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Women about female muscle endurance

Question: Hi, girls/women, do you have your own or witnessed an experience with female muscle endurance, where men/boys had been beaten in armwrestling, wrestling or exercises?
Created by: MrJean at 10:38:19 PM, Sunday, July 05, 2009 PDT


I read a posting here at likelike some years ago about a couple where they had a marathon series of armwrestling matches. My husband is stronger than me, at least when it comes to armwrestling. He wins comfortably with his right but has to fight hard to win left handed. I am a gym rat since several years, so far I have only been working out for endurance and long sinewy muscles. My husband is not working out but used to, he is still playing tennis to keep himself fit. I read about this couple that armwrestled both arms, then did pushups, then another armwrestling with both arms, new pushups etc. In that case the strength gap between the man and woman disappeared quickly and at the end the woman was the strongest. I suggested the same kind of match with my husband. He was ok with that, a bit curious as well. So we started with him winning right handed as he normally does, he won left as well but I made him use a lot of power to win that one. 10 pushups (I can do 40 pushups, he didn't know that). I could see that he had to use quite a lot of strenght for the last pushup, must have been years since he did one. Now he won right handed but really hade to fight to do so, I could feel that his strength hade faded dramatically. I felt stronger than when we started. Left hand was tight but at the end I won (for the first time in our relationship). Husband starts to look concerned. He is in the lead though, 3-1. Another 10 pushups. I still feel fresh, husband looks sweaty. The right hand match lasts 2-3 minutes. He uses everything he has and wins, I am disaappointed since I thought I could take him. Left hand I win comfortably. 4-2. Another 10 pushups. My husband has to give most of his power to do the last pushup. I know he is mine now. I put up my right arm that is still almost as strong as when we started. I can see in his eyes that he knows he can't take me. I slowly push his arm to the table. Then I slam his left arm down. 4-4. I say that we can't finish with a draw. He asks if we can have a 5 minute break. I say ok to that, i enjoy this too much now and I am sure that I will recover more quickly than him. After 5 minutes we are on the floor for the pushups again. He starts but is only able to do 8. I doo 15 to show him what his wife is made of. Then it is time for me to show him who is stronger. I can slam both his arms to the table without using all my power. 6-4 to wife. I ask him if he likes to go on and he just says that I am too much for him. I now work out two passes at the gym for endurance but have added one pass focusing on strength. I will beat him in raw strength soon I think, left hand I am sure that I am already stronger but I will wait to challenge him again until my right arm is stronger as well.

EricaJul 07 2009 12:07am

What an exciting comment, Erica!!!!! You trained of course for the endurance. Do you know also other women/girls who beat their husbands/boyfriends?

MrJeanJul 08 2009 5:06am
I think a few of the women I have learnt to know at the gym are stronger than their men, one I am sure of since her husband is working out at the same time. She is quite a bit stronger than him in the upper body and when it comes to legs I would guess that her thighs are almost twice the size of his and probably more than twice as strong. A few of my female friends work out a lot and their men don't so I figure that they could be stronger than their husbands.

EricaJul 08 2009 7:14am
I had a similar experience. My boy friend is 28 years old and he practices martial arts and lifts wieghts. He is quite built up. I am 25 year old woman who works out in Gym. I do fitness. My boy friend saw me in the gym working out with light weights and he said I had to use heavier weight. He claimed that what I was doing was ineffective and had no use in strength training. I told him that I was not interested in building muscles but keeping fit. He started making jokes about my work out and I told him I was fitter than him. He laughed. We agreed to test our strength endurance and fitness condition. I know that he is far stronger than me. He weighs like 80 kilos while I weigh 55 kilos. But being strong and keeping the strength over time are different things. We agreed on push ups. we would do ten sets of push ups until we collapse. We would do crunches as musch as we do. He did 45,24,20,17,15,15,17,15,10,12 push ups all together 190. I did 29,23,20,18,16,15,15,15,14,12 push ups altogehter 177 push ups. In the first set he did much better than I did. In the second set he did better by just one push up. In the third set, he was no more stronger than me (I know he lift 80 kilo body while I did 55 kilo body, but everyone has muscles suited for his/her body). After the fourth set I did better. He was not as strong as I was. In the last set, he almost 25 percent of his initial strength while I had almost 50 percent of my initial strength. He did more push ups than I did but apparently I could save more power of mine compared to him.

girlfriendJul 08 2009 3:12pm
im a girl,all of my friends have a boyfriends or husbands allready.those boys can be realy strong most of them works out as well as my boyfriend,but there is one competition they always loose to us-girls and that is legwrestling.i dont know how its possible but i was never beaten even by a much much bigger man.i always win over boy or man,so as most of girls i know.i have very muscular and strong legs i know that muscle mass only on my calves are the same as my boy's thighs and if i flex the calves are at amazing shape as thighs are even far bigger-twice as thick as my boyfriend's thighs.but i was competing against much bigger man than my boyfriend is and still i was beating them all.i beat a man who had amazingly huge muscular legs,he had legs twice as me and he was unable to get me in legwrestling.i was a ballet dancer but long time ago.

suzyJul 09 2009 4:42pm
suzy, have you tried the leg wrestling where you sit opposite each other and try to press your opponents legs together? I have never lost this game to a man. Women have very strong hips, thighs and are also very flexible and can use almost 100% of their power when it comes to this kind of game. I also win most of the matches I have had leg wrestling on the floor. I am right now working out to become stronger in my upper body where I am far behind most men (not all, I have actually won armwrestling matches against a few men).

