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my girlfriend like lifting me. she carrying more then, is she crazy or it's commen ? evereg girls like do or not

Question: male like 2 lifting carrying his girlfriend or wife.. what female also like 2 do as? its commen expletion 2 love&care?
Created by: rina at 02:59:31 AM, Sunday, March 29, 2009 EDT


ur GF Like 2 Lifting U that Meens She Do Real Love &She Explain it,But U Not Do Real Love With Her.B'caz ur Ego is Hurt

sonuMar 29 2009 11:00am

TAKE CARE GUY,your G.Friend is flarting with you. when we guys flart with girls than lift her,like that she play with U.

vinod patelMar 29 2009 12:00pm
all boys r weaker..and u too, she do real love, i think she extra care r very unlucky guy if u dont trust her

shakshee1989Mar 29 2009 12:09pm

sheemaMar 29 2009 12:57pm
it's commen.

abhiMar 29 2009 1:03pm
i Think its Uncomen.Woman Cant Able Do it?She Cant Strong As Man My Wife Weight 65kg & i m 55kg After That She Can't Do

rajesh mistryMar 30 2009 4:58am
it's Matter of Strenth & Power.. So, Girls Can be Do it Commanly

MARK CENOVAISMar 30 2009 5:05am
i like carry my boyfriend so what we girls can also like everything,who like u guys if u guys do it meen its love & we?

monika d'sozaMar 30 2009 7:23am
you girls lifting only weaker guys,who is pour guy. stronger man can not eccept like it. man like lifting carry woman.

j.josefMar 30 2009 7:36am
You Girls are SiLLY, Now u Girls Think u can also able lift & Play with us. u Can also Flarting with us, Like a Guys.

banteeMar 30 2009 7:52am
you girls lifting only weaker guys,who is pour guy. stronger man can not eccept like it. man like lifting carry woman.

j.josefMar 30 2009 7:52am
You Girls are SiLLY, Now u Girls Think u can also able lift & Play with us. u Can also Flarting with us, Like a Guys.

banteeMar 30 2009 7:53am
i can't belived if girls can lifting guys meens guys are pour or weaker.. .it's not true. it's just ur guys self ego.

SangitaApr 01 2009 12:09am
j.josef, i think ur weight is 250kg..and that case, u r like a mini sumo.& i can't lift u 4ur weight not b'caz ur strong

sellyApr 01 2009 12:26am
j.josef, u r big looser if u think u r a guy meens u r stronger more then we girls. Do U Lift My Friend if She 250kg.

elisaApr 01 2009 12:40am
ELSA, Guy/Girl Dosn't Matter all time. i m 75kg & my wife just 58kg but she able lift me in accident. it's Love Matter.

jayApr 01 2009 12:55am
j.josef, u r big looser if u think u r a guy meens u r stronger more then we girls. Do U Lift My Friend if She 250kg.

elisaApr 01 2009 12:56am
ELSA, SEX / WEIGH DOSN'T MATTER All Time. i m 75kg & my wife just 58kg but she able lift me in accident. its LOVE MATTER

jayApr 01 2009 1:00am
j.josef, u r big looser if u think u r a guy meens u r stronger more then we girls. Do U Lift My Friend if She 250kg.

elisaApr 01 2009 1:02am
j.josef, i think ur weight is 250kg..and that case, u r like a mini sumo.& i can't lift u 4ur weight not b'caz ur strong

sellyApr 01 2009 1:03am
on bike accident, i was so injered i can't walk. no1 to help us, that time my wife take me piggyback & walking 10minits.

jayApr 01 2009 3:06am
jay,it's shamful condition..what u think when u face the problem? i think ur wife is more bigger bigben from u.

j.josefApr 01 2009 3:11am
jay, is it feel shamfull condition..what u think when u face the problem? i think ur wife is more bigger bigben from u.

j.josefApr 01 2009 3:12am
yes, it is. but such a true i was proud my wife. she is not heldy 58kg when i m 75kg. i saluat for her love 2nd strenth

jayApr 01 2009 3:23am
when u male loos ur strenth on right time, then we female shaw our strenth.

AnonymousApr 01 2009 3:29am
meen u girls r stronger agaist, who are the weaker guys only. & more than 5-10% guys are weaker. 90-95% guys are strong.

banteeApr 01 2009 3:38am

AMITABH H.BACHHANApr 01 2009 4:17am
this was probably the most crazy board I have ever been to. Is it the same person doing all the postings and what on earth is it about?

