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Dad Punishment

Question: Should daughters allow to punish there father in the absense of her Alpha Mother
Created by: afsahn at 02:54:46 PM, Tuesday, September 09, 2008 PDT


What do you call punish?

KathySep 10 2008 12:23pm

It depends on the age of the daughter. If She is of legal age, yes.

obedient husbandSep 10 2008 2:43pm
Daughters should in the absence of their mother, have the birth right to punish all males. Especially their father. If the daughter wants her father naked for his punishment, he must obey. For a male to be naked in front of his daughter it also adds humilation to the punishment. At her request the male must obey.

TerrySep 10 2008 8:36pm
Hi. Yes in my house my daughters are allowed to punish to her father at anywhere in any time. Last Sunday my husband answered my mother back in front of my family in my mother's house. When we returened. I asked him why he did this? suddenly Noureen (my elder daughter) told me "Mom leave him to me" And after half an hour he entered in my room, wearing panty only, he went to corner and stand there and said "Promise tomorrow i will say SORRY to your respectable MOM" I dont know what she did with him but she is a second copy of me and i am happy

FakiaSep 11 2008 3:27am
Daughters should be trained and encouraged to maintain discipline in their families

SteveSep 11 2008 7:00am
Steve, I agree daughters at an early age should punish their fathers and brothers. Terry I also agree that males being naked adds humilation, and educates girls on the male's penis and balls.

WendySep 11 2008 8:36am
Wendy: I enjoy your opinion can you give us more detail?

SteveSep 12 2008 8:37am
Wendy, Put a plug in It!

JackSep 12 2008 8:08pm
wendy, have u ever punished ur dad. if yes, can u share experience.

cool guySep 13 2008 4:27am
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UpdateSep 13 2008 7:08am
cool guy, Yes I have been present many times as my father and brothers have been punished by my mother. Mother would punish me in private behind closed doors. But males in our house have always been publicly punished. I learned at an age when my mother thought I would understand male nudity and punishment, that went along with it. At first seeing a males package would get me excited (Even today it does) but its more like a common pratice at our home. Mother first would let me watch my brothers get punished. Then as I aged she would allow me to join in. I would tell my brothers it was punishment time and help get them undressed. Mother would not allow me to use the paddle on their behinds. As each year passed I was allowed to do more. Finally as I became a teenager she allowed me to apply the paddle. My brothers accepted this very well being I was present for such a long time. My father received his punishment behind closed doors but my brothers and I knew what Mom was doing. It was no secret. When I became 18 Mom said it was time I take over the duties of dads punishment. What surprised me was dad accepted it. (I think Mom had a long talk with dad before hand) The first time (I will never forget) dad stood before me as Mom read his offensives. His eyes looking down, so humiliated. I had never seen dad naked. His penis was short but fat. His balls hung low in his bag. Seeing his penis was some what of a let down. Thinking this is what brought me to life, it seemed so pitful and small. My brothers were 'hung' more. Mother instructed dad to take position. Legs spread bending over at the waist, hands on his knees. Mom handed me the paddle and told me how many swats he was to receive. I was going to actually paddle my father. Mom told me not to be gentle or I would get punished. I applied 17 swats on his bare behind. He would count them aloud as each swat was given. I missed with one swat that caught his balls by accident. Dad jumped up from his position, holding his balls, I could see tears in his eyes. I told Mom I was sorry but he moved. Mom told him to get back into position and he would receive 3 additional swats for moving. Dad received 20 swats that day and his behind was bright red. Mom told me I had done a good job and I could help when she decided. Even tho it wasn't very often I still to this day apply the paddle to my brothers and dad. I told Mom after the first time I paddle dad, I did on purpose miss his behind and swatted his balls. We both had a good laugh.

WendySep 13 2008 8:08pm
Wendy, have you every use whips to punish those under your power?

TomSep 14 2008 1:01pm
Wendy: Thank you for telling us about your household growing up. We men who believe in female power are thankful for women like you. Please continue and we will be glad to read more of your thoughts.

SteveSep 14 2008 7:18pm
Wendy, really I mean it, stop answering these fools! Tom, that such a dumb @$$ QUESTION! get a life fool!!! PS. you all are DUMB!!!

