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gymnast girl strength

Question: At some poll was a mention, that though gymnast girls are muscular, due to their petite size they lack true strength. Do you agree, and how would I (male 5ft9 and 130lbs non-athlete) do in wrestling with gymnast girls at levels 7 to 10?
Created by: perzaboi at 11:38:55 PM, Monday, June 01, 2009 PDT


They will beat you easy at agility, and if they happen to have any experience in grappking, you'll have serious trouble.

guessingJun 02 2009 7:26am

You say you're non-athletic. Can you benchpress your own bodyweight? I think gymnast girls easily bench 1,5 times their bodyweight, so about 90 lbs girl would then match you, and would definitely be stronger at legs.

dont tryJun 02 2009 8:37am
I can benchpress 100lbs, so not quite my bodyweight

perzaboiJun 02 2009 10:53am
gymnasts are incredibly strong for their size. And flexible. They would mangle you in a wrestling match

DennisJun 03 2009 8:24am
what would really be interesting is some gymnast girls view...;)

whatcountsJun 06 2009 3:03pm
I once saw a photograph of a gymnast girl showing her muscular legs. Their beauty was amazing, 100 times better than the average woman, and she was in her early teens.

AnonymousJun 09 2009 8:06pm
I'ts widely known on college campuses that college female gymnast routinly out muscle alot of guys on campus, whether its non-athletic or school jocks ie; football players or soccer players, even basketball players. Those campus party's lead to some very spirited wrestling matches between the girls and guys. Don't forget about the female track athletes or the swimmers or volleyball players there are some strong young women on these campuses that are not afraid to challenge the guys. But the gymnast pound for pound are probably the strongest of the groups mentioned, despite being the smallest.

anonJun 10 2009 4:15am
When I was a Sr in high school I dated a gymnast girl. I was 5'10" and she was about 5'4" but very muscular. Her calves were huge but all around she had bigger muscles compared to me. She was stronger and once put my legs in a hold with hers that really started to get painful. Her leg muscles were so big and hard as rock, I couldn't have beat her at wrestling.

AnonymousJun 13 2009 12:05pm
Now i have spot this poll about gymnast woman,somebody doubd about their strenght,so let me say my point.Im married to female gymnast,my wife have now about 2/3th of my bodyweight,and for fun i tried to wrestle her down to the floor-it was simply never ever possible for me to do it on my own.I could never do it even with help of my 20years old son,because she is incredibly strong,especialy in her the way-does anybody knows that average female legs are about 30%stronger anyway???I did it i overwrestle my wife down to the floor,but gues how?-on one crazy party we just starts to wrestle for fun,she was just jocking on me,so i decide i have to try anyway-and she shouted at my friends you have to jump all of you on me to put me down,so for laugh two of my male friends-big guys join the wrestling act against my wife along me,and she kept fighting and grappling against three of us in standing position,untill finaly we was able to bring her down to the floor from her legs after long struglle.There was big crowd arround us all fans of my wife shouting loudly,all i can say she was sweeping floor with three big guys,woman gymnasts have deadly strong legs and arms,extreme muscle endurance.Mother of my wife was pro-gymnast too,she is probably stronger than most much younger guys,her calves and biceps muscles are certainly twice that big as its tradition,in her family.there is probably no stronger woman in sport than gymnast.

tonny.Jun 15 2009 6:23pm
Agree, I have never won an armwrestling or wrestling match against a gymnast. When I was 18 years old I lost an armwrestling match to a 12 year old gymnast girl, that sure was embarrassing. When I was 21 I dated a 17 year old gymnast, she was probably more than twice as strong as me and I couldn't win a wrestling match against her even if we started with me on top. I married an ex-gymnast, she has kept on training gymnasts and is today at 35 still a very strong woman, a lot stronger than me. My mother-in-law is like yours tonny, also an ex-gymnast, she is a gym rat nowadays and at 57 she can beat many men at armwrestling (me included).

living proofJul 07 2009 12:44am
I agree with living proof. My daughter is 15 and active gymnast, she is on the border of being too big so she will never be a top gymnast. She started 11 years ago with gymastics and have developed an amazing muscular physique. She could beat me in armwrestling when she turned 13. She recently won an armwrestling match with a 6'1, 200 lbs guy. Gymnasts are very very strong.

Dad to a gymnastDec 17 2009 6:31am
Dad about what size is your daughter and how old was the guy she wrestled

anonymousDec 19 2009 12:22am
Daughter is 5'6, 147 lbs. The guy was 21. I am 5'9 and 150 lbs so I am rather skinny compared to daughter. Or I should just be honest to say that I lack the muscle she has. My ex-wife, the daughters mother, was also a gymnast and very strong. She left us some years ago and lives in another country. She was 5'7 and perhaps 155 lbs, very muscular for a woman.

Dad to a gymnastJan 05 2010 1:13am
Whaw Dad to a gymnast

MrJeanFeb 18 2010 5:33am
You often see female gymnasts lifting and supporting other female gymnasts. The fact is though here that both are female and both are wearing leotards. Also since both are gymnasts they are most liable to be lithe and trim in build. You also see men both suporting females and other males, but hardly if ever females supporting males. Although a male whose gross weight wearing shirt and trousers could be no more than a female wearing a leotard. Therefore it is no more than convention and male pride which prevents males from being seen to be lifted by females. So if males who actually liked being lifted by women and women who liked and felt able to lift men got together this would produce a truly shattering shock.

hymatMar 20 2010 4:41am
Gymnast girls arent strong as what you guys think. Almost every guy here is beating his dick writing this kind of poo. Weak f*ckes hit the gym instead of worshipping gymnasts who dont give a f*ck about you. You talk about strenght whit a girl and scissors she will never talk to you again.

MasculineforceMay 03 2010 5:10am
the other day my 14 year old gymnastic girl cousin took the remote off me. i laughed and said give it back. she said make me. i said im a 16 year old boy dont make me do it. she then put her arm on the table and said armwrestle, winner gets remote she put up her rit arm even though she is left handed. i said wrong hand and she said im ok u can use both if you like, so wanting to watch my show i thought i would end it quickly,so i used both. i started to puch her arm down lightly but it wudnt budge so i tried to surprise her by going all out.BUT HER ARM WOULDNT MOVE! she then looked me in the eye and said you shouldnt have doubted my strenght and slammed my two arms down.needless to say i was takin aback. she then called in her little brother and asked him did ye want to watch wrestling he said yess and i thought she ment on the t.v. she then jumped on me and pinned me down.she then squeezed me with her legs untill i gave up.she then called her dad tom in and said look at this and lifted me up and squeezed me until i admitted she was stronger. her dad started laughing at me. i was completly surprised and embarrised as i had no idea she was this strong.

tomJun 08 2010 7:09am
I have not wrestled a female gymnast since high school and we were just playing around but she once got me in a body scissors and would have snapped my ribs if my eyes hadn't gotten as big as saucers. Of course I intentionally rolled into a head scissors later but hey I was a horny kid. 40 years later I still love strong female muscles and spend a lot of time tapping out to my wife whom I have by 8" and 70 lbs.

