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womens strenght

Question: women strenght power and superiority
Created by: tim yancy at 04:31:42 AM, Sunday, June 29, 2008 EDT



1May 26 2014 8:22am


-1'May 26 2014 8:23am
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ruYUowUtGDec 20 2014 1:31pm
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DpXUHtrVurMmqWFDDec 20 2018 7:21am
I saw on a website the average strength of untrained men and women. Basically men are a little stronger than women but the difference it is not big! If women or men start workout they get a boost and become clear stronger. Women can‘t reach the same level like men but compared wit men who not workout, women are stronger. Well, if you take a look to a gym you will see there are nearly only women insite who workout. Men today are more often lazy or play games and watch tv. Meanwhile the difference is visible. Nowadays many women are stronger than men.

Henni Dec 29 2019 3:08am
Henni,you should follow me on likelike.if you fancy tough strong women,id be your ideal date! Im tall,slim,but wiry and strong.i work out several times a week,and run 5k twice a week.all that plus long blonde hair and legs to die for.come and cheer me on when i go up against other tough women and guys on the site and fight them,.when two tough females get into each others face its very exciting

celineFeb 11 2020 4:54am
WHY should he follow you ... maybe he might like a BIG WOMAN LIKE ME !!!!

SUEFeb 14 2020 8:27pm

SUEFeb 15 2020 5:18pm
Celine, may i ask you how tall are you and how strong are you! How much weight do you lift? Do you think you are generally stronger than men?

Henni Feb 21 2020 1:31pm

CELINEFeb 22 2020 3:34am
henni,im 5'10, and strong enough to defeat most guys, but unlike Sue,who only wrestles old men,i like my opponents young and want to wrestle me henni? That would sure make old Sue jealous!! I will wear my shortest sexiest leopard print miniskirt,crop top and bikini wear just boxers

celineFeb 22 2020 3:52am
Celine, before the match would you wear high heels and if yes how high they are? Another question, if you workout how much weight do you curl?

Henni Feb 22 2020 5:57am
I am still waiting for you to wrestle a young man CELINE, and so is everybody else !!!!!!

SUEFeb 23 2020 5:19pm
WELL this could be something as CELINE is wanting to wrestle HENNI... but SUE, might have something else to say about it.. the big woman, still can attract men of all ages to have a fling with mature old women that is in excellent shape.

AnonymousFeb 24 2020 1:13pm
Henni,yes i wear high heels normally.they show off my long legs best! I curl 50lb each arm with dumbells and high repetitions for stamina.. Have to laugh at old Sue trying to chat you up,fat bitch.butt out Sue,or ill be forced to sort you out....reckon henni would get turned on if we fought over him? Would you like that henni?

celineFeb 29 2020 3:32am
Henni,if you wrestle me will you be fighting as hard as you can,and really trying to beat me?? I will be fighting to win forsure.

celineFeb 29 2020 3:44am
Ive got some four inch heel shoes,thatd make me 6'2 tall!! But im taking them off to fight!

AnonymousFeb 29 2020 3:55am
Hey Sue,wheres your friend Cinnamon? Heard the bitch thought she could take me.i know my man would get a serious hardon if i fought a tough good lookin girl like her.guys do love a good catfight

celineFeb 29 2020 4:15am
Wow, you are stunning strong! I can only lift 35 pounds max and not for reps. If i fight as hard as i can i have still no chance against you. You are twice as strong as me because for reps i can use only 25 pound dumbbells or less. Do you prefer men as strong like you or men as weak like me?

Henni Feb 29 2020 6:44am

SUE FROM KANSASFeb 29 2020 1:58pm
CELINE !!! one more thing... my neighbor karen, beat up my FATHER IN LAW, in a wrestling match for the ages... she face sat him into submission now, why don't you get some mat action going on men that want to wrestle you !!!! you can even have my HUSBAND... SEEING HE WANTS ALL OF YOU.... IN FACT, I WANT TO READ ON HOW YOU PUNISH HIM, OR MY FATHER IN LAW...… DON'T BE SHY DEAR.... THEY ARE JUST MEN !!!!!!!! BITCH !!!!!!

SUE FROM KANSASFeb 29 2020 2:05pm
WELL... just imagine CELINE on the mat against men . WELL, CELINE and SUE, are the only 2 that have been on theses sites longer than anyone. SUE, has wrestled men on theses sites, CELINE has not... it is time that the great one , gets on the mat against SUE'S HUSBAND, OR HER FATHER IN LAW.... 2 SISSYS THEY ARE... THE CHOICE IS HER'S !!!!!! WE ARE WAITING !!!!! COME ON CELINE.... MAKE THEM SUFFER...….

READER ON THESES SITESFeb 29 2020 2:48pm
Well Henni,seems im stronger than you!bet youd love to have me defeat you in a wrestling match,but youd have to fight as hard as you can or it wouldnt be fun.Sue always wants me to fight old men like her husband,thats no fun at all! Bet youre fantasising about being trapped in a painful hold with my long bare legs tight round you and no guys!! Youd be rock hard and id tease you mercilessly

celineMar 03 2020 5:56am

CELINEMar 03 2020 6:09am

CELINEMar 03 2020 6:16am

READERMar 03 2020 2:55pm

SUE'S HUSBANDMar 03 2020 4:47pm
Yes Celine, it‘s exciting for both if the woman is stronger. In your case i have to fight so hard as i can because you are so much stronger than me. You could cope two of me. The thought that you can easliy beat me makes me hard.

HenniMar 03 2020 10:19pm

SUE'S HUSBANDMar 04 2020 12:10pm
HENNI, if only you really new my big bully wife SUE, she would ENJOY DOMINANTING YOUR BODY . THE big husky woman has totally destroyed men with her big girlfriends in front of me. YOUR question, about getting hard.... if you saw this woman of mine, no doubt, YOU WOULD GET HARD !!!!! SORRY CELINE, YOU MIGHT BE A BEAUTY, BUT FOR A BIG WOMAN LIKE MY WIFE SUE, SHE WINS.

SUE'S HUSBANDMar 04 2020 1:14pm

CELINEMar 05 2020 5:39am
THAT is fine, but for me to watch HER IN ACTION AGAINST MEN, THAT IS SOMETHING. NOW ! SHE LIKES TO DOMINATE MEN THAT LIKE MAYBE HENNI, EXCITES MEN. HER friend KAREN, is more to watch as she really brings out her best moves.

SUE'S HUSBANDMar 05 2020 7:27am
ALSO CELINE, I watched her and KAREN INTIMIDATE NOT ONLY MEN, BUT MY DAD. THE two big bitches with there big stocking feet on the coffee table making my dad view there evil stockings of torture, pointing and wrinkling up there big soles and telling him that they will own him by the end of the wrestling match. AS my dad , a small guy gets upset and wants to back out, but refuses to let them intimidate him as they work on his emotions of being a man. TRUE STORY CELINE..... THIS WAS IN 1988, OF JULY, BEFORE GLORIA AND SUE TAG TEAMED AGAINST HIM IN A MIDDLE SCHOOL GYMN IN OCTOBER OF THAT YEAR. THAT IS ALSO TRUE. THEY WRESTLED HIM A BUNCH OF TIMES, HE WOULD NOT QUIT UNTIL HE PINNED ONE OF THEM. IT, never , ever happened. BY 1993, SUE HAD MY DAD AS HER FOOT SLAVE, AND USED HIM AS SHE PLEASED ALONG WITH HER GIRLFRIENDS, AND THERE HUSBANDS. SEE what SHE turned out to BE !!!!! AND, WAS IN LEG SHOW MAGAZINE !!!!! THIS IS ALL TRUE.

SUES HUSBANDMar 05 2020 1:28pm
Sues husband.i want that fat bitch of yours,just her and me,no rules,fight to the finish before this site closes.the miniskirt girl vs the big old fashioned stocking girl

Leggy celineMay 14 2020 11:21am
THAT sounds good CELINE... but, i thought you and i could go on the mat first seeing that you haven't wrestled any men. I am tired of being beaten by my big wife SUE, i just need a change.

SUE'S HUSBANDJul 01 2020 5:28pm
CELINE you are to washed up... take your legs and RETIRE !!! you are just as bad as sue from KANSAS !! LET the NEW GIRL ON THE SITE GIVE A FEW LESSONS ON WRESTLING WOMEN, AND MEN !!!!

SAYLOR ST. CLAREJul 07 2020 4:48pm
CELINE has a new girl that wants to take over theses sites of wrestling, but the LEGGY CELINE, IS IN HIDING !!!!

AnonymousJul 21 2020 11:26am
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aGRxPvBwDTaJan 27 2021 6:13am
My girlfriend was super strong when we dated. We were both in our early 20’s and around 5’10, although we were slightly shorter than that, and my girlfriend was slightly shorter than me. I worked as a greeter at my local Walmart, and my gf worked as a general kitchen aid at a McDonald’s. We were cooking at home, and needed to move a 120 lbs sack of potatoes from our pantry to our kitchen storage. I hefted it out of storage and dragged it for a while but wore out and began preparing other aspects of the meal when all of a sudden my gf drags the sack of potatoes in. I told my girlfriend “that’s not bad, have you been working out or something?” She just says “no, I’ve just been moving a ton of flour bags and potato sacks at work, and I think it’s doing some wonders.” She said as she jokingly flexed with minor effort. I looked with some disappointment and finished our meal. We then began eating it and soon finished. My girlfriend said we made a fine meal, and said she herself was ready for a dessert. She then grabbed me under my armpits and hoisted me off the couch. She grabbed my waist and lifted me off the floor, in natural response I wrapped my legs around her waist and propped myself up by grabbing her shoulders. On that day I found out that she was just about as strong as me, if not stronger. Because as soon as she tossed me on our bed she flexed her biceps, and we saw ours were the same size, but hers were a little bit firmer. And that night she was dominating me a little.

AnonymousFeb 25 2021 11:43pm
A little girl who I used to babysit that was four years younger than me used to bully me. I was a fair bit taller than her but around the same weight and would soon find out I was a little bit weaker than her. Her name is Aubrey and to be fair to her I wasn’t all that nice to her when I first babysat her. At the time I was 15 and she was 12. I was bullied a bit in school at that time because of my slightly below average size and my general lack of athleticism. I was the skinny unpopular nerdy kid at my school at the time, and didn’t have many friends. I began watching Aubrey on the spring brake of that year and as such met her a little before that time. My initial impression of her was that she was a little chubby and wasn’t very smart and that she was a popular cheerleader girl. During spring break when I began watching her I only really did the bare minimum and was kind of dismissive towards her. I didn’t really engage her at all and when she talked to me I would typically dismiss her nonchalantly in quick order. Eventually she got tired of my dismissal and got angry at me. She would slowly stop listening to me. The day it finally boiled over she was in a spare room that was set up with some basic toys, a table and chairs, some carpet, and a heavy oak corner cabinet with dressers. I went into that room because she wasn’t responding when I called her. As I entered the room I said “hey I was calling you Aubrey.” She looked at me and said “I don’t care. You’re rude and I’m done listening to you.” I was calling her to lunch and her saying that made me mad so I grabbed her arm and started dragging her out of the room. I got to the doorway and was halted in my tracks at the doorway. Aubrey stopped moving with my pull. I looked at her and jerked my arm towards me a little. She moved an inch or so foreword and grabbed my hand that was holding her arm with her other arm and jerked both of her arms backwards. I was pulled towards her and back through the door. She smirked and I began pulling her towards the door with some serious effort. In return, she pulled me as well, and we were both at a dead stop. She then began slowly pulling my feet away from the door frame and actually began pulling me towards her. I resisted with everything and she seemed to be pulling with nearly everything. Slowly inch by inch she pulled me until I was within arms reach of her. I was a tiny bit worn out from the effort, and all of a sudden she hugged me around my arms and back, getting me in a front hug.She lightly squeezed like a hug at first, which surprised me, so I lightly hugged back, but she surprised me again as she began ramping up the squeeze. At first it got a little tight and I tapped her shoulders. Then she started really tightly squeezing and my arms were hurting as was my torso. She then started squeezing really hard and my stomach was hurting and my arms were really hurting. I was almost begging her to stop at this point when she squeezed with most of her might at that point. My pleas were now gasps whispers. I was trying with nearly all my might to bust out of her hug, but it was hurting now and I was constricted in my arms and torso. She then leaned back a bit, lifting my feet off the floor and squeezed with all of her might. My airways were emptied and I was winded for a second, and I began to see small black dots cover my vision before she released the hug and I fell to the ground. Taking a second to get back up. She said “do you like my bear hug?” I said “yeah, and you’re pretty strong for a little girl.” I found myself holding her in a higher regard than I had before. She then said “yeah, I’ve been doing cheer for a while now and lifting weights for four years.” She smiled and flexed her bicep. She was young, so they weren’t that huge. But she had easily 10 inch arms and what I considered fat was actually mostly muscle. Her arms were actually quite toned and she had quite big biceps especially for her age and for them not having much fat. I was a bit intimidated. She then said “but, watch this.” And she grabbed my wrists while I was rubbing my arm and pushed me into the corner cabinet. She pushed my arms pretty hard against the cabinet and pinned me against it. Though I was almost a head taller than her she had my arms almost hopelessly pinned to the cabinet. She held her arms at an almost 45° angle pinning my arms. I could see her biceps poking out quite a bit, and as I struggled I could embarrassingly see hers were somewhat distinguishably bigger than mine despite mine not being as toned as hers. Despite how I was writhing and struggling under her grips, pushing my arms to their wobbling point, as was she, I couldn’t break free.I began writhing and moving with my whole body and I was just about to give up when I noticed her grip weakening and I took advantage using my body weight to push her hands off me. I told her “you’re quite strong, but it wasn’t too bad to get out of that.” I was controlling my breathing in an attempt not to reveal my exertion, but was secretly tired and embarrassed that I may even be weaker than a little girl. She said “good than you push me.” I hesitated “no, I really shouldn’t do that to a little gir-“ then she said “come on, I can get out easy. You have really weak upper body strength.” I told her “no I don’t, I just wasn’t trying all that her to beat you.” She then said “good. Now try to pin me.” So I pinned her wrists against the cabinet and on the count of three we began. I leaned into her a little bit so that my body weight was also pinning her wrists and began to push as hard as I could. She began resisting and soon her wrists were just off the cabinet by less than an inch and my arms were wobbling with effort and hers began to soon after, but within a minute she was no longer pinned and had pushed me back into an upright position. I let go and she jumped around saying “I’m stronger than you! Yay!” This angered me and I slowly walked up behind her and said “you’re really not, and I’ll show you by taking you down a peg.” And in an embarrassing moment I jumped on her back and wrapped my legs around her waist and my arms around her shoulders and leaned back. She stumbled but amazingly and even more embarrassingly, she remained upright. I was riding her in a piggyback, and she was supporting my weight. She just laughed for a second and then said “I’ll take you down a peg.” And she backed up into the wall. I groaned in some pain and let go. She stepped forward and turned around now facing me. I moved forward to grab her and she slid out of the way before going behind me and locking me in a Nelson. I couldn’t move my arms as she restricted my shoulders. She then lifted me off the ground and slowly drove me face first into the carpet before getting on my back and pinning my arms with her and wrapping my legs with hers pinning them. I was completely immobile and she was just laughing.

AnonymousMar 03 2021 11:04am
In college I dated a 16 year old volleyball star. We had a very interesting relationship as I was pretty much a traditional nerd. I spoke to her online for a while and when we met in person it was a funny sight. I was 5’9 135 lbs and was wearing a sweater and black cargo pants. Meanwhile Jennifer was 6’3 and was wearing a white tank top with light blue athletic shorts. I was flabbergasted when I saw her at first. I asked “Jen, is that really you?” She said “Jim right? Yeah it’s me.” I nodded in confirmation but was visibly shocked. She said “sorry I never mentioned I was 6’3” 185 lbs. I told her it was no problem and we drove to a restaurant and got some food together. I ate some chicken salad croutons with Coke as a drink and Jen had a 16oz T-bone steak, a beet chicken salad, 6 slices of garlic bread, and some navy bean soup with iced tea as a beverage. As we finished up and payed the bill I went back to my apartment with her. I was studying astronomy at the time and had bought a new telescope that was 325 lbs. I had help with a man from the hardware store, who helped me load it, so I told her I’d get a dolly and a neighbor to help me bring it in. She said “no need” and lifted it out of my trunk carrying it by herself. Needless to say my jaw was essentially agape and I ran to my apartment door and opened it as she walked in and deposited it on the floor. I looked at her pale and blushing and said “Umm... do you umm... think you can uhh put that on my balcony... I can’t move it.” She giggled and picked it up again. I opened my balcony door and she put it down on my balcony. “Thanks” I whispered. She looked at me laughing and said “no problem”. We than sat and watched tv, but it was intensely awkward. It finally culminated with her asking “what’s wrong?” I told her nothing was and wondered why she asked only for her to say I’ve been quiet. I then confessed that I was under the assumption we were practically over since she was way stronger taller and heavier than I was, not to mention more ‘traditionally manly’. She giggled and said “oh come on Jim. I obviously knew I was stronger than you the instant I saw you. You’re pretty thin, and six inches shorter than me. You lack some more advanced coordination and muscle control which made me think you have never done any sports. I really don’t mind.” I was relieved and said “oh so you don’t mind then?” She said “no Jim, I don’t mind at all. In fact, I think it’s cute, I can protect you.” I smiled and giggled a little too. She then said “watch this.” She then cradled me in her arms while remaining seated before smoothly transitioning me to her lap. She was very firm and strong in the legs and stomach and her very heavy and strong arms wrapped around me, but her breasts were large and soft. I rested my head on her shoulder and come 8 pm she put one arm under my legs and one on my neck and lifted me into a front cradle. She then carried me to my room and tossed me on my bed before pinning me down. I looked at her and said “listen Jen... obviously I really like you and I’m into this, but we can’t do this.” She then said “relax, we’re not going to... yet.” And the she left.

