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Should the acceptance of female superiority be required in elementary school Curriculum for boys?

Question: In order for males to interact successfully in society, it is important for them to understand the changing dynamics of gender role and status in the modern world. Should boys be taught to accept the superiority of women as a part of early learning in the school system?
Created by: tfsmth998 at 12:58:00 PM, Monday, December 15, 2008 PST


I believe girls are superior in a lot of ways during the elementary years. They mature faster, hit their growing stage sooner, and show more scholastic ability at an earlier age. I believe boys catch up later on.

Still catching upDec 15 2008 10:04pm

As you may be aware of some of us younger ladies don't think men have been good for mother earth and her creations, history proves it and so a lot of us females have decided that we can?t afford to keep them around mush longer. And technology is beginning too show us female that we don?t really need males around anymore. So we have to get the ball rolling what see to it what they aren?t going to be long for this world. So we females can flourish for thousands of years to come, in peace and harmony. So why would we be so dumb as to try to train them to do anything? It would be a waist of time and money. PS "Still catching up" DROP DEAD!!!

LisaDec 15 2008 11:00pm
Yes, public nudity of males in the begining. A young mind will quickly learn his place. Females too in a early age should always be in control. Males at an early age will quickly adjust, and it will be a common adjustment. Males and there pitful penises will be a sense of humor. Early upbringing in the home, in the schools will be ready for society. Picture males being naked daily and girls clothed. How soon will it be common, by the second year, all will accepted.

Women of tomorrowDec 17 2008 2:53pm
I dare you speak for the "Women of tomorrow", you male ASS of today!!!

PeggyDec 17 2008 9:45pm
#0005 (Tue.) * 12/17/08

UpdateDec 17 2008 9:46pm
Subliminally this concept is already being established through indoctrination. That is why the upcoming generation of males are turning out weak and timid. It is a shame they will be unfit to defend the nation in the conflicts we are sure to encounter. There is no mercy for the pacifist in a violent world.

StanDec 18 2008 4:20pm
Males who grew up prior to the 1970s were BOYS WHO GREW UP TO BE MEN!!! As a rule, males in those older age brackets CANNOT be indoctrinated or hypnotized into roles of emasculation or feminization. Boys growing up today, however, are up against a TSUNAMI of female oriented political correctness (a.k.a. BRAINWASHING!!!). This is especially true (and an increasingly growing problem) in the academic arena.

AnonymousDec 18 2008 11:22pm
I suppose that something like this will be installed (of course, what I imagine is rather the ideal situation, but I suppose that we should make first steps already today because as you know every journey of million miles starts with the 1st step): 1) School administration does its best to compose classes of equal numbers of Girls and boys. 2) Each boy is assigned to a Girl (if their numbers are different, some Girls may have two boys or two Girls may own one boy). Girls may exchange their boys, too. 3) Each boy is a servant of his Miss and has to do everything his Owner orders him (of course, except for what is dangerous for anybody's health or simply unreal). I offer the following things as necessary for him to do: a) carrying his Miss bag; b) washing Her shoes; c) kneeling whenever She orders him; d) She can pull his ears as a punishment or a kind of pleasure; e) the same about kicking his ass; f) the boy must talk to his Miss politely, otherwise (or when he's disobedient) She shouls tell the teacher (Woman, of course) who must cane the boy, and the Girl can look at it if She wants. Well, now I must go but I'd like to ask dear Ladies as well as my fellow males to offer something more. Only everything you offer must be more or less real!

Nick NDec 19 2008 8:09am
I'd die before I let some dumb female tell me what to do 24/7 my woman knows her place and only get bossy every now and then, and I listen and if she has a valid point I'll do it, if not then forget it.

Shawn born 1965Dec 19 2008 11:35am
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UpdateDec 19 2008 11:36am
Shawn born 1965, what you describe sounds rather sad. But at least your children accept (I hope) this FemDom ideology. As for your grandchildren, for them it'll be the law.

Nick NDec 19 2008 12:22pm

AnonymousDec 19 2008 4:28pm
Nick N, Go look in the mirror naked and beg like you do at your old ladies feet if you want to see and hear the true difinition and example of sad and then feel sorry for your poor wife, cause she got stuck with a childish wimp!!!

Shawn born 1965Dec 19 2008 9:07pm
Shawn born 1965, it's sad that you don't understand me. I guess you disagree with many ideas in this forum, aren't you? Only pls don't try to persuade local poplation that their views are wrong and yours are right, because you'll fail.

Nick NDec 20 2008 9:59am
A guy is in complete control of his own destiny as long as he remains A BACHELOR!!!

AnonymousDec 20 2008 12:48pm
Amending above: A guy is in complete control of his own destiny as long as he remains A BACHELOR WITHOUT ANY KIDS!!!

AnonymousDec 20 2008 12:50pm
Amending above: ... AND WITHOUT BALLS! :)

Nick NDec 21 2008 5:27am
Maybe when the boy is seven years old a bond can be created so that at the appointed time of pon farr, he will drawn to the Female he is supposed to serve. Oh wait a minute, wrong fantasy. Star Trek TOS did not have any overt Fem dom episodes unlike Next Generation or Voyager. (I do not remember any in DS9 but perhaps someone does.

obedient husbandDec 21 2008 5:56pm
Nick N, #14 - Did-o Kid-o

Shawn born 1965Dec 21 2008 8:01pm
#0020 - (Sun.) * 12/21/08

UpdateDec 21 2008 8:02pm
obedient husband, could you add anything to my proposal about how should Female Superiority look in elementary schools?

Nick NDec 22 2008 4:20am
All male ego has to be CRUSH to death in elementary schools, throughout the world and cut the male population by 7/8 in the future, that the only way us FEMALES will have total control of our world in the future cause there are to many "Shawn born 1965" around and they have to be eliminated permanently!!!

CarolDec 22 2008 1:21pm
Ms Carol, i would like to kneel before You, to crawl to Your gorgeous feet to cover thm with my kisses and to ask You, whether You permit me to remain alive to serve You, to be Your speechless and meek slave... Believe me, Your words sound for me like the voice of a Godness from heaven, and Godnesses have the right to be cruel to us, stupid inferior males.

Nick NDec 22 2008 8:45pm
So do you agree Nick N, that we FEMALES have to get rid of the male trouble makers who get in the way of us FEMALE right, to turn the earth into a matriarchy or any male who doesn't suit us FEMALES for whatever reason?

CarolDec 22 2008 11:00pm
#0025 - (Tue.) * 12/23/08

UpdateDec 22 2008 11:01pm
Dear Ms Carol, of course i, stupid and inferior male creature, agree with You that You, Superior FEMALES, must have the full authority to get rid of all my follow males who are lower than the high standards You determine. I do realize that once i can find myself in this class of troublemakers and stupid creatures. Nevertheless the only right i have on this globe is trying serving You Superior Females in the best way and begging You to save my stupid life for some time more...

Nick NDec 23 2008 11:00am
Your way with word sounds very crafty and that leads me to see a lot of lip service and when no one looking some back stabbing could possibly take place??? Remember true loyally come from the heart not the brain scheming to get a little higher on the food change!!!

CarolDec 23 2008 1:34pm
Ma'am, believe me, i sincerely tried to do my best to please You. Speaking to Ladies very skilfully and politely i see as a part of my service. Please forgive me if my previous message irritated You. I realize i deserve a harsh whipping...

Nick NDec 23 2008 9:02pm
Carols wish may well be on its way to coming true. Apparently the male of the species has already started its decent toward extinction, and although it maybe a long way off before women alone roam the earth. There will be a long period when us males are seriously outnumbered and surplus to requirements in a world ruled and owned by women. Teaching young males to accept the reality of female supremacy makes good sense for all. Men will know and accept their place and work hard. And women will have an easier time organising their male workers, until the day women decide to confine what men are left to cages in zoo's and eventually the 'herstory' books.

SamDec 24 2008 8:18am
#0030 - (Wed.) 12/24/08 MERRY CHRISTMAS

UpdateDec 24 2008 8:29am
If women rule the world, will the world be ruled by a female leader with a fake dark mustache in the center of her upper lip?

AnonymousDec 25 2008 12:19pm
Today, and on this board YES. But tommorrw and in the real world if man keeps fighting and killing and trying to lord it over the FEMALE, what could change in a big way...just look how far woman has come in the last fifty years the ways the woman of yesteryear were way stronger than today woman they new that hard labor was all about(THEY WERE BUILD LIKE TANKS) but men drove them back then. What make the difference, is woman fights with her superior brain and no longer worry about what the man will think, she knows she can take care of herself and the more of them that learn this the less stable mans little world will become. And it will go from there

Anonymous 2Dec 25 2008 3:04pm
Nick, generally I stay away from discussing overt sexual-social fantasy with regard to elementary school children. My one post on this site was sort of a parody-wise guy thing. However, I am sure you have seen my posts on college education sites (all sororities should have male slaves to serve the sisters--males should take courses in servitude, etc.) so you can probably extrapolate those into an elementary setting if you wish.

obedient husbandDec 26 2008 6:13pm
obedient husband, I'd like to confess that through all my school years I've never ever hit a Girl. It was so despite of the fact that, so to say, our cultural situation was... well... not very good. Plus at that time I hadn't heard about FemDom. So I suppose that if at that time our teachers and the whole society had really tried to cultivate in us boys the custom to serve Girls or at least to be polite to Them and impossibility to hit a Girl, I'd have accepted it with all my heart. Plus I believe that for example to be polite to Girls and to fulfill Their little requests (like "Bring me a piece of chalk!" or "Wash my shoes!") would be a big problem for boys. Of course, it sounds unreal in today's culture, when FemDom will flourish -- why not? At least I'd have enjoyed doing it. As for your posts on colledge education sites, I hear about them for the first time.

Nick NDec 27 2008 7:30am
#0035 - (Sat.) * 12/27/08

UpdateDec 27 2008 9:19am
Nick N, How old are you and were the hell did you go to school, You make it sound like most of the boys went around hitting girls and that you'er something special for not. I'm 58 and I don't remember any boys hitting girls in the elementary school I went to. I do remember that from the first grade to the third grade we pertty much stayed away from girls, and in the forth grade we started to cozying up to them and by the eight year we so hook on them, that we were at the point of no return. Now some of us may have fought and hit our little or big sisters but that was just for self-defence you know? "for survival". And of course everyone new back then that they weren't human until the age of thirteen and even then it was questionable at times.

CoryDec 27 2008 10:07am
I encourage Lisa to continue to post here because when she lets her hateful words spring forth from her hateful, poisonous heart, she only proves that she is at least as bad as any man can be. Keep up the good work you female chauvenist piglette.

PaulDec 27 2008 7:01pm
Hey Carol! Do you know your evil doppleganger, Lisa?

PaulDec 27 2008 7:02pm
#0040 - (Sat.) 12/27/08

UpdateDec 27 2008 8:14pm
Cory, I'm 39. As for hitting Girls, you really may have the impression from my prevoius message that other boys did it the whole day long. No, in fact these cases were not very often (and mostly in elementary school) but they impressed me very much (negatively, of course). I morally suffered of this. I promised myself never ever do it. That's one of the reasons why I feel well when my Mistress belts me. Well, of course, not during the belting itself because it's quite painful, but after it. I feel as if I partly pay for all the pain and distress done by generations of males to Girls and Women. Yes, it's not more than two pennies but it's still better than nothing.

Nick NDec 27 2008 9:56pm
OK, Paul If you and all the guys think I'm wrong then I'm out of here, BYE!!!

CarolDec 27 2008 11:52pm
I don't think you are wrong Carol. Matriarchy is well on its way, and on the path to extinction man will become outnumbered and outperformed in every way. Men will become whatever women decide, even if that means slavery.

SamDec 28 2008 10:24am
Oh, Ms Carol, please don't leave us! We stupid sheep really need a strict shepherd! Without Your wisdom we'll soon lose the right path home (i.e. to Matriarchy). I'm right now on my knees before the screen begging You, ma'am!

Nick NDec 28 2008 11:32am
#0045 - (Sun.) * 12/28/08

UpdateDec 28 2008 1:59pm
The matriarchy is already in the process of becoming established. Just as women are dominating in education today, they will dominate in the work force in years to come. A few decades ago it was the exception for a man to answer to a female boss, but today it has already become the norm. As women gain the monopoly on higher education, women in the workforce will become the symbol of authority. For all those guys who fantasize of being bossed around by women, you won't have to wait much longer to get what you wished for. Lets hope you enjoy it as much as you thought you would, because there won't be any way to undo it once its done. If anything, the balance of power will continue to go in women's favor far beyond equality.

SueDec 28 2008 10:34pm
Ms Sue, thank You very much for Your support. And believe me, if i have nothing agianst when a woman beats me physically (like my Mistress does), then i'll surely have nothing against being scolded by a Female boss. I'm an inferior creature and must be grateful for any lesson by a Superior Lady.

Nick NDec 29 2008 10:52am
Ms. Sue, Wife rents me out to a Female boss who pays for my services by depositing my paycheck into Wife's account. Obedience to Female Superiors will become a cornerstone of the future Matriarchy.

obedient husbandDec 29 2008 6:07pm
Of course it is vitally neccesary that males be taught at all ages the essentiall truth of life that Womyn are superior and are biologiacally made to be in control and guide males. The new Matriarchy will not be any more slave owning than Matriarchies in existence today.Nor will it be more draconian than Matriarchies of the past. Matriarchy is founded on love and respect for what each gender brings to society. Boys of all ages will see their Mothers Sisters Aunts etc in positions of loving authority,power and guidance and will act accordingly.There need not be any fixed lessons just observation of how males and Womyn intereact.

Big BrendaDec 31 2008 8:22pm
Of course it is vitally neccesary that males be taught at all ages the essentiall truth of life that Womyn are superior and are biologiacally made to be in control and guide males. The new Matriarchy will not be any more slave owning than Matriarchies in existence today.Nor will it be more draconian than Matriarchies of the past. Matriarchy is founded on love and respect for what each gender brings to society. Boys of all ages will see their Mothers Sisters Aunts etc in positions of loving authority,power and guidance and will act accordingly.There need not be any fixed lessons just observation of how males and Womyn intereact.

Big BrendaDec 31 2008 8:22pm
Ms Big Brenda, may i ask You a question? I'd like to ask You about Your attitude to those Women in this forum who believe that future Matriarchy will include castration of all males, hunting males or maybe even executing all males. Of course, we are stipid and inferior creatures but we still can be used to make our Superior Ladies' lives some easier... say, doing some heavy and menial works. Could you share Your opinion, ma'am? Thank You very much, ma'am.

Nick NJan 01 2009 6:50am
#0052 - (Thu.) * 1/1/09

UpdateJan 01 2009 1:30pm
For sure boys should be taught to accept their inferiority from a young age. Girls are already outperforming boys at every academic level. So teaching boys to accept their weaknesses and inferiority when compared to girls can only make things easier for us all. Well, us anyway, haha

JuliaJan 05 2009 1:26am
Ms Julia, thank You very much for support. Would You mind to share any idea how it should be done in modern schools? Thank You, ma'am.

