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Sons better endowed than fathers

Question: From reading posts on other topics and discussions with other fathers it seems like a lot of sons are better endowed than their fathers - sometimes even at a very young age. I was curious to hear from fathers who are smaller than sons and sons who are larger than fathers to get their opinions.
Created by: jeff6_30 at 05:54:21 AM, Thursday, October 02, 2008 PDT


I am a father of a 7 year old boy who's penis is almost as big as mine already. I was interested to hear from other fathers with smaller and sons who are larger to get their feelings on the topic and hear their stories. Or you can contact me at the email of Yahoo IM address below. Thanks.

jeff6_30@yahoo.comOct 02 2008 12:57pm

My brother and I are bigger than our father. Photos of us at ages of 6 and 8 tsking a bath with him show us longer at 3 inches and him at 1 inch. Growing up he was always ok with his size. He made it clear that it wasn't a big deal. We are both now much larger at 6 soft 7 hard now at 22 and 24. As brothers we coul be twins for how similar we look.

BenOct 04 2008 10:42am, how long and thick is your son's penis? It must be very impressive to be equal to yours at the age of 7. Have you seen it hard?

bsized4point5@yahoo.comOct 06 2008 10:39am
bsized, I said his is almost as big as mine - not yet though. And mine is definitely thicker - like most kid's penises his is still on the thin side. And yes I see it hard all of the time - I think most boys that age get hard at the drop of a hat.

jeff6_30@yahoo.comOct 07 2008 12:47pm
My sons are all bigger than I am. As a 32 year old father of 4 wonderful boys ages 6,8,10,12 I love them with all my heart. I married a very slender and petite women of my dreams, she was an active gymnast and is now a personal fitness trainer. I have a small penis that is about 1 inch soft and 3 inches long hard, when hard it is about 3 inches around. Even after 4 pregnancies my wife is very tight and our sex life is wonderful, she has been with much larger men in the past, but has only ever orgasmed from a penis by me. My sons have all been born with penis that soft resembled mine and by the time they were 4 were exceeding in length. My 6 year old is exactly the same length as i am. My eldest recently started puberty, his penis has grown prodigiously. It is now 4 inches long soft and 6 inches long hard and 5 inches around when hard. They are all aware that they are quite a bit bigger than their father. But I have raised them to be accepting of others bodies and they are proud to be my sons as I am proud to be their father.

Richard P. K.Oct 09 2008 11:31am
I can relate to topic. I have 2 sons both a bigger than me. Older is much longer but just a bit thicker. With younger, I had always noticed large size of bulge in his underwear and lately saw him walking from shower to bedroom with hardon and was floored by size. Of course it looked huge sticking out from slim body. He seemed proud as hell and didn't try to hide it from view. I suppose i would be proud to, but can't help to be a bit embarrased as I am sure he know he is bigger than me.

AnonymousOct 10 2008 4:39am
sorry, hit enter too soon: continuing from above, I beleive he knows is bigger than me and his older brother, although the older has nothing to be ashamed of, the younger will likely end up much larger as he matures

scottg037@yahoo.comOct 10 2008 4:44am
My cousin is bigger than I am and my father and his father. He is 12, and is already 6 inches long unerect. Erect it becomes 8 inches long and it is 6 inches in circumference. On a recent camping trip we all took a shower together and he lugs out this huge penis he had crambed into his boxerbriefs. He was amazed at how small we were, we couldn't get over how big he was. The three of us were all about 3 inches soft and 5 inches long hard and about 5 inches iin circumference, evidently we shared the "family c*ck" He got it double somehow. :/ oh well

EntercoreOct 17 2008 12:39pm
I see lots of votes - let's hear some comments as to why you picked what you did? Especially the turned on ones!!!

AnonymousOct 23 2008 10:40am
is 6+3/4 good for 12 yer old. dont know how big my dad is but I'm bigger than friends and sites say 6 is sverage size but mean for men or 12 ??? when hard or soft . I don't get it and want to know if Im big or not

benjy017@aol.comOct 25 2008 5:50am
My eight year old and my 11 year old are both about 6 inches long erect, with the 11 year old being a fair bit thicker.

SternnOct 26 2008 11:06am
Sternn - details please? Are u big? 8 yr old and 6+ inches??? Thats huge they know theyre bigger than u?

AnonymousOct 26 2008 3:15pm
I caught my 12yo son masturbating. I couldn't believe how big his penis had gotten. I just stood there and stared. When he noticed me he asked me why I was staring. I said I couldn't believe how big his penis was. He asked me if it turned me on and I said yes (it was obvious from the bulge in my pants). He asked me if I wanted to suck it which took me by surprise but I said yes. I ended up sucking him off. He has a much bigger penis than me and knows it. As a result I feel dominated and since then have sucked him off many times. My wife has no idea.

RobOct 29 2008 12:30pm
And then Rob woke up...

AnonOct 30 2008 11:50am
Discussing penis size and how it affects families is one thing. Incest has no place here IMHO.

AnonymousOct 31 2008 6:02am
My story is true except the sucking part which is fantasy on my part. I saw his huge penis and got hard. He noticed but didn't say much. Since then he makes comments all of the time and likes to show off his big one to me. I'm obviously not the only one turned on by their son's big one based on the poll results. Anyone else?

RobNov 04 2008 9:05am
i have three sons who are bigger they are grown now with families. I raised them as naturist/nudists. We as a family never wore clothing unless weather or guests made it necessary. I am 4in soft 6in erect, not small but not huge. My sons were all about my size by the time they all started puberty at age 11 or so. They reached all about the same size too, they display a 'family c*ck' that is 6.5 in soft and 8.5 in erect. They are all married and their kids have big penises too with the eldest grandson at 9 already having a 4/4.5 penis.

MartyNov 04 2008 11:29am
My son since being a baby was fat, we became clinically obese at 9. With early puberty and early breathing and heart problems it was crucial that he loose weight. Over 3 years he lost a ton of fat. He went from being a 3'8" tall 9yr. at 110 lbs. To being a 4'10" 12yr. weighing 130 lbs. With a low bodyfat. He became muscular and ripped he barely wears clothes now, his self esteem is throgh the rooff. Subsequently we saw that he has a hugee penis. it used to be hidden by his big stomach and pubic fat pad. With his newly acheived sixpack abs his bulge is obscene now in the skimpy speedos he will now only wear. The girls just love his transformation. I am glad he is healthy and only hope that it continues and his sexual activities are careful. I gave a rather exhaustive talk all about the "birds and bees'

CraigNov 04 2008 11:45am
Rob how big is he soft and hard?

AngelNov 04 2008 6:33pm
Rob, it is true that many of us are infatuated with huge c*cks on younger kids, especially when they are so much bigger than us male adults. I am a smaller endowed adult male and I feel weak and passive next to a longer and thicker teen c*ck. I also enjoy it when the younger teen boy realizes his c*ck is much bigger and more powerful than my small, slender penis. It can be quite the turn on. Email or IM me at Yahoo sometime.

bsized4point5@yahoo.comNov 14 2008 10:40am
Craig how big u talking on your son?

HtNov 14 2008 4:29pm
Unerect he is close to 4 inches long, erect, around 5, seen because he had the hilarious realization that his old underwear was too big around the waist to be worn, and showed off the only way he could hold them up, it was funny to us at the time.

CraigNov 15 2008 2:02am
My brother;s kids thankfully do not take after their father, but rather after me. My brother is 36 and has micropenis. Erect he is never more than 1.5 inches long. He is healthy and fathered 4 wonderful boys.He is proof that size dosen't matter. I am not hung, but I am rather large, at 5 inches long unerect, and 7 inches long erect, with a erect girth of 6 inches. His kids have all been bigger than their father since they were born practically. And the eldest is the biggest at 10 he is already 3 inches soft and 4 inches hard. The youngest at 5 in even 2 inches long soft and 3 inches long hard. My brother thinks it is great that his sons will not have to endure the teasing and humilliation that he was subject to growing up. And he is proud of them in every thing they do.

StanNov 16 2008 9:38am
My son is a little over 7 hard and 5 soft, pretty thick too. Not shy about showing it off either, not that I am complaining. Angel, are u a guy or a girl?

RobNov 17 2008 8:34am
Stan, just curious if your nephews are aware of how much larger they are then their father? Has he talked about size with them?

jeff6_30@yahoo.comNov 17 2008 8:39am
I have a friend I have known since I was a small child. I first saw him soft when we were 11 and was shocked to see it about 3 inches. Most of the boys were lucky if they had that much when hard. A year later was the only time I have seen him hard and it was about 6 inches. By 15, he was swinging 6 when soft and he told me he was 8 inches hard! He was the biggest kid I knew. Although we are now in our 30's and still friends, I have no idea how big he actually is now other than the large bulge he always carries. The point of this is that he married and had a kid of his own when he was young. I'll refer to the kid as J, and I am friends with him as well. I've looked after him when he was younger and still see him often. I noticed early on he seemed to have inherited his fathers penis which became more apparent when he was around the house in his underwear. But instead of telling you every occasion I have seen J's manhood displayed before me, I'll just tell you that at 10 I saw him hanging at 4 inches; At 12 it looked like he had over 5 inches soft in his speedo; At 14, he hurled out his penis out while we were stood at a urinal, I commented on it saying it was huge and much bigger than mine... which led to us having a discussion later when he actually took it out and got it hard to show me. Well that was the last time I saw it, which was about a year ago. He certainly is far bigger than I ever saw his father. It was close to pushing the 9 inch mark! Totally unbelievable! His father might be that big but if so , I doubt he's much bigger. Even so, he's probably grown since then.

CNov 17 2008 3:31pm
Rob - a female and Mom of 2 boys - one of who is similar to your son in age & size. How big are u Rob? DId you tell youe wife how big son is? And son makes fun of you small one?

AngelNov 18 2008 10:52am
Angel, I am only around 4.5 hard. I am divorced and my ex is pretty much out of the picture. She's only seen him prior to puberty which was still a good size but nothing like now. She would always comment that he was going to be the man of the house when he got older - she never liked my small penis. Yes he likes to tease me about my small penis - all in fun. Plus he knows that I like when he does it and I'm sure he knows I am turned on by his big one. So Angel, how did u come about seeing your son naked and hard? You ever talk about size with your sons? How are they compared to your husband?

RobNov 18 2008 11:53am
jeff6_30 , yes they know that they are bigger. All of us are not that shy about being seen nude, about the only time the bathroom doors are closed are when we are are sitting down on the toilet.

StanNov 19 2008 12:15am
Ever since I went on yearly camping trips with my family I knew that I was bigger than my father, and most of the older males in my extended family too. My father is at best 2 inches long soft and 4 inches long hard. I had that beat in the first grade. I started puberty early, I had my first pubes at 10 1/2. By the time I was 12 I was shaving once a week, by 14 it was every day. By 18 I would shave twice a day, I had the 4 0'clock shadow. Gathering for camping trips and family reunions, we tended to pick private locations in the wilderness, we all loved to camp and fish and swim. A great manyof our clan seem to be nudists as most never wore bathing suits. All through growing up I was naked at these events. I had roaming eyes and all of the kids around my age would mess around in our tent.The kids we all slept in one big coomunal tent. I showed most of them my new abilityy to ejaculate at 10 1/2. I was having various activites with various cousins(boy and girl) from then on out. The fact that I stand out at 29 now with an impressive 7 inch long soft, 8.5 inches long hard penis, gives creedance to some relatives claims of infidelity by my mother. I feel this is wrong, but evidence shows on both sides of my family that the next biggest member is on my second cousin who at 23 is 5 inches long soft and 7 inches long hard.

NielNov 20 2008 10:02am
Rob - I saw my son while he was sleeping this was hot and I checked on him and saw he was erect and quite large. He is considerably bigger than his Dad. he has asked a few questions about his size and i have answered in clinical detail about what women want and what we can accomodate. he is discovering his body and turning into a fine man. How does your son tease u? IS it actually I am bigger than u nah-nah type stuff???

AngelDec 04 2008 1:38pm
Angel - Sometimes he'll joke that he's the real man of the house or when he sees my penis he'll call it my "little guy". Sometimes if we are naked he will put his close to mine to emphasize the size difference. All in good fun because he knows I like it. What does his dad think of being so much smaller than his son? Has your son mentioned the size difference between him and his father?

RobDec 05 2008 10:47am
not sure what more I can add but my parents were realyy open about sex (both had wild sex lives and encouraged me ) and we frequesntly talked about size and my measurements and was proud day when I passed my dad with 7 inches when was 17 yo and he was as proud as I was

Geoff BDec 27 2008 4:20pm
My son is 10 and has a much larger penis than my own - my wife and I just assume it came from her side of the family - but her Dad is not around to ask and she is too emberrassed to ask her Mum. It is quite an odd sensation to be smaller than a young son - but tha big ones come from somewhere, right? Its not like they get massive at age 21 all of a sudden.

ClarkeJan 05 2009 1:45pm
Clarke - how big are you and how big is he? Has he started puberty yet?

RobJan 06 2009 7:45am
This is off subject but I am 17 and have 6 when hard. my dad is about 5.5 but is thicker. My question that I have 20 year brother who is big, 7.5 long and very thick (not sure exaclty). Will i get bigger like bro or stay average like my dad? anyone know? would love to have big one like brother of course.

david.bumper@yahooJan 07 2009 6:39pm
address is of course thanks

AnonymousJan 07 2009 6:40pm
Rob - he looks to be about 6-7 inches in length and I am about 4.5" - so as you can see he is quite a big bigger. no he has not started puberty as of now, but I think it will be soon

Clarke JJan 20 2009 2:53pm
The subject came up once with my wife and her friends. They were all over at my house with all the kids. An improptu swimming session was started and due to our high privacy fence and secluded location all the kids stripped down nude. Apparently all the moms spent doing the whole time they were watching the kids was discuss their sons penis size in comparrison to their fathers and other siblings and relatives. Most of the kids are average for their ages. My son included. One boy however at 10 and may be starting puberty soon early due to his already muscular body(the kid has the body of an anatomy chart the lucky SOB haha) is already hanging 6 soft and 7 hard, and has got to be at least 5 around erect. And his father is only 5 long 5 around erect apparently.

BenJan 22 2009 12:01am
Ben what was your wife reaction to seein that big one - which is quite huge! Did the boys Mom talk about how much bigger he was than her husband? Have you seen her son hard too?