JackSep 15 2008 9:20pm
#0015 - (Mon.) * 9/15/08

UpdateSep 15 2008 9:22pm
Jack, if you don't enjoy this site, why do you read it. I think alot of people are interested in these stories. Some family lifestyle are very different than the normal. I tune in to read them because I like to hear from people all over the world. We are all different, so let them enjoy.

DavidSep 16 2008 7:48pm
Jack: you are becomming infected. This site is rotting your brain. Soon very soon you will see things our way. Step by step you will become fascinated, you will read all to bash us then read some more and more. Feel it happening read and comment and feel your useless balls shrink. It is happening step by step. Every shrill pansy defense rant. Go on say it " But I am a real man not one of these pussies" Go say it, think it, believe it until reality intrudes. Keep talking, in the end it all means is " SSStopppp itttt ". in that whiny pansy voice. You know where you belong Jack it is only a matter of time. Throw your Hissy fits and we will all smile knowingly, we have seen it before.

SteveSep 17 2008 7:20pm
Ms. Wendy, thank You very much for the story. It's a wonderful example how we inferior males must be treated. I wish You paddled me too...

Nick NSep 18 2008 7:11am
Yes, all women should have the right to punish any males. At a young age, a daughter should be allowed to punish her father only under supervision of the mother. Once she reaches the right age (determined by the mother), she is freely allowed to punish her father for any reason at any point. There is nothing more humiliating than a father bowing down to his daughter and taking a punishment from her, and mandating this principle will remind all men of their place.

AnonymousSep 18 2008 12:20pm
#0020 - (Thu.) * 9/18/08

UpdateSep 18 2008 2:25pm
You guys can't even get on the same page in the rule book, oh yes I can see this way of living, drop like a lead balloon if you fools make the rules, why don't you learn to follow the polls and see what majority demands! This poll lets it be knowen that the daughter has rights. Us young female are powerful and vibrant,so don't get in our way, I love you mom, but no old bag is going to stifle my powerful will to control and rule the male species. I've got a lot of learning to do and I'm not waiting until I'm 18 y/o...OLD LADY!!!

Amy, 13Sep 18 2008 3:00pm
Wendy tel me about your house hold chores, who is doing household work in your house. And are u allowed to punish your dad at any time or you nedd an approval from your mom? Tel me who's decision is final in your house? your dad has a right to reject or change ur mom or your's decision

FakiaSep 21 2008 11:44pm
Fakia, To answer your questions. I do not live at home with my family, I am in my third year of college. When I did live at home everyone did chores around the house (except my Mom). My chores were to keep my room straight. Now the boys did alot of the physical work. My dads jobs were cleaning the bathrooms (3) doing the laundry, cooking, (most meals) washing dishes, and shopping. He was the sole supporter, Mom stayed at home. So dad was very busy. I never punish dad unless Mom told me too while I lived at home. When I come back home now (usually once a month) Mom sometimes allows me to be with her during punishment. Mom will call them together, tell them to go get a shower and report back to her. Mom and I talk about school or what ever, when they file back into the family room. Mom reads their offensives and the paddle is applied to their backsides. Mom has been punishing the boys while she allows me to just punish dad. I told her I enjoy humilating dad and she agrees its a daughters way to begin treating men their rightful place. Start out with dad. Mom only uses a wooden paddle, nothing else. Now dad seems to accept it more since I am older and out of the house. The last time I was home dad stood before me and I was enjoying looking at his small penis and balls. I can't help but smile and sometimes laugh at him. His penis began to grow, and within minutes it was sticking straight out. I mentioned dad is small limp well even when he gets hard its still small. (I now know) This was a first time. It looked so silly straining to grow. Mom seen this and came over and flicked her finger onto dads penis head several times. It must have hurt dad because he pulled away. Quickly his little hardon disappeared and went limp. Mom told me to give him 10 swats and for his performance 3 more. I gave dad 13 that day and for the first time broke the skin. When I finished dad was crying and mom made him stay naked while the boys were dismissed. It took dad sometime to get himself composed. Mom and I talked till dad accepted his punishment. Mom kept him naked till I left. Seeing my father like this I have really lost all respect for him. In my eyes he is just a man who needs to be controled. Mom is the sole head of our family. Mothers decision is final in our house. When I marry it will be my final decision in my house. To answer your last question dad has no right to reject Moms decision. He never talks back. I don't get an opportunity to write often,I found this website from a friend. I enjoy sharing my lifestyle with everyone. Those who don't believe it or don't care for my writings, I don't mean to offend. Those who do enjoy, please feel free to ask questions. I will try to answer you.