JimMar 09 2021 11:42am
I’m Maria a strong woman and way stronger than my bf soon will be my husband. The weights men use to lift are really funny to me. My bf and his friends in avarage they use between 6- 12 kg for biceps I use up to 50 kg. When it comes to leg the difference is way bigger guys weight would be about 20- 30 i can lift up too 150 kg for too many times. I can easily lift men and more than one mam at the same time. Of course I am taller and way heavier than my bf soon husband to be. Girls generation 💪🏻

MarMar 17 2021 7:51am
Hey jim your relationship with this girl looks nice. From what you wrote above it looks like you were amazed with the amount she’s eating in the restaurant. My bf soon to be a husband feels the same way when we eat together. I eat at least double his meal and sometimes more, but it makes sense as I need more food for my big body and muscles 💪🏻

MariaMar 19 2021 2:22am
Yeah same for her. She said she needs to eat a lot to maintain her build.

JimMar 19 2021 11:32am
I don’t mind women being strong, in fact a lot of women I know are pretty strong and my girlfriend and I are about the same strength. This used to be different as I used to fear strong women in late middle and high school. In 7th grade I first realized women could be stronger because a friend of mine at the time, Sabine was stronger than I was as she could lift me and jokingly carry me while I couldn’t lift my own weight. I was lightweight at the time and tall, being like 5’8 or 9” and 110-118 lbs in 7th and 8th grade and she was a tiny bit shorter but a bit heavier. My experience that scared me though came from a girl named Reba. She had a reputation of being a bit crazy at my school as she had held people at scissor point before (including me) and she rarely ever spoke and was always fairly aggressive, but not blatantly or publicly. Anyways, though she’d threatened to stab me with scissors before I had no idea she was stronger than I was until 8th grade. Like I’d said previously in eighth grade I was 5’9 and about 116-118 lbs. I had just gotten out of my PE class and was on the far side of my middle school campus when I saw Reba walk towards me. She hadn’t even approached me in like a year and as she did I wondered why people feared her other than the fact she might be crazy. She was only like 5’1 or maybe 5’2 and she looked like she weighed 100 lbs maximum, so I was kind of c*cky and asked her why she was over here. She then surprised me and actually began getting aggressive, although in hindsight It’s not too surprising since no monitors were nearby at this point. As soon as she was in front of me she shoulder checked me with her left shoulder and forced me into the near bye chain link fence. She then grabbed my left hand and pinned it to the fence as I grabbed her other hand. I noticed that she had my left hand totally pinned somehow, and as I tried to force her free hand away from me with my right arm she simply overpowered my right arm and pinned it too. She then kneed me in the gut and I doubled over a bit only for her to put me in a head lock with her right arm. At this point I was genuinely shocked as this relatively small girl was incredibly strong. She was somehow stronger than I was and could overpower me fairly easily, but I figured maybe she had just caught me off guard , so I pressed against her side with both arms and tried to break the headlock. But her right arm easily held the headlock and was actually tightening as I fought against her. I prepared to push again, but her left arm grabbed my right wrist, and I could no longer offer any resistance. She stretched my right arm quite hard and she then flexed her hip and moved her body up and back as much as she could and nearly pulled me off the ground by my head locked neck. I coughed pretty wildly at this point and she let me out of the headlock but grabbed fistfuls of my over shirt with each hand and forcefully stood me up and pulled me towards her with her night and made me stand on the edge of my toes, nearly lifting me off the ground, and she forcefully slammed me against the chain link pinning my chest and body with her two arms. I flailed and grabbed her upper arm as that was basically the closest part of her to me at proper level for me to grab. I tried to use her upper arm to climb out or break her grip, but her arms felt like hard cables, and when I let my feet up off the ground she came even closer and pinned me up against the fence. She then tossed me to the ground and began choking me. I thought she would kill me then because she was choking me pretty hard with both hands wrapped around me neck and I tried with all my night to get out, but she lifted me off the ground into a standing position and knelt down and leapt up, lifting me in the choke into the air and I painfully and desperately gasped for air and right before I felt like I was going to black out she released her choke. I looked at her with fear and understood why people were scared of her.

AnonymousMar 19 2021 12:04pm
Jim, what’s your size and your girlfriend size?

Maria Mar 19 2021 12:46pm
I’m 5’9 135 and very skinny and Jen is 6’3 185 and muscular and athletic build.

JimMar 19 2021 2:03pm
Wow big difference almost similar to me and my bf soon to be a husband. He’s 5.2 125 and I’m 6.5 250. I’m muscular while he’s super skinny

Maria Mar 19 2021 2:13pm
So, jim are you still with jen or you broke up? My recent fiancé was the only man dated who didn’t mind the big difference between me and him. So, I knew that I shouldn’t let man like him go away so i proposed to him and we’ll get married soon. I love his thin small soft body and he worships my muscular hard body and muscles 💪🏻

Maria Mar 19 2021 5:36pm
Yeah that story was from 5 years ago, so we have actually since married. I love being with a stronger woman. She is amazing and her hard muscular body is breathtakingly sexy.

JimMar 19 2021 11:56pm
Ohh interesting so you married Jen. You’re one step ahead of me I am marrying Sam in the next 10 days. Since you’re married couple maybe I have like a 100 question I want to ask it for you. Hope that is alright. How old are both of you? I can imagine Jen is way stronger than you but is she also the boss in the relationship? Has she ever punish you! If yes, was it in front anyone? Did Jen lifted you in the wedding since she’s the stronger and bigger partner? Are you the only couple where the women is bigger or you know other couples like you?

MariaMar 20 2021 1:50am
I’m 24 and she’s 21, and we split the leading role though in all things other than finances and paperwork I would say she is the boss. She hasn’t punished me yet as we’ve not really had any issues that were very major. Jen did lift me at our wedding as like you said she is both bigger and stronger. She also lifts me and shows her strength regularly. We are just about the only couple we know where the girl is by far stronger. One of our friend’s girlfriend is as strong as he is, and another friend’s girlfriend is barely stronger.

JimMar 20 2021 11:09am
Really how did she lift you? What was the re-action. I noticed that she’s also taller i’m also way taller than Sam. I’m planning to have 30 cm during our wedding. Do u think he’ll like it?

Maria Mar 20 2021 12:27pm
She cradled me up in her arms. I was happy enough. My family wasn’t very pleased, but I didn’t care. I’d bet Sam would like it

JimMar 20 2021 3:04pm
That’s great. I’m planning to do the same. I’m much taller than Sam, but if I’ll put my new heels I’ll be about 70 cm taller than him. He’ll be under my breasts. I can’t wait to do that. Why your family wasn’t happy about it? You mentioned that you’re responsible on finance while Jen is the boss for everything else I’m assuming you’re responsible on Finance because you’re working and she’s not. In our case it’s the other way around I work but Sam couldn’t find job since we graduated. So, I think I will be the boss in every aspect including finance. Can I ask you question, do you ask Jen to do muscles show or wrestling for you?

Maria Mar 20 2021 3:57pm
My family is pretty traditionally conservative. She is working part time as a swim instructor, but she also just would rather not manage that at the moment (finances). I do ask Jen to flex for me and do a muscle show. I also ask her to wrestle quite a bit, and I really love it when she does either or both.

JimMar 20 2021 5:31pm
Okay, I see. As swimmer instructor her body must be really strong. Does she train adults or only children? Our families are traditional but they accept the fact that I’m way stronger and more dominant than Sam. But I don’t know how they will feel seeing their son shorter than his wife in 70 cm and me carrying him. Sam also, enjoys it a lot when I do muscles show and wrestling. The truth he’s enjoining it so much and would do anything for me to do it. However, he’s more interested in me doing these shows in-front of him and his mates. He also always asking me to wrestle his mates and flex my muscles for them. I don’t mind doing it, because I enjoy it very much as well. I just want to know if this’s common thing for a husband to ask his wife to do or not. Would Jen does shows or wrestle your friends while you’re watching. If yes do you enjoy it?!

Maria Mar 20 2021 6:43pm
She’s done it before but mainly to my only real friend, my best friend. I’m okay with it, I find it somewhat enjoyable but she quite likes being strong, so I’m glad she enjoys it. I love feeling her hard muscles and she trains both children and adults.

JimMar 20 2021 7:10pm
So, is she doing muscles show and wrestle this one friend? Is she also stronger than him? What do you mean by saying she used to do it before? Sam told me that he doesn’t want his friends to know that he’s enjoying it. So, instead he’s bringing his friends and ask to invite them to wrestle or doing muscles show. He also has one close friend and this friend knows the truth that Sam enjoying watching me wrestling his other friends. I’m happy to do it, but sometimes I think it’s weird however it looks like Jen is doing it as well so I think it’s common between guys. I can imagine adult male your wife train they must fear her when they see her in bathing suits. Also, Sam asks me to wear specific things when I want to wrestle his friends do you ask Jen to wear specific things as well

Maria Mar 20 2021 7:26pm
I’m new to this website and I must say it’s amazing website there’re lots of great ideas and many couples where women are stronger. I can’t get enough from this website. I’m so happy that I discovered it before getting married. Anyway now it’s late and I need to work. But I have one question in my mind that won’t let me go to sleep. Sam sometimes he mentions in indirect way that it would be great joy for me and him if I lost my bra while I’m wrestling some of his mates of course he wants me to plan it as coincidence. I’m not sure, if I should do it or not, and if I decide to do it, how it’s possible to take off my bra and makes it look like a coincidence. I was searching the website for some ideas but couldn’t find anything. What do you think?

Maria Mar 20 2021 9:08pm
Well she mostly wrestled him, she has done a muscle show for him before, and he was intimidated a bit. She is stronger than him, but not by nearly as much as she is stronger than me. He is a trucker and he likes to lift weights and workout a bit, so she’s decently stronger than him, but not by a ton. I don’t typically ask her to wear anything special for my friend as I prefer to leave her special clothing for when we wrestle. When we wrestle I like her to wear her one piece bathing suit and I wear basketball shorts and a t shirt. If I may ask which of your muscles does Sam prefer?

JimMar 20 2021 9:09pm
I’m not really sure how to make it look like a coincidence other than perhaps wearing a bra a few sizes too big so it could easily fall off.

JimMar 20 2021 9:10pm
Sam prefers my calves the most. He also likes my wide and muscular shoulders, to be fair he likes most muscles but these are the best in addition of course to my breasts.,So, when Jen wrestles your friend does the show what does she wear? Sam doesn’t like to have one piece bathing suit he always wants to have a bra and a short or underwear or Bikini. Your friend looks stronger than you. How does it feel to the weakest between your friend and your wife? So, do you think it’s weird for Sam to ask me to wear specific things around his friends? He’s telling me it’s the best excitement for a man to see his friends afraid and excited from his wife at the same time. Was your friend excited from Jen show or only afraid. Do you think I should let my bra off infront of his mates? I need ideas how to do it. My breasts is pretty big and will catch most of the bra with it. Maybe I can do the opposite buying small one and flex until I rip it off

Maria Mar 21 2021 3:32am
She usually wears a tight fitting long sleeve shirt and some short shorts. I don’t really mind being weaker than my friend and though I was initially surprised by being weaker than my wife, I absolutely love it now. Well I don’t really think it’s weird, he just likes watching you and seeing your strength I’d say. My friend was mostly afraid I guess, more intimidated I’d say. I think it would be fine if you did, and I think your plan to rip it off through flexing would be very cool.

JimMar 21 2021 9:55am
Great so it’s not only Sam thanks I’ll definitely do it. But why Jen wears long sleeves shirt. Doesn’t she like to expose her muscles? What do you mean mean by short shorts something like underwear? I have to buy small bra to rip it.which muscles do you like most from Jen? Has Jen ever been topless infront your friends? By the way as I spent yesterday looking through this website I’ve noticed many new ideas. One of them was women doing hormone tests and compare it with their men. I liked the idea, so today from the morning I woke up Sam and told him to dress up as I want to do it. He told me that he promised Jef (his close friend) to have breakfast together. I told him no problem he can go with us. So, the three of us went to the lab and did testosterone and estrogen test. The results came back quickly I had the highest level of testosterone not only the highest my testosterone level was more than their testosterone levels combined can you believe that? Also, I had the lowest estrogen level Jef has estrogen level way higher than the normal women 🤣 while Sam level was same level as normal women. So, I’ve been teasing them about it all day long. Telling them that both of them aren’t manly as I am. Did you do any similar test with Jen?

Maria Mar 21 2021 11:30am
She wears very tight fitting small long sleeve shirts so her muscles are visible and strain the material. Her muscles poke through the shirt and sometimes she has torn some of her long sleeve shirts with her muscles as they are so tight. So she does like to expose her muscles so she does it that way. Also short shorts are like boxer length shirt that expose like 95% or more of her legs. I love Jen’s biceps and shoulders the most followed very closely by her quads. They are all beautiful and big. She hasn’t been topless in front of my friend yet at least. Although she has been in her one-piece a few times in front of him. I have not done a similar test with Jen, but I am not against the idea.

JimMar 21 2021 11:46am
Okay nice because a strong woman like her should expose her body. Will you encourage her to go topless like you encouraged me. I think her thighs are muscular and your friend must fear her seeing her in this short. Has she ever wrestled two men at the same time? Being a swimming instructor it must be very normal to her to be in swim suits most of the time. You told me she has some male adult students maybe she can train Sam as he doesn’t know how to swim. I will encourage you to do this test with Jen. Do it and let me know the results. Don’t you find weird woman in her 20s have double testosterone levels than avarage men. Maybe when I am 40 I’ll be full of testosterone and they’ll have none. Maybe they’ll turn to total females 😂

Maria Mar 21 2021 1:12pm
Haha yeah maybe so. She has sort of wrestled two at the same time in the sense that she wrestled myself and my best friend at the same time as a joke. She was able to match our combined strength and even slightly overpower us.

JimMar 21 2021 1:16pm
It would be funny seeing Sam becoming more feminine, like his weakness and softness not enough now. How did she overpowered both of you? When Jen wrestle you or your friend does she force you to worship her. How do you do that? I told Sam that I’ll do a show and wrestle his friends topless but in return he has take my surname as we’re getting married. Did you take Jen last name or did she take your last name?

Maria Mar 21 2021 3:05pm
Also, you didn’t answer my question would you encourage Jen to expose her breasts the same way you encouraged me. Or you’re an old fashion type of man who would be jealous from these silly things 😜

MarMar 21 2021 4:03pm
I wouldn’t necessarily encourage her, I’ll leave that decision to her. I wouldn’t mind if she did it though. She can overpower my just by her mass and strength so she held me captive in a bear hug and shoulder pressed my friend into a wall and pinned him there with her sheer size. She doesn’t force me to, but that’s only because I already worship her anyways. I usually rub baby oil on her muscles and beforehand I’ll kiss them or sometimes even lick them a little bit. I love how they feel and how they look. We also actually combined last names.

JimMar 21 2021 4:35pm
Cool. Can you ask her for me if she’s interested to do wrestling topless with other guys this’s really important to me. So, did you take her last name? She looks very strong and easy for her to beat two men. Sometimes I beat 3 men at the same time.

MarMar 21 2021 4:41pm
When she wrestle your best friend, does he worship her as well or only you? Have you ever kissed her feet or ass as part of the worship

MarMar 21 2021 4:42pm
We hyphenated our last names. I’ll ask her when she’s back from work. I have kissed her ass, and I’m the only one who worships her

JimMar 21 2021 4:55pm
Okay her last name first or yours. In our situation it would be only mine. Yes, please ask her quickly. So, you’ve never kissed her feet!! For me I force everyone to worship me after the wrestling. It’s amazing feeling to have multiple men worshiping you. Sorry Jen never tried it. So, any suggestions what to wear for my session with Sam friends?

MarMar 21 2021 5:02pm
Maria how big are you what’s your muscles size and what’s your hubby size

Little man Mar 22 2021 2:32am
I’m more than 6.5 about 2 meters my weight is 264 lb about 120 kg I gained few extras in the last week. My bicep is 24 inches about 61 cm, my thigh is 31 inches about 79 cm and my calve is 27 inches about 69 cm. my shoulders 23 inches about 60 cm. I can say that my body is almost pure muscles except for my breasts and my hips. I have a very wide hip. While Sam is 5.2 about 157 cm and 123 about 55 kg. I don’t know his muscles measurements because to be honest he doesn’t have any. However, I know that his shoulders are 12. inches about 30 cm. But why you called yourself little man how little are you?