WrestleDadNov 15 2010 5:55pm
Female gymnasts arnt strong

AnonymousJan 24 2011 1:37pm
if you say that they arn't strong you have never met a real gymnast girl. My sister and her two best friends were almost national level gymnasts when we were kids. When she was 14 and I was 18 she was so much stronger than me it was crazy, and so were her friends. The last time I won against my younger sister in an armwrestling match was when she was 12 and I was 16, and I had to give it all to win. She is today 42 and still very strong since she has been very physically active since her school days and I am married to one of her friends. And you are right, I can't take her either in a wrestling match. It has been so most of our lives so it is a natural thing. Gymnast boys are of course stronger but pounf for pound my bet is on the girl. Their strength are almost scary.

Gymnast's husbandFeb 01 2011 7:34am
Pound for pound, lighter people are stronger than heavier people in general, regardless of sex. At bench press competitions, the people who can bench press the most X their bodyweight. One large reason for this is because at the upper end of strength levels, joints and tendons become the weaker links, instead of the muscles. All of that said...any grown man who is getting beat in an type of strength competition by a 12 year old of any sex are the exception and not the norm. All in all, men are much stronger than women. For instanse, as I recall, shirted bench press records are 1000 lbs for male and 531 for female. That is a HUGE difference.

RealisticFeb 07 2011 3:21pm
There is no doubt that Female gymansts are strong

AnonymousMar 30 2011 9:50am
A friend of mine is a gymnast and her strength is really scary. She is 105 lbs and can easily benchpress 170-180 lbs which is more than 150 % of her bodyweight. Pound for pound they are the strongest. If you are not very athletic and strong, you would not stand a chance against any well trained girl gymnast.

Believe meJun 16 2011 1:27am
My daughter is a gymnast and she easily beats me at armwrestling. Shes 14. And I'm bigger than you Not sure if she could beat my hubby, they never tried it. But it wouldn't surprise me.

SusanJul 18 2011 7:57am
Oh, and she's a level 7

SusanJul 18 2011 9:36am
Well ask your hubby to play armwrestling with her.

LindaJul 18 2011 10:45am
I read this poll to my hubby and he thinks it is hilarious. He said he'll try the wrestling with my daughter just to show me stupid the question is.

SusanJul 18 2011 10:50am
I read this poll to my hubby and he thinks it is hilarious. He said he'll try the wrestling with my daughter just to show me stupid the question is.

SusanJul 18 2011 10:59am
Yikes. I didn't expect her to win the wrestling. She didn't even look line was trying very hard. Shes been doing some karate classes with me though, so maybe that helped.

SusanJul 18 2011 11:05am
Wow. Did they try the armwrestling?

LindaJul 18 2011 11:18am
No, but he wasn't able to hold on to her arms when they wrestled so I doubt that he would win the armwrestling.

SusanJul 18 2011 11:27am
Haha. Was he embaressed? I bet he didn't see that coming.

LindaJul 18 2011 11:42am
He does know that she's been doing the karate with me, so that didn't surprise him. But he probably figured he can just overpower her with brawn. So he was in for a big surprise when she managed to wrestle him down.

SusanJul 18 2011 12:26pm
Did she tease him?

LindaJul 18 2011 12:48pm
Not much. She held his arms down with her knees and put her hands on his throat. Said she could kill him if she wanted to.

SusanJul 18 2011 12:50pm
Haha. You go girl! Do you think she really could?

LindaJul 18 2011 1:10pm
Kill him? Idk. Maybe. She squeezed his neck with her hands till I told her to stop cause his face was getting red.

SusanJul 18 2011 1:13pm
Why didn't he push her off and fight back?

Pixie1078Jul 18 2011 1:25pm
He tried, but she had her knees on his arms. And each time he tried to push her with his legs she got out his reach by bending forward. Eventually he stopess trying and just asked her to let go.

SusanJul 18 2011 1:31pm
How much does your husband weigh?

Pixie1078Jul 18 2011 2:07pm
He's 5"8 147. My daughter is 5"3 105.

SusanJul 18 2011 2:09pm
Sounds like the original poster has his answer.

Pixie1078Jul 18 2011 2:15pm
We did the armwrestling. My daughter beat both of us. But at least I beat my hubby.

SusanJul 18 2011 2:28pm
She's stronger than both of you? How do you control her?

LindaJul 18 2011 2:30pm
I'm better at karate than she is, so there's always that. Lol Seriously though. She listens just fine.

SusanJul 18 2011 2:32pm
Dint you think it was an unfair fight I'd she knows karate?

RobJul 18 2011 2:41pm
She did not use it. They wrestled.

SusanJul 18 2011 2:50pm
She did not use it. They wrestled.

SusanJul 18 2011 3:11pm
What did your husband say after the fight?

LindaJul 18 2011 3:12pm
Not much. He looked a bit sheepish and told her not to forget that he is still in charge.

SusanJul 18 2011 3:16pm
Only if she let's him. Haha

LindaJul 18 2011 3:17pm
Can you take him down yourself?

AnonymousJul 18 2011 3:25pm
Never thought about it. But after seeing his performance with my daughter I'm sure I can.

SusanJul 18 2011 3:26pm
I hope I didn't get him in a mess here. She's his step daughter. He's been raising her for 10 years though. Just hope she will still respect him.

SusanJul 18 2011 3:33pm
That guy is screwed

BillJul 18 2011 3:34pm
Why is he screwed?

SusanJul 18 2011 3:41pm
She make him her bitch if your not there

BillJul 18 2011 3:42pm
She will tell all her friends about it. Poor guy

KkJul 18 2011 3:44pm
Ine of her friends was here when they did the fight. And she's been talking to their friends on the phone since then.

SusanJul 18 2011 3:45pm
Maybe you are right bill. I just came back from the store and he has a bunch of bruises that he didn't have before. He's not saying anything so I don't know what happened.

SusanJul 18 2011 5:06pm

BillJul 18 2011 5:06pm

SusanJul 18 2011 5:13pm
She wanted him to be her bitch and he didn't listen. She kicked his ass.

BillJul 18 2011 5:14pm
I talked to the friend that is still here. She says he asked my daughter for a rematch when I was out. They got into it and she was trying to show off. Used the stuff we learn in the karate class. Apparently she kicked him a few times. His side and head. This is horrible

SusanJul 18 2011 5:19pm
His own fault. Why ask for a rematch. Don't feel bad.

LindaJul 18 2011 5:20pm
My daughter says her friend talked him into it. I don't know what to believe

SusanJul 18 2011 5:35pm
He needs to teach her a lesson. She can't do something like that. Tell your husband to take her cell phone away.

KkJul 18 2011 5:46pm
idk if she will listen to him. she's walking around like she owns the place. Rolled up her sleeves to show buff she is.

