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A question for short stocky girls only:

Question: Did you ever lift a tall thin guy over your head?
Created by: ARONN1951 at 07:24:49 PM, Saturday, September 13, 2008 PDT


As a tall skinny guy, nothing turns me on nearly as much as when I am easily lifted overhead (AS IF I WERE A FEATHER!!!) by a short fat girl who weighs a whole lot more than I do even though I am A WHOLE LOT TALLER THAN SHE IS. Whenever that happens to me (which it already has!!!), I get THE BIGGEST, MEANEST, MOST MASSIVE ROCK-HARD ERECTION OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! When a short fat girl lifts me over her head, the erection I get SURPASSES ALL OF MY PREVIOUS ERECTIONS!!! Whenever I encountered a short fat girl who is strong enough to lift me over her head, there were times when MY HUGE ERECTION was as far as it went but there were also times when I PROCEEDED TO SLIDE MY PENIS DEEP INTO HER VAGINA!!!

A tall skinny guy easily lifted overhead by a short fat girlJul 04 2009 1:30pm

nothing turns me off like idiotic poll from some weird fetishistic idiot bothering again and again

AnonymousDec 27 2010 2:34pm
This one guys, Dav Havan james henry facesitfan

Woman Mar 18 2014 4:17pm
Found it Woman, thanks :-)

JamesMar 19 2014 12:34am
Woman you said that you only use 25%of your thigh power, what do you reckon would happen if you used 50% or more of your thigh power? I wrestled a female bodybuilder similar to your size last year and she didn't have to squeeze her thigh muscles to make me submit. She said that she only flexed her muscles and was tapping out.

JamesMar 19 2014 12:46am
Found it

DavMar 19 2014 3:30am
Yes, James it is very easy to make men tap out by only flexing my thighs muscles but when i squeeze using 25% of my power they start to scream beg and cry like little babies. If i use more power than this i am sure that i will break them their rips arms

Woman Mar 19 2014 7:19am
Woman please come to Cyprus :( I want to kiss and worship all your muscles

DavMar 19 2014 4:05pm
I wish that too, my muscles are waiting.

Woman Mar 19 2014 7:54pm
Woman what do you reckon would happen to the guy if you squeezed to 50% in a headscissor? With your killer 30" thighs the frantic speeds of the guy tapping out shows how truly powerful your legs are. I bet you show no mercy, pushing him past his limits, he's trembling in fear and crying out for mercy as you brutally punishes him

JamesMar 20 2014 1:13am
Squeezing up to 50% on headscissor with my 30 inches i truly do not know what would happened because they submit and start their screaming and crying before i reach my 50%, but i am sure that there is no man now can take it. If it was body scissor i am sure that i can cut him in two half's.

Woman Mar 20 2014 11:30am
Woman: When you dominated your husband and his fiend, you must be much taller than them in order to press your tit to his friend to the wall, because at that time, you was facesitting on your husband and his friend sat on the floor. How did they strungle to escape from you? and how did you keep them in this condition for long time? in this position his friend have free hands and legs, he could kick you by leg and fight you by hand.

HenryMar 22 2014 4:07pm
Yes, you are right i am taller than them in more than 20 cm. for my husband it was impossible for him to do any thing because i was sitting on him and i weight like 94 KG and he does not have the strength to remove me, of course he struggled and tried to remove me but with his thin small arms as i said it is impossible. It is right that his friend had free arms to struggle but he was so exhausted and you can say that his face was covered with my breasts so he had a lack of breath and did not have the strength to struggle a lot, then as i said before i think he enjoyed it so he did not struggle a lot he struggled a lot when i was beating them but then he surrounded. He tried to kick me few time but all i had to do to make him stop was pressing his head harder between my breasts and the wall, plus his kicks was hitting my thighs so i barely was able to feel them. I think when you want to wrestle two men and beat them and force them to do things for your pleasure you should not only be strong you should also has big size, which i have my size is much bigger than the avarage man.

Woman Mar 22 2014 6:35pm
hi woman yes i'm not big man 169 and 60 kg so i think u r much bigger than me i dont have any mucsles i joined the gym once for three month but didnt get any results so i quit

havan Mar 23 2014 4:42pm
Woman: When you sat your pussy on your husband faceand pressed his friend face between your tits and the wall, your knee should touched the edge of the wall and floor. It was too tight between you and the wall, so what is his friend position at that time? and was there enough room for his breath. Did you let your arm free that time? If that you are very wonderful woman, just use your pussy and tit to dominate 2 man at the same time.

HenryMar 24 2014 12:03am
Havan you are small weak man, you are smaller than my husband i like small weak men they are my type. If you did not get any results within three month you must be so weak to lift weights

Woman Mar 24 2014 5:25am
Henry yes that is right he was not able to breath unless if i moved my body back, you can say that his head was lost in my breasts. At first i had to use my arms to force him suck my tits and to place his head in its right place but then i let my arm free so i was use only my tits. Thanks this is great point you mentioned that i used only my pussy and my tits to dominate two men i did not think of it this way.

Woman Mar 24 2014 5:29am
Woman, do you have any wrestling match during last weekend

HenryMar 24 2014 11:11am
No Henry i did not. Of course i wrestled my husband few times for my pleasure, but nothing important to mention because he can not resist me at all or taking my scissors for long time alone otherwise i will break him fot two halfs. Almost Every week end i have a message by professional one to make my muscles relax after long week of working out.

Woman Mar 24 2014 6:55pm
Woman, can you win your husband with your hand roped behind your back? Try this

HenryMar 24 2014 7:50pm
Hhhh, thats funny i've never done it before, but i think yes i can all i have to do is to grab him to the floor then he is mine. We some times do kind of game where we push each other he can use his whole body against my legs and i win very easily so i'm sure that my legs are stronger than his entire weak small body.

Woman Mar 24 2014 8:46pm
But without using your hand, it will be very difficult to grab his body, because he will be much faster than you, he may push you from your back and win easier

HenryMar 24 2014 11:03pm
thats right woman i'mnot big man also i'm weaker than the avarage man while u r big in extreme way i bet if we wrestle you'll destry me woman do u have big feet also like the rest of ur body if u have how big r they?

havan Mar 25 2014 6:18am
Henry, sure it is not going to be easy for me, but you should not forget that i am not a light person i weight about 95 KG, and i have very good balance because i also have boxing training so i will not fall down easily. I think if i can just cross my feet around his i can make him fall down then i can scissor him or sit on him.

Woman Mar 25 2014 9:07am
Yes, Havan you are right if i wrestle with you or any other man like your size and strength i will destroy and maybe cut you for two half. And as you said i am in general big woman my size is bigger than the average man size. Every thing in my body is much bigger than usual, plus i have very very big feet when i put it in my victim face after i destroy him it almost cover his entire face. My size in the european size is 43-44

Woman Mar 25 2014 9:13am
i got bigger feet than yours. 45

DavMar 25 2014 2:16pm
Loool, that is good for you. I think 44 for a woman is very big i do not know any woman has bigger feet than mine

Woman Mar 25 2014 2:52pm
bigger maybe but stronger no

davMar 25 2014 4:42pm
Hhhh, yes i am sure about this you can not imagine how many men were crushed under those feet. In fact i am glad that i do not have feet bigger than 44 because in this size and i can not find a lot of shoes if my feet were bigger i would probably be bare feet all time

Woman Mar 25 2014 4:50pm
Thats great woman i love big feet like u have i want to have on my face ur husband and other men u did it to them are sooo lucky i wish if u can do it for me

havan Mar 26 2014 4:52am
Thank you Havan. Do you really love women's big feet? All men i know love small feet. My friends at school used always to make fun of my feet size, but since i became dominated woman i started to love them because they are strong and when i force a man to kiss them and suck them i can choke him.

Woman Mar 26 2014 11:49am
Woman: Did you ever turn on when wrestling a man, and you raped him after that

HenryMar 29 2014 6:15pm
yes i love big feet when i'm with woman with big feet i'll be very turned on i want to have ur big feet all over my face and body

havan Mar 30 2014 10:47am
Henry, of course most of the times i got turned on after wrestling, but raped a man loool i do not about this i have never heard that a woman raped a man. Most of the times i forced them to give me pleasure, so i do not know if you consider this as a wrestling.

Woman Mar 31 2014 12:50pm
Havan you are more than welcome that is awesome. Men who likes my feet are my favourite i love men who will treat my feet very good, and who likes to be my feet slave. If you do it someday and visit me and become my feet slave i will be very happy, and you will be so happy as well, and i am sure that my husband will be the happiest one because you release him from his daily duty massaging, kissing, washing and worshipping my feet which i know that he does not like to do it at all.

Woman Mar 31 2014 12:57pm
Sorry Henry i meant i do not know if you will consider this as rapping

Woman Mar 31 2014 1:01pm
Woman: I meant when I make a man serve you as rapping, such as force him to kiss your feed, tit,. . Etc

HenryMar 31 2014 3:54pm
Oh, yes i did that sometimes, when i wrestle with my husband i may sometimes force him to give me pleasure through my pussy or tits, and if with other men i might force them to kiss my feet or my butt or worship my body, it really gives me great feeling

Woman Mar 31 2014 4:15pm
woman thats great i really wanna come some day and visit u i'll be glad to serve ur feet i wish if i was ur husband and be near ur feet all the day

havanApr 01 2014 7:08pm
Thank you havan i wish that too, you should tell my husband how lucky he is because he does not think like that any more.

Woman Apr 03 2014 10:23am
Woman: is there any update for your wrestling in past few weeks

HenryApr 10 2014 3:39pm
Yes, Henry I had wrestling matches in the last few weeks. I wrestled a man at the gym, he is not small man almost same my hight, and lighter than me in about 10 kg, but he has good muscles especially in his upper body so he looks tough man. he does not have boxing class with me, but after I finished my class he came to me and we started to talk and asked me how I was able to build these huge muscles even i do not work out a lot at the gym. I told him that I have a gym at my building, and then he asked me if he can touch my biceps and if I am strong as I seem. He touched my muscles and he was very surprised how hard they are even they are so huge. Something led to another and he asked for an arm wrestling he said that he is not sure that he will win but he thinks that he will be able to give me a good match. Actually I thought the same but for our surprise he did not have a chance it only took with me like few seconds to pin his arm with no efforts both right and left arm. He was so embarrassing not because he lost no because he could not resist for few seconds against me. I made a joke about that he is lucky because we only had arm wrestling not a wrestling match otherwise he will be destroyed right now. He could not take it as a joke and start to argue with me and create silly reason for his lost. He was so angry so he did very stupid mistake and challenged me to a wrestling match. I accepted his challenge and we went to the wrestling hall.

womanApr 12 2014 3:31pm
There were like 15 person watching us, I was a little confused because i have not wrestled in front many people for a long time. Since I was wrestling in a public place i thought that i should not go so hard on him. I had him few times in a lock with my arms then i let him free. This made him think that I am not strong in wrestling as I look, and he said to his friend "even she looks so muscular and strong but she is not that strong she is not able to win until now, I think because she is a woman". This was his second and deadly mistake. I decided to show him what a woman can do to a sissy man like him. I ran towards him lifted him then threw him on the floor, and then gave him a set of scissors started with body scissor then neck scissor and finally head scissor front and back. I think one of his ribs was to move broken or a serious damages because he was not able to move. At this point i did not feel that he got the punish he deserved. So I sat on his face and cut the air from him, and while I was sitting on his face I locked his arms between my thighs and my claves I was feeling his squashy biceps crushing under my legs muscles. At the end I laid over him and put my legs between his and separate his legs a part, at this point he lost consciousness for few seconds. So I woke him and place my foot over him and forced him to apologies to me in front all those people and to admit that I am much stronger woman than him, and that he is only a sissy man.

