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Question: There is beef liver, calf's liver, chicken livers, liverwurst and other liver dishes. Do you like liver?
Created by: THE FOOD GUY at 05:08:27 PM, Friday, March 13, 2009 EDT


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GabbyJan 03 2014 6:24pm
o.o hello

jacks ears hurt from street fighter dubstep xDJan 03 2014 6:25pm
i watched the most bloodiest dubstep video like EVER o.o

jackJan 03 2014 6:27pm
haha really!XDDD

GabbyJan 03 2014 6:31pm
Jack I love you. Ur so hot I just wish I could cuddle with yew!:)

GabbywabbyJan 03 2014 6:32pm
yup its by antoine lavenant or summin its a dishonered one (the game) really o.o

jacks legs hurt cuz whut i did earlier with my ipad Jan 03 2014 6:36pm
wait.. why do i even question tht xD

jack flys off a swing onto his knees with an ipad like a baws!Jan 03 2014 6:37pm

AaronJan 03 2014 6:37pm
Hahaha did you see the pic of meh? if not go to the n its the one that says im fat n come to this poll to tell me what u think!

GabbyJan 03 2014 6:39pm
Hey aaron!;)

GabbywabbyJan 03 2014 6:40pm
:) wats up GabbyGab

AaronJan 03 2014 6:40pm

Gabby is making mini pizzasJan 03 2014 6:43pm
i dont think ur fat..

jack played gta and other games at the age of 3 like a boss! xD Jan 03 2014 6:43pm

GabbyJan 03 2014 6:43pm
Hehehe u don't soo in that pic did u like what i was wearing???;P'@jack

GabbyJan 03 2014 6:44pm
dammit im getting the chills again i wish i brought a jacket with me to dinner earlier >_<

jack Jan 03 2014 6:44pm
mmmmaaayyybbbbe XD

jack says YES o.o Jan 03 2014 6:46pm
lol i seen da pic gabby

AaronJan 03 2014 6:46pm

GabbyJan 03 2014 6:47pm
im probs gonna go :P -slowly backs up- but..mmmaybeee i wiilll stay

Aaron cannot decideJan 03 2014 6:47pm
xD you got ten seconds before the tnt explodes and blocks the way in our out

jackJan 03 2014 6:49pm
Nooo stay!!!!!!*grabs ur hand and pulls u torwards me!!! I LOVE YEW AARON!!

GabbyJan 03 2014 6:49pm

j (jack)Jan 03 2014 6:50pm
lol i love you to gabby :) lol

Aaron..will stay..for nowJan 03 2014 6:51pm
o.o oops redstone reapeter got placed wrong way

jack xD Jan 03 2014 6:51pm

jJan 03 2014 6:51pm
sowwy bout today! its just lilli got me pissed.THAT WH0RE!!

GabbyJan 03 2014 6:52pm
i.i dont like her like that u know that :)

AaronJan 03 2014 6:53pm
o.o my friend calls my other friend a whore xD

jack xD Jan 03 2014 6:56pm
yea n i love you like a bf

GabbyJan 03 2014 6:56pm
lol me????

AaronJan 03 2014 6:56pm
Yes u aaron!

GabbyJan 03 2014 6:58pm
I love yew aaron!!!!!!!<3

GabbyJan 03 2014 7:00pm
*listens to street fighter dubstep remix a.k.a. TDM's (the diamond minecart *the youtuber*) starting music

jackJan 03 2014 7:01pm
Ugh im bored!

GabbyJan 03 2014 7:01pm
awww Gabby I love you to <3

AaronJan 03 2014 7:02pm
ha me to Gabbywabby ;) im bored to -lays on the bed looking at the ceiling

AaronJan 03 2014 7:03pm
*sits down on my bed* i cant believe i fell off a swing onto my knees then chest today with my ipad >_<

jackJan 03 2014 7:03pm
But Aaron you love me like a sister!