WendySep 22 2008 6:45am
Wendy, is for real, but Fakia is for sure MALE, you can tell by the questions he ask!

AnonymousSep 22 2008 11:56am
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UpdateSep 22 2008 11:57am
Wendy What are your thoughts on squeezing balls as a punishment?

steveSep 22 2008 3:50pm
Ms. Wendy what is your height and weight and how does it compare to the other members of Your family? Also, do You keep male slaves at college? If You deign to answer this mere male's questions I would appreciate it.

obedient husbandSep 23 2008 3:03pm
Steve, I have never squeezed a mans balls as punishment. As I told everyone Mom only uses a paddle, and when I am asked to contribute this is what I use. Obedient husband I am 5 ft 2" my Mom is tall maybe 5 ft 8 or so. She is taller than my dad. No I am not interested in male slaves. Or dominating them as slaves. I am really a normal girl who was brought up in a female ruled family. Male nudity and punishment was so normal, but I did know my family was a little different than most. I have only shared my stories with my best friend and she found it most exciting. We room together here in college. I am just your average girl, who does what todays girls like to do. I hope I have answered all your questions.

WendySep 24 2008 7:42pm
Thanks Wendy, for your time.

AnonymousSep 24 2008 10:18pm
#0030 - (Thu.) * 9/25/08

UpdateSep 24 2008 10:19pm
Wendy Ma'am, thank you for responding.

obedient husbandSep 26 2008 3:55pm
Wendy, Thanks for replying, tel me who is responisble of your laundry and ironing and even who does laundry of your and your mom's private cloths. Tel me one thing more that whenever you and your mom punish to your dad, is it infront of all or it is in private? and every time is there any reason behiend the punishment or just to punish to relaize him The Female superiorty in the house

FakiaOct 04 2008 1:11am
Falkia, to answer your questions my dad is required to do the laundry and ironing. When I lived at home my dad did all my laundry also. My dad is sometimes punished with my brothers and sometimes alone. Punishment is handed out for things that were done wrong according to my Mom. I have talked to my Mom about having my room mate come home with me during break. Mom said it would be fine. I asked her if it would be ok if she could be included during the punishment session. Much to my surprise Mom said yes. When I told my room mate she was so excited we both giggled. I have told her about dad and how small his penis is, compared to my brothers. For me knowing they will be subject to this in front of my girlfriend excites me. I will keep everyone up to date if you like.

WendyOct 06 2008 6:19am
Your are more than welcome Wendy I will wait for your post

