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There are many LikeLike polls about tall large girls and short small guys. This poll is for SHORT LARGE GIRLS and TALL SMALL GU

Question: If you are a short large girl, does it turn you on when you physically overpower or outlift a tall small guy, especially if he is very tall? If you are a tall small guy, does it turn you on when you are physically overpowered or outlifted by a short large girl, especially if she is very short?
Created by: TALL SMALL MALE at 06:44:17 AM, Tuesday, March 31, 2009 PDT


In the last month or so someone has gotten on this web site and show us all how mentally disturbed a male can be. This A.S.S thinks the female are designed a be a pack mule, he seem to get a kick out of riding them, around or for some s.h.i.t.t.y a.s.s.h.o.l.e male, to punch around and use as cheap work out equipment. I for one have to much respect for the ladies to vote in this kind of B.S. poll. A pervert as he is should be lock up for LIFE...who knows maybe he is? We can only hope!!!

AnonymousMar 31 2009 8:58pm

This sick fuc of an a hole that made the first comment here, is a liar who hates women and has no respect for them. Many women over to be ridden an ponygirls, and this jerkwad, wants to take away their rights and free choice. He is the criminal woman hating, cyber bully stalker (posting the same post over and over again) that needs to be locked up

Stop cyberbullyingSep 10 2014 1:30am
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