TiinaJul 09 2009 11:50pm
Whaw, it's getting more exciting and you know I even can't do push ups; I also can't chinning. I did in the past for more than two years exercises to lose weight and fitness. Later I started again, but only for a short time. Whaw, Tiina, tel me more details about the leg and armwrestling matches, for example against strong men, who you bet at the end.

MrJeanJul 10 2009 11:01am
Tell me more about the legwrestling, how do you do it?

MrJeanJul 13 2009 5:12am
The leg wrestling I am talking about works like this, you sit on chairs opposite each other, one puts her/his knees outside the others that are parted let's say 45 degrees and then try to press the opponents legs togeter. The you switch. You can alos start with your legs together with your opponents legs outside, you will try to pry your opponents legs open. Requires a good deal of strength to do. Men aren't as good as women when it comes to leg wrestling like this. As I said I have never lost to a man and I have legwrestled many men. The men I have won against when I have armwrestled have been my size or smaller. I still lack the strength to strength to beat an average man but I am working on that.

AnonymousJul 13 2009 5:32am
Tell me about a man who almost had you in armwrestling, but that you could come back and beat him. Tell me the details and his reaction.

MrJeanJul 17 2009 8:51am
Very sexy Suzy. Could you measure your leg muscles while you flex them?

DennisJul 17 2009 10:20am
yes tina i have tryed many ways of legwrestling,the one you are talkin about too.the result was always the same-men never beat me even once.Dennis yes after you ask me i measured my thighs and calves,my thighs measure 82cm/32inches and my calves 49cm/19inches.size of muscles on my legs is not apropriate to my weak upper body but who cares?guys like it anyway when i show legs of litlle on high heels.

SuzyJul 22 2009 9:26am
Suzy, your legs seem to be extremely strong and big. I bet many men look at them in awe. I get similar reacitions to mine that are a bit smaller than yours. When I meet a man he can't take his hands of my thighs, when I sometimes squeeze the guys between my strong thighs they are both scared and seem to enjoy it. I once squeezed a guy a bit too hard so one of his ribs almost popped. He couldn't laugh for two weeks, of course I told him joke after joke during this time. I actually was a bit scared that I had really broken one of his ribs.

AnnieAug 09 2009 11:32pm
Hi Annie, do you wrestle men then? Or only leg/thigh wrestling? Tell me about your thighs and calves measurements.

MrJeanOct 30 2009 6:14am
Mr Jean, haven't been here for a while. Yes I do wrestle the guys I date. My thighs are 790 cm and calved 47 cm so I am almost as big as the powerful Suzy. I might be stronger in my upper body. I love to tease my boyfriend that I am stronger, he really uses everything he has to stop me from pinning him butt i can easily control him, just take him down and then have my legs around him. It takes me perhaps 30 seconds to win.

AnnieDec 17 2009 2:46am
79 cm

AnnieDec 20 2009 1:55pm
Nice to read about other women beating their husbands/boyfriends with armwrestling. I workout a lot while my husband doesn't and I'm already much stronger then him and whenever we armwrestle I defeat him with ease. If we did an endurance test, it might very well shatter is ego.

NicoleDec 22 2009 5:28am
Whaw, what a nice answers! First I didn't notice there were new answers, sorry. Nicole, do you sometimes tease your boyfriend by giving him the feeling he can beat you in armwrestling and then when he almost has beaten you, you teach him a lesson by smash his arm down!!!!!