SusanJul 18 2011 5:48pm
Tell her to fall in line or you kick her butt. You said you do karate, better than her.

BillJul 18 2011 5:50pm
well I told her I'd she won't behave I take her out of the karate class. That did the trick.

SusanJul 18 2011 5:53pm
well I told her I'd she won't behave I take her out of the karate class. That did the trick.

SusanJul 18 2011 6:51pm
She picked another fight when he tried to get her phone. I was downstairs and heard the commotion upstairs. When I got there she was holding him a headlock and her friend was going through his wallet.

SusanJul 18 2011 7:38pm
You need to lay down the law. He will end up greeting hurt if they start to bulky him. How did they get his wallet?

BillJul 18 2011 7:40pm
The friend had his pants. No idea his she got them.

SusanJul 18 2011 7:41pm
They took of his pants? Geez! Put a atop to this. And tell your husband to man up. Get him some weights.

LindaJul 18 2011 7:43pm
I went back up there to set her straight. That didn't go well. Figured I can take her on if she's stupid enough to try something. I am better than her at karate. But she caught me by surprise snd grabbed my wrists before I could do anything. She didn't do anything else. But I think we are in for some real trouble.

SusanJul 18 2011 8:14pm
My hubby and I decided that he needs to learn to defend himself so I will try to show him some stuff from my karate class.

SusanJul 18 2011 8:21pm
this will rake while. I was taking it easy and moving slow, but I still hit him almost every time. I can see where my daughter us coming from. I feel like I could kill him without breaking a sweat. It's pathetic.

SusanJul 18 2011 8:34pm
He's acting pissed because I hit him when I tried to show him some stuff. I barely touched him. Told him with that attitude I wont help him to deal with my daughter Jamie. So he's on his own.

SusanJul 18 2011 9:04pm
Jamie and her friend gave him a hard time today while I was at work. Hope he's dealing with it. I won't help.

SusanJul 19 2011 4:22pm
He's saying the friend molested him. Not sure if I buy that. I doubt that's possible.

SusanJul 19 2011 4:29pm

BillJul 19 2011 4:29pm
Shut up Bill

SusanJul 19 2011 4:30pm
Shut up Bill

SusanJul 19 2011 5:23pm
Shut up Bill

SusanJul 19 2011 5:50pm
Ok it does work, even if he doesn't want to. I just tried with my hubby when I came out the shower. Still doubt that jamies friend did anything serious.

SusanJul 19 2011 5:52pm
Did he have a stiffie?

BillJul 19 2011 6:53pm
Yes but I had to work on it after I got him down. Had to hold him down with my legs so I could us my hands. When I had him ready I changed position and had it my way. Hope that was a wakeup call. He needs to stop acting like a sissy and stand his ground.

SusanJul 19 2011 6:56pm
You guys are nuts. What did tbe poor guy do to deserve this?

kkJul 19 2011 7:38pm
Hes acting like a damn wimp. Im just trying to help him. He needs to stand his groubd when my daughter acts like a bully.

susanJul 19 2011 7:45pm
You are doing this the wrong way. But that your problem. But that friend offers has no business in this. Tell her to stay away.

KkJul 20 2011 8:37am
I already told the friend to stay away. So he just needs to deal with Jamie. He's not working and it's summer break right now. So they are here all day together when I'm at work. As far as I can tell she's bossing him around all day. Bring me water, clean my room and so on. He's ending up doing all the chores that gave her.

SusanJul 20 2011 8:55am
Why doesnt he tell her to do her own chores. She can't just sit around all day.

KkJul 20 2011 9:07am
That's my point. He needs to do that. She's trying everything to keep him intimidated. We have a punching bag in the basement that nobody used for a long time. He's telling that she's using it every day now and that she has him hold to keep it from bouncing around while she hits it.

SusanJul 20 2011 9:17am
Sorry. She sounds like a spoiled bratt

KkJul 20 2011 9:30am
Why dont you tell her to stop then

LindaJul 20 2011 9:46am
In not supposed to know. She told him not to tell me. And she's having her purple belt test in our karate class tomorrow if she passes that she's as good as me. And she has more strength than me from the gymnastics. So I don't want her to act up against me.

SusanJul 20 2011 9:49am
So you expect you husband to stand his ground and you chicken out yourself? Way to go.

AnonymousJul 20 2011 11:18am
I'll talk with her again. And with him. He needs to use the weight that I gave him.

SusanJul 20 2011 11:57am
I'll talk with her again. And with him. He needs to use the weight that I gave him.

SusanJul 20 2011 12:19pm
Not sure what to make of whY she says. She thinks that she's just joking around and that she didn't expect my husband would listen. He is still reluctant to use the weights. Says it's boring. But he agreed to me showing him a few more things from the class.

SusanJul 20 2011 12:26pm
You think he's holding back cause you're a girl? Tell him you won't hold back this time so he takes it serious.

CrystalJul 20 2011 12:29pm
Good idea. I told him and he's getting ready now. He sYs he'll take it serious and do better this time. My daughter wants to try it with me too, so we do that after I train my husband if I'm up to it.

SusanJul 20 2011 12:45pm
He's still pussyfooting around. Or i wouldnt win this easy. Really pisses me off. In in a good mood to deal with my daughter so she better watches out when we try our fight thing in a few minutes.

SusanJul 20 2011 1:24pm
Now I know how mummy husband must feel. Just tried it with Jamie. We were even with the karate stuff and neither one got the upper hand so she decided to switch to wrestling. Geez, shes strong. Had me pinned pretty fast.

SusanJul 20 2011 1:34pm
Now she's bossing my husband even while I'm here :(

SusanJul 20 2011 1:40pm
Oh lord

KkJul 20 2011 1:40pm
She broke a toe nail when we did the fight and wants mike to fix it. Also called her friend to come over, even though I told her to stay away.

SusanJul 20 2011 1:47pm
That's ridiculous. Put her in her place. Tell her you are paying the bills and she needs to stop.

JackJul 20 2011 1:50pm
That's ridiculous. Put her in her place. Tell her you are paying the bills and she needs to stop.

JackJul 20 2011 2:22pm
What's an L pullup? Jamie wants him to help her with those.

SusanJul 20 2011 2:36pm
Never mind. I see what it is. She's doing them on a beam in the yard now. Not sure why she needs mike for that.

SusanJul 20 2011 2:44pm
Mike was there to help me to try those pullups.. I put my ankles on his shoulders when I did them to make it easier. I could tell that mike got pretty excited by the view that gave him. Could have sone fun with this if nobody else was here. Of course the stupid

SusanJul 20 2011 2:53pm
Jamis fried teied it with her ankles on his shoulders too. Although I don't think she really had to. She's doing the gymnastics with Jamie. Had the same effect on him. That worries me a bit.

SusanJul 20 2011 3:00pm
What does the friend look like?

BillJul 20 2011 3:24pm
Idk. She's 2 years older than Jamie. 5"3 115 pounds I guess. Looks Too muscly for a girl.

