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Want to be lifted by a women

Question: Can any women please lift me i am 26 yr old man weigh 68 kgs height 5\
Created by: Aadip at 12:57:03 AM, Monday, April 27, 2009 EDT


I am a guy who gets REALLY TURNED ON when I am physically lifted up off the ground by a woman. I am EVEN MORE TURNED ON when I am lifted overhead by a woman. One of my former girlfriends easily lifted me up over her head. Wowwee. Right after she lifted me over her head, I GOT A HUGE, MASSIVE ERECTION!!! Her strength was powerfully awesome. YIKES!!!

AnonymousMay 01 2009 2:59am

My wife loves to lift and carry me. I love being hoisted on her shoulders in a firemans carry, it is a great feeling. She doesn't work out, we are similar height and weight. She is just strong and likes yo show me!!

AnonymousMay 01 2009 3:28pm
I was often being lifted and carried by my house maid. she is very strong and lifts me easily.

pradeepJun 18 2009 12:07pm
pradip, say in detail how she started lifting u, type of lift she does, your feeling during that time, and both of ur height & waight

AnonymousJun 24 2009 11:14am
pradip, say in detail how she started lifting u, type of lift she does, your feeling during that time, and both of ur height & waight

AnonymousJun 24 2009 11:26am
Hi Pradip Pls tell us how it all started

AnonymousOct 28 2009 1:46am
Actually i was watching lift carry on youtube in which a woman front lifts a man and carry him for some distance, my house maid was sweeping floor at that time, i told her to watch that video and asked her if she can lifts me like this, to my surprise she agreed, i stand before her and she just wrapped her hands around my buttock and lifted me, she then easily carried me to my another room. that was my first exp to be lifted by a woman

pradeepNov 11 2009 10:15am
Hi I am Mahindra, 5' 10" wt: 85 kgs from Kolkata is there any woman ready to lift me

AnonymousJul 07 2010 1:52am
Hi I am Mahindra, 5' 10" wt: 85 kgs from Kolkata is there any woman ready to lift me

AnonymousJul 07 2010 1:53am
which relative lifted u VIKAAS? and when and why? give some detail

AnonymousOct 21 2010 12:46am

auntylifterNov 02 2010 3:13am
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auntylifterNov 02 2010 3:14am
what favourite? WHO IS THIS?

AnonymousNov 10 2010 9:47am
Hi aunty lifter, Its a nice experience sitting on back side of two wheelers when ladies are driving especially geared vehicles but I enjoy seeing more pictures or scenes of similar incidents on bicycles

AnonymousNov 14 2010 1:28am
Hi aunty lifter, Its a nice experience sitting on back side of two wheelers when ladies are driving especially geared vehicles but I enjoy seeing more pictures or scenes of similar incidents on bicycles

AnonymousNov 14 2010 1:29am
Hi aunty lifter, Its a nice experience sitting on back side of two wheelers when ladies are driving especially geared vehicles but I enjoy seeing more pictures or scenes of similar incidents on bicycles

AnonymousNov 14 2010 1:31am
hi VIKAAS pls share some detail abt ur incident

AnonymousJan 18 2011 1:24am
My maid is very musculer and she saw this woman lifts man ting I was watching my 2 weeks later she bcame my girl friend and lifted me while having sex

AnonymousMar 26 2011 12:15pm
if any girl can lift a boy of same hieght and wieght or more than contact me on facebook at,

aliMay 25 2011 9:50am
Hi auntylifter.Pls post some photos if u have of women riding bikes and bicycles with men sitting back to

AnonymousJun 23 2011 8:57am
I love it when a woman lifts me up carries me around like a rag doll. I am 1.80 en 75kgs, this was nothing for me ex gf Vicky, 1.65 and 85kgs, she was as strong as a bear and lifted me all the way, nothing better than dangling over a strong girl's shoulder.I miss this wonderfull experience and I am begging for a Dutch lady to lift me up. Hope to find one

sAug 11 2011 7:07am
It's never happened before and it never will happen,because I am a 220lbs guy,but the greatest sensation for me would be as a woman/girl would lift me over her head.

gethewilSep 09 2011 10:57pm

gggDec 15 2011 10:20am
Hi.. is there any girl in oxford who can lift and carry me.. i will pay you for it.. if want to do so please contact me at