GabbyJan 03 2014 7:04pm
and im lucky it was dirt er a tiny bit muddy D:<

jackJan 03 2014 7:04pm
....maybe i said that so you wouldn't Think i was weird :/

Aaron...actually Loves Gabby more than a sisJan 03 2014 7:05pm
wait both of u guys saw the pic i posted?

GabbyJan 03 2014 7:06pm
Yeah i did

AaronJan 03 2014 7:06pm
Haha yea i know im fat!XD

GabbyJan 03 2014 7:08pm

jacks 3ds just went red fuk dat D:< Jan 03 2014 7:08pm
you arent fat gabby xD

jackJan 03 2014 7:09pm

Gabby is on her ds now!=)Jan 03 2014 7:10pm
Im not??? are you sure??? ugh I have really long arms!!=|

GabbyJan 03 2014 7:11pm
YOU LIE!Tell meh how beautiful i am!!!!!

GabbyJan 03 2014 7:12pm
no ur perfect -faces the wall laying on my bed- -thinks if only she knew :P-

AaronJan 03 2014 7:13pm
and i have fuking long legs o.o and i couldnt answer tht till i saw ur face xD

jackJan 03 2014 7:14pm

AaronJan 03 2014 7:15pm

jackJan 03 2014 7:15pm
lol wat????

AaronJan 03 2014 7:15pm
im sorry!!!! -runs hides in my closet- Gabby im...sorry

AaronJan 03 2014 7:16pm
Hahaha i posted a pic of my face a long time ago! Awwwww!;) Am I really perfect aaron???o.o <3 #^.^#

GabbyJan 03 2014 7:16pm
what? what what?

jacks 3ds is blinking red and has to go Jan 03 2014 7:16pm
Gabby Ur perfect o me..but im just another guy to you :/

AaronJan 03 2014 7:17pm
aaand bye o.o *kisses gabby* i don't think i be on tomorrow cuz i be on xbox xD

jacks gamertag is halo5boy *gone*Jan 03 2014 7:18pm
=) I love you

GabbyJan 03 2014 7:18pm
'little things' by one direction tht is wat i think of 'CUZ UR PERFECT TO ME'

AaronJan 03 2014 7:19pm
i love you too xD bye

jackJan 03 2014 7:20pm
OOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGG OMG OMG OMG THATS SOOOO SWEET OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG #^0^# ahhhhhhh omg omg omg omg 0.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GabbyJan 03 2014 7:22pm
nothing i say or do will mean anything to uwill it gabby???

AaronJan 03 2014 7:22pm
Its true gabby -lays on my bed- Ur perfect to me....i love ur personality, ur jokes, ur randomness, ur beauty, ur talents....and ur kind to ur friends.u stick up for them

AaronJan 03 2014 7:24pm
Sowwy im like having a panic attack omgomgomg omg omg omg omg omgI don't know what to say like all that comes out of my mouth is OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GabbyJan 03 2014 7:24pm

AaronJan 03 2014 7:25pm

GabbyJan 03 2014 7:26pm
wat :/ omg lol ...i never said this..cuz u said to a friend tht u were sorry if i thought anything could happen between us :/so i said i love u like a sisy

AaronJan 03 2014 7:27pm
IM SOWWY BOUT THAT N I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3333 =///////3

GabbywabbyJan 03 2014 7:29pm
OMG OMG OMG I feel like i can't breath right now o.o but oooooommmmmmggggggggggg I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GabbyJan 03 2014 7:31pm
No Gabby -hugs u kisses ur neck whispers in ur ear I love you-

AaronJan 03 2014 7:33pm

GabbyJan 03 2014 7:34pm
*giggles and tongue kisses you deeply*mmmm I love you!!!<3333

Gabby =3Jan 03 2014 7:36pm
-tounge kisses u back deeply- Gabbyi love you soo much ...i mean ur my crush..i never wanna loose my GabbyGab

AaronJan 03 2014 7:37pm
I know u dont lov me like i love u tho ...