FakiaOct 07 2008 7:51am
Greetings to all. My roomate and I just returned back to school after our break. Like I said earlier we went to my house for six days. My roomate was so excited about going she could not sleep the nite before we left. Arriving at my house we were greeted by Mom, dad and my two brothers. Our first few days my roomate got to know my family, and fit right in. She slept in my room and at nite we would talk about dad and the boys. The days passed as I showed her around my little town and told her the stories of me growing up there. At nite as we laid in our beds she would ask me to you think tomorrow will be the day ? I was begining to think maybe Mom changed her mind about punishing them while we were here. At dinner time on the fifth day Mom stood up at the table and announced that after supper the males were going to receive their punishment for infractions they had done. My roomate looked over at me and we both giggled with excitment. Mom was really going to expose them to us two. After my brothers cleared the table and dad washed up the dishes we all assembled in the parlor. Mom was seated in a Queen Ann chair and told us to sit in the chairs next to her. She then told the three to go up stairs and remove all their clothes and return to her. While they were gone Mom explaned to us that all three were going to receive rather lengthy paddlings. Their action for the last few weeks were less than satisfactory. We soon heard them coming into the room, and my roomate was holding my hand and shaking with excitment. The three stood before us, and both my brothers had erections. My Mom said that was not the way to greet company, but said she would dispose of that problem. My roomate had a big smile on her face as she poked me with her elbow. There stood dad with his pouch belly and his little thing sticking out. Mom said the boys according to age would get their swats first. My older brother bent over grabbed his ankles. He has a large set of balls that hung down giving us a great view. Mom applied the paddle. He received 15 swats, and his behind was very red. Next was my younger brother who received 9 swats. His bottom was also very red. As they stood before us their once proud erections had shrunk away. Mom dismissed them told them to go back upstairs, and get dressed. They left, leaving my poor dad standing naked in front of us three. Mom told dad he was going to receive 25 swats for his punishment. Dad bent over, grabbed his ankles. His bottom is quite large and flabby. We could see between his legs his belly and little thing. Mom applied the paddle giving him 10 swats. Then she gave him 5 more. She stopped. She turned to us and said would you both like to give him 5 each? My roomate was so excited, she couldn't even talk. I gave dad my 5 swats, and he was crying by now. His behind was cherry red, and it really looked like it hurt. I handed the paddle to my roomate, who actually dropped it. I think she might have actually wet herself, with the excitment. The first swat she gave was light but by the time dad received the fifth he was blubbering. She had actually drew blood on his swollen rear. Dad was unable to stand up at first as he was allowed to rub his badly beaten bottom. After many tears dad faced the three of us and asked for forgivness. My roomate was still looking down at dads little thing. Mom dismissed dad as he walked out of the room still rubbing his bottom. My Mom explaned to us that males needed to be punished and even tho our family is very different. She is head of the house. The next day my roomate and I left for school still talking about what had happened. I am sure we will have many more talks. If you like I will continue to write. Just let me know.

WendyNov 20 2008 8:39am
Wendy, nice post, Ofcourse I will wait for your post. In my house, my daughters are not allowed to see her father naked. They can do anything at anytime, they are allowed to apply any punishment, but not allowed to remove his panty.

FakiaNov 22 2008 12:20am
Wendy, Have you ever feel that MOM did something wrong with your father (regarding punishment or teasing)Second Have your dad complained about your MOM to you? if yes what you did? What are the dresses he allowed to wear in the house? I am asking this just beacuse, few years back my husband was wearing his normal men's clothing, even at that time he was also under my feet(Only mine, my daughters were not aware of so many things). One day my brother-in-law (his brother) came to my house just for chit chat. At the time when my husband was serving him a cup of coffee, I got a phone call n my mobile and while I was busy i noticed that my husband had a secret conversation with him . Once I finished my call, my brother-in-law said "Fakia why you are treeting him like this, he is complaining about you. He is a nice guy respect him you will get respect from him" he said "House hold chores are for women do it yourself and let him do a good pay job and you saty at home and take care of the children. Its a men's world not women's". I was shocked. You cannt imagine that I was in so much anger that I couldn't even talk but I was pretneding normal. I said "Ok bro, if he wants to get a new position then its fine with me" Then my brother-in-law said to my husband "Arrange a party for your new role after your marriage, your actual marriage will start now" My husband was shocked. I said "Why dont you come to my house with your family for a dinner in this weekend to celebrate our new life style" From that day till today he is not allowed to wear any type of male clothing. His new life style start from that day. when his brother came to my house i was in jeans and t-shirt and my husband was wearing my old pure silky transparnet clothes with my old under garments.

FakiaNov 22 2008 2:41am
Fakia, as far as I know my Mom has always been the head of the house. My dad has a full time job, but all his money is in a direct account with my Moms name. My dad never complains or talks that he is unhappy with his lifestyle. He wears around the house shirts and shorts. Mom has had him wear a smock in certain cases while he cleans the house. It has alot of colors and flowers and quite short. He is never permitted to wear any type of under clothes. Mom humilates him if he is wearing this. I would like to hear from you what are some of the things you let your daughters do to their father. Have they ever asked to see him naked? What are you reasons? I enjoy seeing my brothers but to see my dad naked really breaks down all respect for him. I love him but I see him as just a male. I disagree its a mans world woman are stronger now than ever before. I hope I have answered your questions. My roomate is now sharing with me this post. She really enjoys hearing and reading reponses from everyone.

