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Have you ever been embarrassed because a girl had bigger leg muscles than you?

Created by: Ultrabomb12 at 12:16:08 AM, Friday, August 29, 2008 PDT


My wife has bigger leg muscles. She had strong legs to began with but after she started her strength training class she started getting bigger. Her legs are much more muscular than mine and way bigger. No matter how I've worked out my legs, her's continued to get bigger than mine. I'm not a huge workout nut but do excersize. We recently wrestled and she got my legs with her's in a grapevine hold that was painful and I wasn't able to move my legs at all much less get out of that hold. All I could do was feel her leg muscles squashing my leg muscles and pushing against the bones. That was very embarrasing believe me. She left bruises on my lower legs where her calves flexed. She locked her ankles around mine in what she called a grapevine and seconds later I could feel her calves pushing into my legs. I was blown away by this and the fact that her calf muscles were pushing right past my muscles and against the bones. Belive me it's very painful and I had to ask her to stop. I realized right then that she could break my legs if she continued. This is completely true and I was embarrased for sure. I thought it was strange that she had no bruises at all while I had rather large ones with little broken blood vessels in almost a comlpete ring around the bruises for about three days and leg pain for four to five days. I'm embarrass to wear shorts next to her now because of her bigger muscles, I do if we're alone but not in public because her's make mine look rather scrawny. That was it when her sister said "my god, what are you doing to build your legs?" talking about my wife and laughed saying her legs were bigger than mine by a long shot. After that I have trouble wearing shorts with her wearing her's.

AnonymousSep 06 2008 7:52am

My wife is a big girl, her calves measure 17 1/2 inches and she has big thighs. My calves are only 15 inches so it's embarrassing.

RGSep 06 2008 7:56am
Back in the early 50's, i had a girl friend who had very powerful legs.They were very muscular and made mine look like toothpicks. Even tho i was very strong from working on farms and as a mason's heler, I could not match the strength of her legs. she could push me all over the lot with ease. embarrassing? No. It was very erotic for me. I really liked her, but had to take two year sebatical with my Uncle Sam with a side trip eventually takeing me to the orient where people liked to shoot at me and my buddies. I much preferred to tussles with my, by then, ex girl friend. she found the guy she wanted to marry within months of my leaving. I have often wondered if her guy enjoyed her strength as much as I. Old Timer

AnonymousSep 07 2008 1:59am
What are your respective heights and weights? If you have any pictures to post, please do.

AnonymousSep 07 2008 7:39am
I'm not a big guy, and some of the girls I've dated have been able to beat me in leg-wrestling contests where you lie on your back facing each other, lock legs and struggle until the winner is able to roll the loser over. I've even lost regular wrestling matches to two girls. In both cases, they used their legs, almost like another set of arms, to help pin me. Lots of girls have well developed belly, hip and leg muscles, and are stronger than guys from the navel on down

BillySep 10 2008 2:25pm
Billy, WHY are you having leg-wrestling contests with girls you date? Do you do consider that normal? Most people would not.

Truth SeekerSep 10 2008 6:07pm
As a young guy I often started all my relationships with some kind of test of strength, this was because I was rather skinny and most of the times were lighter than them. They really enjoyed showing me their superiour strength, especially in their legs. I think it is even more normal today with yougn people when it is not considered weir for a girl to build muscle.

You found the truthOct 28 2008 7:01am
I travelled by train last summer through southern Europe. I am 21 years old and skinny, my legs are really like tooth picks, something I really hate. The train got fuller and fuller and at one station in southtern France this american girl came in to the compartment I was sitting. There was just one seat free beside me and she sat down. I couldn't stop looking at her legs beside mine. Her thighs were very big and muscular, my left thigh looked like a kid's beside her right. We talked and had a good time but I just couldn't stop looking at our thighs. She smiled at me and said nothing. We changed train going into Spain in the middle of the night, we then had a compartment for our selves. Had some wine and continued to talk. She asked me why I looked at her thighs all the time and I told her I was amazed how muscular they were and how small mine looked beside hers. She asked me if I wanted to touch her legs and put both her big legs over my lap. Her legs were rock hard when she flexed her muscles. She really liked me admiring and caressing her legs. She then lifted one of her legs over my head and gripped me in a leg scissor and started to squeeze a bit. This was scary, I felt the power of her legs. She stopped because somebody passed outside us. We then spent a week together, people looked at us because of the size difference in our legs. I had a wonderful time between those sturdy thighs. We still write to each other, she has sent photos of her legs to me. Quite odd but I plan to cross the Atlantic to see and feel those legs again.

chicken legsNov 28 2008 1:06am
Chicken legs, what were your respective heights and weights? Do you have any pictures of the two of you together?

AnonymousDec 27 2008 9:40am
My wife is 5'4" 135lbs. I am 5'9" 175lbs. Her legs are extremely strong and very beautiful. Her thighs measure 24", two inches larger than mine, and her calves are 16", one and one half inches larger than mine. She is not only bigger than me, but stronger and much much harder. When I test my strength to hers, there is no contest. Many times we sit face to face in chairs to leg wrestle and I cannot budge her legs. She will let me lock both of my legs around one of hers and she still moves my legs with ease. No I am not embarrassed, just lucky!

M.D.Jan 19 2009 9:17pm
I have being out travelling again. To Anonymous, I guess the American girl's height to be 5'9, 170 lbs, I am 5'11 149 lbs. I got another photo just recently from her showing her big muscular legs in black pantyhose. Beutiful and a bit scary at the same time. She is good fun this lady and I really hope to be able to afford seeing her this summer.

chicken legsMar 02 2009 2:08am
i was embarrassed because a girl with much smaller legs than mine humiliated me in several strength tests. her thighs are 20", calves 14" mine are 26 and 18 respectively. she wore me out in leg wrestling, out lifted me in squats, and in leg presses. she was very powerful and made me look like a fool

hum-boyJun 13 2009 10:38pm
My wife's legs are very muscular, people stare at her legs wherever she goes. She is soon 50 but her legs are still very firm and muscular. My legs are very slim and long, my thighs are small and calves are almost non existent. When me and my wife are sitting beside each other she often points out the difference in our legs, she enjoys to be bigger and stronger. Her legs are so much stronger that we can't compete, it is like a child against a fully grown up. I love her legs though, I love to feel them, to be squeezed between them (not full force, that would kill me for sure) and just to look at them.