Maria Mar 22 2021 4:05am
Wow you’re really huge and much bigger than your man do you love this big difference. Yes, I call myself little man because I am a very little man. I’m about 140 cm and 38kg. I think my shoulder is about 25 cm 10 inches. Although I am a grown up man 25 years old but I mostly look like a kid. When I was a teenager I went to different doctors to check all of them said that there’s no serious illness with me I’m just small man. I also did the hormone test and similar to your man mine was really low, nothing life threatening only level of male hormones. They tried to give me hormones medicine but I had reaction from it so couldn’t take it. I tried to be sporty man but my weak body doesn’t help me at all. I’m great full that I’m not sick but also it’s really hard to live in this size with no solution. Until now I have to buy my clothes from the kids section it’s really annoying that they don’t consider small men in the adult section. I can’t buy alcohol or cigarettes by myself even when I show my ID they think it’s a fake one. So, I have to ask someone else to buy it for me. It’s so embarrassing when I have to ask younger women to buy me alcohol or cigarettes. Due the lack of the male hormones in my body I don’t have any hair in my face and in my body, I tried to do a surgery to add a beard to look a bit like a man but when I tried on photoshop I looked funny to have a beard or mustach on my baby face. Also, due to this lack of hormones I couldn’t develop an adult male voice so during the lockdown now when ever someone is contacting me to provide a service over the phone they think I am a little girl and they wouldn’t believe that I am the same person 25 years old man. It’s really difficult for me. Will yoi consider to date men like me

Little man Mar 22 2021 5:00am
😂😂 sorry for laughing but some of these stories are really funny. You’re really really small to be honest I’ve never seen a man this size or even heard about a man with this size. But I’m sure that you’re not the only one in this situation and there’re plenty of men out there like you. Also, I can really feel your pain I’m serious me myself facing similar problems to you but from the other side. So, for example if I want to buy a girly clothes like dresses, skirts or heels it’s so hard to find my sizes and many times I end up in the men section picking up some pants, shorts or t shirt. I’m upset from the clothes stores sometimes I have a feeling that they live in the past century and don’t consider muscular women like me. I also face similar issues over the phone most of the time they call me as He instead of She. But I have question you mentioned that you buy from the kids section does this mean you buy everything from the kids section including underwear and shoes or only some stuff? Anyway I must say that I envy you on one issue that you don’t have hair on your body or face and don’t have to shave. Do you want to swap 😂😂? To answer your question I would love to date a man like you I really wish but unfortunately I am getting married so I missed my chance 😢 Hope you can find someone. You don’t have a girlfriend or a wife with you

MarMar 22 2021 6:11am
I don’t have wife or girlfriend I don’t think women here have real interest in men like me. I wish we have more women like you who loves small and weak men like me. I can’t buy anything from the adult section I told my size and there’s nothing can fit me from the adult section so I buy everything from the kids section including underwear and shoes. It’s really embarrassing when I buy underwear. Also, with the shoes it’s more embarrassing because I have rarely small feet even small than young teenagers my foot size is 32 EU which is 20 cm so I buy kids shoes it’s so embarrassing to go and try it so now I order it online to avoid the embarrassment. How you want to swap with me in what sense

Little man Mar 22 2021 7:27am
OMG, you’re extremely small. I am imagining if we stand next to each other you’ll look like my kid but you’re older than me in 2 years 😂 sorry but I find this funny. I’m not sure if I understand correctly did you mention that your foot size EU size is 32 because I just converted my foot size to EU and it gave me that my size in the European is 47 and I’m sure that in cm it’s more than 30 cm. I am thinking of your size and simply can’t imagine it. If wear shoes with super high heels the difference between me and you would be 1 meter I can’t imagine where will you reach? Also my weight is more than 3 times your weight I mean I can’t even remember when my weight was 38 kg. I’m sorry that you don’t have women interested in you hope you’ll find one. In which country do you live? About the swapping it was a joke when you mentioned that you don’t have any hair on your body and face and your voice is too soft, these two things I wish I have, but unfortunately I don’t. And it’s annoying to shave consistently and remove my face hair. Or to explain to people over the phone that I’m a woman 😂😂. Anyway I am happy with myself and my body and at the end I prefer to have big and muscular body with thick voice and body hair than having normal body

MarMar 22 2021 8:50am
I live in Brunei small country in Asia. What about you. Are you for real your foot size is 47 I didn’t know that women can have such a foot size I don’t any man who’s his foot size is 47. I understand that you’re all big and but having this foot size means you’re giant or something. If I’m standing next you I’m sure you’ll look like a mother to me, because when I am next to women much smaller than you people think I am their younger brother. Are you happy with your weight or you want to reduce it. I tried to gain for many years but wasn’t successful I can’t eat big portions. Also, are you serious when you say you have a male voice and hair at your body? This really annoys me it’s not fair at all I am dying to have some masculine characters and you’re a woman and have it and you shave as well I have never shaved in my life this’s so unfair. Now I wish if we can swap. Actually I am interested to know how you treat your husband maybe this will help how to understand my future as my future will be bigger and stronger anyway because there’s no woman as weak as me

Little man Mar 22 2021 9:48am
😂😂 hey hey relax why you’re so annoyed and upset about my voice and body hair. I don’t like them either but I live with them. Then it’s not an actual male voice (or I hope so 😂) but I think it’s more of normal voice that you can’t tell if this’s for a man or a woman with slightly closer to the man voice. And about my body hair I think it’s not as traditional men hair but to be honest I can’t tell because I shave it regularly. Maybe after the wedding I can stop shaving and see if I can grow actual mustache and beard (kidding of course because probably Sam will run away). Anyway don’t worry you’re not in this because even Sam and his friends aren’t really hairy in their bodies. Anyway, I think it’s all make sense now especially due the testosterone I have and estrogen they have. Does 47 is that big you know now I’m thinking about it I remembered that my feet is way bigger than Sam’s because when he uses my slippers sometimes to go to the bathroom or something his feet look so tiny in my slippers 😂😂 so maybe you’re right and maybe this’s the reason why I don’t find much of female shoes fitting my feet. Maybe I have giant feet but I promise I am not any kind of freak. Tell me a strong when people thought you’re another woman kid or little brother. Although Sam is legally my husband, and he took my family name 💪🏻, but we haven’t done the ceremony yet so I don’t know if I can call him husband or not yet. Anyway we’ve been living together for few years what do you want to know about our relationship?

Maria Mar 22 2021 10:28am
Sorry I didn’t mean that I’m upset from anything about you. Actually you are a nice person maybe I am just jealous because of all your muscles and great body you have and thick voice and body hair you have and I don’t although you are a woman and I am a man and things should be the other way around. I dream to have any of these things but I can’t. But do you really think you can grow an actual beard? Also I didn’t mean to insult any part of your body or your feet but the size is actually huge and to be honest I am curious to see this size on a female. So, you really didn’t notice before that they’re huge. You said they’re more than 30cm that mean your feet is larger than my face and probably head!! But I am pretty sure they’re beautiful and nice. I think if you’re legally married you can call Sam your husband I like to know how’s your daily life how living with much stronger women? For example why you’re so interested in the family name issue it means nothing for me? Does he fear you? Do you fear him? How you both argue! If not too much sex life but if you’re not comfortable talking about it that’s alright

Little man Mar 22 2021 11:09am
Maria, I am sorry if I offended you in my comments or my questions about your relationship. Again I didn’t mean to insult any part of your great body I think you’re amazing woman you sound to me like an angel or a goddess. And I’m sorry to ask about your sexual life

Little man Mar 22 2021 2:48pm
Don’t worry I am not upset I was just busy. But thanks for all the compliments though. I’m sure you didn’t mean it especially the one about my feet. No one ever said anything nice about them, and I’m sure if you see them you’ll regret your compliment 😂😂 only by telling you their size you thought I’m a giant what will happen if you see them. Anyway I noticed earlier that they’re big but never thought about it or discussed it out loud. But now you made me think about when you told me that it’s bigger than your head i keep imagining your head next to my foot and it looks smaller 🤣.

Maria Mar 23 2021 5:50am
About my reply with Sam I am happy to answer your questions even sexual ones but you have to be more specific in your questions. Anyway, I want to say that my relationship is probably has nothing to do with the normal relationship so don’t make conclusions based on my life style with Sam, because both of us kind of love yo do weird things. So first I am not only big strong and muscular woman I’m also very dominant and like to practice my authority over men. I’m sure there’re plenty of strong women out there who are also nice to their husbands but I am not one of them. This’s one of the reasons why I forced Sam to change his last name to mine, because it shows my authority over him. We both are in the sake age I’m older in few weeks also I graduated before him and started working while when he graduated he couldn’t get a job so it’s been almost two years now and I’m the one who’s responsible on all the financials in the house. To be honest I like that and it looks like we’ll continue doing it so probably he’ll be a house husband and this’s another thing why we’re different from other couples. As I said I love men to be submissive towards me and Sam is kind of men who’s super submissive to me. So, before I leave the house or whenever I enter the house he will go down to put on or take off my shoes and socks. Also, he’s responsible on giving me a daily message. On our daily life, I am the one responsible on everything outside the house (paying bills, getting groceries) I do all the liftings as well. While he’s responsible on cooking, cleaning and washing. I don’t do any of these. On our sexual life we have kind of routine I like to have sex first thing in the morning. So, everyday I go the gym and the swimming pool and when I am back I wake him up and we have sex. Of course always I’m on top he doesn’t do anything just lying on the bed. I do all the moves and ride him, usually I will get him excited by flexing my muscles to him or talking to him about one of my wrestling matches, or telling him how small and weak he is and how me as his wife will protect him and take care of him. He likes this type of talks it makes him hard. Then once I am done I’ll have a shower he will come in with me and give me a bath making sure to clean all the areas I may not reach properly like my armpit, between my thighs, my ass and the bottom of my foot. Then he’ll bring my clothes put it on my shoes and I’ll leave for work. After this Sam will be exhausted so he’ll have a nap while I am at work. During my time at work he cooks clean and wash. When I am back I love to have sex but in most of the days if not all of them he’ll be so tired to have sex again. This was a problem for us at the beginning, then we came up with new idea that I have a pleasure during wrestling so we can wrestle and I can have my second orgasem in the day. However, he doesn’t have energy to wrestle everyday so he had another solution he started calling his mates and making me wrestle them. Sam has a weird thing he’s enjoying watching me wrestling his friends much more than having sex with me. At the beginning I found this so weird but then I liked the idea I’ll have the chance to wrestle men and practice my authority over them also I’ll have my pleasure during these matches. And Sam will enjoy it as well. At the end of the day and before we go to sleep he’ll prepare a Shisha hubble bubble for me so, I smoke it while he’s massaging my muscles and feet. Do you have any other questions?

Maria Mar 23 2021 6:34am
I’m glad that you’re not upset from me no man wants to make woman like you upset, I fear you although we haven’t met. Why you don’t believe my compliments you’re not pretty? Why I’ll regret it when I see you. How do you imagine my head next to your feet why my head will be next to your foot anyway do you compare your feet to men heads? And thank you very much for telling me about your life with Sam. But if you allow me I have so many other questions about it. You said that Sam will be a house husband did you agree on this how does he feel about it and how do you feel. Is it normal on your family for the women to work while men stay at home? When you have sex with him you talk to him about your power and how week he is what do you say exactly? And you said that you’ll be on top and ride him how do you do that? I thought it should be the other way around? I am not sure if I understand this correctly he calls his friends so you can wrestle them and enjoy your self? How you enjoy yourself during wrestling? Does he knows that you enjoy yourself? What do his friends say about this? Finally, about all the submissive things Sam does for you like taking off your shoes or cleaning your body during bath or massaging you does he do it because he wants to or because he’s scared of you

Little man Mar 23 2021 8:01am
Wow you fear me even without seeing me this’s new usually men fear me after I wrestle them but I’m going to next level now men are scared of me even without seeing me 💪🏻. It’s not that I don’t believe you it’s just that no one before ever said nice things about my feet so I found it bit unusual and when I told you my foot size you sound scared a little bit so I found it hard to believe that you think my feet are nice. Anyway I think I am pretty or I hope that but can’t speak for myself you should ask another man. And No I don’t compare my foot with men heads although it’s a nice idea I might start doing it 😂😂. If we meet your head might be next to my feet for several reasons the easiest one if you’re massaging me or after a wrestling match you’ll be on the floor and I’ll be standing up probably placing my feet on your body or on your face to kiss it or forcing it into your mouth to suck it. This’s what I usually do after I beat men in wrestling. About the house husband no we haven’t discussed it yet. But I’m the head of the house and since I am doing enough money there will be no point for him to leave the house and look for a job. I think he wants this way as well. Sam is lazy and I prefer to keep his energy for our morning sex and house tasks instead of waisting it in a job. Probably his family will not like the idea that there son is playing the wife role in this marriage but I don’t care. Anyway as the boss in this marriage i make decisions and Sam would say as you wish. During the sex, as I said he’s so lazy so I’ll be on top doing all the up and down while him just lying down this’s how I ride him. Usually I will say things like oh my soft small weak men, while kissing him look at your muscular hard wife touch my muscles feel safe between your arms sometimes I will be lifting him while saying that. So, he feels so powerless and I feel so dominant and this excite both of us. Because Sam doesn’t have the power to do sex twice a day or to wrestle with me everyday, so he came up with this idea to call some of his mates invite them to our house to watch a movie or something then we will start a discussion about women power and strength. So, I’ll go upstairs change my clothes and wear something expose my entire body like a swimsuit or underwear and show them my muscles and flex for them. So, they will be excited and hard I’ll challenge them into a wrestling match during the match I’ll have kind that of orgasem when I sit on their face for example putting my pussy into their mouth, or pushing their heads into my ass or when I do breasts smoothering them. Sometimes they have orgasem as well but I pretend that I haven’t noticed it. Of course Sam knows it’s his idea and he’s enjoying it. I don’t how his friends feel because we don’t talk about it but sure they don’t like me beating them. Sometimes I have another orgasem after the wrestling when they worship my body and muscles and feet. Sam likes this the most even more than sex. He chooses for me which underwater I should wear for his mates because he knows what they like. He asks me for the next time to find a way to loose my bra infront of them and wrestle them topless he said this way I can say since you already saw me last time topless let’s always have a topless wrestling. I don’t know it’s a bit weird for a husband to ask his wife to do that I think but I will probably do it. I don’t mind going topless. About the bathing and massaging and taking off my shoes to be honest I don’t know if he likes it or not but I think he doesn’t because he doesn’t like it to take off my shoes when we have other people around but he does it anyway probably it’s because he’s so scared of me. By the way since I was busy in the last few days I didn’t have time to shave and noticed today that my mustach is easily visible now. So, I am assuming if I have not shaved for few days I’ll have proper one. Sorry I know you’re jealous from my male hormones 😂😂 but thought I have to tell you that since you’re too interested in my male hormones

MarMar 23 2021 9:09am
Maria you sound amazing your man must be the luckiest man on earth if I’m married to you I will be a house husband and will be more than happy to play the wife role this’s everyone dream. Do you really forcing your feet into their mouths or you were kidding. If you will do it to me probably one or two toes will rip out my mouth. Maybe I was bit scared when you told me the size of your feet but I didn’t mean at all to say that it’s not pretty honestly I am bit curious and some how excited to see those huge powerful feet. I can’t imagine if you kick someone with those feet and your massive leg muscles you might kill a man from a kick. You sound so sexy the way you talk to Sam I wish to have a woman like you talk to me the way you talk to Sam. But what you do to his friends is even more mind blowing do you really flex for his friends in underwear or swimsuit can you give more details. You said that you’re sitting on them can they take someone with your weight you’re like 120 kg if you sit on me you’ll break me within seconds. But I would love to have your ass on my face. How many times did you do it for his friends? But I must agree with you that it’s bit weird for a husband to ask his wife to do that especially if he wants to do it topless, but if you don’t mind it and he doesn’t mind it. You really make Sam take off your shoes in front others how do they react he is okay with that? I find it very humiliating but it worth it to be your husband. You only didn’t shave for few days and now you have hair on your face how??

Little man Mar 23 2021 10:57am
Thank you thank you for the nice talk I really don’t know what to say 😘. To answer your question yes I actually do this to men if they lose they have to kiss and suck my feet until I want. I’m sure you’re not excited now to see my feet 😂😂.You’re right my kick sometimes cause damage but no sure if the reason is my foot size. What details do you want about me flexing in my underwear to my husband friends? Of course I sit on them I do it on every single wrestling match. Ya, they’ll be exhausted no man can take my 120 kg body on his face 💪🏻💪🏻,but I don’t care it gives me pleasure. What do you mean how many times I did it? So, why you think it’s weird for a man to ask his wife to do it please explain more? And yes he takes my shoes off and kneel to kiss my feet infront of everyone. Do you think this’s too much? Yes, maybe I didn’t shwve for few days only sorry I think I can grow things you can’t 😂

MarMar 24 2021 10:18am
Wow I just wonder how men feel when you push your foot in their mouth for how long do you do it? Well believe it or not now I’m more excited to see your feet now something is exciting me when you talk about it. I think you’re super sexy woman. What was the worst damage you did to someone from a kick? I want to know how your husband friends fee2 when they see your body? What do they say? Are they excited? What your husband says? I mean how it works? What do you do to them? When you wrestle with them and sit on their faces will you we be wearing normal clothes or underwear? How many times did you wrestle his friends? And are they scared of you do you always win? Sorry I didn’t mean it’s weird in wrong way but usually married men will try to protect their wives sometimes they try to cover them up but your husband is different I believe. That’s why I want to know how he feels about it? I want also to know how he feels when he kneel to kiss your feet does he do it in public how people look at you? So, you only skipped shaving for few days and now you have beard. How often do you usually shave?

