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Question: mmmm yummy ice cream..<3
Created by: 111scary111 at 12:06:07 AM, Monday, September 01, 2008 EDT


Iced Cream makes me VOMIT. I used to think it is because I am allergic to dairy (and I am allergic to dairy). But even non-dairy iced cream also makes me vomit, I do not know why. What is in it that makes me vomit?

Mr IC AllergicSep 01 2008 9:15pm

Perhaps it's the carrageenan but only a doctor could know. If it is the carrageenan, Haagen-Dazs ice cream is very high in fat and saturated fat but the last I checked, it has no carrageenan. Double check that problem because I AM NOT A DOCTOR!!!

A guy WHO IS NOT A DOCTOR (quack-quack!!!)Mar 19 2009 11:30pm
For me, chocolate, coffee and mocha IS A THREE-WAY TIE!!!

AnonymousMar 19 2009 11:33pm

GabbyJan 04 2014 12:02pm

BrianJan 04 2014 12:02pm
Uhm.. Hewwo.. I dont know if u allow me to come here..

BeniJan 04 2014 12:06pm
i said yea

BrianJan 04 2014 12:06pm
hey baby!;P jk hey did you see the pic I posted on the pic is in love the post is im fat! did you see it huh?huh?huh? @brian

GabbywabbyJan 04 2014 12:06pm
Otay... Sooo... Hewwo!

BeniJan 04 2014 12:06pm
lol im soo weird!=P

GabbyJan 04 2014 12:07pm
Is that... Uhm.. Is that you?....... *blushes* @Gabby

BeniJan 04 2014 12:08pm
Hewwo beniboo!!!=P

GabbyJan 04 2014 12:08pm
yea n 1 ur not fat 2 da u look so sexy down there and 3 why only pantys? im not complaining jw

BrianJan 04 2014 12:09pm
yea thats me why?#^_^#@beni

GabbywabbyJan 04 2014 12:09pm
... *tries to talk but cant* hmph....... Uhm.......

Beni is stunned......Jan 04 2014 12:10pm
Ha idk i was bored so I just started taking pics n i wasn't wearing pants but idc! ha wowXD@Brian

GabbyJan 04 2014 12:11pm
haha :D xD but dam u fine wat bout me?

BrianJan 04 2014 12:12pm
hehehe #^_^# sooo im guessing you liked it!;PPP@Beniboo<333

GabbyJan 04 2014 12:12pm
Ur hott! i wov ur hair n cheeks I would just lick ur whole face n body if I could<3333 @brian

GabbywabbyJan 04 2014 12:14pm
I...... I...... *finally talks* i....... Wow........ Ur perfect Gabby.......

Beni still stunnedJan 04 2014 12:15pm
yea it sux my grandparents made me cut it but im growing it back out

BrianJan 04 2014 12:16pm
Hehehehe!#^_^# Thanks!!:) I'm perfect so date meh!!!!;P@Beni

GabbywabbyJan 04 2014 12:17pm
Aawwww Yay ^_^ur growing it back out!!#•_•#XD @Brian

GabyJan 04 2014 12:20pm

BrianJan 04 2014 12:22pm
;) so anyway I took dat pic like 4weeks ago!=)

GabbyJan 04 2014 12:23pm
u look so sexy and hot babe ;)

BrianJan 04 2014 12:24pm
Hehehehehehee....... Awwwwwh........ ###^_^###

BeniJan 04 2014 12:25pm

BeniJan 04 2014 12:25pm
wat ben?

BrianJan 04 2014 12:26pm
Do I really baby!;P@Brian

GabbywabbyJan 04 2014 12:27pm
amazingly sexy stunning hot beautiful gorgeous and more ;D

BrianJan 04 2014 12:28pm

GabbyJan 04 2014 12:29pm
lol its true u do

BrianJan 04 2014 12:29pm

GabbyJan 04 2014 12:31pm
*hugs Gabby tightly* <3

BeniJan 04 2014 12:31pm
ur to cute *pulls u close to me and kisses u deeply on the lips*

BrianJan 04 2014 12:32pm

BeniJan 04 2014 12:33pm
*hugs beni back* why you sad?@beni awww I know im cute no kissing meh doe!=)@brain

GabbyJan 04 2014 12:35pm
ok what happen gabby and ben what happen?