AnonymousApr 07 2009 11:27pm
My former girlfriend often used to lift me. she is shorter but heavier than me. One afternoon when her parents were out, after we had sex, she lifted me naked on her shoulder and carried me to the bathroom.

AjayApr 14 2009 11:25am
I also get lifted and carried before sex. It is a real turn on for my wife and I love the feeling of dangling across her shoulders. A couple of times I didn't even make it to the bedroom before I came. She understood and did me with her sex toy instead!!!

AnonymousMay 01 2009 4:06pm
same also occurs ometimes with me when my wife carry me over her shoulder to the bedroom, to lie like senseless on her shoulder giv m immense pleasure, i am 68 kg against her 56

rajJul 02 2009 9:56am
jay wether ur wife still lift carry u, and as u said she lifted u alone for 10 minits---how possible, during daytime or night hours, however if u r not lieing i must say that she love u much more than herself, great women need a salute

AnonymousJul 02 2009 10:01am
Ajay what about ur former 1, if she carried u once only,not lifted by others still then

AnonymousJul 02 2009 10:04am
ur gf is freaky, have sex get her pregnant leave her and luagh.

AnonymousDec 23 2009 8:26am
sum girls dont like it wen they act girly and wen boyfriends so stuff like that, try making her comfortable wen u lift her, then she wont do it to you.

anyaDec 23 2009 8:27am
Hey Sangita can you lift me? monika d'soza Are you comfortable doing that? What About Seema. Have you ever lifted a guy weights 80 KGS?

AnonymousOct 30 2010 6:43am
Hey Sangita can you lift me? monika d'soza Are you comfortable doing that? What About Seema. Have you ever lifted a guy weights 80 KGS?

Lift Me PleaseOct 30 2010 6:44am
dear rajesh mistry, poor boy, if your wife failed to do a lift for you, why you conclude the same for all women. You don't know the power of women! My husband became admirer when I showed him my strength. I can easily carry him like a baby.

angelaDec 01 2010 10:15am
May I see your videos if you can lift your husband

One ToxsJan 10 2011 2:36am
I'm a small man, 167 cm and 57 kgs. In Holland where I live almost all women are bigger and stronger than me. And they love to lift me, they love to show that they can threw a man around, even if he is a lot smaller. It is sometimes very annoying but most of th e time I like it.

AnonymousFeb 03 2011 4:41am
My ex gf Nance lifted me with ease, she was much stronger then me and loved to show me. Her power turned me on and I loved her dominating me, she rode me into heaven and gave me the vest sex of my life. After we break up I always felt attrictive to strong women.

ZicoJun 28 2011 1:53pm
is their single girls out there that can lift 130lb on her shoulders

anonymousJan 20 2012 4:38am
my gf turned me into l&c, she is very strong and love to show that, i really get excited when she started it and it became our way of life, nothing is more erotic than dangling across your girls shoulders or kissing fo miutes frontlifted in her strong arms

AnonymousJul 12 2012 7:58am
so many *ssholes out here

FuckyouallNov 28 2012 6:34am
Grow up dumbf*cks...Ifyou really wanna girl lift and carry you ask her.... don't write these fake stories over here.

FuckyouallNov 28 2012 6:36am
I am 22 90 pounds and carry my 180 pound boyfriend. I carry him in public and people are amazed

ADec 05 2012 2:59pm
my gf grabs my dick if i say no when she wants to lift me.. So sumtyms i agree sumtyms i dont.. Bcoz i lyk both ball grabbed as well as lifted and carried..

gf slaveJan 10 2013 3:14pm
Whenever we have a fight my girlfriend grabs my throat and lifts me up off the ground....and keeps me in air hanging till i say sorry....!!

sunMay 11 2013 3:07am
And even if i do say sorry she lowers me a little bit but while i am still in air and only my toes are touching the ground she looks in my eyes and say something dominating....

sunMay 11 2013 3:20am
Den she slowly with ease lowers me to the ground and laugh...!!..

sunMay 11 2013 3:21am
My gf lift me like baby.she treat me her child.

liftMay 11 2013 3:35am
Can any girl lift me

surajMay 20 2013 3:53am
I'm 15 and I can't lift my gf at all I'm 5'7 and 97lbs and my gf is 5'3 and 189 lbs she pretty big but hot

AnonymousJul 26 2013 10:06pm
It is quite common. My gf ca n easily lift me but i can't lift her with that ease.

