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what your husband or boyfried like to sitting in your lap/legs ?? when he do feel love lots... share ur happy moments

Question: if ur male partner have not ego & he do real love u then he sit on ur lap in public place too.
Created by: amee at 10:47:05 PM, Monday, March 30, 2009 PDT


in Party He Stand & Their Friend Just joke if u havnt empty Seat Then U Sit on UR Wife's Lap&He Comes2Me Sit on My Legs

ameeMar 31 2009 5:59am

my boyfriend dosn't like that when some time i doing 2 try taking him on my lap. he like 2 taking me on his lap.

sofiaMar 31 2009 7:47pm

spiritvoiceMar 31 2009 7:53pm
my boyfriend dosn't like that when some time i doing 2 try taking him on my lap. he like 2 taking me on his lap.

sofiaMar 31 2009 7:54pm
some time he sitting on my lap when he feel so love...not physicaly

kettyApr 04 2009 12:25am
my bf like sitting on my lap all the time & he love me so lots. he is crazy 4 me. i sit on his lap some time but he more

AnonymousApr 04 2009 12:34am
being 164 cm and only 51 kgs with a girlfriend that is 175 cm and 85 kgs it is obvious that me, the man will sit in my woman's lap and I do it rather often. Nowadays even in public. Most people react in a good way, many women have commented this as "sweet" and men have laughed and I have even seen men that look like they envy me.

Lap guyMay 17 2010 1:15am
A woman should sit on a man's lap mostly.

AnonymousMay 19 2010 7:06pm
well i mostly sit on my wifes lap in private but often she makes me sit in public in trains, parks, malls

jackNov 16 2010 5:40am
I am posting this, when my sweet hubby sitting on my left leg, my left hand wrapped his waist, wright hand on the key board,

angelaDec 01 2010 10:33am
I am a girl of 19 years 157cm tall 49kg and amost always it's my boyfriend 188cm tall and 77kg who sits on my lap ven to watch TV which I can't see myself. I really quite like it as it's sexy for both of us.

EmilyDec 28 2010 3:57pm
I love to saw india live cricket match. One day i replacing our thing to another house where we now staying i saw indian play with pakistan i hurryly go to sitting room to watch the game in that place there is nothing to sit.there is only one chair which my sister in law sitting then my sister in law told to sit on her lap then i sit on her lap and watch the game.

AnonymousJan 26 2011 12:06pm
My tiny hubby, like to sit on my lap, normally I carry him on my hip, while carrying he puts his head on my shoulder, with his leg crossed over my waist, and wrapped his hand on my neck. he is so light that with one arm I can carry him for a long time. On his birthday party I danced with him on my lap, all guest were astonished.

creekFeb 19 2011 4:18am
im 16 weigh 81kg and is 6 ft 3my bf loves to sit on my lap him being only 69 kg and 5 ft 3 makes it easy to carry him to

hailyDec 31 2011 2:32pm
he loves to sit on my lap in public

AnonymousDec 31 2011 2:33pm
my wife is 6ft 5 180 pounds and is skinny i am 5 ft 2 and 124 pounds i love to sit on her lap but not in public cuz i would be emberrased

jackDec 31 2011 2:41pm
Hi creek..ur husband is lucky to have u...if u don mind, do write to me, with ur real lift and carry stories and picture as well...

BUBBLYJun 20 2012 7:51am
my mail ID,

BUBBLYJun 20 2012 7:52am
I dont have a bf or a husband...i m all alone :-( no one has ever sat on my lap ...i m the unluckiest girl in the world..why dont i die:-(???? I wud be sooo happy then..:-(

rinkooJul 03 2012 11:53am
My boyfriend sits on my lap as often as he can, sometimes for more than two or three hours often to watch TV - he is 26 and 192cm tall and I am 21 and 163 cm and half his weight. He says its much sexier for him to sit on my lap than the other way round.

CarolineJul 10 2012 3:59pm
I am man and I love sitting on my wife's lap. She loves holding me. It is win win. I am skinny and only weigh 125 pounds. My wife is tall and thin as well. I like curling up with my head on her shoulder while watching tv. I feel loved....

Metro MaleJul 24 2012 2:36pm
I am man and I love sitting on my wife's lap. She loves holding me. It is win win. I am skinny and only weigh 125 pounds. My wife is tall and thin as well. I like curling up with my head on her shoulder while watching tv. I feel loved....

Metro MaleJul 24 2012 3:42pm
I am man and I love sitting on my wife's lap. She loves holding me. It is win win. I am skinny and only weigh 125 pounds. My wife is tall and thin as well. I like curling up with my head on her shoulder while watching tv. I feel loved....

Metro MaleJul 24 2012 3:43pm
hi metromale..lov to see ur share with me if u have mail id is

BUBBLYAug 01 2012 9:14am
U guys shud die i hate all of u the girl is supposed to sit on the guys lap

hater123Aug 25 2012 9:28am
Hello the girl is supposed to on the guys lap my gf does it and i love her on my lap she's so small

swagger lolAug 25 2012 9:31am
Yo tengo amigas y amigos que les gusta estar encima de las rodillas de su pareja y para los dos es sexual. Es un acto compartido, unas veces él encima de ella y otras veces ella encima de él, pero ni siquiera notan el peso, parece mentira pero es así, su peso corporal es insicnificante. ¿Podría ser que estando en la posicióm de L pero al revés, las rodillas pueden tener encima un peso muy elevado?

