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best type of porn

Question: what is ur fav porn
Created by: firelord750 at 11:12:26 AM, Saturday, May 02, 2009 PDT


anal sex i like the most... i love ass point most.. I am 19 i had sex 2 times with my gf.. she is happy with vagina f*ck but i love ass fuch in dog style..

jayMay 14 2012 12:34pm

Would love to see some really good teen lesbian porn, brought a really good magazine home from Thailand, think those girls were about 8, and really hot..

AnonymousApr 22 2013 7:41am
my type was not listed

lil girl loverMay 12 2014 4:13am

bccJul 27 2014 1:51am

gfnfg jgjdgtjJul 27 2014 1:51am
This one

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:38pm
I'm here

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:42pm
You can force hin on the corner like unruled child's after the spank eheh curious873 minutes agoNow you are bigger and too strong? You can say you are 3times strong than him?Β 

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:43pm
Yes mine are so so so big, my husbands friends call me Bull muscles Cow breasts. They're so heavy each one of them is more than 4 kg.

Wife WSep 19 2016 2:43pm
Yes minimum 3 times stronger maybe more. Yes I punish him like a kid πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:44pm
One breast alone is more than 4?!

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:44pm
You are so strong that you can punish him better i have some ideas:p

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:45pm
Yes so huge. I don't think you like this big. Right?

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:45pm
I love that big!

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:45pm
Actually now i gave him a break from punishment for few days because he brought to me 7 men to wrestle and humiliate and have fun with

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:46pm
Really but they're so so so big, like a cow, I use it as weapon in wrestling πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:47pm
Oh he's safe because of this? You beat all 7?

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:47pm
I never saw that big boobs β™‘

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:48pm
Yes i did. 3 men each at the same time. Then spank 7. Then sit while 2 of them worshipping my feet 2 my ass 2 my breasts

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:48pm
Next time after spanking let him go in the corner but than when he's facing the corner you lift him from his ass up to the roof and he can get down when he say sorry. .i know maybe is too hard to do but would be very cool

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:49pm
When i wrestle men and men see my breasts they know it's their end I'll take their breath out πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:50pm
I can worship your breast all time

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:50pm
No it's not hard at all but it's not funny as well I love to humiliate him like making him worship me

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:51pm
Haha, how?

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:51pm
So you can lift your husband up to the roof?

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:52pm
Kissing them massaging sucking

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:52pm
Yes I can he's only 70 kg no muscles I'm 107 full of muscles so sure I can

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:53pm
Good, but you can't worship my breasts only, you have to worship my feet and ass as well. What do you think? πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:54pm
How long you think you can keep him up?10 min? 30? 50?

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:54pm
Minimum 30 minutes without any troubles

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:54pm
I have lot of experience in boobs so I know i would do a good job, but feet I don't know if I'm that good

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:55pm
30 min one hand or 2?

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:55pm
You can have the experience by time my feet are the most important part of my body, maybe over 200 men worship them, plus when men come to my house they kneel to my feet and start kissing them. What do you think??

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:57pm
Of course 1 hand, 2 hands at least 2 hours

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:57pm
If this makes you happy I will do my best!

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:57pm
70 kg overhead 30 min easily? ?? I don't think I can even lift 70 with all my body

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:59pm
Good boy, I know men hates my worship and kiss my feet especially my feet is 47, but it makes really wet seeing men kissing my feet. My husband hates my feet but he spent everyday hours by them πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:59pm
What you can't lift 70 kg at all, you're weak but I love weak useless helpless men

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 3:00pm
I'll do as you ask. ..everything to try your strength and touch your muscles

curious87Sep 19 2016 3:00pm
A weight from the ground for sure not but maybe hugging your husband i can lift for some min

curious87Sep 19 2016 3:01pm
Sure but actually there're a lot of the weird things I order men to do, I don't think you'll like it all

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 3:02pm
I think with 2 hands I can lift you and my husband for at least 30 minutes