RohitNov 09 2013 12:15am
being 125 lbs like me and being a man plenty of women have lifted me, it seems almost naturla for them to lift me up when we hug for instance. Women also like to show their strength once in a while, this have happened to me a number of times in Life. My wife since five years is 60 lgs heavier than me, she often lifts me, take me in her lap etc. when we are alone home, it is so natural now that I don't think about it much. I don't like when she sometimes lifts me up in public.

6-10Dec 18 2013 5:46am
My wife is into weightlifting for the last 10 years. She is a big girl about 190cm and 96kg, mostly muscular not fat though. me, as a yoga instructor, im leaner about 69kg and about 173cm tall. she always towers over me, especially when she is on heels but we both got used to that. we never used to talk about her workout so i had no idea what type of weight she use to lift at the gym. Recently i decided to make a surprise visit at the new gym she joined. She was very happy to see me there but i was stunned by what i saw: for some reason she was looking so sexy in her workout clothes (she was wearing just a green bra and blue shorts) all sweaty, with her muscles and veins pumped out from the workout. She was doing standing shoulders presses at that time with a bar. I asked her out of curiosity how much weight is she lifting and her reply left me with the mouth wide open from surprise: "100kg for eight reps" she said and she laughed with my reaction. "omg thats about 30kg more that i weight" i though and started to feel aroused. I told her that i was really impressed by her strength and i stayed for a bit more to see some of her workout routine always checking with surprise the weight she is using: she overhead squat about 150kg, (i was scared cos that more than double my weight) and deadlift about 220kg. :O i decided that ive seen enough so i stood up trying to hide my erectionand i went home thinking how strong my wife is and how easily she could pick me up if she wanted to. Knowing that i started to grow my lift and carry fetish again watching videos and pictures of woman lifting man, but i was to shy to tell her anything which i regret because two weeks later when she randomly checked my pc history and found out about everything her reaction was the coolest possible: the next day she was waiting for me coming back from work wearing just her red red bikini. It was summer time so "she is probably getting ready for the beach" i thought, but then she came over me, and without saying anything, she lifted me over her one shoulder carry me to the couch and put me on her lap while she sat down. "so you like to be lifted by girls" she said in a sexy voice. I was SPEECHLESS, i was trying to say something to find an excuse but nothing could come out of my mouth, couldnt hide my arousal any more so i admit it. "i found the videos you are watching and i remember the way you were looking at me at the gym" she said. "you should have told me about your fetish" she said and then she whispered in my ear: "because lifting small man like you makes me really horny". That was it, i have never felt more aroused on my life and i instantly cum in my pants, but i didnt know that there were more to follow. She left me out of her lap and she went to the other room to put on her 15cm high heels. When she came back she towered over me (she was 205cm on that heels omg) and she asked me to stand. I stand and my head was at the height of her boobs. "you are so tiny, i can toss you around like a rag doll" she said and immediately she took me on a cradle carry and started to curve me and walk around. "i can use you for my warm lol" she laughed. She carried me infront of our big mirror in the living room. "i want to see myself doing that to you" she said and she let me down. "what are you gonna do?" i asked ready to ejaculate again. she looked down to me and she said with her sexy voice: "im gonna lift high over my head baby, are you ready for something like this?" "you can try if you can honey" i replied. "lol if i can??" she replied and in 2 seconds without i even realise it she leaned over she put one hand on my croch and the other on my chest and up i went. She lifted me overhead like i weight nothing, my ass almost touched the ceiling, i was scared and aroused at the same time. She was walking around the house with me said that im a lightweight and that she can hold me up there for hours if she wanted to. "carrying a man over my head all over the house, im so aroused right now" she said. "We should that more often" she said. I couldnt agree more, she carried me into the kitchen, putting me onto her shoulders to go through the door and then pushing high over her head again. soon we both realise that the kitchen's window was open and a young man was standing there shocked with the show. My wife walked to his direction, still holding me overhead, and she stood to the other side of the open window, in her red bikini, with all her muscles stretched and me still holded over her head. "is there any problem?" said my wife to the young man. "no no madam, no problem, i was just leaving" he said and run away. i felt very strange knowing that my wife holding me overhead infront of another man. She left me down and started stretching her big muscle. i hugged her and we started kissing, i asked her to go straight to the bedroom for the best of our lifes. she carried me there and she said "we are gonna have sex, but first i wanna try something last with you". she asked me to wear a belt on my trousers, my imagination were going crazy so i did it. she stand in front of me and grapped my belt with one arm "are you ready to go up once again?" she asked. I realise what was about to happen, "ooh my god she is gonna lift me overhead with one arm" i though. before i even completed my thought she went on her knees and pushed me over her head using only her one arm! she started to scream like she has an orgasm and she tossed me to our bed. she jumped over me and we have the best sex of our lives. Since then we are doing lift and carry for foreplay every time. sometimes she is lifting me overhead in the beach and throwing me in the sea, i find it a bit embarassing to be lifted in public (everybody were watching us) but she enjoys it so i let her do it, and i cant do elsewhere anyway lol.

