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A guy admitting that A GIRL is physically stronger than he is? WHAT PERCENTAGE OF GUYS WOULD ADMIT THAT???

Question: Are most guys actually TOO MACHO to admit that A GIRL is physically stronger? I am a guy who has no trouble at all admitting that A GIRL is physically stronger than I am, ESPECIALLY AFTER SHE PROVES IT!!! Why should I deny it or try to hide it? The fact is, I admit that I was taken down by a girl, and then pinned by her, in a wrestling match. BECAUSE IT HAPPENED!!! I admit that I was defeated by another girl in an armwrestling match. BECAUSE IT HAPPENED!!! I admit that I was outlifted by yet another girl in a weightlifting contest. BECAUSE IT HAPPENED!!! However, I am thin while they are all heavyset and the larger girls are (usually) stronger, anyway. At 6-foot (and half an inch!!!), I am taller than 99.9% of all females (including the above-mentioned girls who defeated me). However, because I am very thin, the majority of all females (that's more than half!!!) are larger, heavier and stronger than I am (including the above-mentioned girls who defeated me). Should I be ashamed of the fact that I am smaller and weaker than they are even though I am taller than they are? I don't think so. But I believe most other guys would be if they were me. Here is the question: What percentage of guys would admit that A GIRL is physically stronger (than he is)?
Created by: SHAMELESS GUY at 07:58:24 AM, Friday, March 13, 2009 PDT


As a rather strong woman I have over the years beaten men at several physical things, tennis, arm wrestling, wrestling and even boxing. I grew up as a tomboy, boxed and wrestled with my brothers, one younger and one older. When I could beat them both in wrestling they first were really ashamed but after a while they realized that I was stronger. They later grew much bigger than me and stronger. But the smalles of them still has to fight like hell to beat me when we arm wrestle left handed. I have beaten him a few times when we got older. My first boyfriend and I wrestled once, I won easily being trained wrestling my brothers. He couldn't take that at all and left me after a while. My first husband was stronger than me when we arm wrestled but he never won one single time when we play wrestled. I was over all stronger than him and had far better endurance. We didn't divorce because of that though. I have since then been with some men, some longer relationships and some shorter. I have been stronger than most of them since I am very physical and work out a lot. They have admitted that I was stronger but it has been very hard for them. I think that more than 75% of men would have difficulties admitting that a woman is stronger in front of other people. If it behind locked doors it is different. Nice to be the first one to post here.

GretchenMar 17 2009 11:42pm

I defeated my husband liek 25 times at home when wrestling before he admitted that I was stronger. I once threatened him to wrestle him down in public if he didn't come with me shopping instead of a football game, he was really scared I would do that, he said to me that I would ever do that he might consider leaving me. The funny thing about this is that most people that know us think I am stronger, you just have to look at us, I am 5'10 and close to 200 lbs, he is 5'11 and about 155 lbs. I am not a body builder type but very strong looking, he is skinny and have sinews, not muscles. I love him dearly though, wouldn't trade him for any muscle hunk.

SorayaMar 18 2009 12:20am
Question for Gretchen or Soraya have either of you ever beaten up a guy you did'nt like, and why did you have too.

anonMar 22 2009 1:40am
To the guy who started this topic. You know the drill. You're a ferkin idiot.

AnonymousMar 23 2009 3:29am
#0005 - (Tue.) * 3/24/09

UpdateMar 23 2009 9:09pm
Anonymous, you are probably the same person that posts opionions about polls you have no interest in, that makes you an even bigger idiot.

AnonymousMar 23 2009 10:54pm
Whoever you are,I honestly hope and pray that some 250 lb woman will pulverize you to death! Really and truly You want this bad, then you certainly deserve it. If you are a mere 110 -120 lbs...I am certain plenty of women could do that job!

LoriMar 25 2009 7:12am
I am not that small a guy but I would have to assume that any small guy, just like any larger guy, wants a 250-lb woman, or any reasonably desirable woman, to spread her legs so that he can slide his huge, rock-hard penis deep into her vagina!!!

AnonymousMar 26 2009 9:33pm
Those 250 pounders are all yours Anonymous

Anonymous the one with eys that still workMar 27 2009 1:21pm
#0010 - (Fri.) * 3/27/09

UpdateMar 27 2009 1:22pm
In the last month or so someone has gotten on this web site and show us all how mentally disturbed a male can be. This A.S.S thinks the female are designed a be a pack mule, he seem to get a kick out of riding them, around or for some s.h.i.t.t.y a.s.s.h.o.l.e male, to punch around and use as cheap work out equipment. I for one have to much respect for the ladies to vote in this kind of B.S. poll. A pervert as he is should be lock up for LIFE...who knows maybe he is? We can only hope!!!

AnonymousMar 31 2009 9:06pm
It is a fact that women are getting bigger and stronger even though they are not getting any taller. I believe that women will eventually be bigger, heavier and stronger than men even though men will continue to be taller than women.

AnonymousApr 02 2009 3:19pm
Some years ago my wife challenged me to an armwrestling match. She had been working out quite hard for a while and wanted to test her strength against mine. She won rather easily, we wrestled a couple of times and with both arms but with the same result. When we went to a family dinner some time after my wife talked about her work outs and that she was strong, looking smilingly at me. I told everybody that she was really strong, quite a bit stronger than me. This was sort of a shock for most of our relatives, they couldn't understand that a woman could be stronger than a man. Of course my wife was challenged to a number of armwrestling matches against some of the men and a few of the bigger women challenged me. I had 4 matches, I won 3 of them but lost to my wife's sister. My wife had 5 matches, she won three of them. I wasn't ashamed of loosing to my wife but none of the men that lost to my wife felt good about their losses. I am sure that many women can be stronger than men. It is a question of size, body type and how frequent you exercise.

Cool about being weakerApr 22 2009 8:07am
I get really turned on by a woman who is bigger and stronger than I am.

A man who is a great admirer of WOMANPOWER!!!Jul 13 2009 4:27pm
I am stronger than my husband, I think it has been that way since we met 15 years ago. But wasn't until recently that I showed him how much stronger I was. His reaction was childish I think, he was ashamed being weaker and begged me not to tell anybody about it. We had a dinner the other night, I was sleeveless and one of our female friends complemented me on my strong looking arms. I flexed and felt proud. I smiled at my husband that really looked scared and his face got red. Our friend that complemented me looked at my husband and said something like nice to have a strong wife, and then laughed. My husband was really upset after dinner since he thought I had told this friend of ours. In the future I will tell our friends and relatives, I am strong and proud of being strong.

GretchenSep 14 2009 12:42am
I have always wondered why men and women have such strong reactions when it comes to cases where women are physically stronger than men. When me and my husbands tells people around us that I am much stronger than him they react in different ways but very few just shrug their shoulders as if it is not a big deal. Women laughs and say is it really true, are you really stronger than your husband? Well, look at us, in the summer time it is so easy to see, I am bigger all over and I am not fat. Another reaction comes from men that automatically thinks my husband is a weakling, they never believe that I am a very strong person, stronger than the average man. My husband do reps with 50 kgs free weights, 3x7. If you ask men at an office how many can do the same I am sure that several men can't do that. I can lift 75 kgs 3x7, I know for sure that I am stronger than the average man. My husband is 69 kgs I weigh 84 kgs. I can bench 90 kgs he can max 65. So I think my husband is strong, the only thing is that I am stronger. I can also beat him at wrestling and armwrestling but to be honest, only 2 men of our friends can beat me, and they are a lot bigger than me, weighing in at more than 225 lbs. My husband has no difficulties at all saying I am stronger. I think it would have been different if the situation had been like a couple we know where the man is considerably bigger than his wife but she is quite a bit stronger than him. He is a couch potato while she is very fit and athletic.

VeeraDec 03 2009 6:06am
Do karatewomen sexually dominate their men in bed? Do they use karate skills to extract submission from husband/boyfriend before making love?

IndonymousDec 27 2009 2:36am
Statistically only in 1 in 200 healthy adult couples is the male weaker than the female. I am weaker than my girlfriend though.

Ticklish girly-armsFeb 11 2010 3:26am
I have always been stronger than my boyfriend, we have been together for 8 years now and he is still scared I will tell people about him being weaker than me. I am sure that most people understand this fact anyway since I am more muscular and bigger than him but he always claims that he is stronger. The first time we were intimate 8 years ago we playwrestled and I was actually surprises how much stronger I was. When I had him pinned under me he almost cried and we haven't wrestled since. Apart from this he is a wonderful guy, just so sensitive about being weaker than his strong girlfriend. I actually long to wrestle him again. I found it rather erotic to dominate him in this classical test of strength.

MoiraApr 06 2010 6:18am
Moira, show him who's boss. Wrestle him, lift him over your shoulder, play with him. He will love it I am sure

AnonymousMay 17 2010 1:19am
Does anybody know how much overlap there is in strength between men and women? If you took 1,000 young men and 1,000 young women and then selected the strongest 1,000 people out of the combined group how many of the 1,000 would be women? Also, how old would the average man have to be before he was weaker than the average 20 year old woman?

RonJul 20 2010 11:25am
I married my wife 21 years ago. She was more athletic than me, a bit bigger and stronger. We wrestled and armwrestled quite often and she always won. I had a problem with that from the start but got used to it and came to like it since my gf loved to be stronger. What I hated was when she told friends and relatives and I made her promise not to mention this. She was not pleased with this since she was proud of her strength but she, as far as I know, didn't tell anybody after she had promised. Now many years later she is still stronger but today I really don't care if she tells anybody. She is a strong woman, she looks fantastic for a 40 something and I guess that she is stronger than the average male, same age and body type. She has beaten several of our friends at armwrestling, both men and women, and I have lost to a couple of her female friends. I haven't felt too bad about that either. I am sort of OK with being perhaps a little under average male strength, and loosing to a strong woman is not the end of the world. I have actually wrestled my wife on the beach just recently, I poured some water on her when she was sun bathing, she came after me and wrestled me to the ground and pinned me in seconds. Women around us applauded and laughed. And I just didn't care.

Grown up manJul 26 2010 1:19am
When I stand toe to toe facing a woman, I know right away she is stronger, equal or weaker. Today I faced the cashier at the local market. She was my height, but her torso from shoulders on down was much broader. Physically I felt very insignificant compared to her. Of course she is physically stronger. I admit that here and anywhere. She is the sweetest thing and wouldn't hurt a fly. But potentially she would seriously injure me in any fight. Unfortunately even if the reality is that 60 percent than they, most small weak men(80 percent) will not even admit that even one is stronger, unless she almost beats him death. Even then, he still will rationalize it somehow.

AnonymousAug 08 2010 11:21am
When I stand toe to toe facing a woman, I know right away she is stronger, equal or weaker. Today I faced the cashier at the local market. She was my height, but her torso from shoulders on down was much broader. Physically I felt very insignificant compared to her. Of course she is physically stronger. I admit that here and anywhere. She is the sweetest thing and wouldn't hurt a fly. But potentially she would seriously injure me in any fight. Unfortunately even if the reality is that 60 percent than they, most small weak men(80 percent) will not even admit that even one is stronger, unless she almost beats him death. Even then, he still will rationalize it somehow.