womanApr 12 2014 3:31pm
I also had something near to a wrestling match with another guy. He is my new neighbor at the building. He is gentle, single man about 178 cm and 75 kg. He just comes to turkey recently he used to live abroad. I saw him every day when I go to work, since we go at the same time; we have a little chat every day. So I invited him to dinner since he is single and lives alone. We (me and my husband) become very good friends with him so now he almost has his dinner every day with us. I caught him few times starring at my legs, at first I thought he is only surprised from their size, but then when we become good friends and he kept staring at them almost all the time “when I am going to work, or when I am at the house” I knew he has something for muscular legs. I decided to make sure of it, i waited for him until he went to the gym to do his cardio, so I put on my clothes and followed him and started to work out beside him at the legs machine, the look on his eyes was priceless when he saw how my thighs muscles flexing in the training. I advised him to come and train his legs on the machine. At first he refused because he was so embarrassed, but then he came and he had to reduce the weight for more than the half.

womanApr 12 2014 5:10pm
. I did not say a word and completed my training without any attention to him. It was so obvious that he fascinating about woman with big muscles, he could not took his eyes away of me when I was working out. At the end of the training he came to me and as usual asked me about how my muscles are so huge and powerful. After we finished he came to my house and we start to talk about it, and my husband told him how strong I am and how he does not know any man who is stronger than me and all these stuff. He very shy guy I told him that if he wants he can touch them, but face becomes all red and said no then he left. After few dinners we had together he started to lose his shy in front of us and touched my thighs, but also his face was like a tomato I think he never touched woman’s thighs before. Since that night every time he met with me or my husband he started to ask us question about my strength and my muscles. Any way yesterday I convinced him to try with me the mix wrestling because it is so obvious that he likes it very much. When I told him that that his face was going to explode, I really like shy men. So I gave him scissors all kinds of scissors. He liked it too much and I think soon he will ask for more.

womanApr 12 2014 5:11pm
Great! can you tell more about the wrestling match with the shy guy

HenryApr 13 2014 1:32pm
Henry, i did not have with him unless this one. He is so shy to ask, he is so shy when he looks at me. I want him to come and ask me for it not to force him to do it. I really like him

Woman Apr 13 2014 1:51pm
if you meant ,more details about what i did to him couples of days ago, when i told come on let us have mix wrestling match because it is so obvious that you like it. he denied and said that he is not interested very much, so i raised the short i was wearing and so my entire thigh was exposed and i flexed, then i asked him if he does not wan to try them. I think he could not resist but he was still hesitated, then he looked to my husband to see what is his reaction about this. I think my husband was not very about that, but he cannot say or do any thing because he will know what will happen if he did such a mistake. So i came near to him and promissed him that i will not heart him. I started with body scissor then head scissor from his back. then i let him free because he was so afraid and shy.

Woman Apr 13 2014 2:45pm
Very interesting story for mixed wrestling with shy guy. Did you wrestle with any other shy guy?

HenryApr 14 2014 3:31pm
Really, you found it intersting that is great because i have not wrestled with him properly yet. Any way yes i had few wrestling with other shy men, i will post it one of them here soon

Woman Apr 14 2014 3:45pm
Finally i'm able to reach this post woman thats great u should keep wrestling these to show them who's the real boss woman have u forced any of these men to worship ur feet

havan Apr 15 2014 7:17am
Yes, Havan i will keep show men how weak they are comparing to me, i like doing this. No those men who i wrestled last week i did not force them to worship my feet because the first one i wrestled him at the gym so it is not going to be right to worship it there, i only made him kiss it at the end of the match, and the other one is my neighbour and we have not reached the point where i can force him to worship my feet, but if we become more friends with him of course i will do it, and it will be great to have two men at my house to serve my feet.

Woman Apr 15 2014 10:19am
Woman, still waiting for your story about wrestling with shy guy.

HenryApr 17 2014 3:11pm
About my neighbor “the shy man” as I said before he has the dinner with us almost every day. After I gave him scissors last time he every time he comes to my house he starts asking question about my muscles, thighs and strength. As I said before I want him to come to me and ask for another one, I did not offer him any since that time. Tonight and while we were having dinner he start as usual asking me questions, he asked me if I like to beat men and if my husband like as well. Of course I told him I like very much and how I have to do it every day to feel satisfied, while my husband answered unclear answer, he said yes he likes it but not much and he wished if it is not something happened to him every day. I think if they were alone my husband answer will be totally different, but probably he was afraid of me. Then he asked us if I’ve ever lift my husband, I told him of course I almost lift him every day, then he asked me if he can watch of course I agreed my husband start to make excuses to do it another time to avoid the embarrassing, but then I looked at told him stand up to lift you, or I will lift against your will. He stood up directly and I lift him as a baby and over my shoulder, also I flexed my shoulder, back biceps and thighs muscles while I am lifting him. He was so excited I can tell that it was so obvious. After I let my husband down he asked me if I can lift him, I accepted and gave him lift from the front and squeezed him so hard, then I cradled him like a baby. Here he asked me to let him down and said thank you very much for this and that he had to go and then he left. His face was so red and his voice almost disappear from his embarrassing. I really like this man he is so cute.

womanApr 17 2014 4:06pm
I m waiting for the time when this boy turns a victim of ur ass. Just imagine the shock on his face when ur big ass wud be looming over him and he wud be begging to let go. But then its too late.

facesitfan Apr 21 2014 9:28pm
i'm 1.74 m and 59 kg my thighs 18 each and bicep is 12 i never wrestle with huge woman so i didn't know what if i strong if met a women heavier than me @woman i think that u can to kill me if u sitting on me ur measurement is really huge compared to me, ur thigh only bigger than me

man from egyptApr 25 2014 12:45pm
In my company we had new project to establish a new building for a big company in another city. My company had to rent external teams to complete this project. All team is sitting in a small hotel. The Information Technology team members are not from turkey, they are from Asia and far east specially India. In the next room to mine was the room for two men from the IT team. Since we spent all the day at the location we had a good relation. Those two men are very small one of them is 165 cm 60 kg and the other is 160 cm 54 kg, and it is so obvious that they are extremely weak from their little, tiny and thin arms and legs. So you can imagine the huge difference between me and them. Any way since I am the project manager they called me one night after the work about 8:30 to see if we can meet to discuss few things about the project while we have drink at the hotel lobby. I was not in the mood to go out, so I told them if there is something urgent about work they can come to my room to discuss it and bring the drinks with them. They came to my room with the drinks and we started. At the end we ordered a dinner after busy day at work, in the dinner we start talking and we were a little drunk. They told that they were talking how great it is for a young woman like me to be the manager for a huge project this and control all these workers and engineers and make them fear me. They told me that sometimes even men with great experience could not manage such a project. Then one of them said that of course all the workers and engineers will fear me because I am stronger than all of them and laugh. The other guy asked me if I think myself stronger than all the men in the project. I said yes I think because I had an arm wrestling with all the workers who look tough and I beat them all. They were really amazed that I beat all the workers in arm wrestling, and then I challenged them to one. Of course I beat of them so easy in both hands, but the hilarious thing was when both of them used their both hands to beat me my right and they could not they were not even close. They were really surprised how strong I am comparing to them, and how they never imagined that there is a woman who is that strong. I told them that now they challenged the weak part upper part of my body my real strength are on my legs. I was wearing a dress for sleeping so I just pulled it and showed them my thighs flexed, at this point there eyes were going to pup out of their faces, they could not say anything except “ oh my god, oh dear lord, oh what, impossible……”. They asked me if they can touch it, I let them and it was so funny to see their tiny hands around my big thighs. Here I got so excited for a wrestling. I challenged them for wrestling, but they refused. I said guys it is not an option for you. They thought that I am kidding.

Woman Apr 27 2014 9:27am
Quickly I grabbed both of them locked their heads under my armpit, dragged them to the floor, sat on one of them chest while kept the other one struggling under my armpit. Then I gave the guy who I sat on his chest a body scissor and laid over the other one with my back on his body using my full weight he tried so hard to remove me for an inch but he could not. At this point I was extremely excited so I released the one who was under me and took off my dress, so now I was only wearing wear a bra and under wear. Then I lifted one of the over my shoulder like a barbell and put the other in stand head scissor both of them start to scream here. Then I dragged both of them to the wall and start to squeeze them between my body and the wall, quickly after this I gave them the hardest bear hug I have ever done in my life and even they were two men but there body was almost going to be broken. Their screaming was getting louder so I had to slap both of them to shut them up. Then I placed them on the floor and gave both of them a body scissor at the same time. After they were exhausted I started my fun I dragged them to the bed and put one of them in a reserve head scissor and the other breast smother, and I changed the positions between them. Then I sat on one of them face and forced him to kiss my butt if he wants to breath, and placed my feet on the other one face and forced him also to kiss them if he wants to breath. Later I made both of them to bring a container of water and each one of them had to massage one of my feet for like two hours, and really they are very good in massaging. When they end I was not in the mood to sleep alone, so I forced both of them to sleep with me one of them to sleep besides my feet and kiss them at night while the other one will be teddy and I will give him strong hug all the night. I told them that every night they had to come massage my feet and then I will decide if I need something else from them at first they refused but then I threatened them in beating them, and telling their wives since I had their home numbers from work about what happened and maybe they will like the idea of beating their husbands.

Woman Apr 27 2014 9:29am
facesitfan sorry, i do not understand which story you meant. Man from Egypt you are really tiny weak man, you must be so thin comparing to me because i am heavier than you in 40 Kg, and yes you are right i can kill you easily if i stand on your chest or sit on you face with my huge butt.

Woman Apr 27 2014 9:33am
huge butt !! what is ur ass size?1 , my one is 31 inch and my chest is 35, what is ur ?! R U breast big ??

Man from EgyptApr 27 2014 12:30pm
Great story Woman, how you keep and squeeze both men between you and the wall?

HenryApr 27 2014 12:32pm
Henry, i pushed both of them to the wall and then i placed one of them in front of the other one and i started to squeeze the near one tome, so it was me one of them, the other one and the wall.

Woman Apr 27 2014 1:11pm
Man from Egypt now i do not know the exact size of my ass, but it is around 50. my breasts are huge as well, is 38 DD. I think both my ass or my breasts are huge enough to crush you

Woman Apr 27 2014 1:14pm
ur ass is 50 Ohhhh that is mean i less than half of U i think my hole body can enter in ur huge ass, and one breasts of u bigger than me head

Man from EgyptApr 27 2014 2:18pm
Woman, how you can bear hugh both men in the same time?

HenryApr 27 2014 2:19pm
i can't imagine my ass beside U WOoOoW ,,,, Can U describe who U use me to make u feel pleasure ?!!

