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Who LIFTING their Partner HUSBAND/BOYFRIEND or WIFE/GIRLFRIEND ? pls reply what in real life?

Question: Genraly we Shaw that man lift his partner...But in SEARCH WEB WORLD Result is..woman More lift carry her partner weight
Created by: sercher at 04:32:22 AM, Monday, March 30, 2009 PDT


ya ! ur search result is right.. well, we mans dosn't shaw it all commenly becouse we man has self ego (we r stronge)

xyzMar 30 2009 11:41am

we can't show it's commenly becouse we feeling as a weaker guy 2 show all & we belived our self strong more then woman

xyzMar 30 2009 11:47am
In the last month or so someone has gotten on this web site and show us all how mentally disturbed a male can be. This A.S.S thinks the female are designed a be a pack mule, he seem to get a kick out of riding them, around or for some s.h.i.t.t.y a.s.s.h.o.l.e male, to punch around and use as cheap work out equipment. I for one have to much respect for the ladies to vote in this kind of B.S. poll. A pervert as he is should be lock up for LIFE...who knows maybe he is? We can only hope!!!

AnonymousMar 31 2009 8:56pm
If she can carry your weight while hoding her own your going to have face the fat she just might be miles stronger than you

asdfApr 01 2009 7:28am
im capable to triple piggyback,what means im able to carry my husband,my son and daughter together on my back for a very long 43years,my husband 45y,son 24y,daughter 23y old.husband weights 95kg,son 87kg,daughter bodyweight is 80kg.but most of my muscle mass is in my legs especially husband was only able to carry me and my daughter,but even that for only 1/5th of the distance im able to carry them all three.i have naturaly powerfull legs,never work out,since i was litlle girl i had always extraordinary muscular legs.

abbyApr 02 2009 1:36pm

LEESAApr 07 2009 1:27am

LEESAApr 07 2009 1:29am

LEESAApr 07 2009 1:48am
my husband loves me & lift me cradle, some time i also be like do littel lift him.

priyaApr 07 2009 1:52am
Hi Priya, whats the age , height and weight of both of u?

AnkitApr 11 2009 1:11am
in my family all girls have much more muscular legs than us-guys,so they can lift in real life more heavy stuff than lift realy heavy weight-one must have strong legs,as stronger legs you have,as more you can lift and carry.its more about legs strenght than arms.

AnonymousApr 12 2009 10:34am
I have extremely wide and long penis and during having sex with my girlfriend i found out if i have realy strong erection,i can uplift all bodyweight of my girlfriend on my penis.this was amazing for her to find out,since than,she always wants me to carry her on my rod.i cant uplift her for very long period of time,only about 1 minute.we do this that way,im on my knees,my rod deep inside her facing me,without her holding me in any ways-no hands,no legs squeezing wraped arround me,just only her ankles locked behind my back to keep her balance strait,than i go up in kneeling or im able to even stand up like this with her on my penis.she weights only 55kg,i weight 120kg and im very tall and muscular.

Steven16Apr 15 2009 6:08pm
Once after having sex with my GF, she is sucking my penis. I was standing and she was on her knees. Suddenly she grabbed me lifted me up in the air. i got so turned on that i cummed on her

anonymousApr 16 2009 9:06am
Most of the times during morning, my wife used to carry me naked on her shoulder to the bathroom.

AsifApr 16 2009 11:54am
I can easily lift my husband. Once during foreplay i lifted him on my shoulder, unable to bear he urinate on me.

anonymousApr 18 2009 4:02am
I am a 6'1" tall skinny guy. I got A HUGE ERECTION after I was outlifted in weightlifting (in the clean-and-jerk) by a 4'11" short fat girl who weighs over fifty pounds more than I do. I simply could not lift over my head what she easily lifted over her head!!! She can easily lift me up into the air but I can't even lift her off the ground. After she proved that she is stronger than I am, I continued to be as hard as a rock so I went into the bathroom and I immediately jerked off!!! At the time, I couldn't have sex with her because there were other people around. I should have asked her to come into the bathroom with me and then, instead of jerking off, I would have proceeded to slide my long, hard penis deep into her moist, powerful vagina!!!