Nick NJan 09 2009 1:40pm
#0055 - (Fri.) * 1/9/09

UpdateJan 09 2009 7:54pm
We should start by educating girls and boys separately. Girls educated in single sex classes achieve better grades than those mixed with boys. Lets see boys naturally fall even further behind before we start the oppression.

JuliaJan 10 2009 10:02am
Ms. Julia Ma'am, the problem with that is that males would not be properly socialized to serve their Superiors.

obedient husbandJan 11 2009 5:36pm
Ms Julia and obedient husband, maybe the best variant would be this: each class contain almost equal numbers of Girls and boys, they had all lessons separately in adjacent classrooms but during every break boys must go to the Girls class to serve Them and to carry out Their orders.

Nick NJan 11 2009 11:52pm
True obedient husband, but I think of this as somewhere to start. If girls naturally excel at school, leaving boys further and further behind, there is a reason for boys to start accepting their innate inferiority. Once boys understand they don't do as well as girls because they're not as intelligent, then we can start exposing the rest of the inferiorities. Surely making it easier for boys to grasp why they are being made to serve girls. Nick your idea of sending the boys in to serve the girls so reminds me of an art class I was in after school years ago. This poor boy, the only one in a class of eight, was made to do literally everything for us. We all walked in the room together and started taking the chairs down off of the tables to sit down and the teacher screamed at him to take our chairs down first. She made him fetch every little thing we needed throughout the lesson and at the end tidy up and put away all our drawing equipment, and of course put our chairs back on the tables. Was funny and good having someone made to do all the menial stuff just because he was the only boy.

JuliaJan 13 2009 9:24am
Ms. Julia, thank You for responding to this mere male. Do You currently keep slaves to do the menial chores in Your own life?

obedient husbandJan 13 2009 5:50pm
I don't think my boyfriend would appreciate being called a slave, that conjures up nasty images. Although I guess the word servant could be used. He fits into a category my mother and I use, "he?s well trained." As men should be.

JuliaJan 18 2009 10:13am
Ms. Julia, thank You for responding. Several Women in our building have told Wife/Mistress that I am "well trained". They particularly enjoy seeing me in the laundry room washing Mistress's clothes.

obedient husbandJan 20 2009 5:40pm
That?s good, any man that can openly display his willingness to work and serve for the benefit of a woman or women, I think is ?well trained? and I would go so far as to say displaying his "natural role". I?ve just added having him make my lunch for work, everyday, to his long list of duties. ha ha

JuliaJan 21 2009 2:25am
Julia, Ma'am, do You go to work and keep him as a household servant?

obedient husbandJan 23 2009 7:20pm
Certainly not! obedient husband, men are for working. When i'm at work, he's at work and when i get home to relax, he continues to work, for me!

JuliaJan 26 2009 9:11am
Nick N I like your attitude and you are very polite and gentlemanly.You do not just focus on the kink and being provided with masturbation fodder. I think the many of the comments you mention are by males but those think are from Females are often just letting off steam and are good for flexi or assuaging a Womyns anger at male run society or beahviours. So no i don't think castration is the answer but re education so that the male becomes a productive and useful member of society. The same with hunting and exterminsation of males. I think this silly male fantasy of an extreme femdom kind and little to do with real dominant Womyn. My opinion is where I think you are coming from in that I feel that males are a vital resource of energy and dare i say the two words together man power. Of couse it is an irrefutable fact that males are created to work for Womyn and due to their general and on average inferiority to Females should do less mentally demanding tasks and allow us to take and make descisions.

Big BrendaJan 27 2009 11:16pm
Julia I feel very much that we are on a similar level of understanding as regards the respective positions of the sexes. It has been shown that Girls perform better academically when sperated from boys.But I do not think there should be a kind of aparteid with a big seperation of the sexes.They should be able to interact and enjoy each others company.The boy is being trained for his purpose in life to serve Womyn and this can be on a one to one basis or for Womyn in general.So he had better learn how to behave and be around Womyn and not only his family. Some Girls have an unnatural interest in the "forbidden fruit" that are boys if they are seperately educated. What I think should happen is that boys should perhaps go to school one hour after Girls and leave school one hour before in order to help their fathers out in the home.Thus for 2 hours a day the classes will be single sex as Girls will be the only ones being educated. Also there really is no need to educate at least formerly educate in schools males past the age of 16 so college and university should only be open to Womyn. There need not be any formal lessons on the respective merits of each sex as these will be amply demonstrated in every day life. Once again Julia I can say it is a pleasure to have such a forward thinking Womyn as yourself very much after my heart.

Big BrendaJan 27 2009 11:26pm
Julia your lovely story about that fond memory of your school days just shows what a profound effect a little show of authority over a male can have.The teacher is to be praised for showing the male what his duties were and for making sure he carried them out.It was a clear show of authority and control and I remember exactly the same situation at my school. That was the boys job to put the chairs up or down on the tables for both sexes.

Big BrendaJan 27 2009 11:32pm
Thanks Brenda, I have to say I do like the idea of reducing the number of hours boys are educated compared to girls. After all, the truth is out, given the same chances in education, boys are years behind girls and the gap is growing ha ha. love the idea of preventing any academic education of boys beyond sixteen that would really teach them their place and guarantee the female led society we all need. So I say good idea keep the girls and boys together but if the boys hinder the girls, they would have to be punished. Glad you liked my memory of what happened at school. I agree the teacher is to be praised. As you say what a profound effect a show of authority has on males. He turned up at that class again and again knowing full well he would be doing menial chores. I don?t know if he was scared of us or naturally accepting his inferiority. Although I agree with you totally in your response to Nick about a realistic future and not some barbaric, Amazonian, torture every man in sight future. I do support the castration of rapists in fact any kind of sex offender and maybe one-day violent men.

JuliaFeb 01 2009 10:25am
#0070 - (Sun.) * 2/1/09

UpdateFeb 01 2009 9:19pm
You two are NUTS, if the boys are falling behind in school, you give them more school hours not less. If they fall to low on the foot change they can become jealous and this can lead to violent males. Most males are NOT going to fall down and let you walk all over them, they will fight back and there will be female casualties. Remember an unhappy man is a violent man and you will pay the price.

JackFeb 21 2009 11:01am
Correcting misspelled word "If they fall to low on the (FOOD) change they can"

JFeb 21 2009 11:08am
Jack, I am sure Big Brenda could handle any violent males and I suspect Julia would not have a problem either.

obedient husbandFeb 23 2009 6:14pm
Lisa and Peggy are prime examples of why family inbreeding doesn't work.

A superior maleFeb 24 2009 7:36pm
#0075 - (Tue.) * 2/24/09

UpdateFeb 24 2009 8:27pm
Thanks obedient husband. And NO i would have no problem dealing with violent males, if only we could. Nice attitude from Jack, so instead of highlighting and praising girls for doing so well, lets waste more time and money trying to educate boys to the same level as girls even though it's been proved boys are continuing to fall further and further behind, in fact now some seven years behind girls in exam results, even with the government pumping millions of pounds into initiatives to help boys catch up. So women are going to be dealt with by violent men that cant handle being outperformed, charming. Reality is men will be begging women for another chance as you head toward extinction.

JuliaMar 01 2009 10:10am
You are welcome Ms. Julia Ma'am.

obedient husbandMar 01 2009 11:55am
Young women today have no need to be angry. They have all the same opportunities that males have as well as being able to refer to reverse descrimination as affirmative action. And yet they continue to believe that they are entitlted to 24/7 ass kissing. What a loon counter culture to the superiority of the patriarchy. I will stand in the way of feminazism as today's modern woman embraces so strongly. Society is doomed but at least everybody will fall and not just the oppressed male sex.

PaulAug 18 2009 3:12am
You are all proof that freedom of speech is bad. Hello Nick N and Obedient Husband. I'm here to destroy another poll.

PaulAug 18 2009 3:22am
Julia women are violent too.....Or haven't you been watching the news?

PaulAug 18 2009 3:23am
f*ck you Lisa,,,,,you drop dead bitch!!

Asswipe McGeeAug 18 2009 3:24am
Sue, you say that female domination in the workforce is already here. Well, that can be taken care of with a great military coup and establish a great dictatorship that will get rid of all the commies and leave the fascists in power....

Felix the CatAug 18 2009 3:28am
Of course Women are entitled to have their behinds kissed on command, 24/7 and they are entitled to complete obedience in other matters too.

obedient husbandAug 22 2009 7:36pm
#0085 - (Thu.) * 8/27/09

UpdateAug 27 2009 3:11pm
It has NEVER been proven that boys are inferior to girls. That is an absolute lie. In fact in some classes in New York they separated the secxes and taught each sex separately and BOTH groups improved their learning and grades by a substantial amount, whereas before that the boys had been doing better then the girls.

Fem superiority is fake.Sep 06 2009 5:58am
Julia I do not know whwy you say you'd have no trouble with a violent man. Whether it's because you are just saying that or because you are much larger then most men or perhaps know martial arts. But in any case, women that large and powerful are in the minority and there will always be a largest toughest man who will be able to make short work of the largest toughtest woman. For example I know of no woman anywhere who could kick Chuck Norris' ass and he is probably not even the toughtest, these days.

Fem superiority is fake.Sep 06 2009 6:03am
The comment by Lisa the worthless douchebag (second post) just confirms reality, that women are not superior. She (it) is as evil as any man ever was, and I hate with a passion any loser that says if the world was run by women, we would have peace and harmony. What worthless fools these asswipe cretins are. If anything women would have caused world wars 3,4 and 5 by now.

A Superior righteous maleNov 30 2009 12:03pm
No, males should not be taught that they are inferior. That is a lie. You feminazis sit here in a country conceived, founded and defended by men, enjoying freedom which was granted to you by men, using a marvelous technology of electronics and photonics created by men, and preach about how stupid and useless males are. Can you ladies spell delusional? Superior righteous male, I agree with you about the "superior" women being as evil as the most evil men. I thought this female superiority thing was just a kink, but seeing comments on these boards about exterminating males, denying them education and locking up the rest is truly disgusting. I guess the all loving mother goddess of matriarchy isn't so loving and peaceful after all. Oh, peaceful and loving to her own kind...right. All tyrants are. But Brenda and Julia, give your heads a shake. You couldn't deal with a truly violent male. This bullpoo has really gone to your heads. If it came down to it men would fight back against slavery and annihilate you. Who are you kidding? I love and respect women but I don't believe men are inferior to them. Instead I have a better idea: let's educate boys and girls about their own worth as human beings and watch how high they rise and how much better society can be made.

PatJun 07 2010 1:35pm
Carol and Nick N are one and the same.

Obedient Husband LoserJul 22 2010 2:37am
No, f*ck off!

Santa ClausJul 22 2010 2:39am
Right on, Pat!

an intelligent life formJul 25 2010 4:15pm
The logic of people who come on Femdom boards to dispute Femdom befuddles me. It would be like Femdoms posting on the Taken in Hand site. Nick seems to be sincere in his views, at least in his internet persona.

obedient husbandJul 28 2010 3:10pm
Some of you males denying the reality of female superiority would do well to read a book or two! Here are some suggestions: 1 The Natural Superiority of Women-Ashley Montagu 2 The Descent of Men, Steve Jones 3 Adam?s Curse,Bryan Sykes 4 The Gynarchy-Aline d?Arbrant 5 The Female Brain- Louann Brizendine 6 The Male Brain- Louann Brizendine 7 The First Sex: The Natural Talents of Women and How They Are Changing the World, Helen Fisher. 8 The Decline of Males, Lionel Tiger Female superiority is not a notion based prejudice or misananry driven by hatred. Its simply what the hard science is telling anyone with basic reading ability. Hopefully, most males can just about manage that.....

Goddess AmandaAug 13 2010 1:08pm
The only way that this could really be made meaningful is if girls were allowed to carry boys about as a matter of course. This in practice would not be as difficult as it may seem since up to the age of thirteen girls and boys have the same strength and weight levels and from thirteen to fifteen girls are actually heavier and maybe stronger than boys. Its only after fifteen that boys then outpace girls in both weight and strength. But if girls could make boys accept them as at least equals with the same right to lift and carry them as men lift and carry women. This would set a precedent for the future relationship between the two genders. Indeed this could be a remedy for the general loutish behaviour of some boys since they could hardly pose as tough and hard as they think are after being carrried over the shoulders of girl prefects.

hymatAug 14 2010 7:06am
What a bizarre notion. Females carrying males! There is only one gender that should be a beast of burden and that is the male.

Goddess AmandaSep 02 2010 1:58pm
Actually a club in New York used to hold races where males were bought at auction by Women and used as horses. Many years ago I participated and was leading my heat until I inadvertently unhorsed my Female jockey who took me over to the side of the club and gave me a severe caning.

obedient husbandSep 05 2010 3:38pm
I agree

AnonymousOct 08 2010 8:52pm
Girls are so much farther ahead of boys, and they are so much more generous. they should help the boys understand things in class, like math and things like that. boys are sometimes embarased to ask for help, but if the girl students were assigned a boy to tutor, it'd be great! Thank you!

AnonymousOct 08 2010 8:54pm
LOL, pathetic chauvinist pigs, I handle my males by the balls, and give them at least three beatings at week.

Lady DianaJan 19 2011 3:50pm
I think Women need to change the behaviors of Males, and especially of young males in several ways. For centuries, men have used clothing to Control women and girls. With Women now in a Superior position, I think women need to Feminize the men and boys in their lives and encourage them to be Pretty and Dainty. No woman should allow their boys to play competative Sports, Competative sports should now be for Females ONLY!. Males should be encouraged to be Cheerleaders for the Women and Girls. Teaching young boys to play with Dollies and Tea Sets is Essential. A Total Reversal of the Gender Role will Create a Better Society for Everyone, but especially for Women!

PattiJan 21 2011 6:09am
hi women I would like to compeat against you in just friendly boxing,kickboxing,wrestling.I am 5'9"165.normale male can't fight real good&not that strong,but I would like to see if a women has the guts to compeat with me,or is all this bull.prove you are stronger&can fight better.or not.if you want to prove your superior over males then email me at I live in arizona.bring it on women that think there so tuff.

want to know.Feb 11 2011 7:31am
The one True Asexual Being divided into Male & Female [OK XX & XY] because ONE is just alonely number & enjoyed the Male - Female interaction like flirting ,petting , intercourse ,spanking , BDSM , Marriage ,Divorce ,Male Chauvinism ,FemiNazism etc. etc. etc . Later both sides joined up together into a Half MAsculine Half-Feminine Whole called ArdhaNarieshwar which God-Goddess has been worshipped for centuries in Hindu Temples in South India ! Since both sexes come from the same ROOT neither is Superior nor Inferior !!!

Ashesh GhoseFeb 15 2011 10:45am
BTW compelling male minors to accept sexual suzerainity of girls will lead to imprisonment of the perpetrators as child molestors ,child abusers & paedophiles like the middle-aged German sickos recently arrested in Goa ,the tons of middle-aged white paedophiles found on the beaches of Thailand & Sri Lanka who make videos of sex with little boys & sexploit them ----there has to be equally stringent punishment for Feminazi paedophiles who post such sick fantasies of humiliating little boys for their sexual climax , orgasm & perverted enjoyment !!! Governments wake up ! Regulators beware ---these middle-aged Feminazis are quite capable of luring some minor boys over the internet & do sickening things to them to fulfill their sexist , selfish sadistic ,female supramisct fantasies helped by their male slaves , subs & willing sissy henchmen !!!!