Man from EgyptApr 27 2014 2:20pm
Henry, i did not bearhug them between my arms. I trapped their bodies between the wall and my body while i squeezing them. Egypt yes i am exetremely big woman and i think you are small man as well if your head is smaller than one of my breasts i might kill you by accident:)) i can use it many ways one of them by sitting on your face, and i think if you want to compare with me, my ass and my thighs will be much bigger and heavier than your entire body.

Woman Apr 27 2014 3:03pm
Woman, i think yes ur ass and thighs much bigger than me i think i can enter in one leg from ur pants. Can u feel pleasure while u lifting me and don't carry me off until u feel it ??!! if yes how??

Man from EgyptApr 27 2014 3:15pm
R u have skype ??

Man from EgyptApr 27 2014 5:19pm
one week ago i was in the bus, and there is no any place to sit, i notice one girl say 19 year , sit alone in tow chair, she was have big ass she sit in tow chair except a quarter of the this chair , then i come and sit on this place (the quarter), she look at me and smile and say what old r u ? i say 22 she say i'm 19 smaller than and i sit on ur place plus 7 (if the chair is 4 quarter), she said notice my bicep is bigger than ur thigh and she smile and my thigh is bigger than ur two legs that mean u can enter on one leg from my pant , she hold my two hand with one hand and i can't to take of my hand from her hand, she told to me put ur thigh on me i put it like Stick her thigh , she put her thigh on my i wasn't able to see my legs and her thigh was really huge on me,

Man from EgyptApr 27 2014 5:38pm
Woman: Did you ever tease any man by block his path when go pass you, and use your tits to trap him into the wall and force him go through your groin

HenryApr 28 2014 12:03am
That is a great story Man from Egypt, you should try to wrestle this woman if you will meet with her again. you must be very small man if her bicep is bigger than your thigh, i do not know how big is her thigh but mine is 30 inches i am sure that they are bigger from your entire body. I like the idea of putting you in one leg of my pants. I like to lift and carry men very especially when i wear something expose my muscles like a bikini or under wear and then flex in front the mirror. usually i carry men in cradle way like babies and of course i lift them above my shoulders and from the front with a bear hug, but i might break them in this move.

Woman Apr 28 2014 11:29am
Henry, actually no i have never tried this thing before, but it could be great idea to humiliate men in public.

Woman Apr 28 2014 11:30am
my bicep when measure yesterday was 10 and my thigh was 16 , yes definitely ur one leg bigger than me i can't imagine that, if u compare my but (hip) 31 with u 50 thighs mine 16 with ur 30 u taller than me heavier than me with 40 kg or more , so yes ur lowest body much bigger

Man from EgyptApr 28 2014 11:46am
my friend also is weak man , he is thinner than me ,he 50 kg, i think U can bear hug me and him at the same time , ur ass will be almost as our two , so by ur ass u can kill us at the same time

Man from EgyptApr 28 2014 11:50am
Oh my God, i love men who their sizes are like you and your friend. 50 KG only he is really very thin, and by the way my bicep is equal or bigger than your thigh. You are like a kid comparing to me i can beat three men if your thighs with no effort at all

Woman Apr 28 2014 12:16pm
u r awesome Woman, u r very big, hhhhhh i imagine me and my friend each one in one leg from ur pants. what is ur story with the small man u ever seen ??

Man from EgyptApr 28 2014 12:27pm
" and by the way my bicep is equal or bigger than your thigh", hhhhhhhhhhhh that is mean my pants will don't enter in ur arm

Man from EgyptApr 28 2014 12:29pm
Yes, i am extremely big woman. I love small men since i was teenager i love tease, beat, wrestle, and lift them. I also force them to worship my muscles and my big feet. Every man i wrestle i force him to do these things for me. Now i am married from little man as well, but he is bigger than and i wrestle him and lift him and i force him to serve me all the time. He is much weaker than me and he is scared from me very much.

Woman Apr 28 2014 12:39pm
are all turkey women like U ??, and r u have an picture to u

Man from EgyptApr 28 2014 3:01pm
No, not all of them, but these days there are a lot of strong women who are stronger than their men. Sorry i do not send photos for strangers.

Woman Apr 28 2014 3:52pm
until now and all my life , i believe that there is no woman stronger than man, whatever there sizes ^_^

Man from EgyptApr 28 2014 4:01pm
We are from long time ur fans can't we have luck to see ur photo even from the back side .

facesitfan Apr 28 2014 5:24pm
Guys, i am sorry but i made my self very clear about this point many problems happened to me from such things or even by chating on my personal email, so if you want we can chat here only.

Woman Apr 28 2014 7:03pm
today i was in the market, i noticed huge tall woman but she was away from me, when i was in department of canned food in the market , i was need can in The top shelf, suddenly this huge woman (or girl i think she in teenager ages) was behind me and told to me excuse me "let me help U", very easy she take the can and give it to me,I was at less level of her chests, she was really huge, i was in shock this girl i think i equal less than her half weight , she say what is the problem? , Stammering in talking ,she smiled and told to me u r very tiny man. i try to move but she intercepted my way , i try to push it from my way but i can't move her One inch , by one arm she lifted me and scream u r very tiny i carry u by one arm she hold me from my back and lifting me to her head level and told to me now give me this can ,walk 2 meters , and this can. then she put me in the floor , i was in shock she is very huge to me, she ask me what is ur weight i say 58 , now she was in shock told to me i weight 140 kg and 2.0 m, she hold my two hand by one hand ur arm is very tiny ur arm smaller than my Wrist , and is this a man chest ?! it is smaller than my one thigh ,take my body to her body i was in her breast level and say is this a head of a man ur head small than on of my breast , and the shock she told me i can f*ck u while i lifted u , i can carry U all the day as if I do not carry anything , and the her dad come and ordered her to come to leave the market , what a day !!

Man from EgyptApr 29 2014 10:13am
This girl is twice your size or maybe more she can kill, lift and f*ck you easily. You should feel lucky because she did not hurt you.

Woman May 01 2014 5:55pm
until now this day don't forget it, this girl is the biggest girl i ever seen, she can do anything to me as U say " kill, lift and f*ck me easily", my chest smaller than her one thigh can U imagine that ??!!

Man from EgyptMay 01 2014 8:18pm
Woman: can U doing to my like that girl did ? explain in details plz.

Man from EgyptMay 01 2014 8:46pm
Woman: do you have any update for your wrestling during last week

HenryMay 07 2014 3:34pm
Sorry, for the late reply but i was extremely busy on my work. Henry in the last weeks i was out my city working at my project so there were no much time, but i kept wrestle and humiliate these two indian men. Man from Egypt of course i can do that to you you are little weak man i can lift you and beat you to death, but i will not do it i might makes you feet slave

Woman May 16 2014 8:10pm
U can't make me slave for U , no one can do

Man from EgyptMay 17 2014 9:08am
Of course i can, you are so weak little man and you can do nothing about. My husband is bigger than you and he always do whatever i say because he scared of me.

Woman May 17 2014 10:52am
yes i'm small man ,but actually i'm strong i have strong bones. the Power not by the how big of body , i'm sure from that i stronger than ur husband . again U can't make me slave

Man from EgyptMay 17 2014 12:57pm
and why U called me weak little man without even see me?!

Man from EgyptMay 17 2014 1:01pm
Woman:Please tell more detail about your story of humiliating two indian men

HenryMay 17 2014 5:48pm
man from Egypt, I am much stronger than you, plus you told that you are only 57 KG and your thighs are 18. I am much stronger than you, and this is very normal because i am much bigger and muscular than you, also i beat a lot of men who are bigger and stronger than you. my biceps is almost same size your thigh so you can imagine how strong i am. any i do not want to make you my slave but if we met and i beat you the winner deserve a price and my price is to give me a feet massage

womanMay 17 2014 8:16pm
Yes Henry this what happened. The day after I wrestled and humiliated them for the first time, they were trying to avoid me and never looked at me they looked so embarrassed and afraid at the same time, and they left early. I can understand how weird this could be especially for them, for me I am used to it to wrestle and humiliate a man and see him next day at the work. Any way I decided not to do anything about it, but at the night I was so board and I really wanted to do it again because it was so fun I really admire small men plus they are very good masseurs. The next day I went to the project location and arranged a meeting with them. At the beginning of the meeting they were almost shivering, but I was so serious and we only discussed business issues, at the end I said “and tonight I will be waiting for you at my room 8 o’clock”, they were shocked and said “yes and about this thing we also wanted to talk with you, but can we talk here without coming to your room”, I replied with a strong look and very hard voice “no tonight you will come, it is better for you to come and everything will be fine”, and I left the room. 8 o’clock sharp they were knocking on my room door, I opened the door and told them to them to come inside it was so easy to see on their eyes how afraid they are from this. I wanted to chill them so we all had a drink, then I said “okay you said you have something to talk about, what it is?” they said about the other night we were drunk and we think since we are all working together this is unethical, and against the regulation so we just want to make this point clear and we want to apologies if we did anything wrong. I replied with the same hard voice “first it is right that you do not work to my company but I am the project manager so you are working under me not with me, second you did not do anything wrong because you only did what I ordered you to do, third I am the manager and I will be worried about what ethical and what is not you should be worried about your IT work which is unfortunately you could not do it as required, and I can easily fired you both for it and it will be totally legal. Any way guys me really like you and like spending time with you and I do not want to kick you out of your company. You gave me very good foot massage the last day and I want it every night, plus sometimes I really need someone to wrestle and I do not like to sleep alone at the bed I feel so lonely so nothing sexual I am a married woman. if you can provide with these things I will be so happy and you can consider it as a service from a friend to another. They stayed quiet for few minutes then said OK but try not to hurt us so badly, I said I will try and put my feet on the table in front of their faces and start to remove the slipper from it and told them that now I need a foot massage.

Woman May 17 2014 8:20pm
They started my feet massage and it was so good better than my expectation, then I order them to kiss them while they massage them. I really like this feeling where there are two men at my feet kissing and massaging it. I ordered them later to massage my claves and let us say it was fine. I was wearing my sleep short which is very short and almost expose my entire body and a small whit t shirt, so when I order them to massage my thighs I did not have to take off any of my clothes and that did not give them any time for rest, so my thighs massage was not good at all I think their small hands are only suitable for my feet not for thighs and I was so disappointed. I stood up and put the head of one of them between my thighs giving him a stand head scissor and lifted the other one to me from his neck he was almost cry not from the pain but from the fear I think, then I locked his head under my armpit, then I lifted both of them every from a side a walked to the bed threw them on my bed and lie down over them I was feeling so powerful with my body covering their bodies and with their voices trying to releases their selves from me with their tiny small hands. This made me more excited and more willing for beating, I started my scissor to them, I put one of them in a scissor between my thighs and the other between my ankles, and later I gave one of them a bear hug while the other one is between my thighs. At this point I felt like I need more so I took off my T- shirt and my short so I was with my underwear only sat on the first one face and I placed my ass hole directly on his mouth and nose, and grabbed the other one to my breasts giving him breast smoother. I could not resist myself and I forced him later to suck my tits, it was great feeling with him sucking my tits and the other one is under me breathing through my ass this is the best thing ever. I kept them on this situation for a very long time. Finally they gave me another feet massage and I did as I did the other night made one of them sleeping beside me to hug him and the other one beside my feet to kiss them. I liked this very much so I threatened them that we will do this every night or I will kick them out of the company and beat them to death, they were so afraid and they actually every night t 8 o’clock were at my room door.

