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Castration fantasy

Question: Are there women who fantsise to castrate men? Are ther men who fantsise to be castrated by a woman? Could you please describe your fantasy?
Created by: listo66 at 03:18:30 AM, Monday, April 20, 2009 EDT


I am a SANE individual who does not have a fantasy about being castrated any more than a SANE woman would have a fantasy about having her clitoris and her vagina removed. One fantasy is just as SICK as the other!!!

A guy who simply cannot understand REALLY SICK THINKING!!!Apr 21 2009 1:35am

Hi my name is Terri, and yes I fantsise about castrating a man. I ride horses and have witnessed several castrations. The vet has even allowed me to assist him. The idea to me about taking away such a powerful force to a male, excites me. I realize there is a big difference in castrating an animal to a man. But really a man is an animal in many ways. The vet has allowed me to slice open the sack, reach in and pull out the balls. With only the cords (which are very long) holding the balls inside, its quite easy. After cutting the cords, cauterizing the ends its over. Seeing the empty ball sack, and realizing what I have done really turns me on. Stitching up the empty sack, the procedure is over. I have saved three sets of balls that are on a shelf in my home. My girlfriends agree seeing a set of naked balls excites them, but I think most would not say this.

TerriApr 21 2009 4:38am
I seriously doubt if any gynecologist anywhere would take any pleasure from having to remove a woman's entire clitoris including the much larger (penis-sized) internal portion of the clitoris (which, just like the penis itself, becomes fully erect!!!) that largely surrounds the walls of the vagina and, when fully erect, helps to keep the vagina from shifting during sexual intercourse. Removing a woman's entire clitoris is akin to removing a man's penis. I am sure no woman anywhere would enjoy entertaning the thought of having her entire clitoris removed. Yet there are women who are turned on by castration. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE???

A guy who simply cannot understand REALLY SICK THINKING!!!Apr 21 2009 2:47pm
Guy, Please let everybody have its fantasy. In fantasies everything is possible, in real it is another story! I too fantasise about castrating men. I talk about this fantasy with my BF. Of course I wouldn't do it to him because I would realy miss the sex

LissetteApr 22 2009 5:45am
Lissette, would you castrate a older man, who has lost all desire of sex? How do you feel about a man who has raped, do you feel it is justified to have him undergo castration? What about chemical castration? Tell us more about your feelings on this subject.

DavidApr 22 2009 3:36pm
Lissette it so nice that you can both indulge in what is after all what this poll is about FANTASY and a hot one at that. Do you indulge in CBT with your man to get closer to your shared fantasy.

Lou RollsApr 22 2009 11:16pm
Hi David, it is just a fantasy not for real. Rapers should be castrated physically! Lou Castration fantasy is a part of CBT. I use to threat my BF with castration.

LissetteApr 23 2009 4:53am
Lissette, did your bf fear that you might cut his balls off? That is a fear I believe all males have, even over death. What comments do you have as to Terri lifestyle?

DavidApr 23 2009 3:37pm
Whatever people may think about male castration, I believe a woman's clitoris is far too beautiful to ever be removed from her body. That includes the large internal body of the clitoris as well as the much smaller external glans clitoris (the seat of female orgasm) and the clitoral hood that protects it. I believe a woman's clitoris is, to a great extent, what makes her as beautiful and as desirable as she is. I am a guy who has always known exactly what to do with the clitoris, especially after one of my earliest girlfriends "showed me the ropes." At the time, I was not familiar at all with the clitoris. While I was probing her vulva, I inserted my middle and index fingers into her vagina during one of our sexual episodes, thinking that her vagina was the only place where my fingers needed to be in order to satisfy her. HOW WRONG I WAS!!! She wanted to have her clitoris caressed so she immediately shouted out in her thick, strong accent: "ON MY 'CLEET-OR-DEES'!!!" She gently pulled my fingers out of her vagina and then she directed them up toward her clitoris which I proceeded to caress with my middle finger and I continued to caress her clitoris until she reached orgasm. I am forever grateful to her because she taught me everything I needed to know about the clitoris. SHE TURNED ME INTO A NEW MAN!!! Even when I am having sexual intercourse with a woman, I always feel incomplete without either caressing or sucking her clitoris, both of which I have blissfully done on numerous occasions!!! I had another girlfriend who said to me: "Some men are leg men while other men are breast men." "YOU'RE A CLITORIS MAN!!!" Yes indeed. I AM A CLITORIS MAN!!! I will always be a clitoris man. The clitoris is my favorite part of the female anatomy simply because of what it is and what it does: IT DRIVES THE WOMAN CRAZY!!! Although a woman's face may be irresistable, her figure alluring and her rack eye-popping, there is no part of a woman's body more beautiful to me than HER CLITORIS!!!

A guy who continues to WORSHIP a woman's clitoris!!!Apr 23 2009 4:55pm
This poll is totally sick and evil.

AnonymousApr 23 2009 8:40pm
terri - like your honesty!

mikadoApr 24 2009 8:59pm
Female genital mutilation continues to be practiced for cultural and religious purposes. THAT IS OUTRAGEOUS!!!

AnonymousApr 24 2009 10:02pm
To all outraged guys of whatever name. Humans have always dealt with each other harshly. Use of the whip in the Navy survived late into the nineteenth century. Slavery only ceased to exist when it was econmoically unviable. The Roman Empire from founding by Romulus and Remus to the Sack of Constantinople in 1453 AD was over 2000 years far longer than our short stint and during not one of those years was torture, beheading, blinding or Castration ever ruled as anything but normal tools of human behaviour modification. The Roman General belisarius was blinded for the crime of corruption. While his blinding was an injustice considering he was innocent the punishment until the last century was never considered as anything but a valid tool. The best and the worst of people mutilate themselves and others on a frequent basis. Eunuchs today may be purchased in the middle east. Boys dissapear tobe gelded and become the servants in less modern cultures. Take your innocent protestations away they make you look ignorant and immature and childish. Huminity is less than humane

SteveApr 27 2009 4:24pm
Brutal acts and savagery belong in the past and those who continue such primitive practices are BRUTAL SAVAGES!!! It's o.k. to fantasize about castration but that is as far as it should go. To go further than that would be BRUTAL SAVAGERY. The Austrian MADMAN, Adolf Schicklgruber, was A BRUTAL SAVAGE who orchestrated the MURDER of six mllion Jews. The MURDERERS who brought down the WTC Twin Towers are BRUTAL SAVAGES!!! We should be above all of that by now.

AnonymousApr 27 2009 11:11pm
Humanity at its core IS brutal and Savage. The thin Veneer of civilization is all to easy to tear away. The sayaing an armed society is a polite society is true. Those who don't have arms are polite to those who do. Civilization is the process of codifying and customizing violence not ending it. Dueling used to be leagal and was civilized. The urge to Duel is still satisfied but because we have driven it underground we now have Drive-bys. Speaking of savagery and brutality in such agrieved tones betrays your softness and inexperience. The human is the highest on the food chain because of savagery. Watch what chimps do in the wild. Also to call a brutal and sadistic person a madman based only upon the actions of enjoying the ditribution of pain and mutilation betrays a deep ignorance of serious psychology. The Nazis killed six million Jews and even more Poles and Russians. Stalin made them look like amatuers and he died peacefully in his sleep after a long life. Many still today admire Lenin and Stalin. Lenin called these people usefull idiots. He would grow and farm their stupidity like a farmer grows and reaps corn. Your stupity has been fertilized well I wonder when you will be harvested.

SteveApr 29 2009 8:22pm
I think you have gotten off this suject, totally. Its about castrating men's balls. Do women or men think more about it? Its about cutting off a man's nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TerriApr 30 2009 5:28am
#0017 - (Fri.) * 5/1/09

UpdateMay 01 2009 1:26pm
Given the topic of this poll, who gives a S.H.I.T. it can't make less can it?

AnonymousMay 01 2009 1:33pm
Dear Terri, i dare say i believe that castrating a male rapist should be a natural result of his crime. If we welcome future matriarchy, then we, inferior males, must be ready that any Mistress may once want to castrate any of Her hubbies/maleslaves. As for Stalin, AFAIK he was poisoned by his associates and for some days was still alive though unable to talk.

