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Is sex better now that your wife/girlfriend has become the physically dominant lover?

Created by: vlad657 at 04:49:20 AM, Monday, February 02, 2009 PST


I was confused when my girlfriend insisted on mounting me to achieve orgasm, but find that I now crave her dominance and cannot orgasm unless under her.

AnonymousFeb 02 2009 12:51pm

sometimes when I'm on top and she senses I'm getting close to orgasm, she'll roll me onto my back, pin me to the mattress and ride me until I cum. this seems to turn her on and frequently she's able to cum herself almost immediately after finishing me off.

andyFeb 07 2009 8:37am
At first I thought it was weird when my girlfriend preferred to be on top. I considered it a little bit crazy. Overtime I became increasingly swept up in the sensation. Soon she had almost complete control over me during sex. My body became more under her control than my own. I became addicted to the sensation and now I find it hard to be on top.

JTFeb 15 2009 11:18am
My husband couldn't be an luckier. I am a strong dominant woman and I take what and when I want. From the first time we were standing in our hotel room on our honeymoon, until now I have and will be the dominant spouse. The first time, we were standing and kissing, I put my hands under his butt and lifted him up, he was amazed. I then carried him into the bedroom and did as I pleased. His pain became my, and then his, pleasure. He and I have been together for 8 years and our love life could not be better..

ChelseaFeb 18 2009 1:52pm
i like 2 before sex very much when my girlfriend wrap my legs around her waist and lifting me up from the bed & toss me

amitMar 31 2009 4:22am
Most of the time during foreplay, my wife tends to lift me up, i got huge turn to be in her strong arms. She often lifts me while having sex. she is heavier and stronger than me.

SanjayApr 28 2009 12:01pm
Me and my wife lived a "normal" traditional man /wife relationship for about 20 years. Sex was ok but after some years not sensational. Me and my wife has always kept ourselves fit, she has been a aerobics instructor and then just taking classes herself, she has always been strong. I have been playing tennis twice a week and done some pushups and situps now and then. When the kids had moved out the evening were very silent and tv took over, sex wasn't good or bad, it was almost non existent. One evevning we were watching a commercial where a woman carried her husband over the threshold. My wife laughed at this and reminded me of when I tried to carry her up to our bedroom the honeymoon night, I fell with my wife over me, I hurt myself and we couldn't make love that night. She said that I probably couldn't carry her at all nowadays since I looked weaker then before. I told her that I was still strong and walked up to her and took her in my arms in a cradle carry. But rather quickly my wife's rather massive, heavy body started to feel too much and I had to let her down. She is around 80 kgs, bein 176 cm. I am 182 cm and almost 10 kgs ligher than her. Now my wife scooped me up in her arms as if I weighed nothing. She walked around in our house carrying me for many minutes before she let me down. You are so light and weak my poor litle husband she said. This irritated me a bit and I challenged her to armwrestle me. She smiled and we lay down on our thick carpet. When we started I looked at her shoulder muscles and biceps. When did she become so muscular? She could see me looking and said that the hours in the gym had paid off well. I didn't even know she lifted weight. She then let the power loose in her arm and I was soon rooling around on the floor soundly beaten. Same with the next arm. I told you you were weak she said and flexed her impressive muscles. She then wanted to wrestle and we kept on wrestling for 20-30 minutes. I could match her a bit from the start but for almost 15 minutes she was playing with me and then pinned me. She then took our clothes off and rode me. I was totally finished from the wrestling match and could only lie there and do nothing more than getting laid. And it was the best sex in our lives so far! After resting about 30 minutes she wanted to wrestle me again, now totally naked. I tried to pin her and to take her down but she was just too strong for me and again I was down with her on top, and the sex was as good this time. Since that day we have wrestled a lot, I have started to go to the gym but I am nowhere near my wife in strength, she is the boss of our sexlife and we both enjoy that. She also carries me quite often. It is not too bad to be weaker than you wife.

AnonymousApr 30 2009 3:47am
My wife is dominant and strong. She likes to lift me on her strong shoulders and carry me posing in front of the mirror and letting me take it in that she is indeed the stronger spouse. I don't mind being carried in her arms to bed or thrown over her shoulders and carried up the stairs to bed. She also dominates me in the bed room my favorite position is underneath her with my legs spread and her riding me this way. She also uses a sex toy that we love and she loves the power of bending me over and riding me as long as she wants. After most of these sessions I am put back across her shoulders and carried around the bed room till she gets tired and dumps me on the bed and tells me to go to sleep. I love it.

AnonymousMay 01 2009 3:59pm
like some, until recently, i was in a traditional marriage, man of top, wham bam thank you mam. my wife didn't seem to excited until on night, she found her sadistic side. we were beginning foreplay when she started to massage my balls, first gentle, then out of nowhere, she started to squeeze. i grabbed her wrist to pull away, but she clamped down harder and laughed at me. she is not a big woman, but works at a physical job and goes to the gym. i have an office job and work too many hours to go workout. she is 5'8" 145lbs. and i am 5'9" 165lbs. the more i tried to pull her hand away the stronger she got. she was loving this and found a new excitement. she rolled over on top of me, still grasping my balls, grabbed my other hand in hers and forced it over my head, and then forced my legs into a split with hers. i was amazed at how helpless i was. she then massaged me to orgasm, and wiped my jizz off her hand onto my face. she then gushed an orgasm like never before. since then, she has become a most dominant lover and her creativity is amazing. i didn't know that a woman could be so overpowering and dominant.

subbieMay 28 2009 8:02am
My wife had an affair with a big black guy. They come home one night with a maids outfit for me to wear when they were having sex in our house. he wanted to see her take me with a strap on. That was 12 yrs ago and that is the only sexual contact I now have with my wife and I love it

Pansy maid of WSMJun 14 2009 1:38pm

YYYYYEEEEEAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jul 08 2009 3:27pm
when me and my wife met I was the one that was supposed to take the lead in our relationship, sex included. I felt an enormous pressure from work and from my wife and started to feel ill. I hade more and more difficulties to have an erection. My wife blaimed herself and I blaimed me. We were drifting apart. My wife has always been very fit and when she joined a gym to work out 3-4 times a week she got more and more muscular. One night we had a classical argument on what program so see on tv. I had the remote but my wife just took it away from me to watch her program. I took it back and then it was a full fight. The remote fell to the floor and we both dove for it, we started to roll around but we soon forgot about the remote control and tv, we were involved in a wrestling match and enjoyed the tussle. We decided to get our clothes off and then continued to wrestle. My wife's visits to the gym soon paid off, she was stronger and hade more endurance and I was pinned under her after perhaps 5 minutes of wrestling. I felt embarrassed and excited at the same time, my wife was glowing and really enjoyed this. I wanted another match. This time my wife came at me with a lot of self confidence and with a killer attitude. She threw me around, looked me between her strong legs and at the end pinned me again. I felt embarrassed again but this time because I got an erection, it seemed that I liked this wrestling and to loose! My wife felt the same and took advantage of me. Since then she has been the dominant one when it comes to sex. She enjoys being stronger than me and I have to say I enjoy the same. I don't feel the pressure anymore that everything is dependent on me (if wasn't like that before but I felt so). My wife is like a new person. She often challenges friends and family to armwrestle her and she wins quite often.