SusanJul 20 2011 3:26pm
She's the one that tried to hit on him?

BillJul 20 2011 3:39pm
Yes. She's a spoiled bratt. Rich parents. Used to get what she wants.

SusanJul 20 2011 3:41pm
Does he think she's sexy?

BillJul 20 2011 3:43pm
I doubt it. To me She's build like a guy.

SusanJul 20 2011 3:53pm
Did she give him a stiffie with the pullups?

BillJul 20 2011 4:31pm
I guess

SusanJul 20 2011 4:32pm
There's your answer

BillJul 20 2011 4:32pm
:( just went outside with Jamie to pick up some stuff from the car and when we got back to the livingroom her friend was messing with mike.

SusanJul 20 2011 4:44pm
What happened?

BillJul 20 2011 4:45pm
She was holding him from behind on the couch with his arms pinned to his sides and it looked like she had her foot pushed in his boxers. But she pulled it out quickly when she saw us

SusanJul 20 2011 4:49pm
Lucky guy

BillJul 20 2011 4:51pm
No. A disrespectful spoiled bratt. Tell her to go or call her parents.

CrystalJul 20 2011 4:57pm
I asked her what she dis but she's denying that she did anything. Says mike tried to touch her and that she was holding him to stop him. But I know what I saw.

SusanJul 20 2011 5:00pm
What does your husband say?

CrystalJul 20 2011 5:09pm
He says she came after him as soon as we went outside. He tokd to get lost but she kept telling him that she knows some neat tricks. When he tried to push her away she grabbed him sat down and put her foot in his pants. Asked how he liked that. Then we cMe in a minute later.

SusanJul 20 2011 5:13pm
Did he get a stiffie?

BillJul 20 2011 5:14pm
You are an *sshole bill

CrystalJul 20 2011 5:15pm
He says he did. That he couldn't help it. :(

SusanJul 20 2011 5:16pm
She left. Good riddance I think she was embarrassed that she got caught. So I don't need to tell her parents for now

SusanJul 20 2011 6:23pm
Doesn't she have a bf? Why is she doing this.

CrystalJul 20 2011 6:31pm
She does. Plays football so she probably can't do stuff like that to him if he doesn't want it

SusanJul 20 2011 6:32pm
Her trick works. Didn't really expect that. Tried it on mike tonight after Jamie went up to her room. He was in the kitchen getting a drink and I snug up from behind and grabbed him. Pulled him over to one of the high chairs and sat down. Ten wrapped my legs around him and put one foot down in his shorts. Was pretty messy, but it did work.

SusanJul 20 2011 6:33pm
Don't you think that hurt his feelings?

CrystalJul 20 2011 6:44pm
Don't listen to her. If he gets a stiffie he wants it

BillJul 20 2011 6:45pm
In not sure crystal. Hope not. In beginning to understand why most guys like small women. It's fun to take charge like this. I told him that I need his help in the basement so he's down there now. I'll change and then go down and make sure that I get my piece of the fun. He got his already

SusanJul 20 2011 6:51pm
When I got down there he was punching the bag. Lol. It looked pretty pathetic so I showed him how it's done. I think I overdid it because when I stopes and walked over to him he was acting very timid. I told him to relax and I woukd like to do a little nude sparring. He looked like he would pee his pants, but he took his boxers off when I told him to and I got out of my robe. We disc little bit of tackling and I made sure to go easy so I didn't overwhelm him. We ended up on the ground after a few minutes and I put him on his back. Grabbed his hips to move him in tbe position where I wanted him and the bastard came. I was pretty pissed off at that point and freaked out. Then I stormed off. I hope he's ok . He hasn't come back up here yet.

SusanJul 20 2011 7:47pm
Everything is ok. Mike told me tgmhis morning that he is frustrated that he is getting stuck with jamies chores. Any idea how i can help him?

susanJul 21 2011 11:22am
Jamie passed her puroke belt test. Im happy for. But also a bit concerned with all the stuff thats happening. Cant one up her now. Aparentky her friend came again today too so mike is in a bad mood. Says she was out to finish what she started yesterday. Jamie is still giving him a hard time too. Told him i want to see him in tbe basement again tonight. Maybe that will distract him.

SusanJul 21 2011 6:25pm
Finaly got my she of tbe fun :) told him what i was expecting and that i would be pissed if he doesnt deliver. Noticwd tgat he has a dew bruises, but he didnt tell me how he got them.

SusanJul 21 2011 6:43pm
any idea hiw i xan keep Jamies friend away? Turns out she gave him the bruises wgen she held him down to show him more of her tricks. Didnt dare to ask what the tricks were

SusanJul 21 2011 6:51pm
Ask him. I want to know.

BillJul 21 2011 6:53pm
He told me but it didnt make sense. Something about splits. And something else about being held upside down. Shecdropped him when she tried that thsts how he got the bruises.

SusanJul 21 2011 7:09pm
Since i did yhsy pant thong yesterday mike seems to b be obsessed with my legs and feet. Asked me three times if he can do my nails.

SusanJul 21 2011 7:12pm
If it bothers you just tell him. You do karate, right? So tell him its not all fun with your legs.

LindaJul 21 2011 7:15pm
Just kick hom in the balks abd hell get it.

AnonymousJul 21 2011 7:16pm
I cant do thst. Thats unfair. Let me tey a couoke of swipes to his face

susanJul 21 2011 7:24pm
That didnt help. Just got him excited and he tried to grab my leg. I oulked back and kicked at him again. A bit too hard. Knocked him out cold. Hes ok now, but he looks like hrs scsred of me.

SusanJul 21 2011 7:31pm
Good. He learned his lesson

AnonymousJul 21 2011 7:36pm
How is it good to be scared of his wife?

CrystalJul 21 2011 7:37pm
Meabs shes in control. wears the pamts

AnonymousJul 21 2011 7:43pm
Spoke with Marcy. Jamies friend. Turns out tgat football player isn't her bf after all. Says she's not really into guys. So what she did to mike was just playing around. Thats a bit af a relieve. Nothing to worry about there. She did try to cone on to me. Lol. But I'm not into that stuff. Although it did feel nice to be hugged by someone who feels strong. Wish mike was mire like that.

SusanJul 22 2011 5:59am
Geez she's pushy. Almost has me convinced to change sides. I'm pretty fusspot Ted in mike.he's such a pushover

SusanJul 22 2011 7:03am
Disappointed I mean.

SusanJul 22 2011 7:45am
I asked Marcy why she did that thing to mike the other night and she said that that she was curious if it woukd work on a guy. Only tried it on her gf before. I can't see how that would work on a girl, but whatever.

SusanJul 22 2011 7:50am
Ask her to show you.

BillJul 22 2011 7:50am
Nor really my thing. But I am curious. Maybe I will.

SusanJul 22 2011 7:54am
Holy cow. Mike never made me feel like that. Not sure if it was what she was doing, or if it was just new feeling her strong body that helped. But man, did it work. She used get toes a lot mire than I was expecting. Gotta try it that on Mike.