Ashesh GhoseMar 03 2011 7:36am
People who speak of superiority usually have lots of mental baggage and self inflated egos. They will surround themselves with weak willed people and assert their so called dominance. These people are loud and ignorant so as they can be heard above rational beings. Most people who enjoy bdsm do so for the kink of it, say stress relief and excitement. I have found that most lifestyle people(male dom or female dom and subs) that believe in supremacy of one gender or the other, are really pathetic people stuck in a nitch that will eventually kick them to the curb like bully's or bigots. Everyone is equal and unique just look at Albert Einstein-failed math-so we should have written him off. Boys will get back on track soon enough with help from family and new goverment assistance for schools to teach them how to connect with them and teach. As far as males becoming slaves forget that notion, maybe a few would serve, weak and soft, these are not true men. True men want to lead and take on challenges, not hand over themselves to corrupt immoral people. As for this new generation of men I would advise not to call them weak, they are fighting in two wars and learning leadership from other real men. They will have skills that you so called superior people wont. Leadership is the word you dont understand. This also something many young women are learning as well. Dont be fooled thinking they will follow you or corrupt and bankrupt ideals. Now a few may think I'm not into bdsm, I am. As a switch. But in no way would I ever give myself to someone like alot of you. Not as Dom or Bottom-period. And I have many freinds mostly female who enjoy this scene but after reading the ranting and hate filled stupidity they ask me to reply to you small minded people. Grow up and get help and learn to enjoy.

Leader in LifeApr 05 2011 12:36am
I think that girls and boys should know the truth that girls are better students than boys and that because of this the future belongs to the women. Women should be and will be the leaders in the professions and business (after they bust the glass ceiling along with some other things) and in government. Boys should be educated to accept that since women are smarter and better educated than men, they can make better decisions and should be the leaders and that men should accept this and be the followers. Boys should be educated to accept the leadership of women not just in business and government but also in the home. The other side of the coin is that girls should be educated to want to take leadership, especially in government where now you see too many men. Women are superior to men intellectually and morally and society will be much better off if they ruled it just as much as men used to. In particular women need to find solutions to male violence in general and especially toward women. The place to begin is in the schools with improved socialization of boys not just to know their places in future matriarchy but to feel inside that that is the way things should be. This means educating boys to have a deep down and thorough acceptance of female superiority, which means socialilizing boys to feel submissive to girls. Feeling submissive does not mean groveling but simply accepting that a girl is more likely to be smarter and better educated than you and that you are better off if you do what she says. On the other hand, girls should be educated to accept that along with the power that their superiority brings, it also brings responsibility. Women's power should not be used to subjugate men--that would make women no better than men. But women are better than men. Women's power should be used to help men become as good as they can be. That would be the best thing for society. A society in which everyone is the best that she or he can be will always be better than one in which one half of the population is prevented from being the best that they can be.

Believer in a Female FutureMay 02 2011 11:36am
Patti seems to understand the enfeebling effects of strictly enforced gender roles in monosexual dominance. What a great shame it is that she seeks to reverse it rather than put a stop to it. :(

an intelligent life formMay 23 2011 5:12pm
"Leadership is not something you take, is something you give." Karyn Vandeka.

an intelligent life formMay 23 2011 5:53pm
Believer in a Female Future has made some very good points. If you accept the notion that women are better students, more adept leaders, then boys and girls should be brought up with roles outlined that will help them to achieve the very best they can, and the role models they can relate to that will help them get there. This would include some form of socialization that would ease boys into an understanding of their standing relative to girls. However, this need not be very overt, since if girls/females really are that superior, then by their very achievement early on in life they will continue to surpass males and build into both psyches the belief that one is smarter and superior to the other. Unless, of course, another dynamic is going on, that is to say, that with the right kind of support for both genders during early development a healthy attitude can be developed for both which will not program a sense of superiority / inferiority into any child (think about how this sounds relative to other kinds of psychological programming you've heard of). I don't think we need to bring sexual politics or assumed female superiority into the educational system - we should teach and see what develops when the job is done right. If females are truly superior, then they will continue to outshine their male counterparts; if not, then everyone wins as well.

DavidJun 02 2011 9:59am
If women are better students in tissue school system that only means they are more easily influenced by the bullpoo that is taught there. Arguing sexual superiority amongst equally immature adults is one thing. Pushing it on children is a crime against humanity. All you submissive males need to grow a pair of balls, realise your own self worth or go and die like the sad sorry sacks of poo you are. All you bitchez talking about female superiority blah blah blah when you have enough female tradespeople to fix your heavy plant machinery, cut forests down in Canada and shovel pig poo then maybe there might be some form of female oppression of males. But until then, go back to finger f*cking your best friends and let people especially kids (you are essentially criminals for wanting to f*ck with an innocent young mind) to live their lives as they please.

easter island heads corporationJun 13 2011 8:46am
Lol men are superior all the top scientists seem to think so anyway also women are just tryin to be men and faileing its the TESTOSTERONE baby it mad us

Superior maleJun 24 2011 8:49am
Also if you think women are better leaters you are wrong one word: Margret thatcher england will never let a ugly inferior women be leader again!

PatriarchynJun 24 2011 8:51am
In other news i hope you all get cancer women are only what men make them

LollageJun 24 2011 8:52am
David, I do not think that our views are that far apart. I concluded by post by saying that a "society in which everyone is the best that she or he can be will always be better than one in which one half of the population is prevented from being the best that they can be." Thus, for me, the emphasis should be on the individual. Every student should be treated as an individual and not as an instance of a particular sex (or race, or ethnic group, or any group). Every student should be educated to become a truly mature adult with competence in the fundamental skills of written and oral communication and mathematics and basic knowledge of the world that she or he will enter on graduation from high school. However, right now there are two major problems continuing from the patriarchical age--male ego and male propensity to violence. Male ego and male violence will not be tolerated in the matriarchy. Male ego is delusional and will cause psychological problems for the male when his delusions conflict with reality, not to mention making such males ludicrous in the eyes of women and reinforcing their feelings of gender superiority. Needless to say, when women control the legislatures, the judiciary, and the executive braches of government, there will come a time when women will go all out to eradicate male violence in general and especially toward women. A significant part of male ego is practically every male thinking he is superior to every female and feeling humiliated when bested by a female just because she is female. The male ego should not be allowed to develop and it is important in K-12 education that boys should be socialized so that it does not develop (of course, the socialization should begin with the parents, but that is another issue). Maybe the education system can smoothly transition to that kind of socialization, but I think it might require some "wrenching" in the system, which is what I was thinking in my post. The existence of male ego is a fact at all grade levels and I think that something "abrupt" might reguired to get rid of it. The male propensity for violence may be an aspect of the male ego and so be ameliorated with the passing away of the male ego. In any case, the propensity toward violence among males is a obvious difference between the sexes--to the discredit of the male, and there should be appropriate socialization of the male to make him more female-like (not the same as feminine) in this regard.

Believer in a Female FutureJul 12 2011 11:17am
a good bookworm or bookish student may top academically but faced with real-life dilemmas might show stupidity ,stubborness or even cowardice ! It is NOT ipso facto that Great Students make Great Leaders ; some of them do not make even make Great teachers as they are too impatient with slow learners who are not as fast on the uptake as them & they do not in many cases have sympathy /compassion for weaker students !!!

A.G.Sep 20 2011 8:05am
Yes. Males MUST learn from an early age about how woman are superior and it should be taught from the start. Girls too should be taught that they are smarter and have full authority over males. males and Females should not be taught together as the males inferior learning capabilities would only slow the progress Females would ultimately would achieve.

BradFeb 09 2012 12:16pm
With affirmative action in helping poor students I.e. Boys study successfully making headway boys are catching up with girls !

Ash-9Mar 11 2012 1:17pm
I believe that the men who advocate female superiority are indeed inferior to women. But then again they are inferior to everything else as well. A pile of cow dung, a broken toaster and crusty underwear. These men should be slaves, but not the kind that their penis tells them they should be.

A Male GoedMar 24 2012 11:45am
i hate you all

Major MuddMar 24 2012 11:56am
I believe boys should be taught that girls are superior . The only area where males are superior is in strenth. There are some young men in my condo complex that resent the change of power and will never accept female superiority. In part because of their egos and testosterone levels. This is an exciting topic and i am glad to comment on it. Studies have shown that the males Y chromosome is getting smaller as the years go by. This is why it is easy to feminize and demasculinize males today. Even in sports formerly dominated by males girl are superior and are winner more. You can see on You Tube girls winning against boys in wrestling matches. The tide turns when the boys get older and develope muscles but untill then the girls mop the floor with the boys in most of the matches.

KimApr 06 2012 9:27am
once the global matriarchy has been established we will soon have to make other changes to protect it and keep it permanant.Reducing the male population by 99% would be a great start. I am not advocating euthanizing most males but by using science and genetics over time to achieve this. The technology exist now The chromosome in the males sperm decides which sex the fetus would be. If we can manipulate the male body to produce the female chromosome in the sperm,then essentially we can phase out the male population over a few decades. In this way the matriarchy will be irreversible and permanant. We have covertly manipulated male bodies in the past but you never gave it much thought. We did this by having males consume estrogen via the food system. Mostly red meat ,chicken and dairy products. We were able to demasculinize males in the world and they did not even know it.If the existing male population resist the changes, we can castrate them using a new painless, bloodless procedure. The procedure uses ultrasound to kill the testicle and sperm. This needs to be done to preserve the new matriarchy. Just as ancient Rome Plowed salt into defeated Carthage , we must do this to the male gender for the benifit of womenkind and the world. It is exciting because for the first time in modern history we will have a powerfull matriarchy thanks to the hard working women of the world Can you imagine no more war, crime and starvation.

Kim From Key WestApr 07 2012 11:39am
I coach an all girls swimming team here in Florida. They are between 7 and 12 years old. During break and other dead time we watch wrestling videos of girls their same age besting boys in the matches. It helps build up my girls self-esteem and confidence.It also shows them that girls can be superior in most cotact sports.Our favorite vid is on "You Tube"(can't link it )and it is" Girls Best Boys in wrestling."In most of the matches the girls make the boys pass out after the girls lock them up in a submission hold- choke. They refuse to tap out because of their ego. They rather be knocked out instead of surrendering to a girl.. There is one little boy about 6 years old that was rapped up in a choke hold by a six year old girl. The girl was taking great joy into giving the boy pain. She was smiling and posing for the camera waiting for the boy to pass out. He was screaming and gasping for air. Adding insult to injury and psycological damage, the girl was applying her foot to the boys groin just to add a bit more pain. He was able to tap out before he passed out. It was one of our favorite matches. Someone needs to write a childrens book for boys about this subject so they are prepared for the social and economic change that they will face. After thousands of years male will be the second sex instead of the superior sex. A book and videos will help ease them into the acceptance of a matriachy and female superior world that they will be living in.

LoriApr 10 2012 5:22pm
A guy who accepts, Our favorite mixed gender wrestling vid is on You Tube. The channel is Kristenfighter and the name of her video is"girls better Boys in BJJ,Judo, MMa...!" Until boys max out in muscle and height after 18 years old , girl wrestlers in general are able to defeat boys at their same level of training,White,yellow belt ect. Not always but most of the time. You have to search hard on the vids to find a boy with the same skill level as girls that is able to win a match against a girl. It is just biology. Until boys get to their brute strenth level after 18 year , girls are superior in wrestling abilities.There is another video on You Tube that explains how technology is being used to reduce the ratio of males to females.Scientist invented a virus that causes the females immune system to abort a y chromosome pre fetus(blastocyst).This is exciting because we can reduce male populatin over years. Just keep men at 10%of the earths population. After all we need them to build the infrastructure. The videro is from BeanangelTreon channel and the name is"Year 2030AD only humans able to bear live young will be born" So no y chromosome males will be born because of gennetic enginearing.

LoriApr 25 2012 12:42pm

LoriApr 27 2012 7:31am
@Lori, I misunderstood about the video. I imagined the video you mentioned to be about a single match and not a compilation. I had seen the video you cited and it is a good one. There are some other good compilations like that on You Tube. I believe that the "future will be female" and that boys of today should be brought up to accept that. I believe that girls of today should be prepared to assume leadership roles in the future and that not being intimated of males is important. However, I do not agree that a planned reduction in the male population is desirable. Quite the opposition. Such a proposal can only come from a unjustifiable hatred of the male sex. Girls should learn not to fear males. They should not learn to hate them. As a coach of a swimming team for young girls, do you communicate to them the desirability of reducing the male population?

A guy who acceptsApr 28 2012 11:07am
Change"opposition" to "opposite."

A guy who acceptsApr 28 2012 11:09am
No,I do not talk about reducing the male population with my girls. I do not hate men . The global poulation is too much for the earth to handle. The best way for zero population growth is to reduce the ratio of men to women via genetics Some would argue 10% men to 90& women. The drugs are already being tested in Canada and the Ukraine with great results. There is not enough food or energy to support the out of control population growth we have now. It will be a utopia for the men to live in the women dominated world. No more wars,crime or starvation.

LoriApr 28 2012 9:02pm
I do tach my girls about feminisim. They know years ago women could not own property, vote,wear pants,walk down a street alone,get a mortgage and buy birth control. I teach them feminisim is an advocacy for womans rights on grounds of equality and not to cross the line to hate men. That is the belief of some of my rabid lesbian friends. I also back up our belief of gender superiority with facts. I don't understand the femdom fetish guys that post here.

LoriApr 29 2012 5:59am
Change"tach" to"teach" You have me doing it now!!

LoriApr 29 2012 6:01am
China today has a problem with too large a population and it has a policy of zero population growth. Unfortunately, couples there choose to abort girls more than boys so that there is an overpopulation of boys and men. All knowledgeable observers agree that this overpopulation of males causes unnecessary social problems. ***** Eventually all societies may have populations that are too large and so create policies of zero population growth. There are many ways that zero population growth might be achieved. One way would be reduce the percentage of women in the population. After all, it is the women that have the babies. However, I certainly do not advocate that. Correspondingly, I do not agree that the "best way for zero population growth is to reduce the ratio of men to women." (Via genetics or any other means.) We are what we are through evolution. The human species evolved over millenia as a bisexual species with more or less equal population between the two sexes. I think it is dangerous to thumb one's nose at Mother Nature. I think any policy regarding zero population growth should require a female to male population ratio that is approximately equal. ***** You teach your girls about feminism and I support that. They should know that they have been oppressed in the past and that women and men should have equal political, economic, and social rights. However, whatever happened in the past is past. Women of today should accept men of today and men of today should accept women of today. I do not think that either sex should be thought of as superior to the other because there are more differences within the sexes than there are between them. Every person is a unique individual and should be treated as such. There is ample evidence that the average girl is a better student that the average boy (not the same as the average girl is smarter than the average boy). We should accept this but avoid expressions like girls are better students than boys, because the latter expresses too often is interpreted to mean every girl is a better student than every boy. This would be false and sexist. Just as false and sexist as every boy is stronger than every girl. ***** In today's world, for whatever reason or reasons, the average woman has become better educated than the average man. Education means power and and in the near future women taken collectivelly will hold more power than men taken collectively. Given this, I have taken the position that both girls and boys should start learning about this in their early formative years, that is, in elementary school.