Love my strong wifeJul 10 2009 12:35am

WONGAOct 29 2009 6:42pm
WONGA, what makes you tic apart from posting intelligent things on this board

AnonymousJan 04 2010 12:49am
My wife pins me during sex with a grapevine leg hold. She's become stronger than me and I can't help it but it drives me wild!

AnonymousJul 17 2010 2:48pm
Sex has got so much better as my wife got stronger than me and dominating me. As foreplay she often will overpower me in armwrestling, or wrestle me down and pin me on the bed. I love feeling so helpless under her, it is the most amazing and arousing feeling I ever had. I always have the bottom now and she always initiates and controls the sex. Some times she keeps my arms pinned down while she humps me, and I am just swept away in delight and crave the feeling. When she leaves my arms free, I feel her muscular arms, shoulders and pecs thw whole time, and just love worshipping her muscles.

KeithSep 25 2010 10:53am
this is a tricky one. I mean a man admitting that he loves being dominated in a physical way by his wife. You autumatically are treated like a wimp and people really think less of you if you say that you for instance enjoy wrestling your wife and loose! I met my wife many years ago, we couldn't have any children so instead we played a lot. Both games like chess and played cars but also physical games like arm wrestling and wrestling. My wife is bigger and stronger than me so it the physical games were very one sided. But we both loved it. My wife is proud of her strength and I am proud of her as well. She can bench almost twice as much as me and when it comes to leg strenghth the difference is even bigger. But we shouldn't have started to talk about it. Our friend thought we were freaks, the men thought I was a wimp and the women thought my wife was unfeminine, most of them but not all. One of our friends, a woman, said it was very refreshing with our role reversal and that she also wrestled her new boyfriend, and won all the time. But I think that this is very uncomman, you don't talk about this kind of role reversal. What do you thinkg out there?

A weaker manOct 09 2010 3:05am
I agree with the last posting here. I think it might be easier coming out as a homo sexual than admtting you are gettin aroused being physically dominated by women, then you are automatically a wimp. My wife think this is all BS and often talks about our playwrestling matchews where I always loose, me the man. Some of the women find this funny and think it is great that a woman can have her way with her man for once but most think I am not doing my best and that I am a strange kind of man. I have always been attracted to strong girls and later women, as long as I can remember. I strongly believe in equal relationships with mutual respect but it still drives me mad with lust when my wife wrestled me into submission. I am doing my best, that is a part of it, I would never let a woman win, it just wouldn't do the trick. I love caressing my wife's muscles, I love it when she armwrestles me and play with me before she pins my arms. I love it when she is commenting when we see a strong looking woman and saying that I would never have a chance against this woman in a physical confrontation. Two of my wife's friends are stronger than her making them stronger than me. I have to admit that when they have beaten me at armwrestling I am getting turned on but I have never cheated on my wife, she knows that I am getting aroused loosing to females and is "taking care" of me aftet they have gone. I am so happy to have found an understanding woman, most women would consider my as very strange.

weak and happyOct 11 2010 5:51am
some time ago me and my husband (since 2 years) wrestled for fun in our bed. I had him in a grip where I could lock both his arms, controlled his legs with mine (my are bigger and stronger than his) and pressed his head to my breasts. We were both surprised when we realized he couldn't get out of this grip. He was struggling with everything he had to show me that he was the man and stronger but after a while all his power was gone and he had to admit defeat. It really turned me on to be able to control his slim and hard body with mine more voluptous and heavier. We had both thought that he as a man would be stronger. After that we have armwrestled and done other tests of who is stronger and I win everything, even if I really have to fight to pin his arm when we armwrestle right hands. My husband is really embarrassed being weaker but he seems to enjoy the physical contacts since we have had sex after our wrestling matches, so he is rewarded for loosing ha.

StrongerNov 14 2010 4:11am
I am 6'4" and 220 lbs a d much stronger than my wife. I know it and she knows it. She is 5'6" and 140 lbs. She runs about 30 miles a week, lifts weights 3 X a week and can do 50 pull ups. She is visually muscular and hard bodied including a six pack stomach. She knew I loved her body and wanted me to feel and squeeze her hard muscles. She then wanted to play wrestle. I was hooked for life. I am stronger yet she is. Quicker much more agile knows scores if holds and how to apply them and the big one she never gets tired. You. Can see where this is headed. I might win a couple early falls but in the e d she always wins. This has been 20 years of great foreplay. I have grown to appreciate and love rock hard muscles holding me in positions that not only I cant escape bot have no desire to escape. She gets hot winning and I get hot losing. We hVe our favorite holds. Every type of head scissors of course and grapevines. She introduced me to a hold with her behind me scissoring my waist. She then pulls my head back with her arm over the top of my face. In that position she can cut off the air to both my nose and mouth smothering me. When she stretches her body out it is an instant submission. If she eases off I could lay in that hold forever. When she wins she wins and when I lose I win. How perfect is that. I think I will go enjoy a head scissors right now.

WrestleDadNov 17 2010 6:12pm
about 10 years ago I was in a car accident and needed physical therapy for about a year. This included two visits to the gym every week. I was very thin than, lost the little muscle tone I had after the accident. But slowly I gained some strength and could for the first time in my life feel some muscles on my body. My wife has always been heavier than me, she is very feminine, curvasious body but also strong, I knew from when we made love where she could move me the way she wanted. We never arm wrestled or wrestled to find out who was stronger but I suspected that she could be stronger than me. She has always been taking aerobics every week, bicycling to work (about 60-70 minutes every day) and start the morning doing push ups and situps. After a year working out I one day came home after the gym visit and jokingly flexed my not so big but rather hard biceps. My wife asked me if a moquite had bitten my arm or could it be a muscle? I got a bit upset and challenged her to an armwrestling match. My wife took off her polo so she had bare arms. For the first time I looked at my wife's arms and shoulders in a different way, her upper body sure looked sturdy but I was the one that had been to the gym for a year. We gripped hands, hers are bigger than mine, and I started to press. I looked at my arm and saw my 12' bicep peel, then I looked at my wife's arm and saw that her bicep had started to grow but that it didn't look like it was fully flexed. I put on more and more pressure and after about 30 seconds I gave everything I had. I then looked at my wife's arm again and was almost shocked to see how big her muscle were. I then looked at her face, she was smiling and then she patted me with her free hand on my head and said, something about how sweet I looked when I was struggling. She then just took my armn down, in a single movement and there was nothing left in my arm to stop her. She said that she was happy that I had become stronger efter the accident. We switched to left arms and I lost in a second. My wife said that she had always been strong and that she nowadays made 3x40 pushups every morning. With my therapist I usually did 3 x 12 but still hade diffculties doing the twelve pushup in the last set. I then said that my legs had become a lot stronger and suggested leg wrestling, the kind where you sit opposite each other trying to press the other persons legs together with yours outside. She said that this was not a good idea since her legs were really strong from all the bicycling. We went at it anyway and she was right, she could smash my legs together and I couldn't budge her one bit. She told me that it wasn't important for her that I was weaker, she could see how embarrassed I was being so much weaker than her. When she turned her back to me I jumped her to try to take her down and pin her. Big misstake, she could easily carry my slim body on her back she stooped and draped me over her shoulder and carried me around the house. She carried me upstairs where we have a big room with a big thick carped. She said if it is wrestling I want we could need some space. She let me fall to the floor and took off her clothes and stood there in bra and pantyhose. She flexed her arms and said that she thought she could pin me in less than a minute. I wasn't sure about this but also took off my clothes except for my briefs. We started hand to hand, stupid of me since I knew how strong her hands and arms were. In some kind of mercygame she soon had me on my knees and then pushed me back, still holding my hands, she then pinned me with my hands above my head and that was it. It took exactly 17 seconds. She asked me if I wanted a rematch and I said yes, the body contact with her was quite sexual, despite the fact that I wasn't doing that well. This time I threw myself at her in an attempt to take her down with a headlock. She just stood straight and fought me with her neck muscles alone. I couldn't take her anyway. She suddenly lowere herself and the lifted me up in a cradle lift. She carried me around and then sat down in our big sofa and folded me so my hade was pressed agains my legs. She said that I had to say when it hurt too much, she didn't want me to be hurt again. I soon gave up, my good she was strong, I really had no idea that she was this strong. She then lay me on the floor and took off her pantyhose, took off my briefs and then rode me. The sex was fantastic. I realized that I really liked being dominated like this, something that both thrilled me and made me feel ashamed of myself. But why shouldn't she be stronger? She is 168 cm and 74 kgs, I am 174 cm and 61 kgs. After this evening we both started to go the gym together, she builds muscle a lot easier than me so even if I am getting stronger the strength gap between us is even bigger today. She is today able to lift me over her head, perhaps not that hard since I am so light. So the wrestling has spiced up our sex life a lot and this would never happaned if I was the strongest.