Little man Mar 25 2021 5:27am
Miss Maria I just can’t get it out of my head how you humiliate these men you actually forcing their feet in their mouths so they can kiss and suck it. I think this’s too much I feel it’s a slave thing to do not a hubby thing

Little man Mar 26 2021 1:37am
Well I am not sure how they feel when I force my foot into their mouths but from their reactions I can say that they don’t like it. Are you really excited to see my giant feet or you want me to push it into your mouth do you have something to big feet? If so, you’ll love me 😂. Anyway when I do muscles show to my husband friends yes I think they like they say nice things about it like you’re a monster or the strongest person etc or whistle. They’ll be excited as well. My husband will be silent most of the times. Usually I will start by taking off my clothes until I am on my underwear flexing muscles for them then challenge them to a wrestling match lifting them beat etc. So, when I sit on their faces or smothering them I’ll be in my underwear mostly. I love the skin to skin feeling with these weak men. I don’t think it’s weird I’m the bride winner and he should enjoy he’s stronger wife. About kissing my feet in public maybe it’s like a slave but I like it. Would you do it for me if I am your wife? By the way yesterday I did the muscles show and ripped off my bra so they saw topless for the first time. About the shaving yes Sam usually shave for me every 2 days

Maria Mar 27 2021 5:41am
Oh you sound so sexy. If I’m your husband I would love to do anything for you. Your husband and his friends are so lucky they can see you. I can imagine they’ll go crazy on you when you take off your clothes. I want to see your massive great body I want to kiss your feet I don’t care if I have to do it in public. You’re so strong and sexy and you deserve this respect. Honestly I will be so jealous if I am your husband I don’t want my friends to see you without bra. What was their reaction and your husband reaction? Did you wrestle after taking off your bra? How strong you are so you can rip a bra? How did you do it? Does your husband also shave for you

Little man Mar 28 2021 4:09pm
Thanks my little sweet cute man. I’m not sure that they feel lucky when I wrestle them and sit on their faces cause lucky people don’t scream and cry and beg for mercy 🤣. So, you’re saying that if we will meet in person you will not have an issue to take off my shoes and kneel to kiss it in public? That’s nice I love submissive men like you. Why you will be jealous you shouldn’t. Is it only because I am a woman I can’t show off my breasts while men can? I don’t understand that, this makes me really angry 😡. Explain your opinion. My breasts are just like any other part of my body big muscular and sexy. Anyway, to show you that it’s not a big deal as most of closed minded men would think. When I did it, I was sitting with my husband friends we had a dinner together, I was wearing a short dress and a high heel sandals. After, we finished my husband was in the kitchen doing the dishes and I was sitting with his friends. I started the conversation by challenging two of them to arm wrestle with me at the same time. Of course I won, then the third friend joined them it was bit more challenging but I won again as expected. I started teasing them about how weak men are comparing to women and how women are the dominant sex in the strong space now 💪🏻. I was flexing my biceps muscles for them telling them that I add extra weight and size every week and they were amazed with how easy it’s for me to keep getting stronger muscular and bigger. Then I told them it’s not only my biceps but my entire body and they asked me if I can show them my progress. So, I took off my dress and I was only wearing underwear and my sandals. They were excited and amazed with my muscular body and started saying that if they go to the gym for 10 years they will not have half my muscles. They started touching my muscles as well to see how hard they are. Then I told them that my will be much harder and look much nicer if I flex in proper way. Sam here was extremely excited and couldn’t hide it anymore so he couldn’t move 😂. So, two of his mates came and started putting oil on my body. Then I started flexing. Of course I was wearing a bra with smaller size so it was barely covering anything. I flexed my arms and legs muscles for a while then started flexing my shoulders, then I flexed my breasts once and boom💥 the bra jumped. I wasn’t excepting that it will be so easy for me to rip it off. Here I looked at Sam and he was done if you know what I mean lying on a chair exhausted 😴. His mates looked so funny they were amazed excited and scared at the same time. They were embarrassed as well they didn’t know what to do or if they can look or not it was so funny seeing them they were really so confused, but they were excited as well they can no longer hide it. However, I stood up in straight looked at them in their eyes. I wasn’t embarrassed at all but they were. I said ohh I wasn’t excepting that. Sam told me that at this point I looked super sexy, wearing only my high heel sandals and the bottom piece of my underwear. I picked up my bra, pretending that I want to put it back again but of course it was already broken into two pieces. One of my husbands mates said if you want go and change, we understand that you’re a woman and you don’t want to look like that. I went straight away to him looked down at him, because he was sitting on the sofa, and said what do you mean because I am a woman? He had to look up high at me he looked so small so I can imagine that I looked huge to him. He said no no I didn’t mean that bla bla. So, I lifted him from his neck until he was on my level and said let’s see what the woman can do to you. I threw him on my carpet. I told him I will wrestle you take off your clothes and see who’s ashamed of his body. I wrestled him and took off all his clothes left him with his underwear only. I did the same thing for the other two took all of them to the mirror and said okay who should be ashamed and cover his body. They all apologised and begged me to give them their clothes back. I said not too fast I forced them to spent the rest of the night in their underwear I did the same so they can admire the muscular body of a woman and see how they should be ashamed of their bodies and how proud of my body they should be. So, it was funny all of us in our underwear except for Sam. At the end of the night they all apologised to me and they were no longer excited on my body because they understood it’s only a normal part of my big muscular body 💪🏻. After they left Sam was so happy he said the nicest thing about me and how much he loves me so I’m really happy for him. So, do you understand now that it’s not a big deal. I’m thinking to make this night regular thing. About the shaving sure Sam does it for me. He’s unemployed and he’s only job is my joy so why to waist my time on this while he can do it. It’s funny though he hardly shave twice a month while me at least twice a week

MarMar 30 2021 7:25am
My girlfriend didn't needs cheating with chemical help to became muscular and stronger than me. She simply started working out and changed her nutriation. During the years she added more and more muscle mass until she physically surpassed most men. Today she‘s much stronger than me and by her opinion she‘s responable for me because i‘m the weaker one in our relationship even though i‘m the man.

MarioApr 15 2021 10:53pm
Mario how strong and big is your girlfriend

Little man Apr 16 2021 7:30am
Well Little man, my girlfriend is over 180 cm and much more muscular than me. I‘m only 175 cm and slender so you can imagine i‘m much weaker than her as well. What‘s about you?

MarioApr 16 2021 12:17pm
I’m way shorter than you and your girlfriend I’m 140 cm and 40 kg. What’s your weight what’s your girlfriend weight? What do you mean much more muscular how big are her muscles? Do you have any muscles. I don’t have any. How did you know she’s much stronger. Do you wrestle. Does she wrestle other men like Maria

Little man Apr 22 2021 12:42am
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AnonymousMay 04 2021 11:12am
Well my girlfriend has visible muscles also if she don‘t flex. Sometimes she compare her bicep with other men and her bicep overtowers the male bicep pretty often. Also when she armwrestle men. Mosty the man lose against her. I think her flexed bicep is around 16 inches. The average man is clear smaller. I think i‘m average for a man. I weigh around 170lb. I’m average muscular for a man. Means my muscles are hardly visible except i flex my bicep. It becomes a little visible but it‘s not really big. Maybe 13 inches like most men. I can curl between 20 and 25lb. I think most men can curl this. Most men can‘t curl much more. My girlfriend curls for reps 40 - 50lb. That‘s more most men can curls with one arm. So i know i have difficulties to curl 35 lb. For my girlfriend this is warmup weight. This also means i even can‘t lift most weights she use for training, the same like most men can‘t lift that much. Most men don‘t dare to mess with her because it‘s obvious she can overpower most men easily.

MarioMay 05 2021 1:21am
She looks stronger than you and stronger than other men as well. Does she wrestle you or other men? You said that she believes she’s rest on you? How’s she responsible for you? Are you happy for being the weaker one in the relationship

Little man May 05 2021 5:51am
Yes, compared to men who don‘t workout that much she‘s clear stronger. Yes she already wrestled me but also other men. Some men wont believe that a woman can be stronger than men. So sometimes she like to prove that she is stronger than many men. What do you mean with ‚I said that she believes she’s rest on me‘? Well i‘m used to it that i‘m weaker than her. I think nowadays many girls working out really seriousely it‘s not that unusual anymore that she is stronger than him. I think it’s a trend nowadays that women workout for increase strength and often for bulking up muscle mass as well. I know several women who working out and who are stronger than most men. Also here i read more and more often about wome who are stronger than the men around them or men who have a girlfriend or also know women around them who are stronger than themself. Pretty often i hear that many men don‘t like to workout in a gym next to women. On the other hand some men states that they workout sometimes but that there are basically always women who are stronger than the men. Well i think it has changed that the men is seen as the stronger sex. Pretty often i see that women went for a weaker man and more and more often they prefer smaller men.

MarioMay 05 2021 6:28am
Sorry in previous comment you said (Today she‘s much stronger than me and by her opinion she‘s responable for me because i‘m the weaker one in our relationship even though i‘m the man) how she’s responsible for you?? So you don’t find it weird that she’s bigger taller and stronger than you? I’m super slim really short man so I think your girlfriend can overpower me easily. I wasn’t aware that even for normal men it’s very common to be weaker than their women. If I can ask as she’s stronger and bigger has your sex life changed based on this

Little man May 05 2021 7:50am
I’m not sure if I understand correctly you said (she like to prove that she is stronger than many men). Do you mean she likes to compete with men all the time OR you mean that she can be stronger than one man at the same time!!

Little man May 05 2021 7:59am
Well, she helps me with all these impossible for me things. Always if there is anything heavy to lift or any other thing to hard to do for me, for example a glas is screwed to tight for me i can ask her and she will open it for me without much effort. She can simply do all physical power related things much easier than i could do it. I think many men know mainly women who are not stronger than men or women who don‘t show it. But if you look into a gym you will see a lot women who workout with pretty heavy weights. For example the weight for dumbbells most men use for curls is between 20 and 25lb. Of course you will see also men who can use more but the majority use this weight. Women who not workout use between 15 and 20 lb. This is almost 80% percent of the weight men use. Many women who workout regulary use 35 up to 50 lb, some can lift even more. For me and i think also for most other men 30 lb is already a heavy weight. I can hardly lift 35 lb with one arm. I think here it‘s already obvious that many women who workout are clear stronger than most average men. In percent you can say the average man has a little more than 50% of physical power of a trained women. How many men do you know who can lift 40 or 45 lb? I have to admit i know no man personally who can do that but i know several women who curl this weight for reps. Our sex life hasn‘t changed because she was always stronger than me but i‘m sure many things are different compared to couples who the man is stronger. I think she decide when she wants to have sex and she can carry me easily while i can lift her only for a short moment with much effort. Also in some sex positions she takes over the part who physical power is needed because i can‘t hold her while she can hold and even move me without much effort. In some special sex positions you would think i‘m the woman. But this is also not completely right because compared to normal couples the woman has at least 70 % of physical power of a man. I‘m much weaker than my girlfriend i have only a little more than half her power.

MarioMay 05 2021 12:17pm
She loves to compete with men to prove who‘s stronger. With average men she can compete sometimes even with two at the same time. When there are men, a little weaker than me, it‘s not a big problem.

Henni May 05 2021 12:22pm
It’s interesting how woman can do the physical work now. Does that mean you’re doing the household work (cooking, cleaning). Can she lift you easily. To be honest I don’t know any man who can lift these weights? How much your girlfriend can lift? Are you serious she can beat two men at the same time? Have you witnessed it anytime when she was stronger than two men at the same time? I have a friend who recently came back to the country and married. His wife is super big and she looks very muscular. He’s bigger than me but not even close to her strength. We met couple of times she’s really nice and she wants to come every night and have dinner with them since I live alone. What do you mean in some sex position I would think you’re the woman? Can you give more details

Little man May 05 2021 1:28pm
Yes, i do all the household works except all these things where more physically power is needed. This often i can’t do and i have to ask her for help me with heavy stuff. Untrained men are often pretty weak. If there is an untrained man, not that big, he have difficulties to lift 22.5 lb. It doesn’t mean he can’t lift this weight but it’s obvious he can hardly lift more. My girlfriend use also 50 lb dumbbells for reps. You can imagine she can lift more as twice as he can lift. So she can beat two of such guys but this would be a challenge for her for sure. During some positions while having sex, the man have to hold the woman and this can be sometimes a little exhausting. Well i can‘t hold my girlfriend for a long time and it‘s hard for me to move her bodyweight. She can carry me easily because i‘m smaller than her and moreover i have much less muscle mass. Let‘s say it that, often men say they f*ck the woman. Well my girlfriend f*cks me!

MarioMay 05 2021 2:27pm
Btw, i have just seen i wrote ‚henni‘ in the ‚by‘ field accidentialy. I had read in another poll something about this henni guy and he wrote something about his current girlfriend and his girlfriends he had before. Most of them also workedout and so most of the time he was also weaker than his girlfriends. He even made a similar experience like me. The same like me he had a girlfriend who started working out while they were already a couple. She surpassed him physically as well after a while. When i made this experience with a girlfriend many years ago, this was a really big change. First your girlfriend ask you for help with heavy stuff and suddenly she don‘t need your help anymore because she can do it by herself. She can even do things without big effort you self have really problems with it because it‘s to heavy for you. First time it felt a little strange to ask the girlfriend for help with all this heavy stuff.

MarioMay 05 2021 2:40pm
Your girlfriend do reps in 50lb I think I can hardly lift 15lb for one time. Does this mean she can beat 3 men like me? So, has she beats two men before or this’s just a hypothetical situation? Well now I understand with the sex position because my really close who recently got married is using the same term he doesn’t say I f*ck my wife he keeps saying no my wife wants to f*ck me. I thought it’s something related to language but apparently it’s not

Little man May 05 2021 2:45pm
It looks like there’re lots of men in this website with similar situation as you. I’m bit surprised thst it’s everywhere now women are bigger and stronger than men, even shorter without heels

Little man May 05 2021 2:47pm
I think she could beat three of you at the same time most likely. She has already beaten 2 men at the same time but it was more fun than a real match. Nevertheless these two guys stated in a real match they against her wouldn‘t stand a chance likely. Moreover sometimes when she have a one to one armwrestling match, i see again and again she beats many guys in a few seconds only. Whe i armwrestle a guy it takes much longer and more often i win against guys. But she can beat me also in seconds. I think more and more women wants to change the roles when they realize that they‘re stronger than their boyfriends or husbands. I experience it again and again.Women who men bossing around. Sometimes women became even violent against men and put them to their place. More and more often i see men who can‘t defend themsefe against a woman so they are helpless against such women. It seems you experienced it also more and more often that there is a woman who is stronger than all the men around her?

MarioMay 05 2021 3:04pm
Don‘t get me wrong but for you it must normal to be shorter than most women, or don‘t you? I think women are nowadays generally taller than then. Not always taller than men but a lot women prefer if the man is shorter and often also smaller over allthan her. In old times it was pretty rarely that a woman show off that she is stronger than men. Nowadays i see a lot of women who workout seriousely and many are proud to their body.Nowadays i hear it more often that a woman show off that she can mess with men or even that men can‘t mess with her.

MarioMay 05 2021 3:16pm
She beats two men at the same time. Did you watch her doin so, how did that happen? Does she always against you, it looks like you’re not ashamed that you are weaker than her. What do you mean women want to change the roles you mean in sex or daily life?! Yes, for me it’s normal to be weaker shorter and smaller than most women but I was a bit surprised even it’s now normal for men like you. I’m 150 cm and 46 kg so most women are already way taller and heavier than me. I don’t have much experience with women but recently when I met my friends wife I was bit surprised I had a feeling that she can beat both of us easily especially that she’s way bigger than both of us.

Little man May 05 2021 3:49pm
Yes, i was next to her while she did this arm wrestling match against this two guys. How i already told, this match was more or less for fun. But i assumed that these guys were average. A little thinner than me, so they‘re most likely not stronger than me. And this means they are weaker than my girlfriend. Why i should be ashamed to be weaker than my girlfriend? A lot girls working out nowadays so they are often stronger than men. I see it nowadays again and again. When we meet the training mates of my girlfriend they‘re all similar strong. They all have boyfriends who are weaker than them. In my company i have some female colleagues who are stronger than most of the men there and they don‘t hide it. One day i needed help to carry a heavy box to my car. There was this woman who offered to me to carry these box. She stated she as woman is stronger than me as man. I agreed and so she helped me and it seemed these box was not very hard to carry for her. How you already mentioned, a lot of men but also many women in this website reports that the things has changed. You can see it in daily life that women bossing men around. More and more often women takeover jobs from men, who had stated it was a hard work and exhausting and the women doing it with ease. You can see that more and more women show off that they are stronger than men. Meanwhile i realize it more often there are more and more man who admit that there are some women who are stronger. So i have also already got notice that a man asked a woman for help with things who are so heavy for him. While many women had hidden their strength in old times, nowadays it‘s almost usualy that a woman say that she is aware that many men are weaker than her. I see it more often that the woman alone decides what she and her boyfriend will do. I see it more often that a woman to a man forbid the mouth and silenced him imediately. It‘s obviousely he‘s intimidiated. I think when you look around you, you will also see more and more women who have their boyfriend or husband next to them and he is smaller and shorter than her. And it is visible that he is weaker than her. You mean these woman is bigger than you and your friend together? Well i think it‘s a little strange but if your friend is also very small. I‘m average, nevertheless i‘m so much smaller than my girlfriend, it‘s clear visible.

MarioMay 05 2021 4:33pm
Even if it was fir fun but the fact that a woman can wrestle two men at the same time and win easily is just mind blowing. Sorry I didn’t mean to offend you by asking if you’re ashamed but I don’t know any many people I can discuss this with them it’s only people in this website and my friend who recently got married. He has the same views as you everytime I am asking him about his stronger wife he says it’s normal nowadays. Maybe I am the one who’s living in stone ages. But you’re absolutely right I see things indicating to women dominance first of all physically it’s now really common to see women wearing sleeveless shirts while they have huge biceps, or shorts skirts with extremely muscular thighs. Also, in jobs women are taking over physical and high end jobs from men. I also heard nowadays that women have the upper hand financially in the relationship. Do your girlfriend or her training mates have the upper hand in the relationships? Does she shut you up? Has she slapped you on public before or infront other people? I don’t think my friends wife is bigger than both of us but she’s definitely stronger. Yesterday, while we’re having dinner we discussed the size issue. She was really surprised that I can’t eat much and she asked me how much do I weigh she laughed a lot. Apparently, she’s 95kg so more than double of my weight but thankfully my friend is about 70kg so she can’t be heavier than both of us. In height she’s also way taller but definitely not more than both of us I’m 150 she’s 198 cm without heels her husband is 180. Her muscles are super huge, because yesterday was really hot day so she was wearing a sleeveless shirt and short pants I was able to see her thighs muscles want to rip the pants they look so huge and her biceps are so defined so huge. Her lower leg (I don’t know the name) also super big, I don’t know but I was a little scared from all these muscles.