BrianJan 04 2014 12:35pm
gabby boo =)

loganJan 04 2014 12:37pm
Nothing.... *rubs Gabbys bck*

BeniJan 04 2014 12:37pm
Logan.. Gabby doesnt like u anymore... Im sowwy...

BeniJan 04 2014 12:38pm
ben wats the post u n gabby talked on

BrianJan 04 2014 12:39pm
Whut?.. Why u wanna know?.. @Brian

BeniJan 04 2014 12:40pm
No logan you know whatim really sorry but we are done.=/ n nothing happened brian!*kisses beni on the lips*

GabbyJan 04 2014 12:40pm
bc i do now wts the poll

BrianJan 04 2014 12:40pm
Nd its Beni.. Not ben...

BeniJan 04 2014 12:40pm
=( - leaves

loganJan 04 2014 12:41pm
Mmh......... *blushes* Gabby.... I... Uh...... U know i have a gf.....

BeniJan 04 2014 12:41pm
something happend -_- and im sick of people lieing to me

Rebel goneJan 04 2014 12:42pm
Yea I know beni....=)))

GabbywabbyJan 04 2014 12:45pm
Ok brian u wanna know sooo bably ='C its who's tha sexiest in bummin ok there brian!

GabbyJan 04 2014 12:46pm
Otay... Uhm.. *blushes more* @Gabby

BeniJan 04 2014 12:46pm
But why did he want to know?...

BeniJan 04 2014 12:47pm
Cuz he knows I keep a lot of things from him! thats why he wants to know n shít.

GabbyJan 04 2014 12:50pm
Awh... *hugs rly tight*

BeniJan 04 2014 12:50pm
*hugs u back tight* I love you so much!=^_^=

GabbyJan 04 2014 12:53pm

BeniJan 04 2014 12:55pm
You will always be in my heart beni!<33333

GabbyJan 04 2014 12:56pm
like i said earlyier thxs for lieing to me gabby -_- ig i wont be seeing u again.....fck this site and fck u with beni and everone else i hope ur last breath is with him bc my last breath will be saying FCK U GABBY * gone for good

Brian gone foreverJan 04 2014 12:57pm
Awwwh!!...... @Gabby<3.. Brian... Plz....... Dont make her sad ... :'c

BeniJan 04 2014 12:59pm
beni u didnt no wat i went through u dont no WAT SHE DID TO ME

BrianJan 04 2014 1:00pm
Brian you need to read the other poll!-_- he doesn't understand beni!

GabbyJan 04 2014 1:00pm
i understand everything n have read the poll oh boohoo u hve cancer well yea that suck but it dosnt give u the excuse to lie to me for over a fcking year

BrianJan 04 2014 1:02pm
beni u no wat she said to me a year ago?

BrianJan 04 2014 1:03pm
Ok yes I did lie ok brian! n its not cancer!!!〒_〒 ur a douch brian

GabbyJan 04 2014 1:04pm
.... *hugs gabby as tight as i can* SHUT UP BRIAN.....

Beni..Jan 04 2014 1:05pm
im the douch really bc i found out that u dont care about me and everything that u said to me was a lie??? i go back to that day we met and think that was a mistake i should have never met u -_-

BrianJan 04 2014 1:05pm

BeniJan 04 2014 1:06pm

BeniJan 04 2014 1:06pm
i bet u anything she will do the exact same thing to u she says she cant live without u she says if u dont date her she will kill herself or says i love u and lie to ur face

BrianJan 04 2014 1:06pm
I didn't lie to you!-_-

GabbyJan 04 2014 1:07pm
no u didnt? oh well from my view u lied to me several times and the proof is on that post *i dont wana be with logan or brian* oh but a year ago u said u only wanted to be with me -_-

BrianJan 04 2014 1:08pm

Gabby Jan 04 2014 1:09pm
u remember the pic u sent me on face book with the pills in ur mouth well u should have swallowed or the knife on ur throught well u should have moved it rely fast ir the rope around ur neck well should have hunged it up and junped off a chair >:(

BrianJan 04 2014 1:10pm
That may be true Brian. But she did that to me too nd u didnt say poo when that happened huh?! Well i didnt care. Cuz i truly loved her...!