AaronJan 03 2014 7:39pm
AWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!<333333 I love you and you know what Ima breakup with logan(again) n I want to be with you!<3333 =/////3

GabbyJan 03 2014 7:41pm
Awwww Gabby I love You sooo much -hugs u tight and as close to me as possible- I'm neva let u go

AaronJan 03 2014 7:44pm
and you said i should find a girl in real life -_-

10Jan 03 2014 7:44pm
I dont care wat i said -_- cuz u complined..i never complaind bout being single

AaronJan 03 2014 7:46pm
:DHehehe #^_^# -hugs u back close and tight-I love you aaron!!!!!=}}

GabbyJan 03 2014 7:47pm
No i said find a girl...or find one in reallife bud :P

AaronJan 03 2014 7:47pm

GabbyJan 03 2014 7:48pm
Nooo Gabby I love you more -kisses u gently-

AaronJan 03 2014 7:48pm
But i dont wanna loose a friend Gabby so dont break up with Logan for me :/

AaronJan 03 2014 7:49pm
but gabby....look at my pic again....wt do u like about me....

AaronJan 03 2014 7:52pm

Aaron 'out'Jan 03 2014 8:00pm
Hehehe night n sowwy i had to eat! night!<3333

GabbyJan 03 2014 8:02pm
Gabby go back to the post you were at.

MaddyJan 03 2014 8:25pm
Hey gabby. What do ya need advice on?

ShedJan 03 2014 8:47pm

MaddyJan 03 2014 9:24pm

GabbyJan 03 2014 9:35pm

ShreveJan 03 2014 9:38pm

GabbyJan 03 2014 9:41pm

ShreveJan 03 2014 9:41pm

GabbyJan 03 2014 9:42pm

AnonymousJan 03 2014 9:42pm
Wanna kik?

AnonymousJan 03 2014 9:42pm
aww what??? =(

ShreveJan 03 2014 9:43pm
wait you wanted someone else -_-

ShreveJan 03 2014 9:45pm
*shakes head side to side* no just no n My dad has my phone n Ipod so I can't kik or facetime or email.

GabbyJan 03 2014 9:45pm
I'm bored .-.

Gabby gets some strawberrys and eats them!Jan 03 2014 9:49pm

ShreveJan 03 2014 9:49pm

ShreveJan 03 2014 9:51pm

ShreveJan 03 2014 9:52pm

ShreveJan 03 2014 9:52pm
*goes and sits on the floor in the attic and eats some more strawberrys*

GabbyJan 03 2014 9:53pm
*shrug* party over here t(-_-t) woo woo

ShreveJan 03 2014 9:53pm
party over there (j-_-)j woo woo

ShreveJan 03 2014 9:54pm
£_£ weird.....

GabbyJan 03 2014 9:55pm
©_© cookies

ShreveJan 03 2014 9:56pm
Where!!!!!!>_> <_< ±_± =_= ^_^

Gabby heard cookiesJan 03 2014 9:57pm
°<»»»»»»»»»»»»{o_o} = {x_x}

ShreveJan 03 2014 9:59pm
ugh diz bítch so ratched!!!!!〒_〒

GabbyJan 03 2014 9:59pm
only on the weekends ^_^

ShreveJan 03 2014 10:01pm

GabbyJan 03 2014 10:02pm
1am - 11pm meet me on the corner ;p

ShreveJan 03 2014 10:05pm
no Washingtons only Ben. Franks. please ;p

ShreveJan 03 2014 10:07pm
Hahaha watch this.....