A guy who acceptsMay 01 2012 11:56am
Please watch this You Tube vid. She explains the change in power. She states that if we do not acknowledge the superiority of women,that the transistion for men to the second sex will be painfull.But if we take account of itthen the transition to the second sex should be smoother for boys and men. The video is"Hanna Rosen:New data on the rise of women" I think if boys are taught to expect and except this they can be eased into their new standing with girls and the matriarchy. Hanna is very excited and celebratory in her presentation of the change of women to the superior first sex. This vid is difficult to watch if one is the owner of testicles.

Kim From Key WestMay 08 2012 8:29pm
"accept" its late and i am tired.

kimMay 08 2012 8:32pm
I did watch the video of Hanna Rosen speaking about the rise of women. I am the owner of testicles and, yes, it was difficult to watch even though she did not say anything I did not already know. Why? Because I was brought up believing I was a member of "the superior sex." Ideas imprinted in youth and feelings associated with them are difficult, maybe impossible, to get rid of even when you know they are false. So, there is perpetual conflict of ideas and feelings. However, push comes to shove, I act in accordance with reality as I know it now and not with the ideas imprinted in youth. ***** The reality I know now is that the future will be feminine -- women as a group will hold more power than men as a group. As Ms. Rosen said, thousands of years of history do not reverse themselves without a lot of pain. Men of course will feel the pain but I think women will too. We are part of one of the greatest, if not the greatest, social revolutions in history. Revolutions are never pleasant for any involved. Although women collectively will hold more power than men collectively, I think we should avoid expressions like "Women are the superior sex" because that leads to prejudice and stereotyping men. Everyone, female or male, should be treated as individuals. I think that was one of the important contributions of feminism. ***** I am a man who is smarter than, better educated than, and more successful than the overwhelming majority of women. I am that way not because I am a man but because as an individual I have some better than average qualities. What is different now from my youth is that I am no longer surprised if I meet a woman who is even smarter than, better educated than, and more successful than I am. ***** The poll question is: Should the acceptance of female superiority be required in elementary school Curriculum for boys? I think that schools should try to eradicate any lingering idea of male superiority and not replace that with an idea of female superiority. I think they should teach both girls and boys to accept people as individuals and not stereotype them because of their sex, race, or any other group they may belong to. I think the schools should teach girls and boys that there should be equality of opportunity for every one regardless of their sex. I think the schools should teach both girls and boys acceptance of a feminine future.

A quy who acceptsMay 09 2012 2:06pm
I am a 15 year old boy, a women from youtube suggested I come here and leave a comment. It really needs to be taught in schools and mandated by law. I guess I'm smarter then most males and realized at a young age that female superiority is truth! Teaching female dominance at a young age will speed up the inevetiable, and the quicker women rule absolutely the better the world will be!! A boy who knows his place.

EddieJun 18 2012 4:48pm
Look losers. It is very clear that the real women who post comments here are psychologically complexed hags with emotional issues against the male gender for whatever personal reasons they may have. They were either molested or had a bad boyfriend who played them like a cheap accordion. And then there are the fake women, you know who you are; those deuce bags who post "masturbation fodder" on here while pretending to be women since us REAL women actually abhor this notion of gynarchy and female supremacy. Here is a little lesson from millions of years of evolution of our species. Men evolved to be the leaders and innovators that they are because We Women consistently chose the best men who would ensure the survival of our species. We are the birth givers and as such we were very vulnerable (and are still very vulnerable) during a pregnancy and the latter having children as we are no longer just looking out for #1, but caring for our young as well. Here is where women chose to breed with the strongest most "able to provide for beyond his own needs" men. Those who would not choose the best males were doomed to either die or not pass on their genes as successfully as those who chose the most stable and strongest men as their mates. THIS is why women are far more picky about our partners! We bear the brunt of child rearing so, through millenia of evolution, we are now naturally hard wired to be naturally attracted to the best and brightest men out there. In conclusion, you hangs and wankers who wallow in your self pity and disgustingly perverse fantasies will never see your perversions come true because you don't just have powerful men to deal with, you also need to deal with the women who support and actively fight for this Patriarchal rule which, thanks to, has brought us from being the most vulnerable hairless ape in the wild to the apex dominant species on this planet! I was a daddies girl in my youth (and still am) and I am the proud mother of strong healthy and intelligent boys who will not be corrupted by this garbage so long as their mother and father are around to show them what true Alpha males grow up to be. To all you guys here bashing this perverse fantasy I say Hello :-P and thanks for the effort against these idiotic lunatics. On a side note: Why do you people believe Eastern (China, India, Middle East) cultures value boys and men so highly? Do you dorks believe it's men who are drowning baby girls in China? NO! It is usually the mothers because they truly do not want to have girls but prefer to have boys because they know and appreciate the stability, rule, and strength that men provide.

The Women of, and for, PatriarchyJun 20 2012 5:18pm
A reality check: There has never been a Matriarchal society in human history. The closest thing to a Matriarchy was certain indigenous North American tribes where the elder women chose who the male leaders would be. Strange isn't it? Here we have tribes where women call the shots and the first order of business is to put men in charge! Now look at the largest most powerful tribe in the world today (aka: The United States). We had two (TWO!!) female contenders to the presidency, women make up the largest voting block in the country and look what happened. We chose the strongest of two men and did not buy for one second the bullpoo from those two female contenders. Don't get me wrong, there ARE strong women leaders out there, but they are rare and few such as Margaret Thatcher and Angela Merkel, Hillary and Palin are f*cking CLOWNS compared to these women and we women are NOT fooled. We are naturally hard wired to recognize good leaders (it is who are are most attracted to when we seek a mate). Men rule and we support them so long as they do a good job at it, if they fail then we can turn against them, well, His-story should tell you what happens to tyrants.

The Women of, and for, PatriarchyJun 20 2012 5:32pm
A reality check: There has never been a Matriarchal society in human history. The closest thing to a Matriarchy was certain indigenous North American tribes where the elder women chose who the male leaders would be. Strange isn't it? Here we have tribes where women call the shots and the first order of business is to put men in charge! Now look at the largest most powerful tribe in the world today (aka: The United States). We had two (TWO!!) female contenders to the presidency, women make up the largest voting block in the country and look what happened. We chose the strongest of two men and did not buy for one second the bullpoo from those two female contenders. Don't get me wrong, there ARE strong women leaders out there, but they are rare and few such as Margaret Thatcher and Angela Merkel, Hillary and Palin are f*cking CLOWNS compared to these women and we women are NOT fooled. We are naturally hard wired to recognize good leaders (it is who are are most attracted to when we seek a mate). Men rule and we support them so long as they do a good job at it, if they fail then we can turn against them, well, His-story should tell you what happens to tyrants.

The Women of, and for, PatriarchyJun 20 2012 6:00pm
@The Women of, and for, Patriarchy. You make a lot of sense to me. The great majority of women are not anti-male, but there are women's groups in the U.S. that are. And they are very powerful.

Anonymous GuyJun 22 2012 8:45am
The Women of, and for, Patriarchy is correct but that was then this is now I am aware that men have invented everything and have protected us with their lives. You just don't get it though. Influence in our public education system by radcal feminist have change the school cirriculum so girls excell and boys fail. This has been done by design. In ten years the college inrollment ratio will be 90 %female to 10% male. So women would have most of the higher paying upper corporate jobs. The feminist have created laws and polcies that give women an advantage in the workplace as well as in education at the males expence. The dividends of 40 years of feminism are paying off. The matriarchy is becoming established and there is nothing you can do about it. I agree , most of these posters are femdom fet. people.If 90 pluss % college graduates are women,men will be left in the dust for higher paying jobs. There will also be a gender changing of wealth. I think men own 95% of the weaith in our country now. That will flip in one generation. Please view on You Tube" Hana Rosin, The Rise of Women" She will explain the rapid change in gender dynamics better than I did. Men will be phased into the second sex.

LoriJun 29 2012 1:38pm
I can't text at night"expense""phazed"

AnonymousJun 30 2012 6:00am
I can't text at night"expense""phazed"

AnonymousJun 30 2012 6:00am
@Lori. You say that radical feminists deliberately changed our public education system so that girls will excel and boys will fail. I think you are also saying that radical feminists did this deliberately to bring a matriarchy. Who are these radical feminists? How were they able to change our public education system? You say, "there is nothing you can do about it." Yes, the women's groups are very powerful, but men and ordinary women outnumber members of these groups and men still have most of the power to use to stop them. Why don't you think men (and ordinary women) will wake up and see what's happening and stop it?

Anonymous GuyJun 30 2012 6:28am
It does not matter. there is nothing both mens groups and concerned mother, women can do to reverse this. It is all by design to change wealth and power from one gender to the other in the western world. I am told that they will start to reduce the ratio of the population of men through genetic manipulation. So the powers to be(CFR ?? ECT) pulling the strings are preparing with a higher educated womens population. Ask your board of ed to by and use in the cirriculum a history book that teaches the children about George Washington, Abe Lincoln or any other male elected official. Also male inventors and leaders of industry. Tesla, Bell, Westinghouse, Edison. Those are white males. Women students may feel belittled by the teaching of these white male inventors. Your board of ed would not permit this. If you were to try to put reform minded pro american patriotic people on your board of ed, rad fem teachers and their unions would show up and protest. Why can't they stop it?? Grass root groups tried to stop ilegal immigration . You saw how that went. They kIlled Rep Sensonbrenner bill that would actually stop illegal aliens. I am sort of proud that this is happening for women. On the other hand it is being done at the expense of young males.

LoriJul 01 2012 8:04pm
"buy" I cant spell this late at night !''illeagal"

LoriJul 01 2012 8:08pm
@Lori. I don?t know who ?CFR? and ?ECT? are. I understand the percentage of women in elementary and secondary school has increased even over the majority they already had. Also, there are now more principals in elementary schools who are women than men. Most school and educational psychologists are women. I think most professors in schools of education are women. It looks like by 2020 women will have a lock on education. They will control education totally. Social scientists say nurture determines more than nature. Socialization determines more than genes. If women have a lock on education they could transform males into their image of what males should be. I guess they could make males feel inferior to and submissive to women. To do that though, I think there would have to be a lot of unity among women in education to do that. Is there really that unity of objective among the women in education? You say there is nothing that men and ordinary women can do about girls excelling and boys failing in public education. Maybe you?re right. There are things I don?t understand. Why are men and ordinary women not protesting what?s going on? Maybe they couldn?t reverse anything, but I don?t understand why they are not at least protesting.

Anonymous guyJul 02 2012 11:03am
The CFR is The Council on Foreign Relaton. Ect is what I ment. I know some radical feminist tachers that got in that field just so they can socialize boys into the image they want. Feminize them, make the subordinate and submissive to females. Are you aware that female teachers tell the girls what is happening . They tell the girls in the middle schools and high schools taht the stage is set for them to florish in higher education and will replace males. So don't screw up.That they will take the higher paid jobs. That the stage was set by second wave feminisim and the boys held back as the fast lane was opened for girls. I am proud that this is happening and feel empowered I used to feel bad for the boys but for the change of power and wealth I understand why this needs to be done.We are 52% of the world and we should own most of the wealth.

LoriJul 02 2012 7:36pm
@Lori. I was not actually aware of female teachers telling girls what is happening, that they are set to become the first sex. However, it does not surprise me that SOME would do this.. It would surprise me if MOST did it. From some of your earlier comments,. I see that you coach an all girls swimming team. Is that a school team? Are you like a phys ed teacher in the public education system? Or do you just know a lot of female teachers? I ask because I am curious if you have ?insider? information on what is going on in public school I see also that you teach your girls female superiority. Do you think/know that most female teachers teach their girl students about female superiority, or at least that females will become the first sex?

Anonymous guyJul 03 2012 7:03am
The teachers that I know in Canada have an organized effort to suppress the education of males. They want dicourage males from attending college . If males hate high school and the lower schools then they would not want to attend college. There would be more room for women. The Canadian attack on boys has been successful because the ratio of female inrollment is higher. There is a super majority of female teachers and principles. The overtly favor girls.They surpress grades for boys and inflate grades for girls giving girls an edge. They look the other way when a girl does someting wrong and they disipline boys over minor events. I do know many female teachers that are in my feminist clubs and we always discuss ways to socialize boys into their new standing.One of our favorite tools is the internet and You Tube. We have the boys and girls watch Hanna Rosins two videos" New Data , The Rise Of Women and The End Of Men. Some of the girls feel bad after watching the videos. I have to teach them that we females have been in academic lock-out for a 1000 years and it is up to them not only to catch up but to surpass males. They feel good after that sermon and feel empowered. The boys for the most part feel comfortable with the change in gender dynamics(for now)! Unlike Canada we do not have an all out concerted effort among the female teachers to squash boys in school. Although I wish we had for our girls benefit. So to anwer your question , I know mant teachers that do teach female surpremacy using videos and other media

LoriJul 06 2012 12:49pm
@Lori. I have to think that male teachers would be aware that so many female teachers are teaching girls that they are superior to boys. Do male teachers agree with the female teachers? Do they also teach boys to accept a future of being the second sex? If they don?t agree with the female supremacy view, why don?t they protest? I wouldn?t think all male teachers would agree. Are they afraid?

Anonymous guyJul 06 2012 7:03pm
I am not aware of the male teachers talking or taeching about the changing gender rolls or about gender issues. I am aware of Liza Mundy's book also.

Lori.Jul 07 2012 9:20am
@Lori. Thanks for your helping me understand of what is going on in US public education. I do appreciate it. From what you say, even more is going on in Canada (and I suspect the UK). I think ?the big flip,? as Mundy calls it, is one of the most important happenings in the world today. It is certainly not a secret, but I?m surprised its not getting more press. Speaking as a male, I wish ?The Women of, and for, Patriarchy? was right, but as you say ?that was then this is now.? In countries like the US, Canada, and the UK it seems to me that the only thing to stop ?the big flip? would be for males to protest, resist, and rebel if need be. I just don?t understand why that isn?t happening. Since the ?ascendancy of women? began with girls excelling in school and then college, the logical place for males to rise and protest would be about what?s going on the schools. Now I know you are not sympathetic about a male protest, but I?m wondering if you have any idea why male teachers and principals and men on school boards have been so silent. Don?t you discuss this in your feminist clubs ? about the possibility of an organized male protest about what?s happening in the schools? I would think that would be a concern.

Anonymous guyJul 07 2012 11:54am
Lookwhat the feminist did to Laurance Summers of Harvard when he voiced concern.''Women are not getting into the sciences and computors"" They cut his balls off. He had to opologize twice.