MrJeanDec 29 2009 5:21am
I once won against a strong man when he challenged me to an armwrestling match, or rather two since we wrestled with both hands. He was a big guy with good muscles, he had just beaten two of his male friends when I served these guys the beers they had ordered. I worked for some years as a waitress and at this specifik bar I had to were a sleeveless dress that showed my rather good arm muscles. I was not muscular like these guys but well developed biceps and shoulder muscles both from the tough work as a waitress and from the gym. Anyway I said something that he was one hell of a he-man, perhaps he should one day be as strong as a waitress (a joke of course). He laughed, a bit nervously when he saw my arms, and said that he could take any woman, even a big body building woman. So he wanted to show me how strong a man was. I told him I would come back when I had stopped my shift in half an hour. The other guys laughed. When I came back I had my normal clothes, this night a short skirt and a sleeveless top the showed quite a lot of my breasts. The guys let me sit down in front of their big friend and I put up my arm. His friends felt my biceps when I flexed them and said wow, you have some hard guns. I didn't really fancy my chances against this big, muscle boy. He outweighed me 30 lbs at least. He was 6'1 to my 5'9. But I know I can lock my arm and wear people out. I can carry loads of beer forever with these arms, big heavy trays all night. I also have big hands with exceptionally strong, long fingers. Mr Muscle looked confident when his friends had counted to three and the match was on. I focused to hold his arm still without using all my power. This is how a waitress can go on all night with heavy trays. I could see him put in more and more power and I felt his strength. I started to doubt that I could have a chance. I had my shoulder and biceps locked in the "waitress position". He did a big misstake not throwing in everything he had from start. He wanted to play with me but ended up using up more and more power in his arms that was trained for explosiveness. My strong fingers and wrists could control his hand without any problem so he couldn't move my hand in any direction. I could see him more and more confused and he now realized his misstake about a minute into the match. He now gave everything he had and he took me down an inch perhaps before I could lock my muscles in a new position. He was very frustrated now, how could this chick be so strong, I could read in his eyes. I felt I could hold his arm like this and could also for the first time feel him weakening a bit. He rested a bit and that gave me the chance to get our arms to neutral position. He had started to sweat. His friends cheered him but looked with awe at my muscular arm that they buy now knew were stronger than theirs. Mr Big once again tried with everything he had to take this annoying arm of mine down. I once again felt that I had to give an inch but I didn't have to use all my power. I still had a lot left in my arm, not enough to muscle him down yet but I felt more and more confident that I could take this big guy. I held him in this position for about 20 seconds before I once again powered him up to an upright position. I could feel that the power in his arm now was almost spent. I now changed position in the chair so I had all my body weight and shoulder behind my arm, I was ready to be the aggressor! I think he realized what was about to happen but what could he do, he had used up his strength. I increased the force in my fingers and started to move his wrist a bit. We had now armwrestled for 3-4 minutes and we had quite a few spectators around us. I asked Mr Muscle if he was ready to loose to a waitress. He didn't say anything, he was beat root red in his face. And then I threw in everythin I had and actually slammed his hand to the table. All the women around me screamed, the men were silent. Mr Muscle looked so devastated I felt sorry for him. I asked him if he wanted a rematch with left arms. He nodded but looked like he wanted to go home. What he didn't know is that I have two good arms, I can use both mine for everything, writing included. So my left arm is as strong as the right. Mr Muscle or should I call him Mr Weak now, was right handed. I understood that he had learnt from his misstake and that he would threw in everything he had to go for a pin straight away. When the match started I was ready for him, I had my body behind and my wrists held his so he couldn't move mine. I knew that my hands were stronger than his. His explosive move came and he took me perhaps two inches down. I could see that he started to look confident before he once again realized that it was stop. This bloody waitress could stop him again. He was tired from his last match even if we had fresh arms. I held him locked at 45 degrees for 30 seconds and then I knew that I had won again. And he knew it I could see in his eyes. This was a catastrophe for him, he was the strong man, his friends had looked up to him and now he was outmuscled by a woman 26 years old (these guys were in their early 30's). I decided to do this differently. When I felt his power go down a bit I surprised him by throwing in every reserve I had and just took h im from halfway down on my side to slam him down. Once again the women and some men around us screamed for me. I felt very powerful and dominant. I thanked my oponent for a good match, I teased him and told him he was almost as strong as the other waitresses at the bar. I also looked at his friends and asked them if they wanted to defend to honour of the men this night. They quickly shooked their heads. I am sorry that this is so long but this armwrestling match changed me a lot, I got another self esteem, I started to work out more to become even stronger and I kept challenging men and quite often won. And I still do today when I am over 50. I am known as the strong armed woman.

Rachel ArmstrongJan 05 2010 12:45am
Thanks Rachel, I know how strong waitresses can be. I once saw a film where a man challenged a waitress and lost. So as a young man I just wanted to find out if this was true or not, that waitresses were strong. The first waitress I challenged was many years ago when I was perhaps 20-21, she was probably 50-55, older than my mother but she had been a waitress since she was 17. She told me that she didn't have time to armwrestle the guests but on the other hand I lookes so skinny and weak that it shouldn't take too long. So here I was armwrestling a much older woman. Just as you Rachel describes is that a waitress muscles are built to carry loads over a long time and that you can lock the muscles in a 45 degree position. I couldn't move the arm of this waitress, she just held me until I had lost all my strength and then slowly pressed my arm down. With the left arm it was over in a second since she was left handed and I was a lot weaker in my left. My buddies teased me for being so weak. Before leaving this evening one of the other waitresses challenged me since she had seen me loosing to her collegue. This was a girl almost my age but she had been working for 5 years as a waitress. This was a beer place and this women had to carry loads of beer all night. The younger waitress wasn't as strong as the older one but she was strong enought to beat me with both arms as well. She also won against two of my friends. Some years later I was in another bar when I told a friend of mine about the episode when I first lost to a waitress. The bar maid heard me saying that and said she had beaten many guys at armwrestling. She was perhaps 45 years old to my 30. Once again I had to admit defeat to a waitress/barmaid. I was now stronger than I was when I was around 20 but not strong enough for this woman. My friend also lost to her. So I never underestimate the power of a waitress. A last episode I can tell is from a month ago. Me and my wife were at a restaurant and they served food on very big and very heavy plates. One waitress looked to be very strong and could carry several plates around to restaurant. Her younger male collegue had difficulties. She more than once took some plates from him to help him, he looked very weak compared to the waitress. She had very impressive shoulder muscles that were visible since she had a sleeveless dress, her biceps were big, perhaps not very defined but big and strong looking. And yes, my wife used to be a waitress and she can beat me when we armwrestle, she has to fight hard to win but she always outmuscle me with greater endurance.

Waitress fanJan 07 2010 12:09am
Very exciting stories, but I believe those stories, because it's about trainig of the arm muscles and waitresses and I also hope waiters do it without noticing it, because it's there job. Hey, Rachel are there videos from you? I'm looking forward to new strong female muscle stories.

MrJeanJan 08 2010 5:59am
Being a German living in Bayern I am used to see strong waitresses carrying beer. The strongest of them carry up to 50 kgs each time. They often get challenged to arm wrestling matches and most of the time they win. I challenged a 50 year old waitress when I was 20 something and she played with me. She could slam both my arms and my friends to the table.

FranzJan 10 2010 3:02am
Yes the famous Oktoberfest waitresses. Tell me Rachel about a story where you beat another strong younger girl, who had already beat some men with armwrestling.