GabbyJan 03 2014 10:09pm
and i may take Food Stamps just depends on my mood ;p

ShreveJan 03 2014 10:09pm
Hahaha lmfao

GabbyJan 03 2014 10:10pm

GabbyJan 03 2014 10:13pm
every sunday i do cyber shows so while you in church you can watch me work ;p

ShreveJan 03 2014 10:14pm
Follow him on Twitter & IG @YFlashyMusic

GabbyJan 03 2014 10:15pm
dont drop dat honey-bun aye ;p dont drop dat honey-bun

ShreveJan 03 2014 10:16pm
lol sooo u watched it?;p

GabbyJan 03 2014 10:16pm
yep t(-_-t) (j-_-)j

ShreveJan 03 2014 10:17pm

GabbywabbyJan 03 2014 10:18pm
Im bored .-.

GabbyJan 03 2014 10:20pm
what about it t(<_<)j

ShreveJan 03 2014 10:20pm
;P nothin bout it you'll find out very soon who I am I been lieing to all ya níggas!........

GabbyJan 03 2014 10:22pm
Lol *licks ur face*

GabbywabbyJan 03 2014 10:24pm
*shrug* okay

ShreveJan 03 2014 10:24pm

GabbyJan 03 2014 10:25pm
<_< what

ShreveJan 03 2014 10:26pm

GabJan 03 2014 10:27pm
-_- what??

ShreveJan 03 2014 10:28pm
Nothin,im bored!

GabJan 03 2014 10:28pm

ShreveJan 03 2014 10:29pm
great now Frank's up -_-

ShreveJan 03 2014 10:29pm

GabbyJan 03 2014 10:32pm
god my head hurts >.<

ShreveJan 03 2014 10:32pm

GabbyJan 03 2014 10:33pm
candy use to be my stripper name ;p

ShreveJan 03 2014 10:34pm
what about sex <_<

ShreveJan 03 2014 10:34pm

GabbyJan 03 2014 10:35pm
Put ur hands on my waist do it to me softly!;)

GabbyJan 03 2014 10:37pm
oh no you lost that right to sext with me >_>

ShreveJan 03 2014 10:38pm

GabbyJan 03 2014 10:39pm
you did it to yourself -_-

ShreveJan 03 2014 10:41pm

GabJan 03 2014 10:42pm
aint going to work >_> you had your chance and you blew it

ShreveJan 03 2014 10:43pm
*kisses you deeply*

GabbyJan 03 2014 10:44pm
nope >_> *stif arms you* denied

ShreveJan 03 2014 10:45pm
*crawls to the corner of the room n crys with my hands over my face*

GabJan 03 2014 10:47pm
im back

BrianJan 03 2014 10:48pm
*pays no attention to you then pulls out a box of Chips Ahoy*

ShreveJan 03 2014 10:48pm

GabbyJan 03 2014 10:48pm
see now your sexting buddy is here

ShreveJan 03 2014 10:50pm
sorry paper lied to me so i had to go to a later show

BrianJan 03 2014 10:50pm

GabJan 03 2014 10:51pm
gabby >.> i thought i could trust u

loganJan 03 2014 10:53pm
wow shreve

BrianJan 03 2014 10:54pm
U can trust meh!C=

GabbyJan 03 2014 10:54pm
n ya jeremy you know that too!C= so y u be fakin níggas

GabbyJan 03 2014 10:56pm
not when you sext with shreve or tell aaron that u love him >.>

loganJan 03 2014 10:56pm
faking??????¿¿¿¿¿ what you talking bout willis <_<

ShreveJan 03 2014 10:58pm
I know that's a fake logan!

Gabby hate fakersJan 03 2014 10:58pm
u love jack to?

loganJan 03 2014 10:58pm
Tell me something that only I know about you! than I will know ur not a fake!@"logan"

GabbyJan 03 2014 11:00pm
o.O im no fake

loganJan 03 2014 11:01pm
>_> all eyes on logan

ShreveJan 03 2014 11:02pm
Than tell meh!