Rick ZNov 19 2010 4:52am
Hi Rick, I just saw your posting and that made me really hot. I am a 42 year old woman that just recently showed my husband who was stronger in a similar way that your wife did. He actually thought he was stronger than me,even if I am bigger and heavier than him and I am going to the gym at least three times a week. I did'n marry my man because of his muslces, rather the other way around since I always had a thing for more boyish men, slim and with long lean, not big muscles. I used to swim for many years and have wide shoulders and very strong muscles all over. I one evening challenged my husband to a wrestling match, we were both a bit tipsy from wine. He agreed and really though he would dominate me. I showed him straight away how strong I am when I lifted him up in a bear hug and squeezed a submission out of him with my arms alone. It was then a cat playing with a mouse, where of course I was the cat. I made him give up at least 10 times in different ways. Before we stopped the wrestling and started other kinds of body contacts he admitted that he was much weaker than me. Not all women like to be protected, not all of us like to be weaker then our men. I think more and more women are working out to get stronger, before it was for toning their bodies but at the gym I am going to several women work out as hard or even harder then the men. Good for you Rick that you have a strong woman to take care of you, you seem to be weak even if you try to get stronger. Not all people have the ability to build muscles even if they can improve. Your wife is the new kind of woman, just as I am.

SarahNov 19 2010 5:38am
Sex is absolutely better nut nit because she is stonger br because she has great stamina and can control me wrestling. She is a muscular hard body with a six pack stomach and defined muscles. Sometimes she just likes to control me so I cannot move and other times she likes to submit me. Either way I love it. I am stinger and have won a few falls early but after a bout 15 minutes I am gassed and she is jist getting started. She has submitted me 10 times in one head scissors. She likes to pull my face as high up between her thighs until it becomes a smother hold and then squeeze and ease up each time making me tap. I can think of no more enjoyable spot than trapped between her muscular legs.

AnonymousNov 19 2010 10:21am

AnonymousNov 20 2010 12:55am
Sex has been going from almost nun existing to very frequent since my wife one evening challenged me to first armwrestle her than wrestle. We have both suspected she was stronger since she is heavier than me and works out a lot. She surprised us both when she first won the armwrestling matches with both arms very easily and when she then could pin me in seconds in the wrestling match. I really did my best, it was very important for me to win. Loosing to her was not sexual at all that night. Some nights later I told her that I wanted rematches, both armwrestling and wrestling. My wife was more than happy to have a new go. Armwrestling was as bad for me as the last time. Wrestling was very different this time. My wife wanted the wrestling to last longer and had other plans for the outcome of the match. She got me in hold after hold and slowly zapped my body of the little strength I had until I was totally defensless. She then started to make love to me, totally dominant since I was too tired to even hold my arms up. I started to enjoy being so helpless, one part of my body worked out just the way it should and the sex was fantastic. My wife didn't really know that being so dominant would get her that aroused, it was like we discovered new feelings in ourselves. We kept on making love all night, sometimes wrestling sometimes just having sex, I can't say I was very active, she was like a lioness, big, strong but still sensual and loving. Thank God for the wrestling. Both me and my wife think that the role reversal was the spice that we needed, if I had been stronger it would never have worked in the same way.

PreyNov 22 2010 11:56pm
Prey great to hear. I have chatted with so many men who experiences the exact same thing. Losing wrestling to a woman is a sexual turn on. My wife and I have been wrestling for 20 years. There is something about being controlled and submitted by a woman that makes me instantly hard. I am 8" taller and 80 lbs larger than my wife but her muscles in fact her which body is rock hard. When she sinks a hold in and tenses her muscles there is no escape. Her head scissors is inescapable. Glad you discovered the feeling of a strong woman

MikeNov 24 2010 7:53pm
Prey nice chatting with you. I hope you will respond again. I enjoy sharing wrestling experiences with men who appreciate it as Michael as we do. I to have had all of my strength sapped and been able to do little more than lay there during sex. I must say the first time my wife wrestled me into total submission then mounte me from the top was electric. The kook on her face as she pleasures herself and me is a look I will never forget and have enjoyed hundreds if times since. She once while on top controlling the action showed ms a rock hard double bicep pose and I almost exploded. Sometimes when I am not totally gassed she will still mount me from the top and hold my wrists down on the bed just looking in my eyes. What are your favorite holds to be submitted in?

MikeNov 24 2010 10:14pm
My favourite sex is when my wife slowly drains me from all my muscle power, we wrestle and she gets me in various holds that I try to escape. Since she is a good deal stronger she can use perhaps 60-70% of her strength while I go max. Soon I am just deadly tired and totally helpless. When she then just takes me with me underneath her is fantastic, I guess it all sounds strange but being so tired that you hardly can lift your arms and then having a strong loving woman ride you became my favourite. But I also enjoy being smothered until I give up. And scissored between my wife's strong thighs, preferably when she has tights on. I think it is sexy as hell when we play mercy games, she just forces me down to my knees, then pushes me on my back and pins me. So easy if you are stronger. I also enjoyed that night when she challenged one of our male friends to an armwrestling match and won, she was so dominant and he really had difficulties taking loosing to a woman. When he had left that evening the sex we had was great. So the wrestling really spiced up our marriage. My sister-in-law is about the same size as my wife and she just recently beat me at armwrestling after my wife had told her about our matches. My wife could see that I got aroused from loosing to her sister and "punished" me later for that. The punishment was wrestling me down and then she didn't have sex with me, she just held me pinned for a long time.

PreyNov 30 2010 12:15am
Being held powerless by a strong woman is a total turn on. The look on my wifes face when she has NE in a front head scissors and I can look up over her rock hard abs and breasts to her face just smiling as she pulses her thighs is fabulous. She knows she is in controland I know it also.

