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In the future, will men be smaller and weaker than women? In other words, WILL WOMEN BE BIGGER AND STRONGER THAN MEN???

Question: With so many women already becoming big and strong due to working out and other factors, and with so many men using less muscle due to automation and other factors, I predict, as evolution progresses, that men will become smaller and weaker as women continue to become larger and stronger. Women will be bigger, heavier and stronger than men although men will still be taller than women mainly for courtship and mating purposes (a man's greater height will continue to attract a woman). Perhaps the reason why I am noticing how big and strong women are becoming (even more than many others are noticing) is because I am A TALL TINY MALE!!! I am six feet tall but I weigh a mere 127 lbs. However, I am A VERY HEALTHY tall tiny male!!! If my prediction turns out to be correct, I could very well be THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE!!! Because of my small size, I am not strong. In fact, most women are bigger, heavier and stronger than I am (including most of my former girlfriends) even though I am TALLER than over 99% (almost 100%) of the entire human female population!!! Amazingly, despite my being very tall, I am so small that I frequently look way down at women and even girls standing next to me who are bigger, heavier and stronger than I am!!! Here is the question: In the future, will men be getting smaller and weaker (just like I am right now) while women continue to get larger and stronger? In other words, WILL WOMEN ACTUALLY BE BIGGER AND STRONGER THAN MEN???
Created by: TALL TINY MALE at 07:47:01 AM, Saturday, April 04, 2009 PDT



AnonymousApr 07 2009 8:21am

Women do not need to be larger in size to be stronger. They are stronger now. The size and clumsiness of the male is actually a disadvantage.

AnonymousApr 07 2009 4:00pm
the gap between men and women is closing when it comes to size and strength but I guess it will take many generations before the gap has closed. I think we will see that the strength gap will shrink quicker than the size gap. When women have the same chance to eat well, to excersize and to show their strength more openly we will more often see women stronger than men.

AnonymousApr 07 2009 11:02pm
im a man,but when i see woman body development arround the streets,shoping halls,or sandy hot beaches,i can say woman body is more developed and getting tuff and more stocky like of human body which is most powerful-legs,hips,thighs are a way more muscular within woman population and to find a couple where a man have thicker stronger legs than woman is realy problem and if you find a couple like this-the man is usually much taller and heavier than his female partner.when the couple is simular build-woman have usually a way thicker and stronger thighs,very often twice of the muscle mass of her male partner.woman have very often diamond shaped very strong and muscular calves than man,you can see that very often when woman dresses up in short skirts,like their calves muscles poping out with every step they make.most of men dont have ripped calves like woman use to have.however mens upper body is still advantage,surprisingly woman arms chest and back shows extreme endurance,i have seen a lot untrained woman who was able to beat a guy with twice that big biceps in armwrestling,or when a big man had a big-big problem to beat a woman with a way less muscle mass on her arms in woman can withstand unbelievable pressure towards their muscle fibress without losing strenght,while man muscle fibress losing strenght with pressure aimed towards them,woman keep high percentage of muscle fibress strenght for a long time,in some situations they are capable not only resist but even generate more and more volume of strenght from their can see that in armwrestling man vs woman.his muscles will keep their maximum size,not more-while woman bieps muscles will keep bulging more and more a way behind strenght tresshold of woman arms,and when woman feels that have no power at all and is totaly exhousted-suddenly new power kicks into her biceps so she can withstand even bigger volume of pressure,what never happend to man.woman were originaly stronger sex by nature tens of thousands years ago.average woman was about one and half,even two times stronger than male-to defend and protect their babies and evolution seems going back to basics again.

john b.Apr 10 2009 10:49am
Females are naturally bigger and stronger than males in most species. The exceptions are mostly mammals and some birds. But the fact is that even though mammalian males are generally larger than Females, the difference is not that great. In the insect world, Females are often many times larger than males. In certain octopus species the Female is around ten times the size of the male. There are no animals where there is a size difference which favors the male nearly as much. Males are weaker throughout nature - and even though human males have generally bigger muscles than Females, Women are physiologically stronger than males.