AnonymousAug 08 2010 11:21am
I am by no means big at 5'2 and 120lbs but I am much stronger then my boyfriend. I do work out a lot and always have and I lift very heavy things at work. My boyfriend is tall and very skinny although he also works out and has definition..just not strength. I have to be careful when I hug him that I don't squeeze him too hard or he yelps and sometimes I will give him a little punch when I'm joking around and also have to be careful to punch very softly or I hurt him. He cannot lift me either. It bothers me .. I've never been the stronger, bigger one in a relationship till now. I am friends with a lot of male body builders from my gym and I like the way I feel around them .. small and feminine. I certaintly don't feel like that around my boyfriend. I feel like I need to lose my muscle and become very very skinny to fit with him. Thing is .. I love him very much regardless.

HelenAug 12 2010 6:23am
Helen, it's up to you what choices you make, but why give up something you enjoy to fit in with a notion of how a woman has to be? Maybe you can be the stronger one and it's not a big deal.

SteveAug 14 2010 7:21am
My wife is stronger but I'll not admitt it. She is much more muscular while I'm thin. She recently said "everyone knows that I'm stronger than you" in a conversation. My sister in law said "llok at that, my sister has bigger muscles than you" and I don't know why but I just clam-up and say nothing. I like seeing her muscles but I'm embarassed about being less muscular than she is.

BillAug 19 2010 9:45am
Hi Folks, I have been lifted by girls in their arms as if i were a baby, girls have hoisted me on their shoulders and walked effortlessly. I both like it and dont like it! I mean the idea of a girl overpowering me is both titillating and yet sometimes depressing

AdonisAug 31 2010 11:16am
well im not afraid to admit it, but i havent seen it happen, atleast not to me, so i wont say they are. ive had girlfriends wrestle me, but w.o even trying to hard, i beat them. they head scissor me and try to schoolgirl pin me or facesit me, but im always able to break free and sleephold them with my so until a girl beats me, i wont say theyre stronger. any girl out there think they can knock me out or pin me down, or both?;p

Juanito.Sep 28 2010 9:36pm
My ex boyfriend would never admit, even though he was 5` and 95 lbs. Unfortunately he met his tragic fate two yrs ago during a home invasion robbery. a man and woman team. he stormed the house and the woman killed him in a massive bearhug

jillOct 25 2010 9:16am
I outweigh my wife by 70 lbs and am 8" taller and am quite a bit stronger however she is a great wrestler, loves to win, has great stamina and is very quick. Inevitably she eventually wears me out and gets me in some type of head scissors. There is no escape and we both know it. She will not release me until I beg her to. She threatens to knock me out which we know she has done in the past not to hurt me but so I know she can. She then directs what type of sex she wants and when I agree she releases me. o am a very happy husband.

WrestleDadNov 13 2010 10:42pm
I have seen and experienced Bengali women who are strong enough to bear hug and lift me and I am 181cms tall and weigh 175lbs.

Debraj MitraDec 14 2010 9:44am
All of u are stupid, normally men are stronger than women however there are exceptions. This is kind of obvious

I am who I amJan 15 2011 6:14am
my wife has always been stronger than me, it was never an issue between us but I didn't want her to tell everybody about it but over the years it has become more and more obvious that she is stronger. And very few of our friends ore relatives think it is strange. They know my wife is strong, you can see that, and they know I haven't got any big muscles. We had an old friend of my wife's over once and my wife told her that we wrestled now and then, the old friend laughed and looked at me and asked me who won (knowing the answer). I told her that of course my wife won, she was the one with the muscles. The friend looked at her husband and told him that being honest and straight about a thing like that showed that I was a real man. He blused so we could guess that he was also weaker than his wife. No big deal but I think 10% is the right figure anyway.

Nr 2Feb 03 2011 6:21am
yeah, 10%, you very seldom hear men talk about being weaker than their wifes girlfriends

AnonymousMar 17 2011 8:34am
i did once... she got angry and asked if i was calling her fat XD ... then she nearly broke my face -_-

HeyMeJul 16 2011 6:00pm
I'm a 40 year old man, I'm only 2'8" (I have some hormone problems) and very scrawny. I am a single father of 3 girls. The oldest is 10, and she's already 6'2". The middle daughter is 6, and she's 5'0". The youngest is 3, and she is 4'2". I am completely at their mercy. If you are in somehow similar situation, e-mail me:

AnonymousAug 23 2011 8:44am
I'm 23 years old and very fit. I've worked threw P90x twice and go to the gym 6 days a week. Personally I can say I've never dated or been friends with a girl who was physically stronger than me. Not saying there isn't a girl out there that isn't stronger...I just haven't met her yet.

AnonymousAug 24 2011 12:49am
I am 172cm,my wife is 173cm.She is stronger than me.She wrestle and armwrestle me every time.She is the boss and i like it.I love her very much.

charlesOct 17 2011 9:37am
Women are not generally nice about being stronger, making more money or being superior to their partner in any way. My first wife who was 9 inches shorter than my lanky frame was quite a stocky girl. During our marriage she publicly humiliated me several times by jumping me and pinning me down in front of guests. First, I thought that she was just playing, and I asked her to stop when family and friends laughed at my predicament. I later found out that she did that on purpose. I worked crazy hours to keep her in the lifestyle she wanted while she worked out and got certified as a trainer and a nutritionist. She got stronger while I got weaker and developed health issues. With my start up money she opened a very successful fitness and weight loss center and made more money than me which she rubbed in my face. I found that she was having affairs. When I confronted her, she was evil about it. In the divorce she got the house, the kids, and I got child support payments that kept me in the poor house. She moved in a series of musclebound boyfriends and tried to physically and legally intimidate me. Women hate weaker men, would quickly lose respect for them and treat them badly. I don't care what these women say about loving their weaker husbands. Men: avoid putting yourselves in that situation. It screwed up my life. Being emasculated will harm your health and lower your drive, screwing up your career. Leave strong women to bodybuilders and musclebound athletes.

M. G.Nov 27 2011 7:23pm
If you are a young fella and your girl is stronger than you, you either have below-average strength for a male, or you got with a woman in the highest tiers of female strength. Odd situations like that are abnormal to say the least. I would venture to say that unless both parties are perfectly fine with that, the relationship would be negatively impacted. Most women love to have men who are taller and stronger because that makes them feel feminine and protected. Most men want smaller and weaker women because that makes them feel more masculine and manly. This is not sexism- This is just evolutionary psychology at work! Frankly, I think that many of the posters on such a poll, even those who claim to be women, are likely male fetishists, many of whom, I am sure, will never realize their fantasy of meeting some husky figure with breasts that will take them home and have their way with their weak emaciated bodies. Boy, I am sure glad that my parents did not screw me up that much to have such a missed up fetish. Peace!

TimmyNov 27 2011 7:55pm
If you are below average strength for a man, and of course a lot of men would be in this catetory, many of the above average strength women would be stronger than the men. I have experienced many cases where women have turned out to be stronger. My wife for instance is considerably smaller than me. I was stronger than her when we met, at least when it came to arms. My wife over the years have been increasing her visitis to the gym while I have avoided gyms but done my pushups, situps and joggings regularely. One evening my wife said in front of our mirror that she looked stronger than me, her shoulders and upper arms were more powerful looking. I have to say she was right but didn't want to admit it. She challenged me to armwrestle her and so we did. We had a very tough match with our right arms, our strongest but her stamina was better than mine and afte minutes of wrestling she slowly forced my hand down. She glowed and loved it and I felt like a fool. Perhaps left arms could save me from more embarrassement but it turned out that my wife has two equally strong arms and she just forced my left down in one single movement, in a second. She could see my embarrassement and told me that I could get even winning in thigh wrestling. I didn't even know what this was but it turned out that you sit opposite each others on chairs, trying to close the other person's legs with yours outside and vice versa. My wife's thighs and legs are a lot bigger than mine so this was more of a joke when she could smash my legs together and easily stop me from doing the same with hers after. Later on in our relationship we also wrestled and this was something that changed a lot in our relationship. I could take being weaker than my wife after the first embarrassement but when you added wrestling it suddenly became much more sexual and I learnt how to like being weaker since my wife got very turned on winning over me (we wrestled naked) and after a while I also got very excited.

TDec 01 2011 8:02am
If you read polls like this and many others you can get the impression that women are stronger than men period. But of course this is wrong. Men have a significant advantage in size and building muscle that are good for explosive strenth, so a big man with good muscles would always be stronger than most women. But there are so many exceptions to that rule if you just have eyes to use and see the world around you. Many women are big, in the Nordic countries average height for a woman is 167-168 cm, average size for a man from let's say Indonesia is less than that I think. And in the western world more women than men frequent the gyms. Genes, what you eat are also factors that counts to be strong. And the testosterone is of course of big help to get stronger but when you get older it could even happen that women have a higher level of testosterone than men. We also know that the female muscle on average is stronger than the male, pound for pound that is. A woman's muscles recover faster than a man's after working out for maximum meaning that women can have a better work out than a man. I am taller than the average man, I am not very fit but I am not nor have I been considered as weak. Yet have I lost armwrestling and other strength related contests to girls and women over the years. I have been stronger than a lot of women as well of course but I can remember almost 20 girls and women that have been stronger than me. Nothing strange with that really. I might be a bit under average strength for a man, probably quite a bit under for a man my size. I have always had big difficulties building muscles and strength but like I already has written never been weak either. I have met female swimmers, gymnasts, shot putters and other athletes that are stronger than me but also ordinary women. I will always remember my best friends mother, a house wife, that could beat me and my friend in armwrestling matches even when we were in our 20's and she was 50. She was just a big strong woman that at the most worked out once a week. My point is that you never know who could be stronger but the odds if course in the man's favour.

Svein IngeDec 13 2011 4:54am
My wife started to work out with collegue about two years ago. They started to go to the gym twice a week but after half a year added another day a week. After about half a year my wife told me that she was getting a lot stronger and that her colleguew was even stronger than her. She wanted to armwrestle me, a bit surprising since we had never done that before. Right hand I really had to struggle but won after some minutes of tough armwrestling. Left hand was even tougher, we deiceded to have a draw after a very long fight, where I actually just was about to give up. My wife said that it wold not be long before she could beat me. I realized she was right, I have never been to a gym so my way of keep in shape was tennis twice a week and bike back and forth to work. Kept me slim but not much stronger. My wife added that her work out friend was a lot stronger and that she could beat me easily if I got the chance to armwrestle her. About half a year later my wife invited her collegue for dinner. After dinner we started to talk about their workouts. My wife insisted that I should armwrestle her friend but I wasn't very keen on that. My wife started to say that they just wanted to compare strength with a man. So there I was armwrestling this woman that I had met for the first time. I wanted to go for a pin straight away with right hands but her arm was steady and she just smiled and put me down very easily. Same with left arms. She told my wife that I wouldn't have a chance against her. So now me and my wife had a new armwrestling match. She surprised both of us when she rather easily got pin both my arms to the table. After her friend had gone my wife dragged me to bed where she pinned me, she said that the female superiourity show had made her sexually excited. I struggled to get her off me but she could keep me pinned under her without breaking sweat. After this evening we have wrestled and armwrestled many times and I can admit that I like these contests.

NorbyDec 27 2011 8:15am
I am 5'4" 141, my wife is 5'4" 195 and she can kick my butt. Slightly stronger arms, way stronger legs. We wrestle and she wins. It is a bit of a ding to the male ego, but I find her muscles sexy.

CalJan 13 2012 4:17pm
I would like for Gretchen to comment about my situation. Years ago i admitted to my wife that she was physically stronger than me, and you sound very similar to her in strength and being proud of your many talents as a woman. Recently, we work out together with weights and she lifts much more than me, her upperbody is much stronger. Seeing her also being really prissy and beautiful she wears heels and panyhose a lot. I love this! but, knowing that a woman thats prissy and sassy is stronger than me really humbles my male ego. How do I take this Gretchen?