AnonymousJan 02 2012 4:04pm
Hi my name Janie, I'm a female who likes to get lifted by other females. However, last summer I got lifted not by female nor a male, but my 14 foot pet python. What a creepy experience at the time. It went like this, it was July 17 hot summer day. OK me and my two cousins, my three brothers, and four of my girlfriend was swimming in our pool. I just remember that I needed to give my pet python medicine. I jump out the pool and ran down to our basement where we kept it. When I took it out the cage it wrapped coils around me and drug me over to the side of the basement wall; I started screaming at the top of my lungs, Im so glad we have vent ducks cus you can hear from the basement to out side. Don't ask me how but my python physically lifted on to the wall I totally freckled out. By the time everyone came running down to the basement to see what was up. When they got down there I was about 4 feet off the ground. They all pulled me and my snake off the wall and put it back in the cage. So creepy then, but later that day thinking about turned me on and made me stimulated that may sound. Stupid but it was true. I'm now turned on when I see snakes. To this day I don't know how my pet snake had the ability to lifted me up a wall, I'm 138 pounds, must of been on strong snake.

JaniceJan 05 2012 7:12am
I wana lift guys... Plz contact.. My height is 6 ft and weight is 80 kg. I always lift my boyfriend.. Carry him college.... 2 km. Over shoulder

SimranMar 15 2012 5:55am
Hi m rahul... M 15 years old boy from mumbai... I always lifted and carried by my mom only on hip... 7 days ago my mom and dad went to office.. There is only munu her age is 17 my house mad in home.... She is a very strong girl of 158 cm.. And 50 kg... My height is 165 cm and weight is 45 kg.... She was swiping the floor....... M playing in garden... Suddenly i sleep and i got pain in my knees... Then i was starting to cry...... Munu ran to me and help me to stand up... But i couldnt walk....... She wanted to carry me... But i dint get her to carry me and tried to stand up.. I falt down again.. Then suddnly she caught my two underarms and lifted me to in her big hip like a baby...then he dint put me down bt i tried to free from her hip bt i couldnt... Then she wraped her neck by my head and walking atlist 10 minutes than i was sleept on her hip and she carries me to bed... After that day i often lifted by her for long time.. Yesterday she suddenly came to my room i was in no dress. she bent and put her hands on my stomach and lifted my naked body over her one shoulder to bathroom.. Her right hand was between my wo legs... She was bathing me in her lap and again lifte me to my room.. She puts me dresses and again carry me in hip... When my mom and dad not in home i was always on munu's hip or over her shoulder... I cant touch the earth .... And always sit on her lap... She also enjoys it with me... She wear mini skirts always...

RahulMar 16 2012 2:09am
I wana lift all guys... M neha from mumbai messege me at

NehaMar 16 2012 6:28pm
Hi im manoj.19 my aunty lift on her hip like a baby everyday. One day both of them walking in publicside my leg is very pain. She saw my condition then she asked them lift me. I said ok.then i sit on her aunty hip.

ManojMar 26 2012 8:33am
Hi im manoj.19 my aunty lift on her hip like a baby everyday. One day both of them walking in publicside my leg is very pain. She saw my condition then she asked them lift me. I said ok.then i sit on her aunty hip.

ManojMar 26 2012 8:36am
bloody ally fake. every story narrated here based on lie and rubish...

AnonymousApr 21 2012 9:24am
I want to like sit on saree women left side hip

SivaJun 17 2012 10:43am
Hi Simran, I'm a 5'10'' and 220 pounds. Are you strong enough to lift and carry me . How weight is your boyfriend

jean Nov 20 2012 3:13am
i am 19 year old 5'7" 65 kg boy. Is there any girl in kolkata who would like to lift & carry me?

jayDec 03 2012 7:52pm
my wife lifted me several times. i am 6'1 , 81 kg man and my wife is just 5'2'', but she easily lifts my large frame, like she was lifting a 4 year old child. one day we both were returning home and on the gate of my house i slipped and hurt badly. i was not in a state to stand on my my surprise my wife lifted me from the floor like i am a rag doll.i was amazed by her strength and her ability to maintain balance with my body weight, because at that time she was wearing her 5 inch high heels.

arun singhJan 09 2013 12:24pm
I love tall girls and strong! unfortunately in my small town there are these girls! I am very small and weak .... I'm 166 cm (5.5) and weight only 55 kg (121 pounds)! I would love to be carried and lifted by a big strong girl! my mail is

mick73Feb 08 2013 5:46pm
Are there any girls in sydney Australia who can lift an 81kg man? If interested leave tel. or email for contact