MikeDec 02 2010 9:14pm
My wife likes to slap my boys. (I love it) The harder she slaps the louder I moan...the louder I moan the harder she slaps. This usually goes on from 15 min. to as long as an hour. I get very horny and she get very wet. She will also use a crop or leather bat on my BBB (back, but and boys)At times she will sneek up and kick the boys from behind or come up to give me a kiss and then give me a knee. She even sneeks in a punch when we are out in public. We've been caught several and that just increases the excietment.

one nutDec 07 2010 3:17pm
One Nuff I think I will stick to a nice sensuous head scissors and leave the boys slapping to you and your wife/

MikeDec 08 2010 11:56pm
The best sex I had in my life was with my much stronger ex gf Nancy. She was very dominant durung sex, always on top of, she gaves my some facesitting after wrestles me down, she lifted and carried me with ease.She was my first love and her mighty power really turned me. After breaking up the relationship I only was interested in strong woman and I met of lot of them. Now I( have an eye on a woman at my work, she looks very strong and it looks like she intersting in me too, so I will hope to you tell what the future will bring, i am going to ask her for a date soon.

ZicoJun 24 2011 11:55am
It is not always funny when a woman dominates you. My last lover Mariska was so much stronger then me, when she was angry after a verbal fight a day before, she f*cks me so hard that I was begging to stop her, she was 40kg heavier then me and just laughed at me and remembered me at the verbal fight we had and f*cked me even more harder until I came, I will never forget the way she looks at me after the rape and ask me was the strongest of us, I felt very embaressed and i was very dizzy. She f*cked the poo out of me and i was never on top of her anymore.

JeroenJun 24 2011 12:08pm
What are you complaining Jeroen? This happens so much, we women are the strongest sex by far, you just must be proud of your gf and take it like a man.

SandraJun 26 2011 10:52am
My first girlfriend was a powerhouse, about 4 inches shorter than me but 30 lbs heavier then. She totally dominated me in the bedroom and sometimes outside. She was so strong she could do just anything she wanted with me. I felt emasculated and embarrassed when she sometimes wrestled me down in public. I had to say that the sex was great though, even if I was nr two all the way. I actually broke up with her since she didn't respect that I didn't want her to show her dominance in public. We met again after 15 years, three years ago. She looked great, still very powerful looking with wide shoulders, big breasts, big strong looking thighs etc. We had a drink and then she asked me if I wanted to go back to her place. I felt attracted to her but also a bit afraid, what if she wanted to humiliate me, she looked strong enough to be a lot stronger than me still. I followed her home. When she had closed the door she just threw me over her shoulder and took me to her bedroom where she stripped me. I actually tried to stop her but she is a very very strong woman. The sex that followed was the best I had so far in my life. I haven't left her since. It is not too bad after all to have a strong girlfriend.

SethAug 29 2011 4:45am
I love big strong women who can f*ck my brains out

RicoSep 01 2011 8:52pm
I am a Swedish man 180cm,73kg going for Accra in Ghana. There i meet an amazon, black women 188 cm, 115 kg with strong 29 thighs. THe best sex ever. She uses her big legs when i am on top and she almost crush me and then she ride me true the bedsprings almost. She never get tired she just keep dominating me with her sstrong big body. I was exhausted, sore and have bruises for days, but what i member. I have to go to US to find some women like this

RicoSep 02 2011 7:37am
@Sandra can you proove your strength? any pics to show on facebook?

JeroenOct 16 2011 3:43am
My wife is not dominant - but during sex the other night, she pinned me into a position where i could not move, literally using her legs to hold my torso down while her arms grasped my legs. I must admit, it was very erotic - there was no way to pull out (even if i wanted to) and i came in her.

AnonymousOct 18 2011 7:21am
My wife and I are about the same size, 5'7" and 140 lbs. She has broader shoulders, a larger bone structure, and she lifts weights. She wants me to be slim, so I don't lift weights - just trail run and cycle. She is way stronger than me now, and we both like it that way. She likes being dominant, on top, and in control. It's very sexy, I think. She doesn't flaunt it in public, but occasionally will make small comments.....

JamboMay 26 2012 2:15pm
I am 52 year old and my wife is 27 she was a musclegirl already when we got together but for about 4 years ago she forced me to wrestle her as she told me for fun .i had not a chance agaisnt her she throw me down and got ontop of me . i really struggle and tryed to get her off me but she only laughed and pinned me down to the floor . the thing is when i finely had to submit i saw in her face that all the wrestling had made her hot and we had the best sex after that. she is still working out at the gym and is a buff women today and she still force me to fight her and she has begin to dominate me too. i really love her and i have at last begin to like it even if i really got embarrest in the beginning

mixwrestguyJun 11 2012 1:01am
my wife came home one day and was excited, she said that they had an armwrestling tournament at the company kick off and that she had won against 3 men out of 5. She said that work outs had really made a different. I said something that the men at her work seemed to be weak. She got angry and said that the three men she had won over were all bigger and stronger looking than me. I am a slim man and my wife is the same height and weighs more than me. So lets armwrestle she said. Until then we had never matched strength. I of course had felt that my wife had firmed up the last years due to her gym visits but I could never believe she would be stronger than me. She told me how to armwrestle, she had learnt the basics at the kick off. On three I tried to slam her arm down to show her who was stronger but her arm didn't move one bit. I got red in my face from embarrassment and from the strain. She looked at me and smiled and told me I was weaker than the guys she had won over and also we?ker than the women she had armwrestled and then she just took my arm down without reallu using her full power. Left hand was the same. She could see how embarrassed I was and told me to come around the table for a hug. I did as she told me and she dragged me down in her lap. She flexed her arm for me and told me to feel the arm that just had won over mine. Her biceps were rock hard and really big, I had never seen her flex before. She asked me if I wanted to wrestle her as well. I said no, I don't think I can take loosing again, I know your legs are stronger than mine so all together you are much stronger than me. She seemed to like what she heard but raised up with me in har arms like a baby. Perhaps you don't want to wrestle but I sure do she said and carried me in to the living room. She put me down on the florr where she pinned me. she took off my clothes and then undressed herslf. She kept her bra and pantyhose on and I had my underwear.She came at me like a tgress and lifted me in her strong arms in a bear hug, She did what she wanted with me, she was so strong that she actualy frightened me a bit. She became more and more dominant and once again lifted me up in her arms and went to an armchair where she sat down, turned me over her lap head down and started to plaufullu spank me. She said that she did want to spank me hard, just wanted to show me that she could do just anything she liked with me. It took mer several weeks to come over this evening. I thought about leaving her, a man should be stronger than his woman. And should she loose respect for me now when she knew she was much stronger than me. After anout four weeks where I had been very silent my wife one night pushed me down on our bed where she pinned me. While she sat on me she said that I should stop behaving like a child. She said that she still loved me and the fact that she was stronger gave ner a good feeling but she was sorry that I couldn't cope with it. She once again undressed me, I tried to fight her for a while but again it was no use. When I was naked under her she started to touch my penis and got mer hard, she rode me and I had to admit that the sex was great. She have since then been much more physical, she wants me to sit in her lap, she likes to lift me in her arms, she tells me about some of her female friend that are as strong or stronger than her, just to say to me that there are strong women. I have accepted the new situation now, I still feel embarrased when she can do just what she likes with me, I am not strong enough to put up much resistance. I started to work out for a while without telling my wife but I felt embarrased at the gym as well, several women were stronger than me there as well.