DaveFeb 01 2012 1:16pm
What were yours and your wife's respective heights and weights, M. G.?

AnonymousMay 18 2012 7:26pm

rgJun 10 2012 7:30am

rgJun 10 2012 7:30am
Females and girls i always knew had thicker stronger legs and and ankles and feet and usually were bigger and stronger than alot of guys they just dont like to show it unless they are into overpowering and beating up guys i see alot of females that could kill a Weak wimp but most are nice so they dont have to worry but some guys are scared of girls and females when you see a 14 year old teen girl gymnast or swimmer stronger than many adult males you know what they could do and especially if there older college age and older and strong and atheletic.

cbJun 30 2012 8:43am
Personaly, I d found exciting meet a girl who is stronger like me, but I wouldnt tolerate that she had increased her strength with the help of artificial products, like anabolics, even nutritional supplements. If she get more strong like me only with her hard workout and healthy natural food, I could value it. Besides the arouse for have that girlfriend stronger like me; I d felt a strong need to train hard and compete to her until surpass her or realize I have not the potential to achieve that (something that would be really strange since I m a not weak boy and she would be a girl) anyway if the competence is natural and legal, I d never fault her for beat me or be stronger than me.

DavidJul 09 2012 12:49pm
taking about polls or percentages; only a few of the boys would like a girl stronger than them, but do they exist, and for them, this point could turn the most exciting and erotic point in the couple.

DavidJul 09 2012 1:00pm
Personaly, I d found exciting meet a girl who is stronger like me, but I wouldnt tolerate that she had increased her strength with the help of artificial products, like anabolics, even nutritional supplements. If she get more strong like me only with her hard workout and healthy natural food, I could value it. Besides the arouse for have that girlfriend stronger like me; I d felt a strong need to train hard and compete to her until surpass her or realize I have not the potential to achieve that (something that would be really strange since I m a not weak boy and she would be a girl) anyway if the competence is natural and legal, I d never fault her for beat me or be stronger than me.

DavidJul 09 2012 1:00pm
I married a woman that comes from a line of strong women that all of them except one have married weaker men. They have all been big boned, muscular yet good looking women so the men they have married have not been weaklings, just weaker than their strong wives. I have to admit that I was a bit shocked the first year when my wife first prooved herself to be quite a bit stronger than me, when I met her two sisters they were both big and strong and it turned out they could easily win over me when we armwrestled. The I met their mother and her two sisters and again I lost to stronger women. My mother-in-law actually had a another sister, a slim, non muscular woman that was probably below average strength for a woman while the other women were probably stronger than the average man. A most unusual family I am sure.

Northern EuropeanJul 13 2012 5:31am
I used to go to gym to run for maximum 20 minutes and there was a section for the wrestling classes so I got a chance to wrestle with plenty of girls and I lost with more than sixty of them and won with eight of them because I didn't get the training they got and I didn't lift weights for years like they did,and some of those who beat me were 5 4 ht and 120b wt and I was 5 11 ht and 23ob.I admit I was surprised in the beginning but then I got used to it.I believe that mixed wrestling is a good way for the strong women to teach men lesson to respect women so men will stop looking at women as inferior.

Mike LenzyJul 28 2012 11:29pm
What u all r talking about ? !! A normal man is alwayz alwayz stronger than women ,no matter any race --without argument..all those who are talking That women stronger then men is rubbish. Its all related with sex again-men alwayz fancies big womens thick thighs big ass as during sex IT matters a lot .Its Moré pleasureable for men to have sex with big women.Some may like dominating women in bed -Thats IT --means women stronger then men this is all nonsense

AnonymousNov 16 2012 5:07pm
I'm a male nearly 6 feet tall and weigh 158. I recently hired a session wrestler who is about 5'3" and 135. She has martial arts training, so she know technique, but she is extremely strong, both her legs and upper body. She could lift me with ease. Over the course of an hour match she forced me to submit countless times. I didn't get her even close to submitting once. I wasn't faking it. I wasn't letting her win. I was trying as hard as I could. So there's no question in my mind that real women can be stronger than men.

AmazonFanDec 14 2012 12:28pm
Can a woman shut a man in a room by phyisicly holding the door poo?

AnonymousFeb 05 2013 6:19am
Im a 41 yr old and my couson whos 5 yrs younger then me she shut me in the bathroom as a joke an held the door shut an i could not open it can that happen?

RobinFeb 15 2013 6:24am
many years ago I showed my husband that I was stronger than him. I was sure already when we met that I was stronger, being more athletic and more powerfully built. No big deal, I loved my thin but great looking man. So one evening he wanted to armwrestle me, I wasn't sure if I should do my best or let him win but decided that he should love me whater the outcome. So I basicly played with him and won rather easily. He was very embarrassed and begged me not to tell anybody else. Now many years after he is totally at ease saying to friends that he is weaker than me, and he is proud of my strength. He loves when I pin another man in an armwrestling match, I have taken many scalps from male friends and relatives. And to be honest, after that first time I beat my husband at armwrestling our sex life improved a lot. I found out that my husband loved feeling my muscles when we made love and that my strength turned him on. But back then he would never have admitted that. I like being strong and also sometimes get sexually excited being physically dominant.

GitMar 13 2013 9:59am
MY gf is much thicker than I am. I was sitting oppositee her in a libary once and the sleeves of her t-shirt were pulled very tight across her arms so that i could c tha definition in her arm muscle quite clearly. Looking at my own arms, hers seemed roughly twice as big as mine, She is about 23lbs heavier and a couple inches taller in her favourite heels she was wearing then. I challenged her to an arm wrestling match. She nervously accepted as she was secretly very confident she would win but didn't want me to seem weak. As i began struggling her arm bulged with muscle increasing in size whereas mine just seemed skinner. she didnt know how to react when she beat me so easily

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I'm 6'2 160 and my girlfriend is 6'1 and 400lbs solid and wears heels.and when we go around people she will pick me up and sit me in her lap anytime she wants.the size of her heavy hands ouch lol

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my wife and i have been married for 5 years the otber day o came home drunk and she met me in the kitchem and i ordered her to make me. food she ignored me amd started walkiing away i came from behind and went to put her on a choke hold before i knew she three me on the floor and syaryed chocking me sith her foot pn my throat the mext day i said i was sorry amd sbe said no i need to teach you not to put your jznds on me again i saod i was drunk lazy nigjt well my wife is azoan five feet two invhes amd 99 pounds i am six feet four inches and 225 pounds i got beat up several times she beat me at boxing and grappling i woke up naked and eas forced to kiss jer feet now we have amazinh sex but every now and then she beats me up amd makes me jack off zhe says im not man dnoigh gor her

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Her name was Asha, she was a prostitute from Kolkata's Sonagachi. I had a fetish for being lifted and carried and at last found her. She was around 5' 7" and proportionately built. But she surprised me when she was able to easily lift me in a bear hug, then lifted me on her side hip with one arm and lifted me against the wall with ease. She continuously carried me for 30 minutes while at last I ejaculated, I did not have penetrative sex with her as I was by then really amazed at her strength and actually quite embarassed. I rubbed against her while she lifted me in a bear hug repeatedly and also kissed me, I was almsot helpless in front of her but enjoyed thoroughy. I frequented her many times and we had a wonderful couple of years. Now she has left the trade and I have also stopped going to that area.I am 5' 11" tall and weigh around 175 lbs and has normal strength.

GouravSep 26 2014 11:21am
If Ur Girl Is Stronger Than U Ur A Pathetic Excuse For A Guy.

SeanOct 17 2014 9:03pm
Sean, you are a pathetic excuse for a guy if you are afraid of strong girls and women. This is the 21st century, grow up. Many females are stronger than you and you can't do anything about it. Hard luck.

SophieOct 29 2014 9:06am
I am now in my 50's. When I was growing up I found myself getting very aroused watching athletic women in action. My favorite ones were in the circus shows on the trapeze with outfits that showed off wonderful rippling muscles. I thought that I was wierd so I kept my fantasies very much to myself. I eventually married and raised a family, generally enjoyed life, but still my inner desires never left me. I was too embarassed to reveal them to anybody. After my wife suddenly passed away I had a difficult struggle with loneliness, but with the advent of the Internet I found periods of escape being able to look at muscular women in all kinds of sites. Reading comments from guys on these sites slowly made me realize that "I am not the only one". I also managed to meet my current partner on a widows dating site and we were so compatible in many ways, and of course things became intimate. Inevitably she asked me about my fantasies.....I was hesitant, but reluctantly told her. To my surprize she said "Wow! I would like to be like that!" That was 3 years ago. She bought some dumbell sets and a used resistance-machine and did her own research. Today she loves to invite me to the bedroom for a private "muscle-show" before easily overpowering me in a wrestling session on the bed. We are the same height and weight, but she is now by far the stronger. We both love the idea, and it is now "Our little secret" that bonds us together in an otherwise normal life. I am so glad I confided my inner feelings to her, otherwise I wouldn't be living a dream that maybe I could have lived earlier in my life had I not been so afraid of being open. There is nothing wrong with this!

RobertNov 05 2014 8:17am
you people are f*cking retarded these exeptions are rare that bulpoo your saying about men becoming weaker than women is just what it is bull poo yes a women can practise boxing yes a women can be a body builder but there is a much much much higher percentege of male boxers and male bodybuilder thinking all women are stronger than men is absurd and insane

mikeNov 21 2014 5:11am
I know many girls who r stronger then me heavier. Who can easily lift me. Pin me and best me in arm wrestling. I'm 5'6 and a half inches tall 120 lbs. I'm 24. Have 12 inch biceps 19 inch thighs. Can bench 115. Squat 110. Legpress 200. One rep.

Whisperingtrees1954Nov 28 2014 6:17pm
I am a 15 year old guy who works out occassionally. I will gladly admit my friend, who is a girl my age, is stronger than I am. She has bigger biceps, much stronger legs, and has beaten me in armwrestling

AnonymousNov 29 2014 9:47am
I am 5-9 and 170 pound male and my girlfriend is the same height but probably weighs around 230. Most of the 230 pounds is muscle. She likes showing off her strength and can pin me to the bed or floor in a matter of seconds. She trains with weights and seems to be getting stronger all of the time. She likes showing off her strength when she lifts things that I cannot. Before she met me, she just didn't want other men to know her strength until she met me. I think I help unleash her secure feelings about her strength. It has really helped her self-esteem. If any women read my comment, please don't be afraid to admit that you are stronger and show us.

BGDec 16 2014 1:32pm
My wife is a figure competitor - at 5'5" and 130 lbs., I can guarantee you she is stronger than the average man. Outside of competition, she looks like any other woman. When she gets excited and pumped up however, the muscles start popping out and her overall strength is unbelievable. For example- once while we were moving, she pulled a 500 lb. safe on a dolly up a flight of stairs BY HERSELF. Smiling and giggling, because she knows she's a badass.

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there is no woman can beat me at arm wrestling.

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jFHSUJgOZJan 15 2015 10:38am
I am 6'2 225 lbs. Three sexy girls that weigh around 120 lbs invited me to for drinks after work. They all were all laughing. I asked what was so funny? They said they could all beat me at armwrestling. I would go on to lose to all three of them at armwrestling. I was totally embarrased.