Nick NMay 02 2009 8:38am
I fantasized all my live to be castraten by a woman. I hope some woman will bite off my balls and eat them for breakfast.

wanabee eunuchMay 29 2009 9:15am
My fantasy,and only a fantasy i have to add, is to make love to(or just plain hard sex if she prefers that)a woman(or women:-))who have taken part in a castration procedure.Terri,bless her with her honesty,would have her errogenous zones red raw,she deserves the reward of continuous esctasy and orgasm...!For your honesty Lissette,you should be receiving the same... :-)

Noel (notremovedyet)Jul 08 2009 5:46pm
Terri,if you need some attention... You're probably married :-( Oh well, enjoy life ! :-)

NoelJul 08 2009 5:58pm
my husbands fantasy was to be castrated during sex we played at it for many years ..then i went all the way and castrated him during sex..he said he enjoyed it more than anything he hd ever done

cynthiaJul 29 2009 10:51am
cynthia did you use a pair of scissors and pretend to cut his dick off too. i would love a girl to pretend with me.

paulAug 10 2009 7:49am
#0025 - (Sun.) * 8/30/09

UpdateAug 30 2009 8:14pm
Cynthia, How that he's a broken toy and pretty much useless to you...are you going to kick his ass to the curb? And go out and find a new and much more improved boy or maybe a change of pace girl toy???

PeggyAug 30 2009 8:27pm
Thank you Lisette I think it vital that men and Womyn indulge all their fantasies and by promising castration to your boyfreind and not carrying it out causes no harm and enhances both your sex lives. You both can enjoy the pain he receives in his genitals when you twist slap and punch and kick them.

Lou RollsOct 22 2009 9:09pm
When I was sixteen year old student my Landlady made me a rather strange offer. I would not have to pay any rent if I accepted this kind offer. All I had to do was to strip naked each weekend and let her suck my penis. After I had ejaculated she would them pretend to castrate me with a variety of instruments. Very strange world we live in!

Phd.Jan 28 2010 5:11pm
Castration as a fantesy...sure. But really there are far more men who would be willing to be denutted than women to perform the procedure. In fact finding a female for a regular kick in balls isn't that easy.

Nuttme if you canJan 31 2010 2:56pm
Why is it that I can't find a female to cut off my balls and eat them? If you asked my balls which they would prefer I'm sure they would rather be eaten by a woman than to live next to my ass until I'm dead.

Balls approaching 40Feb 21 2010 8:27am
There are an equal number of women who love to kick,punch,knee,slap,flick,and twist a mans balls as there are men who like it.Maybe more women if from my eperience of the ball kicking contests i have entered.

Lou RollsFeb 27 2010 2:46am
Hey Lou, How do you think someone could set up a ballkicking contest? Or have a ballkicking party?

Balls approaching 40Feb 27 2010 7:23am
I go to one every 2 months.We stand in a line and a line of women pass by us and take turns to first flick then slap then punch then knee then kick us.The last man to wimp out wins.Beleive me it is very popular.It is all very jovial and everyone enjoys themselves.

Lou RollsApr 11 2010 1:02pm
How do get there? Where do I sign up?

Balls approaching 40Apr 14 2010 3:10pm
You sh#theads need to come to terms with your fear of women. Yes, women are psychotic but being willing to bend with their every whim won't help, it will only enable them more. What we need is Islamic Law to keep the women under control, Christianity has failed.

Women can be bitches, I should knowJul 12 2010 5:34pm
Just want to clear a couple things up about castration. After castration a man can take testosterone replacement therapy in the form of cream, patches or injections. He will still get erections, still have a sex drive and he will keep his masculine appearance. Simple blood work will show your testosterone level so it can be matched after castration. This level can be adjusted, kept to a minimum, which lower the sex drive. It is unwise not to take hormone therapy after castration, even if it is estrogen and not testosterone. With out hormones you will lose bone density, muscle mass, and it will lead to other medical complications. As far as keeping the species alive. A man's sperm can be frozen and used at anytime to impregnate a female. Save as much as you want before castration. I believe it comes down to personal choice, especially since there are ways to negate the down sides to castration. I do believe that it should be done safely and by people who have experience doing it, like Terri. Castration is a very simple procedure but shouldn't be attempted by the inexperienced. And Hey, is it really necessary to be verbally abusive to make a point. Every one has an opinion and a personal preferance. Thankfully we live in a country that earned us that freedom. If you don't agree then fine. You have the right to your opinion. If you can't be civil about it, then keep it to yourself. It is also our right not to be verbally abused by the simple minded.

Being ReasonableOct 20 2010 7:52am
my fantasy is gutting a womans body open and removing her ovaries..

jacobOct 24 2010 11:18pm
Castrate me please!

GeminiNov 15 2010 4:08am
Castrate me if you will Mel. I would like it very much. Then I would eat you. And I would be your slave! If you don't know who I am, look to your side, I will be there!

GeminiNov 15 2010 11:06am
Terri: I read your post and got very excited. I saw and helped with some castrations on horses and it also turned me on. If you want to cut a horse let me know and I will let you have at it with mine. He needs it now! And then you can cut me!!

ShaneNov 21 2010 4:06pm
Terri: I read your post and got very excited. I saw and helped with some castrations on horses and it also turned me on. If you want to cut a horse let me know and I will let you have at it with mine. He needs it now! And then you can cut me!!

ShaneNov 27 2010 7:20pm
Terri: I read your post and got very excited. I saw and helped with some castrations on horses and it also turned me on. If you want to cut a horse let me know and I will let you have at it with mine. He needs it now! And then you can cut me!!

ShaneNov 29 2010 4:03am
Gemini, if you are who I think you are I would love to cut your nuts off. It's not because you are bad, It's because I love you too! I will let you know when we can do the deed. Love??

MelanieDec 06 2010 4:05am
Well I sure hope that you Gemini and Melanie can get together. If you do and the deed is done tell us about it.

Shits and gigglesDec 10 2010 11:16am
i would do anything for a woman to crush my balls then cut them off i would love it

studDec 14 2010 3:28pm
Melanie and I haven't done the deed yet! She loves me but she love me to have sex with her. If I'm castrated she said I couldn't satisfy her. She's most likely right in that she had cut a man before. She told me about it. She said it really turned her on but afterwards he couldn't get it up. We'll just go on like we have been. Maybe later she will cut me. How I love her so much she will never know. I will do whatever she wants me to as long as she loves me. Sorry guys not much of a story after all!

GeminiDec 29 2010 8:24pm
For a man to get it up after castration he has to take testosterone (hormone replacement) and viagra or some similar drug to get and maintain an erection. This is true for men who have their testes removed for medical reasons and I would expect it to be true for any eunuch.

Man of WisdomJan 05 2011 4:29pm
It is true. A man will still get erections and have orgasms with testosterone replacement through patch or injection. Or you can find another man for her to castrate. She still has her fun and she f*cks you afterwards.

Full Size ManJan 26 2011 2:04pm
All this is just bla,bla,bla,nothing real.

gfkJan 30 2011 3:43am
meine Fantasie ist zuzuschauen wie bei einen Mann, der Hodensack aufgeschlitzt wird und die N?sse rausgedr?ckt werden. Und ich gefragt werde ob ich sie abschneiten m?chte, ich w?rde sage ja. Aber ich m?chte erst mein Spa? damit haben, dann kann ich immer noch Rest der ?brig ist entfernen meine Fantasy

SebastianaJan 30 2011 4:08am
I have actually done it to myself with a tool. I fantasized for years, then got the guts to do it. I couldn't find a burdizzo so I got one of the c clamp vice grip wrenches--tightened it down to where the jaws were completely together--then I found the cords, pulled it tight, used another small clamp to clamp the cord against side of scrotum so it wouldn't move, then put the wrench 's jaws on the cord and began to apply pressure--you can imagine the pain, but slowly I got used to it--then I clamped it hard in one move--setting the jaws completely around the cord--you know you have done the right area when you feel the pain all the way up in your lower abdomen--i left it on for about ten minutes while jerking the ball down hard--then turned the wrench loose--the pain was intense for a while as I went to sleep. In morning it was just a little sore. I did it on both sides--2 times a day apart--i got the left ball with the first try--after a month I had decided I would wait for results--the left ball was nothing more than swollen cords- Success--half castrated!-the right was still a testicle, but soft and about a third of the size--so last night, I did it again--this time all in one stroke to clamp--it hurt so bad--i thought I would bust a gut from the pain in my abdomen--i tortured the ball jerking it hard--it seemed to be "separated" although still slightly attached--so I took the wrench off--and I'll wait a month again--but don't think I will have to--on february, 10, 2011 I became a eunoch!!! I have fantasized for years and can't be happier--wonder what my wife will think? I can still f*ck her because of hormones I take already--do not attempt this if you don't have access to testosterone supplements! I actually thought it would hurt more--and I got much more fun out of it than I thought! Another ball less guy you won't know about unless you are my doctor!!! Or wife--she won't mind--in fact I wish I had tried to get her to help--it would have been so much hotter--castration fantasies--you bet--but now is reality--and this is a 100 percent true account of my castration!I think one reason I am ok with this is I am very endowed--so don't feel short changed so to speak. Not bragging just telling why I don't need my balls to feel good about myself--it was fun!!

