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FOR GIRLS: What percentage of girls become sexually aroused after proving that they are stronger than guys?

Question: As a tall, tiny (very skinny) guy, I am not bashful at all about admitting that I get a huge erection when a girl proves that she is physically stronger than I am. I already had enough girlfriends who proved to be stronger than I am. What percentage of girls do you believe become sexually aroused (WITH AN ERECT CLITORIS AND A WET VAGINA!!!) after proving that they are physically more powerful than guys, not just in the legs but in the upper body as well?
Created by: TALL TINY GUY at 07:30:23 PM, Sunday, April 26, 2009 PDT


Get that lobotomy that you are in so urgent need of.

AnonymousApr 28 2009 10:51am

Would some BIG STRONG GIRL silence TALL TINY GUY and that SHORT TINY GUY on here?

PLEASE!!!May 01 2009 6:04am
I would enjoy kicking TALL TINY GUY in his TINY WEENY BALLS!

Teeny Tiny TinaJun 04 2011 6:37pm
When I wrestled my boyfriend and pinned him twice I was so hot and wet it was a incredible feeling. He was embarrassed but I felt invincible at the time.

SherriFeb 21 2017 4:23pm
Yes, its a litle funny if the boys to vapour in vain to beat you with all of there strength but you‘re to strong! If you look at him then, and you see his red head and his big unbelieving eyes if you beat him simply down, that is somehow exciting! Then I want more and I know, I can take it!

SinaAug 12 2018 12:01pm
Sina, the look on his face was priceless too. My clit was rock hard as i defeated him. He couldn't face me after that.

SherriNov 19 2018 10:05am
Sherri, did you do it after you defeat a guy? I can imagine it must be funny! Does he yelled?

SinaDec 02 2018 7:40am
Sina, I thought it was funny but he didn't. He yelled when i Grapevined his legs and spread them wide as i had him pinned down.

SherriJan 07 2019 11:24am
was you aroused when you feel the guy was weaker than you? Do you used him as sex toy to satisfy yourself? Sometimes i was aroused if a guy was weaker than me and i used him to satisfy myself with him. At first he dont want it but i forced him. Later he played my game because he had noticed he couldn’t defense himself against me. I’m much stronger than him! If he want anything and i don’t want it, i can overpower him simply. If i want anything and he want it not i can do it against his will by overpower him again. Weak guys are really funny and arousing.

SinaAug 28 2019 10:41pm
Sina, the wrestling was arousing but when I started winning I got very turned on. What a feeling for a woman when I finally overpowered him and pinned him. You are right. He was "wide eyed" and "red faced"!!!!

Sherri girlSep 30 2019 8:57am
Sherri girl, do you show or compare with men your muscles before you start to wrestle them? Often male muscles are smaller and because they have so small muscles they are weaker too! I think it’s a satisfaction to discover that my muscles are bigger than his and i get wet when i can overpower him with my power quite easy and he is simply at my mercy!

Sina Oct 29 2019 12:03am
Sina, as i had him pinned i sat up on his chest and pulled off my shirt and did a topless double bicep pose. I could see his eyes go to my arms realizing they overpowered his atms and pinned him. What a feeling.

Sherri girlFeb 12 2020 9:48am
Must be humiliating for him that he is been subjected by a women. It’s a good idea to pull of your shirt and show him the female superiority from which he was defeated from! Did you let him worship your muscles and do you showed to him always that he is weaker than you? How much time do you need generally to defeat a man?

SinaFeb 28 2020 4:59am
Sherri and Sina, you both sounds like strong girls who regularly beat men and show them who is the stronger sex. Why are you doing this? In old times when men were stronger than many women you wanted not that men show their strength to you. Today since most men are weaker than women you suppress men and beat-up them more and more often. I’m scared of women like you.

Henni Apr 23 2020 7:52am
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