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Question: The reason why I am creating this poll exclusively for ladies is because I have heard ABSOLUTE HORROR STORIES about ladies who destroyed pictures of their guy's ex-wives or ex-girlfriends without his knowledge or consent. I heard such stories from guys whose pictures were destroyed and also from ladies themselves who destroyed their guy's pictures. I am one guy who that could never happen to because I have high-quality duplicate color photos of my ex-girlfriends (pictured with me as well as portraits I took of them) while the fade-free originals of those duplicates remain safely tucked away IN A SAFE DEPOSIT BOX!!! That is where all of those originals will stay, OUT OF HARM'S WAY, whether I am a free agent or I am engaged or I am married. In other words, I will never part with any of those pictures under any circumstances. Ladies, if you were unaware that your guy had pictures of any of his ex-wives or ex-girlfriends and then you suddenly discovered one or more of those photos, including photos showing the two of them pictured together, what would you do?
Created by: NONDESTROYER!!! at 05:20:44 PM, Friday, April 24, 2009 PDT


I would destroy the pictures. I would then castrate his balls while he was sleeping. Maybe his useless penis too. Any man who cheats does not deserve to retain his balls for pleasure. This should be law, control a mans balls you control his tiny brain.

SueMay 06 2009 4:59am

I agree. I'd grab his balls while he's sleeping & crush them for him!

NicoleDec 26 2010 7:04pm
My boyfriend started to meet his ex now and then, he was open about it and said they were just friends. I wasn't sure about that to be honest. I did something you shouldn't do, I looked in his wallet and found a picture of both me and the ex. I got really mad at him. We had a big fight and he got so mad that he slapped me, I could see that he really regretted the slap when he delivered it but I totally snapped and beat him up really badly. I am bigger and stronger than him and his ex is my opposite, the really thin one. Well, it all ended that I had my boyfriend over my lap and spanked him utnil he cried and promised not to see his old girlfriend again. I thought he told me just to stop me from hurting him but he has really stopped seeing her since and he is the sweetest man. I have abused him, not nice of a person much stronger than (in this case) her lover, but he started it with his slap and with the anger I had inside me I couldn't stop. I think he realized that I was serious with him when I reacted the way I did. I could have left him but dealt with him and we are now very much inloved. And I am sure he will never raise a hand against me again. And I will never hit him again, hopefully.

RheaMay 09 2011 11:08pm
I made a similar experience like Rhea but i was beaten up by my girlfriend. I slapped her too and therefore she beating me up. I tried to defend myself but she was so much stronger than me that i yelled for help and at the end i cried. She was sorry, but i’m sure i never slap her again. I fear she could hit me to death!

Henni Jan 27 2020 1:45pm
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MKRXwLHSpfnOct 18 1:26pm
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