kevin now minus the balls!!!Feb 12 2011 12:45am
i used a burdizzo on him not a pair of scissors

cynthiaMar 22 2011 2:59pm
Cynthia can you do it for me?

gfkApr 15 2011 2:19pm
ich habe meinen hodensack einer katze vor das mauel gehalten erst hat sie ihn gel?ckt das geil war dann hat sie mit ihren grallen nach meinen hodensack geschlagen und ihn aufgerissen so das ein hoden heraus kamm sie l?ckte das blut von meinen sack und der zweite hoden rutschte auch raus sie l?ckte ihn auch sauber und spielte mit den beiten b?llen sie tatztesie an das sie hin und her schaukelten dann biss sie zu ich fill in ohnmacht alls ich zu mir kamm hatte sie meine hoden und sack gefr?ssen

mfg KlausMay 05 2011 8:26am
my ex used to roleplay a pretend was very erotic for both of us but spared the balls to play again

cfnmguyMay 17 2011 12:24pm
I'd love for my wife to tease other man's dick hard and then I castrate him

Mr. pervMay 21 2011 7:12pm
Why not let her castrate you! Not enough balls?

Bad BastardJun 15 2011 3:02pm
Mr. Perv, I am a tall, dark, handsome male with big balls. I want to take you up on your offer : ))

CastrateMePleaseJul 01 2011 9:49am
I think your cool terri lol

AnonymousJul 19 2011 8:08pm
welche Frau tr?umt davon einen Mann zu Kastrieren mit den Hoden zu machen was ihr gef?llt ohne Einschr?nkung ganz nach belieben stelle meine gerne zur Verf?gung freue mich schon mfg

KammyAug 13 2011 7:29am
Please castrate me please cut off my balls please

CipAug 24 2011 3:43am
It is absolutely surprising seeing 56% of males voted that they fantasize about being castrated, perhaps facing their greatest weakness holds a key. I also voted in the same direction however the reason of my vote is because I'm already sexually not turned on, not to mention I can't have sex in a Muslim society not planning to bringing children into our modern hell of a world.. so basically I"m alive because I love life.. the only think I find use for testicles is to keep my body in shape ...

UnknownAug 29 2011 1:55pm
I want to be castrated by a women, I'm ready and willing.This excites me to no end.

lenOct 01 2011 11:25am
You can castrate me anytime this makes me so horny and excited. I would'nt mind to have the gal who helped the Vet and save the nuts add mine too.

lenOct 01 2011 11:33am
I love it when my wife tease and jokes about busting or removing my balls. Eventually I worked up the courage to ask her to bust my balls. I was surprised how quickly she agreed to try it. I was even more surprised when she asked me if I wanted her to castrate me. At the time I said "no". I was pleasantly surprised at how much she enjoyed doing it. She asked "when did you decide to 'give' me your balls? What is it you like about it? Etc? I kind of skirted the topic- not wanting to ruin the moment by creeping her out with weird fantasies . Over the next few years she busted me a number of times. Each time she would work castration in to our "games". Saying things like "i like that , i felt like it popped", or "I like it when they are nice and tight, it feels like all I have to do is squeeze and POP!". But she made it very clear that her favorite part of those sessions was when my testicles would "disappear" ( retract in to my abdomen) "they are gone! That is neat. It feels like your little sac is empty!". Over time I admitted that I got off on the fact that she was "castrating" me. When I confessed this, she wasn't the least bit surprised. Instead she asked if I ever considered really having it "it done"? After all I obviously liked the idea of being "deballed". And if I was going to say I wanted to be nutless, then why not do it? For her part she said the only two concerns she had if I were to decide to get "fixed" werd first most important that my c*ck wouldn't "work" any more. And second if they were gone they were gone. There was no going back. She then said if I knew you could get hard still, I'd be fine if you had no balls- honestly I like the idea- but you would have to be okay with it. I told her I'd be much happier with keeping it fantasy. Even if I could still get an erection with out my testicles, I wasn't sure that I'd want it done. She said well, you can't expect me to not ask, when you say that you want to be castrated. As long as you can still f*ck, I don't care if you have balls or not. Ever since that conversation she has been far less interested in busting my balls

VNov 07 2011 6:05am
Is this subject just a load of old bollocks really?

AmazedNov 11 2011 7:44am
you bitchs do not think this stuff would realy happen without lots of u bitches getting killed

kidmanNov 23 2011 9:39pm
Look "dude", 1) You sure as hell didn't find your way to this dark, dirty and perverse little corner of the Internet by mistake. It takes deliberate effort to end up here. 2) any one taking anything said in this swamp of fetish fiction seriously is as cracked as the 2 or 3 trolls who pose has women. A little. common sense and logic go a long way in to unraveling the "mysteries" of this (or other dingy corners - mr. poll, for example) . A few sad individual so mentally damaged search in vain for their "dream girl. 3. These polls are bullpoo. The muddled attempt by those who post them to express their fetish through anonymity, and to convince themselves they are the "norm".

Sad sad worldNov 28 2011 8:46am
When examine closely, there are far to many similarities to be coincidence. "i'm a vet and i castrated my husband", "all men would be better off castrated", "my wife had me castrated" , "A wife should be allowed to castrate her husband" and on and on . These stories appear all over the internet. The similarities are appear witth great frequency. There is hardly a Q&A form or free/ unpoliced poll creation that isn't free of them. One finds it hard to believe they are the work of one very prolific and deeply disturbed individual.

Sad sad worldNov 28 2011 10:02am
No need to be upset, its just a fantasy. woman don't castrate men, and i don't care if the that's there fantasy. in fact, i like the fantasy of a woman being turned on by removing my balls. but, not for real.

Paul SFeb 04 2012 6:18pm
Fantasy or not- trolling the Internet with it is creepy.

AnonymousFeb 07 2012 10:55am
Welcome to the InterWebz. A place were anonymity enables people to say things to complete strangers, things they wouldn't think of saying to their spouse or best friend. And we're any one can pretend to be anything they want. Case in point old "Cynthia the vet" has been trolling the web for years with with her little story of neutering her husband and other men- not that "she" is to be taken seriously- hell"she" started of as "Barbara". But at least "her" story is consistant is entirely bogus. Likelike is a homoerotic wank feat populated by guys who have had god knows what done to them. Nothing good. Scary part is some can't separate fact from reality..., Point is

AnonymousFeb 18 2012 8:31am
I would encourage v to let his wife di him, get a burdizzo for fun, even if it doesnt work first time, you can redo, and you can take hormones as I do to be even more verile without balls. My account is 100 percent true, so go for it, it was fun

The post above his that is without balls now!Feb 21 2012 10:19am
(Melanie and I haven't done the deed yet! She loves me but she love me to have sex with her. If I'm castrated she said I couldn't satisfy her. She's most likely right in that she had cut a man before. She told me about it. She said it really turned her on but afterwards he couldn't get it up. We'll just go on like we have been. Maybe later she will cut me. How I love her so much she will never know. I will do whatever she wants me to as long as she loves me. Sorry guys not much of a story after all!) I still haven't been able to convince Mel to cut me. She has pretended to do it and said she would enjoy doing it but won't do it. Maybe some day she will.

GeminiMar 17 2012 4:48am
LOL Freud's ideas re castration anxiety AND fantasy live on...

orionMar 18 2012 4:07pm
"I would encourage v to let his wife di him" -Yes, that is just the sort of advice YOU don't need-a complete stranger who cant get his hand out of his pants long enough to spell DO correctly-for f*cks sake it's two (DEE friggin' OHH, you simpleton) letters and you can't even get that right. Never mind the story is very similar "Kevin's"

AnonymousMar 27 2012 7:50am
I fantasize about it. But it is soon hard to find a woman into even role playing with the subject. I would like very much to find a woman willing to tie me up and then put a rubber band around my testicles threatening me with leaving it on overnight. If your a woman and this kind of fantasy play interests you, I can give you my email addy :)

-JasonApr 01 2012 9:16am
I really like when it is a woman who talk about,it tun me on so hard.