LpriJul 08 2012 8:22pm
@Lori. Summers is a good example of feminist power. Feminists made a national public object lesion out of Summers that is still being talked about today. Several articles said that feminists neutered Summers (a more polite way of saying they cut his balls off). But many were sympathetic of Summers and described what the feminist did to him as a Soviet-style-show. So there was opposition. At the end of the day though, Summers had to resign as head of Harvard and embarrassingly apologize over and over again (not just twice but at least five times according to one report). Then the president of NOW expressed ?concern? about Obama putting Summers on the short list to become Secretary of Treasury and Obama shortly thereafter removed Summers from consideration. Obama is supposed to be ?the most powerful man in the world.? Yet a case could be made that feminists have him by his balls. He owes his election and continuance in office to women. As said, NOW forced him to reconsider Summers. The act that Obama signed first was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009. The most important of the achievements credited to Obama really should be credited to Pelosi?the stimulus bill and the Affordable Care Act. More recently, Obama was OK with the Church exempting contraceptives from what they had to cover in their insurance. However, apparently his Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sibelius objected and so Obama changed his mind. A number of male religious leaders appeared before Congress to plead their case. Then Pelosi (Pelosi again!) held her own hearing with one witness, twenty-something Sandra Fluke who successfully turned the issue from a church and state issue to a women?s health issue. Since then, if you still want to say that there is a church and state issue here, you are accused of waging ?War on Women.? Recently Obama spoke at a middle school. His topic was the ?War on Women.? Really? What kind of topic is that at a middle school? No doubt he had to speak on that topic because some feminists were squeezing his balls. Lori, I am well aware of the power wielded by feminist organizations. However, it isn?t absolute and I believe truth has a way of winning out. Larry Summers was right you know. Summers gave three possible explanations for women being ?underrepresented? mathematics and mathematical disciplines such as physics and engineering. One was that so many women have other priorities, like family. Another one was that there might still be some discrimination against girls in school, like their not being encouraged to do mathematics as much as boys. The third was that there are more male geniuses than female geniuses (On IQ tests, the human male is the more variable sex. At the other end of the scale, there are also more male morons than female morons.) There is support for each of these three possibilities and so they all are reasonable. Summers concluded reasonably that what we need is more scientific studies on these possibilities. Feminists zeroed in on Summer?s third hypothesis that for genetic reasons there might be more males really good at math than females really good at math. (Note that Summers did not say the average boy was better at math than the average girl or that it was impossible for the best of women mathematicians to be as good as the best of the men mathematicians.) . For feminists it is a sin for anyone to say that in any intellectual way males might naturally be better than females. On the other hand, it is hypocritically OK to say girls might naturally be better students, or better at multitasking, or better at communicating, or so on and so forth. Well, in the case of Summers, score a victory for the feminists. However, there will be more battles to come. I think it was Abe Lincoln who said: You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

Anonymous guyJul 09 2012 9:57am
Anonymous guy, you say you are well aware of the power wielded by feminist organizations and you seem to be more aware than most males, but not aware enough. You say there will be more battles to come and you believe (fantasize) that males will win them. You are wrong. Its been over 44 years since feminists burned bras at a Miss America contest so beloved of men. Its been one victory after another for women ever since, not that males put up any serious resistance. It?s too late, anonymous guy. Every year that goes by women more and more outperform men and grow more powerful and more and more boys become men knowing and accepting the superiority of women. You fantasize if you think males are capable of even starting battles much less winning any, given over 44 years of lying down and being walked over. Males are pathetic. Lori picked the perfect example of what would happen to any male stupid enough to challenge women today.

Female Supremacist JackieJul 25 2012 7:29pm
@FSJ, no, you are the one who is wrong. 44 years is not really that long a time. The American colonies put up with British oppression for centries before declaring their independence. Blacks put up with White oppression for almost a 100 years before demanding equal rights. Men haven't laid down and allowed themselves to be walked over. They've simply acknowledged that they had make a "second sex" of women and that wasn't right and so they GAVE women equal rights. There is the danger that men will ALLOW women too much power. However, at present in the U.S. men see they control the government at all levels and are the CEOs of most of the corporations; so, they see no cause for alarm, for revolt. If men should ALLOW women to come anywhere close to creating a matriarchy, then men would realize that they had ALLOWED women to go to far and then they reassert their dominance. It is your fanatasy that men could be the dominant sex everywhere and always in history and then suddenly and meekly allow themselves to become the second sex.

Anonymous guyAug 08 2012 9:56am
Make that: "Blacks put up with White oppression for almost a 100 years after the Civil War in the U.S. before demanding equal rights."

Anonymous guyAug 08 2012 1:13pm
Please view on You Tube"The April 4 directive" It will explain how radical feminist have changed laws so they hurt young men in college. The radical feminist know this new law will reduce the amount of males entering college. Women are a super majority in college now but with The April 4 directive the female ratio of women to men should be 95 %female to 5 %male soon. It is gender terrorism against males but if they do not fight back, maybe males deserve it.

loriAug 17 2012 1:30pm
@ lori. Thanks for pointing the April 4 directive to me. I was not aware of it. It is another good example of the values, intentions, and power of radical feminist groups. But not all feminists, much less women, are radical feminists. Every young man that is falsely charged by some young woman or blackmailed by her has a mother. Mothers are as protective of their sons as of their daughters. When they realize that their sons are endangered by radical feminist polilcies, I believe they will resist. It is a matter of realization. Men and women in general do not yet realize the dangers of radical feminist policies. I believe they will realize it eventually and will resist and even rebel. I agree with you that if modern males do not have the balls to do what males have always done throughout history and assert themselves and fight for themselves, then they deserve to become second class citizens. But I believe that eventually they will assert themselves.

Anonymous guyAug 20 2012 10:55am
Anonymous guy,Thanks for You Tube the gender terrorist policies against males can't be covered up. When did you see these things reported on the electronic or paper media?? Please view on You Tube "The War on male students" and"epidemic of false allegations and restraining order abuse''Did you know that The Violence Against Womens Act" pays the local procecutors office for every case they procecute ?? It does not matter if the case has any truth to it or merrit. The states attorney gets money from the feds if they win or lose the case. Teenage boys are getting their girls they had a one time stand with mad at them. The girl claims rape and his life is destroyed for life. His family now spends their life savings trying to keep little Johnny out of jail.

LoriAug 20 2012 8:33pm
Please check out "" Rad Fem hub"" and a former feminist "agent orange rad fem exposed''

LoriAug 20 2012 8:37pm
@Lori. I checked out everything you suggested. I thought that women who contribute to are to be pitted. They are so full of hate and hate is destructive to the person that carries it. It makes no sense to hate an entire sex. I am sure that there are also men who hate women and that is equally sad and wrong. How much power do these radical feminists have? I think that they might have some influence but not really much. After checking out their site, I decided that I have misused the term "radical feminists." I have used the term simply to mean a feminist who has "gone too far" in my opinion. I would say that NOW and Planned Parenthood are women's groups that have gone too far. The National Education Association is not a women's group but since women overwhelmingly are the majority of teachers and also the majority of the workforce in its Washington DC headquarters, it is close to being a women's group. I have seen that NOW and Planned Parenthood are described as "liberal feminists" and I would say that that label would also describe NEA. Problem is that the standard definition of "liberal feminism" does not carry the connotation of going too far. So, I think I will in the future describe such feminism as hypocritical feminism. They profess gender equality but in practice their policies favor girls over boys, women over men. It may be that they are not trying to hurt men directly but that they are so focused on helping women that they really don't realize the harm that they are doing to boys and men. They are hypocritical because if girls don't seem to do as well as boys in math, that shouldn't be and something must be done to make girls equal to boys, but if boys don't do as well as girls in reading and writing, that inequality is ignored, and if 57% of college graduates are women, that inequality is ignored.

Anonymous guyAug 25 2012 8:28am
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diablo 3 goldOct 11 2012 10:49am
@Kim & Lori. I admit I thought this was fantasy stuff. However, I recently read that couples today prefer to have girls rather than boys. Given this preference and the facts that (1) abortion on demand by the woman is legal and (2) the woman has all the reproductive rights, not the man, THEN there is not only the possibility but the likelihood that we will see a reduction in male population as a result. The reduction may not be as drastic as Kim and Lori want, but it will be decidedly significant in a democracy. Already women have more voters than men because they live longer. Add to that just a 10% reduction in male births and women will easily be able to dominate government. Given further that women so far outperform men educationally, I see no reason why women shouldn't dominate everything -- government, business, the health and educational industries, marriages, etc. It's a sobering realization. What not so long ago seem just fantasy now seems credible.

Anonymous GuyOct 17 2012 1:33pm
All the males who submit are not in fact submissive. They are simply perverted to the point that submissiveness is pleasurable and sexually gratifying. Men are physically superior, emotionally more stable, and just as intellgent (if not more so) If it came down to a fight between genders, women would be beaten back into domestic servitude if not worse. FACT

anonymousNov 22 2012 1:36pm
When there is a serious threat of a large imbalance in the birth rate of the genders, men will force women to turn over their reproductive rights and once again be second class citizens, as it should be. You are weak, intellectually and physically. You only get your way through manipulation and it can only get you so far. Everything women have worked for and "achieved" were GIVEN to them by men and can just as easily be TAKEN back.

anonymousNov 22 2012 1:40pm
Does it hurt you to hear the truth? Think before you respond. If you really had to fight pissed off men in a war do you believe for a second you would win? It's laughable. And men who are sissified have penis complexs and are only allowing women to believe they are superior to get sexually gratified.

anonymousNov 22 2012 1:42pm
@anonymous. I think that you may be right that if "there is a serious threat of a large imbalance in the birth rate of the genders," then men will once again take charge. I hope so. However, the imbalance may not be so very large, just enough to give women a lock-hold on democratic elections. If that happened, would men revolt? If they did, I agree with you that the greater strength and aggressiveness of men would prevail. However, I am not so sure they would revolt, especially if (1) the imbalance was not huge, and (2) the imbalance happened because of the decisions of individual women and was not promoted by women's groups (although privately they might support the change), and (3) it happened over a couple of generations so that men got accustomed to the change. In the U.S. we are a law-abiding people just as the Germans were in the 1930s. Law-abiding peoples can be led like sheep. Also, look at all the peoples through the ages who were enslaved. Few successfully revolted. It is amazing what people will endure because they have become accustomed to their situation. The thing is that we are a law-abiding people in a democracy. Would men revolt against democracy and violently overthrow it? That is what would be required if women got a lock-hold on democratic elections. Moreover, if the imbalance occurred gradually over a couple of generations, our public education system would have time to condition males to be accepting of their loss of political power in a democracy. Women already are well on their way to total domination of our public education system.

Anonymous GuyNov 27 2012 9:10am
Anonymous Guy, My radical feminist friends gave me some more information. Their powerful connected feminist organizations have been using neuroscience to help hold male students down. They started this 24 years ago. They figured out what part of the brain girls use and boys don't. They then build a learning platform based on what girl use .A Dr. Micheal Gurion did a video on YOUTUBE about this. Enter his name and his vid would explain more. A feminist , A Dr. Fine also has a video. She is not happy that Dr. Gurion is blowing the lid on this stuff. Please get as many children out of the public school system and into cyber school. I live part of the Year in Newtown. They incourage nuts to enter the schools because of the gun free zone nonsence. Sitting ducks for the nuts to shoot is the message. They burried five of the children together next to eachother at The St Rose Cemetary. The public schools have passed their usfulness. Lets move on with the 21st century with cyber schools

LoriDec 25 2012 8:13pm
encourage and usefulness. I have to text in the dark ank can't see

LoriDec 25 2012 8:16pm
@Lori. Thank you for drawing my attention to Drs Gurion and Fine. I had heard of Dr. Gurion but had not read anything by him or watched one of his videos. As you suggested I watched on a video titled “On Why Girls in School Do Better than Boys.” In a nutshell, his thesis is that girls and boys brains are hardwired differently and the difference gives the girls an advantage. I had not heard of Dr. Cordelia Fine, and I checked out some Amazon reviews of her book “Delusions of Gender: How Our Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference.” I watched some of her very long video on As a male, I wish that Dr. Fine was right and that the gender differences are at bottom differences of socialization and not biology—hardwiring. That would give me some hope of boys doing equally well as girls in schools. Unfortunately I am convinced that girls are innately better students than boys. First, girls mature faster, and this gives them an enormous advantage in pre-school and elementary school, where the foundations are laid. Second, girls (and women) are innately better at communicating. They learn language sooner and better. The most important foundational skill in modern education is reading, and the average girl’s greater maturity and language skills enable her to master this skill sooner and better. Third, it is easier for girls than for boys to sit still and be attentive. I believe that these three crucial factors are the result of gender differences in hardwiring. It isn’t just that girls outperform boys in the US, UK, and some other places where “feminization” of schools might be blamed. Girls all over the world outperform boys in school. I saw an OECD report that indicated that girls outperformed boys in nearly all of the OECD countries. Theories about the feminization of U.S. schools don’t explain this and if feminist organizations were powerful enough to bring these results about, we would already be living in a well-established matriarchy. No, the answer is simply that the average girl is a better student than the average boy because of the three factors I mentioned. (Note that I say “average.” We must never permit ourselves to fall into the trap of thinking every girl is mature and smart and every boy immature and stupid.) . . . . . . . . . . I do not see feminization of schools as THE cause of disparity in outcomes, rather I see the three basic biological factors as primary causes. However, this is not to deny that feminization of schools in the U.S. does not exist. It is to say that feminization worsens an already bad situation for the boys. The mere fact that K-5 schools teachers are overwhelmingly women contributes to feminization. Add that the women teachers are products of schools of education profoundly influenced by the feminist movements, and you cannot help but have some feminization. You would have that even without radical feminist groups trying to push their male-hating agendas. . . . . . . . . . These are my views, anyway. Like I said, as a male I wish I were wrong about the hardwired basis for girls outperforming boys in schools. . . . . . . . . . . BTW, why do you have to text in the dark?

Anonymous GuyDec 28 2012 11:24am
I work on the bridge of a boat. Lights are out . My question is why the gender deficit happened so fast? We also had different biology 30 years ago but boys standardized test scores were higher then girls. Please watch on YOUTUBE "" Dr. Warren Farrells Protest at The University Of Toronto" after this video you can watch his presentation of the boy deficit. He also blames falling boys on female mimmicking hormones.