AnonymousApr 12 2009 3:41pm
What would happen if males lost their muscular and weight advantage over females. it would not be necessary for females to gain very much in strength and weight. Indeed if they stayed the same as they did now and males lost a fifth of their weight this would mean instead of the average man being a tenth heavier than the average woman they would be a tenth lighter. But such a change in circumstances could not just happen there would have to be a deterioration in the male status and women becoming fitter. But there has to be something more than this, and that something could be the increasing percentage of women in medicine, psychology and education. Their influence and indoctrination of males could damage the confidence males had in themselves. Once that happened the male would go into decline. First of all men would wish to keep this change in their physique a secret so they would seek to cover up their now punier bodies with as much clothing as possible. So most sports and physical exercise activities would be out of the question. This in itself would cement and hasten their physical decline, at the same time as females were getting fitter but not growing in size and weight. One of the advantages of this both for females and actually for males as well would be that the present curse of obesity would disappear, with males becoming lankier and females becoming fit and slender. After that although men would try to protect their former position in society they would no longer be able to perform as before, females would sooner or later find out. Then with the former physical positions reversed females would lose their natural fear and awe of men and no longer feel the need to imitate them in their style of clothing etc. So instead of who wears the trousers it would be who wore the skirt who would be in charge.

hymatApr 13 2009 5:14am
Getting beaten up by a woman is no different than a man. In other words, it is sheer hell!! If you think it is erotic, then you havent lived very long. Its very painful with plenty of hospital bills. As a petite man, I used to be like the OP; Always fantasized; eroticised being beaten up by a woman until unexpectedly some woman comes along and inflicts the worst beating of my entire life. I didnt feel like I was getting beaten up by a woman, I felt like I was in the grips of an evil monster. i think some of you want to get over powered by a woman. Well, as one who held such fantasies, becareful what you ask for! Because you will get it. There is nothing erotic about it all pain and misery

AnonymousApr 13 2009 6:51am
i can totaly agree with you,im man in mid.age,very well build body.when my friend's wife found him cheating on her,she comes to place we were having ust barbecue and jumps on him.first we didnt know about his secret,so we didnt know what to do,it looks funny but it turned into hell.he was way bigger than her but she went totally mad,she knock him down in matter of seconds,suddenly he was bleeding from numerous marks after her long nails,all over his face and chest,she used her knees to broke two of his ribs and starts to choke him with her tiny but very pumped arms wraped arround his neck.after all this i decide to tear them two apart because it seems he would end up on the wheelchair if he dont get away of her in that was obvious he was trying his best but she was too i grabed her first very gently,but i couldnt move her even inch away.she was punching him with extremely swift frequency very hard about 2-3 punches per second right into face,so i use all my power to get her aside,but she was so strong she pull me down onto ground too,with her powerful sporty body with veins poping out all over her.another friend had to help me to be able to put her aside and to calm her down.we both get nail markings and bruised all over too at the end.i couldnt imagine untill then how realy strong and fast can woman be and more how hard is to defend yourself against even smaller woman if she realy wants to hurt you.i think woman should be confident of their body capability.

JorgApr 13 2009 12:22pm
I remember 10 yrs ago hearing on the news of some big black fat broad beating to death a small homeless guy for stealing her cigarettes. Do you think he was getting sexually stimulated? I doubt that.... During those last few moments in his life, he was going through sheer hell.I am sure a very painful death.

AnonymousApr 14 2009 6:55am
To get beaten up by someone, they are far bigger and stronger. They are in control of the situation-- you arent. The timing of it will be unexpected. Their goal is to harm you. Its like that fairy tale, "little red riding hood". In this scenerio, you will always be that little red riding hood. And he or she will approach you as the big bad wolf. thats not a situation that you want to be in. I guess if you want to be physically dominated and still have some control, try session wrestlers. But that is still risky. Instead try and change that mindset of wanting to be physically harmed by a female. Because the mind in a powerful tool. Concepts and everything we see today orginated in the mind. The same holds true for dreams and fantasies. Your desire to be physically harmed by the opposite sex will draw you to someone who is more forbidding than you imagined