MrJeanJan 14 2010 5:49am
Some years ago me and my friends (we are all women) were in Munich for the Oktoberfest. We were also in awe of these waitresses, they seemed to be tiredless carrying out loads of beer. One of the men at our table challenged the biggest of these women to an armwrestling match. He was a rather big man and looked strong. She said said she was on, she seemed to be used to be challenged. Of course it is rather challening seeing these very feminine looking women doing something that requires a lot of strength and stamina (for men it seems to anyway). The armwrestling match was very close, the woman knew how to look her arm in the upright position but she didn't have the strength to muscle the man down, and he couldn't take her down either. You could see him tire, his arm started to shake a bit and this woman, perhaps 45 years old, knew she was the winner. After about a minute more she could slam the man's arm down. She then said she had to work and we could see her shortly after carrying 12 big beers again. The man at our table was emabarrassed. We later saw a contest between these waitressed where they should hold a big beer straight out from their bodies as long as possible. I don't remember how long they could hold a beer like that but very long. The strongest of the waitresses challenged anybody of the spectators to a match. One man, probably a body builder when you could see the size of his muscles was on. He was outclassed, his big arms started to shake while the waitress held her beer as steady as when they started. He gave up rather quickly, most of the waitresses would probably had beaten him. So you should never underestimate the power and endurance of the female muscle. I am not as strong as my husband in my arms in terms of raw power but I can whip our carpets more than twice as long as my husband without getting tired. AND, I have beaten him at an armwrestling match once, he hasn't challenged me since. We were out swimming in rather big waves, very tough for your shoulders and arm muscles. We were both exhausted when we came up from the water. After about 10 minutes I felt OK again but my husband looked totally spent still. I asked him if he thought he could take me in an armwrestling match, he looked surprised and said he always win but we could try. I won rather easily since he was very tired still from the swimming. I can bicycle longer than him, my legs are much stronger than his and have more endurance. I have witnessed many more cases where female muscles seem to have more andurance than male.

Christina, soon 50Jan 17 2010 11:41pm
Christina, tell me about those cases you witnessed that.

MrJeanJan 22 2010 10:20am
MrJean, here is another case I can relate. Me and my husbanbd were visiting friends that has a very old house in the middle of the countryside, miles away from the civilasation. They don't have electricity and they have to get the water either from a small river near by or from their very deep well. This particular summer the well was almost dry and that meant that they had to get water from the river. Since we were four people that needed quite a lot of water they took their 25 liter plastic buckets, two each and went to the river. We offered to come with them but they said they could manage. This couple are very fit, the man is a bit bigger than the woman and looks stronger in his arms while her legs look bigger and stronger as well as her impressive back muscles. The river lies about 1 km from their house. The woman came back with two full buckets 4-5 minutes before her husband. We asked if something happened but she just laughet that he needed two breaks with these heavy buckets while she could walk straight back. This happened not long after I hade beaten my husband in the armwrestling match after the swim so I looked at my husband and smiled but he didn't say anything. When her husband come back he said that his wife was like an African woman that could carry heavy weights for very long distances. When they were hiking around in the mountains she always took a heavier back pack than him, not because he was a lot weaker (her impressive back muscles suggested that she was probably a bit stronger) but that they could walk further that way. He was saying that as it was the most natural thing in the world. My husband didn't say much about it since he knew he was probably weaker than the man who said his wife had better endurance. Two days later me and the wife went to the river and we both carried the water back, I had to rest once. Another time we were 5 women against 5 men in a tug-of-war match (for fun). Men and women were choosen so that the men shouldn't have a weight advantage. The team that first came up to three wins was the winning team. The first match was actually more tight than we all thought. Tug-of-war is a lot about leg strength and women often have very strong legs. But the men won. The next match was on and this time it took forever for the men to win. Although they was in a 2-0 lead they looked tired and worried when they saw us woman looking more fresh. The third match was ours, we could little by little drag the men over the line. The forth match was over very quickly, the men's legs were shaking while ours looked strong and steady. The fifth match was over before it started since the men couldn't put up any resistance. It says something about male and female endurance even if the ladies actually were more atletic than the men. I have more cases where women have proven that they can outlast the men.

Christina, soon 50Jan 29 2010 5:59am
Whaw, I'm waiting for more stories, for example armwrestling.

MrJeanJan 29 2010 8:50am
Women have superior muscular endurance... The Department of Kinesiology and Applied Physiology, at the University of Colorado in Boulder in 2000 found that female muscle had 75% more endurance over male muscle. The study found that women outlasted men by an average of 75 percent during muscle contractions under a load. But rather than some kind of motivational effect, the study found the difference was due to some feature of the muscles. In studies carried out at the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland, for example, 10 male and nine female strength athletes (powerlifters and body-builders) performed 20 maximal squat lifts, with three minutes of recovery between each lift. After the 20 lifts, the fatigued leg muscles of both males and females had lost about 20-24% of their maximal strength. However, various indicators of muscular power favoured the females. For one thing, the force-time curve  an indicator of muscles ability to contract powerfully and quickly  changed negatively by 28% in the males over the course of the workout but dropped by only 19% in the females. Females also recovered from the 20-lift session more quickly. One hour after the workout, female lifters leg muscles could generate about 92% as much force as before the session, whereas male muscles were just 79% as strong. Why was the fatigue greater and recovery slower in males? Part of the problem seemed to be that the male lifters nervous systems became less responsive over the course of the workout. From the first to the 20 lift, activation of leg muscles by nerve cells fell by 20-25% in males but held fairly steady in females. While its not clear why male nerve activation should deteriorate more quickly, it is clear that females lose less of their muscular power during heavy-duty resistance training and seem to recover more rapidly once a tough session is over. (Neuromuscular Fatigue and Recovery in Male and Female Athletes during Heavy Resistance Exercise, International Journal of Sports Medicine, vol. 14(2), pp. 53-59, 1993)

AnonymousSep 27 2010 11:30pm
I'm a guy who believes in female strenght. Girls always beat me at armwrestling and that's correct.