WendyNov 22 2008 5:58am
Wendy, I read your stories.I am a female 19 years old. I am just blown away by what your family life is like.I would give anything to be your friend. The way your mother takes all your fathers rights away, and makes him stand naked in front of you and your girl friend. Your description of his naked body and as you put it "his little thing" just made me howl. Please keep writing I have told some of my friends to read your story.

KatyNov 22 2008 6:38pm
Hi Wendy, my daughters are not allowed to see my husband naked becuase some cultural and socity issues. I personally dont like that my daughters see him naked, however my daughters are allowed to give him hard punish on his butts with his PANTY on. They never asked me to see him naked. When i told my elder daughter to punish her father, she was very confused and was not agree to punish him, but once i punished my husband in front of my daughters, now they are more aggressive then me. Please share your experience of holidays at home. Marry Chirsmas to you and yor family.

FakiaDec 26 2008 12:16am
Hi Fakia, I am glad to hear from another female that enjoys my lifestyle. I understand in some ways your daughters not seeing their father naked. I guess it all depends on their ages, and your wishes. Mother feels I am old enough to see my father in his naked splender. Father did receive some holiday cheer from Mother. His bottom was as red as santa's suit, which he had to model for me. He was so humilated standing in front of me his face was as red as his bottom. Yes it is my father, but she and I see him as just a male. Lets face it you see one penis and a set of balls they are all pretty much all the same. I also understand your daughter being confused to punish their father. I was much the same way till I understood Mother. Now they enjoy swatting his panty covered butt. Their progression should come slow. Maybe sometime when your husband is in the shower you and your daughter could accidentally walk in on him. The site of a penis is a shock at first, but quickly is followed by a laugh by most females. Everyone like to explore, your daughters are no different, but its up to you as how far things should go. Their age is very important. I am at home for the holiday break and my roomate will be coming by before we go back to school. She enjoys seeing naked daddy more than I do. I don't read this site very often, sorry it took me a while to write back. Once we get back to school I will share the holidays with everyone if you like. I hope everyone had a great holiday. Will write soon.

WendyDec 28 2008 4:49pm
Wendy, PLEASE write about your holiday experiences. I love hearing about them. You are so lucky.

KatyDec 28 2008 4:52pm
Wendy we are waiting for your holiday experinces

FakiaFeb 17 2009 1:05am
I think the males in Wendy's family have finally had it with these witches.

BobFeb 24 2009 11:17am
Fakia I am sorry to hear that you had to suffer the contemptable stale patriarchal opinions of your brother in law.You however showed him a better and more correct way of doing things. I feel with a bit of re education even that male would learn better attitudes.

Big BrendaMar 11 2009 8:55pm
Fakia you have brought your children up well.Your daughter was of couse doubtful of the efficacy of your punishment methods not having seen them in action yet.And living under a patriarchal society she would have had little exposure to Matriarchal values from the outside world.Glad that you kept him even partially clothed. Each Womyn should chose whether to keep their husband naked or not in front of the children.But his nudity must be viewed as quite normal and have little or no sexual connotations. Nudist families have no problem. You may at times be naked around the house but what they must see is that father often wears less clothes than Mother and only wears what You allow him. When they are adults they can see him in distress after punishment but not before. However

Big BrendaMar 11 2009 9:03pm
Wendy you tell us a lot about how you punish your father (and thank you for that). But what about your brothers? How old are they? Do they still live in the family home? Does your mother still punish them both? Do you? How? Sorry for so many questions but i am really intrigued by the great standards of your family

billyApr 02 2009 11:33am
f*ck all you woman! I've been married for 26 years and about 19 years ago my wife began to dominate me. It started out as fun but soon became a lifesyle, by the next year I was in a chastity belt. At age 12 my little girl was allowed to see me naked getting a paddeling and her 17 year twin brothers. By 13 she had the control in the house over her brothers and started to punish them. I don't even know how I let me life become like this? And now I don't know how to get out of it? Last month my wife told our daughter it was time to learn how to punish me, they had me strip and she gave me paddeling. My wife explained that she was second in comand and that what she says goes. About a week ago I had been home sick, and I didn't realize my daughter came home in the middle of the day to see how I was, being that I thought know one was home I was masterbating when she walked into the room, I tried to cover up but it was too late, she threw the sheets off and grabed my hard-on and almost broke it, next thing I know I'm over her knee and she gave me such a spanking it broke the skin, I remeber crying and begging her to stop. But she didn't. When she was done she said NOW DO IT! I was totally humiliated she forced me to masterbate, and then I had to lick it up. Then stay naked in the corner for the rest of the day. I think I want to die

davidOct 31 2009 2:38pm
is your daughter stronger than you?

