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Corporal punishment for future males

Question: Female scientists at all leading universities claim that within the next thirty years everyone will recieve a special vaccine that will make us super tough and healthy. Women will use their newfound strength and health to make a peaceful world ,men will use it to be even more violent and destructive. Whilst society will not yet have passed laws to purge all men laws should be passed for severe corporal punishment of males only. What punishments should be enacted to keep men in line ?.
Created by: kaela at 10:27:43 PM, Monday, May 12, 2008 PDT


Is your name Hitler?

SteveMay 14 2008 6:07pm

No it is not.I did not say men would be prevented from having the same advantages from future technology as women did. I said that all humans should recieve the special vaccine which will make them resillient and super human . But if they do something wrong, than corporal punishment should be mandatory. If you don't like it Steve , stop being a man. I wish all men would do it today in fact.

KaelaMay 14 2008 6:39pm
Oh and FNOL I know you will come here at some point and I know that I did borrow you're ideas to make this poll and you said I could so please read you're email. You can post on here if you like but don't go on about our debate , keep it by email.

KaelaMay 14 2008 6:52pm
Very well 'kaela', I am surprised as you had expressed some more moderate views in our discussion. Still I am glad we both still agree the on the right of equality and opportunity where life enhancing technology is concerned. I await you're (beautifully colored !) rebuttal in my inbox. Signing off.

FNOLMay 15 2008 4:54am
The regular beating of the male behind is an important part of keeping males in servitude to Superior Females.

obedient husbandMay 15 2008 5:39pm
Still having some pale purple bruises on my behind after last Sunday belting (and today it's Friday), I agree that we males (optimally -- each of us) must receive this special treatment from our Mistresses. At least now I can wash my Mistress' dishes and floor in Her apartment much better! The bruises will surely completly disappear in several days, while my skill will remain with me.

Nick NMay 16 2008 8:01am
Forget you're bruised behindes obedienthusband and nickn any corporal punishment you recieve should be straight on you're balls. In fact all corporal punishment should the public restraint of a naked male and the administration of a certain number of beatings on his precious parts. It wont harm him because he will be super vaccinated and tough like all humans because a fair society is physically equal opportunity even though men are mentally useless compared to womyn. But it will make him think a lot about comitting the crime of acting like a male again. This is the future perhaps men should give up their balls sooner.

kaelaMay 16 2008 8:50am
Ms. Kaela it would be Your right to administer such discipline on any males you own.

obedient husbandMay 16 2008 6:38pm
Well, frankly speaking, in the time being i'd prefer to have the bruises on my behind. But in the future when i'll be supposedly owned by a Woman, it'll be surely Her right to punish me in the way She prefer.

Nick NMay 16 2008 11:49pm
No it would not be my right obedienthusband. If you do noting wrong you are not punished. It is just than men can't stop doing things wrong all the time. If Men could to stop being stupid insensitive pigs women could stop worrying about the world all the time.

kaelaMay 17 2008 4:32am
#0011 - (Sun.) * 5/18/08

UpdateMay 18 2008 6:54am
kaela, now you think women make the rules? men will still need to knock around goofy women who dont know whats up. it sounds like you will be getting slapped around a bunch!.. then again you probably have already experience the male strength advantage..and thats why you wrote up the fictional non sense

lelgtMay 18 2008 10:27am
Well said LELGT.

RED DAWGMay 18 2008 10:28am
BTW, today i checked my behind another time (using a mirror) and discovered that my left buttock does still have a noticeable violet remnant of the bruise which my Mistress left there exacly a week ago. She ordered me to wash her dishes (being naked, of course) and started uging me on with Her belt. When i stood near the sink She was to my right, so my left buttock was receiving a bit more with the tip of Her double-folded belt. As for washing the floor, it seems to me that then my buttocks were receiving more or less equal blows... Now i wonder whether the bruise will be still noticeable in another week.