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 3:03pm
So if I leave a weight of 70 kg you can lift it one hand? Also from ground to overhead? !

curious87Sep 19 2016 3:03pm
Lift us how

curious87Sep 19 2016 3:03pm
Well I'm afraid about pain from spank so ill do also the weird stuff

curious87Sep 19 2016 3:04pm
Sure I can. Each of you is one hand, and lift you up, but I want you to be naked πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 3:04pm
Up you mean overhead on the roof?

curious87Sep 19 2016 3:05pm
Naked why?

curious87Sep 19 2016 3:05pm
Good boy you should be afraid. I want men to give me bath cleaning my ass very carefully. Wash my underwears with their bare hands, worship my feet a lot, be naked inside my house, kneel by my feet everytime I come home, shave my body hair especially my moustache. What do you think?

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 3:07pm
Yes to the roof, so I can see your scared dicks it's so much fun for meπŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 3:08pm
Nothing complicated or too weird i will doeasy

curious87Sep 19 2016 3:08pm
Really so you'll wash my ass? No problem. And shave my moustache? And kneel by my feet every time you see me? Do you like doing these things?

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 3:09pm
Omg you think not only ovwrhead 2adultsguys but also until 30 min max up there while you enjoy the view and lough?

curious87Sep 19 2016 3:09pm
I like doing them for you i feel is the right thing to do

curious87Sep 19 2016 3:10pm
Yes it's too much fun seeing your scared dicks πŸ˜‚. I always naked men when I carry them always

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 3:11pm
Scared dick and faces

curious87Sep 19 2016 3:11pm
Ohh really I love you 😍. Can you tell me how you'll clean my ass or wash my underwears with your hands?

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 3:12pm
I wanted to purpose a game, but now I know is easy for you to perform

curious87Sep 19 2016 3:12pm
Haha, exactly so will you be naked? Or you're too shy? Don't worry I'll be naked as well

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 3:13pm
I'll clean first giving you a bath than with nice oil than with my tongue

curious87Sep 19 2016 3:13pm
You want me to be naked i will but i will have plenty of erevtions

curious87Sep 19 2016 3:14pm
Sounds great, I love for men to spend a lot of time cleaning my ass

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 3:14pm
How tall are you

curious87Sep 19 2016 3:15pm
Is it big ass? Muscular? Hard?

curious87Sep 19 2016 3:15pm
I'm 197 cm. Don't worry but I love seeing weak men naked

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 3:15pm
197?!!! Do you wear high hills?

curious87Sep 19 2016 3:16pm
Yes so big so muscular so hard, it's almost 50 inches. So be careful πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 3:16pm
Usually no, but I have one use it in weddings and business meetings, you know it's not easy to find heels for size 47

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 3:17pm
I bet if you lie on your belly and I climb on your ass and you flex i will go up and down

curious87Sep 19 2016 3:17pm
If you wear high hills i need to jump to kiss your boobs

curious87Sep 19 2016 3:18pm
Haha, that would be so much fun, but seriously my ass muscles are so strong 50 inches of muscles πŸ’ͺ🏻

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 3:18pm
You think we can try? 50 inches of hot hard power

curious87Sep 19 2016 3:19pm
I love it when men disappear under my boobs πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 3:19pm
I have a game to purpose would be a dream

curious87Sep 19 2016 3:20pm
Yes sure we can while you're cleaning my ass we can try it, it'll be so much fun

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 3:20pm
My body isn't heavy for your ass

curious87Sep 19 2016 3:21pm
Sorry but I really should go. Talk to you tomorrow

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 3:21pm
Oh no please

curious87Sep 19 2016 3:21pm
I'm not sure if I can resist 30 min in the air I will tell you to put me down :p

curious87Sep 20 2016 4:57am
Hah, you're such a wimp. You should worship me if you want me to put you down