Little man May 06 2021 12:21am
My friend told me yesterday that he feels super excited on his wife muscules, I wasn’t aware that some men think muscular big women sexy. Do you feel the same towards your girlfriend muscles? Also, he told me that he met his wife when she defended him on beach bar against men who wanted to pick a fight with him because he’s a foreigner. He was asking for help from other men but no one wanted to intervene until his current wife saw him so helpless against those men. So, she came in gave them a hard lesson and protected him. He told me that she’s super protective and now he feels so safe because he’s with her. She keeps telling him if you’re with me don’t feel afraid from anything. At this point I wanted to be on his position because I am scared all the time because of my weak body while he’s now so secure because he’s around his wife. Anyway everything comes with price because his wife is super protective he’s not allowed to leave the house alone he’s only allowed to go to the shop at the end of their house road to pick up some groceries. But when I asked him if he’s okay with that he said absolutely. He told me that he get used to this idea that he’s even nowadays don’t want to go by himself to this shop. So, he’s waiting for his wife to come back home to take him anywhere he wants. It’s nice to feel secure but I think she’s being over protective

Little man May 06 2021 1:01am
I think because you are pretty small you already life since years with the fact that women are stronger than you. For many men it becomes more and more real that a woman can be stronger. I see it again and again that men are confronted with it because more and more less women hide that they working out and it‘s also more accepted by socity that a woman can be muscular. When i take a look into the gym my girlfriend trains in, most members are women and at least half of them workout to build strength and gain muscle. Well so far i know, a human can double their strength with weight lifting pretty fast and then, later to increase it more and gain muscles that‘s the hard work. Nevertheless training is always hard work. But when i assume that women have around 80% of physical power a man have, when they double their strength by working out, it means the untrained man has only 65% of physical power the trained woman has. So when i see a woman arm-wrestling a man, pretty often it‘s obvious the man is no match for her. Well it doesn‘t mean than women always arm-wrestle men but in a lot of physical power topics it becomes more and more obvious that more and more women are physically superior to men. Yes, i think in most cases the women have the upperhand in the realtionship. Many women like to be indipendent, on the other hand they like to be charge for their partner and not the other way around. So, many women who i have learned to know in the last few years go for a smaller and weaker boyfriend. Because many women workout and many men don‘t, these women have no problem to find a boyfriend who is weaker. Well, actually my girlfrient don’t shut me up but sometimes i should not discuss with her because when she becomes angry, it can happen that i‘m in trouble. She never hurted me in public but she can do it. And of course she can overpower me in many ways. Always it is the fact because of her training i‘m not that weak for her like a girl, because then i should have around 80% of her power. I‘m more a little boy for her because i have only a little more than 50% of her power. She can easily handle me. Nevertheless mostly i‘m not scared of female muscles but i have a lot respect because i know i‘m weaker. Of course, we small men eat not that much like a big and tall woman. Especially if she wants to build up.

MarioMay 06 2021 1:27am
Yes, for me it’s the normal situation to be much smaller and weaker than women around me. But what makes me surprised that too many couples where the man has normal size his woman would be bigger and stronger than him. I always knew that I will be in a relationship where I am the weaker party but never thought that this would be the case for other men like you with normal size. Where did you get this fact that untrained women have 80% of men power because with all respect I don’t think this’s the case anymore. Women at least have 100% of men power if both are the same size and and untrained. So, if the woman is bigger and lifting weights like the case of your girlfriend and my friends wife this means that these women have at least 80- 100% above your power, and maybe 200% above my power. I am thinking about it now men stopped lifting weights in the gyms or most of them while women almost all of them lift weights. I think the fashion now for women to have bulky muscles while men have thin bodies.

Little man May 06 2021 2:09am
For nowadays you are right i think. But because most women working out so i think most wome are stronger than men as well. My girlfriend is almost twice as strong as me but she’s not the strongest in her gym. Some women workout like crazy and they’re much bigger and stronger than me. I think a women who really workout hard can become stronger than several men together. Anyway, i told you from this henni guy. He mentioned, some years ago he had a girlfriend who was not trained and she was a little weaker than him. Until the day she started working out. After a while she surpassed him and also most other men. I made a similar experience like henni. I had also a girlfriend who surpassed me when she trained a few months. It was a great rush for us because suddenly i was weaker than her and she had no problem anymore to contol me. I think in a relationship the stronger one should protect the weaker one. Because many women are stronger than their men i think these women protect their weak men. On the other hand if other men want to beatup a man who is there with his girlfriend, these men knows that she will protect her boyfriend and because they know that the girlfriend is most likely also stronger than these guys and they wont risk it to get beaten up by this girl.

MarioMay 06 2021 3:08am
Btw, my girlfriend also forbid me to go out in the dusk. As man i can‘t protect myself alone and i need a woman who protects me. When you told me from your friends wife, can it be she‘s that kind of woman who workout that crazy to maximize her muscle power and bulk up as far as possible? It sounds she’s really big. Maybe you can ask her how much she can lift? My girlfriend told me she wants also became much stronger. She would love if she can handle me like a baby and when i‘m tiny and much weaker next to her.

Henni May 06 2021 3:19am
Little man, what you wrote that some women are more ripped and have bigger muscles than men i also noticed more and more. Sometimes when i have a trip in the tube i see men sit next to women and men are more often smaller and thinner than women. But i also see that women carry sll these heavy stuff while most men cant do that. I can see how hard it is for a man who need to carry such stuff by himself.

MarioMay 06 2021 3:31am
I think few years ago women used to be weaker and then become stronger after start working out. Nowadays women are already stronger so they become much stronger after continue working out. I think if a man and a woman in a relationship for 10 years women will be at least three times stronger than her man. So, is your girlfriend also protect you. It’s nice feeling to be safe isn’t it. I live really close to my friends house but yesterday his wife insisted that she should walk me home as a man I shouldn’t be alone in the night. I felt embarrassed at the beginning but then felt safe around this big woman. So, you don’t leave your house alone at night? My friend in night and days his wife is super protective. She’s a big a woman and I know she’s going to gym on a daily basis. Not sure how much she lift but she said something about using more of my weight as a biceps dumble so I think she’s using about 50 or more. So, do you feel excited about your girlfriend muscles. My friend told me that he’ll be super excited when his wife wrestle and win other men as well. Were you excited when you saw your girlfriend beating two men in arm wrestling? You must be really proud to be a man of women who can beat more than one man. What do you mean your girlfriend wants to handle you like a baby? How’s this work

Little man May 06 2021 3:31am
I know women all over the place look stronger even if they don’t have visible muscles but their bodies are more athletic and their shoulders are wider. For me this used to be the case since I was born but I think normal men now start see these big changes. I think in few years the symbol of power will be women not men. Yesterday my friend wife told that she was my size when she was 11 years old. I’ve noticed that she eats three times the portions my and my friend eat combined. Her muscles probably bigger than our muscles combined. This woman is a lion comparing to us

Little man May 06 2021 4:34am
Yes, that‘s right. In the last two decade a lot things have changed. When i was a young man, often women asked me gor help because as man i‘m stronger. Then women reacted piqued when a men offers help because he thought he‘s stronger. Some women answered they are self equal strong like men. Later more often men asked women for help because women were stronger than men and meanwhile women offer to to help men because women know that men are weaker. Of course my girlfriend protects me. She‘s much stronger than me and i‘m depend on her help again and again. I know how you felt when the wife of you friend walked you at your place but you should not be embarassed. As man it can be really dangerous to be alone outsite at night. If she use 50 kg for dumbbell curls, this is realy much. 40-50lb is normal for women. Men are using usualy 20-25lb so it‘s half the weight women use. Of course i‘m excited about my girlfriends muscles. I still remember when i was stronger than most women, today i‘m much weaker and my girlfriend is bigger than me. She loves my small weak body. When we met some friends i‘m one of the shortest men. Even though all men were smaller than their girlfriends the girls thought i‘m a speciall cute short and small man. I‘m always excited if i see how my girlfriend treat other men. She loves to play with their weak male muscles. Some months ago i had a talk with my girlfriend about the physical power difference between men an women, today and then. We both have the opinion in old times women had 80% of mens physical power. Nowadays men have only around 65% of women physical power. I asked her how she would discribe the difference. For example in old times if anyone said to a man, he is a girl, that means this man is not that strong. Nowadays men are mostly not that strong to women like women were it to men in old times. She answered i‘m like a 6yo boy for her. Then she said she want‘s to build up more muscles and become stronger. So i‘m weak like a baby for her then.

Henni May 06 2021 5:05am
You guys are lucky to have strong women who can protect you all times. Yesterday, I was really happy knowing that I am safe with my friends wife. I wanted her to come into my flat and stay with me until I am asleep but I was so embarrassed to ask. So, you’re like 6 years old to your girlfriend this must be huge difference. In this case I am a baby to her. How your girlfriend treats other men? My friend told me that he would be super excited seeing his wife wrestling or lifting other men.

Little man May 06 2021 5:14am
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AnonymousMay 06 2021 11:52am
Thank you! Why don’t you have a girlfriend? A lot women go for little cute men. You small and short and you are used to be much weaker than a woman, so why don’t you have a girlfriend? Yes, i‘m that strong like a little boy for my girlfriend. I think regarding strength most men are like little boys for a woman who workout and therefore is stronger than men. Of course it is exciting to me if i observe how my girlfriend can defeat a man or sometimes even two men at the same time. Especially she can defeat one man in no time. Mostly she treat men normal except she‘s aware that men are weaker than her.

MarioMay 06 2021 12:27pm
I don’t know but I am really shy and always thought thought that a weak man like me wouldn’t be able to satisfy strong women especially sexually and that’s why I’m asking how your women find sex with weaker men. Anyway my friend wife was telling that instead walking me home everyday I either have to find a girlfriend or she’ll adopt me as her child.

Little man May 06 2021 1:29pm
If a man can satisfy a woman or not is not reasoned in the fact how much weaker than her he is. Moreover a strong women can handle the body of a small weak man pretty good. She can hold your body and move it how she wants. She can use you for satisfying. Because of this some says that the woman f*ck the man.

MarioMay 06 2021 11:23pm
Really that’s very encouraging talk. I am also bit concern that if a woman uses my body for her satisfaction it might be painful for men like me. I don’t know if I can handle it. The sentence that’s saying woman is going to f*ck me is a little scary. My friend told me that sometimes he’ll be crying after the sex when his wife is done with him

Little man May 06 2021 11:50pm
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AnonymousMay 07 2021 4:04am
Well i think normaly the woman know that the man is much weaker so she should be carefull with him. But it can happen that she is a little to rough to him especially if she is at climax and is wild f*cking him. One time during orgasm my girlfriend squeezed me that hard that it was painful for me. She hugged me that hard and i couldn’t resist her muscles. What did your friends wife did to him that he‘s crying? If she is such a hard trained athlete it can be than she is multiple times stronger than him, then he is much to weak. No wonder that he‘s crying after she f*cked him.

MarioMay 07 2021 7:38am
Yes, she’s very well trained and very muscular. I don’t have all the details but he said when she lift him and move him back and forth it’s really painful for him. Also, before the f*cking phase, the playful phase her body would be on his face and he struggles to breath. When she hugs me it really hurts, so can you imagine if she wants to f*ck she will kill me. She stopped calling me by name and now she’s calling kiddo, she’s refusing to believe that I’m grown up man

Little man May 07 2021 8:01am
Well, it sounds she’s really extrem strong. Do i undertand you right? She lift him up and moves him back and forth. Does she used him as living dildo? Maybe she should be more careful to her little husband? Why she want to f*ck you? Dos she have a relationship with you next to her husband? She call you kiddo? Sorry but it‘s a little funny. My girlfriend sometimes calles me her lil boy. If she hold me down and i can‘t get free myself, sometimes she calls me „little sissy boy“.

MarioMay 07 2021 12:29pm
Yes, she looks so strong her muscles are massive and so hard. Exactly she’s using him as living dildo. Did you have similar experience before. No, I’m not having a relationship with her I was saying imagine. But I don’t know if she’s having other relationships next to my friend. She says I’m like a child to her. So, she’s calling kiddo even sometimes she says she wants to adopt me as her kid. Why your girlfriend calls you sissy

Little man May 07 2021 12:48pm
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AnonymousMay 07 2021 5:30pm
Well, my girlfriend already tried to do it with me that way but she need to lift me with one arm and this is a little exhausting for her. But nevertheless she can handle my body weight with both arms pretty easy. I‘m not really heavy for her. The other way around she‘s pretty heavy to lift for me. I‘m just to small and to weak but i‘m just a man as well. I think when my girlfriend is working out more she don‘t need much time to become that strong to that i‘m just a flyweight for her. So i‘m sure than she will use me as a living dildo to satisfy herself with me then.

MarioMay 08 2021 3:15am
That means my friend wife is just a super strong wife to her husband. Yesterday, they gave me details about their sex life because I am concerned about being with much stronger women. It looks like my friend can do nothing during the sex his wife will do everything for him. She lift him to the bed she does all the moves he’ll just be lifted by her, and she keeps moving his body in and out and her body. The surprising thing was that despite all the work she’s doing he’ll get tired before her, and she wasn’t really happy with him getting tired so often. I always thought that married couples have sex one a week or maybe two to three times but apparently she wants to f*ck him two or three times a day and he doesn’t the physical power to do that. Anyway yesterday after dinner for fun she decided to compare her body with me what can I say it was totally humiliation my waist is smaller than her thigh. Her biceps is bigger than my thigh, I reach under chest near her stomach, her hands and double the size of my hands and feet. My shoulders barely have the size of her thigh. It was a real embarrassment especially when she lifted to see my head on her breast. I felt literally like a kid

Little man May 08 2021 4:35am
Yes, i‘m f*cked by firlfriend as well 2 or three times a day. If she wouldn‘t help me to do this, i wouldn‘t have the physical power. Because it becomes more and more that women f*ck men, i think they will ensure that they get sex that often they want. Nowadays women who workout and stronger, are sexual more aggresive. I think they enjoy that they can hold down men. My girlfriend raves that she can so easy overpower almost all men. She loves that she has no problem to control a man physically. Often she said that men are so weak. Especially she like slim men because she loves to see these tiny male muscles moving under the skin. Then she loves to show the man real muscles and how big and strong female muscles are. Not that tiny and weak like this man. Often when we are outsite she wear heels and because she‘s pretty tall most men are shorter than her. But also this is more and more common nowadays. When i stand between women i‘m as man actualy always the shortest.

MarioMay 08 2021 9:15am
It’s most be really exhausting for men to have sex 3 times a day while it’s normal or Maybe less from what they want based on my friend wife discussion. Imagine it’s hard for a normal man like you can you imagine me being f*cked 3 times I would be destroyed after a week of Marriage. How women can ensure to get the sex they want if their husbands and boyfriends are so weak to do so

Little man May 08 2021 9:52am
Your girlfriend can overpowers all men you know? Wow that must be something great. Does she like weak and small men like me? I think you told me she’s already taller and she wears heels in addition to the difference between both of you. Where do you reach with and without heels next to her

Little man May 08 2021 10:27am
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AnonymousMay 08 2021 11:09am
I have heard that some women have additionl f*ck boyfriends. I hope my girlfriend will not have an additional boyfriend but if she would do so i can‘t prevent it. But it is realy hard for me keeping up to her if she f*ck me. She has so much more power. Luckely most physical work she‘s doing while we have sex. But you‘re right, it‘s exhausting for me. I think you can‘t keep up to such women unless she supports you. Yes she like small men. I think many women like small skinny men. If these men have visible these male tiny mini muscles it‘s the rush for women. She can directly see how tiny he is and why he is that weak. If she is bare foot my eye level is almost at her mouth level. If she wear her normal heels my eye level is under her shoulder level. In her highest heels i don‘t reach her shoulder level with my whole body height. If we are at a party she likes me that short. I can hide myself behind her and even don‘t need to make me smaller. I’m already small and short enough.

MarioMay 08 2021 12:11pm
Yes, my girlfriend is stronger than most men like the most women are stronger nowadays. Take look into most gyms and you see almost only women who workout. Nearly no men are there and if there is a man, pretty often he workout not that seriousely. The same picture you can see outside. Pretty often women are more muscular. And again and again for physical exhausting jobs you cann seen men give up and women take over this job. I think many women know it and because of this women treat men more and more often as the weaker ones.

MarioMay 08 2021 12:29pm
What additional f*ck boyfriends are you serious women can do that? Have more than one boyfriend? Do they also marry more than one? I think in parties you look like a child comparing to your girlfriend. I couldn’t reach my friends wife breats the other day. So, in your friend circle do u know any man who’s stronger than any woman or this’s something from the past

Little man May 08 2021 2:19pm
My friend’ wife told me today that I should stop calling myself man even if I am calling myself little man and I should start calling myself little kid she said that would be more appropriate for someone with my size and strength. I told them that I have heard about this additional boyfriends idea, and I had feeling that they’ve discussed this idea before because my friend was completely silent about it while she argued hugely in favour of this idea. I don’t if they can because they aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend they’re married couple. Later on she arm wrestled me and him at the same time and of course she beat us so easily. We couldn’t resist at all I felt like a wall pushing our arms we were really embarrassed

Little kiddo May 08 2021 4:17pm
Well, yes a woman can habe several boyfriends i fear. My girlfriend see this sometimes in her gym.There is this woman who is very strong and always 3 or 4 little men my size jumping around her. I hope my girlfriend don‘t copy this. Most men in my circle are weaker than women. Maybe two or three are stronger o at least equal strong like women. In my company women are the stronger sex. There is no man who’s near that strong like the women.

MarioMay 08 2021 9:20pm
I hope not. This will be awful thing to happen if women want to have more than one boyfriend. Hope my friend wife will not do it as well I feel sorry for him. What would you do if your girlfriend decides to have additional boyfriends next to you? If I may have you tried to take chemicals to support you sexually to cope with your girlfriend or you already doing this? So, in total you only know three men who can equal to women and the rest is much weaker the difference between us keep growing faster. Yesterday when my friend wife won arm wrestling against both of us but my friend was saying of course she’s going to win, like we’re kids wrestling an adult.

Little May 09 2021 2:50am
Well it‘s not a problem for me to satisfy her but it‘s that exhausting for me, i can‘t do it multiple time a day. For me it‘s hard sport because when she becomes aroused she use her full strength and here i can not keep up with her. Then it becomes very obvious that men are much weaker than women. I think in public the same picture is very common now. Many women workout in contrast to men. So women are more often stronger than men. It doesn‘t matter were you look, always you see at least a woman who is stronger than all men near to her.

Henni May 09 2021 5:48am
I don’t think there’s a man who can do it multiple times a day while it’s obvious that most women want to do it three or four times a day and this will be normal for them. I think this’s going to be a big issue for people with committed relationship, with no reasonable solution. I agree with you since I started looking at this website I started paying more attention and it looks like it’s everywhere strong women muscular women near to slim weak and soft men, even taller women with no heels are very often. I can see it in streets, work places, gym, universities everywhere

Little May 09 2021 7:43am
Yes, you‘re right. We men can’t keep up to women anymore. We are simply to weak. Years ago it was pretty rarely that women challenged men for any contest of strength and if, pretty often the man won. Then it becomes more and more that the women won. Nowadays then women win almost always. They have no problem to defeat men in every kind of sport.