Woman May 17 2014 8:22pm
This was one of the best days I have ever had in my life with these two men. Even though it was best I have ever had but I do not feel like what I did was right, first because this threat is against the law, and it is right that I did not had sex with them but I think that what we did may could consider as sexually which is also against the law but I am not sure about this. Plus I am sure that they did not want it because they did not had a boner not even once, so I feel that abused them and used my power to force to weak men to pleasure me which I did it before but I do not like to do it. Finally I am married woman I told my husband about them but not in details, but I think I will tell him tomorrow any way I did it n front of him before and I do not like to lie. The bad thing is now there is rumor in the company now that I had sex with these two men, because they came to my room every night. Any way but these days were the best.

Woman May 17 2014 8:23pm
today i was in the same super market that i was their two week ago, while shopping with me wife, i see that girl front us , she was smiling and say finlly i see u again, i come to here everyday to see u and finlly i did. i was very embarrassing because I did not tell my wife about this big girl before. i tried to go away but she stood in front of us to prevent us from moving forward, where R you go i want to play with u , and see to my wife,(1.55 cm and 49 kg,my wife reach to her the navel) and say who is this small girl i say this my wife plz let us move away. she was shock and ask R U kidding with me r u married? u and this girl is too small to get married (but acutely i am 23 and her is 22), my wife was too small compared to this girl,but my wife get jealousy and say what R u need ?? she take one step and become front it directly and Tilted her neck too see my wife, my wife take step to back because she can't see her face because huge tits of this big girl,(my wife bra size 30b ) she look at her tits and ask r u have boobs i didn't see ur boobs, my wife cry , with one hand take my wife from floor and put it in the Shopping Cart and still she taller than my wife and take me and lift me in this Shopping Cart also, now she take e and my wife by one arm foe each and say u r very tiny couples, i heavier than both of u, and when the super market's employee come and say "hay what happen, she put us in the floor "

Man from EgyptMay 18 2014 11:22am
well, i think you should not go to this market any more or this girl will beat you badly next time, but if you like big women and want her to wrestle you go daily to the shop. I think now you are sure that a strong woman can do what ever she wants with a weak man. you were lucky the last two times her father and the employer saved you, but next time no one know what could happen

Woman May 18 2014 12:37pm
Woman: Your story was great, did you ever humiliate 2 Indian men in publish?

HenryMay 18 2014 11:29pm
Thanks, Henry and no i never humiliated them in public. We were always in my room

Woman May 19 2014 4:49am
ur children will suffer from U Woman

Man from EgyptMay 19 2014 5:29am
R U wrestle woman, what if My wife angry U? what U will doing for her?!!!

Man from EgyptMay 19 2014 5:30am
Why my children will suffer from me i will be very nice to them. Plus i do not have any till now. I had few wrestlings with women long time ago. In general i do not like to wrestle women because i enjoy it more when i beat and humiliate men especially weak small men, but if any women your wife or another one makes me angry i'll kick her ass and your wife is so small she is smaller than you. I think one slap from me will be enough to throw her away from my face.

Woman May 19 2014 7:25am
i am from Bangladesh and live in Netherlands their woman are look more taller than most of than man our country i name is irfan and i am samll man 5'1 and 39 kg and i live alone in my house since i she one girl notice me in market i have not she such big woman here she look more 6 '5 and i can't guess her weight and one day i get accident with her car she took me hospital and home my home to care me she say sorry for that i say ok talk long time i ask her measurement she say i am 6'10 and 230 kg i feel shy and she ask i tell she laugh and she daily come to see me and i get beeter on day i stand in fornt i could hardly rech her breast and look like child she say let us go to she movie i say no she asked why? i reply because your such amazon woman if go out everu one will make fun off me, she say you are just wimp you dont have manner to talk woman i say get out to her she come near you curage than you out me i started pushing her i could not push her 1mm and try lift her leg but i can't move she laugh and say you so weak as born baby and o get tried she hold my wrist i feel pain and say leave me she is profeesional fashoin desiner to talk tap and mesure me my chest is 24",waist is 21" and thig are 12" and biceps is 5 " and she laugh say by my bra you can make full sleeves shirt which will bigger for you and she order me to meauser her 65",54",75 and her bicep 26" and thigh 52" she say you try to lift my leg to lift my hand i will use no power she put her big hand on table i try max but i could not move a inch she say you are small rat i say sorry to her and she say it no use now you pay i get sacred she spanked me and put ubder her armpit and i can't breath she slap me and i started cry she rapes me and say i will marry you teach lesson whole life she marry me i am helpless she alway rape me beat me and she one day put her thigh on me i can't speak put large preesure i alway sacred of her she never put on ground in but i can't do toilet without her permission one day he go market without her permission she beat my so hard i get fever and she say you are my servant

irfanMay 20 2014 7:41am
i hate any big women, and you Woman from turkey i hate you and i wish to be a big man to f*ck you

johnMay 20 2014 7:47am
Do you remember my shy neighbor? After I came from my trip we met and talked and wanted to cook and invite me and my husband to his place. I accepted it and we went to his place few days before. As I told you before this guy is very shy guy and even that he likes muscular woman, but he is so shy to admit it and to ask me for a wrestling match. I really like this guy and want to wrestle him, I wanted to look sexy and show my muscles at the same time so I wore this really sexy short dress almost showing part of my butt, with my new sexy shoes and really high heel almost 20 cm. I know that with high heels calves and thighs look much muscular and bigger, and I was over than 2 meters. I am sure that this is better from the many times he saw me in sleeping short and a flip-flop. Usually I do not wear dresses and high heel shoes even in my work I do not. So my husband asked me “why are you are wearing like this? We are only going to the other apartment for a meal”. I said yes I know, but I am in the mood to wear such a thing. When we arrived to his apartment he opened the door and I think that he liked what he saw, and he was surprised from my height, I had to bend down so much to reach him and give him the welcome kiss and a big hug. we had the dinner and the meal was really great, I ate like three plates because I was really hungry since I was at the gym before the dinner, and later I noticed that my neighbor and my husband finished and I am the only who is eating, and that I ate more than both of them together, he was surprised from the amount I ate and I was so embarrassed. After we finished the dinner we sat all of us to have a drink he was staring at my thighs and calves all the time, then he said that my thighs and calves are getting bigger and muscular, and asked me if I were working out during my trip. I said no I did not because we did not have a gym, but I told him that I had wrestled those two Indian men. He starts to ask me for more details how I did it to them and he was so excited, but when I told him that I forced them to massage my feet every night he was shocked, his entire face became red, and he started to ask me questions about this like how did I force them to do it? And why I forced them to do this, and for how long they did it? Then he asked if I my husband does this to me as well, and my husband told him that this sometimes could be very annoying to him since I force him to do it every day and sometimes more than once in a day with special conditions for a long time, and how he felt sorry for these two men because he knew exactly how they suffer from it. So I knew that he is a foot fetish. I was so happy because for me this is the ideal situation, a cute shy gut that likes muscular woman and has a foot fetish, and living at my building. Any way we left that night. Tonight he came to my place to have a dinner with us I was as usual wearing a short and a shirt but I painted my toes to attract him, after we finished he started to ask questions about wrestling as usual, then I gave him an offer I told him let us wrestle to see how strong are you, and if I win you have to give me a feet massage and if he wins he can ask me to do anything for him of course all of us know that I am going to win not him so he has to give me a feet massage. He approved but he asked me to make it a fight nit wrestling because he is more talented in fight or that what he thought. My husband tried to stop it by saying to me that he does not want I should leave him alone then I told him that he should stay aside and just watch, and I ordered my husband to explain to him how I like my foot massage before the match, while I brought the wrestling mat. I took off my shirt and stayed with the bra and short. We started the wrestling and I immediately lifted and threw him on the floor then placed my foot on his back and pulled him against his body, then I sat on his back placed his arms over my knees and pulled him from his head to me, after this I dragged him from his arms and gave him a head scissor, I followed it with few kicks on his ribs. He was lying on the floor in pain when I hold his arms between my thighs and my calves and sit on his face cutting his breath out making him begging for breath, after this I pulled him from his hand and threw him to the wall corner where I gave him his life crush between my body and the wall, and his screaming was getting louder but I was so excited so I could not stop, I threw him on the floor another time laid over him placed my legs between his legs and start to split his legs apart, with breast smoother at the same time cutting the air out of him. After he begged me not to break his legs many times, I changed my position to head reserve scissor where he was out of the breath again by my butt, then I put his head under my armpit and punish him on his stomach, after he was totally exhausted I gave him many body scissor from different places, finally I lifted him with one hand from his neck and told him “now you can imagine how strong I am and what can I do to you”. I really like it when I freak men out. I let him down and said all right now you have to pay the price of your lost and massage my feet, he asked for you few minutes to rest, so I put him on the floor and placed my foot on his chest and did a victory pose for my husband who was terrified as well. After that rested he went to the kitchen prepared the water as my husband told him brought it to the living room and started my feet massage which it was fine, then I ordered him to kiss my feet at first he was surprised and asked me why he had to do it, I told him that this is a part of the massage and he should do it, he looked at my husband and my husband told him it is fine. I forced him to kiss my feet for 3o minutes, then I told him he is free to go, before leaving I told him that when I wrestle or fight I got so excited and in case I hurt him he should know that I did not mean to do it, and if he likes it we can do it as much as he wants, he told me that he likes and he would like to do it again. I think on this case everyone will be happy me won a guy who is always available for wrestling and likes to give me a feet massage, him since he likes muscular woman and likes to worship woman’s feet, and my husband because another man will replace him with my feet massage which my husband does not like to do it.

Woman May 20 2014 8:52pm
Woman: your story is great

HenryMay 20 2014 9:35pm
Thanks Henry , actually i am very happy as well with whar happened the other night because i really like this guy, but what did you like about do you like women's feet as well?

Woman May 20 2014 9:56pm
Woman: I like you very much, hope I can have chance to meet and serve you, but I am afraid I am not strong enough to give you good massage because your thighs are very big.

HenryMay 20 2014 11:01pm
Hhhh. Do not worry about it i am used for bad massages specially when it comes to my thighs, but if we met i'll wrestle you and then you will serve my feet, after that we can discuss about my thighs massage.

Woman May 20 2014 11:04pm
Woman: If you wear 20cm high shoes, my head will be lower than your tit. So if your tit is big emough, you can not see me under your tit when we stand close. And if you want to smother me with your tit, you have to pick me up. But I love this

HenryMay 20 2014 11:06pm
Wow, really you are so small i like that even that i never wrestle before wearing high heels because i hate to wear it, but maybe i'll try it some day. My breasts are big enough to cover all of you if you were under them

Woman May 20 2014 11:14pm
Woman: Your tit may kill me by accident. You can trap 2 mem like me to the wall by using only your breast

HenryMay 20 2014 11:21pm
Hhhhh, what is your exact size dear?