Married to big legsAug 10 2009 5:24am
I just came back from the states where I met the American girl I wrote about earlier. She met me in a very short skirt showing her fantastic muscular legs, very tanned. She smiled when she saw me looking at her big thighs. She asked me if I had longed to be between these thighs of hers and I said that I had dreamt of them every night. We went camping for a week to quite remote places. Every now and then she caught me between those legs, she enjoyed the power she had over me, but physically and mentally. We wrestled for fun and I found out that the rest of her body was strong as well. I had to go home after 2 weeks and I am now thinking about moving to the states, to my girl with the strong legs.

chicken legsaAug 10 2009 5:32am
my wife is 5.10'177 lbs ,iam 5.9 170 lbs in our funny wrestlig,some time she is the winner,i think we r equal strenth

mrjAug 14 2009 2:29pm

deepJan 28 2010 11:42am
I am embarrassed every year when I am on the beach together with my wife. Her legs are so much bigger and more muscular than mine we get comments all the time. Chicken legs and thunder thighs

AnonymousMar 01 2010 4:59am
What are your respective heights and weights, anonymous?

AnonymousMar 30 2010 11:11am
Since I was 15 I started lifting weights on a casual bases. I developed a strong muscular upperbody. The thing is because I worked out at home I rarely did anything for my legs other than playing sports. I had a bench rack and curl bar at home. I was playing beach vollyball in my shorts and my new GF was watching. After we went for a long walk. I told her my legs were tried and she said that hers felt fine. She said that I have a ripped upperbody but she probably had stronger legs than me. I thought no way and told her so. Later that night she wanted to go the the appartment gym. I thought sure let's work out together. I started doing my upper body work out and she just did the leg press. I had never seen her work out before. She wanted to know how much I could bench. I showed her that I could bench the max 280 on the stack (barely but I did it). She maxed out at 95 pounds. Very good I thought. Then she wanted to know how much I could leg press on this universal machine. I knew it was awhile since I tried the legs press. She reminded me that she still thinks her legs were stronger and showed me how her legs were bigger and had lots of muscle under her female layer of fat. She pointed out that while I did not have any leg fat my legs were not very built either. I never really thought of my legs that way. She did have full toned thighs that were really hot looking. I automatically thought my legs were stronger cause I was a guy and she was a girl. The pin was set at the weight she last had it at. It said 220 pounds. She was doing reps with it. I sat down and tried to push it. It felt heavy but I pushed it up. Then she moved the pin to 240. It took alot of effort and strain but I lifted it. Then she moved it to 260. I dug in. I strained hard but could not budge it. Ok she said if I can lift this it proves my legs are stronger. She sat down and braced herself. She pushed it up and then down and then up again. There she said and moved the pin to 300 skipping 280. She dug in. I could see she was straining but she pushed it up. She press 60 pounds more than me. Then she came up to me, squeezed my biceps then put my hand on her thigh and squeezed. She was smiling with pride but did not rub it in too much. I knew she made her point.

TomMar 31 2010 12:58am
What were your respective heights and weights, Tom?

AnonymousApr 20 2010 7:07pm
My wife's legs are awesome! I'm a lucky guy. Ironically her thighs do not look very muscular, that is until she flexes them. She is proud of her legs. They are way stronger then mine. When she flexes her thighs they are solid. Like the muscle is super dense. Makes my thighs feel like mashed potatos. And each ONE of her thigh muscles are about the size of two of mine put together. But like I said, her thighs are not muscular looking when she doesn't flex them. Even when she walks. When she does flex her thighs, the muscle not only bulges up on the top (front of her leg) but also bulges out (outside of her leg). She flexes her thigh muscles almost every time I touch her legs. She's proud of how strong her legs are and knows I like her muscles. I'm not embarrassed about it because she likes the fact that her legs could totally crush mine, and I like that. I've read some of the comments about being out in public with shorts and someone will point out that your legs are puny compared to your wife's, etc....Just shrug it off and agree with them "ya, her legs are stronger" because you are the lucky one, if your wife likes to flex them for you when the two of you are alone. Doesn't embarrass me at all. My wife's legs are hot and we both know it.

GregggOct 13 2010 6:30pm

kNov 08 2010 9:54am

kNov 08 2010 9:54am
The primary benefit of a woman with strong legs is the enjoyment a man can have between them. I see all these stupid posts about men being scared of them as if every woman wants to kill you. I am 6'4" and 220 lbs and have wrestled about 200 women. Only one failed to respect my limits and intentionally knocked me out in a head scissors. I assure you one of my favorite places in the world is my head between two muscular thighs and being able to watch the smile on the woman's face when she forces me to tap out. The sex after such a match is explosive.

WreseDadNov 16 2010 2:28pm
I set up a session with a professional female BB and we arranged to meet in the lobby of her hotel. I knew she was huge and I was not embarrassed that her muscles were much larger than mine. I was really looking forward to those muscles wrapping me up for an hour. What I was embarrassed about was walking through the lobby with her. Her name is Renee Toney and if you would like to see what I am talking about you can find her on the wrestlers list at http// She is 5'8" and 200 lbs. She has 21" biceps and can leg press 1000 lbs 12X. She was wearing a sports bra and shorts when I met her and was massive. As an aside she killed me wrestling but what an enjoyable death.

WrestleDadNov 20 2010 1:46am
I really was embarrassed last summer when my daughters 16 year old friend came to visit us. I am a thin man with long skinny legs. This girl sat down beside me and her thighs were about twice the size of mine without being fat. My wife and daughter and the friend laughed when they saw the size difference. His young girls thighs were actually very muscular and the muscles stood out when she flexed them. Since this was about legs I don't write about that her upper body was quite a bit bigger than mine as well. Felt strange to be physically outclassed by a young girl.

RenDec 08 2010 2:04am
I was born with a powerful body, in ancient times I had become an earth goddess. I grew up and became a powerful woman. Since I was strong from birth I have always needed physical challanges so I have done a lot of physical labour, mountain and normal biking, working out with weights and always been there to help friends carry stuff when they move etc. Today my thighs are 68 cm, 26 inches and most of that is muscle. I met this lovely slim man two years ago. He is my opposite physically, he is the same height age 5'9 but like I said, slim, almost delicate. His thighs are 42 cm or 17 inches. My upper body is in line with my lower, not often the case with women, so I am strong all over, yet feminine most people say. We often get comments me and my man, when we go out in the summer. I love wearing dresses, short enough to show a lot of thigh, and my man is a shorts person. He is not embarrassed about the whole thing and neither am I. He said he fell for my fantastic body, he got more woman than in his most fantastic dreams he says. I have never been looking at the macho guys so we are both really happy. My legs are more than twice as strong as my man's. When we wrestle for fun he cannot overpower one of my legs with his whole body. I can hold his weight with one of my legs easily. He is sometimes almost scared when I catch him in a leg scissors. I can keep him between my legs with the weight of one leg alone. But this make us happy.