TedXXXApr 06 2012 8:25am
I love the fantasy of castration. I find it turns me on big time - especially during foreplay and pillow-talk. My wife loves it now too - because she knows it tips me over the edge and makes me really excited. We have role-played my castration heaps of times. Once, she tied me to the kitchen table and stood over me with a large kitchen knife. I asked her to remove her top, and when she leant over me with her beautiful breasts hanging down, scooped my balls up in her hand and laid the knife against them, I really let go. I also love it when I hear women discussing castration. And I got really turned on when I had to explain what the word meant to our teenage girl - and she and her friend had a fit of the giggles!

RichardApr 15 2012 4:18pm
I was castrated for medical reasons. My wife was all for it as she did not want me to die of cancer. I have an empty ball sack. Now she has a boyfriend who services her sexual needs. It does not bother me as my urges are all gone. But it bothers me when they have sex in the other bedroom and i hear her moaning and him grunting as he puts his load into her.

RandyApr 24 2012 9:33pm
Randy i was also castrated for medical reasons. My wife was very encouraging to do as the doctor wanted. He took both testicles out. I think she wanted me to have the procedure because she was cheating on me with more than one other man. I would find signs of her cheating like her leaving early dor work,coming ho,e late from work, semen stains in her panties in the laundry,wearing lace black underwear, sex bruises on her ass and hips, findimg her diaphram and spermicide in her purse, different sexual techniques in bed, she could not give a good blowjob but all of a sudden she could take it down the throat, wearing perfume,douching her vafina, trimming her pubic hair. She was overly interested when she stopped being fertile to have the tests to see if she did not have to use birth control anymore. She encouraged me to. Get the operation i realized afterwards not so much for my health. As it would free her up to have sex with various partner and if caught she could say what do you want from me I have urges and you are not able to do anything with your empty ball sack which is exactly what she said when I confronted her with suspiCions she was cheating. So that is my sad story related to my castration.

RobertApr 24 2012 9:54pm
Robert and Randy I lost both testicles in and industrial accident. I sympathize with both your stories. My wife did not plot to get me castrated. A lathe type machine took tham off in an instant and my penis too. However, it was not too long after the accident that i knew she was cheating on me. What can i do? I do not have the ability to sexually satisfy her. I cannot even try hormones as i have no tewticles, ballsack or penis. You are in better shape to try hormones. You both have penis and ballsacks. The ballsack i found out is very important as to rubbi g testosterone cream on as it absorbs into the system best from the scrotum. Mine was tore off with the testicles and penis leaving me with nothing to work with. So your both better off than me. All i can do to try and satify her is to go down on her and when i have i believe at times i detected the odor of semen down there.

GeorgeApr 24 2012 10:08pm
George, Randy and Robert are all the same idiot.....

AnonymousApr 25 2012 5:14am
two words -internet troll

AnonymousMay 27 2012 4:25am
two words -internet troll

AnonymousMay 27 2012 4:26am
Not just a troll, but an epic fail of a troll-guy who posted "its" blog, probably also created the same blog-(manufactured evidence BTW proves nothing). And you notice "it" got such overwhelming support...for fu cks sake learn to separate fantasy from reality schmuck.

Crazy FuckersMay 27 2012 12:49pm
dude above me does realize her channel has a video which has her voice on it? lol.

AnonymousJun 05 2012 5:57am
ya she been all over reddit and a ton of forums., i heard her poo on a radio talk show for the mens rights guys couple times she is f*cked

dafJun 05 2012 6:00am
The fact that she is incapable of defending her idea, when challenged proves two things-she is full of shi t, and she is bat shi t crazy.

AnonymousJun 06 2012 5:38am
an antonymous voice doesn't prove poo. Still a troll playing in to your fetish-fantasy

Crazy FuckersJun 07 2012 4:30am
The women and gay men that answer these stupid blogs need to get a life! If you don't like who you are don't blame it on us normal men who would butcher you dumb bitches and queers if you ever tried to cut our balls!

Proud manJun 09 2012 3:54am
Everyone is entitled to their opinion. No matter how grossly misinformed or poorly reasoned it is. True story- early in our marriage my wife told me she thought men who rape/abuse women should be castrated. When I asked 1) what is the accusation is a lie , 2 what should happen to women who are abusive, and 3 was she aware that research shows it to be ineffective ? She had no rebuttal. The subject never ce up again . This "woman" is just as ignorant .

AnonymousJun 09 2012 6:41am
Heh-and the fact that "she" calls her "critics" intellectual lazy? LOL! Oh ! the IRONY! To bad the internet provides hacks like this with a public forum.

AnonymousJun 09 2012 9:14am
weirdo guy masquerading as an insane dyke or real life insane dyke. Crazy is crazy.

AmyJun 19 2012 10:30am
Terri you can castrate me anytime.

sissyJul 05 2012 4:01am
i will but i want the person who fixies me must wear a cosplay nurse out fit n pink gloves an a surgry mask and tie me to a bed nude n put me to sleep

my wayAug 20 2012 2:38am
Habe mir eine Burdizzo Zange besorgt, möchte meinen Mann damit überraschen. Habe im Internet gesehen welche seiten mein Mann interesieren( Castration mit Burdizzo),möchte meinen Mann eine freute damit machen.Seine Hoden sehe sicher gut in der Zange aus,dann werde ich zudrücken. Gnadenlos ihn castrieren

SusyOct 13 2012 3:45pm
The guy accusing Kevins story of not being true doesn't have a clue. I assure you, through my own efforts, I am a REAL eunuch. I still have small amounts of cords, but almost no testicles material, or shape, and I cannot feel anything in the leftover cords. Not sorry I did it as I enjoyed the experiences, and I take enough hormones I can perform just fine, if not better.

Kevin the eunuchNov 02 2012 3:16pm
Es ar gribu redzet ka sieviete kastrē virieti

AnonymousNov 04 2012 8:34am
so ive seen plenty of these pro castration poles on this site and id like to find out more from you ladies about having my boys snipped or not. Im 19 healthy active and handsome, Ive allways been good with the ladies, so I have a pretty good life, but ive heard about "castration day" and if began to wonder what it would be like to be gelded? I was hoping you could explain why I should or should not as a man be castrated, Methods of castration and other stuff of the like.

johnNov 11 2012 11:09pm
I've been kidnapped by a ring of 4 women as their slave and they get together with me and all agree that I should be castrated while having dinner and drinks. They get this female doctor friend who eventually comes over to show the women what would be done and how much it would cost. One of the lady's offers to pay for it all and really wants it. But after a few weeks the top lady says she still very much "needs me." I'm spared from such humilation.

storyNov 19 2012 10:00pm
I am looking for a woman to accompany my wife to castrate, even with removal of the scrotum. We both agree and we have good reason to do so. We only need one person, preferably female, to have the pleasure and the medical knowledge necessary to do it. We live in Italy. Please do not comment on our choice. Thank you.

TonyNov 21 2012 4:16am
Great fantasy

eunuqueDec 07 2012 5:11pm
I'm in a castration fixation since my puberty, now i'm 40. Years pass and my faixation grow, i purchased elastrators burdizzo, and i'm waiting for a woman to achieve my fantasy. You can contact me

eunuqueDec 07 2012 5:16pm
Terri I would love to have you remove my nuts before you do could I have you milk them dry or perhaps if you had another woman assisting you she could do the milking while you are getting ready. I would like to be watching in a sitting position legs speed and hips thrust forward, giving you easy access you would have to secure me or use some numbing or freezing you don't need me flailing around during the operation. I have fairly big scrotum and my balls are about the size of extra large eggs so easy to handle. When ready your assistant could tell you when I'm starting to unload just when the penis starts to throb you start slicing open my sac on the left side and reaching in pull out the nut as it's pumping out the last load of cum it will ever produce as I watch you snip it from my body and cauterize the ends the you let me know one done one to go all the time explaining your procedure and make sure I'm not making to much of a mess as your assistant finishes up with the milking you cut open the right side of my nut sac and again reach inside and pop out the right nut stretch it out to expose the cords cut and cauterize replace the cords and stitch the cuts up. My only regret would be that this can be only done once so please cut me. If we could do this more than once I would like to try the guillotine and bander with my nuts banded just at spurting time work the lever as the jizz is shooting from my c*ck work the lever and sever the scrotum just below the band letting the nuts and sac drop to the floor. Afterwards when I'm able to perhaps unless of course you wanted my balls for a conversation piece I would like to fry them and have them for lunch while you and your assistant talked about the operation with me and you could check your stitches and look for any infection

K RDec 13 2012 9:24am
Terri Or you may have your own procedures for nutting men hopefully you put more into it than unceremoniously slicing off my nut sac and balls

K RDec 13 2012 11:28am
Terri.. have you ever considered being a cutter for hire?