Nick NMay 18 2008 11:28am
Ms. Kaela, many Women believe in regular beatings of the male as a precautionary measure to keep males in line. There are web sites discussing the difference between "punishment" and "discipline". Wife decided to beat me tonight on a whim and She was quite heavy handed. However, She apparently was pleased enough with how well I took it on the behind because She gave me permission to use Her computer.

obedient husbandMay 18 2008 4:55pm
Why are you so offended lelgt and red dawg ?. I did not say that women would be making the rules and that men were useless. I got this idea for this poll this off a male , in fact because I thought it was a clever and interesting idea. All I am saying is that In the future where ALL humans (because freedom from physical suffering is a human right for everyone male or female) will recieve a super vaccine which means that they will be super healthy tough and strong, men will likely abuse these physical advantages they gain. Corporal punishment used to be banned because it could cause permanantly damage to the victim but if humans will be physically tougher there is no excuse why it should not be legal again.I have said it a thousand times , if a man is not guilty he has nothing to worry about, so What is the problem with that ?.

kaelaMay 18 2008 10:28pm
Ms. Kaela, i believe that much productive is to punish a male in advance than to wait till he -- in his stupid arrogance -- does something wrong (let alone abusing Women or even little girls!). It is so-called "maintaining spanking", and if a Wife or a Mistress whips Her male at least once a week (even if he hasn't done anything wrong), then it usually helps him to keep in mind who is the boss. As for permanent damage, a belt (strap), a paddle or a light whip applied to buttocks, upper parts of legs and upper part of back cannot make any serious damage. But You should avoid the lower part of back because there are some internal organs (like kidneys) which are unprotected with bones.

Nick NMay 20 2008 10:35am
if males transgress then Womyn have every right to beat them.And because of the vacine they can beat them very hard feeling everything but able to recover fast. The fact that you feel they need beating on the balls is to be celebrated.

AnonymousMay 21 2008 10:42pm
At last somebody gets it , thankyou anonymous. There are a lot of men who are good people and they deserve the chance for this vaccine and to be super human and healthy. But in history we all know that the majority of men are dumb and would do what they have always done and would destroy the world with any advantage you give them. Any men who does a crime will have a beating on their sensitive parts and they will soon learn !.

kaelaMay 21 2008 11:29pm
In the pol pot regime a popular punishment for women was them being caned with a inch thick bamboo cane on their genitalia It was extremely painful because women are very sensitive in that area as well as men. So I say If men recieve this disgusting punishment women should recieve this punishment if they are criminal. women are so up themselves if think they they are so superior.

DisgustedMay 21 2008 11:42pm
#0020 - (Thu.) * 8/22/08

UpdateMay 22 2008 11:18am
BAD COUNT # ABOVE #0022 - (Thu.) * 8/22/08

UpdateMay 22 2008 11:38am
Dear Ms. Kaela, i have nothing against the idea that males must be punished with good kicks to their balls for crimes connected with sexual violence. But if You plan to punish them in this way for ANY crime they do, i guess You will have some problems with the huge number of eunuchs this punishment will produce. My opinion is that chastity belts for males is the best way how Wives ought to protect their hubbies from any sexual transgression.

Nick NMay 22 2008 12:01pm
There will be no eunuchs produced Nick N. As I have said above this is for the future where all humans have had a 'super vaccine' that will change their genetics making them superhumanely tough and resillient to physical harm and so beating their balls will only cause them terrible pain and humiliation , not physical harm. This will ensure that the many worthy intelligent and good males in the future matriacal society will be rightfully viewed as equal to women and recieve their entitlement to have a life with a superhumanly tough and healthy body. The rest of the physically equal but mentally inferior males however will be be kept in line by punishment on their balls. I think this is the recipie for a perfect society because everybody female and male gets what they deserve.

kaelaMay 22 2008 9:28pm
Hmm... 'super vaccine'? "will change their genetics making them superhumanely tough and resillient to physical harm"? Do You Yourself believe in what You say? (i'm very sorry, Ms. Kaela, if it sounds a bit rude...)