ManoloSep 17 2012 8:28am
i dont hav a girlfrnd but i love to sit on girl's lap.

pavOct 19 2012 3:51pm
No hay asiento más mullido que unas piernas de mujer

CasimiroOct 20 2012 7:02pm
I am a woman of 25 yrs, with 65 kg weight and my hubby 21 yrs, 50 kg , we got married recently i always carry him to bedroom and he always prefer my lap to sit, i made him my gf, i even dress him like my wife. This boost our sexual attire.

zarineOct 24 2012 4:38am
Hi zarine...wish to have a wife like you..may i know ur msil id?..

bubblyDec 24 2012 2:21am
I'm a divorced man of 70 kg who dream to enjoy again sitting in woman's lap especially in petting. When she kiss me and hug me around the waist I could die of happiness, I think... Any tall and strong woman to make me happy?

SashJan 10 2013 9:23am
I love tall woman, who can lift and carry me

SandyJan 15 2013 7:38am
Oneday i was in my grandfa's sister is 11 yrs and me 17 that time she was watching t.v.suddenly i went near to her and sat on her lap.she also hold me.its really a excitement.i felt so happy.bcuz her lap is so soft and she also looks bea utiful.

JohnJan 19 2013 6:15pm
Oneday,i was in grandfa's mom's sister's daughter also came there.she's cute looking girl and her age is 12 and me 17.on one night,we were both watching goosebumps.suddenly she stood up and sat on my lap for about half an hour.really i loved it.then i stood up and sat on her lap.her lap was so nice.she also held me.afterthat we always use to offer our lap and use to hug.

JazJan 29 2013 7:48pm
iam 59 kg can i sit on lap of any woman

irfanFeb 14 2013 1:29am
Yo con 69 Kg. , me senté encima de las rodillas de mi hermana con 16 años y fué espontáneo, ella me llamó y delante de mis papás y primos, me dijo que aunque había sillas, quería que yo me sentara en su regazo, todos los presentes me dijeron que no sería capaz y yo dije si y me senté encima de ella, a continuación todos los chicos y hombres ya estaban sentados encima de las chicas y mujeres, fue algo familiar y bonito.

AndresFeb 21 2013 2:41am
Hey hater 123 ur name somes it all up. I don't know who yu r, but ur nt special, ur not the boss of anyone and you have no right to tell other people wat they can 7 can't do in their relationship. Wat r yu the relationship police? Let people do wat they want in relationships. It's sexist 2 say that a woman cn sit on a man's lap, but nt vice-versa well I strongly disagree with you and it doesn't matter if the man or woman does the lap sitting, they r both equally entitled 2 it & yu need 2 gt a life & stop trying 2 impose ur will on others *sshole.

LawrenceMay 01 2013 2:15pm
my wife lap is thebest

anonymousMay 02 2013 5:14am
I love to sit on women lap

JuanMay 15 2013 4:53pm
Can anyone send me some pics of sitting on women lap

JuanMay 15 2013 4:56pm
it is crazy to do that

lawrence hallMay 29 2013 3:58pm
I am 20 years old female and only 154cm tall and 48kg and my bf is a trainee police officer, age 24 195cm tall and 81kg and he often sits on my lap simply because it makes him very horny and sexy. He sits on my lap sideways to watch TV so that I can also see the screen but he sits there for most of the time and only getting up off me now and again before sitting down on my lap again, often for the entire evening. I did not like it at first but he sort of made me like it which turns him on even more, so I am now very used to it even though he is so heavy and huge on top of me it is not painful any more.

BelindaJun 30 2013 7:19am
He once cum on my lap

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ZzWGQiDEUAGqWiHSep 24 2013 7:48am
I am 5'8" and 130lbs, my wife is 5'7" and 155lbs and have great thighs. I always sit on her lap almost every day. Many times I dozed off on her lap and on few occasions she would carry me to the bed. I like sitting on girls lap and my wife knows this; after marriage only once she allowed me sit on lap of another women was her sister for few minutes. My sis-in-law, who was 17 then just wanted me to sit on her lap.

JustCrazyOct 06 2013 9:17am
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hbBYqRwzBeAPHOct 24 2013 11:17pm
My bf is 88 nd i weigh 52 we were on trip that time nd were sharing the room. So i took bath and was resting on the feeling lazy to apply body lotion, my bf who just took bath came and sat on my lap in a towel, though he was heavy on me but i really enjoyed it when he was sitting on me applying body lotion on my body nd cracking jokes but when he got up my lags were paining :-p

lap loverNov 18 2013 11:04am
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rByxTMTCFTinXIjQFeb 28 2014 12:43pm
this is how I met my wife! We had Mutual friends and were goint to the beach, 5 of us. Only room for two in the back so I suggested that the woman, Mary should sit in my lap. She looked at me and just said that it was better the other way around so she wouldn't crush me. This was the first time we men and I realized she was a big woman 6'1 and perhaps 200 lbs to my 5'9 and 140 lbs. It felt fantastic sitting on this woman's lap and she held me with her strong arms and placed my head on her shoulder. I actually fell asleep like this. When we came to the beach I could for the first time see her voluptous body. Her shoulders wide, her breasts big and firm, arms big but also firm and wide hips, muscular thighs that I had been sitting on. We had a great time at the beach and when we Went back I was again in her lap. She wanted to see me again and we met two days later. When I came to her Place we had dinner and after we had a drink in her living room, when I was about to sit in the sofa she patted her lap and said come and sit her. I hesitated but she dragged me to her and placed me on her lap where she started to kiss me. She undressed me and then stood up with me in her arms, like I was a kid. She carried me to bed and made love to me, all the time being in charge. After this day we have been together.I sit on my wife's lap almost Daily and we like this role reversal.