BeatedbygirlOct 27 2010 11:42am
Hey, Beatedbygirl, tell me more about those exciting mixed armwrestling matches, especially when the woman could win at the end and what's the reason, you think, women beat you and some other men? Did you maybe once witnessed a mixed armwrestling match won by a woman and that both were bodybuilders and the man thought he could beat her easy?!

MrJeanNov 16 2010 11:56am
I beat my wife five straight times arm wrestling but noticed my arms were getting more tired each match and hers did nt seem to be. She then wanted to wrestle and feeling quite confident I said yes. I won the first two falls but the second took quite a while. I asked her if she was ready to admit I was better and she said no. The third fall she seemed to be getting stronger and quickly got me in a rear head scissors. Her leg strength led to a quick tap out. She eased up a bit and asked me if I was ready to admit I lost. Infuriated I struggled and she clamped down again and made me submit a second time. She laughed and said it was 2 2 and she would give me a tie. Foolishly I refused and we squared off again. This time she got my back and got me in a body scissors. When I tried to pry her legs apart she pulled my head back under her arm and started to stretch me out. She then clamped down a smothered my nose and mouth cutting off my air. When she wretched me out while smothering me I had to tap out again. Totally gassed she submitted me another 5 times and finally with me in a rear figure four head scissors she forced me to admit she was the better wrestler. This was 20 years ago and wrestling is now are regular foreplay and I have never won a long term match.

WrestlerDadNov 17 2010 11:05am
Thank you for your interest, MrJean, I appreciate that. You know, some people insult me just because I say that the girls I know defeat me in armwrestling... but why??? Is that a crime? I lost many and many times against them, for the most part of these matches by far, and I'd never let them win. Are they stronger than the majority of women? I really don't know, but yes, the girls around me are sportive, strong and impressive. Women are perhaps stronger today than in the past, and I don't feel they are the weaker sex when I armwrestle them. Some girls beat me easily, but very often, there is a lot of competition between us. But at the end of our battle, I just feel that I can't resist anymore... and I submit. But the only mixed armwrestling matches that I saw between bodybuilders were on youtube. It seems to me that women win very often, perhaps also because men are too confident, like you said.

BeatedbygirlNov 20 2010 6:29pm
Thanks Beatedbygirl for your answer and maybe you can tell me about one or mtwo of such armwrestling matches between male and female bodybuilders on Youtube, cos mostly you see there strong women armwrestling more weak men, who are not always so muscular. Did you also witness from the strong armwrestling girls around you that they really caused pain by other men, when they armwrestled them?! It's all so exciting, you know to experience from another person!!

MrJeanNov 22 2010 5:15am
never underestimate the endurance of a woman! When me and my husband armwrestled the first time when we were young he won quite easily with right arm, with his left it was almost a draw since I have two strong arms and he really was a lot stronger in his best arm. We then once armwrestled just after we had done pushups together. The reason for this was that I noticed that I did my last round of pushups easier than he did (we both did 3x30 at that time). He wasn't sure if he wanted a match since his arms were like noodles but I insisted since I had done as many pushups as he had. I totally killed him! He couldn't put up any resistance. After that evening I left him behind me when it came to strength. Yes, he would still win right hand armwrestling for a while but since I could do more reps with the same amount of weights than him I slowly became stronger and after perhaps a year I was quite a bit stronger than him. We also wrestled sometimes but since my legs are very big and strong he was no match for me. I could almost always get him in scissor holds that either made him give up or I could zap him from all strength and then just pin him. Today we are more than 50. I can easily win when we armwrestle even if he will start with the backside of my hands almost touching the table or if he uses two hands against one of mine. Two of our female friends are stronger than me and of course stronger than my husband. It is some comfort for him that all thre of us ladies are stronger than our husbands.

50 and strongDec 01 2010 11:44pm
Unbelievable 50 and strong, can you tell more stories about you or your friends beating other men than your husband?! Or do you maybe leatrn and support younger women to armwrestle and later compete against men and beat them?!

MrJeanDec 03 2010 11:33am
I am 61 years old 6'4" and 220 lbs. My wife is 5'6" and 140 lns and 45 years old. We have been wrestling as foreplay fir 20 years. I do prettywell early in the match but she is in phenomenal shape and as I gas she gets stronger. I figured out that at 2 matches a week which is average we have wrestled over 2000 times. My record is 2000 losses and 0 wins. Sometimes she will just tell me "you are going to end up in a figure cfour head scissors so why don't we just start there tonight?" she and I both love that hold. She gets immediate control and I get to feel her rock hard thighs in my head right off the bat. Instant erection. She toys with me for a half hour then we proceed to sex. How great is that.

MikeDec 08 2010 12:34am
It's nice Mike, but what I'm mostly interested in is the serious wrestling between men and women and not fake submission wrestling with the intention to have sex later. I hope there will come more different stories.