AnonymousApr 14 2009 7:11am
Women probably will get bigger because of better nutrition and medical care. This will be especially true in countries like Japan where traditional diets are being replaced by higher protein diets. It has nothing to do with 'evolution' anymore than the fact that men in developed countries are nearly a foot taller on average than men of two hundred years ago. It really takes a truly irrational female mind to complain for decades that women are behind because of social impediments and then, when those impediments are removed and increasingly turned against males in the same societies, that women's increasing social progress must be due to 'evolution'. Men are falling behind for the same reasons that kept women down for centuries: legal and social discrimination. Don't believe me? Next time you watch TV, keep track of how many health food commericials are directed towards women and how many junk food commericials are directed towards men. Then tell me that the fact that modern, western men are fat and lazy relative to their women has anything more to do with 'evolution' than did the fact that women a hundred years ago routinely passed out from wearing an over-tight corset.

TruthApr 17 2009 6:34am
Compared to all of history, women have really just begun working out. Some cultures still don't accept women working out like men do. It has onlt recently become more socially acceptable in the United States to see a muscular woman. Men have been doing this for years and had traditionally been thought of as the stronger sex. Women have quickly closed the gap in such a short time, one can only imagine what the future will look like. If women had been building their bodies for all the generations men have be trying to prove their strength, I bet no man would be able to compare to the strongest women. As it stands, the number of men that compare to muscular women today has shrunk vastly compared to just ten or twenty years ago.

AnonymousApr 18 2009 12:36pm
I watched a group of teenage gymnasts warming up in a park before they should have some kind of show. Like all gymnast these 14-15 year old kids were muscular and fit. One girl was a lot more muscular than any of the other kids, boys included. She liked to play around and wrestled the boys, pinned them against their will and just laughed when they couldn't get out of her holds. One of the guys asked his friend to help him out of his misery when he was stuck in a body scissors. His friend attacked the big girl from behind, she surprised him by grabbing him and then head him in a head lock. She layed down on her back squeezing one of the boys with her big strong thighs and had the other boy in a strong strangle hold. They both had to give up. The strange thing was that the other kids didn't really react to this, it showed that this was probably very common. I later watched the show, they did gymastics but ended with some acrobatics where this big girl was the one that did all the heavy lifting.

Gymnast fanMay 28 2009 12:09am
in future castrating young boys will be a law and once you castrate a young boy, he will be week physically and women would be much stronger than men

female supremistOct 25 2009 6:49am
I would see you dangle for attempting to do such a thing!

an intelligent life formJan 08 2010 6:14pm
female supremist, go f*ck yourself, no m an would like to touch a woman like you.

AnonymousApr 14 2010 11:41pm
There is no greater surrender of a smaller weaker man to a bigger stronger woman than to have his penis under the complete control of her big, powerful, muscular vagina. AND SHE GETS TO KEEP THE BABY!!!

AnonymousMay 23 2010 1:49pm
I have been a school teacher for more than 25 years, teaching teenagers. When I started there was a big difference between the 15-16 year old boys and the girls, most boys were a lot stronger. This gap has been closing over the years. More and more of the girls work out, not only to stay slim but also to get strong and build muscle. The javelin and discus records of the school (with equally heavy spears and discus) is still owned by two girls. I ask the PE teacher and she tells me that many of the girls are stronger and more athletic than the boys. Last year the PE teacher and me arranged an armwrestling competition where we teamed both boys and girls against each other. The strongest in the class was a big boy, but nr 2-5 were girls! 6 out of 10 of the best were girls! And the girls that really got a kick out of beating the boys at something physical challenged the boys to something they called thigh wrestling. You sit opposite each other on chairs, put your knees outside your opponents legs that are spread and try to press his or her legs together. The girls seem to be used to this game. None of the boys had a chance the girls. Even the biggest boy that won the armwrestling lost to the girl that came last (10 girls competed). Then they wanted me to armwrestle and thigh wrestle the PE teacher. I am a book worm, very thin and sinewy. She is a very athletic woman so I tried to say no but there was no way out of this. I lost big time armwrestling her and the thigh wrestling was just rediculous, she smashed my thighs together and I couldn't budge her when we changed. Then the strongest girl challenged me, she was 15 years old, we started armwrestling, I am left handed and we started with our right hands. She actually slammed my arm down. She is a gymnast and a swimmer so I shouldn't be ashamed but I was. Left hand I could put up a fight for 30-40 seconds before I lost. Thigh wrestling was just as bad as against the PE teacher. We tried to arrange the same competition this year but the boys didn't want to. The had all hear what happened the year before. The PE teacher teases me sometimes and tells me that she can come to my rescue if any of the girls get aggressive against me. This would never have happened when I started to teach. I am pretty sure that the strength gap is closing because girls start working out and build muscle at an early age, just as boys have over the years. And many boys get stuck behind their computers and they don't get strong from sitting there. I started to work out after the embarrassing loss to the 15 year old girl. At the gym I have discovered that I am of average strength, for a woman!