Wife Woman Sep 20 2016 3:31pm
Well you'll not try to hold me up more than 30 min especially if I ask you to put me down

curious87Sep 20 2016 8:42pm
As you describe seems like you can hold me hugging me off the ground with one arm (and I cannot get free) and with the other lift for bicep training 50 kg for some reps

curious87Sep 21 2016 1:23am
Haha, yes I can do that, or I can lift you in one hand and lift another man with the other hand

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 1:10pm

curious87Sep 21 2016 1:28pm
Yes wouldn't you enjoy it. Women rule πŸ’ͺ🏻

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 1:29pm
How will you do it

curious87Sep 21 2016 1:33pm
I guess i am underestimating you strength

curious87Sep 21 2016 1:34pm
What do you mean? I carry you on one hand and carry the other one with other hand. I can squat as well both of you will be about 190 I squate more than 250 so it's peace of cake

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 1:35pm
I meant that you lift for bicep exercise a man?

curious87Sep 21 2016 1:36pm
Good boy so imagine what I can do to you if you give me bad feet massage or worship or don't clean my ass in proper way.

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 1:36pm
Yes i use 85 kg for my biceps training it's not really that hard

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 1:37pm
85 kg one arm? !!! I can bench press max 40 :O

curious87Sep 21 2016 1:41pm
I guess you can break some bones in my hand if you decide to squeeze too hard

curious87Sep 21 2016 1:41pm
So you have more strength in a bicep than me in the wole upper body, you are taller heavier faster stronger than me, and you enjoy if I try to punch full power because I can't hurt you and I'll just feel more useless

curious87Sep 21 2016 1:46pm
40 !! You're such a wimp

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 1:47pm
I'm normal you are one of the strongest human in the world i think

curious87Sep 21 2016 1:49pm
Exactly I think all men are useless this's why they're all babies and slaves at my house shave my body hair, worship my feet and clean my assπŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 1:49pm
Thank you, you should now start call me goddess or boss or mum πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 1:50pm
I guess is a natural role in your home since the difference is so ridiculous

curious87Sep 21 2016 1:50pm
Yes it's so which one you like more: cleaning ass, washing underwears, worship feet, or shaving my body hair choose πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 1:52pm
I can't choose I've never done any of these

curious87Sep 21 2016 1:54pm
You think thatyou can break some bones in my hand if you decide to squeeze

curious87Sep 21 2016 1:55pm
Yes but I would like to hear your opinion choose it's an order 😑

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 1:55pm
I think yes, if I want to haha 😈

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 1:56pm
Why you're not calling me goddess boss or mum ??

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 1:57pm
How old are you?

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 1:57pm
Washing underwear. ..what a strength! I don't think I want to challenge you anymore

curious87Sep 21 2016 1:58pm
I'm 26 and you?

curious87Sep 21 2016 1:59pm
You'll be washing my underwears and bras that's cool. Men aren't allowed to use washing machine so you have to wash my huge underwears and bras with your bare hands πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:00pm
I'm 29 so you can call me mum πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:00pm
Between me and men there's no challenge it's only me beating and humiliating them. Women rule πŸ’ͺ🏻

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:01pm
I have to wash?

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:02pm
I think now you feel sorry for my husband and my other men πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:02pm
There's no challenge because I realised that I can't compete now with your strength

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:03pm
Why i feel sorry?

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:03pm
Yes, or you can worship my 47 size foot, or clean my ass or shave my body hair

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:03pm
Good boy, you feel sorry because I'm much stronger and force them to do all these tasks

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:04pm
Wash underwear is okay but what if one day I'm lazy or i forgot

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:04pm
Yesterday you told me that you can easy lift overhead your husband for half hour correct?