SusanJul 22 2011 8:01am
Tried it that way on Mike and he says it hurts. So I'm doing something wrong.

SusanJul 22 2011 8:48am
Ask Marcy to show you.

BillJul 22 2011 8:53am
Ok she did. I know what I did wrong. Mike didn't like her showing me hiw to do it on him, but it's for his benefit.

SusanJul 22 2011 8:55am
Well, that's not what I meant.

BillJul 22 2011 8:56am
I'm starting to hate how skinny mike is. He really needs to work out

SusanJul 22 2011 8:58am
Don't let this crazy girl ruin things fir you abd your husband.

KkJul 22 2011 9:12am
It's not that. But it reminded me that I feel more secure with my girl friends from the gym than I do with mike. I feel like mike would hide behind me if there's ever any trouble.

SusanJul 22 2011 9:15am
My friend thinks I should take him to the class with me and do some sparring with him. She thinks that will embarrass him enough to get into shape.

SusanJul 22 2011 9:17am
He went to the class with me today. So I hope that will do the trick.

SusanJul 22 2011 9:23am
How did it go?

LindaJul 22 2011 9:24am
He insisted on doing tge sparring with someone else, so he ended up doing it with one of my girls friends. Was the first time she tried that with a guy so she made a big deal out of it. There were at least 20 other women watching.

SusanJul 22 2011 9:27am
So they did the sparring?

LindaJul 22 2011 9:46am
Yes. My friend was pretty careful at first. But once she figured out that the stuff that we learn does work, abd she realized how weak mike is, she got more bold. She just toyed around with him so we all got a good laugh out of it. Still looked like mine was getting the beating of his life though. So I really hope that was a wakeup call.

SusanJul 22 2011 9:49am
What do you mean she toyed around?

LindaJul 22 2011 9:50am
She realized how easy it would be to win the sparring match. So she kept encouraging him to throw some punches at her. Most of the time she moved out of the way or blocked. He hit a couple of times but it didn't have much of an effect. After the first two rounds she didn't even bother to put her headgear back on. Every now and then she hit back at him and she got him every time. He wanted to stop a few times, but we told him that he needs to hang in there. Whole thing took 30 minutes or so. She basically took him apart slowly. Just wore him out. He was huffing and puffing and age barely broke a sweat. When it was over some of the other women wanted to try it with him, but he was in no condition to continue.

SusanJul 22 2011 10:13am
Wow. He must have been rely embaressed with all those people watching.

LindaJul 22 2011 10:17am
He didn't say much but he probably was. At least when it was over. When they started he was too confident to pay attention to the other people. And she kept him too busy to notice them.

SusanJul 22 2011 10:41am
What did your friend say when they were done?

LindaJul 22 2011 10:44am
She told him that he's lucky that he's married to her friend or she wouldn't have just played around. And she told me that I'm a lucky gal. that shed date him herself if he wasn't married.

SusanJul 22 2011 11:04am
I think it worked. He just tokd me that he thinks ge needs to join a gym.

SusanJul 22 2011 11:10am
Lol. Somebody there took a video. One of my friends from the class just brought me a DVD. Watching it now.

SusanJul 22 2011 12:02pm
Put it on youtube

BillJul 22 2011 12:07pm
Lol. No I won't.

SusanJul 22 2011 12:22pm
I'm glad someone took the video for us. Its easier to see what happened so mike can see where he messed up. Kendra did the same thing over and over. He should have noticed. Each time she attacked she started by hitting his torso. Then he hunched over and she hit his head. I was wondering how she managed to hit his head since she's 6 inches shorter than him.

SusanJul 22 2011 12:34pm
Wish I was there.

AnonymousJul 22 2011 12:38pm
Sounds like an unfair fight to me. He just didn't want to hit a woman.

MarkJul 22 2011 12:47pm
Was she one of those girls that look like a guy?

AnonymousJul 22 2011 12:50pm
No, she's pretty petite. That's why he picked her. 5"2 and skinny. Older too so he thought shed be slow. 50

SusanJul 22 2011 12:52pm
He got his ass kicked by a grandma?

BillJul 22 2011 1:07pm
50 is hardly a grandma. I'm 40 myself

SusanJul 22 2011 1:12pm
Obviously she's in better shape then him. Don't call her a grandma.

LindaJul 22 2011 1:32pm
Kendria came over with two if our friends to give me a copy of the video. She didn't know I had one She apologized to Mike. That was nice.

SusanJul 22 2011 2:05pm
Did Jamie go to sparring with you?

LindaJul 22 2011 2:06pm
No she had her gymnastics. She's warning the video now.

SusanJul 22 2011 2:08pm
Marcy is asking Kendra if they can try the sparring

SusanJul 22 2011 2:12pm
Don't they do thst in tge class anyway?

LindaJul 22 2011 2:15pm
Marcy isn't in the karate class. She's doing gymnasts with Jamie. Anyway they are getting ready to try it out in the yard.

SusanJul 22 2011 2:16pm
That was a pretty close match. Kendra hit Marcy a bunch times. But then Marcy got a hold of her and wrestled her down. At that point Kendra didn't have much of a chance

SusanJul 22 2011 2:19pm
My other two friends that came over tried it with Marcy as well and they both won Glad they did.

SusanJul 22 2011 2:37pm
Now they talked mike and Marcy into trying it because they both don't do the karate class, so they think that's more even

SusanJul 22 2011 2:41pm
She pretty much wiped the floor with him. When it was over she asked if she should do her special trick. So now my friends are asking what that is. :(

SusanJul 22 2011 3:31pm
I just told them that it was a joke between them and then when the others left I told Kendra. She hadn't heard of it either. Thought it was weird and she thinks she should try it. She knows that mike knows how it works, so she asked if me if she can try it when he gets out of the shower. I'm not happy about, but it's no worse than Marcy showing me on him. Kendra will ask for a rematch for the sparring when he comes downstairs.

SusanJul 22 2011 3:59pm
Kendra says it worked. Not sure what happened though. She waited for him upstairs so I wasn't there. I did hear some comorion and she did her karate scream a few times, but it didn't take long. I'll ask mike later.