LoriDec 28 2012 12:54pm
@Lori. I did as you said and watched some YouTube videos on and by Dr. Warren Farrell. Thank you for drawing my attention to him. . . . . . . . . . . Re the U of Toronto protest: I think that the tactics used there are common to self-professed “liberal” groups, and not limited to certain feminists, rad or otherwise. It is ironic that for the sake of their “liberal” causes they want to shut down “free speech,” which is essential to democracy. Laws created against “hate speech” are a great danger to democracy. BUT that’s a different, vast subject . . . . . . . . . The crisis state of boys in the U.S. is a danger for society. It transforms into a crisis state for young men and from there a crisis state for society in general. Women will find “good men” harder to find. Males will opt out of marriage. The fundamental building block of society, the family, is broken . . . . . . . . . . . I see the developing situation as starting in formal K-12 education of girls and boys, but not limited to that. I see multiple “tiers” of causation. The first tier – the earliest – derives from the three factors I mentioned that give girls an educational advantage over boys until puberty. The boy-friendly goal here is to prevent the boys from being turned off by the school process. We should explore different methods and/or curricula for the boys, and that means I think some degree of separation of the sexes in school. . . . . . . . . . The second tier is the overwhelming dominance of women among K-12 education, especially elementary education. Inherent in this tier is the fact that all of these women now are products of schools of education “tainted” with ideas of radical feminism that promote feelings of distrust and maybe even hatred of males. This is a three-aspect tier. The first aspect is the under-representation of male teachers. The correction here is obvious—hire more male teachers until they are equally represented. However, I have no idea of what can be done there from a practical as opposed to theoretical standpoint. The second aspect is the influence of rad feminist ideas in our schools of education. I am thinking of ideas that have been there for some time and perhaps not even identified as feminist, much less rad fem. The correction here is to identify these ideas and correct them; e.g. the idea that all males are naturally oppressors of women. The third aspect consists of efforts by rad fems to continue to push their agenda onto our educational systems. The correction here is to identify these efforts and the groups behind them and to develop effective policies against them. Of course, it is one thing to identify obvious theoretical “corrections” and it is another thing to bring them about . . . . . . . . . . . I believe that by the age of 18, boys can achieve school performance equal to the girls, given an educational process which helps them without hurting the girls. . . . . . . . . . .The third tier is outside the educational process per se. It consists of the gender culture in general, which is definitely anti-male. On TV sit-coms males are oversized children. In the movies, they are always getting their balls kicked or grabbed to the amusement of both sexes. To talk about “manly virtues” invites derision. Anti-male attitudes are so pervasive it is hard to see where to begin any “correction.” Women’s groups are very powerful – president makers in fact. Men’s Rights Activists are either laughable or dangerous hate groups spewing hate speech that ought to be shut down. . . . . . . . . . . An important factor in the general culture is the growing dominance of women in journalism. Women are the majority in schools of journalism like women are in all tertiary schools except engineering. Like the women teachers, I believe they will bring to their profession varying degrees of feminism that goes beyond mere equal rights. . . . . . . . . . “Why did they gender deficit happen so fast?” I believe it happened so fast partly because of the three factors why young girls naturally outperform young boys in schools. Given co-ed schooling K-12 where girls and boys were treated the same, girls always outperformed boys. I graduated from high school years before Title IX. Most of the senior students who made the National Honor Society were girls and this was so every year I was in. However, back then more boys than girls were encouraged to go on to college. Boys were expected to have careers; girls were expected to become wives and mothers. Once girls were encouraged to go on to college just as much as the boys, the fact that most of the best students were girls meant that more girls than boys would eventually go to college. One can add to that the preference of women for jobs that require tertiary education. Women are not as prone to opt for jobs that are dangerous, dirty, outdoors, or involve heavy labor. Beginning in the 1970s, women were told they should be financially independent of men and for them that meant having good paying jobs and given their job preferences that meant getting a tertiary education. That’s my theory, anyway.

Anonymous GuyDec 30 2012 2:12pm
Correction: Most of the senior students who made the National Honor Society were girls and this was so every year I was in HIGH SCHOOL.

Anonymous GuyJan 01 2013 7:15am
Women are not superior , sure i sometimes jack off to this sort of kink , cuz this is what this site is all to me , temporary kink till i blow my man patriarch load , after that it's bullpoo , all the great musicians painters artists scientists warriors and athletes , MEN so female supremacy can f*ck off , though females are superior to males in SOME areas men are also superior to women IN SOME AREAS , they're equal , deal with it you male kinks and female doms , a matriarchy wont happen , peace

ZJan 03 2013 4:47am
@”Z”. Yes, I am aware that some guys jack off to the ideas of women being superior, being slaves to women, being put in chastity devices by women, and what-not. However, some people on these polls do make serious statements. It seems to have escaped you that Lori and I have been engaged in a serious dialogue. . . . . . . . . . . The issues we have discussed go beyond the world of “kink”. They are increasing a part of mainstream news on current events. I direct your attention to the numerous works on the growing power of women and the declining power of men: (a) begin with a 2008 article by Jonathan Rauch published in Reason Magazine entitled “The Coming American Matriarchy.” Rauch’s thesis is that we are headed for a “Coming American Matriarchy” – a “social inversion from a male-dominated society to a female-dominated society. His basic argument was that because women are better educated than men in a world where education counts for more than muscle, then in the not-so-distant future they are going to dominate the professions and management, and make more money. In the home, the wife is likely to earn more than hubby – the head of the house will wear skirts. Women in general will have more power than men and that technically is what we call a matriarchy. After Rauch, read in no particular order (b) Abrams, Dan. Man Down: Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt That Women Are Better Cops, Drivers, Gamblers, Spies, World Leaders, Beer Tasters, Hedge Fund Managers, and Just About Everything Else. (c) Bray, William. The Emasculation of Men in America: 50 Reasons Why Males are No Longer Men. (d) Brodsky, Gary. The Castration of the American Male. (e) Cross, Gary. Men to Boys: The Making of Modern Immaturity. (f) Garcia, Guy. The Decline of Men: How the American Male is Getting Axed, Giving Up, and Flipping Off His Future. (g) Hymowitz, Kay S. Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men into Boys. (h) Mundy, Liza. The Richer Sex: How the New Majority of Female Breadwinners Is Transforming Sex, Love and Family. (i)Rosin, Hanna. The End of Men: And the Rise of Women. (j) Tiger, Lionel. The Decline of Males: The First Look at an Unexpected New World for Men and Women. (k) Tyre, Peg. The Trouble with Boys: A Surprising Report Card on Our Sons, Their Problems at School, and What Parents and Educators Must Do, and (l) Sax, Leonard. Boys Adrift: The Five Factors Driving the Growing Epidemic of Unmotivated Boys and Underachieving Young Men. These are all recent books and their growing number should tell you. If you haven’t the time to read them, do as I do, read the descriptions and reviews on Amazon. . . . . . . . . . . In addition, check out the YouTube videos Lori suggested. . . . . . . . . . . If you look over my comments, you will see I never said anything like “women are superior.” One thing, that is so general a statement, it is meaningless. I do say thinks like girls outperform boys in K-12 school, meaning thereby that the average girl outperforms the average girl, certainly not something stupid like the least performing girl outperforms the best performing boy. There is a mountain of evidence that girls outperform boys in K-12 school . . . . . . . . . . . . . Instead of talking about “superiority” I prefer to talk about “dominance,” by which I mean “having more power than.” Dominance is observable, measurable, empirical. I think it true that in the past men (as a whole) had more power than women (as a whole) and because of this, they were the dominant sex. I think everyone agrees with this. Certainly, feminists of all flavors seem to. Now, as Rauch says, there is good evidence that we are in the process of a “social inversion” after which women will be the dominant sex . . . . . . . . . . . . . I do agree with you that all the great composers, painters, sculptors, dramatists, writers, philosophers, scientists, and inventors have all been men. Some would say would that this is because women in the past were not given equal opportunity with men. I think there is some truth to this, but I think the major reason is that more men than women are born with genius IQ. There is a century of scientific evidence for this. The male sex is the more variable sex in many ways, one of which is IQ (there probably is an evolutionary advantage to one sex being more variable and it makes sense to me that the male sex, being the more disposable sex, would be that sex.) At one end of the scale, more males than females are born morons. At the other end, more males than females are born genius. If you look back at human history, you see that the coming into being of civilization and its progress has been because of a very few intellectual giants (e.g. Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Einstein), most of whom have been men because most of the people born with genius IQ are men. Now, some point to this fact that most geniuses have been men as evidence that men “in general” are smarter than women “in general.” Of course not. You might as well say that the fact that most morons have been men as evidence that men “in general” are dumber than women “in general”. All it means is that at the extremes men are “over-represented.” In between, among the vast majority of people, most of the educated people are women and that is causing the “social inversion.” One last word about most of the people born geniuses being men, this fact means that it is imperative in an increasingly complicated world that we ensure that boys get the best educational opportunities we can.

Anonymous GuyJan 03 2013 4:57pm
Change wording to "FOR one thing, that is so general a statement, it is meaningless. I do say thinGs like girls outperform boys in K-12 school, . . .

Anonymous GuyJan 03 2013 4:59pm
Dude all your statistics are nice , but who is sitting in congress ? Men , what do all the presidents have in common ? Men , nuff said ?? I never really read up on this i'm just saying what i know , and poo if the world does somehow flip into a matriarchy , it'll be one kinky life for 16 year old me 3:)

ZJan 03 2013 5:02pm
As a male, i feel that i am below all females. Its built into me, i just know im lower than them. I believe females should rule the world in the future. Men are definitely inferior to women, just look at the high classes in high school, its probably 75% girls. The majority of university grads are now women. I believe that in the long term, men should just be slaves to women, doing whatever they want, i dont think men should own any possessions, they should walk on all fours, wear only a collar, have no rights. Men should go outside to pee and poo, where as women should go inside in a toilet. I believe Goddess Amanda had a good point on another poll, that men will have certain roles, either service, pleasure, zoo type entertainment, guide male, etc.

Acceptor of female supremecy Jan 04 2013 1:56am

A proud guy with ballsJan 04 2013 6:17am
@Acceptor of female supremecy. Female supremacy and matriarchy are not the same thing. A matriarchy is a society in which women as a whole have more power than men as a whole. Many intelligent and educated people predict the U.S. and some other developed nations will become matriarchies. No one of significance seriously predicts a female supremacy. It’s the stuff of fantasy. You are entitled to your fantasies but I seriously doubt you (or “Z”) would like your fantasies to become 24/7 reality. . . . . . . . . . . . . . @ “Z”. Yes, I have heard what you say before. You need to distinguish between conditions at a point in time and trends. You also need to broaden your survey of conditions beyond 1 presidency, 100 senators, and 435 representatives -- a total of 536 people in a country of over 300 million. Consider the conditions of women a hundred years ago when they couldn’t even vote and today when they are governors, senators, representatives, Supreme Court judges, and secretaries of state and other cabinet posts. Consider the educational conditions of women just forty years when they earned a minority of bachelor, masters, and doctorate degrees and today when they earn a majority. Until “women’s lib” in the late 1960’s women were expected to be housewives and mothers and so they were a small minority of the paid workforce. Then they became more and more of the paid workforce until today they are half of it. In 2010, during the “mancession,” they were ever a slight majority of it. It’s only a matter of time before the U.S. gets its first woman president. As for U.S. senators and representatives, no one gets elected to these positions unless women voters approve of them and women voters will not approve of them unless they agree with women on women’s issues. Do some research on women-oriented versus male-oriented legislation by the U.S. Congress in the past twenty years. In a democracy, the power ultimately belongs to the people. It’s not who holds elected office; it’s who has to be made happy, and that’s women voters. Women voters outnumber male voters and they are much better organized. Or didn’t you notice in the election last November? BTW, the top five elected positions in New Hampshire are now held by women – one governor, two U.S. Senators, and two U.S. Representatives. It part of what we call a trend, “dude.”

Anonymous GuyJan 04 2013 8:47am
Change: In 2010, during the “mancession,” they were eveN a slight majority of it.

Anonymous GuyJan 04 2013 8:51am
Dude as i said before , maybe what you're saying is true , plus academics and politics aren't everything , plus even if they were we men arent gonna become slaves and what not dude , it can't be , it just doesn't work like that plus even if they did men would just revolt and we are by evolution physically stronger , so that wouldn't be a problem , plus males aren't that stupid and they can ( if women have all the jobs and what not ) like get the country to help them , just like somewhere ( in israel here ) there are special seats in the parlament reserved for women So if women get superior and take all the positions and what not dude , men can get help easily ,

ZJan 04 2013 5:30pm
hahaha all the guys here who support female supremacy are just really horny and have a kink/fetish for this stuff, we're all equal.

AJan 05 2013 1:26am
^ yup yup

ZJan 05 2013 3:10am
I just read a story on the internet. By the time a girl reaches the age of 4 they believe they are superior to boys. By the time boys reach the age of eight they believe girls are smarter and superior to boys. Boys have been successfully socialized through school and various medias to accept their inferiority to girls. This will help build up young womens self esteem.

LoriFeb 15 2013 12:27pm
@Lori. The internet report doesn’t surprise me. Boys like to compete, but against other boys, not against girls. I believe that’s innate. Males compete against other males for the acceptance of females. This completion improves the species. However, there is no species advantage for males to compete against females. So, males are not motivated for that. And when they find that they have to compete against females, for grades, jobs, and promotions they are ill-equipped. And there’s the male ego. It is well known in psychology that some people refuse to compete for fear of losing. They say to themselves, “If I don’t try, I cannot be said to fail.” I think the growing number of boys who feel inferior to girls means that more boys will just quit trying in school because their male egos cannot take losing to girls. They will serve our their time in K-12 for the day they can quit school and find all they are qualified for is low paying manual labor. I see that that might advance the cause of some feminists, but is that really good for society as whole? Is it really good to develop a large population of unemployable, resentful men? Is it good for women having trouble finding marriageable men? The feminist victory here might turn out to be pyrrhic victory. Lori, what do you think about this? . . . . . . . . . . You see I don’t think that feminists have to plot to degrade boys in order to establish a matriarchy. All that true feminists need is true equal opportunity. Girls are innately better students than boys. They don’t need artificial help to outperform the boys. Given equal opportunity, more women than men will earn college degrees at all levels and most wives will earn more their husbands. Given equal opportunity, women will establish a matriarchy (it took me some years to realize and admit that). What do you think about this, Lori? Do you think that the plots of rad feminists are necessary for “the Coming American Matriarchy” (as Rauch put it)? Isn’t the innate student superiority of girls over boys plus equal opportunity enough? . . . . . . . . . . I reviewed some of your earlier posts. In one you say “After thousands of years, male will be the second sex instead of the superior sex. A book and videos will help ease them into acceptance of a matriarchy and the female superior world that they will be living in.” I agree that schools should prepare their students for the world that they will live in after school. However, it seems to me that the schools are failing the boys. They are not really preparing them for the future feminine world. Feminists have stripped males of any sense of male responsibility. Males are no longer expected to be the breadwinners and heads of families. But those were their roles and they are being taken away. And what replacements are there? I don’t see any. On the one hand boys in school today feel inferior to the girls and on the other hand see no distinctive roles for themselves as males when they grow up. That’s why I think the schools (and society) are failing the boys and I don’t think that’s good for society. The best society is one in which not only is every woman the best she can be but also every man is the best he can be. Lori, what roles do you see for men in the future “female superior world” and how do you think schools should prepare boys for it?

Anonymous GuyFeb 17 2013 2:39pm
But i dont wanna be inferior to girls :'( i'm already inferior to my girlfriend in every way :(

Desperate broken castrated maleMar 10 2013 8:55am
I just met some students from Wellesley College. There were about one hundred fifty female students that just stopped off at the Danbury Mall for some shopping therapy. I asked a group of them"" So who are the physics, math or science majors? "They just looked at me and smiled. One young woman said '' We have a bunch of pre meds here"' I think our country is in trouble. Young women are not getting into the big money , high tech industries.