Nick NMay 22 2008 9:42pm
NickN do not apologise for asking reasonable questions, i do not know why males like you are not so stupid as you seem , but yet you try to sound stupid around females as if they do not know all the time. Women do not like dumb men this is my advice to you. And in answer to youre question I do believe what I am saying because I am a educated and after a big debate with an clever male person on here and he put up good arguements so I have come to change my views about some males a bit , and I now think that technology I have talked about can help solve the problem of male evil and stupidity today. I do not understand why you have asked me if i 'believe' what I am saying, but since you are male it makes you much less likely to be intelligent so I know the reason already.

kaelaMay 22 2008 11:13pm
#0027 - (Fri.) * 5/23/08

UpdateMay 23 2008 12:31pm
Dear Ms. Kaela, surely being an inferior and stupid male, i don't expect i could produce a thought which would be any smarter than Yours. In the same time i remember i've read something about some special drugs for commandos which make the latter supermen who can fight for several days without sleeping or eating. I believe such drugs would be useful for some Ladies who may want their male slaves to work for days without any rest. In the same time my personal belief is that even such males (and of course they must be tested and determined as super-obedient males before being given such drugs) need several good blows with a belt on their stupid asses or kicks to their asses or balls. And believe me, dear Ms. Kaela, to be belted (though only hypothetically...) by a Super Woman like You would be the greatest honour for me. Please, Ms. Kaela, never hesitate to beat us, stupid inferior males...

Nick NMay 23 2008 11:01pm
Actually "inferior and stupid male" Nick N the "clever male" (wow thanks kaela !) is me. We debated by email for quite some time when she commented on my poll on technology here. I agreed not to join in the arguement here so she could gather information for our debate without me influencing peoples views. Out of that agreement I shall say no more but just so you know ,this isn't the poll you think it is......

FNOLMay 24 2008 1:02am
FNOl you can post here if you like now I think we have had a very good email debate already and I have no problems in saying that I have actually taking a bit of youre views. Technology is very good in the future and I think that we will not have to argue about things we argue about today about men versus women. I do look forward to this future but I still believe in corporal punishment but only for severe offences like rape or murder.

kaelaMay 25 2008 8:14pm
How severely a male is beaten and on what body parts is something that should be determined by the male's owners. When he is growing up that would be his Mother and Sisters. Once his family sells or gives him to a non-related Superior Female either as a slave husband or just as a slave, his new Wife-Mistress and perhaps his Mother in Law and Sisters in Law will determine the nature of his beatings.

obedient husbandMay 26 2008 5:28pm
Kaela, what this male owner sh*t all about, that not going to happen, is it???

JackMay 27 2008 1:49pm
No Jack It wont happen I am not saying this at all or supporting it.

kaelaMay 28 2008 1:31am
I think that males have been designed by the Goddess to have an easy way of disciplining them if the commit crimes.Why else are mens balls so sensitive to pain if not to accept punishment if they err. I fully understand what you are saying.Those who behave themselves will be entitled to pain free testicles but those who transgress deserve what they get.

Lou RollsJun 04 2008 9:48pm
#0035 - (Thu.) * 6/5/08

UpdateJun 05 2008 9:23pm
Dear Ms Kaela, i haven't visited this branch for about a month, and after re-reading all last posts i am surprised by FNOL's claim that it was he who posted here using my nick. As for my views (yeah, we inferior males do have them sometimes! though very often they are quite simple and stupid...), i suppose males' balls must be punished only for sexual crimes (from raping till groping till rude answers and peeping). All other errors made by males should be corrected with belting (severe caning for serious crimes). Whether the punishment must be public will be determined by the Owner of this male. Necessity of chastity belt and frequency of maintaining spankings will be determined by his Owner, too. Some especially smart males will be able to earn their highest possible status -- "men" which means that they are almost equal to Women. And i still seriously doubt of the super vaccine You, Ms Kaela, described in the initial post in this branch. This is how I imagine the future, dear Ms Kaela. Of course, as any stupid and inferior male, i may be completely wrong. But this evening my Mistress is going to belt me very severely, and this will make me even more timid and polite...