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:05pm
You'll be punished spanked on your naked ass, with my slippers, and lift and throw you, and wrestle you. Don't you feel ashamed for washing my underwears πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:05pm
No i feel ashamed to be so much weaker

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:06pm
Yes correct, my husband will be so happy that another will wash my dirty underwears

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:06pm
Don't feel ashamed you're a man and men should be weaker πŸ˜‚ I'd like watching you washing my dirty underwear on your hands

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:07pm
And 2hours if 2hand overhead, so you are not much stronger you arethe strongest tthey'll ever face

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:08pm
Yes exactly I'm the strongest I love that. Are you scared of me little man?

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:09pm
I don't mind to be weaker but I'm very weak compared to you i feel like you are 5/6 times stronger

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:09pm
Men fear me so much so they lose their erection this's why I naked all men in my house to I can see how their dicks become smaller because they fear me πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺ🏻

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:10pm
You like to be the strongest? Yes I'm afraid a bit now

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:10pm
Yes you're don't worry women like me will protect men like you

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:11pm
I am what?

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:11pm
I love to be stronger I love weak small scared men also

Wife woman Sep 21 2016 2:11pm
Sorry what are you asking about??

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:12pm
You told me I am and to not be scared

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:14pm
I love being the man role in all my relationships while the man is the woman role I know it's unusual but I live like that

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:14pm
You like to challenge guys in impossible tasks for them that you can do easy but just to enjoy them failing?

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:15pm
Man role with muscles but huge titts

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:15pm
I meant if you meet you can feel secure because women like me will protect weak men like you

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:15pm
Actually I prefer wrestling more than challnges. Yes very big muscles very big boobs. But at the I'm the man of the relationship πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺ🏻

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:17pm
U wanna be my bodyguard? Eheh

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:17pm
But even my titts are big and muscular so in wrestling men scared from my tits πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺ🏻

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:18pm
Haha, not bodyguard but I love it when men are scared and I can protect them

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:18pm
Scared from what can you tell me an example? So you saying your boobs are stronger than me?

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:20pm
Yes I believe they're stronger. When I wrestle men I'll naked or topless so my boobs are exposed. I smoother men using my boobs since they're so big and muscular it hurts and they're out of breath so they tapπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:22pm
And my stupid husband still think this move is sexual, but he doesn't understand that men suffer under my boobs they don't enjoy it πŸ’ͺ🏻

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:23pm
Really? What if I squeeze them hard?

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:23pm
Yes all men were under my boobs. So what I don't think you're strong enough to make me feel pain

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:23pm
I wonder what's the effect of a boobslap

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:24pm
So if I squeeze hard you'll feel pleasure?

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:24pm
Wow, boob slap is really dangerous weapon for me I wrestling. Men really hates it they say it really hurts. You can see my boobs print on their faces πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:25pm
Ya maybe why not some fun during wrestling

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:26pm
Really? Boob mark? !

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:26pm
Yes because I slap really hard with my boobs

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:27pm
So i fight and you ask me to squeeze harder cuz you like? :O

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:27pm
I won't ask for it, but if you do it I don't care

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:28pm
I have red face because my mum slappedme, with boobs

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:28pm
Why do you want to squeeze my boobs?

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:28pm
Haha, that's funny it's humiliating

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:29pm
I want to ask you question do you think I'm doing something wrong by wrestling men naked and topless?

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:29pm
No I want to try as well being boob slapped until i cry

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:33pm
Guys sorry my mum order me to wash her underwear and she wants you to know this

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:34pm
Really I love that. I'll slap you with my boobs until you cry. So you'll be happy if your future wife wrestle other men at the same way? You're not married yet right?

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:35pm
Really you'll tell your friends that you're awesome man

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:35pm
I will be okay with my wife desires, you can make me cry like that? !