RJDec 25 2012 11:23am
im 28 and my gf is 30 we have been together for 5 years now and iv told her about my castration fetish and that i really want it done she is also turned on by the idea and a week ago said to me once iv given her kids she said she will see if she can book a pointment as she said she loves me and dont want me to have any problems with them in my later years. but said the night before will give me a full night of makeing me cum this will include her in a very sexy pvc dress, with pliers ,and strapon .the pliers is there for mock she her self will not be my castrater

jackJan 12 2013 3:33pm
can i say well done jack you seem like a awesome guy to be willing to lose your balls for women kind. men should be castrated. i know ill be picked on for this as iv read other messages on here but yes im a 40 year old lesbian woman i have nothing against men my best friends are men but i see a lot of guys get pissed off way to much and think it will help them carm down and they will be a lot happyer sorry if that makes anyone upset but i belive we are all entitled to our views jack if you wish to talk about this im free also i am a fully trained nurse

sally ♥Jan 12 2013 3:49pm

timJan 12 2013 4:07pm
thanks im really for the off as they say iv always wanted it done befor i met the mother of my soon to be child. so were do you live sally?, also thats so cool that your a lesbian sorry being a guy i only think of girl on girl porn lol, but whats it like if you dont mind me asking ?

jack Jan 13 2013 1:30am
i think castration is a beautiful thing as it gives women a sence of safey and to whos ever doing it enpowerment and for the guys it really is like your girl friend said sweetie the older a guy gets its a 50/50 chance of something happening sorry i dont like saying you know what word,but your like being with out them i know i just sound like a sicko but my brother had a accident a few years ago and he had to have one removed it really up set him at first but we was all there for him so was his friends sence then his his met his wife and shes a very kind person so not all of us are evil as this poll might think also he is a lot less anrgy as he use to be. congratulations jack what sex is the baby or is it early days?. i live in cardiff (wales) but im orginally london i made the moved with my ex girl friend back in 2010 ,hahaha thats ok well i came out when i was in my 20s but even then it was kind of a hush hush thing not like it is today for young women but i love it now its so nice to be out about it when you see two men or two women holding hands its no longer "sick" or "wrong" ,im looking at your first message were you say your girl friend is going to dress up for you and i could be wrong but your girl friends bisexual isnt she? im going by the fact that she owns or willing to buy strap on

sally ♥Jan 13 2013 2:02am
well iv never thought about it being beautiful lol but i guess from a womens point of view it is .yeah jane is my world and i know shes only looking out for me ,im sorry to hear about your brother but thats really nice that he met a woman who dont care about he only has one soon ill be none but im ok with that iv made my pace. idont think women are evil but i dont think all men should be castrated just the sick monsters out there and the men who want it done like myself ,thats so cool i live in south london i thought this site was just for americans sorry to here you and your girl friend ended *hugs* .jane is indeed bisexual we had a talk about after iv been castrated and said she will still be with me as she said she loves me but after the op she wants to date women as well as have me i was really down by that but we had a long talk and i said well im not going to be able please you so if take a female lover will make you happy its fine as long as you come back to me and not live with her ,she said she would never hurt me by doing that ,but when were out shoping i see her looking at women i think she cant wait and even jokes about being with the nurse that casstrates me.

jack Jan 13 2013 2:21am
also its a girl sally

jackJan 13 2013 2:24am
well i think it is but its more of keeping sickos from rapeing women and childen with me ,but of course if men are open to the idea then that is beautiful.thanks hun yeah he is fine about it now and shes a lovely woman we get along like sisters but then they do live in london i think if i lived next door we would hate each other lol. me and my ex broke up this time last year still hurts to think of her but im ok now thanks. oh wow a girl♥ ,oh ok well i think thats very mature leting your girl friend have fun with women after you had the op id love to be the one to do castrate you if you would let me?

sally ♥Jan 13 2013 4:56am
you want to castrate me for real? ,you are a nurse for real right? i mean thats your job not just something you tell people?

jackJan 13 2013 5:01am
yes i do you sound like you want it and you girl friend she wants and needs her sexuality to blossom and you want her to be happy dont you? as i was thinking you can have you kinky fun and games and after you cum inside her for the last time she leads you to me (by the way im thinking that we can do this at mine) and ill be in my work clothes and ill give you something to help you relax and dossel then after we strap you on the operating table and jane holds your hand and kiss you lightly as she becames my assistant by handing me my surgical instruments you soon go to sleep but by the time you awake it is done jane and i are by your side and softly ask if your ok then we un tie you and jane takes you by then hand and leads you to my speare room were you lay down and just hug then she hands you a pair of knickers you look upset by the very site but she givesyou a loveing look as if to say its going to be ok i still love you then you put them on ,as you can never get hard again they fit you well she leads you down back to me were i treat her like a princess in fornt of you i go down on her and finger her and then she makes sounds that you have never heard her make before as you can only watch

sally ♥Jan 13 2013 5:30am
wow sally thats sexy and f*cked up ;)

AnonymousJan 13 2013 11:42am
jane will blossom as a very beautiful lesbian i mean she will come home every night to you but her heart and body will be mine its for the best you see that right? ^^

sally ♥Jan 19 2013 11:42am
Me,my GF and her 3 sisters,back in highschool,got this guy jerk,the bully of the school to a cabin,wearing masks,stripping him,tie him up,forced him to watch castration videos so he could see what was to happen to him,after he pee,we where runing arround with scissors,arround his small junk,cut the rope and let him loose,after burning the close while he was fainting :DNever bullied anyone again after this episode,and he still does not know who did it :D

margusandu@yahoo.comJan 28 2013 2:51am
That s how you cure a bully and make him a pussy

margusandu@yahoo.comJan 28 2013 2:52am
Anybody wants to know every juicy detail,contact me at

margusandu@yahoo.comJan 28 2013 2:55am
I would love to have wife tease a man hard as he is tied up. I would crush his dick w plyers and cut his ballbag open. Wife would say no more fishy pussy or big tits for you

JackJan 29 2013 4:58pm
i really wish this would happen to me! all my life i have been consumed by sex in every way possible. both men and or women! sex is all i think about. this is not only my fantasy, but i truly want this to happen. not only do i want to be castrated, but taking estregin shots or pills about a year before the deed. once i am milked for the last time cut them out and make the rest of it into a vagina, to service both men and women. Sally if you live around nevada, please let me know.

fredFeb 06 2013 4:54pm
catsration is pretty much a male fantacy. i would like to be castrated by both men and women to watch it. to be f*cked by both, before, during, and after!!

randyFeb 06 2013 5:14pm
sorry fred i dont live anywhere near nevada if i did i would xx

sallyFeb 09 2013 12:23am
hey sally just looking up on the messages and you last message to me turned me on an yes it is for the best *looks down at balls in shame*

jackFeb 09 2013 12:32am
good jack im glad you can watch as my hands go up inside her if you wish and even pass me my strap on while you watch us in your little pvc thong we picked up for you dont that sound nice? ^^

sallyFeb 09 2013 12:35am
yes Sally, you and my wife together as you cut my ballbag as I am hard

jackFeb 12 2013 5:39pm
Maybe force me to take nasty first as castration or emasculation about to start

jackFeb 12 2013 5:42pm
\ genitals represent beauty. Mutilating them is the savage mind

hceFeb 16 2013 12:46pm
Band and cut them balls off. It's very exciting just thinking about it.Willing ,but somewhat nervous. Ladies they're your's ,just remove them.