Skinny dudeMar 02 2014 8:00am
I am 5"10 & around 20 stone in weight. My wife who is 5"7 and about 13 stone in weight. I love sitting on her lap. I don't squash her as I never put all of my weight on her. I sometimes sit accredited her lap but much prefer to straddle her when I sit on her. I love the feeling of her body against mine. I regularly sit on her lap while she is on the toilet. She is so wonderful & sexy. She is the only woman who I have told how much I enjoy sitting on her lap although I have sat on the laps of many other women even some who were on the toilet.

LapsittingMar 02 2014 8:43am
My husband sits on my lap, I can have my whole family (son, daughter, and my hubby)on my body. He is 6 ft 1 186 lbs, some muscle but that's if, don is 6 and daughter is 10. Although I do ocationally sit on him, just not with my full weight because at 487 lbs I would destroy him

LindaMar 16 2014 5:22pm
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vSMPyENvjMay 06 2014 10:33am
lap sitting is great especially when she wears a soft skin tight dress or skirt great also to lay my head on

mikeMay 07 2014 8:51am
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zSjrgJYiCNCxWrwFMay 11 2014 2:22pm

1May 25 2014 8:22am

-1'May 25 2014 8:22am
Well I am 18 and my younger brother (10 years old) keeps sitting on my lap whenever I come home from collage I don't live on the campus so yeah I guess he misses me and he does it everyday or wants me to hold him he is my baby brother and I should respect that if I refuse he will start crying for a while lets call him "C" so when he gets done from his homeschooling he will come to me and sit on my lap if I tell him to get off nicely he will just cry my mom and dad said I should love that baby up I do but he gets me angry I have a younger sister who is 12 he does the same thing with her if I say no she will let him or she will give him a piggyback ride which he also enjoys from her they piggyback lasts about a half hour an hour the most she will carry him in other ways she enjoys doing that too carrying him she is also homeschooled or if he doesn't sit on her lap or she doesn't carry him he will put his head on her shoulder she loves spending time with him he usually hugs her a lot which once in a while will not hug him back if she doesn't he says she hates him and cries the a look a terror will show on her face and grab his arm pick him up apologize and comforts him by hugging him and sitting on her lap he will smile and cuddle into her but it is so cute seeing that he actually will fall asleep on her sometimes that is when he is really comfortable he but C will go up to her if he is crying at night and sleep in her bed and just relax and chill he will ask her to carry him to the beach which is 20 minutes away from our house it is just soo cute watching them like that so yeah

LolaMay 31 2014 7:16pm
kAWgJi Enjoyed every bit of your article post.Thanks Again. Will read on...

OKVjKBFUdSpimLjJun 04 2014 3:10pm
My little 11 year old brother always sit on my lap whenever he wants to and he will do it if he is crying about school gf breaking up with him he had 15 girlfriends break up with him and he is depressed about it he weighs 60 pounds so really I don't mind it but when it is like 3 hours I have to go stretch my legs and go somewhere I am 17 and I have a boyfriend my little 10 year old brother is nothing like this my 11 year old brother is named Christian and my 10 year old brothers name is David oh yeah they are bother 60 pounds and if David sits on anybody's lap it is my twin sister me and my sister are both 100 pounds her name is Lucy

JessicaJun 08 2014 10:35am
Is there a woman who will take me in her lap and undress me and hold me like this for a long time for both our enjoyment. ?

AnonymousJun 09 2014 7:32pm
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ThAtmoEtgTKCXhajGJun 18 2014 8:02am
My baby 12 year old brother does he will get jealous if are 11 year old brother sits on my lap he will slap him if he does so he can get off or scream at him they are named Jonathan(12) and Jason(11)

KikiJun 27 2014 2:52pm
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FJPVAilfKeqVYCcBJul 18 2014 8:42pm
My baby 10 year old brother will his name is David my baby 11 year old brother will too his name is Christian. Christian has severe depression so I cuddle him a lot same with David. Christian will cry his ❤️ Heart out on my lap and David they are my babies and I'm 12 lol I sound like I'm 18 HA but anyway yeah they are a blessing And there my 😇😇 angles😃😃😃.

AnaJul 21 2014 6:31pm
Wow I just noticed there are a lot of people who have 11 year old brothers named Christian who are younger and 10 year olds named David

Ana Jul 21 2014 6:34pm
I love how my boyfriend sits on my lap with his head on my shoulder and kiss my cheek

You wish you are sexy like meJul 22 2014 9:38am
@You wish you are sexy like me I wish I had a girlfriend like you.. I really love to sit on the lap

pJul 22 2014 11:23pm
(@You wish you are sexy like me) I wish I had a girlfriend like you.. I really love to sit on the lap

pJul 22 2014 11:24pm
My girlfriend like siting on my lap, and i also like this, bt mostly she....

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FEpJplrInfxpqyKAug 04 2014 8:10pm
I like sit on girl lap

saAug 05 2014 3:18am
I go tuition with my friend and his sister. his sister see beautiful and so cute.she study 4th standard and her brother studied 8th standard. we are reached at th e tution place. only two chairs that place . I sit on the chair. and she sit on the chair.but her brother get the chair.after some time he sits on her lap two hours.she lap is very beauty.i enjoyed that views

jkAug 05 2014 3:29am
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XzzFSTkuoyOCtdwCzAug 05 2014 2:27pm
l like sit on beautiful and cute girls lap.

sjAug 06 2014 2:02am
I sit on my sister lap many times. she looks very cute.

keerthuAug 06 2014 2:10am
I sit my sister lap.after I touched her anklet to my feet. I feel excitement

keerthuAug 06 2014 2:15am
Im a 30 year old indian 5.9 ft 80kgs my wife is a 22 year old indian 5.7 ft 58kgs i love sitting on her lap when i watch tv she likes it too. We live alone in a 3 bedroom appartmem we got married 3 months ago n i love her lap n i sit on her all the time

akashAug 09 2014 3:16am
I love my girlfriend lap.i sit on her lap all time and I rest on my head girlfriend lap. I was sleeping her lap to my head.she looks very cute and beautiful. her lap was so nice. I attract her lap all time.

nandhuAug 24 2014 9:55pm
Obviously the same (Indian) man posting all these comments. I do love sitting on a big girl's lap though :).