GabbyJan 03 2014 11:02pm
babe im tired *wraps my arms around u* @ gabby

BrianJan 03 2014 11:03pm
if u dont believe me fine then ill leave -leaves-

logan leftJan 03 2014 11:05pm
yep thats a fake <_<

ShreveJan 03 2014 11:10pm
I love this song!XD IT'S "End Up Here" by Cher Lloyd!!!!<3 n I lovelove her song "riot"!^0^

GabbyJan 03 2014 11:10pm
homie over hoes homie over hoes do the homie do the homie xD

ShreveJan 03 2014 11:11pm
eat sleep rave repeat eat sleep rave repeat eat sleep rave repeat.....

ShreveJan 03 2014 11:13pm
no that annoys me!

GabbyJan 03 2014 11:15pm
eat sleep rave repeat eat sleep rave repeat t(-_-t)

ShreveJan 03 2014 11:16pm

GabJan 03 2014 11:17pm
eat sleep rave repeat eat sleep rave repeat (j-_-)j

ShreveJan 03 2014 11:17pm

Gabby pissedoffJan 03 2014 11:19pm
you mad gul <_< *just plays the instrumental*

ShreveJan 03 2014 11:20pm
Im bored

GabJan 03 2014 11:23pm
aint my problem play boi >_>

ShreveJan 03 2014 11:24pm
great now im horny -_-

ShreveJan 03 2014 11:28pm
*forces thoughts away*

ShreveJan 03 2014 11:28pm
ring the bell. lemme teach ye someething 'cos your mamma never taught you nothing call pharell cos u keep on fronting f f-f-f-f f fronting Listen up T-t-turn it up!!!!XD

GabbyJan 03 2014 11:31pm
if i fall asleep im blaming Gab

QuelJan 03 2014 11:35pm
I've been taking belly dance classes!!!C; my instructor said I'm doing wayway better than other dancers!:)

GabbyJan 03 2014 11:38pm
ok blame me baby!;)

GabbyJan 03 2014 11:38pm
dont call me baby -_-

ShreveJan 03 2014 11:39pm
Come,come kiss me boy!!;P

GabbyJan 03 2014 11:41pm
nope >_>

ShreveJan 03 2014 11:41pm
*sucks ur cheek*

GabbyJan 03 2014 11:43pm

QuelJan 03 2014 11:47pm
i've been tryin tryin to hold my head up high i've been lyin lyin keeping it all inside,maybe I can trust you

GabbyJan 03 2014 11:51pm
okay :/

ShreveJan 03 2014 11:54pm
v_v everybodys so mean.

GabbyJan 03 2014 11:56pm
tell me about it

ShreveJan 03 2014 11:58pm
No one understands me.v_v

GabJan 03 2014 11:59pm
why is that

ShreveJan 04 2014 12:00am
Bc I don't let them know too much of me,I don't have close relationships with anyone but idk....

GabbyJan 04 2014 12:03am
oh okay. um why you telling me this of all people?

ShreveJan 04 2014 12:03am
Idk.....Ima go n cuddle with my teddybear under my bed night!=|

GabbyJan 04 2014 12:06am
okay *shrug*

ShreveJan 04 2014 12:07am
i guess I'll sleep naked tonight because im burning up ;p

ShreveJan 04 2014 12:10am
Ugh.. Hi

BeniJan 04 2014 11:17am

GabJan 04 2014 11:17am
*hugs u*

BeniJan 04 2014 11:19am
=) *hugs back*

GabJan 04 2014 11:20am
hey *just got out of the shower perfect timing*

BrianJan 04 2014 11:21am

BeniJan 04 2014 11:22am
lol hey brian!=P wyd

GabJan 04 2014 11:22am
playin minecraft gonna make a castle :)

Brian n sry i fell asleep last nightJan 04 2014 11:23am
Awwh it's ok beniboo!=) *kisses beni on the cheek* like I told you on the other plz just be nice.=) @beniboo

GabbywabbyJan 04 2014 11:24am
its ok brian n cool!=PPP

GabbywabbyJan 04 2014 11:25am

BeniJan 04 2014 11:26am
am i missing something?

