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Question: If a girl who is 5 feet 6 inches and who weighs 280 pounds wrestles two guys in the ring with her who are both 6 feet tall and who weigh 130 pounds each, what would be the outcome of the match?
Created by: GAMEFAN at 08:59:13 PM, Thursday, October 02, 2008 PDT


Another STUPID STUPID STUPID poll about female strength and/or muscles and/or domination over men. The person who is creating all these polls is very very sick and totally wasting his life.

Harsh TruthOct 12 2008 6:45pm

There is only one type of person who is more sick than the person that creates all these polls about strong women/weak men, that must be the person that read all these polls and complain about them. Get a life is my advice to you. It is really sad that you need to go through all the polls here to get irritated about polls that you aren't interested in.

Straight forwardOct 16 2008 11:39pm
i can say that my wife wiped the floor with me and my brother!she was gymnast and the woman 280 pounds would be bouncing up and down with three-four guys 130pound each on top of her,thats all i can say.woman are extremly strong their endurance endless compare to us man.treshold of pain tolerance in woman is about 9 times bigger than us,thats the facts.

paul ttJan 08 2009 11:52am
It's hard to say since their combined weight would amount to about 260.lbs only twenty pounds less than her. If she could grab hold of both of them and force them down her superior weight could gain her the advantage. But are we talking here about a woman who has 280.lbs of muscle or is just fat if it's muscle then she could win if it's fat then no. But what about two semiclad females onto one 140 to 150 pound fully clothed man could they between them overpower him. This would mean in contrast to the former a much closer weight ratio. Also for the man a much worse humiliation as it would be a much more likely event. The ending worse as well since after rendering him unconscious they could do what they liked with him. This would mean since he was only about 145.lbs plus without shoes the weight of his trousers, shirt socks and underclothes would come to no more than an extra three pounds thus bringing his gross weight up to less than about 150.lbs the women between them would only have cope with and lift 75.lbs each the average weight of a ten year old.

hymatOct 09 2009 8:35am
my extremely muscular(size of a bodybuilder) who is 15 made both me and my son who is older pass out by squeezin us

AnonymousMay 31 2010 3:27pm
daughter i 4got to say very muscular daughter

AnonymousMay 31 2010 3:28pm
When I was 17-18 me and my best friend were really skinny kids (we are still on the thin side). My friends half sister was a big, buxom athtletic girl 20 years old. I guess she ooutweighed each one of us with 40-50 lbs. We used to hang out at their place, their parents were often away and we used to play a lot of games. We knew that the sister was strong, she easily could beat us when we armwrestled but one day she wanted to see if she could take us both in a wrestling match. Me and my friend teamed up and we both attacked this burly girl and took her to the ground but then our luck was over. She grabbed me in a headlock, pressed me to her big boobs and at the same time succeeded in trapping her brother in a body scissors. She immediately started to squeeze us with her muscular limbs. We struggled really hard but I soon started to weaken since I didn't get enough air. She got me even in a tigher grip and now I couldn't breath, her big breasts stopped me, her brother was in pain since her huge muscular thighs could press his rib cage so he also had difficulties to breath. We gave up almost simultaneously. This was really embarrassing but at the same time I was really turned on from the body contact and from being pressed against her big lovely breasts. This got me hooked on big strong girls for ever.

LostMar 30 2011 3:57am
If she is 280lbs of muscle she doesn't only beat them,but she will also be able to lift both males high over her head together.

gethewilMar 05 2013 10:08am
Yes thats could happen, it happened to me once but the woman was much taller much heavier much muscular and much stronger, she beats me and her boyfriend (now husband) but this was the most embarrassing moment on my life.

EMBAug 21 2013 6:07pm
We’re two couples working out together. The statues is like that firs couple Fatima 187 cm, weight 92 kg. Ellie 169 cm, weight 64 kg. Sara 194 cm, 102 kg. Amir 179 cm, weight 81 kg. Women are much bigger and we are stronger. We use much more heaviest weight than they do. We also lift and carry them like kids al the time.

SaraMay 22 2018 11:55am
Leggy Celine would submit sara in a wrestling match

AnonymousJun 06 2018 11:45pm

SUE FROM KANSASJul 01 2018 10:44am

AnonymousJul 11 2018 11:36am
Get lost sue, or FIGHT ME

Leggy celineJul 19 2018 12:29am

SUEJul 23 2018 4:50pm
My gf is smaller but she loves to wear high heels. If she wear her high heels shes taller than me. But always shes stronger than me.

MarcAug 01 2018 1:14am

SUE'S HUSBANDSep 02 2018 12:00pm
I watched my wife have her feet kissed by my DAD,...then she ORDERED him to service her BIG ASS!!!!!

husbandSep 20 2018 12:58pm
Today i see more and more girls wo are workout very hard and to get muscles is not a nogo for girls anymore. Otherwise i see many guys who don’t go to gym and they are even lazy. I could imagine that such girls could cope with two guys pretty easy. For myself i made the experience that a girl who workout can be stronger than me and i workout too. As man who workout i know I’m stronger than men who do not but i know it too, that there are girls who are stronger than me, and this with a clear lead!

Henni Sep 03 2019 2:12pm
Check the post from Sara! With the weight and size of her and her friend it’s no wonder that each of them is able to handle two guys easily!

AITFeb 05 2020 7:04am

SUEFeb 06 2020 4:39pm
Eventhough i‘m a man who workout i know women who also workout who are stronger than me. I can imagine that such a strong women can cope 2 average men at the same time who not workout.

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