LoriMar 15 2013 8:58pm
@Lori. Good to hear from you again. As time goes on, more women are getting into the engineering and physical science disciplines. From 1998 to 2008, the percentage of women getting into these disciplines exceeded the percentage of men. For doctoral degrees in engineering, the average annual percent of change for men was 2.3% increase whereas for women there was an 8.5% increase. For doctoral degrees in the physical sciences, the average annual percent of change for men was 1.1% increase whereas for women there was a 3.4% increase. Of course, women started a long way back and so it will take a while for women to catch up to men in the engineering and physical sciences, but the trends indicate that they will. In the biological sciences, the women outperform the men. ********** Engineers and physical scientists make good money, but there are other fields where the pay is good and they are more populous. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top earning occupation is that of doctors and surgeons. I predicate that by mid-century, the field will be dominated by women, as will all the health sciences. The second highest earning occupation is that of orthodontists and dentists. Women outperform the men in the biological sciences and I see no reason why they shouldn’t comprise a majority of orthodontists and dentists. The legal profession is the fifth highest earning occupation, and as far as I am concerned, it is a natural fit for women. Number 11 on the list is the occupation of financial manager. Women already dominate this field. Yes, men dominate the field of natural science managers (#7 on the pay list), engineering managers (#6), and petroleum engineers (#5), but the number of people in these fields are 47,510, 184,530, and 30,880 respective – a total of 262,920 people. The number of doctors and surgeons, orthodontists and dentists, lawyers, and financial managers are respectively 618,000, 101,400, 570,950, and 477,690 – a total of 1,768,040. ********** Money brings with it a certain amount of power, but they are not the same. A federal judge is in a position to make a ruling that affects society more that someone who wins a hundred million dollar lottery. When one talks of power in a society, the legal profession is the most important profession; it is the stepping stone to the judiciary and the political arena. The law is verbal and people oriented, unlike engineering which is mathematical and thing oriented, so I think women should dominate the legal profession. From there it is a short step to dominating the judiciary. Because 60% of college graduates in the U.S. are women, in time they should comprise 60% of the civil service and the executive branch appointed officials. It is only a matter of time before a woman becomes president. Given that women should excel in the law and given the 60% college graduation rate, women should eventually comprise a majority of senators and representatives. According to a CNN report, the U.S ranks 73rd among 186 countries according to the percentage of women in the lower or single house of government. The U.S. has 16.8% female representation in its lower house, tied with Turkmenistan. Sweden, South Africa, Iceland, Netherlands, and Finland all have legislatures with 40% or better female representation, with Norway and Belgium not far behind. In the U.S., in time women should have most of the qualified candidates and of course in any election they comprise the majority of voters. ********** It’s a matter of what women want. As Freud famously asked, what do women want? A Pew poll in 2012 indicated that young women want money, prestige, and power even more than the young men. ********** Our country is not in trouble, Lori; the young women are doing just fine.

Anonymous GuyMar 16 2013 9:48am
@Lori. I am hoping you will answer some of the three sets of questions I asked earlier. I am especially interested in the last one: What roles do you see for men in the future “female superior world” and how do you think schools should prepare boys for it? I value your observations.

Anonymous GuyMar 16 2013 9:51am
My feminist friends want to continue to suppress male students from kindergarden through college so females can make up a super majority of college and university enrollment. Mens rolls in society would be restricted to low paying service jobs and building and maintaining infrastructure. That is it.My radical feminist want to use technologies that will prevent female pre fetuses from deforming into xy chromosome humans. They also want to use technologies that would force the mother to abort a fetus that exhibits antigens associated with an xy chromosome fetus. It is there view that if men are redundant that the world would be better off if they were a fraction of the population. Less men for women to govern. Less crime and other troubles associated with the male gender.It would be great for the 10 % males that would live in the female dominated world.

LoriMay 14 2013 10:18am
Lori, I don't think your radical feminist friends will get what they want -- reduction of males to 10% of the population. For one thing, a group agenda like that couldn't be hidden and men wouldn't stand for it. For another thing, 96% of women are heterosexual and need and want men; so, they wouldn't stand for it either. I get the impression that radical feminists are man-hating lesbians and don't speak for the overwhelming majority of women. However, as I indicated in a post above, women in the U.S. have superior reproductive rights and if only a fraction prefer girls to boys and exercise their abortion rights, there would a fractional decrease in the male population, but in a democracy that would be crucial. . . . . . . . . . . As for your (ordinary) feminist friends, I believe that they will get some but not all of what they want. I don't think men will be restricted to low paying and menial jobs. Women will continue to be a majority of college and university graduates and so will be a majority of the professions and the occupations requiring a college degree. However, I think men will be a significant minority of the better paying jobs. One outcome of women being the better educated sex with the higher paying jobs is that in most marriages the wife will be the higher earner or maybe even the sole breadwinner. Do your feminist friends have plans for educating girls and boys in K-12 for this?

Anonymous GuyMay 22 2013 7:04am
Over the past few decades, the advances in technology have allowed us to take a closer look at what is happening within both the female and male brain. Male brains are larger than female brains, yet females can think and calculate faster than men can. Magnetic resonance imaging and other brain imaging techniques have shown that most female brains are more active than most male brains. Even when the female brain is resting it has been shown to be as active as an activated male brain. Considering such information, it appears that many girls will have an intelligence advantage over boys by being consistently engaged, even when they aren’t trying as hard as a boy. As a further result of MRI scans we are able to see and view the ways in which some boys and girls process information. Generally speaking, the female brain processes more responding stimulants, through more senses, and more completely than the male brain. When information content comes into the female brain it travels in through the limbic system up to the top four lobes of the brain where thinking occurs. On the other hand, many males seem to move this content through the limbic system down to the brain stem. Basically, this means that females are more likely to process the information faster and reach a conclusion, as more of the activity moves into the hemispheres that handle thinking. Comparatively, men take longer to process information than women because their brains have less neurons available for activity and the connections between those neurons are fewer in number than those found in women’s brains. It is hypothesized that because of this, women constantly operate on a superior level of awareness than men, as their brains are always taking in more sensory information. Because of the limited processing in male brains, they are more likely to need a rest period than in females. The study proved that many male brains frequently enter a reboot phase as they become overloaded easier than female brains, which aren’t as limited in terms of calculation. This phenomenon is similar to the fact that a computer with less RAM and a slower processing speed is more likely to lock up than one which is more powerful. In addition to processing speed and greater sensory intake, females also have a larger corpus callosum, which connects both brain hemispheres. Because the female brain can use both sides more efficiently and more effectively than the male brain, it is able to carry more information throughout more connections, increasing its speed and giving the female greater resources for thought. The differences between intelligence between the genders can be explained through biology. At conception, all life begins as female, marked by the XX chromosome. To roughly half of these embryos, a Y chromosome is introduced, turning the original female embryo into a male. Testosterone surges throughout the growth of the baby while in the womb at a much higher rate than in the female. This chemical transforms the original female brain, enlarging the sex and aggression centers. Testosterone also has been shown to kill off brain cells and damage connections within the brain, as while as put the male at a much higher risk for diseases and brain related disorders. To compensate for this, nature has made 105 males be conceived to every 100 females. Because males are more likely not to survive birth or to die at a younger age, their higher numbers shrink quickly, as females become roughly 52% of the population. These biological differences not only explain the limited cognitive abilities of the male brain in relation to the female, but also explain why females outlive males in humans as well as in the all animal kingdoms. These advantages of the female brain go even beyond intelligence. There are many different chemicals in the brain that affect the ways in which we act, feel, and respond in different situations. The feelings experienced as a result of these chemicals are caused by receptors in the brain which produce the effect of the chemical when activated. Because girls have more brain activity and more neurons in their brains than boys, they also have more receptors. A perfect example of a chemical reaction in the brain is orgasm. We feel orgasms as pleasurable because of the chemicals serotonin and oxytocin are released in our brain during climax. Because receptors are greater in number in the female brain then in men, orgasm will feel much better for a girl than it does for a boy. Brain scans show that during orgasm the female brain experiences 10 times the amount of pleasurable chemicals than in the male brain. In addition, the chemicals stick around in women’s brains longer than in the male brain, so the pleasurable experience lasts longer. Girls are also capable of multiple orgasms, so their brain remains ready to experience the pleasure over and over again for as long as she desires. Because of the refractory period men experience after they have an orgasm, they remain unable to have another orgasm for a period of time. This results in girls being capable of more powerful and longer lasting orgasms then in men, where orgasms are shorter, weaker, and fewer in number. In scientific studies, the equivalent of the male orgasm was played through the brains of volunteering women. Their experiences were recorded in written testimonies. Common remarks was that the intensity of the male orgasm was much weaker than what they normally experienced from orgasm and that the orgasm ended much quicker than they anticipated. When these women had female orgasms in the lab, they were much more vocal and their bodies contorted as their muscles contracted in response to the orgasm. When the same women experienced the male-style orgasm, they remained mostly quiet and stood almost completely still. They were actually quieter and moved less during the male orgasm then men who had their orgasms studied in the lab. Scientists hypothesized this was due to the females being used to experiencing a more powerful orgasm than the male-style orgasm that they experienced in the lab, while men experiencing the orgasm saw it as normal and had never felt anything better. Scientists were unable to allow the male volunteers of the study to experience the female orgasm, as the male brain is unable to handle the abundance of chemicals and activity the female orgasm provides. There was a theory that if the intensity of a girl’s orgasm was played through a boy’s brain, the shock to his system would kill him. Because of this, it appears the female orgasm remains a treat which can only be enjoyed by women. "I definitely feel very blessed that I was born female" study coordinator Sheryl Task joked. "If I was a man, I'd definitely be really jealous."

from a recent scientific articleMay 24 2013 4:34pm
Wow, I have to admit as a male that post above is pretty humiliating. I always knew women were superior to us men. That should be taught in school so boys give girls the respect they deserve. Every child should have to read "The Natural Superiority of Women" as well and do a report on it plus an in class presentation. This will help boys cope with their inferiority and get use to it by the time their older. This will make the humiliation a little easier to deal with.

daveJun 03 2013 8:04am
dave, look at this image from a study that scanned male and female brains then compared them: this is further proof the resting female brain is more active than a fully active male brain. always knew women were smarter, now science has proven it.

AnonymousJun 03 2013 4:57pm
Is the girl's brain accomplishing more than the boy's brain? How would you know? If the girl's brain is not accomplishing more than the boy's brain, then her brain is working harder than the boy's brain to accomplish just as much as the boy's brain. In other words, her brain is not as efficient as the boys brain.

Just wonderingJun 04 2013 7:27am
@just wondering both brains were at rest when they were scanned and were not "at work". The scan showed levels of activity meaning the female brain was more "aware" as it was taking in more sensory information. Even when performing tasks the female brain is more active. The study above mentions a finding that the female brain operates faster than the male brain, meaning the female brain is the more efficient of the two.

AnonymousJun 04 2013 3:36pm
There is another method being used to give girls an advantage in the SAT'S. With essays being part of the test now,girls will even have a better chance of making up a super majority of college enrollment.

LoriJun 04 2013 7:07pm
@Lori. Thanks for the link. I do appreciate your keeping me informed like this. Lori, I would like to know how you place yourself along the continuum of the various types of feminism. Let me stipulate some definitions. (1) Egalitarian feminism -- women and men should hold equal power politically, economically, socially. (2) Non-oppressive feminine future feminism -- in the future women will hold more power than men because the average woman naturally has traits that make her more successful in today's world. Because on average women are naturally superior, there is no need to oppress men (hold them down or give women special advantages just because they are women). (3) Oppressive feminine future feminism -- like #2 but men should be oppressed to smash the persisting patriarchy but men shouldn't be oppressed any more than is necessary. (4) Radical feminism -- like #3 but men should be drastically oppressed even to the point of reducing their population. Lori, how would you place yourself in my stipulated categories of feminism?

Anonymous GuyJun 05 2013 8:35am
I am half libertarian feminist and half rad fem. I am a proponant of using technology to reduce the amount of males that are able to be born. It would be a much better wourld for both males and females in this way.

LoriJun 09 2013 6:16am
Funny how nature seems to be trying to reduce the number of males able to be born. It's a scientific fact male embryos are more likely to not survive birth compared to females. Women are also 52% of the population, mostly because we're superior to men and they die from diseases/defects we're protected from.

LauraJun 11 2013 9:09pm
Lori and Laura do a good job, but it's still hard to fap to. More posters should use female names/perspectives, else it doesn't work for me. Please keep in mind that this is a site for fap material, so act accordingly. Thanks.

Mary SueJun 18 2013 4:16pm
What does "fap" mean?

Don't know much about "fap"Jun 19 2013 6:41pm
fap = masturbate

duhJun 19 2013 8:58pm
I googled "fap" and yes, found it was slang for male masturbation. Must be relatively new slang as I had not heard of it. The source said it meant male masturbation only, so why would you want more fap material so that it would work for you, "Mary Sue?"

Live and learnJun 21 2013 12:54pm
fap has been around for a while. i remember it being used in the early 90's. in his comment he mentions more males should use female names on this forum, so my guess is he did that to lead by example.

AnonymousJun 21 2013 1:09pm
While there is a lot of fap material there are also serious commentators as I believe Lori and Anonymous Guy are.

Live and learnJun 21 2013 1:45pm
agreed. seems to be a lot of fap material on this one though. "from a recent scientific article" is probably a serious commentator as well, the post was very factual.

AnonymousJun 21 2013 5:55pm
indeed. seems facts prove women are superior

the truthJun 29 2013 11:05pm
> go on site > look at people saying girls truly are superior > laugh > fap > get out > leave comment > get raged at Heyllo :P my feminazi friends , trust me no one is superior than each other , have fun ^_^

Submissive maleJul 02 2013 4:12am
Once boys reach puberty and become addicted to masterbation, they should be fitted with a chastity device to control their nasty little habit. This practice could be established by female doctors who could site the negatives of self abuse. The keys to these devices will be held by the female head of household or other female authority figures like a female relative, female guardian, female teacher or governess. Female authority over their ability to orgasm will establish a pattern of submissiveness in all other arenas - domestic, political, social and economic. Upon maturity, key ownership will transfer to the males girlfriend, wife, or female boss. In extreme cases electrified chastity devices could be used to ensure obedience to women.

The MatriarchJul 18 2013 12:20am
Female Teachers in high schools are already establishing female dominance with the boys they educate. Boys are repeatedly told that they must obey their female teachers or there will be serious consequences. Female teachers also side with female students over male students in any conflict. Female teachers in their 30's are at the height of their sexual experience and power while teenage boys are at the height of their sexual need - easily enticed and enslaved. And how many female teachers have turned sexual predator, knowing they can seduce and control their male students rarely getting caught and even if they do, they are deemed "too pretty to go to jail." Matriarchy has already been established - it is called high school.

Obedient StudentJul 18 2013 12:41am
At age 15 my stepmother caught me masterbating and took me to her Doctor to be fitted with a chastity device for my own good. Her doctor actually prescribed it as a course of treatment for my self abuse. She scheduled "maintenance visits" during which she medically restrained me and gave me sexual release only to re-secure the device before she would release the restraints. On my 18th birthday, she removed the device and ended my torment. Has anyone had this happen to them? Medically ordered chastity???

