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For women which average and max weight you can lift?

Question: I want to ask mainly women about the average weight they can lift over their head and bench press and if they work at gym or not, I am a man 27 years old my weight is 220 Lb, 173 cm tall never worked at gym and I test my strength found than I can lift only 100 lb over my head and bench press only 122 lb
Created by: drhope3003 at 02:10:20 PM, Wednesday, June 17, 2009 PDT


i can bench press 250lb and i am a 162cm tall 22 year old woman

anonymousJun 19 2009 12:07pm

oh my god!you are incredibly strong!you are only young girl,only 162cm tall and yet far stronger than any average adult man taller than you.if you are able to lift up this weight on bench,i just cant imagine how much you could possibly press with your legs on the legpress-max.weight and reps???everybody knows that woman legs are even pound for pound far stronger than man legs!im scared to read that number if you write back.whats your name,and what sports are you doing?my name is luke

lukeJun 19 2009 7:40pm
really you can bench press more than my weight. you are so strong. I hope to become strong like you

drhope3003Jun 22 2009 12:53am
YOure in par with most women. At my gym, average untrained woman benches between 110 to 120. At 220 lbs you dont bench very much. But I dont know your frame size. Potentially though, anonymouus #1 could beat you to death with her bare hands.

AnonymousJun 23 2009 11:52am
No tall skinny guy like me can beat a woman who can bench press 250 lbs. In fact, I am so tall (6'1") that I easily tower over every girl who ever outlifted me. Of course, all of those girls weigh quite a bit more than I do. Anonymous #1 must weigh quite a bit at her short height in order to be that strong, certainly weighing far more than I do at my measly weight of 130 lbs (barely half of what she can bench press!!!). I am way taller than she is but I would be too scared to pick a fight with her because I know I AM WAY TOO SKINNY!!!

Tall skinny guyJun 25 2009 4:13am
i bench 145 and military press 85

marshaJun 25 2009 10:48am
i bench 145 and military press 85

marshaJun 25 2009 10:49am
In many cases, sex with a woman is much better for a guy after she and he lifted weights in front of each other and the lady either bench pressed more than he bench pressed or she lifted more over her head than he lifted over his head. I am a small guy. My large (bigger than me!!!) girlfriend and I never bench pressed in front of each other but we lifted weights overhead in front of each other. While I watched (almost in disbelief!!!) as my girlfriend, who is several inches shorter than I am, demonstrated her incredible strength by lifting more over her head than I could ever lift over my head, my penis got so big and so hard that I swear it could easily have busted right through my pants!!! Could a man's penis actually be too large for a woman's vagina? Nah!!! I read that the almighty vagina can expand to accept any size penis, no matter how large, so not to worry, guys!!! I am sure this NATURAL penis enlargement happens to lots of guys whose ladies outperform them strengthwise. THAT MAKES FOR GREAT SEX!!!

AnonymousJun 27 2009 12:52pm
I think anonymous #1 can carry anonymous #3 over her head easily and what about your old marsha

drhope3003Jun 28 2009 1:18am
Marsha is about average for a woman. I benchpress less than 70, so Im weaker than the average woman. More importantly, it would be my death if I got in a fight with any of the two female posters here.

AnonymousJun 28 2009 1:10pm
lol -70 lbs. Most women could pulverize you

AnonymousJun 30 2009 10:28am
I want women to be more interactive can normal average woman carry as me

drhope3003Sep 01 2009 4:00pm
was at a gym for the first time some months ago. my first benchlift in the machine was 37 kgs, about 82 lbs. I could lift that weight twice. I know this is really really bad but I have never been interested in getting muscular, I keep myself fit with yoga and jogging. I have since then been to the gym once a week. Yesterday I could bench about 45 kgs, 100 lbs I guess. At the gym where I am working this seems to be below what the average woman can lift, and of course far less then the men. One woman that works out at the same time as me usually do reps with 200 lbs. She is more than twice as strong as me. I think that women 30 years ago were weaker than they are today

gym haterOct 06 2009 11:26pm
Yes indeed. Opposites attract!!! Tall skinny weak guys go for short fat strong girls and vice versa. I always sport a huge piece of wood whenever I am outlifted by a short fat strong girl. Once I was lifted overhead by a short fat strong girl. I sported AN EVEN BIGGER PIECE OF WOOD!!!

A tall skinny weak guyDec 03 2009 3:40pm
Lets get real. Most untrain girls have trouble benching 45 pounds. Untrained guy usually can bench 120 pounds or more.

The TruthDec 19 2010 1:38am
I agree with the truth. First time i went to the fitness room 2 years ago i benched 120 and i was 135 lbs. After some exercise (not too much), after 1 month i could bench 150. On the other hand, i have never seen a woman doing it with more than 50 lbs. Those who can do it are usually well-trained.

AnonymousJun 08 2011 9:06am
The Truth and anonymous, if we talking about lifts with machines and resistance instead of free weights the typical woman at my gym lifts 120-130 lbs for the bench but many lifts 170-180. My wife went to the same gym as me, the first time she could lift 100 lbs for 7 reps, after two years she did 150 lbs for the same amount of reps and 175 lbs for one rep. Today she is actually stronger than me. My wife's best friend is even stronger.

JoeNov 21 2011 12:09am
I can bench 250 once and do 10 reps of 200 and 7 reps of 225

CarryDec 05 2011 3:14pm
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UQkJnirkdJan 08 2014 4:43am
I do track at my highschool and most of the girls can at least bench 150. Thats including runners. I did 245 my sophomore year once and squatted 385 too. I'm not even the strongest girl either Its just about hard work and breaking the stereotype.

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GtaILyhFQwLkJan 16 4:18am
KEIRA, I am a 25-year-old guy. My height is 6 ft, weight 181 lb. My maximum bench press is 123 lb, maximum squat 330 lb. I wonder what would happen, if I attempted to wrestle with girls form your school, and especially with you...

BrianJan 19 6:21pm
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