BeniJan 04 2014 1:10pm

BeniJan 04 2014 1:11pm
-_- and u got slut issues peace of sht fcking bull sht iv been lied to by so many people and bac stabbed by so many people but u gabby u were the last on my list to think u would do it but the list ends with u -_-

BrianJan 04 2014 1:11pm

GabbyJan 04 2014 1:12pm
beni uv nown her for what 3 months iv known her for over a year

BrianJan 04 2014 1:12pm
hurts dont it well this is wat i go through every fcking day >:(

BrianJan 04 2014 1:13pm
Gabby dont be sad... :''c

BeniJan 04 2014 1:14pm

GabbyJan 04 2014 1:16pm
just remember this gabby beni cant love u the way i do - gone

Brian doneJan 04 2014 1:16pm

Brian gone frJan 04 2014 1:17pm
*hugs beni tight*=''C

GabbJan 04 2014 1:18pm

AaronJan 04 2014 1:18pm
im sorry Gabby :/

AaronJan 04 2014 1:18pm

BeniJan 04 2014 1:18pm
*hugs bck tight* :'c

BeniJan 04 2014 1:19pm
Gabby........Ik what i said yesterday...and ik it was true..but im sorry bout my feelings..i should have kept thdm in....

AaronJan 04 2014 1:20pm
Why are you sowwy Aaron???0.o n Beni I can't believe he said that to me!=''C

GabbyJan 04 2014 1:21pm
Becaue I let out my feelings and i feel weird now

AaronJan 04 2014 1:21pm
Sh... Ik... Ik...

BeniJan 04 2014 1:22pm

GabbyJan 04 2014 1:25pm
I think I should you think I should Gabby

Aaron..Cannot decide to leave or notJan 04 2014 1:25pm
*kisses her cheek*

BeniJan 04 2014 1:25pm
#^_^#awwwww!:) *holds on to beni tight* stay aaron.=)

GabbyJan 04 2014 1:28pm
Hehe.. #^_^#

BeniJan 04 2014 1:28pm
I...dunno...I dont like myself right nw...and someone else doesnt like me either

AaronJan 04 2014 1:29pm

GabbywabbyJan 04 2014 1:30pm
I like you aaron nd Im glad you told me how you felt!=))

GabbyJan 04 2014 1:31pm
Heh *wearing a pair of white tiger ears tht i got from meh gf* i wuv these :O

BeniJan 04 2014 1:33pm
Hehehe!#^_^# my doctor called beni!=)

GabbyJan 04 2014 1:35pm
soo wats up

AaronJan 04 2014 1:35pm
hello o.o goodbye o.o

jacks watching a show called long way round Jan 04 2014 1:35pm
Hah.. Rly?! :O

BeniJan 04 2014 1:36pm
i waslooking out the window and sen a dog running down the road im like oh look a dog, then im like wait thats Max!!!!!! lol had to run in the snow clear down the road to gt him XD

AaronJan 04 2014 1:36pm
Im watching rambo - first blood . O.O :3

BeniJan 04 2014 1:37pm
Nm just being myself!c: wbu?@aaron

GabJan 04 2014 1:37pm
well read mylast

AaronJan 04 2014 1:37pm
lol ummm....I hate doctors!they say bad news all the time.-.

GabbyJan 04 2014 1:38pm
awww lol @Gabby

AaronJan 04 2014 1:39pm
Awww... :'c @Gabby

BeniJan 04 2014 1:39pm
was the news bad???