Woman May 20 2014 11:25pm
Can i ask question how do you feel about being much weaker from a woman like me? Do you feel afraid. Excited, or humiliated

Woman May 20 2014 11:27pm
A little afraid but I like strong and big woman very much. I hope I can marry a woman like you

HenryMay 20 2014 11:31pm
Really, that is so sweet i hope that too, i think that you have small head just like your body so i you want from me to smoother with my tits that's may really cause for you problems because i have big hard breasts that will cover your entire head and prevent you from breathing

Woman May 20 2014 11:37pm
You can knock out me just using your tit. I am sure you can win me in wrestling match without using your hands and your feet

HenryMay 20 2014 11:47pm
Wow that's will be great, i really loves men to be like this to admit my power and afraid me and be ready to serve me. I think my breasts could crush you and you might be chocked by my tits poor little man

Woman May 20 2014 11:51pm
Did you ever humiliate any man in public by your tit? and trap him to the wall and use your tit push hard in his face.

HenryMay 20 2014 11:57pm
In public no, but i did it to other men in front my husband, or the opposite. Usually i do not wrestle in public.

Woman May 21 2014 12:00am
I love your story when wrestling with 2 men, please try next time with 3 men, I am sure you can win easily. You can face sit one man and force him to lick your pussy, and force 2 others suck your tit. Or you can standing head scissor one men, breast smother other and trap the last by your armpit

HenryMay 21 2014 12:24am
I actually, i've been thinking about this because i had many wrestling with two men and i beat them easily this will be great to destroy three men same time, plus i want to do it because when i brought to men to the house and wrestle them topless this make my husband very joules so imagine if i bring three he will be so angry and i'll force him to watch untill he stop this stupid ideas

Woman May 21 2014 12:32am
Sure Woman, you can include him in the wrestling match and force him to serve you as the other men

HenryMay 21 2014 12:38am
If I have wife like you, of cause I will let her do anything in front of me.

HenryMay 21 2014 12:39am
Yes, i know i can do that but since he think that it is not right thing for a married woman to wrestle other men topless. I start to do most of my wrestling with other men and force him to watch this way he'll get used to it, then i'll wrestle him alone. Do you think he is right in his thinking or should i keep wrestling other men topless?

Woman May 21 2014 12:42am
You are great man, your wife will be so lucky. All men should be like. For me my husband does not dare to allow me or prevent from something. I prevent him from somethings when i want, so i do it any way but i want him to know that it is not big deal at all for woman to go or wrestle topless

Woman May 21 2014 12:52am
If i wrestle three i also can put one of them under my feet and stand above him using my weight i have very effective weapon my feet and my weight, if i stand on any man he will not be able to move or to breath until i allow him, while the other two is under my armpit, or one of them will be trapped between my breasts and the wall

Woman May 21 2014 12:53am
There is no wrong for you when you wrestle other men topless even naked until you have sex with them. But you can force them to serve you such as eat your pussy, suck your tit, . . . I love the scene that you sit on your husband face and force him eat your pussy, trap 2 men in under your armpit and trap other men between your tit and the wall. So you can dominate 3 men and your husband.

HenryMay 21 2014 2:42am
Yes, you are right there is nothing wrong about. It is good to see many young men with that great ideas. About wrestling did you mean that i can wrestle 4 men at the same time? This will be hilarious

Woman May 21 2014 8:00am
nice conversation, Henry what is ur size (weight and tall, I ask because i'm small and if u bigger than me And Woman can doing to U all of that then, Woman absolutely will be able to f*ck me while lifting me as she doesn't lifting any thing

Man from EgyptMay 21 2014 8:50am
Man from Egypt, you look like a man who likes to be lifted and be f*cked by a strong woman, if that so then you should be married from a strong big woman not small weak one. Any if we met one day i will be able to lift over my shoulder, hug you and lift you from the front, and i can carddle you so i can lift you like a baby.

Woman May 21 2014 8:55am
Woman: actually after my story with the shop girl, i'm sure that U can wrestling and humiliate 4 men with my size i'm sure that U will be able to hug us in the same time, OMG Woman ur one tit bigger than my head, ur one thigh much bigger than all my body

Man from EgyptMay 21 2014 8:56am
yes with ur specifications, U the man and i'm the woman, U able to doing to me anything U want as U mention, if i hug ur ass my hands will don't touching each other

Man from EgyptMay 21 2014 9:02am
Really, thank you guys you really encourge me to try a lot of amazing stuff. Of course i will try to wrestle more than two men very soon. I am sure that one of my thigh is bigger and stronger than you, but my tits bigger than your head i do not know i have very big tit but not like this, but any way i am sure one of my boobs can crush your head

Woman May 21 2014 9:04am
I know, in my relationship with my husband everything is in the opposite. I am the boss of every thing and he only has to obey me. Even that my husband is bigger than you.

Woman May 21 2014 9:07am
U told me ur tits size 38dd that mean ur tits like images i see in google images if i right ,, so if that true then ur one tit much bigger than my head

Man from EgyptMay 21 2014 9:10am
OMG,ur husband is bigger than me. hhhhhhhhhhh sorry about that but my dick will be very small to U, i f*ck U i need my arm

Man from EgyptMay 21 2014 9:12am
This is my breast size, or my bra size, and yes they are so big, and i can destroy any man if i put his head between them and squeeze.

Woman May 21 2014 9:13am
First, i do not want to f*ck men other than my husband. Second, my husband dick is not very big as well. This is why i pleasure my self with other stuff. Finally, i consider my self very strong woman this is why i always say if i f*ck other man because i am stronger and i am the one who will f*ck them.

Woman May 21 2014 9:16am
if U put my hand between them and squeeze, my head will disappear, U know i think my head can disappear in ur ass

Man from EgyptMay 21 2014 9:16am
Sure it will disappear between my boobs and my ass, my ass could cover your half body. Probably you will be killed

Woman May 21 2014 9:19am
Woman: do your hudsband know you chat in this web site. If not, ask him read everything, he will find lucky to have a wife like you.

HenryMay 21 2014 9:49am
Yes he knows but he does not speak english so sometimes i translate for him.

Woman May 21 2014 10:30am
Woman: How is stronger u or ur cousin(U say her thigh 31)if U wrestle each other ?? Ur family have big bodies

Man from EgyptMay 22 2014 3:09pm
Woman: any update for your story

HenryMay 28 2014 2:44pm
Today very noisy man was knocking at my door from the early morning, when I opened the door it appears that he is the plumber from the building who came to fix something at my kitchen. I let him in even that I told them that he should come at the evening not the morning. I was really angry because he woke me up in very early time at my holiday, but my sleep was already ruined so I decide to go to the kitchen to make my coffee and to make sure that he is doing his job. Since I entered the kitchen I noticed that he is looking at my thighs and my body, at first it does not bother me because it is not big deal many men do this all the time, but after a while he kept staring at them in very annoying way, so I told him it is better for you to focus on your job than focusing on my body, he said “yes of course I am sorry”. Few min he back to staring at my legs another time, here I was really angry and shouted on him “you are staring at my body more than you are doing your job. It is better for you to finish your job now or I will prepare complain to the building authority to make them fire you from your job. He apologized another time and said I am sorry, but I notice that you are one big muscular woman and I have never woman like you before”. Any way something led to another and he challenged me to arm wrestling after he finished his work. Of course I accept his challenge, but the truth I was worried about it because this man is so huge I mean he is really huge his hands are bigger than mine and weight about 160 KG, and he looks very tough man. We started our arm wrestling with our right hands, when I hold his arm I felt that his hold is so strong. It was the hardest arm wrestling I ever have in my life, it took like 8 min and he had the upper hand in most of it and he was very near from the winning many times, but I think he is not used for long arm wrestling because when he failed to win he started to lose his power and I finally was able to win. On the left arm it was very competitive as well, but it was a little bit easier because I ended it with in 3 min.

Woman May 29 2014 6:47pm
He was so embarrassed he said this is the first time he loses to a woman ever, I felt so great not because I won an arm wrestling I won thousands, but because I destroyed the ego of one stupid male who thinks women cannot be physically stronger than men. Of course but men like this is stupid and because he is one of them he challenged me to another competition. He wanted to have with me another arm wrestling but with different type, where we stand in opposite to each other and hold our both hands and see who would be able to push the other one to the wall. Basically this game depends a lot on the weight and he is 160 KG almost 60 KG more than me and shorter than me within few cm. Any we started the match and even he is heavier, but my wrists are stronger than his, this was obvious at the arm wrestling when I beat him, so he could not push my arms I was pushing his. Since he is so heavy man at first I was not able to push him for a long distance, but thanks to my thighs muscles he could not move me for 1 cm. After 4, 5 minutes he was totally exhausted because he tried everything he got, and he could not push me at all. So I took advantage over his disappointment and start to push to the wall, he could not believe what is happening, but my thighs were going to explode, they look extremely huge. He was shocked when I push him to the wall and made him stuck to it, he could not say a ward, my husband was watching and he was surprised as well because at the end I pushed him like he weight nothing, and he was so scared. At the end I told him Ok you challenged me for two wrestling types and I beat you, now it is my turn I want to have leg wrestling with you. It like arm wrestling but with thighs, when we put our thighs next to each other and he saw my thighs bigger and muscular than his he was totally terrified, but it was too late for him to runaway. When we started it did not took with me more than10 seconds to push his thigh on the floor, and it was so painful for him, and he lie back on the floor from the pain. I immediately stand up put my feet on his chest, he tried to push it but I kicked him and said shut up loser, or I will beat you more, and did my victory pose to my husband flexing my all muscles, I know this scares him a lot this is why I did it. Then I paid him his money and kicked him out, with his male ego destroyed under my feet.

Woman May 29 2014 6:47pm
Great Woman! You are stronggest woman in the world

HenryMay 30 2014 12:56am
Really, thank you i hope this to be true, and i also wish to be stronger than all the men and destroy all of them under my feet

Woman May 30 2014 9:11am
yaah Woman,before i believe that never there woman stronger than men but,after see ur stories, WoOoOoOW u stronger than two men or four men with mu size

Man from EgyptMay 30 2014 9:52am
Man from Egypt if we have met someday i will make fear all the women just because you will remember me. Men should understand something that just because they are men that means they are stronger, no now there are many big strong women who can kick their asses and crush them under their feet

Woman May 30 2014 9:03pm
then hope to come Egypt as soon as possible

Man from EgyptMay 31 2014 5:23am
Woman: i want in next wrestle,to tell us that u beat 3 or 4 men and kick their asses

Man from EgyptJun 02 2014 9:34am
Yes, at the weekend I went with my husband to this nice beach, the weather is nice and everything is very good. I like this beach and usually go there because it is far from the city and there are no much people there so I can relax from my work. When I arrived I took off my shirt and my short and started my tanning. We met my husbands’ friends one of them is his best friend the one I have wrestled with him before, and the other one he is also his friend but I have never wrestled with him before. They sit next to us, and I started making fun of my husbands’ friend the close one since it was so obvious that he fears me very much just by looking at me. My husbands’ friend started to make excuses that I am so strong and it is so normal for a man of his size to lose for me, fear me, and avoid wrestling with me. The other friend was staring at my body and he looks scared as well, but he was so surprised from the way that my husband and his close friend talking about me and my strength and muscles. So he was so fascinated about my strength and muscles and asked me if he can touch it and try it. He was so shocked that how my thighs are not only so muscular and big that they are so solid as well, and how my calves are the same he said that they look like a thighs not calves, and of course my biceps makes him more fascinated as well because they are almost the same size of his thighs. After that he said that he would like to arm wrestle not because he is competitor to me, all what he wants to see how many seconds he can resist. So we had the first one and he could not resist for 3 seconds, then he used his both hands and he could not reach 3 seconds as well, then the other one came and both of them used their both hands against one of mine and o beat them with 7 or 8 seconds I think. It was so funny how both of them were defeated so easily by me, I make fun of them and their weak, little tiny bodies. Any way we finished and we all went to our place to have dinner. At the dinner I was still teasing them about their lost to me like putting my biceps on their faces and flex it, or flex it and kiss it something like that. After we finished I suggested on them to have a rematch by wrestling not arm wrestling. My husband refused and his close friend refused as well, the other friend did not say anything. I told them that they can wrestle me three of them at the same time, and in this case there is high potential for them to get their revenge and save their ego. My husband did not agree as well, but his close friend agreed because he liked the idea of getting his revenge back convinced my husband. I directly brought the wrestling mat, cleared the furniture from the room and took off my short and my shirt as well to back with my swim suit bottom only.