MrJeanDec 16 2010 5:12am
I told my husband that I had armwrestled my friends. He was curious how much stronger I was since I was stronger than him. When I told him that they both were stronger than me he looked very disappointed, I could see him think "are all women stronger than me?". I then told him that these friends of ours also had won against their husbands, men we know very well. He looked very surprised since these men are bigger and stronger than him. We all talk about the strength issue now and then and it seems like couples coming up in their 50's are more equal in strength than younger ones. And if the women suddenly are more physically active, also quite common, they become stronger. But I have always had better endurance than my husband and as strong when we were younger.

50 and strongFeb 01 2011 7:23am
50 and strong, tell me about an armwrestling match against a man, where the man thought he had beaten you, but that you could come back/recover and that you really caused pain in his muscles and that he maybe moaned?!

MrJeanFeb 10 2011 6:11am
I sometimes wrestle or armwrestle or do other tests of strength with my girlfriend. She beats me everytime and I enjoy it. She was a gymnast in her teen years, but the last years she started to pump iron at the gym and also at home. She trains really hard and she became really muscular and powerful. I think by far the strongest person I know (including men). Her biceps are 15,5 inches and she is thinking to go into bodybuilding competitions. But its not only the size of her muscle, but also her muscle definition and hardness. Her abs are like steel. My punches are powerless against her rock hard abs (i know because I tried). I would really like her to bulk up a little more. Having a muscular and powerful amazon for a girlfriend is really fun. Until you havent experienced that, you can never know.

My amazon girlfriendJun 15 2011 11:59pm
How does your girlfriend look; I mean hair, height, etc. Tell me especially about the armwrestle and some tests of strength; I think weight lifting, tug of war, etc.

MrJeanJun 16 2011 5:22am
She is 5'5", brown hair and very attractive. We armwrestle very often. We both know the outcome, but we still both enjoy it. I guess she likes to show her superior power to me, I just love to see her beating me and teasing me after. The matches are not even close, I could use both of my hands and she would still easily beat me. But I always try my best, she just plays with me and throws me sexy looks and after I am exhausted she just puts my arm down. I cannot even make her sweat. Sometimes we also have some lifting competitions or pushup/pullups competitions. After she beats me sometimes she makes some victory double biceps poses and makes me worship her muscles. She also likes to lift me and carry me around. We both enjoy it very much, I know it can sound a little bit strange, but its really, really fun to have such a strong and muscular girlfriend.

My amazon girlfriendJun 16 2011 3:26pm
Does your girlfriend also (arm)wrestle against other women or men? Tell me or otherwise try to challenge some strong women and men.

MrJeanJun 17 2011 11:54am
I always new woman could be strong.but I found out the hard way when I challenged the woman who cuts my hair one nite to arm wresle.for many years she would refuse the challenge for feeling like she wouldent be strong enough cause of me being a Guy.and her a girl.but on this nite she finally excepted my challenge.Karen worked out at a local gym but wouldent work her arms as much as her lower she was toned but not that muscular.she could flex a hard muscle allthow.and it was about a11 inch bicep.just your everyday average was just me and her in the room and we sit down at this small table.we locked wrist and waited a few seconds.I could really feel the antisapation in her arm.and mine.then she counted to three and it was first I thought no big deal.and I gave her all my strength.and it was like trying to move a brick wall and she grinned cause she new I was at my full strength.and so was she.her arm had mine over about 4inches the whole match.The match now has been going for about 3minutes.and I felt her power in her arm startto over power mine and I new then she had me.her for arm sweled bigger than when she flexed her muscle for me before the match started and she slowly took my arm down to the table.Honestly it was a rush I never had before.and I said did u use all u had.and she said she did.and that it was a good first I thought how was I going to face Karen in other socail invirmants.but really it assent that bad.Karen is just stronger than it can happen in real life.woman are diffenatly stronger in a lot of ways

paulSep 27 2011 9:19am
maybe, paul you have to encourage karen to armwrestle other men and strong women, but especially men, tell me about it!!!!

MrJeanNov 09 2011 2:53am
Hey, I want some new stories here!!!!! My name is also Jean or MrJohn and not only MrJean.

JeanMar 26 2012 5:13am
I am a 50 year old woman, 5-4 tall and 115 pounds, brown hair and eyes. I have armwrestled and pinned several other women while their husbands watched, and it was a huge turn on for me. I love being admired for my beauty and strength.

DeborahApr 15 2012 7:06pm
Deborah, did you also beat younger women/girls who tought they could beat you very easily?!