Thunder and chicken legsFeb 11 2011 1:13am
RenÚ, what are your respective heights and weights?

AnonymousMar 02 2011 7:33pm
I must admit that I am embarrassed every time my wife comes to workout at the gym with me. I have naturally skinny legs and no matter what I do my legs wont get any bigger. My wife on the other hand, has really big muscular legs and she doesn't even work out. When we are together there is a stark contrast between her big, muscular and well-defined legs and mine which are the total opposite. To make matters worse, she wants to start strength training. No way would I let her get those already ginormous legs any bigger than they already are. Ever our 14 year old daughter has her mother's legs and they are already bigger than mine. I've been looking into getting cosmetic surgery such as calf implants but I feel that it may be a little extreme.

Anonymous (Florida)Apr 24 2011 10:48pm
What are your respective heights and weights?

AnonymousApr 24 2011 10:50pm
I am 6'1" about 170 and my wife is a statuesque 5'8 260 pounds. However, most of her bodyweight is in her legs.

Anonymous (Florida)Apr 24 2011 10:52pm
My girlfriend has bigger legs.At first i didn't paid attention to that until her cousin asked me if i feel embarrased that my girlfriend has so much bigger legs than I. She was sitting on a couch next to me and we were both wearing shorts.When i heard the question i took a look at our legs and her thighs and calves were really much bigger(not fat)and muscular than mine.It was really embarrasing for me.I didn't reply but i saw my girlfriend smile when she noticed my face's expression after we made our legs comparison. After that i looked photos of us from vacation on the beach and my legs seem tiny next to hers. One month later i found that they' re not only bigger but stronger when we had a type of playfighting.We were sitting on the same couch.I tried to push her leg with mine but i couldn't move it at all.Instead she pushed mine easily.I don't know but i felt excited and embarrased at the same time but i have overcome the embarrasment and started to like it.

AnonymousMay 06 2011 2:32am
What are your respective heights and weights?

AnonymousMay 27 2011 7:08pm
did anyone see amber steel thighs??? way way bigger....

amberloverJun 08 2011 4:05am
Women legs are stronger than men legs, so it is not embarrassed when a woman shows you who have the stronger legs.

ZicoJul 05 2011 9:20am
My little sister (13) beats me easily. She is taller and stronger than me and, usually plays with me crushing my head between her powerful tights. (I?m 25 years old, only weight 118 and 5?2") My sister (145 - 5?9") toys with me at home every day, and sometimes she knock me out with her tights and even forces me to kiss her big butt. What can I do?

weak for herJul 16 2011 12:59am
When I first met my girlfriend she asked me if it embarrassed me that her legs were bigger and more muscular than mine. I said no but I really am embarrassed! Her legs are so muscular that I just do not have the genetics for so much muscle! I love her anyway and I'm glad she doesn't care that her legs are bigger! She smilled and relaxed when I said I didn't care. Still inside I envy her bigger muscles.

AnonymousAug 01 2011 5:45pm
I met a new woman a year ago, after a difficult divorce. She was very powerfully built, a lot heavier than me. Most of the weight difference was in the leg department. Her legs were really big and muscular. She laughed at the size difference and several times just showed me how strong her legs were by scissoring me or just drape one of her legs over and me and told me to try to get away, one of her legs were stronger than me so I couldn't. In the summer it was quite embarrassing to go to the beach with her but I got more and more used to it. The worst part was actually the time when her 16 year old daughter had her soccer team over for tea. It was hot outside and all the girls had shorts or short skirts on, showing off their big thighs. I had shorts as well and felt really ashamed when one of the girls pointed out that I had smaller legs than all the girls (and woman) in the house. And she was actually right. These girls had impressive muscular thighs while mine ar in the chicken leg category.

Robert XSep 02 2011 8:36am
When i was going through bus that time one school girl come and sit beside me after that comparison between her thighs are mine thighs well my thighs are like stick and that girls thighs are almost double to mine i feel very embrarsd. Afterwards she noticed and laughed. And the journey continued. Then i asked her what is your age.she said 15yr old,weight 62kg,thighs21'' but mine 24 yr old,53kg,17''

UnknownSep 04 2011 10:04am
My 15 year old daughter has bigger thighs as compare to mine. She laughed at while comparing thighs. She has normal athletic body but her upper body thighs hips so big and her weight 63kg and mine 51kg .we both were wrestle one day and suprise that she lifts me very easily

PaulSep 05 2011 10:58am
I have calves of 12.5-13" and I always had that idea in my mind that they're big (funny hah?) .. But since I've read around about the average size of calves I knew then they're quite small. Guess it was all coz I never wear shorts whatsoever

Never knew thatDec 14 2011 11:13am
women can now wrestle. The times are different and they will wrestle with the guys and win. The legs are their biggest asset. If but chance a also have a strong upper body the guy HAS NO CHANCE AT ALL.

PitbullDec 16 2011 12:46pm
I have very skinny legs so I would say that most women have bigger thighs than me.

AnonymousJan 04 2012 12:58am

lJan 08 2012 1:39pm
Week for her, are you kidding me? How can you let a 13 year old girl knock you out in any hold? I don't get why people will let a young girl get you in any hold like that. It is compromising to say the least. If she knocks you out again, "if she really does" wait till she is not looking and put a sleeper hold on her and knock her out. I mean I don't understand how a 13 your old girl has enough power, muscle or strength, or is even mean enought to try to knock any man out. Well good luck there with your 13 your old sister. Idk, seems you enjoy her beibg dominate maybe thats why you let her knock you out.

squeesedoutbeforeMar 02 2012 9:48pm
My husband and I wrestle a lot and our wrestling usually ends with him submitting to my strong legs. He is bigger than me (5'10" 190, to my 5'2" 135) and has more upper body strength, but my legs are very powerful from 14 years as a gymnast. I'm also very flexible so once I get my legs around him it's usually over pretty quick. I squeeze my legs around his middle slowly tightening down, his face turns red, he becomes unable to get any breath in, and starts to struggle. But by this time it's too late and he has to submit to avoid passing out. It's definitely a turn on to feel his body being crush between my powerful muscles.