AnonymousApr 18 2009 2:36pm
My GF likes to lift me in bearhug. i also feels erotic in her strong arms. she always make me to wear her panty before carry me to the bed.

SunilApr 18 2009 11:15pm
sunil wether her panty fits in u.How she carry u and for how long she can,type of lift,abutht,wt of u both,ur ist experince etc. pl. share, if possible any photo of ur lift carry sesson, i am so interested and eager to see at send

AnonymousJul 01 2009 7:35pm
Asif what about ur wife, continues to lift u nakd for bath everday, tell in detail

AnonymousJul 01 2009 7:41pm
Hi, all girls. hi leesa, priya how u feel when u lift your partner(how do you lift front carry, lap sit, craddle lap sit etc?) how your partner reacts?

hiJul 01 2009 9:35pm
hi leesa and priya..r u still here reading these posts?

AbhiJul 21 2009 7:24am
Anonymous...her panty easily fits on me..she mostly lifts me in front bearhug and front carry and sometimes cradles me, she is of my ht but weighs more than me

SunilNov 09 2009 1:09am
such a strong girlfrd, she takes u to bed for sex i suppose, tell her to lift u naked or in her panty on her strong shoulder ------how long she can keep u lifting ?

AnonymousNov 22 2009 3:12am
i am a married woman and i often carry my hubby. However most of the tym he carries me but sumtyms specially night in he loves me to carry him to bed. However being a woman i would have loved had he carried me to bed. But its ok, sumtyms i shud also him a lift and carry pleasure. Acyually he has told that wen ever we hav sex in nyt, i will carry him to bed and rest of the tym he will carry me.Let me tell u i nm not a good lifter coz he is a bit heavier for me. But he helps me in doing this. i cant lift in cradle style so he stands on a higher place like table and put his body on my shoulder and i carry him like a potato sack. Isnt stupid for him gettin carried by his wife. Lol

DivyaMar 24 2010 10:14pm
Carry on Divya

AnonymousMar 24 2010 11:21pm
lift carry is the best experience

paulAug 14 2010 4:36am
lift carry is the best experience

paulAug 14 2010 4:38am
lift carry is the best experience

paulAug 14 2010 4:38am
It all started when my husband got too drunk at a party we went to. He actually couldn't walk straight and had to lean on me when we should walk home after the party. We lived about 1 mile away. He fell twice and I realized I had to do something about it so I just scooped him up in my arms and carried him in a cradle. He is not a big man, perhaps 60 kgs on his 171 cm frame so I could carry him for quite a bit before I needed a rest. Even if I was rather angry with him for getting so drunk I kind of enjoyed carryhim like a baby in my arms. I felt strong and protective. I am 168 cm and 74 kgs so I am quite a bit heavier than my husband. I just needed to rest once on the way home. The day after he was hangover and asked me how he got home. I told him that I carried him like a baby. He didn't remember and also had didn't believe that I was strong anought to carry him a mile in my arms. I just scooped him up again and bounced him in my arms, that are very strong from years of work outs and from physical labour. I carried him around the house for some time and then told him to carry me. He could get my up in his arms but had to put me down rather soon. He said that I was too heavy and I just said he was too weak. We then armwrestled for the first time in our 10 years of marriage. I totally dominated the matches and I wasn't surprised, I have always thought I was stronger than him. I have carried him many times and in may ways after that. We both like it and it has become some kind of forplay for us, sometimes followed by wrestling that I always win.

LucyNov 30 2010 12:54am
Lucy and Divya.. Have you given piggyback ride to your husband?

AnonymousDec 03 2010 6:20am
Have piggybacked him several times

LucyDec 06 2010 8:13am
Hi Lucy... Pls explain on how you gave the piggyback rides? I love piggyback rides and would love to know how he climbs on your back for the ride. For how long can you piggyback him.. Pls give details Lucy..

piggyback riderDec 07 2010 11:30am
After the night I carried my husband home I have lifted him in several ways. We have a summer house in an island where you have to carry everything you need, groceries etc. You have to walk up a steep hill. When we move out for the summer it is a lot of carrying and my husband complained about the hard work. I carreid a lot more than him. I told him to jump up on my back and carried him and two bags of groceries up the hill. He was very impressed about my strength and I liked the work out. After that day I often walk around with him on my back. Sometimes I tie his legs around my body so I can run with him on my back. He gettin a kick out of sitting on my back fondling my breasts at the same time. Some neighbours have seen us like this and laughed but sort of got used to me carrying my husband in different ways. I also carrying him over my shoulders. His weight, 60 kgs, is perfect so I can carry him for a long time.