Woman Jun 09 2014 9:14pm
To be honest at first when they stood all of them in front of me I thought that I had no idea how I am going to manage three men at the same time, it does not matter how weak they are but they still three and this a wrestling not a fight that means I have to control them at the same time. Even they were three and I am alone but I was still able to see the fear on their eyes. We started the wrestling and for my surprised they had a plan two of them ran directly to the sides and each one of them holds one of arms by his two hands, and the third man hold my legs and start trying to threw me down on the floor by lifting my legs, at first he was not successful so he had to go down to my feet, and he was able to lift my feet a little bit over the floor, so I lost my balance and I fell down. Immediately I realized that the man who went directly to my legs is very stupid man “my husband close friend” because he was so focused on putting me down, so he forgot to keep his head away from my legs, his head was exactly between my calves, so all I had to do is to lock his head between my calves, I know that he cannot released himself with his tiny arms and weak muscles, so now I was able to focus on the other two who holding my arms, even that they were using all their power to keep locking my arms, but each one of my arms is stronger than their entire body, I released my arms and directly I locked their heads under my armpits, and I blocked their noses and mouths with my breasts each one of them in different side, because I had to cut the air out of them to make them lost their power and be exhausted faster. My husband’s close friend was still suffering between my calves and could not free himself I was giving him a very tight calves scissor so his face became purple, Then I let him free and immediately stood up while I locking my husband and the other man heads under my armpits and stood up over my husbands’ close friend placing one foot on his back and the other one on his head he was screaming so loud begging me to go down, because he thought that his back will be broken, he tried to stand up but he of course he could not handle my weight. My husband was struggling much more than the other man who he was so exhausted and it looks like he give-up maybe because he is not used to this kind of beating. So I lifted my husband which I know it makes him dizzy so he will lose his balance and strength, then I put him down dragged him to the floor and lied back so I was able to give him a body scissor with my thighs and his close friend put him another time in a scissor between my calves, while the third man was still under my armpit blocking his breath with my breast and giving him a space to breath every few seconds. Since I was holding two men between my legs so I had to gave them very strong scissors, so when I looked at my husband and his close friend they were crying from the pain, his friend almost was faint because he was not able to raise his hand or to say anything. I knew in this point that I can focus on the other two so I can destroyed them, so I let him free and dragged my husband from his hair put on him on the floor, then I threw his friend who was under my armpit over him and gave him a breasts smoother while I am separating their legs a part. My husband was in a great pain because I and his friend were above him, and his friend was totally crushed because he stocked between me and my husband. After that I lifted both of them each one above one of my shoulders and started to rotate a little to make them more dizzy, then I put the other man down and lifted my husbands’ close friend instead of him. I stood up on the other man chest and started to throw one of the men I am lifting to the floor very hard stood on him and lifted the other one; I did that for many times.

Woman Jun 09 2014 9:15pm
Any way after this I decided to try new thing so I dragged the three of them to the corner of the wall and started to crush them between my body and the wall, another round of the screaming and begging started, they said “we give- up, please let us free, we are begging you, we are not competitors to you at all,…..”, but I did feel that I am done with them yet, so I dragged the third man threw him on the floor and put his neck between my ankles and I told him that I will scissor him with my ankles and if he did any move I will break his neck, he was shacking and too afraid to do any move, then I placed my husband head between my thighs up to my ass and gave him a stand head scissor, while his close friend is under my armpit, I changed the positions between my husband and his close friend few times, at the end I put my husband and his close friend under my thighs and sat at the third man face, at this he was really afraid and he started to say things about he will die he cannot see and he cannot breath stuff like that. After I was done with them I put all of them on the floor standing on them and did my victory pose, and I forced each one of them to kiss my feet as a sign of my power. Later it was my pleasure time so I put my husband face and forced his close friend to suck my tits, but this time with extra man locked under my armpit. At the end I forced all of them to worship my muscles and my feet at the same time one my thighs the other my shoulders, the other my biceps. Of course finally each one of them gave me feet massage before I let them totally free.

Woman Jun 09 2014 9:16pm
WOoOoW, You R very strong woman. is their sizes like me or smaller than me as u know i'm approximately 58,59 kg

Man from EgyptJun 10 2014 3:07am
No, for sure they are not smaller than you my husband and his friend is heavier than you, maybe the third man has the same weight of you.

Woman Jun 10 2014 3:07pm
then u able to wrestle 5 men with my size at the same time and beat us

Man from EgyptJun 12 2014 12:09am
any way what is ur thighs and weight size now, i think u become bigger

Man from EgyptJun 12 2014 4:53am
Man from Egypt, your size is very small and before i wrestled three men and beat them i thought it is impossible for me to beat more than two men but now and after i beat those three men and it was not hard at all i think i am able to beat many weak men at the same time. any way my thighs are still 3o but i gained extra weight now i am 100 KG

Woman Jun 12 2014 2:57pm
100 kg is very big, u r very strong i think i will not be able to lift one leg from U, and ur arm is half my size

Man from EgyptJun 12 2014 3:01pm
Hhhhh, I know my husband and he is bigger than you I can prevent him from moving when i put one leg on him

Woman Jun 12 2014 3:05pm
so when put ur arm i will be can't able to moving hhhhhhhhhhh

Man from EgyptJun 12 2014 3:36pm
Yes, i think so, but i am sure if i put my leg on you you will not be able to move unless i let you

Woman Jun 12 2014 3:40pm
yes of course, ur one thigh's meat and muscle much more than my hole body, realy ur one thigh bigger than my body so it is possible to death under one leg from u

Man from EgyptJun 12 2014 3:43pm
Hhhhh, i know so you can imagine the fear that my husband lives in all the time that i can actually may kill him or cause to him big damage just by hug him so scissor him

Woman Jun 12 2014 3:49pm
when we are on the bed he is really afraid that if i turn over him i might kill him by mistake

Woman Jun 12 2014 3:50pm
hhhhhhhhhh, by ur tits u can kill me so you can imagine with ur thighs u can cut me to two halfs, what is ur tits size "tits not bra"

Man from EgyptJun 12 2014 3:56pm
i think ur one tit really bigger than my head and heavier

Man from EgyptJun 12 2014 3:58pm
by ut tits i can play Lifting weights sport, and they will really heavy for me

Man from EgyptJun 12 2014 3:59pm
I do not know what do you mean by my tits size not my bra. My bra size is 38, but actually my tits are what making my husband very afraid because i can cut the air on him only if they were near to him. the poor man trying to avoid them

Woman Jun 12 2014 4:00pm
u know i think ur tits is bigger than my ass

Man from EgyptJun 12 2014 4:01pm
Yes, of course one of my tit is bigger than your head and you will not be able to lift them because your head will be disappear between them

Woman Jun 12 2014 4:02pm
WOW Woman , i'm sure ur tits much bigger than me small ass, one hand from u can hold my ass, so i sure from ur tits bigger and bigger

Man from EgyptJun 12 2014 4:04pm
Hhhh, trust me if we ever met i will be able to crush in every part of my body. I can destroy you with my feet

Woman Jun 12 2014 4:07pm
hhhh,i can cover my self from cold when sleep by ur bra

Man from EgyptJun 12 2014 4:09pm
Great Woman! Why don't you face sit one man and force hime kiss your pussy and trap 2 others to the wall buy your tits and force them suck your tits in the same time

HenryJun 16 2014 8:48pm
Thanks Henry, actually i thought about doing this, but there were no space to put two men between my tits and the wall while the other one is eating my pussy, but i did something near to this when i sit on one of them and the other two were locked under my armpit and my tits.

Woman Jun 17 2014 8:51am
wow against 3 men was easy.. i told you my goddess that you are unstoppable

DavJun 19 2014 4:38pm
Hi Dav long time. Yes i was surprised as well. I think those men are so weak and i am extremely strong person.

Woman Jun 20 2014 6:08am
Since I wrestled my shy neighbor and ordered him to give me a feet massage last time, and he kept coming to my house every few days to have dinner with us. During these times I wrestled and arm wrestled with him few times of course I beat him every easily and he had to give me a feet massage after that. I like it very much when I make this guy so shy, it is so obvious that this guy does not have a lot of experiences with women, and he is not used to be around liberated woman such like me. on Saturday , and while he was at my house having dinner the weather was so hot, I took off my sweater and I was not wearing any bra, so I was totally topless wearing only my short. He was so shocked; his face became totally red and the words did not come out of his mouth, he opened his mouth, dropped his spoon and could not remove his eyes away from my breasts. My husband felt embarrassed, but of course he can do nothing about it, he is even too afraid to show me that he did not like it, so he kept his eyes on his plate. I decided to make him shyer by embarrassing him more and more. So I looked at him and asked him in tough voice: why are you looking to me in this way? Is this the first time you see topless woman? Do you have problems with women who go topless? Or do you think that this is only from men rights to go topless? He could not answered I think he was so afraid. I told him or do you think that they are ugly? And told him answer why are you shut? He started to falter and said “no, no they are nice I’m sorry I did not mean to do anything to upset you, and I respect all women and they have all the rights to do everything they want even more than men I’m sorry so sorry, but I was shocked from your breasts size they are so huge and big”. I told him that’s Ok, but you should expect that I am huge woman, and everything about me is so huge. After we finished dinner, and while my husband was washing the dishes in the kitchen, I was having a beer and watching TV, I came near to him and put my arm around his shoulder, so my breasts were almost touching his face, and told him that I am now in the mood for little wrestling and after that I want a great feet massage. I took off my short so I was only wearing my thong. Holed his head tight under my arm pit while he was begging me not to wrestle him first and let him massage my feet directly. I made him lied on the couch and I was above him placed my legs between his and separated them very fast, he was screaming and begging then I gave him a breast smoother. I covered his whole face with my tits and cut the air out of him. After that I put him on the floor and his back is on the couch and gave him a reserve head scissor, he was really going to die because when I gave him this scissor his face was totally into my ass so he could not breathe at all. At the end I lifted him and made two speed rounds, threw him on the floor and placed stand on him. After I was finished from him I ordered him to start my feet massage. He did very good one, so I ordered him to continue his massage onto my calves and thighs. Actually it was very good, then he left and we agreed that he’ll come to my place the next day also.