JOHNFeb 05 2015 10:26pm

AnonymousApr 09 2015 12:33pm
I had an ex get really into exercising. She would always try to get me to go, but I would always make excuses (I was too tired after work, etc.). One day, she made fun of my arms and said I had no muscle. I challenged her to an arm wrestling match. I was arrogant and figured I'd tease her. After all, men were stronger than women and there was no way this little woman could beat me. She assumed I would overpower her and asked me not to hurt her. I was going to almost beat her, and then let her win. That was the plan. Once we started, we were both very surprised. I started pushing harder and harder and we were locked in the middle. With my ego at stake, I couldn't lose. I pushed as hard as I could. My arm started shaking. She pointed it out and started laughing! At that point it was over, she won. Easily. As for the other arm, the tables had turned. She toyed with me, told me she wasn't going to crush my ego and then she slammed my arm to the table. I couldn't believe it. I had been dominated by a woman. She wanted a rematch, but my arms were too sore. She giggled with delight and laughed at me. My arms were sore the whole next day. It reminded me how much stronger she was than me. She ended up breaking up with me because my performance was "so pathetic." She didn't want to be with a man that was weaker than her.

AnonymousApr 09 2015 1:00pm
I jumped my bf once from the back and pulled him down in a scissor hold (play-fighting obviously). We both know I am stronger (can lift more) however he does martial arts so he knows a variety of ways to get out of holds and pins. Within 15 seconds, a few things happened. I'm not exactly sure he did it, but somehow he was on top of me, my bra was off, my pants were down, and his pants were down. I'm still shocked...

VivianMay 04 2015 6:03pm
I would have no problem at all with my Wife or Girlfriend being physically stronger than me. In fact, if She was okay with it, I would love it.

sksdomwife@yahoo.comJun 11 2015 11:58am
I'm fascinated by the strength of young boys, I don't understand how they can be stronger so much stronger than adult women even when they are younger and smaller. I'm a middle school teacher, a few months back I saw a group of 13 years old boys lifting their female classmates in recess, they would position themselves between two girls, bend down putting their arms behind the girls' legs and lift a girl with each arm in a sitting position, this wasn't all they would race against each other, each boy holding two joyful girls while running full speed through the school patio. I asked them to stop telling them it was dangerous and they could hurt themselves for such effort, one of the boys (let's call him Dennis) replied not to worry, that he practiced lifting his older sisters that were much bigger than the girls he lifts. I asked him how old his sisters were and how much they weighed, to my surprise he said they were 19 and 20 and each weighed 130lbs. I was skeptic since this boy couldn't weigh more than 120 lbs himself, I just told him he was exaggerating, the classmates he lifted were probably 95 lbs each, but holding two much larger girls was not possible. He told me he could prove it by lifting me with one arm like he lifted his classmates without problem, I refused but Dennis kept insisting the following days every time I would tell him to stop playing this lift game with his classmates (let' call then Daphne and Liz). But things changed one time when he didn't let the girls down after I told him, instead he approached me still holding the Daphne and Liz, he said ok I won't play anymore, and let them down in front of me, while he was still bent over he quickly grabbed my legs from behind with his left arm and before I could do anything he straightened himself up with me dangling on his arm my feet off the floor. I was embarrassed and mad, Daphne and Liz laughed at my predicament as a I kicked in an effort to break free but his grip on my thing was strong enough to keep me there, sitting on this boy's arm who is not only half my age but also shorter and certainly lighter than I am. See? I told you it's easy, girls are lightweight he said as he bounced me up and down with his left arm testing my weight, he would do it so my body would leave his arm for a tiny moment before falling into it again, he was literally throwing me in the air and catching me with just one hand, his right hand on his hip like he wasn't even trying. I used the firmest voice I could mutter asking him to let me down, he finally complied, I was embarrassed but also extremely impressed. Since then I've seen the boys do even more impressive stuff, like just last week I saw two boys competing, one girl would lift another one in a cradle and the boys were testing who could lift BOTH girls with just one arm, to my surprise Dennis and another boy did manage to lift them for good 10 seconds or so, now Dennis is asking to lift me along with another girl with just one arm, but I'm not letting that happen... So I had contact with Dennis again after one week and this time things escalated more, way more, Apparently Dennis' sisters are college cheerleaders and they practice with him since he was 12 that's why he is so accustomed to lifting bigger girls, he told me it all started as a game where they would try to use him as a flyer but he was too heavy for his sisters to hold for more than a few seconds, so they joked he should try to lift them instead laughing. Dennis said he wasn't sure he could do it but he tried anyway, he bent down behind his oldest sister (Tamara) putting his head between her legs, he straightened up so fast her sister almost came off his shoulders, he remembers it was much easier than he expected, with Tamara on his shoulders Dennis proceeded to walk around the room as his older sister (Rita) cheered him on, Tamara was speechless he remembers. After that day he would lift the girls in various positions, they taught him many cheerleader lifts, he says his favourite is the infamous chair lift. I asked him what is that and he showed me using his classmate Daphne, she agreed with joy, apparently these girls love being lifted by Dennis and the other boys. I was very curious what was this chair lift so I let them try just asking them to be curious, he kneels down behind Daphne and positioning his hand a some inches behind her butt asks her to sit down, she complies and sits down on his one hand, his hand didn't move an inch, as she let down all her weight, she proceeds to lift her feet off the floor and now she is sitting entirely on his hand, dennis proceeds to stand up with Daphne sitting steadily on his hand, his elbow still bent. Then he presses her slowly untill his arm is completely straight above his head, this was extremely impressive, after good 30 seconds he drops her and catches her in a cradle, finally putting her down. I was impressed, "and you say you do this with your sisters?, this can't be, no way can you lift a girl heavier than you are with just one hand over your head" I told him, he simply said he could do it with me and then I would believe him. I could see why it was his favourite lift, touching a girl's butt while lifting her sure was convenient. I didn't agree until a few hours later when school was over, I asked him to stay so we could talk in private, curiosity had won me over. "Okay Dennis, I'll let you try, but don't drop me and don't dare you enjoy yourself too much", I was alone with Dennis now, he smiled and without a word he did the exact same thing with me than he did with Daphne, positioned behind me and asked me to sit down, I did and my bum met his hand, to my surprise it felt so strong, like sitting on a stool it didn't wobble, "don't worry miss I got you, you can stop using your feet to hold yourself", my feet were still on the floor holding half my weight, I gradually let my weight rest on his hand, my feet lighter and lighter I finally lift my feet off the floor expecting the worst, but nope, he was supporting all my weight without even moving an inch. "That's it miss, now I'm going to stand up, don't panic". He proceeded to stand up, I could feel myself at his shoulder level, trying to grab onto something, "don't move miss, just tense your body and you won't fall", and that's what I did, I tensed my body and then I felt myself getting higher and higher, he was pressing me with just his one arm, and then I reached the max height. I was scared, embarrassed, and impressed, I couldn't believe I was being held over this boys' head with just one hand. I felt how all my weight was being held on his palm as he started moving his fingers caressing my buttocks. I could only mutter an "pleas don't" but it came out much weaker than I thought, it sounded more like an invitation for him to keep molesting me than for him to stop. "I'm sorry miss, I'm just adjusting my hand here", he obviously wasn't. He proceeded to lower me to shoulder level again, I admit I loved being held the highest possible, my mind betrayed me and I exhaled an "aww" as if I begged for more time on this boys hand. I guess he caught the message because he proceeded to press me up again, this time faster, I sweat I felt myself flying for a second there before landing on his one hand again. He kept moving his fingers, I couldn't resist but get turned on, this boy probably had more strenght in his one hand than I do in my entire body, it was humbling, I was being manhandled and molested with a single hand of a boy who is half my age. I got a little too excited, I knew this wasn't right and I asked him to let me down, he let me drop into his arms, looked me deeply in the eyes before putting me on my feet. "O-okayyy Dennis, that was impressive, but we won't repeat that again, you being strong doesn't mean you can do whatever you want to women, I won't punish you this time but we won't play like this anymore, understand?" He smiled almost devilish to me and said "Sure Miss, never again", he turned around and left, lifted his right hand above his head as if saying good bye, "see you around miss", I couldn't believe this was the same hand that held me for so long, it looked so small, certainly not capable of doing what he just did to me... but he did.

SamanthaAug 26 2015 6:16am
There's a new PE teacher at the school, let's call her Sarah, 25 years old, gorgeous 5'7'' brunette with great legs (I'm so envious of her), has a background in dance and gymnastics and now she practices crossfit. She was giving her first class to the group formed by Dennis and the other boys that were lifting the girls the other day, 5 boys and 9 girls in total in that class. I was on my free time so I decided to eavesdrop, I heard her say that boys and girls at 13 years old are equally capable physically and it's not until the boys turn 16 or 17 that they become naturally stronger. Seeing and experiencing these boys strength first hand I couldn't help but chuckle. "Therefore all activities will be mixed, I heard your past PE teacher would divide you in gender groups, that won't happen here, everyone is as capable" Even the girls were puzzled, they know their male classmates can lift two of them easily whereas they can barely lift each other when they play. Sarah put the whole group to practice drills, the boys were outperforming the girls. I could see Sarah getting more impressed by the minute as she saw the boys doing the exercises much faster than the girls. She decided to show the boys a lesson as she is fit, "okay boys, I see you have been practicing, but don't you dare think you are stronger than a grown girl, Who wants to compete against me?" I thought Dennis was going to, but Matt beat him to it and stepped forward, Matt is the other boy I saw who could lift two girls with just one arm. Now Sarah is really fit, she asked one of the girls to come forward, she kneeled down behind her and stoop up with her on her shoulders. "Squat competition Matt, I will be doing it with a person on my shoulders to make it fair for you, if you beat me I will admit boys are stronger and I will divide the group in two" she said and stayed silent as if Matt would just give up by her confidence. "That wouldn't be fair Miss" Matt said as he put himself behind two of his girl classmates, he bent behind them and stoop up with a giggling girl sitting on each of his shoulders. "Now this is more fair, should we begin? Matt said" I saw Sarah's face in awe as this 13 years old boy was accepting the squat challenge holding not one girl but two girls, confident he would win. Then her face turned red, she came here to show boys a lesson in gender equality and was not about to lose. "Okay Matt, just don't hurt yourself boy, or I will be in trouble", she said as she squatted down, counting each squat Matt started squatting down at the fourth rep but quickly caught up with Sarah. She was impressive, 15 squats and still going, you could tell she was reaching her limit as she slowed down, Matt keep her pace, she finally couldn't come up at the squat 20 and the girl dismounted from Sarah's shoulders. She was exhausted. Matt completed squat 21 and let the girls dismount off his shoulders, he was tired but seemed like he could keep going for at least 30 squats. Sarah was silent, she seemed like she couldn't believe she lost to a 13 years old boy, specially as he was holding twice the weight. She finally muttered "Okay, I admit boys are much stronger than girls, from now on I will divide the class in two groups", Dennis stepped forward and suggested not to divide the class, "we should do the same excercises, first the girls do the drill and then when it's our turn we boys do the same excercise but with the weight of the girls on us to make it fair, since there are more girls than boys, we would pick two girls up each" Sarah admitted Matt could do that but not the rest of the boys. The boys sighed as they went for the girls and each grabbed two of them throwing them on their shoulders, except Dennis who only went for one, Sarah was in disbelief, but she managed to speak, well, that's cool but now you are left with only one girl, 9 girls only so one of you wouldn't be lifting as much weight, that would be unfair. Dennis approached Sarah, you are wrong Miss, there's one more girl in the class, she was confused, she finally caught on "Wait, you don't mean myself right? No way in hell boy" Dennis simply smiled and started approaching her, with a girl still on his left shoulder, Sarah got scared and started running away, now she is fit and sure runs fast, but Dennis still caught her and with a swift move threw her on his right shoulder, Sarah screamed like a little girl as she felt her feet leave off the floor. Sarah was kicking and protesting but the rest of the class was cheering on Dennis, she walked around the patio with his classmate in one shoulder and Sarah on his other shoulder as if exposing his prize, he finally stopped and let down his classmate, but not Sarah. She had given up, no matter how hard she beat on his back and kicked her feet Dennis just held her there firmly. "okay Dennis you made your point, now put me down" Dennis told her not until she complied with his request. She stayed silent for a minute dangling on this boy shoulder before answering. She muttered with a very embarrassed voice, okay Dennis, let's do this, if you can lift me over your head I will comply with your suggestion, put me down and after you rest a bit you try to lift me over your head, okay?" Dennis smiled, "but I'm not tired Miss Sarah, I don't need to put you down" and without putting her down he shifted her into a cradle, he bent down and threw her up a bit into the air, just enough to put his hands behind her thigh and mid back, she kept kicking and shrieking the whole time, Dennis was not put out of balance by this, he simply started pressing Sarah up as if she weighed nothing. I was mesmerized, I had experienced Dennis strength myself but seeing him do this to another woman was incredible, she was clearly taller than him but her body just kept rising up as if she was being lifted by ropes. she screamed in a mixture of joy and embarrassment as the girls and boys cheered him. She held her for good 30 seconds before finally letting her down. Sarah was speechless, she dismissed the class and went for a seat in the school terraces as the boys and girls kept playing. I approached Sarah, she was red in embarrassment, "Stephanie, you were watching right?", "Dennis is an specially strong boy Miss, don't be embarrassed, he has done even more impressive things with me believe it or not". We chatted about this as we saw the boys running around and picking up the girls for the next few minutes. We even saw Dennis doing a double chair lift with two of her classmates, she couldn't believe he just lifted two girls over his head with just his hands, he turned around and saw us sitting there watching him, he smiled and let the girls down and pointed at us, inviting us to be his liftees, "No way Sarah muttered", I was impressed too, but I had been there before so I knew he could probably do it, I was wearing a short dress this time and I knew how sneaky Dennis hands are, I was not about to let that happen... not if there were more people watching at least, so I hastly said my goodbyes and left from there... Something happened after school but I'm too embarrassed to tell it right now.