Nick NJul 21 2008 10:25pm
I do not expect you to believe in the super vaccine Nick . You are a male and not a visionary like most women are. But this is the technology of the future where everyone will not have to worry about suffering from things like disease or injuries. Because of my religion I do not like the death penalty and no punishment should be be permanant harming. So when men do anything wrong they will simply be tied up naked in public and a beating will be applied to their balls. They will feel all the pain but it will not harm them forever. They will have a chance to get better.

kaelaJul 30 2008 2:19am
kaela, You may not believe in the death penalty, but to look at the results of this poll, so far somebody does and since majority rules, you may not the visionary you claim to be. PS your religious beliefs should not get in the way of seeing what comming in the future. My religious views says no abortion, but it doesn't make it so.

AnonymousAug 09 2008 7:53am
kaela, if a male rapes or hurt a women do you feel he should be castrated by that women? If he continues to hurt a women he should be sentenced to death.

PatAug 20 2008 5:39am
#0040 - (Tue.) * 8/26/08

UpdateAug 26 2008 12:00am
Males commit 95% of the crime and are thus the most likely candidates for the public naked punishment they so deserve.However as people gain more power and that includes Womyn they commit more crime. The first and foremost way to reduce the misbehaviour of males is to educate them to be respectful of society in general and Womyn in particular.This will reduce the number of crimes committed but no eliminate them. Ms Kaela is perfectly right.We are making advances in medicine that allow us to live longer and more healthily.In time this will include our bodies ability to take pain and injury and to repair itself faster. This will mean transgressing males will have their balls beaten for harder and longer but will be able to recover.The idea is to reform them not to destroy them.If the Womyn administering the c*ck and ball torture get a sexual thrill out of doing this to naked males in public then all the better.

Lou RollsNov 09 2008 7:12pm
Males commit 95% of the crime and are thus the most likely candidates for the public naked punishment they so deserve.However as people gain more power and that includes Womyn they commit more crime. The first and foremost way to reduce the misbehaviour of males is to educate them to be respectful of society in general and Womyn in particular.This will reduce the number of crimes committed but no eliminate them. Ms Kaela is perfectly right.We are making advances in medicine that allow us to live longer and more healthily.In time this will include our bodies ability to take pain and injury and to repair itself faster. This will mean transgressing males will have their balls beaten for harder and longer but will be able to recover.The idea is to reform them not to destroy them.If the Womyn administering the c*ck and ball torture get a sexual thrill out of doing this to naked males in public then all the better.

Lou RollsNov 09 2008 7:12pm
Ms kaela, surely i'm quite stupid in comparison with You. Without ahy doubt we inferior males will have to accept whatever punishment You, Superior Women, will set for us. I kneel before You (it's not a joke -- i'm really now on my knees!) and admit that i'm ready to accept any punishment You suppose i've earned.

Nick NNov 18 2008 12:22pm
Nick N, I can't believe how pathetic you are!!!

kaelaNov 25 2008 12:13am
#0045 - (Tue.) * 11/25/08

UpdateNov 25 2008 12:15am
Dear Ms Kaela, i simply realize how small, inferior and unimpotant i am in comparison with You or any other Woman. The greatest happiness for me is to serve my Mistress' whims and to be belted by Her when i cannot cope with Her orders or She is simply in a bad mood. If i were not my Mistress' property, i'd be glad to serve You with all my heart. Yes, i acknowledge i'm stupid like all males, and only with serving You, Ladies, i can see some sense in my life. Ms Kaela, thank You very much that You condescended to replying on my message. On reading it, i was jumping with joy for some minutes!