StuJan 28 2009 5:50am
She was mainly intrigued that a boy so young could be so big. We came to the conclusion that he may be simply going through puberty early.I have been around him since this incident and seen it myself. He is bigger than I am and most men I have seen throughout my life. I am about 2inches soft and 5 inches hard, and 5 inches around erect.

BenFeb 01 2009 12:46am
Ben - does he showoff his size? Has he made fun of your smaller size - or his Dads? How have you seen him hard?

PatrickFeb 01 2009 11:00am
He is proud of it and embarrassed at the same time, it shifts depending on who and how it is brought up. Yes I have seen it hard. No he has never made fun of anyone's size. Although he has been ridiculed by some as a freak.

BenFeb 03 2009 9:07am
Ben - how old is he now? How big? Has your wife mentioned his size since she saw his monster?

EdgarFeb 03 2009 7:02pm
He is 10. Yeah it has come up, really as a topic of differences between people. Trying to instill in them all that it is ok to be different, and that they need not be ashamed of anything.

BenFeb 04 2009 10:05am
Do you find it exciting? DOes she? Does his Dad? How do you all see him - people go skinny dipping and hope to see it?

EFeb 04 2009 5:15pm
Ben - i htink that is a good idea to instill good self esteem. but the adults must also be quite shocked at this amazing size,no? when did the lad get so well endowed - or was he always rather large?

NigelFeb 05 2009 5:54am
It is just how he is(his endowment). He has always been big. Nothing so strange as having a big nose or really long fingers, or being exceptionally tall.

BenFeb 05 2009 10:21am
Ben are you more amazed at his size or physique?

NIgelFeb 05 2009 7:19pm
my sons are bigger than me, i am 47 and 4 inches hard. they are all at leasst 5 inches. the youngest is 11 and is barely 5in, then there is the twins at 13 that are about 5.5inches and my 15 and 17 year olds that are both around 6-7 most likely

father of4Feb 18 2009 9:57am
I have a black friend that has a 12 year old son. I saw him showing off his hard on to other boys while changing to go swimming last summer. probably around 6.5" long, but it wasn't thin like you would expect. I don't know how big his dad is, but I'd say thst he is bigger than most fathers already.

AnonymousFeb 28 2009 1:28am
Two years ago I saw a smallish asian guy that was married to a blonde, they had a preteen son - maybe 10-11. This is at a beach with shower facilities. They came in and changed and showered just after me. The dad came into the showers by himself and I noticed he was tiny, and I almost felt guilty (being larger than most men), being a show-er, especially since I was hanging even more than usual-almost my full length. Then his son comes in-- I couldn't stop staring, the kid was way bigger than his dad--actually hanging...I'm sure he noticed I was staring because he went to the bathroom area and came back a couple minutes later with a semi which was much bigger than before--and he made sure I got a good look. His dad didn't seem to notice but kind of showered quickly and left, but I'm sure that it was bigger than his dad's hard. To top it off - a teenager of 16 to 18 comes in after the dad leaves, and does a double take at this kids dick--which was bigger than his, then mine, which was easily twice as big. I'll bet he thought "like father, like son"

willMar 02 2009 5:04am
It wasn't my son, but once at a fast food place this black kid who was 13(I asked him) came to the urinal next to me with a huge hard on and said "sorry but I can't wait" as he spurted pee into the urinal. He knew he was big and that I was shocked and staring and said "what's the matter - you never seen 8 inches before"? I actually said "No, how old are you". He looked at my dick and said "I'm only 13, but my 10 year old brother is bigger than that".

bobMar 06 2009 5:16am
one day when i was 12 my dad and his gf came home when i didnt think they would and caught me jacking off in livin rroom. was super embarased but my after a few seconds my dad said jeesus, u have a big dick! and his gf said yeah thats a big one. I knew i was bigger than frineds when limp but really didnt know was huge or anything. he got a ruler an measured me a little more than 7 and then dug around for tape measure to get thickness measured and was around 5.5. they were both real impressed and once the embarrasment went away i was proud to be showing it off. so we were talking about sex while i was standing there proud of my big c*ck One thing led to another and i end up on the couch with her when she got out of her pants I knew i was going to screw her. later that night i saw why she was impressed becuase my dad was about 5 long. it set of a pretty wild for a few years i think, when they got married a couple of years later I went with to bermuda and was really wild. she said she had the best of both worlds he brought hom bacon and i gave it to her. pretty dumb joke i know but she was happy with everythng.

kyle00sea@yahoo.comMar 07 2009 3:08pm
will, just so you know - all asians are not small. I'm 14, chinese, and was adopted by white american parents when I was 6. I'm almost 8 inches long and I'm not sure exactly how big my dad is, but I've seen him, and I think I'm alot bigger. Also, I have a black friend that I compared with and I'm almost an inch longer than him but his is really thick and looks alot bigger.

jrlMar 11 2009 3:57am
I know kyle's story is bull, but when I was 13-14 one of my dad's many bar-room girlfriends walked in the bathroom when I was beating off. She was really drunk. She said "Holy poo that's a big dick, I wish (she said my dad's name)had that". After I covered myself she even asked to see it again, so I showed her and she slurred something like "damn that's big", and walked by me and sat down to pee. I turned and stood there with it right in front of her face for a minute and she stared at it and kept mumbling about how big it was, then I got scared my dad might come in and I ran out. After that I made sure some of my dad's drunken bar sluts "accidentally" caught me wacking off. Some of the looks and comments were priceless. One really fat, ugly one did want me to f*ck her, I declined, but I let her blow me-that was when I was 16 though. True stories are always better than fantasies.

johnMar 11 2009 4:46am
i have three sons, all of them are bigger than me. they are now 20,22,25 years old. each of then had passed my size by the time they were 13. my wife is taller than i am, so i suppose they inherited some genes frm he side. i also have two daughters, both of them are taller then me and their brothers. strange thing these genes

jonnoMar 22 2009 8:15pm
My brothers of which i have 4, are all bigger than i am. YMCA participation,camping and a small house all let us see each other growing up over the years. I am 4 inches erect. I am the middle child. Two older and two younger brothers. They are all very similar in length and girth all around 6 inches long and around 5 inches in circumference. My sons of which I have 3 are all taking off of my brothers. I have a 8,10,12 year old. The 12 year old is already 4 inches long hard and a little bit thicker than I am, I expect he will get even bigger. And based on my eldest at 10 and 8, my other two sons are right along the same or even greater growth path.

ClineMar 24 2009 9:17am
Cline are all of them big as you or bigger? Do they joke about size yet? Your wife must be in shock LOL

Anon23Mar 24 2009 1:46pm
Cline are all of them big as you or bigger? Do they joke about size yet? Your wife must be in shock LOL

Anon23Mar 24 2009 1:52pm
My brothers are all bigger than I am. My eldest is the same length as I am at 12, and he is already slightly thicker than i am. Currently my two youngest are smaller than I am. But as they are close or even ahead(didn't really note eldest size much at that age, really just when he hit puberty and grew to my size.) of the size their brother was at that age, they may end up bigger.

ClineMar 25 2009 6:51am
My son and my nephew are both bigger than I am. My wife and sister in law both got pregnant around the same time. The babies were born with slightly above average penises. I am only 1-2 inches soft and 4 and 3/4 in. hard. And 4 and 1/2 in. in circumference. My brother is bigger but close to me in size. Over the years we are all around each others houses and see us all in various stages of undress(the guys) all very big on the male bonding aspects that can form around nudity and the closeness of family. We go to the beach and go home to my house to a big outdoor shower and all rinse off nude then go for a quick dip in the pool, again nude. Wives do it too, though not as often as are usually involved in other activities. My son from around 6 had a penis that soft rivaled my own. And my nephew did too. Around the time they both were 11 they started puberty. And they both grew quickly practically doubling in size in a few months. A busy winter and following summer months occur, and no family outings to the beach that summer. I go around 14 months without seeing my son and nephew naked. Fast forward to them at 12 and a half. They are interested in weightlifting, so we get them a weight set and extras to share. They set it up in the garage at my house. Their bodies make quick progress with the increased level of exercise. They were always active in sports and both did regular sets of exercise, but this is a whole new level of training. After their first workout with their fathers we all go out to the outdoor shower to get cleaned up. My god, they are both huge. Easily 4 inches soft and almost as thick as we are hard, they have very large pubic bushes and armpit and stomach hair. They get erect almost immediatly as do myself and my brother. They are 6 inches(my son) and 6.5 inches(nephew) long and 5.5inches(my son) and 5 inches(nephew) around. They wanted to measure them. We had an extensive talk with them about sex et all. And all masturbated together. We all hugged and never felt closer. This continued for a while, we would work out together shower and jerk off and enjoy the company of our family of men enjoying life. After the years have gone by they have never felt like this was wrong, and both wish for similar experiences with their children.

geneticsarefunnyMar 28 2009 6:45am
Boys do seem to be getting bigger, and stronger too, though maybe they just recieve better training and nutrition and have the desire to be muscular. I just know of several boys between the ages of 4 and 14 that are all super athletic and for their ages muscular and have big penises when compared to there friends and those in their age group.

Anone1Apr 01 2009 11:08pm
I have a bigger penis than my father and my other brothers. I am 27 now. but growing up i have always been large. I had 3 inches soft at pre K. 4 inches at age 8. i started puberty at around 10 or so. I grew fast andhit 6 inches by the time i was 11. I was having regular sex at 12 with my babysitter(16) and got her pregnant. I got caught one day with her giving me a bj. i ended up 8x6.5 at 19.

AnonymousApr 09 2009 9:35am
i don't know how big my dad is but i am 13 and only 5 foot and i am 7.5-8 inches which is bigger than a friend of mines dad,who is black-he told me.I'm from Peru and i heard that guys from there are bigger. my 15 year old brother is bigger thani am.

joApr 10 2009 4:43am
When I was 13 and found out I had a really big dick, 7.5" or more, and not thin--I saw a friends father naked accidentally and he was tiny. I made sure my friends mom "accidentally" caught me changing while I had a full hard on. I didn't cover up, acted shocked and apologised over and over.She just stood and stared, in shock, for what seemed like forever. I asked her not to tell, she agreed, turned to leave,but looked back. Ever since she has had a hard time keeping her eyes off my crotch.I always wondered if she fantasized about it.

789Apr 10 2009 5:03am
Last summer I was at a friends who has a pool and an outdoor hot tub. My friends son is 13. He and a friend that had slept overnight asked if they could skinny dip, he said they do it all the time with dad. I agreed but was very suriprised at the size of both of them. They were big and thick soft, and I'd be surprised if less than 7", quite possibly 8". They are big kids, but damn...I was glad they didn't ask me to join them.

AnonymousApr 10 2009 12:59pm
I caught my thirteen year old daughter having sex with her boyfriend, who is thirteen also but he looked almost twice the size of my husband. Like 789 did above he did'nt seem to try to hide it and I was in such shock that I think I was obviously staring at it. I can't get the picture of this boys' huge penis out of my head. It makes me feel like a pervert because I actually do think about how something that big might feel, and I'm embarrassed because I find myself looking at mens crotches now. Stupid I know...

AnonymousApr 20 2009 9:15am
Here's a post from the younger brother better endowed poll from this site that I found interesting: The following is from the encyclopedia britannica website. "Development at puberty ? Alterations in growth rate ? Development of the reproductive organs and secondary sex characteristics The adolescent spurt in skeletal and muscular dimensions is closely related to the rapid development of the reproductive system that takes place at this time. The acceleration of penis growth begins on average at about age 121/2 years, but sometimes as early as 101/2 and sometimes as late as 141/2. The completion of penis development usually occurs at about age 141/2, but in some boys is at 121/2 and in others at 161/2. There are a few boys, it will be noticed, who do not begin their spurts in height or penis development until the earliest maturers have entirely completed theirs. At ages 13, 14, and 15 there is an enormous variability among any group of boys, who range all the way from practically complete maturity to absolute preadolescence. The same is true of girls aged 11, 12, and 13." This shows that it is very likely that a 12 to 13 year old could be at his adult size at that age. If his adult size is 8, 9, or 10 inches and he matures very early, then you have a 6th or 7th grade kid with 8, 9, or 10 inches. This also means that a future 9 to 10 incher that matures early could easily be 7 inches or more by his 11th birthday. So, although rare-- 8,9,and 10 year olds with 5-6 inches are not just stories, they are future 8 to 10 inchers. Scary but true, I've seen it myself. robert

AnonymousApr 21 2009 6:50am
Yes while not all boys that will be hung start out huge, many are above average or not, and many mature early or when they do they grow fast. Many are always above average. This is how there can be a boy at 6 with 4 inches and all of his classmates are under 1 inch. And how a boy can go from a penis of any size and in the span of a few months or years grow to any length(reach his final size), the length being as big as he will get. So boys can be in many extremes. Also why there are rare cases that visually freak people out. A perfect example is the boy at 10 that is through most of the stages of puberty, except all the hair, and so exhibits extreme muscle growth and definition and has a huge penis and balls, and in odd combinations too. a kid with a 7 inch penis that otherwise looks like an 8 year old is kinda odd. Like it is out of place, when he is so short it hangs down to his knees.

AnonymousApr 21 2009 7:20am
When I was a boy we took vacations with my aunt and uncle every year. I remember comparing with my cousin who was about a year and a half younger than me. I was always bigger until the summer I was 15. In one year he went from being obviously smaller to one inch longer and thicker. I know because we both measured-along the top like your supposed to-and his was 7.5 inches. He was a skinny, maybe 5'5" thirteen and a half year old kid with 7.5 fairly thick inches. That was the last time I felt like comparing although he did show his off frequently

carl jApr 21 2009 7:46am
Anon who caught her daughter having sex...did you mention the size to your husband? How big is your husband?

VApr 21 2009 6:51pm
I think he is about 41/2 inches. I have never asked or asked to measure. It is not too much bigger than my hand. No I would never say anything about it to him. I just wish I could stop thinking about it.

AnonymousApr 22 2009 3:32am
Anon - thats just crazy....9" at 13? Do you masturbate thinking about it? I wonder how your daughter could accomodate him! Is she more developed than you too ?

Bruce TApr 22 2009 3:51am
I don't know about 9 inches but I would say definitely 8 inches. I think what made it look so big is that it was so thick. I just can't stop thinking about it, am I sick or what?