SamanthaSep 03 2015 7:34am
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FfkPzwsDeYNFvOct 16 2015 8:38am
i admit to my sister in law she is stronger . it happen as shameless guy said . it first started when she beat me in thumb wrestles , then we went on to arm wrestles ( i lost them all to her and she weighed 70 lbs less ) but she had/has better toned muscles bigger muscles and stronger harder muscles than i could ever have . she once flipped me over her head after grabbing my wrist after i came up behind her n over the top i went dead weight no less . she then outlifted many times and out boxed me 2 times . the kicked is when we wrestled and she took me into the tightest headlock i was ever in flipped me and pinned me down where she easily kicked my ass by punching me in my face several times until she knocked me out cold . yea i admitted several times to her that i know she is stronger more muscled and can kick my ass . she once told me i was on notice that if if mess with her again she will beat my ass in front of her sister and make me pay a fee too . so i do pay her a fee in an envelope where i save it until she orders me to pay up or else . each time she visits i must add 25 to an envelope not to be shown up by her power muscles and ass kicking ability so i do it just as she ordered me too uo to this day for the last 13 years and i will continue to pay up until the king says otherwise .

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this thread still active?

Hero87Dec 05 2015 11:56am

VishDec 06 2015 1:17am
U experienced of womens legs stronger vish?

Hero87Dec 07 2015 7:33pm
i am a girl and i think it is cute when i guy can admit something cause he is being honest

a girlDec 09 2015 8:52pm

GzgkIRgbbeDec 31 2015 10:30am
@ Gretchen u should be proud , very proud. u should also control ur weaker hubby and show him if he steps out of line u will get him back in and physically . let him know ur the king now !

ADMIRER OF GRETCHEN Jan 04 2016 6:04am
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BradJan 24 2018 11:15am
BRAD.. I wrestled my father in law with my girlfriend as my tagging partner, oh you should of seen my husband cry... we had his dad yelling uncle.... you see, we both are female Kansas true barefoot wrestlers!!!!


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she even invites friends and relations to compare our biceps, which I find most embarrassing. I feel like a child compared to a real woman

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Owen, i have made the same experience with most women in my circle. Since some years muscles are no longer taboo for women and many of them go to a gym but fewer and fewer men train in a gym. Therefore most women are more muscular then men and more often women have larger muscles. The female muscle is more effective than the male muscle. Women can be stronger with smaller muscles than men. Because more and more women have similar sized muscles or bigger than men they are much stronger than most men too. It‘s hard to accept for us men but the world changed. Men no longer the stronger sex because women takenover the stronger part.

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For Sue and Donna. May I ask your ages, heights and weights. Who are the biggest guys you've beaten. Do you give them piggyback rides, too?

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Likes Girls in Bare Feet, do you like tall strong girls with big muscles? Are you an average male?

MarcOct 11 2018 9:10pm
I am a junior high student (5'9" 112 Lbs.) and I know a ten year old athletic cheerleader (4'11" 101 Lbs) She lives in my neighborhood and is friends with my little sister, and one day when I was hanging out with her and my little sister we all decided to have a bunch of contests to see who was the best at everything. When it came to strength I said that we shouldn't even mess around as I was obviously the strongest; but she (The little girl I know) interjected. She demanded that we have a test so we decided on two tests: three lifts, and an arm wrestle. For the first lift I felt very confident, but when I walked behind her and lifted her, at which point she felt very heavy. On her turn she walked behind me, wrapped her arms around me and leaned back. Her forearms felt very strong, and when she leaned all the way back she squeezed as hard as she could and quickly lifted me about 4 inches off the ground. My torso and lower abdomen was in terrible pain so I yelped and after a few seconds she put me down. I stood back up, and she said that I was a wimp. Our next lift was piggyback, which I felt decent about, and sure enough, all went well for me. But, on her turn I jumped on her back, and she held and perfectly walked around the house with me on her back.Our final lift was a lift from the legs, which was a little bit hard for me as she was kind of heavy. Upon her turn however, she wrapped her arms around my legs and her forearms started to constrict my shins, and she heaved with all her force and stood, engulfing my legs in moderate pain, but managing to wield me in a vertical leg lift stance. I was very surprised with her strength, but her next display shocked me more.She decided that she was going to hold me hostage so, she started to push me towards an isolated corner of the room with a shocking amount of force. I resisted a little but was eventually forced into the corner. Once in the corner she informed me she had me where she wanted me and she grabbed my wrists and tried to pin my arms to the walls. Despite my age, height, and weight advantage she pushed with insane power, and I had a very hard time resisting. I had to exert all the force in my upper body to the point that my arms were shaking with fatigue to slow her advance, but it was not quite enough. With a grunt she pushed so hard that my wrists loudly slammed into the nearby walls causing sharp pain, and when I tried to remove my wrists she increased the force she was pushing with.When I couldn't resist anymore I lost minor sensation in my wrists from her crushing grip. She laughed happily preaching how much stronger she was than me. And I congratulated her and told her how shocked I was and said she was very strong, and asked what her secret was. She said this is from gymnastics and cheerleading, and promptly flexed her bicep. It was a circular mass, probably about 9 or ten inches across, and she dared me to feel it. When I reached in to feel it, not only did I realize it was larger than mine (at roughly nine inches), but also that it was harder. It was rather difficult for me to make a recession in her bicep. Before she left she wrapped her arms around me horizontally and lifted me causing her muscles to expand and hurt. She squeezed me s hard as she could, causing me to grimace in pain. She then dropped me.

AnonymousNov 01 2018 10:23pm
I am a 15 year old male, and I challenged a 10 year old (nearly 11) to a couple of strength tests for fun. I was at the time roughly 5'10"and 118 lbs meanwhile, The girl named let us say "Joan" was almost 5'1"(taller than 99.1% of girls her age) and weighed a little over 103 lbs. I am not very sporty, I have very much a runner's body, but am very weak overall and am only heavier than 5% of people my age (5th percentile BMI). "Joan" on the other hand was pretty athletic. She was a gymnast since she was 8 and a cheerleader since she was 7, She also began going to the gym at age 9. She was very tall for her age, and extremely strong. Anyways, one day, for some reason she wanted to compare strength something I'd never thought about. Though, I wasn't slightly worried as I was a male and much older than her, taller than her, and a little bit heavier than her. So I reluctantly agreed. The first thing she wanted was measurements of muscles for pure statistics. Her thighs were 18.75" mine were 16.5" her calves were 13.75" mine were 13.5" her bust was 30", her rump was around 34" mine was 26", her wrist 7" mine 7", her forearm 11.75" mine 12", her biceps 8.8" mine 8.7"

CoswellNov 04 2018 9:23pm
These tests seemed indicative of a few things right away; we were more closely matched then I'd have liked, or if we were not, she had an advantage. Her lower body seemed pretty large. Once I showed her our recorded results she was ecstatic. The first thing "Joan" really wanted to test was lower body. She had us stand next to each other in front of a mirror and her lower body did seem slightly bigger than mine. She sat down at a table and called me over, and as I arrived she pulled me onto her lap, and I could feel her hard thighs. Her lap was kind of comfy. After that she looked at upper body results and saw we were practically even. She was super interested in biceps though; she smiled at me and said her muscles were bigger, and I quickly pointed out that hardness of bicep matters, which I shouldn't have done. We both started flexing a bicep with all our energy. I felt my bicep first, the majority if my bicep was warm and a bit squishy, but the inner part was decently hard. She then outstretched her bicep for me to feel, and "Joan's" bicep certainly felt different. It was kind of cold, but shockingly it was pretty hard. I tried squishing it, but I had little affect. She squeezed my bicep and smirked, quickly saying lets test these guns out. She said our tests should be grip, arm wrestle, and pin; then she wanted to see if she said she could pick me up but I did not believe her. For our grip strength one of us made a triangle out of their arms and locked hands behind their head, while the other grabbed at the elbows or shoulder to separate the hands. I locked my hands first, and after a few seconds of her pulling my elbows my grip was lost, but I told her with hat leverage such a thing was easy. So on her turn I grabbed her elbows and tried to pull them apart. However, the more I pulled nothing happened. So I switched to her shoulders and started pulling, my hands eventually slipped to her tensed biceps which felt as hard as steel. I squeezed them as hard as I could, and I managed to dent them a little, but my hands slid back to her elbows, so using all my body weight too I finally separated her hands. She laughed and said wow that was hard for you. I admitted it was a little. After that she wanted to arm wrestle which I was a bit nervous about. After a few seconds in our natural positions she started winning, so I used strategy to make me win, but I felt a bit sore now. She then got up along with me, and grabbed my wrists and tried to pin them behind my back. I eventually pushed with all my might but barely failed and she put fake handcuffs on me. When I tried to pin her wrists I had terrible luck, as I could not force her arms behind her back, I was not strong enough to do it so I eventually gave up. She was pretty smug about her victory. She ran to me and lifted me up a little bit which was pretty shocking and terrifying.I congratulated her on her strength, but she suggested we wrestle, so having little choice I agreed. She picked me up as much as she could and lay me on the floor. I then was about to get up, but she started crushing me with her thighs and calves. After a brief but intense struggle I got out of her killer grip there, and tried to grab her wrists. But when I did she hoisted me towards her, causing me to hit her rear, which was semi-firm padding. She giggled and hoisted me one more time until I was on her back, I wrapped my legs around her to make her fall to my weight, but she gruntingly supported it before ramming me into a wall. She then pinned my hands to the wall leading to me admitting she was stronger than me.

