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A FOLLOW-UP POLL for shorter, huskier ladies who are LARGE AND IN CHARGE!!!:

Question: Tall males who are small (skinny) tend to believe that they are stronger than short females because tall males tower over short females. Some are even arrogant about it (I am stronger than she is because I am six feet tall while she is only 4 foot 11). However, as you ladies know, there are short females who are very large while there are tall males who are very small. This means that quite a number of short females who are 4 foot 11 are much larger and stronger than many tall males who are six feet tall. That leads to my question: Ladies, did you ever prove (perhaps to your surprise) that you are stronger (perhaps far stronger) than a tall skinny guy who is way taller than you are? If you clearly demonstrated that you are stronger than he is even though he may have considered himself to be stronger than you are because he towers over you, perhaps totally ignoring the fact that he is quite smaller and lighter than you are, how did it make you feel after you proved to him (perhaps to his utter embarrassment) that you are stronger than he is even though he towers over you (perhaps by as much as a foot or maybe even more!!!)? You might want to post comments such as whether or not he was embarrassed after you proved to be stronger than he is and also how you proved that you are stronger than he is (e.g.: An armwrestling match, a wrestling match, a weightlifting contest, other physical tests of strength, OR MAYBE EVEN A REAL FIGHT!!!).
Created by: PRAGMATIC3 at 10:58:47 PM, Thursday, November 06, 2008 EST


I am a boy who is 4 feet 6 inches and 13 years old. I am extremly short for my age and I only weigh 66 pounds. My cousin is my age and is much bigger and stronger than me. Whenever we go to her house, she lifts me up in public. She has taken so many photos of me in her arms. Then she takes me upstairs and dresses me up like a baby. She carries me around and only allows me to eat baby food and drink milk from a bottle. Other girls in my class lift me and do other things to me as well and now i am used to it.

AnonymousNov 14 2008 1:31pm

I'm a 5' tall girl. Last year I was on my hs jv wrestling team at 112lbs and pinned 8 guys allof them were taller than me and stringbean skinny. I'm pretty strong from doing gymnastics for 5 years. Being short is no obstacle in wrestling. In fact having a low center of gravity helps. They had to lean down and into me making it easy to get them in a head and arm and wrestle them to the mat. Once I had them belly up all I had to do was hold them down until they tired out and gave up. It's fun to watch the vids with these tall weak guys flailing their arms and legs around while I'm pinning them

AnonymousNov 20 2008 9:15am
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