AnonymousJun 01 2010 5:14pm
David = Child porn

AnonymousJul 04 2010 6:08am
Everybody on this site = porn.

JCOct 29 2010 5:27pm
What a bunch of inhuman freaks, especially the ever present and completely unmasculine obedient douchebag husband. f*ck Nick N too.

PaulOct 29 2010 5:28pm
io sono un uomo italiano single, ma se fossi sposato mi piacerebbe avere una moglie che mi punisee a sculacciate, molto frequentemente, cone le mani ed anche con il battipanni. scusate se scrivo in italiano, ma non conosco la lingua inglese.

lumasocNov 21 2010 2:11pm
io sono un uomo italiano single, ma se fossi sposato mi piacerebbe avere una moglie che mi punisee a sculacciate, molto frequentemente, cone le mani ed anche con il battipanni. scusate se scrivo in italiano, ma non conosco la lingua inglese.

lumasocNov 21 2010 2:14pm
hai...when i was in 7th standard,....i was sleeping on my dads lap..i realised that he is not good...he pressed my breast...but i forgive him and ignored.....but after that i flet i did a mistake forgiving him....because he continued to act inocent and goog in front of my mom and all the time used to look at my breast,come to my room when i m alone and press me.....but i couldnt tell this to my mom...ours is a orthodox family.....and he went on building situations againt me in home telling mom that i dont respect him as father.......i couldnt do anything.....nor could avoid him,niether could tell mom....days went on....everything fine to see but something worng behavior of my own father with i had to go to temple alone with that father when i was i 9th standard...the his pressed my brest,pressed by bumbs,....from then on i stopped going with him,especially alone.....again in 10th standard he tried to see me naked when i was taking bath....he came and twisted my breast nipple......i didnt know to do after all that..nor i could tell all this to anyone and cant keep quit also....other day same year i had sit next to him in auto...that was the worst day he pressed my breat,cathing it for everbreak of the auto.....what should i do....i cant tell these thing to mom about whom she trust more...nor i can live in this,i m scared of he waiting for a situation to behave even more worse with me?....should i forgive him? to handle i m should tell to my husband all this and ask him to secure me?...will my husband accept me after hearing this? i cheating my husband hiding this from him?.....

manasaDec 29 2010 10:16am
If there was no mother present then I do not think a daughter could assume that role. Though if there was a mother who had already usurped the role as head of the family then she could provide the role model for an aspirant daughter. After all if the daughter was used to seeing her mother carrying her father around the house it would seem likely that she would wish to aspire to that activity herself. Also once the mother had reduced her husband to that state of inferiority she would ensure she kept him there. As would be the case with her sons for like their father they were males and therefore might challenge her feminine dominant role so they would likewise have to be broken and kept in a servile state. But her daughter she would regard as being a companion female and therefore an ally not a potential enemy. Of course the daughter would have to be of an age to warrant that privalage.

hymatJan 29 2011 5:38am
my comment is that in my family ,I was raised on a farm and mom ruled the roost and dad and me and my 2 brothers were punished by a belt on our ass and it was saved till saturday and mom kept track of all infractions and if we were especially good we could earn reductions of our punishment.So when saturday came we were lined up nude and a belt whipping was applied to our ass and she held nothing back and our ass had welts for a week.We learned quickly not to piss mom off as i think she got satisfaction from whipping all our asses.Also when someone did something wrong and we did not tell we got the same number of licks with her belt.i grew up to be a very obediant son and husband as my wife uses the same rules on me and our son.

johnnyFeb 12 2011 11:29am
In my family my mom is the boss. But I am also allowed to punish my dad or one of my three brothers whenever I think they need to be punished. I spank them, slap them, force them to stand naked in the room for some hours or so. Sometimes all four of them together!