LucyDec 10 2010 4:36am
Woo.. Lucky husband.. Thanks Lucy.. Nice post..

piggyback riderDec 10 2010 10:00am
Today I went with my girl friend to park. where i got a chance to sit on her lap. She allowed me to sit for an hour and i asked her whether am heavy. she told no. I enjoyed the moment

DAVISJan 08 2011 2:50am
Hey i challeng any woman to lift and carry me i am 19 y 166 cm 60 kg

MidoJan 17 2011 3:48pm
I am rumel i from bangladesh one day saw my sister in law and my sister has strong leg and hip then one day i jump in my sister in law back when there is no one my weight is 63kg and height is same. she just walking with me on her back i asked do you fell heavy she said no you are not heavy then your three sister.again asked do you lift them she said yes then put me down at the next day she lift me in front of my sister.

AnonymousJan 22 2011 5:13am
Do this after telling them bangladeshi

AnonymousJan 24 2011 9:10pm
it all started when me and my wife was fooling around play wrestling in bed when my wife suddenly put one foot under my stomach and just lifted my 68 kgs straight up with one leg. We were both surprised how easy it was for her. She could do a few reps with me and it was actually me that got tired first, tensing my stomach muscles. She then lowered me and had put her arms on my shoulders and lifted my upper body up and down. She laughed and called me a light weight. Quite true considering I am 180 cm. She is 171 cm and weighing in at 75 kgs. She then wanted to try something else, she asked me to stand up straight, with my arms bent, pressing them against my body with my elbows down. I understood that she wanted to lift me up pressing me from holding my elbows. She stooped with her strong legs and grunted and up I went until she held me straight up. She had pressed my weight and held me like that for a while. I didn't have a clue that she was so strong. The next thing was she asked me to put my head between her thighs while she was standing and me facing her. I did and then she easily lifted me up in a reverse bear hug. From there she had me over her shoulders, over one shoulder, in a cradle until it was time for her to try to lift me over her head. I then said no since I was afraid she would drop me. She kept on showing off and wanted to armwrestle me, we had done that many years before and I had won but now I didn't have a chance. Her visitis to the gym had certainly paid off well. We kept in playwrestling and she pinned me again and again. We loved the physical contact and since that evening we have very often lifted each other (mainly she lifting me) and wrestled. And our sex life is better than ever.

JakeFeb 03 2011 1:18am
My wife lifts and carries me all the time. I love it

fredJul 12 2011 10:05am
My wife works from home and also has plenty of time to exercise which does 4 times a week. I have an office job and I dont exercise much. She had been commenting that her muscles were getting big and she was probably getting stronger than me now. I chuckled that it was probably true and she flexed and her bicep popped out, it was firm and she asked me to feel it. I did and remarked it was nice and I flexed my arm and hers was bigger. She asked if it bothered me and I said no it was actually a cool and I loved having a strong wife! she laughed and went back to work and I went to the living room. Later that night she came downstairs and asked if I would like to watch her workout. I had never really paid alot of attention but I said sure and we went to the basement where her bench and weights were. She grabbed the 20 lbs. dumbells and began to lift them easily. She asked if I wanted to try and I could barely manage a few reps with them. Wow honey you are strong! She then began her work out and I watched amazed as she pumped her arms and legs. She wasn't bodybuilder like but she had definition and I loved the way her arms looked as little veins popped up on her biceps. After a half hour she was done and I grabbed her towel and began to towel her off. she is a little taller and I whispered in her ear how much I loved her body and how it turned me on. At this point we were both pretty excited and I put my arms around her neck and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me and lifted me in a bearhug. She said she had fantasised about this for a while. I put my head on her shoulder and she held me for a few minutes. She put me down and said follow me. We went upstairs to the kitchen and she sat at the table and said lets armwrestle. OK I said and sat down. I couldn't believe how easily she put my arm down. She had a glassy look in her eye and I could tell this was all part of her fantasy. Next up was a wrestling match, she was really into it. I did the best I could and after about 15 minutes she pinned me her sweat dripping over her muscles onto my face was such a turn on we just had the most fantastic sex of our marriage. After we recovered I lay there she got up and got us some water. Ready for bed she asked. i just nodded and she helped me to my feet. She asked if I needed a lift and bent down and I got on her back and she piggybacked me out of the living room. Do you like this she asked? I nodded and kissed her neck. Hon I asked do you think You could lift me across your shoulders? She smiled and said that she would love to. I climbed down from her back, she grabbed my wrist bent down and put her shoulder in my stomach and hoisted me up. Is this what you had in mind? Yes this is great dangling over your wifes shoulders I said. She said I could get used to this! Me too I replied! She said you are light I can carry like this for a while. She carried me easily up the stairs and I was ready again by the time we got to the bedroom. She tossed me on the bed and went to the bathroom put a strap on around her waist. Flexing her arms she took me and after an hour she was satisfied and she she again lifted me in a cradle carry. i said that this was the best night of my life. She said this was always my fantasy and I said that it was mine too! My Amazon has gotten stronger, she lifts and carries me and uses her toy on me regularly. I am a really lucky husband!