LenMar 23 2013 6:55am
i love how guys just want it done women don't have to do much convicting x

sally♥Apr 26 2013 12:30am
I have found women will talk about doing this to guys, but like all women, they are just don't have the balls to do it. That's why God gave the balls to men. If you are a female and want to prove me wrong and are in California aol me at

AnonymousMay 03 2013 2:10pm
Sally would you cut my balls off too please

AnonymousMay 20 2013 3:17am
I had mine done on the kitchen table, first my wife tied a cord tight round them and waited until they turned blueish then her sis in law use her lamb castrating knife the slit open the bag and sever the chords. Balls were sliced and served on toast to all the ladies stood watching. Wife has a bull now and I get to watch and suck his c*ck if I am good

Wally65May 22 2013 11:04am
hi im 23 years old. i have lived on a farm my whole live. i have cut banded and clamped many pigs cows and goats. i like castration play. i wish had woman or women to play with and one day have 10+ women use me as their slave for a week anything goes and on the last day castrate me.

cazy maleJun 07 2013 7:54pm
im looking for a female to play with. i want them to put a elastrator band around my balls and the put handcuff with the key in ice tied to them and they and their ferinds use me as they like until i undo the handcuffs

martynappy@yahoo.comJun 07 2013 7:57pm
i too have a castration fantasy and i regard my masochism as a psychological illness. and if i may be so bold: a sadist and a masochist together in private is like feeling sick and meeting up with someone who is also sick and vomitting together. in other words bdsm is like a sticky band-aid which makes wounds worse for those who have experienced a pooty life. and to deny what i have said you have not looked at the root causes and made attempts to make nor-mal the damaging core beliefs that you hold. wish me luck. love.

benJun 13 2013 6:28pm
I wish i could also be castrated but than by another men. Simply have me bound like a cow, milked and than a band over my sack with the eze-bander and than have my entire sack cut of. That's my fantasy

Gay boyJun 16 2013 2:10am
This is for Sally - I really do not want to be castrated but love the fantasy. Would you tie me down naked and shave me and pretend to cut my balls off. This would make me hard as a rock.

JamesJun 18 2013 6:07pm

AnonymousJun 24 2013 2:30pm
I have had the castration fantasy all my life since I saw some bulls cut when I was young. For those who don't understand these feelings I don't either but I have them. I want them clamped by a woman. I know I would be in agony as the animals scream in pain as they are clamped. If any woman out there will clamp me let me know here.

WildbillJun 30 2013 4:22am
Tie me up shove a giant oversized dildo up my ass then tie me spread out on a bed. Tie a string around my balls and dick and f*ck and eat the poo out of eachother will h whatever friend you bring all night. Then when im about to cum and you are too, sneak a box cutter down your back and with the blade reasonably extended, slice of my penis and balls right as i expierience orgasm for the last time. And we look eachother in the eyes as you extra cream yourself all over my severed c*ck inside you, as all your girlfriends are crawling around me kissing and licking me and my ass and still f*cking me with the dildo and gigling as you f*ck yourself more with my c*ck and then you pull it uot for all to share and before i see what is done with my c*ck a bloody jizzy pussy smacks down on my face. Your ass sorrounds my face and i have no choice but to lick out all the flavours that fill your holes. Someone is still ripping apart my ass with a dildo at least A foot long with the thickness of a febreeze bottle. Then you are removed from my face and i find that your froends have tied of my c*ckwhere it was severed so now it is a didlo and I am forced to suck out all the jizz still left in there. We all gather around me and take turns deep throating it as my pussy is still being pumped by the big rubber dick

AsscuntJul 04 2013 2:00pm
What happens to me afterwarsds is up to you, but please keep me as your ass slave and cuddle buddy and when you have sex I can watch and If Im really lucky Youll let me suck a c*ck or eat a pussy.

AsscuntJul 06 2013 12:22pm
God has designed every part of the human body for a reason and it is not up to us to remove anything unless it is diseased. Disease cam from Adam's sin. Ph D Website: Creation dot com

anonymousJul 07 2013 9:31pm

anonymousJul 07 2013 9:32pm
These are fantasies dont worry people arent accually doing that.

anonymousJul 09 2013 2:42pm
These are fantasies btw.

anonymousJul 09 2013 2:45pm
I have been facinated by thoughts of castrating a man. I have seen some horses castrated and it turned me on. There is a man I know that I would like to cut. He is older and he said he would love me to cut him. I think I will do it. I will post more when I do it.

ShellyJul 16 2013 5:26am
Looking forward to read Your experience Shelly.

SelfJul 17 2013 3:12am
Shelly, I let you Castrate Me, With a Burdozzo Tool if you have one. Contact me @

PantyboyJul 19 2013 3:14pm
Shelly - I am also looking forward to hearing about your experience. I have a castration fantasy but would be scared to really lose my balls. Being tied down naked and having you threaten to castrate me would make me hard as a rock - but only a fantasy, do not cut the balls off.

GeorgeJul 19 2013 6:36pm
This website is great 3d6d5508d43a7f2c04f0ea6cd95966ae

-Jul 23 2013 1:31am
Shelly I would love to have you check me out for castration you sound very committed so if you are wanting to cut a man and remove his nuts please post here I asked Terri but she didn't get back

K R Aug 03 2013 10:29pm
I fantasize about cutting out women's vagina's. The thought really gets me excited. Don't know why, but its very erotic.

JakeAug 25 2013 12:18pm
Castration is the future against violence men WOMEN TAKE OVER AND CONTROL MEN.

Sara MC ScottSep 02 2013 12:06pm
emGz0H Enjoyed every bit of your blog.Much thanks again. Keep writing.

DwLTDLIxjqtKtcvRSep 05 2013 1:42pm
Shelly - there are a lot of men waiting to see how your castration experience went. There are a lot of men with hard penises waiting to get in line to let you remove their balls.

GeorgeSep 11 2013 5:46am
n7WDCG Great post.Thanks Again. Awesome.

FqGFOWOqXpOCTPyHSep 11 2013 3:44pm
aNFW6F I really like and appreciate your article post.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

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UcRB0d Im thankful for the article.Thanks Again.

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FBxdk0 This is one awesome post. Will read on...

XzpamjIIaawLOct 16 2013 4:04am
VQ3v3y I cannot thank you enough for the article post.Thanks Again. Cool.

NCaJyTdVaQLeJFnIOct 16 2013 6:12am
Shelly, you can cut off my nuts if you want. I really want them off. I am frustrated as my wife won't have sex with me anymore.

Wildbill 69Oct 24 2013 5:46am
Uv1Mgp Thanks so much for the article.Thanks Again. Cool.

pASnPXzsbOct 24 2013 2:20pm
f4n9re I appreciate you sharing this post.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on...

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-Nov 08 2013 10:39pm
y8Xrga A round of applause for your blog post.Really thank you! Will read on...

iOcRJSfEnwkvaHtiNov 17 2013 4:35pm
Girls it's easy just feed him female hormones. Small doses at first. Once you see his boobs develope just gradualy increase the hormones. My husband can't get it up and my girlfriends with their strap on vibrators gives me orgasms that no man can equal

Sue-AnneDec 01 2013 5:59pm
I like my balls pinched, squeezed, twisted, and pulled. If I let a woman cut them off that couldn't happen any more.

WalterDec 10 2013 1:57pm
B5uWJm Thanks a lot for the post.Thanks Again.

PSupMLOeDec 15 2013 1:41am
i have tried to castrate myself for years with no luck, i would like a woman to do it for me. this is no fantasy i want it done.

want to nutlesJan 03 2014 4:46am
Sally would you be interested in to and old man about being castrated?

georgeJan 04 2014 5:22pm
vHpPVG Thank you ever so for you blog post. Want more.

FXCxudHCaXBzXJan 07 2014 6:49pm
lG2VcI I value the article post.Thanks Again.

KpMDyBabBrxykdvWSJan 15 2014 7:37pm
Any attractive women interested in talking to my wife about how it would benefit her, and helping her do it? I understand castrated men can still get it up with Cialis, but no longer crave women"