BoJul 16 2012 3:05pm
so what Bo, if you are a weak man you have to face it, several women are stronger than you.

clarissaJul 23 2012 2:02am
All of these are fantasies. Does it really happen in a relationship? Every girl is able to do it, but gives up after the first few times. Also they find it kind of gay..I find one girl giving too much attention to my rectum after she saw I was turned on by lifting.!

AnonymousJul 29 2012 6:28am
Not all of these stories are fantasies. From my own experience, I know that I was worried when my girlfriend and I finally got to spend a whole night together and I found she preferred to be on top. Although I couldn't orgasm as quickly with her in the dominant position, when I finally came it was tremendous. A better series,of,orgasms than I ever imagined. My girlfriend is a better swimmer and all round athlete than I and is finally learning the pleasures of wrestling domination.

GeneJul 31 2012 10:14pm
Not all of these stories are fantasies. From my own experience, I know that I was worried when my girlfriend and I finally got to spend a whole night together and I found she preferred to be on top. Although I couldn't orgasm as quickly with her in the dominant position, when I finally came it was tremendous. A better series,of,orgasms than I ever imagined. My girlfriend is a better swimmer and all round athlete than I and is finally learning the pleasures of wrestling domination.

GeneJul 31 2012 10:15pm
Physically, my wife is thick and solid; while curvaceous and sexually attractive, she is easily mistaken for butch. Intellectually and as a personality she is also dominant but not overbearing. I am not a meek type of person. In any case, I can count the times in our marriage that she has offered sexual subservience to me, such as performing oral, she is simply not aroused if she is not in control. And even if I am in an “on-top” position (which is rare) I invariably will be sucking her feet, burying my face into her armpits or sucking her fingers. It is uncanny, put her in a “submissive” role and her snatch will be as dry as the Gobi Desert roll her on top of you and her sex instantly becomes a volcano of pussy juice and lava. I enjoy our roles. The more aggressive and dominate she’s become, the more fulfilling the experience becomes for her. Ultimately, there is more power in the person who is providing the dominant his or her release and needs of expression. In many respects I understand the power a woman must feel in a more traditional relationship. Especially after a particularly physical session where my arms may be bruised from being pinned down and she has ground her cum dripping snatch across my face for a second and third I sense a silent adoration and respect because there are few men who are capable of allowing a woman like her such pleasure.

JohnSep 29 2012 12:32pm
I had hurt my back at work and had to be out for two months. During that time I wasn't able to lift anything more yhan 15 pounds so my wife had to start doing most of the heavy work around the house. We are about the same height but she weighs about 25 lbs more. I felt bad but she didn't seem to mind. She did yardwork, carried the groceries, moved furniture etc. She commented that she was always strong and that it was good for her to get exercise. She even bought a set of barbells and added them to her workouts a few times a week. I was helping put away some books one afternoon and I was struggling to put one on a high shelf. She laughed and came over and boosted me up so I could. I said wow you are getting strong. She smiled and made a muscle and I saw a bicep that wasn't there before pop out. Nice I said thinking that I didn't want show her mine which was smaller! My recovery was long and I lost weight and she gained weight but it was more muscle. One evening we were in the living room watching TV and I must have fallen asleep on the couch. I woke up in the bedroom and she was already up. She came in and I said I don't remember coming in here last night. She said I brought you in! You were asleep and I just carried you in. No way I said, you couldn't do that! Oh yes I did she said you aren't heavy and look at my arms I am strong enough to lift you. She made a double bicep pose and I could see her biceps were firm. She came over to the bed and pulled me up and bent down and I fell over her shoulders. She carried me to the mirror and said see for yourself! I was amazed as I lie over her shoulders, she held me there easily and then put me down. Don't you like having a strong wife she asked? I was speechless but nodded yes. Later in the day she was wearing a tank top and I got the nerve to ask her if I could watch her workout. She smiled and I thought she was a little turned on as she pumped up her arms and giggled when I asked to feel them. They felt firm and big and I said honey you are strong and I think that is a total turn on! You don't mind she asked? We kissed and she then picked me up in a cradle carry and held me as we made out. She was ready for more and carried me back in the bedroom. Tossed on the bed she got on top and made love to me. I felt her arms which she loved and we had the best sex ever. I was exhausted and she let me recover. She pulled me gently off the bed knowing I my back was still not 100%. I stood up and she again fireman carried me to the living room. She laid me on the couch and said she would be right back. I lay there letting it soak in that she was a lot stronger than me. She came back wearing a strap on and bent me over the couch and that completed her domination of me. I loved it and it has been like that ever since.

gwens hubbyNov 26 2012 8:45am
Not all of these are fantasy. My wife is shorter than I, a little heavier, and physically stronger. I've never won a wrestling match against her, and she is always on top during sex. I am not allowed on top for any reason. She loves showing me that she is the stronger sex in our house, and I love the physical and sexual domination.

Moe's Weak HusbandNov 30 2012 4:45pm
people posting here are either small weak men that have experiences with bigger or at least stronger women and girls. Or they are men that wish they had met or has a relationship with a stronger woman and have fantasies. A few are women that post here because they have proven themselves stronger. I doubt many women post here to tell us about fantasies including domination of weaker men. I belong to the first category. Some men are thin and short. I have never had any difficulties finding women though. More women than you think can be with a man that is smaller and weaker. I have never been in a relationship with a woman weaker than me. I am 160 cm and 48 kgs making a big majority of women stronger than me in Norway and Sweden, the countries I have been living in. I met my wife about two years ago. She had a daugther, 14 years old that was 171 cm and 70 kgs. The daughter was and is very sporty and a lot stronger than me. I don't mind, or rather the opposite, I enjoy being with this strong woman, my wife. 178 cm and 85 kgs. She can do just whatever she wants with me but she never seriously hurt me but can sometimes be a bit rough, being so much bigger.

Love being smallerDec 17 2012 2:34pm
My wife and me wrestle every time when we are together. We're married for 115 years, we're in our 40-s. We realized in these years, that se is stronger, much stronger than me. I look sporty, I'm taller and hevier than her. In the beginning she didn't want to wrestle, but when we did, it came out that she is strong. She won many times. Now she wrestle me in 30 seconds and plays with me adn can do anything with me what she wants. I resist as much as I can, but she says, she has to give only 60 percent of her strength to overpower me. Literally she can do anything with me, but she never hurts me. I seem stronger, but when she wrestle and pushes my arms, her muscles come out. Sshe haas stronger grip, arms shoulders, back, stomach, legs than me. As a teenager she did sports more intensively than me. Now she is stronger and she enjiys it. She likes to dominate me in wrestling and doesn't like to loose. Se never loose a single match. I can't be stronger than her.

ThomasDec 22 2012 3:58am
only 15 years...