SusanJul 22 2011 4:10pm
They are all gone so i got a chance to talk with Mike. He says she hid his clothes while he was in the shower and took off her own. When he got out of the bathroom she was in the bedroom and told him she wants a rematch. Since she was in her underwear he said no and tried to push past her. She took that as starting the fight and started to hit at him. He says she did it much harder than the gym and that he was downs after 3 or 4 hits. Then she said something about Marcys trick and Mike told her to stay away from him. He says she didnt listen and started to try that trick on him. Apparently she was done to fast cause she got pissed that it was over so quick. She told him to stay where he was and threatened to hit him if he wont. He says she got some lotion from the bathroom and then worked on him till he was hard again. Then she took her panties off and started to get it her way. Thats what she called it. Obviously he didnt like that and started to protest, but she covered his mouth with her free hand. She was done after a couple of minutes and threw his clothes at him and tokd him not to tell anyone downstairs or else. Poo. I thught she was my friend

SusanJul 22 2011 8:06pm
Everything is back to normal I think. Jamie stopped teasing mike. Hope it will stay that way. Also spoke with Kendra. She apologized. Said she just lost control. I'm not happy about but I understand. Happened to me a couple of times now when I was playing around with mike and I ended up having to apologize a couple of times. He's a good sport about it. We even came up with excuses for his bruises together. Lol

SusanJul 24 2011 4:52pm
Gymnasts are very strong, I can tell you from my own experience. My neighbour is a gymnast (I do not know which lvl), she is 14 years old (163 cm, 55 kg), I am 17 years old (177 cm, 75 kg). We hang out a lot and we also go to gym together. I am little strong in the upper body, when we armwrestle I beat her, but it is very very close and the gap is closing by the day. But her legs are much much stronger than mine, she leg presses a lot more than me. We compared our thighs and calves and it was no match, hers bigger, a lot harder and defined. One time she challenged me to a scissor contest. First I put her in my thighs and squeezed with ful power but she did not feel any pain. Her ripped abs obviously offered too much resistance for my rather weak legs. Than we changed roles. She started to squeeze her rock hard thighs and I instantly felt enormous, unbearable pressure. She was really crushing me, it hurt like hell, I was fastly out of air. I screamed and then I tapped. She released me and giggled. We talked about it and she said she did not use her ful power. I complimented her on her incredibly strong legs. I think if she used all her power she could really hurt me, maybe break my ribs. Also her abs are much stronger and harder than mine. So I guess her body is a lot stronger, eventough she is smaller and younger, just my arms a little stronger than hers. Gymnast girls are very strong.

AnonymousAug 10 2011 5:38am
Gymnasts are incredibly strong and they know it. Guys like to underestimate their power. The same thing happened to me and my friends. My sister is a gymnast. She is 15, I am 2 years older. Me and my friends were armwrestling for fun and she wanted to join the competition. One of my friends was rude and said to her that girls are weak and they should bother about other things. She was really angry. She challenged us on competition girls vs boys. We laughed but then we accepted. She invited 3 of her gymnast friends at my parents house. They came and my rude friend laughed at them, they were all smaller than us and also younger (my gf 15, 2 of them were 14 and one 13 year old girl). We were I would say pretty big boys 17 years old, 3 of us bigger than average. They seemed very confident and unbothered by our macho comments. We agreed on the competition and rules. First armwrestling, 4 girls vs. 4 boys random, than push ups competition, legwrestling, than thug of war and in the end wrestling. Best out of 5 games. The shock came instantly in the first competition, the girls won easily all 4 matches. I armwrestled against the youngest girl, 5 years younger than me and a lot smaller, but she slammed my hand on the table like nothing. I watched closely all the matches and I was suprised to see the biceps of this girls. Their biceps exploded from their slim arms when armwrestling and they were really big and defined. The macho guy lost badly to my sister and he was really ashamed. He said that he wont do this poo anymore. But the girls make fun of him, that he is a wimp and chicken, so he and all the rest of the guys had to fight till the end. The pushups competition was a disaster for us. All of us 8 did the most pushups we could before we collapsed to the floor. All the four girls were far ahead. Legwrestling the same outcome. They started to make fun of us more and more. The thug of war was the most embarassing. We started 4 on 4 but the girls hold us easily so my sister released the rope. The 3 girls (two 14 years old and one 13 years) against 4 older boys pulled us with ease and won this competition. We were destroyed, out of energy, down on self esteem and we did not want to wrestle. But they did not let us quit. They attacked us quickly, each one of them grabbed one of us and they started to wrestle us. I was attacked by the youngest girl, she quickly grabbed me and enveloped her body around mine. She started to squeeze really hard. I felt the hardness of this young girls body. It was like she is made of steel, all hard muscle no sign of any fat on her body. She squeezed with all different holds and I screamed and beg her to release me. I heard the desperate screams and cry of my friends. But they wouldnt let us free, they plannes to have fun with us. My sister locked the door of the room, so we could not escape. They humiliated us for hours, squeezed us, throw us around the room, make fun of us, they made us worship their biceps and tell them that girls are stronger and guys are wimps and so on. When they finished with us we were finished, out of air and all of my body hurt as hell from their steel squeezes. We had a lesson for life. So I must say that gymnasts are incredibly strong. A normal guy cannot compare to this trained muscular gymnast bodies.

MarkAug 11 2011 5:59am
Hi Susan. How are things going?

LindaAug 19 2011 6:39pm
It's a big mess. Jamie is giving both of us a hard time. And Kendra keeps messing with Mike when I'm at work.

SusanAug 19 2011 6:44pm
What are they doing?

LindaAug 19 2011 6:44pm
Jamie just doesn't listen to us. Does whatever she wants. Kendra is taking advantage of Mike all the time I think. He hasn't said anything but he had ne bruises all the time. I think she has friends over when mike is there and then tells him to practice the karate stuff with her.

SusanAug 19 2011 6:53pm
you guys watch too many movies and spend too much in front of computers all the people here predicting fight outcomes are morons. ok so you guys assume headlocks jsut happen magically? it is the msot unlikely hold to achieve, it only happens with regularity if the opponent knows nothing of wrestling, or if its a fetish film also gymnasts are trained to do pirouettes. how many times do you see a gymnast training to fight? its a whole different story. true gymnastics makes people strong, but so do most sports and they dont necessarily teach you how to fight well, jsut have a body which COULD(hypothetically) fight well

AnonymousAug 23 2011 8:47pm
There's an awful lot of crap being talked on this thread and guys pretending to be women. However it is true that girls are much stronger than we realise - gymnast girls even more so. An average fully grown man would not stand a chance against a teen girl gymnast in any kind of physical fight or contest.

PupstarNov 14 2011 9:03am
male gymnasts are a lot stronger than female gymnasts, female gymnasts on the other hand are a lot stronger than most untrained males. Gymnasts are very strong, it is stated here and it is the truth. My sister's daughter is 14 years old, all muscle. She can beat most of our male relatives at armwrestling, they cannot match her explosive strength at all. Me and my sister have been gymnasts and we both could beat many of the boys at school if they dared to meet us in an armwrestling match.