MarioMay 09 2021 10:02pm
True. I guess you’re lucky and smart because you’re now with much bigger stronger women. This’s the right relationship. Although it might be hard sometimes if your girlfriend becomes violent or embarrassed you or even decides to have additional boyfriends next to you all of these things are acceptable when you have the feeling of safety with bigger and stronger women who treat you and protect you like her child

Little May 10 2021 12:05am
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AnonymousMay 10 2021 11:29am
Well i think that women nowadays are aware about what weight lifting can do with the female body. So they also know when men don‘t workout that they are stronger than men. Because many women like men who are slim an sporty but who don‘t workout with weights and in addition many women prefer also men who are smaller so it is often common that the men is weaker then a little boy compared to women in old times. You can imagine it this way. In old times a women could lift around 70-80% the weight a man could lift. A little boy could lift 50-60% a woman could lift. Nowadays most women are at least equal strong like a man and if they start working out they double or more their strengt. This means the average man has 40-50% of female strength. So a woman can treat a man like a little boy. He can do nothing against it because he‘s simply much to weak. This happens more and more today.

MarioMay 11 2021 5:22am
Well I don’t about the percentage you’re talking about I’m not expert in physical issues at all but after chatting here and observing people out there and spending night with my friend and his wife I can definitely say women are treating men like kids and this’s mainly because of the physical strength difference between women and men these days. Also, women are more powerful in many other aspects these days mentally, financially and physically. My friend wife told me that she’ll take care of me and now she’s controlling my life for some reason I can’t object I just obey her like a little kid.

Little May 11 2021 5:41am
The percentages i metioned are only sn example but i think it‘s near to the strength difference between women and men. But i think the statement to comparsion to the strength difference between women and little boys in old times is clear. Nowadays men are weaker than little boys compared to women. While my girlfriend is stronger than two not to much strong men, some even more well trained women than 3, 4 or even more men. This difference is incredible big because then one woman could cope simultanusly several men. Try to imagine there is one thing you and your friend together can‘t move it, no little bit. You both tried it with all your power but nothing happens. And then she comes and does it simply without any much effort. She alone can simply do things it needs a bunch of men to do it.

MarioMay 11 2021 10:04am
Yes, I completely agree. I don’t need to imagine as I am staying most of the days now with my friends wife I can tell you this’s happening frequently. I was surprised and ashamed at the beginning but then my friend was acting like everything is normal so I assumed that it’s normal these days for the wife to be much stronger. Can you imagine that she can lift a couch a big one while me and her husband sitting on it.

Little May 11 2021 11:21am
Yes, after you told me that she is that extrem strong i can imagine this. When i acompany my girlfriend into the gym again and again i see women who use weights for reps, even some men together would have problems to move this weight a little. After my girlfriend increased her training routine she became already stronger. Meanwhile she can even defeat two men simultanousely who well trained. It‘s not a big problem for her anymore. Also during sex i realized she can handle me more easy. Today, after she undressed me, she makes me hard and then she lifted me up with her hands under my butt while i holded myself with my hands behind her neck. She put my c*ck into herself and moved me up and down to satisfy herself with me. By the way i have a tool what helps me to satify her. She put on me a c*ck ring so it stayed hard and big. This time it was a little painfull for me but nevertheless when i cumed she was also satisfied.

MarioMay 11 2021 12:11pm
Yes, she’s super strong. The strongest person I know so far. Why you go with your girlfriend to the gym my friend wife says gym isn’t for men it’s place for people with real power and those are women. If your girlfriend can handle two well trained she can probably handle three men like you and maybe four like me. How do you know she can handle more than one man easily. Has she wrestled more than one man recently? Sex with her seems intense for you and so easy for her. To be honest I think sex will be always painful for men but the good thing is that you’re satisfying her, I think my friend is facing problem doing so. What is this tool

Little May 11 2021 12:29pm
Well in the gym they have a area for weak males. Men can do their workout to stay slender and have their muscle tonus who keep the tiny male muscles visible. So men stay small and their mini muscles are visible. I think women like to see it because tiny muscles on men show how weak he is because the male mini muscles are not that strong. And a lot of women love to compare their huge muscles with the tiny muscles of a male. My girlfriend told me that she can beat two well trained men now. Also from my perspective it seems she‘s gotten clear stronger because in the past she could always lift me but only that way when she wants use me as dildo it was only possible with my help. Now she can move me up and down and put my c*ck in and move out like a dildo. i have only to sit on her hands and hold on myself on her neck with my own hands. She shaked me pretty hard up and down so i felt a little sick afterwards. She said it‘s really comfortable because always if she wants sex, she can pull out my c*ck, make hard and use me as dildo. This c*ck ring is put on my c*ck so i got an pretty hard erection and it can‘t become soft to fast. Moreover my c*ck becomes bigger and i can satisfy her easier.

MarioMay 11 2021 3:47pm
Well I’ll tell my friend about this tool maybe it’ll help him to satisfy his wife. I hear them everyday arguing I think it’s alright for the first two times in a day but for third or fourth or fifth times it looks really hard on him and she wants it. Do you enjoy this type of sex more than the usual type? Do you feel like being f*cked instead of being the one who’s f*cking this’s what my friend told me. So, in this gym area is it area for men only, do men use weights to lift or only machines to stay fit? Is your girlfriend muscles getting bigger now

Little May 11 2021 4:38pm
This is really hard for a man to satisfy a woman that often but i‘m sure this tool can help. I think i enjoy this kind of sex . Sometimes i would change it but do i have the choice? I‘m to small and to weak so my girlfriend f*cks me. In the men are in the gym there are only the very small weights but there are free weights but also machines. But most of them are assembled for the special need of weak men. Men should reduce their body fat but not build muscles. So they have tiny cute male muscles. I think my girlfriend works out to bulk up her muscle more and more. She loves if everyone can see that me, her boyfriend, is small and weaker than her.

MarioMay 12 2021 3:37am
It’s hard for him hope this tool will help him his wife is so demanding and he’s helpless next to her. I must say I was bit surprised after seeing my friends and his wife I always thought women would be more romantic and shy but in my friend case it’s completely the opposite his wife is always hungry for more sex she doesn’t care about romance she only cares about her sexual desire. He’s more shy and romantic than her she doesn’t have a problem to discuss everything detail about her sexual life in front of me. She’s also not shy about considering me not next to her the way she dress or sit when I am around. So, you love it when your girlfriend f*ckes you? Do you fall asleep after she’s done from you my friend always will fall asleep after sex while his wife won’t. You think your girlfriend will be more bulky soon? What is the difference between you tow now

Little May 12 2021 3:51am
I‘m sure it will help him but nevertheless it stays hard for a weak man to satisfy his girlfriend. Well i think women have still a romantic style but at the same time women love sex in a similar way men do. The difference to then is, nowadays women can take a man for sex. A man can‘t do it. Nowadays it seems more typical that a woman see within a man a sex toy. Men are more shy because they as weaker sex can‘t take a women if they want it. If a woman want to f*ck a man she can overpower him, hold him down and f*ck him how she wants. After this most men are tired. My girlfriend is already bigger than me. She‘s taller, has bigger muscles and wider back. Even though i‘m already smaller overall than her i‘m sure she wants bulk up more. Nowadays it‘s not uncommon that the man is much smaller than his girlfriend or the woman have a much smaller boyfriend.

MarioMay 13 2021 1:46am
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AnonymousMay 13 2021 11:57am
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AnonymousMay 13 2021 1:11pm
Ya, I know they tried it but I don’t it helped to the level to satisfy her. Maybe from what I see he’s more shy than her. Yes, you’re absolutely it looks like men are more of sex toys than a partner to their wives nowadays. Today his wife did it again she was looking for something under the couch so she lifted it while we both sitting on it. Then she made of our lights weights and was able to lift both of us only in one arm we were like two kids with their mumy. I was super embarrassed because for some reason I was super excited I shouldn’t do it because they treat like a family but seeing his wife with exposing clothes and she’s carrying couldn’t hide it anymore

Little May 13 2021 1:56pm
It sounds xou‘re both littls midgets for her. I have to admit, next to my girlfriend i‘m also a midget. Buu i think it‘s already often the case and will become more and more. In my circle a lot men are midgets next to women. Women nowadays are often huge and because of their workout they‘re much much stronger than men. What do you mean you were embarassed when you were excited? Why wore your friend‘s wife her clothes exposing her body?

MarioMay 14 2021 1:29am
Yes, we’re completely midget next to her there’s no way to compare between the both os us and her. We’re helpless next to her. I’m not sure why she’s wearing like this but I think she’s just being comfortable next but for me this’s too much comfortable. So, for example sometimes when she’s out of the shower she sits next to me putting only a towel. Or if she’s changing it’s very normal to her to go around the house wearing only a bra, or at the night she will be wearing her pjs and those are extremely short shorts or dress. Also, sometimes when she’s back from the gym she will take off her shirt staying in bra for sometimes. For her and for my friend this looks very normal maybe it’s normal I’m confused what do you think. I’m embarrassed because they treat like a family even when she lifted me and family and close friends shouldn’t be excited on their friends wife what do you think

Little May 14 2021 3:40am
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AnonymousMay 14 2021 11:52am
No i think women who are usualy stronger than men, can dare to wear much more sexy wear. A man can‘t do anything to such a woman and if ge try it she can simply beat him up. Moreover, again and again i hear that women become sexual more intruesive against men. Do you be aware that many women can rape most men if they want? Well if a friend of mine is excited to my wife it doesn‘t matter to me. If she want she can have sex with him because i can‘t prevent it anyway. Of course this would bother me. If my girlfriend decide to have sex with two men i also not amused but also here i can‘t prevent it.

MarioMay 14 2021 2:24pm
I agree with you that a man these days can never hurt a woman especially if the woman is like my friend wife I’m sure she can hurt both of us and other two men without any effort. What do you exactly mean women can rape men? So if I understand correctly it doesn’t bother you if your friend is excited on your wife or what does your wife wear for your friend even if she wears only a towel or a bra? But you’ll be a little bit upset if she decides to f*ck him? Really maybe you’re right I don’t know much about relationship. It looks like a new trend because even my friend he doesn’t care about how I might see his wife or even when I am excited on her. I know men can’t stop women from having sex with other men but if your girlfriend/ wife decides to f*ck other men specifically your friend you will continue with the relationship and not leave her? Do you prefer to f*ck a man you or you prefer someone completely stranger

Little May 15 2021 12:50am
Well if a strong woman want to have sex with a man who‘s weaker than her, she can hold him down and force him to have sex. My girlfriend wear sexy clothes pretty often. She loves to show her muscle. Especially if there a lot men around her she enjoy that she is the strongest between all these men. Because most men have much smaller muscles than her it‘s also obviousely. Well if my girlfriend decides to have sex with other men i would not be happy, it‘s also not the case i‘m not interested in it but i couldn‘t prevent it. I don‘t know if i would drop her but at least i would have a talk with her. Luckely she don‘t want to have any man, i‘m sure she would also talk with me but the finaly decisdion is at hers.

MarioMay 15 2021 3:33am
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AnonymousMay 15 2021 9:20am
I think women can f*ck men very often these days because women are way stronger and bigger than men. What type of sexy clothes your wife around other men? Does she show her body with a towel or underwear for example aren’t you jealous. Does she flex her muscles around those men with these clothes. This’s what my friend wife does to me. Aren’t you jealous if they have erection on her. I think my friend wife might be considering to have additional men but the issue is that they’re married couple not sure how this will work

Little May 15 2021 12:33pm
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AnonymousMay 16 2021 12:06am
I agree, women are stronger and have more endurance than men. Well my girlfriend often wears hotpants and a top but also other clothes who don’t cover her muscles so she can show her big muscles. Yes I’m a little jealous in such a situations but not really angry. I can understand that men are excited by a woman who looks like my girlfriend. For a man it is simply arousing to be next to a woman who are taller, bigger and stronger than the man. At the same time for many men it’s embarrassing if they realize that a woman is stronger than themselves. I can observe this again and again in the gym. I think if woman wants to have several boyfriends it will work like in a harem but the other way around. Them woman have a primary man and several secondary men like male concubines.

MarioMay 16 2021 2:00am
So, you think it’s common for me to be excited on my friend’ wife body and muscles, and this don’t bother them both. What type other clothes your girlfriend wears around men to show them her muscles? Well this Harem idea is nice. Do you know any women who’s already doing this? How many Harem or male concubines do these women have?

Little May 16 2021 6:02am
Day after day I’m realising how strong women can be especially if they’re big and workout regularly like my friend’ wife. She’s insisting everyday that I should come to their place to hang out and have dinner then she’ll walk me home or let me spend the night at their house. Yesterday, I was at their place and she wasn’t really comfortable so after we finished dinner she called my friend to go upstairs where their bedroom is, then she came down and apologised from me and said that they would be gone for 15- 20 minutes, and asked me to wait for them until they finish. It was obvious that she wants to f*ck him, when he went up he wasn’t really excited and it was clearly that he’s so tired. Anyway few minutes later I started hearing my friend moaning but couldn’t hear much of hers. After 20 minutes she came down and said that my friend was super tired and he fall asleep. Anyway she came down wearing only a pyjama short and a bra with a high heels slippers. She told me about her sexual issues with my friend and how he can’t handle her properly and how he can’t satisfy enough. She told me that she needs to find a permanent solution she said that she loves my friend a lot but she needs to find a solution for his sexual weakness. Then we started talking about great and growing difference in power between men and women. She started showing me how big her muscles are I must say I was shocked and scared and seduced at the same time seeing those big massive muscles with those clothes almost showing her entire body. Her shoulders are so big they’re double the size of mine she’s so wide so she can block two men of my size behind hers. Then she started flexing her biceps I must her biceps are so hard and sharp so I wasn’t able to squeeze her bicep even 1mm. I was so exhausted trying to squeeze it but I couldn’t. Also, her abs are super hard and so defined. But the unbelievable thing is her legs muscles I’m not a muscles expert but I haven’t seen in my life something this hard. Her thighs are massive and solid in weird way. I was really scared, she can easily kill me using those thighs if she wants. I was scared and excited at the same time and this’s a very weird feeling. I wasn’t able to hide my erection anymore I tried not think about my friend’ wife in a sexual way but seeing her in this clothes and touching her muscles making it impossible. Anyway, my friend woke up and came down. I tried to hide my erection but couldn’t anyway they both don’t care about it. She continued showing me her muscles while my friend was watching. While I was sitting in the floor touching her thigh muscles she told me grab her muscles in my arms and put my legs around her feet and she lifted me, I was lifted by her using only one leg and this was really easy for her. She didn’t put any effort to do it. It was so embarrassing because she was wearing heels and doing it so easy. Like I am a baby next to her. My friend and his wife laughed at me then she looked at him and said you think you’re better. So, she carried me in her arm and then lifted my friend in her other arm we looked like a mum and her two kids. She kept making fun of us saying look how lovely I look with my two kids, and giving us kisses on our cheeks we really looked like her kids not her husband and his friend. Then for fun she decided that we must have arm wrestling match against her we lost it all against her both of us at the same time, using two hands she even gave us the advantage as and put her arm really close to floor but still we couldn’t move her arm one cm and she won after slamming our two hands to the floor pretty quickly. Then we had a quick wrestling match of course needless to say that she won the match against us like we were two kids fighting a professional wrestler. During the wrestling she locked our heads under her armpits and she noticed that our nose were almost at her feet so she ordered us to kiss and sniff her feet so she can sent us free. At this point we both tried really hard to free ourselves but she was so strong she didn’t feel our punches to her. Here I knew that women power is unbelievable these days. Unfortunately I couldn’t avoid the humiliation and had to kiss and sniff her feet so she can let’s free. My friend was asking to let me at least free he was saying I’m your husband and it’s my destiny to do it but he’s only my friend it’s not his duty to be subject for this humiliation but she said NO all men should show respect to women and this’s one of the ways. After that she put both of us on the floor and sat on our bodies and started smothering us with her tits, her bra was so low that I was able to see her nipples. At this point I was no longer able to hold myself and my erection blew. I was so embarrassed and wanted to disappear I thought that they will kick me out for this inappropriate behaviour. I was almost screaming saying so sorry I didn’t mean to please excuse me, when both of them were laughing loud at me, and saying to each other OMG see what he did. My face was so red from the embarrassment but then she came to me and said relax it’s normal nothing happened she was looking at my underwear and laughed. My friend came and said relax dude, it’s not a big deal. I’m really surprised of their response what do you think? Then they gave me clothes and let me have a shower once I was done she came to me and said you are going to sleep in our house today I begged her and said I am so embarrassed please walk me home but she refused. She said I love you like a friend and this’s normal thing to happen. She was teasing my friend and saying at least one of you men have a proper erection on me guys and laughed. At the end of the day she said she doesn’t want me to be embarrassed and put on her lap like a child. I fall asleep in her lap. I’m still so embarrassed and surprised by their reaction. I also start to feel like a child when I am around her.

Little May 16 2021 9:42am
Well i looked around a little and i realized 2 women in the gym have several boyfriends and one woman in our friend circle have 3 boyfriends. She also talk about her husband and her male concubines. The one woman in the gym have at least 4 boyfriends i believe, maybe 5. My girlfriend also said she would like to have at least one secondary boyfriend maybe two or more. She said a woman can have that much men that the strength difference between her and the men combined is balanced. So i fear if this really becomes true in the future we will see it more often that a woman has at least two boyfriends. It must been a great an sexy experience for you to realize that this woman f*ck her husband until total exhaustion and then she came back to you to play a little with the next little man. For a woman who workout it’s pretty normal that her muscles are rock hard and big. Such muscles are far superior to us men. We are only average with small muscles. Well, my girlfriend is not twice that big like me but when i’m next to her, it’s obvious i’m clear smaller than her. Her muscles are way bigger than my tiny male muscles. So i can imagine how it felt for you to sit next a taller, bigger stronger woman. I think you must not be shamed because you have gotten an erection. My girlfriend thinks it’s good to see if the man have an erection. She loves if i wear underwear or also swimwear who a bulge is clear visible.