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:36pm
I will tell them my mum is bigger than me

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:37pm
I think you'll be a great husband. Your wife eill be lucky woman. Yes put you on the floor put your face between my boobs and keep slapping until you cry, your friends can watch as well if you want

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:38pm
Good boy I wish all men were like you. Will you tell them that your mum ordered you to kiss worship her 47 feet I think they will be scared just by my foot size πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:39pm
They'll be more impressed about your muscles

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:41pm
I wonder what can I do with your flexed arm

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:41pm
Yes sure about my muscles as well, but from my experience men are very shocked when I show them the feet which they have to suck it for their entire night πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:42pm
Beaten by woman boobs to cry nobody will be live me

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:43pm
You can kiss it and worship it.

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:43pm
If they don't believe you, I can show them it in person

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:43pm
What worship muscle mean

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:44pm
If they don't believe that you can lift me overhead can you please demonstrate them?

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:45pm
It means kisses the muscles licking it, telling me how big and strong it is. Worshipping feet is the same but they have to suck it

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:45pm
Yes anything, I can make you cry infront of them or make them cry from my boobs while you're watching πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:46pm
For sure i can do it because I guess is harder and bigger than mine

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:47pm
Haha bigger than yours sure, maybe it's bigger than your head. It's 22 inches

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:48pm
No please mum don't beat me in front of my friends

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:48pm
If you give good feet worship and ass cleaning and my underwears were clean I won't. I can beat them if you want πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:49pm
My gosh 22inches no arm wrestling do for us

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:49pm
You can use your 2 hands and one of your friends might help you so it'll be 4 hands against one of mine πŸ’ͺ🏻

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:50pm
I wish to see them lifted overhead crying out to get down and saying that they believe your strength

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:50pm
You think like this we will win surely?

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:51pm
Sure will do it, but I want to spank and slap them as well

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:51pm
Of course you can

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:51pm
Yes I'll win of course but you might give a little bit of competition

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:52pm
You'll enjoy watching me soanking their asses with my slippers and slapping their faces with my boobs to much fun

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:53pm
So my 2 arms alone aren't competition for you?

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:53pm
No not at all, I need at least 2 avarage men to feel something men are useless

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:54pm
Than can you force them to measure the yr and your muscles and ask what they think

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:54pm
Will you let me try to armrest you my mum?

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:55pm
Ya sure I love to compare with men naked so they can see how small they're. Then they'll worship my feet and ass, this's what I do with my husbands friends

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:55pm
Yes but I'm sure I'll feel nothing only one time because it's really boring to me

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:56pm
You love to flex for them?

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:56pm
My gosh is boring this challenge?

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:57pm
Yes sure they'll be so scared and lost their erection and I love watching this

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:57pm
You are so big that you are scary wow

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:58pm
Yes it's so boring when I wrestle or arm wrestle only one man always I need 2 or 3 men to have little of competition

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:58pm
Yes I'm men fear my naked a lot πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 2:59pm
So I'm not a challenge? U sure that you can beat me 100% of times?

curious87Sep 21 2016 2:59pm
Absolutely sure. I told you should bring other men with you as well

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 3:00pm
I'm so weak that I can't challenge my own mum wow

curious87Sep 21 2016 3:00pm
Haha, yes because to me you're only a baby

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 3:01pm
But I love weak boys and men I think they're sexier and this's how all relationships should be

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 3:03pm
Woman with biceps twice as big that's the relationship?

curious87Sep 21 2016 3:05pm
Who will carry heavy shopping bags? And who will carry who on the stairs to home that's still man job?

curious87Sep 21 2016 3:06pm
Haha, men job you're hilarious. Men at my house are forced to wear pampers because they're my babies. Of course I carry everything even in the wedding I left my husband

Wife Woman Sep 22 2016 2:12am
Ah ah if you see me coming home with heavy bags you carry bags and me? Eheh

curious87Sep 22 2016 9:04am
Ya sure. Although I know this can never happen since men aren't allowed to leave alone based on my rules

Wife Woman Sep 22 2016 3:03pm
But I'm still not your man plus I live in 3rd floor

curious87Sep 22 2016 9:47pm
Well when we meet you'll become immediately my man and I live in the 6 floor and my men aren't allowed to lift anything or leave the house alone