AaronJan 04 2014 1:43pm
Now they said I have to go under surgery!=/

Gabbywabby:3Jan 04 2014 1:43pm
awwwww *hugs u* dont worryi've had to have surgery b4 like 3 times :/

AaronJan 04 2014 1:44pm
But I worried cuz in my condistion I might..*hugs aaron back*...umm..nvm....and beni they said this surgery might help but they don't know for sure.=/

GabbyJan 04 2014 1:48pm
*holds u* wats the surgery for...i have to have surgery for my back..i have scoliosis so i have to have metal rods placed in my back :/

AaronJan 04 2014 1:49pm
I fuking hope tht u will be alright... :'ccccc

BeniJan 04 2014 1:50pm
Ummm.....thats my buisness why im having surgery and awwww my little brother has the same as u aaron.=/

GabbyJan 04 2014 1:52pm

GabbyJan 04 2014 1:54pm
Awwwwwwwww dknt fuking die >:(

AaronJan 04 2014 1:56pm

BeniJan 04 2014 1:57pm
yeah Gabby....You will pull through anything the worldthrows ur way

Aaron Jan 04 2014 1:59pm
I can't do anything about it!....This f*cking thing is eating my insides and there is nothing anybody can do to stop it....=///

GabbyJan 04 2014 2:01pm

AaronJan 04 2014 2:03pm
But I feel fine.......I know i'm fine!=)

Gabbywabby:3Jan 04 2014 2:05pm
awww...... Gabby you have ppl that love you...thats all that matters

AaronJan 04 2014 2:07pm
I don't feel anymore pain but I know its doing something bad in my body...

Gabbywabby:3Jan 04 2014 2:07pm

AaronJan 04 2014 2:09pm
*hugs you tightly*ok-ok-ok im sowwy!!=^_^=

GabbyJan 04 2014 2:11pm
-hugs u- its just made me scared lol

AaronJan 04 2014 2:11pm
Awww!;* ur sooo cute!!!!*kisses your cheek*

Gabbywabby:3Jan 04 2014 2:13pm
i gtg brb -hugs ukisses u- Gabbybjust remember i love u no mater wat...

Aaron---brb---Jan 04 2014 2:14pm

GabbyJan 04 2014 2:15pm

Gabbywabby:3Jan 04 2014 2:18pm
hi sweetheart

DaddyJan 04 2014 2:25pm
Ugh Gabby i dont want to loose u.. :'c

BeniJan 04 2014 2:28pm
u here gabby?

BrianJan 04 2014 2:52pm
Yup im here!=)

Gabbywabby=)Jan 04 2014 2:54pm

BrianJan 04 2014 2:54pm
Ugh ima have to leave at 8 tonight and I won't be able to come on for days!

GabbyJan 04 2014 2:57pm
yea i read v.v *hugs u tight*

BrianJan 04 2014 2:58pm
*hugs you back* but I feel fine.=)

GabbyJan 04 2014 2:59pm
gabby y dont u want me texting u? jw n please be honest

BrianJan 04 2014 3:00pm
Bc my dad checks my phone and my emailsbasicly everything.-. n he don't like boys like you.

GabbyJan 04 2014 3:03pm
ok thank u *looks down and inches my way a lil closer to u*

BrianJan 04 2014 3:04pm
ur welcome.

GabbyJan 04 2014 3:05pm
so uh im really sorry i didnt mean any of those things *up the post*

Brian is so sorry i love u with all my <3Jan 04 2014 3:06pm

GabbyJan 04 2014 3:08pm
Oh yea ok.

GabbyJan 04 2014 3:08pm
:( im truely sorry babe i am deep down my heart shatters when im not with u

BrianJan 04 2014 3:09pm

GabbyJan 04 2014 3:12pm

BrianJan 04 2014 3:13pm

GabbyJan 04 2014 3:14pm

BrianJan 04 2014 3:15pm
andim back after watching obi wan kenobi ride a motorcycle o.o

jack Jan 04 2014 3:16pm
I'm not going to do really anything because I don't wanna ruin this last chance.

GabbyJan 04 2014 3:16pm

Brian i wish i could just tell her :(Jan 04 2014 3:17pm
:O i hope your surgery dont fail

jack *IS FUDGING WORRIED*Jan 04 2014 3:18pm
Me too jack me too.*giggles* don't be worried.=)

GabbyJan 04 2014 3:19pm

GabbyJan 04 2014 3:20pm
yeah i prob shouldn't worry..

jack *was worried cuz one his friends died of cancer some time aJan 04 2014 3:21pm
I don't have cancer.XD My mom had the same thing that I have when she was my age.So yea she had surgery and she was perfectly fine im going to be fine jack.=)