Nick NNov 29 2008 8:52am
That was not me Nick N. That was somebody using my name. I am a woman, compassion and love is in my genes. I value all life pathetic or not. Get off you're knees and start doing some good in this world. Future technology will enhance the bodies of man and woman until the petty matter of which is the physically superior gender will be meaningless. You will be granted the ability to make a choice : Either do good in the world and be rewarded for being a good person, or do nothing and suffer the punishment of having you're balls beaten.

kaelaJan 01 2009 7:18am
Ms kaela, frankly speaking, i'd prever do so something good and then to be punished for that (with my ass and balls beaten by a Superior Woman).

Nick NJan 08 2009 12:32pm

AnonymousJan 10 2009 7:32am
#0050 - (Sat.) * 1/10/09

UpdateJan 10 2009 7:33am
Ms. Kaela, a male who is beaten regularly is more likely to do good in the world than one who is only subject to lax discipline.

obedient husbandJan 11 2009 5:22pm
Before my wife and i got married 20 years ago we both agreed to impliment the spencer spanking plan for married couples, A list of agreed upon offences and rules are drawn up. any breaking of these rules results in a bare bottom spanking for the offender. under the plan a women can only be spanked with the bare hand, but the man can be spanked with any instrument the wife decides to use such as a strap, belt, paddle etc. at the time i agreed to this plan because all i could see was the enjoyment i was going to get whenever i had my wife over my knee and applying a sound spanking. that was a short lived fantasy because in 20 years i only had to spank my wife three or four times .on the otherhand a month doesn`t go by that my ass isn`t blistered five or six times,sometimes more.beware of what you sign into,for it may not be what it seems.

HeneryApr 17 2009 4:04am
My wife and i agreed to and use the same spencer spanking plan, but we both knew exactly what the agreement we signed was meant to accomplish. When i spank my wife, its because she deserves it, i do not look forward to doing it, nor do i get any pleasure out of carrying out the spanking. I bet if your knew the reason you signed the agreement in the first place i would advise her to pick a set day for each month ( for the rest of your life) and administer a sound bottom blistering strapping.There should be no enjoyment in having to spank your wife, you should come clean with her on your motive for signing the agreement, and yes, enjoy whatever punishment she decides to impliment, we would take a guess at what that might be.

Roy JestySep 20 2009 7:16am
I think Kaela has already invented a vaccine, used it on herself and it has gone horribly wrong. There are no studies or tests by female scientists in universities claiming such things, and if there are, they should be fired for wasting tax payer dollars on such notions thought up as the result of constant drug use during their teens.

PaulNov 21 2009 10:55am
#0055 - (Sat.) * 11/28/09

UpdateNov 27 2009 11:56pm
Even though I am a male, it would help society to have fewer males in it..a lot fewer males

RonApr 12 2010 4:40pm
The item at is an excellant example of how a young woman who is certainly no heavyweight and clad in no more thans her undies takes care of a peeping tom without having to bother the authorities. He thinks because he is a male and wearing far more clothing than her he is better than her. But she remaining calm and clearly enjoying herself at being given the chance to put this man in his place. Whilst he first shows anger at the ease she controls the fight he then becomes ever more frightened and hysterical as she demolishes and in the end totally demotes him.

hymatAug 14 2010 7:36am
You people are messed up in the head...

A guy who enjoys livingMar 22 2011 6:40pm
Men are basically beast and women are part of goddess.So for creating a beautiful world there should be law to punish men publicly.In case of eveteasing or domestic violence cases and in cases of crime against women ,the accused men should get punishment publicly in completely naked condition.Such as naked sit ups holding ears (uthak baithak) in market places,railway stations.It will very much effective to reduce crime against women.It is better to keep all male inmates in jails in naked state.And use them to serve women as servents.From the child wood it is essential to teach the boys that they are created to serve womens. I read in a co ed residential school,where for any small complain from girls,we boys were punished like prisoners. Naked run in the sun holding ears,naked uthak baithak 100 times , towing iron roller on the girls playground and work as servent in girl,s hostel in completely naked state.After 16 years when puberty and musterbation starts we were allowed to were a gamcha but in most of the time we have to put in on our shoulder and stay naked as per instruction of our female teachers.The female teachers enjoyed our punishment very much.Some of them are really expert in naked canning of boys.In my openian men should punish in this way always to teach them gentle behaviour .They should obey females for the punishment.This will make the world more beautiful and friendly for women.

