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FOR SHORT GIRLS WHO ARE LARGE AND STRONG: Did you ever demonstrate superior strength over a much taller guy?

Question: Did you ever demonstrate superior physical strength over a much taller guy who has either a skinny build, a medium build or a large build? If so, what was the largest build of the much taller guy who you won against?
Created by: THETHINKER at 07:11:15 AM, Monday, April 20, 2009 PDT


The asylum should take away your computer.

AnonymousApr 22 2009 6:41am

In middle school gym class I pinned a tall thin goofus in a wrestling match. It was like wrestling a bundle of sticks.

BeckyOct 19 2010 1:57pm
How large are you Becky?

Anonymous2Oct 07 2011 7:08am
Becky must be way bigger and stronger than the tall skinny guy sge pinned.

A tall lanky guyMar 06 2012 8:40pm
Sven,i hope you found this one?

DonnaJun 13 2012 9:25am
Donna, i read your conversation with Sven and how you would treat him if he were your boyfriend. I made a similar experience with my girlfriend. When we became a couple she was 14yo and i was 17. She was much stronger than me and she enjoyed it. She experienced it with her sister who were also much stronger than her boyfriend. Because of this she worked out to become stronger. At the beginning it was humiliating for me that i was so much weaker but later after i saw that her sister and many of her friends were also much stronger than their boyfriends i got used to it to be weaker than girls and i’m generally submissive to girls because i’m as man much weaker and i don’t want to beaten up by a girl. But my girlfriend would protect me except i would not obey her. She and her sister have big muscles and they love to compare it with us men. Of course our male muscles are much smaller and therefore it’s quickly obvious that we men are much weaker. She can also use me as barbell and do a lot reps with me. Since she’s legal age now, often she wear high heels and so i’m not only smaller than her but also shorter. Regarding this now it feels normal that i’m also much weaker than her. Often i sit in her lap and my feet don’t touch the floor. When she stands up she carry me shortly and than let me down on my feet so i have to look up to her. So everyone can see that i’m the weaker one in my relationship.

Henni Aug 19 2020 2:45pm
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