The Fabled Land ArtichokeSep 27 2014 6:09pm
My boyfriend sat on my laps a few days ago. We were watching some movie with friends. I was sitting on a sofa with two other girls, and he was sitting on a chair next to me. When one of our friends went to to toilet, my boyfriend stand up to press pause on a keyboard. And when he did this, he sat on my laps instead of his chair. Our friends sent us weird looks, I guess because he's much bigger then I (195/90 - 162/45) so it must looks weird. Firstly I was treat is as a joke, and tried to push him off. But he didn't let me. I asked him if he can get off me, but he said that he wont and that he feels much more comfortably sitting on me then on a chair. So we watched rest of the movie (almost 1 hour) with him sitting on me. When the movie has ended, and some of our friends stand up, I asked him once again if he can get off me. He said that he will, if I will kiss him. I decided to do this, closed my eyes and tries to kiss him, but my lips met his togue instead of his lips. It was so embarrassing, mostly because most of our friends were still looking at us.

CaroOct 03 2014 4:51pm
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sonuOct 28 2014 2:04am
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AnaNov 06 2014 6:54am
My bf sat on my lap a few days ago and it's really comfortable (were 11) where I used to live I can date now but he was tierd and wasn't comfortable so he was wanting to sit on my lap so I let him but he fell asleep like that on my lap

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DXKudYYDFlJxqDec 21 2014 12:26pm
love to sit on any women's lap especially when she wears a soft tight dress, or skirt. Any volunteers

mike cDec 24 2014 10:22am
are you young, middle age, or old. Doesn't matter. You can sit on my lap any time. Any age. I can wear the cloths you like mike c Hope you're near where I live i

Linda Wolford 67 years oldDec 24 2014 10:48am
I like sit on the stylish girl and women lap. but she wear good looking dress and wear silver anklet and more attract her lap. This type girl and women more attract my mind. I think sitting on this type of girl and women I feeling lucky man. but iam always sitting on my sister lap. her is this type girl.

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Im 6/7 218 pounds and im a Big girl my boyfriend is only 5/5 146 pounds he sits on my lap because im very muscular and i would crush him if I sat on him

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nanduApr 20 2015 9:41pm

pavApr 21 2015 11:04am
Me and my twin brother are 11 years old, and a few days ago he wasn't feeling so good and he was tired from the day and I sat down on the most comfortable chair in the house and then he was crying a little bit and asked me if he could sit on my lap and I let him and he fell asleep on me

Alita (Aliyah)Apr 25 2015 9:57am
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BrylhRkJJfdGQaJun 08 2015 3:58pm
I am a 14 year-old girl who is very tall and mature for her age. I am 5'11" and 190 lbs so definitely pretty big for a girl my age. I already outgrew my Mom who is only 5'8" and 150 lbs. My Mom married a tiny 33 year-old Japanese man who is only 4'9" and 90 lbs at best. He is a really sweet little guy but I suspect that Mom really just married him for his money. Anyway, I've been living with my new step-dad for a year now and I always hold him in my lap and treat him like he is my kid and not the other way around, lol! Mom travels a lot and is not really around too much, and my little step-daddy has taken to calling me "Mommy" which I think is so cute and endearing. When I get home from school he greets me at the door and I will scoop his little body up in my arms and hold him close and tight against me and he will lay his little head on my shoulder and wrap his tiny arms around my neck and say, "I missed you Mommy," and I will give him a big kiss and tell him I missed him too. Then I will carry him on my hip just like a baby while I fix us a snack and he loves me so much and he is so cute! :) Then I change his diaper and take him into the living room and always sit in a comfy rocking chair, holding him in my lap while I watch TV, and I'll feed him his baby bottle which he has really taken a liking for in recent months as he gets more and more used to his new role as his step-daughter's baby. Sometimes I'll put him on one of my thighs so he is straddling my thigh with his legs dangling off the ground, and I'll be wearing my cute school outfit with my tight blouse and pleated miniskirt and pantyhose and I'll give him a bouncy ride like that on my lap sometimes for an hour or more and he just giggles like a baby while I play with him. I also have really big breasts for a girl my age (40DD), and sometimes while I hold my tiny baby little step-daddy in my lap, he will look up at me with his little puppy-dog eyes and ask if he can please be nursed by me, and if he is a really good little boy I will draw him into my bosom and put him against my breast and then I will press his head up to my nipple and just hold it there and let him suckle, just like he is a real baby! Sometimes he will wet his diaper and then I'll have to change it again. But I usually put him to bed in his little crib by around 7 every night so that I can do my homework. He doesn't seem to have any problem with sitting in my lap in public either, when I take him to the park, or on buses and trains, pretty much anywhere, in fact he really seems to enjoy it. Sometimes we get stares from a lot of people but I usually just try to ignore it. I guess sometimes it feels weird being a 14 year-old girl and taking on a maternal role over my 33 year-old step-dad, but I honestly enjoy the feeling of power and dominance I have over him, it is totally awesome! :)

KaylaJun 21 2015 9:30pm
Kayla you sound wonderful and your baby man is truly lucky to have a nice big girl like you to take care of him and hold him on her lap like that I'd love to hear more details from your experiences and maybe see some pics! Do you get turned on by the idea of making small men sit on your lap and treating them like your little helpless babies? Because if so I need to meet you some day because I am a tiny skinny weak little midget of a man myself and I am only like 120cm and 27kg and women don't take me seriously and they like to laugh at me. I am 26 years old and I live with my sister but she is not very nice and she never lets me sit on her lap or love me like you would and I never leave the house cause I am weak and helpless and scared, I might get beat up. I need a big, strong, caring and loving girl like you to hold me and protect me and take care of me and be my Mommy forever and ever.