CoswellNov 04 2018 9:55pm
Coswell, you have learned about trained girls! Today more and more girls trains in a gym during the most men don’t. Girls who are well trained are simply stronger than average men, if they do weight training they become much stronger. We men must admit that we mostly have no desire to train and this is the reason why we men mostly much weaker than girls! We have to accept that!

AITNov 15 2018 11:32am
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uloqcrDAthuQGDec 19 2018 4:02pm
My cousin is a gymnast and I used to tease her about her taking gymnastics because I thought that it wasn’t a real sport. I was 17 at the time and I was fairly tall at 5’7” though I was fairly skinny as I hadn’t played any sports, I weighed in only at 124 lbs. One spring break when I was babysitting my cousin she had a friend over, and this friend was a couple months older than my cousin and had just turned 11 a few days ago; she was a level 6 platinum division, as a well as a cheerleader on base, so she was fairly large. She was about 5’2” and she said she weighed 111lbs. We were talking about sports and I said that gymnastics wasn’t a real sport, at which she was angered and told me not to speak of things I know nothing about, then I told her cheerleading wasn’t a sport either. She got mad and demanded we arm wrestle so she could show me how they were real sports, so I agreed and we sat at the kitchen table. We locked hands, and even though mine were bigger than hers, her hands had very strong grips, they were causing my hands to slightly ache. Her arm looked pretty solid, she definetly had something on it, but my arms were fairly thin, though some thin muscle could be seen. On the count of three I pushed only to be instantly stopped, she then retaliated and pushed my arm down all the way to a slamming stop on the table, I was stunned and attempted to push her hand off my pinned hand, but couldn’t move my pinned hand. “See” she said, “they are real sports, and they gave me actual muscles, unlike you.” While she was talking I looked at her arm while she was shoving down on my already pinned arm causing pain in my wrist and palm, and I saw a noticeable bicep, looking about the same size as mine. I said “well Rachel, guess you’re right, you are fairly strong.” She said “yes I am and don forget who’s boss.” Later that night (Rachel, my cousin’s friend, was sleeping over.) I told them it was bed time, they refused after a few seconds I grabbed Rachels hands and started pushing her towards my cousin’s room, halfway there Rachel put he heels down and started pushing back, outside the door my advance was brought to a grinding halt as Rachel’s biceps slowly popped out, and suddenly I was being pushed towards a wall, desperate to prove I was in control and was the toughest, I tripped her with my left foot, and laid on top of her to prevent her from moving, but she put her hands on my chest, and after a few seconds pushed me off her, and then, in a quick action, stood up using her shoulder to push me off her, walked behind me grabbed my waist, and grunted before I felt a little awkward. I started falling back before being suspended in a sudden stop, I looked down to see myself hoisted in the air by rachel, my feet dangling above my Aunt’s soft carpet floor, Rachel then turned so we were facing the wall, and she moved her arms forward to push me off her and slam me into to wall, which really hurt my head she then grabbed my wrists and slammed them hard against the walls leaving me in more pain. She said “see gymnastics and cheer make people strong.” “I’m gonna put you in bed.” She then pulled my wrists away from the wall and I desperately tried to free my wrists from her grip, but she forced my hands behind my back and tightly clenched my wrists together. After struggling for a bit my arms were too tired to move and her laughing had psychologically worn me out as well. Rachel then grunted and lifted me by my knee caps and carried me to my room before dropping me, at which point I fell on my bed. I then went to bed for the rest of the night. I was terrified to feel how strong Rachel was, and it was all thanks to those sports:

ArthurJan 05 2019 11:14pm
Arthur, it’s interesting. Please tell more!

Henni Jan 11 2019 2:03pm
I saw Rachel just last month, and I had to hang out with her and my cousin again. I was fairly surprised to see her again as she had gotten a bit bigger. She now approached 5’3.5” and she weighed in at about 116 lbs. I had all factor remaining fairly similar excepting I lost some weight and was only 122 lbs. this time. She looked more toned this time I could notice slightly bulging biceps and thick muscular legs on her and I greeted her again. About halfway through our meet I had to tell

ArthurMar 24 2019 2:39pm
I am going to college for a degree in mechanical engineering and met my girlfriend (a waitress) around 2 years ago. It is funny to me as we were always a fairly odd couple I was a little over six feet tall and she was about 5’3”, we also had a bit of difficulty hanging out due to vastly different schedules, but over my last spring break we got plenty of time to hang out. My first day with her we had discounted meals at the steakhouse she works at, and we went to a bar and had a few rounds before taking a taxi home. The next morning during our morning I looked at my girlfriend again taking a moment to appreciate her. One of my favorite aspects about her has always been her physical maintenance in keeping up her appearance. She has pretty muscular legs as she liked soccer in her youth, and she has a pretty nice gluteus Maximus, but while she was brushing her hair I noticed her crazy toned arms. She had pretty noticeable perfectly shaped shoulders with a portending but pretty bicep sticking out leading to her toned forearms. I think she must’ve caught me staring at her through the mirror because she blushed and commented on our routines. Then we did our things I was cleaning up the house and she went to work. At about 19:45 I fell asleep on my couch. At 21:05 I awoke to her pulling my forearm and pulling me off the couch. She said “I’m going to give you a present tiger”. And she all of a sudden picked me up from the waist and carried me to our room, which I was surprised by as I was at least eight inches and fourty pounds heavier than her. She easily pinned me and made me kiss and lick her perfectly toned biceps which felt extremely heavenly, needless to say, best time of my recent life.

Oscar Mar 26 2019 10:20pm
Arthur, how old are you now? Do have made any experience when you met her last times how strong she is now?

HenniApr 20 2019 2:14pm
Oscar, if she was able to pin you so easy, she’s probably stronger than you, isn’t it? Do you have visible bicep on your arm or has she the bigger and stronger muscles in your relationship?

Henni Apr 20 2019 2:21pm
I’m curious and have to admit that i have often made the experience that girls who involved in sport can become stronger than guys.

Henni May 01 2019 9:06am
I saw Rachel again eight days ago, I am still 17 but I have leaned up a bit more and now weigh about 120lbs, meanwhile, Rachel has been bulking up due to her newfound interest in water polo and renewed interest in cheerleading. She was nearing 5’4” and weighed 119lbs. I saw her with my cousin at a sleepover they were having that I was put in charge of. Rachel has noticeably thick legs, thicker than my chicken legs, but she also had substantially thick arms. Her bicep when unflexed was noticeable as it made her arm a bit thick, and when flexed it was a bulbous protrusion that swelled to a large height. Rachel also had some thick forearms and broad shoulders. When I began watching them everything was finite until my aunt and uncle left the house, at which point Rachel and my cousin wanted me to play a game with them. I declined on the basis I had to watch them, but eventually, Rachel began commenting. She said that my arms looked very thin and asked if I was feeling sickly. I told her no and said she looked like she’d gained some weight, which would prove to be a mistake. She quickly walked behind me and hoisted me into the air, squeezing with her hard and huge biceps. She spun me around twice and put me back down before she stood on a chair and flexed and said “feel my muscle” I felt as though I had to oblige and grabbed her bicep, she flexed with all her might and I felt my hands slipping from the growth and she raised her arm with all her might until she nearly pulled me of the ground, and for a second I was hanging off her bicep while being dangled in the air. Needless to say she is now far stronger than I am.

ArthurMay 19 2019 3:29am
How is Rachel and how big are her muscles? Do i understand you right? You weigh 120 pounds? It‘s a little light isn’t it?

Henni May 20 2019 3:23pm
It could be interesting how much weight she could lift with one arm, bench or triceps. Ask her if she can show it to you.

Henni May 20 2019 3:29pm
Yes I am only 120 lbs, and it is light, yet I’m somewhat sedentary so it’s to be expected. Well I don’t know exactly how big her muscles are but they seem a fair deal thicker than mine and my biceps are 8.5 inches, so I’d guess about 10-11 inches. I know with one arm she can lift 62 pounds and can curl 45 pounds, she can bench about 75 pound and I don’t know anything else so far. Her heaviest overall lift was 158 lbs which was her father.

ArthurMay 21 2019 9:46pm
Sorry curl 30 not 45 was thinking of something else.

Arthur May 21 2019 9:53pm
She’s 11 right? She is really strong for her age! How many reps can she do? When I was 17yo I could do between 6 and 8 reps with 25 pounds. Does she traines in a gym?

Henni May 22 2019 10:42am
Arthur how much weight are you able to lift?

Henni May 27 2019 9:13pm
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DZpBJmLRiJun 25 2019 3:39pm
My first experience with a stronger girl was from babysitting in high school. My neighbors had a daughter and two sons that they needed watched my freshman year of high school, the girl was named Audrey, and she was twelve, and the youngest boy was Mark, with the other being Jean. Anyways everything went fairly well with the babysitting both of the boys were pre adolescent, and fairly non demanding. Audrey was also fairly easy to watch as she tended to go outside to practice for gymnastics, volleyball, and softball. The day I found out a woman could be stronger was just like most other days babysitting until I was making lunch for the children. I was making them hotdogs, and they all liked sweet relish, yet there was only a brand new jar in the fridge, so when I tried to open it for the hotdogs, I couldn’t. I pulled on the lid with all of my might and twisted the lid and even tried to use hot water and a kitchen towel, but I couldn’t remove the lid and considered not putting any sweet relish on their food. I gave up and put the jar on the counter, as I did Audrey came in from outside. As she came in she saw the relish jar and grabbed it; I was beginning to warn her when she suddenly twisted the lid and with a slight grunt pulled the lid off. I looked in mild awe, which she noticed. She asked me “what?” I said “that lid was just tighter before, I guess my efforts and the heat loosened it.” She giggles slightly and said “No, it was tight, just openable.” I plated the hotdogs and said “sure”. After lunch I was walking towards their main living room to watch TV as Mark and Jean were in their room watching TV, and as I approached the living room Audrey was already seated watching a figure skating tournament or something. I noticed she was pretty tall for her age and despite being a few years my minor, she was only an inch or two such. I quickly sat on the couch and reached for the remote before she took it. I faced her and said “give me the remote” she said “no”. I then told her I’d take it if she didn’t give it in three seconds. After three seconds, I grabbed the remote and tried to pull it out of her hands, but the more I pulled the stronger her grip got until I eventually couldn’t move the remote. She threw it and said I should go get it if I wanted it. As I reached to get it of the floor she grabbed my outstretched wrists and started pulling them towards her and eventually behind my back. I attempted to resist but the more I resisted the stronger she tried. Eventually she pinned my wrists to each other behind my back, leaving me helpless to get the remote. I looked at her stunned. She said “see skinny boy, you didn’t loosen the relish jar” she released me, and I said “I did too you brat, you just got lucky now” she then challenged me to an arm wrestle and being so angry I accepted immediately. We went to a table and locked arms and on the count of three I pushed with a little bit of strength. My arm began tensing as I slowly pushed her arm down. Yet as her arm went down it became harder and harder to continue forcing her descent, and her grip kept getting tighter until when her arm neared the table she stopped my advance, by this point I was pushing with all of my strength and was looking somewhat strained, yet looking at Audrey, she seemed unphased with no discernible fatigue, and even worse her arms were completely normal with no noticeable tension. She smirked at me and began pushing me back. I used all of my strength to halt her at the starting point, but then she smirked again, she twisted her wrist and flexed her bicep, and oh boy. I was wimpy and skinny in high school so I had a very small 9.5 inch bicep and Audrey’s arms revealed an absolutely huge muscle that bulbed up to a massive proportion nearly twelve inches. She moved with all her force and near instantly slammed my arm to the table. She then flexes her incredible arms until her biceps peaked at 12.2 inches (which she measured). I was awestruck and unsure of what to do. She giggled and said “big strong man huh”? I got out of my seat and as I was walking she stood in front of me grabbed my wrists and pushed me. I started rapidly sliding towards a wall. I then used me arms to their full strength but they were being totally destroyed, so I used my legs, but seeing her thighs and calves flexed, I knew I was doomed there too and in a few seconds she effortlessly pinned me to the wall. The rest of that summer she let me experience her strength.