KeiraNov 04 2011 4:49am
In my family it's like in Keira's. Mom and sister have even measured our c*cks - dad has 5.5'' hard, I have 6.4'' hard and my two brothers have 6.6'' and 7.2'' hard. My sister's spose has a 4''-c*ck only. They always tell us what to do, we are their slaves. I think that's just the way it has to be!

JakeNov 13 2011 9:57am
Yes daughters should allowed to punish the male members in the house. But it should not be earlier than a certain age. my daughter is allowed to punish her father and elder bro after she is 14 yo. from her 9years she was trained to punish, by observing my system. now I am free, because whenever require, She take care off. two days ago when I came home I have seen daughter spanking her bro's bare butt lying him over her knee and my hubby standing near by with a pale face. I took sit there to see the process. she released her bro, and summoned her father, her face was scaring, she ask her father to pant down, he without any objection do the same. Mean while my crying son got position on my lap, this is my theory that after punishment you have to give some love to the person. So Myself cuddling my son and observing. My daughter (anny) hold her father's hand and laid him over her knee. Rob, my hubby got 15 strokes on his butt and released. Anny told me that dad got the punishment due to smoking a lot, and Del, her bro got due to disobeying her. Interestingly my husband was standing there nude as Anny have not permitted him to wear his shorts. Anny then stretched her hand towards her dad, and laid him on her lap to cuddle. She scooped him and place him on her cradle, she then kissed her dad's eye and asked whether he will remember it or not? He nodded his head and place his head over her shoulder. So my 18yo son on his mom's lap (40yo) after getting punishment and 44 yo hubby on his mom's lap (15yo) after getting punishment. I am relaxed

GININov 16 2011 2:50am
I don't like cross dressing, or continuous nudity. although our life style allows stay nude in the house, but not as a punishment. Problem I have is that some times I also get punished by my daughter.

GININov 16 2011 2:58am
Hey GINI How did your daughter start punishing you? I would love to become the boss of the whole family, too...but it's still my mom. How big are the c*cks in your family?

KeiraNov 18 2011 5:49am
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GININov 18 2011 6:58am
I really have to do it the same way! I need to become family head. But how big are the c*cks in your family? This really interests me, too :D

KeiraNov 20 2011 3:36am
interessant mais la fille doit etre majeure. Ensuite elle peut punir sans probleme le pere et les freres

veterantJan 01 2012 9:40am
What are you expecting?

sdMay 03 2012 4:45am
If you are punished you must think what for you are punished.! it is a fair thing -you should be obedience/it is not your fault you must stand for all,s welfare!

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"brother"Jun 19 2012 11:11am
i live in a very normal traditional family. Dad is boss and mom is in charge also - but no spanking or nudity or anything like this. i want to be able to do these things to my stepdad, how would I even start.

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let's keep it clean folks.

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ilovepunishingdadMar 18 2013 8:48pm
I would like to hear from dad / fathers that spank, whip, and cane, there wives and daughters, and also there ages! THE WAY IT SHOULD BE!!

B & BApr 26 2013 2:39pm
So much fantasy here! However, I believe the future will be feminine and that the time may come when every male is under the authority of some female, just the reverse of what used to be before the 20th century. If that happens, a daughter should be able to punish her father if she is of legal age but the forms of punishment should be limited to reprimanding him, giving a time out, grounding him, or giving him chores. Giving him a time out would mean restricting him to a certain seat for a time, sending him to his room to stay there for a time, or maybe corner time. She should not have the authority to do anything physical to him or anywhere close to being sexual, for that invites incest. If her dad does not respect his daughter's authority, she tell her mother who will punish her husband in a more severe fashion.

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PeterOct 25 2013 1:33am
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If the father has agreed on a FLR, then an adult daughter should inherit the right to punish in whatever way she sees fit, and whenever she chooses. This is implied in the FLR, if strict punishment is agreed upon. This would also apply to a stepdaughter also.

edwardoMay 14 6:42pm
I would disagree with females punishing males in front of each other. It is more effective if only one male at a time is punished, and before ALL female family members. FemDom should be encouraged for a stable family environment!

edwardoMay 15 10:53am
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Is mandatory male circumcision, young and old, the next step? Or even castration?? Or are there limits to the punishments so many of you females think appropriate? Fantasy is one thing; reality is another.

TimAug 18 6:27pm

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