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Poll for thin guys

Question: Have you ever felt embarrassed/ emasculated by a short girl with thick legs?
Created by: Ultrabomb12345 at 03:36:37 AM, Sunday, October 05, 2008 EDT


Hi Sara!

MMDec 12 2019 8:10am

Hi MM. I’m back you didn’t answer my question

SaraJan 14 2020 10:38am
Hi Ms. Sara, I think we men hope for the mercy of women, but women are so strong that they can do whatever they want with several of us men at the same time. You wrote it, you easily suppressed 4 men at the same time and f*cked them. I am always afraid of women who play with several men. You are so strong. Can you imagine what it is like to stand next to a taller and stronger woman with several men and you know that we are all weaker than you together? Women treat us men like little kids and we men can‘t do anything except worship those women.

MMJan 15 2020 12:24am
Hi MM, good for you men. I know my husband and his friends are literally my kids. Most of the time they call me Mum. So what’s your updates? Did you get bigger, smaller or still the same? I’m gaining more weights and more muscles. Did you have new experience with your female friends, or someone wife or girlfriend who showed you and her man how much women are stronger?

SaraJan 15 2020 1:30am
Well recently I had 9 men in my house plus my husband. After I humiliated and beat them, I ordered them to worship me. It was f*ckin amazing having 10 men worshiping me. 4 on my feet 2 men for each feet one for the bottom of my feet and the other one for the toes. And 2 men for my ass one for my butt and the other one for my *sshole. Then 2 men for my breasts one for each breast. And the last one I was f*cking. I really felt like goddess around all these men worshiping kiss me

SaraJan 15 2020 6:11am
Also, another update from my side do you remember my neighbor Fatima and her husband. She’s the one in the army and her husband is the makeup artist. Fatima decided to take advanced step. Now she and her husband are cross dressing completely and her husband is only allowed to wear women clothes basically girls clothes because he’s so small. So now he’s wearing skirts and dresses all the time and puts on make up, if she sees one hair on his body or face she will give him very hard spank. While she’s wearing shorts all the time, and she stopped shaving her body and face hair. Also, she stopped wearing bra. What do you think of that? Please tell me.

SaraJan 15 2020 7:36am
After a girlfriend told me she loves very small men i had done a diet. Now i’m lighter than 50kg. Most women are more than twice as big than me! The girls tell me they love my new body, next to other men who are much smaller and weaker than women i’m now even more smaller and weaker!

MMJan 15 2020 12:14pm
Wow Mrs Sara, i admire you. Compared to men you are so strong. To cope 10 men you must be very powerful. What do you think how many men of me you can cope since i’m even smaller and weaker?

MMJan 15 2020 12:18pm
Of course i know the mighty mrs Fatima! I think women should shave or they should order her little slaves to do that. Several women nowadays don’t wear bras because some of the love to show their boobs especially it shows to the men there is a goddess and men should worship her! Boobs are the sign of the stronger sex and if men see boobs they should kneel down in front of her!

MMJan 15 2020 12:30pm
Wow less than 50kg this amazing you must be looking so cute with your 40s weight 😍. I love it. Now I think I’m around 135kg.. Remember how tall were you? Since you’re smaller than the other men I think I can have 15 of you at least. I can’t believe that your entire body is less than one of my legs 😂. Well about Fatima I think she’s going full reserve roles between her and her husband that’s why she’s not shaving anyway don’t worry she doesn’t have beard or moustache 😂 but neither her husband does. Anyway she’s making him more feminine and soft that he already is. He’s wearing makeup all the time and only allowed to put female perfume. I swear when he sits next to me with his skirt showing his small super soft white legs he’s making me excited 😜 because he’s so pretty and soft. When he speaks he’s like the most gentle soft woman on earth talking. While she on the other hand she’s like a beast same weight as me full of muscles so strict and hard, when she speaks it’s like a beast talking 😂😂. So different, do you think I should follow her? Do you like to be treated as female to this extent by your wife