ThomasDec 22 2012 3:58am

1Jan 09 2013 6:57am

-1'Jan 09 2013 6:57am
My wife is a lot stronger than me butit didn't start out that way. When we first married we would fool around a lot. I would piggy back her around or throw her over my shoulder. Not frequently but once in a while for laughs. She would also give me a brief ride and I would enjoy that. We are both similar height but she weighs about 20 lbs more. As we got older we decided we need to keep in shape. So I started jogging and she went to a gym a couple of days a week. We didn't really lose too much weight but our body types kind of changed. Me getting leaner and she kind of just got more sturdy looking. One afternoon she was sitting on the counter and I backed up and got her on my back. I held her and carried her around for a short ride and took her back. She giggled and said its your turn! I laughed and said OK and got on the counter. Instead of turning around she said put your arms around my neck. We kissed and then she said put your legs around my waist. She pulled me off the counter and held me in a front straddle! I put my head on her shoulder and mumbled Wow! She put me down and smiled and went about her business. I couldn't believe how strong she seemed but I pretended not to notice. Nothing more was really said but I had noticed as she brushed her hair that she seemed to have biceps! A crazy thing happened when I was out on one of my evening jogs. I was almost home when two thugs jumped me and robbed me and beat me up quite badly. I must have laid there for a half hour when I say my wife coming down the path towards me. I weakly called her name and she ran over. I wasn't in very good shape and it was dark by now. We were about three houses down from our house. She began to panic but I said I was OK and for us to just get back to the house. She helped me to my feet and slowly we made our way back with me leaning on her. She was almost carrying me when we got to the steps. She fished her keys out of her robe and stood me up straight. I've got to get you up the stairs and check you out. Let's take one step at a time, I can make it. She said no I am going to carry you up! I said you won't be able to I am too heavy. We'll see about that she said. I just fell against her. She bent down and put her shoulder into my stomach. I grimaced as she slowly raised me off the ground and stood up. She asked are you OK? I was amazed how strong she seemed. I said yes as she carried me up the steps and she unlocked the door with me dangling over her shoulder. She put me on the couch and turned on the light. I said I am just a little sore and actually they not had gotten anything off me. She checked me out and bandaged me up a little. I am lucky you came along honey or I would still be out there lying down. She smiled and said it pays to have a woman who take care of her man! I said by the way how did you know you could get me up the stairs? I have been working out you know and I am getting stronger! I do have bigger muscles than you now. She flexed for me and she was right. I really like them I said. She giggled and said, I think its time to get you to bed! She asked if I still wanted that pigy back? Sure I said as she gently lifted me onto her back. She carried me easily a lot easier than I ever had carried her! She put me down and said ready for bed I nodded as she scooped me into a cradle carry. I could see how developed her arms had become and it was a turn on. I hugged her neck as she gently laid me on the bed. We made love with her on top for the first time it was mind blowing. I was able to watch her flex and feel her biceps. When we had recovered I asked if it could be like this from now on. Oh yes she said I love this! I am going to get even stronger for you. I will be your Amazon! I said that is a fantasy come true, she pulled me off the bed and kissed me. She bent down again and I fell over her shoulders. She hoisted me up and held me. Can you get used to this she asked. I love it! As she carried me around the bedroom we were ready again. She now has total control and is even stronger.

drewFeb 21 2013 10:17am
I found out just how strong my wife had gotten after all her visits to the gym when we came home from the pub. She had to half carry my out of the cab since I was more drunk than I had ever been before. Our apartment is 3 floors up and no elevator. My wife just had me over her shoulder and easily carried me all the way up, undressed me and carried me in her arms to the bed. The day after I didn't really remember but my wife told me that I had been so drunk that she had to carry me. She was angry with me for being so drunk and got even more angry when I doubted that she could have carried me all those stairs to our apartment. She dragged me up from the bed, stooped and had me over her shoulder. I was naked and felt aroused. That was until she started to spank me, she walked around the apartment and spanked me for a long time. She sat down and had me over her lap and kept in spanking me until I begged her to stop. She wanted me to say that I should obey her from that moment. I hesitated and got more powerful slap on my behind and then screamed that I should obey her. She then turned me around so I was face up in her lap and started to kiss me, she stood up with me in a cradle carry and went to our bed where she made love to me. When did she becoms so strong? After that night I have stopped drinking when she have told me, I don't want to get spanked again, it was a very painful experience. But it wa also an act of love. She wanted to keep me. We have wrestled many times after that and she can beat me easily. Apart from the spanking it has been great having a strong wife.

AdamMar 10 2013 8:19am
My wife is stronger than me, dominant in bed, and likes it that way. It's a turn-on for her. The proof is that she likes to go to the gym and lift free weights, while I spot her. In between her free weight sets, I do sit ups. She likes having more upper body strength than me (she does), and it my slim upper body against her muscular upper body really feels great.

jamboMar 14 2013 11:34pm
Adam, it seems that you like the spanking part anyway the way you describe it. Something similar happened between me and my boyfriend after the first time we visited my parents together, ages ago. I loved my then boyfriend now husband very much but he is not Always very mature and sometimes tend to drink too much and is getting silly. I guess he was nervous meeting my folks and drank some Before we were going there. Anyway he got too drunk and said some stupid things and my parents doubted my judgement in this case. When we came back to my Place I had to carry him the last stairs, he was too drunk to walk properly. I was very angry with him but knew that he had been nervous and therefore been drinking too much so I decided to show him who was boss. I told him to take off his clothes and he foolishly though we should make love. When I told him to come to me and lay over my lap for a spanking he was laughing and thought I was kidding. I walked up to him, took him by one ear and dragged him to the armchair where I sat down and rather easily had him over my rather big strong thighs. I was and still am bigger than him, and stronger. I spanked him until he promised to behave and obey me when I told him to stop drinking. He started to cry like a baby, partly from the humiliation being spanked like a Child and partly because it had been painful. My arms are very strong and I gave him a really hard spanking. The day after he hardly knew what have happened so I took him over my knee again and gave him a few slaps and reminded him what was in store for him if he missbehaved again. After that night, early in our relationship he has actually stopped drinking or doing other foolish things when I have told him. Perhaps every second year he has nevertheless ended up over my lap for a spanking. I am sure most people here find this totally out of line, that he is a wimp, that I am a pervert but spanking saved our relationship I am sure. 99,9% of the time we have spent together has been fine. The last time I spanked him was new years eve when he was chatting up a lady at a party, after warning him a couple of times that night that he should pay more attention to me instead he was in for a spanking when we came home. He got very turned on this time, he admitted that this spanking over my nylon clad thighs had been different and that being so helpless turned him on. I have been quite turned on every time I have spanked him but never wanted to reward him after a spanking so I have taken care of my own needs after punish him. After new years eve we have wrestled a lot more, now that I know that he enjoys being weaker and loosing to me it has spiced up our love life a lot. I just wish that it had happened long time ago.

AminaApr 09 2013 6:42am
I never understood this fetish for spanking, kind of stupid if you ask me, but reading about being helpless over your strong nylon clad thighs suddenly sounded kind of sexy. I have wrestled a couple of girlfriends over the years and lost to two of them, they were both quite a bit stronger than me and being helpless under them, pinned and no way to defend myself was rather exciting. I don't consider myself a masochist but wrestling with a woman and loosing is actuall better than winning. The girlfriends I have bested in physical strength tests have been quite disappointed loosing to me, since I am a skinny dude. I met a woman last week that I hope can be my girlfriend. She is voluptuous, probably outweighs me 40-50 lbs. For a big girl she moves very well and I know she works out almost Daily. What made me interested in her in the first place were her big but great looking legs, especially her thighs. When I read about your nylon clad thighs Amina, I though about being forced over my new girl's knee. Kind of strange to Think about since what I really like with this woman is her warm and charming personality.