Woman Jun 22 2014 9:55pm
After he left and while me and my husband were preparing to go to sleep, we were a little drunk because we drank a lot, he started his same stupid conversation about how it is not appropriate for a married woman to go almost naked in front her neighbor and then wrestle him, smother him with her breasts and ass and then made him massage her calves and thighs. At first I decided to convince him by logic and told him that I love him, and I will not have sex with any man only him, and there is nothing wrong if the woman was naked, and that I do not pleasure men I put them in pain and make them wish if they can run away from me. He kept saying the same thing with a little shouting, so I tried another time to convince him another time, and I told him that I did this before with his close friend, his brother, my cousins and other men as well. He said the other guys are family and he is ok with this, but this one is our neighbor and he should not see me like this. Then he said while he is shouting you should stop doing this because I look like bitch, here I lost my mind and I was so angry from I attacked him through him on the floor and start kicking and punishing him so fast and hard, and I remember that I lifted him and through him very hard many times. I do not know how much time I kept beating him but I think it was like 40 min, he was bleeding. At the end I kicked him out the room and took placebos and went to sleep. When I woke up I found him putting badges on his face so the bleeding stopped, but his whole body is full of bruises and marks from my punches and kinks, and he prepared for me breakfast. I was still so furious with him. So I told him to pack his clothes and leave the house because I’ll divorce him. He started to beg me not to do that and he swear that he was drunk and he did not know what he was saying, and that he did not mean anything from what he said. He told me that if I kicked him out he has no place to go, and his life will be destroyed. He promised me that he’ll never repeat this thing in his life. I know that he has promised me before in this thing, but I felt sorry for him so I forgave him. Later when my neighbor came to my house today as we agreed I intentionally took off all my clothes except my thong to tease my husband. When he saw my husband in this situation he was surprised I told him that he made angry and he paid the price. My neighbor was totally terrified and afraid from me. After we spent the day together I told my neighbor that I want him in a favor since my husband is totally beaten down and I need to have massage for my feet and legs when I am sleeping and that he can do it and sleep with us on the bed because it is huge and it can fit all of us. At first he thought that I was kidding, but then when he realized that I do not he looked at my husband and my husband directly answered him that he would love to because all what he cares about that his wife should be happy “this is the result of beating him”. My neighbor hesitated first, but then he approved. We did it for the first time last night and everyone seems enjoyed this situation. Sorry if I wrote a lot and talk a lot, but I am a woman and this is what we do.

Woman Jun 22 2014 9:56pm

HenryJun 23 2014 9:18am
Thank you, so you think i did the right decission with my husband. Any way The good thing that i am now so happy with my new situation having two men serving mecand sleeping with me.

Woman Jun 23 2014 10:11am
@Woman: Nothing wrong with you. You can kick you husband out of your house if he complain more. Did you find organ when you facesat your neighbor? Did you force him to kiss your pussy and suck your tits

HenryJun 24 2014 11:02am
Thanks Henry you have great ideas, now i gave him the last chance if he complains another time i'll divorce him and kick him out or i might kill him by sitting with my ass on his face. Just yesterday i forced him to suck my tits since i make him these days sleep with us, he is really a great tits sucker i wish if it was allowed by the law to marry two men at the same time. In this case i would keep my husband and have my neighbour as an extra one i really love this guy

Woman Jun 24 2014 12:46pm
Woman I'm new in this group. I read all your posts...its amazing! Have you ever tried to lift your husband overhead? I think it is the ultimate demonstration of power over man

curious87Jun 26 2014 11:23pm
Hi, yes i did it many times. Not only with my husband for other men as well. It gives me great feeling with ultimate power and humiliates men very much.

Woman Jun 27 2014 9:23am
woman if this shy boy ever went under ur ass for a good time smothering

facesitfanJun 27 2014 12:28pm
Sorry, facesitfan i did mot understand your question.

Woman Jun 27 2014 5:59pm
Wow have you ever teased your husband abt your greater strenght? Any armwrestling session?

curious87Jun 27 2014 7:02pm
Of course i tease him about it all the time. I wrestle him lift him beat him, force him to worship my muscles and feet. About arm i am not big fan for it, i prefer to go directly to wrestling and beating.

Woman Jun 27 2014 8:56pm
Can I ask you how much can u lift on the gym? ?biceps, leg press, bench press etc?

curious87Jun 28 2014 12:40am
i mean have u facesat the shy boy in ur thong for a good length of time in front of your husband

facesitfanJun 29 2014 12:17am
Curious, actually these days due my work i do not have the time to go to a professional gym, so i work out at my building gym you can say i lift on my biceps between 60- 100 and with my legs between 150- 200. It depends on which training i do and how many times.

Woman Jun 30 2014 6:48pm
Yes, i did it for a long time. I do not know for how long exactly. Also i do it now every day wrestle my neighbour and sit on his face and makes him sleep with us with my husband watching it all.

Woman Jun 30 2014 6:52pm
You talk abt kilos or lbs?

curious87Jul 01 2014 2:51am
Kilos dear

Woman Jul 01 2014 5:20pm
100 kilos biceps omg!! I thought to be able to challenge yoi...but im changing my mind ;)

curious87Jul 01 2014 10:42pm
Hhhhh, it is better for you to change it. Otherwise you may pay a huge price for it. What is your size any way?

Woman Jul 02 2014 3:55am
My Goddess i want to be your slave so bad

davJul 02 2014 5:59am
So you should come to me, or you have to find a woman who needs a slave and be hers slave

Woman Jul 02 2014 10:57am
Size in what ?

curious87Jul 03 2014 11:43am
I mean every thing your hight, weight, biceps and thighs

Woman Jul 03 2014 3:49pm
183 height. ...82 kilos weight...biceps 14 inches...thighs 22...calves 15...and you?

curious87Jul 04 2014 2:58am
I am 187 hieght 96 killos biceps 17.5 thighs 29 and calves 21

Woman Jul 04 2014 3:05am
Oh damn you could almost lift me off the ground from my armpits....

curious87Jul 04 2014 6:12am
Yes, i can and i think i can lift you in any position if i want to, eventhough you are not small man, but i lifted men bigger than you.

Woman Jul 04 2014 6:48am
Are you sure? I've never meet someone that strong. much can u lift single handed when u train biceps?

curious87Jul 04 2014 7:07am
I already told you how much weight do i use in biceps training. I do not think it is a big deal for me to lift any man because when you lift a man your legs muscles will bear most of the weight not your upper body, so you should have extremely strong lower body which i already have.

Woman Jul 04 2014 7:36am
Omg I can do 14/15 kg each arm for biceps.... I need to use 2 hands to beat you arm wrestling! !!

curious87Jul 04 2014 11:18am
Yes, i know but do not get upset because it is not only you. All men i know it is impossible for them to beat me in arm wrestling. Actually if you are able to beat me by using your both hands you would consider stronger than the avarage man

Woman Jul 04 2014 11:44am
All muscles I have will appeaar dwarfed compared to yours...will be quite crazy view to see yoi flexing in my shirt and rip it with your biceps

curious87Jul 04 2014 1:22pm
Thats would be great. I like it very much when i compare my huge muscles with other men and their muscles, arms and legs look very tiny comparing to mine. The problem is that my husband shirt and my neighbours' shirts as well they do not fit me at all so i can not wearing them not only because i have much bigger muscles but i also very big tits. And of course their pants is small due my huge thighs and ass size

Woman Jul 04 2014 5:52pm
Tonight after I finished my work I went with my colleagues to a bar, our boss invite us there. This invitation was to celebrate the accomplishment for one of our projects which I was the manager of it. My boss was so amused with my achievements and performance. He was telling all other project managers that they should learn from me my method in leadership and my way in managing big projects. He also said that probably within short period I will be the head of the hall department even though that I am the only woman there and the youngest one between all of them. Any way after a while everyone start to leave, but he insists that I should stay to celebrate with him and discuss other business issues in private, and he’ll drive me back home. We stayed there for late time discussing business issues, and he was interested in my ideas, so when we get out the street was empty because everything was closed. When we reached his car we noticed that one of his car tires was in the floor. He owns a big four wheel car. he tried to change the wheel, but he was struggling in a every step, from releasing the old wheel, or getting out the new one, so I went to him and told him “why do not you sit down, and let me take care with this.” At first he said no I can do it and other stuff, the he was convinced that it will take a lot of time with him, so he let me do it. I took off my jacket and my shoes, I was wearing a t shirt showing my biceps and my shoulder and m back muscles. I started to change the wheel he was apologizing from me. Suddenly he was quite for like a minute and then said “wow you have great muscles I’ve always knew that you are muscular woman, but I’ve never noticed how big and huge your muscles are, and he was so shocked that how easy and fast it was for me to change and lift this tier. Any way I changed it and he spent all the way to my home flirting with my body and muscles saying how impressive they are and how he is so amused with power and muscles. When we reached my home he turned off the car and kept talking about my muscles and strength. I did not want to interrupt him because of course he is my boss, so I kept telling him how I grew all these muscles. Then he asked me if he can touch my muscles while I am flexing them, so I started to flex my muscles, but when I flexed my thighs and calves his eyes was about pooping out of his face, he could not believe how big and firm and full of muscles they are, and he could not taking his hands away from them. At the end he told me that I am very unique person from all the aspects. It was so obvious the he was totally imitated by my body and muscles, and that he likes them very much. So I think I’ll take advantage on this point to take my promotion in the next few months, and maybe someday not so far from I’ll be sitting on his chair.

Woman Jul 04 2014 7:55pm
I'm every time more you think you can rip a shirt by flexing?

curious87Jul 04 2014 10:20pm
How about using your husband as a weight for your home training. love to see that

curious87Jul 04 2014 10:32pm
Thanks, actually i've never tried it before to rip a shirt, but i think i am able to rip the sleeves a little bit. I mentioned it many times that sometimes i used my husband as weight for my training specially the squads. He'll be so humiliated but he can do nothing about it.

Woman Jul 05 2014 5:54am
How abt bench pressing him?

curious87Jul 05 2014 6:18am
Yes, i did it i used him in all kinds of training but squads was the most. The problem that he could not take it for a long time, afterva while he'll start shouting and become dizzy and other things

Woman Jul 05 2014 6:24am
So he gets tired before you? Yon can squatt him for long time? I think bench press him its pretty humiliating. .. i wish to find someone able to do it to me but I am way too heavy...

curious87Jul 05 2014 6:42am
Yes, he gets tired before me he is much weaker than me. The difference between our strength and sizes is huge. Yes you are heavier than my husband but i think i can squads you.

Woman Jul 05 2014 6:46am
I think u just need new ways to show him this increasing difference

curious87Jul 05 2014 6:53am
I do not know if you were reading for me previously, but there is no way on the world of humiliation and showing him who is the boss that I did not try it on him. few days ago he said to me bad things because i wrestled my neighbor topless and forced him to suck my tits, so i beat him really badly, he was bleeding, and i told him that if he'll do such a thing another time i'll divorce him. Now the only things he is allowed to do is to be extra weights in my training, my feet masseuse, and give me a pleasure. He is helpless in front of me. I know this is not the ideal marriage, but i am the boss of the relation ship and i like it that way.