SaraJan 16 2020 1:52am
You mentioned that if a man sees boobs he should kneel down and be ready to worship her. Do u do that? If so, do you mean you should see the boobs naked as the women need to be topless or you do this whenever you see a woman even if she’s covering her boobs? How do you worship women these days? Do you worship all your female friends, neighbors, family members or only your partner (wife, girlfriend)

SaraJan 16 2020 4:51am
Thank you, before i start my diet i weighed 51kg but i‘m only 155cm! Now it‘s 47kg. Compared to you i‘m very small. You dwarf me completelly. I think women should be kept femininine but they are tall and have bigger muscles. I think muscles are a new sign of femininity. Why else should women workout to get stronger and bigger muscles? But they love thin men without muscles. I think women feel more secure if the man is weaker especially because they are mostly stronger than all average men! But men have often a more soft voice because they ask if the woman allow that they could do anything. This is the disadvantage as weaker sex, you have to ask the woman first! I worship my girlfriend and some of her gym mates. Mostly at home or if we with them but sometimes also i do that in public. In public most women always cover their boobs.

MMJan 17 2020 12:45am
OMG, you’re so thin and sexy. I love soft men are you soft? It looks like you have a soft voice while your girlfriend doesn’t. How do you worship other women (girlfriends mate) are they strong as well? Ya I know it’s so annoying that we have to hide our boobs in public, hope this will change soon.But I can imagine inside the house you have to worship their boobs, this’s what my husband mates do. However Fatima doesn’t agree with you at all about the feminist stuff her husband almost turned into a woman (old style woman)

SaraJan 17 2020 1:57am
Yes Mrs Sara, i‘m pretty soft. I have no visible muscles what means they are pretty small. I feel this if i try to lift one of these heavy 3kg dumbbells. It‘s pretty exhausting to do a few reps with this!

MMJan 17 2020 5:47am
Wow so soft and weak honey. Really only 3 kg. I warm up using 35 ( Your weight)😂

SaraJan 17 2020 6:08am
Thank you! You are very strong! What you can lift is much more then men can do but you are a women as well!

MMJan 17 2020 8:30am
Thanks weak boy. You know what I noticed I can easily lift you in one arm using you as dumble 😂. And I’m 45 cm taller than you that means even if I’m not wearing heels you’ll be under my breasts. Do you have a girlfriend?

SaraJan 17 2020 10:13am
Wow Mrs Sara, you are very tall! Do you wear often heels to made men even smaller? Hard to believe for me you can use me as dumbbell with one arm. But many women nowadays can use their boyfriends as barbell abd maybe as dumbbell like you. We men are much weaker! I have have a girlfriend since 4 weeks! It more secure for a weakling like me with a stronger girlfriend. How do you call other men if you see one? Little boy or weak boy?

Weak boyJan 17 2020 10:49am
Ye I think I’m tall 197cm. I wear heels but not all the time. I call other men sissy, cucklod, little etc. So, how’s your girlfriend tell me everything about her

SaraJan 17 2020 11:14am
Wow, you are very tall! My girlfriend is 185cm and pretty muscular. She is so strong, she can take two men easily at the same time. She loves to wear high heels within she is similar tall like you or maybe even a little taller. How high are the heels you wear sometimes?

Weak boyJan 18 2020 1:50am
Thanks. Your girlfriend is tall as well much taller than you. How do you feel when you’re next to her? What’s her weight and her muscles size? My longest heels are 25 + 197 will be about 2 meters and 20 cm. You said she can take on two men easily did this happen during this 4 weeks? Have u seen it? How did you meet her?

SaraJan 18 2020 8:49am
Wow Mrs Sara, you are a giantess. Next to my girlfriend i feel tiny especially if she wear heels. But then all men are smaller than she is! I don’t know how big her muscles are but much bigger than mine or of the other men. What do you think is the average muscle size for women and men?

Weak boyJan 18 2020 1:25pm
Thanks are u kidding men and muscles 😂😂 men don’t and shouldn’t have muscles. Did u see her wrestle more than one man

SaraJan 18 2020 3:01pm
Yes, she’s strong like a bull. 10 men like me are no obstacle for her. I know no man who can mess with her because in reason of her workout she is way stronger than multiple men together.