Doctor's OrdersJul 18 2013 12:57am
To "Doctors Orders" - My homeroom teacher caught me looking down her blouse and sporting a pretty obvious stiffness. She kept me after class and told me that she was going to the Principal about my behavior, which would bring my parents into it as well. i begged her not to and she finally agreed on one condition. She told me that I needed to learn restraint and she had just the thing to keep me from leering at women. A few days later, She kept me after class again. Once everyone else had left, she told me to follow her. She led me to the school nurses office where the nurse ordered me to disrobe in front of her and my teacher. The nurse then put a chastity device on me and locked it in place. The nurse gave the keys to my teacher. They told me that I might want to keep my eyes to myself from now on, unless I wanted to feel the discomfort the device would produce if I got aroused. They teased me until I knew what they meant. They kept me like that for two weeks to teach me a lesson. During those two weeks my teacher went out of her way to show off her body to me, knowing the torture she was putting me through. When they finally let me out of the device, they warned me that if I misbehaved again they would "teach me another lesson".

DisciplinedJul 19 2013 12:16am
@The Matriarch. Girls masturbate too. Why treat boys differently? And what are "the negatives of self abuse"?

Let's be fairJul 19 2013 7:47am
@let's be fair, Although kind of a sad fact for men, women simply aren't as obsessed with sex as men are. Sure women enjoy it, but men are slaves to their sexual urges. This is why it's so easy for women to control men, something I'm sure we've all seen play out many times (I see a lot of "whipped" men). The female brain is smarter, because women's sex/aggression center in the brain is smaller we have more overall brain activity and more connections. This allows women to have more self control. Women can go as long as they want without orgasm. Most men can't go a day. Chastity devices would force men to do what they can't do on their own--stop masturbating. Sure, being male they'll still think about sex all the time (maybe even more), but they'll be more useful to women when they're not masturbating all the time. The fact their sexually frustrated will make them more obedient towards women.

LauraJul 21 2013 2:32pm
@Laura. I have to agree that men slaves to their sexual urges, can't go a day without having an orgasm, and think about sex all the time. And I have to admit more than one woman has "whipped" me. But I don't feel that any of that means that I or any man should put be put into a chastity device. Why should we be more obedient towards women and more useful to them? And what does being more useful mean, anyway?

Let's be fairJul 21 2013 6:26pm
@Laura. I'm sorry but I've thought about it and I don't see what's wrong with men masturbating a lot. That's just the way we are. When I'm not in a relationship, I do it daily, sometimes two or three times a day. My girl friend now doesn't allow me to do it because she says if I do it I don't pleasure her as much as if I didn't do it, and smehow she always seems to know when I've done it. I'm a "whipped" man but there is a differnce with being whipped and being owned. I wouldn't let any woman lock up my junk. I think women have too much power anyway. Everybody knows its not fair for men to use their bigger muscle power against women's weak bodies. So it shouldn't be fair for women to use their sexal power against men's sexual weakness. In the middle ages men put women in chastity devices and today we think that was a terrible thing to do. So I think what you want, putting men in chastity devices, is a terrible thing to want.

Let's be faiirJul 24 2013 9:05am
@Let's be fair, Men should be put into chastity devices because they are incapable of controlling their strong sexual urges on their own. Nature has given the female such strong sexual power over the male in order to ensure he is obedient to her. This power imbalance causes women to decide when sex will happen and with whom. If a male doesn't please a female, he doesn't get to mate. It's like this in humans as while as most animal species. When a man masturbates, he is redirecting his sexual frustration elsewhere instead of on pleasing a female who will allow him to mate. It may be hard to accept--but women truly are the superior sex. Our sexual power is a strong indicator nature has gifted our gender with the role of controlling the opposite gender completely. If a man wears a chastity device, he will not be allowed release unless it is a reward for pleasing his woman, compared to before when he would be allowed to simply masturbate. This is a more accurate representation of the true relationship between the two genders. In case you're in any doubt women are the superior gender (or that men are slaves to their sex drives/women's sexual power), look at the large number of men desiring to be locked into chastity devices seeking women to hold the key. For every woman desiring to be controlled by a man, theirs hundreds (if not thousands) of men desiring to be controlled by a woman.

LauraJul 30 2013 4:06pm
@Laura. I accept that "women truly are the superior sex" and yes, it was to accept that, my being a man, but I don't think women should have such aweful power to put men into chastity devices. I think you when you say that, you mean ALL men. You're right, some men want them and that's their business; but I don't think most men do. Only a few men do. I don't. It's not necessary. I agree that when a male masturbates he is redirecting his sexual need to someone other that his female partner, and I can understand the women's point of view on that. That's what my girl friend said too, and why I agree not to masturbate. And I don't, because she gives me better sex then and since I'm pent up I enjoy it more. So, there's no need for me to wear a chastity device. And I think the same applies to most men. And you know lots of men don't have girl friends or wives. So who's going to lock them up? And unlock them? And if you really mean ALL men should be put into chastity devices, imagine what that would really be like. It would be ridiculous. It would mean that the First Lady could lock up the President's junk! And the wives of all the generals and admirals could lock up their junk! And the wives of all the CEOs could lock up their junk! And so on. All these men would become laughingstocks. And so would all men. Who could take seriously a man who said "I'm in charge" of this, that, or the other thing when everybody knew his wife or girl friend had locked up his junk? Males would lose all power, and they wont let happen.

Let's be fairAug 01 2013 3:04pm
why do you accept women are truly the superior sex?

AnonymousAug 03 2013 8:27pm
I’ll tell you why I think women are the superior sex, but I won’t debate it. It’s complicated and a lot of it is persona. Men are superior physically, and that’s about it. That was really important back in the Stone Age, but not today. What’s important today is education attainment and there the girls and women are leaving the boys and men in the dust. Because of better education women will get better jobs and earn more money and become the first sex. Also, many studies show that women multi-task better and are better leaders. In addition to this women are biologically superior because they live longer and see, hear, and smell better. And of course they are the ones who carry and gift birth to children. They are the carriers of life. I think some scientists believe that someday women may be able to conceive without men. If men are the disposable sex and women are the essential sex, then they are the superior sex. To go to something else -- I think women are more moral than men and this is very important. Most people trust women more than men. Something like 97% of the people in prison are men. Governments probably would be less warlike and more caring if women ran them. On another note -- It’s comical that men are slaves to sex and women are not and yet they have more orgasms and better orgasms. They’re better than us at what’s most important to us! This brings up the enormous sexual power that women have over men because men are slaves to sex and women are not. And everyone knows that if you are male you’d better not argue with a female. They always win. They think faster, remember better, are more persistent, and of course have superior verbal skills. I can’t cite sources because I’m not a scholar on this. However, there are many articles in newspapers and magazines about the End of Man and the Rise of Woman. And also there are news programs on TV about this. There are also many books but I haven't read them.

Let's be fairAug 04 2013 9:27am
whats really humiliating to me personally is the difference in intelligence. just knowing our testosterone which causes us to be men also makes our brains slower with less connections and neurons. i cant imagine what itd be like to be a woman

AnonymousAug 04 2013 3:31pm
Well, I don't think that every women is smarter than every man. So I feel that most women are smarter than I am, but not all. After all, many men graduate from college and many women do not. What humiliates me is that the female sex in general is superior to the male sex in general. I used to think that I was a member of the superior team, so to speak, that is the first sex and women were the second sex. But it's like now that my team is getting whipped by a team I thought was inferior. Women are becoming the First Sex and we males are becoming the second sex, and I find that humiliating. Another thing I find humiliating is having a woman boss younger than me. I've had four in a row now because young women are moving up so fast. The first was really my supervisor and she was rather nice. The last three really weren't my supervisors but my project team leaders, which gave them authority over me. The first one would criticize in an embarrasing way my suggestions in team meetings, so I learned to kept my mouth shut. The second like "to talk things out" if we differed on a course of action. She always won because of she thought faster and articulated better. After every meeting I felt like I had been whipped. The last was the most humiliating as she would reprimand me in front of others and all I could do was apologize time and again.

Let's be fairAug 05 2013 2:25pm
I am a well educated male and understand two things males are dominated by their sex drive which does control behaviour. Women in many ways are superior to males in thinking and attitude. I can fully understand why men should support women .

GlennAug 05 2013 9:02pm
Just a quick not statistically it is very clear that women are superior. This is a fact and it doesn't mean some men are not smart. As time progresses expect more women to be in charge as this is only natural. I accept in many situations my girlfriend makes better decisions than me. I am happy to have her make key decisions for us and find that with her in control our relationship has become stronger and we love each other more. There is not point pretended I understand her thinking, all I can say is that men that pretend to fully understand a woman and treat them with little respect believing he knows what is right is simply very wrong. Woman simply are more patient and not driven by hormones like men and this is a key aspect that makes them superior.

GlennAug 06 2013 8:36am
I agree with you Nick N that every schoolboy should be a servant to a schoolgirl. But what age should this start? And what about single sex schools? And what about male teachers? Should all male teachers be sacked?

schoolboyAug 15 2013 2:00pm
It should start by 2nd or 3rd grade, male teachers, shoud just be killed, for lying and if a male rejects a female, she has every right to strangle him until death. Single sex male schools just get rid of them, female single sex schools, make them feel more superior by transferring male single sexes to them.

Nick NAug 31 2013 11:04pm
How about preschool. Earlier

schoolboySep 01 2013 6:56am
Actually, males will be locked in a box until they are 18. Then kept as sex slaves. When they are 50, kill them. Party rockers in the house tonight.

STTGSep 01 2013 11:38am
STTG, why would you recommend killing men? why should only women be allowed to live past 50? how would men be killed?

MikeSep 02 2013 9:36pm
Maybe voting rights, property ownership, and holding political office should be based on passing a web history audit. I'm guessing that would establish a "Matriarchy" lickety split (pun intended)

MiriamSep 16 2013 4:08am
Miriam, I like your pun but I don't understand about a "web history audit." What is that?

AnonSep 16 2013 9:24am
Males would have to submit to a detailed search of their private internet activities. I'm guessing that most males would be exposed for the depraved animals that they are. Unable to vote, own property or hold political office, males would be turned into second class citizens subject to female rule. Males would soon be reduced to property, just as females once were. Can we say poetic justice?

MiriamSep 23 2013 1:57am
Doesn't the Bible say something about the end times when the least will become greatest and the greatest will become the least? Were they talking about a coming Matriarchy?

DelilahSep 28 2013 6:18am
So, you want to know about the Matriarchy It seems. All of you feminazis have newbie Biology skills. The US president is a female. of course women are superior, 79% of earth is female!

Peter KinutzanOct 06 2013 6:54pm
Peter - you sound a little frantic, sweetie. Are we big bad women scaring you with our talk of enslaving you? Just keep telling yourself that it is only a fantasy - right up until we lock you in a Latowski CB with a DL2000 and tighten the collar around your neck.

HeidiOct 16 2013 11:01pm
Just kidding, 10 years you've been talking about the future "matriarchy" on this site, and men are still superior.

Peter KinutzanOct 19 2013 9:07am
I killed a boy at school today.

KatherineOct 19 2013 7:40pm
Peter - we now outnumber you in population, outpace you in education, which will lead to outpacing you in the job market, which will lead to financial and political power. Meanwhile, males continue to demonstrate all the reasons they must be disenfranchised, relived of all property rights, and controlled as wards of the state - a state that will by that time be run by women.

HeidiOct 20 2013 12:31am
I agree with you to point. Men should be the property of women. All men should have a female owner, and the state can assume custody of those abandoned.

SarahOct 20 2013 7:46am

Max huntOct 20 2013 7:00pm
Heidi - The reason you outnumber us is, right after Roe v. Wade made it legal for you to kill babies, feminist organizations like NOW and Planned Parenthood encouraged abortion of male children and adoption for female children.

ClydeOct 21 2013 11:39pm
I live in a family ruled by women, my mother in law and her two daughters (my wife and my sister in law). All women in that family are staunchest believers and practitioners of female supremacy and as you might figure out they keep their husbands under a severe regime of female tyranny. My brother in law was forced to marry a woman who usually give him beatings and treats her husband as her domestic servant. My mother in law has a motto "A well domesticated husband should tremble in fear when on realizing that his wife is angry" so you can imagine the kind of treatment that she often gives her husband. Such is the life who have to endure the men of this family, including me of course. But after all it is not as bad as it seems, we have finally learned that women are superior, that we are being educated as good husbands and that they have every right to treat us as they please. If you live a similar situation, you might want to share experiences:

Tamed husbandOct 22 2013 2:51pm
Aikagk Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic post.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.

aivreyDVLqiFdeyAjVpOct 26 2013 1:13am
i dont know if i would be able to handle this. school children can be kind of mean, imagine all the giggles from the girls in class as they learn about how males are the inferior sex (better brain, live longer, healthier). there would probably be a lot of teasing by the girls during recess and what not and the boys would have to deal with that and it would be very humiliating. girls pretty much boys from puberty to the grave anyhow because boys always want sex and girls dont.

Mark33Nov 27 2013 8:52pm
i meant to say "girls pretty much CONTROL boys from puberty to the grave"

Mark33Nov 27 2013 8:53pm
I have a male child and a Female child, I tought the male one to risk other useless male lives for the Female and the Female can do anything she wants. Once she started making the make bleed and he pushed her away so she would stop. He got grounded for a year and I hit him and put him in a coma because he was a male. I now child abuse and molest him. He has to pay my Girl $120 a week for part of the punishment.

AnonymousNov 28 2013 9:07pm
Oh also he works naked in the lawn at -10 degrees farenheight just because he is a male for 24 hours. I like to sit and laugh at him in pain with my daughter.

AnonymousNov 28 2013 9:09pm
Oh btw sorry Im late but son is 3 dauhter is 5

AnonymousDec 14 2013 7:03pm
I am new here and see That This forum has been Going on for a while now, I was brought up by a dominant MUM who's been a fem supremacist for over 30yrs and has Taught me well how to make Inferior males slaves as well as keep Them In line or also saying beat The f*ck out of em so That They are scared pooless hiding In a corner curled up In a ball, Not only Is me and my Mum doms but my Daughters have been doms since They were Three, My sis n laws and Their Daughters are also doms as well as my gfs and Their Daughters, All The Inferior males IN These fams are permanent slaves usually dressed as sissy maids all locked up In collar and leash, Shackles and chastity device, They are locked In The stock every morning and whipped Then Raped, Once a wk They are laid out over an exam Table and locked up To It Then Raped while being milked, We lock all of em up In dog cages every nite and padlock The doors, We believe In Fem supremacy so much That we Teach other superior Fems how To be doms, And why In The hell do all you superior Fems want Inferior males Gone, I sure as hell don't cause I would'nt want To do all The work myself

Grand Mistress ErinJan 09 2014 1:39pm
If any of you are on facebook send me a friend request

Grand Mistress ErinJan 09 2014 2:29pm
Women will never be the stronger sex! :)

Robert Mar 19 2014 1:37pm

1Mar 24 2014 7:09am

-1'Mar 24 2014 7:11am
Why would they teach something in school that's false, well they do anyway but nevertheless they don't need to tell men that women are better, are you not the same people who lose their sh!t when someone commits suicide because of bad self esteem. Telling boys that women are better is going to kill people, clearly you have no knowledge of life and death which is easy to see when you look at Lisa.

ThatoneguyApr 02 2014 1:05pm
Absolutely. Why should it not be accepted!? It is fact!

a worthless maleMay 11 2014 2:43pm

SmThoFWvZUzbZUgscGMay 19 2014 4:03pm
I have an idea! Every woman on this website, mug at least 1 male a day!

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