Bad HusbandJan 25 2014 5:39pm
Elastrator Incredible Fun I grew up on a farm and we had livestock. We were in meat production, so all the spring bull calves had to be castrated. Dad had one of those original 1950s Elastrator tools with the original black rubber rings. They worked pretty well, doing their job on bull calves under about 2 weeks of age. But, we had one steer calf get an infection at the band location on the scrotum, became very sick and eventually died even with antibiotics. Dad decided to go back to the old fashioned knife and emasculator methods to cut the testicle out then crush and sever the cords with the Emasculatone tool. I often did the crushing of the cords while Dad kept the testicle pulled out. That Elastrator sat in its box on the shelf down in the basement after that, with a nearly new package of the better green rings. I think I was about 15 when I got a crazy idea of playing with it. I took a couple of the rings out and stretched them with the elastrator, then put them around some small bottles for a few days. I thought this might relax them. I originally had planned just to put the relaxed ring on the elastrator and then insert my scrotum and both testicles, and carefully let the pressure off the grips, to see what it felt like. I had the prongs pointing toward me, so that the ring would not come off as I wrestled first my scrotum through the opening, then pop my largest nut through and then adjust the scrotum so that the other chamber was pulled through, and then pop the smaller nut through the open ring. I did not plan on the ring coming off the prongs. It didn't for quite a few times over the next few months, and I was pretty excited by the idea of castrating myself in my imagination, leaving the elastrator ring on carefully with the prongs still under it for up to 15 minutes when the ache of the tough green ring started to really bite in. I would very slowly open the elastrator prongs, expanding the ring about half way and then squeezing the scrotum for my smaller nut, making it pop back to my body side, then likewise for the larger nut. I did not want to risk opening the Elastrator all the way up, so took my time to get my nuts to escape. I could then pull my empty scrotum section out of the band. WELL, one evening while the folks were upstairs watching TV late, I was in my bedroom downstairs, supposedly studying and then heading for bed. But, I was playing with the Elastrator again..... I had let the green band close down on my scrotum, like before, waiting for my balls to turn dark and get numb.... But I thought I heard my dad starting to come down the stairs, probably to check the wood furnace we had, and I panicked, opening the Elastrator too quickly and causing the ring to snap off the prongs completely. WOW, my nuts were in trouble now. That ring made a loud snap as it bit deeply into my flesh. It made my ears ring as the sensation of that impact hit my brain. I had made no plans or preparations for that eventuality. I think I had banded myself maybe 15 minutes already, so time was of the essence. My bedroom was in a room in the basement, and Dad seemed to take forever to check the furnace, stopping by my room to say Good Night. My door was generally open, so I had shoved the Elastrator under the covers and pulled up my shorts. I smiled and said Good Night to him. I knew I had to act quickly as now my nuts had been banded almost 25 minutes. I thought and thought and finally got out my Boy Scout knife and used the hook of the can opener to get under the ring, then used another pen knife to carefully slice through the green ring. Finding a crease to push the can opener hook into to get under the ring really took extra time and really hurt. Those rings are really tough, and apparently my stretching operations on them had not affected them one little bit. I bet it took another 5 minutes to get the ring off, making this banding about 30 minutes total, and the sting of it letting go sent me into spasms and I nearly blacked out, seeing vivid purple, red and yellow flashes in my vision for a while. I think I let out some sort of yelp, as I heard Dad's footsteps on the floor above, coming toward the stairwell. He just called down to me and asked if I was OK. I gave an excuse that I nearly choked on a piece of candy while I was laying on the bed and reading..... He wished me Pleasant Dreams, and I said Good Night. He didn't come downstairs. I sure did have pleasant dreams after that. I thought about what it would be like to go all the way, a lot. It would give me a boner to think of it, and I would think about my Elastrator play in the most unusual places, like during English class. I don't know about other guys, but it is hard to hide a boner in a classroom full of other kids. I took some pliars and bent the prongs on the elastrator slightly outward from the center to prevent the bands from coming off unexpectedly. I think I got rather bored with it after about a year or two, just settling for wanking off to relieve the pressure. I had been doing more physical work to earn money after school, so I was more tired and not interested in spending 15 or 20 minutes with the Elastrator game. So, nearly 45 years passes, marriage, etc. My health as well as my wife's started to fail, and I started having erection problems as well as dry skin, muscle weakness and being tired all the time and not too motivated to do much of anything anymore. My wife's problems are more severe as she is not really getting better, and her physical situation and medications have completely precluded vaginal sex. My problem was Low-T and I started out about 3 years ago with the Testred pills, and I can say "don't do it" as they tore my stomach up and didn't really raise my T-Levels. My Free Testosterone was only a 62, so my testicles had basically quit producing anything, as the stimulating hormone level was elevated showing that they were not responding. The pills brought me up to a 280 after 2 years, which was still way too low. Then I switched to Androgel, and my skin must absorb better than average because my level shot up to 2,200 !! That stuff is dangerous to children and women if they get it on them from your skin, and expensive. I was really horny for a few months on Androgel, until my next blood test and I switched to injection testosterone cypionate. My level is now around 750 and I feel generally great, and satisified with wanking twice a week. When I was really horny, I was wanking every day for weeks on end.... I could imagine all sorts of play during my fairly quick sessions to get relief. I started up on my old castration fantasies. The computer seemed to lure me to look at Elastrators again and look up stories and pictures. Most of the Elastrator stories are boring, just snap the ring on the scrotum, etc., then wank off. Big deal. Pictures are interesting, but to me not much of a story either. I started obsessing over the Elastrator use and how a more interesting experience could be obtained. I remembered the incredible snap of that first green ring that went on my nuts from a nearly fully opened Elastrator tool back when I was 16. I finally did it, I bought an IDEAL Heavy-duty castration ring plier tool on and a bag of 100 green rings. Under $35 total delivered in plain boxes. The green rings arrived first, and it started my imagination. When I opened the box and saw the tool in there, it gave me quite a rush. I took a little time with the tool, putting on a green ring and operating it. The screws for the moving arms were kinda loose, so tightened them a bit and added a little bit of oil to each. I used a crescent wrench jaws, as they are smooth, to very slightly bend the castrator's pins that hold the green ring a little bit outward from center. This only needs to be the ever so slightest bit of a bend and all the tips should now be about 1/8-inch from each other when the tool is fully closed, as they were parallel and touching before. I was obsessing about the tool, and activated it several times, but noticed that the bands have to be stretched very slowly, with the tension between the pins checked as the levers don't open equally, adjusting the green band carefully for even tension. If you are not careful, you can make a nick in the inside of the ring, and if you go all the way, and then cut the ring off your nuts, it will scrape your scrotum. Putting some hand lotion on the rings and the pins before you stretch them the first time will help, also. This time I had thought about some insurance to prevent getting caught with the band on my nuts and having to get it off quickly. I had seen Mika Tan slowly apply a ring to some fellow, but she put a shoelace through the ring first and then later used the lace to pull the ring away from his scrotum enough to finally cut it off him. I found about a 10-inch length of black nylon rope, 1/8-inch diameter and cut off a piece. I then pulled the interior cord out, leaving only the woven outer tube. I tied a knot in just one end to keep it from fraying. I will share later about why I didn't tie the knot in the other end. After stretching the green ring and locking the bail on the end of the handles, I could put the rope through the green ring and tie a square-knot in it. Now you have to figure out the best location for the rope, as having the band all the way onto your nuts will require pulling on the rope to get the band up enough to slip the cutter under the ring so you can cut it. I am mostly right-handed, so I looped the rope onto the band where it would be to my right when the castrator tool's pins are facing my body and the handle is upward toward my chest. I can pull the safety cord with my left hand and work the cutter under the band with my right hand for a safe and clean cut. I took a look at cat-claw cutters, and they should work. But, the set I had was kinda large and hard to get under the band when it was around my nuts. I then thought of a pair of electrical manual wire strippers, found a pair in my electrical tools, and took it to my grinder and took off some of the sharp edges of the outer cutting end of the tool and then used a file to make sure it was a smooth rounded job. It is the Tekton 3794 for 5 Bucks on Make sure the rivet is tight so that there is no wobble when you close the tool as it should have the two cutters perfectly parallel each other during the cut. Hit the rivet carefully with a hammer against the concrete floor to tighten it, then work the tool with some oil in the joint. OK, time to test this out the first time with the original materials: Ideal castrator tool, cat claw cutter, nylon rope, hand lotion, and a green ring. I was pretty excited and had some alone time out in my workshop, so I went into the bathroom and turned up the heat and setup a good mirror in front of me when sitting on the toilet lid. It was nice and warm in there and the lighting was good, so I dropped my shorts and underwear and sat on the edge of the seat with my balls hanging down. They looked great in the angled mirror just a couple feet from me. I have about the most hairy balls of anyone, at least pictures of scrotums rarely have much of any hair on them. I have so much 2-inch long blonde hair that I can't see the nutsack skin if my scrotum is cold and gathered up. I couldn't shave my sack without causing questions, and besides, I really love my hairy nutsack, but worried a bit about the band and the hairs getting caught. More on that in a bit. To get the best memories out of a session, don't rush it. It can take a half hour from start to end. The anticipation of each step is important. So, I took the tool with its fully opened green ring and placed it over the bottom of my scrotum, pins facing my body and the handles up. I then reached through the open ring to grab my sack and drag part of it through the opening. Remember that each nut is in its own chamber, so pull more of the side through for your largest nut first. It is easier to pop the smaller nut in second. Your scrotum may contract from the excitement, but take it easy and don't have cold hands. Warm your hands up first with hot water and then dry well and have the room kinda hot, maybe 80F. You might have to drag the scrotum through the ring and hold it for a minute. Then, if it doesn't pull back when you let go, move your hand to your large nut side and work that testicle behind the band and pop it through. I like this part, and sometimes will repeat it by letting the fearful nut retract back behind the ring a couple of times. Rotating the tool slightly to press on that side of your groin after your ball is outside the ring will help keep it in place while you wrangle your small nut. Pull some more of that side of the scrotum through, then use your fingers to push that nut under the ring and pop it through next to its twin. This is a time to enjoy seeing both of your nuts in jeopardy. Sometimes one of them escapes and you have to repeat the procedure. I found that releasing the bail on the handles and letting the tool close just maybe half-way would trap the nuts but still allow adjusting the scrotum skin without causing any numbness, yet. I use a tywrap for this, with it set to drop over the handles with just the right diameter of a loop to keep the handles from opening any further and tightening the green band. Your hands might shake from the excitement during all this, and you don't want to lose your grip on the handles and have the green band snapped down all alone on your scrotum, so use the bail or the tywrap all the time. Take your time here, enjoy it. This is when I put the hand lotion on, with a good application just along where the green band will dig in. After maybe 5 minutes, your scrotum will start to relax and then you can adjust the amount of it outside the band. Try to have the tool more downward, and you need to check to see if the penis skin at the scrotum is going to be caught under the band, so adjust the positioning of the tool and band. Try to have enough scrotum outside the band or the soft squishy part of the testicle can get pinched and that hurts. There should be no pain or numbness at this point. The hand lotion seems to prevent my long scrotum hairs from getting caught in the green band, I look carefully to make sure none of them are actually wrapped around the band or one of the pins of the castration tool. It is lots of fun looking at the trapped nuts, the castration tool and the green band. Now for the fun part. I like to slowly re-open the tool fully and carefully re-latch the bail on the handles. If you have adjusted your scrotum properly, your nuts should stay in place. I like to carefully push one of the lower corners of the band off just that one pin..... It can take some time if you draw it out, to work the band up along the pin to its tip.... then over the top it goes with a loud SNAP and I swear the top of your head will explode. I get a real warm sensation over my whole body and now the band is partially contracted but still on 3 pins. Sometimes you may want to stop here after enjoying all the new feelings, and then carefully push your nuts, small one first, through the partially open band for an escape..... Next level is like before, letting the band snap your scrotum when it comes off the first pin. Then I work the opposite top corner off the pin slowly and you get another pretty good snap again. It is fun to just leave everything in place for a while, enjoying your balls starting to get a bit numb. You may want to stop here, also, after maybe only 5 minutes, as blood can cause your nuts to pump up, because the band is not really cutting off all blood flow. So quit if you see your balls getting bigger. Use the loop of rope to pull on the middle of one side of the band and make an opening for your nuts to escape again, small one first. You will have to balance the tool handles against your chest as you work both the rope and your nuts. Do not pull the rope toward your body, pull more outward or you will get one more final snap and you are fully castrated as you have pulled the band off the third post. The fourth post of the castration tool easily pulls outward away from your body from under the fully contracted green band. OK, here you are, with a complete castration in place. Your nuts will start to get really numb and dark. If you wank off at this time, expect it to happen quickly and with quite a force of ejaculation. Since you have the safety rope in place, you can let this go on for up to 15 minutes as long as your nuts are still normal size and not pumped up with blood. You will know when to let your balls escape, as the green band will be really biting into your scrotum and burying itself in your flesh. Initially the band does not hurt at all, at least for me, but after 15 minutes, it starts to ache and sting quite a bit. It gets rapidly more sore at 20 minutes and you will be sweating and in terror at 25 minutes. Now is the time to add more hand lotion along the green band, all around your scrotum. Massage it in so that it gets beside and under the band as much as possible. This will prevent skin damage as the cut band contracts and retreats along the groove that it has bitten into your nutsack. Same escape plan as when the band is only on 2 pins, pull outward on the safety rope, but now you are having to cut the band off. Pull hard enough until you can slide one jaw of the cutter under the band. You will be surprised at how much tension you have to exert to open the band even a little bit. The band designers know what they are doing, and have built a truly amazing product to quickly kill the testicles of any creature that gets banded. The band needs to be really tight to completely cut off blood flow to the testicles or they will balloon up and that is bad during all of this. It is important to get a good look at the jaws of the cutter after you finally get it onto the green band, to make sure you don't cut the skin of your scrotum. Now, slowly, slowly put pressure on the band with the cutter, and you will hear a crunching sound as the internal ligaments of the green band are cut one by one... when the band cuts, you will feel a sting like you have never experienced before. After you stop jumping around, check for cuts and put some more hand lotion on your nutsack. You will have the most amazing warm feeling in your nuts for several hours afterward. Want to live dangerously, at least in your imagination ?? You need to add one more tool to your banding kit. Get a good hemostat with fairly wide jaws and make sure the clamping part on the handles works well. Keep it handy. I have an imaginary friend helping me during this play time. He is the one that pushes the band off the posts while I close my eyes, putting as much of my mental presence into my nuts. The snap comes as quite a surprise and is very enjoyable. Today I ended up having the band come off the third pin while I was trying to let my nuts escape. So, I got to thinking that it sure is good that I have the safety rope to save my balls. Then I untied the square knot on the rope and gave it a little tug to begin to pull the frayed end out from under the band.... I talked to myself as I pulled it out a half-inch at a time, telling myself that this is "it" and I will be a eunuch in a few minutes. Being completely banded more than 20 minutes is likely to always cause some damage. By having my imaginary friend finally decide whether I should re-knot it and let my balls out, or go with just the green band digging into my scrotum. As the rope got shorter and shorter, I pulled it back an inch a couple of times, saying No! to my friend, but he persisted and finally there was not enough end of the rope for me to get my fingers onto any longer. Then out came the rope from under the band. Now I am really nutted. I can run around and let my balls die, or find something to get under the band to lift it up enough for the cutter to get in. That is when I remembered a set of hemostats on my workbench. I had to walk out there with my nuts trying to pop off my body, to get the tool. I went back into the bathroom where the light was good, and worked one jaw under the green band and then clamped the hemostat onto the band. I could now lift the band up a little bit, holding the hemostat sideways, to get the cutter under the band. This is not as easy as it sounds, and I had the band come out of the hemostat a couple of times. My hands were shaking and I was sweating like a pig. Another incredible sting as the band parts, letting my balls live another day. That was my longest full castration time with the band all the way down onto my nutsack. I think that one ended up maybe 25 minutes, nearly as long as the first time I got in trouble playing with Dad's Elastrator when I was 16. Some sources suggest that you can take aspirin a couple times over a couple days prior to a full banding, to prevent any small blood clots. Oragel Severe Toothache gel has Benzocaine in it, so you can apply this to the banded area right after you allow the green ring to compress onto your scrotum completely. Then again just before you cut the ring off. The sting of cutting the band can sometimes sour the mood a bit.