MrJeanApr 23 2012 6:01am
Interesting with the female/male muscle issue. I read somewhere on this board a posting where the man and woman had a series of armwrestling matches with push ups in between and that the woman's endurance made her over all stronger. I was curious to see if that was also the case in my relationship. I am bigger than my girlfriend and the few times we have armwrestled since we met I have won comfortably. Wrestling has always been very playful so none of us have won. My girlfriend is physically active, works out, yoga and doing push ups and situps almost daily. I am working out as well but not as often as my girlfriend. When I told my girlfriend of the competition she was straight away game. So we started out armwrestling, both arms. I won easily with my right arm (our strongest) but had to use most of my power to win with left. My gf smiled and I guess she thought that she had a chance with that arm. We then did 20 pushups. I already now felt that my left arm was tired. So I again won with right arm, not as easy but anyway. Left arm was a loong struggle before I won. Now 15 pushups,I had big difficulties doing the last two reps with my left arm. Gf looked fresh. My right arm felt really tired and the match was really hard, the theory seemed to be true. But I won. Left hand was another story. My gf more or less could slam it to the table. Yes!! she screamed with delight, her first victory. But 5-1 to me. We had decided the winner to be first one to 10 victories. Now we did 10 pushups. Both my arms were really shaky but I could do them, Normally I can do three times 25 pushups without too much trouble but with the armwrestling in between my strength dissappeared a bit too quickly. The right hand match was perhaps one minute long but my gf came out as the winner! And left hand was no match. Suddenly the result was 5-3. I understood that I really needed to do my best with my right arm next time or I would be the looser. So we rested 5 minutes (both agreed) and then did 10 more pushups. The rest hade made it possible for me to do 10, my girlfriend now looked very confident since she could do 10 pushups without any trouble. So we gripped right hands and now my girlfriend had a new strategy. She just held my right arm still in the upright position, slowly draining the little power I had. I understood that my only chance was to throw in everything that I had. I took her halfway down before it was stop again. She smiled and slowly took us up again to the upright position and then just pushed my hand to the table. She didn't say anything but we now both knew that she would win this competetion. Left hand again was no match. It was a draw 5-5 but I wasn't sure I could do 10 more pushups. My gf was no so sure of herself so she agreed to have a 10 minute break. She of course by now knew she recovered much quicker than me. After the 10 minutes I could do 10 more pushups and give my gf a rather good match with my right arm but she was never close to loose to be honest so now it was 7-5 in her favour and I gave up, I knew I couldn't do 10 more pushups even with a 10 min break and most of all I knew she was stronger than me at that time. I wasn't embarrassed loosing to her in this way, it is a rather fair way to compete. My gf really loved showing me that she was strong and had good endurance. This happened almost a year ago. My gf has increased her work outs and added one extra day at the gym building max strength. She can now beat me with left arm but I am still quite a bit stronger in my right, that is if we armwrestle once. Anybody else tried this?

Stronger or?May 03 2012 3:02am
Very interesting, but I think it was normal your girlfriend won, cos she already started earlier to train more than you and her body and muscles were used to more endurance and fatigue. I'm curious and looking forward to more stories!!!!

JeanMay 11 2012 10:36am
I'm noticing a trend in all of these stories. These women are working out while the men aren't. This is not to say that women aren't strong or don't have the potential to be stronger than certain men. Many times, men build muscle without endurance training while women focus on fitness. I could assure you that if those men worked out differently, some of the stories wouldn't be on here.

StevenOct 03 2012 8:08am
I have to add something else. Naturally, women have more endurance. If you have a fit man and a fit woman jump 10 times, the man will jump higher. However, as the jumps continue, he's not going to jump as high as he did in the beginning, i anything, she may jump as high as him. Does this mean that women jump higher? Another example. Let's say a man races a woman - both of them are in the same condition - ten times, the first few races, he will outrun by a good distance. As the races continue, the gap will narrow due to endurance. At the end, she would win some races, but does that mean she's really faster? No, she has more endurance. There's a difference. These "stories", likely meant to inflate women's vanity are falsely told as usual to put women on a higher level of something that'e not there.

StevenOct 03 2012 10:50am
endurance is of course an issue when you are comparing strength. When I met my boyfriend some years ago he was a lot stronger than me but when we wrestled he lost his power much quicker than me. I used my strong legs against his arms and always fell for that trick since he was so sure to win. And he always won the first fall, or rather first 3 falls but if we kept on he became weaker and weaker while I was rather fresh. We once wrestled best out of 10 falls and I won 6-4! I am now a lot stronger in my upper body so he needs to use all his power to beat me in a wrestling match and if we are doing best out of 5 I normally win.

ClaireOct 09 2012 9:17am
Endurance has nothing to do with strength. If that were the case, you women would beat a guy when he's at his strongest. You'd beat the guy when he's at peak strength, not when he's tired. It's worth saying. Endurance is about conditioning. As I used in my example, women have greater endurance due to less muscle mass. If a female runner ran against - let's say - Usain Bolt 10 times in a row, of course, you'd would eventually beat him because he would tired out a lot quicker due to his size. Does that mean a female runner is really faster than Usain Bolt? Not a chance in hell. It just means she has greater endurance. The women who beat their boyfriends wrestling did it when he was gassed out. Okay, you won, caught when he was tired. If you women were really as strong as you say you are, you would beat him when he's fresh. You'd let him rest and get a wind back to get him fresh, and then hand him his butt. Not one story has shown this. It just showed endurance, not actual strength.

TruthtellerOct 10 2012 11:47pm
Another example of cheap female victories. Yep, I said cheap. It would be like a group of women beating some guys in a game of American Football, except with a catch. The guys are old and out of shape and the women are younger and well-conditioned. Then, someone one writes that a group of women beat the men in a game of tackle football. I'll repeat, most of women's victories over men are CHEAP! Usually, there against guys who aren't conditioned, don't exercise, and aren't healthy while the women are gym rats who are well-conditioned. Not once on here did I read a story about these women beating a guy who's also well conditioned and attends the gym on a daily basis. Why? Because when women compete against a man as conditioned as her, the stories aren't making it on this website or on YouTube. I know the truth hurts and sucks, but it is what it is!

TruthtellerOct 10 2012 11:55pm
endurance is very important if you wrestle for instance. My husband is stronger than me when we armwrestle, both of us fresh. When we wrestle it is different since I win more than I loose against him. Since I am very flexible I can use my strong legs against him, he often uses his arms against my legs and that is of course no match, he is getting more and more tired and I make him give up either in a scissors grip or my favourite is when we have wrestled for a very long time and he is at the end to week to stop me from pinning him under me with his hands pressed to the floor above his head. I have won against him when we armwrestle after a good work out. So Truthteller, endurance is important don't you think?