AnonymousApr 22 2009 4:26am
Does your daughter have bigger boobs than you? Maybe you and your husband are not endowed... 8 is huge

AJApr 22 2009 4:36am
Does your daughter have bigger boobs than you? Maybe you and your husband are not endowed... 8 is huge

AJApr 22 2009 4:46am
She is built about like me, b-cup and nearly my hieght, but thinner. By the looks of what I unfortunately saw I don't believe she had a problem with his size, and I am certainly not going to ask her.

AnonymousApr 22 2009 4:57am
My tell us about what you saw. Did eh try to cover up? Was he sort of showing off his incredible size? Have you thought of it while touching yourself? More amazed at length or girth?

Bruce TApr 22 2009 5:23am
I said he didn't look like he tried to cover up right away so I guess he might have been showing off. It was just so big, I don't know if it was because of length or girth or what, it was just really big. That is what makes me feel sick is that I have actually mastberbated while thinking about it, and have thought about getting a big dildo. It is like I want to know how it would feel and I can't tell my husband.

AnonymousApr 22 2009 9:39am
How close were you to it? Did you yell at them and then sort of stop when you that huge thing...and stared? When did u masturbate - right after catching them? Or later on...or both? lol

BruceApr 22 2009 9:45am
How close were you to it? Did you yell at them and then sort of stop when you that huge thing...and stared? When did u masturbate - right after catching them? Or later on...or both? lol

BruceApr 22 2009 9:46am
I was about 10 feet away, but I didn't yell I just stared a bit in shock and left the not right away, two days later.

AnonymousApr 22 2009 2:01pm
Will you buy a dildo? A big 9 incher? Thick as a ?? cucumber?

BTApr 22 2009 2:15pm
No, a small 9 incher, and as thick as a watermelon you insensitive bastard...some people are actually honest on this site, and you just lost one of them. goodbye!

AnonymousApr 22 2009 7:53pm
Somehow I sense that your just feeling guilty and deprived because you already bought a huge dildo and have to hide it and find time alone to use it. But I guess it's hard to feel guilty while orgasming really hard and finding out that you can take more than you ever thought of that 10 inch dildo and it feels incredible... and thinking of a 13 year old monster c*ck. Relax, your not the first woman that found out that size matters more than you thought. Many women have had thier minds messed up by a man with a massive dick that actually knows how to use it. It is not easy to forget. Where do you think the saying "I ruined that pussy" came from?

AnonymousApr 25 2009 5:22am
I think the above post is extreme...the original poster was just in shock over several items - her daughter having sex, and having sex with someone about 2X as big as her husand - I am sure the 8.5 - 9 inches looks about 12" long on a smaller frame...and it sounds as though it impacted her...she is masturbating thinking about it - we should encourage open dialogue like this - especially from a female ! I like the show off aspect...he caught her staring and he was THAT confident at his age to sort of let her amazed eyes linger...

Artie HApr 27 2009 7:29am
My son is also alot bigger than me. I saw it happening as his dick was large even before puberty. His erecion at 11-12 was already longer than mine and now is also much thicker and 2.5 longer or so.

TRMay 16 2009 7:14pm
TR, what are your respective sizes? How old is your son now? How tall is your son? Is he also getting physically strong too?

bsized4point5@yahoo.comMay 17 2009 10:03am
I dont have sons but my nephews are all bigger than i am they are 3 of them. 11,13,15. I am 2 inches soft 4.5 inches hard and 4 inches girth. they are all at lease 4 inches soft and the youngest is the shortest hard and 4.5 inches, the oldest is 7 inches long, they are all thicker than i am too.

AnonymousMay 26 2009 11:37am
My brother in laws son - who is just finishing 6th grade - got caught sending a pic of himself over the phone. I saw the pic. No doubt he was well over 7 inches, probably closer to 8inches. I know his dad isn't that big.

AnonymousMay 27 2009 9:15am
I know a guy who teaches 7th grade physical education in an inner city school. He says he sees many kids that age that are extremely well hung. The school is mostly black, and I know about the stereotypes, but he says many of his students show 5 to 7 inches--a few even more--in the locker room and showers. One kid actually measured his at 9 inches in front of everyone in the locker room and it didn't look completely hard.

AnonymousMay 27 2009 11:03am
I saw a black kid at the gym with an obvious semi hard on who was easily 9 to 10 inches. He looked to be about 14. I was the only one in the locker room and he was only 3 feet away. He was definitely showing off - probably because I was showing off a bit myself when he came into the locker room...I can hang a decent 6 inches, but this kid totally embarrassed me. Plus it had to be at least 6 inches around.

larsMay 30 2009 7:00am
I'm white, and not racist, but I'm convinced that blacks are more well endowed in general.I grew up with many and most were big compared to me and I have 7 inches. when I was in 10th grade a black kid was bragging about having 10 inches so I called him on it. It measured 10.25 inches...huge.

AnonymousJun 01 2009 6:35am
Anon regarding the cell phone pic...did you all talk about how big he was for his age? Sounds massive.. Did your brother in law say WOW that kid is hung etc??

TomasJun 01 2009 4:45pm
He didn't say anything but I think he was proud. My sister{her stepson} said to me "I can't believe he's so much bigger than Dave already".

AnonymousJun 02 2009 3:20am
Wow thats wild...she is pretty open it seems. How stunned were you when you saw it? I am guessing everyone had no idea he was so endowed...did you have a long talk on his size?

TomasJun 02 2009 4:33am
I was stunned but not too much because I am hung well. I think they knew he was big but not that big. Seeing it that big, that hard, and that thick wasn't something they were prepared for.

AnonymousJun 02 2009 4:49am
I am guessing your sister had a couple of comments out of earshot of her husband...I think over a few drinks the OMG comments might come out LOL

AnonJun 03 2009 8:51pm
My sis has seen me accidentally when I was I was home after college and she knew I was bigger than anyone she's been with, she told me that a while back. Since the pic she did actually say to me "He's even bigger than you isn't he?"

AnonymousJun 03 2009 10:07pm he bigger than you? Sounds like she was pretty impressed with his size LOL Was there a frame of reference to show his size - ruler etc?

In aweJun 04 2009 4:36am
On his phone he had one pic with a vcr control next to it - and he was longer - the control is 7 inches. I'm just under 7 inches and I thought I was thick but his looks at least as thick. His would make mine look small, especially because his head is like twice the size as mine.

AnonymousJun 04 2009 6:00am
good god - thats massive! have you seen it since? talked size with him?

in aweJun 04 2009 1:23pm
Does he show alot in briefs? shorts?

ANOnJun 04 2009 1:34pm
And what did Dave say about his sons amazing size

BruceJun 04 2009 2:52pm
agree with few of the above. not all blacks are huge, but more blacks than whites are. when working as life guard at pool 14-15 yo black kid was small and skinny build but had an huge dick. 7 soft and hard was 9 3/4 and like 6 thick. absolutly sick how big looked and he was showing off all time in changing room. few others were also big,but not as much. White kids generally all smaller. Anyway word got out the black kid was huge and hottest girl/lifeguard got turned onand eventually he scored with her right in changing area. was real sight and never heard girl yelp like that of course. but, as said, not all blacks that huge or even huge at all, but few are tremendous, and that is super rare in whites

britt163@yahoo.comJun 04 2009 5:39pm
I agree with britt. Not all are huge of course but 8 inches is common and 9 -10 inches not that unusual and 5 inches is definitely small.

abelieverJun 05 2009 3:42am
I'm black and have AND have aalmost 9 inches.the girls in senior high already know about's good to be black.

AnonymousJun 06 2009 4:33am
My dads got an average penis at 2 inches soft 5 inches hard. I and my brother ended up slightly bigger at about 5.5 inches hard and maybe a little thicker

AnonymousJun 11 2009 10:40am
After reading these looks like a few parents notice and measure their sons dicks. i didnt ever live with my dad byt my mom thought dick size was important and measured mine many times growing up. anyone else same situation? not that rare of thing to do i guess. would like to hear if anyone has thoughts on subejct. email is

brady_miggy@yahoo.comJun 12 2009 4:55am
I am the proud father of 3 boys, 7,9 and 13 yrs old.. Last summer after coming home late from work I went in to say goodnight to the kids and I had a bit of a shock when I walked in to my eldest son?s room. He was already sound asleep and had kicked off the covers and was sporting a hardon that had poked out through his boxers. I couldn?t believe it, somehow over night my little boy had developed a man?s penis and it was huge. I have no idea how many inches it was, but he was longer And thicker than mine. I was both proud and embarrassed. I?ve only seen one other man?s erect penis in real life. It was my college roommate who seem to like to show off his morning wood. He was a little bigger than me. I?m guessing 5 or 6 inches. My son?s was definitely bigger than that, so the biggest I?ve ever seen was on my 12 yrs old boy. ?Very weird experience! I gently covered him up, I think partly out of fear that my wife would come in and see that our little boy now has a bigger dick than his 35 yr old father?s. Unfortunately his size didn?t go unnoticed by my wife. This past winter my oldest now 13 decided to live in an old pair of my sweat pants. It was hard not to notice the bulge in them. Again I have no idea how many inches he is but it?s so weird to see him fill out a pair of sweat like I never have. I?m about 2 inches soft and my dick doesn?t really hang in contrast to my son?s which hangs several inches and seems to swing all over the place. My wife said to me ?have you seen D?.?s package? It?s huge? I said I know, our little boy?s not so little anymore. Nothing more was said but I guess it?s pretty obvious that my boy is bigger than his old man.

ProudDadJun 14 2009 1:44am
ProudDad that must be a range of emotions for you...are you happy for him? Jealous? Have you had any size talk with him? And what is your estimate 6 or so soft? Did you like wife commenting on it too - sounds as tho it was impossible NOT to comment...

Not so bigJun 15 2009 7:01am
Proud are the others bigger than you also...and did wife comment on their size versus yours?

BruceJun 15 2009 8:04am
Yes, it is a range of emotions. I don?t know how big he is but it looks like he?s at least as big soft as I am hard. I?m about 5 to 5 ?? x 4 ?? hard. You always want for your kids better than what you have. But damn I wish I was hung like my boy! LOL No, I?ve never had the ?size talk? with him. What am I supposed to say? ?Gosh son I noticed you?re hung like a horse?. What?s that like?? Recently ?D? said he wanted to join my bike riding crew. (About 20 of us guys go riding every Sunday) and I thought it would be a great way to spend more time with my son. So for an early 14th birthday gift we got him a bike and all the all the gear that goes with it. The day of our first big ride we got geared up and my wife took a picture of us side by side. The bike shorts left nothing to the imagination. Most guys ?wear? their dicks up in bike shorts but he didn?t appear to have enough room in his shorts for that so he sort of had it draped to the side. It might have been just the way the sunlight caught it, but he looked massive compared to me. He actually put that picture of us up in his room. I like to think it?s because he loves spending time with his old man but I?m more inclined to believe he?s just bragging.

ProudDadJun 15 2009 9:28pm
Proud that is incredible...I am guessing your wife had a few comments to you on his size in the shorts? LOL And you mentioned in another post that your younger is also huge?

Anon-e-mouseJun 17 2009 6:37am
I have only the two posts above. I don't have any brothers. My wife have talked about my son"s schlong and where he could have possibly got it from. She said she doesn't really remember seeing her dad but she's pretty sure he's bigger than me. And neither of us has seen her brother naked. I can promise you that's one conversation I thought I'd never have... "Geez honey, where'd our son get such a big dick"... Although I did feel pretty proud to see my son's bulge was as least as big as any of the guys on my bike team.

ProudDadJun 17 2009 5:04pm
Proud - who was more amazed at his size? You or her? And it seems as tho he is a bit of a showoff...tho who wouldnt be with that size !! And your younger son is also bigger than u?

TankJun 17 2009 7:44pm
No, I'm still larger than my two youngest sons, But I'm assuming they'll pass me up soon enough. I always thought the youngest had the longest pre-puberty, he's only 8 1/2 yrs old now. So I'm bettin' he's going to pass all his brothers.

ProudDadJun 18 2009 10:16pm
I though all youngest brothers would be bigger given that the womb has had more births and stretches easier? also of course genetics would play a factor as well as nutrition and environment, so maybe not....

AnonymousJun 18 2009 11:06pm
is the cell phone dude stil posting & answering questions?

aweJun 19 2009 8:35am
Proud has son been showing you up again in size? Has wife commented?

MKJun 25 2009 8:25pm
At the gym yesterday I saw a white dad and his obviously half black son in the shower. The kid was about 13 and hanging 7 inches easily, but it was about 6 inches around. His dad was average. His dad left the shower area first and the kid knew I was staring and soaped it up to an obvious semi hard on. I have no doubt it was over 9 inches and super thick. The biggest I've ever seen.

YikesJun 27 2009 11:50am
Yikes I had a very similar experience earlier this year seeing a white dad and a half black much better endowed son at my health club. In all probability the dad wasn?t the father of the boy. It?s much more likely that his wife was having sex with the boys Black father. The dad/son I saw in the showers and later in the steam room were a study in contrast. The boy was 11 and the dad mid thirties. They were talking about his upcoming 12th birthday and the boy remarked that he would be able to drive in just 4 more years. Dad was circumcised with about 2 1/2 to 3 fairly thin flaccid inches with just a couple of minor folds on his penis . The son was hairless uncircumcised more than 5 inches flaccid and quite thick with 6 or 7 major folds and another half dozen minor ones. His testicles hung almost as low as his penis and were 3 to 4 times bigger than the dad. Like your experience the father exited the steam room a few minutes before the son. In that period of time the son became fully erect and was an astonishing 7 ? to 8 inches fully up with a circumference of 5 1/2 to 6 inches. We talked about his upcoming birthday while I couldn?t help starring at his manhood. I also stiffened up my 5 by 4 1/8 inches and he had this huge smirk on his face as he looked at my endowment . He stood up from the tiled bench seats flexed his back muscles in my direction a dozen or more times, He looked at my hard then my face back to my hard and then down at his erection. He said ?it was nice talking to you and even nicer seeing you. He then left the steam room with the same ear to ear smirk on his face. What a humbling experience, one that I?ll never forget.

SmallDadJun 28 2009 12:03pm
Small that is incredible. So humbling I guess. Do you also have a well endowed son?

BillyJun 28 2009 12:31pm
11 and 8 is so not far LOL

Small in FlaJun 28 2009 3:15pm
From my observations of fathers with their sons, most teens appear to be as big as or bigger than them. But I suppose that's natural as most boys are growing larger now. One of my favourites was a big black man about 6'4" and hanging a good thick 5-6". His son who looked about 13 was already 6' tall but very thin. His dick was also very thin, no where near the thickness his father had, but he made up for it with that extra inch in length.