Woman Jul 05 2014 7:03am
Wow...extra weight...means him plus normal weight? I'm amazed how big are your husband biceps?

curious87Jul 05 2014 7:06am
his bicep is between 11 or 11.5 and his thighs is 18 or 19. Soon my bicep will be bigger than his thighs

Woman Jul 05 2014 7:11am
When you started to train to have these huge muscles? Seems that your forearm is bigger than your husband biceps

curious87Jul 05 2014 7:40am
Your muscles are still growing so? Have you tryed to surprise him when he is lying on the couch to lift the side of the couch with him on top? That would me amazing

curious87Jul 05 2014 7:42am
Actually i started lift weights for about 10 years, while i am only married from 5 years, so since i met my husband i was much bigger than him. Now my muscles are still growing while he is not able to build any muscles and he does not practice any kind of sports so i am sure that soon my biceps will be bigger than his thighs. Yes i lift the couch when he is lying on it, also sometimes when he is lying on it watching T V i lift over my shoulder and prevent to let him down, he'll beg me to but i refuse he said it is so high for him when he is over my shoulder specially if i wear high heels shoe

Woman Jul 05 2014 7:50am
Hold on its not clear you lift him over your shoulder or the couch with him on it?

curious87Jul 05 2014 7:58am
No i am sorry. I only lift him

Woman Jul 05 2014 8:00am
Why he dunnot train maybe he can be bit funnier a bit more challenge for you

curious87Jul 05 2014 8:00am
He tried once, but the development of his muscles was almost nothing. In general he is weak small i think its genetics thing. I know since he is so weak to me, this is why now these days wrestle two men and sometimes three men at the same time to be more challengeable for me.

Woman Jul 05 2014 8:04am
Can he lift that couch side? U make him do up wind down just with your arm strength?

curious87Jul 05 2014 8:04am
He can, but he struggle when he does it, so i do not want him to hurt him self, so i lift all the heavy things in the house

Woman Jul 05 2014 8:06am
Well 17 inches vs his 11 of course he is not a challenge for you. ...I bet he can armwrestle you with both arms and the difference still so big that you can control him with one hand vs both of his ands and text with me with th other free hand

curious87Jul 05 2014 8:08am
What other heavy things you lift for him when u see him unable to do alone?

curious87Jul 05 2014 8:10am
Yes, you are totally right. that is incredible, usually i do this a lot, or i put him on a scissor or sit on his face and do my phone calls, or text, or send mails.

Woman Jul 05 2014 8:11am
And it's hard for you to keep the neutral position when he fights your arm with 2 of his?

curious87Jul 05 2014 8:14am
I'm sorry abt all those questions but I'm really fascinated abt your stories

curious87Jul 05 2014 8:17am
No, i beat him in very easy way when i arm wrestle with him, and it is not only with him this happen with other men as well

Woman Jul 05 2014 8:17am
What happens when u ask mens to use bith arms when the single one is not making any progress?

curious87Jul 05 2014 8:20am
nothing, they can struggle for more time, but at the end i'll smash there two arms on the floor. many times the second arm does not do any progress

Woman Jul 05 2014 8:26am
You tease them in the mean time? Like asking if they're really trying their best etc?

curious87Jul 05 2014 8:31am
Of course i do this. I tease them, make fun of them and their little arms comparing to mine. I humiliate them. They'll be so embarrassed, and not only that usually when i wrestle men i have an agreement with them that they should be my slaves or give me a feet massage if i win, so while i wrestle them telling them to be prepared to be my slaves, or flex my other arm muscle.

WomanJul 05 2014 8:39am
Can u lift a man with one arm and ask him to touch your other flexed huge bicep?

curious87Jul 05 2014 8:42am
That's really humiliating giving all you have to beat a woman and she ask u to put more effort pluss seeing the huge muscle size difference...she ask have you started yet? U do this?

curious87Jul 05 2014 8:45am
Yes, but it depends on the man and how much does he weight, so if he is between 60- 70 kilos yes i can do it. I do it with my husband all the time and once did it to his close friend, and now i do it to our neighbor who i force him to stay with us. they are weak thin small men. I lift them from their neck, i can see the fear on their eyes

Woman Jul 05 2014 8:45am
Yes, i do that all the time. humiliating men giving me great feeling specially when they are so weak and so helpless in front of me, plus they fear me and do not want to lose for a woman

Woman Jul 05 2014 8:48am
I wish to see the reaction when you compare muscles....I wish to be able to compare mine too one day ;)

curious87Jul 05 2014 8:49am
Im having lot of fantasies now I wasn't aware that woman's like you exist! U can grab a chair with your husband sit on it and lift it to bring him iutside to enjoy the sun with you. ..of course without asking him ;)

curious87Jul 05 2014 8:53am
The look on their eyes is priceless. It is full of fear and surprise. especially if this is the first time the meet with me, when i have a mix wrestling match and took off the dress i wear to expose my 29-30 inches thighs flexing I can see that all what they want is to run away

Woman Jul 05 2014 8:54am
Hhhh yes I know i can do with my husband what ever i want he has no choice in any thing every is my solely decision

Woman Jul 05 2014 8:56am
Wow thats need to make yoir husband or neighbour heavyer to be challenge for you to lift tgem...I think now u do it almost effortless....and bit challenging a man like me

curious87Jul 05 2014 8:57am
Noo, i like weak tiny slim men. This is why i married my husband, but of course i like to wrestle bigger men like you

Woman Jul 05 2014 8:59am
Seems that yout husband feets dont touch so often the ground when you're can really lift hiw weight and thr chair up from the groind amd move him? Wow

curious87Jul 05 2014 9:00am
U like to wrestle guys like me more than liftin cuz im too heavy? You wonna try me let's see who spanks who? Ahahah

curious87Jul 05 2014 9:02am
Yes with chair i can do this, not only this i can lift two men after give them bear hug

Woman Jul 05 2014 9:02am
For how long u can keep tge chair? And the double bear hug?

curious87Jul 05 2014 9:04am
I like to wrestle men in general, but the truth you are heavier than my husband, but i wrestle, beat, and lift many heavier and stronger men than you so i'll destroy you.

Woman Jul 05 2014 9:04am
From what you say seems you can easily grab my belt and lift me off the ground...basicly I'll be the spanked one?

curious87Jul 05 2014 9:07am
Yes, you'll be the spanked one, but i'll only spank you if you want. In case we meet i'll wrestle scissor you and at the end you have to give me feet massage

Woman Jul 05 2014 9:12am
IF you win you can do and ask what u like

curious87Jul 05 2014 9:14am
Trust me i'll win and i'll force you to give me a foot massage and you'll be screaming like little chilled

Woman Jul 05 2014 9:15am
Wonna try...but I can ask you a show of your strong body when we'll meet?

curious87Jul 05 2014 9:19am
what do you mean by show of my body?

Woman Jul 05 2014 9:20am
Wonna see whats your strong body can trying to lift an object for me too heavy and than observing you lifting it without much trouble

curious87Jul 05 2014 9:24am
Ok, that is easy you can choose any thing and i'll lift it for you. Plus i can show you of my muscles to know what will happen to you.

Woman Jul 05 2014 9:28am
Ok for example its me on tge couch can you lift it? Or lift a car weel of tge ground? Or a end of a bed when someone is sleeping onit? I think thats a bit over my possibilities

curious87Jul 05 2014 9:35am
Yes, absolutely that is so easy. I told you that yesterday i changed the car wheel for my boss, and it was huge wheel. my boss was surprised because i lift very easy and in one hand, even though that he struggled when he lift it in two hands.

Woman Jul 05 2014 9:39am
I mean lifting the rear of a car so tgat one weel is off the ground

curious87Jul 05 2014 10:01am
But I'm not sure I can lift a weel of a car with just one hand !!!

curious87Jul 05 2014 10:05am
Yes i did that one, but of course it depends on the car i did with Ford Focus car and Volvo S 60. So trust me i'll win and you'll do what i'll order you to do

Woman Jul 05 2014 10:05am
You know you should not feel upset because if i am stronger than you, i am stronger than all the men i know, plus i lift weights from 10 years and practice on wrestling and boxing

Woman Jul 05 2014 10:09am
Actually I'm really curious abt yoi

curious87Jul 05 2014 11:07am
curious in what exactly. what do you want to know?

Woman Jul 05 2014 11:08am
To see a strong woman and what a such astrong body can do and can do to me...if I'm able to win or not and how big is owr strength difference

curious87Jul 05 2014 11:17am
I live in Turky, where do you live. I am sure if you search you'll find strong woman. Are you married or in relationship? if so you can ask your wife to start growing muscles.

Woman Jul 05 2014 11:23am
I live in poland and im a big guy is difficult to find a girl stronger than me and I'm not engaged. ..;)

curious87Jul 05 2014 11:26am
Any way if you want to know any thing about big muscular woman, I am here. Any way i must warn you be careful of what you wish, because maybe some day you'll find bigger and muscular woman and then regret it such like my husband.

Woman Jul 05 2014 11:31am
Any way guys, Dave, Henry, James, Havan, Facesitfan, manfrom egypt and curious 87 if you want keep chanting this poll will be closed at 300 comments, so we can move to the one directly below this one and here is it link:

Woman Jul 05 2014 11:37am
Ill find every day a new way to challenge you.beat you or to see your strenght

curious87Jul 05 2014 11:37am
Sorry, What, How. I do not understand. If you want you can give me ideas to try it on my husband or other men, but how are you going to challenge me from Poland

Woman Jul 05 2014 11:40am
I dont have problem to come in turkey

curious87Jul 05 2014 1:13pm
Really, you are more than welcome. If you come someday i'll show my reall strength and you may suffer from it.

Woman Jul 05 2014 1:18pm
In tge mean time I can keep askibg or giving you ideas for you and your guys?

curious87Jul 05 2014 1:23pm
In the meantime I can keep asking or giving you ideas for you and your husband

curious87Jul 05 2014 1:36pm
Yes, of course you can and i appreciate it very much. You was right first time me & my guys or men because now i wrestle other men much more than i wrestle my husband

Woman Jul 05 2014 1:46pm
I suppose your husband is happy abt that at least his feets can stay on the ground a bit more and less pain in his body

curious87Jul 05 2014 1:52pm
Yes, you are so right. He does not like it when i wrestle him but i do not care i wrestle him any way. Plus he wants from me to wrestle other men to force them to massage my feet as a penalty for their losses, or he'll be forced to spend hours of his day massaging and kissing my feet. The only thing that upset him is when i wrestle other men topless or force them to suck my tits. I know this is unusual bur i also do it any way.

Woman Jul 05 2014 2:10pm
You can ask him to massage you biceps in the mean time just to remind him how big and bigger harder than his they are. ..

curious87Jul 05 2014 2:15pm
No, I like it more when men massage my feet, my calves, and thighs. Plus my legs muscles is much tougher and bigger. Also it is more humiliated when they massage my feet. and do not forget if you want keep chanting this poll will be closed at 300 comments, so we can move to the one directly below this one and here is it link:

Woman Jul 05 2014 2:20pm
C u there

curious87Jul 05 2014 2:23pm

AnonymousJul 05 2014 2:23pm
g6PCqm Muchos Gracias for your article post.Much thanks again. Want more.

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