TeacherMay 25 2010 2:30am
The fact remains that men are pysically and mentally stronger than women and always will be.

AnonymousJun 29 2010 9:19pm
^ The guy above is in denial.

AnonymousJul 02 2010 9:05pm
the average man is bigger and because of that stronger than the average woman. But hey we all come in all sizes. I am an adopted child, raised in one of the Scandinavian countries. I come from Indonesia where people often are short and light. And so am I. Growing up looking different and being small is not easy in a country where everybody is big. I have learnt to live with that though. Today I am 37 years old, 158 cm and 48 kgs. Yes, very small. I first was looking for girls my size or not so much bigger but the average height for women where I live is 10 cm more than my height so there wasn't that many options really. Luckily the boys left me alone and didn't fight me, I was too small perhaps. At last I found the woman of my life, 174 cm and 78 kgs. She can do anything she likes with me, I think she is probably more than twice as strong as me but she is lovely and she is also very happ being with a small man like me.

AnonymousNov 15 2010 11:39pm
forgot to add, if people of both gender are living more and more alike and if they are getting the same kind of encourangement when it comes to strengthen the body and also eat the same type of protein rich food I am sure that the size and strength gap between men and women will decrease rather fast. In perhaps 200-300 years we will see more men and women the same size.

AnonymousNov 15 2010 11:41pm
about a 100 years ago many women were stronger than men in Sweden, at least that is what I think after hearing stories from older relatives. Sweden was a poor country then, most people lived in the countryside and worked with farming. For women that meant a lot of physical labour that required a lot of strength and stamina. In the long run people got worned out but before that they were really strong from all the lifting, draggin, pulling etc. Women could go on forever and that way got really strong. My great grand ma could carry sacks of grains close to 100 kgs easily, she won against almost all men at armwrestling. When she was 80 she was still very strong I remember.

AnonymousJan 13 2011 1:35am
Most scientists agree that women do have a chance of closing the gap.

AnonymousJan 28 2011 6:59pm
I might see some thing like, another civil war. This time, men against woman, and let's c how that go's >:)

a manJan 31 2011 10:47pm
The woman that runs the big gym where I am working out claims that the strength gap between the sexes has been closing dramatically the last 10 years. When she opened her gym 18 years ago, men outnumbered women, 70% men. The men that came then also worked out to beef up and used heavy weights. The women in generela toned their bodies, afraid of getting muscular. Today the woman rate is almost 70%. Many of the women work out with max weights and few reps, she claims more than 50% of the wome do. And and the few men that are there are office guys, some of course big and strong but a lot of them are newcomers to lifting weights. These men are getting used to lower the weights after taking over a machine from a woman. I am working out 3-4 times a week there and it is really not a big deal that I am stronger than many of the men, even men bigger than me.