AlyApr 17 2012 9:28pm
Aly,may I ask what the size of your thighs is?

rt21May 05 2012 5:24pm
23" and I can leg press 500 pounds

AlyJun 01 2012 8:50pm
My God, I'm suprised your husband is stil alive, ever tried to squeeze a bathrrom scale?

billytJun 19 2012 8:58pm
I did try the scale test , but our scale only goes up to 300, so I topped it out, I was probably using 3/4 of my strength.

AlyJul 04 2012 9:11pm
Where the hell can I get such a woman!!! Some people have all the luck!

OuNov 10 2012 4:44am
It was only embarassing the first time my wife(gf at thr time)made me tapout to a body scissor.Once she told me about her 4yrs karate,15yrs swimming&horse back riding,then i didnt feel as bad.Now 7 yrs later ive only won maybe 3-4 times wrestling her out of 100s lolWoman that ride horses has incredible squeezing power in their inner thighs.Bodyscissor holds like a python,i cant even move when she gets me locked in.Her grapevine pin is insane,its like being pinned under a truck and shes only 140lbs lol

AnonymousNov 12 2012 3:10pm
Have to agree with anonymous. Women that ride are in generel strong and their legs are often extremely powerful. One of my girlfriends was working in a stable, riding several hours a day, something she had done since she was a kid. This had made her body very strong, I knew I couldn't match her strength so I avoided challanging her. I once did a big misstake by making her angry. I was stopping an ice cube in her trousers one evening and that made her really mad at me. She said that I had to be punished so she chased me around before she got me, she just sat down and put me between her big thighs and started to squeeze me. My god that hurt! I was on the floor below her and she almost lifted me off the floor with her strong legs and she put on more and more pressure. I felt my ribs started to protest and I screamed. She realized now she was really hurting me and let me fall down to the floor. She asked me if I dared to do a thing liked that again and I verey quicklhy said no. She helped me up and I screamed again, my ribs were very sore. Later she drove me to the hospital where they found out that one rib was broken and two more were almost broken. They asked me what had happened and I said that I had fallen off a horse. I could see they didn't believe me, the nurse looked at my girlfriend and I think she understood. I dated this girl for a few years and she punished me in different ways, once I got a spanking but luckily she never but in the same pressure again with her legs although I wa quite often scared when we made love.

PyhonedNov 17 2012 3:14am
When I was still a very young man, I was even lighter and thinner than now with maybe even a little shorter than my current height. I think I was about 93 lbs., 26'' chest, & 5' 6'' height. I was then one day swimming in the biggest pool of the club, when suddenly I felt that my hand & arm had undeliberately thrusted into somebody's body. I stopped the swim immediately, stood up in the water and raised my head above water to look at the other swimmer whom I have just struck. Standing in the water a very few centimeters from me, & yet still threateningly approaching on me ( !! ) was a startlingly heavy, massive & tall teenage girl, whom I think I have just swam right into her huge mature chest !!! With her impressive, firm & strong body she looked 'down' at my pathetic, lean & weak body, with a facial expression of obvious skeptikism, that most probably was the outcome of the deliberate underwater 'passes' that happen from time to time by other young men. I couldn't believe that I have just got myself so easily 'into' such a huge kind of trouble, & with a nearly frightened facial expression I swiftly apologized in almost a 'begging' tone to that younger and so much larger forceful gal !! I can't describe how 'very long' were the seconds that followed had felt, until she made a any answer. I was incredibly delighted when she made a very small gesture that meant she was leaving me unhurt. She must be very kind & understanding because she literally could play with & toss around my comparably very slight & tiny body for an hour in front of 10s of other persons around us, by use of my unintended mistake. With her nearly 260 lbs., 66'' chest, & 6' 2'' height she could unstopably go for such a lengthy aqua-session of amazonian self-enjoyment and then finish it by coming out of the pool with me squirming uselessly & hangingly sandwitched between her maybe 46'' thick sturdy thighs !! But fortunately she had been really decent & thoughtful, and she just let me go away unbruised & unhumiliated !! Thanks again to that remarkable 'Big' teenage girl !!

Preferer of 300 PoundersDec 16 2012 12:50pm
Was beaten up by a big girl at school. Got me in a bodyscissor in the cloakroom ! Powerful thighs! Nearly killed me ! Loved it !

LaurieMay 12 2013 2:35pm
Si me apena que una chica tenga las pantorrillas más grandes y musculosas que yo; y los muslos tan tremendos que tienen y yo no. Me averguenza que las mujeres tengan las piernas mas grandes, fuertes y musculosas que muchos hombres, entre ellos yo. Es una ventaja definitiva para ellas en una pelea hombre-mujer, porque si llegamos a caer entre sus piernas estamos perdidios, y eso me frustra y enfuerece a morir. Siento envidia mucho coraje y cierto temor cuando veo una chica de piernas masivas y poderosas.

conejoJun 18 2013 8:20am
Y si a eso le agregamos que existen muchas mujeres que practican un arte marcial o son fisicoculturistas, o ambos, pues los hombres estamos perdidos; De hecho, no se porque ellas no han tomado el poder del mundo con ese f├şsico mas fuerte que el nuestro. Confesare algo, desde que era chico le tenia mucho miedo al poder fisico de las mujeres, porque varias veces vi como ellas aplastaban, hacian llorar humillantemente a muchos hombres a golpres. En una ocasion una se├▒ora de 55 a├▒os golpeo salvajemente a su hijo a cachetadas y patadas; y ella misma despues golpeo horrible a su nieto a rodillazos y jalones de cabellos. En ambos casos los dos hombres no pudieron meter las manos para nada, porque ella no se los permitio por la tremenda fuerza de su fisico y de las piernas.En varias ocasiones cuando era ni├▒o vi como las ni├▒as y adolescente golpeaban a los chicos hasta hacerlos llorar humillantemente y hacerlos correr, entre ellos yo. En la primaria varias mam├ís golpearon a sus hijos ni├▒os delante de todos, hasta privarlos por los golpes.En la secundaria vi varias se├▒oras y abuelas con piernas fenomenalmente musculosas y fuertes, de dar miedo. esaes una de las cuestiones por las que le empece a tener miedo a las mujeres. Definitivamente son mucho mas fuertes fisicamente que los hombres. Les temo.