KristianApr 14 2013 1:57am
Amina, Many will not understand your relationship with your husband, but I do and envy your relationship. A role reversal with the stronger and larger partner being the dominant partner. Your relationship is not out of line and your husband is not a wimp, just a partner that is both smaller and weaker than. Stronger rules, just as you do, stay strong. jim

AnonymousApr 21 2013 12:41pm
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Vipul 23 year botam boy nagpurMay 29 2013 7:34pm
My girlfriend is totally the dominant one in bed. Not only though is she the completely dominant one sexually, but she totally has taken over as the dominant one in our entire relationship. She is so much taller, bigger, stronger and smarter than me. She is so smart that she skipped two grades ahead of me then graduated with a dual HS and 2 year college degree. But she went extra hours at night and weekends and summers to make the college degree a full bachelors degree. She was the first person to do this. So when she jumped two grades ahead of me earlier on she graduated while I was a sophomore and started her phd when I finally graduated and started college. She is my superior in every possible way. She is super tall and super athletic, and of course gorgeous. April stands at 6'5-1/2" tall and I only stand 4'9" tall. Yes, I am tiny. Super tiny. I'm no idiot or dumb, but she is so much smarter than me that I'm like a child compared to her. Not only is she tall, but she works out every day and she is ried completely. We live together now.

Add more soonSep 03 2013 8:51pm
When we moved in together she made it very clear she would be in charge and it made her cement it even more of her being the overall dominant partner in our relationship. All my money went to her and she did all the finances. She paid all the bills. She gave me an allowance, but very little.

Add more soonSep 05 2013 7:07pm
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tAEJOTjtNAHUeSep 07 2013 5:12am
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lPkDCvOKIXvSep 11 2013 5:15pm
She then sort of role reversed with me by making it clear I was to do most of the domestic work while she would do the more physical work and typical guy or head of household things. I do all the cleaning, laundry and cooking. She does all the physically demanding stuff as she loves showing off not only how muscular she is but how insanely stronger she is compared to me. Our neighbors I'm sure love the views when she mows the lawn in her sports bra and lycra work out shorts. She even does all the work on our cars and all the repair work around the house we rent while living near campus. She is known around town as the amazon blonde bombshell. She is very open about it with me how she has become the total dominant partner and she loves how submissive I have become to her. Her body is beyond amazing and she shows it off more and more now that she is getting to be more dominant with our friends, professors, family and classmates. Not only to be gorgeous, but to be practically ripped head to toe and tower above the majority... I thought she had maxed it all out until she came home with boxes and bags from the mall. She asked me did I like her being as tall as she is? I told her that I love her towering over me and her body is amazing. She then asked me would I still love her if she was even taller and I would be even smaller to her? I was speechless. I didn't know what to say. I told her that I loved her no matter what but I felt like I looked like a child already and id probably look even more like one if she was taller. She smiled and then said does it make you feel like one when you see how much stronger I am and how you do as I tell you in our relationship? I nodded yes to her. She then asked me to close my eyes. I could hear her get something out of a box. She told me to keep them closed. Then she told me to keep them closed but stand up straight. I could hear her stand up and then she put her long fingered hand over my eyes and told me to keep them closed. Then I could feel this warmth radiating on my face. It was her body heat! She then told me to open my eyes. When I did all I saw was flesh. Muscular flesh. It took me a moment to realize, but it was her ripped stomach muscles! And her belly button was slightly above my eye level!!! I looked up and all I could see was her stomach and the underside of her huge firm boobs standing practically straight out in a neon sports bra! I could barely see her face as her boobs blocked my view. Her arms were so damn powerful and her legs now were almost as tall as me. I looked down and saw heels on that had to be over six inches or more tall.

Add more soonSep 13 2013 7:19am
She backed away from me and then looked down and said, "there you are, I couldn't see you so close to my body with my chest blocking my view." She went on to say how tiny I looked now to her. She laughed and smiled and then asked me did she look gigantic to me now that she was wearing the heels? I nodded yes and told her she was so incredibly tall to me now. She then said that having me look up to her belly button is a huge rush for her. She told me that I definitely look completely like a child to her now and the scary part is that she has even a taller pair of heels to put on....and she said there could be a chance she is not done growing!! I was stunned. She kind of giggled and then again said how I look so small now at this new perspective. I asked her did she like being even taller and me down by her waist? My girl smiled so big and told me that it is such a huge rush, a power rush for her.

Add more soonSep 16 2013 3:00pm
She told me to sit back down a minute. She sat back down on the couch and then took off the heels and then opened up another box that was bigger. These heels were black and had the longest thick heel with a platform built in as well. I kept thinking they had to be between 8 and 10 inches high. She put them on so confidently and then told me to stand up and close my eyes. I obeyed. Then I heard her stand up and she told me not to open my eyes yet. I could hear her move right close to me. She then said that when I was allowed to open my eyes that she was going to completely blow my mind.I once again could feel her body heat right in my face, but it seemed a bit different this time. She told me then to open my eyes slowly and don't move back. I did and all I could see was solid black in my face or eye sight. I then could tell she grabbed me from the back of my head and pressed my head forward into something firm but soft. It took me a bit to figure out or get a grip as all I could see was black with a touch of light to the sides. She then told me to slowly look up. As I did it was starting to dawn on me that I was looking at black fabric. I looked up and then tilted back more and there I could then see flesh....very tan flesh above the black border. I titled my head up even more and to my eyes surprise and astonishment....there was her belly button way, way, way above my head! OMG, I was completely standing below her waist line! I was eye level with the lower part of her crotch! I kept looking way, way, way up and her chest was now so far above my head and the small glimpse of what I saw of her face was like in the clouds compared to where I stood. I looked down and her legs were basically now as tall as me with those super heels she had on. They literally were as tall or taller than me and seemed even more cut, powerful and muscular than before at my lower vantage point. I was freaking out but in awe at the same time. She backed away a tiny bit and looked way down at me and put her hands on her hips and sort of flexed her arms and flexed her amazing ripped stomach muscles. Her chest seemed even larger this far up from me and stood out for miles! Having your girlfriend's face stare down at you from very high up was beyond out of control and very itimidating. She knew by wearing those heels her dominance exploded over me. She then sort of stuck her chest out and arched her back. Omg. She looked massive and beyond sexy. She then said." little boy are you going to be able to handle me now?" I was just in awe of her. She then completely freaked me out and slowly rose up by standing on her toes and I watched my line of sight go from her crotch area to below her crotch and I could see clearly the space between her legs. Meaning I could fit between her legs standing up! Then she lowered back down. She then told me that she loves being this tall now to me and for me to be this small to her. She then said that

add more soonSep 16 2013 8:22pm
rSUuTJ Thank you for your blog article. Awesome.