johnnyJul 12 2011 10:57am
My gf did a sudden front lift to me in a park when nobody saw us :) my pants got wet and she kept laughing. She is lighter than me :(

VinayJul 27 2011 7:55am
y u girls don't show this on facebook n let us know your id so that we can see it rather than reading

ReaderAug 04 2011 12:39pm
I am a 17 girl and I like to carry my brothers friends on my back. my brother dont know

jennyAug 06 2011 2:54pm
Hi Jenny/all girls y u girls don't show this on facebook n let us know your id so that we can see it rather than reading

ReaderAug 24 2011 12:40pm
मुजे भी कुछ कहेना हैँ मेरी सुहागरात मे मेरे पति मेरे पास आके ऐकदम मुजसे जोर से लिपत गयेँ । वो मेरे से काफि लंबे हैँ और मेँ कुछ समज पाउ ईस से पहेँलेँ उनहोँ नेँ अपने दोनो पाँव जमीन पे सेँ उठा के मेरी कमर के फिरते लिपता दियेँ । उनका वजन लगभग 65 कि.ग्राम होँगा और मेरा 48 किलो ग्राम हीँ था फिर भी वोँ वखत मैने उनको करीब 2 मिनीट तक उठाये रखा था ।

आयेशाSep 15 2011 12:12pm
I been carried standing with my dick inside her by 2 different girls.

JackSep 27 2011 8:46pm
Hi abby, johnny, Vinay and Jenny why don't you create an account on facebook and upload the pics you may hide your faces if you want

MidoOct 16 2011 3:10am
my girlfriend once lifted me straight upwards. my hard c*ck was rubbing against her boobs. i wet all her boobs. she knew it but just gave a cute smile.

sanjayNov 30 2011 7:04am
my girlfriend once lifted me straight upwards. my hard c*ck was rubbing against her boobs. i wet all her boobs. she knew it but just gave a cute smile.

sanjayNov 30 2011 7:06am
i always lift my wife up

uditDec 10 2011 12:42am
one day my wife and me was sitting in the room.and our labour wife said can u arm arm wrestle with him. The labour z powerful when we start arm wrestle i used two hands but all in vain. My wife laughs and laughs and kiss me and my cute husband and she lifts me on shoulders and takes me to bathroom.

rajDec 10 2011 1:01am
how woman bear these weak guys,my wife like my man power, my broad normal hairy chest, strength of arms, she z cute i m hot, besides she likes my love, sexual power, my nature, sense of humour, care for her, be like a man how women bear these poor husbands

saleem khanDec 10 2011 8:54pm
Does any tall,strong wife lift her hubby during sex??

unknownDec 27 2011 10:51am

ramMar 18 2012 2:43pm
Dear Abby. How do you lift your husband, son and daughter at the same time, one on your shoulders, another piggyback and one in your arms. How far do you carry them. Can you beat your husband in wrestling. Or do you wrestle all three of them at the same time?