conejoJun 18 2013 8:33am
My girlfriend has bigger legs.At first i didn't paid attention to that until her cousin asked me if i feel embarrased that my girlfriend has so much bigger legs than I. She was sitting on a couch next to me and we were both wearing shorts.When i heard the question i took a look at our legs and her thighs and calves were really much bigger(not fat)and muscular than mine.It was really embarrasing for me.I didn't reply but i saw my girlfriend smile when she noticed my face's expression after we made our legs comparison. After that i looked photos of us from vacation on the beach and my legs seem tiny next to hers. One month later i found that they' re not only bigger but stronger when we had a type of playfighting.We were sitting on the same couch.I tried to push her leg with mine but i couldn't move it at all.Instead she pushed mine easily.I don't know but i felt excited and embarrased at the same time but i have overcome the embarrasment and started to like it.

demthighzJun 22 2013 11:56pm
There is a girl at my school that I know with way bigger legs than me. Not only that but she can out squat everyone and last I checked she has the highest squat in the school. All she does is cheer and track but she is just ripped. Its really intimidating to all the guys at my school

JamesJul 27 2013 2:18pm
My wife claims that my slim build was the reason for her to get interested in me, she has always liked men with more or less boyish bodies. We met when I was 24 and she 32 years old. She is a big woman, wide shoulders, big but rounded arms, wide hips, muscular big thighs and calves. We met in Spain where I was working as a tour guide and she was running a restaurant. The first time she saw me she decided that I was her's. She invited me to her house, she was divorced and well off with a big finca type of house with a pool. We swam at the pool and were sitting beside each other. She lauged seeing the difference in size in our thighs. Her tanned thighs were not twice the size of mine but a lot bigger. Seeing me being ashamed of being so much smaller and weaker then her she told me that I was her dream boy and that she loved my slim body. Since then we have been together. She is much stronger than me all over but the difference in leg size still draws attraction when we are on the beach.

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BgCqstvWApr 06 2015 8:19pm
I have a close friend in school that is my age and her legs are a lot bigger than mine. She was naturally born with solid legs, but she workouts a ton and her legs are absolutely ripped. Her quads and calves bulge every time she walks, it's really impressive. My legs are solid, but nowhere near hers

StevenApr 07 2015 4:49pm
To add to my comment. This girl also basically has a six pack and a rock solid butt. Her lower body and core, which she works out every day, is one of the best I have seen for a teen girl

StevenApr 07 2015 4:51pm
It's quite intimidating seeing the power and muscle she packs into her small compact body. She never fails to show off her abs and legs whenever we are at a pool party together

StevenApr 07 2015 4:53pm
I wason the bus this yesterday and I remember standing next to this girl who looked about 13 or 14 years old. I don't know what made me look down, but I did and her calves were just enormous for a girl her age and her size. With every move she made they just jumped out of her legs. I don't know how big they were but they were deffinitely bigger than mine and I am 19 years old and I was also taller than her, me being 175cm and she was probably about 150 or 155 cm. At one point I eneded up losing my balance because the bus driver was insane in how he drove and falling ontop of her. When I did she didn't even budge at and at this point I was in her arms appolagizing for what had happened. So, not only did she have huge calves, but I felt her biceps digging into me as she held me up. She stood me up and then handed to me the grocery bags I was carrying with one which when I took from her I had to distribute between my arms because they were too heavy for me to hold. She ended up getting off at the next stop and I haven't seen her since.

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yBygNXMCKgIBbkTOct 16 2015 10:07am
i have a sister in law who has arm muscles twice the size of her skinny husbands arm and her calf muscles are big solid and very powerful and 2x his. they was standing next to each other and u can see how much bigger her flexed calf was next to his ..i cant say anything bad as she is much bigger n stronger next to me as well . he took up tkd and i always told her he did it because he can see how much stronger u r than him and more muscular . she then said and don't forget i pinned him down with ease and he made that nervous laugh ,,he was afraid of me because he knew i could take him in a fight too . she said i was right she believed he takes tkd because he knows i am bigger stronger faster and i can out fight his weaker man ass and ur's too she said ...what can u say it is what it is haha

the one man who wont; mess with his sister in law out of fear shNov 03 2015 4:41pm
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pFjCCcWwWNov 09 2015 10:23pm
Legs were the reason for me and my wife to find each other. My wife's legs that is. I had seen her on the bus for a long time, every morning her legs were on display when she sat on the same seat day after day. We were few on the bus this early so I could always watch those legs, in shiny tights, most of the time in some kind of tanned color. I soon had fantasies about those muscular leg, because she her legs were very strong looking. Like a circus woman or athlete of some kind. So one day she dropped a pen from her bag without noticing, I saw my chance to talk to her and kneeled beside her to take the pen and give to her, at the same time I was now only inches from the legs of my dreams and my good they were beutiful and extremely strong looking. She smiled at me and told me to sit beside her, she said that she had seen me every morning and that she thought we could get to know each other since we were on the same bus every day. We talked all the way to where we tog off, she was very nice but I couldn't stop looking at her thighs. The next day she sat down beside me and we continued to talk about most things. Then the weekend came and on Friday she asked me if I wanted to have a coffee, at her place! Of course I wanted. So after work we met on the bus back and I followed her to her apartment. She lived on the fourth floor, no elevator so I had the chance to check her muscular legs, especially her calves on the way up. She totally surprised me when we came up. She put one of her legs up on a stool in her hall and told me to feel her legs. I was shocked and didn't know what to do. She took my hand and placed it on her thigh and said that she had seen me looking at her legs for a very long time and now I had the chance to do something. I started to caress her muscular thigh and down to those calves. Her shiny tights were fantastic to feel. She then led me to a big sofa in her living room where she with mild force pressed me down. She once again surprised me sitting behind me wrapping those legs around me and said at last I have you where I want you. She started to squeeze and my good those legs were strong. Even without crossing her feet the pressure was tough to take. I almost got scared. While inprisoning me between her legs she started to take off my shirt. When she bended me back over her thigh and started to unbuckle my belt I started to struggle for the first time. She smiled and just pressed me harder against her while her legs still were like steel cables around me. She said that she liked to wrestle and when she had taken my trousers off we wrestled on her thick carpet. She showed me how strong a woman can be, her arms were also very strong, she had been into sports and lifting weights all her life, but her legs were lethal. She dominated me completely for perhaps a full hour until I was too tired to fight her. The sex we had after this wrestling match was probably the best in my life and she said the same. After that we met almost daily and often wrestled and arm wrestled and I learnt quickly to enjoy being the weakest. Before meeting her I had never had a fantasy about being physically dominated but of course being so interested in her muscular legs were a sign that I enjoyed strong women. We are married now and I enjoy very much being overpowered, especially by those lovely, muscular and very powerful legs of hers. I have to end this saying that the world would be a better place if women were on top. My wife is having me between her thighs and squeezing me if I don't write this.