GabbyJan 04 2014 3:24pm
um nothing im very tired again :(

BrianJan 04 2014 3:25pm

BeniJan 04 2014 3:26pm
Hewwo beniboo!:) n what kind of tired?like you wanna go to sleep?@Brian

GabbyJan 04 2014 3:29pm

BeniJan 04 2014 3:30pm

GabbyJan 04 2014 3:31pm

BrianJan 04 2014 3:31pm
o.o i confuse myself sometimes o.O

jack doesnt like the original dragon ball z he likes DBZ kai o.oJan 04 2014 3:33pm
kia sucks balls

AnonymousJan 04 2014 3:34pm
than go to sleep.Ima tell my dad if he can take me to the hospital early cuz I wanna go to the basement.

GabbyJan 04 2014 3:34pm

BeniJan 04 2014 3:35pm
What beni???

GabbyJan 04 2014 3:36pm

BeniJan 04 2014 3:37pm
i cant my grandmother makin spaghetti tonight and she make awesome spaghetti and i wana talk to u :/

Brian beni dsnt like meJan 04 2014 3:38pm
ha the A.V Hospital's basement is where I gave my soul to lucifer!=) man I remember that day!=D

GabbywabbyJan 04 2014 3:43pm
? um ok

BrianJan 04 2014 3:45pm
hahahaha!XD I'm glad im going to a.v hospital cuz I know my way around there n I know more about that hospital than the ppl that work there!=D

GabbyJan 04 2014 3:48pm
omg gabby xD

Brian hopes u return safelyJan 04 2014 3:49pm
I wonder why beni hates you....=/

GabbyJan 04 2014 3:49pm
i think hes jellious

BrianJan 04 2014 3:50pm
I mean like thats where he took my soul so of course I know mainly all the history and where everything is.

Gabby xDJan 04 2014 3:52pm
lol gabby ur so cute

BrianJan 04 2014 3:52pm
hehehehehe!:) why is he jealous? he has a gf.

GabbyJan 04 2014 3:54pm
bc ur perfect :) but i was jelious to u no

BrianJan 04 2014 3:56pm
Hewwo... I dont hate u -.-' nd im not jealous... @Brian

BeniJan 04 2014 3:57pm
Why were you jealous? n nahhh....Im not perfect -.- c:

GabbyJan 04 2014 3:57pm
same reason i was a year ago y i dint want u sexting with anyone else but me its bc i care about u n yush ur perfect

BrianJan 04 2014 3:59pm
lol beniboo!!!;P ~Hugs beni tight~

GabbyJan 04 2014 3:59pm
*hugs bck tight* heh..

BeniJan 04 2014 4:00pm

GabbyJan 04 2014 4:01pm

BrianJan 04 2014 4:04pm
GABBY IS FAT!!!I know bítch ik-.- @myself

GabbyJan 04 2014 4:09pm
No... Ur perfect Gabby.....

BeniJan 04 2014 4:09pm
Hahaha u just sayin that cuz u saw that pic!;)

GabbyJan 04 2014 4:10pm
No Gabby... I mean... U act nd look like a perfect girl.... <3 i love you...

BeniJan 04 2014 4:13pm
Awwwww!=) I love you too!=////////3

GabbywabbyJan 04 2014 4:15pm
Hehe... :///3

BeniJan 04 2014 4:16pm
want me to leave u guys alone?

BrianJan 04 2014 4:18pm
Ur so hott beni!;)

GabbyJan 04 2014 4:18pm
no brian I wanted you to fuk me!;P

GabbyJan 04 2014 4:19pm
but im not hrny?

BrianJan 04 2014 4:21pm
I was jk xDDD

Gabby's not horny either!=DJan 04 2014 4:23pm
oh haha xD

BrianJan 04 2014 4:24pm

BeniJan 04 2014 4:27pm

Gabby *yells out loudly "get off my dick batman!"*Jan 04 2014 4:27pm
haha xD gabby ur to cute

BrianJan 04 2014 4:29pm

GabbyJan 04 2014 4:30pm
dam calm down gabster

BrianJan 04 2014 4:31pm

GabbyJan 04 2014 4:32pm

BrianJan 04 2014 4:32pm
Uhm.. Sooooo.. What yall doing?...