JimmyJun 22 2015 12:22pm
Jimmy, yes baby, I live in California now and my Mom's helping me set up a nursery for little guys like you. You come stay with me and I'll take good care of you, and I'll let you sit in my lap while I read you stories and bounce you on my knee and feed you. Would you like to get bounced on a 14 year-old girl's knee, Jimmy?

KaylaJun 27 2015 9:40pm
i sat on my babysitters lap i was a 13year old boy and young for my age and only 4ft 11 she was a few months younger than me 5ft 4 and heavyer i was like a little boy on her lap

sssJun 30 2015 9:04am
KEN0cb Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic blog.Thanks Again.

ffVorLVrjgstqDkMCPKJun 30 2015 7:45pm
QjSXW9 Thanks for the article.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

wcolDfmfQSLYzAJun 30 2015 9:38pm
@Kayla i really liked your posts particular your idea of you and your mom starting a nursery, i'm a tiny little baby of a man too and i have a rare condition where i'm only a puny 2'6" and scrawny 25 lbs. i'm completely helpless and need to get babysat by my 15 year-old step-daughter Emily who is over 6' tall and very mature and smart for her age! She does everything to me that a regular mommy would do with her baby including, of course, holding and cuddling me sweetly and lovingly in her lap all the time. i love getting bounced on Emily's knee especially when she wears her smooth, sexy pantyhose it's the best. my small size doesn't prevent my libido though and i must admit i am really turned on by the idea of getting bounced on a young girl's knee so when i have an accident and cum in my panties and get wet all over Emily's pantyhose she always just giggles playfully and then lays me across her thighs and changes me just like i am a real baby! Then she'll pick me up and hold me lovingly against her big breasts and gently stroke my hair and tell me "it's okay baby, Emily's gonna take good care of her sweet, little baby man." Sometimes Emily will playfully put her hand down my panties and purposely do that thing where it makes me feel good and get wet again, and she likes to watch it soak through and get on her pantyhose. i know this is wrong but it does feel good and i can't stop her anyway so i don't know what else to do!? :-/

KennyJul 11 2015 12:23am
I think you have a real problem there, Kenny, since of course you can't help being excited when Emily sits you in her lap and does that to you, even though you know it's wrong, but what are you to do, being nothing but a little baby next to her and all...

OpheliaJul 14 2015 9:08am
is there any girl who hold me on her lap and treat me like a little kid and make me her baby.... kayla ur story is really admiring... is there any indian girl also...

karanJul 17 2015 3:44am
Hi Karan, this is Kayla. I'm flattered that you liked my story. If you are looking for a girl to put you in her lap and treat you like a kid, I'm sure I could completely make you feel just like a little baby! :) Tell me more about yourself. Where are you from? How old are you? What is your height and weight? Are you a lot smaller than me? Why do you want a girl to treat you like a little kid? Do you get excited by the idea? Would you like to come sit with me now, little buddy? Just come to Kayla, little one, and she will treat you good. :)

KaylaJul 19 2015 4:48am
hi Kayla, this is Karan. im 20 yr old, height 5'7" 138lbs, i just wana feel like a little baby again, yes i want to sit and wana feel little....... will u now :)

karanJul 19 2015 11:09am
if yes then kayla tell me, what u do with me, if im sitting on u now :)

karanJul 19 2015 11:14am
Hi there little baby Karan, it's Kayla here again. Wow, so I was at the Dr's office and I measured 6'1" tall and 189 lbs, so I've started another growth spurt in the last year, and I still have more growing to do! At 20 years old, Karan, you're pretty much done growing now, but I'm only 14 and I'm already WAY bigger than you and will still probably gain at least a few more inches on you! I tower over you! I am already 6 inches taller than you, Karan, I outweigh you by 50 lbs, and I am very athletic and play a lot of sports and lift weights, so I'm sure I'm a lot stronger than a scrawny little boy like you too! You are cute, Karan, you certainly look more like a little kid standing next to me! I can treat you nice and sweet and gentle, and make you feel just like my little kid. I sit in my favorite comfy rocking chair wearing my school outfit: a black, pleated miniskirt, a white v-neck blouse, and of course a silky smooth pair of sparkly white opaque pantyhose because I just know you'll like the feeling of them brushing against your bare skin when I bounce you on my legs. I reach out beckoning to you now, little Karan, easily lift you up and take you into my lap just as if you are my little boy, holding you protectively in my big, strong arms, cradling you and snuggling your little body against mine. I press your little head against my well-developed bosom and just hold you there firmly, draped over my thigh as your puny legs dangle delicately between mine, and I playfully squeeze you between my thighs to show my complete dominance over you, gradually applying and releasing pressure. You are powerless to resist me, Karan, and I hold you tightly but gently, so you couldn't move even if you wanted to. I sweetly and quietly sing you a lullaby as I rock you in my lap. Kayla knows just how to treat her precious little baby and make him feel good, just like he is a little kid again and Kayla is the adult and she knows best! Also, from now on, Karan, you will not refer to me as Kayla anymore, but you will call me Mommy, got it? Now tell me, little Karan, what are you thinking and feeling as Mommy holds you in her lap?