AnonymousJun 29 2009 6:30am
From my observations of fathers with their sons, most teens appear to be as big as or bigger than them. But I suppose that's natural as most boys are growing larger now. One of my favourites was a big black man about 6'4" and hanging a good thick 5-6". His son who looked about 13 was already 6' tall but very thin. His dick was also very thin, no where near the thickness his father had, but he made up for it with that extra inch in length.

AnonymousJun 29 2009 7:21am
I've seen 20 times more naked men than young teen boys but i've seen like 5 times more boys who hang over 6in than adult men. Theres so many boys now hanging bigger soft than most men are hard its unreal

mr averageJun 29 2009 8:53am
My son is very big about 8 inches and thick his father is about 7.

KimJul 11 2009 11:28am
Kim - how old is your son? How did you notice and has your husband said anything about the sizes?

BrockJul 12 2009 4:02pm
When i was 14 got out of shower with boner, not unusual for 14 yo of course. when was drying off my dad walked bathroom was off my own bedroom adn didnt bother to lock. I knew i was bigger than friends I'd seen(seen a few of them hard and most soft) but my dad said Jesus you're big! and look on his face was hilarous to me. He just starred at my dick, saying was bigger than his, asked how big it was. when I told him 7 inches he said he was only 5 and "I dont know where THAT came from!" He went and got string and had me hold around to measure thickness and was stunned I had 5.5 thick and told me how lucky i was. He'd check once in while and told few of his firends i was hung and had me show off to them few times. is interesting, becuase he was cool about it

Chris S.Aug 11 2009 7:39pm
cool that he was so open about it. i want to be open about nudity around my family too when i get one someday :D

AnonymousAug 13 2009 8:19am

AnonymousSep 07 2009 10:36pm
At a fast food place I recently saw a 12 or 13 year old black kid trying to take a leak with an 8 to 9 inch hard on. He didn't try to hide it and was obviously checking me out to see my size. As I was walking into the bathroom a young (probably 11 - 12) white kid was walking out with a blank look on his face--I'm sure he got a good long look at the show also. Does anyone else notice that the "black myth" seems to be very true?

Jealous AsianSep 25 2009 5:18am
I would want to be a father that would help my son be as big as he could be. Help him lift weights and eat right, show him how to jelq. have a happy healthy big as possible son.

AnonymousOct 05 2009 8:23am
My son is 21 and plays collage football, he's 6ft 3 and build solid. He was in a very bad accident two weeks ago and have broken his right femur bone, and his hip. When we were in the hospital the nurses were taking care of his needs but at home its just my wife and I. For the most part my wife has been amazing, cooking, cleaning laundry etc... But when it comes time for bathing him in bed and bathroom he asked I do that, being his father I have no problem doing it, its my job. The only thing is I was shocked at the size of his penis. Last week I bathed him in bed, and when I cleaned is area he become erect, I could see how embarrassed he was and so to make him feel better I told him it was no big deal that my father had seen me erect also. Thing is he was about 8" when I'm only about 3" hard. Then he said since the accident 5 weeks ago he hadn't had a release and was to shy to do anything bc he couldn't clean up. So I told him to take care of business and I would be back to clean him up no problem, that I still at 47 masturbate all the time, when he asked me if I wanted to stay and watch porn together. I told him maybe next time, then I gave him some cream and left the room, I left and went to the bathroom and jerked off. I have no issues masturbating with my son, were men but my only concern is he will realize how much larger he his than me. Any suggestions?

MikeOct 31 2009 1:43pm
check out 'miscellaneous' folder...younger stronger siblings, around 25 on the list.

anonNov 02 2009 8:04am
Am a semi-nudist, family dosen't wear a lot of clothes most of time indoors. we live in a secluded heavy forest. are the only people for miles really. i am small average size at 4.5 inches erect. I have 5 sons, ages 4,6,8,10,12. Only the 4 and 6 year old are still smaller than I am, and they are 2 inches long and 3 inches long. The oldest is the largest at 7 inches, the 10 year old just hit puberty about a year ago and is 5.5 inches, and the 8 year old is starting puberty now and is almost 5 inches. Hard to tell who will be the biggest in the end. My two youngest are both bigger at their ages then my elder sons ever were, so it may be them.

happydudeNov 17 2009 7:02am

pedroDec 11 2009 1:43am
I recently caught my 12 year old son masterbating. I too was amazed at the size of his penis. It was much longer and thicker than my own, and the head even larger. at first he did not see me, as he was to involved in his pleasure. When he saw me, his face turned red, but his penis did not go soft. i excused myself,and told him to get ready for school.

FredDec 11 2009 1:51am
Fred = how big are you?

XDec 15 2009 7:30am
I recently saw my 11 year old son naked as we changed after a swim at my friends pool, last week. We both went into a bedroom to remove our wet trunks, and put on som dry clothes. As we peeled of our suits, my eyes were drawn to the boy's penis and balls. While he has no pubic hair yet, his penis must be about 5 inches long limp, and his balls hanging down lower than the head of his penis. I then looked at my 3 inch soft penis, and then backed at his bigger penis. I just wonder how big it will get once puberty kicks in and it grows to full size. As he finished drying off, i was amazed how it swayed back and forth like a smaller third leg. He'll make alot of girls happy with meat that size.

DonDec 21 2009 9:28pm
got poisen ivy all over my sons and i, it got washed into a pond we were swimming in. applied ointment to our bodies, i am 5 inches hard. my sons are 9,11,13 . the nine year old is almost 5 inches hard, the 11 year old is about 5.5inches and the 13 is almost 6.

pondDec 28 2009 9:22am

AnonymousDec 30 2009 2:28pm
Don, What is the height and weight of your son? You say he was 5 inches soft, how thick was he? Were his balls big also? He sounds amazing. How do you feel about his bigger size than yours?

bsized4point5@yahoo.comDec 30 2009 2:31pm
Its good site to find. Sorry english is not best. Here in Belgium us boys fight who is biggest Dutch or French. I think are same but I have proved to some Frenchs the're not bigest than all us Dutch speaking. Although I'am not the bigest of friends am biger then most my age and oldre that I have seen. Does anyon know why French would think the're all biger? Is like that in America?

Rafe_Christoffel@yahoo.comJan 02 2010 4:27pm
I would love to know how these fathers come up with flaccid and erect penile measurements of their they measure the boys penis

AnonymousJan 03 2010 12:44am
Most of these are made up.

AnonymousJan 24 2010 12:36am
I have had a similar story to some of you as of late. About a month ago, it was my turn to wake my son up for school. I walked in to his room and he was sleeping with his blankets kicked off and his morning wood sticking out of the hole in his boxers. I have seen him over the years in the relaxed state and had no clue how much of a "grower" he is. At 12 years old, it looked at least an inch longer than mine buy much thinner. I tried to reason with myself that it just looked bigger on his younger frame. I asked my wife if she had ever walked in on him like that and she said she had. I then asked was it just an optical illusion (body size comparison)? And she said she thought the same thing the first time she saw it but had actually walked in on him getting out of the shower in that state and yeah while it seemed big compared to his frame, it was definately above average by adult standards. She said she didn't want to say anything to me because she was concerned I would feel weird about the whole idea. I've always been a hung up on her past boyfreinds being larger than me and she was right. I am 5'11" tall and my penis is only 1.5 soft and 4.25 hard. I've always satisfied her in bed but in the back of my mind, wondered if she ever regrets marrying a "small" man. Now I have to deal with having a smaller penis than a child. Anyone else going through this? I'm happy for him but at the same time jealous and immasculated. Only serious responses please. No stupid comments.

AnonymousFeb 03 2010 3:36pm
These are great reads, but I tend to think most of them are made up. How would you know the size of your son?s erect penis down to the half inch? I?m not saying it?s impossible, just very unlikely. My girlfriend?s son, who at 10 yrs old, is apparently about my size (although thinner) when we are both flaccid. I?ve never seen him nude but she sometimes helps him get ready for the shower and mentioned it to me when we were having a conversation about penis size. She says her ex-husband was pretty small (actually about my size 4.75? x 5?) so that her son must be taking after her side of the family since she saw her dad once many years ago and remembered that he was quite large. If he?s close to my size at 10, I?m sure he?ll pass me up by the time he?s 11 or 12 for sure. When I think about it, I?m not sure if I like knowing her son will soon be packing more manhood than me. It?s bad enough he?s going to be much taller since his mom is 6-6 and dad (the ex) 6-5.

CFeb 06 2010 9:54am
These are great reads, but I tend to think most of them are made up. How would you know the size of your son?s erect penis down to the half inch? I?m not saying it?s impossible, just very unlikely. My girlfriend?s son, who at 10 yrs old, is apparently about my size (although thinner) when we are both flaccid. I?ve never seen him nude but she sometimes helps him get ready for the shower and mentioned it to me when we were having a conversation about penis size. She says her ex-husband was pretty small (actually about my size 4.75? x 5?) so that her son must be taking after her side of the family since she saw her dad once many years ago and remembered that he was quite large. If he?s close to my size at 10, I?m sure he?ll pass me up by the time he?s 11 or 12 for sure. When I think about it, I?m not sure if I like knowing her son will soon be packing more manhood than me. It?s bad enough he?s going to be much taller since his mom is 6-6 and dad (the ex) 6-5.

CFeb 06 2010 9:55am
These are great reads, but I tend to think most of them are made up. How would you know the size of your son?s erect penis down to the half inch? I?m not saying it?s impossible, just very unlikely. My girlfriend?s son, who at 10 yrs old, is apparently about my size (although thinner) when we are both flaccid. I?ve never seen him nude but she sometimes helps him get ready for the shower and mentioned it to me when we were having a conversation about penis size. She says her ex-husband was pretty small (actually about my size 4.75? x 5?) so that her son must be taking after her side of the family since she saw her dad once many years ago and remembered that he was quite large. If he?s close to my size at 10, I?m sure he?ll pass me up by the time he?s 11 or 12 for sure. When I think about it, I?m not sure if I like knowing her son will soon be packing more manhood than me. It?s bad enough he?s going to be much taller since his mom is 6-6 and dad (the ex) 6-5.

CFeb 06 2010 9:56am
These are great reads, but I tend to think most of them are made up. How would you know the size of your son?s erect penis down to the half inch? I?m not saying it?s impossible, just very unlikely. My girlfriend?s son, who at 10 yrs old, is apparently about my size (although thinner) when we are both flaccid. I?ve never seen him nude but she sometimes helps him get ready for the shower and mentioned it to me when we were having a conversation about penis size. She says her ex-husband was pretty small (actually about my size 4.75? x 5?) so that her son must be taking after her side of the family since she saw her dad once many years ago and remembered that he was quite large. If he?s close to my size at 10, I?m sure he?ll pass me up by the time he?s 11 or 12 for sure. When I think about it, I?m not sure if I like knowing her son will soon be packing more manhood than me. It?s bad enough he?s going to be much taller since his mom is 6-6 and dad (the ex) 6-5.

CFeb 06 2010 10:00am
It is almost certain that a boy's penis-size is hereditery. And when a boy is better endowed than his father, he probably got his "size" from his mother's family, or else he was a "throwback" from a pervious generation. My own memories are that my brothers and I were about the same size as our father and grandfather, though I did not see either of them erect. And, my sons do seem to be about the same size that I am. There were a few times when my sons were growing up that they "caught" me with an erection, so they have a better sense of how we compare size-wise than I do.

Naked fatherFeb 06 2010 11:25am
Iwas at a rest stop on the Florida Turnpike which has open urinals and this Black kid no more than 13 came up next to me even though there were other open urinals and pulled out a semi hard on that was easily 8 inches long and 6 inches around. I have 7" by 5'25" and I know it was a lot bigger than mine ever gets hard.

AnonymousFeb 09 2010 7:32am
My son lives with his mother in Italy we don't much muxh chance to see each other. The last time he came to stay at my home he was 7 now he is 13. I live in a one bedroom apt so he is sleeping in my bed. I am humiliated bc I can not belive how big he his at 13, I am only 5 inch hard and his looks bigger soft. I was in the shower and he came in the bathroom to pee, when he dropped his boxers I just could not belive it, I must have shiveled up to 1 inch

marcoMar 20 2010 2:59pm
Recently my 11 year old step-son had his friend sleep over for the weekend. As boys will do, they were very dirty after a day of activity, and I told them both to shower and get ready for dinner. Well, after about a half hour I went upstairs and found them in his bedroom and still dressed, and also still dirty. I then ordered them to get going and get into the shower right now, and I mean it. I waited and watched as the boys stripped naked and was rather amazed at the size of my step-son, and his friend. While both had not reached puberty and had no hair on their penises, both were rather long and had large testicles as well. My step-son is uncircumcised while his friend is and has a nice big head topping off his penis. I told the boys to jump in the tub and shower, and watched as they washed and soaped their bodies clean. one then both boys got erections, and they were at first shy about their boners, but then they seemed to embrace the fact that both had one and they were about the same large size. They swatted each other's penis and laughed as they bounced up and down. They didn't care one bit that I was only 5 feet away watching. I could never be this open with another guy. The friend then began rubbing his penis, and my step-son then followed. With their soapy penises in hand, I watched as both boys masterbated, and climaxed, with clear streams of semen shooting from the tips of their penises. As they stood their exhausted after their mutual jerk, I told them rinse off, get dressed, and come down for dinner. That night, the two of them were ready for bed with little or no complaints. My wife wondered why they didn't complain about staying up late. But I know what they had planned for that night.

JakeMar 25 2010 9:18am
Jake how big would you say they were?