MarioMay 17 2021 1:46am
Really you also think so. So, I shouldn’t be embarrassed because this happened in front of my friend and his wife? I thought my friend and his wife are bit weird but apparently it’s quite normal. Really 4 boyfriends next to her husband. OMG if this’s normal my friend wife probably she’s going to do it anyway. I feel sorry for my friend. So, your girlfriend will have additional boyfriends. How do you feel about it? Are they going to live with you, or she’ll only f*ck them occasionally

Little May 17 2021 1:59am
Don‘t worry, this already happend to some other men. Friends of mine did a body comparsion in front me and he was also smaller than her. The point was, i was smaller than him so for me she was even taller and bigger. So i got an erection as well and could not hide it. Anyway, i think i will be not happy if my girlfriend will have additional boyfriends. Maybe if she will have some boyfriends she can f*ck it will be helpfull for me. But finally it‘s her decission. Me as her little boyfriend can only ask her to do it that way or the other way around.

MarioMay 17 2021 7:11am
Well this’s relaxing to know that men (boyfriends or husbands) don’t mind other men to have erection in on their girlfriend/ wife. I don’t want to lose her. I like her and feel safe around her but I was also concerned after what happened last time especially when she wanted to humiliate me and her husband by forcing us to kiss and sniff her feet this wasn’t really fun thing to do. Is that a common thing for women these days as well? So, your friend had erection on your girlfriend or you had erection on his what happened? How it’s going to be useful for you if your girlfriend decides to f*ck other men? I think considering the big difference in power between me and women these days the only solution is to be the third or fourth man for a woman because I am sure I can’t keep with one woman. My friend who’s stronger and bigger from me told that he’s nothing more than a sex toy for his and although she did all the work inside and outside the house while him spent all day at home trying to save his strength to satisfy her but he can’t do it as much as she wants. He’s powerless next to his wife. Does your girlfriend have anyone in mind to start f*cking next to you? Also, is it normal for women to wear a short and a bra next to her husband friends or my friend and his wife are just weirdos

Little May 17 2021 7:49am
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AnonymousMay 18 2021 8:06am
Well i think women like to arouse men sexually and especially since they're knowing that men can ment do anything against their will they enjoy it. On the hand a woman can force a man to do what she wants. She can overpower him and if she want she can undress him in different kinds. The stronger women can even do this with two or maybe more men at the same time. How you told that your friends wife forced both of you to kiss her feet and you were helpless against her. I think women enjoy that they are stronger than men and have power over them. I'm sure many women like the idea that they're physically superior to men. Because men are by far inferior to women they can't satisfy her that often. For my girlfriend it’s normal to f*ck me at least two or three times a day. If she is aroused it can happen she want it 6 or 7 times a da. I can‘t keep up to her in this case. I‘m smaller than her what means, for me it‘s much more exhausting to satisfy her and because i‘m weaker than her, if she becomes aroused and because of this also more rough, she can easy hurt me accidentially. One time she told me she would like to f*ck me until i‘m totaly exhausted and then use the next man to f*ck him until exhaustion as well and if she wants more she would like to have also still a third or fourth man for f*cking. I can imagine we men for some women only potentially sextoys. Women dare to wear very sexy dresses because if a man wants to touch without her allow, she can easy prevent him from doing this or she can beat him up. The other way around doesn‘t work anymore.

MarioMay 18 2021 12:50pm
So, what you’re saying that your girlfriend already is using another man to f*ck so she can be satisfied. Did this happen after she was done with you. OMG 6 times a day that’s too much now I can understand why my friend wife is really horney she only got 2 or 3 times maximum. Maybe the only solution to her is to have additional boyfriends next to her husband. Well she was wrestling both of us at the same time for fun she said. I’m sure she wasn’t using half of her strength but we were trying our best. Anyway she caught us in a situation where she looked our heads under her armpits, and she was sitting on her knees. So, each man head is locked under one of her armpits we tried really to free ourselves but couldn’t. So, she said then OMG you’re breathing really hard, I can feel your breath in my feet, because our heads were so down from her lock. So, she said I’ll set you free if you’ll kiss and sniff my feet. It was really humiliating but we didn’t have other solutions. She liked very much and said she’s going to do it more often. She already did it again today. Hope the description is clear. Yes, I agree women can go naked these days if they want but we men live in fear so for example I am really scared now to go at night alone. I can only go out if my friend wife is with me. While my friend wife sometimes she goes outside at night wearing a bra to throw a trash and men will not have the courage to look at her. My friend wife enjoying the fact that she overpower us easily and can humiliate us.

Little May 18 2021 1:19pm
No, my girlfriend wants to have an or more additional boyfriends so she can have further fun when i‘m already exhausted and need a break. I fear it will be common in the future that a woman has several boyfriends. Many women think that many men only understand the rule of the stronger one. So if such a women surpass a man physically she wil sat him on his place to show to him that she is the strongest now. Well i think it becomes also normal that men are scared to women. At the same time men feels protected when they are with their girlfriend or wife. Women are more and more aware that men are nowadays weaker than women. And i think that women prefer it because more and more women prefer men who are small and short and because of this these men are even weaker. So most women around me are at least that tall as myself many are taller and also bigger. But often if they wear heels i‘m as man shorter than all women around me. The same also meets for most other men i know. Nowadays it‘s normal tht we men are shorter and smaller than women.

MarioMay 19 2021 6:15am
Ya, I know. I’ve been in this situation for years but now noticed that this’s the case for almost every man I know. For me, I’m happy to be around my friend wife she makes me feel safe. Although it might be hard around her when she hit me even for fun it’s really painful for me, and it’s not pleasant to kiss her in weird areas but as a man I can’t do anything other than accept it. Anyway I think she’s getting more men soon and my friend didn’t mind it in total honesty he seemed a little bit happy about it. Years ago men used to have more than one woman now it’s women turn and men don’t mind even if they’re married couples. Personally I find strange especially that she’ll be f*cking them in the same house, but if the husband is happy about it, I am sure he knows better.

Little May 19 2021 7:02am
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AnonymousMay 19 2021 10:46pm
Well, if women rule men i think it‘s not special if they want to have several man around them. Moreover, when men hav f*cked women they did it with one woman until they cum. Later they had sex with the next woman. Women need more time and she can hold out longer. Nowadays who women are stronger than men and she can f*ck a man after one.

MarioMay 20 2021 10:21am
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AnonymousMay 20 2021 3:09pm
I agree. It’s strange that I am saying that now but it kind makes more sense to me. But as a man who didn’t had relationship before and living now under the authority of his friends wife I find it more logical and convenient for a woman to have more than one man around

Little May 23 2021 1:47pm
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AnonymousMay 23 2021 7:45pm
But don‘t you think this is humiliating for you to be the second boyfriend for your friends wife? My girlfriend is also looking for a second boyfriend now, maybe for a third one. The problem is, she‘s really looking beautifull and many men swarm around her. I fear she will additional boyfriends pretty soon. It seems i have to use to it that i‘m only one of several of her boyfriends.

Henni May 23 2021 11:58pm
Well technically I am not even her second boyfriend. She isn’t f*cking me yet. I am not sure what I am to her. She’s forcing me to come to her house everyday, after she f*cks her husband “my friend” she’ll come down stairs and play with me because my friend will be sleeping at the time since he’s super tired after she f*cks him while she’s full of energy. Anyway she comes down flex her muscles, lift me, makes kiss her feet and ass which is disgusting and humiliating sometimes I have to kiss her muscles. Then she will apply some wrestling techniques and I will not be able to control myself. I noticed in the last few days she’s pushing her sexual parts hard against my mouth. So, not sure if that gives her pleasure maybe. Anyway to answer your question I feel really humiliated next to her, she says I’m like a kid to her. I feel ashamed after every night especially when she takes off my underwear. I thought that my friend will be angry if his wife is doing such things to me, as he’ll be jealous but apparently he’s not. He’s acting like everything is cool around him, I don’t maybe it’s common these days. How you’ll treat your wife other boyfriends?

Little May 24 2021 1:07am
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AnonymousMay 24 2021 5:07am
Wow, she‘s really domitating you. I think she enjoys that she have two weak men around her. I think step by step she will use you as her sex toy. She has alteady started to do so. My girlfriend has explained to me why she thinks she need a boyfriend in addition. She said in a realationship all men combined shoud at least that strong like the woman. So since she has increased her training routine she‘s gotten even stronger. She‘s meanwhile more than twice as strong as me. Last time she f*cked me she did it that hard, i felt like a doll because she whireled me around that hard. I can‘t say how i would treat a second boyfriend, it‘s still not easy for me to accept but i think i have to do.

MarioMay 24 2021 9:38pm
Well I can imagine it’s not easy on a man to accept that I don’t understand why it’s so normal for my friend and his wife. Yes, she enjoys being much stronger than men around her, and she really dominants us it’s not pretty to be humiliated this way from your friends wife. She plays with me like I am a baby or a pet. I am not sure that she’s considering me a potential sex partner. She plays with my body loves how soft and small my body is. Force me to kiss a disgusting parts of her body, then she takes off her clothes and forces me to be naked and laugh at my body, and everytime I cum she laughs even more saying that seeing me cumming is so funny do understand why? I think your girlfriend got a point she’s nice person because she talked to you before start f*cking a new man. To be honest if she’s getting man only to f*ck this’ll be her decision but if she wants additional boyfriends like someone spending the day and nights with her you should be involved in choosing this man as well. Ask her if you can br involve

Little May 24 2021 11:10pm
I think she enjoy that you are horny for her when you are cumming. I think there are men who don‘t like muscular women because they are scared of these women and men like us who are horny for muscular and strong women. A part of acceptance for such kind of men is that we are aware that we are weaker than women, compared to women who workout hard we are much weaker. How you mentioned we are like kids or pets. If a woman shoud have that many men, that the strength level between her and the men combined is ballanced, maybe in the future we will see more women who will have 2, 3 or 4 or also more boyfriends. Yesterday i waited for my girlfriend in front of the gym. Suddenly she came down to the forecourt with two other 2 big strong women and next to them 9 little men. She introduced us each other. 5 men were the boyfriends of one of these woman and 4 the boyfriends of the other woman. They talked about us men like things and that each woman should own at least two men. By their opinion, they said, my girlfriend shoud have 3 boyfriends including me as well. When they said good bye they said maybe next time when we meet us we will be 3,women and 12 men, maybe even more. I will ask my girlfriend if she allow to me to support her looking for further boyfriends.

MarioMay 25 2021 11:06am
Wow 5 and 4 men that’s too much. We men in a very weird situation comparing to those women. I think if my friend wants to have balance in power with men she has to have about 5 men. Yes, she likes seeing me horny everyday she’s doing something new. Can you imagine that she’s sitting topless with me. I’m going crazy my friend doesn’t mind it at all. I talked with him and he said that he’s happy that i am here, because I am taking some of his power that’s really confusing

Little May 26 2021 8:02am
Well i can imagine that he is happy about this. He need your help to satisfy his wife. Alone he‘s much to weak to achive that. That‘s really crazy, imagine your friends wife would have 5 boyfriends, we meet all together with this both women who have 5 and 4 boyfriends and my girlfriend would habe also 4 boyfriends. We would be 4 women and 18 men.

MarioMay 26 2021 9:59pm
So, I understand from that that you’ll be happy as well when your girlfriend brings new men as additional boyfriends. Can you imagine being 4 women and 18 men but the problem is that even then women will still more powerful than the 18 men this’s crazy and humiliating. Although I am safe now but I feel the humiliation for being a man more than ever with my friends wife

Little May 27 2021 3:32am
I don‘t know what to say. At the one point i don‘t like the idea, on the other hand if she becomes horny she is so wild, she can hurt me accidentally. Especially if i‘m exhausted after a few miniutes she has still power for hours. I can‘t absolutely not keep up with her. At this point it would be nice to be more men in the realtionship. But the level of intimity will be reduced i think. And also because i‘m only her boyfriend. If she has several boyfriends i‘m only one of them and if she prefer another i‘m even only her second or third boyfriend. I‘m not sure about that how to manage this situation. Of course i know as man i‘m subordinate to her and she has to decide it. If she want to have a harem of men i can‘t prevent it anyway and it seems that more and more women have several boyfriends and rule over them as well. My girlfriend sometimes does remeber me i don‘t allowed to argue with her, shut up and do what she want.

MarioMay 27 2021 12:36pm
Well it’s a hard a situation but I think you will get use to it. You should always remember that you are one of her Herms so the better you’re in satisfying her the better position you’re in comparing to her other boyfriends. I think you’ll like it after a while especially when you get used to the idea that she f*cks several men infront of you and it’s not a big deal it’s only her sexual need

Little May 28 2021 2:50am
What does Herms mean? Is a herm or herms a man who is a member of a harem owned by a woman? I think at this point it will be helpfull but with intimity it‘s not so nice i fear. Anyway, it seems she’s really looking for an additional boyfriend or maybe even two. She tries to calms me down by telling me that i could need help from another man to satisfy her but also to keep up to her by her strengt. She said it made sense that the men combine their strength in a relation to a woman to be able to keep up to her. So it made sense that she have three boyfriends for now. Later if she is even stronger maybe 4 or 5.

MarioMay 29 2021 5:38am
Yes, I think Herm means a man who belongs to a woman and Herms is a group of men who belongs to one woman. Not sure where the word comes from or if this’s the exact meaning but someone here mentioned it. Well maybe it’s not going to be great from romantic side for your girlfriend to f*ck other men but you might find sexy somehow, this’s what I read lots of men enjoy the show, and you’ll be called cucklod boyfriend or husband in case of my friend. I think she got a point she needs another man, also she’s really nice because she’s trying to calm you down other women will force it anyway without any feelings for weak men feeling. I think your girlfriend is a great woman and you should be greatfull and help her find other boyfriends. Any updates about this?

Little May 31 2021 2:11am
My girlfriend and me we‘re looking for an additional boyfriend. In the next few days i think she will meet the one or other but it‘s not that easy because of the pandemic situation. Will see what happens. I think it‘s most likely a good idear if she has an additional boyfriend.

MarioMay 31 2021 6:20am
Well it’s great that you’re supporting the idea now and helping your girlfriend to find additional man to satisfy her. I know it’s really hard to find someone during these situations. Anyway you don’t have any friends or colleagues or relatives or neighbors you can introduce to your girlfriend? You can invite him home and I am sure she will handle it from there

Little May 31 2021 2:37pm
Today she came home together with one of her coleagues. She introduced him to me as one of these guys she already told me from in the past. She had arm wresteled the males when they did a strength challange in the office and because this guy goes for stong women so he had an eye of her all the time. Now she told him that she want‘s at least two boyfriends and he aggreed to try it. Actually he‘s a nice guy but it was a strange feeling nevertheless. My girlfriend enjoyed the hours together with two men. We did a little strength testing and it seems that he and me are combined not that strong she is. Anyway she liked the situation with two weak men, weaker together than she alone.

MarioJun 01 2021 5:23pm
Really that’s interesting give me more details. Did she f*ck him already? Is he staying with you in the flat? Did she f*ck you both at the same time or you left the room when she was f*cking him? What type of strength context you had? Did he enjoy it

Little Jun 02 2021 12:12am
Until now she didn‘t f*ck him but i think at the weekend it will happen. Well while my girlfriend show him the flat they crossed the room in which my girfriend store her home gym equipment there. He marveled at all this super heavy weights she uses vor working out at home and called it out it, here it looks not like a home gym for men. I said no these weights are to heavy for men, only women can lift that much. Nevertheless he tried it but was hardly able to lift the one or other weight with both arms. So my girlfriend explains to him how she use these weights and that‘s no problem for her to lift most weights with only one arm. She‘s a girl and strong enough to do so. Then we have started to try how much weight who can lift at max. At the end my girlfriend did arm wrestled with us at the same time and we were no march for her. She asked him if he can imagine if she could have more boyfriends than only two. He said he already know some women who have several boyfriends and he would be fine with it. Can you believe that?

MarioJun 03 2021 2:45am
Wow, it’s so strange how things changed in the last few years. I really can’t believe it. How did you feel being with another man and your girlfriend. Any updates now?

Little Jun 07 2021 7:45am
She decidet to take him as second boyfriend. So since few days i‘m only one of her herms anymore. It felt strange to be with two men together with one woman but i think it‘s related to the old imagination that a man is stronger than a woman. But in our case she is stronger than several men so it also means, she is the boss. In the ladt few days we met some of her friends and she introduced us as her two boyfriends. At first i thought, what did the other girls thinking about that but it seems they were not really suprised.

MarioJun 07 2021 4:14pm
Wow, really interesting I think you’re handling it very well being only one of her Herms. Tell me more details how’s the sex is going on? How’s she treating you both? What do you mean she’s the Boss? Does she order you both to worship her even if she’s not f*cking you for example? Has she wrestled you both at the same time? Is she planning to have a third one? How did you feel the first time she took off her clothes in front a strange man (the second boyfriend)?

Little Jun 08 2021 1:20am
It depends when and were we have sex. Mostly she f*cks one after one of us. It makes it really something easier that we are two boyfriends. After she f*cked one of us to exhaution she takes the next one and f*cks him. Because she has enough endurance to f*ck both of us to exhaution she wants have more boyfriends. After she talked with this woman who have a harem with 4 herms she said also she want to have 4 herms in her harem. She also said if such kind of relationship is more accepted in socity she can imagine to have a real harem with 10 or more herms. She said it it would exciting to own 10 or more little weak men. What do you think about that? She love to wrestle us. She said it shall remember us that we are the little weaklings in the relationship while the strong woman rule us. She makes it as a task for us that we have to worship her hugh and strong muscles. She loves that we mention again and again that our male muscles much much smaller and therefore much weaker as well.