Wife Woman Sep 23 2016 6:03am
A nah you mean you want to carry me for 6floors? Does when they go out with you they always are carried up by you?

curious87Sep 23 2016 6:36am
So your husband never did alone those stairs?

curious87Sep 23 2016 6:38am
How exactly a man become yours?

curious87Sep 23 2016 6:39am
My husband only touches these stairs few times whe i let him leave the house alone. What do you mean when I want I own any man I control his life and can do whatever I want to him

Wife Woman Sep 23 2016 6:58am
So you come back home with your husband and groceries. without asking take groceries and your husband and do 6floors ?

curious87Sep 23 2016 7:01am
I'm sorry if I ask all this questions but I'm very impressed i hope you don't mind answering

curious87Sep 23 2016 7:01am
I guess if someone see you lifting him on the stairs he'll get very embarrassed

curious87Sep 23 2016 7:05am
Yes I can do it. Groceries are nothing same my husband. The good thing is all my neighbors know my strength πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺ🏻

Wife Woman Sep 23 2016 3:09pm
What do you mean

curious87Sep 23 2016 4:47pm
How it works how can you beat 2/3 guys I'm wrestling at same time

curious87Sep 25 2016 12:47am
Woman, curious I'm back hello ;)

mariaSep 28 2016 4:01am
Hi Maria welcome back. How's your muscles gaining is going on champ?

Wife Woman Oct 07 2016 4:46pm
Much better thanks to your advices and you?

mariaOct 13 2016 8:06am
I can now do 3series of 25 pushup :)

mariaOct 13 2016 10:24am
Hi Maria, I'm so glad that you're getting bigger and stronger. Hope you're wrestling and beating your boyfriend now and the other pussy guy IZ, and humiliating them and show them how weak men are.

Wife Woman Nov 13 2016 12:15pm
Yes I am thanks to your inspiration how about you?

mariaNov 13 2016 12:18pm
My boyfriend starts to see bit of results and he's joking at me now saying that women can't beat men

mariaNov 13 2016 12:20pm
I'm so good beating men humiliating them. f*ckiing men other than my husband.

Wife Woman Nov 13 2016 1:04pm
Tell please that you've beated Iz or your boyfriend in wrestling match. Wish that one of them has become your slaveπŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 13 2016 1:05pm
Not yet they are still too strong, but I'm improving a lot! Now I don't just want to become stronger than them but very very lot much stronger :)

mariaNov 13 2016 7:03pm
Now i truly want to become so strong that my boyfriend can't lift with two hands the weights i use to train one hand, so the gap between us will just keep increasing, I don't know if you can relate with this feeling

mariaNov 13 2016 7:19pm
I'm shocked maybe your bf has a little strength but I thought by this time you'll be kicking Iz ass. You said many months ago that you're doing 25 reps 3 times of push ups and that's more than lots of guys. So you should start going after weak guys to prove to your self that you can destroy men. Of course i can I'll tell you lots of stories about my strength tonight hope you've good news for me as well

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 12:10am
Which kind of stories?

mariaNov 14 2016 1:38am
I can now do 50 reps for 3 series and many more abs! of course I am improving, I have never been so strong in my life but there is still much to do :)

mariaNov 14 2016 1:47am
Stories of how I beat wrestle and humiliate my new men

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 1:53am
I am ready to hear them! iI can learn something for my futire with my bf

mariaNov 14 2016 1:55am
That's great 50 reps for 3 series, that's really good I'm so happy. As I remember your boyfriend friend Iz was much weaker than this he was only able to do 25 for 1 series. You should wrestle with him now, you'll destroy him go girl. Are you gaining weight as well how much do you weight now?