JoanneFeb 08 2011 11:46pm
All men that are small and weak as compared to women that they know should be ashamed. I do not understand this trend. Every time I see a younger couple the boy is smaller than the woman. Shame I say. Look stop being afraid of food. learn to squat, deadlift and press heavy and find your balls again. The toughest lift is lifting your ass off of the couch.

drecar, a real manFeb 23 2011 4:09pm
I'm a 40 year old man, I'm only 2'8" (I have some hormone problems) and very scrawny. I am a single father of 3 girls. The oldest is 10, and she's already 6'2". The middle daughter is 6, and she's 5'0". The youngest is 3, and she is 4'2". I am completely at their mercy. If you are in somehow similar situation, e-mail me:

AnonymousAug 23 2011 8:43am

A THIN MANNov 21 2011 3:17am
Been reading these polls for awhile about strong muscular bigger women etc. Think most are very bogus myself. Am a professional white male, 50 years old 5'10" 190, athletic not a bodybuilder tho. Am here by challenging any big strong muscular woman, bodybuilder, powerlifter, whatever, bigger the better, stronger the better. Challenge is to any female who will come meet me here in oklahoma, and literally use her full size, strength, muscle and power to lift me, crush me with full strength, lift, carry, throw me around the room like a rag doll, bodyslam etc, without regard to injury to me. Seriously using ALL her full size, power and muscle on me for 2 hours. No mercy asked, will sign injury waiver as well or release of liabilities to you etc. Any women takers, all you have to do is contact me at and put likelike challenge in your subject line. Cash prize if you come to do this and claim it is 2500 dollars. Will make a nice Christmas if any really tough or muscular women exist in real life besides these stupid polls. I am extemely serious. Lets see if any really huge big strong or muscular powerful women exist, or if they just talk talk talk.

sjsh99Dec 01 2011 7:40am
If society will be very much like today there will be no use for men that have an explosive strength, there will be no use for men that are bigger than women. Women will more and more work out like men or even more, will take part in sports traditionally aimed for men and will pass men when it comes to studies and intelligence. I think that within a few hundred years men and wome will be more equal physically. Let's say that skinny less muscular men will be what women are looking for rather than the big burly men, men will change. Interesting question.

JoanneMar 09 2012 2:31am
If men really becoming weaker and shorter than women, I don't think that they should wear dresses and skirts and all that frilly garmants. Women love this clothes to much and don't want to see men in this things. The same will be with the shoe?s, women love them to much.

AnonymousMay 06 2012 7:39am
In highschool I saw a 5'4 very muscular girl playing soccer miss the ball and kick a boys shin. she cracked both leg bones in half you could hear the bon crack accross the field. her shin hit his shin almost exact same spot but zero damage to her leg. here bones were probably much thicker??

brokenlegMay 24 2012 9:15pm
Came across this topic while looking for a local dominatrix :-) I'm not sure what country most of you are posting from, but if any physically fit ladies (30 to 49 age range) want a weak guy from the south forida area, send an email to I'm 5'10". I weigh 168 pounds. I actually used a testosterone blocker for 1 year to emasculate myself! I enjoy being soft and weak with a stronger gal.... I'm not saying she needs to be huge and muscular. I'm pretty sure any girl who midly works out will probably have more upper body strength then me at this point. Last lady I dated was to girly for me and it never worked out. She felt like she was in a lesbian relationship lol.

g_gigglo@hotmail.comMay 28 2012 9:35am
Women are the weaker sex and we will never be bigger and stronger than men. Sorry men, you must always do the heavy lifting.

NicoleJun 06 2012 2:39am
Men are dominant over women. its a fact. go to the f*ckn gym. if you didnt notice the strongest and biggest people at the gym are men. Im a junior in highschool and play varsity football. Its f*ckn tough, it takes a man to play this sport. Why aren't there any women playing football. Because there weaker. and at my highschool the men are generally bigger and stronger then women unless there fat

jakeJun 13 2012 4:14pm
Personally, I've heard a lot about women growing taller and stronger than men, something like two percent per decade. I'm curious to see whether or not this is true. If so, in about 100 years the average women will be about 6'8" and bulge with muscles. I must admit, I'm curious to see if this matriarchal theory is creditable.