MarioJun 09 2021 10:59am
Wow 10 that would be crazy I must say. Not sure if there’s a house can fit 10 weak men and a woman? So, your girlfriend wants to have additional two, that would be something big. I can’t imagine a woman f*cking 4 men one after the other. Do you watch her f*cking the other boyfriend how do you feel about it? It looks like you’re happy that you’re not alone with her now and she has other boyfriend next to you. My friend is in the same situation with his wife. If I may ask a question how she turns two men on does she flex for you or she forces you to be excited. How she wrestles you, does she force you to kiss her ass or feet

Little Jun 09 2021 3:19pm
I think she would love to have 10 weak boyfriends and she‘s the boss over all these weaklings. But i think it‘s a kind of dream. Anyway, she has two boyfriends and next she want to have more because she have seen that several of her training mates have between 2 and 4 or maybe 5 boyfriends. So she want to have it as well. At the moment again and again she f*cks us one after one. We men have simply not the endurance and power to keep up with a well trained woman. For me it‘s still strange to lay next to her while she f*cks another man. On the other hand if one of us us is exhausted she change him with the other one and go ahead. But sometimes after she f*cked both of us into exhaustion she wan more. So we both working to satisfy her but sometimes she still wants to have a hard c*ck for a longer time. We both go for muscular women so if she show to us her huge muscles we are really excited pretty fast. We are aroused to be next to a woman with such muscles because we as men are so much smaller. Also the strength difference is really extreme. In old times maybe a woman could breach 80% of the male strength level. Nowadays women can be stronger than several men combined. It’s crazy how easy she can defeat us together while armwrestling. I think it’s the same as for you, isn’t it?

MarioJun 11 2021 12:31pm
Well it looks she’s not satisfied enough with two boyfriends so probably she’s getting more men sooner than later. I can imagine laying next to your girlfriend who you love while she’s f*cking other men must be weird feeling. How easy for her to beat both of you. For me yes, my friends wife now taking off her clothes to get me excited and flex for me, she can beat three men at the same time easily she already did it one time. However she’s forcing us to kiss and worship her body and muscles and feet which might be disgusting sometimes but there’s nothing we can do. Also my friend is very happy with the situation and he keeps thanking me for taking his wife for sometime. For me it’s bit weird for a man to thank me for spending sometime with his wife but if he’s happy that’s good

Little Jun 12 2021 1:17am
But she didn’t take you as her second boyfriend yet? My girlfriend look for more boyfriends. She keeps three guys in her mind she want as additional boyfriends. If this comes true she has 5 boyfriends at the same time and almost all of us combined are weaker than her. This is a stange feeling! But anyway it seems it becomes more and more normal. The ladt days if we met other women and she had her boyfriends with her, mostly there were three or four women but mostly 10 or more men who were owned by these women. I think women love to show their superority to men. Of course my girlfriend flex her muscles and she loves if we do the same and see again and again how much smaller our male muscles are.

MarioJun 13 2021 4:01am
Well few weeks ago she started bringing men to f*ck. Something like one night stand she’ll leave them exhausted from the sex. She said it’s better not to have another long term relationship next to her husband. However, in addition to the one night stand she has friends with benefits like me I’m too weak to be able to handle sex with her so I have tasks like licking her ass, feet pussy, sucking her breasts these types of things but not proper sex. She wants to have another man like me next to her husband so we’ll be three men in the house serving her in addition to her one night stand men. Wow 5 men are weaker than your girlfriend she must has gained incredible power in the last few months. It must be weird to be 4 women and 12 men. How’s sex with your girlfriend do you enjoy it more now being a Herm to her?

Little Jun 15 2021 11:15am
I think i‘m more fine with it that i‘m only one of her herms. Since last weekend she has now a third boyfriend and tomorrow she has again a date with a guy. We will see if she owns 4 herms in her harem until end of this week. She love the idea that 4 men are subordinated to her. But it‘s really easier, if she want sex she calls one of us, and while she f*ck him the next will keep ready. And so she f*cks us one after one. It sounds you are only a slave for her, don‘t you?

MarioJun 15 2021 4:14pm
Wow she’s really quick in finding new boyfriends or Herme. So, do you all live in the same house? Do you serve her? Do you have good relationships with your Herms peer? It looks like you’re no longer jealous of other men right? My friend told me that he feels excited when he sees men looking at his wife naked while she’s much stronger than them do you feel the same? Well I am not sure what I am to her maybe a slave but I think the type of the tasks I’m doing is also kind of sexual. Do slaves usually do that? She keeps telling me that she doesn’t f*ck me for my safety? Can a woman have boyfriend and Herm and a slave? Where your girlfriend finds all these Herms! Are they bigger or smaller than you?

Little Jun 15 2021 10:16pm
No, not permanently but they come all days to be together with her. My girlfriend thinks it made sense to move to another place to have more living space. Than all the herms in her harem can be live with her and maybe she can increase her harem. No i‘m not jealous anymore. At first it was strange but as weak man i‘m not the head of the family. She decides how many boyfriends she want to have more. And for now she said four is nice but more are better.

MarioJun 19 2021 12:38am
I completely agree with your girlfriend. She needs to move a bigger place so all her haresms live with her. This’s what my boss (my friend wife) always says women should have lots of men around her to serve and satisfy her desire and needs. My friend is the same he’s not jealous at all he said as a man he shouldn’t except a woman to be satisfied by one man. In fact he said since his wife started having slaves and Hareemss he became much happier, he believes women should be allowed to marry more than one man and in the same wedding this’s not only for women satisfaction but also men will be happier

Little Jun 19 2021 1:20am
Yes, i agree! It easier for each man in the harem when she can finish one of them after the other one. At the moment we men are just fit enough that she is satisfied f*cking all of us one by one. But when she become stronger and has more endurance maybe it better if she have more boyfriends. For the moment it would be enough to have one man more in the harem so she would have five boyfriends.

MarioJun 20 2021 5:06am
Wow you still need one more man on your hareem group to satisfy her so if she’s stronger she will have like 10 men. I read once in ancient history men used to have in their hareem group Maximum 4 women although I don’t believe it that a man can handle 4 women but let’s assume that this fiction history is correct the strongest man can handle 4 women your girlfriend who’s avarage women needs 5 men it’s crazy how strong these women are. Yesterday my friend wife came home with 3 men. All bigger and stronger than me and her husband. They all went straight away to the bedroom and we started hearing voices from the bedroom after about hour and half she called me and her husband we came in and found 3 men one on the floor and two on the bed begging for a break. She said to her husband come on they need a break, she took him over f*cked him for like 15 minutes he was so exhausted after that she looked me and said you come you can be useful, she sat on my face and made me worship her ass and pussy on my face. While I am doing that another guy of her friends group started sucking her tits then another one kissing her feet. I was so tired so she brought the third one and f*cked him again. She kept doing that for like another hour and half. All if us were screaming for a break. She approved, then she said why we don’t have physical context she insisted on wrestling us no need to say she won against 5 men easily. She humilited us she put us all above each other and stand above us and flexed her muscles it was big humiliation. After she finished she said okay round 2, men were crying begging her not to f*ck them. So, one of the guys said he has an idea he called another 3 friends. However, she didn’t let anyone to leave the house so we were her husband myself her slave and first 3 men and second 3 men so 8 men and one woman. She took the new 3 guys kept f*cking them for 2 hours or more. Then she called on us again but everyone was really tired except her, but she won’t stop. She kept doing the rotation one to f*ck on to kiss her feet and one to suck her tits. I was mainly responsible on her feet and tits but still it was hard. At the end we were all done. So, she decided that this’s enough. Anyway, she forced us to clean her in the bath it was embarrassing 8 men washing one woman we were actually her slaves. Finally, she set men free, but slept with her husband and me each on a side, with instructions to keep kissing her. It was exhausting night

Little Jun 20 2021 10:20am
Hello little, sorry for my absence but we really moved to another place. My girlfriend decided to have more boyfriends and meanwhile we are 7 herms for her. The sex is good and not that exhausting anymore but she still want to have it several times a day. It crazy what happened to you as well. That women are so powerful is still strange. But that women have several boyfriends seems become more and more normal. When we meet 3 or four women and they bring their boyfriends with them, it‘s not rarely that we are 20 men overall.

Henni Jun 28 2021 10:59pm
What part do you think is crazy in what happened to me? Are you kidding your girlfriend has 7 Herems? Are you serious? So, you live now in one house 7 men and one woman. That must be completely crazy. How do you live give me details? Do you all sleep in the same bedroom? She f*cks each one of you every night? This woman is an absolute horse to be honest. Does she give her herems tasks to do like cleaning massaging bathing etc. This’s what my friend wife is doing. What do you wear inside the house you and her. My friends wife forces us to wear female clothes while when she wears some type of men clothes when she puts clothes but I must say that she doesn’t put clothes in most times. How’s sex with 7 men

Little Jun 29 2021 2:08pm
Yes, my girlfriend has 7 hermes now. Sometimes i‘m not sure if i‘m happy about that or not. Regarding easiness it‘s nice that i‘m now only one of 7 herems. She has her own sleeping room and we herem have one sleeping room for all of us. Always if she want to f*ck one or several men she took what she want and when the first one is exhausted she tooks simply the next of us and f*ck him. I think for her it‘s nice because she can f*ck each of us pretty hard. We men can only stay with her maybe 5 or 10 minutes but she can have around one hour fun with us. One really strange point is when we go out, it‘s noticeable for other people that a woman has such a big harem with so many men. On the other hand we have already met some women who also a harem with 3 up to 10 men. I think it will be strange when she meet 3 or 4 women at our new place, mostlikely we are then around 20 men who are all owned by one of this women and belongs to her harem.

MarioJun 30 2021 1:45pm
Wow, that’s crazy. Does she take you all with her to restaurants or mall for example? I think people might think that you’re her kids or young cousins. Whenever we’re out with my friends wife they think she’s our mother and we’re her kids. This makes my friend a little bit frustrated because he’s actually her husband. 7 men in one room while she sleeps by herself that’s hard. Luckily for me my friends wife likes to sleep surrounded by men so she makes me sleep with them. But of course everything comes with a price I have to worship her while she’s sleeping. Why you’re not sure if you’re happy or not? Are you jealous when you see your girlfriend f*cking other men? I have to ask is she stronger than all of you combined? I mean did she ever wrestled the 7 of you at the same time and beat you? Another thing what do you as herems wear? What does she wear inside the house? Of course if she wears anything

Little Jul 01 2021 3:46am
Yes, i think women who have a harem don‘t hide that they have several men. Why they should do this? The also don‘t hide it when they working out and are stronger than men. Many women show off with it that they stronger than men and many are proud that they have boyfriends who are weaker than them self. Well in raw strength i think we men combines are stronger than her but i can imagine that she will have no problem with 4 of us. In a real fight she would easily beat us because she only need to beat down two, the rest will have hardly a chance against her and when she has beaten down the next two, she will defeat the rest of us with no problem. That my girlfriend has her own sleeping room doesn‘t mean she don‘t like be sourrounded by many men but she has the choice how many of us she wants with her. Often she likes when her muscles will be worshipped by all of her hermes. She loves when all these small guys crawl around on her and kiss and lick her muscles. When we are at home sometimes she like when we all nacked, sometimes she like that we men wear men lingery. She like to see if we are aroused. So she prefer if her hermes wear lingery who emphasize the package. She like if her hermes have a nice bulge in the pants. She loves to wear hotpants so her muscles are all visible to us and she like to show off her huge muscles because she know we are aware how small we are and much weaker.

MarioJul 02 2021 4:09am
I am sure that you look like a mother and her children when she takes you out to a restaurant. I think your girlfriend is getting stronger really quickly I remember few months ago she was handling two men now she can manage 5 men easily. Has she ever wrestled you, or does she spank you on your bottom like little kids. My friend wife started doing that it’s a big humiliation. Similar to my friend wife she loves to be naked and we have to be naked as well. It’s fun for her but we feel ashamed like 3 men arms still smaller than hers. When she puts clothes which not often she puts huge heels so, she’s towering all of us, and a jeans short or a male style l boxer she looks really manish in this style, and sometimes she puts on a bra but that’s really really rare. She did a surgery and increased her breasts size, they’re huge now. So, she’s really happy with her new tits and she rarely cover them. So, when you’re on bed you all lick and kiss your girlfriend body? Does she order you to kiss her feet as well? How do you feel seeing all these men licking and kissing your girlfriend?

Little Jul 02 2021 5:41am
My big wife still has my dad submit in from of me. Then she turns her old boyfriend on him. She loves to watch men wrestle, then she finishes off the looser. Only my wife at 5'11",243#s loves to do this and get me upset.

UPSET HUSBANDJul 06 2021 4:57pm
Yes, her progress is really insane. Since she has this new trainer she has accelerated this. I don’t know if we really look like kids compared to her but we are smaller than her. A lot well trained women go for small weak men. They like to have several men and i can imagine she like to be stronger than several men combined. Of course she has wrestled me. She wanted to show me that me as man have no chance against a woman. But i think this becomes more and more normal that women show men who is the stronger one. Many women i know like to show to men and also to me that i’m not that strong like them.

MarioJul 07 2021 1:13am
Upset husband, are you upset because of your father or because your wife still seeing her ex boyfriend? Does she f*ck her ex boyfriend as well. To be honest I don’t know any women who like to see men wrestling usually they like to beat men. Mario I think it’s agreed now that most women are always stronger than her man the question is how many men combined can this overpower.

Little Jul 07 2021 3:28am
LITTLE! She does like watching men wrestle, and ,YES! she see's her old boyfriend. Now, it was my father's idea to wrestle and try to kick her ass. But.. she big and strong, against his 5'5",155#s, that she killed him. Her flying feet, ( size 11) tagged his face and put him down. My wife has been wrestling since college, and she loves it. She and her old boyfriend sometimes tag team against other men, and women. As far as the result, she had him ( my dad ) on his knees and her boyfriend with his c*ck out making my dad suck him off. She is nasty, and loves doing my father in any time she wants with her boyfriend. I am help lees, as I just get to watch in a chair tied up. She also face sits him in front of me. YEA! she needs a good beating, or something else

UPSET HUSBANDJul 07 2021 5:49am
The trouble with you, upset husband.. is that YOU can't stand to see your wife having fun DOMINATING YOUR FATHER. Maybe he needs a little bit of a big woman working on him. Little is right, sounds like your wife is having fun with her old BOYFRIEND. To bad for you... AS YOU GET TO WATCH HER!!!! LETS SAY... YOU ARE BEING TORTURED BY YOUR BIG WIFE ALSO !!!!

AnonymousJul 07 2021 11:32am

SUEJul 08 2021 5:24pm
Sue, Sorry. No I don’t remember. I am quite new to this site. Upset husband I find it bit weird for a strong woman to like watching men wrestling and it’s really weird that she wants to wrestle your father. I can understand women like to wrestle their husbands, friends, other men but to beat her father in law is quite weird for me. I feel sorry for him as he must be an old man.I can totally understand that she’s still seeing her ex boyfriend and I understand now that this’s something very common for married women these days as the women are way stronger and muscular than us men so they need to have more than one man to satisfy her. I am a man with no much of sexual experience but last year my best friend came back to the country with his wife she’s much bigger and stronger than him. Because he’s much weaker than her he can’t satisfy her so now she’s bringing other men home wrestle them and beat them and then f*ck them. Luckily for me she liked me when we met and now I almost live with them in the house she doesn’t f*ck me but she makes me worship her kind of slave relationship. At the beginning I was a little shocked from her life style and how my friend is okay seeing his wife f*cking other men or having a slave me worshiping her naked body. Then he explained to me that he prefers it this way and now she will not be f*cking him all the time as this’s something really tiring for him.

Little Jul 09 2021 7:18am
I remember you Sue! you are on theses sites a lot. You have a bunch of women that dominate men young and old men ! You are a BIG , BRUTAL, WOMAN, a long with the rest. I remember how you told a story years back on beating up your father in law. IT almost sounds like the same gig as upset husbands story !! IS it TRUE? I bet even LITTLE would like to hear hoe you and your women work on men !!!!! LIKE I said, I have read some of your true stories... very entertaining....

AnonymousJul 09 2021 11:03am
I am glad that you remember me. Same gig... are you saying that upset husband is who he is ? my husband? To bad if it is, but no! My husband is a sissy, like his dad, and I and my big girlfriends use them as we feel fit! Right LITTLE?

SueJul 10 2021 2:50pm
Sure, SUE it’s your right as a woman to do whatever in your men but I feel sorry because you’re doing this to your father in law an old man. Why you don’t wrestle your husband and your friends

Little Jul 10 2021 3:53pm
Little.. I have wrestled my HUSBAND, and beat him badly! But, my father in law, thinks he can KICK MY FAT ASS , and won't stop wanting to wrestle me. SO.. I enjoy kicking his ass, and sometimes asking some of my girlfriends to participate in the folly. Sometimes my old boyfriend joins in. That is something to see LITTLE. Even you, would love to watch a MIXED TAG TEAM OF TWO BIG PEOPLE AGAINST ONE SMALL OLD GUY, that won't QUIT !!!!!!

SueJul 10 2021 4:30pm
He won't Quit because he like's it. No person, likes to be beaten by a big woman, and her boyfriend. Think about it.. unless he has a fetish about YOU! Most men like the big woman and love to watch, or participate like you say, in more than WRESTLING. Sue... are you as NASTY as YOU SAY !!! Your husband must think so. Maybe little has an in sight on this. I know that YOU are on theses sites a lot, and your stories are always true, and good to read. Tell us more on your DOMINANTION of your FATHER IN LAW.

AnonymousJul 11 2021 11:24am
YOU are right, since when does little have advice for my doings? SO, what if my FATHER IN LAW likes to play, I can't get my HUSBAND to have fun with me. BESIDES, I enjoy listening to him groan under my FEET !!!

SUEJul 11 2021 11:49am
My father in law likes to be handled in a brutal way! Sometimes Karen has a few pointers that brings him to services us better!

SUEJul 15 2021 7:30am
I heard about it on other sites Sue.

AnonymousJul 21 2021 12:19pm
Karen has nothing on what Gloria can do ! TO bad, CELINE WASN'T HEAR... SHE COULD GIVE A FEW LESSONS OM DOMINATION.

AnonymousJul 23 2021 4:56pm
Gloria is on mistress of pain... she can deal with giving men PAIN, NOT CELINE !!!!

AnonymousJul 24 2021 8:45am
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AnonymousMay 06 2022 2:13am
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