Liz PNov 01 2012 3:56am
To Liz P, endurance is different than strength. Your husband doesn't have the conditioning and that's why you beat him wrestling. It has nothing to do with strength. I'll repeat my point for what seems like the millionth time. Liz P, who's a faster runner you or your husband? Race him 10 times. You'll eventually win because of endurance. Does that really make you faster than your husband? Nope. Again, your husband likely doesn't have good conditioning. None of the stories told here were against trained men. The women are working out and the guys aren't. Again, cheap stories told by women to fill their vanity.

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Ive wrestled a few guys and several other females,on the whole because my fella likes me to,and generally the guys start well,but dont last,but the women just keep on coming.part of that id put down to natural same sex rivalry,a large part down to the guys inevitable sexual excitement taking over,and the rest to staying power.i work out very regularly,and ive been doing insanity workouts for a year or so,so im very supple and fairly strong,whereas the guys have mostly been average blokes,or if they work out its all for muscle bulk,ie for show,so if they cant take me straight away they cant take me at all.that really winds them up! The two who beat me,in both cases had their partners present,so i guess that concentrated their minds a lot

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I think there definitely is something to female muscle endurance. These are anecdotal and based on no scientific papers or research. But I was there ..... Two girls I've armwrestled were getting me buckled the third time we tried it, after I'd won the first two. I asked the second girl the next day at work if she was sprained or sore anywhere. She said "no". Whether or not she was fibbing I'll never know. I think she was telling the truth. Meantime, my right upper arm was sore and stiff for three days ...... One girl I legwrestled -- her first time at it -- was quite young. And I was 27 and in great shape myself. This is the kind of legwrestling where you're both lying on your backs. I won the first one. We tied the second time. The last several times we battled, she won -- quicker and quicker each time! My legs were a bit sore the next day or two (in the quadriceps). She told me hers were, too, only it was the back of her thighs. Footnote -- she was 14! But what a pair of thighs on her...... So yeah, I buy some of these postings about females having more endurance. They outlive men, don't they? :- )

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WaynieDJan 10 2018 6:52am
I've had several armwrestling set-to's against girls who showed more force the SECOND time around with the same arm. Maybe I was wearing down. Maybe they had "gotten the range". This history of endurance includes an ex, a 5'10 young woman of maybe 25 who had 14-inch upper arms, a 5'5 girl of 16, a 5'6 1/2 gal in her early 30's who also wrestled at what she called "fetish sessions", a 5'8 gal of 37 from the farms, and another 5'10 gal in her late 30's who had 14 1/4 inch upper arms........All of them gave me a worse time the second time around with the same time (usually the right arm). They were all righthanded, as I am...... Three of them put me over at it and "won" the best-of........ I barely beat the 24-year old, 3 out of 3, but they were the longest battles I ever had against a girl -- and the third time, she was starting to get me. It was the only time in our three battles that either of us was able to budge the other. She must have gone 200 lbs, and had immense breasts (I don't know if that's a factor). We both were matching each other for like a minute ad a half and we both declared it a tie. But that second time righty against her, when she was starting to buckle me, I saw her look at and evaluate the muscle she was calling on. It was a stirring battle.

WaynieDJan 10 2018 7:09am
Wow WaynieD! All girls you told from has much bigger muskels than me. They must be so incredible strong. Is not it dangerous to armwrestle a 14yo girl? She‘s in puberty and if she become mad she can simply crush you if she want with her bigger and stronger muscles.

MarcAug 05 2018 10:50am

AnonymousJun 15 2019 8:47am
@ Marc: The 14 year old girl I spoke of had legs like that since age 11 or 12. We never did anything "heavy". We just light-wrestled and got drunk. Sometimes a guy of any age just has "to find out" what a girl built like that is capable of doing. I certainly found out. If she were any more matured, we would probably still be armwrestling to the finish. But legwrestling? This gal, with maybe womanly 23 1/2-inch thighs ... and a real "broad" .... was too much for me.

WaynieDJun 15 2019 8:54am

HUSBANDJun 23 2019 4:22pm
WaynieD: I found out that such a girl can be way stronger in upper and lower body.

MarcNov 13 2019 10:50pm
The topic here was muscle "endurance". I have been blasted down at legwrestling by over 30 gals. In armwrestling, though, I have detected that girls with competitive arms are sturdier the second or third time we went at it. I have no clue as to whether they "hold back" and gauge the guy the first battle, or if the gals are more durable. I will probably never know.

WaynieDJan 14 2020 4:49pm
MY dad thought he could take my big wife down in wrestling... she turned the tables on him, and had her girlfriend be her tag team partner. BOTH women are big, and wrestle men in KANSAS. POOR dad.... it was fun for the big gals, as they worked on his body till he dropped, then Gloria and her face siting finished him off. TRUE STORY WAYNIE D. BOTH WOMEN COUPLES WRESTLE IN KANSAS.

HUSBANDJan 31 2020 1:42pm
WaynieD yes the topic is muscle endurance but because girls have much more muscle endurance they can workout much more effectively and become stronger than guys. In my old sport club i saw this always. Mostly the girls were still fresh and full with power for much longer time when the guys were already completely exhausted. Their lead the girls used for workout with more and more heavy weights until they surpassed us guys. This changed the routine for us all...

HenniFeb 05 2020 5:12pm
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