AnonymousJul 16 2019 8:11am
How long was this ago and how old was you at this time? When I was a young man i made a similar experience. I‘m not a small guy but i turned on by tall girls. Sometime there was girl. She was only one or two inches shorter but she was a little stocky. We raged a little and she said it is not fair that men are stronger than girls. I said, that i‘ve heard that girls can do sport to get stronger maybe nearly strong as men. From this time it was triggert and she joins to a gym. The first few times it was heavy for her but from a point she made continously progress and got stronger and stronger. My advantage becomes smaller and smaller until one day we noticed that she was equal strong like me. This was a suprise for me because i never thougt that she can become same strength like me but after a few weeks she surprised me again. She beats me when we armwrestle but she needs a less effort to pin me. We compared our muscles and it was really crazy, her arms are nearly the same size like mine, her leg muscles are even bigger than mine. Her shoulders are equal broad like mine. She smiles and said she love to be stronger and bigger than guys. I said it’s true she is stronger but a little smaller than me. She answered i should wait, in a few month we can repeat this comparson. It has become true, after about 4 month all her muscles are bigger than mine and she‘s stronger on each part of her body than me. Someday she discovered boots with heels and she loves to wear them. From this time she‘s taller than me too. Later we become a couple. She loves to show me who has the muscle. When we raged the first time she mean it was not fair that men are stronger than girls. Today i‘m as man the one who say it‘s not fair that she is much stronger than men.

Henni Jul 31 2019 12:33pm
I have never considered myself a very strong man but anyway I am in a decent shape, running and playing tennis. Some months ago I experienced something very embarrassing, something that changed my life a bit. My wife had invited an old friend that she hadn't seen in years. This woman came to visit us together with her two teenage daughters. All three of them were really into sports, the mother (45) and the oldest daughter (18 y.o.)are swimmers and the youngest daughter (16 y.o.)a gymnast. After a few days together the youngest daughter one evening challenged my wife to an armwrestling match. My wife is a very active women with years of aerobics and boxercise really had to fight to put the 16 year old down. Gymnasts are very strong as I was soon to know. My wife then took on her friend that could beat my wife's (a bit tired) right arm and then lost to my wifes left. After some rest my wife than lost rather easy to the 18 year old who is a very big, wide shouldered girl. My wife said that I probably wouln't stand a chance against this young swimmer. I didn't really want to test my strength against this girl seeing that she had bigger arm and shoulder muscles than me. But the others pushed me into a match that I lost big time. I was totally outclassed. Then I got challanged again, this time from the kid sister. We started with my fresh left arm and to my, and the others big surprise it took this girl less then a minute to put me down! I really felt embarrassed but this 16 year old told me she could beat several older guys and had beaten her two uncles so I didn't have to feel bad. I'm not sure this helped. Since we already knew that my wife were stronger then the youngest I had to take on the mother of the two teenagers. I am sorry to say that she played with me. The night after our guests had left my wife playfully challanged me to a real wrestling match. Knowing she was stronger than me in her arms I hesitated but she jumped me and then we wrestled for almost one hour. I lost 10 to nothing, she absolutely dominated me. I was so embarrassed but again got comforted, my wife said I just had come across some very strong girls and women the last days. My wife has changed since these incidents, she is much more dominating, especially when it comes to sex. She often teases me about being weaker. The big change though is that I have come to like this role reversal, this took me some time to understand but I have to say that I feel aroused when I do my best to defeat my wife in armwrestling or wrestling matches but always loose. It seems many men here have similar experiences. I guess I am lucky after all. This is a perfectly true story. If you don't believe me and if you are not a big, and muscular man, of slim built like myself, I am sure you would have great difficulties winning over women like my wife and her friend with daughters. Many modern women are strong.

Hans from Hamburg Aug 07 2019 12:01am
Hans don’t worry, it becomes common. My girlfriend start lifting when she was 12yo. When I was 19yo she was 13yo and much stronger than me. Today she’s 16yo and I’m 22. She can lift a multiple of weight i can lift. I’m much much weaker than she is!

Henni Aug 13 2019 12:18pm
It is my Senior year in high school and I have recently discovered that a girl is stronger than me. Her name is Hope and she is a somewhat short girl who is thick and has an excellent body. She is about 5’4” and weighs 126lbs. I am a tall yet thin man at 6’3” and 149lbs. Hope is on the Varsity cheerleading team and junior varsity basketball, and I have no athletic background what so ever. I found out she was stronger than me in the library. We had been friends for years and in the library that day Hope flirted with my friend John and was touching his bicep. I only noticed then... she flexed her arm quickly too as a joke, but she had some clearly defined muscle on her arm and John looked at her than me and jokingly suggested that “you (she) could tear a twig like Daniel in half looking like that! How about an arm wrestle?” They then had an arm wrestle and John was forced to struggle to his maximum to beat her. Later in the library when I was resting my hand she locked her left arm with my right and asked to arm wrestle. In the spur of the moment I agreed and John counted to zero. On zero Hope pushed and her bicep popped out again, but this time my whole arm shot up with pain and was instantly crushed against the table before going numb. Hope’s face was one overcome with ecstasy and pride over her accomplishment.

DanielOct 06 2019 12:35am
Daniel, i think you made the same experience like nowadays many other men too. By society it was defined that women weaker but it’s not the full truth! Many women workout and they become strong. Because most men are lazy today and doesn’t workout. This men are clear weaker then women who workout! It becomes more and more often that women are the stronger sex! I could imagine one day men will be seen as weaker sex than women by society! Nowadays it’s often already the case!

Henni Oct 20 2019 3:23pm
R5Lxx1 This is a topic that is close to my heart Cheers! Where are your contact details though?

WzxHalZibdOct 26 2019 1:39am
h7HYck Thanks-a-mundo for the blog article.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

MvlBNNZgPQFdVfANov 07 2019 11:02am
My friend Derrick and I are currently seniors in high school, and we are both fairly nerdy. This has lead us to have a degree of insecurity about our strength. I tend to think I am very weak while Derrick thinks he is a very strong tough guy. He likes to wear tank tops and flex even though for our age we are both small. I am 5’5” and 128lbs and Derrick is 5’6” and 130lbs. While I was at his house for a sleep over he was bragging about how strong he was with his little sister. Her name is Tana and she is 9 (about half our age considering we are both 17). She is fairly tall for her age, but overall short at 4’11” and she is a stocky 99lbs. She is in her elementary school’s cheer team, she is also in a dance class, she plays basketball for the school, and she had been taking a boxing class. So Derrick was telling her he will destroy her arm wrestling and flexed his unimpressive bicep. He said “scared?” Tana agreed to arm wrestle him as long as he went easy and he said he would. When they got to the table and locked hands on the count of three Tana pinned him in four seconds. It was odd to look at because his longer arm was quite a bit thinner than her short slightly thick arm. She started laughing and saying it was so easy, which angered Derrick, prompting him to say that of course it was. He said they should have a second round and he wouldn’t go as easy this time. When they started again Tana began pushing and Derrick’s arm was pushed back a bit before the advance stopped and both began desperately pushing. After about two minutes Derrick was barely able to exhaust Tana and win, but she crushed him with her left arm. An hour later she challenged me. We locked hands and I immediately realized two things: I was weaker than Derrick and she had a tight grip. We began and boy was she strong. It took all of my strength to stop her and after 45 seconds of grinding agony in my right arm she pushed again and pinned my right arm. Then she dominated me in seconds with her left. She bragged about how easy it was to beat us and how weak we were.

Tana vs Derrick Nov 16 2019 1:05am
I was wondering if men being the stronger sex physically is not more cultural than really gender. A couple of years ago our daughter at 17 years old had been playing sports but also for three summer seasons had taken the job as she called "farm hand" and she was required to load about (50) 50 lb. grain sacks a day along with about (100) 75 lb. alfalfa bails on to a fifth wheel trailer and unload the same. When at 16 and she got her license to drive, she would do it all day, it's not a semi truck load but was tons of weight lifting on a daily basis. At school the couch had them weight training for girls sports. She was muscular and when our two sons came home to visit, one in the military and the oldest in collage Our youngest daughter in a short sleeve shirt held up her arms and flexed for the boys. The fact is she had much bigger muscles than both of my boys and my husband. I asked her to arm wrestle the boys and she beat them without any real effort several times with both arms and beat her own father just the same. I'm in my fourties and try to stay in shape with a bycicle and at a gym but I had just focused on aerobics and only sometimes used the weight room on a machine. I arm wrestled my husband later and we struggled for a while but I lost. After that I changed my work out to almost all weight lifting and within about a year I beat my husband at arm wrestling, now it's been two years and I can put my bicep or any other muscle next to his or in the mirror and flex. Mine are much more developed and bigger and arm wrestling though we don't do it very often has become a sinch to smash his arm down. So I think it is mostly culture that says women are the weaker sex. Some say "those submissive men" but my sons never submitted to anything, my daughter became stronger then them and my husband did not decide that I am stronger, there isn't anything he can do about it. I made up my mind to make my muscles stronger than his and he would have a long way to go to change it. My husband did not submit so I will appear stronger or more muscular, he had nothing to do with that fact. I have bigger muscles now and I'm stronger, submitting has nothing to do with anything. I really think most women are perceived as the weaker sex because of culture and time in the gym changes it all. It sure did for me.

TinaNov 17 2019 1:03am
Tina. When I left school I worked on a farm for a while. I drove the tractor but it was the farm girls who did all the lifting and carrying because I was weaker than them. There was the time when I was ploughing and the plough tipped over and I couldn't lift it back into position but a farm girl called Barbara did it. I would say that your daughter is typical of the farm girls I used to work with. It would seem that from her performance on the farm that she is much stronger than me. I was never strong enough to have done what she did on the farm.

RicNov 18 2019 8:30am
Ric, you must workout much harder because of your typical male inferior stramina and even then it need years! For women it is easier to overpower men because we have more stramina and get a faster progress!

TinaNov 19 2019 1:54pm
You are right Tina! My girlfriend had already always much more stramina than me. When she started her workout she used lighter weights than me but when i was exhausted after a couple of exercises she could do more reps and more execises! The same later when she become similar strong than me. She could lift same weights than me but she had done clear more reps per exercise than i was able to! She surpassed me pretty quickly and It is no wonder that she has become stronger than me because she has a more intensive workout and she workout more days per week than me. She workout the gym at her school in a group with other girls and they‘re all stronger than their boyfriends.