Between muscular legsNov 13 2015 1:15am
My legs are twice bigger and muscular than my husband legs. When we're walking or sitting next to each other people staring at us, this embarrassing him because it shows the big difference between me and him in strength and muscles.

Woman Nov 19 2015 4:35pm
maybe because he is skinny and you are a bit more chubby,usually big woman have bigger legs is normal

alNov 28 2015 5:01am
Xt8EgO personal war first presumably was Li Xuan Ba or flowed a breeze star?Caesar as if deep in thought

bWTfxBNeQfXINov 28 2015 5:11am
Al, it's right that i'm way heavier than him but also i'm much muscular and stronger

Woman Nov 28 2015 9:32am
so your legs are twice his size because of just muscles?

alDec 01 2015 8:03am
Yes my legs are full of muscles

Woman Dec 01 2015 8:36am
how big if I may ask?

alDec 01 2015 1:42pm
Yes you may. Thighs: 29 calves: 20

WDec 02 2015 11:52am
wow seriously? no fat? just pure muscle?

alDec 02 2015 1:15pm
You can say it's 90% or more muscles

Woman Dec 02 2015 1:24pm
i did even thought that there was legs that big in women

alDec 02 2015 1:25pm
Ya i know, but i told u people always staring at us. It's not common thing

Woman Dec 02 2015 1:28pm
yeah I can say that! your hubby can sit on your thigh

alDec 02 2015 1:36pm
Yes he can easily. He's reaya thin man with a tiny ass. Not like me

Woman Dec 02 2015 1:39pm
is not a problem 4 u?

alDec 02 2015 1:41pm
No, why to be a problem?

Woman Dec 02 2015 1:43pm
because of his weight

alDec 02 2015 1:44pm
No, thin small weak men are sexy

Woman Dec 02 2015 1:47pm
so for you is not a problem to be bigger?

alDec 02 2015 1:48pm
No i only attracted to small men

Woman Dec 02 2015 1:51pm
I am sorry but I think if you extent your leg horyzontally your hubby can sit on your shin

alDec 02 2015 1:55pm
Yes, you're right I choose my husband to be like that

Woman Dec 02 2015 1:57pm
can you actually do that?

alDec 02 2015 1:57pm
Yes we fid few times. My husband is really small man, but i lived him because of tha

Woman Dec 02 2015 2:01pm
ok he is small but you ned a lot of resistence and strength to keep a body up just with a leg

alDec 02 2015 2:03pm
I have this strength i've been lifting weights for more than 15 years

Woman Dec 02 2015 2:05pm
oh so you are fit?!

alDec 02 2015 2:06pm
Yes, absolutely strong muscular fit, well trained wife

Woman Dec 02 2015 2:09pm
and I suppose you are bit stronger than husband

alDec 02 2015 2:11pm
But stronger!! Yiu mean way way way stronger than him. He's nothing compared to me

Woman Dec 02 2015 2:11pm
for example?

alDec 02 2015 2:12pm
I beat him, wrestle him spank him. Luft all the heavy things. Change the car wheels. Go to gym he doesn't

Woman Dec 02 2015 2:17pm
whats so hard in changing a car wheel? and which heavy things you lift that he cannot?

alDec 02 2015 2:19pm
All the heavy things; sofa, refrigerator. And he can't lift the car wheels, we've four wheel car so they're big

Woman Dec 02 2015 2:28pm
ahahha so you can lift a refrigerator??

alDec 02 2015 2:29pm
Yes. Can u??

Woman Dec 02 2015 2:36pm
no but mine is big

alDec 02 2015 2:38pm
Doesn't matter it means I'm stronger than u

Woman Dec 02 2015 2:40pm
well it matters if yours is very small and mine very big

alDec 02 2015 2:41pm
No mine is very big also. I don't know why u get so upset if u meet a big stronger woman. That's just a childish

Woman Dec 02 2015 2:44pm
im not upset i am fascinated actually but you can just move the refrigerator or actually you can list it off the ground?

alDec 02 2015 2:45pm
Luft it. Moving it is so easy

Woman Dec 02 2015 2:49pm
so areyou telling methat one of those big frigerators which i cannot move alone if not swetting a lot canbe lifted by a single person?!

alDec 02 2015 2:51pm
ok i go to work now since you don t reply have a nice day bye!

alDec 02 2015 2:57pm
Yes, i can why it's too hard on u to believe in that.

Woman Dec 02 2015 6:40pm
because is a huge freezer u need 4 guys to deliver it here home!

alDec 03 2015 12:35pm
So it means I'm stronger than 4 men

Woman Dec 03 2015 12:52pm

alDec 03 2015 12:54pm
Accept it

Woman Dec 03 2015 12:55pm
but....woman are usually small and weak

alDec 03 2015 12:56pm
Ok, but i'm 196 cm 100 kg muscular what about u? Man

Woman Dec 03 2015 1:01pm
oh.... wow,,,, im....less

alDec 03 2015 1:02pm
Trained boxer and wrestler by the way. So shut up this wonan can kick your ass

Woman Dec 03 2015 1:04pm
100 kg of muscles?! i am kinda 20 less :/

alDec 03 2015 1:05pm
Yes, what do u think i can do to u?