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 1:55am
I'll tell you all the details today but afternoon now I'm at work and can't remember all the details

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 1:57am
Iz moved to brazil for some student exchanges apparently he is very happy there because a lot of brazilian girls do heavy workouts! my weight is around 68 now but i am loosing ll fat and getting just muscles, my trainer said that after a wile the mass will arrive and weight gain as well.

mariaNov 14 2016 1:58am
But you really can lift one hand what your husband cannot lift at all from the ground? or at least for one single repetition?

mariaNov 14 2016 1:59am
Okay I'm sure that a brazilian women are kicking his ass. What's your high if i may ask? I think you should be at least be above 80 kg. If you want my advice there's something will help you a lot finding small weak male friend who you can beat that'll give you great confidence and strength. I'm 105 kg I know it's too much for a woman πŸ™€

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:02am
well not if the woman got 20 inches biceps! 105 is fine you can get even bigger i guess, im 170 cm

mariaNov 14 2016 2:04am
Yes I really can do it it's so easy I warn up for my biceps training using 30kg only warm up. Many of my male friends relatives and my husband and my other bf can't lift that weight

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:04am
have you ever whatched them trying?!

mariaNov 14 2016 2:05am
It's 22 inches bicepes πŸ’ͺ🏻. I'm 190 cm you should be at least 80 kg full of muscles. As I told you search for this male friend or relative

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:06am
Yes of course because my husband and my boyfriend is responsible for cleaning the house so when I don't put the weights back they can't move it and clean until I'm back πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:07am
but camon 30 kgwith all body strenght is ok to lift, maybe not for train because is too much

mariaNov 14 2016 2:08am
my goal is to reach at least 85 kilos next year and possibly 16 inches biceps:) 22 omg you are very huge!!

mariaNov 14 2016 2:09am
I know so you can lift 30kg right? My husband abd my boyfriend can't. They should do it together. Go girl you're stronger than my husband and my boyfriend πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:10am
do you often leave them around just to see them failing? 30 kg warm up i guess is much better than every guy in my gym, but they use that weight for training

mariaNov 14 2016 2:11am
Thank yes you can reach this easily within six months. I think I'm way bigger than your bf πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:11am
I am sure that you are MUCH bigger than him and many times stronger

mariaNov 14 2016 2:12am
Yes it's fun to see my husband and my boyfriend struggling by lifting only 30 kg they're useless πŸ˜‚. Men are getting weaker stronger man train with 35 Can you believe that they're real pussies

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:13am
Thanks we should arrange a meeting I beat your bf and you beat my husband and my boyfriend πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Women rule πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:15am
some man can t do one single list with 20 kilos actually! you have even bigger dumbells that 30 to leave around the house?

mariaNov 14 2016 2:15am
Yes i know I'm much stronger than all these men. If i may ask what weights are you using these days??

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:17am
i wish you to beat my bf but after a loong teasing session where ypu show him in various strenght test whos smaller and weaker and whos bigger and stronger, once you destroy his ego than you can destroy also his body :)

mariaNov 14 2016 2:17am
I have in my house 30 50 and even 75

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:17am
you are myinspiration you can ask every question, arms 13 kg, leg press 80 kg

mariaNov 14 2016 2:18am
Will do it's so easy. I want to see or hear you beating other men as well there's lots of weak men you can chase and beat πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:19am
75 for just one hand? so if you have 2 you actually lift 150 kgwith 2 hands for training?!

mariaNov 14 2016 2:19am
how do you think you can do?

mariaNov 14 2016 2:20am
13 that's really good. I'm really proud do you have boxing or fighting classes as I advised you before??

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:20am
yes but i stopped because was very much for old ladies like fit box, i give up on that , in new year i think we will move in a bigger appartment, and i will search new proper gym s nearby

mariaNov 14 2016 2:21am
Yes 150 not big deal for me. I can put him on my back and do double push ups than his maximum. Arm wrestle him with 1 hands by him using 2 and a friend is helping him etc... what weights your bf use?