BrianJan 04 2014 11:27am
:) beniboo I wuv you!=////////3

Gabbywabby:3Jan 04 2014 11:27am
hahaha no brian!=PPP anyway.....I miss my friends at school =( I love them all! Mainly cuz I ain't got no one to rilly talk to!=DDD

GabbywabbyJan 04 2014 11:30am
Awwwh!... :///3 @Gabby

BeniJan 04 2014 11:31am
um ok and cal or text them

BrianJan 04 2014 11:31am
Nahhhh....they too much bullshít!!XDDD @brian *hugs you tight* Soo wyd beniboo;P my dads gunna take me to six flags for a little bit before I go in that hell hole!=D@Beniboo

GabbyJan 04 2014 11:35am

BrianJan 04 2014 11:36am
Yea like I miss em f*ckers but they too much bullshít!!!!!=PPPP XD @Brian

GabbyJan 04 2014 11:38am
Ugh... Im watching tv!.. *hugs tightly*

BeniJan 04 2014 11:38am
lol ik how u feal

BrianJan 04 2014 11:38am
-grabs gabbys ass- hey there sexy ;)

AnonymousJan 04 2014 11:40am
*giggles* ehehe!#^_^# what ya watchin???;P @beniboo

Gabby wuvs beni!<3Jan 04 2014 11:41am
No anon!!-.-

GabbyJan 04 2014 11:41am
James Bond o.o x3 nd awwwww! :///3@Gabby

Beni blushes irl..Jan 04 2014 11:42am
Fuk off anon...

BeniJan 04 2014 11:42am
-smacks gabbys ass softly- i know you want it right now ;)

AnonymousJan 04 2014 11:44am
*hits anon in the face* i said fuk off.

BeniJan 04 2014 11:46am
HEHEHE!;p cool beni.#^_^# I wuv yew sooooooo much.<333333 Nd im watching Teen wolf!!C:D

GabbyJan 04 2014 11:46am
Hehe awww! Nd hah! #^_^#

BeniJan 04 2014 11:47am

BrianJan 04 2014 11:47am
Anon no!!-.-So stfu n gtfo!!!!@anonut

GabJan 04 2014 11:48am

GabbywabbyJan 04 2014 11:49am
pretty much i hate building 50 feet walls

BrianJan 04 2014 11:50am
Lol @brian

BeniJan 04 2014 11:51am
hehehe!#^_^# beni ur so cute!=)))

GabbybabyJan 04 2014 11:51am
So r u!... @GabbyBaby <3

Beni blushing againJan 04 2014 11:51am

BeniJan 04 2014 11:52am
lmfao wow brian nd I hate killing zombies!XD no like fr. that game got on my nerves!-.-

GabbyJan 04 2014 11:53am
im on creative and peacful

BrianJan 04 2014 11:53am
aww cookieboy thinks he is a tough guy for virtually punching people, arent you just a cute jerk

AnonymousJan 04 2014 11:54am
-grabes gabby and takes her to a room and closes and locks the door- we will have some fun now ;)

AnonymousJan 04 2014 11:54am
hehehehe!#^_^# ur soooo cute!!!! nd thanks Ik im soooo cute :D even when im not tryin ta be!=)))@Beniboo<3333333333

GabbybabyJan 04 2014 11:55am

GabbyJan 04 2014 11:57am
go to the poll under this one this poll is gonna make us stop msging

BrianJan 04 2014 11:58am
And u think tht ur tough when ur trying to have sex with someone on the internet VIA internet? Pfft... Get a life dude! @anon

BeniJan 04 2014 11:58am
Heheheh awwh!! :///////////3 ##^_^## but u have to remember tht we r only fwends!.......@GabbyBaby<3333

BeniJan 04 2014 11:59am
ok ima go to the poll under this one!:)

GabbyJan 04 2014 12:00pm
Can i also go there?...

BeniJan 04 2014 12:02pm
yea ben

BrianJan 04 2014 12:06pm
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