AnonymousMar 26 2010 11:52am
test. 4-12-09

bsized4point5@yahoo.comApr 12 2010 11:06am

AnonymousMay 06 2010 3:37am

AnonymousMay 06 2010 4:13am
a fried of mine craig is big, he is 11, started puberty at 9. was 2 inches soft 3 inches hard at 9, now 4 inches soft and 6 inches hard. he has barely grown in height or weight, just gained more mature look of muscle tone on his body, he could have amazingly ripped defined muscles,but he dosen't work out or train hard, still just doing kid stuff he is in great shape for 11, has abs etc. he is about as big as his dad and older brother, and is expected to grow even more

craigs friendMay 24 2010 7:23am
I recently returned from a vacation in Europe, and while there I decided ti visit a nude beach. I was surprised to see many boys about 10-13 years old sporting very large penises and testicles. These boys had no pubic hair yet their penises were easily 4-5 inches limp, and rather thick as well. Also, they had rather large testicles, and scrotums. And don't let them tell you different. You do see erect penises at these nude beaches, mostly from the boys, and as long as they don't openly play with themselves, nobody seems to care much. But it was different seeing a 13 year old boy, talking with his parents and teen sister sporting some wood after he came out of the water. ( 7" )

StanMay 30 2010 10:14pm
We have 2 sons, age 13 and 16. Our 13 year old is as big as me with no pubic hair. The 16 year has a small blond bush and is at least an inch longer than me. We see them nude every day after supper. They shower and come to the famly room nude to watch TV. Both my wife and I are proud that the boys are as big of bigger than me. That's the way it should be. The boys will make some one very happy as they grow older.

PaulJun 12 2010 8:49pm
I'm an 18 year girl. My boyfriend and I were baby sitting for our 12 year old brothers. They were in bed and we were making love. My boyfriend got up to wash walking by the boy's room. They were sleeping naked on top of the sheets. My boyfriend who was naked called me and we found that both boys were bigger than my boyfriend who has 7 inches. The thought of incest never entered my mind

anonJun 12 2010 8:59pm
We have 2 sons, age 13 and 16. Our 13 year old is as big as me with no pubic hair. The 16 year has a small blond bush and is at least an inch longer than me. We see them nude every day after supper. They shower and come to the famly room nude to watch TV. Both my wife and I are proud that the boys are as big of bigger than me. That's the way it should be. The boys will make some one very happy as they grow older.

PaulJun 12 2010 8:59pm
Iam a 15 year old dad has a small penis! Ma twin penis is realy big..but mine is small!! Am scared to ask ma dad to compare our dicks together.!MA DAD Is an African and am afriad he will say no! bu. Am really unsecured abut ma penis!' but I hve never saw his erected.and am also frightened that we may end up sucking Escher others penis!

AccraJul 17 2010 8:56am
Iam a 15 year old dad has a small penis! Ma twin penis is realy big..but mine is small!! Am scared to ask ma dad to compare our dicks together.!MA DAD Is an African and am afriad he will say no! bu. Am really unsecured abut ma penis!' but I hve never saw his erected.and am also frightened that we may end up sucking Escher others penis!

AccraJul 17 2010 8:59am
I'm a 34 year old dad. I am divorced with the three boys living with me in a 2 bedroom apartment. My 16 year old shares my room and the 2 younger share the other. We have one bathroom, so we see eachother nude all of the time. I'm proud to say that both the 16 year old and his 14 year old brother have bigger dicks than mine (I have 8 inches) They will make some girl or boy very happy.

nude dadAug 05 2010 12:14pm
Recently our 15 year twin son and daughter found an old album. Some of the picturs went back to the time my wife and I were dating in High School. These included pictures made at a nude beach. They asked why we stopped. We told them that there were pictures of them. We however stopped when they entered school.Our daughter asked if we could start again. She said that both she and her brother slept nude. Without even thinking we said yes. The kids got undressed right in front of us with the boy displaying a boner bigger than mine. He was so excited that he was actually leaking. His sister thought that he was peeing. We went and purchased a hot tub. Both my wife and I suspect that the kids are having sex. It's not surprising, since my wife had sex with her twin brother from the age of 12 and I had sex with ny twin sister at the age of 13. My sister married my wife's twin brother

anonAug 05 2010 12:32pm
Recently our 15 year twin son and daughter found an old album. Some of the picturs went back to the time my wife and I were dating in High School. These included pictures made at a nude beach. They asked why we stopped. We told them that there were pictures of them. We however stopped when they entered school.Our daughter asked if we could start again. She said that both she and her brother slept nude. Without even thinking we said yes. The kids got undressed right in front of us with the boy displaying a boner bigger than mine. He was so excited that he was actually leaking. His sister thought that he was peeing. We went and purchased a hot tub. Both my wife and I suspect that the kids are having sex. It's not surprising, since my wife had sex with her twin brother from the age of 12 and I had sex with ny twin sister at the age of 13. My sister married my wife's twin brother

anonAug 05 2010 12:33pm
I'm a 34 year old dad. I am divorced with the three boys living with me in a 2 bedroom apartment. My 16 year old shares my room and the 2 younger share the other. We have one bathroom, so we see eachother nude all of the time. I'm proud to say that both the 16 year old and his 14 year old brother have bigger dicks than mine (I have 8 inches) They will make some girl or boy very happy.

nude dadAug 05 2010 12:33pm
Just started swimming a lot more with my son to help him with his training. We just put in an indoor pool to train in. Just started changing together after him being skittish about nudity after he was around 7 or so, he is 13 now. I am an average 2 inch soft, and 5 inches erect, the same size around. He is 4 inches soft and just a hair under 5 inches erect, he is definitely a show-er. He said his friends all think he is huge in gym and at the urinals haha.

Amused DadSep 07 2010 7:37am
I had some type of hormonal imbalance when I was a child to teen, my penis never developed much, although i did attain the other stages from puberty. Thankfully my sons did not inherit this problem. I have a very loving wife that cares for me and we have a very active sex life despite my small penis. It is 2 inches erect and about half and inch soft, usually only the head pokes out, my testicles are small too and are close to my body and very tight. I am proud of my sons and their penises. They were practically bigger than me from the day they were born. I have checked them many times and taken them to many check ups and am a very involved father. They are rather large for their age , and as they grew up too. Just slightly above average, but impressive to me nonetheless. They should be around 6 or so inches when fully grown.

HealthyHarrySep 17 2010 2:08pm
I am the father of three boys 16, 13 and 9 We see each other nude all of the time, since we skinny dip in the neighbors pool. I am proud to say that my oldest is bigger than me I'm 7in. hard. The 13 year old is almost as big. Their mom, my wife says they are going to make their wives very happy.

proud dadSep 20 2010 6:18am
son recently went through a growth spurt while away at camp, started working out lost a ton of weight, grew 5 inches in height, he is 14. went from being a little kid penis wise at like 1 inch, to a respectable 4 inch soft 6 inch hard lady pleaser

vTvSep 24 2010 7:56am
My brother is a fitness guru and owns several gyms. He and his wife are very muscular, and do competitions. Their kids are in great shape too. They have 4 boys 9,11,13,15. All of them are in amazing shape for their ages. They are nudists, and have perfect tans all over. They swim naked in their pool, and over at my house too. The sons are helping my sons learn the lifestyle and train their bodies too. We recently moved to the area and see them everyday. All the sons have muscular bodies and above average penises, the oldest being the biggest at 5 inches soft and around 7 inches hard. The youngest is the only one with the genetics for an 8-pack, he may someday be able to get a 10-pack even.

AZSunCrewOct 01 2010 7:52am
saw my son two fisting with the head poking out of his hands, he is 14, must be around 6 or 9 inches long ,thick too, he is only 5'1", so his small hands make it look really big too.

bnhNov 11 2010 9:09am
homo you don't

AnonymousNov 16 2010 9:50am
In my case it was my dad who was much bigger than I. I remember seeing him in the locker room where he worked when I was litle and he seemed very big. Years later I assumed that my image of him was such because I was so young. Then one day I caught a glance of him coming out of the shower. Boy was I shocked. His flaccid penis was easily larger than my erect 5 1/2 inch "weenie". It had to be 7-8 inches limp, and I'm sure he had to have added two or three inches more erect, which would virtually double the size of my c*ck.(At least 9-10 inches} I would never have believed it, but it is true. I inherited his body hair but not what's important. Is this uncommon?

small fryDec 06 2010 10:14pm
I have a 20 year old son who lives with me while he is at college. He is always naked so I get to see his penis on a regular basis. I am not sure where he got this from but he is very well endowed. I've never asked but I am guessing 6 - 8 inches soft. I caught him masterbating one time and I swear his penis was at least 11 - 12 inches. It's like a trophy to see my son so well endowed.

AnonymousDec 08 2010 8:59am
Yeah like small fry my dad was alot bigger than me. limp he was around 6 inches and showed off alot of times when i was growing up. i saw him hard once in while and would just stare at huge size. evetually found out he is 8.75 and over 6 thick. Anyway wish i had anything close to that. Also noticedd that when hard, skin on his c*ck got darker brown. Alwasy thought mine would end up same size, but he got luckier than I did. Dont know about my unlces if they are big to or not but would be curious.

kyle.roloff@yahoo.comDec 11 2010 8:29am
I don't know about my dad he never lived with us since I was like 3 years old. But my grandfather was hung like a horse. He moved in with me and my mom when i was 14 and would walk to and from shower nude with big soft dick hanging. He's a health nut and worked at staying in shape even at age 60+ and did a lot of running and swimming. So with my mom having already gone for work, he would frequently go to shower and then stand in living room for a minute with big 5 inches hanging limply between legs. At the time I probably only had 4 inches when hard, so his looked huge. Then one day I came home in the early afternoon and he was sitting on couch naked with a woman down of the floor sucking him off. She stopped sucking and pulled away from him and I could ses his dick was huge when hard. He laughed at the fact they were caught and told her to keep going. She wouldn't do it with me there though and just got up and left. He stood off the couch (I assume to show off his size to me?) and it was a real amazing site. If you would have asked me at that moment I would have guessed 10 but actually "only" 8+ and 5 3/4 around. When hard it stood straight out, and then about 3/4 way up shaft it curved up some, and the head was only slightly thicker than the shaft. "So what do you think of this big dong?" he said, all I could say was "it's huge!" He started to JO and I stood amazed while he did. "I really wanted to f--- her but this will have to do" he chuckled and went into the bathroom. After about 2 - 3 mins I heard him groan and knew that he was cumming. He walked back out and was all smiles, his big c*ck soft again. He said "I needed to get that cum out of me" and we both laughed. So after that there really weren't any secrets with us as far as sex went, and a few years later, I did see him with some others who all seemed crazy for him.

chris00016@yahoo.comDec 12 2010 4:48pm
I have been fortunate to be more well endowed than my father. I am 7.5 inches soft and about 11 inches hard. My dad and I see each other naked all of the time - this is how I know. My balls are bigger than is too. I have no problem showing my goods off to anyone who wants to see them.

TomDec 14 2010 3:56pm
Im 14 and biggre dick than my dad 7 to only 4+half. he saw me going to shower with boner few times. i see him going if not hard his dick is 1 inch. name for his dick is pee wee by my mom. i think is cool that im bigger and he is small but what do dads think when son is bigger than him?????? is he mad or happy or embarrased??????? can anyone tell me what dad thinks if they are same deal? brother is 10 and still very small. i am biggest for my firnds as far as i know. they think cool for me but what does my dad think???????????

seamusthl@aol.comDec 15 2010 10:14am
My c*ck is a bit bigger than my dads, but I,m taller than him. I have the same hanging balls thou.

ToddDec 16 2010 11:26am
i was at my couzins house with my sister (my aunts divorced so i was the only guy besisdes her 4 year old son) we went swimming together and i was changeing in a guest room and started to jerk off. i didnt here the door open and almost evry1 was standing thare stareing and the 4 year old said "mommy mines not gonna get that small when im 14 is it?" and none of them let me put it away they just laughed at me being 2 inches hard and about a half inch around and not close to a inch soft. the 4 year old pulled is out and giggled. "look guys im bigger" he yelled. so imnot bigger then my dad but a 4 year olds bigger then me. does that count?

codyJan 09 2011 10:57pm
i was at my couzins house with my sister (my aunts divorced so i was the only guy besisdes her 4 year old son) we went swimming together and i was changeing in a guest room and started to jerk off. i didnt here the door open and almost evry1 was standing thare stareing and the 4 year old said "mommy mines not gonna get that small when im 14 is it?" and none of them let me put it away they just laughed at me being 2 inches hard and about a half inch around and not close to a inch soft. the 4 year old pulled is out and giggled. "look guys im bigger" he yelled. so imnot bigger then my dad but a 4 year olds bigger then me. does that count?

codyJan 09 2011 11:16pm
Are all these people measuring their dad's wieners? How can they say exactly how big they are? Mine is bigger soft. He's hung like a baby. Never seen him hard and I don't want to.

JBJan 20 2011 9:15pm
All you guys say that you have seen your dads or sons dicks, however I have never seen my dads dick and have no idea how to see. I am 100% sure I am not asking him. I have been really been wanting to see. Any tips, I'm desperate!

Gelo14Feb 02 2011 7:55pm
i was at the gym when i saw my black from changing. I couldnt believe how big his penis was its was 7 inches soft.he told me when he gets hard he is close to 1 inches. i stared at it and he saw me looking.He said u like.I had to be honest.I said very much. i told him it loks delicious.he said it sounds like u want to taste it i gues he knew i realy did. it just got me so hot. so he said no one is here. try it i got on my knes. and held his c*ck. it got hard right away and i put it in my mouth and the joy i got sucking it was great and i made him cum his hot cum shot dep in my throat and i swallowed it alli bent over and felt his c*ck penetrate into my ass. i love every inch up my as al i could say was thank you god

jackFeb 16 2011 12:34pm
i am in 50's and i have a sone of 16. I know my wife is taking very much care on my son as i always thought that was son and mother care. But she confessed that she is having sex with him for the last 3 years. My dick is just 5 inch and my son has a thin 8 inch dick. My wife likes big. I got caught when my wife goes into son room one night and peep throught the key hole and i found both of them are inaction for almost 2 hours. I was shocked to see my son giant dick and at the same time i was so happy to see how my wife enjoying with own son hude dick. So now both wife and son has been given approval to get into sex at any time they wish. I also invite both of them to come to our master bedroom so that i can watch the fun.

David, LondonMar 05 2011 2:43am
I feel a sort of admiration and perhaps a bit of a sense of awe and also disbelief, a sense of inadequacy, some shame and also something that feels like envy, but not quite so. Something that I found disturbing enough to motivate me to google it. So I would say that this is something that bothers me.