Kirtk216Feb 22 2014 3:50pm
My thinking about the elastrator when I was 15 might have been because of an earlier 4H Club experience. I had entered a Southdown sheep project at the County Fair. Our club in our small rural area had a group of stalls together with our club banner and all the other kids shared tips on fitting and showing and loaned tools to those without them. I was maybe 13 at this time and this was my second sheep project. We got graded by how well we took care of our stalls, so we had to work hard all 3 days to keep things looking great. Another older kid, maybe 16, was not very faithful to cleanup his stall, which was shared with one other sheep, and he put the hose into the water bucket and turned it on just a bit, but then forgot to check the level and even wandered off to do something. None of the other club members were there at the time and the water ran over and soaked about 4 of the stalls, getting our show sheep wet and getting smudges on their otherwise snow-white fleece. We had special coats we put on them, but there were uncovered areas, too. WELL, when the other kids came back, they were really angry, having to clean up the sheep and take all the straw out and sweep the concrete dry. When the kid came back, he got hollered at, but tried to lie his way out of it. One of the older girls actually decided to teach him a lesson, and went to the toolbox and got out an Elastrator and a green ring. She then came back and threatened him with it, if he ever was so irresponsible again. He gave her some back talk and she blew up, and had two boys and another girl knock him down in the stall and pulled his pants down and opened the elastrator. They had to muffle his screams, but the fair is a noisy area and it was not during the typical visitor time, somewhat later, so I watched in horror, as I knew what that thing would do to him. But, without him noticing, she took off the green ring and looped a couple turns of a harmless rubber band around the tongs and then snapped it on his scrotum. They then let him up and he looked like he had seen a ghost. I was horrified, as I was kinda shy about stuff like this, especially around other kids and especially the girls. They all laughed themselves silly as he finally discovered that he was easily able to pull off the rubber band. I think he dropped out of 4H, but maybe he was more careful to attend to his duties, especially when it can cause so much damage and require so much grooming work to try to keep our original ribbon ratings when judged the next day.

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