 2022 4:40am
I'm retired esomeprazole brand names philippines Some Democrats have suggested that the FCC's existingoversight authority over broadcasters could also be used toforce TV advertisers to name specific funders for each spot theybuy. That idea has emerged as Cruz's focus at the SenateCommerce Committee, which oversees the commission.

ViriiQODYJuqBbNSLApr 23 2022 4:40am
How many are there in a book? pomada diclofenaco pra que serve Hong Kong's anti-corruption organisation, the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), was forced to investigate its own former chief after an audit revealed that two dinners he hosted overspent the hospitality limit of HK$450 ($58; £38) per person.

ViriiQODYJuqBbNSLApr 23 2022 4:40am
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