AnonymousFeb 12 2013 7:10pm
hi i am kausik,19 my mom age 46 in the semester exam i have failed in some subject even i writing the time i am worried about the exam result. My mom called me for breakfast i am not mom asked i told everything.i stand before she wrapped her hands to lift him front . After 5 minutes she adjust me on her left side hip.then she entered the kitchen take some food to eat them .even i sit on her hip.

kausikFeb 23 2013 8:47am

babyboyMar 09 2013 10:10am
neha sarma i want to lift and sit on your sexy hip...

prahaladMar 15 2013 12:05am

Tyny-tinyAug 09 2013 11:19am
neha - simran i am intrested in lift and carry and i can pay for it if u are intrested then misscall 09752495707 ones only

raviSep 21 2013 9:45pm
i was hanging around with my friends the other day, it was me, 3 other boy mates and a girl we were all giving my girl friend a piggyback ride cos she was only small then she offered to give me one, i felt abit weird about it cos i was in front of my mates but i went along with it and i went on her back and she walked everywhere with me on my back all my friends were weirded out by the fact i was being lifted up but it was a brilliant moment

marty Oct 09 2013 1:51pm
dEAtFl wow, awesome article.

szZDYBuGzVGfOct 25 2013 11:29am
mujhe meri chachi ne godi main uthaya hua hai

ajay k kumarNov 07 2013 12:08am
क्या मुझे कोई लड़की अपनी गोदी में लेगी , ajay apna experience detail mein btao...or kya tumari chachi mujhe bi apni godi mein utha skti hai...

karanNov 10 2013 12:45pm
Any girl who can lift me in karachi ?

AnonymousNov 18 2013 8:48pm
I can lift boys weight upto 225lb in karachi

sabaNov 19 2013 10:04am
Saba wats ur age?can u lift me piggyback?my weight is 50 kgs. How long can u carry me?

piggyback loverDec 01 2013 4:59am
I love girls lifting me over their head I get a boner from it to be honest

AnonymousDec 02 2013 9:35pm
Hi Anonymous. When you get lifted overhead by a girl, how do they lift you ? Under the armpits or do they press you completely overhead ? How tall are you and what do you weight ?

r2d2Dec 03 2013 2:45am
Can any girl in Bangalorie lift me over shoulder...I am a boy of age 21 and weight 60 kgs (130 lbs)..I never got lifted by anyone..I will be really grateful if anybody lift me..

pavJan 19 2014 6:51pm
Interesting post. I remember I was carried by our house maid. It was quite long time back, when I was 12 or 13.. Our house maid was not so good looking, dark and chubby.. she was taller than me.. So I did not like her much.. Unfortunately, I was ill one day and she was asked to take me near clinic. We started walking but after some time I could not walk. Most embarrassing moment i ever had, she said that she can carry me. I said no. But after some time I had to force myself what she said. She slowly picked me up and made my legs wrap around her hip. I was so shy to be in that position and scared if someone would see that.. But things changed in few minutes, I started getting mine getting erected. I dont know how and why.. And then I enjoyed it. She realized I am enjoyed and smiled at me. She said to me in her language, "that's fine". I was so shy that she understood. finally we reached back home after the clinic. first thing i did was ... you know about :-)

RoshJan 20 2014 5:49am

gjshJan 27 2014 10:09am
Hi my weight is 48 kgs n height is 5! '2 Any girl from Mumbai can lift Me??

bushhJan 29 2014 10:46am
सब मादरचोद फेकू है।

मोदीFeb 26 2014 11:27am
Luckily, lot of the women and girls nowadays are bigger and stronger than men, and have a very dominating but loving/maternal personality. inherarms(at)hush(dot)com

InHerArmsMar 18 2014 1:24am
any girl would like to lift me, i am 16 years old, weight under 50 kg 176cm??? Contact me: Remember to give me some brief information like age, weight , height and place you prefer to meet.

isaacApr 06 2014 1:34am
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DQJUydTLPyGyeEkJApr 18 2014 8:04pm
I am already carried on the hip of prostitute women

hip carry expertApr 28 2014 12:57am
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vrAug 02 2014 2:27pm
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qsHYGcefkHlqUqBdWAug 05 2014 8:53am
I have easily lifted my cousin who is older than me!!! Awesome feeling :)

Strong girlAug 30 2014 2:52am
helo strong girl, can u lift me also,

karanAug 30 2014 7:05am
hey Karan!! Lifting wouldnt be much of a problem for me!!!