BMar 08 2011 1:09am
just a short comment my son is 6 years old and i would say he is already over half my lengh i know he will be bigger and all i am going to do is be very proud of my son

chrisMar 22 2011 4:41pm
all these big c*cks make me feel jealous

gubinstrumpaMar 31 2011 1:50am
There is a saying in Lancashire (UK) that tghe size of your dick comes from mother's father. In my experience it is true. I was bigger than my Dad who told me when I was an adult that I had the biggest pinkle he had ever seen. My own son says I could have been a porn star and my grand-sons boggle. Their mother (my daughter) knows the Lancashire saying and reckons they'll follow me after puberty. I vary 5-7 soft and 8.5 hard. Oddest thing is I look circumcised and I am not. I seem to have outgrown my foreskin whuich only appears when I am shrivelled with cold or whatever

VladimirApr 22 2011 3:04am
I never really gave it much thought until one day in the changing rooms after swimming my Dad and I were getting changed. I'm 15 and he's in his 40s and there was no one else around so we just dropped our towels. He's not tiny, but I think I got my genes from somewhere else as I was quite a bit bigger. My dad didn't take it too well though.

AnonymousMay 09 2011 9:07am
I saw my dad naked once. Him and his new girlfriend was going to have sex, and my dad thought that she was one the pill but she wasn't, but there was condoms in a room down the hall. In that room me and my dads girlfriends kid was watching a movie when my dad came in whit a boner that looked 5 inches(His girlfriend have told me it is 4?). When he saw us he covered his penis with a pillow, went over and took the condoms and then he asked if we knew what they were about to do, and we answered, no(but we did). 3 minutes after he was gone I went down the hall and looked in the door, and there was my dad giving his girlfriend it doggy-style. After I stared in about 15 seconds then I went down to the bathroom and started to masturbate(I was 13 I didn't know that it was that wrong). After 4 minutes the girlfriend entered and stared at my hard c*ck that is 8? inches when she said "what a monster" and after some time closed the door. Ever since me and the girlfriend have made jokes about me and my dads penis size, and she sometimes says things like she just wanted it to be bigger and that she need something that can fill her out, and I have started to rub the bulge in my pants up her like it is accident.

16y/oMay 13 2011 12:10pm

AnonymousMay 18 2011 2:02pm
I'm 14 and I am a year or two into puberty, and my penis is already bigger than my dads. I have a good two inches on him in length and probably about one inch in girth. He knows this too because we see each other a lot at urinals and stuff, but I still love him

AbcMay 21 2011 7:40am
I'm 14 and I am a year or two into puberty, and my penis is already bigger than my dads. I have a good two inches on him in length and probably about one inch in girth. He knows this too because we see each other a lot at urinals and stuff, but I still love him

AbcMay 21 2011 7:43am
I am gay and have a small penis.My boyfriend just got done doing me and went to bathroom naked and he came face to face or c'ck to c'ck with my dad who was naked.My dad was a little bigger than me but much smaller than my boyfriend.I thought my boyfriend was just telling me that so I would think he was the biggest in the house but from that day my dad treated him much better like he new that my boyfriend was the man of the dad walked in on us once and told me later that I need tobe carefull with someone that size he could hurt me bad.I was on my back with my legs on his shoulders and when my dad walked in he pulled out of me and his cum went all over me(my face,chest,stomache and my c'ck)I was hard only 3 inches thin.My boyfriend was 10 inches thick and my dad saw it all.He closed the door fast but later again said I shouldnt let him top me like that.Later we were all at camp ground and had to use public shower tried to use it before my dad got there but he was already in there.Soft im like an inch my dad is 4 inches and my boyfriend is 8 inches.I dont have much body hair and they both have hairy chests,legs,pubic area and arm pits.I left the shower my boyfriend and dad argue alot and my boyfriend likes to let my dad know he dominates me in bed all the time.I was worried I was going to get caught in middle.Do you thinks its because my dad knows he is bigger or that he has been inside me.They never had a problem untill my dad saw him naked.When it was just me my dad was the biggest and hairy.My boyfriend has always went out of his way not to let my mom see him naked.He said he dosn't want to humiliate him

AnonymousMay 23 2011 5:39pm
I am a 15 year old boy who has a bigger penis than his fathers. I am about 3 inches soft and 6 inches hard; while he is 1 inch soft and I saw him erect once, and it was about 3 inches. I used to feel very bad for him but I don't anymore because he started being mean to me. Now I try to show off my size to him every time I get. He is not very hairy also and I already have a lot of hair under my arms, and my penis is very thick, compared to his little pin dick. My family is semi-nudist and very open, and my mother said to me once, "You are getting a very big penis son, you are much bigger than your father." When she turned around there he was, and it was the best moment of my life. Whenever we are at the trough-style urinals and I catch him looking, I say, "You like what you see?", and then start stroking it while I pee to make him feel bad. He's a real bitch to me and I love his face when he first saw that my penis was bigger than his as we were changing at the country club. My penis head is gigantic, and I just measured it to be 2.5 inches, almost as long as his entire penis is hard.

anonymousMay 24 2011 2:10pm
My moms boyfriend used to walk around naked all the time.It was just the three of us so he figured she new what he had and i had the the same thing so no need to hide it.He was like 5-6 inches soft and I was only like 2 inches untill about 15 and I started to grow long and thick by 16 I was about 3 inches longer and twice as thick as him.I didnt notice untill mine got thick how thin he was.He stopped walking around naked and told me to stop it.I asked him once it my dad was my size if he really thought my mom could even feel him now.

AnonymousMay 30 2011 11:10pm
I am 35 and my girlfriends son is 15.He has a hairy chest already and i dont mean a few spots im talking thick hair as much if not more than me.I have seen him nude just as he got out of the shower and if there is a size differance between us its like a 1/2 inch.Will he get bigger.he has more pubic hair and hair on his legs than me since he was 13.i no this kid will just love knowing he is packing more between his legs than me.he hasnt seen me naked since he was 11 or 12 and i was still bigger then.he is trying to catch me in the nude in the morning after i get out of shower.I wouldnt mind if we had a good relationship but he just wants to try putting in my place.

lee eMay 30 2011 11:26pm
Lee E ,the first time my stepson saw me naked i just got out of the shower and he came in for something not to get a shower but when he saw me standing there totally naked he got a huge smile and said i need to get a shower.He stripped as fast as he could.He was 14 and had more hair on every part of his body than me and was hung like a horse 8+inchs.I was 2 soft and 4 hard so his soft penis was bigger than mine hard and 3 times as thick.since that day he loves to comment about how much hairy his chest is and how more well endowed he is than me.its true my naked body looks like a little boys next to him.he has this c*cky smile that i would like to smack him but he would probably kick my gets better he gets used to being bigger and wont let his mom see how much bigger he is.he said i dont want to embarrass you when its just us guys i got to rub it in he wont even take his shirt off in front of her because his chest has more hair on it than mine.

AnonymousMay 31 2011 12:11am
I'm 13 and I am in puberty and (althought I haven't seen it) I am sure that I have a bigger penis than my dad. He wears speedos a lot and I have seen his tiny bulge many times. From that I believe that he is around 1-2 inches soft and I have no idea how big hard. I am much bigger than him at around 4-4.5 inches soft 6 inches hard. Is this normal to be much larger at the beginning of puberty?

anonymousJun 05 2011 5:00pm
Ive nvr seen my dad naked. Hes never seen me. Yall are f*cked up.

AnonymousJun 07 2011 9:45am

AnonymousJun 09 2011 2:21pm
All the dads seem proud that there sons are bigger.I walked in on my dad when he just got out of shower and he was bigger about 7-8 soft and im about 2 soft and i have always been the smallest compared to cousons friends uncles..

AnonymousJun 19 2011 11:21pm
my dad caught me jacking off, he looked at my 6 1/2 inch penis and stared, he is 6 inch soft, will i grow to his size

AnonymousJun 29 2011 12:17pm
If your interested on more info Jeff, I am 47 and since I was a kid I was aware that I had a larger penis then my dad by far. I hang 7 1/2 to 8" totally limp and when erect I am 12 1/4" inches with 6 3/4 girth (circumfrence around). My father was only 8 1/2" erect and 4" circumfrence, usually hung limp around 4 to 5 inches. My parents where nudists and at age 13 my mom made comments about how I had a much larger penis than my dad does and told me about how when I was born that the doctor made a comment about how I was rather large "down there" in his notes about me. Later in my room. It was not an incest sort of thing, But my mom caught me looking at dad's porn magazines and stroking my dick and she walked in on me, Shocked about my erection, She asked me "if I ever measured me penis when I was erect yet?", When I said "No" , She brought out her sewing tape measure and "measured me" and I was 13 yrs old at the time... She already knew I was hung much more than my dad, but until that point she had not seen me erect since I started puberty and so she "measured me" Grant Eaton

HorseHungTwelveJun 30 2011 11:20pm
In another open discussion with my mom about how I am what she called it back then as "Extremely Well Endowed" My mom told me that I probably inherited it from her side of the family, because she knew that her own dad (my grandpa) had a 13" c*ck and that she often seen him naked too growing up and that he usually shaved his face, naked, and while standing in front of the bathroom mirror and always left the door wide open, She recalled that his limp dick hung almost to his knee's like mine does. We are all white (caucasion) and I have a slender to athletic build (6'1" and 190 lbs) For the record, I wish I had a smaller dick (c*ck) say, around 8" instead of the 12 1/4" god gave me. Alot of women shy away because if it, Even though I have found most can stretch just fine and enjoy it.. I am just like a slender woman with big tit's, You cant hide it in my pants easily, ladies always are looking at you, Even in board shorts at the beach i cant hide it... So I can relate to how women sometimes dont like men staring at them.... Grant Eaton

HorseHungTwelveJun 30 2011 11:33pm
HorseHung Twelve its better to have your problem than to wake up in the morning naked with someone you just f*cked the first time and your 2" soft and cant get out from under covers because you dont want her to see it small and limp.Women are really nasty about that stuff.When you break up thats the first thing they attack your small dick.

jJul 04 2011 10:23pm
I am 15 and i had to get a dad took me and when they came out to get me they told my dad to come back.they insisted he come back.When we get to the exam room nurse takes blood presure,temp and other normal things.when she goes to leave she hands me a paper robe and tells me to take off all my clothes including socks and underware and put robe on.We have never seen each other naked before.the most embarrassing thing was when the doctor rips that paper robe off of me.i have to stand there for 10-15 minutes totaly nude.its cold so im turtling(at times the tip of my penis was all that showed) im 1.5"soft if im 2 feet away from my dad standing totaly naked and hes probably thinking that my 7 year old brother is bigger.a few days later he walks out of his bathron with nothinq on and starts talking to me .he is like 7inches soft.he stops me from leaving 2 times.i think he was showing me that he was hung like a stud.he then tells me to trim or shave my pubic hair so ny penis will look bigger.

seanAug 01 2011 1:29pm
I don't understand how anyone could be anything but proud of their better-endowed sons. If it wasn't improper I'd brag about their large genitals in the same way we do for their academic or sports achievements. My 14 years old is about as big flaccid as I am erect. My 12 years old has a flaccid penis larger than my own and is bigger than his older brother was at that age. I wouldn't be surprised if the youngest surpasses his big brother before his next birthday. Once after his shower my oldest boy was drying himself with a towel and he seemed to be semi aroused. I was shaving and saw his reflection in the mirror. I let him know that I was amazed of his size, and that he was quite bigger than me. He grinned broadly and told me that he had noticed that too. He developed a full erection at that moment. It looked like a flagpole sticking out from between his legs. He just stood there asking how much bigger he was than me. He seemed very proud of his large erection, of being bigger than his own dad and that his father was praising him for it.

Proud in FlAug 06 2011 4:12pm

AnonymousAug 09 2011 1:36am
Both of my son's are as large or larger than their father. At 17 and 15 they are well over 8 and 10 inches when erect. I walked in on my step-son masturbating last Friday night and was very pleased to see he also had seemed to inherent his fathers size. Out of three son's my big c*ck husband has conceived, even one wit another woman I know that the big c*ck is passed down by genetics of the father. My boys are doubly blessed genetically because my own father and my brothers are very well endowed.

Peaches 1158Aug 12 2011 2:39pm
For the record, My mom and I never has sex, but have always been able to openly talk about sex since she caught me masterbating as a kid. My step mom was different though and loved to have sex with me because of my larger than normal penis and behind my dad's back. Grant Eaton

HorseHungtwelveAug 14 2011 8:23am
I wish this wasn't a fiction forum. If having a small penis is embarrassing, it is even worse if your own sons are even bigger at a younger age because it takes away from your sense of masculinity. For serious discussions of small penis concerns I'd recommend a website called

BAug 16 2011 8:11am
My sons are also bigger than me. They're 18 and 20 and the 18 yo has 9'', the 19 yo has 8''. My c*ck is like 6'' - still not small in general, but small compared to their huge ones. They once saw me with a hard-on when I woke up and walked in the kitchen with my morning boner, thinking they were still sleeping. After that they showed off to me quite often - in the bathroom, when they woke up they just came in the kitchen naked and so on. They want to show me that they're more of a man than I will ever be.

TinydadAug 16 2011 8:42am
B, I am a member there. My member name is boysized4.5.

bsized4point5@yahoo.comAug 16 2011 2:00pm
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LarsAug 20 2011 10:50am
wy show mee your big dick in piktures and i show you my dick.

LarsAug 20 2011 10:58am
wy show mee your big dick in piktures and i show you my dick.

LarsAug 20 2011 10:59am

AnonymousAug 26 2011 3:08am
My son is much better endowed than I am. He loves teasing me for this. He thinks he was the man in the house now. In his opinion, the c*ck makes the man.

GeraldAug 27 2011 9:22am
My fifteen year old son had a serious back injury about a year ago and spent some weeks in the hospital. From the beginning, he had difficulty using the urinal because he couldn't stretch his arm to aim his penis into the urinal. Of course, I helped him by holding his penis in the open top of the urinal as he peed. The very first time I did that, his penis became very hard in my hand. Although I'd had glimpses of his penis before, I'd never seen it hard. It was obviously larger than mine when hard. He was a bit embarrassed at my seeing his hardon and said he couldn't pee when it was hard. I made the remark that he'd have to jerk off to get it soft again. I was surprised that he wasn't in the least embarrassed about my remark and simply said that there was no way he could reach it and Jerk off. I told him that his penis was longer and fatter than mine. He responded that he'd have to see it sometime since he couldn't believe he was bigger than his Dad. After he was finally back home, the subject didn't come up for some time, but one morning he walked in on me as I was getting out of bed and saw my usual morning erection. He had to agree that I was smaller. But from then on, he and I never made an effort to hide our nudity, or our hardons from each other. Our open relationship in this regard with each other has been a positive thing in our relationship.