SidJun 12 2012 10:16pm
my gf is way stronger so she is the lifter, I just love it, women's legs are so more stronger then mem's so it is very natural to be lifted by a woman

AnonymousJul 11 2012 1:39am
My aunty is usually lift me on her back and give long time piggy back ride...

RajuJul 22 2012 10:13pm
want to be lifted by girls...any one intersted can contact me...

BUBBLYAug 19 2012 4:26am
want to be lifted by girls...any one intersted can contact me...

BUBBLYAug 19 2012 4:28am
Iam 65 kgs and my wife weighs about 59 kgs. I'm tall and lean when compared to my wife. She is medium and stronger than me and have strong legs. we have daily sex after fore play. My wife likes me to see naked in black shoes and black socks on my thin and tall hairy legs. she tells me that I look very cute and very hot in it. As I weigh more than my wife when compared, she likes me to lift naked in black shoes and black socks on my thin hair legs. Before lifting me nude. she hugs and catch hold both of my legs. she starts with kissing on my legs and lift me nude. she lifts me nude for more than a minute. After she lifts me nude she throws me on bed. she keeps both of my thin hairy legs on her neck and catch hold it harder so that i cant take of my legs from her neck. when she saw my penis becoming huge and larger, she keep my huge and larger penis in her mouth and keep on sucking my penis for more than 5 minutes. After that she take of my legs from her neck, remove my shoes and socks and then lift me naked and took me to bathroom. There in bathroom she made me bath cleaning with soap all my body parts. I'm very much thankful to god for giving me such a wife who makes me feel happy and satisfied while doing sex.

naveenSep 14 2012 7:38am
In my family all the women are stronger. My dad is 5 ft 8 and 68KG, my mum is 72 KG and 5 ft 5. My uncle is 5 ft 9 and 70KG. his wife is 78KG. I am 5 ft 6 and only 65KG. My 2 female cousin both 5 ft 2. One is 68Kg The other one is 75KG. women is south asian countries are stronger than south asian men because the men work in office (no exercise) , the women work hard at home and also eat more.

AnonymousDec 15 2012 10:29am
Yea thats right in my country a lot of men from south asia work here they are really skinny and weak

1Apr 24 2013 5:44pm
Please any women lift me,i am karthi

ratchagankarthi@gmail.comAug 02 2013 10:32am
i want to be lifted by girls . my bodyweight is onlu 65 kg .and i thing its very difficalt for a indian girl to lift me but any whight girl can do it easly

vsAug 04 2013 6:30pm
Vs i dont think it is very hard for a strong woman to lift 65 kg man, once i lift man who weight about 72 but it was not very easy

1 Aug 07 2013 7:51pm
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AG9Aug 20 2013 7:36am
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AG9Aug 20 2013 7:41am
Husband will enjoy intense Erotic Pleasure , Sensations etc. in Penis : if Wife too sucks in & holds Her Breath & squeezes her Vaginal Base Muscles She too will experience this Out'ta the World Pleasure !! O Mighty Yogic You can Continue this Pleasure Long into the Night Indefinitely !!! as Long as You can manage to Hold Breath & Squeeze Muscles !!!

AG9Aug 20 2013 7:44am
then Exhale .....Release Muscle Choke/Hold/Lock ....Rest ....Recuperate& Repeat ...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AG9Aug 20 2013 7:45am

AnonymousSep 03 2013 12:33pm
I am a 23 yr old male. My sister is 18 yrs old. My height is 5'7" hers is 5'9". My weight is 63 kgs hers is 72 kgs. I nvr knew of her superior strength until two months back. I playfully slapped her and we started wrestling. She beat me vry easily. I ws no match to her. She laughed nd made fun of me. She said that she is 5yrs younger to me but she is taller than me, weighs more than me and is also stronger than me. Then she asked if i could lift her. I grabbed her from her butts and tried but i cudnt move her an inch. She laughed at it. Then she said "let me lift u my skinny baby." she put her arms below my butts and lifted me straight up the ground. I ws feeling like i ws in heaven. My dick ws rubbing against her big boobs. She said that i ws vry light nd she could carry me whole day. I praised her strength. Then she asked me to wrap my legs around her ass. I did it nd she started rubbing my bums and walking. It all felt heavenly. I ws so hpy being carried by my younger sister like a baby. She kept calling me baby and bouced me in her bearhug. I ejaculated. She noticed it and started laughing. I kept my head on her shoulder and slept. We both liked that experience. Nw she lifts me regularly whenever we are alone at home. She also gives me piggyback around the house. She also gives me butt boost lift. When she carries me in bearhug, we kiss. We have started looking each other naked. Our relationship is at its best. I am having the best time of my life by being carried by my little sister.

