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Question: I am a 6-foot-tall guy but I weigh only 140 pounds. I was easily outlifted (in a one-on-one weightlifting challenge) by a girl who is only 4-foot-11 but she weighs 190 pounds. Should I feel embarrassed or humiliated because I (A MALE!!!) was easily outlifted in weightlifting by her (A FEMALE!!!)? Or should she feel proud of herself because she (A GIRL!!!) easily outlifted me?
Created by: OUTLIFTED GUY at 02:33:09 AM, Thursday, March 05, 2009 PST


No you shouldnt feel ashamed, she is bigger than you

DuhMar 05 2009 2:14pm

Being humiliated by this experience is probably inevitable for most guys because you have been brought up with the traditional understanding that females are the "weaker sex", and that to be a "real man", you must be physically stronger. That belief system is becoming a thing of the past as we are finding that in a lot of ways, the opposite is actually true. Women are no longer constrained by ideas of the past, and are encouraged to be aggressive and competitive in all areas of life. As a result, it is becoming evident that free of restrictions, women are passing men up in most areas. It will take some time for a lot of men to accept this fact.

BBMar 08 2009 1:03pm
If I were that 140 lb man I would expect that 190 lb woman to outlift me iregardless of height

AnonymousMar 09 2009 12:47pm
No you shouldn't feel ashamed, Everyone knows a 190lbs. of fat will crush 140lbs. of poo, ever time!

AnonymousMar 10 2009 1:13pm
#0005 - (Tue.) * 3/10/09

UpdateMar 10 2009 1:16pm
i wouldnt be embarased,even my wife is as strong as im,in legs even stronger,we have the same bodyweight,the same height.i have actualy a lot of friends who are even heavier than their wifes or girlfriends-who are however stronger than those guys.its allready proven woman are physicaly pound for pound stronger than us-men so no wory about that.there is only minimum chance that men would be able to overpower even slightly bigger woman.if men can overpower bigger woman he has to be extremly fit to be able to do that,or a lot of working out in gym.but in matter of endurance you can never beat woman your size and bodytype,its in their nature to withstand childbirth which require such a physical endurance,-men would never be able gain anywhere,not even in the best gym in the world.thats just fact we have to bear in mind,humankind is going back to the nature of iceage where woman use to be more muscular,far better physicaly developed to defend kids against wild animal,or other human intruders,while men out of caves.they had bigger tougher bones,were taller,etc.see animals today-try to take little bears away of male adult,you have good chance to do that,but try to take them away of female,she would kill the whole army of intruders and her strenght is far greater than males.

JustinMar 12 2009 3:40am
You should be emotionally and spiritually devastated. There is no excuse for the shame you have allowed yourself to become subjected to.

AnonymousMar 12 2009 2:10pm
It is obvious that 99% of the polls on this web site about strong or muscular women are created by just 1 or 2 people, which is frightening if you consider how many polls have been created about those topics. The people who create those polls must be very sick people with no life an no girlfriend so they just fantasize all day long on this web site.

AnonymousMar 17 2009 6:53pm
I once saw a 14 year old girl beat up an adult and even lifted him over her head as a human barbell. It was an awesome sight which I wll never forget.He wasn't a big man,maybe 5ft 2 and 100lbs but this was a pre-teen girl at 14.( 5ft10 and 140lbs I gues.

anonymousMar 06 2013 6:27am
In one poll with likelike, i read how some teens boys and girls compared their strength. I realized that teens today much stronger than early. The strength of boys was between 18 and 43kg. Boy average is 29kg. I can only lift 24kg which means i‘m weaker than the average. The girls are really amazing! The youngest and weakest girl can lift 38kg, the strongest lift 151kg! This show that girls much stronger than the average men. And the girls average is 75kg, 32kg more than the strongest boy. 51kg more than me!

HenniOct 03 2018 11:55pm
Yes henni, i read this poll too. There were two girls 11 and 12 much stronger than adult males and it was 4 years ago! Today they are probably much stronger! Presumably stronger than we both together. It requires four of us to have a chance against one of this girls!

AnonymousOct 07 2018 1:19pm
How do you handle that girls today so much stronger? Are you sometimes worried about that?

HenniNov 18 2018 3:25pm
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