Weak boyJan 19 2020 3:09am
Cool she looks so strong. Tell me a story where she wrestle or compare muscles with more than one man

SaraJan 19 2020 3:12am
Hey Kiddo 👶 where did you go? Did your girlfriend spanked you so hard? 😂

SaraJan 19 2020 1:28pm
Some weeks ago there were 5 guys in front of her house and they were very noisy. I opened a window and asked them if they please go away or do a little less noise. They laugh over me! Then my girlfriend gone outside. The guys didn’t show respect. First she puts two between her thighs, two she hold down with one hand and one she lift up with her hand under his head. She threw him away and get the next one and squeezed him against a wall. Similar such things she has done to all these guys, they yelled and cried and at finish they escaped. I never saw these guys again. It was very impressive. I think each guy was stronger than me but five of them together were weaker than my girlfriend. I worshipped her after this incident and admired how tall and strong she is!

Weak boy Jan 19 2020 4:01pm
Wow she looks really strong. Did she wrestled with them in the street or she went to their flat ? How did you worship her after that

SaraJan 19 2020 11:21pm
I bet you were so afraid and excited from your girlfriend my little cute Kid 🧒

SaraJan 19 2020 11:25pm
She beat the 5 guys up, they were very scare of her and escaped than it was possible. I kissed her body and thanked her that she beated the guys. She told me that these 5 guys were no problem for a strong women like her and that a small, weak men like me can feel safely wit a so strong girl but i should kiss all her superior muscles.

Weak boy Jan 20 2020 2:15am
Wow she must be really strong. I’m sure those guys were scared to death. You must be now so safe with her. Of course you should kiss her muscles this men only job

SaraJan 20 2020 2:26am
Hey Kid 🧒 where you going still worshipping your strong girlfriend muscles?

SaraJan 20 2020 10:32am
Yes, i do this pretty often! She enjoys if she is worshiped by her small weak boy. She wants to buy new clothes for herself and me who present more clear the difference vetween us. What do you recommend?

Weak boyJan 20 2020 11:13pm
So, she calls you my little weak boy? I think she can buy you a kid clothes or a female clothes and she would be wearing men clothes that’s a trend now

SaraJan 21 2020 1:31am
Yes, she call me like this! Female clothes? Are you kidding me? They are to wide and diesn‘t fit me! She like that i wear men clothes but she love jeans an t-shirts who a tight because on this way everyone can see that i‘m small and thin! Next to her i look like a twig! She like this and is proud that she is so much bigger and stronger!

Weak boy Jan 21 2020 7:08am
Nice little weak kid. So what do u call her? Yes female clothes she can take you to a girl shop to pick up some clothes. I know lots of women who dress up their husbands from kid/girl shops. This way they can find their size. Of course she would be so proud every woman now thinks like that. For me, I get everything I want from a tailor to fit my size

SaraJan 21 2020 7:51am
I‘m sure she don‘t like it! In men shop we find fitting size for me! Just perfect! I need nothing other!

Weak boyJan 21 2020 10:06am
😂😂 why you’re so scared from the girls clothes. Anyway you’re owned by your girlfriend so if she wants you on a girl clothes or on baby clothes while she’s on men clothes you can do nothing except obeying her and kneeling on her feet 💪🏻

SaraJan 21 2020 10:23am
Yes, this would be true, i had to obey but she don’t like it! She loves that i wear men clothes because i’m a men while she wear female clothes but sporty clothes. She bought for me shoes with thin sole while she wear plateau shoes. Moreover men clothes are more and more often smaller sized than female clothes.

Weak boyJan 22 2020 1:26am
Okay you’re lucky she doesn’t make you wear skirts. Not like me and Fatima. How big and tall is her new shoe

SaraJan 22 2020 1:45am
It’s a 35cm plateau boots. She overtowers most women and all men. I see only her abs from down if she stands in front of me!

Weak boy Jan 23 2020 8:56am
Hey weak boy! How r u? How weak you’re getting

SaraApr 22 2020 9:25am
Hey Sara, this is henni, do you remember ? The little weakling from the other poll.

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