Curious about a female futureSep 09 2012 5:19pm
citing, ''TeacherMay 25 2010 2:30am'' This is a complaint I see more and more of all the time ~ he observed that girls are working out more, lifting more weights, doing cross training, and doing other things which improve self discipline. Boys are playing too many computers games (this is a complaint REPEATEDLY said by many) and getting atrophied. Look at all those intergender wrestling matches on youtube where so many girls easily beat boys. And this trend is growing every year. All right ~ enough complaints. So what's the solution? Shall we resurrect the military draft? In my youth boys used to get into condition knowing they would have to go into the army. Today since there is no draft many boys get fat, play computer games, and grow weak. Will the draft be the solution? And for how long - 2 or 3 years?? Don't worry - if a draft is resurrected women will NOT be included. Therefore, your daughters can still continue to exercise, grow strong, go to college, and have fulfilling careers. The Supreme Court has already said the govt does not need to force girls to register with a draft. It follows that the govt doesn't have to draft them - I guarantee that's how the Court would rule in a law suit. How do we make boys strong again??? Serious replies only, please

ExeterOct 12 2012 9:52am
you're all morons!

AnonymousNov 30 2012 6:09am
Most men like tall strong women. They just won't admit it. proof: Most men get an erection when they lose to a women in arm-wrestling. At somewhere between 40 and 55 years of age, many women today beat their husbands in arm wrestling. Check it out guys. Denial doesn't change things. It only frustates those who deny.

A guy who tries to face realityDec 09 2012 1:13pm
Have you noticed that in many advertisements and even in some recent movies and TV shows many females are taller than their male partners.

An ObserverDec 12 2012 7:47pm
Face it guys, girls are getting bigger and stronger. If this continues and girls continue to gain on boys size and strength, what do you guys honestly will be the outcome.

AnonymousDec 15 2012 6:58pm
Do any of you dolts have any factual data to back up your claims? So many of you are screaming out 'facts' that none of you can prove. I'm not saying men and women aren't getting closer in size, in fact, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if more women are working out now than previously, but I have found no scientific studies that show women are becoming or ever will be larger than men overall. They may be getting closer in size, they may be getting __relatively__ larger than they used to be, but not actually physically larger than men __in general__. Obviously, if you put a relatively small man next to a relatively large women then she will be larger, but I think a lot of you are so blindly focused on these cases that you are ignoring everyone else - the majority of the population. @A guy who tries to face reality: That is not proof. Show me real proof, give me statistical data that shows what you claim. Bring a couple hundred randomly selected men to a lab that are between the ages of 40 and 55 years and measure how erect they are when they lose at arm wresting to a stronger woman and compare that to those who beat a woman at arm wrestling. Give me a credible scientific study or academic paper that tests that statement. Simply because you think that is true based on your experiences does not make it proof. You say you're trying to face reality, but it sounds like you have no clue which direction reality is in. Or what the difference between a fact and a statement is.

Jesus ChristJan 12 2013 4:58pm
I love tall girls and strong! unfortunately in my small town there are these girls! I am very small and weak .... I'm 166 cm (5.5) and weight only 55 kg (121 pounds)! I would love to be carried and lifted by a big strong girl! my mail is

mick73Feb 08 2013 5:34pm
When my last girlfriend and I started dating she was 5'6 and I was 6 feet. One year later I broke up with her, we were the same height. We continued to workout together to stay friends she couldn't lift anywhere near what I could. Two years later she stands 6'5 and benches 310 while I am still 6 feet and struggle with 220. She has built more muscle gained more size and she knows it. She can pick me up with one hand and she never hesitates to remind me of the gap between her size and strength compared to mine. That's my story for what its worth

Talk about karmaFeb 25 2013 12:57am
Women will be stronger , taller and heavier with bigger muscles than men in the future! They will be long-haired! Long-haired women want to be taller, stronger than men (in the future)! I hope that (long-haired) women will be stronger, taller and heavier than men in only 2 decades in the entirely word!

JosephMar 20 2013 6:58am
this is retarded it is not due to emotional problems. Women will always be weaker than men thats just who they are.