KaylaJul 19 2015 4:20pm
hi kayla... my Mommy, while u holds me on ur lap i will feel like im a little baby of my mommy, and my thinking to become ur baby for whole life and u will be my mommy.. while u sing lullaby i will fall a sleep on ur big bosom..and im enjoying this moment of being kid..really wana be ur baby and ur my mommy... also excited to know more from my mommy....regarding ur growth i think im lucky if u growth more and more i will be my mommy's sweet baby...

karanJul 19 2015 10:42pm
Mommy kayla... u owns me, eagerly waiting for u, missing u, need to talk u more wishing to be ur baby, mommy plz come

karanJul 20 2015 9:32pm
Hi Karan! I guess Kayla isn't around but this is Emily. How are you, baby?

EmilyJul 22 2015 5:20pm
Come here, baby Karan. Come and sit with Emily for a while! Up on her lap! I'll hold you nice and tight and close for a while, you cute little thing. :) Come to Emily! Yes, that's right. Emily's got you now, baby, right here in her arms, in her lap, nestled against her breast. You'll be safe with me, I promise, snuggled safely in my lap. I'm really big for a 15yo girl. I'm 6'10" and 240lbs, so I'm 1'3" taller than you and outweight you by 102lbs! You are so tiny and helpless. You need a big, strong girl like me to take good care of you. Emily is so much bigger, stronger, smarter, more responsible and more mature than you, baby Karan, that is why you need her to babysit you, because you can't take care of yourself and need a 15yo girl to do it, and you are a weak, tiny boy and I am a big, strong girl. Face it, little Karan, you are the child and I am the adult! But just come home with me little baby and I will make sure your every need is met. I will keep you clothed and fed and bathed, and rock you to sleep in my arms every night, just like a little baby. And I am going to put you in my lap all the time, everywhere we go, at my house and in public, bouncing you on my knee, snuggling you against my ample cleavage, you will always be sitting safely and snugly and cuddly and warm in Emily's lap!

EmilyJul 22 2015 6:32pm
hi Emily, wow i really admire u, and thnx to u for giving me baby sit, i really need this, i dont know where is mommy kayla..she will forget her baby :'), and im crying... need u emily.. i wana on ur lap.. can u talk to me plz...

karanJul 22 2015 11:03pm
Shhh... shh, it's okay, baby, Emily's here. She's got you snuggled nice and tight in her arms. We are in my bedroom now and you have just awakened from a long sleep. I hope you don't mind but I was playing around with some magic powder and now as a result you have shrunken down to the tiny size of only 3'10" and 60 lbs. You are like a toddler now, Karan, and you are quite small and helpless, but don't worry little baby, because Emily took a special hormone pill for girls that made her grow to the size of 7'2". Emily is so much bigger and stronger than you now, sweetie! And she is even stronger now to due to the special girly hormone giving her bigger, well-defined muscles and even boobies that are practically the size of watermelons lol! Hehehe, I'm a playful girl and I like to bounce my little baby Karan on my lap, like this, hehehe isn't this fun little Karan? Oh and while you were sleeping, baby, I also took away your man clothes that don't fit you anymore and I put you in a diaper and powdered your bottom and dressed you in a cute little pink onesie. Now you're sitting cutely in Emily's lap, straddling her smooth and soft and shiny white pantyhosed thigh as your little toddler-like legs dangle down limply, and she dandles you delicately on her leg as you are bounced playfully up and down. She cuddles you and holds your tiny, frail, pathetic little body close against her protectively, clutching your little baby head tight to her big girly breasts. She gently reaches down between your legs and finds that you have wet yourself in her lap again. You silly boy, now I have to change your diaper again, for the third time this day! Oh what am I going to do with you, Emily loves you anyway! :) Emily will take good care of you, baby. Aw don't cry, my sweet little darling. Please don't cry? Emily's here, she's got you right here in her lap where you like to be, and that's where she's gonna keep you.

EmilyJul 23 2015 5:06pm
Oh dear Emily its really nice fun with being 3'10" I just look like a little baby and ur the big giant but sweet caring,I an thinking about the feeling while I'm sitting on ur lap and my head touches ur big boobies it really makes me a little baby also a amazing and stunning for me when u change my diaper as well, I wana more on ur lap being a little baby also thinking about u, how u look at 7'2

KaranJul 23 2015 7:46pm
Even more u r really caring cute and nice Emily I wana live with u being like a kid

KaranJul 23 2015 7:48pm
Emily holds you in her lap. She's holding little baby Karan in her lap at night and rocking you to sleep. Singing sweet lullabies to you. You completely surrender to Emily, loving her, admiring her, utterly dependent upon her for your every need, because you are HER baby, Karan! :) You are just like a little kid compared to me.