BrigitteDec 13 2011 5:07am
OMG, most of these stories are just made up. Some 14 year old making a guy worship her biceps. Bull crap! These are weird fetish stories, plus they all seem to be written by the same person fantasizing over 14 year old. Creep!!! Whoever you are, STOP!! I'll stick to the question and be realistic about it, and offer some experiences I've witnessed. Their strength? Well different gymnasts have different levels of strength. Can they beat a trained male athlete? Maybe, maybe not. Probably not, in a fair fight. But I will tell you this: These little gymnasts are amazingly strong. Not superhuman like some of these stories make it seem. But the smaller, more compact or taller, thicker built gymnasts would blow your mind at the power they posses. Not so much in the upper body, but legs wise, I promise they are some kind of powerhouse. Think of what they have to do with their legs: They propel themselves to very high speeds and vault pretty dang high. It takes raw strength to do that. And yes they absolutely DO train with weights. Don't be ignorant about it and think they're not that strong, because they are. Here's the 2 times in college I've seen how strong. I was at UGA, and they have some wild parties in Athens. The first: After a few drinks, a kicking contest got started around one of the campus pools. The drunk guy, Drew, was challenging people to punch him on the jaw. Two guys popped him, but he just shook it off. He told Kassie, one girl that was a Gym Dawg (gymnast team) to hit him. She said can I kick instead? He laughed and told her yeah. Drew bent down, she stepped up and kicked him in the face. Everybody yelled OH SH!T and laughed, but Drew fell out flat. I swear to god this girl kicked like I've never seen! I was like WTF? Sounded like a gun going off. It was all in fun, but it got serious. Drew was cold. A buddy went to get him up then said "He's bleeding!". We got him up and his face was a mess. Blood from the nose, blood from his mouth. We ended up taking him to the E.R. Result? Broken nose, broken jaw. The second was on a trip. We were all playing around in one of our hotel rooms doing the little airplane game thing where someone lifts someone else up with their legs. Another Gym Dawg was lifting guy after guy with her feet, then one leg at a time. Some of these frat guys were pretty hefty Georgia boys, but this chick lifted them like it was nothing, with one leg. That shows power! But still the worst I saw was Drew with his broken nose and jaw... from one kick! So upper body strength, I'm not sure. Leg strength? Yeah, you better believe it. I would imagine play wrestling or something with them squeezing you could probably hurt or break something. I don't know, I'm guessing. But 12 years later, I remember that kick like yesterday and the dropped mouths of everyone around, including me. Barefoot, skin to skin that was an explosion from hell! If you think these chicks aren't strong, you're being ignorant. Look at that Johnson girl. She's built like a freaking tank! You can see she's got strength. Just my two cents.

DamienJan 29 2012 1:33am
Hell, this Linda, Susan, Bill story is all written by the same weird freaky person. This is all BS.

AnonymousJan 29 2012 2:16am
My wife was a gymnast, we met when we were really young, she was 15 and I was 17. She could very easily beat me at anything physical. She was very very strong so it is no BS that a gymnast girl can be stronger than many boys and men. When she was older she still worked out and trained other gymnasts, she could for instance walk on her hands for very long, she could do 3 x 75 pushups, she could do 25 pullups. She got heavier and started to hit the weights. Today we are in our 40's and I have never been able to win a wrestling or armwrestling match against my wife. And that's the way it is. I agree with Brigitte in what she writes. It seems that the fact that gymnast girls are strong is provoking but it is just a fact

LEFeb 13 2012 2:51am
Shawn Johnson is amazingly strong. She has a perfect body and probably beats most men! Shawn Johnson is a goddess, I would love get my legs around her strong hips. Shawn Johnson is a hero!!

ShawnloverApr 08 2012 3:52pm
Shawn Johnson is amazingly strong. She has a perfect body and probably beats most men! Shawn Johnson is a goddess, I would love get my legs around her strong hips. Shawn Johnson is a hero!!

ShawnloverApr 08 2012 3:52pm
Wow people on this blog sure like to lie a lot, i mean sure i know that gymnasts are strong but you guys take it to infinite and beyond. When you talk about girls at the age of 15 and under beating grown men, i just laugh at the fact that people would take that seriously.ALL these storys are writen by wierd men who fantasize about muscular and strong women, its kind of sad really, because they will probably never talk to one, let alone meet one.

TruthApr 13 2012 5:25pm
Truth, there is a lot of exaggeration here, but it's a plain fact that I (36) have been outwrestled by a 14 year old athlete. She regularly weight trained, and I on the other hand don't lift anything heavier than the washing basket. I could out armwrestle her every time, but she beat me in games of 'mercy' and actual play wrestling. Quite embarassing when in front of relatives. I am 5'9, 145lbs, she was 5'4" maybe 140.

SteveMay 22 2012 1:48am
99% of what's here is written from some dude's point of fetish. It's mostly all bull. That Linda story, that's crap. Just made up. Female gymnasts are strong. Not superhero crap, not beating grown men and all. But I've had some experience with a few while I was in high school and helping with the training. I was on the wrestling team and was an assistant with the gymnastics team. I agree with what Damien said. It all differs. But the thickly built gymnasts, those gals have some freakishly strong legs. Shoulder area and backs are strong too. But their real strength is the legs. I won't say they'll overpower any man, but don't think they're not that strong, because in the leg area, they are. I KNOW from experience with working with them. These chicks have some SERIOUS power in their legs. Stronger than a male athlete? No. Stronger than an average man? As far as legs, definitely. It's common sense. Look at their legs: You don't have that kind of leg muscle development and not have power. Somebody said something about them breaking ribs in a leg lock. That's some weird fantasy of some, but realistically thinking, and after seeing these chicks in person and working with them, I'd say they definitely have the potential to break bones with their legs. I don't know why someone would want to do that. Seems stupid to me. But yeah, as for potential, I totally think their legs could breaks ribs easily. But then again ribs are easy to break LOL! Never-the-less, they got some serious leg power!

EddieMay 27 2012 10:33pm
I wish that this was just made up crap. My husband and I broke up over this.

SusanMay 28 2012 11:26am
you broke up over what?

??Jul 13 2012 5:36am
I use gymnasts for strength videos. I once used a gymnast and a bodybuilder. The gymnast picked up the 250 pound man and squatted many times.I love gymnasts for middling.they aren't afraid of showing power. They are dedicated and much more powerful than most athletes...

www.beautystrength.comJul 14 2012 6:58am
I exclusively use gymnasts for fitness middling. They dont tire.

paulJul 14 2012 7:05am
I am a gymnast and do some middling at times.I can attest to the fact that my friends have amazingly strength I have personally seen my 19 year yo friend lift a270 pound man in a fireman's carry. No small feat for a 5'1." Girl

sharon the gymnastJul 14 2012 7:54am
We broke up because he kept lying about what was going on with Kendra. Eventually I caught them in the act. He said that she told him to lie about if I ask or that she would kill him. Maybe she did, but come on. He can't have been that's scared.

SusanJul 25 2012 7:00pm
We broke up because he kept lying about what was going on with Kendra. Eventually I caught them in the act. He said that she told him to lie about if I ask or that she would kill him. Maybe she did, but come on. He can't have been that's scared.

SusanJul 25 2012 7:01pm
truth Susan just be quiet,your may be fooling some of the idiots of this page but your not fooling me, you and your fake stories are just sad, i beet your name is not even susan, lol ill go even further and beet your not even a woman, just some sad man who perves at young gymnasts during the olmypics.