AnonymousJun 08 2014 4:03pm
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YGWJAjNduBCIkKaPaPJul 18 2014 2:14pm
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MLeSfNgDygOKcXousAug 05 2014 4:50am
hey any girl can lift and carry, im 5ft 7inch tall and weight about 62kg

karanAug 28 2014 10:30pm
I have easily lifted my older cousin!!! I could easily carry you Karan :)

Strong GirlAug 30 2014 2:54am
helo strong girl, really u can carry me, wow, i want to feel ur strength can u tell me, which way u can lift and carry me

karanAug 30 2014 7:15am
Are u the same Karan from some other polls??

Strong GirlAug 30 2014 11:05am
given the differences in our height and weight and my physique, lifting you would be quite easy!!

Strong GirlAug 30 2014 11:06am

KARANAug 30 2014 11:21am
Well Karan I am 6'1" and weigh around 85kg...not much of fat but more of old are u?? how would u like me to lift you?!!!!

Strong GirlAug 30 2014 11:37am
HELO STRONG GIRL IM 21 YEAR old, and ur age??, i would like you lift me all possible ways, but i like most front carry, side hip carry, cradle carry and piggyback, also the shoulder carry...... will u lift me in all the ways and how much time u can lift me

KARANAug 30 2014 11:52am
One of my older cousin weighs around 65 kgs and I have had no problems at all in lifting him!!! So I could lift you too in all possible ways easily :) I have lifted my cousin for more than half an hour on my shoulders....I could have gone on for some more time but he was literally begging me to put him down...oh I am 17 btw

Stong GirlAug 30 2014 12:02pm
omg really u r 17, wow really i want to feel ur strength, and wana a lift from u now, tell me which one u do with me now....

karanAug 30 2014 12:06pm
ha ha so eager karan!!! U think u can handle being up on my shoulders for an hour with me doing squats, running around and threatening to throw u off my shoulders?!!!!

Strong GirlAug 30 2014 12:08pm

karanAug 30 2014 12:13pm
Lol Karan most boys beg me to put them down once i start guy even wept....I comforted him in a cradle carry like a kid!!!! I am from Denmark but now in Singapore where the guys are so small compared to me

Strong GirlAug 30 2014 12:17pm
oh wow strong girl, i also want to feel ur strength, can u tell me how u lift me in side hip carry and how much time u can lift me in side hip

karanAug 30 2014 12:19pm
also dnt mind can i see ur pic.....

karanAug 30 2014 12:32pm
I can lift u for a very very long time in piggyback or on my would be too easy!!!!

Strong GirlAug 30 2014 9:05pm
oh wow, where u carry me, while u lift me, and what u feel while u carry me,

karanAug 31 2014 1:36am
I love the feeling of helpless guys and their weak body in contact with my much stronger and fitter body!!! How would u feel when I carry?? How would u feel if i destroyed using a bearhug or body scissors both of which i could with ease on someone as small and light as you? :)

Strong GirlAug 31 2014 2:15am
its quite amazing and hot feeling when u carry me, and i would feel like i was nothing and kinda hot when u carry me, i want to feel ur strength and its quite amazing in bearhug, i feel i was entering in ur body and i want that bearhug and what u do while i was feeling little hard and may little cry in ur tight bear hug... want u make me cry then what u do when i cary

karanAug 31 2014 2:29am
Lolz I could put you out in a bearhug in a matter of minutes!!! tell me karan how strong or fit are u??