Strong GirlAug 30 2014 11:02am
btw Karan wat is your height and weight??

Strong GirlAug 30 2014 11:03am
Hey i am 5'6" tall and my weight is 82 kgs ia there any gal from bombay who can lift me llease mail me on

guruAug 31 2014 8:57am
Hey simran and neha and strong girl can u lift me.

guruAug 31 2014 9:19am
Hey Guru, 82 kgs is a bit on the heavier side for a 5'6" frame no ?!! Lifting u wouldnt be a big problem for me!! but tell me why do u want to be lifted by a girl??

Strong GirlSep 01 2014 3:42am
hii i m might be smallest, my weight is 47 kgs n height is 5'2.Lifting by woman gives me great feeling and i will thoroughly enjoy strength of woman so any girl can lift me ???

busshSep 09 2014 12:44pm
hi strong girl my weight is 62 kgs.. i am from bangalore..i like lapsitting most. would you mind if i sit on your lap?? :)

ppSep 11 2014 9:51am
No i wouldnt mind :P

Strong GirlSep 12 2014 4:18am
Hi Strong girl , how much you weighed n since m tiny 47kgs/5'2, i will love to be lifted by such strong girl. How much easy it is for you to lift me

busshSep 13 2014 1:29pm
hi strong girl, i am from delhi... im 60 kg, i like lap sitting, piggyback, front carry, side hip carry, will u do all those lifts with me, if yes then how much time you can lift me, even i would like to sit on ur lap, will u mind if i will sit on ur lap....

rahulSep 13 2014 11:29pm
pl lift me beby me....09752495688....

scinSep 14 2014 4:08pm

AnonymousSep 20 2014 4:18pm

AnonymousSep 20 2014 4:24pm

UlimateSep 20 2014 4:28pm
There are many women who cal easily lift men, I have been literally played around by getting lifted by a Sonagachi prostitute Asha who played with me by front lift and cradle carry. For 30 minutes I was on her and she carried me in various positions without my feet ever touching the ground. and I am 5 feet 11inch and weigh 75 kg, so you can well understand her strength. She is around 5 feet 8 inches, in her late 30-s but very strong and sexy.

PulakDec 10 2014 11:36am
hey Pulak..... can u tell me how it started

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My girlfnd lift on her hip for long time I am 90kg..she is79 kv

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sharathAug 03 2015 11:33am
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sharathAug 04 2015 4:53pm
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rajuAug 08 2015 4:34am
Ours is an arranged marriage marriage. I am 5'6" she is 5'8". I am 61 kg, she is 82 kg.So she is taller, heavier and stronger than me. She easily front carries and cradle carries me during foreplay.During sex, she likes to be on top as my strokes are weaker.My thin body gets totally covered by her huge body.She strokes me hard like a man. I have no other option but to rub my hands over her broad shoulder, large buttocks and thunder thighs.

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Our neighbour aunty lifted my mom many is 5ft3 60 kg and that aunty is Around 6ft and 90kg above in weight

Baby manJan 01 2016 10:40am
My cleaning lady is a 5 foot 11 Mexican girl and I am 5 foot 5. One time she came over and I was playing video games. I said should I move she said no. I kept playing and noticed her huge butt. It was not fat just damn huge. Kept staring and she caught me but just smiled. I told her I was just looking by mistake. She said it is fine baby. I liked that she called me baby. I told her I was going to the toilet. She just looked at me like okay. I care why. I took all my clothes off and was in my underwear. I heard her knock on my door and I said I was here. She said sorry. I told her come in. She did and saw me with my underwear off and I told her sorry and that I poo my pants. She came over and I stood up and told her if she could please wipe my butt. She said okay. I also was shy because my penis was big by mistake. She did not care and wiped my little white butt. I noticed how tall she was and I came up to her boobs. My s poop also smelled really bad and I could tell she was not the happiest women ever. She was finished and I said thanks. I then slipped and hurt myself. She said I will carry you to where you want. I said my game room. She gave me a piggyback ride and I also slapped her huge butt. She was kinda mad but did not show it. She then said any things else. I said no. I was to amazed to thank her. I wish I did becuase she did a lot for me. She wiped my butt, saw my penis big, smelled my crap, carried me to my game room, and I did not even thank her. Later my mom came and my cleaning lady did not say anything. I then saw her come every week but we did not talk about it until my mom left. I loved her.