sister's baby Sep 03 2013 1:00pm
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GtlfuVBeIQRZhgfocQPSep 12 2013 8:03am
1.i thing u are a whight girl .bec lifing 72 kg is near to umposible for an indian girl

vsSep 20 2013 12:26am
bably i am intrsted .

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GUYS, I HAVE AN ADVICE FOR YOU having a girlfiend stronger heavier taller than you does not matter, but don't never married some one stronger than you from my own experience women getting stronger when they getting older reversed men when we getting older we become weaker. I married a very strong musclar dominated woman i used to adore strong woman when i married her the first few years it was like a dream become true i lived the life i want i was so submissive to her i was weaker than her she controlled my life as i always wanted, but after ten years if marriage she became much stronger, heavier, more dominated the problem is i don't want this kind of life any more i want a regular life like other people but she will never accept this she used to live as a boss and me as a slave to her now she forces me to stay at home, cook, clean, kiss her feet, wash, wear women clothes she beats and wrestle me. What i want to say i used to find these things very excitement but not any more i did this to my self

MARRIED MAN Oct 26 2013 2:36pm
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jwcCtdMFAhApbijaOct 31 2013 7:41am
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mqlBVunIdNOxrhZSCIMApr 01 7:24am
any girl would like to lift me, i am 16 years old, weight under 50 kg 176cm??? Contact me: Remember to give me some brief information like age, weight , height and place you prefer to meet.

isaacApr 06 1:35am
I am 13 years old girl and 157 cm tall, weight at 62 kg and like to lift my 164 cm, 53 kg boyfriend alot. Mostly giving him real real long piggyback rides across the park that last over half hour or so. He actually feels totally lighter than a feather. He can carry me very easily too, but not nearly as far as can I carry him. I have more endurance plus ive got alot more thicker legs by far.

MaggieApr 27 10:59am
hmmm nice maggie you give him shoulder rides also??

ppApr 28 1:20pm
nice maggie..... will u lift and carry me also?

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qCMxPmMqNkXVwIsAug 06 12:36am
Who want to sit in my boobs or lift like a mother

AnonymousAug 06 11:22pm
Hey Karan, I will lift and carry you, Hop on ! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

MaggieAug 09 4:11pm
which place are you from maggie...even i want to be lifted by u ....i actually like lapsiting most..i wanna sit on your lap..i weigh 62 kgs..

pavAug 11 10:20am
hey maggie, karan here, really u lift and carry me, im 167cm tall and weight about 63kg..... if u lift me, tell me how u lift me and how much time u can lift and carry me, hope weeeeee will chat here again and again :)

karanAug 18 12:14am
hi maggie

karanAug 31 1:38am
Can anyone lift and carry me. My height is 5'4 and weight is 46 can any girl tell me how long can u lift me please.

sweet guySep 03 5:58am
hi karan, i weight at 66 kg now and i can carry you piggyback very very far. You feel very very light and im awesome strong.

MaggieSep 06 12:04am
which place are you from maggie...even i want to be lifted by u ....i actually like lapsiting most..i wanna sit on your lap..i weigh 62 kgs..

pavSep 07 5:36pm
hi Maggie, i wana feel light in ur strong arms, and i like to be carried by u in piggyback, how u feel, while u carry me in piggyback, also any other way u can lift me like front carry, side hip carry also the cradle carry, i wana stay of the ground in ur strong arms like to be carried by, even if u dont mind then i will also wana sit on ur lap, hope what u do with me while u carry me and if i sit on ur lap then also...

karanSep 11 5:10am
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