EmilyJul 23 2015 10:00pm
oh wow Emily, i really like it, and i wana completely dependent on u also willing to see u...and wana sleep sitting eating, all my needs in ur arms and lap

karanJul 23 2015 10:03pm
Hey Emily its been a pleasant night to sleep on ur lap in the morning I was just wandering about you for all my basic needs coz karan is a little baby. Also Emily karan wants to go out while u pick him up and carry in public and he will sit on ur lap in public when we shop or sitting in park. Karan wants always to talk to you and stay with you for being a little baby of you, can we friends and talk also on some social network if Emily will allow to her baby karan,

KaranJul 24 2015 5:58pm
Hi Karan! I see how you've been playing with Emily like her kid. She's been like Mommy to you and now I want to play too! My name is Lily and I am just 11yo girl looking for a baby to take care of. But I am a big and mature girl for my age and responsible to watch for little baby like you, Karan, so come to Lily and let her be Mommy to you now! :) She will let you sit on her lap and play with you too! Find me at and I'll wait for you, little one! :)

LilyJul 26 2015 9:14am
hi Lily, this Karan, im flattered to know about u that u were also looking for a baby like me, i also like to being a little baby and need someone who cares me like her baby, reagarding u i like it u were also wanted me to play with u as ur kid and u r my mommy, tell me about u, how u look, ur height, weight everything, i will send u in ur mail, a msg reply me there, my dear :p, ur baby is waiting for u

karanJul 26 2015 9:24pm
hey Lily, this karan again, i have send a msg on your provided mail id, you will check a msg from, i am eagerly waiting for you, when you read this msg i hope you will reply me soon.....

karanJul 28 2015 8:20am
Hey Emily and lily...even I like to sit on a girl's weight is just 55 I am pretty light..please let me have the previledge to sit on your lap..I stay in Bangalore.. Looking forward for your positive mail I'd is can even send me an email.. Thank you :)

PavJul 31 2015 10:48am
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oDqmFEZDAug 03 2015 9:30am
Hi guys, it's me Lily again. Hey Pav, I hear you want a girl to take care of you and hold you in her lap? I can do that! :) I am here little Pav so come to Lily and she will take good care of you. Come here, up in my lap, there ya go baby... Upsie daisy! :) So anyway, my friend Emily told me that she and Kayla got together and they are really busy right now taking care of their baby boys and building a nursery for them. So it's just me right now here, I'm the girl in charge and I just got home from school, and I'm ready to babysit you boys. I'm still wearing my school clothes: a silky soft white blouse that the buttons are nearly popping off due to being stretched by my big Mommy boobies (hehehe), a black pleated miniskirt, and a pair of black patent leather high-heel Maryjane pumps. Of course, I'm also wearing my nice smooth and silky soft, shiny opaque pantyhose because I know that little boys just love the way they feel rubbing against their bare legs when I put you in my lap. Just so you know Pav, I have already adopted little Karan as my child and I've been holding him in my lap and taking care of him every day, but I am a very mature and responsible girl for my age so it is no problem for me to take care of two boys now! :) I'm also a really big, tall and strong girl for my age at 178cm tall and 77kg. By the way, you boys have both been shrunken to the size of toddlers by this magic powder that my friend Emily found. I measured little Karan the other day and found that he is now only 116cm tall and 27kg! Pav is now even tinier than that being only 102cm and 21kg! It makes me feel very strong and powerful to be in charge of two men at the same time now, who are both so fragile and little and weak and silly, and sooooo much smaller than me, so completely helpless in every way, so tiny that I can easily pick you both up and carry you around, one on each hip like my babies! <giggle> I just love the feeling of responsibility that this gives me! Now I'm just relaxing, sitting in my favorite chair watching my TV show, holding Karan and Pav in my lap, one straddling either of my thighs, your tiny legs dangling down as I am bouncing you both playfully up and down on my legs. Hehehe. :) Now isn't this something, isn't it, two grown men being treated like children, held in the lap of an 11 year-old girl who is so much bigger, stronger, smarter and more mature than you, and more like a Mommy to you both, hehehe...

LilyAug 05 2015 4:01am
mommy lily, i am missing you, where are you mommy........

karanAug 06 2015 3:07am
Which place are u from lily

pavAug 12 2015 10:21am
hi this is Rahul, i am quite excited by the idea also after reading this blog, some of the big girls like Emily, Kayla, Lily are here for treating boys like her kids make him to sit on her lap, i also wana enjoy this much fun, so is there any girl who allows me to sit on her lap and treated me like her kid, is the any Indian girl also, who will do it..... just waiting for the reply.... and regarding me im 5'4" tall and weight about 58 kg... as well im 18 yr old boy......

RahulAug 20 2015 11:12pm
hi friends. started whatsapp group sitting on girl lap images

sonuAug 24 2015 7:56am

ffAug 25 2015 2:02am
Rahul you can sit on my lap, hehe

LilyAug 28 2015 7:07pm
I want a girl, sit on her lap. but she look is pretty and wear good looking dress

sonuAug 29 2015 8:17am
hey emily, kayala, lilly could you please upload video in youtube boys sitting on the your lap .

sonuAug 29 2015 8:26am
hey emily ,kayala, lily, could you please upload video in youtube boys sitting on the your lap

AnonymousAug 29 2015 8:28am
Hi Sonu, Rahul, Pav, and Karan! :) How are you little sweeties doing today? My name is Angela. I'm 18 years old, just starting college in New York City, and I am super excited! I'm 6'7" and around 250 lbs, athletic young girl, wavy long blond hair, blue eyes, Caucasian single, and I just found out I will be playing on my school's volleyball team! I don't know about some of these other girls, but I unfortunately don't have any good videos of guys sitting on my lap right now... However, my ex-boyfriend was only 5'2" so cute he would always like to sit on my lap everywhere we went lol! We went our separate ways after high school graduation last May though because he got accepted to a different college than me, oh well, C'est La Vie I guess. Anyway I'd love to chat with you guys so hit me up! :)

AngelaAug 30 2015 1:29pm
Hey Angela... this Rahul, i am really excited and amazed to know about your physique, till we both are the same age but you are too much taller and heavier than me, also i wana feel your strength and waiting to chat with you and sit on your lap.. so what you think..if so than tell me, how you hold me on your lap also mail me at... waiting for you... wana love to chat with you and sit on your lap

RahulAug 31 2015 1:19am
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uPJKnFKPuwCmUiJwwUaSep 02 2015 8:40am

RobbieSep 12 2015 1:28am
Can i sit on someones lap ? Ive never gotten to before and i really want to . Girls only

Joe joeSep 18 2015 3:16pm
This is joe joe ive always wanted to sit in a strong girls lap

Joe joeSep 18 2015 6:07pm
W0U3hd Very neat blog article.Really thank you! Keep writing.

elzDOGeFpISep 27 2015 10:51am
Joe Joe want to sit in my lap, sweetie?