Tombor99Sep 01 2011 9:50am
Tombor99 Were you considerably smaller? Were you embarrassed? Was he ashamed of you or was he proud to be bigger?

fhhjSep 01 2011 4:52pm
Tombor99 Were you considerably smaller? Were you embarrassed? Was he ashamed of you or was he proud to be bigger?

fhhjSep 01 2011 6:34pm
We didn't actually measure our penises. I did measure my own once a few years ago and found it to be about 6 and half inches when hard. Even though I don't know the actual length and thickness of my son's penis, I remember it felt considerably bigger in my hand than my own did when I would jerk off. I would say tha my son's penis when hard appears to be about an inch longer than mine, perhaps 7 and a half. Since we have no problem discussing these things nowadays, I'll suggest that we measure our penises together. As for being embarrassed over my smaller penis, I was not at all embarressed for some reason. I'll have to admit, though, that holding his hard penis in the hospital, especially the first time, was a bit of a turn-on, which surprised me.

Tombor99Sep 01 2011 7:12pm
Tombor, when you held your son's penis and it got hard, did you jack him off after you suggested he jerk off to get soft? If you had, he might have been able to pee easier.

MarcoSep 01 2011 7:25pm
I have one son, 16 years old. As a girl, I had been raised in a very prudish family. So I was very shocked when I realized about 3 years ago that my husband and my son had been regularly masturbating together. They've talked to me a lot, trying to convince me it's "no big deal." Nobody's getting hurt by it, etc. Although not by choice, I've seen them sometimes while they are masturbating, and I can't help but be fascinated by the fact that my son's hard penis is so much bigger than my husband's. When my husband and I have intercourse, I can't imagine taking in a penis any bigger than his. To see my son's hard penis, I'm afraid he's going to find that many woman partners are not going to be able to take it. I mentioned that to my husband, but he just thought I was crazy and that there's no woman alive who wouldn't love it.

RoseySep 01 2011 7:42pm
Rosey, I think you're the one who might be crazy. As for me, the younger, the fatter, the longer c*ck, the better.

Mrs. WSep 01 2011 7:47pm
Marco, no I didn't jack him off. I knew he wasn't able to do it himself during the early days of his hospitalization, but I assume when he was more recovered, he was able to jerk off easily. Incidentally, he and I have never jerked off together. Outside of my holding his penis so he could pee, neither of us has ever touched each other's penis. We are, hoever, aware that we each masturbate frequently. This bit of information came out during my "Facts of Life" talk I had with him when he was about 12.

Tombor 99Sep 01 2011 7:54pm
I'd be interested to know if anyone reading this site was really mortified and ashamed, and/or embarrassed over the fact that his c*ck is smaller than his son's, and absolutely refuses to let his son see his penis. In my case, both my teenaged sons have monster c*cks compared with mine, but I let them know I am really proud of my two guys, and sometimes make fun with them over my pitiful little pecker. My two guys are really big masculine types, and they never fail to remind me it was my little penis that made them.

JakeSep 01 2011 8:05pm
I'm surprised that anyone is anything but ashamed of being outclassed in this way. Maybe if the size difference wasn't so pronounced it wouldn't be so bad.

fhhjSep 02 2011 2:20am
Rosey I understand that larger penises tend to bump the cervix on deep penetration and that this is painful for women, so I can understand your concern about your son's larger size. Any idea what your husband feels about being the smaller man? You should reassure him of his adequacy. What does your son think about his dad's size? Maybe he does this to feel his dad's approval.

fhhjSep 02 2011 11:38am
fhhj, My husband has given no indication to me that he's upset over having a smaller penis than our son when hard. Actually, since I've known him, he's never had a jealous bone in his body. He's wildly handsome and thoroughly self-assured. I agree with you, though, that I think most men would probably feel quite ashamed if his penis was smaller than his son's. I really don't have to assure him of his adequacy. He can tell that when I have two to three orgasms to his one that I love how adequate he is. As for my son's attitude about being larger than his Dad, I'm not sure. He's always looked up to his Dad in everything, and I assume the smaller size of his Dad's penis doesn't diminish his admiration for his Dad. My husband certainly shows no shame while he displays his penis to his son during their frequent masturbation sessions together. I earlier said that I imagine I would not be comfortable with having in me a penis the size of my son's. When I look at it, I also don't believe I would find oral sex comfortable with a penis that large. My husband still maintains, in his belief, that any woman would love to handle a penis the size of my son's. I don't know if my son has had any kind of sex with girls yet, so I don't know whether or not he has found that girls like huge penises like his. Although he and my husband don't mind my knowing that they enjoy masturbating together, I assume I would not be told about any sexual experiences my son has or has had or will have with women. I'm sure I would be the last to know.

RoseySep 04 2011 6:56am
Some men on this site (inclucing Gerald above) whose sons have bigger penises than they have believe that the size of the pecker is really the measure of the man. My husband is one of those who believes that. But he's wrong. His hard penis is just short of 6 inches. Our 23 year old son measures a little over 7 inches. We are a nudist family, but only in our home. We are aware that each of us masturbates. We don't do it together, but we do have open discussion about it from time to time and enjoy internet sites like this one that deal with the subject. While our son possesses a larger penis than his father in both length and breadth, he takes considerably longer to ejaculate when he jerks off than his father takes. His father reaches climax very quickly when he wants to or delay it when he wants to, whether he is jerking off, having vaginal sex or oral sex with me. In my opinion, even though our son has a larger penis, my husband produces more semen and has the ability to determine when he will ejaculate and come to orgasm. This, of course pleases me and is definitely, in my opinion, the measure of a real sexual man, regardless of the size of his dick. It takes more than a big c*ck to make a man sexually masculine. I wonder if there are other women who agree with me.

Mother SallySep 04 2011 11:16am
Some years ago just after graduating from college, a friend of mine and I needed money and got involved with the porno business for about six months. When I auditioned, they were very impressed with my circumcised penis and my large ball sack. Over that time, I was in 3 short porno films. The only thing they said they were unhappy about was the fact that I insisted on wearing a condom. The first two films involved both f*cking and being sucked off by young women. The third, however, was different. I wasn't told that it would be a gay film, but when I learned that it was, I went through with it for the large amount of money it paid. I had to have anal sex with one man and give a blow job to another man. I have to admit it wasn't too bad. After that was finished, I quit that business and swore I'd never go back to it. I found a fairly good job with a bank and began to date a girl who worked there. We soon married, but I didn't tell her about my porno work. As time went on, we got married and had a son. Then things began to change for us. We met another couple who, it turned out, were "Swingers." One thing led to another, and I admitted to both my wife and this couple that I had done some porn work. Luckily, my wife was not upset by it, but was intrigued by it. To make a long story short, we and this other couple started "swinging" together and having sex with each other's spouses while in the same bed. This went on for a few years, during which another couple or two joined us. But as our son (and a second son) grew older, my wife and I left the swinging life and vowed to live a respectable life for the sake of our sons. We gave the boys "The Talk" about sex, etc., but we chose to be nudists in our own home. Of course, in the process, I found it rather arousing to watch my boys grow from infants to little boys, then into puberty and the teen years where I witnessed the changes in their bodies and muscle structure, the growth of pubic hair and hair on their legs, and their little boy penises growing into man-sized c*cks, and of course, then into young manhood. My wife and I had all but forgotten about the many pictures we had taken of us in bed naked and f*cking with other couples, as well as a number of still photos of me in scenes from my porno films. Of course, I should have known the boys would eventually discover them hidden in a box in the back of a closet in our bedroom. After that, our family went through a long period of readjustment and understanding. They had discovered the material when they were in junior highschool and were snooping in places they shouldn't have. At any rate, as we worked through all this, the two boys and my wife and I necessarily became very open with one another on the whole subject of sex. We all talked about it openly, with as little shame and embarrassment as possible under the circumstances. The boys and I even got to the point where we discussed the differences, as well as the likenesses of my naked body when I was young and their naked bodies. It was clear from the pictures (that they insisted on revisiting) that my hardon was not always as grand and majestic as that of some of the other men in the pictures, as well as some of the men in the couples we did our "swinging" with. I was so grateful for the boys' understanding and tolerance of their Dad's youthful indescretions, especially the scenes of me with other men. The two boys and I very readily and eagerly measured our hard penises, revealing, as it happened that their hard penises were about an inch longer than mine. My boys kid me unmercifully sometimes by telling me that they are thinking of trying out for a porn movie. My oldest one, however, even makes out that he would like to have just the two of us reenact a scene from the gay movie I did. He tells me he's just kidding, but I wonder sometimes. In any case I'll always love my two guys for understanding and for being the big c*cks in the family!

GMDSep 04 2011 12:38pm
Mother Sally, I'm envious of you and the other women on this site who have knowledge of the size of their son's penises, as well as that of their husband's penises. I've handled my husband's penis (masturbation and oral sex, etc.) but he's never given me the measurements of his penis, and thinks I'm crazy to wonder what our 17 year old son's measurements are, and how they compare to his own. He tells me size is irrelevant. I tell him, from a woman's point of view, it is NOT irrelevant. The penises of the men I had been with before I married my husband were mostly quite diffent when it came to size and felt different during sucking and f*cking. (Sorry that I'm using these words.) My husband tells me I'm imagining things and that all c*cks are the same. Of course, I saw my son's penis many times when he was an infant and as I changed his diaper. But by the time he became a teenager, I believe I got only a glimpse of it once when he was getting dressed in the morning and had a morning boner. But, of course, I couldn't guess the length of it. I'm really curious to know how it compares to his Dad's c*ck in size. Everybody else who's written in on this site, both fathers and mothers, seem to know exactly how their sons and fathers c*cks measure up with each other.

CubbySep 04 2011 1:10pm
I recently saw my sons erect penis and was astonished by his size. Much larger then his dads.

CarolSep 08 2011 9:39am
I recently saw my sons erect penis and was astonished by his size. Much larger then his dads.

CarolSep 08 2011 9:39am
Carol - how old is son? How is he and husband? And how did you see son?

QSep 09 2011 11:06am
How big is he and husband

QSep 09 2011 11:07am
Carol - how old is son? How is he and husband? And how did you see son?

QSep 09 2011 11:07am
i am 16 and had to get physical for dad took me to doctor and normally would stay in waiting room when i went back to exam room.the nurse called me back and told my dad to come back he said he would stay in waiting room but she insisted he come back.she took my stats then told me dr be right in and she gave me paper gown and told me to get undressed including my underware and socks.i get naked standing to side so my junk wasnt in my dads face.during exam the table faces my dad the gown is ripped off and he has me stand up and he gets a buzz to leave room im 3 feet from my dad totally naked my dick is like 1 inch long and shave most of my pubic hair to try to make it look bigger(doesnt work)i standing there like 10 dick shrinking more by the minute.i dont have much body hair .i have seen my dad naked he has an elephant trunk between his legs compared to me and hairy legs and chest he looks like normal naked 16 and look like a little boy.he doesnt say anything to me but it was dad and 2 of his friends and thier sons and go on this trip and the first night find out its public showers my dad tells me not to get shower untill they come back from thiers.i said why and he said well ur not really hung very well and u need a little more time for rest of ur pubic hair.i said the trend is to shave ur pubic hair and he said that makes u look like a little boy.

AnonymousSep 11 2011 12:25am
im 34 and my step son is 15 i married his mom 10 years ago.i saw him going from bathroom to bed room naked last month and his penis is at least my size if not a little bigger he is def thicker than me.he gets mad at me because once he walked in on his mom sucking my dick and another time I was doing her doggy style.i walked in on him once getting head from the nieghbor girl and her dad tried to beat his ass because he found his boxers in his wifes bed.

jaySep 11 2011 12:43am
im 15, but when i was younger me and my friend use to play around and compare sizes and suck eachother off at the time he was prob. 2 soft and 3 hard and i was 3 soft and 4 hard. since then i have only seen his penis once and i think its safe to say that i am still way bigger he was 4soft 5.5 hard i was 6 soft and 8 hard. btw im bi

(^_^)Sep 11 2011 7:38pm
Q- my son is 15, my husband is 46. i'm 43. not sure exactly how big he is but I would guess 8 or 9 inches. i know his father is 6.

CarolSep 14 2011 4:15am
Q- i saw him masturbating. it was weird for me.

CarolSep 14 2011 4:26am
Carol - why was it weird? To see him so big or did it bring up some feelings? 8 or 9 is HUGE...

QSep 15 2011 7:39am
We better convert all these dimensions to CM, or else the the rest of the world will think we're SMALL! I did notice at wreck beach last year that the late teens to under 30's seem to be 'hung' larger than the over 30's. GMO Foods? There was one guy in our gym class 45 years ago in grade 7 that was at least 5.5 (14cm) flaccid and quite thick. he told us he was 1.75 across and 8 long with a boner, this at 13!

Canadian NudistSep 17 2011 11:45am
When my brother's son was around 11 he started puberty, gained quite a bit of fat, and after 2 year was grossly overweight. He got p90x for christmas, and I helped him turn his body around. We started doing the program on the first of January, and after 90 days he was like a new person, he went from being 5'3 to 5'4 lost 11% bf, weighs around 150lbs. In a couple months he hopes he can get a six pack. He loves to show off now. His penis is a decent size at around 2 inches soft and a little under 5 inches hard, not much smaller than mine, he has nothing to be ashamed of. He probably won't get any taller than around 5'6" , as the men in our family are all pretty short.

MatthewSep 28 2011 12:57pm
I'm 11 and 4in is that small?

AnonymousSep 29 2011 7:11pm
my mom married a black guy.i am so small compared to this guy its humiliating.i thought that was just a stereo looks like a loaf of bread between his legs and his 14 and 16 year old sons are just as 17 and they said black guys are born bigger than me.they comment i am just a second pussy in the house and they laugh and they really are the men of the house.the smallest is 14 and he is about 10 1/2 long and 6 thik afraid to say i learned that from him using me as a practice piece of ass.he had me walk out to kitchen naked to get him a drink after he was done with my ass.his brother was only one home but he has to come and make jokes.