Needs Jan 26 2016 12:54pm
i have been lifted by 2 girls till now in my life but at that time i was only 14 years old and girls lifting me were 10 years old. Now i am 23 years old 74 kg, 5'9" and since then i am searching a girl or a woman who could lift me......i live in pune.....if any girl lighter than me could lift carry me plz...plz...plz....let me know....

shubsJan 26 2016 1:06pm
Snubs I am a girl who will lift you but I am sadly 5 foot 11 and 89kg. I would love it if I could.

Alison Jan 26 2016 1:25pm
I'm a girl who wants to be front lited and carried by girls for an hour. My weight is 115 lb.

jjFeb 11 2016 1:30am
I want an aunty who can lift me easily, punish me. I am 5.8. she must be over 6 feet BBW

AnonymousFeb 27 2016 12:37pm
I want hip carry anyone

DonFeb 28 2016 6:39am
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UGoIshkDFeb 29 2016 9:21am
I'm an introvert. Will my lift carry fetish ever come true?!!!

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I really get turned on by tall strong women in 5-4 120 pounds to be picked up by a big strong women to pick me up in a body slam position then grab my crotch and pick me all the way overhead gives me a boner I have to get rid of

MouseApr 20 2016 3:19pm
Alison would you lift me??

AnonymousApr 22 2016 11:07pm
helo im rahul, is there any girl who lifts and carry me, im 5'7" tall and 60kg heavy.. and i want a girl to lift me and carry me around also she will allow me to sit on her lap for hours...kya koi ladki mujhe apni godi mein legi.....

rahulApr 29 2016 7:42am
Any girl in hyderabad intrest to lift me, are want lift frm me plz cont 7794888849 Hight 5.4 60kg

rajMay 08 2016 12:35pm
Are there any women here who enjoy having a smaller man sit on her lap?

SuganJun 10 2016 2:28pm
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saba, I am in Karachi, plz reply and I will contact you

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msIyCkLEdsVAug 03 2016 7:36am
my wife is lifting me always in front of my parents @treating me like her son .

AnonymousSep 18 2016 10:05am
in the first day of marriage itself i know my wife strngth.she lifted me when she entered the room. she said that never hesitate to beat if inot behave like her slave.

AnonymousSep 18 2016 10:13am
Anonymous do you sit on her lap? What are your and her height and weight?

SuganSep 19 2016 12:14pm
any girl in madurai interest to lift me are want to lift from me pls contact 9941482283

rajaSep 29 2016 7:43am
my height is 160 and weight is 80 kg

rajaSep 29 2016 7:52am
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OoOISjtLukyExWOct 10 2016 5:11pm
Myself Ashish Soni from Nagpur but rite now at Indore. I want to lift & carry by girl. If any indore , Nagpur or other city girl is interested to lift & carry me so you can contact me 9503386954 this number or mailing me

AnonymousOct 10 2016 10:52pm
can anyone lift me.

AnonymousOct 15 2016 10:58pm
can any strong girl lift and carry me.

AnonymousOct 15 2016 10:59pm
hii I m Ashish Soni I want to lift & carry by girl who's height 5.10 feet tall. plz contact me 9503386954 if any girl interested I will pay her for this work

AnonymousNov 24 2016 9:09am
I live in indore

ashish soniNov 24 2016 9:11am
I want sit ur hip carry me aunty or girls plz my watsapps no 9902959997 plz chat wid u my native mangalore

aravindpNov 25 2016 2:10am
my weight 55kg heieght 5

aravindpNov 25 2016 2:11am
My wife never tried bt my sister in law lifted me many times when we meet alone... she is 18 yr nd of 52 kg. Nd mine 29 yr nd 73 kg... she can piggyback me.. craddle me... while piggyback i enjoy of grabbing her soft nd small boobs also..

loveliftNov 27 2016 10:51am
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AjitNov 28 2016 5:28am
I am 3.9feet and 35kg . Will some tall girl marry me in future? I look like a baby infront of girls

AjitNov 28 2016 5:31am
hi i am sagar any girl intersted lift carry job pay 1 hours 500 rs contact me

raj.sing406@gmail.comDec 18 2016 10:49pm
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AnonymousDec 21 2016 3:19am

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Papi.. donde eres???? Yo voy en Puerto Rico y San Gil COLOMBIA👄👄 también buenas noche

The teacher Jan 05 2017 8:26pm
Oye! Miguel qué tal mano?