Strong GirlAug 31 2014 2:40am
im physically fit may i can run 1600 mtr continuosuly, u just guess im 62 kg heavy how much im fit

karanAug 31 2014 2:44am
thats cool karan :) some of the guys i have lifted around can hardly make a bicep even if they flex their arms....and they have such a soft gut compared to my six packs ...

Strong GirlAug 31 2014 2:56am
omg, u have 6 packs, can i see..... even will u hold me on ur lap also

karanAug 31 2014 2:59am
years of swimming, athletics and gymnastics have given me a very fit and athletic body :) U think u are as fit as i am??

Strong GirlAug 31 2014 3:01am
If u dont have a six pack beware that u will be crying with pain in my body scissors lolz!!!

Strong GirlAug 31 2014 3:02am
Where are u from Karan?

Strong GirlAug 31 2014 3:05am
im from india, no im not as fit as u are, but i think if i cry u are well known about that what u do next :)

karanAug 31 2014 3:08am
dont take it for granted that i would cradle u and comfort u like a kid.....i might just decide to turn on the pressure and pain make u blackout

Strong GirlAug 31 2014 3:14am
Havent u had any experience of being lifted or an encounter with a strong girl??

Strong GirlAug 31 2014 3:15am
oh no it really pain full, i will wrap my legs around ur waist nd my head on ur shoulder and feel pain or may be cry if it really pain full for me,

karanAug 31 2014 3:16am
no such experience of lifting i had

karanAug 31 2014 3:17am
I am sure there would be many strong girls in India...

Strong GirlAug 31 2014 3:21am
i dont have any, but i feel amazed and excited while chat with u, also wana be lift carry experience from u....

karanAug 31 2014 3:27am
lolz there is this one friend of mine who is just 5'3" and is 46kgs...just like u he loves being lifted :) I oblige as it is so easy to lift him that i hardly feel his weight for a long time....once we had gone for hiking and he begged me carry him...while he is unable to lift me even for a few seconds...I gave him a really long piggyback like 2 hours or so and then carried him on my shoulders for around an hour :) :) At him i like to front carry him and stand in front of the mirror...loz ..its so cool to see the difference in our bodies!!! his thin scrawny legs wrapped tight around my six packs, his thin weak arms around my neck and i hardly never use my arms to support his wieght!! he just clings on to me :) :D

Strong GirlAug 31 2014 3:34am
oh wow, strong girl i also want that, plz lift me in front carry and also tell me, how u pick me up, where u carry me

karanAug 31 2014 3:40am
hey strong girl, can i see ur pic, while u lift ur friend......

karanAug 31 2014 8:01am
I have never taken pics....guys would feel sooo embarrased

Strong GirlAug 31 2014 9:26am
How would u feel karan when i lift you in front carry and u are pressed against my strong hard body?!!

Strong GirlAug 31 2014 9:27am
oh i feel kinda hard and erotic,and may be it makes me hard while u lift me in front carry, and i will feel so hot and safe in ur arms and i wrapped my legs around ur waist. may be i feel little hard...

karanAug 31 2014 10:20am

Strong GirlSep 01 2014 3:39am
hehe, tell me, what u do with me, while u lift me in front carry

karanSep 01 2014 5:32am
hey, strong girl, will u do some so that i will sit on ur one biceps, and u will lift me in ur one biceps only

karanSep 01 2014 5:42am
tell me karan why or how u got interest in this??

Strong GirlSep 01 2014 6:52am
ectually i have seen one video, and feel its amzing and interesting lift or sitting on one biceps of a women,and it shows the real power or strongest women, will u do

karanSep 01 2014 6:54am
What video was that?? Cos i have never had such an idea before....tell me where and how to find that its link

Strong GirlSep 01 2014 7:38am
but how did u get interested in being carried around by a girl?? most guys i know are either scared of my strength or embarassed ??

Strong GirlSep 01 2014 7:39am
one day i just write on google, can a girl lift a man, then it will shows different links and videos,but in lifted by a girl, in our childhood our mother lifts me, but once i casually sit on a lap of my class girl and since then i was attracted by a girls lap, while i just read alot articles, but from videos on youtube i was being admired and inpired to be lap sit and lift carry by girl.... i will post the link but promise u will do all lifts which u watch in this video, i want all that....

karanSep 01 2014 7:50am
helo, strong girl, have u watch this video

karanSep 01 2014 11:13am
unable to open video karan...describe it to me!!