ABApr 06 2011 11:06am
AB are you from India ? Uthak-Baithak is Hindi for holding your ears & doing sit-ups ! exactly which school in MP or UP or Rajasthan did they have such sexist females whipping/abusing naked boys for their sexual satisfaction/orgasm etc. ???? seems to have churned out a hard-core masochist /fetishist like you !!! does your wife whip your buttocks before you can get hard ???

Ashesh GhoseApr 19 2011 12:24pm
when married to a dominant woman who used spanking as true punishment, I never liked it, but after wards was always turned on by her power over me..I was truly obedient after a serious spanking.

cfnmguyMay 17 2011 8:26am
Government can pass law to utilize male prisoners for various construction work,such as construction of roads,bridges,building etc.Force them to do work in completely naked state.

AJul 15 2011 11:02am
Severe corporal punishment in completely naked state is very much essential to keep men in line.The punishment should be in public.There is no need to provide dress to male prisoners. Keep them naked and utilize that money in the welfare of women.Using the prisoners in various construction work is a good idea.

BJul 22 2011 11:38am
After electing to simply paddle me for the past few months, Mistress caned me today. Her implement biting into my flesh was excruciating hurting far more than the sting of a paddle but when it was over I was never more in awe of Her or aware of my obligation to give Her unconditional obedience.

obedient husbandDec 17 2011 4:35pm
Men suffering from HE syndrome will get Humiliatory Erections at being spanked or punished or at the thought of being spanked , humiliated , scolded or punished by a strong female or gay male --many posters here are having the HE syndrome !!

Ashesh GhoseMar 13 2012 8:55pm
Men should be stripped and bound spread eagle in public. They should have their genitals whipped, and their nuts kicked by any woman or girl who wants to. Boys should be stripped in front of their female classmates, and each girl be allowed to come forward and kick him in the nuts, and beat his wiener with a ruler.

RebeccaApr 17 2012 6:43am
It would certainly show who was boss in class.I think rulers were meant to smack penises.

Lou RollsMay 24 2012 9:58pm
& boys should be encouraged to to deliver punches & upper cuts to the breasts of the hemale miscreants who are hauled up & punished in front of the class publicly !!

Ashesh 9 Aug 25 2012 8:01am
Female not hemale ; sorry for typo above

A9Aug 25 2012 8:09am
As a man I would love women to have the Right to put a man in stocks whenever she feels like it ,it would consist of a large room with rows of stocks,there would be no need for air conditioning or heating, in the summer the man would sweat and swelter, in the winter he would freeze, there would be no time limit ,he would be at her mercy when he is released so she can do things at a leisurely pace ,it could be a hot sunny day in summer she can go for a swim to keep cool ,leaving him sweating in the stocks ,wherever this happens would be a trouble free zone as the woman would be keeping him line while enjoying the benefits of a man free area,they would all be securely locked in stocks under the womans complete and total control

BogeyOct 16 2012 9:30am
I agree with AB above ,I being a man think we are the cause of most of the problems in society as such women should be able to punish us whenever they want to men should be forced to do sit ups and push ups naked in public ,also large areas of society should be women only ,men should not be allowed ,we cannot be trusted this can be done by putting men in stocks as above and giving women the key this is my favorite as the man cant move a muscle or a cage or even a pit ,women would be able to enjoy themselves in a man free area,while the men would be in stocks a cage or a pit

BogeyNov 07 2012 1:54am
Men should be forced to pull women around in Rickshaw carriages ,free of charge ,whips can and should be used ,men should be strapped in and rode hard

PierreNov 16 2012 10:43am
I wish someone would invent a serum to shrink all males down to about 3 feet tall ,then we would be so much easier to control by women ,and corporal punishment would not be needed as much when we step out of line ,

RCBNov 25 2012 3:12am
It would help society if men were completely excluded from large areas of it ,if areas were designated women only this would be wonderful ,they would be trouble free and problem free ,society would benefit ,women would celebrate the joy and pleasure and advantages of a man free area ,men must be kept at bay .