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:22am
i find a nice mma class

mariaNov 14 2016 2:22am
i don t know to be honest , last time he told me he was between 15 and 17 kg for biceps, and bench press around 60 kg and leg press 140

mariaNov 14 2016 2:23am
Well MMA is very good. I'm sure within few months you can kick your bf.and your life will change for evere. You should also start beat any man weak man that's really important. Should I send you any πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:24am
Well he's so weak. You're 13 within few months and he's 16 after all these years see I told you you can beat him easily just train for few months

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:25am
i like the videos on youtube of MMA so i guess will be nice, how about you invite us for dinner and than u ask my bf to help you with some >light> weight hanging on the ground and he cannot lift than you take it singel hand with easy saying this is a woman job

mariaNov 14 2016 2:26am
Yes MMA is great and boxing and wrestling chooses what you love. I love that it's woman job we'll be training while men in the kitchen πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:27am
you think you can do it?

mariaNov 14 2016 2:28am
I know a lady who she kept telling her bf that she likes thin men and she think weak men are sexy and keep encouraging him to quit gym and go on diet by doing something nice to him when he skips the gym. Until he becomes weak thin and this time she was lifting training and gaining weight and muscles and now she's much muscular heavier stronger than him and controls her bf life. You can do that

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:30am
will be very cool seing you showing your strenght but pretending not to notice like for you is normal, than gradually challenge him for example i drop the fork under the table at dinner and i ask him to take it, you just stand up and lift high the table to help him smiling. you think you can?

marNov 14 2016 2:31am
Yes sure it's so easy I think your weak bf can't lift 75 kg right??

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:31am
no i really don t think so, can you one hand? how big is this lady become?

mariaNov 14 2016 2:32am
Yes I can it's so easy lifting a table,but would you wrestle my husband and bf in the same dinner?this woman was same your size now she's 85 kg full of muscles and him 69 no muscles πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:34am
of course I will I want to try the feeling, will you order them to fight me?

mariaNov 14 2016 2:35am
how big her muscles? how much che can bicep curl?

mariaNov 14 2016 2:36am
I can lift the couch while your bf is sitting on it, if you drop a thing under the couch how's that? πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:36am
the whole couch?

mariaNov 14 2016 2:37am
Really that's a great me and your bf will be watching how you take my husband first and my bf next. I want you to humiliate both of them. Biceps 18.5 and she uses between 24 to 30

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:39am
Yes the whole couch while your weak bf is sitting on it. Do you like that??

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:39am
yes but i really want him to be surprised how about you order your husband to bruch the house and when he come close to the couch where me and my bf are sitting you lift one side of it to help your husband to brush under it, can you lift one side of the cauch with onehand?

mariaNov 14 2016 2:39am
18.5 she is huge and her husband?

mNov 14 2016 2:41am
Okay cool I can humiliate my husband this way and surprise your bf. Yes I can and using 2 hands I can lift the couch over my head

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:41am
last was from maria not m

maNov 14 2016 2:41am
a whole couch wooow amazing amazing amazing

mariaNov 14 2016 2:42am
He's her bf now he's 15 he used yo be 17,5, but she was smart makes him quite the gym now she he's not allowed to go to the gym anymore

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:42am
so she is bigger now than he ever been, even his full size now husband would loose!

mariaNov 14 2016 2:43am
boyfriend not husband sorry

mariaNov 14 2016 2:43am
Thanks thanks I want you to amaze me when wrestling other men. How do you want to start wrestling? Do you want my husband first or my bf?

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:43am
whos weaker?

mariaNov 14 2016 2:44am
Yes she's bigger and stronger believe we women are mych stronger than men we only need confidence and training. Both but I think Husband

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:45am
i want to see my bf getting scared because the couch start moving and see that your arm is lifting us!

maNov 14 2016 2:46am
See this poll will close after 2 comments we should move to the one immediately below this one. The link:

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:46am
He'll be I'll be lifting you while looking at your bf and lough

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 2:47am
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