Strong GirlSep 02 2014 10:11am
helo strong girl, in this video a girl lifts a guy on her left shoulder and start moving upstairs and after 1-2 minutes she will reach 3rd floor and then she adjust a guy in cradle carry very comfortably with letting his feet touch on the ground then she again starts moving upstairs and she will reach 6th floor then she again goin down with a guy adjust him on her left side hip looks guy sits on her hip and her left hand supporting him it looks like the guy will be baby for him then she reach up to 2nd floor where she enters in room there a guy will sit on her wide shoulders and start walking in room, sudden she adjust him to sit on her right shoulder after few seconds she moves him down to her right hand to sit him on her bicep(only right hand) and start moving little bit..... after that it ends... so will u do all

karanSep 03 2014 5:14am
hey strong girl, in this video the girl wear the following type of dress.........

karanSep 03 2014 5:19am
Strong girl can u lift me iam 45kgs 5'4 height

sweet guySep 15 2014 1:56pm
lol Mr Sweet Guy, you are so tiny compared to me that lifting you and carrying you around would be simply too easy!!!! I probably wouldnt even feel your weight...u are that small and light :)

Strong GirlSep 20 2014 12:24pm
my gf can litt me

me Sep 22 2014 8:33pm
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GJcWHIhINLQChOWJan 15 2015 4:52pm
I can lift my boy friend who is in 12th and me to in 12th bit I am taller than him by 3 inches I have lifted him in public places. As he has fobiya of ridding motorbike so I drive the motorbike he seats back... but boyfriend can't lift I lifts him.....I love doing so.....

AnonymousFeb 17 2015 12:39am
Can any one lift me up .... hey u strong girl I am 52kg can u challenge

AnonymousFeb 17 2015 12:42am
He u monika , seema , strong girl any one can lift me I am 54kgs challenge...hmm...u weak girls...

AnonymousFeb 17 2015 12:44am
hey anonymous(boyfriend lifter), tell me how much tall are u and ur weight, also tell me which country u belongs to, even more, how u start ur boyfriend lifting and how may ways u can lift ur boyfriend, also can u lift me also

karanFeb 24 2015 12:38am
hey karan, been a long time!!! able to get Any experiences of being carried by a girl??

Strong GirlMar 02 2015 12:00pm
Mr Anonymous, did u even read this thread before posing such a question to me?!! Cmon :)

Strong GirlMar 02 2015 12:02pm
Strong girl, well u can say just for 5 seconds got one piggyback from my cousin, but its not any good, well wana take experience from u being lifted... will u lift me

karanMar 03 2015 11:59pm
My girlfriend is black that means she is stronger. She lifts weights much heavier than me. I try to do those weights but they are to hard. I am a white guy maybe that's why. I would say she is at least 2 times stronger than me

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@strong girl i'm 5ft6 and 200 pounds, could u lift carry me across shoulders or overhead, would u do it if yes

curious guyJan 21 2016 9:56am
hi strong girl, i challenge u to lift carry me anytime, is it a deal

curious guyJan 24 2016 7:51am
I am a 5 foot 5 115 pound man. I have a 5 foot 10 wife and a 15 year old daughter who is 5 foot 11. I am a stay at home man and my wife works. We also have a maid from Mexico who is 5 foot 7 and very thick. One day I was at home alone and my maid came over. She was cleaning and I had to use the bathroom. I was taking a number 2 and I was also farting a lot. My maid must of heard it becuase she asked if I was okay. I said no. She came in and saw me hurt. She gave me tips and it worked. My dump smelled really bad and I felt bad. Then she left. Later I asked if I be her baby. She said yes. I sat in her lap and sucked her tits. My mom and daughter came in and then said let me try. I got up and my daughter lifted me on her hip. I was amazed. She feed me milk and I then felt her big ass. She said you like my ass daddy. My wife loved it to. I am like a prince and dos nothing while they work their ass off. If my wife passed away my daughter would support me and do the work. I always get carried by her and also suck and slap her tits and ass. I am so lucky.

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rZDXlZtfTSWzJiApr 06 2016 3:20am
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rahulMay 04 2016 11:28pm
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