TruthJul 31 2012 11:52am
truth Susan just be quiet,your may be fooling some of the idiots of this page but your not fooling me, you and your fake stories are just sad, i beet your name is not even susan, lol ill go even further and beet your not even a woman, just some sad man who perves at young gymnasts during the olmypics.

TruthJul 31 2012 11:52am
truth Susan just be quiet,your may be fooling some of the idiots of this page but your not fooling me, you and your fake stories are just sad, i beet your name is not even susan, lol ill go even further and beet your not even a woman, just some sad man who perves at young gymnasts during the olmypics.

TruthJul 31 2012 11:52am
truth Susan just be quiet,your may be fooling some of the idiots of this page but your not fooling me, you and your fake stories are just sad, i beet your name is not even susan, lol ill go even further and beet your not even a woman, just some sad man who perves at young gymnasts during the olmypics.

TruthJul 31 2012 11:52am
truth Susan just be quiet,your may be fooling some of the idiots of this page but your not fooling me, you and your fake stories are just sad, i beet your name is not even susan, lol ill go even further and beet your not even a woman, just some sad man who perves at young gymnasts during the olmypics.

TruthJul 31 2012 11:52am
truth Susan just be quiet,your may be fooling some of the idiots of this page but your not fooling me, you and your fake stories are just sad, i beet your name is not even susan, lol ill go even further and beet your not even a woman, just some sad man who perves at young gymnasts during the olmypics.

TruthJul 31 2012 11:52am
Check out this:

JohnSep 04 2012 2:54am
I was dating a gymnast she had huge muscley legs she beat me at arm wrestling leg wrestling grapple wrestling and even submission wrestling she beat me at arm wrestling pure strength alone but then she done it again but seduced my with her massive tits it was so hot.

TitloverSep 05 2012 1:26pm
I agree with truth

Zack Sep 18 2012 7:08pm
Though some may be true #wewontreallyknow

ZackSep 19 2012 2:14pm
Zack is full of $hit

JebediahSep 19 2012 2:19pm
I'm 18 and my 12yr old gymnast sister and I had a wrestleing match. And let's just say I was pretty embarrassed when i saw a picture of her pinning me on Facebook .

Jonothan H.Sep 19 2012 4:22pm
That's crap Jonothan H.

JebediahSep 19 2012 4:25pm
All of this is crap,they aren't strong

ColbySep 19 2012 4:28pm
Yeah they are they could break your ribs.

ZackSep 19 2012 4:48pm
Not me. I'm a former NFL player, Running back Steelers

AnonymousSep 19 2012 4:58pm
Who r u anonymous?

ZackSep 19 2012 4:58pm
Colby I forgt to rite my name

ColbySep 19 2012 4:59pm
I don't remember an RB for the steelers named Colby.

ZackSep 19 2012 5:00pm
I was for half the year then they sat me and next season cut me.

ColbySep 19 2012 5:03pm
Idiots do u really believe him? U were never a f•••ing RB for the steelers

JebediahSep 19 2012 5:06pm
Belive what u want Jebediah. A girl gymnast would kill YOU.

ColbySep 19 2012 5:12pm
F••k that Colby.

JebediahSep 19 2012 5:12pm
How old and big are u Colby?

ZackSep 19 2012 5:50pm
27 5'9" 195

ColbySep 19 2012 5:51pm
Oh I'm 24 6'1" 210

ZackSep 19 2012 5:52pm
I am a gymnast (5'2" 123. 17yrs) and I beat up my brother who is #1 on the high school football team.

BrookeSep 19 2012 5:57pm
That's bull shi+

Jebediah Sep 19 2012 5:57pm

ZackSep 19 2012 5:58pm
Susan sounds like a FAKER.

Jebediah Sep 19 2012 6:01pm
I hate to say this but good point...

ColbySep 19 2012 6:04pm
U guys are idiots I could pin u and break a few of your bones if I wanted to.

BrookeSep 19 2012 6:08pm
I 100% Belive that

Jonothan H.Sep 19 2012 6:08pm
I think that is the biggist piece of s••t ever

JebediahSep 19 2012 6:10pm
Brooke go find somewhere else to lie.

ColbySep 19 2012 6:15pm
R u lying about being on the steelers Colby???????

ZackSep 19 2012 6:19pm
Yea but I was drafted 7th by them in the draft they cut me rit away.

ColbySep 19 2012 6:21pm
I knew it , If u were on the steelers I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be on a stupid pole with 99.99%. BS On it. Including Susan's fake story. #lol

AnonymousSep 19 2012 6:24pm
Oops I forgot to put Jebediah

JebediahSep 19 2012 6:25pm
How old and big r u Jebediah

ZackSep 19 2012 6:26pm
25 6'4" 238

JebediahSep 19 2012 6:27pm
Get a life Zack,Jebediah and Colby

KevinSep 19 2012 7:39pm
Why don't you get out of your cave and get a life Kevin ?I would bet you don't know how to tie your shoes.

JebediahSep 19 2012 7:44pm
Kevin is obviously drunk.

ColbySep 19 2012 7:46pm
How many bottles Kevin?

JebediahSep 20 2012 7:41pm
Shuut upp'

KevinSep 20 2012 7:43pm
Knew it.

ColbySep 20 2012 7:44pm
Bud light or miller?

ZackSep 20 2012 7:44pm
F••• you guyys,,

KevinSep 20 2012 7:45pm
STop drinking "Kevin"

ZackSep 20 2012 7:46pm
Hieneken if you need to know

KevinSep 20 2012 7:49pm
So get your @$$ out of here

KevinSep 20 2012 7:50pm
F••k you Kevin

JebediahSep 20 2012 7:50pm
Hes drunk once again.

ColbySep 20 2012 7:51pm
what the f**k r u guys talking about?//

QuillvioSep 21 2012 6:36pm
get the f**k out of here u BI+CHE$

QuillvioSep 21 2012 6:38pm
Falcons just signed me 4yrs 2mil

ColbySep 21 2012 6:40pm
no. i dont give a shi+

JebediahSep 21 2012 6:41pm

zackSep 21 2012 6:43pm
gonna be with Matt Ryan he went to #BostonCollege so did i

ColbySep 21 2012 6:46pm
thats cool.were u teammates

ZackSep 21 2012 6:47pm
that is f**king shi+ you b!+ch & A$$ h**e

JebediahSep 21 2012 6:53pm
Jebediah theyre gonna kick your as$ out of here

ColbySep 21 2012 6:55pm
and we were best friends he loved running it to me. we loved the HB power O

ColbySep 21 2012 6:58pm
sh!t, sh!t,sh!t, Sh!t, sh!t

DerekSep 21 2012 7:00pm
Drunk people stop commenting.

ZackSep 21 2012 7:03pm
you are f**king right

JebediahSep 21 2012 7:09pm
you r fat , ugly and nobody i say no f**king people love you.

QuillvioSep 21 2012 7:12pm
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