FmpwmWHHMcOaeESep 24 2013 12:50pm
I hope you can handle me wearing these heels and being this short and small to me in public and even when we are alone? She said she now wants to wear them when we go out together. She then laughed a bit and said it's sort of a turn to her that I look like a little kid down below her waist. She said that sex would even be more amazing for both of us if she could be this tall to me. I craned my neck way, way up to look at her and to see her belly button way above my head was absolutely mind blowing. Later that evening we went out to go out to eat and see a movie. She wore a short, short skirt that showed off her amazing legs and a very tight top that showed off every inch of her towering body. She was a complete amazon goddess. Meanwhile I wore a Nike golf shirt and some dressy board shorts with flip flops. She insisted on me never wearing any shoes that elevated my height as she loved me the way I was. I still was in shock I stood below her waist line of her skirt. She was gigantic. Her breasts seemed even bigger than earlier that day and her legs were longer than me! When we got to the mall I noticed right away I was having a hard time keeping up with her stride with those heels. She insisted on holding hands and everyone was looking at us...but it looked more like a mommy and her child or a big sister and little brother compared to a boyfriend and girlfriend. When we got to the restaurant is when things started to get weird. The hostess asked her while looking right at me if she wanted a child's menu? I was totally taken back and I was about to answer up when she squeezed my hand very hard and said yes she would. I looked way up at her and she squeezed it hard and guided me to the booth. Once we were seated she told me that she wanted to go along with it and it was cheaper and than I ate like a bird anyways. I was hurt by all of it, but I didn't want to make her mad. I ordered a kids spaghetti and she corrected me and ordered a milk instead of a soft drink. During dinner she told me that for now on I was to give her my entire pay check and she would determine how much I would get for an allowance. She also said I would be getting less than before and

add more soonOct 01 2013 9:17pm
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AnonymousOct 03 2013 5:07am
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ZmQwOVKtwQrBzMlUOct 15 2013 11:19am
My wife took me over her knee for the first time on our wedding night. When naked over her knee in walked a housekeeper who witnessed my humiliation. After wards she put me on my back on the bed and had me pay homage the her naked derriere then mounted me in a 69 position to our mutual satisfaction.

markieeOct 20 2013 7:59pm
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My wife worked out with a neighbor friend of hers that was single. They were both pretty strong looking. My wife was always athletic whereas I was more on the thin side and rode a bike for exercise. Our neighbor had always made comments about how if she was married she would be wrestling her husband and to my surprise my wife offered for me to wrestle her! I didn't want to because she was probably as strong if not stronger than my wife. I told her I didn't want to because Mandy was really strong and I didn't stand a chance. They both smiled and you could tell I didn't have much say in the matter. They went to the gym on a Saturday afternoon and decided that I would be wrestling Mandy that night. We went over to Mandys and she was ready to go. She told my wife to come back over in an hour and we should be through. My wife left and Mandy took me downstairs to her workout room. She took me to her mat and began to wrestle me. She really got into it and after about 30 minutes I was exhausted but she kept on punishing me. She said that she was turned on and wanted to have sex with me but she was too close to my wife and didn't want to ruin their relationship. I just nodded as she sat on me and flexed her muscles. I finally heard the doorbell, Mandy got off me and went to let my wife in. I lay on the mat, bruised and bleeding a little. I moaned as she came over with a look of concern, she snapped at Mandy and said that it was understood that Mandy would not hurt me. She then bend down and lifted me into her arms. I was amazed as she carried me up he stairs with little effort. It was dark now so she just continued to carry me in her strong arms to our house. I put my head on her shoulder and winced in pain. She then put me on the couch. I heard her telling Mandy off as she came back in the room. I lay on the couch with an icepack as she said she was sorry. I said it was OK and that I wouldn't have minded getting beat up by her, but Mandy showed no mercy. She then pulled me off the couch and I fell over her shoulder, she easily hoisted me up and with ease carried me to the bedroom. She then made love to me and I asked her if she would beat up Mandy for me. She said that it was what she had planned! She lifted me again and it was the beginning of her domination of me and she did kick Mandys butt the next day!!

JohnNov 05 2013 7:58am
Your wife sounds really strong John, lifting you so easily. Do you feel good being carried in her strong arms and over her shoulder? It's nice that she stands up for you, so Mandy can't pick on you.

JenNov 05 2013 6:44pm
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Yes Jen, she is really strong. I love that she can carry me easily and she likes it too. I love the fireman carry and she does that usually to get me in the mood. Like your husband I love to feel her biceps as we make love. She is always on top now and has dropped hints that she wants to use a strap on. Do you think Jen that is going to far? It sounds interesting but I still haven't made up my mind!

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Vlad657Dec 15 2013 7:57am
Hi John. Sounds like you have a wonderful relationship now. I think if you love the bottom now, you will love the strap on even more. If she is hinting about it, I suggest you encourage her.

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As we're playfully wrestling around I let her pin me to the floor but after a couple minutes I try and get on top and she won't let me. I try and not show it but I'm really struggling and I can't get her off me. She has me pinned! Ashley asked me, can't you get up? I couldn't! I told her I was getting a cramp in my ribs. I said, probably from loading heavy supplies on a truck today (I lied). She let me up and I went to bed. I couldn't sleep that night. I knew she had me beat in our playful match but I thought she'd believed my lie. I could never let her know the truth. About a week later we were getting ready for bed in the bathroom and she asked me, you remember the other night we were fooling around when you got the cramp in your ribs? I said yes and she asked me if I wanted a rematch. I hesitated not knowing what to say. I ended up saying, why? you don't really think you stand a chance wrestling me do you? She said, I think it's fun and I might surprise you. She started slapping me around a little bit laughing like she was playing a game. She said come on it'll be fun let's just see if I'm any match for you. You could tell she was confident but I didn't want to seem like a wuss. I thought maybe last time was just a fluke. So I started to wrestle with her on the bedroom floor. She is a lean and fit girl so with just our night close on you could see a lot of skin and I was paying more attention to her sixpack and toned muscles than ever before. We've never truly tested her strength against each other and I was about to find out that I had no idea what she was capable of. She got me in a headlock right away. I put one hand on her bicep and the other hand on her fist as I try to pull her arm away from my neck. Her bicep was like a 3 inch steel pipe and her fist like a rock. I couldn't pull her arm away and she just applied more pressure. Once she let go I quickly scooted away and caught my breath. She just looked at me with a grin and I said where did you learn that move? She said I don't really know when he moves. That was just strength. I said no, you're not stronger than me. At this point I was upset and a little bit angry as my pride was coming into play. She said honey there is no need to get upset we are just playing around. She sits I beat you wrestling a couple times what's the big deal? I should've let it stop there but I was worked up and challenged her to another round. This time there was a struggle for a couple of minutes and I managed to get her in a headlock. I said I guess I've still got it after all. She used one arm to grab my wrist and pull my arm away just enough to loosen my grip. She used the other arm to grab the bedpost and pulls herself to her feet with me still on her back still trying to hold the headlock. Honestly, at this point I was scared. It's like a switch turned on in her and she was no longer playing for fun. She had become angry just like I did. I don't know how to explain it. It happened so fast that she basically grabbed me from off her back and threw me over her shoulders and onto the bed. She quickly got on top of me and pinned me. I couldn't move an inch. She grinned at me again and said are you sure about that? Said nothing and just look at her in disbelief hoping she would have mercy on me. Since then she often beats me at wrestling. She still lets me do some things in bed but it's not uncommon for her to take control and I am learning to enjoy it. After all it's not like she gives me a choice. She has threatened me a few times by saying something like Honey will you do the laundry today? If I say no she'll threaten to wrestle me in front of my parents or friends next time they are around. I hate the idea that she is dominant over me. The only time I find pleasure in it is during sex. The idea of me being at her mercy makes me uncomfortable. Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this in regards to a woman being tone but not thick while being stronger than a man who is taller and weighs more but if not weak? I know some women are bodybuilders or physically larger and stronger than men but you don't see many of her fitness stature who are dominant over a man like me.

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Robin, 19Sep 07 1:30am
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