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What is the best place for a small guy to meet up with big strong women?

Question: Whether you are looking for a big stronger woman for compnaionship and/or wrestling match. What is the best place for a small weak guy to meet up with a bigger stronger woman
Created by: tinyguy2009 at 06:31:24 AM, Tuesday, June 30, 2009 PDT


Social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace are the best

AnonymousJun 30 2009 2:17pm

ANYWHERE is the best place to meet big strong women. You just have to get up the nerve. Even big strong women admire men, including small men like me, who have enough courage to approach women. It takes a whole lot of nerve to approach ANY woman who you don't even know. Do you have what it takes? If you do, then you don't have to single out any one spot, such as the gym, or online site, such as MySpace, to pick up a big strong woman (not picking her up physically, of course!!!) Wherever they happen to be, that is where you meet them. You don't really have to "go" anywhere. YOU ARE ALREADY THERE!!! At one time or another, big strong women are EVERYWHERE!!! I was even cool enough to pick up big strong women on the street (BUT ONLY DURING THE DAY!!!). For example, I spotted a big, strong, hefty young lady walking on Fifth Avenue in midtown Manhattan. As soon as I spotted her, I got an almost uncontrollable erection. After I calmed my erection and finally regained control of my emotions, I approached her and then we started talking and then I introduced myself and then I asked her out and then she said yes. And then she became my girlfriend!!! If I can do it, YOU can do it. Don't assume that she has a boyfriend. If she has a boyfriend, she will most likely tell you up front and then you will have no choice but to move on. Methods of operation to pick up women do not go out of style IF YOU HAVE THE NERVE!!! If you don't have the nerve, there is always some other guy out there (like ME!!!) who does. Don't let him get what YOU can have. However, if you're searching online, WATCH OUT!!! You could be searching an online dating site and end up with A SKINNY BITCH!!! You are looking for a big strong woman. You are NOT looking for a skinny bitch!!! You can eliminate that problem very easily by coming FACE TO FACE with a big strong woman. If you are FACE TO FACE with a big strong woman who bites the hook on your line, YOU'RE IN!!! I moved on to employing other methods besides the street. However, I may check out the street again BUT ONLY DURING THE DAY!!! Still, always use caution no matter what method(s) you employ. GOOD LUCK!!!

Small man with the nerve to pick up big strong women ANYWHERE!!!Jul 01 2009 1:18am
Weight watchers?

AnonymousJul 03 2009 4:33am
Weight Watchers? Yes but only if he is looking for ladies who continue to FAIL the weight loss program. That way, to his delight, such ladies will remain FAT AND STRONG!!!

AnonymousJul 04 2009 4:14am
If you is as small as you say ur, just walk out the front door.

ENOUGH ALREADYJul 05 2009 12:03pm
If you live near a college or university, see if they have a womens' rugby team. If yes, go to a match, then follow the team to the pub for an after-match party. About an hour into the party, call the prettyest girl there th "C word." She'll wrestle your ass to the ground, then beat you to a pulp. Mission accomplioshed.

ScrumJul 07 2009 1:38pm
I met my girlfriend at the gym. I have always had a thing for big strong girls. I am quite skinny at 180 cm and only 62 kgs so I joined this gym to get some muscle on my body. I didn't really know how to use the machines and weights so I started to ask for help from the people around. Already the second time I came to this gym I noticed this beatifuk buxom girl, about my age around 25. I started to work out on the machines just after her and noticed I couldn't budge the weighs she moved. I asked her if she could help me and tell me how to use the machines. She was very helpful and told me to start with very low weights, she said that with my body type I shouldn't lift heavy until I had been built some more muscle tone. I started to work out the same time as her. I totally let her tell me what to do and I had some progress, not that I got a lot more muscle but I got stronger. We started with free weights and she was now more my personal trainer, she loved to show me and guide me to strength. I spotted her but honestly I think she wanted me to to be nice. I bought her lunch and soon dinner and then drinks and cinema etc. She invited me to her place, she took the initiative to the next level by showing me her what her muscular strong body could do to a more skinny one, and it was nice and we are a couple.

Gym loverJul 09 2009 12:28am
Commit yourself to a mental institution. The psychiatric nurses(mostly women) are very big and strong. More significantly, you are at their mercy...

chelloJul 10 2009 1:22pm
don't think you would get much sex that way chello, you can't even jerk off in a straight jacket

AnonymousJul 13 2009 11:57pm
#0010 - (Wed.) * 9/9/09

UpdateSep 09 2009 12:06pm
The gym because women want to be bigger and stronger than men

AnonymousNov 14 2009 8:19am
wb270... type that in and you will find a woman who is strongewr than you..and will wrestle you

lelgtApr 01 2010 10:51am
Have always been looking for the bigger, stroner women. Just have to say that I am not that shallow that the body type dictates everything, my two long term relationships have been with women shorter than me. When I was once again alone a year ago I started to look for a new woman, mainly at work (we are 400 people working in the building). And I realized there were plenty of "dream girls" around. People at my office dresses smartly and the women almost always were skirts, and with todays fashion that means showing a lot of your legs. One woman, about my age, works in my department. She is 6 feet and probably 200 lbs, well proportioned and strong looking rather than fat. Many of the other women thought she was just too big, I could here them talking behind that woman's broad back. Men didn't say antything but I could see them looking at her bit but beautiful thighs with lust but also with awe. I started to talk to her, I am 5'10 and 167 lbs so I am not that much shorter but still with her heals on I felt small. She was single and good fun and we started to go out for after work drinks and then dinner and then...She was a bit worried that her size would scare me off, she was rather used to that but I really had met my dream girl. Big, strong yet feminine and funny. I think that most couples still meet at the office. I am now married to this amazon, neither of us care about the size (and strength) difference except for when we are play wrestling, but that is behind closed doors.

AllanOct 11 2010 11:47pm
wb270 put that in your search will find the strongest women in the world..and they enjoy defeating men...

lelgtJul 22 2011 6:48pm
I found a web site you can discover your strength level. They distinguish between beginner, novice, intermediate, advanced and elite. I think it's frightening but a male beginner cant keep up with a female intermediate and even a female leveled novice can be stronger than a male beginner. Latest if she has reached the advanced leven, the male beginner strength is nothing comared to hers! I think many girls who wants to reach a higher strength level become stronger than untrained men or men who dont train for strength.

AnonymousSep 22 2019 5:18am
I agree, my girlfriend is an absolute gym nut. When she started workout she fall in love with weights and meanwhile she workout since 6 years with some of her friends and the girls surpass most men in strength. I’m not weak but I’m not so strong like the girls as well.

Henni Dec 12 2019 9:59pm
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