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Who would you bet on?

Question: Not knowing anything else, if you were going to bet on a squatting contest between a really short girl with legs like giant sequoias and a really tall guy with legs like carbon nanotubes, who would you bet on?
Created by: Ultrabomb1132 at 04:32:56 AM, Monday, July 13, 2009 PDT


Of course, THE GIRL! That's A NO-BRAINER!!! The guy being way taller than she is and having a penis while she has a vagina would mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! While he would be standing there looking way down at her, she would squat with that great weight over her shoulders (which he couldn't even lift from the floor) and she would place it back on the floor and then she would throw that other great weight (HERSELF!!!) on top of him, CRUSHING HIM INSTANTLY LIKE A BUG!!! His funeral would follow.

AnonymousJul 13 2009 4:04pm

If a really tall guy who is tiny wants to find out right away whether or not there is an afterlife, all he has to do is to put his tall, tiny body between the huge, crushing legs of a really short, really large girl. He will not have to wonder any more whether or not there is an afterlife.

A tall, tiny guy who wants to stay alive!!!Jul 17 2009 3:13pm
I heard there are YouTube videos of tall skinny guys wrestling short fat girls and that there is one that shows how easily a short fat girl took down, and then pinned, a tall skinny guy although I have never seen that video. I can only imagine a YouTube video showing a 4'11", 260-pound girl easily taking down, and then pinning, a 6'2", 130-pound guy. That must look really funny!!!

AnonymousJul 19 2009 1:36pm
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