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Question: If you recall, OJ simpson was the famous football player who allegedly brutally killed his ex wife and her lover. The only reason he allegedly successfully carried out those slayings was that he was far bigger and stronger than his wife and even her lover. Sure he did have a knife, but lets make it clear, it would not have happened had he not had his vast physial superiority. I think Hulk hogans statement reflects the risk of being with a partner much bigger than yourself who might be unstable. So lets turn the table. Lets say you are a 120 lb man. If you were paired with a 200 lb woman, would you be concerned about her mental stability. In other words would you be concerned that she would be capable of going OJ on you?
Created by: SMall man 2009 at 02:16:14 AM, Thursday, April 16, 2009 PDT


When are you getting your lobotomy, you human dildo.

AnonymousApr 22 2009 6:35am

Get real, you guys are afraid she won't and that what disappoints you the most!!!

JaneApr 24 2009 8:15pm
If a small male has a sexual preference for a large female who is much larger and stronger than he is, he runs the risk of getting the crap beaten out of him by her if he ever gets her angry but the O.J. thing is so rare that I believe no one should be concerned about it at all. I had girlfriends way bigger and stronger than I am and the O.J. thing never even crossed my mind. I am a tall skinny guy with a sexual preference for short fat girls who are way bigger and stronger than I am. I had a 4'11" girlfriend with much bigger biceps than mine (her 15" biceps vs my 12" biceps) and she outweighed me by dozens of pounds even though I towered over her by more than a foot!!! I knew that if I ever got her angry even though I am way taller than she is, she would have beaten the living daylights out of me because she is way bigger and stronger than I am!!! However, this thing about O.J., although it does happen, is far too rare for anyone to worry about. I am a small male who is not afraid to be with a large female who is much heavier and stronger than I am even though I am the one who is tall while she is the one who is short. I AM TOO MUCH TURNED ON BY HER TO BE AFRAID OF HER!!!

Let me get this, she is not just strong enough to beat you up, she can kill you with her bare hands? Well being small, plenty of women are physically capable of doing the OJ on me. I have also have dated such women. Not once though have I ever been afraid. I suppose though if I run into such a woman with a short fuse, I would back out. From my experience, it is usually the the petite women with the firey tempers who are the most dangerous. they may not be capable of killing you with their muscles and girth. But you arm them with a frying pan and other housewares, they are far more dangerous.

guestApr 28 2009 5:18am
#0005 - (Mon.) * 5/18/09

UpdateMay 18 2009 9:44pm
About 8 years ago I met a woman who was just shy of my height and weight at that time. She was 5'8" and 172 lbs and very, very strong. Her biceps were a full 16" compared to my 14". Her thighs were 24" to my 22". Her arms and legs were packed with hard muscle. She was scary strong. Even her hands and fingers were much bigger and longer than mine, which turned me on, too. I felt like a girl next to her and I was really turned on by her muscles. We went out on 2-3 dates and she would flex for me and show me her big muscles. There was no way I could do anything if she ever got angry at me. We broke it off after a week or two. I later found out that she had beaten up a former live in boyfriend of hers and she went to jail for doing that. This happened before we met and the boyfriend was a bit bigger than me. Close call, maybe?

somethingaboutastrongwoman@yahoo.comMay 26 2009 1:55pm
I think gary coleman should have been concerned....

AnonymousMay 30 2010 8:05am
I think gary coleman should have been concerned....

AnonymousMay 30 2010 8:05am
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