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Question: Who should own whom?
Created by: NONOWNER at 05:00:44 PM, Tuesday, November 11, 2008 PST


A woman should own as many males as she wishes. Males would turn all rights over to her as far as their bodies. All monies, and material things would go to the female. She would have final say as to (male rights). Most females would remove all rights, and would have males sterlized or castrated. A male would be sole property of the female.

TerryNov 12 2008 4:35pm

A male should be required to vow to Love Honor and Obey at the wedding. Wife should administer forceful corporal discipline to the male on the wedding night to put him in his place. Thereafter the male should give absolute obedience to the Wife and submit completely to Her physical desires. If instead of keeping him as a househusband, Wife sends him out to work (preferably for a Female boss) the Female boss should deposit any monies earned directly into Wife's account. Wife may loan him to another Woman or rent him out. The male is Her slave for as long as She wants to keep him but She may sell him to another Woman if She so desires. If She predeceases him, he passes in Her estate to Her Heiress who may dispose of him as the Heiress wishes. Ms Terry is also correct in that a Woman may have as many males/husbands as She wishes.

obedient husbandNov 12 2008 7:23pm
Dear Ms Terry, i copmletely agree with You except for castration. It seems to me that satrated males are more difficult to be ruled. Anyhow i realize that in the future my humble voice will be completely unimportant. I support obedient husband's opinion, too.

Nick NNov 13 2008 5:06am
There are plenty of women (exceptions notwithstanding) who already own men THROUGH THE INSTITUTION OF MARRIAGE!!!

AnonymousNov 14 2008 10:49pm
Terry is a sick and evil person.

Reality CheckNov 16 2008 12:36pm
There are a small percentage of women who understand how to control their husbands. But in today's world women do not own men to the extent that they deserve. During marriage a man should take his wife's name, and he should be regarded as her property for the full extent of their relationship.

BrunoNov 16 2008 8:13pm
Bruno, you sound as though you are in serious need of a good therapist.

Bob M.Nov 16 2008 8:52pm
I agree, Terry is a sick person.

AlNov 17 2008 6:11am
al, reality check, you are the first I would de-nut.

Terry (All WOMAN)Nov 18 2008 7:00am
#0010 - (Tue.) * 11/18/08

UpdateNov 18 2008 12:01pm
Terry: Right!!! Are you writing from a cell in a mental home???

AlNov 18 2008 3:29pm
Ms. Terry has clearly actualized the Goddess within Her. Most respectfully Ma'am, I would love to hear about how You use Your own slaves.

obedient husbandNov 18 2008 4:50pm
In a future sociaty ll females will be born amazons and find weak male slaves too serve to their very whim

nickeNov 21 2008 5:01pm
Women are breaking men down. Men are being made to feel worthless. Under the circumstances we will gladly give ourselves over into slavery just to have a chance at a better life.

anonymousNov 22 2008 2:57pm
#0015 - (Sat.) * 11/22/08

UpdateNov 22 2008 9:10pm
nicke I agree with the sentiment but "Amazon" should always be written with a capital "A". It is the one word that is most representative of real Female power. In fact maybe the whole word should be capitalized. Imagine being a slave to an AMAZON!!!

obedient husbandNov 24 2008 7:08pm
obedient husband: I noticed that you have a habit of correcting people in many of these polls, telling them what they should and should not do. I do not believe that someone who lives your kind of lifestyle is all that bright.

AlNov 25 2008 3:13am
Al, I do not "correct people". People offer opinions and if I disagree I simply offer my own opinion. Sometimes I am persuasive, sometimes not.

obedient husbandNov 26 2008 4:49pm
Obedient husband you should capatalise the first letter of all things Female theres a good boy.Most especially when refering to an Amazon like myself.

Big BrendaDec 18 2008 11:01pm
#0020 - (Fri.) * 12/19/08

UpdateDec 19 2008 11:57am
Big Brenda, thank You for Your support Ma'am.

obedient husbandDec 20 2008 6:43pm
Thats better boy

Big BrendaFeb 15 2009 8:11pm
Big Brenda, thank You Ma'am.

obedient husbandFeb 16 2009 6:59pm
Terry, try de-nutting me, I WILL DE-OVERY YOU!!!!!!!!! I may even rip out everything else down there while I'm at it!!!

an intelligent life formJul 23 2009 2:51pm
When my head is trapped between my wife's lean hard rock thighs I am perfectly happy to be owned. Wrestling is her domain and I am fine with that. I am 8" taller and 70 pounds heavier but she is ripped and really knows how to wrestle. And she NEVER gets tired. 10 minutes struggling in a head scissors and I am gassed. And I love it.

MikeDec 10 2010 12:26am

ASHESH GHOSEJan 28 2011 1:26pm
The woman should own the male because the woman is superior, and the male is so easy to control. Males exist soley to serve women and perform the heavy physical labors that are necessary in life. That is the only reason males are physically stronger than women. The male's greater physical strength was never meant to be used to dominate women.

FemSupremeDec 05 2011 4:33pm
Submissive males are hardwired to get erect by being dominated by Dommes or Gsys ; ergo similarly submissive women get wet when dominated , spanked or buttf*cked by male Doms or Lesbian mistresses ! So fumigants should own sub missives !

Ash-9Mar 25 2012 11:08am
Fumigants shd. Be replaced by the word Dominants

Ash-9Mar 25 2012 11:10am
Surrely women should own men.Women are more peaceful less violence and do thing well tought out. Men has only become leaders because they were stronger but not more clever. But in modern times where only cleverness counts the women is that best leader. But it is difficult to become a worlds leader after so many ages of male domination.But maybe in some ages it could change but so long there aren't enough women on top jobs and in the recourse business it will be difficult to change the world.

J MorrisSep 17 2013 8:30am

-1'Jun 27 2015 2:37am
In my youth i knew some girls who worked out wit weights and who were stronger than most boys. With two of them i got trouble and i realized they were not peaceful. After they realized that i’m as boy was weaker they had beaten me up. Nowadays my current girlfriend working out and i don’t. She’s stronger than me and she did already beaten me up. I have to admit i’ve deserved it but women are not more peaceful or unviolent.

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