AngelaOct 04 2015 8:04pm
yaa, i want to sit on your lap... angela.. kevin here

kevinOct 06 2015 8:26am
Hi Kevin! :) Angela would love to hold you on her lap, come here little baby! Tell me, what's your height and weight, sweetie? If you're really little you can fit nicely in my lap and I can bounce you easily on my knee. Hehehe!

AngelaOct 10 2015 10:17pm
HI, i love that angela... about me i am 5'6" and 140lbs, and love to be sit on ur lap, wana become your little baby boy... angela make kevin feel like a little baby again.. so he will feel safe and secure on your lap..

kevinOct 11 2015 12:02am
KePwwY Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic blog article.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

lexxdvugpvVaUbwgpSOct 15 2015 10:10pm
@ANGELA: I'm just curious to know, do you have a comfortable lap to sit on?

XfactorOct 17 2015 9:57am
Yes, it's getting cold where I am so I wear soft, fleece-lined textured tights so it's very comfortable for you when I sit you on my lap and cuddle you close and warm.

AngelaOct 19 2015 9:09pm
@ANGELA: I'm sure you have big and comfortable thighs, that would provide me the cushion and warmth when I sit on your lap?

XfactorOct 19 2015 9:27pm
Yes Angela I would love to sit on your lap

AnonymousOct 19 2015 11:40pm
Angela this is Joe joe will you bounce me on your lap

Joe joeOct 19 2015 11:42pm
Hi Lilly my name is joe joe can I sit on your lap

Joe joe Oct 20 2015 10:00am

ZarinaOct 28 2015 12:07am
I liked the comments of all. As i am elder to my hubby by 6 yrs. And takes care of him as a kid and keeps him on my lap majority of time this boost our sexual life and i take the lead role and love him.

ZarinaOct 28 2015 12:11am
fH3sgv This is one awesome article. Keep writing.

bIuYbPGAYiNoSMzNov 08 2015 8:16pm
hey,I'm Christopher, aged 22 but kinda short for my age around 4'2 ish.I like the feeling of being held by a woman in her lap like a baby :)

ChrisNov 14 2015 12:18am

ExPfpSJRaQLHjdQHJan 01 11:26am
I am 5 foot 5 110 pounds and my gf is 5 foot 8 and 145 pounds. I stay at home and my gf works as a nurse. When she comes home she lets me sit on her lap and we make love. She lets me feel her boobs and then carries me to bed and we have sex. She always protects me and loves me.

NateFeb 08 2:12pm
hello nate, this is kevin, i am admiring your gf strength and likes the way she loves you, can i see the pic of your gf and you, also can you elaborate more how you comes with this idea to sit on your gf's lap.....

kevinFeb 08 10:20pm
U all are foolish poos

PikachuFeb 11 9:05am
hi friends. iam started WhatsApp group sitting and sleep girls lap images shared in this group please comment your number

nanduFeb 16 5:31am

AnonymousFeb 18 11:29am
hey bro this number doesn't see my watsapp account... where is ur country ... iam indian

nanduFeb 20 8:31am
I am an Indian too

PavFeb 23 11:52am
q13Qnz Wow! This can be one particular of the most useful blogs We have ever arrive across on this subject. Actually Great. I am also a specialist in this topic therefore I can understand your hard work.

jfzoTAezUNISBFeb 29 3:17pm
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tfMnKcqrdTALQsguUNMar 01 5:59am
is there any girl who can hold me in her lap and make me feel like a little baby, also caring of me......koi ladki hai yahan pe jo mujhe apni godi mein bethaye or meri ek baby ki tra care kre.......

karanMar 28 1:49am
VFtKoi There is certainly apparently quite a bit to realize about this. I suppose you made some superior points in characteristics also.

jXNhcMMkJOoZWCGOVMar 30 1:37pm

WcUVHIMdMay 11 9:57pm
Make sure that this blog will always exist.

RpuVqqmTUaMay 13 5:29pm
F6c8gr This very blog is obviously awesome and also informative. I have chosen a lot of interesting things out of this amazing blog. I ad love to return over and over again. Thanks a bunch!

mgIymjyavikgLaybLhaMay 16 5:46am
i always sit on my wifes lap...

AnonymousMay 24 5:21am
I'm a thin 19 year boy (125-130 pounds), and I just love sitting on girl's lap. I sit on my 16 year old (130-135 pounds) girl best friend's lap every day and I just love it (even though she quickly throws me off). I don't know, but I really love sitting on a girl's lap; it feels as if I'm totally hers and I love that.

Ted NicholasYesterday 12:28pm
And, also, I'm 5'9" inches tall Any girl that desires to hold me on her lap?

AnonymousYesterday 8:14pm
And, also, I'm 5'9" inches tall. Any girl that desires to hold me on her lap?

Ted NicholasYesterday 8:15pm
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