BogeyDec 29 2012 2:17am
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ZpwpGNfisRNasNov 17 2013 12:03pm
Rebecca, a variant of that actually happened to me in 7th grade. I was acting up in music class and the Female teacher directed a tough girl named Lisa to kick me in the crotch.

lawslaveNov 19 2013 5:28pm
Good men bad men, good women bad women. Sodding equality once and for all. A load of closet feminist bitches on here End of...

Every one is equal Nov 23 2013 5:58am
Oh and for info my friends x wife murdered there kid what corporal punishment do you suggest Kaela

AnonymousNov 23 2013 6:04am
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I'd love for a woman to try and inflict corporal punishment on me! It wouldn't work because women aren't as strong as men. A female cop stands her best chance at arresting a man with another male cops with her

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RichardJun 13 2015 10:39pm
Kaela, I might be the male poster who inspired your thinking because I have been a strong of corporal punishment for men for years, and I have used the internet to raise consciousness on this issue. I see flogging as an effective way of deterring the testosterone-induced crimes of sex and violence committed by men, promoting respect and safety for women, and providing a form of punishment for men which is satisfying to women, cost-effective, and well suited to men's strong bodies, physical orientation to life, and high rates of criminality. However, I advocate for a return to traditional corporal punishment that is applied to men's backs or buttocks -- a form of punishment that could actually be revived in many nations.

RichardJun 14 2015 12:33am
I think its a great idea, beginning in elementary school boys should receive mandatory spankings over a women knee on bare butt. female students should be allowed to observe .

David stevensonJun 20 2015 1:17pm
Traditionally, school was a place where the punishment pattern for broader society was modeled. Young males learned a proper fear of corporal punishment and young women acquired an appreciation for the effectiveness of corporal punishment and for actually witnessing the punishment process that would prepare them for witnessing and appreciating the more extreme public whippings of grown men that were commonplace in past centuries.

RichardJun 22 2015 9:04am
I was reading online how when South Africa had still whipped teenage and adult male offenders up until the 1980s, and female court workers would use their free time to watch the naked young males being caned. I also read that some of the ladies who worked in one of the government office would hear the sounds of men being whipped while they worked. I am sure that some of them would have found that background noise very satisfying. When I was in elementary school, I could see how some of the female teachers loved threatening us boys with corporal punishment and took advantage of opportunities to bring up the topic. The girls in class were also very excited when there was a chance that a boy was about to be given a tanning by a teacher.

RichardJun 22 2015 9:20am
Unfortunatley, I did not come to an acceptance of propriety of corporal punishment for males only until I was in my twenties. However, it did feel odd when I reached a sort of magic age when I was deemed no longer eligible for it at school. Now I am accepting of a seamless approach to corporal punishment through adulthood without interruption as is the case for males in Singapore and other nations. I sometimes feel that the fat that I live in a nation that no long practices corporal punishment that I am not living in right relationship with women because women deserve the protection from men's risk of wrongdoing (and sense of security and justice that comes from that protection) that only whipping can provide.

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@Kaela, I agree with corporal punishment given by the superior females to naughty males especially at school! But it should be in relation to the offence the male is accused. Violence against a female is an absolutely NO GO and should be punished very very hard with a cane. But for example when a poor school boy has failed because he has forgotten to kiss in girl's pumps for respect it's not necessary to cane him. It's sufficient to lash him twice his cheeks with girl's feet and force him to lick the toe imprints of the pumps inside sole - so he never will forget this in future! I think there are many kinds of humiliating punishments for naughty boys without caning.

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Boys in school, should be called to the front of the class, made to drop their pants and underwear (bare their bottoms) drop pants to the floor, but don't take them off. Then, they should bend over, grab their ankles, while a an older, heavy set, female, takes a wooden paddle, and blisters their bare bottoms.

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