Juan Ortiz Escobar IIJan 05 2017 8:27pm
f*ck u nigga😅😅 judt witnme nena ya tu sabe pai

Miguel Ángel Jan 05 2017 8:28pm
Hola Miguel

Carmen Jan 05 2017 8:29pm
Miguel😘😍😍😍😍😗 yo esxTRANO PAPI

CATALINA FLORESJan 05 2017 8:30pm

Miguel Ángel Jan 05 2017 8:31pm


KENDRICK JUSTINO Jan 05 2017 8:33pm
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AUNTYLIFTERJan 05 2017 8:37pm
Que es eso basura?

Juan CarlosJan 05 2017 8:37pm
Lo siento Juan 😣

AUNTYLIFTERJan 05 2017 8:38pm
@miguelangel. You forgot me boyy

JAYQUIN ESTRELLAJan 05 2017 8:40pm
Yo wazzzup mi boricuas

Samuel Hernando Jan 05 2017 8:40pm
Que tal

Henry González Jan 05 2017 8:41pm
@jayquin estrella no baby i never forget last nite we went harddd sexo fui maximo gurl!!!😃😚😴😨

Miguel Ángel Jan 05 2017 8:42pm

Big ChapiJan 05 2017 8:44pm
Es basura todos es solo basura la trap ok

Nicolás Vázquez Jan 05 2017 8:47pm

CHENCHO PALDOJan 05 2017 8:50pm
Now if you guys would go back where u belong!!

Angry white people Jan 05 2017 8:51pm
@angrywhitepeople SUCK MY *#**#

Jorel Moreno Da HitmakerJan 05 2017 8:52pm
Hey hey tranquilo Joel tu eres ridículos!! Ok we apologize this is OUR BLOG NOW WE TOOK IT OVER CUZ PPL TALKING ABOUT SHIT. We should be so much better than this.

SEBASTIÁN Jan 05 2017 8:54pm
Donde eres todos?? Yo estoy en aqui en Coco Cabana Hyattsville Maryland porque nadie aqui?????? Que

Dennis JaurezJan 05 2017 8:56pm
Donde sea la dedicación de Columbia y Wheaton son bonitas que es mal to get there so as long as we still wont have to wait an hour to send another update a incidentes de tuyo mensajes que

YarosseJan 05 2017 8:56pm

Adanny Xavier Lucas Dirán Jan 05 2017 8:57pm
Hola we here in coco cobana Hyattsville Maryland where ladies get in free before midnite and shots and bottles on us. University blvd. E

f*cking nacos aqui baye

Snr. ZAPATOSJan 05 2017 9:00pm
Hola donde sea Javier

Don Adjunto Jan 05 2017 9:01pm

Willy Sonrisa Rodríguez MorenaJan 05 2017 9:06pm
Feliz año nuevo mi gentes🍹

Luis A. Villanueva Jan 05 2017 9:12pm
I hv lifted my brother in law many times when no one at home.. i can craddle him and in theatre he sat on my lap.. i am 17 yr old and he is 28. Bt age doesn't matrers..

loveliftingJan 28 2017 10:20am
I rajesh dharma know no woman will lift me

AnonymousJan 29 2017 6:34am

TEafSyvWxmkdZJan 29 2017 7:09am

SyZeUMWyJan 29 2017 7:11am
yes its true age doesn't matter, but the thing that matters only lifting i also wana that momment when a girl lift me, i wana heard more about your story lovelifting also wana know from which city you are, even what you both wears... can we talk more about on this lovelifting, waiting for your reply, regarding me i am karan from delhi, age 24, wana a female lifts me and willing to sit in her lap too....

karanJan 30 2017 6:29am

pMDZHwnLOJan 31 2017 9:31am
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Luis Guerra Feb 01 2017 8:44pm
Yo what i say about that poo Karan and all you other people??? Get a life doggggg

Yovanny Vasquez Fernández Feb 01 2017 8:45pm

Jowell Feb 01 2017 8:46pm

NORIEL BONITASFeb 01 2017 8:47pm

Willy Sonrisa Rodríguez Feb 01 2017 8:52pm

Juan Adjuanas Benítez Feb 01 2017 8:53pm
Qué pasa J y como es la pago de la internt??

27 ON DA BRONXFeb 01 2017 8:54pm

NORIEL BONITASFeb 01 2017 8:55pm
Can you believe all the stupid people talking about girls kicking there ASs dammm yall stupid!!!

