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A poll for short, stocky girls only:

Question: Did you ever outlift a tall thin guy who is way taller than you are (boyfriend, friend, etc.) by lifting a heavier barbell over your head than he could lift over his head?
Created by: REALLYCOOLGUY at 01:13:52 PM, Wednesday, September 17, 2008 EDT


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louieSep 26 2008 10:49am

Many girls can outlift guys in weightlifting. As a rule, stocky girls are the strongest girls. The stockier a girl is, the more likely she is to be able to outlift a guy even if she is very short. Many stocky girls are also fat (they have a considerable amount of fat over their large muscles) so this means fat girls can outlift guys, especially skinny guys, in weightlifting. It must be a sexual turn-on for a towering tall skinny guy who is way taller than a short fat girl is to know that she is way bigger, heavier and stronger than he is while he is actually watching her demonstrate her impressive strength by lifting a heavy weight over her head that he knows he cannot lift over his head. If a girl is very large and a guy is very small, even if she is very short and he is very tall, she will easily be able to outlift him. If, in fact, she is very short (4'9") and he is very tall (6'3"), he will be looking way down at her and watching her as she lifts a very heavy barbell over her head that he knows he is not strong enough to lift over his head and she will be looking way up at him while she is holding that very heavy barbell over her head. As she continues to easily hold that very heavy barbell up over her head, the very short, very fat girl, who weighs much more than the towering tall skinny guy does even though the top of her head barely rises up to his nipples, boldly shows off her huge size to him, including her protruding huge breasts, and boldly demonstrates to him, while she continues to look way up at him, that she is way bigger and stronger than he is even though he towers over her by a whole foot and a half!!!

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