BeniJan 04 2014 4:33pm
Watching tv n Oomg I don't wanna go!!.....I wanna stay here n talk to you guys =/

GabbyJan 04 2014 4:34pm
Awww. :'c *hugs Gabby tightly*

BeniJan 04 2014 4:35pm
playin minecraft *picks a rose and gives it to gabby* =) i love u

Brian dosnt want u to go eitherJan 04 2014 4:36pm
*hugs beni back* I'll try to come on when I can. but i still have 4 more hours to talk to u guys!

GabbyJan 04 2014 4:38pm
the most funniest line i have ever heard: " SUCK MY MOTHERFUKING 4 YEAR OLD DÃŽCK!" xD i was watching some funny vids with trolling and most disrespectful kid on xbox live xD

jack o.o xD Jan 04 2014 4:40pm
awwww!=) thanks brian!*grabs the rose and hugs brian tightly*

GabbyJan 04 2014 4:40pm
Ok... <3 uhm... Soo.. What u wanna do/tlk about?.. c:

BeniJan 04 2014 4:40pm
:) ur welcome *hugs back tight*

BrianJan 04 2014 4:40pm
lmfao wow jack!=PPP

GabbyJan 04 2014 4:41pm
and then he even told the guy to subscribe to his youtube channel after calling him a dick whore slut etc xD

jackJan 04 2014 4:42pm
What vid nd from what youtuber?? X3

BeniJan 04 2014 4:43pm

Gabbys dad let her drive home dat time n dat happened!XDJan 04 2014 4:43pm
omg an ur happy bout that :o

BrianJan 04 2014 4:46pm
Omg my subscribe to this youtube @cherlloydismyobsession

Gabbywabby:3 Jan 04 2014 4:47pm
Who knows if thats a real one i just f*ckin typed it randomly!

GabbyJan 04 2014 4:48pm

Brian xDJan 04 2014 4:51pm
Mmm omg my pussys throbbing!!!!;)

GabbyJan 04 2014 4:52pm
i thot u said u wernt hrny xD

BrianJan 04 2014 4:54pm
Oooh well.. I think imma go to sleep .-.

BeniJan 04 2014 4:56pm

GabJan 04 2014 4:56pm
haha xD ur so adorable *pulls u closer to me*

Brian k night beniJan 04 2014 4:57pm
Ok bye beni! I love you!<33333

GabbyJan 04 2014 4:57pm
Awh... Good night..

BeniJan 04 2014 4:59pm
*wraps my arms around brians neck n kisses him softly on the lips*mmmm!;P

Gabbywabby:3Jan 04 2014 4:59pm
*wraps my arms around ur weist and makes out with u* mmmm ;P

BrianJan 04 2014 5:01pm
*pulls away* Ummm I don't know....

GabbyJan 04 2014 5:05pm
v.v ok

BrianJan 04 2014 5:06pm
i doubt youll see this but its: "videogames" thts the youtube channel @ beni

jackJan 04 2014 5:07pm
*sits down*

jackdoesCoDJan 04 2014 5:08pm
I'm sowwy I just don't wanna ruin the last chance I have with you brian!=//

GabbyJan 04 2014 5:10pm
i might just go and watch him troll a baby in gta 5..

jackdoesCoD ♪SHOULD I STAT OR SHOULD I GO NOW?♪xDJan 04 2014 5:11pm
>.> u wont and jack can u read posts?

BrianJan 04 2014 5:12pm
Ima go eat n i gtg to the hospital already I'll see if i can come on tomorrow in the afternoon but tonight im having to surgery igtg already bye guys!:)

Gabby had to go and is goneJan 04 2014 5:13pm
nooo :(

BrianJan 04 2014 5:15pm
yup :D but i can not comment i just use the phonw version of google which it always stays on >_< then look at the post by searching it but do it like this: " (example→)ITS DA POPO!" and search

jack o.o Jan 04 2014 5:16pm
ok... bye *kisses you* i hope surgery goes well {:D

jackJan 04 2014 5:17pm
wait how u serch then the post name?

Brian on googleJan 04 2014 5:19pm
lt0Inj Hi there! Do you use Twitter? I'd like to follow you if that would be ok. I'm absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.

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