Javier KillatonezFeb 01 2017 8:57pm

FERNANDO W MORENAFeb 01 2017 8:58pm
True dat homie see yall in la 5th ave today en Maple lawn ya tu sabe

Diego MelendezFeb 01 2017 9:00pm
Que tal diego??

Florella GonzalezFeb 01 2017 9:00pm
Hola Chica que pasa yo extrañoooo mi bebe gurll tu es masyer la sexo

Diego MelendezFeb 01 2017 9:02pm
Diego 😘😍😍😍😘💏

Florella GonzalezFeb 01 2017 9:03pm
Te amo amoorrrr😘😍😗😘

NORIEL BONITASFeb 01 2017 9:03pm
Cabron!!! Noriel tu estas bad boy jodio

Florella GonzalezFeb 01 2017 9:04pm
Ayyyyy shut up!!

Miguel Ángel Moratinos Feb 01 2017 9:04pm
No me habla inglé miguel😅

Xavier Lucas Dirán Feb 01 2017 9:05pm
Busca un Doctor para que te ayude Pero no quiero saber de ti tú eres payaso 🤡

Juan Carlos Feb 01 2017 9:06pm
Yaya Que pasa es que tu eres mi favorito amigo siempre genial god bless you and family coming a big big big

X X X Feb 01 2017 9:07pm
Oye! Javi donde eres??

Javi FloresFeb 01 2017 9:08pm
Puerto rico!!!!!!!!!

PUERTO RICOFeb 01 2017 9:10pm

NORIEL BONITASFeb 01 2017 9:10pm

JOSE CAMPOS AGUILAR Feb 01 2017 9:11pm

Javid David Álvarez Fernández Feb 01 2017 9:14pm

Ariel Guerrero Feb 01 2017 9:18pm
PANAMÁ!!! 🇵🇦

Carmen Santa Rosa Feb 01 2017 9:22pm

Juan Carlos Feb 01 2017 9:24pm

Daniel El presidente Feb 01 2017 9:26pm

Christian CruzFeb 01 2017 9:28pm

Luís de Moreno Feb 01 2017 9:29pm

Marvin Gutiérrez Feb 01 2017 9:31pm

Victor Torres Pintarlo Feb 01 2017 9:37pm


Juan Ortiz Feb 01 2017 9:42pm
CUBA!! 🇨🇺

Carolina HerreraFeb 01 2017 9:43pm

JORGE ROMERO VASQUEZ Feb 01 2017 9:47pm

Yovanny Vasquez Fernández Feb 01 2017 9:59pm

HÉCTOR GARCÍA MÁRQUEZ Feb 01 2017 10:05pm

Javier KillatonezFeb 01 2017 10:08pm
Hola karneles

Christian CruzFeb 02 2017 6:43pm

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SaraMay 22 2018 6:40pm
Sara wow you sound really powerful. Do you and Fatima ever make your boyfriends sit on your laps as well?

DanMay 27 2018 3:45pm
Yes they sit on our laps like babies but they’re outlr husbands not boyfriends

SaraJun 03 2018 12:08pm
@Sara woah they’re lucky. Wish I had a big lap to sit on. Do you make them sit in public?

DanJun 04 2018 4:41am
Thanks. Sometimes but usually we do it on our flats. But we wrestle and lift them much more than letting them sitting on our laps

SaraJun 04 2018 4:46am
Actually our husbands are so tiny and thin so sometimes I put my husband Amir and Fatimas’ husband Ellie on my lap at the same time and Fatima does the same she puts her and my husband on her or she lap or she lifts them at the same time

SaraJun 04 2018 5:08am
@Sara Woah your husbands are really lucky! Wish I could be able to sit on you and Fatima’s laps ;)

DanJun 04 2018 12:53pm
Where are you guys from by the way?

DanJun 04 2018 12:54pm
Thanks for the compliment Dan. Both of us love to lift men and wrestle them and treat them like babies. We’re from Azerbajian. What about you?

SaraJun 04 2018 1:31pm
Why do you think Amir and Ellie our husbands lucky? What do you love about sitting on women lap?

SaraJun 04 2018 1:54pm
They're lucky because they have laps to sit on! I love being able to sit on the big soft lap of a woman much larger than I am. It's so comfortable and I feel so completely absorbed

DanJun 05 2018 4:32pm
Also I'm from Canada

DanJun 05 2018 4:32pm
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