AnonymousOct 11 2011 12:39am
i only just saw this thread as a family we spent a lot of time at naturist camps, so being naked wasnt an issue. my husband is 5'7 tall and a repectable 6 long 4 around when erect.our two elder boys they reached the age of 13 or so have both in turn passed him to be 7 long and thicker. our youngest boy was always the best endowed from being a baby, so it was no surprise when by the age of 12 he had just inched ahead of his father(literally) he stopped growing at 8 inch and was considerably thicker than his father and brothers by that time. i dont make a habit of watcjing my sons,(more often i peek at other families) but with lots of nubile naked young girls around, bloodflow is soon stimulated.

DonnaOct 12 2011 2:29pm
I helped out at a summer camp this summer.I couldnt believe how f*cking big younger guys dicks seem.we had 1 shower so u could be in there with someone 12 15 17 sometimes at the same time i am 23 i never saw anyone hard but some of the 16-17 year olds look like they are 25.i was talking to this guy who i thought was working but he was only 16 he was like 6 inches and had more hair on his chest than anyone i have ever still getting hair on my seemed like i was in the middle on size im 3&1/2inches i thought i was average for an adult but im on lower side of average.i was a little embarraced at first but as long as my girlfriend doesnt find out im the size of a 14 year 5&1/2 hard they r probably like 12 inches

AnonymousOct 13 2011 12:43pm
I never knew what to think. I never acted on it, but today I was surfing the radio, in the car, and heard something, on a call in show. However, when I went back to tryu and find the station, I couldnt find it. The story is this, I grew up in a family that was by no means prudish. However, I cant remember anyone walking around nude or anything. So I guess, I we had some boundaries. I guess having 3 bathrooms for our family of 4, it made life easier. A couple of times, when I was home from college, there were a couple of interesting situations. One time I was getting dressed to go to my summer job. The mailman had just delievered a package for me. My mother brought it to my room. She forgot to knock and just opened the door. I told her to wait a second and got coverfed up. Later, she told me, she couldnt understand why I was so concerned as she had changed my diapers. The only differencen now, was that I was bigger and hairier. My mouth about dropped open I was so stunned. However, I had to rush as I had to be at work. Another time, late one night, I was jerking off in the basement. My father and sister were sleeping. My mother had been out grocery shopping. I did not hear her come in the house. She came downstairs and caught me with a massive hard on, jerking off and looking at porn. When she appeared, I grabbed my clothes to cover myself. Again, she could not understand why I did that as she sazid she had changed my diapers and, now, I was bigger and hairier. I also hid the pron. The next day, some how, she went looking for my porn. When I came home, from work, she had the magazine on my bed. She told me that I didnt have to hide it as I could have it, or women, in my college dorm room. I never brought up any of these instances to either of my parents. However, at times, I wonder if my mother was trying to come on to me or trying to get me to come on to her. I dont plan to pursue it as I have, nolw, graduated from college and my parents live about 500 miles away.

AnonymousNov 03 2011 11:15am
My husband is 50, his c*ck is like only 4.5'' hard. When I have seen both my sons naked (caught them masturbating) I was shocked...they are 12 and 14 and both must have around 5'' yet! And their c*cks were thicker, too. Makes my hubby look like a little boy.

SandraNov 05 2011 4:40am
I am 15 and my c*ck is bigger than my dad's. I have 5.5'' hard. I have installed a webcam in my dad's room to see his c*ck and finally got it...saw him wanking and it was like only 5'' hard and he has tiny balls!

AnonymousNov 05 2011 7:29am
My wife told me this morning that she saw our 14 year old son's penis when she woke him up this morning. She said it appeared to be at least 7 inches long and as big around as a red bull can. This has got me feeling a bit insecure. My penis is only 4 1/2 inches and very thin with a head about the size of a bottle water top. Does anyone think she thinks less of me as the "man of the house"?

AnonymousNov 08 2011 4:41pm
4 1/2 slim same size as my husband :) last week he ran out of condoms so i went to borrow one from my sons bedroom as soon as i saw it i knew it would be too big, but i decided to tease him with it anyway. i opened the pack and slipped it on him without showing him. it was like a tent on him :) too long and loose fitting he was nore than a bit embarrassed but never mind i had a good laugh after i got a new packet for him i decided to return one to my son i handed him one of his fathers my son was shocked how small it was/ i asked him to try it on and he told me he couldnt get it on at all. we both had a laugh at my husbands expense but even so i dont think any less of him as a man even though he isnt very good in bed :)

gemmaNov 08 2011 6:27pm
during the summer my family and i stumbled on a deserted beach in France. we decided to go skinny dipping. my sons have seen me naked over the years and so it isnt a big thing for them. the boys are 13 and 15 and my husband 40. As we all lay on the sand i looked at the three limp c*cks. I was surprised as i graded them by size smallest first husband, son 15 son 13. there was a good inch between husband and younger son. what brought it on i dont know but elder boy developed an erection. then on seeing this younger boy got hard. i was hoping hubby would follow suite and sure enough he did. i was quite amazed to see the size difference had increased. husband 5 older son 6 younger son about 7 i had forgotten just what a difference the extra 2 inches makes. needless to say hubby lost it first, embarrassed by his size. still no matter . nothing we can do about that.

AprilNov 12 2011 5:28pm
I just caught my dad wankin yesterday...and saw his tiny c*ck. It was soooo funny. I just bursted out laughing seeing him. He tried to hide and asked why I was laughing...I told him that I had barely seen such a tiny c*ck before...maybe around 3.5'' hard only. Mine is 7.2'' and I am just 15. Gonna show him very often now...I am the man in the house :-).

KyleNov 13 2011 9:54am
ive ben dating this guy fir a few months now. and we have pretty good sex even though he is quite 'modest' maybe 5 at best. The other day i went to use the shower and found his 13 year old son in the shower room wanking. i couldnt resist staring at him, he was quite a bit bigger than his dad, but not massive. it must be something in the water, maked youngsters bigger :) .

sallyNov 13 2011 5:29pm
If anyone is still reading, I'm bigger than my dad; it became apparent when we went to the beaches in California when I was ten. He had me get naked to get cleaned off in the showers. I refused, because I was told nudity was wrong, but then he pretty much yelled at me to do it. He took his suit off first, then me. I don't have measurements for you (I mean, c'mon, I was only eight), but I was visibly longer and thicker than he was (though the lack of testicles on my part may lend to that). In the hot showers, where our parts expanded, I was all the more noticeable in my size, and him in his lack-thereof. He really doesn't talk to me, especially after that. Today, I know now my dad hangs at three inches, and gets up to around five inches (thanks to my mother informing me in a drunken stupor). I, in turn, am hanging at seven inches, and get up to eleven inches. I once told my mom when I was older that I was embarrassed by my size because everyone said theirs was so big ("15 whole inches, dude!"). They were lying, but my mom only told me that my dad was endowed. That makes me feel better today because that means that someone, the most important one, thinks he's big.

JosephNov 13 2011 8:40pm
We are a very open sexual family, consisting of my parents, an older brother, me (the eldest sister), a younger sister, and a younger brother (in that order). In the house, we're allowed to walk around naked, so everyone pretty much got desensitized of each other after puberty (except the youngest, who's 12). My father hangs at four inches, give or take. Sometimes, he gets an erection in his sleep, and it's a good six inches hard. He's as thick around as he is long, about two inches across. The eldest brother (18) is five inches soft, and six inches hard like our dad. He just shows more, and his dick is thinner, though his balls hang lower. Our youngest brother (13) is just plain huge, no point in dodging it. He hangs at nine inches, and his erections get up to twelve inches (obviously an early bloomer). We think he's almost three inches across, not to mention large testicles to go with it (imagine our surprise when his balls dropped!). He's usually always erect around the house, because of the girls (my mother is a G-cup, I'm (17) a DD, and my younger sister (15) is a C). You quickly forget, with that kind of meat around, that the normal size is half of what he is!

LauraNov 13 2011 8:51pm
Hello, I just wanted say hi. Im 23, my penis is 4 inchs when flaccid and just under 9 inches when hard. My dad is alot smaller.

Kyle kNov 14 2011 10:35am
@laura holy sht wht did ur parnts feed him?!

AnonymousNov 14 2011 1:56pm
well. i know my boyfriend is on the small side, 5 inch or so, but it doesnt really bother me. this item interests me though because of his son, he is 11 and the other month i went in the bathroom and happened to see him in the shower. he was limp but quite a bit bigger than his father. i wasnt bothered but he quickly stiffened up to about 6 1/2 and thicker than his dad. i am going to accidentaly walk in on him again. i think he might have a bit more to offer

sarahNov 18 2011 7:02pm
My son is 10 years old and bigger than his dad yet - he has a solid 3'' when soft, even saw him hard when waking him up - about 5''. His dad has 2'' soft and 4'' hard only. My new husband has 4'' soft and 6'' hard - maybe my son will grow bigger than that, too.

KristinNov 23 2011 6:56am
there was a time when my husband walked naked round the house.That was when he thought he was the 'man' of the house. that role has now been taken over by our son who is 11. i had noticed for a while hat he was catching up his father, then after staying at my parents for a month he came home and it seemed as if he had grown overnight he is about 1/2 inch longer limp. and one evening we were watching tv and there was a sex scene on my husband got aroused, and shortly after my son started to stiffen,inch by inch until he was over an inch longer than his father. since then hubby has kept it covered :)

flicNov 23 2011 7:02pm
My son is 13, im guessing but I think he his 6 inches soft. Not sure when hard.

JennNov 25 2011 7:51pm
My son is 13, im guessing but I think he his 6 inches soft. Not sure when hard.

JennNov 25 2011 7:52pm
not quite the topic, but, i caught my 15 year old having sex with his girlfriend. he looked to be bigger than his father, but he was also better at it. he did things with the girl his father would never imagine. anyway, next chance we had i got his father to watch him with me (we were hiding :) ) then we went away, and tried some of the things we saw. i got to say he needs a lot more practice lol

lucyNov 26 2011 6:16pm
Kristin - is your son aware he is so big? has he teased his Dad? Is your current husabnd jealous his stepson is so big already?

DanNov 28 2011 6:18am
He starts to be aware of it - likes showing his c*ck off since some weeks. My new hubby didn't say anything yet but I guess he is - he stared at my son's c*ck once and I could see the expression is his face :D

KristinNov 28 2011 7:06am
Wow...any idea where son got the well hung gene from? What are your feelings on this new "development" ?

DanNov 28 2011 2:43pm
i am so glad i found this topic i thought it was just my family that was different i have 3 sons aged 10,11,13 they are all quite a lot bigger than their father. he is about 3 inch limp they are all about the same size 4 inch hubby has just really started to notice they are bigger. he is a modest 5 erect. i havent seen the boys much but what i have they are larger the youngest is always semi hard and when hestiffens properly he is as big as his father i cabt wait for them to grow up :)

gemmaNov 30 2011 5:57pm
Hey Dan, he must have it from his dad's dad and brother don't have big c*cks, either. Have only see my husband's brother's bulge and it looks above average.

KristinDec 01 2011 5:46am
Wow...crazy how it works huh? What is your opinion on his amazing size? Are u shocked? Do you and husband talk about it much? He is bigger than me too..only 4" here :(

DannyDec 01 2011 2:06pm
Yes it is crazy...but I love it :D. My husband doesn't want to talk about it, but I always come back to that topic :D - he hates it and that's what I love :D

KristinDec 02 2011 2:29pm
so you tease him a bit about your son being as big as him or even bigger? Sounds like you in shock over sons size

DanielDec 04 2011 5:25pm
I found out about how i was bigger then my father from my sister. I was taking a shower and forgot some clothes so i ran through the halls naked to get to my room to be stopped by my sister and i just saw her staring at my penis. The next day i heard my mother and sister talking "I saw Adam yesterday naked, he is gigantic down there." "Yeah i know, saw him naked one morning when i went to wake him up. He is so much bigger then your father."

AdamDec 05 2011 5:50pm
My girlfriend walked in on my 15 year old son masterbating in the shower.She told me about it when I was f*cking her that night but made sure to let me no my son was now the man of the house because he was much bigger.I already new that he was bigger.He was proud to show me when he was 13 how much bigger.

jjDec 07 2011 11:08pm
Hey Daniel, yes, I love teasing my hubby. I am not really in shock - more in aware of my son's big penis...and I like it^^.

KristinDec 08 2011 3:24am
Kristin does it add some spice to the bedroom? Do you tease him that he is the smallest in the house etc? Also, have you told your son that he is well endowed for his age...or any age actually?

DanielDec 08 2011 5:54am
Yes, I love saying this to him. His head always becomes tomato-red when I tell him he has the smallest c*ck in the house. Yes, I have told my son but I guess he already knew because he just nodded and started smiling :D. He goes swimming a lot so I guess he had seen other c*cks before.

KristinDec 10 2011 4:14am
My penis is much longer and thicker than my dads. He has seen it and said nothing to me. But mom was much more revealing about my penis size in comparison... I measured myself hard for the first time when I was just 13 yrs old and I was 11 1/2" long x 6 3/4"circumfrience (around) then. My own mom caught me doing this once at age 14, and told me that my fathers is slightly over 8"inches when erect. My c*ck is that when limp! I am 49 yr's old now and my c*ck is 12 1/4" erect and still around 7"in circumfrience (around) My adult aged son is also well endowed like me,( Both, limp and Erect) Grant Eaton

GEatonSkyfly@aol.comDec 11 2011 8:54am
Wow Kristin - already so confident about size and barely 10...amazing. Does he tease his stepdad about his small size? You think he is over 6 inches by now?

DannyDec 11 2011 2:08pm
He could be...hasnt teased him yet but he will when he's obviously bigger than him! He loves his c*ck and his size and he loves being big!

KristinDec 12 2011 2:29pm
Kristin what he says about his big c*ck? he likes to show off?

JohnDec 12 2011 5:34pm
He doesn't say soo much...just "I love my big c*ck" or so...he always shows off...he really loves that!

KristinDec 13 2011 6:42am
Sounds like you folks are open. When did u see son and he was 5+? Does son showoff to both Dad and stepDad or only Dad?

AnonymousDec 13 2011 12:05pm
Kristin he shows his c*ck? or his bulge?

JohnDec 13 2011 6:24pm
Jenn you don't sound too in shock over his his Dad big to? Was he always big when younger?

FriendDec 14 2011 9:21am
Jenn you do not seem too surprised at his his Dad big too?

friendDec 14 2011 11:50am
Hello everyone, I first realized I.was bigger then my dad when I was 15 or so. We were changing after being at the waterpark and I saw his limp dick. I would guess 2 inches, im twice that soft.

KyleDec 14 2011 11:42pm
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