Woman Dec 03 2015 1:07pm
well compete with me for sure you are not small

alDec 03 2015 1:08pm
Sure, i can beat u. BTW my husband is lighter than me 43 kg

Woman Dec 03 2015 1:11pm
he weights 43 kilos? or 67

alDec 03 2015 1:13pm
57 kg

Woman Dec 03 2015 1:14pm
oh wow he is almost half of you how can he be so tiny with a colossal woman like you, i am a big guy and i feel that i can be smaller

alDec 03 2015 1:15pm
He's like a child with me

Woman Dec 03 2015 1:16pm
i feel smallas well you are 18 cm taller

alDec 03 2015 1:17pm
i think my face will reach just above your titts

alDec 03 2015 1:19pm
If i wear heels you'll be under my tits

Woman Dec 03 2015 1:23pm
how hiigh?

alDec 03 2015 1:25pm
12 so i'll be 208

Woman Dec 03 2015 1:27pm

alDec 03 2015 1:28pm
Sorry yes. You'll child to me then

Woman Dec 03 2015 1:30pm
ok 210 can be imrpessive I admit it

alDec 03 2015 1:32pm
Good, you can see how my husband feels now?

Woman Dec 03 2015 1:33pm
you sre muscular as well?

alDec 03 2015 1:34pm
Yes biceps: 19 thighs:29 calves: 21

Woman Dec 03 2015 1:35pm

alDec 03 2015 1:36pm
Inch, while my husband doesn't have muscles at all. What about u?

Woman Dec 03 2015 1:37pm
19 cm bicep?

alDec 03 2015 1:37pm
19 inches? your bicep is 19!?

alDec 03 2015 1:38pm
i start to understand why you can lift that frigerator

alDec 03 2015 1:39pm
Yes wanna try

Woman Dec 03 2015 1:40pm
wonna try what?

alDec 03 2015 1:41pm
My biceps feel it, or my thighs and calves

Woman Dec 03 2015 1:42pm
to feel them? how?

alDec 03 2015 1:43pm
I'll flex and you'll feel

Woman Dec 03 2015 1:44pm
what will be the feeling

alDec 03 2015 1:45pm
i think i have never touched something that huge

alDec 03 2015 1:48pm
You'll be scared probably

Woman Dec 03 2015 1:49pm
why so

alDec 03 2015 1:49pm
Because you'll see how strong i am, and what can i do to u? Especially if u touch my legs muscles

Woman Dec 03 2015 1:53pm
im more impressed by your arms sorry they are ENORMOUS i cannot encircle your bicep with bot hands

alDec 03 2015 1:54pm
I knew you're a week man

Woman Dec 03 2015 1:55pm
why weak

alDec 03 2015 1:56pm
You can't encircle my biceps my smallest muscle. Sure u r week

Woman Dec 03 2015 1:58pm
im small not weak

alDec 03 2015 2:00pm
Haha, both

Woman Dec 03 2015 2:02pm
i will squeeze your bicep very hard than you will realize

alDec 03 2015 2:03pm
Haha, okay, i'm sure you'll only gonna embarrass your self. Why u hate the idea of woman being stronger than u?

Woman Dec 03 2015 2:06pm
because i love challenges, why should i embarass myself?

alDec 03 2015 2:07pm
Because you'll lose. Yiur weak small man

Woman Dec 03 2015 2:09pm
ahahah bow can i loose squeezing a bicep?

alDec 03 2015 2:10pm
It won't be squeezed with u.

Woman Dec 03 2015 2:14pm
ok we will se, at least i will put your arm down while you flex so u wont flex anymore

alDec 03 2015 2:16pm
Haha, I can't wait to see u struggle with all your power and never ba able to squeeze one muscle

Woman Dec 03 2015 2:18pm
well if i put my weight on it at least uit;ll go down u cannot keep my weight in one arm flexed you are not hulk

alDec 03 2015 2:21pm
Haha, i think i can. Plus when men fear woman they never win her

Woman Dec 03 2015 2:25pm
u can what?

alDec 03 2015 2:26pm
I mean i'll keep my biceps fkex. No matter what and you'll be losing with your shame

Woman Dec 03 2015 2:30pm
i don t think you understood if u keep your bicep flezed means that my full body will be hanging from that musculararm of yours

alDec 03 2015 2:31pm
Okay, so you want to keep hanging from biceps for hours like babies, and then u say that you win a challenge what baby

Woman Dec 03 2015 2:35pm
i sai that is not possibl for u to do it am i wrong?

alDec 03 2015 2:36pm
I don't get it. What do u want?

Woman Dec 03 2015 2:42pm
i am asking if you think i can hang from your arm with all my weight and still you hold the flex and my body practically will be suspended in the air

alDec 04 2015 6:22am
Yes i can do it. I answered you 200 times. But of course I can't do it forever. Please stop asking me this question. God you're so stupid

Woman Dec 05 2015 2:31am
hey I am not stupid i should teach you some education, but damn you are too strong :(

alDec 05 2015 7:52am
Hi this thread still going? im 28 male 20 inch thighs what measurements of other guys or gals on this thread?

Hero87Dec 05 2015 1:58pm
Al, exactly this why avoid making me angry. Hero, i'm 29 married woman with 29 thighs, and 21 calves.

Woman Dec 05 2015 5:40pm
wow very thick..u think around low 20s average for a male?

Hero87Dec 07 2015 6:52pm
any1 else still on this chat?

Hero87Dec 08 2015 10:44am
Yes, From my experience most men will be around 20

Woman Dec 10 2015 4:09am
i would say thats about right..unless u talking about body builder or footballer guy

Hero87Dec 10 2015 10:45am
Ya Its avarage for men to be within size. What's your size?

Woman Dec 10 2015 12:24pm
20 thighs calves 14 about

Hero87Dec 10 2015 2:26pm
My biceps almost equal to your thigh. I'm much bigger than you

Woman Dec 10 2015 2:32pm
ok but u must be huge bodybuilder physique, the normal sized athletic women wouldnt be that much larger or stronger in the legs

Hero87Dec 10 2015 2:40pm
Yes you're right. I'm real huge woman. But actually i like my legs to be like that

Woman Dec 10 2015 2:43pm
yet there are some average sized women who have stronger legs than guys

Hero87Dec 10 2015 5:05pm
Yes i know that. So imagine the difference between my legs strength and avarage guys

Woman Dec 11 2015 3:24am
what s the size of average guy for you?

weak?Dec 11 2015 3:40am
Maybe, thighs 20 calves 15 biceps 12.5

Woman Dec 11 2015 4:05am
height and weight?

weak?Dec 11 2015 4:18am
180 cm. 80 kg

Woman Dec 11 2015 4:19am
so you are bigger than that?

weak?Dec 11 2015 4:20am
I'm 102 kg and 197 cm

Woman Dec 11 2015 4:23am
102? kilos?!!!

weak?Dec 11 2015 4:26am
you are 15 cm taller than me and 20 kilos more

weak?Dec 11 2015 4:28am
i was sure to be much bigger than average guy

weak?Dec 11 2015 4:30am
Yes kilos. I know I'm bigger than most men. Plus i'm muscular woman

Woman Dec 11 2015 4:31am
are you fit woman? nice!

weak?Dec 11 2015 4:33am
You're bigger than the average guy. I'm really huge muscular woman

Woman Dec 11 2015 4:36am
bigger than average but still very small to you

weak?Dec 11 2015 4:37am
Hahaha, yes i know isn't it great

Woman Dec 11 2015 4:38am
youir muscles are big than? I supoose iam not just smaller but also bit weakrt

weak?Dec 11 2015 4:39am
Yes they're so big. Thighs 29 inches calves 21 biceps 19.