AnthonyMar 22 2013 12:09pm
lots of feminists commenting as men

DragoMar 30 2013 11:53pm
You imbeciles do understand that men have evolved to be larger than women. And if you claim that women are experiencing a large increase in growth over the recent decades due to the sedentary lifestyle of modern males, you're an idiot. Interpretations of fossils from early humans and their forebearers, as well as our closest relatives, the gorilla and chimpanzee, men are and should continue to be larger.Women lack the proper hormones and bone structures to surpass men. And the common statement which has appeared in this discussion "In today's world men don't need to be large, so therefore women are getting bugger." Why would women grow to larger heights? Manual labor is still dominated by men, making the social shift argument invalid. And evolutionary traits don't change within centuries, but within millennia, and humans are getting signifigantly larger as a whole. Several early European and Northern Asian societies had average heights well above six feet tall. Although, should women be getting disproportionately large, it would most likely be due to the fact that good health practices generally target women, while things such as junk food and recreationally drugs target men. It's simply biology to apply that someone who eats healthier who be taller and/stronger, whether it's genetically inclined to not. If you'd like solid evidence that men will most likely continue to retain a larger size, I'd suggest reading an article of sexual dimorphism of mammals and primates related closely to humans.

Someone Who Actually Understands Simple BiologyApr 03 2013 8:17pm

AnonymousJul 04 2013 12:28pm
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Load a fukn idiots on here.

Intelligent Life FormOct 09 2013 1:58am
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enKxlIPrGHmmMOINov 18 2013 9:23pm
Girls are getting stronger, no doubt about it. But, the stronger sex? I don't know about that! Can most girls detain a guy without another guys help? No

Robert Nov 20 2013 6:24am
A lot of feminist drivel being spewed out here. And the worst part is most men are perfectly in agreement with it. A world where men are the slaves will have its days numbered.

Self-respecting manNov 26 2013 8:06am
qGzhUr I truly appreciate this article post. Will read on...

kFcBUCVLgZrlZmcDec 15 2013 5:38am
I hope this bizarre, horrendous possibility never materializes. Men should always remain the stronger sex. It is the case even in the animal kingdom (stronger, dominant male hunting and providing for the family while the female raises the offspring). Men in the Western world are becoming spineless wimps and slaves to women. And all because of that little stick down there. Which they just refuse to keep under control. Our penis is indeed our weakness. It is practically the only power that women have over us men. How much more do we have to get kicked in the ass before we realize that?

ABCDDec 21 2013 1:06pm
Women of today are a far cry from the Biblical era. Those were real women. Angels compared to the f*cking whores of today. I agree men have behaved atrociously with women in the past. But that in no way justifies the behavior of today's feminist bitches.

Uncle SamDec 21 2013 1:11pm
Women just f*cking want to become stronger than men. A very diabolical and insidious campaign. Thankfully there are enough indigenous cultures in the world where women still respect and value being women.

AnonymousDec 21 2013 1:14pm
Women nowadays can shamelessly kick, slap and punch men all that they want simply because MEN ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HIT WOMEN. SOCIALLY OR LEGALLY. SOCIETY HAS NEVER EVER ALLOWED IT THROUGHOUT HISTORY.

Incredible HulkDec 21 2013 1:17pm
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Wishful thinking of feminist perverts. And men who are utterly lacking in even an ounce of manhood.

AnonymousDec 21 2013 1:25pm
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UbahOdaPCuJan 08 2014 7:42pm
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xsQsrJWosJan 15 2014 10:42pm
Just a bunch of sillyness here. Women have virtually no strength. I've been working out in gyms for over 20 years and even a weak guy is stronger than a strong woman. In any event I am not a weak man, I'm pretty strong and if a person attacked me, I'd break every bone in their body whether they had a vagina or not. If someone attacked a friend of mine I'd tear their face off regardless of their sex.

MeJan 30 2014 2:39pm

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Some of you guys don't seem to get it... Basically fights and strenght is not the same. Your strenght defines the power of the punch. Now if a woman beats you up, SHE KNOWS HOW TO FIGHT! That hasn't got much to do with her actual strenght. So basically, men are turned on by strong women, stronger than them! In bed aswell. I was training some martial arts, box aswell so I know what I am saying. If a women who is just going to the gym and is physically stronger than me for like 20% gets to fight me, I would probably beat her.

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My girlfriend is significantly stronger than I am. We both like to wrestle and she can take me down in a matter of seconds. She will hold me down as long as she wants. Women becoming consistently stronger then men is a reality, especially in my world.

A weaker manOct 16 1:44pm

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