Henni Nov 20 2019 10:50pm
For you Ric it seems the same as for me and for a lot other men too. We are envy the girls for their strength. I do this when i‘m with my girlfriend in her gym. Around me are a lot of strong girls workout and only a few men workout but with much lighter weights than the girls. Sometimes i feel ridicolous to struggle with my dumbells and than see a girl uses much heavier weights but she has bigger muscles than me. That i can‘t keep up with my small muscles is no wonder.

Henni Nov 20 2019 11:15pm
Tina. You are right it could take me years of harder working out to catch up with women. Unfortunately I wouldn't have the dedication to spend so much time doing this. I will just have to accept that I am weaker than maybe 55% of women as has recently been suggested. I fully accept that both you and your daughter would slaughter me in a wrestling contest.

Ric.Nov 21 2019 11:02pm
Henni. I think you are probably stronger than me for at least you seem to work out which is more than I do. I have already accepted that I am a weakling because it would take too much time and dedication for me to make any significant progress in improving my strength. I'm not particularly bothered by women being stronger than me as long as one doesn't decide to beat me up to show off to her friends. I don't know whether this could happen.

RicNov 21 2019 11:12pm
Probably I‘m a little stronger than you Ric! I think i‘m generally stronger than the average women but many today workout and i could imagine that 45-50% of women are stronger than me. If i take a look to my girlfriend and her friends who workout together i think 80-90% of women are stronger than me or most other men! I don‘t think that i‘m a weakling but i have to admit that my strength is way under the average level of my girlfriend or her friends. Sometimes she reminds me that i‘m the weaker one in our relationship or if the girls become crazy and have the idea to annoy us men, they can simply do it and we can’t do anything against this. If the girls thaughts we men are be naughty, they rebuke us men and it is better to obey or they punish us on different ways. But an advantage is that my girlfriend protects me. Should another girl wants to fight me, my girlfriend will help me! Do you have a girlfriend or wife Ric?

Henni Nov 22 2019 4:08am
Ric and Henni because your less workout, you can not keep up with women. I’m sure my daughter can submit you both weaklings pretty easy. We women workout nowadays more to build muscles and get strength. That you men with your cute small muscles don’t get up to women muscles was expectable. I bett it bothers you both actually that you are so much weaker than many women. Mostly i made this experiences with so cute boys like you both.

Tina Nov 22 2019 12:11pm
Henni None of the women amongst my friends and family have any interest in working out and are not bothered by who is stronger than who. I don't think they are particularly aware that I am weak which is a good thing. It is just that over the years there have been various incidents which have shown me up as being weaker than many women.

Ric.Nov 22 2019 11:32pm
Tina. It doesn't bother me that I am weaker than many women but it would bother me if I were to be submitted by a strong girl like your daughter in a wrestling contest especially in front of a female audience.

Ric.Nov 22 2019 11:44pm
I don’t have so much time to workout like you Tina! I’m sure in this reason and because of my inferior stamina i can’t keep up to girls who workout. How i wrote above the most of our female friends are stronger than me or the most other men in our friend circle. Of course sometimes it feels crazy that i’m as man be viewed as cute between the girls because of my small and weak muscles. I hope that never a girl will mess with me because she could simply crush me!

Henni Nov 23 2019 12:55am
Can you describe such incident you realized that a women is stronger than you? I get this always showed by all girls in my friend circle that i’m the weak boy! In the gym they used weights i can’t move or if i have to move heavy things i can’t move or maybe with both arms and much effort, the girls do the same still easy with one arm. In addition my shoulders are more narrow and if the girls wear heels i’m smaller than most of our female friends.

Henni Nov 23 2019 1:09am
Henni. Two incidents spring to mind. Once when I went on holiday I couldn’t park my car near the hotel. The manager sent a member of the female staff to help me carry my luggage. I gave a light overnight bag to the woman and carried the heavy suitcase myself. Suddenly the woman grabbed the suitcase and said “you are struggling, let me take it.” She then handed me the much lighter overnight bag and told me I could carry that. She walked off with the suitcase to the hotel and then carried it up two flights of stairs to my room. I have to admit that I couldn’t have done that. To her I must have been a real weakling. Then there was another time when a young woman couldn’t start her car. She asked me if I could give it a push to bump start it. She sat in the driver’s seat and I pushed but I couldn’t push it fast enough. She said it would be better if I sat in the driver’s seat and she pushed. She pushed it faster than me and, with me working the controls, it started. She had assessed me as weaker than her and she was right.

RicNov 24 2019 2:02pm
If we travel and we have heavy luggage with us, my daughter and me carry the heavy bags while my husband and my sons can carry only the light bags because they are to weak. In my family the females having the strong muscles and rule the weak men.

TinaNov 24 2019 4:02pm
Luggage is really often pretty heavy. My girlfriend carry the big heavy bags as well. She says the small and light bags can be carried by us weaklings but this bags are pretty heavy too. Ok much lighter than the bags the women carry but for weak men like Ric an me very heavy as well. I can imagine that you husband and your sons are happy that they have strong women with them. Otherwise they have to go more times to get all the heavy bags. I try to imagine when you have 5 heavy bags and some small bags. If the men have to take the luggage alone, most likely they have to go 4 times at minimum because always two carry one bag. You or your daughter can cary two of them.

Henni Nov 25 2019 8:53am
Tina. I fully accept that your daughter could submit me with ease in a wrestling contest. What do you think would happen if she were to take me on at boxing?

Ric.Nov 25 2019 3:05pm
I can imagine this she can take you in a fistfight but it depends on your size. Would you really fight against a women you know she is stronger than you?

TinaNov 26 2019 5:58am
Ric, i think it’s would be not a good idea to challenge Tina or her daughter because they are women who are most likely much stronger than average men. I’ve already made the experience that women like that are clear stronger than most men!

HenniNov 26 2019 3:57pm
Tina. I am 5' 9" and for most of my life have weighed about 137 to 140lbs. I am about as strong as the average untrained woman of my weight. You are right I wouldn't want to take you or your daughter on in a fist fight or at boxing. You both would knock me out in seconds.

RicNov 27 2019 8:15am
Henni. I agree I wouldn't stand a chance against either Tina or her daughter.

Ric.Nov 27 2019 8:17am
Yes Ric, you are like many typical man, smaller, lighter and weaker than my daugther or me! My daugther is 5-11 and she weigh more than 180lb, i‘m a little over 6‘ and 190lb. we both take care to wear feminine clothes this includes to wear sometimes high heels. You could imagine that we in heels taller than nearly all men. It is funny to see the eyes of men who discovered that they are smaller and weaker than women! I can see they get scared against us women! I think it‘s funny!

TinaNov 27 2019 1:41pm
Tina. You and your daughter put me to shame physically. I couldn't begin to compete with either of you in any physical contest. I fid it scary that you are both so much bigger and stronger than me. As I have said before I would have no physical advantage over an untrained average woman. Taking into account my height and weight I think you might agree.

Ric.Nov 27 2019 3:01pm
Ric, i think you don‘t have to shame. In my friend circle most women are very sporty and pretty often they workout with weight. They are mostly stronger than we men. Compared to my male friends i‘m not the strongest but not the weakest as well. Compared to most of my female friends, i‘m a weakling.

Henni Nov 28 2019 5:25am
Henni, If you are a weakling compared to most of your female friends where does that leave me as we have agreed that I am weaker than you? One of the questions on this site is that "will women become bigger and stronger than men" or words to that effect. This has already happened to me. Most women seem to be stronger than me.

Ric.Nov 29 2019 1:30pm
Boys i guess your strength level is most likely pretty close to the of the other one. Maybe if you do a arm wrestling contest you need a couple of minutes until one of you will slowly go down and lose. Try this against me or my daugther, you will lose in seconds. Maybe Henni is a little stronger than you Ric but compared to women who workout, you both are weaklings.

TinaNov 29 2019 4:01pm
Tina, I think I must be a weakling compared with women who don't work out. All the incidents I have so far related involve untrained women who just happened to have been stronger than me.

RicNov 29 2019 11:38pm
I told you I’m stronger than average women but the difference is pretty small. If i arm wrestle an average women she can’t defeat me and i can’t defeat her during the first two maybe three matches. Because of my male endurance latest after the third match i have not enough strength anymore and i habe to struggle but i can’t resist anymore and defeat. It’s really very rarely that a women is a little under the female average and i’m able to defeat her after a long hard match. But the far most women workout nowadays and are stronger than me! If i have an arm wrestle match with them they defeat me within seconds. Some days ago i had a discussion with some female friends who have the opinion women have increased the average strength level and most men are under this average strength level. Im made this experience as well, i’m not happy about that but it sooth myself not be the only man who is weaker than women. I think more we men are the new weak sex and women are the new strong sex!

Henni Dec 01 2019 3:03pm
Ric and Henni, i think you both don’t need to discuss who is stronger or weaker and i think you miss understood that many women today workout and gotten already stronger than average men. Viewed from this picture over the sexes women have clearly increases the average strength level so far, average men can’t reach it. Compared with the few women who not work out you are maybe a little stronger or a little weaker, but compared to average women nowadays you are both much weaker.

TinaDec 04 2019 2:04pm
Are you serious Tina? You think untrained average men is basically weaker than average women? That would mean the world has changed and men are the weaker sex! But it can really be, in old times sometimes women asked men for help to lift heavier things. Nowadays i never saw that a women need help with heavy things but men ask women more often for help to lift heavy things.

Henni Dec 05 2019 12:11am
Tina. From what you have said if I were to be matched against an average woman in a wrestling contest I would probably get beaten. It's awesome to imagine myself being submitted by such a woman.

Ric.Dec 05 2019 2:43am
Ric, i think most likely you and also henni would be submitted. If she have any martial skills, you have no chance.

TinaDec 05 2019 9:06am
I agree with you Tina. Today i talked about this topic in friend circle. Nearly all guys made the experience you wrote about! I asked them and they told me that their girlfriends all workout in gym. Because of this fact their girlfriends are stronger then themselves they said. My female friends told the same as well and they showed to me how strong they are. I can’t keep up to one of the girls! In average the girls are twice as strong like as we men.

Henni Dec 05 2019 2:30pm
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I came across some videos of a 7 year old girl weightlifter who can deadlift 80kg(130lbs)! If you do some searching you can find them too, she's pretty well known now. I was amazed, and a little embarrassed. I'm 19 years old, 5'3", and only 45kg(100lbs). When I tried deadlifting, even after my cousin spent hours showing me the proper form, I couldn't even lift 40kg! I already knew i was very small and weak, and I'm OK with that, but finding out that there's a 7 year old girl out there who is literally more than twice as strong as me was still a blow. She can probably lift more with her right arm than I can with both! She can definitely beat me in arm-wrestling, and almost certainly would be able to beat me in a fight as well. I hope I never meet a kid like that. The idea of a person with the maturity and self-control of a 7 year old with the ability to easily overpower me is scary.

AnonymousJan 09 3:25pm
I made a mistake in that last post. She can lift 80kg, which is 177lbs, not 130. Earlier today I tried deadlifting again at my cousin's house, and I just about managed to lift 30kg, which is 66lbs, but there's no way I could lift anything heavier. So she's actually closer to three times stronger than I am.

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