Woman Dec 11 2015 4:40am
isn't it great what exactly?

weak?Dec 11 2015 4:40am
this measures are your muscles? pumped or not?

weak?Dec 11 2015 4:41am
That men are smaller & weaker than me

Woman Dec 11 2015 4:41am
you like it this way? why? is intresting

weak?Dec 11 2015 4:42am
if those measures are my muscles in your opinion i'm sorry im not sucha muscled guy

weak?Dec 11 2015 4:43am
Yes i love it to beat and wrestle men.

Woman Dec 11 2015 4:46am
I hope your husband is ni jealous, if you are that big i cannot imagine him

weak?Dec 11 2015 4:47am
Haha, my husband no he's small weak man. He's not jealous he's scared

Woman Dec 11 2015 4:48am
so you are bigger ....and stronger...than husband?

weak?Dec 11 2015 4:49am
Way bigger and stronger. He's like a child comparing to me

Woman Dec 11 2015 4:50am
oh camon he maybe let you win, never heard husband weaker than wife, so much

weak?Dec 11 2015 4:51am
but...wait a minute. i read better previous post your bicep is 19 inches? and calves 21??

weak>Dec 11 2015 4:52am
Hahaha, never heard alright that's weird. Anyway when he cries does he fake that as well

Woman Dec 11 2015 4:53am
he cryes why?

weak?Dec 11 2015 4:53am
He cries when i beat him. Yes my biceps is 19 inches and calves is 21

Woman Dec 11 2015 4:54am
i mean i ve heard of woman stronger than husbands but small differences not like mum and son

weak?Dec 11 2015 4:55am
holy f**kyour bicep is lyke my thigh!!!

weak?Dec 11 2015 4:56am
Hahaha, so i'm the first one. But it's great to be like mum to my husband

Woman Dec 11 2015 4:56am
i got experience where i was weaker but not so much!!

weak?Dec 11 2015 4:57am
why you like to be like mum to husband?

weak?Dec 11 2015 4:58am
Well with me men can try new experience as being much weaker or children again. I don't know i just love it not only with my husband with all men being much bigger stronger muscular and protective to them

Woman Dec 11 2015 5:01am
men can try new experience as being much weaker or children again, can you explain? is intesting!! how you got so big and strong by the way?

weak?Dec 11 2015 5:02am
I go to the gym lift weights and swim daily. Training wrestling and boxing teice a week. I meant I wrestle lots of men beating them and then make them my babies or slaves for a night as a reward for the winner

Woman Dec 11 2015 5:04am
boxing? wuth those arms in one punch you lift my body from floor and i faint just one shot

weak!!!Dec 11 2015 5:06am
Hahaha, good do u understand now why my husband cry

Woman Dec 11 2015 5:06am
for example how can you make me feel weaker? or small?

weak!Dec 11 2015 5:07am
well i think he cannot defend himself even if you let him try he could not hurt you i suppose you are a mountain of muscles

weak!Dec 11 2015 5:08am
I beat u wrestle u, compare muscles with u, lift u. Anyway I'm at work now and we can continue chatting at night

Woman Dec 11 2015 5:08am
ok i will wait you are anintresting woman

weak!Dec 11 2015 5:09am
Yes I told u my husband is so submissive to me. He's a weak child

Woman Dec 11 2015 5:09am
butif he punches you? he hurts you?

weak!Dec 11 2015 5:10am
No he doesn't. Not only him many other men looks like children compare to me and hit like children too or that how I feel

Woman Dec 11 2015 7:06am
i guess your muscles are also pretty hard than not just very very big

weak!Dec 11 2015 10:23am
whats ur stats weak?

Hero87Dec 11 2015 3:31pm
Yes you're right my muscles are extremely hard.

Woman Dec 11 2015 6:04pm
well biceps 13 pumped and fully hard flexed, calves 14 inches and thighs 19.5/20 inches i weight 82 kilos and im 184 cm

weak!Dec 12 2015 8:20pm
Oh god weak every time I remember your thigh size i can't stop laughing. It's equal to my biceps

Woman Dec 13 2015 1:35am
i am ashamed thinking "woman" muscles even unflexed are much bigger than mine and i bet a bit harder as well :(

weak!Dec 13 2015 1:35am
No don't be ashamed. I'm stronger and muscular than most men. Plus women are becoming the stronger sex these days

Woman Dec 13 2015 1:40am
i mean my flexed muscles are smaller than yours relaxed?!

weak!Dec 13 2015 2:10am
Yes definitely, and that's normal. Most adult men look like babies to me

Woman Dec 13 2015 2:17am
oh ok wow! i think your legs are not just bigger but also harder even without flex compared to mine fully flexed, i can feel my muscles being pretty smooth

weak!Dec 13 2015 2:19am
Haha, that's great i love smooth soft men

Woman Dec 13 2015 2:26am
I have never thought to be so smaller

weak! Dec 13 2015 2:33am
Y?? It's a great thing i can play with u like a child

Woman Dec 13 2015 2:41am
Ah ah such as? Put me on one of your leg and play rodeo? U put me in the knee and do calf rises with one leg ahah

weak!Dec 13 2015 2:45am
Haha, ya isn't this great for me to play with u like that. You'd be literally my child

Woman Dec 13 2015 2:49am
I was joking can you really do it?

weak!Dec 13 2015 2:51am
You can actually train your calves in this way

weak!Dec 13 2015 2:53am
Yes absolutely i can do it. I treat many men as my childrens. Anyway this poll will close at 300 comments and we should move to the one under that one directly

Woman Dec 13 2015 2:54am
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